REPORT: An Alien Bacteria Has Been Brought Back To Earth From The Space Station

by | Nov 29, 2017 | Headline News | 25 comments

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    Russian cosmonaut, Anton Sklerov

    Russian cosmonaut, Anton Shkapolerov

    A Russian cosmonaut has said that the bacteria recently found on the International Space Station and brought back to earth, is extra-terrestrial.  The bacteria did not originate from Earth, however, raising more questions.

    Cosmonaut Anton Shkaplerov says he found bacteria clinging to the external surface of the International Space Station that didn’t come from the surface of Earth.  The bacteria was swabbed from the exterior of the ISS years ago, but begs the question, just how did it get there?

    “And now it turns out that somehow these swabs reveal bacteria that were absent during the launch of the ISS module,” Shkaplerov told the Russian news agency Tass. “That is, they have come from outer space and settled along the external surface. They are being studied so far and it seems that they pose no danger.”  In particular, the Russians took probes from places where the accumulation of fuel waste was discharged during the engines’ operation or at places where the station’s surface is more obscure. After that, the samples were sent back to Earth.

    The cosmonaut is preparing for his third trip to the international space station next month. The collection of life forms from the outside of the ISS during one of his previous trips was something of a mini-controversy a few years back. Russian scientists reported that the spacewalk sample harvests yielded evidence of apparent sea plankton clinging to the station. The claims caught NASA by surprise at the time, which said it had heard nothing from the Russians about any space plankton.

    Earth bacteria were able to survive on the ISS as well, however. Some terrestrial bacteria survived on the space station’s external surface, though they had remained in a space vacuum for three years. In addition to that, they underwent sharp swings in temperature from minus 150 to plus 150 degrees Celsius, the cosmonaut noted.


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      1. There’s illegal aliens that bring in all kinds of shit from their third world homelands.

        • Andromeda Strain…

          • That is exactly the same thought that crossed my mind IMMEDIATELY, when I first read this piece of news.


            This is not only a very, very, stupid decision – to bring this unknown, alien, micro-organism laced bacteria back to Earth – but, it has the potential to endanger human life on this planet. What happens if this bacteria, once inside our atmosphere, begins to rapidly reproduce itself and there is no known way to destroy it? What happens if it turns out to be hazardous to human life?

            There are days, when I truly do wonder about the intelligence capabilities of even the supposedly brightest humans in our world. What sort of imbecile makes a decision like this, without extensive research and consultation within the highest levels of our scientific. military, and medical communities? Are we to believe that none of these allegedly ‘brightest’ idiots ever gave a seconds thought to the wide range of potentially deadly and dangerous consequences before making this decision?

      2. Will it ferment sugar? That’s all we need to know.

      3. I don’t think it will be killed by normal means being it can survive a vacuum, hundreds of degrees below zero and similarly above. These microbes will be gang raping penicillin.

        • I used to date this girl that had space panties. Her ass was OUT OF THIS WORLD! 😛

      4. We finally found aliens. I think…

        • yes, the people who post comments here, including myself.

      5. Probably just some stray bacteria from Andromeda.

      6. Anonymous: you are a moron. How does a man know that his advances or hitting on a woman are ‘unwelcome’ until he tries it.? So your saying no man should ever “hit” or “flirt” with a woman, because it might be unwelcome or considered sexual harassment?
        My God…..then forget about procreation of our civilization, and welcome collapse. Then the only way to procreate is to have arranged marriages, as in the Arab world. You are indeed an idiot, and need to get off this site and never be heard from again..!!!!

      7. Would have been nice if they said why they think it didn’t originate from earth.

        • indeed!!

          there’s lottsa stuff on terra firma we know nothing about

          cause it keeps popping up and we admit we never knew it was there.

      8. bill gates wants to buy it,to add to his vaccenes

      9. Boooo, yall. Maybe now we can have the ever hoped for worldly boogeyman. And if the world is lucky, it wins, and leaves the ragtag remnants alone.

        • Been here, commented – many, many times. Must be the new thought police in action. Did Chuck Shumer buy this site?

      10. Yea, bringing alien bacteria down to the surface is a wonderful idea. It couldn’t possibly cause any harm!

      11. To Braveheart
        From Upstate New Yorker

        I found an interesting article on Castro’s brother
        and thought I would share it with you. The link will be in the next post, as it has to go through moderation first.

      12. Heck, ain’t no space bacteria going to get me. I’ll just sign up for Obamacare and the government will take care of the problem. But if I do catch ill, I’m going to go sexual harassment postal and kiss every damned pretty liberal chick I see. Not only will I spread some alien plague to people I consider already infected with something much worse, maybe even I’ll ‘get some’; but at the worst, I’ll get a free paid retirement program to some federal facility with 3 squares a day, an exercise program and all the time in the world to just study and kick back. Add in I’m too old and ugly to worry about dropping the soap in the shower…. yeah, bring the little critters down to earth.

      13. Probably where the obama came from, obscure slime..ailens
        or possibly clintons.

      14. Have you seen the movie “LIFE”. Muhahaha!

      15. Baby libtards

      16. No mention of its reproductive machinery. Is it based on DNA, RNA, or an alternative genetic blueprint? That should be a very simple task given today’s chemical analytic laboratory instruments.

        How does it procure energy and the building blocks: nitrogen, sulfur,carbon, etc? I can see getting energy from the sun, but unless it came from some distant planet and transferred via asteroid/meteorite/space dust, don’t see how it could get the elements to reproduce out in the vacuum of space, therefore it would have to have hitched a ride from somewhere.

      17. Russian (mad?) scientists have dealt with somatic DNA transfer, in modern times.

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