Refugees Dumped on West While Israel, Arabs “Refusing… Because Migrants Fail to Assimilate”

by | Sep 11, 2015 | Headline News | 72 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: With America’s mindless obsession with political correctness, it is unfathomable to think that we are being invaded by a foreign conqueror, and yet, as Europe is overtaken – demographically – by Muslims who refuse to live by Western cultural norms and laws, they stand in grave danger of cultural suicide. The same will be evident in America if nothing is done to stop it, and it will be the United States most potent form of blowback from the ill-conceived and ongoing War on Terror, now focused on Syria.

    Destroying societies in the Middle East is not creating an American empire, or a resource-rich cache of oil and other goodies… instead, it is working against our own social cohesion. So why does this madness go on? Israel and Saudi Arabia, who’ve been willing partners in the U.S. adventures in the Middle East, have not accepted this blowback, so why is it falling upon America?

    Kuwait & Israel Admit They Refuse to Take ‘Refugees’ Because Migrants Don’t Assimilate

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    While Europe is preparing to take in potentially millions of migrants from African and Middle Eastern countries, politicians in Israel and Kuwait admit that their policy of refusing refugees is because the migrants fail to assimilate and pose a huge threat to social cohesion and democracy.

    Appearing on Middle Eastern television, a Kuwaiti politician stated, “In the end you cannot accept people from a different ethnicity, culture and environment.”

    Striking a similar tone, an Israeli politician asserted, “We’ll bring in a million Africans, half a million Filipinos, 2 or 3 million Chinese, and that’s the end of it for Israel.”

    Asked why it posed a threat to allow a million Africans into Israel, the politician responded, “It’s threatening because this will no longer be a Jewish state….our country is a Jewish state, a Jewish and democratic state.”

    Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu also asserted that Israel does not have the demographic depths to absorb fleeing migrants.

    However, prominent European voices like Hungary’s Prime Minister Viktor Orban, have been denounced as xenophobes by other politicians and the mass media for expressing similar concerns.

    “We shouldn’t forget that the people who are coming here grew up in a different religion and represent a completely different culture. Most are not Christian, but Muslim…. That is an important question, because Europe and European culture have Christian roots,” wrote Orban.

    The New York Times responded by characterizing Orban’s statement as a “xenophobic response”.

    It’s interesting that countries like Kuwait and Israel can assert (and rightly so) that opening the floodgates to vast numbers of unassimilated immigrants is tantamount to national suicide, but when European leaders make the same argument, they are castigated as xenophobes and racists.

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    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor at large of and Prison

    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at



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      1. They are correct. The refugees don’t want to assimilate.

        The refugee situation intensifies in Europe…

        WATCH: Migrant Turks And Kurds Battle On Frankfurt Streets, German Army Called In

        “Video of the riot has emerged on the same day Germany announced it will place 4,000 soldiers on standby over the weekend to help with a new wave of up to 40,000 refugees arriving in the country.”

        “Record numbers of people from the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa continue to pour into Europe, with around 7,600 entering Macedonia in the last 12 hours.”

        • Sometimes even Infowars gets a glimmer…. Diversity, multiculturalism, gun prohibition, nuclear prohibition, and crimes against humanity executions for everyone except the genocidal culture-destroying Master Race.

          Their hypocrisy is of…. ahem… biblical proportions!
          Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15

      2. “Refugees” in Europe young, fit and overwhelmingly male…

        Look at the pictures posted. Some estimates were over 90% young men.

        “If these were real refugees, where are the women? Where are the elderly people? Where are the weak and the sick?

        It is increasingly clear that what I have said is true: this is not a refugee crisis. This is a hijrah, a migration to Islamize a new land.”

        The New Face Of EU Immigration Is Young, Fit And Overwhelmingly Male

      3. Shoot, they are all cousins, can they not get along???

        I know, dumb question…

        • That would be too easy,,,

          • On a positive note; at least we have weapons and enough ammo to kill the infestation of muslim scum completely if we are so inclined. Which I think we will be given enough time.

            • Zero, damn right on that one. I have my share and still adding to it.

              • Yep. That prep certainly continues in earnest, friend.

                • Clearly you are a real antisemite.

          • Don’t know if anyone saw this, but here it is…

            ht tp://

            • Gods 9 1 1 on Islam, go God!

              • 1.2 jiggawats worth.
                What if we could capture and store lightning…

                • Thats what the Pyramids were for. Energy production plants harnessing lightening. How do you think they got light in there to paint all the lithiographs?


      4. Ethnic diversity,
        Ive had enough of other peoples crap thanks.

      5. White people are not allowed to look out for their own self interest. Everyone else sure, but never whites.

        • Rebel in Idaho, look out for your own self interest and disregard what any PC moron says. I ignore them myself.

      6. PC isn’t “politically correct” it’s Political Communism.

        PC = Political Communism.

        f ’em

      7. Any really informed prepper out there that can answer my question? I live in Los Angeles, And yes before you start I know I am in potently one of the worst places in the country for a SHTF. Anyone who has thought about this prior what do you think would be the right play for a SHTF in the LA area. I just moved out here from AZ so my gun and ammo situation is good, AR15, 308 bolt gun, HK USP, and a few others along with a couple thousand rounds of ammo. I’ve also worked in Law enforcement so I know my way around firearms. I’m in a house with a mediocre supply of food and water as well as a couple hundred oz’s of silver. From the research I’ve done it seems as though I’m boxed in with the desert being east, ocean west, and Mexico to the south. Only logical play seems to be to head north into the more sparcely populated more fertile central part of the state. There is also the Sierra Nevada mountain range for resources. There is also places like the Azusa canyons, and Mt Baldy that reside in LA county. I would think a lot of other people would have the same idea to head to the local mountains if it got really bad so I’m not sure how safe it would really be or how quickly the resources would be depleted. Anyone with some valuable insight it would be much appreciated. Should I bug out (if so where to) or should I hold down the fort and stack um in the the front yard as they come.I also don’t have the resources to move back out of the state so that’s not an option. Thanks

        • Green Tip 4 U, welcome aboard. I don’t mean this like it may sound, but I would go back either to AZ or anyplace but Cali. Your potential SHTF scenarios are riots, mudslides, earthquakes, and now a drought. Cali is running out of water. Go to anyplace where water is not an issue. Cali already has water rationing in place. Cali is not feasible for post-SHTF survival but that’s just me.

          • Thanks, I hear you about CA but I’m out hear for work. I guess I might just have a long walk in front of me after post-shtf.

            • Are you going to have trouble with authorities over any of your firepower?

              • No it’s all legal. I had to modify my AR15 by attaching what is known as a bullet button to hinder the mag release. I also had to leave my hi capacity mags in AZ, anything over 10 rounds, wouldn’t want to break any unconstitutional laws you know.

          • Don’t forget kali’s dependance on freeways. I once towed a trailer through sac(k)ramento during rush hour with the construction going on. 4 hours, and people were behaving. Now picture your exodus with lawlessness, panic and homeland “security” checkpoints. You wont make it unless yoj have reacted WAY in front of the curve. I live a thousand miles from kali and jts not far enough!

        • Green tip 4 U

          Not to many options with a high degree of success.
          A sail boat. Get to one of the off shore Islands. Fukushima might have screwed up a good food source. The sea. You can head North up the coast and maybe find a place.

          • Thanks for the advise. That’s pretty much the conclusion I drew from it, like you said not to many options.

            • SoCal– The freeways—. There is no such thing as “rush hour” traffic because there is heavy traffic all the time. Coming back from Vegas on a Sunday night the traffic moves at about 5-20 mph over Cajon until some fool has a wreck in which case the highway closes for who knows how long. The towns of Crestline and Lake Arrowhead are nice, but commuting down to a job in the winter can be dicey because of snow/ice. The I-10 east to Phoenix got closed both directions for a few days because a flash flood took out a highway bridge.
              My point is: if you needed to get out of state in an emergency situation, you might have a very hard time.

        • I guess it depends on the situation? If its financial then you can get out and go north! If the San Andreas lets go than all bets are off! We’ll all be stuck in the area! There maybe a slightly better chance of going north? But not much better! I’ve got some family in the oc area and they are planning on “borrowing” a boat and going to Catalina? Not sure how well that’ll work? They maybe repelling boarders? I’m in the IE area and gonna try and ride it out? I’ve made mental notes of local resources! To help? We’ll see how that goes? I’d definetly bump up the food and water stores though! Good luck

        • You should pray that it never comes to any of that!
          I dont know how insightful i am but,,,
          Personally i feel bugging out is a death sentence unless you have somewhere to bug out to, ie, friends ranch in Colusa or somewhere up in the Sierras, you know, out and away but fairly secure. To just head into the boonies, i would think better than being stuck in LA or Sd but not a real good option either,

        • I left CA in 1979. Many things have changed. But if you insist on staying locally in So. Cal, the Lytle Creek – Cajon Pass Recreation Area. Was a very defensible area. There is basically only one way in.

          Hurkey creek near Idlywild is another good place.
          Latitude: 33.677493 / Longitude: -116.683096.

          Keep in mind the desert has a lot more food than the high mountains. The biggest Rabbit I ever harvested, was done
          with a bow, in a lot behind the Mattel toy company.

        • In my opinion thee further north you go the safer
          bit of a wild idea but you could try moving north right along the coast line.possibly by small boat stay hidden and don’t stop till you get to Canada then travel more north when you get past the Rockies head inland plenty of game fresh water and trees mountains etc.and most important thing no private land no military bases
          myself I live and work in a small town in northern Canada just on the southern edge of our boreal forest seriously I got 100 yards to run and I’m inside a heavy tree line that just goes north till you hit polar bears. So thats my suggestion. Just bring a warm coat and brush up on winter survival

        • GreenTip 4U. I would find a good boat and sail west out of lands view and go north or south. I would choose North. And follow the coast line up to find a safe harbor. Dont go near land unless it looks safe. You can pack everything you need navigation tools and devices. Your own boat or find some one looking for some good crew. Be able to leave and get on and out in a speedy notice. Do NOT follow along with the herd. That will be a death march. Sharpen up on your boating skills. Start hanging out at marinas and meet some new friends. Or get out of LA ASAP ahead of any disaster.


        • Green tip if you currently live on north side of LA the it might be possible to head north.Suggest you check out the area around Lake Isabella, Kernville and for truly remote Ponderosa in the High Sierras.
          Good luck, we left Cal. 5 Years ago. Great weather, good friends and lots of gorgeous country but too many issues.

        • Green Tip–I lived in Southern California many years ago for about 4 years. If you get around the state much you will be amazed. Contrary to what you will hear there are huge areas of rural land with lots of resources and very sparse populations. As much as we all love to bash the place it has more good rural land than, in a lot of cases 2 or 3 other states that people think are heaven. On a long weekend take a drive to the northeast toward the Tahoe, Reno area. You might be amazed. If shtf all of the city dwellers of La. San Francisco, San Diego and points will not move out there and become farmers. Most will probably become fertilizer. Just my opinion but I have seen a lot of it.

      8. We should tell the world that we will take in as many Christian refugees as the middle east nations (Saudi, kuwait, Jordan, etc) take in muslim refugees.!!!!

        Then who calls us xenophobes, must first call the arab nations xenophobes……and we would be taking in ZERO.

        • Amen!

      9. Islamists in Germany trying to recruit young refugees

        Berlin (AFP) – “Muslim radicals in Germany are trying to recruit some of the growing numbers of asylum seekers reaching the country, according to intelligence services quoted by the German news agency DPA.

        The Islamic extremists “are trying to approach the young unaccompanied refugees, who arrive in our country without their families and are particularly looking for contacts and support,” a spokesman for the intelligence service in the southern state of Bavaria told DPA.

        He said many of the youths are approached around reception centres but also at Munich railway station where many of the asylum seekers have arrived from Hungary and Austria in recent days.”


      10. “While Israel, Arabs “Refusing… Because Migrants Fail to Assimilate”!!!!!

        Is this because the same subhumans mainly in Tel Aviv and Ryad are creating this human catastrophe via their current baboon puppet and soon to be another puppet to continue the crimes against humanity path.

      11. this can ONLY END BAD!!!!! these sand nigits will start their terror-istic ways here!

      12. Of course Israel will allow no refugees (outside of the jihadis treated in their hospitals), while the Judeo Masonic dominated governments of the West open the floodgates into formerly Christian countries. Jews and Muslims are allowed into the U.S., while Christian refugees from Israeli and U.S. terrorism are denied.

      13. I notice that my comments are being corraled based on content. Mentioning J*** or I***** results in the “unrecognized IP” message, while other posts from the same IP make it through. Is that a new policy here, or just for 9-11?

      14. Being fair, the Sauds are helping out monetarily with the refugees in Europe.

        They’re offering to build 200 mosques in Germany along, the way they have about 4 out of 5 Mosques in the United States.

        That way we and Europe don’t have to pay for them.

      15. The best part of getting old is that you have less days in front of you then you have behind you. Which can lead to the attitude of, I don’t give a shit no more.
        Two ways to handle all this. Is to either go silent and let life go on its course. Or lash out against the headwaters that will overcome any chance of this nation being the American we once cherished.
        I see those that come here do not assimilate. They try to force their cultures on our society. They will fly their last country’s flag over ours. Will force those here to speak their language. Will not learn English and in some cases our students must learn their past countries history before they learn ours.

        If you are in your thirties or forties you are probably wrap up in the P.C., Artistic Expression and Multi Culture acceptance stuff. Maybe you do not want to hear what I have to say. Don’t care. I too don’t care.

        But one thing is for sure. You are going to live longer than I and will have to endure what is coming your way.
        Me? Pretty sure I’ll be dead by then.

        • Immigration without assimilation is an invasion and genocide against the race/values/religion/way of life of a country.

          32 years old here, I like what you have to say.

        • I’m 47 and do not buy into any of this multicultural crap. I saw enough of it when I lived for a few years in the bay area. Better to get out of the cities now and get as far away from it all as possible because when they bring all of these “refugees” here, who don’t want to assimilate into our country, it’s going to get worse from where it’s at now.

      16. The rich Arab states will not take any, they will expect the weak west to take them. The global spread of their perverted religion is want they want, and conquest by its spread. All part of the brotherhoods plan.

      17. Tolerance for cultural differences = political correctness = walking on eggshells.

        When we Americans visit/move to another country we have to do things their way, even if it means shutting up when you get ripped off, or doing something that goes totally against our grain. When immigrants come here to the U.S. it seems that we have to roll out the red carpet or be accused of being something ugly and untrue.

        Several “Happiness” studies around the world have showed that people who were truly the happiest were those who lived amongst their own people/culture, with few or no outsiders, and where the crazy, toxic, power-mongering troublemakers were cast out… this even applied even if the country was doing poorly economically — they were still happiest among their own; Iceland, Sardonia, Italy, to name two of several countries that haven’t been subjected to what I call “soft invasion.”

        • CommonCents, spot on. I don’t follow any PC crap and I never get on eggshells for anyone, not even a libturd moron.

      18. I remember way back when I was about 9 or 10 years old my parents bought me my first ant farm. I woke up one morning and there it was, sitting atop my bedroom dresser, black worker ants busily building tunnels, and so on. And, then about a week later I got a brilliant idea to add some red ants. Let’s just say it didn’t end well.

      19. Israel and Arab’s are much smarter on this issue than the rest of the world.

        These turds are coming into these nations and within weeks you will have more problem than we would ever thought of. You just watch and see!

        • SGT Dale.

          Due to the nature of my surroundings my 12 gage auto loader will be one useful weapon. Not many people understand the destructive force of a shotgun. When you have shells 3 and a half inch with 19 pellets ea. 30 cal. going down range in under 5 seconds/ 4 rounds 76 total. More than an average sub machine gun can do. I have purchased a door breach choke and use a stock pad to absorb recoil. Do the recoil stocks make any difference. There are no after market type available for my shotgun. Foreign made. I am hoping the door breach choke tube will act as a compensator. Reduce barrel lift, better keep on target.

      20. Eisenhower and Goldwater made it known what should be expected from Middle East Cesspool, but the whiney-butt, self-centered, egotistical, we-know-everything, my-daddy’s-bigger-than-your-daddy, arrogant city-slicker turd brains refused to listen. We should have turned the entire middle east and north Afrika into glass ashtrays 50 years ago. Glowing glass ashtrays. But, no. And look what we have now. On this continent and others. It’s almost too late to put a little wiggle in the seismographs around the planet.

      21. I won’t accept people from a different ethnicity, culture, and environment.

      22. Borders. Language. Culture.
        Being swept away by bad policy and corrupt leadership.

      23. Middle East Arabs are not American’s enemy. They are simply the chosen enemy of and by the NWO elite to continue the unending war of terror waged against mankind worldwide. These elite do Israel’s will as that entity owns our entire U.S. government, media, pentagon, all of it lock stock and barrel. The flooding of immigrants are a step in the overall plan. Trump trumpeting get rid of illegals is a distraction leaving matters of more importance to the American people unspoken. He is clearing the path for Hillary’s revival. Today is the 14th anniversary of the birth of the war of terror, 9-11, This government along with Israel planned and carried out the attack. The truth is plenty if you are inclined to look at just what is known factually. The lack of average people forcing the truth is very telling, afraid of what? The American people are afraid and pathetic.

      24. Will the New World Order, have a flag? Something to denote totality. Will it achieve One World Language.

      25. The migrants going into Europe is due to our failed policies in the middle East. Their own countries can’t or won’t take care of them. Europe and ultimately us will go broke by providing benefits to them which of course they don’t get at home. We have our own flood of people coming north from central and southern America and we are going to take them from Syria? How about we take the Christians from those areas instead. Our govt. has its head up their asses!

      26. In the prisons the government encourages gang violence in a strange way. First prisoners are separated by race and gang affiliation. This allows gangs to strengthen. When guards are bored or they want to eliminate a prisoner, they can unleash a murderous maniac on anyone. There is no way to know who is behind the attack. Political prisoners of the future, never put yourself in a position where you can so easily be eliminated. These refugees are pawns just like the “kids” in the Latino and Black gangs, and white “supremist” gangs. They are all disposable refuse. Or may be just the victims/collateral damage in the “righteous” / self-righteous game being played out for fun and profit as we move toward the end game a New World Order.

      27. In 2007, our Conservative government lost to a socialist party called the Australian Labor Party. When they lost government, we had 4 yes four people in detention and no children. Our Prime Minister at the time said ‘We will decide who comes to Australia and the manner in which they come”. He was against open borders and illegal entry. He was in Washington DC when 9/11 happened and addressed the Australian people from your shores telling us that we Australians would do anything, anything to help our good friends in America.

        In 2007, this same Conservative government also left $22billion in the bank after paying off the previous Labor Party’s debt. They were Australia’s best years! Families and pensioners received tax cuts every year, our commodities were fetching record prices but a clever campaign – dishonest – saw a socialist party elected. From a rich and generous country, Australia was swamped in 6 years under Labor with 50,000 illegal immigrants arriving by boat. The size of a small town. Please remember that we only have 23 million people in Australia and only 6 million work fulltime and just 3 million work part time.

        These illegals were mainly young men and Muslim. Our young men were defending their country and they were storming our orders!! Rapes increased in our cities and bashings where these illegals were just expected to fend for themselves. Detention centres right across Australia were reopened as our borders became a honey pot. Why? They were given free everything. Housing, food, mobile phones, new furniture, free English lessons, free medical, including dental. Then the drownings started. 1,200 that we have officially counted. It could be as many as 6,000. At Christmas a boatload of refugees drowned as their boat was crushed onto the rocky shoreline. The pictures of tiny babies in the water was heartbreaking.

        Australians had had enough of 6 years of socialist Labor and the previous Conservative had a huge landslide victory. One of the first things our new Conservative gov did was SHUT OUR BORDERS. Any illegal immigrant would never set foot on the mainland. Our Navy turned illegal boats around from our waters. If their boat couldn’t make the journey, they were offloaded into a specially built craft, complete with food, water and fuel and were safely sent back to Indonesia. The socialists screamed. Indonesian officials had their people smuggling ventures cut off overnight and they screamed too because they lost money from kickbacks and the socialist lawyers that had access to illegals on the mainland, had their kickbacks cut too. Australia removed the sugar from the table. If you wanted to live in Australia, you had to come the correct way – via our customs and immigration. No passport. No entry.

        In two years since the Conservatives came to government, 1 ONE illegal boat as arrived. ONE! And the people on that boat never set foot on Australian soil and are being resettled in neighbouring pacific islands that were happy to take them. Most of them chose to return to the Middle East though. They were country shoppers doing the same thing as the ‘refugees’ trying to make it to rich Germany and their welfare benefits.

        Now. Because Australia has been able to control our borders and those not deemed genuine refugees that arrived here have been sent home from where they came, it has opened the door for our Conservative government to help out with the Syrian crisis. In one week, our Prime Minister has advised us that Australia will take 12,000 refugees. BUT. They will be taken from the camps in Turkey, Jordon and Lebanon only. These refugees fleeing ISIS made it to the camps with nothing. No food. No clothing. No money. They didn’t pay people smugglers thousands if $$ to take them onto Greece and onto the rich EU countries. Our PM has already sent a delegation to the camps and we will be taking single mothers and children of Christian faiths; families from Christian faiths and NO single men and NO Muslims. They will be arriving soon. The PM met with leaders of the Syrian Christian churches yesterday in Australia and they are overjoyed that we will be taking genuine refugees that are fleeing ISIS and are preparing their communities, with the help of our Conservative government to resettle these poor people. Many Syrian Christians in Australia have family that have been murdered by ISIS. But, Already the socialists are screaming ‘discrimination’ but our PM is adamant. Fleeing persecuted Christians and ethnic minorities and NO Muslims.

      28. Send em back or lose your way of life your security your religion …or not and see how that works out lol

      29. Im a white redneck racist cracker. and If the white folks that I see are any example The White Raace I doomed. The majority are fat & obese the children the same. Their daughters have a niglet bastard child. they work some parasite government job or live on the dole. Deep in debt and on medication. If there is indeed a SHTF and 90% die the majority who live will not be white. The majority of white race hasn’t got the genetic,s,& know how to survive a Root Hawg or Die Survival of the fittest. The fact Is Right Or wrong. Politically correct or not. If you don’t live within the Prameters of what is acceptiable to the society that your living in. That society will not tolerate your presense.

        • Old Guy.

          Wiggers and Trailer Trash. Want to see a good crosscut of the types of people in your community. Go down to the tag/tax agency at the end of the month.

      30. Under Diversity it is acceptable for all races to act in their own interests. It is even encouraged. Except when that race is our race, the White race.

        Diversity has a commandment to Whites on this issue:

        Thou shalt not act in the best interests of thy race. Furthermore thou shalt put other races interests above White interests lest ye be labeled “racist”.

      31. The immigrant crisis was planned a long time ago. I read about it years ago. The Rivkin Project. Google it. Connected to the Council on Foreign Relations. Not a conspiracy. It’s an agenda.

      32. There’s an old quote from a man name S.I. Hayakawa (sp?) from 1960’s Calif. couldn’t find it on line, probably been long scrubbed, but said basically:

        ” the fastest way to destroy America is having everyone yelling ‘I’m Mexican-American and I demand my RIGHTS’ [inserting any and all nationalities]

      33. Think about this? When the folks from the old world( Europe)immigrated Without invite to the New World (The Americas) did they assimilate into the language customs, religious superstitions & rules that where already in place?

      34. White Europeans (apart from the British) have not slipped into the advanced state of decay you see in America. White Europeans still maintain personal dignity and try not to over-eat and to dress well. You also see plenty of white children still. It is a myth Europe does not have the upcoming labour force to stay wealthy. In fact, Europe can meet all its labour needs within its borders. The importing of millions of Africans and Muslims serves another agenda: to create ‘diversity’. This agenda has nothing to do with wealth creation or what is best for Europe.

        Already, you can find dozens of Muslim and African ghettos in cities across Europe that are hives of welfare dependency and criminality. Somebody once said to me ‘we need to bring in these people because maybe the next Steve Jobs will be among them.’ Trust me: the next Steve Jobs is not coming from these places. The stultifying religion, the lack of ability to modernize is what will hold them back from creating and inventing things for the 21st century.

      35. To the powers that be, you are importing Islamists and Isis, prepare for an awakening shtf……..

      36. Hmmm

        It is the height of hypocrisy for Israel to claim that “migrants” cannot assimilate when virtually it’s entire Jewish population are “migrants”. Bear in mind that as late as 1940 there were less than 100,000 Jews in what was to become Israel in 1948.

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