Reality: More People Requested Emergency Food Assistance Than Found Jobs

by | Oct 8, 2012 | Headline News | 212 comments

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    Whether you believe the 7.8% unemployment statistic released by the Bureau of Labor and Statistics two days after the Presidential debate last week are legitimate or not, there are several key data points that suggest our economic situation is continuing to deteriorate.

    Putting the jobs report conspiracy aside for a moment,  here’s one particular achievement you can be assured President Obama will not mention in his next debate or campaign commercial:

    That data point of course was foodstamps (or the government’s Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, aka SNAP), and we are confident that no readers will be surprised to learn that foodstamp usage for both persons and households, has jumped to a new all time record.

    At 46,681,833 million the persons hooked on SNAP, the July number crossed the previous record posted a short month before, as the foodstamp curve continues ‘plumbing’ newer and greater heights each month.

    More disturbing is that in the same month, the number of US households reliant on foodstamps rose by a whopping 99,493 to 22,541,744. Assuming a modest 2 persons per household, the increase means that more people went on Foodstamps in the month of July than found jobs (181,000 according to the latest revised NFP data). Furthermore, it appears that buying votes has become a tad more expensive in the past month. After the benefit per household dipped to a record low in April at just $275.81, this has since retraced some of its losses and is now at an inflationary $277.92. Oh well: inflation.

    Adding the number of disability recipients in the month of July, which in that month rose by 20,474, and one can see why the government is quite happy with dumping this particular release long after everyone was on their way back home for the weekend.

    Finally, and putting it all into perspective, since December 2007, or the start of the Great Depression ver 2.0, the number of jobs lost is 4.5 million, while those added to foodstamps and disability rolls, has increased by a unprecedented 21 million. 

    Oh and about $7 or $8 trillion in debt. Who’s counting really?

    Source: Zero Hedge

    We can pretend that more jobs are being created in this country even though tens of thousands of people each month are no longer counted because they’ve either given up looking for work or their unemployment insurance benefits have expired, but the reality of the situation is that over 99,000 households requested emergency food assistance during the same time period cited by the BLS in its latest report.

    Americans are being hit from all sides and it is now having a significant impact on our ability to access the most basic necessities for life – food, energy, and medical care.

    What we are witnessing is an irreversible deterioration of our country’s economy in real-time.


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      1. We are fighting a losing battle….

        • Only at the top level is it likely to be a losing battle. At the personal level we’re fighting for the future of our children who will determine the future of this country.

          Just keep the faith brother.

          • Good news or feeding false hope?

            “…The official unemployment rate fell from 8.1 percent to 7.8 percent. So how did that happen?”

            They CHANGED HOW THEY CALCULATED the unemployment rate.


            The ‘household survey’ showed that the total number of Americans employed last month increased by a whopping 873,000 – almost eight times the number that the employer survey showed.

            “That figure for September (873,000) was the biggest one month increase in 29 years.”

            “According to the survey of employers … only 114,000 jobs were added last month and the U.S. economy added fewer jobs in September than it did in August, and it added fewer jobs in August than it did in July.

            So according to the survey of employers, the employment situation in the United States is getting WORSE.

            But according to the household survey, we just had the greatest month of job creation since the first term of Ronald Reagan.

            Something does NOT add up.”


            • Lies, damn lies, and statistics!

            • The Household Survey

              Surveyor, “Hello. We are doing a survey about unemployment in your community. Are you or is anyone in your household currently unemployed or looking for work?”

              Wife, “Yes, unfortunately, my husband has been looking for a job since the local plant closed a couple years ago. No one seems to be hiring around here. We also have three young children. It has been very difficult.”

              Surveyor, “Oh, I am so sorry to hear that. Has your husband been able to find any part time work?”

              Wife, “Well, He has only been able to get about 10 hours a week at the local car wash.”

              Surveyor, “So, he IS EMPLOYED! Well, that is wonderful!” (Surveyer checks off another person is employed.) “Thank you for participating in our survey. Good bye. ” (click – hangs up phone.)

              Wife, “Hello. Hello.” (hears only static now on the phone.) “You have got to be kidding. That hardly is enough to support a family.”

            • “””What we are witnessing is an irreversible deterioration of our country’s economy in real-time.”””

              This IS the collapse we are all preparing for. Just the banksters have it planned over a decade when we can only see in terms of days and weeks.

              KY MOM, NOTHING adds up when using corp numbers. They just make this shit up as they go, saying whatever it may require to pacify the sheep and keep them from waking up all at once.

              The real collapse everyone is preparing for is the personal collapse, when you yourself are forced to join the ranks of those who lost their job and collapsed before you.

              It is not worth worrying about a total collapse. That is the one thing the banksters want to avoid. A massive shock that awakens millions at once. That is why they have built the military and milipolice forces. Just in case they screw up the slow motion collapse that has been planned.

              One day, things will get too far out of hand, then they will use the few remaining employed (as soldiers and milipolice) to get themselves out of it and inflict the price on the people.

              By that time, there will only be two types of jobs, enforcers and internment personnel. The banksters will be paying your brothers and sisters to destroy your life, and they will be taking the money to save their own.

              The only hope is to become self sufficient, to stop relying on the banksters paper for your own needs and those of your family.

            • to those that are awake know exactly what the MSM and Demoncfrats are up to with the unemployment rate drop. Do whatever it takes to sell the Pres for another 4 years.
              Just wait till Sunday November 4th, the documentry on how they, oops I mean our President killed Bin Laden comes out. Perfect timing to get the sheeple that are stirring awake to stay the course and believe in the rhetoric spewing forth from those that want to stay in power.
              This country cannot afford nor will it survive at the rate we are going at the hands of the corrupted ones in office.
              TPTB are destroying this country hand and fist, because America was and is the last bastion of freedom that people from around the world looked up to. Some still believe this country is great, but a majority of those living right here do not even understand what Our ForeFathers Fought For? It wasn’t just them that created this truly amazing country. The United States Declaration of Independence was created by everyone who fought, supported, and believed in the American Revolutionary War.

              A turning point for America is upon us, where we go from here is anyone’s guess?

              B Aware, B Awake, B Alive

            • They did the survey last year too. Its not new but only done once a year. Let me hypothesise a simple answer to the survey. If you are one of the die hard liberals and part of the 47% maligned by Romney as in the bag for obama and the govt calls asking you about your state of employment – what do you suppose such a person’s answer might be? Whatever benefits your hand out; and therefor whatever benefits obama. Some of these people aren’t as stupid as people think and they know the golden trough is at risk if government spending is reduced and taxes are not increased on the evil rich (hard working) folks.

              The food stamp figures are from July and the unemployment surveys were in August/Sept. Interesting to note there was no mention we usually get a week to week update on new unemployment claims and we hadn’t gotten those for 2 weeks up til last Friday. They also corrected some reports from May and June most unfavorably to the loser in charge. No mention of that. I know Romney won’t be any better but I’d still rather see someone have a chance to fail then someone I know will fail – obummer.

            • gods creation, I love what you write and say, I personally think that this collapse will not happen until after the holidays and christmas. I think people will continue to spend on gifts and charges etc, and that will be the last of it. Then either they unfuck this system or they raise taxes on all of us and a few months into feb march is when the effects will take place. that is my guess on things after the tax returns go out and people spend, right after that point its going to be a quick down spiral etc. unless a major war breaks out in the middle east and then things could change and gas explodes up and spending drops. one of the two is what I think will happen. Im glad we are getting prepared and the ones that dont want to listen to this will experience some serious pain or even death.

            • watch out they lie about everything(gov’t)riht before they send out the death squads they will tell you they are bringing food and water to you.most americans are dumbass gov’t dole lovers they will be easy prey.

          • Please pray for our country. Please pray that the American people vote wisely.

            As a country we face many challenges. Whoever is elected will face these. They cannot be “kicked down the road” indefinitely.

            “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord.”
            Psalm 33:12

            “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and heal their Land.”
            2 Chronicles 7:14

            So why pray for the elections? There are a number of compelling reasons:
            – The Bible commands us to pray for those who are in leadership. This includes those who are vying to become leaders.

            – Godly leaders can help slow the erosion of religious liberties in our land. This can provide an increased window of opportunity for the Church to pray and evangelize.

            – According to Scripture, “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people” (Prov. 14:34). The selection of leaders who understand and lead according to God’s righteous standards can bring great blessing to a nation.

            – Scripture also says in Proverbs 11:14, “For lack of guidance a nation falls, but many advisors make victory sure.” The determination of who leads our nation will also determine who advises that leader and how we are guided.

            Seven Ways to Pray for America
            1. The Church
            2. The Voters
            3. The Candidates
            4. The Media
            5. The Impact on the Nations
            6. Spiritual Warfare Surrounding the Elections
            7. The Purposes of God


            • Prayer does not change things, actions do. Do not pray, ACT!

            • Prayers do nothing, taking action do.

            • Let his days be few; and let another take his office.
              Psalms 109:8

            • God has abandoned America. We have been judged and found guilty. HE is coming soon!

            • “”””God has abandoned America. We have been judged and found guilty. HE is coming soon!”””

              Actually, America has abandoned God, not the other way around.

              Unfortunately, in the current system it is far too late to expect recovery or a return to any semblance of “normalcy”.

              Get self sufficient. Eliminate the deceivers from your life then God will show he has not abandoned you.

            • gods creation is right, you are the ones that dropped god and prayer. yes we need to take action but stop believing in god and praying is exactly what happens to those who lose faith in GOD and is the wrong thing to do!. My god stop and think what you are saying JOEinNC! prayer do change things! it makes you believe in yourself and what to do. without it your going to be lost and lose yourself and give up on what you want to do. Pray that you do everything you can in your power and do it, you can’t do wrong for trying to do the right thing regardless how powerful our idiots are.

            • “Prayer does not change things, actions do. Do not pray, ACT!”

              I think what you mean is this:

              “What does it profit, my brethren, if someone says he has faith but does not have works? Can faith save him? If a brother or sister is naked and destitute of daily food, and one of you says to them, “Depart in peace, be warmed and filled,” but you do not give them the things which are needed for the body, what does it profit? Thus also faith by itself, if it does not have works, is dead.

              But someone will say, “You have faith, and I have works.” Show me your faith without your works, and I will show you my faith by my works.”

              James 2:14-18


              Sure – this isn’t perfectly fitting with a call to action, but in other ways, yes it is. It’s one thing to have faith. It’s another to act based on that faith.

              Mind you, this is also a very strong admonition to not only prep for yourself and your family, but to also prep for *charitable purposes*. Anyone who dares call himself a Christian must, must do that.

            • Matthew 6.
              7 And when you pray, do not use vain repetitions as the heathen do. For they think that they will be heard for their many words.

              8 “Therefore do not be like them. For your Father knows the things you have need of before you ask Him. 9 In this manner, therefore, pray:

              Our Father in heaven,
              Hallowed be Your name.
              10 Your kingdom come.
              Your will be done
              On earth as it is in heaven.
              11 Give us this day our daily bread.
              12 And forgive us our debts,
              As we forgive our debtors.
              13 And do not lead us into temptation,
              But deliver us from the evil one.
              For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory forever. Amen.[c]
              no where in here dose it say pray for a country. Words by Jesus not mine just quoting the Only way into Heavens words.

            • So, do it yourself,then give the credit to god.

            • We’re at the point where it doesn’t matter who is in what office, and what side of the aisle they’re on…

            • Pray And Act …. Pass the word along to all your neighbors, and keep prepping!

            • I believe in prayer. However, how can you use vote and prayer in the same sentence when TPTB control both parties. This oxymoron of voting for the “lesser of two evils.” To quote Gerald Celente: “I don’t eat with the lesser of two evils. I’m not friends with the lesser of two evils. I’m certainly not gonna vote for the lesser of two evils.”

              Can Lucifer cast out Beelzebub?

            • JoeinNC,

              May I suggest that one should pray and then act. In fact, I would recommend a prayer while acting. Let him guide your hand. Actions alone will only lead to trouble. Prayer alone can do some good. If you can’t act, pray. If you can act, pray and act.

              You know, I’ve about beat the 7 Gs of modern survival to death, however, the fact is, in the 7 Gs (God, Guts, Guns, Groceries, Gas, Gold, Garden) you will not want to neglect one G too much to favor another. You balance out. It is that way with prayer and action. The zombies will still kill you if you went to light on guns and doubled down on God. The good thing is this: Prayer and God don’t cost you much in the way of earthly resource. So, the good thing is that you can always double down on God and still have the money to buy the extra ammo or the 50 lb bag of wheat.

              As much as prayer helps the target of the prayer, it will help you. When you start praying, you start understanding because the ultimate wisdom in the universe comes from The Creator. When you pray, its a two way street. When you connect to The Creator in prayer you are thinking of things beyond what this world expresses. Its way easier to see the problems of the world from the outside.

              The fact is EVERYONE can pray. Not everyone can act. In fact, if you have experience some of the things that I have, prayer is action because if you really have the faith to pray you will get up and act. You won’t be able to stop yourself.

              Thanks Anonymous! It was a good post.

              Ultimately, JoeinNC, you are ABSOLUTELY WRONG. Prayer does change things. I HAVE SEEN IT IN ACTION!

          • ONE reason this food stamp – new jobs numbers looks so out of line is that the same people who got a new part time or low wage job may also be the same person who just got approved for food stamps!!

          • Amen to that!

            If we don’t continue to fight for their future and teach the children about the Constitution so that they will not fall pray to the Socialistic crap that they are feeding them in the Public School.

            Then maybe they will continue to uphold the Constitution of the United States. To fight for our Declaration of Independence: We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the prusuit of Happiness.

            To fight against the Tyranny of the One World Order..

        • They were using “NEW MATH” when the calculation of 7.8% unemployment statistic was made.

          When I was a kid and I would bring home math homework my mom would use this term for any math problem that she didn’t understand. It was always coined as “NEW MATH”

          40 years later the calculation of 7.8% unemployment doesn’t make sense to me either therefore it must be “NEW MATH”

          • It just goes to show how “figures lie and liars figure”. We all know that 1+1=2. Unfortunately the government is hellbent on convincing us that 1+1=12. 😉

            • You know the really sad part of this Rodster? The sad part is that they’ve convinced about 95% that 1+1=12 and the Stockholm Syndrome Sheople defend the liars with their little sheople lives. Its the sickest relationship in history.

            • We used to say 1+1=11, and it does, depending on how you obfuscate the “rules” of math. In other words, it all depends on how they look at it and present it to illiterate people.

          • Yep, gotta love that new math. What are we now in the world, 28th or some thing in mathmatics. I believe that when we were using old math we were either first or up close to there in the world ratings.

        • It is not a losing battle until you give up. From your statement i guess you have.

          • You better wake up and smell the roses!

            • YankeeDoodle: Nice try, but it should be “wake up and smell the coffee” which implies that someone has been ‘asleep’. To stop and smell the roses means to take time out from your ‘busy or hectic’ life to (enjoy) the roses and other beauties around you. But thanks for the mixed metaphor, I still enjoyed it.

          • Is going to another day of everyone whining about what is about to happen. It all starts with your attitude. You can have all the food and weapons in the world. Bit without the will to win/survive. You are dead already.

            And id that the tone you use in front of your children and grand kids. Shame on you.

      2. What they don’t say is that we have to create 100,000 plus jobs every month just to keep even with the new young adult population entering the workforce. There are lies, damn lies, and then statistics. Go figure.

        • just remember figures dont lie, but liers can figure

          wouldnt it be nice if someone like us were asking the questions in these presidential debates?

          than maybe the sleeping people would really see how F ‘ed up both these clowns are, and the entire government supporting them.

          • thats a good point, many people are fooled and are not engaged as much as us to see what is really happening. they just watch the MSM news and never bother to look at whats really happening. No doubt if we could ask these idiots a series of questions to see I would love to see their answers. Answers they wont give answers they only dodge the questions and re-route back to something they did or want to talk about. if you cant figure that out then either your too smart and have no common sense or a plain POS like obama.

          • VRF,and 10:56am anon.etc: politicians are hell bent on lying and twisting truth. These two candidates are faces of the military/corp-industrial complex. CFR/UN puppets that must tow the line to their agenda. My folks told me this in the 60’s, to incl congressmen who have sold us down the river after WW2, and none (Dem or Rep) can be trusted, so if voting at all I would choose a libertarian as they refuse to be entangled in affairs of other nations, and they are pro free market capitalism, not corp/fascist capitalism. Most I spoke to gave up praying for leaders or the nation and haven’t in decades since this country continues in decline.

            • Preacher, meet Choir

            • Who are you? Now, it really doesn’t matter. Sara, shut the door. Oh, preacheeeerrrrr.

            • Laura, if that paragraph was a little smaller I’d have it tattooed on my forehead. You have captured the essence of and cure for the disease. None will listen. No medicine will be administered. …and, yes, we are the choir but we always enjoy a good sermon!

        • @Peter:

          A lot of that figure you mentioned has to do with the fact that older folks aren’t dropping out of the workforce like they used to.

          The recent recession caused a whole shitload of 401k accounts to go ‘splat, or at least get reduced severely due to losses. This in turn left a whole shitload of older people deciding to not retire just yet, staying at their jobs or taking lesser jobs that the younger workforce would normally fill. It leaves less jobs for the younger adults, and raises unemployment.

          • Kara can I whantting for cond is

        • I once read that over 100000 immigrants come to America monthly, not just Mexican but Asians, etc, wanting jobs. We cannot supply jobs to the world. Many come here and receive free govt help, grants, food stamps, rent assistance, etc, we can’t afford this.

      3. sigh

      4. We really do need to call it the Ministry of Plenty.
        From 1984:
        “But actually, he thought as he re-adjusted the Ministry of Plenty’s figures, it was not even forgery. It was merely the substitution of one piece of nonsense for another. Most of the material that you were dealing with had no connexion with anything in the real world, not even the kind of connexion that is contained in a direct lie. Statistics were just as much a fantasy in their original version as in their rectified version. A great deal of the time you were expected to make them up out of your head. For example, the Ministry of Plenty’s forecast had estimated the output of boots for the quarter at one-hundred-and-forty-five million pairs. The actual output was given as sixty-two millions. Winston, however, in rewriting the forecast, marked the figure down to fifty-seven millions, so as to allow for the usual claim that the quota had been overfulfilled. In any case, sixty-two millions was no nearer the truth than fifty-seven millions, or than one-hundred-and-forty-five millions. Very likely no boots had been produced at all. Likelier still, nobody knew how many had been produced, much less cared. All one knew was that every quarter astronomical numbers of boots were produced on paper, while perhaps half the population of Oceania went barefoot. And so it was with every class of recorded fact, great or small. Everything faded away into a shadow-world in which, finally, even the date of the year had become uncertain.”

        • Sort of like Prop 37 here in California. Even after we vote yes, and it passes. Theres no guarantee that [tptb]/companies will be truthful in labeling foods containing GMO.

        • DoubleTap: Everyone was affraid of being ‘taken over’ by Big Brother and the toalitarian state as in “1984”. But Auldous Huxley was correct in his novel “Brave New World” where everyone willingly gave up their freedoms for “soma”. We are where we are because we’ve gotten lazy and let others do our thinking for us: politicians and their banker/business partners. Just give us our cheap food and gas along with our sports and reality tv and we’ll be happy. This is all self-inflicted.

          • Don’t leave out the pensions Gregory8 when talking about being lazy. And remember to be grateful for the increased debt and taxes that come in the form of your pension checks. 3 each month, right?

      5. Just wait till gas hits $7-$8 a gallon.

        • I have sails>>>>>>>>>> the only way 2 fly don’t 4 get the pet food

          • …even the price of pet food has gone up drastically.

        • In California, it’s already begun to creep up over the $6 mark.

          • Well $4.80 to be exact.

            This is *supposed* to be due to three refinery shutdowns. After the Enron thing one begins to wonder however.

            We have this crazy enviro-nut thing of using an ethanol blend in the summer. The Governor just signed some emergency thing letting us use non-enviro-nut blend, which I guess is stockpiled somewhere (?). This is supposed (?) to carry us over until the refineries come back online. So in theory the price is supposed (?) to drop this week.

            I guess we’ll see if the boys selling it want to give up their “new normal” price.

            • Do you know why they shut down the refineries? Mandated winter blend reformulations for CA’s air quality regs….

            • I read it was only ONE refinery gone down for a couple of weeks.

      6. No big surprise here. I am down on the Sacramento river right now and the homeless living down here has doubled in th7e last month. Literally thousands of people a lot with families and no where to go. It is going to be hard winter for these folks. They all have pretty much the same attitude about where they are at. It’s simpler this way.

        • The S has already HTF for these people. Watch how they do things(cooking, cleaning, basic necessities)and learn from them.You may need ideas in the future.

        • Funny that there is no media coverage of that. Were a Republican in the WH the screaming about the insensitive Republican President would be non stop 24/7.

      7. They lie to us about everything else, why wouldn’t they lie about job numbers? Especially around election time. When a person’s unemployment insurance runs out, TPTB act like the person is ok and the data shows one less person collecting benefits… Ta-Da, magically all is better in the kingdom. What a bunch of shit. The system needs a reboot. Lets start with getting Obama out of the White House.

        • Out of the White House and in to the big house.

          • would love to see barney frank and chris dodd, obama, eric holder,debbie wasserman,gov jerry brown, pelosi, maxine watters,harry reid, eric holder,janet dike politano, and mike bloomberg all thrown out of this country, oh and lying elizabeth warren and total fuckup and lying Hillary clinton who was responsible for the deaths and lack of weapons to protect the embassy that killed stevens and 2 seal civilians. he had his balls chopped out probably alive and they lied about this. That is my hitlist that would like to see removed from office. If we had this small chunk of people out things would really be so much better. dodd and frank are gone but still want them arrested for what they did.

        • This is how Klinton and Newt were able to “Blanace” the budget. The current method of how unemployment and ALL areas of inflation are calculated, began with Bill Klinton and Newt Gingrich’s terms.

          They Stopped counting ALL food and Energy increases. Includeing home or buis elec bills etc.

          Then they Added up the savings, Especially saveings from Future Soc sec cost of living adjustments.

          They added it ALL looking fwd to Future 15 yrs of savings feds spend. Then came up with a Surplus of fed cash!

          If it was so true?..Why didnt neither klinton or newt RETURN surplus cash to Taxpayers as that is where it all comes from no?

          Because there weren’t NO surpluses! Just More MSM lies to make Bubba look so swell as a prez.

          And it was sure easy with such a Swindler like Newt Gingrich controling the House of reps eh. Voted FOR nafta, and assisted klinton!

          ATTEN! America!!! Bill & Newt balanced the budget And created a surplus!!!….99% todays dems still believes that crap!

          Meanwhile soc sec and many other retirees etc LOSE Out and come closer weekly to joining ranks of totaly screwed.

          perhaps someone(beck?) will offer another failed tea party org march across america!…Should be March number 13 this time eh?

          I Rather march off to the nearest AMMO dealer!

          • The so called surplus was given to taxpayers in 2008 by Bush and crew. I have a copy of the the check from the U. S. Treasury!!!!!!!

            • Bush could not give out anything in 2008, both houses were controlled by pelosi & reed, there was nothing done by any conservative after 2006.

      8. Add to all of this data the fact that the US (along with China and Russia as well) continue to experience the worst drought in recent years which adds to the ever decreasing harvest yields spells out the fact that we’re going to experience massive prices in the cost of food.

        Please don’t ask: “how much worse can it get?”… I’m having trouble adjusting to what’s right in front of me right now… not to mention what’s on the horizon…. It’s becoming a coin toss – do I buy gas to get to work (if I even have a job), or do I buy groceries for my children, or do I pay the utilities to keep us from freezing this winter…. On top of that, if any of the information is correct about ‘foreign troops’ on US soil and ‘why’ they’re really here… well, I might not even have a place to keep us together and out of the weather… “good night Irene”… maybe it’s time to finally look “up” and ask for help… God only knows that o-bubba sure doesn’t have the answers…

        • Jerry C: Another thing you need to know about OUR drought is that a lot of the farming ground is so dry and so hard that the farmers are not able to till the soil to plant their winter wheat. Many homes in the midwest are moving off their foundations because the drought has dried the land and the land is shrinking into itself.

          We are not done by a long shot when it comes to the droughts around the world. I am prepping more dried staples.

          • @Mona…..Drought bad in my part of the country too….now, they tell us that our beef is “tainted” from Western Canada….apparently all over Canada now, and into parts of the USA as well….now afraid to buy beef due to “ecoli” disease…..suppose they have to put a lot of cattle down???

            Can you recommend dried foodstuffs to put down? I have done the beans, flour, sugar,rice, milk, coffee, some grains…..I’m getting nervous, and can’t remember what else I should be storing in the dried goods….please share…(: thanx in advance….CC

            • @canuk
              in addition to what you listed, my family has been storing lentils, and split peas. I noticed that you didn’t have salt listed which was prolly just an oversight but if you don’t have it, get it. Another thing to remember is to store lots of spices b/c a diet of stored food can cause “food fatigue”. Baking powder and baking soda are good to have as well.

            • We recently started with pearled barley just to break up the monotony. Pasta stores well too.

            • Yes! I have all that you 2 have stored, I also make my own vodka cordials from fresh fruits. Just having a drink in the evening to help relax after a hard day is important.

              I have been canning fruits and vegies all summer. I did several kinds of pickles because vinegar is good for your body. I alsways try to get in 6 gallons of vinigar stored before winter sets in.

              Last year I practiced making saurkraut and will try again this year. But this time I am going to invest in a german crock especially made for this purpose.

              Salt is important. Look into permaculture for gardening. I am doing the hugle culture piles. This has kept my vegie roots moist all summer with very little water.

              I have a hoop row that has my salad greens under the hoop. This will keep me in raw and cooking greens until next spring when I can start my spring garden.

              I also, foraged for foods in the wild around our homestead.

              Take some classes in foraging this fall. It will amaze you on how much actually is eatable in the wild.

              God bless and keep on prepping.

            • Mona…How did you make your kraut? I use a 5 gallon crock but the neighbor uses a food grade plastic bucket. After I load the crock, I get a plastic bag and put about a gallon of water in it and set down onto the kraut. This seals the top and you don’t get any mold etc.

            • CC: I have stocked high quality Olive oil, lentils are easy to cook, tea bags, salt, canned Bush’s baked beans, canned: meats, fish, dried fruits and peanut B and nuts, spices and hot sauce, etc

          • We buy our staples at the local stores but we also ordered great powdered eggs, freeze dried mushrooms, pineapple and other things that you cannot grow yourself here in Maine. We got a super discount from Also stocked up on freeze dried chicken and ground beef and instant milk. When the trucks stop rolling and the stores are empty we will still eat delicious meals. If you order be sure to get some Taco TVP. You’ll kids will swear that you must have stopped by Taco Bell! It’s delicious and inexpensive and they deliver right to your door!

            • @Joan and Laura m & to all of you!……thanx girls, you have given me lots of good ideas, and yes, I do have most of the supplies….although I am looking into the address for the “thrive” dried food, just checking now on the cost for shipping to Canada. I really need the dried/powdered eggs, butter, etc.

              You mentioned T-bags, Laura m., you will get a chuckle when I tell you I bought 3 large boxes of t-bags, but I have so much “stuff” packed and hidden, that I am out of tea in my kitchen, and wanted to open a large box…..but can’t find them anywhere…..I have been telling myself for some time now that I have to get a better “system” or better organization skills for myself! (: thanx again to all of your great lists…..take care CC.

            • JRS: I made my kraut in a crockpot. Using the bowl for the cabbage/salt/brine. Then I placed a dish over the cabbage and flipped the crock lid over and the knob held the dish below the brine.

        • God only knows that o-bubba sure doesn’t have the answers…

          And you think Mitt does? You are truly deluded.

          • on this one im surprised at the thumbs down :)it may just be becasue your joeinnc, But it is true obama is fucking us and mitt will fuck us.
            It is both sides. If you really think republicans are better jsut remember it has been a two party system for how long? It was a two party system that got us here. I do not think GWB was a dem. was he? Patriot act anyone?
            Lets stop kicking the blame can down the fuckign road already we know who is fuckign us they are smiling in our faces as they ram it up our asses. Lets get with how to get past and over and fix this damn problem.

          • JoeinNC:
            I love reading comments from simpletons like you.You compare a thug community organizer to someone who has reorganized and made profitable failing companies, not to mention having real executive experience as a governor of a state. Simple Simon met a pie man.

        • God isn’t the only one who knows “Bubba” doesn’t have the answers.

      9. I just need a little more time to feel comfortable about my quantity of emergency supplies!! Thankfully I still have a decent job and can continue prepping in these deteriorating times.

      10. the sad truth.

      11. Obvious lying unemployment statistics. The no jobs issue is not going to improve soon, if ever. Sold out by corporate greed with free trade transfer of jobs in every occupation to boost profits, with yet another secret trade deal in the works. How much more can American’s take before all are pushed into abject poverty? Both Romney and Obama are pathetic liars. Don’t vote to approve either one of these fascist dictaters.

      12. The establishment turns short-term problems into long-term crises by requiring applicants to liquidate their own assets before getting help. This sounds fair, but in reality makes the problem worse. If the car a family is living in is worth more than the exemption amount, it will have to be sold before receiving help.

        Preppers and survivalists need not apply.

        • Great point. How are you? Things any better?

      13. Greetings Everyone!
        It’s sad to see the America that was great being ruined by ALL the folks in Congress.They(and their masters) are the root cause why so many folks are jobless.
        I don’t have a inside track as what coming next except from that which is written in the Bible at Matt.24,2ed Tim 3 and various parts of Rev.The one I like the the best is at Rev.21,vs.3&4.At that promises a better future.
        Best to All

        • And Luke 21…we WILL go through some bad..but will live eternity with Him.
          Endure till the end.

      14. I am so sick of tired of skewed numbers on both the gop and dem side. The simple fact is that the country and the world are experiencing the end cycle before all hell breaks loose. Remember it is not just the U.S. going through this, it is most other countries that DO NOT export a lot of oil. Even some of those countries that have a lot of oil, their citizens are suffering. The planet itself is going through all sorts of spasms, had a 6.3 in the Banda Sea and 6.0 in Gulf of California just a few hours ago. Not yet the threshold of the 6.5+ earthquake by October 17, but the right location and is showing that this area is stressed out.

        I have always said that the planet itself and the people that live on it are extremely inter-connected with each other. These symptoms of hunger and need of food stamps is the same as people in need of food in drought stricken areas all over the planet. What is so pathetic is that in this country farmers are still paid NOT to grow too much food. What is even more pathetic is that the food given to the people is usually sub-quality and causes more health problems and leads to even more suffering. When people are in need, people should alaways get good healthy food with high nutrient levels, but they don’t. They get food that is pet food level of nutrition and then end up using the medicaid because of poor health and further drives up the national debt.

        Then we are appraoching the next window for a possible Israeli attack on Iran, October 10-20. Why do I bring this up on a food article? When oil hits $300+ a barrel, the cost of food will be so high that rather than 50 million or so being on food stamps it will be more like 250 million+ on food assistance. The mere cost of delivery of food to markets will jack up the price of food at least 3 times, not to mention all the other costs of manufacturing food products. Food could go up a lot more than the cost of oil in comparison because there is so much that goes into getting food to the store.

        People “say” they can afford the higher costs of food, even if it went up 3 times. While this is not hyperinflation, the mere fact that a huge portion of money goes into food for the family after even a month people will really feel the higher costs of food which they will have to get food stamps to not starve. Utilities bills will skyrocket and people will freeze to death in their homes. Other services will go to the roof in costs. People have no reserves put away. Then there is the U.S. dollar index that could implode and cause that hyperinflation as in triple digit inflation on a MONTHLY level rather than a yearly rate.

        Just another sign that when people have extra money, forget about the entertainment crap and other useless activities, and purchase some extra food to put away. For every dollar spent now on food, could bring many times the investment in the future when food is much more expensive, if not unafforadable. Someone that bought canned food 2 years ago and is now using it for whatever reason has made at 15% or more on that food that cost 15% or more than 2 years. That is better than most investments have performed on the stock market. Food is only going to get more expensive and why not now spend that extra money someone has now on food to be stored and be very happy to have it in the future.

        • BI-

          We really appreciate your knowledge and your hard work regarding the study of earthquakes.

          Thanks for sharing your data and conclusions with us.

          • Ditto.

          • @ Robinone. Anyone can use past data to help predict earthquakes because the plates have not moved very much in the past decades. When for example you have an earthquake towards the Balleny Islands like last week, this tends to be a symptom of the north central to north eastern part of the Australian plate boundaries with the Pacific plate, Philippine plate, and Asian plate. It also can affect northern Chile and other Antarctic areas. Since that earthquake in Balleny last week there has been a 6.3 in the Banda Sea and a 5.8 in northern Chile. Still 90.3% of the time, 28 out of 31 times a 6.5+ has occurred, many above 7.

            Polar earthquakes indicate bigger earthquakes to come, 4 out of 5 times. Some areas like Balleny Islands mean much higher rate of earthquakes 6.5+. Watch between 58.5 to 90 degrees south and 68.5 to 90 degrees north, and 55-56.99 degrees south for 5.0+ earthquakes. It means that bigger earthquakes are to come. Remember to use a globe when trying to chart where the energy is focused towards, flat maps don’t cut it. Using a globe and a flat tape measure you can see in which direction the energy is coming from.

            Those swarms of earthquakes that Before it is News reported on that occurred on the Mid Atlantic Ridge aim right towards the Caribbean plate and the New Madrid fault zone. Doesn’t mean that the New Madrid is going to break right now, but it does show that the pressure from the movement of the North American plate was directed right towards the New Madrid. A flat map would never show this because the planet is curved. On a regular globe it will show this.

            People can also chart in which directiopn ICBM nuclear missiles launched from somewhere the path they will take to their target on a globe. For example a nuclear missile launched from North Korea at the southeastern portion of the U.S. would travel over Alaska and Canada. On a flat map you would think the missile would travel over the state of Washington, Oregon, or California. Also the planet rotates a few hundred miles in which the missile is in the air, and those in any military must take this into account to not over shoot or under shoot their target. Very seldom do schools teach the three dimensions of planet. Seeing the planet as a almost rounded mass is paramount to help forecast where earthquakes could hit, and in many other fields of science.

        • BI…you are so wrong on the % and numbers…my 1 lb. hams I bought 2 and 3 years ago are $4 at some stores…mostly in the north. I paid $2 for them.:-)

          • Even Ramen noodles that for years had 6 packets in $1 bag has now 5 packets, and the packets are much smaller. Anyone notice???
            If not, compare the size with your old ones.

            • @ jayjay. I was giving the low ballpark totals of food, especially canned goods at 15% “or more”. I did not want someone to say that I was exaggerating the cost of food increases. Some canned goods I have, believe it or not have gone up 80% over just 2 years. The companies continue to try to fool everyone by giving less product and keeping the price the same. Sugar is really notorious for this, it may cost $3.19 per bag, but the bag is now 4 lbs. rather than 5 lbs.

        • Amen Be Informed!!

      15. Everywhere you turn, where is any positive news? Everything is getting more expensive, people are making less, crime is up. There are more and more desparation in the eyes of everyone you see.

        That being said, the mall parking lot was PACKED this past weekend. Restaurants were standing lines only. Seriously, people are paying $50 to go out to a nice meal when that same amount of money could have purchased 100 pounds of rice. The $50 pair of already wore out jeans could have purchased a wardrobe at a garage sale.

        I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but it drives me nuts to see so many wasting their money on something other than preps.

        Be Informed was right on when he said October 10-20 is going to be a critical moment in SHTF planning with Israel about to strike Iran. Darkest sky’s in a month prior to the election. When that happens, I fear many countries will be drug in to the powder keg that is the middle east.

        It’s time to prep prep prep.

        God bless all on this forum and all who are unprepared physically, mentally and materially for what is coming.


        • All those folks spending 50 for a meal and new jeans and cars will be the first awaiting federal assistance and panic at the grocery stores and banks..


          I have no empathy for any of them..

          They are the ones who’ll be flocking to the polls come November..and wonder why neither the red nor blue team saved them..

          oh the horror!


          • They’ll also be the first at your door demanding your stash.

            • Unless you don’t tell anyone that you have a stash. That’s my strategy anyway.

      16. @ BI…funny. I hadn’t read your post when writing mine! Looks like we are very much on the same page!

        • @ Norse Prepper. Check this out:

          This would have to do with Hezbollah and the 300,000+ rockets and missiles they have ready to launch at Isreal. During the last battle with hezbollah, Israel lost 100 of their best tanks, their flag ship missile cruiser, and did not win the battle. Israel won every other war they fought. Hezbollah now has magnitudes more than in 2006, thanks to the Iranian and the chinese that have supplied Iran. 3 days Patriots deployed before the next window of attack. Could mean something or not, we shall see. Might be time to do some serious grocery shopping to add to what everyone has. 😉

          • So Netanyahoo and his band of Bloodthirsty killers and Usurpers dont give a rats ass for anyone else nor their countries etc.

            As long as they can begin mass killings or WWIII or worse yet use of Nukes! as long as it can occure on or near a talmudiac “holy” day all is swell right?…Cause 7 million jews there do matter alot more than the other 7 BILLION worlds folks right?

            Oyvey! them poor always innocent always persecuted jewish peoples!…Always picked on and Never did nothing wrong…EVER!,,,,HogWash and Bullshit!

            I hope our army generals like Dempsey who recently Told netanyahoo the usa aint going there no more for anymore wars for jews etc, Keeps that attitude.

            Every war and revolution since the French revolt 200 yrs ago was started or instigated by jews. Thats documented-Proven-Facts-Truth even some jews admit to!

            Time to cut OUR losses and let isreali jews or NY bankster jews fight Own battles. If stupid enough to try wwiii?…Fuck em!

            The Worlds Burden…jews.

            • @ Angelo Mysteriouso. At this point I just want to know before it is coming so just maybe I can try to better prepare for it the best I can. I truly feel at this point that we all just have to watch for the signs and try to make yourselves as prepared as possible. I think everyone right now should be thinking of the possibility of WW3, and try to plan accordingly. Many beliefs feel that WW3 will be started by the Jews, but we cannot do anything about it other than try our best to live through the next world war. Who knows it might even be the Chinese and Japanese that start the thrid world war. I think you are right though and the next world war will start in Israel or the Middle East.

            • Another irrational Jew hater. Still pissed that your old lady ran off with one?

      17. My grandson is moving back home with us next month. His wife (college student) will be living with her mother. Hopefully our grandson can pick up a job here. If not, I have lots of work on the property to pay his way with us.

        He better give up smoking though. Ha! Ha!

        • Mona

          Cigarettes are an easy $150 per month TERRIBLE habit if not more. That will about buy groceries for one person.

          Everyone quits sometime it’s just a question on who’s terms it’s on; yours, your doctors or the undertakers.

          • Turnip greens make an excellent substitute for tobacco.

            • Egg samich and a Colt 45 ! Thats all a grown man needs!

          • handcock and orange grove,,,da cape’ish

      18. Fasten your seatbelts. This ride is just getting started.

        • ALL ABOARRRRRRD HA HA HA HA !!!!!!!!!

      19. Very good and hugely sad article article. Hope that the mainstream media will pick up on this……some hope, some media.

      20. We need to keep in mind that this is very deliberate. People who are impoverished and desperate make better slaves because they can be manipulated by the promise of simple things like food and shelter.

        The bankers and politicians are not suffering – it is only the everyday people that they are exercising their power over who are going without.

        This is why self-reliance is the ONLY route to freedom.

        • They are deepening the mass psychosis known as Stockholm Syndrome where the hostages will defend, with their very lives, the system they set up to enslave them.

          Unfortunately, this means we’ll probably be fighting our neighbors because they’ll be defending the corporation.

          Self reliance is the only way, as you say. Use the corporation to get what you need as a buffer to switch off to more self reliance.

      21. Here in the UK a perfect storm is brewing.

        1. The MSM has admitted we’ll have rolling power blackouts starting a couple of years. (huge impact on industry).

        2. Young people have to stay in education or “training” by law until 18 from this year. (Thereby cutting the true youth unemployment figures at a stroke).

        3. Welfare dependant families will have to restrict family size (good idea tbh, but a clear signal along with universal credit & rising state pension age that the days of the welfare state are numbered)

        4. Workers to be offered the opportunity to buy shares in their companies in exchange for waiving their employment rights (Orwellian double speak for we wanna con you out of a living you poor pleb)

        5. Gangs have got their hands on grenades (think about this from a home defence perspective if shtf – Birts fretting about Guns is outta date).

        Add this to all the stuff we already know such as fewer proper living wage jobs every month, rising food prices, a disaffected youth population etc, etc and it’s all coming together nicely for the ptb. Just praying now that our home sells before everything really falls off a cliff.

        The MSM is now telling those with sense that things are gonna get hairy. Not too long ago they were denying anything at all was wrong. This isn’t good.

        In other news – my lad has discovered a real gift and talent for getting along with horses and horseriding. Shocked the hell outta this city gal, as he’s on a special riding scheme for the disabled to help his dyspraxia. If life gets as bad as I think it will this will be a handy skill to have for his adult life post peak oil.

        • lonelonmum,

          That is wonderful your son has discovered a gift for working with horses.

          I have found that special needs youth often bond well with horses. Years ago I worked with special needs children and youth. Where I worked, they had a program set up to take the kids horseback riding. The kids loved it. Horseback riding is also good exercise and helps improve physical strength and coordination. Of course to bond well with the horse, you need to learn to properly care for them. So, they learned to brush, clean, etc. to care for the horse.

        • I figured that Europe would likely get it in the economic neck long before other economies.

          It’s simply unsustainable to have a huge underclass suckling on the government teat, while the productive are getting taxed into near-poverty themselves.

          I’ve recently seen figures of up to half the workforce in a typical EU country as working for their government; either directly or indirectly, but enough so as to count as government work. Little wonder that austerity measures cause such violent protest, no?

        • Lonelonmum

          As usual jus a couple of points. Do yo not think in a country with few jobs to offer the young staying in education or receiving vocational training may be of benefit to them ? It also reduces the overall welfare bill freeing up money for those who truly need it.

          Rolling lockouts may come but you forgot to mention there still will be some spare capacity but nowhere near the level thatits at now, in addition the LNG set up and hub is coming online within weeks.

          Workers will be exchanging some of their rights for shares not all of them

          Which gangs have grenades? Two police were killed by a man with gang connections who killed them in a grenade and gun attack. There has been no mention of this being a wider thing and that gangs in general have grenades.

          The names Burt…not Birt and I do not fret about not having a gun, I am disgusted that my right to gun ownership was removed without my consent or the consent of my countrymen. If you regard that as outdated are you implying I should demand to be allowd to add grenades and rocket launchers to my defence systems?

          I agree the UK is going to hell in a hand basket but you state these things as actualities when they are not. We are so very lucky that at this point we are not suffering in the way that many countries are, and our cities are not yet Detroit or even Chicago.

          Glad your lads doing well.

          Take care

          • Pardon the typos…my excuse is a cold and being totally knackered lol

          • Burt,

            I have followed your posts for a long time and enjoy the comparisons of life here and in the UK. I thought you were joining a gun club or hunting club of some kind and you were in the process of obtaining a shot gun. And, if my memory serves me (which ???) this process has been ongoing for some time?

            • Big B

              Still waiting to here why they are not letting me in but I’ll let you know if anything is forthcoming.

              Take care

          • I worded my comments about grenades wrongly, and for that I’m sorry. A concern for us in the UK is that the criminals have access to things that ordinary law abiding regular parents do not.

            I’ve already posted several times about how I worry about fire being a real risk to home safety in the event of civil unrest. I kinda think it’s our duty to say to other preppers – “look I see this new threat looming on the horizon”. Then hopefully someone far more knowledgeable than I will come along with some great ideas for home defence against the new threat.

            The importance of the City of London to the Global fiat scam, continues to shield the UK from the worst as the planned game plays out. We are very lucky so far – but it is the intention of the Global Bankers to create a Global Plantation. I never forget that the orginal slaves sent to populate the New World were from the indigenous white UK working class.

      22. Daisy

        Perfectly stated…

        This has been done with the collusion of politicians, the central banks, and the central planners..period.

        Debase the basic education k-12 over time..done!
        Increase college tuition yearly..and bankrupt students loans..done!
        Debase the dollar..done.. and continuing..!
        Gut the middle class..done.
        Increase government dependency..done..and continuing!
        Ramp up class warfare..done..and continuing.

        independent thought.
        1st and 2nd amendment rights groups
        freedom of Assembly

        need I go on?

        Surely more can be added

        this is but the tip of the iceberg


        • The second amendment has not been criminalized. in fact, gun rights have been expanding in recent years. But, given the mass delusion of this sight, I expect you not to want to be confused by verifiable facts. As for the first amendment, I assume you are referring to freedom of religion. Again, freedon relgiion has not been restircted. Case in point, the Westboro nut jobs. However, given statements by Mike Huckabee, Sally Quinn and others, freedom of religion ie to be free of religion, is becoming increasingly viewed as “unAmerican”. I can think of nothing more “unAmerican” than viewing those with no religious inclination as “unAmerican.” That is a big reason why I and many other non-religionists are arming ourselves and prepping for the day when religionist attempt to force us to bow down to their mythology. Our only regert is that when we send them to their maker, they will never know there is not a maker.

          • Joe

            I too do not subscribe to religious overtones from any bureaucrat or anyone for that matter…period.
            Religion is a personal..freedom of, and, freedom individuals choice.

            As far as the 2nd amendment..that is constantly under assault and the point is to criminalize gun rights eventually’s been done successfully throughout the world and as recent in Australia..

            Don’t think for a moment that present gun laws are not restrictive..and the scumbags on state and federal levels are always attempting a new twist to pervert that right..

            Lock and load..


            • They restricted arms in ’38 and again in ’64. Most don’t notice because that’s the way it’s been their whole lives.

          • You are as illiterate as you are foolish. Unless the Muslims take over no one is going to force you to worship anything. Should they take over you will face Mecca five times a day and you will like it. Not a peep out of you when you know you are dealing with those that have no sense of humor.

      23. So let’s just all quit our jobs and let the government take care of us. What’s wrong with that?

      24. As time goes by, the number of people getting on the public dole will increase as the number of people working and paying taxes into the system decreases. At some point, less revenue will be available for the so-called entitlement programs unless TPTB takes money away from something else. It’s a situation that’s not sustainable. SHTF and post-SHTF are going to be so horrific. Everyone keep getting what you need for as long as possible. best wishes and keep prepping.

        • Raising My Hand!
          I have a question???????
          I looked at my pay check last Friday and figured out what percantaged came out for federal income tax, Social Security and Medicare. I have NO deductions for medical and just a small L&I.
          But if one is only looking at taxes – I pay 16%.
          Curiuos what others in other states pay. No state income tax here – Washington State.

          • I earn $1750 a week. After taxes and insurance I take home $1100. That’s Washington, no state income tax.

      25. I recently saw at a grocery store a document saying EBT cards starting by Nov will get credited on 1st, 4th, 7th, 9th day of the month depending on the last digit of case number from now on instead of the 1st for everyone. It looks like either the gov or the banks are having a cash flow problem. Time will tell.

        • That, and its another way to hide it from the masses that are not recieving this ” benifit”

          years ago it was soup lines, and if those were seen today it would show that all these politicians are liers, so than we had welfare checks going in the mail..and even unemployment benifits ,,you used to have to stand in line for them each week or it comes in the mail

          EBT card..its electronically administered..and they are trying to hide that lie spreading it out.

          And I dont doubt your view on this at all, very plauseable

        • I know people here that use food stamps, it has been that way in this state for years. Hardley any one gets them on the 1st. It is usually the 5th, 8th and 10th.

      26. When Romney is inaugurated, everything will change for the better. This man is going to save our country, you can count on it. Romney is the knight in shining armor and with our without your vote, he will be the next president and we will start to heal as a nation. When this man speaks, there is true compassion in his voice, there is quiet strength, and above all, there is honesty in his resolve. They will try everything and anything to stop him but Romney will be triumphant in the end. This country IS about to change for the better and I am on board, full speed ahead. There will be rioting and chaos at first, not because of a lack of food but because people will have to accept the new rules implemented if they want or deserve entitlements. Small businesses will have their chains removed, jobs will be plenty, the military will not have to suffer and in turn, this will spur more jobs as well, at home with contractors. Things will settle down and our backbone will heal and become strong again, we will be upright and tower over the wretched of the world, the ones who want to see us obliterated.

        • The presidential candidates are two heads of the same NWO beast. I completely disagree with your statement, Tommy.

          • Not to put too fine a point on it, but I think you’re way off base Tommy. Romney is no better than the rest of them, and worse than some. He changes his mind like I opinion my socks. And I just can’t trust the judgement of a man who drives to Canada on a family vacation with his dog in a carrier, strapped to the roof of his car. Daisy is right – they are two heads of the beast. No matter which one wins, we lose.

          • I just farted when Daisy said that !

            • Is my cat’s unirary tract health important? Why is it that no matter what color bubble bath you use, the bubbles are white? If a man says something in the forest and no woman is there to hear it, is he still wrong? Why do people say they are going to the bathroom to take a shit when they actually intend to leave one?

          • Same s**t, different smell.

        • @TB: NO one MAN can change this PERIOD! Romney is an empty suit just like the rest. Why do we think that a person running for office must know what he’s doing because has million’s of dollars. 99% of the time that person inherited it. Those before him more than likely walked all over someone to make it. These people could give a RATS A-S about the average person out here on the steets, we are NOT one of them. NO not one person can fix this, and the ones we have to choose from will never try. Thats my two cents!

        • Tommy,

          I agree that Romney “sounds good”. In no way shape or form can he do any of the things that he is talking about on the domestic front. What we need is a game changer, not someone who is going to spew the same promises we have heard over and over again.

          I would love it if Romney could deliver on even half of what he is talking about regarding domestic policy and if he does I will be the first one in line to congragulate you on your wisedom. His talk is cheap and he is literally proposing adding massive ammounts of debt to an already bloated ledger. And please do not fool yourself, there are many problems but the national debt is A numero uno. SO unless Romney has a revelation and decides to start taking some form of action against the Federal Reserve all of his talk will be just that…..TALK.

          And I didnt even mention his foreign policy…….

          • If you want to see a game changer give Obama a second term. He will change the game and you will not like the new rules.

            • Hmmm I guess it did kind of sound like I was favoring Obama John. I just want to go on the record saying that I def DO NOT.

        • TBOY Must have Missed all them pics and videos online And MSM of Romney wearing his skull cap while Bowing and bashing his forehead at the Wailing wall eh?

          Oh well if tommy boy seen Hobammy do the EXACT same wailing wall dance to Their(both) masters biddings, perhaps he will begin to see how stupid his comment or False hopes really are.

          Which does Tommyboy(others as well) think is Truth?

          #1=Romney/hobammy/All pols-ask themselves “is what I Do Good for Americans”?…OR!!….

          #2= All Above named ask “is what I Do Good for…Jews/isreal”?

          • He didn’t bash hard enough.

        • You forgot to do the /sarc.

        • Romney sucks as much as Obama does. Also he is a satanist as that is what the Mormons really are. They ARE NOT CHRISTIAN in any way size shape or means.

          • With your comments it is obvious that you are not Christian either. More of a slow Satanist.

        • You are kidding right?

        • Holy Shit……..

      27. I did my big monthly grocery shop this weekend. What the store advertises as “low” prices would have been unthinkably expensive a year or two ago. It takes me twice at long to shop now because I examine every price (and I’ve always been a pretty careful shopper.) I don’t buy beef or lamb (oh, for a leg of lamb that costs under $45!), no designer labels or pints of ice cream (usually no ice cream at all), store brand on as much as I can, and it’s still awful. I guess we’re lucky there’s food in the stores; in time there won’t be. It’s easy to understand how a working family would need help, for even just the basics. The bureaucrats, politicians and bankers are all damned, damned liars. The vibes, for lack of a better word, are getting stronger. I think we might have a year, maybe 18 months and then I’ll be looking back with longing on the days when I could actually buy a bag of sugar, instead of complaining that it cost $3.00. Stock up while you can. Misneach, fianna.

      28. Jeeze TB. You really believe that? It appears to me that the can has hit the end of the road and no one is going to be able to solve the financial mess we are in. It has just gone to far. There hasn’t been a national budget for almost 4 years. There is a reason for that. They have no real money to spend. Jerry Brown signs the bullet train approval? And you are going to get the money from where? These politicians remind me of boss’s in a large corporation who have meetings and more meetings and make decisions that in the next meeting they change there minds. Very important people who do nothing but pretend that they are doing some thing.

        It makes me sick to my stomach. That is all the politicians do, talk big and do little monetarily. But when it comes to messing with the taxpayers boy howdy they put the heat on. Milking us for everything we got.

        Spoke to a guy I know last night who is under investigation for defrauding the government because of what he stated on a mortgage loan application fivbe years ago. Got another friend who is a broker who is being investigated for letting a fraudulent loan app be submitted by a realator who work for him.

        So it is coming down to the banks didn’t screw you. It would appear the purchaser, the realator, the broker, the appraiser et al screwed you and the banks and government are going to get it back from the consumer. Just like the IRS is sending tax bills on the money you took out of your house and it is now considered income that you must pay taxes on.

        The people can’t take much more before some thing is going to break.

      29. What has been happening in the US, and globally, is a perfect example of why people should never EVER allow themselves to become dependents. Once we become dependent on another person, a job, or a system, we have allowed for a potential problem to disturb or destroy our stability. Dependency is but one step away from becoming a ward of the State.

        So many in the US believed that the best solution to live the American Dream was to work hard, buy a house, and be loyal to a company (or to our government). Then some external force entered into that Dream and forced us to make changes we didn’t want and didn’t plan for. This current “Recession” shows how good, dedicated workers become expendable as the need for a product or service decreases, or shipped overseas. Many people plugged into the belief that we should give our very best to our jobs, perhaps getting college degrees to better prepare for those jobs, too. In the big picture, did it help? Did working 60 hour weeks keep you from the unemployment line? Did that fancy education really help? These days, it sure doesn’t seem so — look where many of these people are now: unemployed, in debt, growing despondent, desperate, and now even more dependent than they were when they depended upon jobs. There have been so very many contributory factors that have lead us to the problems we face today — we know many of these were deliberate, too.

        Maybe in the future, there will be more who do not trust the government. Maybe people will realize life isn’t about consumerism or 60-hour work weeks. Maybe more will practice self-reliance. Maybe in the future, more people will realize what is truly important in life. Maybe then people will get back to the basics so that lives can be reclaimed on our own terms. Maybe then we can generate a collective voice, maybe even revolt, and tell the government to go to Hell.

      30. Not to change the subject of food-stamps and our employment situation, but the shtf thing that I have been worried about and have been thinking about more and more lately is what is happening to, and will happen to all the pet dogs and cats that are being turned loose by ignorant and well meaning owners no longer able to care for them.

        First, domesticated cats turned loose on the native population of wildlife is like what army ants do in the tropics. They will kill all birds and small mammals that are in the area.That is going to be an environmental nightmare but that’s not the thing that keeps me awake at night,….

        Dogs,even well behaved ones, when allowed to run wild will form packs in as little as 3-4 months.

        It is a fact, look it up.When you get a pack of 6 or 30 or even up to 100 dogs with no fear of humans, any person or child within their home range will sooner or later,start to become prey.

        After these packs have attacked humans a few times and acquired a taste for human flesh, they will become more dangerous than any zombie hoard being discussed or that you could ever imagine.

        Even a well armed person, if hunted by a large pack of big dogs would have a hard time dispatching animals attacking at a speed of 30mph. And all the unarmed sheeple living in cities will, well be sheep to the wolves.And the dogs will get really good at hunting the unarmed people in no time, making walking or gardening or just surviving a real hard proposition for all those unlucky ex pet owners.

        There are more than 500 million cute pets out there folks, if tshtf most , if not all will be let loose to live free by owners that wont be able to euthanize them and wont realize that they are unwittingly setting loose on the population a killing machine.

        Do not just turn fido or boots out to fend for themselves if you can not take care of them any longer.Take them to the humane society. Otherwise,they will end up destroying your neighborhood and might just end up eating you and your neighbors too when TSHTF.

        • pigs will convert quickly also,, to a killing and vegitation destroyer , in about a few months they go feral and quickly, to all out boars.
          There is already a huge problem with them in just about every state in the US.
          Vicious animal.
          In My state they are already declared an invasive species.
          the Coyote packs are huge, and we also have the grey wolf..these animals will be well prepared to attack you and be bold as hell about it.
          they dont care if 4 or 5 of their members get taken out..they will keep coming, until the preys blood flows

          • Thank the numbnuts PETA (PITA) crowd for the wolves. They were hunted to extinction for a reason.

        • Rather face your cat and dog scenarios, than 50 Million monky apes chimpin out!..Especially them apes with Firearms!

        • •About 78.2 million dogs and about 86.4 million cats are owned in the United States. (Source: APPA)

        • Forget “The Humane Society”. Man up and pop Boots or Fido with a .22 pistol. You’re doing Boots, Fido, and the world a favor.

        • If it gets as bad as ppl talk about on here the cats and dogs will become a large food source.

      31. Time will tell who is right and who is wrong, I have complete faith in what I have stated. For me, it is very clear and nothing could change my mind. This is the way I believe things will unfold in spite of others doubts. It truly is that simple. These two men are polar opposites in many ways, Romney is a good Man.

        The dog carrier crap is a liberal bunch of garbage. Should horses travel in the car with people as well? Is putting a horse in a trailer that you pull behind cruel? The dog was fine and not in any danger, not near as bad as letting a dog hang their head out the window going 60 mph or sitting in the back of a pick up when the floor is so hot it would burn your own hand. All crap. The dog was not harmed, the dog was not tortured, speaking as a dog lover myself and I have three, Romney does love his dog and did not put him in danger. Hey the president ate dog, now that’s pretty horrific.

        • As far as Romney is concerned, your a lone duck in the middle of the pond.

      32. It is so sick, that in America we no longer have a choice(D or R) and it is all our fault for not holding their feet to the fire. What happened to one Bill one vote, we have aloud them to attach all kinds of amendments to each bill and see where we’re at now. I feel it is way to far gone to bring it back to where it should be. We who love freedom must fight to have any of it left, but our fate has been cast. It will be so hard on our childern, grand childern, and their offspring. I must APOLOGIZE to your’s and mine for dropping the ball at the goal line, I am truely sorry. We can not right this WRONG. We can only try to cushion their landing on the rocks below. If that means laying down and letting them land on top of me, thats is what I will do.
        Help your family they all you have.

      33. GMO’s have been in foodstuffs over a decade, with main intent to sterilize the people. The other poisonous additives added to food is a lengthy list. A slow culling of population is underway, the subliminal soft kill. If we can’t guarantee the purity and safety of our food, we truly are done. Kudo’s to those who have the ability to grow their own food.

      34. This article is circumstantial at best. I attribute the surge in employment to Romney. God Bless him. Who cares about food stamps or disability numbers, at least Americans have been getting more JOBS! I just don’t see the government lying about jobs.

      35. I know a lot of you hate me…But I have a good question. I have been buying regular amounts of canned food. I have about 30-40 pounds of it. So far it isn’t much at all as I can only add a little bit per month. How long can 40 pounds of canned food last 3 people? All I ask is for your best guess.

        • It really depends on the canned goods that you have. The way I calculate what I have is by turning it into servings. So for example a regular grocery store can of corn would be the equivalent of two servings, a can of tuna might be one serving, but a can of soup might be 4 servings.

          There are some really good calculators out there for figuring out how much food you need. I’ll post links below to a calculator and some articles. 🙂

        • Divide what you have into meals. How long will it last at two meals a day.

        • David,

          I don’t know why anyone would hate you because of your beliefs. I don’t agree with you and in my mind, you are being fooled but you are entitled to your own opinion. There is no way possible that unemployment dropped to this degree within one month, it just is not feasible given the situation this country is in. They will adjust this to the real number right after the election, when they think Obama will be re-elected. They are playing with the numbers and playing with human lives. Most of the new jobs are temporary or part time. This is not an improvement, simply a smoke screen. But again, you are entitled to think and believe what you want. I do respect that.

        • 2000 calories a day per adult for moderate exertion. A can of green beans or corn will not do much good except for the vitamin content.

        • Figure a pound of balanced food per person per day for work and sentry-go. That means you need more.

      36. Niether one of these “Candidates” have your best interest at heart..they are from the same political machine thats been fucking you and bending you over the poor house since you or your parents and possibly your grand parents and their parents were born.

        I am not a Democrat, Nor am I a Republican, nor am I any other political affiliation..I Am a Dam Citizen of this country, and im sick and fuckin tired of lables..
        and cornholing people into groups..” oh hes a republican because he believes in this” or “shes a democrat because she believes that”

        If i had to wear a tag saying what I am..Im an American, with a dont tread on me shirt, holding a copy of the original constitution ..expecting every man or representative of this countries government to follow the rules set forth for them.

        the Two party system is a failure, a dismal failure..time for a dam revolution if that is what it takes to rid our government of this two headed beast bound and detetmined to take us all down

        its time for a Peoples Republic, and a constitutionalist party. Clean sweep 2012!
        new house, new senate, new judges, no democrats, no republicans, and no god dam Lawyers in a seat of political power!

        • VFR I wish we could and if people would just start and together reagardless of color or party we need to all agree we need a clean sweep, but no most liberals are so into their beliefs that they would have a heart attack to even think to join a republican in a protest. they would be thinking “I want my gay rights or want your guns gone if we do this.” there is always something they want their way or no other way. your right and the people who have open hearts and care are the ones that are being targeted. I don’t think this country will ever be the same. I know thats not wishful thinking but too many different religions(which is fine) and too many races to join together against the system. It will never be the same and a collapse is comming and we can all agree on that. This is our family regardless of color or religion and we will be prepping and survivng and retaining our rights and guns for the rest of our lives! screw the people that try to be like hitler to us people.

      37. wroooof

      38. Winners want the ball then go home to bop the home coming queen.

      39. Why work? It seems that the liberals reward the ones who know the system .. With unemployment compensation, food stamps, free housing, free health care to those who spirt out 3 or more puppies..

        All this is on the backs of the tax payers!!!

        Who are the tax payers? You and I who secure work and actually go to perform at work day in and out..

        I am a small business owner and have seen it 1st hand.. The new wave of workers.. They run dry on the last unemployment comp claim.. And go out and find their next victim.. They work until either they are fired or quit.. Either way- they know that they will get the 26 week hand out of $$.. And even a emergency extension If lucky.

        The problem here isn’t jobs.. That is a very small part.. It’s how the NEW American Worker has adapted to NOT WANTING TO WORK AND LIVE OFF THE ONES WHO DO AND THE WAY THE GOVT IS PAYING THEM TO SIT AT HOME AND WAIT FOR THE CHECK TO COME IN.

        The only one who makes ALL the money from the sterilization of the american workforce these days is Walmart..

        I bet once the ones who do work get hit up for the last blow – 60% tax on all income.. The SHTF senario will come full swing.


        • A son took the absentee ballot to the hospital for his aging mother to sign.
          He looked and she had voted republican all the way.
          He was shocked and asked what happened to the woman that voted democrat all her life?
          She said, that was when the democrat was for the ‘working man’; lately the democrat was only for the ‘man not working’.

          • History will repeat itself.. civil war against the machine will happen.. We the people will fight..we the people out-number them..we the people are unstoppable.. we Are the people and will prevail..

        • Totally agree. How do you turn back the tide when the American Worker has evolved into a slug? Also, it makes it VERY hard to get up early and leave before daylight heading to work when your neighbor’s lights are off and they are snuggled in bed. Living the same lifestyle you do but with government handouts instead of a job. It creates incredible resentment and anger.

      40. What I don’t understand is how a lot of people don’t not see this, and continue to live as always buying all the latest toys and eating out all the time. It is so completely obvious that things are stating to fall apart food prices are rising, the droughts, most of the world is on fire, gas prices, the situation in the middle east, everyone knows someone who has lost a job there are so many things happening I think you would have to be a complete idiot not to see that this isn’t going to end well. I just hope we can hold on for a little longer I am no where near ready ( if you can ever really be all ready). Luck to all the ride is about to begin.

        • rancher, you are right and everyone I talk to sees it this way too. I think half this country is engaged us people over 25 for the most part. a lot of younger people dont watch the news at all or even a lot of college students. they are busy hitting on women etc and looking for a job and dont understand that politics can effect us so much and they dont watch. then we have the racial other side that are too stupid, not all of them but the ones that get a free phone etc. they will vote for obama since hes black and thats it and thats thats the truth. Then you have other minorities that are either trying to make a better life here or against guns our laws etc and want a liberal in. its sad that anyone would still want obama in. Heck back when gas increased bush opened up drilling areas and speculation came down and prices dropped under 2 bucks again. The president can do something about gas. we all know when gas is high everything else increases too and thats the problem, too many stupid people that still believe obamas lies. Then you got people that dont think about survival or prepping and buy new I phones all the new gadgets etc. when I was a kid I used to spend so much money on car speakers etc. Now I buy in tools and ammo, food, survival items in case of emergencies. I think its going to get bad and many people are going to get shot and killed for trying to steal when things go bad. back in the great depression people helped each other and grown their own food and helped families neighbors etc. Now we have people that are more violent and their morals are not like they were back in the 20’s 30’s and 40’s. Sure their were theft and murder but people are not as good as they used to be. we will see a lot of death and robbery when this goes down. if you disagree with me and thumbs down me, give me your reason. Id like to hear.

          • You are so right. My Dad knows things are going to get bad he grew up at the end of the depression and he doesn’t think people will get extra ugly he lives on the highway and I tell him that isn’t going to be a good place to be. He just tells me oh I don’t think it will come to that, I think he looks at the depression era how people helped others and were a lot more self sufficient and had morals instead of how it is in today’s world where people now days don’t care about any one but them selves and there are so many gangs now even in the small rural towns.

        • RW, don’t understand it either and that’s from watching close family members. Got their head in the clouds I guess. BTW, enjoy your site and all the great articles and tips on canning and dehydrating. Many thanks.

      41. It is a sad day for America. Poor us, we can’t feed our families so the goverment will take care of us. It will be a cold day in hell when I apply for food stamps. I would rather eat out of the dumpster behind Walmart then go begging to the government. Well, I got that off of my chest. Stick in there fellow patriots.

        • LC I would like to know the smuck that gave you a thumbs down for trying to be self reliant and not on government. I know there are people that honestly need the help but too many people are lazy and care more about their new computer or have to have all their cable channels and all the goodies for not doing anything they are able to. I respect you for that and someone that gives you a thumbs down is a worthless motivated person.

      42. David,

        It is great to see that you can get help from the people here by just asking.

        Y’all Beware! Remember that!

        • David, when you take those cans and begin calculating the servings, be conservative. 2 means 1 and 6 means 4 at times..just saying.
          Except rice; 1/2 cup when cooked is actually 4 servings.
          Note to self: self, start trusting the servings of rice on package!

      43. It is not JUST the unemployed, those of us who are working are getting squeezed hard as well. Some cities in RI are talking about attempting to raise taxes by up to 20%!

        • on what chris? I know they are trying to collect sales tax on internet sales. I still look for deals on the internet and ebay still does not do it. at least for now. I have a feeling our tax rate approx in the 20’s on income tax for the middleclass will go into the 30’s while the rich still get breaks regardless who’s in. I could be wrong.

        • My property taxes have gone up 25% in 2 years!!!

      44. @Everyone

        Thank you everyone for your replies. They have been most helpful. I figure if I ration the 30-40 pounds of food between 3 people, we could make it between 1-2 weeks as it is now(based off of a few of the replies). I won’t know for sure until we are actually in a situation of course. It certainly won’t be filling, but would keep us healthy and fed. I have about a week or two worth of water supply that I have been collecting(2 liters and Gatorade containers).

        • That’s a great start, David. You are two weeks ahead of most of the people I know! 😀

        • David, hit the beans and rice too…you can stock up on them economically and they can really help to stretch what you have, for example, by adding a handful of rice to a chicken and vegetable soup.

          You might ruffle some feathers, but I dont think anyone on this site would hate you. Even a manifest troll like Joe in NC would have people bending over backwards to help him if he asked a legitimate question. It does seem like he might be waking up a little more. Plus it never hurts people to be challenged as to why they think the way they do.

          • Rice and beans available on food stamps.

      45. it is already happening. I went to my local news website today to check the weathr. I seen a news reprt on a delivery man who was delivering chicken for a local place when he was help up with a knife not for cash but for the FOOD! I could not believe it although it should not shock me at all. My brain is really having a hard tome grasping what is really happening. I just do not understand all the hate people have, all the anger. I can not phathom how we got so filled with it. No more compassion no more love we have waxed cold. Even as Christians myself included we are not reaching out as we should. It is so hard because my God and Family come forst but maybe things could change if we all were more patient and kind and forgiving of one another. I don not know what the answer is but I am just astonished at the hate. I was a tenn in the 80’s nobody really saw color, we all hung because we liked the same things nobody cared about race. I still do not. During the 90’s (,y Party grundge days) It was the same way. I just do not get how this came about. I do not feel black people hating on me because I am white and I am in deep south. I do not hate….my emotions run from exhaustion, frustration, aggrivated, they are mor negative thoughts but not hate. Maybe i was meant to be a flowere chold hippie but I can not grasp all of this. I think it is age too. As I get older I realize how stupid I REALLY am verses when I was a teen to late 20’s when I knew everything(LOL)

      46. Just voicing a speculation: could tptb be slow funneling the tipping point to occur around taxday ’13?

      47. I know it may be off topic, but I do need suggestions: Which brand of emergency food should I get? I found lots of brand on amazon but I have no clue which one to pick

        • Bobby, I get my own supplies and food at the stores near me. Only orders online were powdered buttermilk, cheese, and eggs.
          But for all vitamins, et al, I use… they always have buy 1 get 2 free. Great concept.
          OOps, glad I stocked all summer–the deal now is buy 1 get 1 free.

      48. Hello Bobby,

        Yours IS a good question. If your were to directly ask ten people on this site which brand they prefer: you would get five different answers. The thing to remember is freeze dried foods and dehydrated (not including rice,beans) are foods we do not have in our everyday menus. There are multiple textures and flavors to get use to. You will need to properly cook each item. Try cooking them on the ‘Coleman’ stove too.

        One will be spending not a small sum of money of food for your family for a reasonable amount of time. I am sure you investigate and do comparison shopping when making other large purchases. My personal suggestion: get the brand names of these companies from Amazon or this site and others. Then go to the company websites and see if there are small “Trial Paks” available. This will give you and your family a chance to try freeze dried food. Plus see which brand and item you may like best.

        Remember there are a few other routes beside commercial freeze dried. Regular store canned food,LDS canned,home canned, bulk with oxygen removed or a combination. Just remember variety is important. If you do not like or eat now certain flavors or foods,having to eat it in an emergeny may be difficult.

        One last thought to consider: SPACE. Food and water for a family for a month let alone 3+ months will take up space. Think 5 gallon buckets or stacks of cardboard boxes.

        So this answer may not directly answer you question. I do hope it will help you to answer the question

        Be Well!!, from the Continental Divide in Montana


      49. In Texas, a family of four gets less than 200 dollars/month for food stamps, 800/month max on unemploment,hardly an incentive to stay on Govt. assistance, while the super wealthy get to gamble other folk’s hard earned 401k’s and make a fortune on Wall Street and if they fail, Gov’t gives them billions in corporate welfare as a bailout while not paying their fair share in taxes. If the same percentages applied to a person making 40,000/ year, he would only pay less than 200 per year on taxes. That witch Leona Helmsley had it right we “little people” pay all the taxes.

      50. Your data is goofy and misleading.Increase in food stamp usage CAN NOT BE LINKED WITH JOBS NUMBERS why? KIDS ARE COUNTED AS FOOD STAMP RECIPIENTS AND OBIVOUSLY 3YR OLDS CAN’T WORK. THE KNEE JERK READERS SHOULD ACTUALLY THINK YOUR STUFF THROUGH. A free people,require a free mind. Ben Franklin

      51. I saw it the other day, at a small grocery store I go buy food at. 4 different people paid with the welfare card in front of me. All of them either younger than me or not that much older. I don’t know their circumstance, but I know that look that they had on them, they were living paycheck to paycheck and got the ax wherever they were working at. Now they are living foot to mouth. The quality of food that is sold at this store is not the greatest, but when they have to come in their to buy they must really be desperate. I go in there myself because of the canned food prices. I thank God for the ingenuity that he blessed me with, not every one is as blessed. I can make without alot of things and can live off the land or whatever I can scrunge together. Most people only know how to do things in one certain way, and if that doesn’t pan out, then they turn to a lower basic instinct, survival mode is the worse mode to be in. It blindsides the real problems and amplify’s so much of what is negative. It becomes a problem for every one. We are about to enter survival mode from what I gather. God help us.

      52. Hi All,
        Been lurking this site for a while and I always take my time to read all the diverse comments. I share articles from SHTF with friends and on other social sites. Hopefully I’ve helped to open some eyes. Otherwise, screw em!
        I keep thinking of the entire corrupt global financial system and the mess it has us all in as one giant star burning its last fuel – before it goes supernova. We’re fucked and there’s no other way to sugarcoat this fact. We The People got complacent and allowed ourselves to be screwed by lying, corrupt elitist politicians whose loyalties reside abroad.
        Well, I’m hoping Gary Johnson will score big in November, and at least be in a better position for 2016 – if WW3 doesn’t interrupt us.

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