“Record-Shattering Cold” Hits Central US

by | Apr 22, 2021 | Headline News | 7 comments

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    This article was originally published by Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge. 

    An unusually cold front moved into the Central US early this week, spilling Arctic air throughout the Plains, Midwest, and Tennessee Valley. By Wednesday morning, “record-shattering cold” temperatures have been reported.

    From the Canada–US border to Texas, unseasonably cold air has been recorded. For many states in the Central US, temperatures are over 20 degrees below average.

    BAMWX meteorologist Kirk Hinz wrote in his latest note that cold air spans from southern Canada to near Mexico on Wednesday morning. He posted a chart of dozens of locations in the Central US that set various cold record lows (some were daily and or monthly records).

    “The record-breaking cold has settled in this morning across the central US, stretching from near Mexico to southern Canada…as cross-polar flow drops in Arctic levels of frost/freeze temps in the late spring season. Additional record cold pushes east into Thursday morning as well before things start to moderate into the weekend,” Hinz said. 

    “Further west it was colder yes but more records were broken today vs yesterday,” Hinz said. 

    None of this should be surprising to readers as we noted days ago that commodity traders were anticipating a cold spell that was supporting corn prices.

    We also noted the freezing temperatures could have a profound impact on seedling development this spring.

    The cold blast has likely delayed seeding across the Corn Belt as farmers wait for warmer temperatures. Planting corn in cooler climates is still possible, but colder soil can take corn kernels much longer to germinate and increases the risk of seedling death. 

    Volatile weather for the Heartland could impact crop yields at the end of this year’s growing season.  


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      1. Global warming.

        The earth will end its days as a flaming ball of ice.

      2. Of course it’s cooler, and will continue to be cooler because of the sunspot cycle we are in. This is hard researched and documented, and additionally proven with repetitious historical data. But it doesn’t make any difference. Today, politics trumps science, evidence, proof, logic, truth, facts, and rationality, all these things are subjective now, and altered at will based only on what political ideology says is right or true. Independent thought and reasoning and common sense are rejected too in favor of official narratives.
        You are required to believe all the new narratives, even if they are demonstrably or patently false. For example, wearing masks to protect against covid is not a valid scientific measure against a disease, it is social control policy. The pores in an average mask one wears, though very fine, are still more than 4000 times larger than the virus. How can that possibly stop a virus? Here’s another test for your mask – if you take off your mask, and hold it up to sunlight, and can see some light come through, even if only barely, the mask is basically useless. This is because the covid virus is smaller than the wavelength of light. So if some light passes through, the virus certainly can. Yet, you must wear a mask even though it serves no purpose. Not necessarily because it is medically efficacious, but because the State demands you submit to its will.
        My wife is from Eastern Europe. Under communism, as long as one believed in the State’s narratives and acted accordingly one was safe, even lauded for their ideological purity. The problem was no one believed most of it because it was patently absurd, juvenile and silly. One just had to be careful not to show it or else arrested.
        I don’t wish all this even on my enemies, therefore I think the best thing they should do is to off themselves to save the rest of us.

      3. “Record-Shattering Cold” is the first sign of global warming.
        “Record-Shattering Heat” is the first sign of global cooling.

      4. Global Warming became climate change.
        Don’t be fooled people…

      5. Check this out:

      6. Hey, Andrea. You seem to be so articulate snd knowledgeable person or institution. Let us know what is your take on the origin of all the psychopaths ruling the planet now. Reveal the reptilian connection here.

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