Real Reason Biden Didn’t Run: VP Warned “Clinton Machine Will Destroy You”

by | Oct 22, 2015 | Headline News | 77 comments

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    This article was written by Paul Joseph Watson and originally published at

    Editor’s Comment: Officially, Joe Biden claimed that there wasn’t enough time to “realistically” launch a successful campaign for president, while noting the loss of his son. In reality, Biden has stepped back from announcing a bid because of the ruthless nature of a certain someone. Under the banner of “freedom” and “democracy,” the U.S. is once again watching a naked emperor seek the highest office for the advancement of their own personal power.

    Biden has plenty of dirt on him, and is no more qualified that any of the other government gangsters in Washington… but, just as in gangs of lore, those who make threats, and know when to make good on them, have a way of convincing others to yield to their own designs.

    Report: Adviser Told Biden – Clinton War Machine Will “Destroy You”

    by Paul Joseph Watson

    Joe Biden’s decision to stay out of the 2016 presidential race was reportedly made after a conversation with a high ranking adviser who told him the Clinton war machine was prepared to destroy the Vice President’s reputation if he dared challenge Hillary.

    The reason cited behind Biden’s announcement yesterday that he would not run for the Democratic nomination was the fact that his family is still in mourning after the loss of Biden’s son Beau to brain cancer.

    However, according to DC Whispers another factor could have swayed the decision – a warning that the Clintons were “fully prepared and willing” to utterly destroy Joe Biden’s “past, present, and future.”

    The website names the Vice President’s Chief of Staff, Steve Ricchetti, as the trusted adviser who had a lengthy sit down with Biden and convinced him not to go head to head with the Clintons.

    Ricchetti also served as White House Deputy Chief of Staff during the Bill Clinton administration and subsequently founded his own government relations firm, leading to speculation that he was tasked by the Clintons to dissuade Biden from running.

    “Rumors are now swirling that Ricchetti was actually coordinating with the Clintons weeks before Biden’s announced decision today that he would not not be seeking the presidency,” reports the website. “This has led to further speculation that Mr. Ricchetti might find himself the beneficiary of a powerful position within a Hillary Clinton administration in the not too distant future as reward for a job well done.”

    Biden’s decision not to run now leaves just Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders in the top tier of the party’s 2016 candidates.

    The announcement benefits Hillary to a far greater degree given that Biden would have “siphoned most of his support from Clinton,” reports CNN. Clinton holds a 16 percentage point lead over Sanders according to the latest CNN/ORC poll.


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      1. Talking about the pot calling the kettle black…

        • And the frying pan jumping into the fire. Cripes…….stick a fork in me……I’m so done!

        • Black Kettles MATTER!

          • woooh, so does pot… lookin’ to score dude?

          • a warning that the Clintons were “fully prepared and willing” to utterly destroy Joe Biden’s “past, present, and future.”

            Yep, but somebody’s got to take that bitch down. I guess the only one who might not be intimidated is Trump. But then, he might also hand it to her at the last minute as some people say.

            I think the only way out of this for us, us to cut them all off at the knees and be done with it. Especially that smug, arrogant looking snipe hillary.

            It looks to me like it was pretty easy to level all of the rest of them except for Rand Paul, and they just flat ignored him just like they did his Dad.

            Maybe we’ll get lucky and a stray ICBM from Syria will blow DC to smithereens…

            THIS CAN’T BE HOW IT ALL ENDS…it just can’t be.

            ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠ ☠

            • Well, it won’t end with billery, because the evil regime from Arkansas, that is heading up part of the NWO will be out of commission if the fbi and the justice dept. do their job.

              However, the thugs have a toe holt in world politics and anything can happen. Biden could have won, even against trump because there are too many libs and lib supporters that are now voting…as if votes actually count anymore; but, this is jst setting things in place for the real evil deceptor and creator of destruction, the desolator, to come on the scene.

              When he comes on the scene in a decade + or so, (from what I have seen and been shown), everything will be in such a mess, we will be looking back on these years of the 20-teens as the good ole days..albeit with a few bumps in the road. Not down playing all the personal shtf situations, but things are going to get a whole lot worse for most people.

              In fact right at this very moment there are folks in Texas and Mexico losing everything they have accumulated as in homes and vehicles….flooded away. A lot of SC residents just lost everything.

              The difference now from the future is that people can relocate now and find work and rebuild if, they are willing to work, and be very frugal.
              In the near future, there will be no place to relocate to and find work, unless it is in the fema camps, or for the gestapo.

              Sorry six, but it does not end well for most folks, especially if another liberal/billery gets in. it will be full on nullification of the constitution of the USSAG, and freedoms will be only what folks can get through their Saviour.
              We are in the final countdown, because as of September 2015, we began living on God’s timetable and without His overall protections. We will continue to see upticks for a while as we teeter along until one day we wake up and all hell has broke loose. We will have a seven year geo-political governmental maneuvering of seven world heads, that set the stage for the eighth. It has been spoken, and i am just relating forward. Watch as it all unfolds.

              Got mental and spiritual preps in place.
              Got physical preps in place.
              Got tweaking procedures in the works.
              Got plenty of popcorn and mixed nuts for the big show. The little woman is getting a new plush recliner for Christmas….ssshhhh…it’s a surprise.

              BTW, the old man came by yesterday on his birthday, turned 78.
              He is buying himself a 24 X 36 metal garage for his shit he never uses, but won’t part with. he commented that I needed one for myself because my garage is packed full. He commented that he thought he noticed the back of a wood stove in there.

              i said, “yep, that is a part of my backup plan preps. it is an old compact model, wood fired cook stove, that I have ready to be set up and put into operation within a few hours, if and when the grid goes down or the total collapse sets in. I will continue to bake when most folks will be eating cold shit out of a can, if even that. Our bread, cake, and pie making preps will last a couple years and i would not trade all that along with the cook stove, for ten of your new buildings.”

              He had no comment as he rode off. Reality comes in many ways and forms.

            • Everything you see in the presidential election is just for show….the elections are decided in advance in a back room of bankers and corporate leaders that make up the real govt.

              Whoever gets the job is merely a puppet that gets their marching orders from the back room boys. Been that way since late November, 1963.

              And if one of the puppets gets uppity, they simply remind them of the “Kennedy Solution”….or if some upstart like Ross Perot thinks they can actually rock the boat, they too get the ‘hand on the shoulder’ and are informed how things really work, and they wander off into obscurity.

              So it honestly makes no damn difference WHO wins (other than you might have to look at her ugly face for the next 8 years)…..the agenda is already set, and the puppet has already been crowned.

              • The only part I disagree with on your statements is “makes no damn difference WHO wins”.

                Reason being, more people are sick and tired of the political bullshit game. If a repub gets in, and the gun rights are messed with, it could very well bring about some bad shit on repubs, especially if they control the house and senate.

                the repeal of obolacare, gay marriage, and defunding of Planned parenthood will most likely never happen, no matter who gets in.

                It would surprise the shit out of me if it happens in my lifetime.

            • Sixpack, what needs to happen to hildabeast is a ‘death under mysterious circumstances’, just like what happened to all of the friends of the Clintons going back to when bill was governor of ar.














          • How do we take anything you write seriously,when you write in all caps like a 9 year old?

        • The real reason Biden did not run was because he learned that the FBI will not pursue criminal charges against Hillary.

          He was only going to run if the FBI was going to charge Hillary. He would have been a shoe in for the nomination then.

          • Another way to look at it is: when Hillary is indicted by Obola’s DOJ, the Clinton Machine is minus a candidate and everyone in the DP will beg Biden to run at the Convention when her Super-delegates are released.

            She does the hard work; Biden becomes the Savior. Don’t count Biden out. It ain’t over ’til its over. 🙂

            • DK, it’s not over til’ the fat lady sings. But in this case, the fat lady could get ‘suicided’ like all of bill and Hillary’s friends since the 80s.

          • That was my first thought. Then I thought that maybe he knows Hillary will be eventually charged and he will, with a big smile and very humbly, enter the race to save the dems. That saves him a lot of effort along the way. Anything is possible with these narcissistic psychopaths.

        • Joe Biden can’t run because he has flat feet and hammer toes.

      2. Here’s an idea. Biden runs. Makes deal with Trump. Biden gets destroyed. Trump wins, hires Biden at outrageously obscene salary. Biden cries all the way to the bank. Stranger things have happened.

        • Or, Hitlery wins, gives Biden a plum job, “anything you want in the Cabinet, Joe”.
          She would have destroyed him easily by just pointing to his TWO brain aneurisms.

          • Ketchup, I thought before you can have an aneurysm you got to have a brain.

            • I think he was referring to Biden’s two terms as VP. 🙂

      3. If our votes really counted, uh, I was starting to dream again.

        • Sounds to me like the good men and women in the service need to all walk out simultaneously…better to sit in the brig than to get yer ass shot off because caitlyn jenner over there, was busy polishing his patent leather heels.

          Besides, NOT ONE MORE AMERICAN SOLDIER SHOULD DIE OVER THERE IN THAT MESS. We’ve already lost one too many.

          I say, walk out, refuse orders and let DC go to battle in the middle east, every damned one of them, from obama to the last paper pusher in congress…and the bog brass at the pentagon too, hand them a weapon and push their asses out of the plane — chute or not (they should be able to strap it on on the way down).

      4. The winner has already been picked, this is all theater for our entertainment, I hope you are enjoying the show.

        I am amazed anyone seriously considers any off these fools acceptable, are any of these candidates the best we have to offer, no wonder Puttin is laughing his butt of at Amerika.

        What a joke,
        A sick, sick joke,
        And its on us


        • Secret,
          THAT is why the civil war is coming and it is the ONLY way to get our country back!!

          • Sorry apache54, that war will never materialize. Most of any resistance will be skirmishes consisting of small groups. They’ll be annihilated and the wind will drop out of their sails.

            • PO’d,
              well I cannot argue that point as this country has a large majority of wimps!! and so we will see, the civil war IF it is to break out WILL NOT be for the reasons we want BUT will allow us to turn it into something for our benefit! MAYBE!!

          • yup!

          • No, don’t think a civil war is coming. People are too satisfied with the status quo, and as long as the FED can keep printing ‘money’, and it buys stuff, people won’t rise up. That could change IF people are hungry, cold and sitting in the dark…but that’s the only way I see it happening.

            I think a far better approach is the Ghandi method, applied to voting. Get the vast majority of folks that still vote in national elections to quit voting, and presidential elections will be apparent for the sham that they are. Hard to claim any legitimacy as a leader if basically NOBODY votes.

            Here is where the power of the internet could be harnessed. Let’s start a “STOP VOTING” campaign with a full explanation of why you should withdraw from the process.

        • We may not know who the anointed winner is quite yet (Hillary), but we can be pretty sure that we’re going to be the losers, again. Just like every election.

        • Actually, I think Putin pities us for being stuck with the shit in DC.

        • Very sick joke
          Hillery will most likely be the next president
          I know a lot of people rooting for her,
          Makes me sick,
          And makes me lose all respect for those who are for her, not that any of the other candidates are worth a fork, but that bitch is just plain trash.
          Puts me in a sticky spot personally with people really really close to me and one that i dont relish dealing with,
          As with everything in my life it will come out EXACTLY how its supposed to, and generally works out wayyyyyy better than i could have planned.
          So this is one of those let it go times.

      5. Billary is so full of hot air she coul’d blow up an onion sack!

      6. It’s not the Clinton Machine . It’s the Rodham Machine. One of the richest and most powerful families on this planet.

      7. Biden was blackmailing the clinton foundation with the possibility of running against hillary.
        They finally paid him off , life goes on , bye bye joe.

      8. And the politically correct book came from some group of girls at Vassar college..Their rich powerful families don’t want that known.

      9. SS, not so sure the winner has been picked but more like the pickers will make the winner do their wishes.
        And why Trump and Carson concern them. They haven’t been “picked” yet.
        But if one of them wins, like someone on ZH once said, all they goita do is show ’em the Zapruder film from a different angle and ask, “any questions”?
        Answer, “how can I help”?
        Either way, we all know we’re screwed.

        • Ketchup:

          You are so right. But there are some benefits to having a good guy versus a bad guy. Like for instance if somebody wants to assassinate somebody, a good guy will do it without torturing him first.

          • I think that’s the one reason why evil gets away with what they have — only the evil ones would assassinate an elected president. Good men aren’t wired like that.

        • Hildabeast and Biden are both commie POS. It doesn’t matter what kind of disputes they have with each other.

          • Add sanders to that too,

      10. The word America. We are told comes from Amerigo Vespuchi who discovered Brazil . Why is this land not called vespuchia? Ame is like amore. Italian or Greek for like heaven ,love.? Rica is like kingdom. Like Puerto Rica . So Ame. Rica . Heavens kingdom. Or Kingdom of Heaven.But satan he lies . Can’t speak about Heaven.Its unsatanic. You can’t look it up anywhere it’s forbidden knowledge . It’s hard to keep faith in satans world of lies.

      11. Try to look up a hurcules fountain . It’s also forbidden knowledge . And free energy. You preppers will be amazed. At how something so old and vital is kept secret.

      12. Shillary is nothing more than a fascist Republican posing as a progressive, she being the most distant thing from a progressive. She is a hawkish warmongering murderer. The former Democratic party has clearly merged with the corporate fascist state. Both parties have exactly the same goals. “Hillary is being buried in money by environmental polluters, defence cheats, banksters and other oligarchs and plutocrats because she has shown unwavering loyalty to these scum of the earth all her life. In her teens she worked on the Nixon campaign and later became a Goldwater Girl, in support of two of the most right wing Republican politicians in US history.” Hillary is a classic fascist. She is close to the Bush family, McCain, and Trump. They are all fine on the plan to have her in the top spot. She is running her campaign on a platform of lies. Jill Stein is running for president with no coverage by corporate media, because they fear her like none of the others. She would actually represent the public interest and democracy, the two things the establishment fear more than anything. I see the race as a complete charade. Clinton is the chosen winner, it’s already over. The people lose again.

      13. We don’t want to . But we have to wait for Peter the Roman. To lead us through this . His robe will be red with blood and he will rule with a rod of iron. And with him we will win .It has been written and it will be done.

      14. I’m thinking Democrats know exactly what’s coming, and they don’t really want to be in the Whitehouse when it happens, thus the half hearted attempt by un electables.

        This election will be theater, and a buffoon will win. Then comes the crash. And minority Democrats will claim they had no part in it

      15. We all know what’s going to happen. The greatest show this planet has ever seen and will ever see. Prepping will just lessen the pain.And show us as true believers.We believed the warnings .We the true believers. Have no doubts. Of the written word . We don’t laugh at Gods warnings.And keep the faith no matter what they call us.We are together in this .And it is written we will win.

      16. Remember it’s 2015 .Because 2015 years ago a carpenter was murdered because he wouldn’t give up the names of his followers.We will suffer greatly just like him and them. And we’re told to rejoice in the suffering .To get the keys to Heaven.

      17. When I gave birth to him . I prayed that he would die to save our country

      18. hitlery is gonna be the next pres people are gonna vote democrat and she’s gonna be the nominee just how it’s gonna be folks. Joes not gonna interfere with this.

      19. This is bigger then us . See the signs. Hear the knocking . We’ve been warned .why have we been warned? To be ready? Why else. It’s hard to keep faith in satans world of lies. But that’s the test. If it was easy . The rats would get in. Stay strong.keep the faith. We all known what’s going to happen. Be ready.

      20. I can hear the knocking can you. It’s at the door. Can’t wait for it to be over with.Even so come were ready. We’re hoping and waiting.And we have no fear.It is written and it will be done.

      21. “And the Band Played On.”

      22. Instead of Air Force One, it’ll be Cunt One!

        • I heard the Secret Service detail guarding Hillary called it Broomstick One when she was flying it.

      23. Unless you are voting for the local dog catcher, national elections are all eyewash. As stated, the winner has already been chosen. The America our parents and grandparents fought for is over. It’s sad…

      24. Biden is a twat that would legalize 37th trimester abortion. No love lost at losing him.

        That said, Clinton is a complete monster. She manages to out Machiavelli her husband by a very wide margin.

      25. I suspect there are quite a few unsavory countries and even more foreign nationals that have invested hundreds of millions of dollars for access to and influence over (who they thought would be) the next US president via the Clinton Foundation, and they’ve been quite unhappy watching Hillary’s year unfold.

        My guess is, they’ve been burning up the phone lines to get Biden out, or else. Their investment is shaky enough as it is, they don’t need a viable contender on her own side on top of it all.

      26. In the land of the free where anyone can become preident we have had two Bush’s and it looks like we are going to have two Clinton’s

        One Bush was a war criminal and was charged with trading with the enermy and the other did 9/11.

        Both Clintons need to say they did not sleep with the woman and you call it a domocracy !!!

        I cannot run for president, it takes money, billions and thats why we are ran by banker puppets who finance criminal cindicates in America.

        Vote for who you like but nothing will change, not a darn thing.

      27. It all boils down to one thing for me. CHICAGO POLITICS plain and simple. Al Capone still lives, and with the influence of the muslin idea’s in our current leadership at all the high levels, makes it even worst. You do what is said or just disappear. The POTUS has been picked already, it may not be Hillary, but you can bet it will be TPTB’s LACKIE. All we can do is prepare the way we see fit and live our lives to the fullest.

      28. What you gonna do when the bombs start to fall?

        “Let’s imagine for a few minutes that the ongoing-global-currency war and proxy wars somehow, unexpectedly, blow up into a world war directly involving you, wherever it is that you live. Specifically, imagine that one side is able to achieve surprise, and as you sit at your desk, today, the power and all telecommunications go out without warning. Within 15 minutes, everyone notices a large amount of what is obviously military aircraft activity, evidenced by sonic booms, and soon there are several very bright flashes on the horizon in the direction of the closest military base”

      29. There is a possibility that things could get dicey in the convention and he may be drafted. good way to save money and crap flying from Hillary’s team. she will try to destroy anyone running against her democrat or republican.


        Just off topic..did you guys hear about that 205 mph hurricane off the coast of scientist buddy told me to expect a lot more of this type of environmental type of changes to occur at the turn of the year and that they will go into full swing by the spring, leading up to March and April till the Red Sun appears in he sky during the daytime with our current. Then again we have to wait and see.possibly BS?. I have to see it to believe it..thank God that that hurricane is not hitting Houston. Martial law would be declared and the UN will be up in our faces over might as declare a state of emergency. Could this be the hurricane that will be used as we must help Mexico and merge them to the US because their economy was destroyed by Patricia.?. No telling what kind of crap they are planning with this one.. what do you all think?.. and I am not asking for a truly ass clown troll comments



        Hurricanes don’t you love em. Nothing like a good shtf disaster.

        • Texas is going to get a lot of rain out of Hurricane Patricia in a few days. I just checked the records for central pressure, and Patricia is the third most intense storm ever measured, at 880 mb.

        • No hurricane will stop the mexican drug cartels from sneaking drugs across our southern border. THAT is Mexico’s “economy.”

      31. Steve Ricchetti may have been “tasked by the Clintons to dissuade Biden from running” , but it was not because Steve was being paid by the Clintons. Steve was told to talk Biden out of running or he would be a victim of suicide, found shot in the head, twice, with a revolver, in the back seat of a small car, handcuffed, with his arms behind his back.

      32. Yes, hopefully we dont get a piss flood pandemic, like that haarp induced storm with lightening flashing over my area with sunshine in broad daylight. Interesting timing because that was when Abbott, told the Federal reserve to hand over the gold. The reponse was a cluster f….k flood pandemic. Now that the Gold arrived on September 7th 2015, there is not telling what the rat bastard elites have planned next. However we dont have to imagine, we know what to expect, as we usher in the ERA, of the



        • Sure, now that Texas has that big ole pile o’ shiny yeller metal everythang is gonna be just fine in the lone star state. Better git you some to befur niburoo melts it next Sprang, round april er May fer sure!

      33. If Hillary gets “elected” president guess who will REALLY be president.

      34. I thought the collapse, according to James Rickards, was in May 2015. Or September according to all the other fear $$$ authors/economists. Every ones “GUT” feeling was this October. What is the next date so I can check back in a year.

      35. Earth shattering story! If this story is true, why on God’s green earth would the citizens of this country want such a vicious, vindictive woman as their president?! WHY?!

      36. Some weeks ago, former Clinton insider Larry Nichols said on Alex Jones’ show that if Biden were to run, that would be a sign that Obama intends to stay in office past 2016. Am looking forward to Nichols’ take on the latest…

      37. “was prepared to destroy the Vice President’s reputation”

        I’m sorry, but does Dipshit Biden have any reputation left? The man is, IMHO, the stupidest national level pol of all time.

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