Remember Those Cops Who Beat A Guy On A United Airlines Plane? They’ve Been Fired!

by | Oct 18, 2017 | Headline News | 54 comments


The Chicago Department of Aviation has fired the two security officers who were involved in an incident in which a passenger was dragged off a United Airlines flight. Four officers were involved in the event, which took place in April, at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, after David Dao refused to give up his seat.

According to CBS News,  the department said in a statement Tuesday: “As we have clearly stated, the department is taking every action in our power to ensure that an incident like this never, ever occurs again.” The city’s Office of Inspector General said in a report released Tuesday that as a result of the office’s findings and recommendations, the Aviation Department fired an officer who “improperly escalated the incident” and a sergeant involved in removing facts from a report. The department also suspended the two other officers, and one of those officers resigned.

Below is a passenger’s video of Dao being taken off the plane. It may not be suitable for all viewers.

Back in April, Dao, who had been aboard a flight to Louisville, Kentucky, was forced to give up his seat against his will, and video showed the security guards dragging him down the aisle of a plane. Dao’s attorney, Thomas Demetri, said it was unfortunate the employees lost their jobs.

Officials also stated that one of those officers, a sergeant, was part of an attempt to cover up the details of the incident.

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    1. Between three centuries

      They should have been executed, not fired.

    2. Yohan Smythe III

      6 months later? Your government at work…2 speeds, slow and slower… this should have been handled and done in a week or two.

      • Jacknife

        I can not believe a law enforcement officer (or wannabe) lied to cover up the truth. I am shocked. Shocked I say. Back in my bad boy days, I got arrested for public drunkenness so they locked me up. When they let me out and gave me my stuff back, they kept the cash. It was even on the receipt. They told me they’d look into it but the cop had gone home for the night. I never did get the money and after getting the run around after several calls, I gave up. But the point is if criminals are enforcing the “law”, there really is no law.

      • John Stiner

        I miss the good ole days when you could beat the crap out of a chink and nobody gave it a second thought. Sigh…..

        • BlackMoe

          JS, a true representative of the thugs in blue, you POS.

          • Him

            When the airline says get off the plane, you get off the plane or they send someone to remove you. Got a problem? Get a lawyer. Don’t be stupid Moe. People get shot every day by the police because some people are stupid. How many traffic stops go deadly because the black driver is a moron?

            • Frank Thoughts

              Very true! It may be wrong but you fight the injustice later with your lawyers. The law is very clear that the airline and the pilot say you go, you go.

              I have been unjustly stopped at gun point by police in many countries. It happens if you are a stranger or look out of place (white dude in all-black area etc.). The first rule is not to antagonise the officer. Calmly state your case, follow their instructions. Don’t be a dumb n#gger and give them lip. That always ends badly.

              • Come-On-People

                So true. You run your mouth and talk all kinds of shit and defy and all of that and guess what – your ass is going home in a 50 cent plastic trash bag you big damn dummy. Learn to control your emotions and your mouth, which blacks cannot do.

                • Kevin2

                  If there was a place to run your mouth to an officer this was the place. Bet that physician is a million dollars richer and the policy has been reversed. The legal system in this instance? They depend upon you using it. Your damages? One free flight, hotel room and a couple of meals. Out of pocket for the attorney, $2000 easy. This guy took it to a different venue, “The Court Of Public Opinion”. This isn’t grey. No traffic stop where you might have done something wrong, you might be armed. This was better than Church Service Christmas Morning.

                  If your morally wrong stand down. If given a lawful order obey. Get out of the car is a lawful order. Put your hands where I can see them is a lawful order. Get out of the seat you paid for because were giving it to someone else isn’t. Buy it from me. Its mine. That seat cost that airline a fortune.

                  No protest no end to Vietnam with more body bags. No protest get to the back of the bus. Its an obligation of anyone loving freedom to confront injustice. This ideal separated the people in the United States from most of the world. The courts sometimes work, but not always. Obedience to injustice isn’t just unjust its literally un-American.

                  I suggest reading the Declaration Of Independence.

                  I’m a Libertarian not a Conservative nor Liberal. Liberty, its an American thing.

            • Come-On-People

              The majority if the times when these “innocent” blacks get shot is because they do NOT listen to the cops and one thing leads to another and their asses get shot 5 times and bleed out, etc, etc. They have a major hearing issue and total lack of control and emotions, the facts are hard to hear but the truth is the damn truth people.

            • the blame-e

              I don’t know. I really liked how the police were so quick to comply with a company policy. No laws involved there. No laws needed. Just beat the crap out of an unarmed man. Now that is serving and protecting. The bottom line: “No, we most definitely cannot all just get along.”

              • Him

                Blame, there were laws involved. And he didn’t get beaten.

                • Kevin2


                  Site the law? Was the law changed through the courts? It wasn’t therefore its NOT THE LAW. It was a company policy being enforced. He wasn’t beaten?


                  Look at him. He fell down the steps? He is clumsy?

                  • Him

                    Aviation Law. Property rights law. Did you see a beating? Post the video. A little blood doesn’t make a beating. He hit his head on the arm rest while violently resisting removal. Had he co-operated, he wouldn’t have injured himself. He brought it on himself.

        • Come-On-People

          Hahaha, they need to beat the crap out of these out of control vile apes roaming the streets of America…

          • anon

            Correct me if I’m wrong but was this “doctor”, not screaming like a little girl and acting a bit irrational when he got his ass booted? Ha he also not had his license revoked? I think he might just be a dickhead parasite who was looking for a hit

        • the blame-e

          OMG. LOL. Ah, wonderful.

          Better watch out. The PC police are loose upon the land. [sarcasm]

      • Illini Warrior

        with the Muslims running Britian – justice is quik and sure for the white Christians – just a blade away …

    3. KY Mom

      speaking of airlines…

      Why residents in some American states may soon need a passport for DOMESTIC air travel

      -The Real ID Act was passed more than 10 years ago to crack down on fake IDs

      -Stricter standards are soon to be required before state-issued IDs are provided

      -Several states still haven’t been deemed as compliant with the new standards

      -This means their residents may need to carry a passport to travel within the US

      ht tp://

      • John Stiner

        That is needed because California is passing out state ids to any illegal who asks for one. They don’t even put gender on the id card now.

        I was going to go to California and get about four or five different IDS so I can commit identity theft more easily.

        • Come-On-People

          This country is so out of control. Liberal DemoRATS at work for you folks. Ruining the country one person at a time.

      • the blame-e

        Real IDs only cost $60.00. Real passports cost $400.00. And, the U.S. government gets the whole $400.00 bucks. Do the math.

        • Him

          Blame, one passport costs about $110. Renewal.

    4. Kevin2

      The public is growing weary with thuggery under color of law. The cell phone is the tool. The government needs to get the body politic to increase trust authority at the bottom so that their is less opposition to their mayhem on the big ticket items are near and dear to them.

      • John Stiner

        The public is growing wearing of righteous beat downs being turned into political stunts and political correctness attacks.

        This is why we never see the beat downs of white people. It is not worthy of the righteous indignation of the liberals.

        God forbid that dipshit should do as he was told instead of fighting the police.

        • Kevin2

          That “dip shit” owned that seat for the duration. Its was paid for, it was his. The Police were nothing more than agents of the company in this instance.

          Who won? Who lost.

          We’re certainly all better off for the stand this man took. He took the beating for it. You now get your seat bought from you at a price of your choosing BECAUSE ITS YOURS.

          This isn’t a liberal v conservative issue? Since when does a conservative have to move lock step with injustice?

        • Kevin2

          John Stiner

          “righteous beat downs”

          Certainly this wasn’t included in a “Righteous Beat Down” nor the nurse that was forcibly removed and threatened with arrest because the police wanted to ILLEGALLY have her drawl blood.

          A uniform with badge doesn’t allow the breaking of the law. Operating under the color or law is actually more damaging to society than traditional law breakers. You have remedies at your fingertips with traditional criminals. Not so when the law breaker wears a uniform.

          A couple of thousand years ago the question was raised, “Who protects us from our protectors”? “We The People”, did our best to address this with the US Constitution and Bill Of Rights. Strict adherence to it in both letter and more importantly intent tend to remedy most governmentally authoritative injustices.

          “God forbid that dipshit should do as he was told instead of fighting the police”

          Police don’t enforce company rules. They ain’t cops regardless of their supposed status because their not enforcing a law. Proof. Did a law change or did a company polic=y change to negate this reoccurring? I rest my case.

    5. Brian

      There are two classes on airlines: first class and livestock. Apparently, he was livestock.

      • the blame-e

        A doctor was considered “livestock.” Good, lord. What hope do the rest of us poor hoi polloi have?

    6. Illini Warrior

      those guys were dead meat the very second it all blew up – the Chicago Aviation PD has been trying for decades to get incorporated into the regular CPD – get guns and everything cooool – just about THERE when this explosion happened …

      now it’s not back to Zero – it’s like a sub 50 below zero – a newbie IL guardsmen will be on duty at the airport with his 9mm before these guys ever get a gun in the holster ….

      • the blame-e

        Back to zero for maybe five minutes. These fool idiot airlines never reform. The only thing they know is doubling down.

        • Illini Warrior

          airlines – even the Airport Authority – doesn’t have input into the airport policing situation …. that’s 100% city authority

      • Him

        IW, there were two different Aviation Police Departments. One is armed and one is not. Then there are the heavy seniority Chicago PD assigned there.

        • Illini Warrior

          only one Aviation PD – the CPD officers assigned to the CPD sub-stations at O’Hare & Midway have totally different duties …

          • Him

            Perhaps. I always saw 2 different aviation squads. One may have been aviation security. Unarmed. The aviation police. Armed. Then the CPD. Of course, they are separate.

    7. Heartless

      My only real questions as this whole thing was if the plane was over-booked…. and all the seats were filled,there are some basic problems with this whole incident. If the plane had no more seats, that means people were occupying all the seats, right? So, it seems that any person trying to then take a seat found none to be had. Common response would be then what? To turn around and get off, go complain that ‘where the hell I am to sit!??!’ to the ticket seller. A full cup cannot take anymore liquid scenario. Now, if it was a matter of weight, then why not remove luggage or freight and simply ship it out on the next available flight – the airline to pay special delivery charges perhaps; but, get all those occupying a seat to their destinations. In short, it doesn’t really make a lick of sense as to just why this happened. And to send in the goons as enforcers proves the phrase, “you can’t fix stupid”. Next, the doctor was an idiot in general screeching like a scalded cat. If he’d just gotten up and out – the airline could’ve found some way to get him home and any moron would know that. No one’s life is so important that an hour or so one way or the other is that pressing. We’re all going to be replaced someday anyway. Finally, regarding any of the video shooting addicts to their devices – I ask them “if you found it so wrong, why didn’t one of you good people volunteer your seat for the good doctor?”. Most of them could’ve probably not arrived at their own trips’ ends without any real problems occurring in their own lives.

      • Come-On-People

        Airlines suck and they treat you like shit, let’s start there…no good fucks!

      • Yohan Smythe III

        I guess you don’t know this case. Everyone DID have a seat, until the airline decided that they needed to get a crew for another airplane to the other airport also. They randomly selected 4 people to “remove”, and he was one of them. Nevermind that he had surgery scheduled the next morning that could not be changed!

        The airline should have chartered a flight for the 4 crew members, which would have cost tens of thousands of $$$$$ less then what this ended up costing.

        Or, offered more money for someone to give up their seat.

      • Him

        I think the airline wanted the seats for returning crew members. Usually they compensate the passengers for giving up the seat. Usually they ask for volunteers. During the Holidays it’s almost like a bidding war. Passengers wait until the offer is high enough to make it worth their while.

        • the blame-e

          A “bidding war?” Not the way it works in the real world. At least not on any airline I have flown with.

          • Wolfbay

            Sunday two American eagle short haul domestic flights were over booked and bidding went up to 800$ plus hotel,dinner and breakfast. Unfortunetly my flight wasn’t overbooked.

          • Kevin2

            It is now thanks to this brave gent.

    8. Him

      And they didn’t beat him. They should get lawyers and sue the writer of the article.

      • Kevin2

        That blood out of his mouth was self inflicted?

        • Him

          The blood doesn’t indicate a beating. An injury of unknown origin until a video shows other wise. Bias is not fact. Fact is not bias.

          • john stiner

            witnesses said he was banging his head on the armrest.

    9. Come-On-People

      That former “Dr.” was a deviant, who gave narcotics to fags to suck him off but any who…very glad those pigs were fired!!

    10. aljamo

      The airline should have announced beforehand the problem that someone has to give up their seat to for a VIP. A random drawing will select the passenger. A refund and bonus will be given the loss of seat person chosen. Eh.. on second thought just snatch someone out of their seat. I’d be yelling on the way out “hope the plane don’t crash.”

      • Kevin2

        Random Drawling? No way. Buy a seat. At some point a passenger will say, “$2000 for a $300 ticket and motel room and dinner”?

    11. Come-On-People

      I avoid putting my ass on any fucked up shitty airline period. I hope the bastards all crash and burn.

    12. Him

      Worked at ORD for 20 years. The work was challenging but ok. The airlines do suck. Big time. Resisting the police is usually not a good idea. Haven’t flown in 15 years. Won’t surrender my 4th amendment rights. Or any other rights. If I ever fly again it’ll be one way out of this country. Unlikely, tho.

    13. Jo Se

      Problem is by meekly complying, there is no news, no incident, and never, ever, any correction or righteous response. Rosa Parks and the squeaky wheel get results.

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