Report: Power Plant Attack: “Most Significant Incident of Domestic Terrorism Involving the Grid That Has Ever Occurred”

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Chances are you didn’t hear about it when it happened or the investigation that followed. Last April just outside of San Jose, California the grid system came under direct attack.

Investigators have yet to identify any suspects, but the attack seems to have been well planned. First, someone accessed an underground vault housing fiber optic telephone cables and cut off communications to a large PG&E Substation.

Then, for 19 minutes, someone opened fire from long-range.

The sniper apparently utilized 7.62x39mm rounds, such as those used in an AK-47, to target the oil-driven cooling systems for 17 large transformers. The shell casings found at the scene had been wiped clean of fingerprints. According to Newsmax none of the transformers exploded, but the damage was significant enough for PG&E to force their electricity feeds to reroute through another station in an effort to prevent a widespread blackout.

As of yet police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have no leads. The evidence suggests any number of scenarios with the highest likelihood being a coordinated attack involving a team. But because of its simplicity it’s possible that the attack could have been orchestrated by a lone individual.

Whatever the case, the event prompted the head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Jon Wellinghoff to call it, “the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”

The Wall Street Journal reports:

The 64-year-old Nevadan, who was appointed to FERC in 2006 by President George W. Bush and stepped down in November, said he gave closed-door, high-level briefings to federal agencies, Congress and the White House last year. As months have passed without arrests, he said, he has grown increasingly concerned that an even larger attack could be in the works.

He said he was going public about the incident out of concern that national security is at risk and critical electric-grid sites aren’t adequately protected.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t think a terrorist organization caused the Metcalf attack, said a spokesman for the FBI in San Francisco. Investigators are “continuing to sift through the evidence,” he said.

Some people in the utility industry share Mr. Wellinghoff’s concerns, including a former official at PG&E, Metcalf’s owner, who told an industry gathering in November he feared the incident could have been a dress rehearsal for a larger event.

This wasn’t an incident where Billy-Bob and Joe decided, after a few brewskis, to come in and shoot up a substation,” Mark Johnson, retired vice president of transmission for PG&E, told the utility security conference, according to a video of his presentation. “This was an event that was well thought out, well planned and they targeted certain components.”

cali-attack2(Via the Wall Street Journal)

The most significant power grid attack in U.S. history failed to be reported in any detail by officials or the mainstream media, likely because they did not want to panic the populace.

Could this have been a test for a larger scale event? Certainly.

Since then, what steps have been taken to protect the grid from such attacks, or even other potential scenarios like electro-magnetic pulse devices or solar flares that could wipe out the national power grid within seconds? None.

A single individual could have carried out such an attack. Cut the phone lines. Take aim. Open fire. It’s simple, really.

Now consider the potential damage if a rogue terrorist group or state-sponsored initiative launched a coordinated attack across 50 to 100 critical nodes all over the United States. Such an attack could bring the country to a complete standstill, leaving economic destruction and large-scale destabilization in its wake. A couple of days are manageable, but if the right equipment were to be targeted then it’s possible that repairs would take up to 18 months because many transformer components are sourced from foreign nations and have long build times.

The telecommunications systems, power grid, water  utilities, transportation systems, oil refineries and other critical industries across America are, as reported by U.S. Cyber Command, completely exposed to attack. It could come in the form of a cyber vulnerability, as we saw in Illinois when a utility station’s water pump systems overheated due to a reported digital security breach or when our drone fleet was hacked in the middle east. Or, it could be a physical attack like the one in California, with future incidents potentially involving larger transformers and explosives instead of AK-47’s.

The possibilities exist. Our government knows this, as evidenced by the comments of outgoing DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano who recently said that a crippling attack against U.S. infrastructure elements is inevitable.

The fact is that our infrastructure is outdated and exposed. It will not be repaired any time soon because the costs run into the hundreds of billions of dollars.

Thus, the only real option for Americans is to expect that such an event is coming, and to prepare for it.

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett, who has retired and now lives well outside of populated areas, says people should get out of major cities and have a retreat to avoid the fall-out from a grid collapse. His fears are substantiated by a recent report that claims 9 out of 10 Americans would die within a year of the electricity going out.

But whether you head out to the boonies or stay local, even the Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends having an emergency supply because, as they’ve admitted, any response in a catastrophic scenario will be slow to come. This means that having a preparedness plan complete with evacuation strategies, food supplies, water and other considerations will be essential to survival.

The threat is real.



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      • BigB

        Anyone who thinks the government is being open and honest about these type of incidents is a fool. This happened in my back yard (80 miles away) and I may have heard about a phone interruption of some degree.

        This leads me to strongly suspect that other power outages at say football and baseball games could very well be some of the same. You cannot believe anything the government tells you at this point. It is the true meaning of the word “propaganda”.


        • Unreconstructed Southron

          I was warned about this scenario by a power engineer about 10 years ago.

          • OutWest

            Rambo must be on our side ……

            • ED

              It is not easy to destroy these transformers. They can be put off line without much trouble but destroying them is not easy. Even a high powered hunting round will only pierce the shell and cause the oil to leak out. Then the safties cut in and shut off power. An AP round might damage it further but it wont destroy it You would still need to be within 200 yards or so abnd that is not easy in most cases. Whenever you hear the word “Destroyed”, it means they want the government to pay for replacing it. Otherwise it comes out of their profit. They cant have that of course.
              If a meer bullet will destroy these transformers, there would be no electricity in places such as the third world or Iraq or most of the middle east. I spent many years patching holes in these transformers and filling them back up with oil. And this was in the States. Transformers of all types are favorite targets for bored hunters and kids plinking on the weekends.

              • c

                Ed you touched on one of my thoughts. Since the grid is very outdated and would cost billions to replace/update, it would be desirable to the owners if the taxpayers picked up the cost. That would be possible if there was an attack and adequate destruction to warrant government intervention for public safety etc. Kind of like an electrical bail out.

                • durango kidd

                  One more reason that ALL immigration needs to be stopped, and then rolled back. Unfettered immigration is a blatant attempt to undermine the Sovereignty of the USA by the New World Order by flooding the nation with parasites and un-American ideas.

                  Engage your employees or be inundated by foreigners one amnesty at a time! 🙁

              • Madmissileer

                Large oil-filled circuit breakers and transformers do not have safeties to cut them out when drained. They catastrophically fail when out of oil. These attacks require the replacement or major overhaul of the internals of the device.

                • Delton

                  I work for a company that manufactures safety devices for electric utilities. We make 1000’s of these per year. They do everything from detecting over current to analyzing the flux patterns and heat content of the transformer core. And yes they sense the oil level. They are required to shut down power flow within 1/10th of a hz. Checking the oil level is not really necessary because they pick up the interference caused by the eddy currents as the core starts to bridge due to the lack of dielectric. They are required on new large transformers but most of what we sell is for retrofits of old transformers.

                • The Old Coach

                  As an engineer I cannot imagine a device like that which would not be provided with safety interlocks to prevent catastrophic failure if the oil level were to drop.

                • gun

                  yes they do. OCB has a trip spring that will cut your hand off if you are not careful when servicing them. Transformer temp will rise through loss of oil IF a 7.62×39 bullet COULD get through the plate steel. There is a over temp and low oil shut down on modern large transformers. Low oil can be caused by the cooling pump failer. Smaller Xfrmrs are air cooled.

                • Madmissileer

                  I work at a nuclear power plant. Our switchyard OCB trip springs are actuated manually or when line current and voltage require. Oil level is not a trip. Oil level causes an alarm in some transformers, but I am not aware of one that turns itself off due to loss of oil. The reason the attackers cut the comm lines may have been to prevent these alarms from being received.

            • Paranoid

              It has all the Hallmarks of the usual terrorist attack; Stupid. 7-62X39, try. 30M2 AP. At a minimum. Phone lines? Oh well, stupid is what saves us.

              • Unreconstructed Southron

                Kommies is as kommies does.

                • Gods Creation

                  “””The Federal Bureau of Investigation doesn’t think a terrorist organization caused the Metcalf attack”””

                  What does that mean? That they did not do it themselves and they can’t blame terrorists because it would prove they can only catch those terror plots that they themselves set up?

                  “””As of yet police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation have no leads.”””

                  Good thing we have all that surveillance in place. Looks like the people are making a good trade off there.

                  Just like anything the corp does, the results are backwards. Thanks to the NSA, the people have no privacy but the terrorists have free reign and are easily able to remain hidden for months after they strike.

                  What a bunch of idiots and aholes.

              • RickInOregon

                It has the hallmarks of a white 50 year old lineman that’s been passed over for promotion one too many times for a PC minority. May even have been forced into unemployment in favor of PC reasons or for lies. My reasoning is that it took insider information that isn’t generally open knowledge for public access and I once knew a 50 year old line man that was a very good person, hard working, christian family man that had been passed over for promotion so many times for political correctness, he was finally forced to leave the power company. He ended up starting his own business and was doing well.

                A Jester without a king is nobodies fool.

                • Unreconstructed Southron

                  A white 50-year-old probably would have been smart enough to use a 30-06/308 with AP cartridges.

                • ItIsWell

                  I wonder how many muslims work as line men or are.trying to be employed as such?

                • gun

                  @ rick. agree. Finding the fiber optic line vault and cutting it did the most damage IMO and caused the re route (loss of scada). Not a 123 grain bullet @ 2200 fps bouncing off the Xfrmrs.

              • John W.

                L uckily they did not use a fifty cal. It might be a good idea for whoever is in charge of security if there even is anyone anymore to start putting up the framework for large chain link fencing only with sheets of Kevlar in place around these transformers.

                • skittle shittin unicorn

                  john w

                  are you going to pay to make kevlar shells and shields for these transformers ??
                  my power bill is high enough and i don’t want any more bogus reasons for them to jack up our power bill

                  they use enough excuses to fleece us

                  skittle shittin unicorn

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                Yes, Within Minutes like 9-11 they are blaming the Syria Cyber force, like they did Bin Laden, and the US Aircraft have already been launched and prepared to start carpet bombing their way into WW3.

            • Yuri

              “A single individual could have carried out such an attack. Cut the phone lines. Take aim. Open fire. It’s simple, really.”

              Would you have thought to cut the phone lines? Why? Which phone lines? Where are they?

              The attack was simple enough to carry out, as Mac says. But it took planning and, more importantly, knowledge.

              It could have been “bubba” or a domestic group; but if it was, the degree of carefulness and planning hint at a military background of carrying out similar missions. For that very reason, it could just as well have been a result of Islamic terrorism. It could also have been carried out by a foreign power — i.e. a nation like, say, China — to test the nation’s grid integrity and defenses.

              But here’s the point: No one knows who did it.

              So why does the head of the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, Jon Wellinghoff, call it, “the most significant incident of DOMESTIC terrorism involving the grid that has ever occurred.”??? (emph added)

              DOMESTIC terrorism??? How does he know that?

              He doesn’t. But remember who, from the outset, this Administration (including the military) have considered to be “domestic terrorists”:






              And if they’ve preemptively determined that you and I did it, what do you suppose they might do about it?

            • Jeannib

              how did they know it only took 19 minutes??

              • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                This is the False Flag to start of AK47 Gun Confiscation.

          • Sanpedrojoe

            Two comments.
            52 years ago and as a graduate student doing analytical assessment work for folk in the a District of Confusion and suburbs, our working group identified this infrastructure vulnerability as a serious weakness, and recommended a combination of mandated physical isolation and earthen berms over RR ties, etc., and deep bunkering. Eliminating easy line-of-sight was an objective.
            Didn’t happen. Wasn’t seriously considered because of cost and lack of consumer value perception due to apparent lack of credible potential threats. Won’t happen, either. Unless the Feds pay for it or the state regulatory and rate commissions directly call for it and allow for expensing construction, etc. via rate increases.

            What happened with the pipe crawler & potential terrorist site scout at the fuel tank farm in Northern New Jersey? MSM has once again gone to sleep.

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            Sounds like a bunch of “Insiders” to me, seeking Federal Money for Security Contracts. Oh did I say False Flag? If I were the FBI I would see who is seeking financial Gain from this rogue attack, and see which one of them owns an AK-47 and do a ballistics test on the firearm. This attack is just like 9-11 to create a Bogie Man to get Big Fat Contracts to fleece the Tax Payers. After all, part of a FRAUD Investigation is to see who Benefits or Profits the Most. No Brainer!!

        • Hammerun

          This tail with a dude and an AK is a terrorist is so smallball.
          What was the quote; the most significant incident of domestic terrorism involved the grid that has ever occurred? I know of one that was way better than that.
          My father was a coal fired steam generation engineer for a company in Montana for 28 years. Back in I think it was in 1990 I was visiting my parents and dad had taken me on a private tour of the new plants. Two 850 megawatt coal fires.
          Long story short, we were standing on Unit fours turbine deck about 40′ away from the powered up Westinghouse generator. The shaft in this thing was 28″ in diameter and 38′ long at 1800rpm within 7mils of vibration. This was a big thing.
          All of a sudden there was what I thought was an explosion. Lots of big booms and bangs that weren’t supposed to be there and happening. It rocked this place and scared the living crap out of me. My dad just kind of took it as nothing new and kind of snickered at me. It was obvious that the operators were in a shutdown sequence and offline.
          Note: when you’re making 1700 megawatts of power an hour and all of a sudden it has no place to go, systems kick in, in the control room and automatically diverts power product to earth/grounds. Protecting the plants equipment.
          What the hell was that I said? He said nonchalantly, it was a turbine trip.
          Unit 3 and 4 were up and making power that night.
          A few days later this is what happened, investigators found out.
          Some old rancher in southern Montana had an ongoing dispute with a subsidiary that owned the power towers that were routed across his ranch and he had about enough of this.
          He chose three towers and set charges on two legs of each and caped them off, and dropped them puppies like a tree and all of the lines with it. Thusly causing the turbine trips. I don’t know what they called it back in them days but we damn sure didn’t hear much about it, anywhere. Not to mention those towers aren’t just laying around in some yard somewhere in a some assembly required kit. Those towers and lines were down for a long time.
          People like Janet wouldn’t know what terrorism was if it hit her upside the head and somebody told her what it was.
          The real terrorism is, them feeding this load of crap on us!!

          • PO'd Patriot

            AK you say? Hmmmm….musta been a loaner from all the ones that DHS recently bought, including the mags.

            • tayronachan

              Maybe it was from Fast and Furious.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              People just need to learn how to live with out electricity, and greatly reduce their dependence on a fragile utility. Humans have been living without electricity for hundreds of millions of years. So stop buying products that run off electricity or just get your own solar pannels and get off the Scam Monopoly Grid. All electricity is, is a profit center for monopoly Corporations to fleece people out of their wealth. Stop being stupid and stop being whiny crybaby dependents.

        • Dave

          Exactly! (Has Obongo blamed it on the Mooslims yet?)

      • Rodster

        Too bad the NSA are to preoccupied spying on us because I’M sure that if they had the extra time they would have found who THOSE rascally terrorists were. 😆

        You have to laugh sometimes at the stupidity level of the once former GREAT USA has become.

        • KY Mom

          “As many great crises hit, we’re are in the calm within the storm.”

          We have an aging infrastructure. Some areas of our power infrastructure date back to the 1880s. The Digitization of the grid has exposed it.

          “Over 40% of cyber attacks targeted energy and pipeline infrastructures around the world.”
          -Resilient Communities dot com

          175 or more coal fired power plants are to be shut down from 2013 to 2016, removing from the market 27 gigawatts of electricity. That’s enough to power 27 million homes.

          Obama told us what he planned to do…

          Obama: My Plan Makes Electricity Rates Skyrocket
          Barack Obama: “Under my plan of a cap and trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.” (January 2008)
          -You tube dot com

          More executive orders and control coming soon…
          Agriculture Secretary: Government Will Not Wait For Congress, Laws In Implementing Obama Climate Plan

          “During a press conference on Wednesday, Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack announced the unilateral creation of new “climate action hubs” that will be placed in seven locations around the country.

          The hubs will link a network of universities, nonprofits and Federal and State agencies to help further the President’s climate change agenda without legislative help.”

          “The hubs will be located in Iowa, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Colorado, Oklahoma, Oregon and New Mexico. Sub-hubs will exist in Michigan, Puerto Rico and California.”
          -Personal Liberty dot com

          • candle in the wind

            KY Mom. I don’t know you but thanks much for adding to the value of this site. I look forward to reading your comments as they more time than not have more information than opinion, but a good mix of both.
            Those here that feel the need to personally attack the author of some stupid comment are jumping in the bottom scum with their adversary and do not help themselves or this site. But enough about that.
            I wonder if the new heat on Ob and IRS, ACA, and Bengasi, will ratchet up to the point of the Pres needing a distraction for the news outlets? If so we could be entering another period of spark that could catch fire.

            • KY Mom

              candle in the wind,

              Thank you!

              I am one of many who add informative and useful links.

              Take care!
              KY Mom

              • 006

                Yes KY. Mom you do add a lot of useful links and info on your posts.

                Thank you from a TN. boy

        • John W.

          The push is on right now not only for amnesty but to raise the yearly allowance of third world immigrants from one million to three million. Guess around two million or so will be from countries that hate us. get some popcorn and watch the show because no way is this going to end well for us as a country.

        • Yuri

          Oh, Rodster.

          They already KNOW who did it. (see my comment above)

          It was you.

          And KY Mom. And Hammerun, and John W., and The Old Coach, and oldguy, and .02; and OutWest, and durango kidd; and RickinOregon; and Unreconstructed Southron; and definitely, … definitely PO’d Patriot.

          And Mac Slavo.

          And, of course, yours truly.

          They’ve no need to look further than these comments plus the comment sections of a dozen or so other blogs and websites.

          With the Watertown Lockdown as template or dress-rehearsal, maybe some day soon we’ll have ourselves a modern-day, good old-fashioned conservative/ libertarian/ patriot/ prepper nationwide Kristallnacht

          • Unreconstructed Southron

            What will the call it? “Clinger-nacht?” Cause I’m still clingin’ to mine.

      • Calgacus

        ‘a recent report that claims 9 out of 10 Americans would die within a year of the electricity going out.’

        Those 9 out of 10 are helpless dependents, dumbasses, or just plain ignorants.

        tvs wont work
        electric can openers wont work
        cell phones cant get recharged
        facebook and twitter will be silent
        store checkout machines wont work so credit cards will be worthless and the SNAPrs wont get free food
        lights will go out
        gas pumps wont pump gas
        electric ovens wont heat up
        elevators wont go up or down

        on and on the list of problems goes. 9 out of 10 is about right.

        • clint

          Who would thumbs down you to the truth to this. You either have some people on here who really are that dependent wasting all their time hoping and thinking they get all the free stuff they can and how and where from and not use that energy trying to be self independents or better themself and be jealous of others.

          • Mark Smith

            Don’t be so callous.

            For starters, there are almost 24 million diabetics in the USA. Not all of them need insulin, but the ones that do need insulin, need refrigeration.

            How about healthy people whose water is pumped by electricity.

            Just because you _think_ you have everything wired doesn’t mean everyone else is “helpless dependents, dumbasses, or just plain ignorants.” Hell, your grammar is atrocious. Ignorant is an adjective, not a noun, and has no separate plural form. Doesn’t that make you a “dumbass”?

            • Calgacus

              Fuckwad. Dont be so retarded.
              For starters youre objecting to my post but your reply is under someone elses.

              Anyone who has a special medical condition like diabetes and doesnt take care of that problem is either too trusting, totally dependent on others, or just stupid.

              Anyone who personally takes care of someone w/ special needs or someone w/ serious handicaps and hasnt planned for possible problems gets the big “F” on the report care for not realizing they are responsible for that persons care, wellbeing, and maybe their life.

              Aint nothing wrong w/ the word I used. I wrote the word ignorants, w/ an s. That makes the meaning of the word IGNORANT a different word. IGNORANTS is a group of people.

              I know you wont get it Mark Smith, youre a fuckwad dumbass. And next time you want to reply to what I write, dont go at it w/ Clint. Get it together and use the reply button as its associated w/ the post.

              • The Old Coach

                I’ll refrain from pejoratives, Calgacus, although a great many come to mind. Be it known that I am a prepper of very long standing, (like all my life). I am also one of those diabetics who will suffer greatly if the grid goes down. As are many other decent people with a medical condition requiring modern technology to support them.

                So stuff that in your crack-pipe and smoke it.

                • Calgacus

                  Problems will surface everywhere if and when the grid goes down. If your a prepper of long standing (your words) then maybe your prepared as best as you can be. But theres only so much can be done for diabetes. You know its a disease that has a number of needs that have only been available in modern times. Odds are you wont have a long life because the disease cant be cured only lessened.
                  Given what we all have information on w/ diseases and biohazardous conditions, life wont be the same as weve had it so far. What matters is whatll happen and when, then how it will affect each of us. It dont matter if you or if we are ‘decent people’ or not. There are statistics that we can look through to figure out our odds but when we start adding problem situations into it all, those numbers change. For now there aint major med problems in our family but that might change tomorrow. I thank God for what Ive had so far but Im a realist and think a grid down scenario will be disruptive at first, then deadly.

                  FWIW I dont smoke, much less smoke crack or any other substance.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Let Nature Weed out those with weak genes. Man seems to be the only animal on earth that allows co-dependency and welfare within our species.

                • WhoWuddaThunkIt

                  Let Nature Weed out those with weak genes. Man seems to be the only animal on earth that allows co-dependency and welfare within our species.

              • John Q. Public

                Look in the dictionary, Calgacus, and you will find that ignorant is an adjective. It is not a noun, not “a group” whether singular or phony plural. You, my foul-mouthed friend are indeed exactly as accused.

                Have a nice day.

            • tayronachan

              As long as fresh clean water is running, things won’t get too bad, everybody has been camping before, right? But if the flow of clean water stops…we’ll have real problems.

          • Mark Smith

            Typo: How about healthy people whose water is pumped by electricity?

            • Calgacus

              I see youre one of those in the ignorant club.
              Wont most people in the urban and burbs be on municipal water? Think itll get processed and purified?

              Dont worry your little head over pumping water to your house when the entire water system is shut down.

              • The Old Coach

                Actually no, many in the ‘burbs have wells. We can see that you ain’t exactly “well”-educated about infrastructure yourself, so who’s the ignorant dumbass now?

                • Calgacus

                  To Old Coach
                  I dont live in the city or suburbs for a number of reasons. Sure some homes in the burbs are on wells, but most aint.
                  Some in the burbs will make it if the grid is downed for extended time. Most will struggle w/ major problems because theyre tied to the systems that will fail. Only a few have knowledge or skills to figure things out. Course the outcome and body count is depending on the length of time people have to live w/out water, food, sanitation, and everything else. Do I need to write a full article to explain this or are you smart enough to figure that part out.
                  Our system works here and we have backup plans. We have a deep well on our property and last year had a more shallow well dug for a backup. Theres also a grey water system but only from the kitchen sink and its to water around the house. I added rain barrels to catch the roof water last year too.
                  The genny will keep the electric pump running on the deep well when needed. The shallow well will be the main back up. The stream will provide and so will the rainwater. I aint in the desert and we aint in the drought prone places.
                  We aint been shelving food for long term storage for that long but we been gardening a long time. We keep rabbits and raise a hog or two. Butcher my own and we can. Still think Im ignorant dumbass now? Easy odds Ill outlive you Old Coach. Thats how life works.

        • oldguy

          I would likely die if the power was out for very long. The weather is terrible and My wife wont go outside. She suffers from cabin fever. The TV and compueter are the only things keeping her from going berserk and killing me!!!

          • .02

            -25 windchill here this morning with mean temp @ -5. If the power goes out here, most of this town will freeze to death as everyone is on gas heat and it is not worth a shit without electric forced fans.

            • DaisyK

              -29 here today. I have no idea what the wind chill is.

            • lastmanstanding

              Was -24 here…not a lick of wind @ 5:30am mst.

              Sun is out and warming…only -10.

              spring is right around the corner.

              • sixpack

                It’s 19 degrees here in Sandy Or, with little or no wind. A little snow on the ground in some places, increasing the farther up the mountain you go.

                • durango kidd

                  The temperature in Scottsdale has plummeted to 69 degrees today. I am freezing my ass off and may have to break out the long pants. Gym shorts just don’t get it done.

                  My God, it’s 5 pm and the sun is about to go down. It will probably drop another 20 degrees tonight! Time to turn on the fake fireplace video and warm this place up! 🙂

            • Azam

              I hear u on that one. No power for two days now with the ice storm. Looking at another 2 to 5 days with no power. Have the generator to keep the food good and the heat on. Can always light up the gas stove to help. Been talking to the wife for a year now about getting a wood stove installed. After how this winter has been she is fully on board. It will be installed this spring or summer. This will save money because i get the wood for free and i know my gas bill has went up this year. good luck all.

              • John_Allen


                I bought two Lopi wood burning stoves a few years ago. Their Republic model and a 1250. The feature that tipped me away from one of the far sexier eurotrash models was the cooktops. Did not get blowers. Did get the ceramic topped platforms to safeguard carpet and hwf.

                I don’t know what your situation is but the largest part of the total expense was the steel chimneys. Had to rent a hydraulic jack to get the steel pipes to the roof.

                They are made in Washington State. yo ho ho, it pleased me to learn that we make something fine in this country, that we make things other than hamburgers and pornography.

                Along with your wood burning stove investigate cast iron cookware. I got mine from Lehman Hardware in Ohio. Their largest customer base is the Amish, who know a thing or two about old ways of cooking (that will still work when the grid goes down.)

            • Anonymous

              Put your gas oven at 425 or so, and crack the door a few inches.

            • oldwhatshisname

              a wood stove in the middle of a 2000sq ft, single level house, will heat the entire house to 65 degrees. a solar powered fan will blow the hot air to the far reaches of the house.

          • Paranoid

            Stockpile Chocolate. the savage beast can usually be tamed with choc.

        • .02

          You wont be to buy anything in the country b/c there will be no one able to make change.

          • Jonny V

            Yep, counting to 100 is so tough, I don’t think they teach that in math class anymore. They let kids use calculators and make shit up out of thin air and then give them good grades…ducking pathetic…that’s why the Chinese and India are kicking our asses in science…

          • Archivist

            A few months ago we went to our local Arby’s. They told us their cash register was broken. They would only take credit cards. They couldn’t take cash. I told them that was ignorant as hell and walked out.

            • JayJay

              I would have walked out too!!

              • durango kidd

                I like to see the look on their faces when, after they have wrung up my twenty, I give them the extra pennies so they can give me an even amount in silver or bills.

                The confusion is mind-boggling! 🙂

        • JayJay

          tvs wont work
          electric can openers wont work
          cell phones cant get recharged
          facebook and twitter will be silent
          store checkout machines wont work so credit cards will be worthless and the SNAPrs wont get free food
          lights will go out
          gas pumps wont pump gas
          electric ovens wont heat up
          elevators wont go up or down

          {so refreshing that none of this list bothers me.}

          • .02

            cell towers wont work so what good is a charged cell phone?

            • JayJay

              I always wondered about that too, .02.

            • Calgacus

              the idiots dont know this.
              theyll figure that out one day though. Or die trying.

            • Archivist

              Games, perhaps GPS, downloaded maps, downloaded books, downloaded music. When I had a smartphone, I very rarely used it for calls or text.

              Actually, I still have the phone, just not on a plan. I want to jailbreak it and use it off the network. You can take an Android phone and program it so you can make calls on it when you are at a wireless hotspot. Other times you can just use the other functions. All with no cell bill.

              • .02

                If the shtf and the power is out, staring into the smart phone is not going to be one of my high priorities.

            • gun

              Cell towers usually have a battery bank and solar panels or a genset.

          • Paranoid

            The real problem is when the little lght in the Frig goes out you cannot find anything

            • .02

              Yup I had to throw my last fridge away b/c the light burnt out.

            • Calgacus

              I told the wife we painting the johns w/ day glow paint.

              • .02

                I am totally prepared as in the basement we have 12 hamsters with wheels at ready.

                • BadAmerican

                  I also have 12 hamsters at the ready, with a cat that plays the drum to boost morale.

                • .02

                  Damn, overlooked the morale. I am going to have to start interviewing cats.

                • think safe

                  try gerbils they can run longer, the hamsters will tire to quickly

                • Calgacus

                  Hamsters? Gerbils? You aint man unless you got a squeal pig.

            • SUSIE

              My parents didn’t have a freezer when I was
              growing up. They still purchased meat and
              shoveled a place out where they put the meat
              (which was in a plastic tub) there and
              coered it with snow. The meat was always
              frozen when they needed it.

              • 006

                If you live in a place that has permafrost, you can use this year round.

        • lastmanstanding

          I hope your right Cal…I’ve got most of the stuff I need here at home to complete a years worth of projects.

          I don’t have time or the will to die.

          • Paranoid

            A year! Good Lord; if I live long enough to get all my projects done the Ice ages will have come and gone.

            • lastmanstanding

              I only said a year just in case my wife saw my post…our place is clean, neat and staged for “future” survival.

              She’ll thank me if we live long enough…

          • Calgacus

            Lastmanstanding, may you live up to your name.

            btw you got hand saws?

            Our next project is a cabin in the woods in case the kids come home. Ground is so frozen we cant even dig footers yet. But we got about 3/4 of the wood needed to build. Hope we have electricity to saw w/ for a while. Pressure treated 8x’s would be a bitch to hand cut.

        • Mr. West

          tvs wont work – A welcome relief!
          electric can openers wont work – no problem
          cell phones cant get recharged – another welcome relief!
          facebook and twitter will be silent – About time!
          store checkout machines wont work so credit cards will be worthless and the SNAPrs wont get free food. Don’t care!
          lights will go out – Nothing to do at night but rest anyway.
          gas pumps wont pump gas – no need
          electric ovens wont heat up – no need
          elevators wont go up or down – that’s what stairs are for.

          on and on the list of problems goes. 9 out of 10 is about right.

        • John W.

          Hey smart guy it would be funny to see a wise ass like you get appendicitis or something during that SHTF scenario and die painfully yourself. Anyone who thinks that just because they have some preps that they are going to survive or in the case of condescending wads like you deserve to survive since they are so wonderful may be in for a big surprise. Chaos will leave many wondering what happened. The best laid plans and all that wisdom.

          • Calgacus

            If it happens so be it. The wifes an RN but retired early and a good friend down the road is a GP. Hes on board so if that happened itd be home base surgery. The doc aint no idiot and hes been building a medical stash. He and the wife talk and they plan. Hes taken a real liking to the free bacon and sausage we give him.

            Survival amounts to experience outdoors, skills, common sense and contingency planning. The element of chaos can be controlled at times, best to simply acknowledge it then if/when it occurs, make the best assessment. Its all that can be done as we know it on Earth as humans. But Im sure you have it all figured out because a smartass always likes to try to trip the game w/ a trump card.

            Get a doc or med team in your group and your odds just increased.

      • bbrrrp


    1. Socrates

      Our power grid , power plants and even water plants are far more vulnerable than most will admit. The fact that the ‘snipers’ left shell casings with no fingerprints is noteworthy as most would not think that far ahead. Would have been smarter to use a brass catcher and not leave *any* brass behind for the enemy… doh!

      The SCALA systems that control our utilities are even more vulnerable and no shots would even have to be fired. People that haven’t acquired backup power and water systems are in for a rude awakening.

      • Be informed

        @ Norse Prepper. Don’t know if you will see this from the previous article. No past ten articles are listed anymore on the Community Discussion board. Always good to hear from you. Super volcanoes take a much, much longer time to erupt than your standard volcano. You are talking about hundreds of square miles of caldera as opposed to a few to tens of square miles at the most of volcano with anything else. The pressure necessary to blow a much larger area grows much from something much smaller. Supervolcanoes just will not suddenly blow unless there is a type of fissure large enough to cause a chain reaction. As many call this, unzipping. This would be a very large earthquake or some other high impact event. I suppose a very large H-bomb could set it off if the thing was drilled down deep enough and detonated. Of course an asteroid hitting a supervolcano would do this also.

        The final stages of a supervolcano going off would be quite spectacular. The ground swell would be in close proportion to a smaller volcano ready to blow, many, many times more. The telltale signs of any volcano going off would be enormous amount of sulphur in the air and groundwater. You would see every fish and anything else in the lakes around the caldera quite dead. Groundwater would change either way excessively. You would get an unbelivable number of harmonic earthquakes. These earthquakes would be spread apart by fractions of seconds in the less than 2 range. The list above would be in the 4-6 pointer range in the duration of every 30 minutes to a couple of hours. The area would be lethal for people to go into from the sulphur dioxide in the air for miles.

        See what is happening is before a supervolcano goes off is 2000-5000 cubic kilometers of mass getting ready to blow to the surface, The amount of pressure from this is almost off the scale of instruments. Therefore what will happen before it goes off is down right frightening. The force would be reflective above ground what is happening below ground. A good analogy of what is happening right now is a bout of gas with a person, that will settle down. Before a supervolcano going off is like a person being suddenly taken to a near vacuum and soon thereafter “popping”. You can see this with deep water fish that are suddenly brought up to the surface very quickly on the end of a fishing line.

        Before Yellowstone was to erupt without some severe catalyst such as a very large earthquake, the build up to this will be so pronounced that the whole world will think about moving to the southern hempishere. This process would be weeks to months long and again the symptoms the feds could not hide for one moment. It would be visible on satellites it would be so apparent. The real danger right now to a supervolcano such as Toba, Yellewstone, Taupo, and even some of the other supervolcanoes would be a dead hit earthquakes large enough to set it off. Otherwise we will have ample warning.

        • Be informed

          To a true expert, downing the power grid is as simple as ABC. The power grid is a joke, it like trying to lock up something with a piece of chewing gum. There are no real safeguards to protect it because it costs money to protect anything. Something a near bankrupt country will not and cannot do. The response to any real terrorist with a foreign country backing them is, let’s just hope it does not happen. Pathetic.

          Makes me think the reason that this has not happened before is because this is all planned out like some sick chess game. I am not into conspiracy issues, but it does not make sense that such an attack has not happened when the whole grid is so vulnerable, and has been like this for many years.

          • Highspeedloafer

            Maybe the folks who shot up the place were simply trying to wake some people up. I have tried talking to some of our city leaders about these kinds of things. Might as well have talked to a squirrel for all the good it did.

            • clint

              That was what I was thinking or pissed off about their ever increasing electric bill or even a fired person. I’d say a person that is getting sick of the corruption of that company due to a bill.

              • clint

                My guess is that is was a younger person with limited funds, growing up at the ranges you see typically people on a budget shoot The AK vs an ar-15 or even a .308 which would of worked much better but are more money to shoot and cost more to buy (ar-15) than an ak-47 or sks.

                • John W.

                  How would a light little round like an ARs done better? It’s a glorified .22. There have also been incidents where power saws were used to cut down and damage high voltage towers. There is no way that all the thousands of miles of power line can be protected. I have always wondered why there have not been more of these kinds of incidents.

                • clint

                  I have shot many different ak-47 into actual vans (hollow points, soft points, full metal jackets, bonded bass you name it. Soft point ak I have seen go thru the back of a ford econoline van thru the one wall and then shatters into 3 segments but does not go thru the other side with no carpet, not shelfs just the sheet metal at 50 yards. I have seen ak-47 rounds go thru the hum-vee solid and thru completly the femur bone and tibia and fibula in the Navy. An ar-15 has more available ammo bullet choices and a bit faster with the right weight bullet so zips right thru the thick steel walls of those boxes. Plus with most ar-15’s are far more accurate than a not milled ak. using hornady 250grain bullets if you wanted to know.

                  We are not going to argue on here, we all have our favorite guns. My Laupa will go straight thru 3/4 inch thick solid hardened steel with lead bullets and not even using AP tungston bullets.

          • The Bulletproof Patriot

            …and you say all of this as an expert, I assume? Or just another armchair Rambo?

            I love how everyone is an expert on the vulnerability of the transmission and distribution infrastructure and knows so much about the “joke” of utility security because they happen to drive by a small substation every day on their way to work.

            Utilities invest a substantial amount of money in electronic surveillance of these stations, much of which cannot be seen by the armchair Rambo (but all of which will of course be opined about in the comment section). It isn’t perfect, but it’s hardly as pathetic as you think.

            (Oh – and I say all of this as an actual Power Engineer. Not just another internet ‘expert’ on grid vulnerability, EMP, and CME.)

            • JayJay

              Are you then suggesting it was an ‘inside’ job?
              We’re adults here–we can handle the truth.
              It wouldn’t be the first inside job.

            • MCopes

              So does the San Jose facility have this attack on video?

              • JayJay

                Yes, but for national security reasons, it must remain in archives until the year 2050.

              • John W.

                Yes but it is hard to make out anything except some flashes. It is posted. Really poor quality and it was dark.

            • Paranoid

              Could be, I’ve been out of the business for quite a while but, I’d have bet with 10 guy’s and 10 scoped rifles I could bring it all down. Scares me what I used to know, It’s Ok NSA! I’ve forgotten where all the gas pipelines and compressor stations are. Lost the maps the Gov gave me. Couldn’t find the transcon main lines in a month of looking. The big inch and little inch are old history.

          • The Old Coach

            You are so right, B.I.

            In WW2 the Allies dropped bundles of loose wire over German high tension lines to short them out. It worked.

            Every so often some dimwit shoots a high-line insulator to see what happens. Imagine a couple hundred terrorists doing a coordinated attack like that. There is no way in hell that you can watch all the zillions of miles of high-lines in this country. No need for an EMP. Suicidal Muslims are much, much cheaper.

        • Norse Prepper

          Thank you BI,much appreciated. I agree, it would be great to hear from JOG.

          I’ve read recently that Yellowstone has been experiencing minor sustained heaving, but not to the extect you mentioned. Have you heard of this?

          God Bless,

          • Be informed

            @ Norse Prepper. It may sound crazy, but I think Yellowstone reacting is actually a symptom of the movement of the North American plate. I would truly be a lot more concerned about the border regions between the North American and Asian and Pacific plates right now. It other words from northern Japan, Kuril Islands, Kamachatka Peninsula, Bering Sea to of course southern Alaska, especially the Rat Islands.

            The 5.7 in the Balleny Islands was the same spot that was hit before the 7.5 in Alaska early last year. It was also the same spot before The Soloman Islands had their 8.0 last year. This area of the Balleny Islands is on the southern most portion of the Australian plate and aims like a sniper’s rifle right at The Soloman Islands, Santa Cruz and Loyalty Islands, Vanuatu, and New Guniea. It is too a junction point that is connected with Alaska and the Pacific Northwest the Northern Pacific plate, and from Mexico to southern Chile, The nazca and Cococ plates. When this area in the Balleny Islands is hit about 75% of the time a major earthquake follows within 15 days, most of the time 7.0 or higher. More precursor quakes should show if that 75% is higher towards 100%. I am watching other events in the world as things tend to heat up toawrds the first day of spring.

            • .02

              BI, what about this, is this normal?

              The National Disaster Mitigation Agency (BNPB) issued the raised status on Monday for the 19 volcanoes, which are scattered across the archipelago, but has yet to call for the evacuation of populations living nearby. The 19 volcanoes are Kelud, Ijen, Bromo, Semeru and Raung in East Java; Lewotobi Perempuan in East Nusa Tenggara; Ibu, Gamkonora, Dukono and Gamalama in North Maluku; Soputan in North Sulawesi; Sangeang Api in West Nusa Tenggara; Papandayan in West Java; Dieng in Central Java; Seulewah Agam in Aceh; Talang and Marapi in West Sumatra; Anak Krakatau in Banten; and Kerinci in Jambi. Indonesia is among the world’s most seismically active countries, situated on the Pacific Ring of Fire, an arc of volcanoes and fault lines encircling the Pacific Basin. The 19 volcanoes are among about 127 active volcanoes in Indonesia. Mt. Sinabung has been sporadically erupting since September.

              • Be informed

                @ .02. Two words; Australian plate. The amount of tension that this plate is going through is something similar to what happened before the 9.1 in Indonesia. The volcanoes going off is basically showing this build up of pressure. I am still very concerned about the nortcorner that is India and China. It seems with this plate the areas that are very quiet are the points that get hit with these mammouth quakes. The Macquirie Islands was hit with an 8.1 three days before the 9.1. This was on the southern Australian plate.

                Here is what is bugging me. If you take the recent high activity of what is going on in the Indonesian area with the volcanoes and you form as three dimensional line from the southern earthquake activity, this line goes right up north by northwest right to India and China. The Australian plate moves north by northwest and is on this path right to China and India. This is one reason I continue to warn about this area possible having a super mega quake. This zone in the Chinese and Indain range is one of about 5 areas that is capable of a surpassing the 9.5 in Chile back in 1960. The Aleutians are another and they too have been getting much back fed energy from the Pacific, North American, and Asian plates. Yellowstone could be forecasting one of these mega quakes in southern Alaska. The outer boundary regions and this intense volcanic activity are more popinting to a very large earthquake coming than a super volcano. Yet one of these earthquakes close enough to say Toba could set it off. I know happy Thursday news.

                • .02

                  Fuck.. I am running low on VO…

                • Paranoid

                  Relax, we both know Toba isn’t big enough to cause any REAL damage: Right?

                • .02

                  LoL Paranoid, yeah just another extinction level event we have to deal with, no biggie. Would you like more tea, and an exciting round of cricket?

      • Man on the inside

        Every day I enjoy those solar panels, mikes windmills, propane, fireplace with insert, two wood stoves (1 in the barn), two generators, and my prep more and more…….. PRAY, PLAN, PREP, FORM TEAMS….. and for gosh sakes have a backup plan…….

      • VRF

        The shell casings were left by gov ops , that way they could further damage the ak47 rifle in the eyes of the public (even though they have no clue if it was an aka from just she’ll casings so how did they come to the ak47 conclusion ? Because they were the ones who shot it)
        Trust me they were left on purpose , and fingerprint less in purpose too

        • Wilson

          No one confirmed it was an AK-47. The article merely pointed out that the cases were the same type as fired in an AK. I chuckled when I read the article. The AK is no “sniper” rifle.

          • slingshot

            Ruger Mini thirty and SKS’s shoot 7.62×39

            • clint

              VRF, I have to kindly disagree. I believe it was done at night time and they wanted to shoot quickly and get out of there fast without trying to find the shell casings ejected in the dark. I still believe it was a fired employee or someone fed up with ever increasing prices or they get screwed on a bill or something or even power turned off for no pay etc. Then they retailiated.

              • clint

                Lets all keep in mind as well that by the time the news gets a story and AIRs it or writes about it facts get changed and acutal intentions or who was involved are changed on purpose or to make is sound zestier to the reader. How many of us seen something happen locally and the news then puts it on TV and we think to ourselves that is nothing what happened. They might say a “a local person shot his neighbors dog due to anger over it barking.” When in reality the dog maybe bit him or something different and we get a total different sense of what really happened. We all know this.

              • VRF

                Oh highly possible..just a different scenario..

            • Rich

              Slingshot, if you’re talking about the Ruger ranch rifle it’s .223…..better stick with slingshots:-)

            • Rich

              Slingshot! I see you meant the mini 30, and you’re right 7.62×39…..My appologies:-):-)

          • Jeremy Miller

            If they were really serious, they would have used a 30 06 or 50 cal.

            • Smokey

              They were serious, don’t you think? Using a real firearm at real targets and such.

              Let’s not get into caliber snobbery as proof or disproof of anything. The only thing that can be certain is a 7.62×39 caliber was fired, and probably from a semi-automatic. Anything beyond that is hyperbole.

              Would it make any difference if a 7.5mm Swiss rifle had been used? Or a .45-90 Sharps? Not a bit.

              • The Old Coach

                Don’t agree. Anyone planning a power station attack for military purposes would know that the muzzle energy of the 7.62×39 is way less than half that of a .30-06 for example. Typical 7.62×39 round is 1100 foot-lbs., .30-06 is 2700 foot-lbs., given equal barrel lengths.

                • Smokey

                  True, as a hypothetical, but the use of a 7.62×39 does not preclude any motive behind the attack. All it means is this is what they used, and nothing more.

          • .02

            The Ak is a POS in the accuracy department, hence both mine were sold long ago.

            • VRF

              they were spray and pray weapons, no close tollerances on purpose, they will shoot and cycle with mounds of dirt in them, mud in them etc..

              • .02

                No doubt about that, I was shooting mine one day, smelled something funny and starting looking around and there was a dead rat in the cambering. Told the wife, “no wonder this thing is shooting off, the operator is dead.”

                • VRF


      • Conspiracy T

        The shell casings once fired would not have fingerprints on them the heat will remove them. But yes not collecting your brass is a very amateur thing to do. Probably a small false flag attempt and then to shift the blame to teenage hooligans or a militia in the area.

        • Smokey

          Or just wiped clean before loading the magazine. And fired at night.

          If they were professionals, couldn’t they have just dumped the rifle in pieces into the nearest river? No need to pick up the brass at all.

      • King Bing

        SCADA system. Not SCALA.

        Some are more vulnerable than others. It’s best to not *rely* on SCADA. Companies/COOPs that tie their SCADA systems to the outside world in any way are almost inviting trouble.

    2. hmm

      Planetary Devastation……pretty scary. YouTube it. Don’t let the first minute fool you.

      • Horse

        Try an actual link next time, all I get is cartoons.

      • JayJay

        The first 3 seconds turned me off–if you are sharing anything important that we should know of, at least give a link without the http.

        • JayJay

          Oh, this poster is trying to get hits added to these ridiculous youtubes??

          • .02

            I’ve watched a lot of ‘tubes but this one is close to my fav.


    3. Anonymous

      There are about 2000 large transformers – at powerplants – which, if destroyed, would take about 20 years to replace them all.

      These transformers are no longer made in the US, and about 100 are made a year in the places overseas where they are made now.

      If enemies of this country wanted to destroy us, these transformers would be an attractive target.

      These are the same large transformers in the EMP report to Congress (

      • John W.

        If the Obama crew knows this then we may have a problem. If it happens it happens no sense stressing over it as we cannot do a thing about it.

    4. midwest joe

      As a System dispatcher I do have to warn you all Scada attacks happen everyday. And it is common knowledge that sooner or later our grid will be attacked. Just a warning if the power isn’t back on by 3 to 4 days it probably isn’t never coming back on. It usually takes a coal plant 24 hours to come online and a combustion turbines can usually do it in 30 minutes. So if the transmission lines aren’t up which would mean the distribution won’t be up then it is game over.

      • admin

        Joe, thanks for sharing this valuable info.

        • please ...

          That is excellent information Mac. This is why we visit the plan.
          Just imagine how many more people could find this info if the last
          10 comments section was restored back in the margin!!

          • Miss DeeDee

            I have worked with SCADA systems in the past and have seen both it’s positive and negative aspects. The main purpose is to eliminate real people’s input into the equation thus eliminating real wages. It also gives remote access to sensitive commands. I think we are sacrificing quite a bit for corporate profit.
            — Miss Dee Dee

      • JayJay

        Joe, this makes sense–when has our power ever been off more than a minute? We hear the beep of the microwave and within seconds the electricity is restored.
        Only during an ice storm as my memory goes have we been without for days.

        • .02

          We had a 4 day outage a couple winters ago. Lost my power on the border up north for over a week once.

        • Archivist

          I was out of power for days after Hurricane Bertha. I bought a generator and haven’t needed it since. I still crank it once a month to make sure it still works.

          • John W.

            Hope you have not left the same gas in it. Get some true gas without ethanol for when it will be sitting for awhile. Best thing for lawnmowers etc. Ethanol sucks when stored. Water magnet.

    5. Buzzfix

      Ill say it like this. If you live next too or close to a public utilities installation. You’d be better off keeping an eye on it yourself. The places I’ve seen are and can be very large and no guards or police ever seen or if so just in a blue moon. I can’t remember specifics but a Arab/Muslim guy infiltrated a water plant on the east coast recently and got stuck in a pipe. I think the truth is alot of people are slacking off in post 9-11 for whatever reason or another. I could care less about the politicians. :D. But The very water and power we need to sustain life? Come on! Public Utilities is not the place to slack off. Like I said concerned citizens may have to step up and or get involved raise hell and turn up the pressure on the politicos.

    6. Peter Pan

      There is always the possibility of a false flag attack by someone hoping to extend the reach of the surveillance state.

      Whtever the motivation, the reality is that civilized society is vulnerable due to its compleity and individuals are no longer as self reliant as they used to be.

      It is imperative that dams and water supplies be protected because the consequences of some twisted mind poisoning water supplies is the worst possible scenario.

    7. AreUReady?

      Well….not surprised. One bit. I too wonder if the leaving of brass was a hint for ‘authorities’. Who cares.

      Imagine what would happen to many Midwestern cities right now if you took out, say…., 30% of the power right now. Ouch. A lot of dead grannies, gibsmedat kids and the unprepared. Just think what a 30% exclusion of power in Chicago currently would do. All the those furnace’s NOT running….oh what a wonderful world it would be.

      Better get your sh!t together folks.

      • Northern Reb

        Chicago would stay warm for a couple of weeks as it burnt down.
        No electicity,
        No water
        No sewer.
        No gas for cars.
        No food stamp usage
        No free phones
        No free CTA or RTA rides (buses and trains)
        No free medical visits
        No zombie freebies
        Darn-it no more freebies that is one sad thought.
        Then maybe we could get the state back without Chicago running it.
        Oh what a dreamer I am!;-(
        S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

    8. Charley Waite

      Getting jumpy. Many of my favorite websites do not respond this AM but others do. DNS attacks? Have started traveling with bug out bag in the car. Just feels ominous out there. Take care everyone and watch your six. God bless

      • JayJay

        Don’t forget a BOB for all cars–who knows which you will be in at time of those needs.

      • Archivist

        Do a reverse DNS lookup on all your favorite sites at Then, if DNS fails entirely, you can still get to your favorite websites using the numbers. For example, this site’s numbers are

      • 7 3/4 tinfoil hat

        you should at least have a get home bag in every car in your family…wife, kids, everyone

    9. NinaO's Mom


      it’s worth investing in complete energy backup , HOME / MOBILE , individual / self energy producing generating system(s) , a secondary means of power Off the Grid is the only way to beat this …

      got that in triplicate

      solar panels x2 with marine battery on trickle charge

      portable collapsible mobile solar kits x2 with x2 battery chargers

      truck power system with new industrial alternator and 12v to 120v converters adapters x2

      And x3 sources of ‘heat’ , candles , oil lamps , propane gas with burners / heaters .

      these systems are All worth the expense folks as it gives me great peace of mind knowing i got residual backup(s) .

      being energy prepared means you don’t gotta be Scared of the Dark or Sub Zero Cold .

      n.o. ;0p

      • Feisty Old Broad

        @NinaOsMom…I would include a human powered generator as well. There are many types for all needs….and are portable and silent

        • NinaO's Mom

          @ Feisty Old Broad … Respect .

          got that one covered ;0)

          i’ve researched / designed a personal bike generator that powers 3 daisy chained salvaged auto 12v alternators at once .

          got the bike , bike stand and electric components / gear already covered .

          * the alternators , pulley wheels will be acquired as needed including more car / marine batteries .

          ;0) i’m good like that … thinking out of the box magyver style ahead of time .


      • BadAmerican

        I hear ya Brother.

        Got the fireplace burnin’ right now.

        Got down to 52 last night……lol.

        High about 63 today…..Brrrr.

        ….I’ll keep a light on…..BA.

        • NinaO's Mom

          @ BadAmerican … Respect .

          thats it ‘rub it in’ Boyo ;0p

          * i though prefer sub-zero temps in the Beautiful still pristine fuku radiation free Rockies for a few days a year than constant high level fuku radiation fallout , radioactive beaches , state wide crop killing drought – water shortages police state enforced restricted water use and devastating canyon forest fires all summer long !

          ;0p pssszzt

          * i was your neighbor FOR A WEE BIT not to long ago @BA .

          sorry to spoil your rub it in NinaO’s face HAPPY DANCE .

          ;0) lol

          n.o. ;0p

          • BadAmerican


            …the thing about fukushima…’s a dry heat.

            We have had rain two out of the last five days, about a inch or so. The missus and I have always been pretty good at conserving water. We use the grey water from the washing machine to water our garden and we shower together as often as time allows. We have a rain catchment system in place and another 600 gallons already stored.

            As far as living in a police state, well I gotta tell ya, a truly target rich environment and I’m gettin’ good at steppin’ on toes. I figure when the balloon goes up, anything runnin’ away from me gets a pass, anything runnin’ at me, not so much.

            Best to you and yours from out there in the boonies. When you are next in my area, stop by Sir. I have some Kentucky shine that’ll leave a mark.

            …..I won’t be outdone…..I’ll be out Doin’…..BA.

            • NinaO's Mom

              DRY HEAT ??? ;0) ummmm yeah lol … okay … tell that to the dying fuku radiation diseased pacific blue wales , sea otters , starfish , seals , killer whales , tuna and polar bears that are being ‘dissolved’ alive by the fuku shima radiation from in the Pacific from Alaska to Chile .

              the fuku radiation poison ‘life threat / birth defects’ is very real to all creatures great and small in the northern hemisphere and pacific region .


              • The Old Coach

                If you really believe all that, I got tidal real estate in North Carolina to sell you cheap.

                Talk about low-information voters! Eeeuch!

                • NinaO's Mom

                  @ ole’ cooch … you Sir are a True Idiot .

                  any level of radiation Does and will permanently scramble damage alter forever organism cell DNA last i checked humans were organisms with cells and DNA AT THE TOP OF THE FOOD CHAIN , MEANING THEIR FOOD IS CONCENTRATED RAD POISON by the time it reaches them up the food chain

                  that DNA damage is passed on to the next generation of radiated offspring THAT SURVIVES the gestation period in the radiated womb

                  generation after generation

                  Fukushima is 50 times Chernobyl and it is recorded globally that Chernobyl killed 100’s of thousands and caused lifelong disease and early death for millions .

                  WHAT DO YOU SUPPOSE FUKUSHIMA WILL DO DUMMY as it is 50 times what Chernobyl is ???

                  i’m done here …

                  n.o. ;0p

        • Sgt. Dale

          Rub it in 5 for a high -15 for a low.
          Please send some heat to central Illinois.

          • BadAmerican

            @Sgt Dale:

            Good Day Sir.

            Ole Man Winter has it out for you poor bastards, especially coming off the Great Lakes. I read that Illinois already has four times their annual snow.

            I know that concealed carry permit applications are now being taken and soon, those who pass, will get their state permission slips. Did the fine folks out there get open carry too, or is the state only allowing CCW ?

            Been to Chicago…..didn’t take. I did however take a trip to the Shawnee National Forest as I have kin in Owensboro, KY. That is truly the exceptional part of your great State, Cave In Rock State Park, what a hoot.

            To you and yours.

            stay warm
            stay dry
            always room for apple pie

            ….be safe…stay the course….BA.

    10. NinaO's Mom

      this is only the beginning …



      • please ...

        Recommend a hand held radiation detector.

        • NinaO's Mom


          first watch this …

          Gratuitous Radioactive Sources or Ludlum vs. The Radioactive World!

        • NinaO's Mom

          @ please … check out – CRM-100™ Radiation Monitor

          just google . com / startpage . com / amazon . com it

          CRM-100™ Radiation Monitor


          • NinaO's Mom

            The CRM100 general purpose geiger counter is excellent for the price.

            It will measure for FOUR things: Alpha, Beta, Gamma and X-Ray. For the home user this unit is excellent. There are more sensitive/professional geiger counters out there but those cost big money and are geared for professional users.

            The Good Stuff:
            #1: Price for what you get!
            #2: Easy to learn and use “anybody can use this.”
            #3: Not too big and light weight.
            #4: Comes with a nice black nylon velcroed carrying bag.
            #5: Comes with Easy Quick Guide that’s not technical.
            #6: Big display and easy to see.
            #7: No calibrating needed (factory guaranteed for twelve months).

            The Ugly Stuff:
            #1: It’s made of plastic and if dropped it could break.
            #2: It’s not waterproof.

            > NOTE: This unit will not detect radioactive food (like fish). You’ll need a very expensive, professional unit for that. NOBODY has a inexpensive detector for that unfortunately.

            For the home user and curious this is your geiger counter.
            I can recommend this. 🙂

    11. VRF

      Yeah I remember it , and at that time and now I still believe it was a false flag that didn’t go as planed , that’s why there’s no proof of who did it.
      Also the use of a certain firearm that this government lives to run and sell to all of our surrounding problem countries as gun running missions , and the fact that not much was said about it on the news , because the mission was a failed one .. Just my take on it
      A trial run if you will, the same type of shit they pull to learn before trying something else or to try again on a bigger scale

      • The Old Coach

        But it certainly is the standard arm for many of the countries we support.

    12. Chimera

      Of course I didn’t hear about this in the MSM (that’s why I come here, Economic Collapse blog, and the Drudge Report for most of the news I receive). I think this attack is only the beginning of a series (why I think this I’m not sure), but my impression of this particular attack seems like a test run of sorts. The majority of Californians are thinking “drought” at the moment and not so much on the power grid which leaves that aspect vulnerable.

      • Nightshiftsucks

        This happened a while ago,it was in the news.I was at work and we had a power glitch when it happened,it affected some of the tools.

    13. Canadian Vet

      I’m not sure how “serious” this attack is. Seems to me, America’s enemies want a high body count and to cause catastrophic damage. Yet, no one was killed and the facility still stands.

      Instead, we have clean casings and cut phone lines and extremely limited damage with zero casualties.This doesn’t smell right. Whether it is a warning, a false-flag of sorts or even a not so well-executed attack, I can’t tell right now. But something ain’t right about this.

      • John W.

        What’s not right about it? You think some amateurs will get it right the first time? Practice makes perfect. Hopefully they will get girlfriends and put their time to better use.

    14. posseecom

      Test run..


      No evidence..

      Minor reporting..

      Job well done..


    15. TnAndy

      Used an AK-47 for “long range”……ahahahaaaaaa

      • Jeff

        And if you believe THAT, have I a deal for you! No checks or credit cards, cash only.

        • John_Allen


          Suppose the sugar has hit the fan and there is no more emergency medical care system. At least not for dissident civilians.

          Step right up … step right up. Who wants to be the first to get a tiny measly .22 LR in his liver, lungs or kidneys? Don’t be shy … there’s plenty to go around. And anyone’s ten year old can fire one.

          I don’t care how big and strong someone was, with that tiny .22 round in his lungs or liver he ain’t a gonna be feeling too chipper. He might survive from reserve strength.

          But without modern medicine his remaining life will be nasty, brutish and short.

          That measly .22 LR has its uses. Or why are there so few to be found? Someone has their reasons to buy millions of them with the shelves clearing in days.

          • Smokey

            Always thought a good suppressive fire weapon was about 10 folks with Ruger 10/22s, a lot of 25-round magazines, and good cover. Their job is to put out about 2,000 rounds in five minutes so the opposition keeps their heads down, and gets one or more 40-grain slugs in the ankle, hand, neck, internals, anywhere, through a magazine, whatever. They’ll definitely lose some fighting capability in short order.

            That’s while the rest of us can go to work with the .30 calibers.

      • 1braveheart

        the article said 7.62×39, retard.

        • Anonymous

          braveheart. 7.62 is 30 cal

        • gun

          Braveheart. Eisen is correct. 7.62 is 30 cal.

          • Smokey

            7.62 mm bullets are used in, and designed for, in various weights :

            .30-40 Krag
            7.62 Nagant
            7.5 Swiss

            And there’s a bunch more, I’m sure.

      • The Old Coach

        Answer, not too effing much.

        Muzzle energy of .22 is 150 foot-pounds. In many cases it won’t even penetrate heavy winter clothing.

        9mm in a pistol barrel is typically 385 foot-lbs, and many people consider 9mm marginal for self defense.

        My .357 is about 500 foot-lbs from a 5″ barrel.
        .223/5.56 7.62×39 is about 1100 foot-pounds, as is the 5.56×45 NATO.

        .308 and .30-06 about 2700 foot-pounds.

        Not posting to inform Eisenkrakker, his mind is hermetically sealed against truth. But someone else here might be misled…..

        Tell you what, Eisencrank, we’ll face off at 100 yards, you with a .22, me with my 7.5×55 Swiss. 15 MPH 9 o’clock wind. One shot.

    16. BigB

      A power grid down shtf scenario is my greatest fear out of all the shtf possibilities. Truth be known I don’t fear a nuclear or biohazard shtf disaster as I do not see any chance of myself living thru either one.

      At even the first sign of a national power grid down situation it is without a doubt a bug out time until the killing period of say 6 months has elapsed. This SHTF scenario is what I have prepared for. All of my preps have centered around this specific scenario and it has been my hope that the prepping I have done could be used for any other.


      • Barn Cat

        The national power grid will go down. It’s a 100% certainty because hyperinflation is a 100% certainty. As the dollar starts to die and electric bills go up by hundreds of dollars every month you’ll have a majority of people unable to pay their electric bills. When that happens utilities will be forced to shut down.

        • JayJay

          BC, which is why practice living in one room now is a good thing.
          Test run–it’s not really that bad and I do have books if I didn’t have a computer.
          And we do have 0° sleeping bags for just this; still in box.

      • .02

        BigB the concept of bugging out for 6 months to a years is good, but if/when you come out everyone left is going to be the nastiest of the nasties. If 9 of 10 people are dead after a year, what did that 1 have to do to survive? Don’t get me wrong,I ahve my BOL picked out as well, but I am thinking the “remnant” are going to be some shoot first/fuck the questions “lets eat” type animals. I could be wrong just my opinion?

        • Paranoid

          IMHO It’s going to be different than we think. When the SHTF I believe it’s going to go much faster than people think. But it’s going to be over much faster also. Years ago, the Gov made a report on the Power system if we had a Nuke war. (I have the report) It came to an odd conclusion. It said that because the Bombs would be targeted at the cities and power plants were not there; We would have a net gain in power available for the people left.
          I believe IF it hits, the cities will burn out so quickly (No water,no power,no gasoline, no public transportation, etc) The people don’t go anywhere. The cities cannot survive 3 weeks without massive input. The people cannot go anywhere. the roads will be plugged, these people haven’t walked five miles in their lives. The prisons will be locked down. The guards live right close to them, they aren’t going to let the prisoners out. Prisoners die in 4 days. Hospitals and nursing home die off in a week or two.
          We have food and stuff for 300M people in this country grid dies for whatever reason we have most of them dead in a month. Farmer John is going to have cows for 10 times as many people as are left. The new grd has lots of stuff extra just needs repair. The repair guy lives outside of the city. Demand would be way down there is stuff everywhere. Stuff is much more rugged than people.

          • .02

            Interesting concept. Makes sense. One thing that worries me tho is the roving gangs with badges coming from the city to the country to “liberate” the cattle/food.

            • Paranoid

              Two separate issues. Roving gangs, and Badges. The real Badges have already looked at this and no doubt have a plan. Why would they come and get stuff? They would just buy a bunch of it early with your money. Those people steal with a pen, not a gun.
              The gangs may have a cop or two, but they will not even pretend to be the law, and they will not be large gangs. A large gang needs lots of food, More than a house could normally have. Some of the already formed gangs may be significant; but no other group has the loyalty to follow anyone. No one can risk being hurt, no one will take care of them. As I have stated before.
              Start with 300 Million trying to survive off each other: Everyone shoots one guy; 150 million left, next 75 million, then 37 million, then 20, 10, 5. At number 5=6 killed by each person, there are only 5-10 million people left in the whole country.
              Large numbers of people having long wars is pure TV. Thats why it took the German Gov 6-8 years to kill 6 million, and tiny Rwanda did 500,000 in a few weeks. One was Gov, the other the people killing each other.
              Large roving gangs aren’t going to get far or last long. HIDE

              • .02

                No, I am talking Roving gangs WITH badges. The police and firemen. Selco’s site had a post on them and they were murdering bastards. Worse part is people ran out thinking they were saved and made it easy for them. 2nd problem: shooting someone is unlawful enough, but you shoot a badge and they never forget. If/when things come back to normal they will most likely remember and it is a capital offense.

                • JayJay

                  In America, won’t those gangs be targeting warehouses, not individual homes??

          • JayJay

            So, I CAN get that Saiga I want???

            • JayJay

              that was to Paranoid’s post.

        • Anonymous

          @ .02,

          I don’t know. You are right, of course. I would hazard a guess that the 1 out of 10 that survive would be mostly like myself. But then again perhaps not. It would seem that if you don’t venture forth after 6 months then “they” will seek you out anyway. Have to put some thought into that.


      • Farmer's Daughter

        I too agree grid down is probably the worst and, too me, the most frightening. Just keep on prepping!

    17. Barn Cat

      TWA Flight 800 was shot down by missiles off Long Island, New York in 1996. The fact that it was a terrorist attack was covered up by the Clinton administration and the lamestream media. So it’s no surprise that the attack on the substation went unreported as well.

      On a different subject, V the guerilla economist reports that there will be more deaths among the banksters in the weeks to come. And no, none of them will be suicides. More like “arkancides”. Google it if you don’t know what it means.

      • Scott

        According to scuttlebutt amongst the Feds during the 1996 Olympics, TWA Flight 800took off in a slot originally scheduled to an Israeli El Al flight. The takeoff slot was switched at the last minute. Draw your own conclusions.

        • JayJay

          So, Scott, the question is who was on that Israeli El Al flight??

      • Shootit

        Now it is 4. I wonder what they knew?

        truthdig com/eartotheground/item/fourth_banker_dies_of_apparent_suicide_in_a_week_20140205

        • .02

          I like the truth dig site and chris hedges (tho a bit on the lib side and a global warmist) has some real thought provoking articles/interviews.

      • Nightshiftsucks

        Here you

      • JayJay

        I call them ‘hillarized’ deaths.

      • Maudy Frickett

        Barn Cat, I agree it was shot down. I suspect that it was done by a defense contractor. The investigation was taken over by the FBI. The lead investigator, in spite of being a terrible public speaker, was rewarded with his own TV show, for the cover up. The show only lasted one season.

    18. posseecom


      self inflicted multi gun shots to the back of the head not at the original location of the initial self induced suicide?


      • 1braveheart

        Arkancide=Vince Foster.

        • .02

          Another Hitlary victim. The Clinton body count keeps on rising. When Clitwoman gets to be pres, go to the Dr to get your balls cut off as it will be more pleasant then in the “system” Hellary is going to install.

      • JayJay

        with gun 15 feet from suicide!!

        • Barn Cat

          There’s at least one arkancide where somebody was packing up in a hurry then stopped to type a suicide note and shoot themselves in the back of the head with a rifle.

        • Smokey

          It’s not unusual to locate a suicide handgun across the room from the body. When you fire it, you’re dead, but the physical recoil is still going on, the gun ends up flying out of your dead hand, just a few milliseconds of difference.

    19. slingshot

      This is not a big story.

    20. 1braveheart

      A possible dry run for a false-flag on the grid? Possible, but I doubt it. AK used as “sniper” rifle? NEGRO PLEASE! The AK is only accurate out to 100 yards, 300 yards for the SKS and Ruger Mini-30. I would say someone just wanted to give someone at the utility co. a wake-up call and show HOW VULNERABLE the installations are; to just prove that they can be sabotaged, period! Eventually we will lose the grid. Most likely we won’t know how it’s taken out until after the fact. My prepping continues and I hope everyone else is as well.

      • Satori

        do you really think the utility companies are gonna respond
        to any “wake up call” ???

        there have been a half dozen studies detailing
        SERIOUS threats to the grid from solar storms/EMP

        and Congress and corporations have done next to nothing

        if something does happen and the grid goes down

        these guys need to be swinging from every lamp post
        they will be PERSONALLY responsible for millions of deaths

        • .02

          I disagree, it is all a financial problem. The costs are too large and the returns too small to shield the grid from humans or nature unless the Gov was to subsidize the whole thing and then of course everybody starts screaming bailout again. Gridlock in Congress is a problem as NONE of the private utility companies carry enough weight to browbeat both sides. OTOH, utilities raising rates across the board is about as popular as a root canal. A global pandemic will kill the grid, as will an economy collapse, as will natures cme, mans emp and hacks, etc. Too many variables for a utility to cover.

      • JohnFornaro

        It’s also my hope that this attack was only a wakeup-call, not a practice run.

      • slingshot


        I am a little under the weather. Hang with me a second.

        The stupid mother fuckers can never do it right. I can think of a few other ways to do it.

        Thank God for HYPE and California Education System.

        • 1braveheart

          Slingshot, considering it’s Cali I have to agree. To rephrase an old joke, how many people does it take to change a light bulb in California?

          • .02

            how many people does it take to change a light bulb in California? 100 trillion. One to hold the bulb and the rest to spin the world.

            • The Old Coach

              The rest to take the drugs to make the world spin, you mean…

        • Sgt. Dale

          Hope you are feeling better.
          Get a lot of fluids, What ever your choice is.
          I agree with you. I think this is more than likely a false flag.

        • .02

          Slingshot, here is a great home mad recipe for flu/colds/everything. Get a large cup, add 2 ounces Yukon Jack, 2 ounces cider vinegar, 2 ounces lemon juice fill with hot water add cinnamon liberally. Drink. After 4 cups, pour 1/2 cup Yukon Jack, add hot water, cinnamon. After 3 more cups you wont know or care if you are sick. Keep all flame away.

          • slingshot


            I left my moonshine at the hunt camp. Also I have not had a beer or smoke in 3.5 weeks. This is the first time in a long time I have fallen ill, but you can bet you bottom dollar if it don’t change soon I will head to the store for medicinal liquids of the potent type. Yukon Jack? That is a drink out of my past. ;0)


            • .02

              Actually SS it really does work as directed. Stick to a couple or 3 and then substitute the YJ with 2 tablespoons honey. You will be feeling better in no time. And if you have no YJ just use honey as in 2 tablespoons right now and it tastes great and feels really fine on the throat and stomach.

            • .02

              I never go to hunting camp without a bottle of Yukon Jack. Great stuff for around the fire after a cold day of sloughing through the elements. It is great for putting in coffee as a sweetener also. It has been a family tradition since my cousin and I shot 2 elk heading back to the truck for another cup of “coffee.” Gads..what was that? 30 years ago? Shit I am getting old…

            • JayJay

              or sling–get some elderberry; starts working instantly and follow with Jack, no matter his other name.

    21. Scott

      This is old news from months ago that was covered by the UK’s Daily Mail. Why is it just getting airtime now? (Hint: Nothing in politics happens by accident).

    22. Ted Kennedy

      We’re going to have to get some more F.B.I. men.

      • MXLord327

        Nice “Die Hard” reference!!!

    23. Maudy Frickett

      You resistence fighters have never considered taking out the other guys grid with a rifle? Turn that TV off. Drive around and look at what you can shut down, if you have to. Even if there is blow back and your grid goes down, it’s a crude way to collapse “their” system.

      • JRS

        Agreed, Maudy…

        I was disappointed to see the title “Domestic Terrorist” used in this article.

        Isn’t this the type of resistance we’ll see?

        How do we know this wasn’t some type of “resistance”?

        Yep, this is what they want the resistance to be known as…Domestic Terrorists. Then everyone will cheer when they are exterminated by the uniforms.

        Seems the words “snipers” and “domestic terrorists” are being used in the same sentence in news reports.

        This is the language that will get any resistance killed to the fist pumps of USA…USA…USA.

        It’s all a matter of perception and they have that angle figured out. Send in the drones.

    24. Calgacus

      from Drudge at nationaljournal dot com
      U.S. Eyes $90 Million Contract for Bioterror Treatments

      A U.S. agency said it could spend some $90 million over the next five years on a new treatment against two potentially feasible bioterrorism agents.

      The Health and Human Services Department on Wednesday said a Medicines Company-owned firm will initially receive $19.8 million for work on Carbavance, its developmental countermeasure for glanders and melioidosis diseases.

      Both bacteria are considered to be possibly suited toward use as biological weapons. Up to nine of 10 untreated infections involving either pathogen can result in death, according to an agency press release. Health and Human Services said the agents can develop resistance to antibiotics; with drugs now available, the odds of dying still stand at roughly two in five.

      The contract award marked a new investment in “broad-spectrum antimicrobials” by the federal agency’s Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority. Such treatments are designed to be of use in responding to a potential biological strike, as well as for handling other health threats.

      “Antibiotic resistance adversely impacts our nation’s ability to respond effectively to a bioterrorism attack and to everyday public health threats,” BARDA Director Robin Robinson said in a statement. “By partnering with industry to develop novel antimicrobial drugs against biothreats that also treat drug-resistant bacteria, we can address health security and public health needs efficiently.”

      Glanders is a respiratory illness spread by bacteria that can either be breathed in or picked up by physical contact with contaminated animals. Melioidosis, also known as Whitmore’s disease, is transmitted via inhalation or physical contact. The disease is often confused with tuberculosis and some forms of pneumonia.

      Meanwhile, the firm Hawaii Biotech said it would receive $7.4 million over half a decade to prepare a possible countermeasure for anthrax toxin. The funding would come from the National Institute for Allergy and Infectious Diseases, according to a company statement.

      Ill put the link on another post

    25. ckayaker

      As a substation operator I can tell you first hand how vulnerable the grid is and how easy it would be for anyone to wreck total havoc on the system.Security is none existing and it is only a matter of time before it happens. Be prepared!!

    26. 2dogs

      OFF SUBJECT: How freaking manipulated is the stock market !!! I mean down one day up the next. buy early in the morning sell in the afternoon. If the economy is so stable and improving . why such volatility on so little news? make one wonder???

      • .02

        PPT and HFT machines.

      • John W.

        The DOW is 30 stocks. With 85 billion dollars a month to play with quite a bit of price manipulation can be done especially with a corrupt govt. no longer doing it’s job as regulator.

    27. Maudy Frickett

      For preppers, too many of you don’t ever think about the potential for armed conflict in your area or adjacent areas. Conflict caused by aggression from the government and their agents, ethnic/race conflict, conflict created by starvation etc. Anybody live near a fusion center? When the balloon goes up and they still have electrity, shame on you. Same thing for federal buildings. If the feds are trying to round up everybody, wouldn’t they be a target? Just suggestions to put in my new book. Not intended as anything else.

      • .02

        Dont forget about the jails and prisons being emptied as well Maudy. The gates will be thrown open as the last guard hauls ass.

        • Maudy Frickett

          .02, you’re right. Not enough people consider what would happen in these scenarios. Also, in Malawi, they have an epidemic of AIDS/HIV. The people can’t work in the fields or anywhere else because they are home taking care of sick relatives who are going to die. A country with plenty of crops and they need to bring in food because not enough people to harvest. Something to consider if we get hit with a pandemic or something similar.

          • .02

            You could write a complete book on the innocent guy thrown into prison then the apoc comes and he is “kicked out” in what will basically be a killing/feeding frenzy similar to schooled shark attacks.

        • Paranoid

          You think the guards don’t know what those people would do? You think the prisoners and guards dont HATE each other? You think the guards don’t live close to the prison? If the guards aren’t stupid, they lock down the prisoners as hard as they can. Then they decide: Do we kill them all, and move in here, with our families. It’s safe, and we can defend ourselves, with a fairly large supply of food etc or not.?

          • Mcdave

            That would be the optimal scenario.

          • Bulldog 62

            No as someone from the inside for 14years.We were informed to shot all inmates regardless of the offence. Should the country ever become invaded by foreign forces invading our country. THIS LAW BEEN ON THE BOOKS SINCE WW2.

        • Smokey

          The guards will not let the criminals out, period. They’ll be shot in their cells.

      • Calgacus

        Maudy wouldnt all of them be underground in bunkers or safety zones w/ generators?

        • Maudy Frickett

          Cal, I don’t think most would be underground. But good question. That is the purpose of some posts. Is the generator underground? Who fuels it up? Can we make the underground place their final resting place?

          • Calgacus

            Those gennys would be fitted for use w/ exhaust piping. Doesnt the book talk about scouting for the exhaust fumes? I think theres a chapter about having dozers and plenty of fuel w/ a full staff of operators on standby.

    28. VRF

      Now, I grew up down an old dirt road in a town you wouldn’t know
      My pop’s picked the place up for fifteen hundred bucks back in 1964
      My grandfather was a drinker back in the day, he put him down
      But a war is known to change a man and the whiskey’s known to change a man, but…

      That’s not me
      I rarely drink from the bottle but I’ll smoke a little weed
      I still live in the sticks where you wouldn’t go
      In a town of twelve hundred off an old dirt road
      And a country boy is all I’ll ever be

      Now, its been twelve years since I sold my soul to the devil in L.A.
      He said sign your name here on the dotted line and your songs, they all will play
      He set up shop on Sunset, he put me up at The Marque
      He said “you want to sell a million records boy, you better listen to me”
      He said “change your style, whiten your smile, you can lose a couple of pounds
      If you want to live this life, you better lose that wife, do you need your friends around?”

      And I said… No, that’s not me
      Cause the biggest things in life are your friends and family
      And I like my jeans and my old t-shirts
      And a couple extra pounds never really hurt
      Cause a country boy is all I’ll ever be
      Cause Hank taught me just how to stay alive
      You’ll never catch me out the house without my .9 or .45
      I got a big orange tractor and a diesel truck
      And my idea of heaven is chasing whitetail bucks
      And as a country boy, I know I can survive

      Now, two flags fly above my land that really sum up how I feel
      One is the colors that fly high and proud – the red, the white, the blue
      The other one’s got a rattlesnake with a simple statement made
      “Don’t Tread On Me” is what is says and I’ll take that to my grave

      Because… this is me
      I’m proud to be American and strong in my beliefs
      And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again
      Cause I’ve never needed government to hold my hand
      And I’ve said it before but I’ll say it again
      Cause my family’s always fought and died to save this land
      And a country boy is all I’ll ever be

      “I love my country, I love my guns, I love my family, I love the way it is now. And anybody that tries to change it, has to come through me. That should be all of our attitudes.
      Cause this is America and a country boy is good enough for me, son.”

      • SapperE6

        One of my all time favorite songs!

      • Kulafarmer

        Right on VRF
        I may live a few thousand miles from you but feel the same way,
        I dont need some busybody politicians trying to tell me what i can and cant do.

      • lastmanstanding

        VRF, Kula and the rest of you.

        They fucking fear us. Don’t ever forget that.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

        • VRF

          Dam right they fear us, and dam well better be fearing us..
          thus the reasons for all these fear tactics, psy-ops etc.. all ment and designed to get you to sit on your hands and do nothing to stop them

          I say bring it to my doorstep or my face and see how well your psy-ops worked on me and my gun.

          Obama doesn’t fear the Edward Snowdens-etc, and those like him..they make them stateless, imprisoned or killed..It is Us the U.S. Armed citizens he fears, especially when enough of us wake up to the fact that we are losing our Republic and him and his ilk are the reason why..when people wake up to this administration constant barrage on our constitution , they will have hell to pay, and that my friends is what He fears more than anything..I for one dam sure hope its coming before they throw dirt on top of me..’cause Ive been pissed at this shit for over 45 years..Im ready

      • .02

        The NWO’s nightmare.

    29. IIC

      And this could have been the work of a DHS agent who had too much ammo on his hands…sounds like an inside job to me.

      • MXLord327

        Why does that not surprise me even one little bit?????

    30. floridacaveman

      Big attack and no one caught… It sounds like a government operation. A False Flag . It would be an easy way to reduce the population like they keep saying they want to do. Prepare for long term power failure. I think this operation was practice.

      • IIC

        The more I think about this, the more it is obvious that it was one of their “agents/operatives/people.” Since when has the creepezoids in Washington not jumped on a perceived opportunity — any opportunity — to rid themselves of the burden of our Constitutional rights? If this HAD been an ACTUAL terrorist attack, they would have been all over this like white on rice, blaring it out that we need MORE surveillance drones, more this, more that….so it is obvious that somebody “went off the reservation.”

    31. ArrSea

      I blame those tea party racists. Clearly they are a threat to the empire!

      • IIC

        Can’t tell if this is sarcasm(???)…because if you are serious, you definitely bought into the NWO crap of blaming a third party so that you are diverted from what is going on under your nose by the TPTB.

    32. Tractor

      All the more reason people seriously need to look into 12 volt power. You can live quite well on just 12 volt power, and easily produce all the power you need at home. I do, I have almost all my lights are 12 volt lights in and around my home, plus 12 volt electric blankets, 12 volt coffee pot, 12 volt clocks, 12 volt fans, 12 volt swamp cooler, 12 volt TV & DVD etc. The only way I can tell if I have lost my grid power is to look at the street light across from my house to see if it’s lit or not. And you to can live very comfortably on just 12 volt power and it’s much easier and cheaper than you think. Check it out at:

      • The Old Coach

        Something I’ve advocated for years. Only problems I see are motors of 1/2 HP and more, which need an awful lot of current at 12v. Well pump & laundry machinery. I could get by without both, but it would be very labor-intensive.

    33. JayJay

      I’m existing in one room as I type with an electric space heater saving the 29% still in my tank.
      I CAN pay $4 a gallon but DON’T WANT to.
      I like to fill the tank in the summer @ $1.50 a gallon.
      100 gallons for $400 isn’t enticing me at the moment.
      Now, if I get to 15%, I may be more enticed.
      But, if I can’t get the tank filled, why bother??

      • Archivist

        I’m only paying a little over $2 a gallon for propane. Of course we have four or five different gas companies in my small town. I don’t think any of them are getting rich.

        • JayJay

          The gas companies in our little towns aren’t getting rich; the main suppliers are.

    34. Trailer Park Investor

      Well if you like N1h1 virus.
      You are going to love this.
      Obummer signed into law a new bill allowing American Chickens to be shipped over to China to be processed and shipped back to American to be sold. And if that were not enough the packaging will NOT tell you it’s processed in China. Can you say N1H9?
      And IF you loved that, after 1 year Tyson will be able to import China Chickens already processed in China to be sold in American super markets. (Can you say N9 H1?) And yep again the label will NOT say anything about the chicken being from China, OR processed in China.
      Way to go Tyson and Obummer.
      You guys ROCK and are always looking out for us,
      Thank YOU SO MUCH…

      • IIC

        Can you say local farm chicken?…(grin)

    35. 1braveheart

      Sum Ting Wong. Eisen Come Back To Ho Lee Fuk.

      • Canadian Vet

        Kettle, this is Pot. Black, over.

      • 1braveheart

        Eisen, any one of us have more intelligence and have probably forgotten more things than you’ll ever learn. YOU’RE THE TURD THAT DOESN’T WANT TO FLUSH AWAY. Don’t worry about me or anyone else around here wanting you; none of us are like that. You’re the one who needs to go away. None of us here want you around.

    36. 1braveheart

      Eisenturd needs to be decimated.

      • Archivist

        “Decimated” is technically only 10% destruction. Is that enough?

        • The Old Coach

          Well, do it ten times over, then.

      • John W.

        His mother needs to be slapped for having him. His dads first words upon seeing the little mutant were “Sum Ting Wong”!

        • 1braveheart

          John W., I choked on the last of my supper on that remark. sounds right to me.

    37. Kulafarmer

      This is stuff we didnt even need to worry about back in the 60s and 70s
      Our world is screwed up now,
      Nobody has any respect for private property

    38. JayJay

      Great news:

      “Five years ago the [GMO seeds] worked,” said farmer Christ Huegerich, who along with his father planted GMO seeds. “I didn’t have corn rootworm because of the Bt gene, and I used less pesticide. Now,

      • JayJay

        Now, the worms are adjusting, and the weeds are resistant. Mother Nature adapts.”

    39. Jim in Va.

      Yeah, blame it on billy Bob. My guess is that its Hesbollah or related muslim group. The govt. will use something like this as a false flag event. you’ll never hear about “other” events unless they are leaked. Wi November elections coming and Obama fearing the results could use something like this to maintain power.

    40. JayJay
      There are still good people out there that care.

      • The Old Coach

        Maybe OK in equatorial Africa, but it wouldn’t work too well at ten below, would it?

    41. Maudy Frickett

      Think about this. What if those guys shooting up the transformers were not “terrorists” but rather the “resistence” practicing? Checking to see what damage certain calibers will do. Checking the security. Checking the response times. We still have some work to do with regard to thinking it’s always the “bad guys” who take action. Would anyone here know the difference? If you were on the jury, would you convict a resistence member? The time to think is yesterday. Catch up.

      • maddog

        I would not. Bring on the reset.

    42. Sgt. Dale

      Before I came to this site I was on Quayle’s site, and read about this.

      There are several ways to look at this.

      Inside job, a pissed off worker or ex-employee.
      They would know where to shot and what to hit, and the best time to do it. Look at the time line. started around 0100hrs and you couldn’t get anyone in to the places until 0315hrs.

      Terrorist doing a practice run. again look at the location and the time frame.

      False Flag. Do a couple of these types of hits blame it on terrorist or the local Militia. Then take out a large plant. So they could squeeze more of our liberties away from us.

      Along with the false flag. They (TPTB) could say we need more monitoring of the plats so they can control how much power you can get. Ran by the TSA, or Obullshit’s special army.

      Last but not least. A bunch of kids being stupid!

      No for the round was the same type as the AK47, What a bunch of BS. Most modern rifle around are bottle neck rimless casings. This is just another slap at the AK or any Semi Auto.

      Where I live I have a Nuke plant about 10 miles away. The power lines that run from it are in area where if someone, or group wanted to take them out it would be a piece of cake. This just the area around the plant. All power plants are generally in the middle of nowhere.
      Where I live Rt80 is about 10 miles away from me. right along the road. A group with explosives could stop set their charges and be gone.
      The reason I’m telling you this is because at one time it was my job to point out soft targets and to figure out a way to protect them. Guess what you CAN’T.
      If the bad guys wants to take them out they will. If one target is too tuff they will move on to another target.

      So as Preppers stay prepared, and we wont have a problem when the SHTF!

      AIM SMALL MISS SMALL (sounds like they did)

      • Maudy Frickett

        Sarge, I always recomend that people “red team” their plans. Look at their weaknesses before they get tested by the real enemy.

        • Sgt. Dale

          What I find funny is that we would not have heard of this if it wasn’t for cites I read.
          There is so many ways to look at this. But with the Cops not having any leads and no finger prints on the brass. I just have to question that.

          • Warchild Dammit!

            No fingers on brass’though, try and figure out reasons do believe that shows people are waking up,for better or worse.

          • Maudy Frickett

            Sarge, call me paranoid, but I never touch my ammo with bare hands. I always wear gloves. Also, a prosecutor I know says he never used finger prints in any of his cases. But that was Cook county.

          • .02

            Ask any latent print examiner about imaging fingerprints from expended shell casings, and they will tell you it’s most likely futile. Any latent prints that have been deposited on cartridges before, or during, loading into the firearm are “erased” by the firing temperatures experienced by the shell casing. Studies with thermal imaging cameras have shown that the exterior of a brass 9mm cartridge casing will reach approximately 145° F. This is apparently enough to break down or vaporize the skin oils of which a fingerprint is comprised.

        • .02

          Hmm Maudy, so being old, deaf, blind and fat is not a good thing? I think I b in twouble.

          • Maudy Frickett

            .02, it’s not really fat, it’s stored-readily available energy.

    43. Jim in Va.

      Eisen, you’re SICK!

    44. maddog

      No matter what you think about what or when some kind of collapse will happen rest assured the MSM will not inform you of anything. While things are happening as the article indicates they report for days on end about a heroin addict that killed himself. Really, who gives a fuck and how does it effect the Joe, it doesn’t. And if you flip the channel from one news cast to another you will find the same stories on the same day. This cannot happen without coordination and a agenda. I believe this is to cover the nearing intentional collapse of our society.

      • .02

        Msm gets all there stories from the Associated Press (AP Wire) or Reuters. Both are owned by the same outfit.

        • The Old Coach

          Right. That’s why they even use the same unusual terms. All reading from the same sheet music. Original reporting is almost dead, except for Breitbart.

    45. 1braveheart

      Eisen, you are truly revolting. How many people here would agree with me on that statement?

      • Feisty Old Broad

        Braveheart.(and others who may need assistance)..if for any reason you cannot go east…come west, young man, come west! I will help you on your way and so will many others who understand there may be people who might require assistance to get to point B….
        OLD does not mean stupid…we have our ways to get things done….

        • 1braveheart

          FOB, I’m not sure what you mean, but that’s OK. My only concern is getting rid of an unwanted pest.

    46. Warchild Dammit!

      All I can say is have plenty of wood,will gladly help out neighbors short of heat,or,yeh I know,puts me in danger perhaps,spare some room for folks to keep warm.I don’t do this might as well in my personal opinion be dead.That said,will see you all on the other side,perhaps.

    47. Maudy Frickett

      Militias. I haven’t seen a militia in the US that I would join. Bumpkins led by bigger bumpkins. Years ago I watched Ted Koppel interview a “leader” of a fairly large militia. This moron showed up on worldwide TV in camo. No suit and tie. Koppel asked him what his grievences were with the government? The idiot stammered and stumbled over his words. He showed up without even a short list of 10 grievences. He would have gotten all his guys killed in the first firefight. Study Lebanon in the 1980’s. The militias there were started by either intelligence agencies or criminal organizations. There were and may still be about 8 militias there. I suspect that if ever there is a resistence in the US, it will be based on someone with an intel background or large crime family. Why crime family? They already have many things going for them. A leader, chain of command, firearms, balls, connections, etc. In Chechnya the original leader was a bank robber. In Kosovo the leader was/is a heroin smuggler. The Bush family started out as bootleggers. The Kennedy family started out as a crime family. Both families could arguably still be considered criminals. In other words, to start up a serious organization, you gotta get your mind right, boy! No more Mr. Nice Guy. A guy with a big mortgage and 4 kids to put thru college is probably going to take a pass on this. Who’s going to step up to the plate? Some mean SOB with nothing to loose.

      • .02

        I am not big on Clubs or Groups as I wouldn’t want to join any that would have me as a member.

        • Maudy Frickett

          Sounds like Groucho Marx.

          • .02

            It is

          • .02

            You are showing your age there Maudy.

          • John_Allen


            I”m a Marxist. A Groucho Marxist. And often wrongly attributed to Woody Allen, who stole it from GM.

      • John W.

        Join a militia go to jail. Might as well put a big arrest me for something sign on your back. Why get in an organization where the dumbest one in it can drag the rest down.

      • The Old Coach

        The Kennedys were the bootleggers. Bush family was bankers and businessmen.

        GHW Bush’s father was Prescott Bush who was a partner a Brown Brothers Harriman, and financed Bill Paley to build CBS. Eventually became a US senator.

        HIS father was a railroad and steel company executive.

        His grandfather was an Episcopal priest.

        30 seconds on Wikipedia would have told you that.

        Joe Kennedy was the bootlegger, or so everyone whom I grew up with (near Boston) believed. His family was political Boston Irish, which is to say as crooked as a dog’s hind leg. He made a lot of money using political connections to facilitate businesses, notably the acquisition (after Prohibition ended) of the Gordon’s Gin and Dewars Scotch franchises for the USA. Was an intimate of Franklin Destroyer Roosevelt. Hated England so much that he tried to keep FDR from supporting England in 1939 and 1940.

        BTW the “Kennedy accent” which so many claim is a Boston accent was/is not. It was a characteristic accent of the lower-class accent of South Boston Irish. I knew a couple or three Irish persons of better pedigree in my youth who would not have been caught dead saying “idear”.

        • MXLord327


    48. Lazarus

      Proof,,, we need gestapo! moar government please…

      • Kulafarmer

        Yep bigger government will save us all!

    49. Warchild Dammit!

      I have nothing to lose,that said will step up to help out others.Two reasons,one,have nothing to lose,the second being feel a bit better about myself when helping others,and yes,understand that helping out others may get me killed.

      • Sgt. Dale

        About your first statement.other than you first statement, (“I have nothing to lose”).
        You may think you have nothing to lose, but we lose if we lose you. You are wealth of INFO. If you are not around we lose.
        The last 1/2 of your statement Is why I became a Cop.

        • Warchild Dammit

          Sarge,why I became a non cop,I am going to do what I can to help others,believe you did the same and why you are a cop(the top 20%)tis tough,I have way too many friends drunks/drug addicted,I love em all just a click from being away from em!Tis my hope we wake em up and move em forward,till then,best of luck to both of us!

          • Sgt. Dale

            I understand.
            I’ve been a clean Jock all of my life. I had Ass Hole alcoholics in my family and I’, 1/8 Cherokee and I know the Red Man has trouble with the spirits. As far as druggies, I don’t have any as friend. But when I deal with them on other matters than drugs I treat them the same as anyone else. But if they are breaking drug laws just like drunks I do my job.
            War’ did you ever think about becoming an EMT. You can help a lot folks.
            I’ll pray that you get through to them.

      • Yuri


    50. VRF

      the inconsistency in the reported stories from the originals are what gabbed my attention

      It seems we went from A high powdered rifle to a TEEM of “snipers”. We went from five to 17 transformers

      Psy -Ops

      Oh please government remove me of my rights and protect us from the boogy man ,

      oh please

    51. wncmountainboy

      I think of every possible shtf scenario, widespread grid down is the scariest. The luxury and comfort of electricity is so engrained into our pysches as modern people that I’ve seen people flip out simply because a windstorm took down a line and they were without juice for just a few hours. If some whackjob bombs a mall in Topeka, for example, it’s horrible, but it’s an isolated incident. Even in a monetary collapse, some will fair much better than others (those addicted to gubment handouts and the urban areas will be the worst). But with the Grid down the psychotic playground will be evenly distributed among all classes of people.
      For those of us in urban and suburban areas, widespread long-term power outage dictates a necessity to get the hell out of dodge. Better figure out where you’re gonna go, because when the lights go out, the worst zombie flick you can imagine will seem like a looney tunes cartoon in comparison. Hunger and cold will turn the sweet, little grandmothery type next door into a killer.
      As a devout Christian, my big question ever since I started down this path of “enlightenment” concerning this giant mess evil men have created is this:
      Does Survivability trump Humanity? Will I turn into a monster, also?

      • JayJay

        That may be a question many of us ask ourselves each day, mountainboy; and still no answer.

        • wncmountainboy

          I pray to God that I would not…but if I was watching my wife and daughter starve to death? I can be a hard and cold man, even with the knowledge of the Lord’s mercy and forgiveness. I think my beautiful wife would absolutely reject me going dark for the sake of the family.

          God help us all.

    52. .02

      Some lille ole grannie on a hoverround is going to blow a hole through Eisen with a 44 magnum because that is how karma works.

    53. Chimera

      The real-life DEATH STAR: US researchers developing laser 100,000 times more powerful than all of Earth’s power stations combined
      Will emit a short laser burst with an intensity of 1023 watts per square centimetre
      100,000 times more power than all the power stations in the world combined
      Laser bursts will last only 1/100,000th of a billionth of a second
      Laser being built by Lawrence Livermore lab in the US

      Read more:
      Follow us: @MailOnline on Twitter | DailyMail on Facebook

      • CrabbeNebulae

        “1/100,000th of a billionth of a second”!! Now that is fast… that’d out drag a Chevrolet!! I think I’ll go out and buy me a can of dehydrated water to wash that one down with.

      • MXLord327

        If it is 100,000 times more powerful than all of Earth’s power stations combined, how the hell could they ever fire it??????

    54. Maudy Frickett

      It’s almost 2 PM here. I have to go inside my command and control center for secret operations. OK. You got me. It’s nap time.

      • MXLord327

        Oh, I was thinking more along the lines of nooky-nooky time! Sorry, dirty mind here…..

    55. NinaO's Mom

      Don´t rejoice in Hitlers defeat, you men.

      For though the world stood up and stopped the bastard,

      The bitch that bore him is in heat again.

      ~ Bertolt Brecht.

      * ‘the bitch’ = zionism zog and nwo banker fascism

      n.o. ;0p

    56. thisTexan has had enough

      Our water is frozen at the meter today, and I was astonished to hear the people at the Post Office, the only place I went today, whine about theirs being frozen and they had no water for coffee.
      Coffee is important to me too, but only one of the water needs.
      We have potable and non-potable water stored, but I did break out the paper plates, bowls and cups. Maybe will thaw by Saturday, but we are OK.

      • MXLord327

        -5 degrees in southern Maine this morning, hey look, I can walk on water!

    57. Northern Reb

      I’m not so worried about the sub-stations as I an about those high tension line and towers that run across the country side.
      All it would take is a little c-4 and a couple of dozen towers taken out, in the right places. There would be a power surge on the other lines and they would short out and cause a black out and maybe cause a melt down.
      If they can not transmitt the power they will have to shut down plants and sub-stations and that might cause a cascading event that could really cause problems all over the country.
      B.J. works on nuke plants he would know alot more than I do about this subject.
      S.T.S.F.P. N.R.N.S. N.REB

      • MXLord327

        Hell, not even C4. I can buy Tannerite at my local sporting goods dealer right now! Not as powerful as C4, but if you get enough of it, it will sure as hell do the job.

    58. JP

      Sounds like a “poor man’s EMP.” Scary stuff

    59. DM

      Odd that this attack occurred only about 12 hours after the bomb went off at the Boston Marathon. And only a day after unusual trading activity resulted in the big crash in the gold market. Interesting coincidence!

      The full WSJ article reported that it took PG&E 27 days to get the substation back online.

    60. southside

      This appeared in the Wall Street Journal two days ago,front page. Utilities at the time said it was the work of vandals. Better to keep people in the dark. I,myself am looking for a hand-cranked generator just in case.Someday in the not too distant future,the s!#$^! will really hit the fan.Then what? This attack was just a dry run for something bigger. I’m looking for fellow preppers in Tucson so we can band together.

    61. sgt3

      Hmmm…I live not far from this place. I heard and experienced NOTHING! Wonder why???

    62. ralph kramden

      My concern quite frankly, why is this particular story being hyped up now, in a BIG way across the net? i distinctly remember reading this story last year, accompanied by the same conclusion that the destruction was quite specific as to the components destroyed, the tactics and methodology used in the attack, and it was not a random vandalism. Old news, yet it is being hyped up NOW. for what reason? some agenda not revealed is about to rear its ugly head. qui bono? let us all look behind the curtain.

    63. J Roj

      Smells like false flag. The principle is deliberately called a “sniper”, but from the description in the story he/she would barely rate as a “rifleman”. Great effort was taken to demonize the already disreputable (but battle effective)7.62X39 round. And many different rifles are cambered in that caliber (U.S. Ruger Mini30, VZ58?, ar15s with 7.62X39 uppers, just to name a few), yet the authors specifically state that an AK47 was the source of those bullets. BTW aren’t AK47s already banned in Kalifornia?? Not to mention that Kalifonia also has 10rd mag limitations, gee that seems to be working well, don’t you think?! The reason why I mentioned it is from a logistical stand point ($$$) it would be very expensive for some recently arrived “terrorist” to acquire said rifle to carry out the alleged terrorist attack. I’m just sayin’.

      • MXLord327

        Yup, you can thank Patrick Purdy, psychotic libtard Stockton school shooter for no more AK’s in Cali.

    64. Full blooded rez

      I may get criticized for this, but I see too many over opinionated people arguing over political idealism and opinion. Political parties only divide people and unite no one. And let’s not to try and use religion to justify our opinions. Lets try to have an open mind and stop belittling others based off ther idealisms because its stupid and pointless and drawing us away from the big picture. We’re all like minded people here…so lets keep it that way.

    65. anon76

      When they get shut down or blown up and it happens expect us Patriots to do that to shut down the government. Plans are under way for D.C.s units 1&2…

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