RED ALERT: Pentagon mobilizing THOUSANDS of aircraft for WWIII confrontations with China, Russia

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    This article was originally published by Mike Adams at Natural News. 

    According to sources (see below), the Pentagon is now taking thousands of mothballed military aircraft and restoring them to full-service capability in an obvious run-up to World War III with both China and Russia. These aircraft reportedly include F-16s, C-130 transport planes, AWACS aircraft, and more.

    This intel has been related by John Moore, The Liberty Man, in his June 5, 2023 broadcast, available at the John Moore Show channel on

    I called John Moore yesterday to ask for additional confirmation. He reiterated that his military-tied sources were observing (so far) hundreds of aircraft at the Davis-Monthan Air Force Base in Tucson, Arizona being taken out of storage and restored to full-service capacity. This process has only been underway for a few weeks, and it appears to involve hundreds of military personnel.

    Once restored, the aircraft are reportedly being sent to two destinations: 1) The Philippines (a staging area for war with China), and 2) Europe (most like Poland), a staging area for war with Russia. This indicates that the Pentagon is gearing up for kinetic conflict with both Russia and China in the near future.

    Following the fall of Bakhmut and the failed counteroffensive that fizzled, Ukraine appears to have run out of steam (and men) to fight Russia. This means direct NATO engagement in Russia is likely not far away. The “proxy” stage of this war, in other words, is drawing to an end, and NATO forces will soon be fighting Russian forces directly.

    This means the world will soon be engulfed in a global war, and that war is likely to go nuclear. Russia, it turns out, has the most advanced nuclear ICBMs and nuclear-equipped hypersonic missiles in the world, and once NATO unambiguously enters the war, every American city will become a “legitimate” nuclear target in the eyes of Russia.

    This is what corrupt fake president Joe Biden is attempting to achieve: The nuking of America by Russia. This is how Democrats and communists plan to destroy the United States of America while blaming it all on Russia.

    Evacuating the last weaponry from CONUS

    This effort to ship out nearly all combat aircraft currently remaining in the United States will also set up the USA for a “purge” attack from within, where communist Chinese military agents have already crossed the wide open southern border by the hundreds of thousands, positioning themselves across US cities to prepare for “Activation Day.” On that day, they will unleash kinetic attacks against US infrastructure, targeting ports, refineries, power grid stations, communications infrastructure, military bases, bridges, and more.

    Communist military personnel will attempt to execute all Republican governors, senators, and political leaders while seizing control over state capitols, radio stations, and other broadcast media. Think “Red Dawn” but with the cooperation of nearly all Democrats (i.e. communists).

    Domestic US military forces will be largely unable to defend CONUS because they will have already shipped out nearly every remaining military asset to Ukraine, including artillery rounds, fighter jets, rifle ammunition, main battle tanks, anti-tank weapon systems, military drones, and more. The USA will be left defenseless while treasonous Mr. Austin (who pretends to be the Secretary of Defense) keeps pushing covid jabs to maim and murder US military personnel and leave the country vulnerable to a communist takeover attempt.

    This means the defense of America is going to come down to armed citizens and militia groups. This is why the treasonous ATF is trying to outlaw arm braces and label nearly every gun owner in America a “felon” — so they can be rounded up and exterminated in death camps as the communist Activation Day gets underway. (Yes, federal agencies are now working directly for Communist China, and the entire Biden regime is compromised by the CCP.)

    Where to find the pilots to fly F-16s?

    I asked John Moore about where the USA would find enough pilots to fly F-16s, A-10s, and other combat aircraft needed to wage war with Russia and China, and he said that a significant portion of today’s airline pilots are retired military pilots who can be reinstated into active military service after a declaration of war.

    It’s worth noting, however, that the level of physical fitness required to operate an F-16 in a combat environment is extremely high, and retired former military pilots don’t have the same physiology as a young, fit pilot. This means combat maneuvers that are required to dodge incoming missiles, strike ground targets or engage enemy aircraft may not be attainable by older pilots. Their combat effectiveness, in other words, is compromised due to age and lack of fitness.

    It is noteworthy that Russia holds the world’s most advanced anti-aircraft military equipment, meaning that US fighter pilots will be subjected to the most rigorous anti-air defenses ever deployed on planet Earth. This means we should reasonably expect a very high loss rate for both US military aircraft and pilots. At the same time, the impact of the loss of commercial transport pilots on the domestic economy will be devastating. Air cargo shipments, for example, may have to be shut down during the war, and carriers like FedEx and UPS would likely have to shut down air transport services altogether. Airlines would go bankrupt, requiring the printing of yet more bailout money to keep them in business, even as there aren’t enough pilots to fly the routes.

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      1 Comment

      1. Are you aware of the military exercise being held in Germany right now, called Air Defender 23? Could this explain the mobilization of aircraft, considering the U.S. is the country who is bringing the majority of aircraft to said event? If youre unaware of what Air Defender 23 is, here are some links:

        But in my opinion, this event is just an attempt to intimidate Putin anyways, so it just may end up leading to WWIII.
        Side note: Isnt it funny how Canada isnt participating? Considering we are a NATO member. I guess Zelenskyy really did get all of Canada’s available military equipment. Man Justin Trudeau is terrible at managing a country. I am so sick of him.

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