Recovery Ending Event: Big Oil Insider Warns of $5 Gas This Year

by | Feb 13, 2012 | Headline News | 228 comments

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    U.S. consumers may be able to ignore continued warnings about economic and political instability by avoiding the news and burying their heads in the sand when water cooler conversations pop up, but what they will not be able to ignore is paying $40 more every time they pump gas into their minivans.

    According to oil industry insider and former Shell CEO John Hoffmeister, that’s exactly what we can expect this year.

    In an interview with CNBC, Hoffmeister warned that the price of oil will continue to rise amid increasing global demand from emerging economies, tensions in the middle east, and a weakening dollar, causing the price of gas to jump to $5 per gallon before the end of this year:

    Via The Daily Crux and Economic Policy Journal:

    Get ready to pay $5 a gallon for gasoline this year.

    ohn Hofmeister, founder of Citizens for Affordable Energy and the former CEO of Shell Oil’s U.S. operations, warned that there is a “better than 50 percent chance” the price of gas will spike on continued heavy demand in emerging markets and weak public policy at home.

    He also sees West Texas crude prices touching “the midteens to $120 a barrel some time this year.”

    “What’s really unprecedented is developing countries, particularly China and India, have this insatiable need for more oil and that has not been taken into account when we think of public policy in this country,” he said.

    “So while we may be producing a bit more oil in this country, and while demand is down a bit, on a global basis I’m afraid we face a continuing onslaught of prices creeping ever higher,” he said. “I hope I’m wrong on this. I’d love to be wrong on this.

    Source: MSNBC

    Some of you may recall what happened the last time gas jumped to all-time highs averaging $4 across the country in the summer of 2008:

    Consumers were outraged, and depending on who you asked about the blame for our energy woes, it was the fault of President Bush, democrats in Congress, the Saudis, or environmentalists.

    Regardless of the causes, what became clear is that the American consumer could not economically handle gas prices at those levels (even though our European counterparts have been paying at least double that for years).

    You may also recall what happened immediately following the $4 top in gasoline prices:

    While most Americas have not yet realized the seriousness of our economic crisis, you can be assured that if John Hoffmeister is right there will be an almost immediate effect on discretionary consumption as the prices for everything will jump accordingly.

    Suburban commuters who spend two hours a day driving to and from work will see their monthly gas expenditures nearly double, the price of food will rise as a result of increased transportation and delivery costs, and those who are already struggling to make ends meet will be forced to reduce or eliminate spending on essential goods and services.

    It may not seem like much at first glance, but $5 gas could very well be the trigger that, like in 2008, turns financial markets and the economy on its head, and sends us into the next major down-wave in this crisis.


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      1. 1st biatches!!!!

        • doesnt surprise me in the least, just another way to manipulate the sheeple into hating the middle east and advancing the “war on terror”

          All we’ll hear is…”Five-Dollar for a gallon of gasoline is Un-American. Vote for me and I’ll bring back the good ol’ days of $3.50″

          • $3.50? ten years ago, it was barely over a buck a gallon :/

            • remember when it was 29 cents !! and k9 food was 5 cents i think im getting old>>>>>der”ish

            • For the sake of foresight, everyone should go back and watch “Mad Max”, not “The Road Warrior”. When people mention a “Mad Max Scenario”, I think a lot of people get it in their heads that it’s a “Road Warrior Scenario”. In “Mad Max”, it was oil that caused a lot of turmoil. Then the politicians of the world all talked and talked and talked. Crime skyrocketed, the cost of everything climbed to outrageous highs and protests were everywhere. Finally, wars broke out over oil. Then the big one that finally led to what we saw in “The Road Warrior”.

              Does any of this sound familiar? Just watch the movie again and see what I mean. Very interesting parallels here. Was it predictive programming or just a writer with a lot of keen insight to how the end of oil will all play out?

            • Anybody remember that gas commercial from the 60s where a teenage boy was buying “25 cents of good Gulf NoNox” to go on a date?

              In those days my mom bought the week’s groceries and filled up the car with $20.

            • Yeah, and you were probably only making $5,000 a year if that.

              JJ The Fed

          • Maybe the sheeple, unlike you, know that the vast majority of our imported oil doesn’t come from the middle east, and hence, will not be ‘manipulated’ into ‘hating the middle east and advancing the war on terror”.

            • Or…maybe they don’t know. After all, if you read the newspapers and listen to the US news stations/TV, you are told that oil comes from the Middle East…or OPEC, which in most minds is the Middle East. How many people know that our oil comes from Venezuela, the country that we are always hearing is a communist country that hates us? How many people know that we do not know where all of the oil comes from that we burn in our cars? After all, it can be loaded unto a tanker and make several ports before it is sold to a refinery in the US. It may even come from Russia.

              The Warmongering corporations want Americans to believe that we have to ‘take control’ of the Middle East because we need the oil. Less than 17% of the world’s oil comes from there, but few know that.

          • Grrrrrr: You are spot on; the American sheeple are so easily led becasue they’ve given up their right to think for themselves. They’d rather sit on thier butts and watch idiotic reality shows or other such pablum that passes for for both news and entertainment rather than do anything as stenuous as critical thinking. They want our sons and daughters to die for cheap oil so they can drive their gas gusslers to buy fast food that they can swill down in front of the tv. Americans are both mentally and physically flabby and that’s why most won’t survive what’s coming.

            • Bill T. – Venezuela is generally between #4-6 on the list of countries that export oil to the US. Mexico comes in around #2-3 depending on which source you read. By far CANADA is the NUMBER ONE supplier of oil to the US and far outpaces even Saudi Arabia by almost DOUBLE!

              Google the phrase “US oil imports by country” and you’ll see tons of links with that info. Here’s one example:


            • I’m American and I totally agree; but I’m one of the few who hasn’t bought into the sheeple mentality.

          • five dollars a gal,are you frickin kiddin me!Big oil asses are shipping 117 million gal of gasoline,diesel,and jet fuel per day out of this country, and they want us to beleive there is a shortage!If so ,they are creating it .There is more than enough gas to supply everyone here at home and sell it for 2.00 a gal.Last year gasoline became the largest export of the good ole usa,for the first time! And by the way,we are the biggest refiners of gasoline in the world.Why does Hugo Chavez sell his gasoline to his own people for THREE CENTS A GALLON and we continiue to get screwed by our own government? Go ahead ,fleese us some more .Pretty soon there wont be a middle class,then who is gonna fill your pockets dumbasses

          • Jason,

            I would take making what my dad made in the 60s over what I make today. Tax rates were lower, inflation was moderated becasue we still have a simulance of a silver/gold backed dollar. If you do a comparasion Americans in the 60s enjoy a higher standard of living and more disposable invcome than Americans today.

        • This is not in reply to mclovin – just a general post.

          It’ll be a bad scene, man, but let’s keep the numbers straight. If gas goes from the current ~3.50 $/G just to 5 bucks even, that is not a doubling, so the consumers’ gas bills will NOT double; they will go up by 42 %. Additionally, what difference does it make how long the commute is; the ratio is the same for everybody. (I understand, that, in absolute numbers, the long-distance commuter will be hurting much more, of course!)

          How can it take $40 more gas to fill a minivan if gas goes up by $1.50/G? That would mean these “alleged” vans have 26 – 27 gallon tanks*. I call bullshit on that number. Most of the ones I’ve driven have 15 G tanks, maybe 18 at most. Now, if you’re talking about SUV’s and big pick-ups that’s a different story.

          No matter that your point is valid, Mark, don’t put bogus numbers up in your posts. To me, it makes me wonder about any more of the facts (which you usually do a good job on).

          * BTW, if you’re a prepper, then you shouldn’t be filling up a whole tank from empty, right? 😉 I would hope not, anyway.

          • a 1991 GMC safari, 2003 Ford windstar and 2004 chevy Venture All have at least a 24 gallon tank. I have owed them all.

            • I have a little truck, a Sonoma GMC..20 gallon tank on this little baby.

          • This isn’t just about putting out money for commutes. It’s much more than that. The impact of the rise in fuel prices, whether 42% or 50%, will be bad for the consumer, since it will involve a rise in consumer goods prices. A rise in fuel prices means more money to haul those “necessary” goods from point A to point B. Some companies pay their haulers by the mile not the hour.I ought to know. Raising the price of fuel means the price per mile goes up. Price per mile goes up, price of vegetables, milk, eggs, meaat goes up. Guess you forgot about what happened in 1973 and 1979? In both instances,people stole fuel when they couldn’t pay the fuel price or beat up the gas station attentant, if the fuel was rationed and the attendants tried to stop those who wanted more than his allocated share (the attendants began arming themselves as a result). In one extreme case down my way, a fuel tanker was hijacked and found a few days later empty. In short it isn’t the price of a commute that is the problem; it’s the problems that result from it, a whole Pandoras box of them. Keep on with the good articles!!!

          • I believe his name is Mac!

          • My 2002 Ford Windstar (minivan) holds about 24 gallons. Just sayin’.

        • “1st biatches!!!!”

          That’s right pinhead.

          Consequently, I’m thinking of nominating you first the next Nobel Peace Prize.

          • ::sigh::

            FOR the next Nobel Peace Prize. Not first.


      2. First I love it bring on the thumbs lol.

        • “First I love it bring on the thumbs lol.”

          No, you’re not.

          Another pinhead claimed that distinction.

          You’re number two – in more than one meaning.

      3. Damn!

      4. I wouldnt doubt it if this happens sooner than foretold.

        • The economy begins to implode at $4 a gallon. The price will be controlled until after the fake election between Romney (already anointed) and Obama.

          On the other hand, it is also possible that the price will rise to the $5 level, killing the economy dead allowing for the final takeover by not having an election.

          Who care what the price of gas is? If the Banksters are not stopped soon it will not matter.

          WAKE UP PEOPLE!!

          There is only one enemy. THE BANKS.

          Focus all of your energy on stopping that fraud, for all other energy expenditures merely prolong it.

          • After a re-count, O’Bama wins. Oil Prices go up – near 5$ and KeyStone gets the OK.

          • Our dependency on gasoline is a HUGE problem, it’s the whole way our landscape, way we think, etc have been sculpted to make not owning a car in the US makes you a “non-person”.

            I’m glad I’m a bit of a bicycle nut, because a lot can be done with ’em, I still need to get a car and am working on it, but I can do a ton of errand-running on a bicycle that would eat a couple gallons of gas with a car.

            • DT…you must live in or close to a city. I live 15 miles from the nearest town….My bicycle is out of the question for normal arrands.

          • OPEC and BIG OIL are also our enemies and so are greedy, powerful multinational Corporations.

            • OPEC and BIG OIL are owned and/or financed by the banksters, who are able to do that because they can create debt money out of thin air and force you to work for it.

              You are not yet awake to what is wrong.

        • At some point people are going to wonder “what the fuck happened” this bunch of play dough heads befuggeles me. I see exactly what is happening here. Look at what unaffordable gas does to us. You’re not going to own a car working on minimum wage job, and you are going to ride a bus. You won’t live in outlying rural areas, busses don’t go out there and you “will” move to a city. AHHH don’t you love mass transit? Does anyone smell Agenda 21 here? See they were right all along; their foresight said we needed a mass transit system and high speed rail. How clairvoyant of them. Dumbshits like (MOONBEAM) Gov. Jerry Brown. Hummm now let’s see. Less cars, means less wear and tear on the highways less traffic so those that can afford cars won’t have to be bothered with all of that traffic nonsense they will have the freeways all to themselves. (Other than those pesky busses in the right lane) And “we” will be crammed on a fucking bus. Less traffic means, less cops on the roads. Less spending on “infrastructure,” OUU isn’t that going to be nice? If you want to buy a couch, just how the hell are you going to get that son of a bitch home on a bus? What strap it on the front on the bike rack? And if you don’t think food isn’t going to go up, you have got another thing coming. Farms and farmers RUN on fuel, and lots of it! Kiss that $3.00 bread and $4.00 milk and $2.00 eggs, “GOODBYE.” They are going to try to jam everybody into high occupancy housing in order to control them. You will buy the amount of food you can afford and buy it where they provide it. And the cost of the transportation to move food to the stores, wow that’s going to be wildly expensive. You know all of those bothersome nasty old trucks that get in your way on the freeway? Wait till their costs triple or quadruple. That shits going to come right at YOU. If you can’t afford it, you and your family are going to starve and the Elite won’t give a shit and couldn’t care less. They and their families will have theirs and “fuck you”. Don’t they have a nice PLAN?
          Remember back in the 70s when the oil embargo was on? Gas was at 35 cents and then went to 72cents. Back then the thought was to burn their (the Saudi’s) oil before burning ours. We haven’t run out of oil in this country, not in the least. We ran out of leaders and gained nuttless criminals like Al Gore and his following. And everybody in DC is in lock step with him. This is nothing but big profit and power. And we aren’t in the plan other than to duly supplement them and do their dirty work. I absolutely believe at some point they want a shooting revolution in this country in order to kill a lot of us off. Some to die of starvation, sickness, lack of medical care whatever it takes to get you the hell out of here. There is going to be a pile of us going to die anyway. But watch out for a H5N1 bird flu a genetically modified virus, one that none of us have had no exposure to and no resistance of and no real vaccine for. Time is getting close to stand up and get real fucking mad and real fucking mean!! When our backs are against the wall, is maybe when we as a country will wake up, but then it is going to be too late. Do you want to sacrifice your future and your kid’s future for their wellbeing? This is all a plan there is no crisis here; this is all a manufactured by those in DC and the Elite. Think about it!!

          • In about twenty years most of the boomers will be gone. Either from old age or Obamacare. They did not have that many kids therefore not many grand kids. They also aborted forty million or so which would now be in place to care for and support their parents in their dotage. Not going to happen. In spite of that the population of the country has gone from 230 million in 1983 to approx. 313 million now. Almost all that increase was due to immigration mostly from the third world(thank you Fat Ted may you roast in hell). The new austere life style will not bother most of the population that is taking over. Ever watched the videos of two hundred people riding on one bus in India and other places? With their livestock on their laps? The villagers carrying a couple of hundred pounds on their heads? We will be a third world hell hole and everyone will feel right at home.

          • personally, when gas was $1 in the usa, i could never understand why it was not $4/gallon like in europe. it would have driven conservation, and the tax revenue, instead of going to the oil companies, would have gone to much needed infrastructure upgrades. (europeans have always paid more in taxes for gas than americans pay for the gas itself.) instead you see idiots in america commuting to work (one idiot per car) in hugely excessive fat pig suv’s and monster trucks.

            now, gas is $4/gallon, and it’s going to the oil companies. what do i think about that? i wish it was $8/gallon, for the same reasons i wished it was $4 when it was only $1. like the $8/gallon it cost when i was living in latvia for a year, ending last summer… no pickups, hardly any stupid suv’s and a lot more efficient cars…

            with the hugely increasing demands for oil from deweloping china/india/brazil, and the fact that the planet is at/approaching peak oil production, what do you think is gonna happen to the cost of gas at present consumption rates? law of supply & demand, baby!

            think about it! ;~)

            • Well it gets worse than that. Back in 1966 my Father drove a 1959 Bonneville Pontiac. The thing was a flipping land yacht, 2.5 tons of honking steel with a gas tank to match, 28 gallons as I remember. Somewhere between Lawrence Kansas and Baldwin Ks there was a Whiting Bros gas station. On our way home we stopped there to fill up with gas, it was nearly empty. The attendant filled the tank; my father gave him $5.00 and got change back. The gas was 16.9 cents per gallon. I can guess by your calculations gas in Europe at that time was in the 67 cent range or what 13.4 per litter?
              My point is why should America follow what Europe does? So to say; are we to jump off of a cliff just because Europe will? I can further only guess that is what happens when you choose to live in a Kingdom and opposed to a free Republic. We fought to get away from that shit and won before. IE; The Revolutionary War. As far as the taxes European’s pay that’s your “choice” as to reside under that type of dictatorial Government and yet I have never seen much of an “infrastructure” in Europe in any way beyond the quality of ours. (Maybe the Autobahn) Basically; getting taxed to the max and getting way less and they are still in hock way up to their eyeballs. If you as we all have seen lately the EU is about to fall over the Euro is slipping. You spend 49% of your income on food; you mostly only dream about owning a vehicle, you ride a bus fearing it will be bombed and lastly you puff yourself up like you’re the cat’s meow. You guys got fucked, sucks to be you! Go back to Europe and pay the $8.00 a gallon and be happy!!

            • Doug says

              “personally, when gas was $1 in the usa, i could never understand why it was not $4/gallon like in europe. it would have driven conservation, and the tax revenue, instead of going to the oil companies,”

              and has asked his question in one sentence and answered it in the next.

              The proper question is who owns and controls big oil, and the answer is the ones who can print up “money” at will.



            • So many forget that money is a financial mechanism of exchange, The answer lies in so many of the answers here and everyone appears to fail to see it. In the early 60’s gas was approximately .20 per gallon. Two thin dimes. Today I pay just short of those same two dimes for my gas. Now I am talking silver bullion coins, 2 pre 1965 silver domes are worth just over $4 in today’s dollars.

              These coins take “inflation” out of the equation and show you the true picture of what has been done to our currency over time. Sure we will complain about $5 gas, but it is $5 inflated dollars, not true dollars. Once we went of the gold standard we have allowed those in power to rob us blind at ever increasing rates. Get used to it, or invest in real money to protect your buying power.

      5. Just BS hype to drive the price up. I remember when Katrina hammered the gulf states. A friend in Alaska said the price of gas went up 10 cents and climbed right after the hurricane. When he asked why the price hike, the stupid attendant said that it was Katrina affecting the prices. I guess the idiot behind the counter forgot that all gas in Alaska comes from Alaskan oil, refined in Alaskan refinerys, and transported by Alaskan trucks.

        Nope, this is another windfall for the stock holders at big oil.

        • Oil is a global commodity, is it not? Please explain how Katrina would NOT affect prices around the world including Alaska. Is Alaska not tied to the rest of the world’s economy?

        • H.Nelson, the “stupid attendant” “idiot behind the counter”
          doesn’t have a clue why the prices get raised, they aren’t in charge of that. They get paid minimum wage. It was my first job, while everyone else started out flipping burgers, I worked at a gas station. Locals would come in irate because gas went up from 97 cents to 99 cents in one month. Acted like it was my fault, yeah, like a 17 year old could control that.

        • Bravo!


          Good and accurate rant, Hammerun.

      6. If it happens, it happens.

        I’ve budgeted for up to $6/gal when I decided to move out of Dodge (yet telecommute, with weekly drives into town for meetings and such as needed). I figure that my employer would switch most of us to full telecommuting at any rate if it got that pricey.

        It’ll get expensive to be certain, but limiting trips and buying in bulk will remove a lot of that pain. I picked a place that’s still in-town, so I can bicycle about town for the essentials if it ever comes to that.

        • I don’t use fuel much anymore either, but a sustained increase in fuel prices means higher prices for everything delivered by freight. I store some gasoline for equipment, but had planned to install and fill an underground tank this Spring for long-term storage. I will have to reevalute that when the weather breaks, but it is not likely to get any cheaper unless that deflation Bernanke is so concerned about arrives.

          • PP, agree with you, here in west Texas diesel hit $4 a gallon 2 days ago, when it was $3.67 on Thursday.
            You all remember how we were all talking about peanut butter a few months back? Well name brands were at $6/44oz, now it is a tad over $8. No name brands were easy to find at under $5/44oz, now they are over $6/44oz.
            Then I saw where the dog food I normally buy went up by 6 dollars/50lb bag.
            Point: the hard times are fast approaching. No longer are the PTB pinching us, they are in full throttle mode to wipe us out.
            Remember this thought: Tough times don’t last, tough people do.

            • Diesel at my station has been $4.19 a gallon for months.

          • @AZ ready,
            Hotel Sierra, that’s gotta hurt.

            • Here in upstate NY we have been $4.22 for months now too. The truckers are dying. If fuel does go up and I believe it will because I am a school bus driver and our local fuel delivery company has warned us that gas will be $4.40 by the end of March, he claimed the fuel companies have already notified them of the increases. You folks have forgotten about the taxes going up to pay for the increases to the schools for transportation and food. It will effect us in ways you have not even thought of yet!. Buy food now that will store and buy all you can!!

      7. obama will probably give the poor a gas card or something stupid just so they vote for him. this is nuts and once this does go to 5 dollars start prepping guys things are going to get way worse, this is just nuts anymore and take care of your family and get to know emergency plans with family

        • I’m not so sure… I’d say that gas prices, outside of the 2008 bubble, haven’t really kept pace with inflation.

          Now if it rockets up past $7/gal before the end of the year, then worry.

          OTOH, I doubt the government would let that happen, because certain parties in it (including Obama) are supremely interested in getting re-elected.

        • If people are that poor they dont have cars

        • Food card, medical card, telephone card (cell phone), so why not a fuel card.

          Looks like a easy transition to rationing!

          • Interesting thought Kansas!

        • Actually the best thing Obama and co. can do is beef up public transportation. Everything from community buses to a national passenger rail system that’s not the laugh ours is (in the US) right now.

          • I hear you, but really the best thing he could do is leave the country.

            • I could get arrested for what I was gonna post here, so I’ll just leave it to your imagination.

        • Will it be redistribution of gas? Then redistribution of cars? Fuel prices are going to increase the talk of green cars.

        • actually it is my understanding they already have a fuel card that goes with the monthly bill card…. you know the one that pays the other bills other than rent and yes im not kidding they already do look into it

        • The extreme poor don’t need gas cards. They are sitting at home in front of the TV. They don’t need to get to work, even their entitlement’s checks can be automatically deposited onto debit cards. It is the working poor and middle class who will suffer.

          • People who work for minimum wage are pretty poor and this will hit them in the price of everything. You don’t have to own or use a car to be bit by $5 gas.

            • Minimum wage is huge money. I wish I could say I made minimum wage, but I haven’t for several years now.

              This is the new normal, people with a fair amount of education and ability are settling for less, a lot less. A good rule of thumb is 5%, you should be able to live on 5% of what you made before the Great Recession.

              Extreme poor is recycling cans for food money, showering with solar-heated water or wood-heated water, foraging, etc. Extreme poor is the-powers-that-be’s biggest nightmare because only when you dip into being in the extreme poor do you learn to take care of the necessities of life without money, and learn that you don’t need the permission of “the money masters” to exist. That’s a very dangerous realization. This is why they have people paid to go out and hustle food stamps, sign the extreme poor onto them, because they want the extreme poor on a leash. The smart ones stay the hell away from selling their souls for $150 a month in food stamps and continue to learn to live without Big Brother.

        • Gas card? They give them the god dam cars for next to nothing. If you are poor or an Immigrant, non illegal that is, you can apply for a seven year loan tax free. Here’s the best part. If I come from say russia and immigrate here I don’t pay taxes for 7 years. Must be nice when starting a business. When their 7 years are up they change business owners to the sister, brother or whom ever else they helped immigrate here. I just keeps on going. I think everyone should be treated equall, don’t you? I guess I’m so disgusted that I want to move to S America when I retire. But why should I have to move. Why is the game so rigged against hard working folks? I could go on and on.
          Sorry guys.

      8. And our glorious leader does everything in his power to halt domestic production. Stick a fork in we are DONE!

      9. ‘recovery ending event’?
        we have been in a recovery all this time and no one told me?

        • Yes, Bohica, they (the gobberment)let the sheeple know the summer of 2009 that the economy was well on it’s way to recovery! LOL I wouldn’t have known but the put it on the mainlame media. All is well.!?!?

      10. A conflict with Iran could easily mark such rises in the prices of oil and petrol. Enter – the Iran conflict in the fall of ’12.

        • look at your news…. much sooner than that

      11. Its called move to a city with a subway

        • That would certainly save you money by not having to go to the pump, but any city with a subway has no means of producing it’s own food or any other essential good, for that matter. Thus, you get hit with those rising gas prices indirectly through rising transportation costs, as well as rising prices on all oil-based products (everything from tupperware to cell phones).

          There is no escaping a rise in prices on the most important consumption resource in the world.

          • When subways were first put in, we’re talking late 1800s, the “cities” had a lot of local production. Anyone who had room, kept chickens, goats, pigs. Kitchen gardens were the norm.

            The best resource on how it was, is a cartoon strip called “Born 10 Years Too Soon” and I dunno if it can be found on the newfangled WWW thingie at all.

        • How about move out of town and ride a motorcycle that gets, consistently, 92MPG. I know a guy that did that. He hates it in the winter.

          Of course, that guy would be me. Its cold in the winter and hot in the summer but if gas hits $5 a gallon, I’ll start riding again, regardless of the weather.

          • I see a local guy here in northern Michigan riding even in the snow. Crazy dude…

          • What motorcycle gets 92 MPG?

            • Genuine Buddy! New ones come with a two year warranty!

          • NetRanger, Everywhere I need to go is within 4 miles of my home. I can do this by walking, hence the name, Highspeedloafer. I do love to walk.

            This will save me enough money to still go fishing at the beach once in a while. I used to go every 2 weeks, but will have to go much less often, but hopefully I can still cast out for another year or so.

            • Fishing, in saltwater with a boat, is becoming practically impossible for middle class proletariat slaves anymore, and was where my father initiated my brother and I into the beautiful, wondrous spectacle of divine nature…

              All energy crisis’s are manufactured for profit:

              Highly efficient diesel technology has existed for 40 + years, and is suppressed – not to mention easily refinable

              Mass transit – nice, comfortable stuff – completely suppressed

              Truly efficient cars – suppressed

              The coming collapse is completely manufactured. Best to catch fish while you are able, and kiss the ones you love as often as you can (best while fishing)

          • Net Ranger that’s a very small bike, a 90cc 4-stroke or a 50cc 2-stroke, most likely a scooter.

            Most modern motorcycles aren’t worth it. The main advantages of a motorcycle/scooter are the gas mileage and the ease of parking. In most countries 50-125cc jobs do it best, in the US, 250cc scooters are about the best, able to do the freeways and yet get 60 or more MPG.

            Most of the motorcycles in the US are too big, too heavy, and too powerful to get good mileage. If you don’t mind who makes it, the Honda Silverwing is probably the best possible 250cc scooter. If you insist on at least ostensibly US-made, the Harley 883 Sportster is the way to go, and despite the large number of cc’s, actually will get about 60MPG.

      12. LOL, never first…

        $5 gas, yes a possibility. I’m in Houston and work in the Oil/Gas industry…I drive 40 miles one way to work.
        Yes, this will put a serious bind on the pocketbook. I can deal with it but feel for the folks that the extra cost, they don’t have. Not many people can afford to drive 40 miles one way as it is.
        The bills add up.

        Don’t know if this will drive the end game of our economic downfall, I think life will go on and people will do the best they can. Maybe the price of salaries in Houston will shoot up, as they have done in the past. Maybe it will bring about a new boom? Just one thing, a Boom for some are a bust for others…

        I will say again, hope for the best, prepare for the worst. One thing inevitable in life is change, one can TRY and be prepared, or sit back and wonder what happened as the house falls apart around you, i.e. hurricane. OR, I could evac to a safer place where I have extra food, water, meds….fuel and ability to take care of things myself.

        I have often wondered what the people of pompei said, as the ash rained down? Did they say “oh, Sh” or was it over quicker?

        How long did it take the Roman Empire to die?

        I figure I’m lucky to be here one day at a time, alive, with family I love. I’ll prepare for them.


        • Terry,

          How are those snares coming along?

          • Yes, I know, I promised y’all, I’ll try to get them made this weekend and will make it worth the wait.

            I’ve got 5 of the distillation units on order for various peeps, I’m working two full time jobs, the uinits and my day job, so time is at a premium.

            This weekend I’ve got a four day weekend, Friday will be welding copper and possibly building your snares. Friday night we go to the country to plant potatoes, enough to yield over 1000 pounds, check on the sugar cane I planted this winter, this will be my fuel feedstock for this next summer, after I’m permitted.

            We will be back Sunday and Monday I’ll be welding copper more. I promised the snares and will make good on them, please have patience, they are free. At the same time keep reminding me as I keep getting blinded and forgetful due to the state of our Obama-nation.

            I have peeps that are paying for theunits so they do take precedence over freebies.


        • “How long did it take the Roman Empire to die?”

          Quite a few centuries. The last continuously Roman-dominated remnant of it (Constantinople) fell in 1453.

          There was also a “Holy Roman Empire” in Europe that began in 962AD, and lasted until 1806, though there is no continuity of lineage or rule in that case.

          In between there were periods of fantastic prosperity, and a whole lot of misery.

      13. The gas price is another corp/bankster tool to control the masses. Anyone who analyzes production, supply and demand, and then makes these predictions are probably testing the public waters and preparing us for the $5 gas.

        If not preconditioned, the People may revolt. Blame must be directed before the event lest it come back to the real source of the problems.

        Given the message is brought forth by a former corporate CEO, it comes from one of “them” and should be ignored.

        It distracts from the real cause of the problem. The Banksters!!!!

        When the People, asleep and awake, stop chasing the phantoms and focus on the problem it will be laughable at how easy 12 psychopath families can be eliminated if we all work together to do it.

        There is only one enemy. THE BANKS MUST BE STOPPED!

      14. Monday Special: $5 foot long with no meat and no veggies.

        • And no bun

          • Can I get that to go.

            • sure, but that will $9.99 extra…unless, you want fries with that?

            • freedom fries?

            • Sure, bend over cause it’s coming in the form of a black uncle Sam, and it’s gonna hurt!
              Prepare now! Not when gas is 5.00 a gallon! If you haven’t started already? You better double up on your preps!!! What ever happened to drill baby drill?!?
              They all saw this coming in 2008, gas was 1.89 a gallon when obama was sworn into office, this should be a referendum on his administrations failure!!!!!

              Drill baby drill! Dammit!

        • Don’t worry, my foot long has plenty of meat and is always $5.


        • the $5 footlong the oil companies et al. are giving me is all meat

      15. Find the chart that records the gasoline deliveries. The bottom has fallen out for gas demand already. This morning FOX TV admitted that demand for gasoline was at an 11 year low. You can’t have a recovery without demand for gas. Baltic Dry Index at all time lows, also. The charts on several economic factors all show the same steep drop off.

        • To be fair, a lot of that demand has dropped due to the 3-4 years of higher-mileage vehicles. Folks are buying less 4mpg SUVs, and more 30mpg econoboxes.

          • Not to mention the number of people sitting at home with out jobs to go to, so no point in fueling up the ride..or money to use for gas..etc..

            slippery dam slope huh?

          • Not true. The average age of vehicles in the US is the oldest ever at over ten years. Poor people keep cars for years while wealthy ones replace them every four years. That means most of the cars are older gas guzzlers. The housing bust and the stock market meltdown destroyed alot of wealth that was all unrealized paper profit even though people treated it like real money. The gas use figures show that even in June, July and Aug. of 2008 before the market collapse there was little drop in usage even though prices were in some places over $4.50 a gallon. The next year 2009 the usage figures went down big time. Household wealth has been destroyed and will not be coming back. Real estate will go down even more this year and it is damn near impossible to get a buyer qualified for loan even if you can find one. Also the boomers are retiring often because they have been fired and cannot get hired elsewhere as they are over sixty, now they will be tax consumers not payers. Anyone who is optimistic about the situation is not paying attention.

        • Yes and refined gasoline is one of our top exports. If another country will pay more for it than we will, who do you think all that gas is gonna go to?

          • Right beefcake….This is why the price will go up.Worldwide demand,peak oil,inflation and speculation equal higher prices. Highest bidder in global oil will determine the price.

          • I was reading till someone hit on this mechanism of modern commerce!

            This will eventually happen to the food in our bread basket. Like in Argentina, they went from feeding Europe to experiencing their own hunger pains. How they wondered? Their food went to the highest bidder in the whole wide world, and it was not themselves.

            Not to mention the potential for a glitch in worldwide currency exchanges which may even leverage some other country in such a way they just shrug and say, ‘We may as well just buy it all from the US rather than grow it ourselves…’

            tsk tsk tsk

            Maybe we can get our congress to pass a bill that stops food exports… but it will probably only have a $500 fine.

            Drat! Representational incompetence always blowing up in our faces!

        • Indeed, OF. I don’t own a motor vehicle at all right now, take the bus, bicycle, borrow a friend’s car when I need to but keep that to a minimum. I’m getting a car soon but I’ll treat it like “borrowing a car from myself” and still use bicycle, bus, etc., when at all possible.

      16. Worker participation in the workplace numbers are also at an all time low percentage.

      17. All this while gas consumption is down and this country is EXPORTING gas in huge amounts. Maybe the banks will open branches in the gas stations to give high interest loans for those desiring to “fill ‘er up”.

      18. in orlando gas is about 3.50 gal and steadily rising while the barrel price seems to be stuck at around 100.00.
        i’m not good at math but it seems that for gas to be 3.50 the barrel price should be 122.5? can anyone explain?

        • I believe that price is the crude price, Figure in refining, delivery and pump profits to add to that.

        • That’s easy to explain. You are getting raped by big
          Business! If you don’t like it, get your oil somewhere

          • OR make your own fuel.

      19. This is one of the items I covered in my last post as something that could trigger the SHTF ball rolling.

        $5 gas would have a serious impact on a good many people getting to work – and it won’t be a choice for them. They’ll have to pay it thus tightening in other areas. On a tank a week that would result in $100-150 more a month people will have to shell out. That is significant for a lot of folks.

        • People could try carpooling, could take public transportation where available/possible, etc. Cut down unimportant trips, string together errands in one trip, etc., There’s still a lot of room to squeeze down.

        • My husband and I drive for a living. A year ago Steve had several 500+ days a month. It is down to one or two now. Five years ago my boss had 13 employees. We got paid for holidays and he had a nice home and money. We got bonuses. Now he has 6 employees, no hoiday pay, the boss lives in a friends house. He has had to choose between payroll and gas/diesel twice.
          For many millions of Americans, food comes from Safeway. It gets there by truck.
          I don’t think our business is going to last.
          Oh, Do you know how Walgreens and Hospitals get drugs and medical equipment? Yeah, by truck.

          • Sorry about that, he would drive 500+ miles in a day. More miles=more pay. But the freight is not showing up. Except for government stuff, hospitals, schools,and utilities.

            • yeah i work in a brewery and its hitting there too……first time in our plant hisstory they shut down a bottle line permanently…..the economy is recovering is bullsh**…..keep prepping

            • Krystal – sorry I can’t spell it differently – I have a job, 4 hours a week. I feel lucky.

              As for breweries, cheer up, it gets worse! Wait for people to learn to brew their own. Starting with “pruno” or “swipe” and going from there, to good stuff.

          • Better hurry to Walgreens if you need to stock up on laundry detergent. 1.99 for 33 loads of purex. I picked up 20 bottles today.

            • How about make you own detergent – the recipe is online and most items can be found at Wal Mart.

        • I aslo commute 70+ miles each way a day. I have an outside job that keeps me driving around as do the other 4000+ employee’s at the company I work for. The gas prices are going to affect even more jobs where I work. All the field techs are already stressed out doing more with less. And our company will demand even more. If we go to our customers for a rate increase for our work preformed they will simply go to another vendor. This is going to suck! They thing is that even if this guys is wrong about the cost of gas going up by fall. He is correct when he says it is going up. One day we will be saying to eachother. Heck, remember when gas was only $6.75 a gallon.

      20. For the people who pull this faux logic out of their asses during an argument about rising gas prices (Mac, I’m stealing this quote from you but not implicating you as one of the individuals in question) “even though our European counterparts have been paying at least double that for years” and then follow it by, “and they are doing just fine” (yes, I’ve actually heard this argument from people), please consider this: “Suburban commuters who spend two hours a day driving to and from work will see their monthly gas expenditures nearly double, the price of food will rise as a result of increased transportation and delivery costs, and those who are already struggling to make ends meet will be forced to reduce or eliminate spending on essential goods and services.” Also, goods have to travel further distances here than they do in Europe when it comes to farm to table logistics. I feel sorry for those poor bastards in Obama’s home state, well no maybe I don’t, but they will suffer the most from higher fuel costs. Also, you see more people in Europe taking mass transit or riding bicycles/vespas to work, those modes of transportation won’t go over well with the soccer moms here in the US.

        • Yes but the cars they drive in Europe will ALL do over 40-50 to the gallon (most do around 70-90 mpg) so as you can see they pay more but go further, so at the moment it is swings and roundabouts at the moment.

          • I never understood why that was. I understand their vehicles are mostly diesel fueled. Yet over here the car makers constantly b—h about not being able to meet the new CAFE standards. What’s wrong with this picture?

          • Ya and have you seen the size of those spam cans? I know eventually we will have to use those after all, the embargo back in the ’70s killed the muscle car so it won’t be long before $5 seals the coffin on those V8 and V10 Tundra/F series pickups and Expeditions/Excursions still rolling around on the road today. Granted I got a chance to drive a turbo charged mini Cooper that would smoke a corvette off the sales lot, and it was fun, I still don’t think I want to own one.

          • Please, Please. Show me one car that is popular in Europe (no the world) that gets 70-90MPG.

        • It’s no wonder the English have such bad teeth.

        • “… will be forced to reduce or eliminate spending on essential goods and services”

          That has been in the balance for years now. It is the ‘deflation’ the Bernanke fears.

          The big hidden fear is essentially our discovering the goods and services the worldwide corporations deliver are less than adequate, and were sold to us on their credit.

          So we either start making our own stuff and enjoy trading it because of the more interpersonal nature of the trading or be dependent on their bankrupt asses for their back office sustenance systems.

          This can turn out good or this can turn out bad. Our choices.

          I’m choosing !

      21. Three years of radical marxist policies along with environmentalists getting everything they want for three years will lead to $5 per gallon gas. It will also lead to the final death of our economy and American pride and prosperity.

        We don’t need no stinkin’ drilling, no new offshore wells or pipelines. We’ll just continue to pay out the nose to the terrorists and propel our cars with Bernake bucks.

          • Free Energy for all – forever!

            Brilliant Beefcake. Brilliant.


          • We’ve got our own Shitbama Chevy Volt right here. It’s built on political bullshit too!

          • Daisy: I don’t know anything about methane.
            Beefcake: You can shovel shit can’t you?

      22. Buy silver while it is still low. When the dollar goes belly up you’ll be glad. Plus it is way more affordable than gold currently. Just make sure that you buy from a reputable dealer. And only take physical delivery. Pool accounts will probably be seized by the gov. Retirement accounts have historically been vulnerable to bankrupt governments in the past.

        • @ Gemini—
          Yeah….if gas goes to five dollars a gallon, silver will be worth shit. IN fact. it isn’t worth much more NOW. Gained NOTHING last year, and after this month is over I think it is going down again…

      23. I agree with those who want to get rid of the banksters. The banksters are a serpent that is strangling the world. But to kill the serpent one must first cut off the head (the federal reserve). As long as the fed exists the associated banksters will continue to do their dirty deeds. Dr. Paul is the only one who understands this. The last politician who wanted to end the fed was JFK. You know what happened to him. Jesse Ventura was right on when he said something like, “If Ron Paul gets elected, the next job will be to keep him alive!”

        • I agree that the Federal Reserve is corrupt and a bad idea. I disagree that Ron Paul or any other politician will have the power to change anything. Unless the whole country gets behind an issue nothing will change until the whole thing collapses.

      24. @ God’s Creation

        Probably a good deal of truth in what you say. But I think to ignore the deflation impact of Dollar on goods and services might be might be an oversight.
        No matter the reason , it all stinks of gross mismanagement by our elected handlers and their alliances to everyone and everything but us.

        All need to to get squared away! No longer can we ignore the writing on the wall of what is happening and being implemented by our handlers. Not that this community is ignoring as i think most here are informed.

        I continue to plant and cultivate seeds amongst family and friends.

      25. $5.00 Gas Huh,

        a) My first reaction is to say no way it won’t happen. The powers that be want Obama re elected and that would jeopardize his re coronation.

        b) If it did happen it will be early summer and then Obama will be given kudo’s and credits for getting it back to $4.00 by election time, but I stand by the previous thought it won’t happen.

        Its all about re coronating the loser in charge.

      26. How can I smuggle a diesel Smart Car into this country? 71mpg

        • Get a boat

      27. Cut your cord to the fuel industry as much as you can. All of these aren’t feasible for all people – but do what you can!

        ~ Walk more, drive less.
        ~ Group all of your errands together so you are making fewer trips
        ~ Grow as much of your own produce as possible to cut transportation of produce
        ~ Buy locally whenever possible
        ~ Don’t buy plastic or things packaged in plastic – it’s all made from petroleum.

        It will take a lot of people a lot of time to make this hurt Big Oil, but every little jab undercuts them.

        Refuse to support their greed and insanity!

      28. Bo is a life style change for hope.







      30. Greetings Everyone!
        $5 gas? Frankly,I’m planning on how to deal with $10 gas.The only way for the Arabs and our not-to-be forgotten crooks at Goldie/Sakies to raise prices is to a create “a crisis”.Those wonderful 1% “Screw-The-Country,cuz we THE UBER RICH” commit no wrongs(just ask the bought-off folks in D.C.!)as they maintain their lavish lifestyles to the detriment of the rest of us.They pay shills to suggest “reasons” they use to increase the prices.I laughed at the balcony photo showing G/S people waving their Champagne glasses at the plebes below.”Let them eat cake”,21st Century style.We all know how that party finished the first time.Most of All,God won’t be sympathetic in the least when THE CHANGE gets in full swing.

        Best to All
        Hope You can be Safe and Warm with Sustenance this Day

      31. Every President for the last 50 years has campaigned on a energy policy and yet we still have no energy policy.

        The words Corporatism, Crony Capitalism, Fascism and Statism come to mind for reasons why we don’t have an energy policy.

        Just look around, while Greece burns the markets rise. They are so arrogant they now feel insulated or priced in from a financial contagion.

        They have now thrown away the rule books so anything goes now. Banks, financial firms and governments will simply use freshly printed currency to keep the system running.

        Eat, drink and be merry for tomorrow; well maybe 5 years from now, we will die!

        5 dollar gas will only be the beginning. Financial ratings mean nothing anymore so all investments are good as long as you invest in something that’s to big to fail.

      32. Realist…I remember the days when diesel was a lot less than gasoline. Back when the USA was the biggest producer of crude oil( 70’s ) and supply and demand was determined by our economy. Now it’s a huge global market and the Chinese want all they can get( for now ).

        • We were given a warning in 70’s, but we chose to ignore it and pretend it didn’t happen. An even bigger warning was received in 2008, but we all know how that went.
          Two strikes – yep, no third warning.

      33. The Oil Industry is NOT for Mr O. If anything, they’ll cut supplies to ramp up the price per gallon.

        Pres O + Canceling the oil pipe line + restricting oil drilling = unhappy consumers.

      34. Fuel prices make a major dent in my pocket. I drive between 500 – 1000 miles a week, & my wife burns a tank a week back & forth to work. So, in a typical week we burn 60 gallons of diesel & 30 gallons of gas. Back when fuel was a dollar a gallon, this was less than $400.00 a month. at 4 dollars a gallon, it costs us $1,400. a month for fuel. That has gone from what I considered expensive….to more than out house note.
        An $5 a gallon will be $1,800 a month. I can imagine that for many folks…that just does not work in the budget. As I am in sales & drive all over the gulf coast of Texas every week….it just means that more of my sales commission dollars go out the window as business expense…..instead of into paying off the house…or more prepps. I have been working on stockpiling fuel…I guess I need to get after it now.
        Montgomery County Texas

        • i feel your pain…in 2008 when things crashed, i was actually spending more on gas to get to work then i was earning from work…good thing i got layed off from the job i guess.. if i were in the same job today or tomorrow, i would be quitting it.

      35. “Our ” House Note ! I need to proof read better LOL .

      36. The stupid Oil company’s are cutting their own throats!
        People will just stop driving as much and the Oil company’s
        will still lose money!

        • Not really. Look at some totally hypothetical numbers.

          Say that oil company’s sell 400 million gallons per year right now and their profit is 2 cents per gallon. Profit is $8,000,000.

          Now lets say they only sell 300 million gallons per year but get 3.5 cents per gallon profit because of rising cost of gas. Profit is now $10,500,000.

          They can sell less and make more.

        • Oil companies never lose money.

          • The oil companies do not own Saudi and other countries oil resources. Those countries set the price of crude. The oil companies are the middlemen who get it out of the ground, ship it and refine it. They do not set the price of the crude! You people have been so brain washed you do not even know who makes out like bandits. The Federal and State govts. rake in the bucks through taxes. They invest nothing, expend no effort, take no risks and yet make ten times the return of the oil companies. Ask yourselves why have no refineries been built in the US in thirty years while many have been shut down while the population has damn near doubled. The enviro wackos fight every attemp to expand capacity. Now the coal plants are targeted. Get ready for spending alot of time in the dark and cold after walking home from where ever you were.

        • The Oil Companies will not lose money. They make money hand over fist and always will unless WE the PEOPLE do something.

          • Well what do you propose we do?

      37. Just another trick, scare the hell out of us with $5.00 per gallon, then when it hits “only” $4.50 per gallon, we will be pleased. There are things I would like to say here but with DHS monitoring everything, I have to keep quiet. Is’nt freedom grand?

      38. They have learned to inform the public… this way there will be less of a chance of riots and protest!
        Wake Up People, they only mention this to get the public mentally prepare for higher prices.

      39. The winds of change are upon us and I doubt that anything can be done to stop it. A Summer of discontent?
        An upheavel never encountered before, for it will be global. A redistribution of wealth and the destruction of the working class. A system that will implode, assisted by a downward spiral of catch 22’s and interconnected flaws. Is five dollar gas the catalyst that sets unthinkable acts in motion? There are many who can not see a future, for they are more concerned with the NOW. You have to ask yourself, what do the leaders of our country envision, with the price of gas at Five Dollars? Surely they have the best economic advisors at their beck and call. Will the Carnival Barkers of our major news networks still portray a healing economy? With discrectionary spending at its limit, will our credit cards be our only short lived answer to inflation, orchestrated by corporate greed?
        I am sure that we can not store enough fuel to outlast this abomination. The impact on Police, Fire/Rescue, Garbage Pickup, School Busing, Air Travel, Food Distribution, etc. will be monumental as the tax base decreases for City, State and Federal coffers.
        Too many questions and not enough answers. Damn.

        • A summer of discontent ….Hahahaha ….where have I heard that before ? JUST A BUNCH OF PARROTHEADS ! Polly wanna cracker

          • No. I don’t want a cracker, but a Margarita would be fine. ;0)

      40. Only a few more dollars increase and you’le be paying the same for petrol as everyone else.
        Round here i worked out 7.7 NZD for 1 Galleon. As of today thats about 6.4 USD

      41. The USD is the world reserve currency. Oil is purchased in USD. More and more USD are created. Where else can the price of oil go?

        • You are exactly right. More of Helicopter Ben Bernanke’s meddling.

      42. $5 a gallon gas would not be a revovery ending event but i DID notice that you admitted to a recovery !! Hahahahahahahahahahaha…GOTCHA !

      43. I am glad to see that some preppers are thinking outside the box. Coming up with ideas to save on gasoline for their cars.

        But the need for gasoline in our everyday lives is as essential as the vains that run blood through our bodys to keep us breathing.

        It is a sad living condition to rely on one item so much, that the thought of loosing that item brings about a possible collapse in your life.

        I feel sorry for those who are just starting to see the need for prepping. By my way of thinking, it is already too late to make any real headway in that direction. But any prepping is better then none.

        But not only do you need to prep up on food, clothing, water, medical, guns/ammo, and tools for living. You will also need to prep up on ideas to get through the turbulant times that are coming at us like a semi without breaks.

        Most of us are so worried about loosing our jobs and financial stability, that we do not realize just how little financial stability there really is in this world. It is almost zero….zilch…..kaput! Pretty well gong to hell in a hand basket.

        So, what do we do. You better start making connections among friends, family and neighbors and get a movement together that will add strength to you and a group.

        Survival is just not hanging on to that job that no longer sustains your family with any comfort or security. Survival is the ability to work with a group of people to bring about a change in all your circumstances. A change that will bring sustainability, security and the chance of future prospects.

        There is all this anger, rioting, fire bombing in Greece right now, over the lose of 33% pay scale in the past and another large percenage that will be decreased in the future from their pay checks. Along with these drastic cuts in income, their taxes are going up AGAIN!

        This is going to be America in the near future. You guys had better get a mental handle on what is going to happen in our Country, State, County and in our Homes.
        The future that America faces RIGHT NOW! will not be stopped by our politicans.

        But we, as preppers, can prepare to survive. We do not have to end up like Greece. Sure, there will be many Americans that will follow down the path of the Greek people in their own lives. But we have blazed another trail. We can have a good life during these hard times, because we have prepared.

        The more people who do prepare in our communities, the easier it will be for our communities to successfully travel the coming years.

        Do not wined your lives around a politcal party that neither has the capabilities or the desires to change the corse of our nation. But take on the responsibility of the direction that your own life will follow.

        The future is TRUELY of your own making.

        God bless and keep on prepping.

      44. gas will go up due to the hyperinflation that Bernake has pumped into the system. Anyone could see this coming a mile away. I expect gas to be 6 dollars a gallon in less than 4 years.

        the dollar is in collapse. everything will go hyper inflation. no way around it. if we are lucky it won’t go much higher than 5 or 6 bucks a gallon.

        • Rachel: No hyperinflation. Get a clue! Gasoline will probably reach $6 a gallon before the end of summer as the price spikes due to war with Iran.

          If WE had hyperinflation and WE won’t. There wouldn’t be any gasoline at all.

          Double digit inflation is not hyperinflation people: even if it feels like it to you personally.

          • durango kid is correct. we are likely 5-10 years from a total hyperinflationary event and only if the American government continues on its current path. if ron paul were elected, hyperinflation may even be avoided.hyperinflation… youll know when its here.. it aint here… yet.

            • eeder

              Yep but regardless prices will rise as more dollars are produced. A 10% rise reduces your purchasing power by half in 7 years and a 15% rise takes less than 5 years.

              People will cry uncle well before hyper hits.

            • K2: If my dog eats my dollars and I print new ones to replace the ones that my dog ate, there are no additional dollars available for me to spend; only the number of dollars I had to begin with.

              The size of the FED printing over time only shows the extent of the expected losses.

            • Correct me if I’m wrong here. Doesn’t inflation have a lot to do with the velocity of money going through the system? Although the Fed has expanded it’s balance sheet with toxic bank assets this money has been held by the banks to shore up their losses and not yet released into the economy (loans). When it does make it into the economy (it eventually will have to) is when the velocity picks up as more dollars chase more dollars (price spikes) and then inflation begins to get out of control.

            • JRS: There is no direct relationship between inflation and velocity. They are measurements of different phenomena.

              You are correct about the dollars being in the banks to shore up their balance sheets and provide for continuing losses.

              No, the dollars can be withdrawn from the banks as easily as they were inserted, so these “dollars” may never see the light of day as “additional dollars” moving through the economy.

              This is what more than a few people do not seem to understand.

      45. This entire mess is complex and totally the fault of one industry: The Banks

        Frankly, its doesn’t really concern me. I’ll just go back to delivering the kids on the motorcycle when I can and in the 45mpg car when I have to. Deep snow and I’ll drive the 18mpg SUV.

        You just have to adjust. I just feel sorry for the people who, essentially, drive for a living. Sales people, people who travel to different sites to do maintenance. Also, companies that use fuel will suffer. Airlines? Trucking? They’ll try and pass on the cost but it will kill their business.

        It won’t hurt me much, personally, when I switch to the motorcycle with the .2L engine (200cc). My costs will actually go down.

        But, people might slow down, too, and that would cut the demand. If people would learn how to get a few more MPGs out of their vehicle, that would help. But, they continue to drive like assholes and gripe about the gas prices.

        All of US society need to learn to conserve and increase efficiency. …and we will.

        The scooter industry will start booming again. Of course the states are starting to complain about that and requiring registration and insurance. Box those sheeple in! Don’t let them eat the grass unless they pay for it!

        The corporation in collusion with the banks are killing the USA. I say good riddens! Make way for the uSA to return! Once the rats flee, the boat will be much lighter.

      46. People, the Big Oil companies make record profits whether oil is priced at $70 per barrel or $150 per barrel. They laugh at us all the way to the bank. THEIR greed will aid in destroying this country. Find a way to break the back and snap the neck of BIG OIL and OPEC now! Save yourselves while you have the chance to do so.

      47. Ho hum… $5/gallon (around $1.15/litre)…
        Incidentally, we went METRIC decades ago – we deal in litres now ! Gallons, pounds, inches etc are obsolete !
        Why is the USA stuck in the imperial age ???
        Well, try living in a lot of other countries then !
        Europe around $2.20/litre, Australia $1.50/litre
        You don’t know how good your prices are, even at $5/gal, compared to the rest of the world, so stop your moaning !
        Ditch your fuel guzzling Jeeps and similar crap and buy cars for the real world.

        • Good thing you type English. I don’t know German.

        • Outstanding, Man with no name. I think we finally found something that you do well. Hum us a tune while Russian gas gets turned off.

      48. here in the UK we are already paying $6.36 per gallon for our diesel as its £1.40 a litre, it just makes you drive less, i’m getting about 40 miles to the gallon from my car but i dont drive slow,lol, i have noticed that whenever the supermarkets put an offer up you cant get filled up, the queues are horrendous, keep prepping guys, times nearly upon us.

      49. What’s the big deal about oil? You can’t eat it.

        • Errr, Rich, read up on an essay called “The Oil We Eat”

      50. ive been doing some studying on generators that run indefinitely by using magnets. as far as i can tell the suppression of this “technology” is the only thing from keeping the price of oil from totally collpasing… WE DONT NEED OIL! this zionist scam has gone on too long… long enough… the zionist regime is totally out of control and must step down or be stopped. i have never been more convinced of this truth.

        • I didn’t know that Barack Obama was a Jew. You have really gone around the bend when you blame oil prices on the joooooos!

          • If it’s bad, it can be traced to the jooooooos! Nope, Obama’s not a jooooo, he’s in my opinion a fairly nice guy who’s just being given orders. By the ….. jooooooooos… when you get to the bottom of it.

            • You are crazy if you think that Barack Obama who hates Israel and the Jews is taking any kind of orders from them. No, he’s a big fat marxist all by himself and he’s a snake in the grass, NOT a nice guy.

            • Obama hates Israel and the Jewish people. Why would he take any orders from them.

              Your opinion of him as being a nice guy is dead wrong. He is a Communist/Marxist who is trying to destroy America. Wake up. He is a smiling snake in the grass.

      51. Husband and I were in Orlando a few days last week. Gas $5.89 at more than one location. We discovered if the gas station did not have its prices visible from the road, it may be one that has the over-$5-gas. To be sure most gas stations had gas at about $3.60.

        • Not all Orlando is like that, but the areas around Disney World are. Ever bought a bottle of water in Vegas casino? it’s $4-5. Simple. Businesses take advantage of tourists.

      52. time to DIS EN GAGE.

        i gave up having a car in 1997. i stopped acquiring work that necessitated paying an income tax.

        now i’m officially a prepper. seeds, seeds and more seeds, stocking up on everything, ticking things off the List, armed to the teeth, treasure buried somewhere around the ‘hood… etc etc etc.

        i encourage EVERYONE to abandon ship.

        • Ron you are walking the walk.

          If you don’t like what “they” are doing, stop paying them.

      53. At planting time, a smallish (280 acre) farm growing row crops (corn and beans)goes through around 800+ gallons/day of offroad diesel (no tax). Fertilizer comes from natural gas, which is comparatively cheap, right now. Harvest takes more diesel. Drying the corn, if it was a wet year, takes more energy from some source. Shipping to a processor takes diesel. Keeping the processing plant running takes electricity from some source. Processing itself takes energy. Trucking the processed food to a distributor: diesel. If it goes by train, it takes diesel. Trucking from distributor to stores: diesel. We all eat oil, all the time, everywhere, including the 3rd world.

        There is oil, coal or natural gas in some form in everything, including medications, most of what is used in a hospital, which is also usually disposable.

        Everything is connected, in some way, to the price of oil.

          • There is no such thing as peak oil. It is a myth that is being spread by greenie weenies to stop oil production. We have plenty of oil in the US just sitting there. Enough for hundreds of years. The problem is the idiots in the Obama Administration and others who refuse to let us use the resources we have. There is ample evidence to support the idea that oil is abiotic and not of fossil origin. There is evidence that it replenishes itself over time.

            • Geologist, retired, in oil business for 25 years. You are an XXXX. You know nothing, sorry about that, but it’s true. Suggest you do not breed, go live in woods or cut out your tongue. Your kind impedes all known progress. Your world really is flat.

            • @paranoid

              You are the one who is a flat earther and closed minded. Just because you don’t support findings about this research by other worldwide geology experts doesn’t make you king rat. I don’t even believe you are a geologist. You sound like a loser to me who resorts to name calling when someone doesn’t agree with your rant. Backwards people like you need to be retired and let younger smarter people take over with up to date information. Paranoid is a good self inflicted name for you. Bye Now

        • Time to DE-industrialize food production.

          • “Time to DE-industrialize food production.”

            Develop your skills at rotting vegetable matter. I rot mine in a barrel and instead of tumbling I stab a half inch pointed pipe into it for air.

            Rot for 6 to 12 months… you’ll get good at rotting and get a feel for what rotting depends on.

            Mix with 50% fine sand. Super soil.

            Put in square foot beds and tend.

            Food production DE-industrialized! Success!

      54. The great thing about small towns, especially small towns with colleges, is that everything is close by and, really, within walking distance.

        Or move next to a major mall pending your exit to a BOL like I did, in anticipation of just the scenario WE face.

        I have almost EVERYTHING imaginable within a one mile radius right now, including the best restaurants in town. Two miles for everything under the sun. name it, I’ve got it here.I average about 5 -7 miles a day in the suburbs.

        Phoenix Light Rail works for the inner city here in Arizona and its starting to link to the suburbs. Rail passes are less than $50 a month I think.

        Not ideal for freedom loving Americans, but some people will have to compromise. That’s an option here that will connect you to a lot of real estate, major malls, universities, stadiums, restaurants, etc.

        Adapt to win.

        • Shit, Durango, I’d bike that, since I’m a cheap bastard, but yeah, public transportation is something even Ben Franklin would get behind.

        • DT: Actually I have not been a fan of PLR, because I think it was insane to spend a billion dollars on infrastructure for what is essentially a bus route from the Spectrum Mall through downtown Phoenix and out to ASU in Tempe, and on to Mesa.

          Now that it is here, people can benefit from it at the expense of the rest of US taxpayers because the ridership fees do not cover the cost of operation.

          This is what happens when you allow government officials to travel on the public dime and commiserate with other criminals in other cities.

      55. RICH99 says:
        Outstanding, Man with no name. I think we finally found something that you do well. Hum us a tune while Russian gas gets turned off.

        Yeah, and how many YEARS have the warning signs been out for all to see ? Hence the “ho-hum (nothing new,move along)”.
        You only have yourselves to blame for the mess you’re in and others you face. YOUR lack of being informed, your apathy re Peak Oil, your delusion that everything is alright, your belief problems will magically be solved, your belief your shallow materialistic planet=destroying lifestyles will survive or deserve to.
        If not your fault, then name who is to blame.
        Time to pay the Piper suckers.

        • The worldwide moneymasters are to blame for picking our pockets. How much better off are you for “paying attention”? We are awake or we wouldn’t be here exchanging ideas.

      56. One of the problems is that we in America have not had to really conserve resources for the last 100+ years. And we have had a long free riegn of resource extraction from other parts of the world. Our people have always been told they will have cheap gas…

        Yes, we do have oil still in the ground here in the US. You will still hear stories about capped wells. During the drilling boom of the 80’s, a lot of wells were capped. They were not capped because someone was holding out, but because the wells were not economically viable.

        Those wells are likely being opened now to get the $120/ barrel crude mentioned in the article. It costs money to get it out of the ground. Gas has only been artificially cheap for most of our lives through subsidies.

        Yes there large oil reserves in Alaska, but they were intended to be held in reserve for the US Military, should we need it for a real war; not so we could have a decade of cheap gas to waste.

        And I’m still amazed at people who whine about “the environmentalists”. If it were not for people who actually cared that every fresh water aquifer in the country was not contaminated, you would have no unpolluted water to drink. That is really what is at stake. This becomes even more important as gas fracking ramps up.

        There is no amount of complaining that will change the realities of the coming resouce crunch. One more thing that people knew 20+ years ago…This may well be out of even the oil-companies’ hands when the next war starts…

      57. In 1965, when I bough my Chevy Impala Super Sport Convertible, with a 396 c.i. engine, out of the show room, gas was about $ 0.59 per gallon.

        Factor in inflation since then and that equals about $ 4.33 in today’s dollars. So, where is the big increase?

        Answer: There is none. Prices for gas today only reflect the shrinking dollar’s value since 1964. Not that it is price gouging by Big Petro.

        Then again, I made $1.50 per hour in 1964 ( I was 20 ) which is equal to about $7 per hour today or minimum wage. Not much change there.

        Of course, the new car mentioned above cost me about $2,600.00 in 1964 dollars or about $19,000.00 in today’s dollars. You tell me who is screwing whom. The above car today would cost twice that or more.

      58. A gallon of gas is still worth a pre-1964 silver quarter.

        The value of the Federal Reserve Notes have gone to shit.

        That is what the real problem is.

        • Aha! That’s a good way to think about it. For instance, a decent loaf of bread is still worth a silver dime – about $2.

          A silver dime is worth 2.5X that, or, $5.

          25c a gallon when JFK was in office, is what, threatening to become $5 now? It’s been under value for the last few years since we’ve been in a deflationary recession.

        • Even better. Using spot price of silver and the price of gas on my block:

          33 bucks an ounce / 4 = 8.25 per quarter ounce.
          I round it down to 8 just for this simple math.
          One silver quarter = approx 8 bucks.
          8 bucks / 3 bucks per gallon = 2.75.

          So one silver quarter on my block should get roughly 2.75 gallons of gas. If that for some reason does not include tax, it would still get about 1.4 gallons of gas.

          • My case exactly. More money = higher prices.

            Wait until the blame game reappears like a long time favorite TV show. In the 1970s I heard, “The unions want too much money” and from the opposing side “Your profits are too high”. No TV reporter bothered to tell the masses that we went off an international gold standard, spent money on “The Great Society” and Vietnam that we did not have and created a pile of money to pay the difference. Nothing like the watchdog media to keep the public informed.

            Just wait for both sides to blame the other when the problem is systemic in the government system.

            Oh don’t ya just love it when for that few seconds a “Worshipper of the sphere” bothers to discuss the above you hear them say, “Well I think” and you know ignorance is soon to follow.


        I have been going to this site for over a year, great videos and articles. Lately my web browser is reporting it as an attack site. Hmmm Big Brother not wanting people to see whats going on?

        • I’ve had the same thing happen to me when I visit that site.

        • an “attack” site?

        • url is not valid

      60. I remember going to walmart and thinking that paying $1.24/gallon for gas was way too much! because it used to be between $0.89 and $1.07

      61. It would not be a disaster just a game-changer. People can adapt and must adapt. Think about it? What is really the ‘disaster’ in this scenario? That you have to focus your budget on food not cheap, plastic crap from China? That you would have to walk or ride a bike? That you would have more time to spend with family and friends and pursue hobbies or read a book? How is that a disaster?

        Higher energy prices are baked in the cake no matter what. They are coming so you might as well make the adjustment now and it won’t hurt later.

      62. Fucking Muslim ragheads extract a barrel of oil for less than a dollar and screw everyone who doesn’t follow a pedophile prophet and a false cult moon god.

        • Ranger

          They are just players in the game.

          We buy high price oil. The higher the price of oil the greater demand for US dollars. The greater demand for US dollars the more dollars can be produced because there is a greater pool to dilute those dollars into. Saudi Arabia loans the dollars back to the banks. The US government and you borrow those dollars.

          Like inflation the blame goes everywhere but where it should be.

      63. I don’t understand why everybody is so upset. You’re alive. You’re able to vent your frustations on the Internet. Even at five dollars a gallon you can still operate your many vehicles — boats, motorcycles, motorhomes, ski-doos, fancy cars. You’re part of the chosen people! Just think about that. You’ve got it all! On the other hand, you could be on the receiving end of american-style democracy that you delivered to the Iraqi people via your tax dollars. You could even be one of the one point three million who got blown away, murdered, killed, destroyed, however you want to put it. So stop your wining! You just can’t think enough about your greedy selves! It’s never enough with you people! Pathetic.

        • Greg-

          The flaw in your reasoning is assuming people here have boats, motorcycles, motorhomes, ski-doos and fancy cars.

          Yes, we are blessed to be here in America. But not everyone shares fully in the much-worshipped American Dream.

      64. If this happens, and persists, you will see many more people fling for bankruptcy. If it comes down to a choice between paying credit cards/loans to buying gas for your car to get to work and food for your table, food and gas will win out. Which, of course, makes the economy that much more unstable.

        You can still keep a car you owe money on in a non-chapter 7 bankruptcy as long as you keep making the payments on it.

      65. The Insult of Obama yucking it up at someone elses expense of unaffordable gas prices is the tip of the iceberg for his regard or lack of it, concerning the everyday people caught in America between a Socialist Democratic Party and a President who is dedicated to total economic meltdown in order to set his seizure of power into action.

        Please Google “Reichstag fire” of 1933 in Germany and open your eyes to the extent to which this man is planning to go and the examples he holds in reverence.
        High diesel prices are more of a blow to our economy than even gas prices are right now. Diesel moves everything we wear, live in and eat
        Obama has empowered the E.P.A. with huge authority very quietly and through his Czars outside the inspection or control of congress.
        New sulfur restrictions on diesel(sulfur acts as a lubricant inside diesel motors) has taken the cheapest fuel in America to the most expensive! The new tightened restrictions on supposed sulfur emissions was headed up in California by Dr. Hein Tran. He postulated that the heavy carbon(soot) from diesel exhaust combined with emissions from the spent sulfur was causing “premature death and exacerbating the rate of Cancer” in American urban areas. This data was seized upon by the E.P.A. and Obama’s energy Czar, Ken Salazar immediately. Dr. Hein’s data became truth and was included in the restrictions planned for the Environmentalists and Socialists Darling “Cap-n-Trade Legislation still in Obama’s plans.

        There’s only one problem, a group of the leading Atmospheric Scientists in America out of UCLA began to run the data prepared by Dr. Hein and his staff. They discovered that the data was not merely Hypothesis, it was shabby work and didn’t follow any known standards and contemporary factual known existing data.
        They decided to investigate Dr. Hein and found that he himself was no scientist at all and in fact had purchased his diploma on-line for $1000.00 dollars! California Air Quality Regulators, the E.P.A. , Energy Czar Ken Salazar, the Democratic Party and the current President of the United States had invested in data produced by a fraud!
        We are paying high diesel and gas prices because of fraudulent data and a Socialist plan to remake the free enterprise system of the United states into a Marxist totalitarian, one party dictatorship!
        Obama has signaled his intent to do this from the very beginning and All you bozos who voted for this “Marxist” will indeed suffer and wilt like the rest of us under the hammer of this “Domestic Enemy” President.
        The Lead Scientist at UCLA is Dr. Engstrom Phd. and one of Americas leading scientific authorities on emissions and pollutants.
        He is not associated with the tea Party or the Republican Party, in fact he is a democrat. He took his findings the the Board of Science regents at UCLA and to his surprise, was fired the next day after 34 years of continual service.
        UCLA and its board of regents aren’t talking and refer all inquiries to the legal defense team, supplied already.
        The E.P.A. and Ken Salazar are apparently above the law and beyond questioning and have declined to respond.
        Obamas yuking it up at Americans over gas prices is just the tip of the Marxist conspiratorial Iceberg

      66. …er,what recovery?

      67. You damned americans. You are the stomach of the world.
        The time has come when your petro-dollar free ride is ending bitches.

        We already in Europe are payin $6,5 for a gallon of gasoline and we stil live. You at $5 a gallon will be still better of than we are already here in Europe.

        The world has decided that your free ride, stealing around the world and perpetraining of american terrorism around the world has ended bitches.

        The biggest terrorist organization on the planet is you government fuck tards. So enjoy your police state and get ready for a drastic down adjustment of your unpaid for live styles bitches.

        The chickens are coming home to roast. it will not bo so long before the rest fo the world stops accepting your unbacked fiat paper.

        I am very happy that this is coming to your backyards after decades of american stealing and killing around the world.

        • Hey buy silver,FUCK OFF ASSHOLE!!! where the fuck do you get off.Fisrt off learn to spell! Hooked on phonics worked for millions you dumb son of a bitch! Hugo Chavez,sells the gasoline to his own people for three cents per gal,so if you dumbasses are paying six dollars a gal.who is the truely stupid one? We in America know what the big oil companies are doing to us and the rest of the world ,and by the way it,s not the American peoples fault.It,s not the US citizens job to police the rest of the world to see who is paying too much for gas! It,s your job dumb fuck!!!

      68. BuySilver is right the rest of the world has been paying for our over spending. There is no f’in recovery, only propaganda.

      69. When the hell will this country wake the hell up!!The banks screw us on a daily basis.Big oil screws us on a daily basis.Our own danm government screws us on a daily basis,and we all are stuck to the danm boob tube waiting to see what new truely dumbass non reality tv show will come out next! How about,How We Stole Your Frickin Life While You Were Sleeping!!!

      70. Gas should be $1.00 a gallon. Period.

        We need gas to get to work.

        We need gas to live, just like air to breath.

        Gas is not a luxury. Gas is a necessity.

        Playing with the pricing of gas, steals money from everyone. Except people who own stock in oil companies. They enjoy us paying high prices.

        But, Americans will continue to pay. They are afraid of complaining with action. Words do nothing but, make us sound stupid to the owners of this country.

        Thank God for innovative people that have built hydrogen and magnetic engines. Endless free energy that is non-polluting. They are off the tit of big oil!

        It’s just a matter of time and creativity…..

      71. The devil comes only to kill, to steal, and to destroy………John 10:10

      72. Why do you perpectuate the Recovery Myth, when most of you articles have been about how if you “Think we are in a Recovery mode your Crazy”.

        Ge it straight there is no recovery for the $5/gallon gas to disrupt it will just prolong the agony many are in now.

      73. If the gas price hits $5, pass the word out to voters, do not vote for Osama, oops, I mean Obama. It`s all about manipulation, greedy politicians and greedy oil companies. Ride your bike, ride the bus to work, walk as much as you can, and live close to where your workplace.

      74. No worries. As part of his 2012 presidential campaign of hope and change, BO will promise everyone in the United States (including illegals) electric cars (paid for by the 50% of U.S. citizens who actually pay taxes)

      75. October 7th, 2012…I live in Salinas, Kalifornia and gas has officially hit the $5 a gallon mark

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