Ready For The “Third Wave?” They Are Starting The Propaganda For It NOW

by | Jul 29, 2020 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    The mainstream media has been ramping up their reporting on the “third wave” of the coronavirus scamdemic. It sure looks like another lockdown is coming and the economic destruction of the United States will be complete.

    As anxieties about a global “second” (or, in Hong Kong’s case, “third”) wave intensify, health authorities in China have just reported the biggest daily jump in new COVID-19 cases on the mainland in three and a half months on Wednesday when 101 new coronavirus cases were reported by the health commission, reported ZeroHedge

    This is all by design. None of this is by accident. The economy will crash and the dollar will be worthless as they usher in the one digital dollar that will be controlled and monitored by the central bank.

    The IDF has begun preparations for a “third wave” of the coronavirus, which it predicts will reach its peak in October and continue throughout the winter. The Israeli news site Walla reported that the IDF believed the current second wave of the virus had topped out, and the time to get ready for the next wave was now, according to Algemeiner

    In particular, it was thought the winter weather could lead to the worst outbreak yet. The IDF chief of staff has ordered the purchase of enough flu vaccines to vaccinate all soldiers before winter, thus removing a possible complication due to the ease of confusing the symptoms of the two diseases. “Winter” has been an important time frame to the elitists.

    Fauci Talks “Winter” Again: “We Will Have An Answer On A COVID Vaccine”

    Those Who Planned The Enslavement of Mankind Warn Of “A Dark Winter” For Us

    So far, most of the news reports on the “third wave” are coming from outlets overseas. But remember, this is how the second wave nonsense started. If the mainstream media in the U.S. thinks they will be able to use this fear-mongering “news” to further control the public and convince them to participate in the beast/vaccine system, they will for certain, being reporting on the third wave frequently.

    This seems like one long nightmare that’s hard to wake up from.



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      1. If they make getting the vaccine mandatory. We must decide what to do.

        • If you have not already decided that you are not very committed. I will never take the vaccine. Time to stand up and sacrifice all if required. Their are things worse than death…like living in shame.

          • Same here, brother. Gray State comin’. Won’t wear a mask. Blocked from entry at certain places. Shame beta-boyz for their fear and complicity.

            Hell, even went to an ex-SEAL team buddy’s house. He put out an elbow to ‘shake’!

            I said; ‘AREYOUFUCKINKIDDINGME!’?

            He said “It’s not time”

            I said my 22 year old girlfriend had to defend her home a couple weeks ago with her AR and loaded tactical harness (we’re 1600 miles apart right now – shit).

            I told her what the ex-SEAL said.

            Her response;

            ‘Really? So when exactly is it ‘time’? When we’ve lost everything?’

            I don’t know. I think Gates’ estrogen-loaded Soy Meat was introduced a lonnnnng time ago. Or fluoride has better than hoped for results in domesticating the males of Betamerika.

          • No point in coming to your site, anymore. You allow so few comments. Over it. Good luck to you in the coming collapse

        • ‘Several doses required’ of a mostly untested vaccine (with an already 80% negative-reaction and deaths), from a computer guy who’s a sworn eugenicist?

          Oh, yes! PUT ME IN, COACH!

          Do I get a Gift Card from Walmart for EACH jab? Or are they burning me with JUST one Gift Card!?

          These are important questions to know BEFORE I get jabbed!

      2. A campaign to end masks should begin for those who are brave enough to participate in society, not because of the coronavirus, but because of the infestation of psychopaths. 

        I would suggest printing these documents and asking to see the location manager explaining the facts with documentec studies. 

        It is alledged that cloth masks reduce germ spread by 50%, but I think that that may be speculative. Wearing a mask, and sneazing into it would trap germs into the mask, whoch would be forced out through respiration. Nobody has seen the virus, because if it actually does exist, it is very very very tiny. So that would be really disgusting to sneeze into a mask and have to wear it, rather than into a tissue, or one’s arm if it is spontaneous, or even hands, that could be washed, but a mask would have to be changed whenever someone sneezed, or even exhaled, because the virus would deposit on the mask through exhalation, and eventually with each exhalation, eventually exhaled for the majority of germs. If someone wears a mask all day long, or even an hour, that would be a tremendous amount of pathogens, if they had coronavirus, that would not all just stick to the mask.

        We must defeat the gas-lighters, and the forced mask proponents are gas-lighters, and all gas-lighting is for theft, just as it was with 9/11 and the wars! All gas-lighters are psychopaths!

        Andrea Iravani

      3. prepare your milita or at least dust off taht rifle or hand gun get some ammo while you can this winter will decide your fate

      4. I had to go into a courthouse to get a deed description. And Mask where N=Mandatory. So I wore my 3M7885B full face painting mask. It has two intake filters one on each side and a one way exhale valve in the middle. So everything I exhale leaves the mask and everything I breathe is finely filtered. It covers everything eyes nose & mouth.

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