Reality Now: Massive Price Increases at LDS Food Distribution Centers in Last Ninety Days

by | Apr 15, 2011 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 35 comments

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    Commodities have been going absolutely ballistic for months, with the mainstream focusing more on oil and gas than anything else. Price increases in other commodities like wheat, beans, and rice, which have, for the most part, been subdued on the consumer retail side because companies were willing to take the margin compression for a while, are now becoming a painful reality.

    A recent email from a regular reader of SHTFplan who closely follows food price fluctuations outlines that it’s not just large corporate grocery chains that are raising prices, but not-for-profit organizations. Provident Living, a huge food storage and dry goods distribution organization for the Latter Day Saints has alerted their members that prices are up from between 11% to 49% on basic food staples.

    Keep in mind that the LDS are extremely large buyers of food. They buy in bulk across the country, and they buy hard assets, not paper traded commodities. They don’t attempt to profit from their Prodivent Living storage centers, which are located in just about every major city in the United States. So, if they’re raising prices, it’s because their acquisition costs are going up.

    The most stunning aspect of the price increases, is that they have occured not in the last year, but over the last 90 days.

    The following chart shows the price inflation in the majority of food storage products (generally 10 pound to 25 pound bulk bags) distributed at the Provident Living centers.

    The following note from DP sums up the reasons for the price increases and actions that should be taken by those who are interested in preparedness and making non-traditional investments to protect wealth:

    The LDS church have long been at the forefront in preparedness for families and communities. Their network of companies and church affiliations allow them access to cheaper food sources, and the capacity to store them for long periods of time through their canning facilities. As the government and Federal Reserve continues to tell the American people that inflation is low, and contained by their monetary policies, the real barometer of inflation in the economy comes from the grocers, markets, and institutions that deal with food sales and production, and must monitor prices daily as commodities continue to climb.

    The LDS Church ’s raising food prices at their canneries by 11 to 49% in just
    three months should be a serious wake-up call to all Americans on the  true inflationary conditions that exist in our economy, and that we need to constantly look outside government reports for the true data affecting our spending and finances.


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      1. Yep.  The FED can only print so long before the paper finally spills out into the market, causing exactly what you see.  And I think that is just the tip of the iceberg.

      2. In a nut shell, is this how it works?

        The fed is a private entity – The fed provides money out of thin air (no standards/regulations/controls). Our government borrows the money from the fed because the tax revenue is not enough for their spending/budget. In essence the fed owns our government, just as the banks own your house if YOU borrowed from the banks… who received the funds from our government/deposits x10… who got it from the fed.

        The rabbit hole is deep, and goes many different ways, but it ends up in one place. Can you see a pattern?

         Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia, Gold, p. 10
        “Without the confidence factor, many believe a paper money system is liable to collapse eventually.”

        Just before President Woodrow Wilson died, he is reported to have stated to friends that he had been “deceived” and that “I have betrayed my Country”. referring to the Federal Reserve Act, passed during his Presidency.

        More sobering quotes:
















        I can confirm this firsthand as I just recently discovered the LDS cannery in my city on a thursday (day for non member) when I came back on the next tuesday (another day for non members) I was met at the door with a 30% across the board price increase due to gas (& inflation).  Still a great deal as it is heavily subsidized by the church & IN STOCK & you take it home that day unlike a lot of online/mail order stuff which has delays in shipping.
        * I was also told that there was a similar price increase at the beginning of the year.  Its not too late but the writing is on the wall for those who would read.

      4. This is absolutely true.  We went to the LDS Cannery the first week of April and got hit with the new prices.  Our order cost us about $55 extra because of it.

        Additional information you should know about.

        1.  It took us one month just to get the appointment – they are very, very, very busy.
        2.  While I was there they told me that everybody is very worried & stocking up like crazy.
        3.  The LDS Canneries are no longer open to Non-Mormons unless this all blows over (unlikely).  
        4.  You can still get in with a Mormon Church member.  I guess I’ll go that route & just pay for my neighbors gas if/when we go.

        As gas & food continue to go up, our economy will continue to tank.  The only good news about this is that it might wake up or scare the sheeple into electing someone like Ron Paul (assuming we don’t have DICTATOR OBAMA in place by then).  We’ll see what 2012 brings.

      5. I purchase food storage items from the LDS cannery on a regular basis.  I was told in late December that prices on all items except beans would be increasing.  The price of beans was actually suppposed to have decreased in order to offset the rising prices on other items – the church really does subsidize the cost of food items.  Apparently things are far worse than what was forecasted at the end of the year. 

      6. I have been following your page for quite sometime and would like to say you provide excellent coverage on critical topics. This is great, real-time info that I never thought to look into. I am sharing this on our Facebook page as it fits in with our trend theme of the day!

      7. GA Mom, you are incorrect about some of your points.

        1. It doesn’t take a month to get an appointment, necessarilly. Many canneries (their common name), are open ona  specific day of the week for walk-ins, usually on Fridays. Also, you can buy cases of pre-packaged goods, Bean, rice, wheat, etc, but it’s a little more expensive (along the lines of 3-4 dollars or so), but it’s not the whole selection.

        2. It is incorrect that the LDS Canneries are not open to non-members “Until this blows over.” There is no policy about non LDS people using the cannery from the church, the LOCAL ordinances determine whether or not non-members are allowed to make use of the facilities. If in the case of a specific cannery (You say yours has a one month wait), then that particular cannery may have adopted a policy, but it is not worldwide (or probably even state wide), I say Worldwide because there are LDS canneries in other countries too, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, operates on a uniform policy, in almost all matters.

        For anyone who is curious, the price has dramatically increased. It normally does once per year, in January (as far as I know), and the prices increased about 10-20% this January. I have crunched the numbers on all of the products for the price increase as of the first week of April, and most everything is 20% more money per lb. or more (beans and grains are up the most). While I have neither seen, nor heard any official word, my guess would be that this more dramatic increase in price is to help keep from having to change the prices constantly. I personally think the price was raised by a lot on this occasion by so much in order to average out as the price increases throughout the year, or at least the next few months. However, as surely as the commodities are in fact rising, I think they will continue to do so. The time to prepare was 10 years ago, but I’m grateful that there’s any time left at all for anyone. Food is skyrocketing, and it’s getting tougher and tougher to hide the numbers. Oh, the FedGov will try, after all about one in 5 people is already in a soup/bread line, by using food stamps, but the goal is to make food so unobtainable, that one must take a handout to get it. I say “No Thanks.” Take care of you and yours everybody, we can’t give up hope for things of a better world, and we have to build it ourselves!

      8. I have some magic beans for sale.


        Perfect motto for today’s crisis…don’t ask God to guide your footsteps if you ain’t willing to move your feet.

      10. our cannery (I’m non LDS) is open to non members.
        I have been going there for a year and a half.  Rice was $8 for a forever..
        Time before last – about three weeks ago?  $10
        This past week – $13.85 for the exact same box.  I noted the 40% rise since the last price increase of over 20%.
        It’s happening.  Trader Joe’s is raising prices.  I don’t shop the “regular” grocery store much – but not is the time folks.
        STOCK UP NOW!!!

      11. GA mom – good comments, and yes, Ron Paul is America’s (and the world’s) only hope (in the political realm) right now.  All the rest of the people interested in running for president are wolves in sheep’s clothing.  We need Ron Paul.   We are being forced into the “New World  Order” by the banksters who want to control the entire planet and do away with  individual nation states.  Ron Paul is our only hope people.  

        And yes, that guy Donald “Comb-over” Trump – he is a deciever of the highest order. 

      12. I have three places I go when I do a “big” shopping trip. I start out at Dollar Tree for canned stuff. Then off to the Grocery Outlet. Whatever they don’t have – I get at the regular store. I’ve been doing it this way for years and took pride in my frugality (still do).

        However lately, everything, I mean EVERYTHING has skyrocketed. I don’t know how much longer I can continue to tighten our belt!  🙁

      13. Comments….. Growing and canning your own is the best thing to learn how to do at this moment. Here is where you can get the best in seeds.

        To your survival,


      14. This is absolutely correct.  As a business owner, I purchase basic commodities such as metals on the open market.  Also, I contract with various machine shops within the USA (I make it a policy to use local labor – as close as possible starting with  my hometown an then expanding out to the United States as a whole – to manufacture the goods I sell).
        I am here to tell you, without a doubt, that prices are going up.  And up.  and up.
        There is no way around this.  The the Fed prints money like it is going out of style, the value of a dollar is eroding.
        Oftimes my customers complain – “you are raising your prices”.  They think I must be making gads of money.  Truth is, I am losing money while trying to keep prices down.  Inflation is eating my business to the core.
        Notice how many businesses are closing their doors in your area? Homes going up for sale?  Rental units going unfilled? There is a reason for that.  We are in the midst of a major economic meltdown.  Make no mistake about this.
        My advice is to take as much money as you can and use it to purchase the everyday items you use and can use in the future – such as extra food, extra clothing, pay up your rent several  months in advance, etc.  Because any money you have saved and put in the bank will be eroded by inflation.
        If you are fortunate enough to have funds in reserve, use these funds to stock up on gold and silver.
        Only in these ways can you preserve your wealth.

      15. That 2.7 trillion dollar surplus sitting in the Chinese treasury will be eaten up (excuse the pun) over the next few years as the Chinese government subsidizes food and fuel for its citizens who are making $.40 an hour.
        SHTF timeline? I’m thinking five years.

      16. Combine the FED with real food shortages.

      17. I went to the store today to see what loss-leaders may be available and to just poke around to see what the prices are on a few things. It is unbelievable what produce costs! Glad I am not paying for that stuff!

        Each day that passes I thank my grandmother for all the skills she taught me – gardening, canning, dehydrating, how to shoot and clean a gun, and how to make a little go a long way and most importantly, how to be creative and also to use critical thinking skills. I think we could all use more critical thinking skills (formerly known as common sense, but hey, it is not so common anymore!) and bit of creativity – these two things have always helped get me by.

      18. It’s doesn’t feel good to be a sucker, but that’s what are. We don’t fix things anymore. We just complain. To be great, America has to do great things, smart things, and real things.

        Read “Common Sense 3.1” at ( )
        We don’t have to live like this. “Spread the News”

      19. Do you have to be a member of the LDS church to go to a Provident Living distribution center???  I have one in my town, and I’d love to go check it out.  It would beat the 250 mile round trip to the Mennonite bulk food store to buy larger quantity dry goods.

      20. China, Russia, India and Brazil this weak met yet again to discuss a new reserve currency. It is going to happen sooner than later and when it does, we are screwed. Well, maybe not we, but those sheeple not listening.

        God bless, take care and pay attention!

      21. Nice to see the site is back up…too bad after all these upgrades and/or mechanical fixings, there is still no email notification thingy
        Question for a God’s Creation, or DK, Yourdaddy…..some one/anyone I seen an idea on a forum board that talked about taking preps and selling on Craigslist or something as prep starter kits like say 100lbs of wheat, 50 lbs of rice and 50 lbs of beans all in mylar bags and buckets to make some extra money. I know it is food, but it is in raw form? Does anyone see a problem with this and what are your opinions on this?
        Thanks all

      22. New from RONCO! The Inflate-o-matic. Quickly turns small prices into big ones! It slices and dices paychecks in nothing flat! Goes through money like a ginsu knife! Order yours today… BUT WAIT! There’s more! Order now and you’ll also recieve our revolutionary new Wealthbuster 2000. Tired of carrying around that heavy gold and silver? Well, now you dont have to! The Wealthbuster 2000 instantly converts it into portable, lightweight federal reserve notes. So light! So easy! It’s like carrying nothing at all! And best of all–the Wealthbuster works on ANY precious metal! Don’t be fooled by imitations! Get the genuine Wealthbuster 2000- your bonus gift when you order the new Inflate-o-matic from RONCO. CALL NOW!! 1-800-IMA-SUCKER

      23. ask me if i care, smart people were prepped 5 years ago or really never gave up prepping and i don’t mean with just a few bags of rice and beans from LDS. 

         Fed Up
         I’m trying to teach my kids and grands how to survive in the coming yrs, sometimes I think a trip to the woodshed is what they need to get their attention.
           I think America has to look back about 45 yrs when the first family farms,Mom & Pop stores, small factories closed because they were being eating up by big business.Most of it was greed, even i stopped doing farm work because i could earn 2 times as much money in half the time off the farm. If there were any good olds, they were in the 50s,60s,70s, for most people, anyone who wanted to work had a job, gas under 25 cents a gal.

      24. I see that there is really only ONE way out of the coming mess.  I am steeling myself to the fact that the most economical and easiest way to feed myself is cannibalism.  I believe that when I am hungry enough, I will get past the mental block of putting a freshly killed and cleaned victim on the fire.  With enough spices and booze, I know I can develop a liking for fresh sheeple meat.

        Hey, tekroanin….  are you MENTAL?  What is your major malfunction?

      25. When “ALL” realize that in fact, it’s the dollar that is crashing that leads to the cause of the effect of rising prices, Shit will hit the fan.
        This is happening faster than expected; this is a very serious situation and the most important economic event of our lifetime.
        I don’t think it will take five years, more like 18 months if we’re lucky, but probably sooner.

        The sheeple are starting to wake up to the facts that we’ve all known for years. Once realized among the populous, there will be a loss of confidence in the government on a much larger scale and it will happen all at once, even we will all be surprised at the rate of speed.

        Rapid inflation, a surge in interest rates and higher oil prices will cripple this nation and then all of a sudden, it will be like everyone heading for the door, only this time everyone will be heading out of the dollar.

        This event is taking place NOW!

        It started slow but it’s picking up speed at a rapid pace.

        Be Ready and Pay Attention!

      26. Sneax: You do not have to be a Latter-da Saint to purchase items at teh Provident Living “Family Home Storage Centers” AKA “Canneries”), unles there is a local ordinance that says otherwise (There are some areas that not allow you to do so). The best way t find out is to just call. They don’t bite, I promise.

      27. Ive also taught myself how to can, trying to garden also but it’s not nearly enough when you don’t have the land/space to grow a lot.  🙁

      28. The problem(to me,at least) seems that the REPOCRATS(includes BOTH red/blue sides of the same Federals)have been lying to all the rest of us for so long,they must now refuse to admit what a mess they put us in.Of course THEY will get(and no doubt already have far in excess of their needs)their food/gas coupons when the time comes.I also expect a new currency with a 5 to 1 or even a 10 to 1(old greenbacks for new) exchange rate.It happened in Mexico when things got dicey there in the past(more than once I think).Many poor/middle class Mexican were utterly ruined when that happened.Trying to do what I can to quietly “side-step”the REPOCRATS and their corrupt activities(like reading/posting here and other like-minded sites).Looking for ways to “augment” the local grid(I wouldn’t trust the local “Power company” to keep the lights on even if you handed them the switch)and starting a modest family garden this year adding plants that will mature next few years.Personally,I expect that the current mess will go a bit longer than 6 months,even perhaps into 2012,perhaps,but not much more.Storing food is great,but growing to replace what’s on hand feels better(my thoughts).I also expect the REPOCRATS to want to “Federalize” even the LDS canneries in the name of public safety(and from them they’ll have the names of everyone who have large quantities of stored food stuffs,just a passing thought).It may not matter either way,but you gotta try.Who would have thought the REPOCRATS would be willing to destroy their very own back yard just to fatten themselves and the UBER-RICH in the short term….
        It WAS nice to be an AMERICAN for awhile..

      29. Comments…..I would like to comment about the large increases in the price of basic food stuffs. what I think many of the leaders in the united states government’ and major corporations fail to realize about the burning of corn to produce ethhol’ is using food to produce fuel for are cars  looks  immoral  to people of poor countries when many of the people their are starving’  because corn is a basic food stuff in countries like mexico’  they feel the full impact of any increase in the price of the raw commodity because they use corn meal which like flour is a raw commodity as their most basic food stuff’  unlike the united states where the packaging promotions advertising transportation are the main ingredients in cereal for example not the grains. because the poor in countries like mexico cannot afford any substantial increase in the cost of basic necessties  a huge increase in the price of a five or ten pound bag of corn meal or flour can easily cause a food riot and who do you think someone like hugo chavez will be pointing his finger at when this happens.

      30. Grayfoxgreen- great comment! Especially that we need to “side step” the stuff the weasels in power are trying to do to us. Not that we can totally free ourselves from all of it- but we gotta do all we can.
        Now, my 2c worth: “Money” is whatever medium of exchange we use. It is simply the accepted transfer mechanism between our work/ingenuity and the goods or services we want. Everybody gets that. What lots of folks don’t understand (and I’m still learning, myself) is the endless ways the system is being manipulated. Taxes alone are never enough for the weasels, and besides they don’t get full ownership of all taxes. The magic dragon called Inflation is a much better tool for them. What we have allowed to happen to us is this–The “money”  that we accept and depend on for trading is now completely out of our control. We let evil, greedy, godless men determine what is accepted as money ( ie the medium of exchange available to us) and worse yet what the VALUE of that medium is! This means someone other than ourselves determines what our labor is worth. And any transaction involving the weasels authorized “money” puts us at their mercy. By manipulating markets, currencies, even whole national economies, they are able to continually squeeze us, through Inflation, into giving more of our labor for less and less in return. They also use it to retake ownership of things from us. Inflation = recession/depression = lost jobs = default on mortgages = reposession. That puts the ownership of the goods or real property back in the hands of the weasels. And it simply erases any value or ownership claim for all the money previously paid in. Home buyers discover that they were just renters all along. The sad part is, the home buyers were playing a rigged game and didn’t know it. The weasels make all the rules and change them as they go. It’s impossible to win in a game like that.
        Inflation eats away at us on every side. It should be seen as a “tax” imposed on us by people we don’t know, didn’t elect, and who are not accountable to anyone. If we are to be truly free, then we must learn what “money” really is, where inflation comes from and by whom. Then we have to get out of their rigged game wherever possible and fight to reclaim the right to determine what our labor is worth. Admittedly, I’ve got as much to learn about this as anybody.
         We once had a nation where money was sound and the people determined it’s value. I’m a bit cynical about the future but maybe with God’s help, we can again.

      31. I say we go back to shells for a medium of exchange.  There’s a lot less of them, especially in the midwest!  Not really, gold & silver.

      32. Thanks DaveyBoy – I will definitely give my local folks a call!  🙂

      33. The Supermarket Unions in Kalifornia just voted to strike
        So after they settle, prices will go even higher and a few stores will close and the Union members will be out on the street!
        Mean time I will just shop at Wal-Mart!
        I bet within a year the dollar will be toilet paper and the tens of millions on welfare will burn the cities too the ground!
        Hope to be long gone to Idaho with a 2 year supply of food and lots of silver to trade!
        Good luck to all the hard working good people and to hell with the leaches! 

      34. Amazing, that even the Mormon Cults is raising prices for their members and all the other outlets they own in the US. They have businesses they invested in like food stuffs and Soda pop. Big price rises for everyone all over – and the foods are grown here in the States too. Simply Amazing

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