Report: Anarchist Militia Within U.S. Military Plotted to Assassinate President Obama, Overthrow the Government

by | Aug 27, 2012 | Headline News | 169 comments

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    A group of soldiers who started an ‘anarchist militia’ had plans to overthrow the US government and were targeting President Obama according to court proceedings in Georgia:

    Four US soldiers plotted to assassinate Barack Obama and overthrow the government, a court has heard.

    One, private Michael Burnett, has pleaded guilty to manslaughter and gang charges in the killings last December of former soldier Michael Roark and his girlfriend, 17-year-old Tiffany York.

    Burnett said that Roark, who had just left the army, knew of the militia group’s plans and was killed because he was “a loose end.”

    Prosecutor Isabel Pauley said the group bought $87,000 (£55,000) of guns and bomb-making materials and plotted to take over Fort Stewart, bomb targets in Savannah and Washington state, as well as assassinate the president.

    Source: Associated Press

    Other than the AP report cited above, no other details of the assassination plot, the court case, or the attempted Coup d’état have been made available at this time.

    Department of Homeland Security is likely drafting an emergency communique to federal and local law enforcement outlining ever more reasons for why veterans and active military personnel should be monitored, investigated and indefinitely detained as potential domestic terrorists.

    There appears to be no shortage of lone wolves on the domestic front.

    We can expect the clamp down against vets and American citizens to continue full force.

    UPDATE 13:30:

    Burnett said the group called itself FEAR and planned to join other militia groups in overthrowing the federal government. Prosecutors said Burnett and other group members detailed plans to blow up the fountain in Savannah’s Forsyth Park, take over Fort Stewart, assassinate several local officials and target several economic targets as well. 

    Burnett said Rourke was part of FEAR but was suspected of planning to leave the group after he left the U.S. Army. Burnett claimed he tried to talk group leaders out of the execution, but could not. He said he and three other group members followed Rourke and York to a remote area of Long County under the guise of target practice. Two of the men shot the couple, execution style, and the four returned to Fort Stewart.

    As part of the plea agreement, Burnett agreed to testify against the three group members indicted in the murders. Local prosecutors said Monday they are working with state and federal investigators to determine the scope of FEAR. Durden said after court some suspected FEAR members had been arrested since the murder, but are not suspected in the deaths.

    All of the defendants are charged with two counts of malice murder, two counts of felony murder, two counts of possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, and two counts of aggravated assault. Christopher and Heather Salmon, who are husband and wife, are also charged with one count of making a false statement.

    The other three suspects are expected in court Thursday.

    Source: WTOC


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      1. Prove it

        I think I smell B.S.

        • This is the first I have heard of this as well. Did the plot come out in court, or was this already known by prosecutors?

          Very interesting, indeed.

          • agree,,very interesting

          • More propaganda. Let’s take the guy facing the chair and get him to rat out some friends as terrorist….

            “””One, private Michael Burnett”””

            Watch for lenient sentencing of this guy.

            They were going to bomb sites in Savannah, on the east coast, and Washington state on the west? Yeah, right.

            Need more proof it is a bunch of crap. Look at the bottom where it says

            Source: Associated Press

            What else does a truth seeker need to know.

            • Forgot to add a reduction in charges from first degree murder to manslaughter….. for a double murder at that.

              These corp courts and officers make me sick to my stomach.

            • I agree with you, unless things have changed a great deal, an E-2 couldn’t effectively plan getting to meals on time.

            • UPDATE

              “””Durden said after court some suspected FEAR members had been arrested since the murder, but are not suspected in the deaths.”””

              These are the ones who have done nothing wrong except to talk to a group member that caught killing a Man and his girl. They have been sold out by Burnett in effort to save himself and get no jail time for his “manslaughter plea bargain”, at the instigation of federal officers who need to show the public that “domestic terrorism” in the military is reaching epidemic proportions.

              They will never be named, and likely released without fanfare or announcement once they can be counted as statistics and touted as domestic terrorist stopped by the great corp criminals posing a law enforcement.

              The more I hear, the sicker I seem to get.

              One murderer can finger a hundred terrorists, nothing ever gets proven of brought out into the public light for examination.

              Really, whose organization should be known as FEAR?

          • Sounds like distraction tactics, again. This admin. is pulling out all the plugs to create a straw man (vets and active duty). Reason, simple: gun control and all of our constitutional rights.

            • DRD, I don’t have constitutional rights. My rights come from God.

              I do have constitutional protections of those rights in Law, by my state constitution, that are being attacked by those without Lawful authority to make such attacks. But they do so in objectionable error by applying the federal constitution to me and then demeaning it with executive orders.

              I am not trying to knock you, but if you don’t know where your rights come from and what protects them, the corp criminals will have a field day with you.

            • GC, I agree concerning the orgin of rights: God. As a citizen (Paul used his citizenship) we can refer to the constitution for protected rights, which I am to illustrate the attack upon us. It goes without saying, the real issue to tptb is Chritianity.

            • Reason: Election and we need to keep relevant during the opposing parties convention and the actual storm stealing all the news.

            • Error and immorality have no “rights.”

          • This sounds like the plot one of Doud Hagman’s contacts told him about, the fake plot to bump off Obummer, blame it on White Veterans, then justify a crackdown, martial law, get sympathy votes, etc.

            • The Demturds are going to get CRUSHED in November. By eliminating O’bummer themselves they can put Hillary at the top of the ticket! 🙂

            • Just me- thanks for posting that article on Obama and his corrupt ways. if this is true he is a totally a worthless and dangerous POS! He must not remain in power. If people can’t put the pieces together then we are in for some deep do do. In all honesty, if they try to bring troops to the streets do the math! how many reservists per state and even our own military combined would not be enough to control the people. If they brought all the troops home chaos in other countries would be non-stop! world chaos. I think at least 15 percent of the american troops would not join to fight the american civilians at least. Could be a lot of corruption with stealing personal belongings from people (cops-troops) etc. If this falls it will be really interesting. I know many people are scared and you have every right to be. I have been in battle and will be again. Please try not to be scared some of you younger people. Have confidence in yourself and believe in yourself and don’t be afraid of another troop or someone with a gun. You will win if you keep your cool and don’t get anxiety. you will be faster and more accurate thats my point. Don’t be afraid of full auto. Get the hell out of the way, take your shot and move, dont ever stay in the same position if in a home. IF in a field dig in a bit and take the shot and no more shots, never give your spot if in daylight. Be careful at night with nightvision. All Im saying is a semi auto is more accurate for where you want to put 2-3 shots then a gun that climbs. Im talking about average troops,reserve the average ones. Special forces have shot many many rounds that is different CQB etc. I have had the training myself. Just have confidence and be ready and ready to reload quickly, practice this!!

        • Good thing our erstwhile government agents stopped this plot. Can you imagine having Biden ascend the Presidency if they had been successful? Oops! I think I hear someone at the doo…

        • I live close to Savannah and I never heard this before today

          • That’s because they just made it up today….

            • You beat me to it GC. I am betting there will be a lot more of this crap coming out before the (s)election. I just logged on to my computer and the story popped up in Yahoo news, based on the comments there, the herd is swallowing the bullshit story, hook, line and sinker, all according to plan. Good plan though, soften the herd up with some government sponsored gun violence attacks, spaced out accordingly so the herd has plenty of time to read all the conjecture and them hit em with a possible coup attempt. The Army had charges pending on one of these guys and didn’t act on them?? WTF is that? This whole story stinks of USDA certfied, 100% government approved BULLSHIT!

            • Guys I understand the story but having a hard time understanding why this stinks with lies and yahoo being hook line and sinker, break this down to basic what the BS is really about on this issue or what they want us to believe. thats all. I agree with you but not sure what you are saying about the lies they are telling us. thanks

            • Hospo, the killers killed the two innocents.

              The lies start with the fingering by one of the killer of many other soldiers, to save his own ass and benefit those seeking to create fear of “domestic terrorists” and making it look like an epidemic that needs a hard and fast clampdown on the rights of the rest of us.

              If anyone has been arrested as a “domestic terrorist” in relation to this, they should be named and brought forward along with the evidence being used against them. If there is nothing more than bought off murderers making the claims at the insistence of federal officials, let them say so and produce evidence.

              What we don’t know is how many “others” have been arrested,and for what, based on what evidence other than the statements of a killer seeking to free himself through a plea bargain.

              If it was a killer from the hood who didn’t know any soldiers he could finger, he would be treated far differently than this Burnett guy.

              That’s what it’s about. It’s not about the murders, it’s about using them to accomplish an unrelated agenda attacking the rights of the rest of us.

            • clint, I was referring to the comments section from their readers. Not everyone is brainwashed enough to believe this false flag but a lot do. The problem that we face is this country is; it is full of stupid people, and some of em vote. When the public gets tired of the gun crap and O dumbass steps in and outlaws guns or worse, he will be a hero in the herds eyes. Every day is becoming another sucker punch to Patriotic Americans…..And I’m getting pretty fucking sick of it

            • GOD Creation- thanks for pointing that out, I was thinking that but wasnt drawn that far into that mindset but that does make a lot of sense. I get it! Thanks!! I was thinking more of what really happened and if that was the BS. Thanks again!

          • That’s because it was only contrived last nite. This is a BIG BUNCH OF B.S.!!!!!! These people talk to us like we’re a bunch of braindead idiots!!

            • The very fact that Obama was elected proves that the American people are brain dead idiots. With just a couple of the right contrived incidents he will be elected again. This is psy warfare and they know what they are doing. Right now they are setting up gun owners as dangerous fanatics and racists that hate Obama. Just a couple of phony militia incidents and they have what they want.

        • I could not agree more! This doesn’t even come close to passing the smell test. Looks to me like the Government prosecutor, Isabel Pauley is “drama queening” to enhance her chances for a Washington position in DOJ. She sees these arrests as enhancing Holder’s Homies and FBI’s homegrown terrorist agenda, as her ticket to the big time. I read recently that Fusion Centers were scratching their asses trying to come up with more terrorism, but that it was non-existent. They have to justify their budgets, so a “just in time” arrest just happens to come along. BS!

        • I agree that this could be nothing more than a Hollywood story made up to be able scrutinize every solider without raising any resistance from anybody.

        • I agree as well. This article could be nothing more than bait to see how the rest of us respond. As you said, “Prove it”, nuff said.

          • With NDAA they don’t have to prove anything. They don’t even have to tell you what the charges are. They also no longer need probable cause or search warrants to pay a visit to your home whether you/we are there or not, don’t even have to tell you your privacy has been violated.

        • This is satire right?

        • What does it say about a Commander In Chief when his troops want to kill him and overthrow a parasitic, demonic, tryannical Administration?

          Did Washington have this problem when his vastly out numbered troops were freezing, starving, and dying in the field at Valley Forge?

          Every crisis carries a seed of opportunity. Find the seed. 🙂

        • Hi VRF,

          Right you are.

          IF,.. IF,..some professional military, present or former military were planning on doing any such nonsense,.. they Firstly,…understand Op-Sec.

          Secondly,.. why in the world would they plan on blowing up a “Fountain”???

          Answer: They wouldn’t. Any real military trained people wouldn’t waste their time on any such nonsense target,.. but CIA or FBI Operatives would.

          Third: Any person with any real military background knows Ocrapo is to well protected to waste their time in trying to run a hit on him.

          Forth: Any genuine military veteran would NOT be planning any of the listed events simply because they would not want to embarasse their fellow veterans or current active duty of their service. Thats just the way most veterans are.

          5th: Any REAL Veterans would know,.. 4 guys are a hardly sufficient to take over an ENTIRE military base! (Yeah,.. right,.. nice try FBI/CIA…)

          6th: Any REAL veteran would know,.. there simply isn’t any “Economic Target” that any small group of people can take out that will have ANY lasting impact,… its simply a waste of time, effort, materials and opportunity.

          Lastly: Assasinate “local Officials”,… Uh-huh,.. right,..sure,… Like who?? Notice how no specific persons are named.

          My Fellow Americans: This is a FBI/CIA Operation thru and thru!

          Let their be NO DOUBT in anyones mind,.. this is a perfect example of how desperate the “Enemy Force In Occupation” (the US Fed Gov’t) is!

          They MUST vilify, marginalize and desecrate the patriotism of Veterans and any persons who does not acquiesce to the TREASON and TYRANNY of the International Banksters, Perfidious Politicians and the Treasonous Fed Gov’t.

          Don’t buy the Gov’ts BULLSHIT story about these guys for an instant,.. its simply the handy work of the FBI/CIA and the Ministry-Of-Propaganda (Mains-Stream-Media).

          JD – US Marines – Warning America that the US Federal Gov’t is NOT an American gov’t,.. it is nothing more than an “Enemy Force In Occupation” trying to disquise itself and it’s treason.

          • @jd USSA Marines SUPPORTING UN NWO ZOG Tyranny… you need to change your name !!!




            CHANGE YOUR NAME !!! OR ELSE !!!



            • love it..what you wrote was and is true…our former republic has gone bat shit mad..and is run by some real true sociopaths..i believe finally the sleepers have awoke and are fed up with the moster called the united snakes…it needs to be sent to its doom..we the people who pay taxes for this moster to live must sooner or later pull the plug and stop feeding it..its a moster on the loose boyos..

        • Hi VRF,

          You are absolutely correct!.

          IF,.. IF,..some professional military, present or former military were planning on doing any such nonsense,.. they Firstly,…completely understand Op-Sec.

          Secondly,.. why in the world would they plan on blowing up a stupid “Fountain”???

          Answer: They wouldn’t. Any real military trained people wouldn’t waste their time on any such nonsense target,.. but CIA or FBI Operatives would. (Everyone know the FBI has grudges against Veterans, the US Constitution and,… Fountains)

          Third: Any person with any real military background knows Ocrapo is way to well protected to waste their time in trying to run a hit on him. Killing American Presidents is the job of the US Secret Service.

          Forth: Any genuine military veteran would NOT be planning any of the listed events simply because they would not want to embarrass their fellow veterans or current active duty of their service. Thats just the way most veterans are.

          5th: Any REAL Veterans would know,.. 4 guys are a hardly sufficient to take over an ENTIRE military base! (Yeah,.. right,.. nice try FBI/CIA…)

          6th: Any REAL veteran would know,.. there simply isn’t any “Economic Target” that any small group of people can take out that will have ANY lasting impact,… its simply a waste of time, effort, materials and opportunity.

          Lastly: Assasinate “local Officials”,… Uh-huh,.. right,..sure,… Like who?? Notice how no specific persons are named.

          My Fellow Americans: This is a FBI/CIA Operation through and through!

          Let their be NO DOUBT in anyones mind,.. this is a perfect example of the desperation of the “Enemy Force In Occupation” (the US Fed Gov’t)!

          They MUST vilify, marginalize and desecrate the patriotism of Veterans and any persons who does not acquiesce to the TREASON and TYRANNY of the International Banksters, Perfidious Politicians and the Treasonous Fed Gov’t.

          Don’t buy the Gov’ts BULL story about these guys for an instant,.. its simply the handy work of the FBI/CIA and the Ministry-Of-Propaganda (Mains-Stream-Media).

          JD – US Marines – Warning America that the US Federal Gov’t is NOT an American gov’t,.. it is nothing more than an “Enemy Force In Occupation” trying to disquise itself and it’s treason.

        • Smell BS? I think I stepped in it! This is so goey and messy that I think we can even see the bull that excreted it.

          *THIS* supposed *PLOT* is just another attempt at gun confiscation and a way to get the general public to support a further tightening of the screws of the police state.

          Screw them! They have lost and they know it! It means nothing to the people. The people are still drowsy but they are at least waking up. No public support will exist and they will have to MURDER US ALL TO GET THEIR NWO/WHATEVER in place. …and that will be oh, so difficult because people that have never owned or desired to have a gun are buying guns like crazy. I mean, we’re talking AS FAST AS THEY CAN BE MADE. There is one industry thats thriving under this heavy yoke of pseudo marxism: the firearms industry.

          …just because they know whats up.

        • Yeah and the Rock ain’t cookin’ it neither. It all seems too tidy to me.

        • I smell preparation for a false flag event

          • None story. Strictly probing OUR collective perimeter defenses and looking for the “sweet spot”. Very WEAK effort to apply further “controls” where deemed/lied “necessary.” Potential pseudo-flag pretense and “same old bullsh*t”. Can you say “desperate” to further elevate and garner additional support for the “king” of Amerika.

            ANYTHING to detract from ‘his’ GRADE “F” record since usurping the office once known as President…now known as “facist dictator-in-waiting”. Yawn.

        • This is government propaganda to set up a false flag before the election to Obummer can order martial law.

          • Barry Hussein Soetero Obama…..a foreign born, Kenyan, Marxist-socialist traitor with a plan to destroy the United States cannot allow elections to take place in November! He knows he will lose and he MUST come up with a false flag or some other reason to order a national emergency and martial law. He can then suspend the elections indefinitely and begin disarming American Citizens to begin his real reign of terror. Just sayin’…

      2. i think more and morer groupslike this will be coming forward in the near future, it only takes on brave person to do the first move and the rest will follow


            here’s something to starve them out first, i know its a little long but the first 15 or 20 minutes explains pretty much everything

        • The first move?

          What, making a martyr of Obama?

          That would set liberty back another decade or so.


          • Hey AP….love your blog and contributions to the discussions on WRSA.

        • you mean made up boogie men? right?

        • If I am misunderstanding you then I apoligize in advance…if not then what are you refering to?
          It sounds like youre calling this group “good guys”by refering to them as brave?(if so you have a messed up concept of brave)I hope not because theyre exactly what freedom and liberty DO NOT need,murderers and rank amataurs…no body outside a hollywood film is that good or that dumb.. all this stupidity does is bolster the tyrant and his image and hand him more ammo… the time will come when men of courage and honor in and out of the “military” rise against this beast government and its puppetmasters but common criminals stoking their mouths and egos about things way out of their paygrade and mental capacity only hurts the real patriots! 🙁

      3. How many false flags are they going to have before the election???

        • tons..evidently

        • I hate commies.

          • “We stand for organized terror – this should be frankly admitted. Terror is an absolute necessity during times of revolution.”-Felix Dzerzhinsky

            “We have never rejected terrorism and we cannot reject it. It is a method of warfare”-Vladimir Lenin

          • Your lord was a commie.

        • 57….one for each state???

          • Multiply that by how many more months we have left

        • As many as they can slide in. These people are a bunch of drama QUEENS!!!!

      4. First bitches!!!!

        • GTFU!

        • Well this is the second time in a week that you must feel McFOOLISH

        • Does not appear that way bitch!!!!

      5. obama and B.S. go hand in hand. Wonder how they thought they could get at shot at obama. Moron’s with good intentions I guess….

      6. Yawn…

      7. these charges have no proof according to the article.

        • Sure they do. They have the testimony of a double murderer whose payment was a reduction of the charges to manslaughter and a light sentence.

          I bet that fact would never be heard by the jury, if there was actually a case brought from it. But I also bet it would be good enough for the prosecuting criminals and the corrupted judge.

          It appears they now know they can’t harass people based on a facebook post, so they are willing to bribe murderers to get some evidence to use to frame up the innocents they wish to attack.

          • Why wouldn’t the Feds use the testimony of a double murderer? They used the testimony of pornographer who had committed incest with two daughters against the geriatric militia in Georgia. Fixed it so he never stood trial on the charges of incest. Yeah, they’d surely use a double murderer as an impeccable witness. Think of it folks, these are suppose to be the good guys.

        • They most likely will need no proof.They have a confession and a state’s witness. They will pressure the other defendants with a life sentence or worse for conspiracy to commit murder. The defendants will plea bargain for lesser time.This is the MO used on the common man who cannot afford expensive corrupt corp lawyers.

          • Something like 97% of all cases end in a plea.
            Read that and let it sink in.
            Only around 3% ever go to trial.

            Want to help bring down the system?
            Don’t just pay your traffic ticket, go to trial.
            You know what happens when you lose?
            You pay the ticket.

            No more pleas.
            Make them prove it.
            Waste their time.
            It costs more to give you a trial than they gain from the fine.
            If even 10% of the people would do this the courts would be brought to a standstill.

            No more nukes.
            Your genetic heratige depends on it.

            • I’ve seen how these people work. If you’re married, they implicate your wife and threaten to send her to jail and take away your kids unless you plea.

              They fabricate charges and “evidence”, hiding inconvenient facts and evidence, and load up the charges- making a plea deal sound reasonable, even if untrue.

              I know 3 men in prison for a long long time who went through this, and I know of several more who have gone through it and/or are going through it now.

      8. sounds like a planned setup to demonize soldiers. These guys however need to be punished especially anarchists!

        • jim listen to your self ,witch side of the effen fence are you on ?if its a planned setup to demonize soldier then who the phuc are you punishing ?

        • Do you know what an anarchist is or you just go by what the MSM defines it to be?

        • How are you going to punish agent provocateurs of the government?

          Give Anarchists a break; they catch hell meant for infiltrators, snitches and looneytoon rock/bomb throwers out there. Find out what an Anarchist really is before throwing this type of label around. You may find you have common ground with them. Not defending, just saying fact check before judgement.

      9. Check out WTOC.COM where plead guilty as charged.

      10. This once again shows the shear desperateness of the BO admistration, grasping at air in hopes something will catch, which it sure hasn’t. I am beginning to think more and more that some intense false flag is ready to occur. I still say war as my number one choice, and beyond that whatever the warped minds of the government can come up with.

        • Be Informed,

          What is your take on this?

          CA Residents Baffled By Mysterious Loud Booms Shaking Ground…

          (It was posted on Drudge Report this morning.)

          Do you think this is related to the swarm of earthquakes they have had recently in California? It seems to be building toward something bigger.

          • You got it right, KY Mom!
            Within 16 hours we had some 60 (SIXTY!) quakes in the El Centro / Brawley area (southern San Adreas fault).
            Strength all the way up to 5.5 on the Richter scale.

          • My take is that it is not a real mystery. Just nobody want’s to say who is doing it because they would lose their jobs.

          • @ KY Mom. A wild guess of mine would either me natural gas deposits or some government testing of some sort. El Dorado county is about 90 miles east of the Northern San Andreas, so this is not what is causing it. There are faults up in that region leading up to Lake Tahoe. About 85 miles to the north is Mt. Lassen Volcanic State Park. It is possible that this has something to do with as gas bubbles sometimes are prior to an eruption. 85 miles is kind of a far distance though. Mt. Lassen and Mt. Shasta in northern california are always suspect of future eruptions, along with the Mammouth area with the Long Valley Caldera.

            @ Raymond. The high activity of earthquakes is not what to worry about it, the fact that they continued to grow in size is of extreme concern. It is extremely rare for earthquakes to grow in size like this, around a fault. The ONLY other time earthquakes grow in size like this is around an impending volcano that is going to erupt. If this was not right on the southern San Andreas I would say a volcano could be ready to blow. The thing is those earthquake waves were not harmonic in nature that you see around a volcano and the depth was too deep. Most harmonic earthquakes from volcanoes are more shallow.

            An easy way to understand the word harmonic is a smooth earthquake wave, while an earthquake wave from a fault is more jagged. They use to have an earthquake monitoring device online in which you could see a harmonoc wave that looked like a round hill and an earthquake wave that looked like sharp peaks and deep gorges. This was from the San Andreas, and if you start to see bigger earthquakes in this area that continue to climb, like 5.7 or larger and another one larger. LOOK OUT it is coming.

      11. Do these idiots really expect me to believe that a buncha privates had $87k to blow on warfighting materials?

        Anyone know how much a private makes?

        I smell fed money and provocation.



        • just like the 20 grand worth of gear a flunky med. student had, without a job (nice car, nice apartment..etc.)…Mmmum..yup

      12. There is a top secret story that a group of “Out of Control” Boy Scouts were planning to tease Mrs. Obama and shoot spit balls at the President during the troop’s next visit to Washington D.C.

        DHS in reponse purchased 1 billion JHP’s and Barry has gone into hiding at a 5 star Hotel near a really good golf course in Hawaii.

        More to follow on this False…breaking story!

        • Hahhahhaahahhahh,, stop it..hahahh

        • Yeah, I heard the same story, but the boy scouts were going to aim their spitballs at Obama’s privates, except Reggie Love’s head was in the way.

          • ya but even if he got outta the way its immpossible to hit what you cant see… 😉

      13. interesting comments, what if this didnt happen yet? what if it is going to happen, and is something that big sister is setting up to happen? then its not propaganda, it would be self fullfilled prophecy in their eyes and justifacation to do what they want under the “public safety” ploy…. i put nothing passed this government… and expect the worst and hope for the best and be ready for everything in between, and thats all we can do without giving them a reason to come after us indivisuals and making an example out of us, the governments time will come and it will be set right because they will distroy themselves

      14. Something is not right with this story.

        • This story is as fake as Obungholes birth certificate!! The herd is lovin it though. Hang on to them guns boys and girls, we’ll be needing them soon!

          • thats what im thinking.

      15. Seems to be a Britsh website, quoting the AP.
        Yet, NO MENTION of the story at the AP homepage, anywhere …
        Take it with a grain of salt … and some lime, and tequila …

        • Nothin’but the best agave

      16. so let me get this straight now, once our honored vets are home and done serving our country they get slapped with a congrats we now think your domestic terrorist? Am I hearing that correct? If so I think the government is now looking in to a conspiracy against it so it would be called not a government but “people” conspiracy? right?

        • Thats what I got out of that. I’m a vet and this pisses me off here’s what they wrote, “ever more reasons for why veterans and active military personnel should be monitored, investigated and indefinitely detained as potential domestic terrorists.” We should be indefinitely detained? WTF!! So what we say something and now they take our weapons away etc. If they do it will be the biggest mistake they make. People are going to say enough is really enough!! Fuckers piss me off. I don’t wan’t anyone hurt or shot. Just leave us alone!! What is so hard about that. But you keep sniffin your noses in everything we do and that pushes us. Just like the guy that got to close to the bear and he bit the bastard to death.

      17. I call BS. This guy is reading off a script. One hand washes the other.

      18. Look as a combat vet we know the ropes, been there and done that. We know what it is like, they have to put a foot on us just because we can train and be leaders in the up coming stand off. They are going to do anything they can to stop the mass’s. They are grasping for straws now and they know their SHIT is weak. We as a nation have to put an end to this RIGHT NOW. Where are the VFW, AM VETS, LEGION, etc. where are they. I guess to full of non-vets to care. It’s coming, the storm is on the horizon and you can see the lighning flash’s now. VET’S BE PREPARED TO BE SPIT ON AGAIN, BUT THIS TIME WE JUST MIGHT SPIT BACK.

        • it wot be citizens spitting on them this time, it will be their own home government doing the spitting

          (either way ,both times it is and was wrong)

        • Awaiting further orders copperhead. BRW standing by.

          • BRW: We need a national leader to step up to the plate NOW, and say it’s over you have 24hrs to stop this BS and get the F-CK out of our country. Oh bye the way take the U N with you. If you don’t we are coming for you. Some of us will die,(but it don’t mean noth’n). I’m just an old dogface that will do my part to get control back to the people. I think they are finding out that they are having more trouble than they thought, with the intimidation factor, it’s not working like it use to. People are just feed up. Look its our money that is buying all this ammo, THEY WORK FOR US. So as for a LEADER, step up and you will see that there are alot PARIOTS on your six. I’m with you all the way BRW!
            copperhead out

            • Sorry copperhead dam touch screen

        • That’s just a feed-through of the AP story.

          • Ooops, sorry.

      19. Well at least someone is trying……LMBO

      20. Do a web search (I refuse to even say Google, much less use it), for those two names and you get nothing related to this claimed story. You don’t even get a link to AP.


        • It looks like it is popping up on mainstream media sites now (update added to the article above with more on the group and their plans)… Try Google News at, because like you said, the main google results pages still weren’t showing it this morning.

        • There is always some truth in a bunch of lies. Don’t trust anyone that claims they come from some extreme miltia group. They are so infiltrated with government stooges that they are literally tripping over each other to control the group. I wonder which ones they are in this group? Take over Fort Steward? They need an army. Oh, wait they are one!!

          • Recall, a few years ago, ATF had an infiltrator into a biker gang, he became a gang leader, and actually ordered hits on rival gang members…

      21. I wonder what these people planned on doing with the country once they overthrew the government.

      22. This is a govt concocted “test balloon” false flag to see how the American public reacts.

        Next you’ll see the “real” (fake) thing – and it will go wildly mainstream.

        The sheeple will buy it hook line & sinker and obama’s pathetic base with come out in full support – it might even start race wars – much to the glee of this administration. They simply love it when Americans are against each other – that way they can go on quietly destroying our fine nation through support of our enemies and radical legislation.

        The obama administration is desperate. Pathetic. Criminal. Childish. Evil. They will stop at NOTHING to get re-elected. Even if it means doing it Chicago style.

      23. GC: You’re absolutely correct about where our rights come from. I smell a rat similar to the Hutaree Militia affair in Michigan, The feds lost on that one because one federal judge was actually the kind of judge we could only dream about and threw the case out.only time will tell for sure. I’m almost certain something will happen between now and November 6th. Everybody just keep prepping in the meantime.

      24. Never know if something was behind this. It was reported about the couple being killed then it got quite. Think they didn’t want to get the story out until they had more facts. Said four people charged but they could have more that was a part of this. You know how they don’t tell everything.

      25. while they are faking Main Stream idiots out, they are pulling strings on another FF..all the while turning mindless non critical thinkers against.. Militias, Military people, gun owners, religious groups, people who have tattos, white people,christians,Vets,..etc

        so predictable

      26. Folks.. I have ears in Ludowici Ga…google it.

        Nothing heard about this, including through the drug enforcement detective for both liberty county and long county sheriff offices….he operates both counties… Liberty county is Ft Stewart.

        Many of their troops train at low country paintball in ludowici, yes train there. I lived on field for a bit.. They used the 62 acres during the week at times as units for unit training / scrimmages

        • I moved to philly FROM Ludowici last year following family tragedy… None of this makes any sense

          • Pauley said Aguigui funded the militia using $500,000 in insurance and benefit payments from the death of his pregnant wife a year ago. Aguigui was not charged in his wife’s death, but Pauley told the judge her death was “highly suspicious.”

            She said Aguigui used the money to buy $87,000 worth of semiautomatic assault rifles, other guns and bomb components that were recovered from the accused soldiers’ homes and from a storage locker. He also used the insurance payments to buy land for his militia group in Washington state, Pauley said.

            In a videotaped interview with military investigators, Pauley said, Aguigui called himself “the nicest cold-blooded murderer you will ever meet.” He used the Army to recruit militia members, who wore distinctive tattoos that resemble an anarchy symbol, she said. Prosecutors say they have no idea how many members belong to the group.

            Read more here: www (dot) bradenton (dot) com(slash) 2012 (slash) 08/27/4173603 (slash) ga-murder-case-uncovers-terror(dot)html(pound sign) storylink(equals)cpy

            This Aguigui sounds like a psychopath. The others were vulnerable to his pitch, which is how they got involved.

            NOT a false flag and a quick survey of google shows multiple articles. Original story on the double murder was last December. One guy took the “first to rat gets a lowered sentence” offer after the double murder. Our justice system is quite slow and ponderous, so the time lag makes some sense.

            The name *Aguigui* is of South Pacific Islander origin, mostly showing up in Guam and CA.

      27. Could this have something to do with UN soldiers & Soviet soldiers supposedly in the US as Obama cannot trust our military siding with him? If Obama declared Martial Law & called in our Militery to squash a demonstration he couldn’t be sure which way they would shoot.

        • @VeryConcerned,,,After the Kent State massacre and Waco,(Delta Force was at Waco) there is no doubt in my mind which way they’ll shoot. I’m armed 24/7 for just such an occurrence.


        “Fear makes us the instruments of Power. When we are afraid, we obey.”

        Fear is instilled in us at an early age and infects our perceptions throughout our lives. We are taught to be afraid of crime, afraid of losing our jobs, afraid of AIDS, afraid of immigrants, afraid of the Russians (or the Moslems), afraid of terrorism, afraid of chaos, afraid of failure, afraid of not being loved, afraid of going to hell. All these apprehensions are seized on and magnified by the media, the government, the corporations and the Church, whipping us into a frenzy of fear.

        Those in power use fear to manipulate and control us. Fear makes us the instruments of Power. When we are afraid, we obey. When we are afraid, we will do anything to feel safer.

        Afraid of crime? Hire more police and build more prisons.

        Afraid of unemployment? Work harder.

        Afraid of AIDS? Don’t have sex.

        Afraid of immigrants? Keep them out.

        Afraid of foreigners? Bomb the hell out of them.

        Afraid of terrorism? Restrict civil liberties.

        Afraid of chaos? Support the status quo.

        Afraid of failure? Don’t take chances.

        Afraid of being alone? Conform.

        Afraid of going to hell? Obey the Church.

        Fear limits our freedom, keeps us from enjoying life to its fullest, prevents us from reaching our true human potential. Fear is why we do everything.

        GET MAD ANGRY PISSED RIPPED REBEL AGAINST those who would attack you control you bully you TERRORIZE YOU manipulate you BRAIN-WASH YOU with intentional falsified man woman ZOG FEDGOV made FALSE-FAG terror and fear !


        Then get Even !

        FIGHT BACK !


      29. I agree, it don’t make sense. Savannah is 40 miles from Ft. Stewart. Why do they want to harm people here? They fly in and out of the army airfield here. Why would they want to harm their own base?
        We don’t need trouble to start here so they can close everything up. That is what would happen. Sounds like someone wanted trouble to do just that.

      30. = false flag. all these ‘failed’ plots, wow the so called ‘bad guys’ are so ‘stupid’ aint they all






      32. Unbelievable BULL SHIT. Maybe Military rejects. Liberals try to link Christians, Military and Patriots to criminal acts. It usually isn’t true, but they sure make some big headlines (HeadLies) out of it. They also issue regulations, policies and warnings about people who did nothing wrong. Its Tyranny, plain and simple. Hey what happened to my right to free speech???

        Sounds more like a late teen Ménage à trois then a Coup d’état.

      33. False flag.

      34. Don’t buy it for a second… counter-psyop work if you care for my opinion.

      35. Yeah, sure, a private is going to stage a coup? ROTFLMAO BAAAAHHH

      36. Again you people are pathetic. You are only willing to believe what is in line with your preconcieved notions. You people are a testament to the failure of the American education system. Your critical thinking skills are abysmal.

        • Hi there Joe. I guess this means there isn’t much chance of changing your preconceived notions now, is there?

        • Ok Joe..I speak for all of us here…you are the voice of reason and we are all crazy..we will try to come around to your way of thinking…we promise. Try not to be too impatient as change takes time. You are invited to stop by and check up on us but again, realize we are all brainwashed and it will take some time to be as smart as you. You are our new leader and we love you. We will burn our preps and invest all our money in the stock market, tommorrow if thats good for you Joe. I guess thats all we have for now Joe, we await your next commands.

        • Your critical thinking skills are abysmal.

          What does ” abysmal ” mean?

        • Like I haven’t heard that one before. You have my regrets. Instead of using YOUR critical thought process of gleaning the vast information provided by the posters here, from all parts of the world, you play a masochist and insult them. It is unfortunate that you seem unable contribute a more constructive dialog.

      37. Four soldiers planning to over throw the US Government?!?! Surely the perpetrators of such a phoney story could do better than that? That is not believable even on its face.

        • Oh, they were going to join “other militia groups” before they tried that. The implication is that ALL militia groups want to overthrow the gov corp.

          Most militia types, I suppose, simply want the gov corp to honor the Rule of Law.

          That, of course, makes them a danger to the corp and Obamanites everywhere. We sure can’t have the Rule of Law interfere with the corp agenda.

          • Most of the ones I know of would be satisfied if the elected officials told the TRUTH & FULLY honored their Oath of Office.

          • Gods Creation, whoever came up with such an obscenely ridiculous story and expects intelligent Americans to believe it has a very low opinion of American intellect. Rule of Law was tossed out with the baby long ago. The longer government lawlessness continues the closer we as a society inch toward anarchy. It’s getting pretty close.

      38. Well…looks to me that another Hollywood script writer got his laptop hacked by the Feds. Same old fear-mongering sh*t from our favorite hoodrat criminals.

        If you want some fear, just look at what is happening to our Veterans and how much munitions all the Alphabet Agencies are hording up. When will the Jackboots come to put YOU in a mental ward or which hollow-point has your name on it?

        Best to the Preps.

      39. Off Topic: Check out good site for prep’n

      40. hope and change…..

      41. Guy goes into a bar in Louisiana where there’s a robot bartender! The robot says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “Whiskey.” The robot brings back his drink and says to the man, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says,” 168.” The robot then proceeds to talk about physics, space exploration and medical technology. The guy leaves, . . . but he is curious . . . So he goes back into the bar. The robot bartender says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “Whiskey.” Again, the robot brings the man his drink and says, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says, “100.” The robot then starts to talk about Nascar, Budweiser, the Saints and LSU Tigers
        The guy leaves, but finds it very intriguing, so he thinks he will try it one more time. He goes back into the bar. The robot says, “What will you have?” The guy says, “Whiskey,” and the robot brings him his whiskey. The robot then says, “What’s your IQ?” The guy says, “I think maybe 70.”
        The robot leans in real close and says, “SO, . . . you people . . . gonna vote for a president?”

        • Funny….but the implications are sadly true at the same time.

      42. I’d laugh but its the truth.

      43. This has all the signs of a false flag. It’s a story made for authorizing DHS to move against vets. Just out of no where this comes out, but MSM says nothing about???? BS!If true they would be on this flies on S%#T! I remember back in 2001 saying when they formed DHS taht it was going to become the US version of the KGB, or NKVD, Stazi, etc.
        Welcome to the police states of America.

      44. Never Underestimate the Stupidity of the American Sheeple…

      45. Running low on material these days, so they go to the horse stables to see what they can shovel to the public huh? Is this Janet trying to redirect attention from her dyke affairs and point out the “domestic terrorists” that are constantly on the attack day and night? Yes sir, I think so. I wouldn’t be surprised if the only thing to come out of this is a murder charge. The .gov prerogative is to artificially induce “domestic terror” into every article, or every crime committed. Anything to keep the KGB alive. I’m calling bullshit on this one also.

      46. Not looking forward to seeing what Barry has planned for his October surprise!!

      47. went to get chicken feed today and the owner told me that they got word that seed and feed manufactures are not to receive any more corn for their products, this happened in asheville north carolina

      48. 4, not 400, not 4000….4…no f’ing way! i call bs on this.

      49. NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        I was preparing for OBAMA to get re-elected. Now I must prepare for his peer Binden… Damm, I might just tap out and call it quits.

        ( Never, just kidding of course. )

        I’m sure most here have made prepping thier lifestyle, not just a fad.


        Be careful with your comments on this one preppers. 😉

      50. The spooks at central casting have been very hard at work. They have very bright futures waiting in Hollywood once they meet retirement criteria.

      51. Well I guess this govt has never learned what every farmer learns young…you may want those nests of hornets outta your barn but you do not do it by kicking and slapping the nest and telling the hornets how stupid they are and how theyd better get outta your barn or else….barry and company seem about to learn that very basic lesson 🙂

      52. Anyone wanna buy a bridge

      53. Some Terrorist! Not even an armed standoff with the cops for $80-ish thousand dollars in arms. Wow, wonder how many people will buy this b.s. as in “Veterans suspected as Terrorist”?

      54. Honestly, from the way you guys in here talk, why would you think its impossible for someone to try to do this? You guys REALLY feel that the government is out to take your rights away, so why is it impossible to believe someone with this mindset wouldn’t act on it?

      55. I think my 14 year old could come up with a better story faster. Do these CIA/FBI/OEF (Occupying Enemy Force) members that come up with this stuff actually get paid for this or do that hand it off to their kids? I mean, very little kids.

        It is so transparently fake. Can you imagine for just one second if we had a real press that would investigate this stuff? It would never even make it to print, yet, AP picked it up. CNN and FOX are probably broadcasting it soon.

        If we didn’t have a bought off, naive, life experiencially ignorant press, this would be impossible.

        Lamestream Media = LMFAO.

      56. Who came up with this plan?
        Frist, the 4 of us will overthrow an entire army base (I know it’s possible, I’ve seen Chuck Norris do it). Second, we’ll blow up some random fountain. Third, we’ll blow up some random dam. Fourth, just to show we mean business, we’ll poision an apple orchard.
        Any questions? No. That sounds like a great plan. No wonder you are the leader.

      57. TPTB are villianizing the Constitution everyday.
        We were given the right to overthrow such government by our Constituion and TPTB want this to look like TERRORISM not protection of our rights….but we here know this

      58. fubar fubar fubar

      59. Well, folks, I think we can add this to the story:

        “Four Army soldiers based in southeast Georgia killed a former comrade and his girlfriend to protect an anarchist militia group they formed that stockpiled assault weapons and plotted a range of anti-government attacks, prosecutors told a judge Monday.

        Prosecutors in rural Long County, near the sprawling Army post Fort Stewart, said the militia group of active and former U.S. military members spent at least $87,000 buying guns and bomb components. They allege the group was serious enough to kill two people — former soldier Michael Roark and his 17-year-old girlfriend, Tiffany York — by shooting them in the woods last December in order to keep its plans secret.”

        Here is the link to the story:

      60. I’d just like to point out that these were very young soldiers. One sergeant (presumably E-5) who may have been on his second hitch but the others were all privates and almost certainly first termers…very junior people here.

      61. Obama criticizes Romney’s past, his religion, his business practices, etc. What a joke for a community organizer who had a history of associating himself with criminals, such as Tony Rezko. ACORN. The GSA and other governmental agencies tax money spending sprees. His idea of redistribution of wealth? aking from those who earned it, nd giving to those who don’t get out of bed until the afternoon?

        Obama’s class warfare tactics, that it is bad to be rich, bad to own a company, bad to succeed. That the rich get taxed less, wrong!!! The wealth pay more, much more, unless they invest and that is called capital gains tax which is 15% opposed to 28% earned income, two different types of taxes.

        Obama attended an radical extremist racist church for over 20 years with Rev. Jerimiah Wright. That’s OKAY?
        Obama’s friends, te Weather Underground, Terrorist William Ayers. Not to mention wher Obama was born, if he is Muslim, and the list goes on…. for a president with a lot of seriously shady baggage. BUT that is all overlooked andacceptable? Unfrickebelievable…

        I think it is Obama’s plan to replace democracy with socialism is very real. Obama’s actions and beaviors speak louder than words as well as his inactions. Is he a mole? Does he have an alternate motive, an underlying hidden agenda as President? I see what he’s doing…

        Spending tax payer money carelessly to bankrupt America?
        Trillions upon Trillions, something stinks folk.

        Example, the so-called economic recovery package passed overnight that Congress did not read as the 831 Billion dollar stimulus bill which is the biggest heist, the bigget scam in our country. Don’t believe me? Read any page in the Bill and SEE where OUR money went… the money was misappropriate into numerous cash cow pet pork earmarked projects that will make you PUKE. That money was OUR money, borrowed money that was suppose to help you and me, and our country… B.S.

        Obama weakened the military with cuts to all funding to our defense. Him or his administration leaked top secret info. to the media, giving our enemies an upper hand, WHY?

        Obama is obviously opposed to job creation by making it more difficult for small businesses to flourish, but has handed out more welfare benefits to fellow Americans. It rally seems as though Obama doesn’t want people to work, he wants everybody dependent upon government. Otherwise, jobs would have easily been created by the people by now. Instead of Obama concentrating on economic growth, he passed Obamacare, taking Billions from medicare to pay for health care to those who don’t work. How fair is that?

        Many of the people who are unemployed were unemployed prior to 2008, those same people are living comfortably on all sorts of government hand-out entitlements, but the last piece to the freeloader puzzle is free health care. I always hear, “you have to pay your fair share, for the roads, fire, police, etc. However, when 47% of Americans pay no taxes living on the coat tails of the 53% like a host to a paramecium… those who work make the rules, and if you don’t work you don’t eat!
        The Gravy Train will soon be over for these scumbags. Watch and see…

        I saw right through Obama before he became president, and what he is doing is wrong. Obama will go down in the history books as the worst presient ever! In fact, when he is out of office, the truth will finally come out and he will be exposed… the American people will be shocked to learn what type of person was in the White House. Mark my word.

        VOTE OBAMA OUT… we can’t afford it, he has got to go before he destroys OUR country. Unless that’s his plan to purposefully / intentionally take our country into sharia law, free cheese to a new third world country, called the united slums of America, just one big ghetto. NOT. LQQK what he’s doing, and not doing. Ask yourself why?

        VOTE for ROMNEY… you don’t have to like him, he’s not a rock star, doesn’t have a lot of charisma, not as slick or smooth as Obama, but he is more trustworthy and far more experienced than Obama will ever be.

      62. just would like to share a simple bunch of thoughts with you people who i do belive have awoke to the sad fact that our former republic has gone broke and insane..and its so called leaders who do not think for A MINUTE THAT THEY..WHO THE HELL IS THEY..DO WORK FOR US..OR ARE SUPPOSED TOO..WHAT IF THE CHINESE FINALLY GET SO PISSED THAT THEY FINALLY INVADE US BY GETTING ON ANY ONE OF THOSE MONSTER CONTAINER SHIPS AND TAKE OVER OUR PORTS..HOLD THEM FOR RANSOM..A DIVISION WITH SMALL TANKS ETC. CAN BE PUT ON THESE SHIPS..AND IT WOULD NOT BE SEEN..RED DAWN IS COMMING BACK..WITH A VENGENCE..AND I WOULD NOT BLAME THEM AT ALL…ITS ALL JUST A THEORY BUT IM NEVER WRONG..I KNEW THE NIGHT BEFORE 911..IT WOULD HAPPEN..RUMSFELD GAVE THE HORROR SHOW AWAY…LOSS OF SEVERAL BILLIONS..HE STATED THAT THERE WOULD BE a hit on the pentsgon..but about this lost money stolen by that dov jewboy from brooklyn who coincidently had a company that had the tec to fly any plane by remote control..the rest is the horror that destroyed my towers..we will not rest till the vermin who did this deed, hang by piano wire..and we know who they be…

      63. Folks this is the False Flag Operation that was mentioned roughly a month to a month and a half ago. This story is all Bull Shit! More fucking progaganda from the socialist government. What the hell could a group of non-coms possibly do to carry out such an elaborate plan? The details are so bizarre it sounds like some bad liberal Hollywood plot….I’m not buying it!

      64. Wow this tread is full of FEAR candidates.
        Go back to school and learn something. Maybe even finish off your diploma.
        People like you who unquestionably believe everything your told are what’s wrong with this country.

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