Report: Bilderberg Schemes to Overthrow Trump

by | Jun 1, 2017 | Headline News | 34 comments

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    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at


    Sources close to the elitist Bilderberg Group conference tell Infowars that globalists see their agenda as being in “deep trouble” and that Donald Trump poses a “dangerous” risk to the international order and must be brought to heel or turfed out of office.

    Over the years, Infowars has developed sources close to the conference who feed us information ahead of time as to the real agenda behind the confab, not just the vague list of topics released officially by Bilderberg.

    Given that this is the first year since both Brexit and Trump came to pass, the effort to derail both is very much the primary focus of discussion amongst globalists in attendance this week.

    The reason that three members of the Trump administration – HR McMaster, Wilbur Ross and Chris Liddell have been invited to attend this year’s meeting in Chantilly, Virginia is that Bilderberg thinks there is still a chance to put pressure on Trump to force him to back down on his America-first agenda.

    With the U.S. about to pull out of the Paris climate agreement, Trump is “dangerously obsessed” with derailing the current world order, according to one Bilderberger, a fear that has intensified since Trump chided world leaders at the G7 summit last week.

    Globalists are baffled as to Trump’s “erratic” style of governance and are panicked that he could undo decades of work they put in to build the new world order.

    However, Bilderbergers still think Trump can be brought to his senses and taught “how the world really works,” a line that is typical of the arrogance that has come to epitomize the attitude of Bilderberg members over the years.

    Given the highly unlikely scenario of Trump taking orders from Bilderberg, the only recourse left for the elite will be to turf him out of office.

    Another Bilderberger is confident that Trump can be impeached, but only if Democrats regain control of Congress in 2018, in which case his days are “numbered”.

    If the impeachment of Trump is in process by the end of 2018, globalists are confident that any effort on behalf of his administration to pull out of the Paris climate agreement and any other globalist treaties will be thwarted.

    On the subject of Brexit, globalists still think that the UK’s exit from the European Union can be prevented. Elitists plan to make the withdrawal process as messy and as drawn out as possibly, taking as long as five years, before which point they hope to force through a vote in Parliament that will reverse the results of the referendum.

    Infowars will have reporters on the ground all week in Chantilly covering the Bilderberg conference.

    This report was originally published by Paul Joseph Watson at

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison


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      1. “Sources close to the elitist Bilderberg Group…”

        Isn’t that as bad as the “anonymous sources close to the president…” we are constantly fed by the Fake News?

        Video or it didn’t happen…

        • EVERYthing is rumor and speculation in the early stages….it SOUNDS like you’re against anything that could be labeled “conspiracy theory”?

          • Sounds to me like he’s against “anonymous” sources that may exist anywhere outside of someone’s imagination.

            Keep in mind that we are entering an age of great deception and don’t allow yourself to be misdirected.

            There is absolutely nothing wrong with demanding proof when someone wants you to accept their assertions, in fact it is the right thing to do.

            • you mean like when snowden outed how america is surveilling U.S.?…how’s that working out for HIM?…or how julian assange exposed “our government”….how’s it working out for HIM?….when you speak up against powerful people, about wrongs, you tend to get squashed….I CALL THAT WRONG. to demand a source to out themselves, when it may destroy them IS WRONG…..anonymous… always have so much to say. you are a troll….and thanks for “outing yourself” as such….

              • Sean Hannity of Fox just invited Julian Assange to Co-Host his Radio Show on a regular basis. Julian can broadcast from the Ecuadorian Embassy. Sounds like a fine Idea to me. Get the word out and more of the truth. One good thing Hannity has done in some time.

            • all that needs done, is for “anonymous sources” to put a few facts out there, and then the news people start their investigating(following the MONEY, usually)….all that’s required is to make allegations, and then there are inquisitions into the allegations….like the podesta tapes, for example. if it can’t be proven up, then it was false news…but if it CAN be proven, all that’s left, is to follow the money, and start arresting people…and at the top of MY list of criminals is the cunt(she already has PROVEN she’s guilty of many crimes, on national TV), her husband, o’bomber, comey, debbie wasserman schultz,…the list is long, and i’m afraid there’s not enough room on the internet to LIST THEM ALL. anyway, that’s how it USED to work…….now, you’ll get brightbarted, if not extra careful…, yes, i CAN see why people put out stories with anonymous sources….it’s to protect the soon-to-be-dead….or worse.

        • I Love TRUMP? I am Gaga for MAGA

        • Video can be faked anyway. Software now exists, that can use a vid of someone speaking, even live, video overdubbing, and voice attenuation, to have a person saying anything you want them to say. So, a video is no guarantee of truth…

      2. It won’t be an impeachment. They’re likely scheming another JFK-style plan.

        • That would bring in a new world order alright just not the one they are planning. We have learned much since Camelot.

        • My thought exactly ‘BlackMoe’. With a side-note… Trump’s what? 70?, obese and out of shape, doesn’t rest, has flushed skin indicative of quite probable heart issues… I reckon the shadowy powers that be would simply have to induce a major heart attack in some manner. No ‘grassy knoll’ required.

        • I’d wager you are correct.

          • As President Trump dismantles the Globalists plans, you can bet the Deep State such as the NSA the CIA the FBI and other powers within Government such as the Bilderbergers won’t stand for this to go on much longer. And when they take out President Trump, what will we the people do? Absolutely Nothing! Trekker Out.

            • Would require two urban myths to exist, American courage and patriotism…I don’t see it at all but I hear lots of noise claiming it. If they existed we wouldn’t be in this situation, would have been dealt with a long time ago.

              • Trekker / N J: absolutely nothing. Talk only.

        • How about send a million uninvited armed American Patriots to the VA Bilderberg picnic and hang all the traitorous bastards at the same time. WTF is this crap being held on American soil for. How are these enemies of America even being let into the country? Whats next? An ISIS Conference in PA on how to over throw America. Arrest these POS and hang all of them Johnny on the spot. Bring lots of rope to VA.

          • Kennedy was murdered by the bankers through the CCIA (spy organization where the bankers work and actually commit their crimes from)

            Don’t even give it a second thought that they would hesitate to do President Trump the same way but they truly fear a backlash this time in this age of instant technology and communication sources too numerous to instantly be able to control the narrative that would give them adequate cover to “grassy knoll” President Trump and get away with it.

          • If this ever happened, we’d instill the fear of god in these bilderberg monsters. A million patriots showing up at their conferences. These guys will never give up in their evil luciferian NWO efforts. America is not safe until the Bilderbergers are stopped. It should be at the top of the list of every Patriot opsys.

      3. bilderbergers should be terminated

        • There is a quote associated with old Joe Stalin that would apply well to the Bilderbergers.
          “Death solves all problems- no man, no problem.”

        • If I were Putin……..ahh but nevermind, he is smart enough to know that this is President Trumps problem on Trumps domestic turf this gathering of treasonous scum in Virginia…oh but wait….. President Trump could solve a great many things and sacrifice little.

      4. Its their way or the highway.

        • But they have to meet in private with special rules in order to talk freely. Their highway takes a heavy toll. I wonder what enforcement they utilize to ensure silence. We could use some of that to enforce our Constitution.

      5. Arkie patriots beware. Good ol’ Tom Cotton is a Bilderberg invitee.
        You can fool some of the people some of the time. That’s all I have to say about that.

      6. Bilderberg mad that Trump threatens their thousand year Reich,I guess…

      7. Bilderberg group should be met with thousands of Americans demanding to take part…after all, they THINK they are superior and can make decisions which impact the World…globalists and progressives…rothschilds….soros…EVIL

      8. Trump the dragon slayer, brave and bold enough to take on all the bilderberg buttheads. those fothermucking swamp monsters destroying countries ar about to do a swirlyturd down the national comode crapper.

      9. The Neuvus Ordem Mass (New World Order Mass) was established in 1958 at the Second Vatican Council making the Catholic Church officially part of Satanic Free Mason (rhyme pew) Controlled. The UnChristian UnCatholic Church is worldwide. It’s members are afraid to go to hell if they dare to contradict dogma, which is anything coming from the Pope. The current Pope and the last few Popes can be considered imposters. They are heretics who put forth evil disguised as good; such as immigration into Europe and other white Countries, including America, by nonwhite migrants pretending to be refugees. They have the “Pew” world banking cartel’s money to bribe or otherwise facilitate the destruction of Western Civilization.


      10. Neither Trump nor any other single individual will put an end to the Evil World Order. Only good people doing what is right and being brave enough to acknowledge when something is obviously not good or wholesome, will be able to nullify and destroy this kind of corruption.


      11. Why doesn’t antifa come protest them? Rhetorical question. Still, it might be possible to coax an appearance if the right sort of gathering were to be held.

        The right sort of gathering.

      12. Let us all hope that each member of the Globalist Bilderberg Group be required to self feed the Hell fires of their own torment such dark evil mental degenerates should be expunged from society

      13. June 12, 2016 Bilderberg Primary Source Material Academic Archive

        The following documents were obtained from a variety of sources who contributed copies of documents related to the Bilderberg Group from academic institutions.

      14. I’m just curious – on exactly what charges do these assclowns expect to impeach Trump?

      15. Why is the Bilderberg meeting NOT sedition and treason? If this were ISIS/ISIL, the KKK or a local militia the U.S. Military, U,S, Law Enforcement, of the Secret Service would be raiding that meeting in a heartbeat.

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