Recession Alert: IMF Cuts GLOBAL Economic Outlook To LOWEST LEVELS Since The CRISIS

by | Apr 9, 2019 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    The International Monetary Fund has cut the global economic outlook to the lowest levels we’ve seen since the Great Recession crisis of ten years ago.  The bleak outlook was downgraded in light of new trade war information but could be the net result of people’s inability to recover completely from the last crisis.

    “This is a delicate moment” for the global economy, Gita Gopinath, who recently became the IMF’s chief economist, said at a press briefing in Washington. A projected pickup in growth next year is precarious, she said. The world economy will grow 3.3 percent this year, which is a downgrade from the 3.5 percent the IMF had forecast for 2019 back in January. The IMF said Tuesday in its latest World Economic Outlook that the 2019 growth rate would be the weakest since 2009 when the world economy shrank. It’s the third time the IMF has downgraded its outlook in six months, according to a report by Bloomberg. 

    The financial crisis that wiped out a significant portion of the middle class back in 2009 was made possible by high-risk mortgages. And it seems like in America especially, the lessons of that financial disaster have not been learned, so we are destined for a historical repetition of that recession. Unfortunately, with 78% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck and roughly 80% having some kind of debt, another crisis could be right around the corner.

    Most financial analysts believe that the next recession will be worse than the last, however, they also think we have some time. A series of encouraging developments have boosted optimism about the world economy in recent weeks. The decision of the Federal Reserve to put interest-rate hikes on hold and encouraging data from China’s manufacturing sector and the U.S. job market were a few of those positive aspects.  However, making money inexpensive to borrow seems to be the constant that continues to get people in trouble.  Debt is a double edged sword, without a doubt.

    The IMF is warning that several risks are being blamed for their numbers being skewed lower. With a range of threats menacing the global economy, including the possible collapse of negotiations between the United States and China to end their trade war, and the departure of Britain from the European Union without a transition agreement, known as the “no-deal” Brexit scenario.

    All of these things seem to have compounded into an event that caused the IMF to act more warily. “Amid waning global growth momentum and limited policy space to combat downturns, avoiding policy missteps that could harm economic activity needs to be the main priority,” the IMF said.

    The IMF also slashed it’s U.S. growth to 2.3 percent this year, down 0.2 percentage point since the IMF’s last global outlook in January, while saying a recession will not happen in the near future.  Most predictions still see a recession rear it’s ugly head toward the middle of 2020, while a few think we only have until the end of 2019.

    Predictions are difficult, but preparing for the inevitable, whether it’s in 9 months or 18 months, will benefit those who have taken the initiative.  Work towards financial freedom by paying off your debts and saving an emergency fund. Also, consider hoarding an alternate commodity such as canned goods, ammunition, Bitcoin, or gold and silver.  Choose the one you think will help you the most after pondering the situation.  Remember, all of those things are only worth the value OTHERS will subscribe to it.

    Preparing for a financial meltdown is not too complicated, but it’s harder when you’re buried by debt and trying to do several things at once.  Do thigs in order, and free up some much-needed cash.  You’ll have the added benefit of working toward financial freedom as well.


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      1. I do believe we are heading into another economic down turn. I am just so frustrated. I don’t want it to happen. To many will be hurt. We just all know that it’s going to happen and should have happened years ago. Will this down turn be the big one. The one that causes the system to crash requiring a reset. Doubtful.

        I would have bet money it would have happened by now. Just like everyone else I just want to know when. Morals collapsed long ago. This does need to happen. That way people will stop living off of other people.
        Go back to the way the country was intended to work. You make something of yourself by the sweat of your brow. No guarantee of success. Just a guarantee at an opportunity.

      2. Read by 0 people.

        Correction: Read by me.


      3. It wasn’t lowered by much, just .02 and that’s a global assessment. So what is happening in the USA or in your own State and within your own family doesn’t necessarily mean much.

        Think with positivity and you can flourish while the fools drink themselves to death wallowing in self pity.


        • I would say most preppers are positive thinkers. That is because they rely on themselves and not others. Where as most liberals definitely are not. They feel they are in there current predicament due to this group or that. So they take from others.

          • Mike in VA is correct. Many people have a Core Concept that makes them wrongly believe that their well being or lack of success is dependent on other people , things,& or conditions. So they try and blame others for their very own shortcomings. When that isn’t true at all.

      4. 0.2%


        • HP, more than likely right. We’re fighting the dimtards and mother nature (the one I most respect cause she can put a serious ass whooping on you and laugh at you when she passes you by).

          • Mother nature, don’t you mean God?

      5. They only real threat to our country and the world is the World Wide Communist Conspiracy. The Left in the U.S. will not back off their wing-nut ideas and keep pushing the envelope hoping to cause a violent push back by the non-Left, thus resulting in a breakup of the United States.
        Once that occurs expect WW3 as Russia/China/Iran etc. support their Leftist allies here.

        MAGA= Mobil Asymmetrical Guerilla Army

      6. Well 2008 didn’t affect me in the least. downturn recession ect. Its nothing . Inflation is what directly effects me. So bring on a full blown Depression and lets kick inflation’s butt.

        • 2008 didn’t affect me either, but like you say this inflation caused by the gun grabber in the white house and his cronies is getting ridiculous, easily 6%-20% on about everything in the last couple years.
          I thought at least the traitor was a business man, well I guess he did file for bankruptcy 6 times. Bring on the depression and end this.

          • You’re an idiot Chris and an obvious Troll.

      7. Old Guy

        You are right. Inflation infects us all. I heard Chuck Missler speak of it.

        Guess I had never thought of it this way. Well it is about inflation and the declining purchasing power of the dollar.

        If you work 40 years the government will get 90 percent of what you earn through the devaluation of the dollar and inflation. Lets say you save a million dollars starting at age 18 to retirement. How much can you buy with a million dollars at age 18. How much can you then buy at age 58 40 years later with that same amount?

        That is the one way the government truly gets us all.

      8. Yes inflation is the real thief. A new vehicle when I was twenty cost three or four thousand dollars. If bought on terms the interest was 3% and you paid the vehicle off in three years. Now new vehicles cost the better part of 100 grand. Land, homes ,fuel , equiptment ,tools and just about everything has become excessively inflated. And The Wages and Social Security COLAS haven’t kept pace. Obummer never gave us any COLAS. They are a pittance but President Trump Has given Us two COLAS. Im rooting for a depression.

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