Report: Authorities Seize $50 Million In Gold From Private Owner: “Nearly A Ton” *Video*

by | Apr 6, 2013 | Headline News, Precious Metals | 259 comments

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    After the theft of up to 40% of deposit accounts in Cyprus, a move that was approved and applauded by EU finance ministers, many Europeans who understand that the government will soon be coming for their savings as well are rapidly moving to extricate themselves from the global banking cartel. To do so, they are shifting paper assets and digital deposit accounts into tangible goods. One such tangible asset of last resort is gold, believed by many to be the only ‘currency’ that will survive the world-wide debasement of fiat paper currencies like the US Dollar, Japanese Yen and Euro.

    But just because you own gold doesn’t mean you’re safe from the prying eyes and thieving hands of the government.

    The following report from Italy highlights the growing trend in government confiscations of precious metals, investment assets, and critical resources.

    When one obviously panicked family looking to get out of harms way before contagion spreads and financial Armageddon takes hold attempted to cross into Switzerland, customs agents on the border found much more than they expected.

    After questioning the family and inspecting their vehicle police reportedly found one ton of gold hidden in the floor boards.

    The nearly $50 million in gold was promptly seized by authorities.

    But because taking one’s life savings is never enough for government goons whose job is to consider anyone with a pulse a criminal suspect or terrorist, the former owner of the gold is now being investigated by police for money laundering.

    Police officers got the surprise of their lives when they found a treasure trove of gold bars hidden in a car at a border crossing with Switzerland. They haul weighed a ton…

    The car belonged to an Italian family that lived in Switzerland.

    *Note: The Bloomberg report above claims that one ton of gold valued at approximately $6 million was confiscated by Italian police. However, one ton of gold is equivalent to 32,000 ounces of gold. With the current price of gold around $1580, the total value of said gold exceeds $50 million US dollars. An earlier Bloomberg report calculated the value of this one ton of gold at $7.5 million.

    If they know you own something of value, they will come for it.

    Take note of the digital and paper trail left by your purchasing and storage habits. They are watching, no matter how benign you think your activities are. If you own physical assets, get creative with how you hide them. And if you are ever forced to transport your personal assets, be they gold, guns, ammo, food or the like, spend the time to take multiple trips if at all possible instead of putting all your eggs in one basket.


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      1. “But because taking one’s life savings is never enough for government goons whose job is to consider anyone with a pulse a criminal suspect or terrorist, the former owner of the gold is now being investigated by police for money laundering.”

        No not really, the reason they do that kind of shit is so they have a hammer hanging over the guys head. They will use all charges as a leverage to get him to just move on if they “drop” all other charges and he leaves. get it. the same is true with anybody arrested for pretty much nothing, they always stack on several BS charges to justify themselves and have their get away with it card is you just leave.

        • Just Me ~

          I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with your assessment. They’re going to make that poor guy feel lucky he got away without being incarcerated for money laundering, while they keep his life’s savings.

          Manipulation to cover their butts and make him go away quietly and meekly. I hope he refuses to play. I hope he raises hell and maybe gets some of his money back. I’m not holding my breath, but I hope so.

          ~ Daisy

          • Let’s call a spade a spade. If you do not declare you are not playing fair. It’s called …. SMUGGLING!

            You can buy and sell gold privately and legitimately offshore, and transfer that gold anywhere in the world. If you own your PM through Johnson Mathey you can “transfer” your gold to any of their offices in the world.

            If you own a TONNE of gold it would be best to have your offshore corporation buy, sell, and/or store it offshore for you in say Switzerland. I have no sympathy for fools.


            • If he OWNED it he should be able to transport it. Why should he have to entrust his savings to someone else?

              He wasn’t taking in drugs that were illegal in that country. He wasn’t taking in something criminal, harmful or illegal.

              And why should he have to declare and pay duty on his own possessions? Sounds to me like your firmly entrenched in and accepting of the law of the land, whether it’s right or wrong, if you find that acceptable.

              • “He wasn’t taking in something criminal, harmful or illegal.”

                How do you know whether he was a criminal laundering money (gold) for a criminal enterprise, or not? You don’t.

                If he owned it he should have declared it. Whether the law is right or wrong is not the issue here. The fact is that he was required to declare it when he crossed the border. He didn’t. Snooze you lose.

                If someone is not going to follow the established rules, expect to be busted. He lost his gold through his own stupidity. WE saw this in Mexico last year when an idiot failed to disclose his gold coins.

                Let that be a lesson for YOU, Daisy. Don’t try to smuggle that 50 lbs of chocolate across the border this summer. Eat it or declare it. And don’t so much as offer a border guard a candy bar. That could be construed a bribe.

                Forewarned is well armed. 🙂

                • If he had declared it they would have taken most of it anyway probably.

                  His mistake was trying to take the Yamamoto across customs.

                  You never know, but he may lots more.

                  • I doubt that any of this gold ever belonged to Yamato. And no, they would not have confiscated it if he could have proven that he owned it legitimately.

                    Don’t try to pass off the Rembrandt or Renoir as “household goods” that you are moving in and or out of Europe. That won’t fly either.

                    Those appear to be numbered mint bars, the ownership of which can be traced, to some measure of accuracy. A legitimate owner of those gold bars would have paper for them.

                    This ain’t dorre. But even dorre must be declared and an estimate of value provided.

                • I think what we have here is a closet statist.

                  • Wow Walt
                    DK is making an intelligent argument and he is a “closet statist”? Do we all have to view the world through your eyes on this site? The 1st Ammendment is designed to permit INTELIGENT discourse. If we all have to believe the same way it really doesn’t matter what are rights are.

                  • Your exactly right Walt….always has been, for some his cover was blown a long time ago

                  • Sorry Dick. Words mean things.

                    Yes….everyone has a right to an opinion. And everyone has a right to speak. But that doesn’t mean all opinions have equal value. And that doesn’t mean that all opinions deserve to be heard.

                    Sorry….but I’m sick of the “opinions” of those who seek to deprive their fellow man of their freedoms.

                • We’re going to have to agree to disagree here. Complying with stupid or unjust laws means that you are accepting those laws.

                  People have the right to possess money. They have the right to keep the amounts to themselves. This is a confiscation, plain and simple.

                  Just because something is legal doesn’t mean it is ethical. THEFT, whether undertaken by a person wearing a badge or not, is still THEFT.

                  • First time commentor here……Do you know what gets to me on these pages? i look for intelligent comments but end up closing the site and going elsewhere because all I get here is DK, Daisy and others arguing about nothing!!! You idiots are so aggravating and ruin every good site you reply to. The conversation always leaves the subject and gets into petty arguments. You both should be banned fron the sites.

                  • Daisy: The rationale for the argument that you make is the same one that Illegals use to justify their invasion of America.

                    Society must have reasonable rules to live by so that the inhabitants of the nation are protected and secure in their property and persons. Those gold bars he was SMUGGLING could just have well have been C-4 or nuclear isotopes.

                    If you do not believe in a law and want to promote civil disobedience by publicly breaking it, good for you; but if you are going to do the crime, expect to do the time.

                    If he owns the gold legitimately he will have proof of ownership which he can present in Court, when he pleads not guilty for smuggling. He will get his gold back and have to pay a fine for SMUGGLING.

                    Don’t forget to eat your chocolate before you cross the border and don’t confess to being a “prepper”. Otherwise you may be ID as a enemy of the State.

                    Just saying. 🙂

                  • DK:
                    I agree with you. I think they were “MULES” or “COYOTES”
                    to quote lingo on our southern boarder.

                  • EXACTLY Daisy….well said.

                • Durango I agree with you about every single time. But my point is, the police/government always have to have their noze in what you make what you own so they can screw us the “little guy and keep us in debt with loans/credit cards” while the big corps get away like john corzine with nothing!! We deal some deals on the side or at the casino on slot machines not BJ. They tax and take away. The lottery each week billions and millions of dollars. Where does that billions of dollars each year go to? We never here where it goes. they take a 1/3 lets say and they should have no problem building new roads with that money and tolls. But no, they are filling some assholes pockets or some friend of a politician who is then getting kickbacks. You know damn well Obama is and would really like to see the truth. They use us against ourselves and know they can pay us to have us do their dirty work, just like us dying for this country in the military and we go to war against someone. Its really sick and they know how to steal damn well. Soon the greed and the money is not going to be so eazy to steal and they will raid our savings just like cyprus. Its sickning what is going on. Im suprised they really dont do something. aLL THE PEOPLE and everyone just stops and totally tells them to fuck off. I wish that day would come.

                  • @southern grannie…..I have difficulties understanding your angst? You are complaining about the people who post their opinions here? Is this not a site where people can be free to post whatever they wish? WHO are you to state that some here should be banned? Get with the program….WE are Free to discuss anything or even say anything we wish….sorry if that does not comply with what YOU desire….but, you are also free to say whatever you wish, hopefully your next post will something of a positive nature…perhaps YOU have something of import to share with us all here?….

                  • FOB: Allie has a new handle … just saying. 🙂

                  • I agree with you totally, Clint. People just take and take and take… and TPTB do even dirtier stuff to teh people. When the people finally say, “enough, off with their heads!” (like the French) and mean it, then they will have TPTB off their backs!!

                  • @CLINT—-are you SERIOUS!!?? Screwing the “little guy” with FIFTY MILLION in GOLD hidden in his floorboards? Yeah…. oh yeah…. that Money was legit. You guys are crazy……… crazy daisy and the gang.

                  • Why is it so hard to understand? In their minds we should not been allowed priveleges in the first place, we should work for free, as slaves do. So they gave us Monopoly money (fiat currency) in exchange for our freedom and energy, and sold us their illusion. As the ultimate humiliation, after taking our freedom and energy to build their empire, they have the nerve to take away even the useless tokens that they “allowed” us for our work. Through a comprehensive web of taxation, policies (we call them laws), fines and fees, they take back what was always theirs to begin with.

                    You are left standing there minus your years of freedom and tons of your energy, still believing in their illusion, still arguing over who took who’s cheese, still trying to solve their riddles with their clues, still shaking your fist at your captors like you own the joint, still playing their game and expecting a better result each time, still acting like the slave they said you are.

                • Not only did they not declare it to custom officials, but they deliberately tried to hide it from them (under the floor boards)according to the original post. (I have a few questions about a ton of gold being able to be hidden in such a fashion as well.)

                  • I had a Chrysler Imperial that could carry a ton of gold easy. You could put a few pounds in the tail fins alone I bet. These cheap tin boxes they make these days couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket without the durn tires would go flat. That feller must of had him a big Rolls or a Benchly. A long time ago James Bond was in a movie where he drove a car made out of gold but chicoms stole it and sent over to old Chairman Meow. See, a long time ago when cars were real men!

                  • That car must’ve been ridin low, carrying an extra 2k pounds. Just saying is must have been obvious something was amiss.

                  • I’m pretty sure the “ton” is inaccurate. Gold is 10.17886 troy ounces per cubic inch, and those bars look to be about 1 in x 3 in x 12 in, which would make them about $570,000
                    each. It looks to me like there are about 14, which would be about $8 million.

                • Dk is an AZ Republican/Facist.

                  You only need to read his posts.

                  He would have you relocate to a Desert, Police State Shithole.

                  Hey DK…Just where in the great State of AZ are you located??

                  Tell us.

                  • North Scottsdale. Come on out! Bring your guns and gold and silver. The Second Amendment is respected here and gold and silver are money!

                    Yes its a “shit hole” here but hey! someone has to “occupy” the golf courses on Wednesday and Sunday. 🙂

                  • I would’ve thought that anyone with that much gold could afford more than one vehicle to move it. I understand why people want to hide their wealth, but in this case, that is a lot of gold for a ‘family’ to have…I would’ve been suspicious since anyone that rich could’ve paid to move it properly, by armored car maybe. It’s a wonder they didn’t get killed for it.

                • I agree that this guy was stupid. Whether the law is good or bad, it is reality. Aren’t we supposed to be helping each other figure out how to survive/thrive in the current environment and how to survive/thrive after the SHTF? We can waste all day arguing about the morality/ethics of the law. I’d rather get advice on how to move a ton of gold around without raising an eyebrow or leaving a paper trail.

                • “””How do you know whether he was a criminal laundering money (gold) for a criminal enterprise, or not?””

                  He was not working for a bank so he was not laundering money or working for a criminal enterprise.

                  Apparently you believe the thieves have a right to make any claim they want, on any thing, alive or inanimate, and it is the victims fault for not recognizing the silent claims against his freedom (called slavery), and acting accordingly.

                  But at least you recognize gold as money. That’s a step forward for you.

                  • GC: Thanks for the pat on the back, but I don’t believe that gold is money because money is fiat. Gold is a commodity that represents true wealth. I prefer it that way too.

                    Arizona as a State, like Utah, has recognized or is about to recognize gold and silver as a medium of exchange for the payment of debt.

                    The reality is that both gold and silver are not a convenient way to make purchases. Its not like you can fold’em up in your wallet and carry them around.

                    To back fiat and make them gold or silver certificates again would be a bad idea because the the real wealth of America would follow OUR factories and jobs offshore. As it is, the world is only holding OUR paper and promise to pay.

                    As for the fool trying to smuggle that gold across the Swiss Border, WE do not know anything about his employment, so WE cannot say whether he is a Gangster Bankster or not; or whether he worked for some other criminal enterprise or not.

                    No I do not believe that any government has the right to unjust confiscation of OUR property, but the Italian fool in Switzerland likely signed a document indicating that he had nothing to declare, when he did. That was stupid.

                    I have been through Customs a few times throughout the world, and if he and his Italian family were living in Switzerland, they have been through Customs many times.

                    You can’y fix stupid. But you can confiscate their gold if they fail to declare. 🙂

                • Our income is taxed so many different times and ways. If I have paid once for something it is no one’s business but mine what I have after that.. How many times do we need to be taxed on our belongings anyway? An unjust law is no llaw at all. Stop going along to get along!

                • “How do you know whether he was a criminal laundering money (gold) for a criminal enterprise, or not? You don’t.”

                  The burden of proof should be on the state….not the individual.

                  This is one of the reasons I call you a statist. You give the state way too much authority.

                  The fact that governments around the world have deprived individuals of their right of property is not an argument for the act of doing it.

                  I repeat….it’s going to be interesting how you will react when they finally get serious about coming for our guns.

                  • “….but I don’t believe that gold is money because money is fiat. Gold is a commodity that represents true wealth. I prefer it that way too.” –Durango Kid–

                    Gold doesn’t “represent” true wealth. It IS true wealth.

                    Fiat currency however… SUPPOSED to represent wealth. But in reality it has no intrinsic value at all. It’s worth whatever the people who print it, and the gullible people who hold and use it, decide it has.

                    The reality is, had this guy declared that gold, it would likely have been heavily taxed….our outright confiscated from him anyway. Because that’s the state the world has come to…..legalized theft. But just because the government CAN do it….doesn’t make it right. It’s still theft.

                    This kind of stuff lies at the heart of WHY the Colonies broke away from England in the first place.

                    And people who are willing to put up with such nonsense are nothing more than subjects. No one who approves and tolerates such actions by ANY government has the right to consider himself an advocate of the preeminence of the individual over the state. At best he is one who is willing to endure tyranny. And at worst…he’s an advocate of it.

                  • Walt this I like.
                    Two conflicting views, intelligently argued to the true root of the issue. Typing in caps (EISEN), cussing, threatening and accusing does not in my opinion aid in the breakdown of the topics brought up on this site. These topics are why I read the site and I want to see different viewpoints. Both you and DK provide excellent food for thought in your remarks and I encourage both of you to continue to speak intelligently and passionately about your beliefs. In my opinion neither of you is a statist and both of you know we live in the real world and thoughts on this site can be utopian. As always CATI

                  • No Walt, Gold is true wealth only because it represents wealth. True wealth is cows or goats or sheep or chickens or other valuable animals which produce after their kind; or fertile farmland which also produces.

                    Gold does not reproduce in and of itself. It will not multiply in and of itself. Therefore it represents wealth that will reproduce itself.

                    Gold is also fiat. All money is fiat.

                    Gold represents true wealth because it is valuable to people the world over. It is fungible. Its physical properties made it useful, admired, and desired and it will purchase true wealth.

                    Much of the value of gold is not intrinsic like wealth that will reproduce itself; but the value of gold stems from and is derived by CUSTOM (pun intended) over the centuries.

                    These customs permeated ancient civilizations and continue until the present day. The value of gold has been ascribed to it by people over the centuries. People could just as well ascribe value to Bit Coin or Tulips for example. 🙂

                    The gold that was smuggled into Switzerland would not have been heavily taxed. Thousands of tonnes of gold and dorre are transferred in an out of Switzerland every day, legitimately, and these transfers are not heavily taxed.

                    The issue is Customs Law, not ownership. The Founders of the American Republic anticipated and allowed for Customs, Duties, and Tariffs when they penned the US Constitution.

                    There is no correlation between failure to declare at a customs checkpoint, and OUR unalienable right to keep and bear arms which “shall not be infringed”.

                    That’s specious argument, Walt.


              • Daisy: You’re a Canadian right? Try and take something into Canada without declaring it and see what happens when they find it. I knew a fellow who was taking cigarettes, which are legal in Canada, from the U.S. without paying duty to the Canadian government. Your Customs Service had been watching him for a while and arrested him for smuggling. He not only had to pay the taxes on all of those cigarettes, but he’s doing time in a Canadian prison in B.C. The point is you don’t have to like or agree (opinion) with the laws but you’ll pay the consequences if you get caught (fact). Many folks here just don’t seem to have the mental capacity to understand the difference between a fact and an opinion. Yeah, I know, facts are very inconvenient to your’s and alot of other people’s feeling, but facts are what matter, not opinions and feelings and other such nonsense. So go ahead and do what you “feel” is right. Maybe you’ll get away with it, but if you don’t you’ll end up like my friend. Time is short and only a fool would risk seizure of his/her goods and be sent to prison just WTSHTF.As for me; no thanks, I’ll obey the laws, even the ones I don’t like so I can remain free.

              • I realize there is great distrust of the government-any government- but really now, how many of you know a friend or neighbor or business owner, who transports $50 Million in gold bars? It IS slightly unusual! Anyone with $50 M will have a good lawyer, lots of political friends and he will quietly get his money back, less legal expenses of course.

              • He SHOULD be able to take anything he owns anywhere he wants to.
                However, in the EU you are not allowed to cross the border with more than 10.000 euro, without first seeking permission.
                So by definition he is guilty of smuggling stuff he owned, and will therefore most likely not only lose all of his gold, but will probably do jail time also, due to the high value of the smuggled gold.

                Complete BS if you ask me, but there you have it.

                If I had that much gold to move across a border, I would try to put it in portions that were small enough that I wouldnt be breaking the letter of the law when I crossed… Then just cross it eight zillion times in a row, until I had it all across.

                Or maybe sell it all for bitcoins, then buy gold with bitcoins when you get where you are going.

            • You are correct DK.. I travel internationally a lot and the customs forms for both the US and every country I go to all ask the same thing, are you carrying 10K US equivalent or more in any type of negotiable instrument.. that can be cash, bonds, certificates, precious metals, gems; you name it. They all also state that transporting more is NOT a crime, but failure to declare it is.

              We may not like a law, but that doesn’t make us immune from it.

              • I know the law is whatever the authorities want it to be but… If you are transporting coins that have a face value do you declare the face value or the PM value?

            • So when dhs says they can go through your safe deposit box at the bank, and confiscate, cash, gold, or firearms, and threaten the bank to say nothing, it’s OK?

              • Not the same thing. He was transporting gold hidden in his car under the floor boards, not put into a legal safe deposit box.

                (IF DHS did plunder safe deposit boxes, that would be illegal and unconstitional. Confiscation of items being smuggled across a border is not illegal.)

              • The gradual erosion of freedom is evidently not a problem for a lot of people.

                It does a lot to explain why we are in the mess we are in right now, and why freedom seems to be a concept foreign to most folks.

            • DK

              Given the fact that all existing laws international or not..are punitive at best and consider everyone worldwide guilty..unless you are of course the top of the which case you get a free questions asked.

              Smuggling?..according to whom? now state your true self/colors in defending the ptb in your statements..

              engage indeed..

              I’ll engage..

              what a charlatan..what a fool.

              Fuck the ptb and all your ilk who so foolishly defend them and their absurd confiscatory rules and laws which you so blatantly all their rules and laws are meant only for us..not keep us in line and obedient serfs..

              You have exposed yourself for what you are..


              • Thank you very much Posse. You have exposed your basic ignorance all too often, not just today. To be derided by you is a confirmation of my innate intelligence. Thanks again! 🙂

                Customs laws are not an infringement upon OUR Constitutional rights. The Founders established Custom Laws and expected Tariffs to fund OUR government.

                Would you support an Italian smuggling drugs into Switzerland, or America? I didn’t think so. WE must live under reasonable and just laws as PRINCIPLES of conduct.

                Get a clue, Dumbshit, Dumbshit. 🙂

                • I really like the Prescott area. The trip down to the desert from there is awesome. Great area and we own some land by Seligman which is not that far away.

                  • You must have taken the back way out of Prescott. Yes its pretty dramatic. If you get a chance take 89A out of PV over Mingus Mt to Cottonwood and stop at the Hamburger Hamlet for lunch and great views.

                    Take 89A to Sedona and cruise the red rocks; then take it up to Flag. Its even better on the way back.

                • DK

                  The point of the entire article,in case you missed it, was the blatant, global confiscation of personal wealth.

                  Any dictator,emperor,king,parliament,or judicial body may impose tariffs, fees, taxes at will and it always has been for those not in the elite status of “polite company”.

                  Obviously the mindset that a society “must’ confiscate one’s personal land, goods, or wealth for the good of the system is now, and has been, the root problem throughout history.
                  I ,for one of many,soundly dispute this outdated monarchical propaganda..

                  By the way..Not once was the Constitution mentioned in the aforementioned article nor comment.

                  As far as drug would have to look no farther than your beloved “government’ as the prime culprit to which you so flatter with endearment endlessly.

                  You sir, have been ‘engaged’.

                  Enjoy the day..


                  • Posse: The point of the article, in case you missed it, was blatantly conveyed in the title of the article.

                    I have noted on this site many time the flooding of OUR inner cities with drugs by the CIA.

                    I mentioned the Constitution to explain to fools like you that OUR Founders anticipated and established CUSTOMS as a proper venue for trading and thus transferring goods between nations during COMMERCE, and therefore would accept the idea that goods are to be declared when transiting national boundaries.

                    If you cannot “engage” any better than that you may as well bend over and grease you ass for the green weenie that will surely come your way because you are obviously not smart enough to avoid it.

                    Want to double down? 🙂

                • There should be no tariffs or taxes on property that has already been taxed.

                  Customs laws become an infringement when they become confiscatory, or otherwise used to limit the freedoms of the individual to own their own property.

                  Jefferson said: Experience hath shewn, that even under the best forms [of government] those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

                  You evidently don’t have a problem with that.

                  • Walt K: Goods coming from foreign have not been taxed by the U.S. govt. hence the tariff you nitwit. So you don’t own anything until it has been properly inspected/imported through U.S. Customs. Until then, they are still foreign good regardless of the nationality of the importer. If the goods are admissable and a duty is paid, if required, a person can claim their goods and be on their way. Customs was founded in 1789 to raise money on imported goods to pay for the running of our country until the personal income tax was implemented. Customs duties/tariffs still play a part, just much smaller than before because our government’s spending has gotten out of hand. No one is asking you to like or approve of the laws, but if you’re caught trying to get around them it’s called smuggling and your goods will be seized. If the goods are admissable you will be required pay from one up to three times the value of the goods, depending on the circumstances surrounding their seizure, and then you’ll pay all duties if applicable. Gold and many others items such as artwork and unset gem stones are free form duty. If you fail to pay the fines, and duties if applicable, you’ll then be required to abandon the goods. If called forfeiture in Customs lingo. The goods will then be sent to a warehouse, called a G.O. (General Order) warehouse where they will be auctioned to the public. So you see, your likes, opinions, and disapprovals are irrelevant to the issue. Facts are all that matter and they are all spelled out clearly in 18USC (criminal) and 19USC (customs) which are federal laws, and 19 CFR (customs regulations). Get caught smuggling and you can kiss your stuff good-bye, that’s a fact and only an idiot argues with facts. This has been you history and law course for the day.

              • 10 thumbs up Possee

              • What else could be expected from DK?

                He lives in North Snobsdale.

                That’s where TPTB reside.

                He’s probably part of the establishment.

              • VERY well said there possee…

            • Smuggling? Really? If you had a ton of gold, would you openly transport, even declare it to border “authorities”? I sure as hell wouldn’t.

              • HeadshotsOnly: Yes, smuggling. If you do not declare and attempt to cross the border hiding one tonne of gold it is smuggling.

                BTW, your first shot should be for the groin. The NWO thugs will be wearing armor. While they are cupping their balls in their hands put the second shot in their blue helmeted head.

                Officers first.

                • durango kidd

                  sometimes you have to explain things to some people in simple terms like ” what is legal and illegal often has nothing to do with what is right or wrong. Some AMERICANS seem to forget that US law does not apply abroad. If you drive into Kommiefornia you have to declare if you have a banana or not but if you got a truckload of illegals well come on in. They should have figured out a better way to smuggle and/or transport their gold.

                  • LMAO! How true! Steve McQueen used a motorcycle to try and jump the Swiss Border Fence in the Great Escape and he wasn’t smuggling a tonne of gold.

                    And he still didn’t make it. You can’t fix stupid!

                  • So….in other words…they were just dumb criminals. Had they been smarter, then they would have figured out a way to get their gold across the border without being caught. So….because they didn’t, then they deserve to lose it.

                    Yeah…that sounds like a good rationalization for stealing people’s property. And that’s all it is….legalized theft.

                    It should not matter to anyone whether it was American law or not.

                    But of course…it’s obvious by some of the arguments being posted regarding this, that many have no problem with the tyranny of legalized theft…whether it occurs here, or somewhere else.

                • .416 Barrett does not care about body armor…

                  Just joking…

                  • I’m not joking……screw their body armor, that shit aint fireproof…………light ’em if you gottem….

            • DK: Facts are facts and some folks don’t like it when they gets in the way of their preconceived (false) beliefs. You’re spot on with your comments. When I worked for Customs in Miami folks inported all manner of goods including gold in the form of coins and bars. It came to a head when majority rule took place in South Africa and many rich whites left the country with their wealth. All they did was get a licensed customs broker to make entry and they paid a couple of hundred dollars for the paper work and they were done. There is no import duty/tax/tariff on gold in the U.S. The ‘thumbs down’ folks don’t have to take my word for it; they can look it up in the HTSUS also know as the Harmonized Tariff System of the U.S., or call any one of the thousands of customs brokers listed in the yellow pages in any city with a customs port and they’ll tell you the same thing. All counties have a similar sytem of goods classification, hence the name “Haronized Tariff System”. Some countries charge duty on gold but Switzerland isn’t one of them, just like the U.S. Only an idiot would smuggle legal goods because then it can be seized and the owner has the option of abandoning the goods or paying a fine up to the value of the goods which in the case of gold sort of defeats the purpose of bringing it in the first place. You don’t have to like it folks but those are facts, not thoughts or feelings, or opinions. Only a stupid person would argue with facts but then again, like Ron White says, “you can’t fix stupid”.

              • Looks like I found my first stupid person. More to follow I’m sure.

              • There may not be a tax on bringing a fortune in gold into a country.
                There usually is one on taking a fortune OUT of a country.
                I believe the term exit-tax is used to justify it.

                Still, these days, I think I’d probably try to cash in my gold inside the country I was in, exchange my cash for bitcoins, and just buy new gold in the new country.
                Sure you will lose a few percent of value that way, but its a lot better than some of the draconian exit taxes that exist… And as of yet I dont know of any laws that will get you in trouble for “smuggling bitcoins across the border”…

          • Peekaboo Police—-you can’t run and you can’t hide

          • Hello? McFly? Anyone Home???? We are talking FIFTY MILLION dollars here….. and you think this man is not shady? Not braking SOME law? FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS people. If he were legit he would not have FIFTY MILLION DOLLARS in Gold in his floorboards. This was dirty money…….

            • Ready Fire Aim!

              Guilty until proven innocent!

              I dont know where the money was from, but since when did it become a crime to have money?

              The real issue here, is that the state (Italy this time, but it could be anywhere) has decided that you are not allowed to leave the country with your valuables. If you want to leave, they want a slice of your pie, even if you paid taxes of every cent you made in the country once already.
              Where I live, if you want to leave, you have to pay more than 40% of anything above 20.000$ if you want to leave the country with your valuables.
              If you are only leaving for vacation purposes, you are flat out not allowed to leave with more than 10.000$, without a special permit.

              Oh and about breaking the law… Im pretty sure you are breaking the law all the time. Even if you try not to.
              There are so many laws, that everyone are now criminals, its only a matter of finding out what you are guilty of, and what your pennance should be.
              Hello dark ages, did you miss us?

              In the end, if the law is immoral, its immoral to follow it.

        • Is it just me or does one wonder where 1ton of gold in bars come from? Maybe a family trust of looted nazi gold? I am totally not into any govt seizures, but holy shit that is a lot of gold!!!!!

          Keep your powder dry,

          • Exactly JJsan! Any legitimate owner / investor of gold is going to follow accepted international protocols for buying, selling, or transferring a TONNE of gold.

            Only a fool or a criminal would try to scam the system and slip a TONNE of gold “hidden in the floor boards”. I have no sympathy for either.

            Neither should anyone else.

            • Bovine Scat.

              I’ll bet that if the government tells you to turn in your gold, you’re going to do it, aren’t you?

              The gold was theirs….or should have been considered as such unless the state had evidence to prove otherwise.

              The amount….1oz. or 1 ton is irrelevant.

              People either have the right of property, or they do not. Evidently, you think it’s ok for the government to make laws that says they do not.

              I don’t ever care to hear you speak of “engaging people or be enslaved by them” again.

              You don’t have a clue what you are talking about.

              • The law says you must declare it if you move it accross national lines. If you have that much money then you can afford to get good legal help to move it legally and not lose it all.
                Even here within the US, if you move a car from state to state you may have to pay taxes on it to be allowed to liscense it in the new state. Unless you can show that you paid equal or more state purchase sales taxes in the previous state on that car purchase, you will be required to pay taxes in your new state.
                It is all about protecting the businesses within the new state or nation. I don’t like it but I can see some of the value to it. My guess is that the family will face a hefty fine but if they can proove the gold is legal, they will get most of it back.

                • If you already bought the car, you paid that state’s tribute (tax). If you move, you have to pay the new state’s tribute as well?

                  • If you purchase a car and move to a state that has sales tax, they will lo see if you paid less tax in the previous state. If you paid less tax, you will be required to proove the tax you paid and pay the difference. This is so that a state resident can not go out of state to make a big purchase like a car and bring it back into the state. We moved from the east coast to the west and had to pay the difference on cars that were several years old, before we were allowed to register them in the new state.

                • In an effort to stop terrorism dead in its tracks, the Dear Leaders in the EU parliament came up with the brilliant idea that noone should be allowed to travel inside europe with more than 10k euro in money or valuables, without special permit.
                  Clearly terrorists will be stopped dead by this, as they are no doubt strangers to bypassing laws.
                  Anyway, this means that this guy will not see his gold again. Its no longer his, he smuggled it, so the Dear Leaders will have to take away his dangerous gold, before he goes and gives it all to the terrorists or something.

                  Clearly not a total pretext to prevent people from leaving with their money, when the EU starts to really rape its citizens.

              • Hey Walt! The issue isn’t ownership. The issue is CUSTOMS. By breaking a CUSTOMS law, and trying to SMUGGLE the gold into Switzerland, that individual has now put a TONNE of gold at risk.

                Whether that much gold was actually his or not will now be determined. Normally, only sophisticated investors have $50 million dollars worth of gold and generally speaking, they follow international protocols for the disposition of that gold.

                Thousands of tonnes of gold and dorre are shipped into and out of Switzerland every day. The dorre is for their smelters and savy producers of gold and other precious metals often undervalue the PM content of their dorre and “save” on their taxes that way.

                I know exactly what I am talking about. 🙂

                • durango kidd says:

                  “I know exactly what I am talking about.”



                  • DK is a wolf in sheeps clothing, or as Walt so eloquently put it, “a closet statist”

                    I just think he is the most intelligent “sounding” dumbass idiot around. The kind that will burn you in the times to come if you know what I mean.

                    Disengage from anyone who even remotely thinks like the poster DK does, either on the internet or in person.

                • Okie Dokie–no one likes the law…customs or whatever.
                  But, what if that was just a few bars of gold.
                  What if those bars just came from your safe at home?
                  Now, wouldn’t you want that law requiring you to declare it at customs and show proof of ownership??


                  • Yeah Jay Jay, or if that was your Ford F150 stopped at the AZ border with a 16 year old Mexican national in possession of it and heading South.

                    Does that make it HIS property or YOURS?

                  • Requiring me to prove ownership is the same as saying I stole it.
                    If anyone thinks I stole it, they need to prove it. If they cant prove I stole it, I clearly own it.

                    Otherwise im pretty much F’d, as I cant prove I own any of my stuff, except my car… and only because Im required to register it by law.

                    So basically, anyone requiring you to prove you own anything should first try to read up on the whole innocent until proven guilty principle.

                    (i guess some place might require you to have receipts for everything you own, but where I live, they havent quite gotten that far yet…)

                • Well it should be interesting when they ban our guns.

                  I’m sure you’ll be first in line to turn yours in.

                  I repeat. You’re a closet statist. For you….if it’s the law, then it should be obeyed.

                  Glad the founders of this country didn’t look at it that way. Most of them were smugglers. But unlike you…instead of being willing to “pay the price” for their “crime”….they revolted. Have a look at this story for reference.


                  I seriously doubt you’d fit into that crowd.

                  Just curious…..Do you have a line in the sand at all? Or you just going to meekly submit to every act of tyranny?

                  • Walt: The US Constitution is quite clear. The Second Amendment is plain English. OUR right to keep and bear arms “SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED”.

                    Engage! 🙂

                  • Interesting bit of history Walt, but those events you point to have no bearing upon the facts of the case in Switzerland.

                    And that is the problem here for so many; they cannot separate the facts in Switzerland from their biasees and want to turn a mountain into a mole here.

                    The man was caught trying to smuggle a tonne of gold into Switzerland. He got caught. They took his gold. End of story.

                • As R.Reagan used to say, “It’s not that our liberal friends are ignorant. It’s just that so much of what they know isn’t true.”

                  That’s you DK. So much of what you “know” is nothing but BS that you’ve had fed into what evidently was an empty head in the course of your “education”.

                  I have known a lot of people like yourself. Educated idiots. And it generally requires an advanced degree to come up with some of the nonsense I hear from them. Are they smart? Oh yeah. But not wise. And not grounded in principle. For them, truth is relevant.

                  I talked to one guy once, who thought he was brilliant when it came to economics….He had all the Keynesian ideas down pat, but didn’t have a clue what Austrian Economics was and had never heard of, let alone read Friedrich Hayek.

                  • BJ: You don’t have to hide behind “anonymous” I know you are my BIGGEST fan! 🙂

                  • I never in the over two years here have ever hidden behind anonymous or anything else.

                    “you can’t fix stupid”

                    I guess your SOL then

            • No legal owner of that much of “anything of value” would be stupid enough to try to smuggle it out of the country unless that was their only option ( like in the days of Hitler, when they temporarily allowed people to leave Germany, but with almost nothing in their pockets ).

              Anyone with that much gold is unlikely to be that stupid, since there is not currently an asset lock down that I am aware of in Italy.. the “owner” was likely as dirty as BHO’s underwear…

              • Guilty till proven innocent.

                • Wish I could give you more than 1 thumbs up. Exactly right. Clown prolly supports asset forfeiture laws here in the US.

                  Well you were smoking weed, therefore everything you have of value is obviously ill gotten. uugh

              • Which is why the Jews very cleverly converted their assets in diamonds and sewed the diamonds into the lining of their clothes. Had they been caught they may have been killed.

                The issue of law here My peeps is not OWNERSHIP. Its not the Gangster Banksters, or the unjust confiscation laws in the USA for property used in the commission of a crime.

                The issue is CUSTOMS.

              • oUCH, No legal owner of that many Guns and Magazines would be stupid enough to try and smuggle them out of Colorado into Wyoming, unless that was their only option (like in the days of Obama, when they gave them a few months to do it, and then only if they were going hunting, for deer or ducks) there’s not a lock down in Colorado yet, so anyone fleeing Colorado with a truck full of High Cap Mags are likely as dirty as Gov. Hickenpoopers under wear… And as DK say’s if caught they should be dealt with accordingly! That’s the Law! But if they give me a little warning I’ll meet them at the WY. border and make a run for it with the Mags. Trekker Out. Come And Take It!

          • First off I don’t believe it’s a ton of gold; first articles said a ton of gold worth 6 Million dollars, I think they just ment a lot of gold. Next, I think the stack of gold they show is what they have, and it’s closer to 100 Kilo, which is 6 Million. Lastly, can anyone tell me what’s not legal about moving gold into Switzerland? How could they know if you had paid tax on the income or not, Gold is just gold.

            • I think it smells funny
              How many people do you know even with life savings,has 6 million worth o gold?
              Or 6 million in anything,property ,cash…
              Dumb ass shoulda buried it in multiple locs.
              Sleek it out small steps. Will prob.loose most if not all….

              • Is your argument, ‘I dont know anyone with that much wealth so of course it’s ill gotten loot’?


            • There is nothing illegal about moving your gold into Switzerland as thousands of tonnes of gold and dorre are moved into Switzerland every day.

              It is illegal to avoid CUSTOMS and fail to declare. Smuggling is generally recognized as an illegal act by every civilized society. Hiding your gold under the floor boards and failing to declare is smuggling.

              It doesn’t matter whether it is one ounce or 100 ounce bars.

              • The “laws” whether with respect to “customs” or that of various nation states serves to enslave US, and elevate the “boot-on-your-neck” status of the “lawmakers”! “LAWS”, for the most part, protect the “lawless” enforcers…not the common man/woman in this “lawless world”.

                I forget, is the criminal Corzine doing time somewhere? NO. Why, because ‘he’ is a member of the “club”. Laws are mean’t to protect the elite club of lawless criminals. PERIOD!

                You believe “customs agents” would have stopped Dimon, Bernanke, or the Queen of England in the same car with 10 times the metal? Enjoy the fantasy.

                BTW, the same “club” that launders BILLIONS in “illegal” drug money every year. It is great to be the “king” or “queen” in a world where the “LAW” doesn’t apply to YOUR ACTIVITY.

                • With respect to Corzine, he didn’t commit a crime. The contract that INVESTORS who gave him their money to manage were required to sign a contract (standard in the industry) for the PRIVILEGE of investing their funds with him, specifically ALLOWED him to pledge their assets as collateral.

                  How many times are WE told to read the fine print before WE sign a contract, while growing up?

                  He is guilty of poor judgement and bad management because he was too aggressive and greedy. He was not guilty of theft, CONVERSION, or fraud.

                  Sophisticated investors, the kind that gave Corzine their money to invest, should know better. They are often as greedy as their managers, looking for that “extra” return. More often than not that greed gets them into trouble.

                  Other than Corzine, I agree with your comments.

                  • Thumbs up DK. I believe Corzine is guilty…but appreciate and applaud your civility. I believe you have already protected your various “positions”. And yes, GREED is the common denominator on the road to personal hell. Salute!

              • Like I said….It’s going to be interesting to see what you do when guns are banned.

                I guess you’ll just turn ’em in ’cause it’s the law.

                • The above was for DK by the way.

            • would a small car even carry a ton of anything without dragging the ground?

            • Sounds like they got the idea from the movie The Italian Job where they put a ton of gold in a car. It’s a movie folks not real. A car will not support a ton of gold without looking like it has something really heavy in it.

            • They were, as I recall, apprehended by the Italian authorities, not the Swiss.
              Its illegal to try to take your property out of the EU without special permission.
              So the mindboggler here is, if they were apprehended by Italian authorities on the Italian side of the border, they had not yet comitted the crime of smuggling the gold out of the country…
              Will they be found guilty of smuggling solely because it was their intention to do so?
              Ofcourse they will, because then the PTB can keep the gold.

              Guilty of thought crime…

              Fun times.

          • I was wondering when someone would ask that??
            My first question when reading the headline.

            • Was…where did this guy get that much gold??
              Does he own a nation state?

        • I will not just let them take anything. I will instead give them death.

          • @Fucking pissed…. bla bla bla…

            • ALLIE!!!….

        • @Just me says:

          In my younger days I worked at a police station as the secretary to Chief of Police, in the court room on court days taking down the minutes and typing them in the public records for the news reporters, in charge of the traffic reports, any number of various police works.

          The police chief was a honest and just man and even gave his own wife a parking ticket. However, I have seen the police bring in a suspect (?) and go into another room and have a pow-wow trying to come up with a reason to arrest and file charges against the victum.

          The more things change, the more they stay the same.

          On another note, I read a comment about some books someone had read such as “Lights Out”, “One Second After” and another one on the EMP and how to protect ourselves.

          I started reading “Lights Out” and could hardly put it down it was so fearfully written. Needless to say I didn’t sleep well last night because of the uncertain feeling of my preps. Wish I could do more, wish I knew how to do more, wishing for the funds to do more.
          I do have 6-8 months of provisions to cover the important bases.

          4 year prepper

          Family members own a pig farm, another has a chicken farm, one raises various items on his land, it is running over with fishermen, hunters. If we can get to each other we will be okay maybe. One member is a sharp shooter.
          My non-prepper husband has said if need be he can and will board up our windows, etc. to keep out forced entry
          Ww have to bug in so we need to extend our chances of saftey

      2. >>> “But just because you own gold doesn’t mean you’re safe from the prying eyes and thieving hands of the government.” <<>> “But because taking one’s life savings is never enough for government goons whose job is to consider anyone with a pulse a criminal suspect or terrorist…” <<>> “If they know you own something of value, they will come for it.” <<<

        Quoted for TRUTH.

        People have got to realize government in any form is the enemy. Wherever there is authority, there can be no freedom.

        • @ T-Hawk,

          Um yep,

          “People have got to realize government in any form is the enemy. Wherever there is authority, there can be no freedom.”

          I beleive you may have just ‘hit it on the head”…the question is now…what do WE replace it with Friend?


          • Yup, and the one who THUMBED THAT down is am abject moron.

            Have a good day meat-head!! 😉


        • You got that right brother. Mine wont be found or stolen but I aint leavin the country neither.

        • And where there is no authority, there is anarchy. There are lot’s of things to be truly upset and worried about.. this AIN’T one of them.

        • “People have got to realize government in any form is the enemy. Wherever there is authority, there can be no freedom.”

          And so are those who support them or anything they do!

      3. My God! This is really happening. In February I told everyone that the 1st of March would be the beginning of the end. North Korea, Chinese build up on Korean border, Russian Backfires targeting our missile sights. The European money situation is spiraling out of control. Get ready folks it is not just going to happen, it has started.


        • Howdy BigB!!

          How goes it Bro? I mean..beyond the OBVIOUS!! 😉

          Tis true, reminds me of that line from “Hunt for Red October”, where Fred Thompson is standing on the bridge (He’s the Captian or Admiral) and says “This will get out of control…This WILL get out of control and People WILL die!”

          Gee, get’s BETTER by the WEEK…don’t it?


          PS: How’s your ‘transplants’ doing? 🙂

          • Top of the day to you JOG. Better by the week? Better by the moment. I have had FOX & CNN News . Com up all morning just expecting a new development. All it takes is a little nudge by some one somewhere. Don’t get the pressure the Russians are applying to us. Do you realize that if we go to war with North Korea we are also at war with CHINA! Our economy would fall apart in the blink of an eye. It is my hope that this is all not a master plan that is being put into effect. Did you notice New Zealand pulled out their troops out of Afghanistan, six months earlier than expected. I know there was only a hundred troops or so but is there a political significance? What do you think JOG? You seem to see a bigger picture some times.

            The transplants as far as the bees are at the end of this month, if you are referring to the AZ move or at least purchase I should be down that way in the next week to 10 days.


            • The ‘China’ thing is odd….

              Glad to hear that the ‘lil buggers’ are doin’ well Bro! Also, glad to hear that you’ve got an avenue out of the “People’s Soviet Socialist Repblic of California”!!

              Whew, NOW I can sleep better at night… 😉

              On the one hand it’s becoming painfully obvious to everyone – even China – that NK is nutz, bordering on abjectly STUPID…and association with them is counter-productive in extremis….on all counts.

              On th other hand – and make NO mistake here – China has aspirations of returning the ‘Middle Kingdom” to ALL of it’s former Glory…thus thier efforts at things like carrier-hunting ballistic missles. I’ve wondered, Oh…. once or twice, if NK wouldn’t be used as a ‘lure’ to get our carriers in range for those…the Chinese are wholly different from anything westerner’s would consider moral, or ethical…frankly the entire culture is – and has been for thoudands of years – an expemplary model of the concept of “Tyranus Maximus”; all they respect is power…not good, not some ethos…just power. The long history of God-like Emperor’s there is telling…

              Needless to say that the West’s treatment of same is absolutely the poorest possible response to such conceiveable. I had not noticed that NZ had pulled out as you mentioned….interesting, prolly’ justa political basis…

              I think the Russian’s are actually the least of our worries, as it were. They sit on the largest expanse of ANY geo-political entity on this planet…with resources so VAST that – frankly – they don’t NEED much of anything from anyone else. I’m ptretty sure that ol’ Vladimir and his fellow oligarch’s are relatively content to maintian a status quo of sorts internally. Having said that, just as someone previously said here, “…to the Russians revenge is a sport.” the urge to keep a ‘toe in the water’ is irresistable to them on a cultural level…as well as the ego component which is to not let it come to pass again that they become marginalized globally.

              It remains – I think that China is the regnent concern today, tomorrow and well into the future. The internal presssures of a population of 1.1 Billion whilst being next door neighbor to ANOTHER gargantuan population …India at 1.2 Billion along with all the attendant resource requirements to feed, clothe and house such are VAST beyond belief…this WILL have a bad ‘End’ if for no other reason for that.

              Geez…when are those PEOLPE going to learn about effin’ birth control…we – humans – are killing ourselves Bro…one way or another. ;(

              Anywho, till later Bud…again, GLAD to here that the AZ thing is on-track…get away from those KWAZY-FOLK in CA!!!


              • If China uses their ballistic missles to target carriers, it’s a huge escalation. What are they going to do? Call us and say “We swear they’re not nukes”?

                • @ Bob. Launch on warning, IF one U.S. carrier group is targeted, mainland China will be hit by stealth aircraft and China will let their ICBM’s fly at the U.S. before that happens. China has hundreds of ICBM’s, mostly mobile based, but a few land based ones. China has had since the 1960’s to build up their nuclear arsenals. China is one of ONLY 3 countries to put a man into space, the USSR and U.S. are the others. They definitely have HEAVY ICBM capabilities.

                  IF China and the U.S. gets into a shooting war, especially around mainland China, namely Japan, Taiwan, and North Korean area, the movie “The Day After” will be what it will be like, with the names switched between Russia and Russian in the 1980’s movie to China and the Chinese. Little discussed fact: China is larger in land mass than the United States. Why is this important? Too much land mass to cover to try to knock down Chinese ICBM’s. Since the deployment of all the anti-ballasitc missile batteries in the Pacific, China must overwelm the system to hit the U.S. in war. Point, hundreds of ICBM’s from China are coming at the U.S. if war between the countries occurs. THE NIGHTMARE.

                  • Evening BI,


                    Anyone who realy wants to get a notion of how China is situated wold want ot take a look at the link above. As a quick reminder; remember that China was not and IS not signatory to ANY nuclear and that they have consistently witheld all information about thier capabilities.

                    I wouldn’y be suprised if – frankly – they had as many as ourselves AND the Russian’s as well, combined… 🙁


                  • Howdy BI,

                    Whew, a QUIET eve for a change, No? Is altight in my book…

                    Hey, there’s a link coming in from moderation (soon I hope) that DETAILS the Chinese ICBM situation…it is….
                    rather grim as it were…check it out when it pops up. I’ve checked the link, it’s still active Friend.


                  • Thank Bill Clinton and loral systems for the Chinese being able to do that. They won’t attack since they know that Obama will simply surrender. No point in damaging the real estate especially in the nice areas the party leaders plan on moving into when the current residents are sent to camp.

                  • @ JustOneGuy. I read this before and it reminds me of the North Koreans, the Chinese like to dig tunnels like some badger in the mountains. There is some real logic however behind this, as it takes almost an asteroid hit to destroy something below hundreds of feet of solid rock. There will not be any bunker buster that is going to go down 1000 feet into the mountain. I believe it would take something in the range of 250 megatons to do this, actually bust a hole into 1000 feet of rock. You could cause some rock collapse at something in the 100 megaton range, but those type of warheads are probably either not around or a few at best.

                    The utter stupidity for anyone to think that China only has 80 nukes is beyong retarded and an insult to even state to anyone with an IQ over 55. Even 400 is ridiculous for anyone to even think. I mean they were estimated to have that number back in 1980. Several thousand would be reasonable to assume. I did a calculation a couple of years ago based on them having 300 back in 1980 and having X amount of nuclear fuel to work with. Came up with about 6500, give or take about 1000 one direction or the other. Probably now in the range of 7000-8000 because of not only the U.S. and Japan, but because of India. God, we are so lied to by the media and the governments.

                • Howdy Bob,

                  A bit ago…

                  For a little while the tale has been making the rounds, that China has a Ballistic ‘Carrier-Killer’.
                  this one isn’t nuclear by nature but if it were the case it be particularlty effective. Once something has been UP to orbit it comes DOWN at orbital speed. It slows a little on it’s way down but it would still HIT at about 9-11 thousand miles per hour…just like an ICBM

                  Additionally, it is the case that anything which comes down from the ‘top’ as it were tends to render the close aboard derence systems useless…like the PHLANX quad-cannon system used to interdict things like the missle that killed the British ship in the Falklands years ago…not that they’d be able to hit something moving at that speed (probably).

                  Anywho, the actual point would be if by doing so they could knock out a significant fraction of the Pacific carrier fleet then out ability ot project out forces into the region would be SEVERELY reduced…see the picture? Would America resond with Nclear force to a NON-nuclear attack…who knows nowadays.


                  • GAHK!!!

                    My spelling is ‘orrible tis’ evening!

                    Apologies all, my fingers are gettin ahead of my BRAIN tonight…

                    BAD!!… BAD fingers!!! (Sound of whip cracking, muted snarl in background…a lone howl in the background as well)


                  • We used to joke that CWIS stood for Christ It Wont Shoot. The early Phalanx were hard to keep working with all their analog parts.

              • If China goes to war with us, our debt to them is automatically cancelled. That doesn’t sound to likely. Russia may have all they need, but they want Alaska – badly. Russia will encourage NK, China will discourage them.

                • @sebastian…..I do not believe NK ally to be China or Russia….at this time….they are going to stand down and see what will occur…..Who really has much to lose?
                  Or gain? I leave you with that thought….

              • JOG…perhaps you should check out the connection between Iran and NK….
                Be Well in health, spirit, and just be yourselves…
                God Bless US..

                • Howdy Fiesty,

                  Yep, there SURE is one! 😉

                  In all truth, like that ‘Super-fighter’ that recently turned out to be a photo-shop hoax, the “Qaher” or somesuch I think, there’s a lot they’d LIKE eveyone to believe…and a lot of PT Barnum too…just sayin’ here.

                  “God Bless US”…Yes.


                  • JOG….nowadays…there truely is ONE born every minute….perhaps more than one :)…..the connection is indicative of something far more deadly than we know…so I think, based upon my research….
                    I think the time is NOW….this is the beginning of IT….and the rest of the dominos will be falling shortly….
                    Have Faith….in God and in Yourselves….God doesn’t make mistakes and if you feel him while you attempt to understand what is going on, and deciding where to go and what to do….then you are on the right track…..
                    Keep The Faith…..

        • “Russian Backfires targeting our missile sights”

          huh? I missed that. What happened?

        • Plus, I just read a bunch of upsetting stuff on Alex Jones’ website… he has a SUPER video tonight called, “Tyranny is rising”..for April 6, 2013… about Gun Confiscation and Mass Arrests… really scary stuff! And he does a really good job tonight too! Everything he says is true too because I’ve read some excellent books on the subject… how Nazis, Stalin, etc. incrementally establish the police state…

      4. Holy Gaucamole…

        The Rothschild’s and thier crony’s are goin’ to town now …aren’t they? They’ll EAT everything in sight to cover thier own asses..

        …and we’re next via the spawn of JP Morgan, the Rockerfellers, etc, et al…


      5. Let them try …

        ” Come and Take It !”

        if you can .


        You keep what you Kill in the NWO ZOG’s world !

        Where … ” Might is Right !”

        and my might is oiled and ready by the door .


      6. This is just a warning. What you think you own, think twice because you don’t. When the SHTF they will take anything they can get away with, cars, homes, food, ammo, nothing will be safe.

        This doesn’t surprise me because there’s already rehypothecation taking place where people’s assets are being used in many cases as collateral for derivatives without the person knowing it.

        • Yep, Google the Sentinel ruling. They can gamble with your assets buy pledging (rehypothecating)them as collateral for the loans they obtain to gamble with and if they lose the bet and your money– well you are out of luck.

          Most people don’t realize they technically don’t the stocks they think they do– they are the beneficial owner. Unless you are the owner of record at the company you are not. Most stock is in fact owned by DTCC aka Cede and Co., a supposed clearinghouse that happends to be aprivately held co. Just wonder who owns- probably the same folks that own the Fed.

          • Howdy Cl,

            NOW that’s a scary thought!! 🙁

            I’ve been digging a little on the entire gold ETF market and what I’m seeing there is as frightening – if not worse – I’m no expert therein…but it looks to me like the enitre market has to be rehypothecated several times over…MINIMUM. Literally, mutliple people coming in with vault certificates with “serial number so-and-so” proclaiming uniquely owned bars only to find that another 5-10 people are already in line for the SAME bar…with the SAME certificate…

            There WILL be blood shed over that when the time comes. What’s your opinion of that state of affairs M’am?


            • Germany was a victim of rehypothecation with regards to it’s Gold. You wonder why it’s going to take 7 years to get their Gold back, and that’s still a BIG if. Their Gold according to claims was sold to the Chinese to pay off US debt.

            • The amount of paper gold to physical is estimated to be 100 to 1. I don’t trust the ETF’s at all. I have read probably some of the same as you about the allocated gold- where you have a certificate saying you own bar # and several people have claim to the bar #.. The real issue is the unallocated bars- where you have a piece of paper saying you have a bar on deposit at x. Well they took your money and who knows if it is there or nor. Look at what happened with ABN Amro largest bank in one European country saying they were no longer delivering metals– only getting cash equivalent– that’s basically a default they are unable to deliver- why because they don’t have it..

              As for who really owns the Fed– the Creature from Jekyll Island is a good read as is a couple of books by Eustace Mullins on the Fed. Supposedly the Fed is owned by some of the old banking families of Europe..

            • If it isn’t in your possession, you don’t really own it.

          • @CL….And just WHO owns the Fed??? Interesting to follow the money..there is always the ability to connect the dot, although it takes much time and discernment…what I want to shout from the rooftop is “where is the money?” or “show me the money”…..

      7. Anybody walks in my house without a warrant will be taking lead only back with them. I don’t have enough of anything to confiscate that would make it worth the government’s bother. They already control my Social Security and they tax my meager pension. They’ll never take my soul!

        • Pension and social security? Sounds like the government is giving to you not taking. By the way, when have any of the people on this site had the Feds taking their stuff? When ? Why? Everyone get over yourselves. They are not coming.

          • “Sounds like the government is giving to you ”

            Umm, you do realize as sad as it is to say, that you’ve been paying into that your entire working life. That is NOT govt giving shit. Thats govt stealing from you your entire life and then giving you back something like 2% of what you paid in by the time you reach life expectancy.

            • I believe you need to check your numbers. Majority of people get all they paid in within a few years, from that point on it’s money coming from the working people. 2% ? Not sure where you found that number….

              • Wait a minute–I was under the impression–gee, don’t know where I got the idea–that the govt took our and our employer’s deductions and invested them…same we could have done for 40 years if given the chance.

              • Sorry but when I checked the amount that I paid in and what I may get monthly in social security, I willl never live long enough to get it back.

                • I am a huge Dave Ramsey fan and he often mentions social security and makes the same point as Little Red Hen. The average social security check is around 1200. If you were to save the money you contributed over 40-45 years at almost zero interest, the income would be more. Retiring between 62 and 67 years old and with a longer than normal life span, you would have more than 1200 a month.
                  The issue I have with the program reduces to a chicken or the egg debate. Did the program make people less self sufficient or is it designed to help the less self sufficient. I would argue the former.

                  • You would have well over sixty grand a year income even with an average return of only six percent for all those years. IBD has a chart that show just two grand invested a year between the ages of twenty and twenty five at six percent will be worth 600,000 at 62. Had the govt. crooks not blown all the SS contributions and instead let them accrue interest this country would be awash in money.

            • I do realize that most people pay into SS. It has got to stop.

      8. I’m a little skeptical that they found a ton of gold. Having owned many trucks up to T-tag and dump, you would need a beefed up suspension to haul 2000 pounds of gold in a car. Not saying they didn’t but it’s more likely they only had the ten bars shown.

      9. One word; SILVER. IF there is a world left, and that is a big IF, silver has way more industry uses and actually may become more valuable in today’s dollars than gold because of this. Silver is something that the government would have more difficulty tracing and taking. Silver is something that MIGHT become more trade worthy or even bartered with because of its many uses. Copper is not a bad bet either because of its many needs. The problem with gold is it has limits because of its cost, there is not a lot of to use, and because people tend to NOT use it in industry, opting for substitutes instead, alloys for one.

        One item that will become of extreme value IF the world stays around, is platinum. This mineral will be used in hydrogen driven automobiles as one of the components of the hydrogen engine. Where there is more need for a precious metal, the more demand and higher selling price there will be.

        • Ahhhh, the hydrogen engine. If we get through this I would place more money on a decent quarter horse stud.

          Einstein I think said something like: “I do not know what weapons the next world war will be fought with, but the following one will be fought with sticks.”

          We have had our moment in the sun and it is about to end.

          • I believe its,

            I dont know what weapons world war 3 will be fought with, but WW4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

            • Ta.

        • Silver being worth more than gold seems a longshot. And if there’s no world left, there won’t be any industry to need the silver.

          Not that there’s anything wrong with either, or with platinum for that matter – but you can only carry so much silver. If you have a lot of wealth to transport, silver just gets too heavy. $1,000 USD is over 2.5 lbs in silver, but only about 1/2 oz of gold.

          • Silver can be used to solder metals together without the xtreme heat of welding.

            Pretty valuable item to me, even after shtf, a little fire and I can join metals.



          • @ HighN’Dry. Silver really is not that heavy, as 100 pounds would be about $50,000 at $31.25 an ounce. Anyone with enough money to have enough silver that would be too heavy is either well to do enough that they have plenty of precious metals and enough supplies, OR they have not spent enough for supplies and what they need in a safe location.

            In the aftermaths of any SHTF event I think silver would be easier to trade and barter with. As well stated before from Terry W. Reed, silver can be used in practical sense to join metals togther. The more practical use something has after the world has collapsed the higher its value will be. Gold unfortunately is used more in high tech manufacturing that are likely to be no longer operating. I of course would say to anyone that can afford it, to have gold in 1/10 to 1/4 ounce pieces, far easier to trade with and you can get more in 10 (1/10) increments at various barter stations than trying to trade off whole ounce sections at once or trying to chip away pieces from an ounce bar of gold or ounce size coin.

            • Don’t get me wrong, I think both are good. But if you’re bugging out with 50k, 2 lbs of gold is a lot easier to carry than 125 lbs of silver (PM’s use troy oz). I can put 2 lbs in my pocket, if I have a belt. Heavy is heavy, whether it’s feathers or lead. And JB Weld has as many, or more, uses in a SHTF situation than silver for bonding metal. Do like the stills Terry.

      10. Maybe it’s my dirt poor background and family tree where the phrase “too poor to own a pot to piss in” was our family motto but 50 _million_ dollars doesn’t seem like a ‘life’s savings’ but just another 1%’er doing their normal illegal doings.

        The fact that they already had 50 _million_ dollars in gold in Cyprus just sounds a little bankster to me.

        • My mistake, I misread the article and though they were in Cyprus. But still I simply can’t relate to having 50 million dollars in gold. I can barely relate to have 50 dollars in gold.

        • I can never relate to those losing life’s pensions.
          Heck, I wouldn’t let the govt take out for Medicare from S.S–but losing entire pensions???
          Sad, if it comes to that; really sad.

          • I don’t know that ‘sad’ is the word I’d use to describe the government thieving from citizens to cover the gambler banksters—I think ‘disgusting’ might be closer to my feelings…or maybe something a little stronger.

        • Satori

          You always contribute makes sense articles..

          Thank you

          Simple enough


      11. When will we ever fight back to protect what WE work for! Get with it sheeple. It’s us or them.

      12. you all should realize that this gold belongs to the people and the government, why hell HE belongs to the government

      13. what i feel happened here is wrong..

        but if I owned a Ton of gold, I sure as hell wouldnt be transporting it around that way..and im sure I would be heavely armed,,they would have had a harder time than that finding it, let alone taking it.

        I didnt see or hear anywhere there was proof that it was illegal , stolen, or proven used in any illegal ways..
        Hope the owner can prove it was his, although I think they should be proving it wasnt his first.

      14. What’s the odds… talk about murphy’s law. It was a cool hiding spot though…

        Well, I am a big PM fan as a form of currency for years but, currently stopped buying a few years back once I started hearing about proposed bills to 1099 American citizens for any transaction over $600 or something like that.. I started to wonder if shit hits the fan, this current administration will just invoke the confiscation act like they did some 80 years ago.

        I know I will get some static from readers here about, “I will never give my gold up” Although I agree with this statement, all this government would have to do is shut down your local coin store and places that buy or sell gold or silver than what are you going to do? Matter of fact, its probably safe to say that everyone on this site would find it difficult to name more than 5 dealers that currently act like one of these establishment within a fifty mile radius. I could be wrong but I live in AZ and I know of 4 in a 125 mile radius.

        This brings up the next concern. The statement, “there will always be an underground market for these items.” I too agree to some degree there will be but, now your dealing with some interesting people at that time. Look what there doing with ammo. With PM’s, the government will mandate that all transaction via selling to be held at banks only. Please provide drivers license for tax purposes of course.

        Folks, PM’s are a great source of wealth preservation, but to make it through what were going to go through, I will be thankful for a spam sandwich with a big glass of water w/tang and of course a loaded weapon!

        Gold and silver will be for after the shtf is over and this nation rebuilds. I hope we can anyways.


        • When someone thumbs you down, usually that means the person disagrees. Instead of by that little secret squirrel and read by don’t respond, why don’t you explain your reason? Thats how we learn.

          I am not always right and my views are not always welcome, but if I disagree, I’ll at least explain why.

          Chicken shit troll.

        • I agree, mostly. PM’s will carry wealth through a fiat currency reset (or at least they’ve never failed to yet in all of recorded history), but don’t overlook their value during the crisis either.

          Goods and services will still be available in any realistic SHTF scenario, but they might be expensive. It might even require some money just to get access to the people selling them. Survival in some cases might just depend on not having to wait your turn in a line. Think emergency surgery, life saving meds, or a plane ride out of hot zone. Or maybe you’ll need to pay a ‘fine’, obtain a ‘permit’, pay ‘bail’, or just want a second gas ration card from some corrupt government bureaucracy.

      15. Off topic…For all you Fukishima watchers check out the weekly sea surface temperature anomalies map for the week of March 27 (last week) at the NOAA site. See where the hottest surface temperature is. Hint…you may have located Fukishima corium.

        • Thanks…….link please?

        • Fukushima is the “Joker” in the deck that has been removed via the MSM and what should be trusted and credible “monitoring” sources.

          Each and EVERYDAY, this “non disaster” continues to contribute a significant, unseen, and non-reported source of slow and lingering death to this planet. The Pacific Ocean food chain is a tremendous part of the “life-on-Earth” continuum.

          Undeniable SIGNS are only now starting to gain some still unreliable and insignificant reporting via a very small contribution of alternative news media. My friends, the “kill-shot” has already been fired. The MSM incorporated LIARS are qualifying this “lethal round” as nothing more than a blank or firecracker that made some noise, but is NOW over and totally inert.

          If you actually believe this…plan your next vacation on the shores and provinces surrounding this “non-disaster”. And, I encourage you to harvest and consume “local waters” seafood. The “local fisher-thing” with 17 1/2 fingers will make you a real good deal.

          Four leaf clovers are considered “lucky” by some. Four eyed fish and clams with “glowing shells” and the ability to use them as seashore nightlights…not so much!

      16. idiot. with that much money, you couldn’t dream up of a better way to carry that much gold across the border? you deserve to get your sh*t taken from you.

        • so you’d agree with this statement.

          idiot. with that much food, you couldn’t dream up of a better way to hide that much food at your home? you deserve to get your sh*t taken from you.

          • No, but we that prep have limited budgets.
            That dude had a lot of resources to do better than hide in under the floor board–well, as that turned out to NOT be a real winner.

      17. now this is real theft!!!!!

        Here’s a recap of some of the larger Fed moves during the Crisis:

        •Cutting interest rates from 5.25-0.25% (Sept ’07-today).
        •The Bear Stearns deal/ taking on $30 billion in junk mortgages (Mar ’08).
        •Opening various lending windows to investment banks (Mar ’08).
        •Hank Paulson spends $400 billion on Fannie/ Freddie (Sept ’08).
        •The Fed takes over insurance company AIG for $85 billion (Sept ’08).
        •The Fed doles out $25 billion for the automakers (Sept ’08)
        •The Feds kick off the $700 billion TARP program (Oct ’08)
        •The Fed buys commercial paper from non-financial firms (Oct ’08)
        •The Fed offers $540 billion to backstop money market funds (Oct ’08)
        •The Fed agrees to back up to $280 billion of Citigroup’s liabilities (Oct ’08).
        •$40 billion more to AIG (Nov ’08)
        •The Fed backstops $140 billion of Bank of America’s liabilities (Jan ’09)
        •Obama’s $787 Billion Stimulus (Jan ’09)
        •QE 1 buys $1.25 trillion in Treasuries and mortgage debt (March ’09)
        •QE lite buys $200-300 billion of Treasuries and mortgage debt (Aug ’10)
        •QE 2 buys $600 billion in Treasuries (Nov ’10)
        •Operation Twist reshuffles $400 billion of the Fed’s portfolio (Oct ’11)
        •QE 3 buys $40 billion of Mortgage Backed Securities monthly (Sept ‘12)
        •QE 4 buys $45 billion worth of Treasuries monthly (Dec ’12)

        The Fed is not the only one. Collectively, the world’s Central Banks have pumped over $10 trillion into the financial system since 2007. This money printing has resulted in a massive expansion of Central Bank balance sheets as the below chart indicates (BoE= Bank of England, Fed= US Federal Reserve, ECB= European Central Bank, SNB= Swiss National Bank, BoJ= Bank of Japan)
        a smell section of an article,posted by phoenix capital research.
        now thats a lot money!!!

        • @kaynine,

          That’s not theft, this is re-distribution to the few. 🙂

          I made a million dollars the other day just by printing up some personally guaranteed treasury bonds and buying them from myself. I will sell them back to myself and then buy some more next month. I have noticed an increase in productivity from my family. I must be doing some thing right because although they are calling me names like crazy they are buying me “special pills” and still are slipping food under the door three times a day.



      18. I think the “ton” is false. I can’t think of any car in which 2000 lb. (or 2200 lb if it’s metric) of concentrated weight could be mounted without tearing the floor right out of it.

        • Ditto !!! Good call!!!

        • Coach
          Yah, probably their bumper scraping the pavement
          helped to give them away too

          • It’s like in the old days. You could tell a bootlegger’s car because the headlights would be pointing up in the air and the back bumper would be almost dragging.

      19. Gov’t Insider Details Government Gun Confiscation Plan in America (Dr. X)

        Apr 5, 2013

        First in a series of videos with a Doctor working with the veteran administration detailing the national gov’t plan to seize guns from veterans. Dr. X goes into detail with regard to the number of guns being seized at his facility (3-5 per day), the nature in which they do it (voluntary then involuntary) through coordination with local law enforcement using “wellness checks”. This national plan to take firearms seems to be coming from as high as the president with the passage of The Affordable Healthcare Act, March 29th, which stipulates a civilian military force to seize weapons. Dr. X believes this program, of gun confiscation, will soon be implemented in civilian Hospitals throughout the country.

        Of note, incentive programs for Doctors to seize weapons are being instituted to the tune of $3000+ dollars per firearm seized. This is a huge conflict of interest in the Patient-Doctor relationship.

        We will be releasing more videos as time goes on detailing the inner working of the Gov’t Plan to Take GUNS from AMERICAN VETERANS through cohersion, “wellness checks”, warrant-less searches, 72 hour Psych holds and the use of forced medication.


        my retort : * any v.a. fuckstick psych doctor tries to fuck with my constitutional rights is a worm food . period . V


          GAME ON VETERANS – FUCK THE V.A. !!!

          • Gov’t Insider Details Government Gun Confiscation Plan in America (Dr. X)

            Apr 5, 2013

            First in a series of videos with a Doctor working with the veteran administration detailing the national gov’t plan to seize guns from veterans. Dr. X goes into detail with regard to the number of guns being seized at his facility (3-5 per day), the nature in which they do it (voluntary then involuntary) through coordination with local law enforcement using “wellness checks”. This national plan to take firearms seems to be coming from as high as the president with the passage of The Affordable Healthcare Act, March 29th, which stipulates a civilian military force to seize weapons. Dr. X believes this program, of gun confiscation, will soon be implemented in civilian Hospitals throughout the country.

            Of note, incentive programs for Doctors to seize weapons are being instituted to the tune of $3000+ dollars per firearm seized. This is a huge conflict of interest in the Patient-Doctor relationship.

            We will be releasing more videos as time goes on detailing the inner working of the Gov’t Plan to Take GUNS from AMERICAN VETERANS through cohersion, “wellness checks”, warrant-less searches, 72 hour Psych holds and the use of forced medication.


            my retort : * any v.a. fuckstick psych doctor tries to fuck with my constitutional rights is a worm food . period . V

            • Veterans are receiving letters from VA prohibiting the ownership or purchase of firearms

              on The Daily Sheeple – link to follow…

              • “How would you feel if you received a letter from the U.S.Government informing you that because of a physical or mental condition that the government says you have it is proposing to rule that you are incompetent to handle your own financial affairs? Suppose that letter also stated that the government is going to appoint a stranger to handle your affairs for you at your expense? That would certainly be scary enough but it gets worse.

                What if that letter also stated: “A determination of incompetency will prohibit you from purchasing, possessing, receiving, or transporting a firearm or ammunition. If you knowingly violate any of these prohibitions, you may be fined, imprisoned, or both pursuant to the Brady Handgun Violence Prevention Act, Pub.L.No. 103-159, as implemented at 18, United States Code 924(a)(2).”?

                That makes is sound like something right from a documentary on a tyrannical dictatorship somewhere in the world. Yet, as I write this I have a copy of such a letter right in front of me…”


              • It’s on the Internet. Must be true. Daisy, the few who have the letter are complete nuts.

                • Momo –

                  That could be the case. The article I read doesn’t go into the specifics. But it sounds like a very slippery slope, doesn’t it?

                  I would be very interested to know the criteria for making these decisions. Is it seeking psychological help at the VA? Is it just a random opinion of one doctor? Do several doctors have to be consulted to make the decision? I’m very curious to know their process for this. Sending out letters like this seems rather slipshod. I would like to know their definition of “incompetent.”

                  They’re outlawing a constitutional right of these veterans – whose rights will they take away next?

                • I just talked to my friend who is a Viet Nam Vet with a very bad back from being blown up by land mines three times in aluminum Sheridan tanks. He told me in order to continue to get his VA medical benefits, he now has to get a yearly psycological evaluation. This will determine if he can own firearms.

                • My dh has had surgery last July, and a stroke in February, and hasn’t been asked any of those questions.
                  We are alert and watching for any forms asking these questions with each follow up visit.

              • U tire me.

                • Ooooh I’m just gettin’ Warmed Up !!!

                  This is me playin’ nice .

                  ;0P pssszzt

                  • And I the one they block

            • The Dick Act of 1902

              Is Good Dick … ;0P

              The Militia Act and the revised Militia Act (the Dick Act), make it quite clear that all men between the ages of 18 and 45 are the (unorganized) militia with an absolute right to keep and bear Arms under the Article II of the Bill of Rights, of whatever type; automatic or semi-automatic, regardless of size, magazine capacity, barrel length or caliber/gauge in any quantity they may deem necessary along with any amount of ammunition they may determine from time to time.

              Arm Up Stock Up Prepare Veterans

              Predator or Prey of the corrupt traitorous malpractice V.A. and the NWO ZOG FedGov the choice is yours to make .


              V.A. = EUGENICS DEATH




                WTF !!!


            • Alex Jones has an excellent video on tonight (april 6, 2013) talking about this very subject, Vandetta! EXCELLENT VIDEO!!

      20. Has anyone else noticed that they have been playing public service announcements reminding people to register with selective service? I noticed it a few days ago on the radio. Maybe they are planning on drafting people for Korea or something?

      21. Why is it that most people, especially anyone in power, thinks guilty until proven innocent? Anyone here that is a true prepper and doesn’t first look for the facts should be ashamed of themselves. Maybe this family had a legitimate reason to hide the gold. If it was $50 or $50k would it be more believable? No different than trying to make disappear a stash of ammo or food. Confiscation will become more common as what little rights we have left are completely taken away. I don’t fault this family for trying to save what might have been their heirs legitimate property.

        In response to BI above. You are correct! Silver will appreciate more than gold by % and it will be easier to use after a shtf event. Everyone knows what a silver coin is. One thing though, you won’t trade a gold piece for anything of small value. For everyday transactions silver will be used because it will be too hard to make change with gold. And gold may become a black market item due to confiscation.
        molon labe

        • The existance of Kleptocratic quasi-fascist government IS a legitimate reason to hide gold – or anything else.

          Folks we have reached the point where governments now consider ANYTHING we possess – including our own lives – to be rightfully THEIRS to take at their discretion.

          It is essentially NO DIFFERENT from medieval times when the nobility declared “divine right” to literally everything in their realm. It was the king’s land, the king’s game, the king’s forest, the king’s rivers, the king’s horses, and the peasants also were PROPERTY of the king. (Peasants/Serfs were also forbidden to own most weapons too by the way. Sound familiar?)

          In a truly free society based on individual liberties, this is absolutely UNACCEPTABLE.


      22. Something does not seem right about this story / article.

        1 ton of gold would equal 2000lbs. This would be almost as heavy as the vehicle itself. What vehicle did we have here?

        Also rich in gold ,but., poor in common sense. Who owned this gold? Homer Simpson?

        I just can not see some one that has attained such wealth and do what was said above.

        Please., some one help me here!!! 🙂 🙂

        • Also.. why do keep “awaiting for moderation” ?

          • “Also rich in gold ,but., poor in common sense. Who owned this gold? Homer Simpson?” 🙂

            Hah, good one! As faras the moderation thing goes, it’s a EXACT funtion of how busy Mac is; Technically, he’s a ‘publisher’…if someone ‘slips’ something in here that’s BAD…he get’s nailed for it. Capice? JA!

            That’s why EVERY comment containing a link HAS to be seen by Mac (or one of the other moderators) before it gets to ‘the front page’. Again, sometimes Mac DOES get a little busy….


            • Thanks for the explanation.

              I still am not used to the change overs. I am not new to the site, so I figured I go thru much faster. My mistake.

      23. The foolish part was the guy “put all his eggs in one basket”. The scenario used should have been a little at a time. He takes a vacation to Switzerland with a few bars, his son takes a vacation to Switzerland with a few bars, trusted friend takes a vacation …..

        and so on. And a good lawyer if caught, then try alternate methods.

        • @ DC,

          “He takes a vacation to Switzerland with a few bars, his son takes a vacation to Switzerland with a few bars, trusted friend takes a vacation …..”

          Hmmm, hafta be REAL GOOD friends before I’d consider that! Might consider sending somewhere with other things first …like the wife maybe… 😉

          Just a joke there..she’s LONG GONE….HALLELUJAH!!


        • Hey, do we know that dude had all his ‘eggs’ in that floor board??

          Just saying.

        • But…..but…..but….Eisencrap thinks bitcoin is a great idea.

      24. Anybody seen ANY A.F. Bones flying around or any tinker command plats.

        That’s got to hurt…

      25. If it’s not in YOUR physical possession, you don’t own it & will never see the gold.

      26. OKAY, I just want to know how many of you had to look up the word ” hypothecation” ? I know I am not the most literate guy but Rodster you seem to have introduced us all to a new word of the day. Thanks


        • @ BigB,

          Mmmm, EVEYONE NOWES DAT!!!

          Dat jus means “sellin’ the same stuff to six differen folks and makin dem tink that they atr all the ONLY bi-ers”

          You ‘nowed dat!!! 😉

        • I knew it, but I used to work for a law firm. Whenever there was a settlement, the agreement would state that the settlement could not be hypothecated. That meant that the person would lose the settlement entirely if they tried to borrow money against it (hypothecation) so they could have a lump sum instead of payments.

      27. 50 million in gold? That ain’t so much. Seen more than that in the smiles in downtown Detroit!

      28. Maybe they wanted to get caught. Maybe those bars are really lead inside, and the real gold is somewhere else. I mean really, they have that much and try to hide it in a car ?? I smell a rat. Would be nice to have a stash like that though !!!

      29. @dk
        You’re spot on with your take. There is a reason this guy risked smuggling. He obviously was avoiding exposure, and were he legal, he would have no reason to. Frankly, I have no sympathy for stupidity,and no sympathy for his loss. Also, this is not about some nefarious PTB gold confiscation plan, as some of the hyper- paranoid freaks on this blog would have it.

        I travel internationally often, and have lived in Europe for business off and on for years. Indeed, PMs are moved in and out of Switzerland all the time. The reporting rules are simple. If someone has legit ownership, what’s the worry? No need to smuggle.

        Gotta say, Some of the bloviating bravado I read on this site from time to time does become a bit tiresome. Fact is, there have always been two rules since time immemorial.

        1. He had the gold, makes the rules.
        2. When you understand the rules they play by, you can beat them at their own game. You just have to be one step ahead.

        Chest thumpers get nowhere. People who quietly think, do. As to my own preps, I keep it very quiet, and many options open.

        Now, as to NK, KJU is no fool. He knows that if they really do launch an attack, it is game over for them. Not going to happen, period. They’ve played this bluff many times before, and they are pushing harder this time because they know we have a weak moron as a president. The NKs are masters at extortion, and guess what? Thy win every time with all of their bluster, which is all this is.

        • Well said. I like rule number two best, but many would rather piss, and moan, and cry, and complain rather than take the time and make the effort to educate themselves and equip themselves to succeed.

          That is why that brilliant thinker, “Posse” is a “chef” or as WE call them out west: short order cooks. Posse! Make that burger medium rare! And throw on a side of fries! 🙂

          • DK

            You bring the bison burgers..medium rare to rare.

            And sweet potato fires to boot..
            Sweet red pepper relish and mustard to compliment..

            Thanx for the “brilliant thinker” from one to another

            short order or’s all the same..

            Enjoy the evening


        • @Ralphieboy—- how did you get on here with a brain? Don’t bring logic into the discussion here!
          Hyper paranoid is putting it mildly. They make Alex Jones look sane half the time.

          • I AM….

      30. One ton of gold is 2000 TROY POUNDS. There are 12 troy ounces to a troy pound. A Troy Ton contains 24000 TROY OUNCES. At $1580 per T.O., that is about $38 Million US DOllars, or 50 Million euros

        • You need to re-figure there little william .

      31. OK, i’ve got to give my take on this. I’m sure there’s more to this story than meets the eye. If it can be proven that the gold does not belong to the guy, then I can agree with DK UP TO A POINT. I know he means well, I always enjoy reading his posts. While I can agree we should have reasonable rules to live by, such rules must BE BASED UPON THE RULE OF LAW AND MEET CONSTITUTIONAL GUIDELINES. every nation on earth these days has its own corrupt officials making their own decisions on what is contraband, etc. It’s the same as DHS thinking they can decide the criteria for what makes a “domestic terrorist”. DK’s argument could easily be misinterpreted by anyone to try to justify all of the unconstitutional laws on the books at all levels from federal to local on anything and everything. While both Daisy and DK make some valid points on this case, we need to wait and see the final outcome before passing judgment. On the VA letters, one of my cousins in GA called me today and said they’ve already received those letters. They’re telling the VA where to go. None of them have dealt with the VA in at least 20 years. They’re not seeing any shrinks nor giving up their guns or anything else they have. Anyone who comes to my place for anything will get some hot lead and it will come from a high-capacity magazine. braveheart

        • Braveheart: Interesting point about your cousins not having contact with the VA in 20 years. I haven’t received any such letter, but maybe mail is slower West of the Pecos.

          Good night folks!

      32. I regularly load 1 ton, 2000 pounds, into a large heavy duty SUV, and drive it from one place to another. No way an economy car can handle 1 ton without the brakes turning red hot and the car falling to the ground under the weight. As others have said, the new reports got this one wrong.

      33. why would you people care about what happened on the Swiss border, aren’t there enough weird things going on right here to read about? I guess when you’ve got a bunch of suckers hooked, you just keep feeding them anything that they want to hear.

      34. Recently took Grandpa to Social Security office and he was asked if he has any foreign assets financial accounts, home, etc… Too damn funny to think anyone in their right mind would respond to that type of interogation. Think I heard someone say go ask Charles Rangel.

      35. Were it a ton, or a half ton, that vehicle’s suspension would have been on the ground and the tires flat. When bigwigs move wealth in physical form, one manner is to move gemstones. Diamonds are not truly rare so they move multi-carat super-quality gemstones such as rubies, emeralds, and sapphires. Switzerland has no shortage of gemologists, jewelers, and big sophisticated safes — and oh, did I say expensive but highly-trained mercenaries. When looking for wealth, look for big guys in good shape, short hair, and cold eyes.

      36. I have a Ton of rakes ,shovels axes,saws etc. These undesirable objects are usually found in the dumster at garage and estate sales , im one of the few who displays these in my house… Guess because their majical ability to give and take life at the same time… Now gold is for the rich minded to impress their friends just like how basic folk would display heads or skulls outside, of their house. wierd how theres 2 different humans with different minds and hunger…and when one side realises the other is trying to make you extinct

        • Grandpa

          I’d take your axes and shovels over all the pm’s in the you..they provide me with life sustaining heat,food and enjoyment of working the dirt and honest work.

          And don’t forget the forged steel that sustain the lead and powder..


        • Grandpa

          Will be working the gardens tomorrow..(57 degrees forecast-ed).. with the aforementioned tools..tilling the vege gardens for sustainable crops whilst the proletariat count their precious gold ,silver and stocks..


      37. You asked for it, you got it…the BEAST is STarving…up at the ‘Hedge,

        I na World where the ‘figures’ are ‘massaged’ beyond reckoning what
        do you look to? In China, the Liar of all Liar’s with respect to all
        that is econoomic you llok to the ongoing pattern of electicity usage.
        What would be the equvalent, ‘non-fudgeable’ factor here? The ‘Hedge,
        amaonst other’s asserts that it;s the GASOLINE usage to look to and in
        thier words, it ain’t good,

        ” Just after the Lehman Failure, and just after the US downgrade and
        the first debt ceiling crisis, when the total sales of gasoline by US
        retailers literally went off the charts, and which data series is now
        languishing at levels not seen since the 1970s (unfortunately we can
        only estimate: not even the EIA’s data set goes back that far).”

        ‘Towuld appaer that all is NOT as we are told…the rleveant graph
        is the last at the bottom of the piece.


      38. …it wasn´t USD 50 Million worth and no “ton” – they hid something like 110 Kilos
        worth about USD 5 Million. If it was clean stuff, they could have brought it legally into
        Switzerland. Just had to register with customs. (I do it all the time.)

      39. Why would a “millionaire” transport hidden gold in a car in the first place?

      40. At first I thought, there’s no way that is a ton of gold, but it turns out, it only takes a 1 foot 3 inch (37.27 cm) square cube of gold to weigh 1 ton.

      41. The fucking FEDs will be picking the gold fillings out the teeth of dead American college students who commit suicide over crushing student loan debt by the time this whole charade is over.

      42. personally, i would have grabbed a bar ea and say ” you may pass ” whats wrong with people these days.

      43. Maybe they should have cast the Gold into something else, to get it across the border?

        I saw a CSI episode once where the perp had cast the Gold into dumb-bells and spray painted it. But the paint rubbed off. :o(

        It is the paper trail that will get you every time otherwise!

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