Rawles: “It Would Be Impossible to Disarm the People of This Country”

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Do you LOVE America?


    How likely is it that we will actually experience a disaster that brings down our national power grid?

    Will the government seize all guns in the United States?

    If Continuity of Government response plans are initiated, will they be able to effectively lock down every major city and the country as a whole under a martial law scenario?

    Is an economic collapse in our near future?

    These and a host of other critical topics are covered in the latest interview from SGT Report with Survival Blog editor James Rawles.

    Rawles on Gun Confiscation:

    I think it would be impossible to disarm the people of this country. Along with Yemen we’re the most heavily armed society on the planet. It would be absolutely impossible to disarm the citizenry.

    There might be an attempt to do it incremently over the course of generations. I think that’s the only way that would happen.

    There are so many guns being produced each year – a couple of million guns each  year – it’s just mathematically impossible, if not socially impossible, to even envision the logisitics of trying to disarm the American citizenry. It just can’t happen. There’s too many guns in circulation and they’re essentially the final guarantor of our freedom.

    The next phase of the financial collapse:

    I think that given the financial situation globally – if you look at what’s happening in Italy, Spain, Greece and the most recent election in France – we’re very likely to see a lot of financial turmoil in the coming months.

    A lot of it will spill over into American markets. I think there is likely to be another global credit crisis like in 2008, and it could get very, very  ugly very quickly.

    I think it’s prudent for people to prepare. I think that if you look at it in terms of the clock face approach, we’re probably just minutes from midnight in terms of where we should be in terms of our preparedness.

    Rawles on the probability of a grid-down worst-case scenario collapse:

    In all of my writings I’ve stressed that the North American power grids – and there’re three of them – are the real lynch pin of our modern technological society.

    If the grids go down, all bets are off.

    It’s important that people plan for the worst case. The worst case would, of course, be grid down. The chances of that happening are fairly small, but if you’re prepared for the worst case you can take anything lesser in stride.

    In terms of the power grid, if they knock that leg out from underneath society they can create a cascade of events that will be completely beyond their control.

    Martial law is not going to restore order if the power grid goes down and does not come back up within a few days.

    On martial law:

     I think the whole rhetoric about martial law tends to be overblown, because the logistics of implementing martial law would be daunting. Even in the United States, where we have a fairly sophisticated military, the numbers just don’t add up for martial law being instituted for more than just a very short period of time.

    We have a military that’s primarily deployed overseas right now. The military here in the United States, active and reserve components, don’t even have enough vehicles for training much less live operations. The majority of the rolling stock for the US military right now is in places like Bosnia and Afghanistan.

    How do you institute martial law if you can’t even get troops from point A to point B?

    Obsessing on martial is probably not productive, but we do need to be on guard to guard our liberty, and we do need to speak up when there are abuses of our Constitutional Rights, especially the first amendment.

    SGT Report with James Wesley Rawles (Part 1 of 2):

    SGT Report with James Wesley Rawles (Part 2 of 2):

    Read breaking news and watch more interviews at SGT Report
    Visit Survival Blog for more from James Rawles 


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      1. As usual, Rawles makes an excellent point. We will not go quietly.

        • Last I checked, aren’t THEY the ones that have the “technology” (paid for by our hard earned tax dollars) to access; biological, thermonuclear, EMF, EMP, Plasma, Aerosol, Laser, (just to name a few) weapons on us, selectively, locally, regionally?

          Whether on goes quietly or kicking and screaming, I’d say they presently have the upper hand.

          Personally, I prefer to “remain” quietly off their radar; live to see another day. After the storm passes over, and it eventually will, my small arsenal, even if I have to dig it up out of the backyard, will have value to me, i.e. I’ll be alive to make some use of it.

          • When the time comes and it will, there will be many more just like:

            Samuel Whittemore was born in England on July 27th, 1695, and came to North America as a Captain in His Majesty’s Dragoons, fighting the French in 1745. He was involved in the capture of the French stronghold, Fort Louisburg, and there captured a decorative French officer’s sword, which he cherished for the rest of his life. About its capture, all Sam would say is that its previous owner had “died suddenly”.
            It is recorded that Sam believed in American independence stating that he wanted his descendants to be able to enact their own laws and not be subject to a distant king. So, it is not surprising when he again took up arms on April 19th, 1775.
            That night he watched as Colonel Smith led his column of 700 soldiers through Menotomy.
            Word had come to Menotomy that the combined, heavily engaged, columns of Smith and Percy were retreating toward the town, and were burning homes along the way, so the aged warrior decided to take action in spite of his being eighty years old! He strapped on his captured French sword, stuck his brace of dueling pistols in his belt, put on his powder horn and shot bag, took his musket from its place on his fireplace mantle and went to war!
            700 British Grenadiers of the 47th Regiment, falling back to reload after engaging the colonists, then firing again. Sam waited. Finally, when the column was directly in front of him, he stood and fired his musket. A grenadier fell dead. He drew his two pistols, firing both at almost point blank range. Another grenadier fell dead, a third fell mortally wounded. The British soldiers were on top of him, he had not the time to reload his musket or pistols, so drawing his sword, he started flailing away at the bayonet wielding soldiers. A soldier leveled his Brown Bess musket, at point blank range and fired. The .69 caliber ball striking Sam in the cheek, tearing away part of his face and throwing him to the ground. Sam valiantly tried to rise, fending off bayonet thrusts with his sword, but he was overpowered. Struck in the head with a musket butt, he went down again, then was bayoneted thirteen times and left for dead.
            Several had seen Sam Whittemore’s “last stand” and approached to remove his body. To everyone’s astonishment Sam was not only still alive, but conscious and still full of fight. Laying there, he was trying to load his musket!
            To everyone’s utter amazement Captain Sam Whittemore lived! He recovered and remained active for the next eighteen years. He was terribly scarred, but always was proud of what he had done for his adopted country. He is quoted as having stated that he would take the same chances again.

            • – – – And Sam was a traitor. Which was not bad.

            • Hey You!
              If you think about it all of our founding fathers were traitors.

              But you are right it was a good thing they were.

            • What a great American, an inspiration to all!

          • Nice…… you just told them where it’s at !!!!!!

          • Consider the possibility of a “friendly EMP” that will disable our communications ability and electronic infrastructure, including the power grid.
            Presumably the government(s)are prepared for this contingency, while we, as sheeple, will be unable to drive around, communicate, or even learn what happened. And food and fuel supply chains will be broken putting us at the mercy (ha!) of those in power, or worse thrust us into an anarchical world.

            A side benefit is that all computerized records, criminal, financial, will be destroyed, so there’s be a clean slate.
            But who would benefit most?

            • @MattS – Do not believe everything you hear about EMPs. While they will bust the grid and a lot of mainline comm systems, in most cases, they won’t bust your household electronics. Such things are already sheilded and surge suppressors and the like will handle it.

              There is enough to worry about with the grid. Your generator and transistor radio will be fine.

              How do I know this? I had a series of lightning strikes 20 years ago that burnt up a lot of equipment. I then went on a quest to find out why insurance companies didn’t have guidelines published for people to know how to escape the destruction of lightning strikes. I found myself studying lightning, solar flare and EMPs.

              I’ve studied and worked with electricity since a fairly young age (10 years old) and had a full understanding of what a lighting strike does and what EMPs do.

              FEAR NOT! Most equipment will continue to work. Yes, even CARS with COMPUTERS will continue to function. All the electronics are heavily shielded individual and by a big steel box call THE BODY OF THE CAR.

              If you are close enough to the EMP for it to blow your auto’s ECM, you’re going to be way more worried about the blast than you will about the fact that your car just quit.

              There is plenty to worry about with respect to EMPs. When that grid goes down, modern society reverts and, basically, collapses. Thats bad enough without borrowing trouble from the fantasy of every chip in every electronic device blowing.

            • Matt, are you ok? You just read there are NOT enough traitor mercenaries to ‘handle’ a Latrine Order against the People, and you TRY to scare us with some HOT gas? Another reason they can’t with US is because THEY and their creepy families live -pollute- HERE, the U.S. Neither have you or others considered, twice 80% of enlisted threw a finger at Dumbya Boosh over shooting Americans. And ‘somebody’ stopped a loaded nukker for traitor criminal Cheney, to bomb Iran for israHell. They are Losers, and they know it. It’s their scary-mongers who try to quell Americans’ anger. Can’t. Beast to Abyss, next.

          • European American

            Sorry you inform you but being here puts you on radar. Maybe your on the fringes of the screen and small potatoes but your on the screen nonetheless.

            Bio, Nuke and the like are area non discriminating weapons. They’re for a “kill them all and let God sort them out” use. I’m not saying they’re not going to be used by the PTB in a big time SHTF situation but most likely they would cause them far more problems then just leaving the undesirables alone to kill themselves.

            Individual weapons would be useful against mobs of looters and desperate frightened people in the absence of civil law.

            • ~Kev #2~

              Relax dude….adopt “Net Rangers” philosophy of the sovereign man concept…EA has it nailed down too!!! Cut him some slack!!!!!

              Do not focus upon the fearful concept of what TPTB can/intend to do to us/me/you….instead embrace wholeheartedly the mindset of “righteous active resistance”(passive resistance has its merits also) & how you/one can…. “Throw sand in the gears of the regime’s machine”…..when circumstances/time merit such endeavors!

              Call it the “DK” phenomenon of….”Engage, my peeps!!!”….writ large, albeit w/ a serious dose of testosterone/courage…& consummate skill/strategy (sadly lacking in his/its intended form)!!!

              …regarding the “radar return/echo” scenario….are you familiar w/ the concept of ECM & ground clutter/false echos/back-ground noise???

              ….they’re your friends/unwitting allies,…use them to cover your tracks when you’re in “Safari mode”…


              If the enemy advocates/endorses the doctrine of “PREEMPTIVE ATTACK/SHOCK & AWE”….common sense dictates that one should reciprocate in kind!!!


              …regarding passive resistance mode, allow me to relate to you, an educational story/recent episode….

              A week ago I contracted($$$) a tee-shirt embossing/imprinting company to print/produce two tee-shirts….they read the following!!!

              1.) ZYKLON-B…..the original pesticide!!!

              2.) ZYKLON-B…the sure cure for “hebus parasitus” infestations!!!

              ….I wore both tee-shirts this past weekend (different days)…@ Wal-mart, Sear’s, Tractor Supply, Advance Auto, Grainger, Subway, J C Penny’s, Lowe’s Hardware the local mall & numerous other small businesses…..

              I recall maybe a dozen inquiries/questions/comments…relative to the given displayed slogan….

              ….after a brief introductory speech/explanation….everyone was intrigued & requested additional info (i.e…web-site collaboration)…I provided such.


              Lesson learned….=…..we’re after their “hearts & minds too……………per “DK”……ENGAGE!!!!!!!!

            • RE: on the radar screen if you are on this site>> Anyone who visits “sites in question” who does not use TOR is plainly speaking foolish. GO TO torproject,org to surf & post anonymously. FREE!

          • What was your address again?

          • I have a lot of fammily in Austraila and they used to say exactly the same thing before the gov banned guns there. All of my fammily had tons of guns but today they are for the most part unarmed. Many are in jail and some are dead.
            And Aussies have much more spine than Americans.

            • Could you expand on your comment, Joe. Are your “relatives” in jail, and some dead?
              If they truly have more “spine” then why are they the ones who had their guns taken, while Americans still have theirs? What’s your logic? Just curious.

            • “aussies have much more spine than americans”…plesae, go back down under ‘ya dingo..y’all didn’t fight the brits to create your own country ‘ya bloody well were shipped there as a bunch of prisoners so sod off ‘ya wanker..

            • Aussies do all right and can hold there own in a scrap. I’ve been in a few bar/street brawls with Aussies and Kiwis over the years, fighting back to back, against Yank sailors and Marines. No offence to Americans, but they can’t fight for shit. They drink and fight like girls. Great fun making friends with our Allies through ‘friendly sporting” events though.
              Funniest thing I’ve ever seen were two Maori boys playing “slap the Yank” with 11 American Servicemen in Hong Kong. Sadly, our Company Seargent Major broke the fight up by knocking out two of the biggest black dudes the Yanks had. Evidently it was one of the Maori boys turn to get the next round. Unfortunately for one of the black dudes …. He ended up ‘donating’ his wages to pay for our round.
              Convicts and Kiwis!!!! Lethal combination!!

            • Well EA.
              They were either caught with their guns and fought it out with the police and were evenually killed or caught packing and tossed in Jail.
              Pretty much the same thing that will happen in the States to people on this forum.

            • About why Americans still have their guns.
              You are free people and have rights. Aussies are subjects of the Queen. We have no rights.
              There were just as many guns in Austrailia before the ban as there are in the states today. However people were more afraid of losing their homes and savings than in losing their guns.
              Americans in general have time and time again proven their ability to willfully give their hard earned rights away for a candy bar. Im sure some will fight but the end game is clear.

            • Ill point out that they even hunted down and killed Rodney Ansell, the man you guys know as Crocodile Dundee.

            • “Ill point out that they even hunted down and killed Rodney Ansell, the man you guys know as Crocodile Dundee.”

              Not sure about your point or facts, Joe.

              It’s my understanding that Rodney Ansell, under the influence of long term amphetamine abuse and highly psychotic, ambushed two officers at a roadblock, a roadblock set up to capture “someone” who, 12 hours earlier, shot at two nearby residences. At the roadblock, which he could easily have avoided, he shot and killed one of two police officers, and wounded a civilian. Whether his actions were based on the gun ban or not, is up for debate. But, as you suggest, “they even hunted down and killed Rodney Ansell”, “they” didn’t hunt him down”. He, apparently, was the instigator and got killed for it.

            • Sorry, no offense under grievous circumstances, but if they had had more spine than Americans, they would have pulled the trigger until empty, instead of hand it over…. unless, armed Aussies were a dire minority. The US boasts at least 141 Mil armed men, women, youth, and granmas. Granpas too, of course. These traitors wouldn’t last a week. That’s why the barking since the early 90’s, but no teeth. Beast to Abyss.

        • Hi Red Leader,

          Unfortunately,.. we are ALREADY going “quietly”.

          We have a foreigner as President, who’s only goal is the comlete subjugation and destruction of America for his money-masters,.. and he is suceeding with little interference.

          The Police-Terror-State is being erected right before our very eyes,.. and the sheeple say or do nothing. (Have you notice the tall poles with long range cameras and com antennas poping up ALL OVER our highways! or the gov’t spy cameras at every other street light now?)

          Our politicians are wholly pyschotic (with a few execptions), our Judiciary, wholly bought off (with a few exceptions), and our Executive Branch is now a defacto dictatorship already.

          They don’t need to “disarm” every American,… they just need to keep us for forming effective fighting groups,… hence the designation of “Homegrown Terrorist Groups”,.. so they can stop and arrest any such effort with the American Gulag System.

          Sun Tzu: Number alone confir NO advantage.

          If numbers alone made the difference, then the US Marines would have lost nearly every major battle it has been in, as we are almost ALWAYS outnumbered, outgunned and out equipped.

          So how did we win so many battles we should have lost?

          Better training, better communication, and most importantly, better organzation.

          All the traits that the “Enemy Force In Occupation” (aka: US fed Gov’t) now possesses.

          We can slow the battle under these conditions,.. but we can not win it.

          To Win: A different mindset, a different level of commitment and organzation is required by the American people, which does not exist at this time.

          The time is quickly closing upon us where Americans will choose, by direct actions,.. or willingness to do nothing to become one of the following:

          I) We The People – Free Of Tyranny with a restored Republic,…


          II) We The Sheeple – Enslaved to the money master for our own extermination.

          Which route we take is actually up to Americans,.. but the first can only be achieved by a greater awakening, a deep sense of anger taking hold, and unified organization dedicated to the elimination of the current Money-Master System via the IMF, World Bank, BIS, UN, NATO, Corporate Corruption and the abolishment of the our criminal US Federal Gov’t and ALL its criminal agencies.

          In particular, to save ourselves requires the arrest, conviction (and hanging) of the most perfidious filth in human history, the single greatest threat to mankind and the single greatest perpetrator of Crimes Against Humanity,.. The Rothchilds.

          To do anything less, is to GURANTEE they win,… and we lose.

          JD – US Marine – Fighting to save America,.. or whats left of it.

          • Indeed. The Victor Charlies in Indochina didn’t fight by themselves. They had massive aid from China.

            Even the first guerilas of Spain were heavily financed from London.

            Insurgency without outside help ends up like Masada.

          • JD: As an ex-marine and Viet Nam Vet, I must disagree with you. You said:

            “So how did we win so many battles we should have lost? Better training, better communication, and most importantly, better organzation.”

            While training may be better, particularly with respect to weapons training; it is my experience that Marines have an extraordinary “espre de corp” and an unbeatable winning attitude.

            It is not the size of the dog in the fight. It is the size of the fight in the dog. That is the singular difference between US and OUR adversaries.

            Semper Fi

            • Hi durango kidd,

              Semper-Fi Marine!

              Always good to see another Marine, Patriot and Loyal American on a site like this.

              As per your observation/comment, you are of course absolutely correct.

              It had crossed my mind to incorporate that, but here was my thinking:

              1) Most non-military people, which is the vast majority of the American society, will not grasp the significance of the Espirit-De-Corps concept.

              2) Although Espirit-De-Corps is what helps US Marines stand out from all other services, it is not, in and of itself what makes the difference. It merely allows for a sense of dedication to use all other assets in a manner that helps make US Marines indominable.

              3) I know you will disagree with point 2 to a certain extent, and I have oversimplified the explicit role that Espirit-De-Corp plays, but it is not so much a blind belief that motivates Marines,… rather,.. it is a fundamental understanding of what it is we truly hold dear, which is the foundation of Liberty, Freedom and Preservation of a form of government that serves its peoples best interests.

              Although we no longer have any suggestion of a government that has any interest in protecting America, Americans or the US Constitution, Marines continue to serve as though we do. Its just part of our internal morality that many of us had before we went in.

              4) It was more an oversight on my part to at least not mention it, then a deliberate slight, so I do thank you for bring it to my attention for correction.

              As closing Note:

              Most people don’t even realize the degree of subversion/destruction of the US Constitution that has occurred, so allow me to clarify it –

              The US Constitution was written with the following as the bases for its existance:

              – The State exists to PROTECT the Sovereign Rights, Liberties, Property and Dignity of the individual.

              What the US Constitution/American Gov’t has become:

              – PEOPLE exist to serve the State,.. period.

              This was EXACTLY the same philosophy that NAZI Germany used to justify enslaving its own peoples, the peoples of Europe, … and for committing Mass-Murder of the innocent.

              We are witnessing the complete resurrection of the NAZI state right here in America,… but with an American flag wrapped around it.

              For the mindless masses, sheeple, liberals, Progressives, the lame and the stupid

              All Heil De Furor – Obama

              For the rest of us – we better figure out how to save this country before there is nothing left to save.

              Semper Fi Durango – Wishing you, your family, friends and neighbors the best.

              JD – US Marine – Fighting to save this country – before its to late.

          • @ US Marines Defending America:

            On one hand, I completely agree with your analysis.

            On the other hand…

            Yesterday, I decided to research the prices for a sniper rifle.
            Being born and raised in the Soviet Union, and having great respect for the AK platform, my natural choice would be SVD (Dragunov’s Sniper Rifle).

            So, I did the research…
            “SOLD OUT”
            “SOLD OUT”
            “SOLD OUT”

            WTF ???!!!

            I definitely can be wrong about my idea, but here it goes, ’cause I don’t have a better one:

            1. For concealed carry and “to fight your way to your rifle”, people buy handguns.
            2. For home defense and general survival in the SHTF situation, people buy rifles and shotguns.
            3. For quiet hunting, people buy crossbows or longbows.

            It’s a simple but IMHO relatively correct set of standard choices.

            What do they buy a military sniper rifle?
            It’s not for hunting: some standard hunting rifle is probably 5 times cheaper.

            My guess is:
            It’s not for protection/defense (because: see above).
            It’s for offense.
            Lots (or: enough) people are preparing for offensive tactics.
            Of course,, I have no way of knowing if they are going to hunt me or politicians who will have ruined their lives, but I sure hope it’s the latter…

            If my assumption is correct, there is hope.

            Politicians and their minions (those in the police/military/BlackWater/DHS/etc. who will serve the power elites) cannot hide in their bunkers forever, and not all of us are going to die after nuclear and/or biological attacks.
            Some patriots – or just people who lost their loved ones – will come after the bastards AND THEIR FAMILIES.
            There will be not enough underground bunkers for every one of them, and eventually they’ll have to surface.
            That’s where those sniper rifles will prove to be useful…

            What do you think?

            • Yep!!!

            • Hi angrycitizen,

              Good to hear from again my old friend.

              Hope all is well your way.

              Your above posting certainly gave me a good chuckle, but caused me to pause and consider your thoughts on this.

              As for your question: “Why would people buy a sniper rifle?”

              Well, allow me to give you the short answer first: I don’t know.

              Now lets look at a slightly longer, more comprehensive answer:

              Allow to make a distinction here –

              Defensive is when you are trying to retain that which you already possess. Usually this means being largely stationary, with small bouts of movement.

              Offensive is when you are trying to obtain something you WISH to possess. Usually this means being largely mobile with bouts of inactivity.

              A sniper rifle (usually a high powered weapon designed for low, or very low rates of fire, but a high degree of accuracy) is useful in either situation, bar none, but this is not to say that other types of weapons would not be far more useful for certain aspects of either type of concern.

              As for why individuals might prefer it, well there are a couple of reasons:

              1) Sniper rifles, although low rate of fire, tend to be high powered. Thats just plain sexy.

              2) There is a precieved zone of protection due to the radius of reach-out-and-touch that a sniper rifle will normally allow for (as compared to the short distance range of say a shot-gun).

              3) Open range markenship training is really predicated on long range target shooting (this is not to discount pistol range training), and a sniper rifle always, a) looks cool, b) is set up for accuracy, 3) gives better results compared to a rifle that is not set up for distance shooting.

              4) Physcological comfort. There tends to be an internal belief that the mere possession of a sniper rifle somehow conveys some sort of protection that is absent when sans possession of said rifle.

              5) If you have a suitable collection of hand guns, shot guns, rifles, whats next?,… answer – sniper rifle.

              Of course the real reason why so many people have latched onto a sniper rifle can only be determined by a comprehensive survey, but I would venture to guess that most respondants would fall into one of the reasons I outlined above.

              My reply here is not based on any hard evidence, just my own observations, experiences and beliefs, so they may not be entirely correct, but it is just my opinion given in answer to your question.

              Thanks – JD – US Marine

            • “AND THEIR FAMILIES”? WTF?
              A man kills your brother and gets away and you can’t bring him to justice so you’ll kill his wife and kids? Is that justice?

              There is no such thing as collective guilt. Every crime is committed by someone. Exacting vengeance on someone else is just murder to make you feel better.

              Seems to me there will be enough targets that this kind of thing won’t be necessary

            • @ Davidus Romanus :

              I hope you and your family (as well as mine and everyone else’s) is alive and well in many years.
              I hope you will never have any reasons for vengeance.

              All I can say to you now:
              you obviously have not lived in constant fear for the lives of your loved ones. Or at least – now as long as I have.
              That is the only reason why you disagree with me.

              Like I said: I hope it stays that way.

            • @angrycitizen,

              That is what the biological and chemical weapons are for; to ensure when the evil bastards and their families come up out of those bunkers, there will be none of us to snipe them.

            • ~ANGRY Citizen~

              The SVD is a (somewhat) decent “sniper rifle” (30-06 ballistics), but, due to its “skinny barrel” w/ its inherent barrel-bend inclinations, once it heats up from close timing/multiple shots….you’ll suffer from “shot stringing”!!!!

              …I don’t know your location or its topography.
              That said…………

              If you’re out West & have the potential for +1000m shots…get a Remmington 700 or Savage 10T chambered in 300Win-mag or 338 Lapua…& learn to load your own!
              FYI….use a “slow burning powder”…(i.e Re-22 etc).

              …if you’re East of the Mississippi, buy the above in .308…or have a certified gunsmith build you a custom w/ a heavy/bull barrel…a Timminy trigger…on a SAKO action & embedded in a McMillen stock, equip it w/ a really good mil-dot/BDC scope/optic….(see Burris/Leupold/Shepard P-1 or P-2/Khales etc…)


              Limiting yourself to 7.62x54R-match (Russian caliber)…is not conducive to “long-term” utility here in the U.S.A….unless you possess a very deep pocket & have a reliable source for said ammo!!!

              ——–Good luck to you———!!!!

            • @ Angry Citizen:

              The reason why you can’t get SVD is because its been banned for importation in mid to upper 90-s.

              SVD is a phenomenal sniper rifle out to 600 meters, but beyond that you’d be better served with .338 Lapua and a bolt-action Savage or Remington rifle.

              May I suggest to look at 20 to 27″ Vepr in 7.62x54r instead? Built on RPK heavy duty receiver, it does have a heavier barrel which would be less prone to flexing due to heat factor.

              You can find an aftermarket stock to replace a wood thumbhole stock that it comes with.

              Standard AK side rail accepts any POSP type optics that can be found at KalinkaOptics.com

              Veprs are generally available everywhere as they have been recently re-imported.

              A 27″ version would get you the accuracy in the same league as Dragunov.

              BTW, Romanian PSL is NOT Dragunov variant, but an extended AK.

          • US Marine,

            Well said. Rawles is wise, and articulate, but on this point, I’m not so sure he is correct.

            It does not matter if Americans have a zillion guns, if there is no will to use them, or even an orginized attempt, it means nothing. And, in case most people have missed it, they have been disarming this country generationally.

            And all they have to do is hold out on the food, that they now control, and most gun-owners will cough them up. 80 million of the “90 million gun owners” are fat lazy and weak, and not psychologically tough enough to do anything about what’s coming. The parasites smell easy meat, and an almost free lunch…

            • I hate to agree on this but I do. I love Rawles, but here I think he is wrong. I agree that we the people possess a boat-load of guns, but we the people don’t possess the fortitude to dig in the mud and grime to to the things needed to continue to tote said guns. We have become the “Idol” generation…..’nough said.

            • Exactly…..it will take people willing to shoot guns, not just guns…..it won’t happen, America is done!

            • JustMe, may you be on the right side, if shoving comes to pushing. Don’t know a single man who would give his gun to the Latrine Bosses for feed, much less under threat of disarming. Read again, and consider a reported 141 Mil gun owners. Some 317 Mil guns. And 3 Bil bullets. Read the Net. They ARE pissed. Read once more. The animals have NO place to hide on this planet. Bunkers? Jokers. How long before they are dug out, just like they dug themselves in. There is only one future for mankind: Beast to Abyss. Next.

          • Exactly……but it won’t happen, because people are not going to do a damn thing…..as for the guns, it doesn’t matter either…..people don’t understand what is happening, they just don’t get it……you bro do!

            • Whoa! Wind-y! Where do you live, anyways? Surrounded by illegal aliens that don’t know left from right? Some sick hospital ward? Maybe 52% of the people will cower and bend, with NO guns to turn over, but the other 48% have been training in local ranges. Check the Net.

              And would you and a host of others before you believe, you sound exactly not as coward Americans trembling under a bed, but as disinfo trolls polluting patriot’s threads. YouTube is full of them. And for all i know, you all may be posting from a latrine in Tel Aviv. Too bad. Beast to Abyss… Run!!

          • quite frankly, when it’s all said and done USA as we know it won’t exist…..so while an element of truth exists to what you say some of it is mere rhetoric

            • ‘lies often’?? How much are you paid from tax-robbed monies from American workers to sustain your empty life inside a latrine in Tel Aviv? But i have to agree with you! USA ‘as we know it’, after the devastation and rapine since 1913 by the founders of israHell, won’t exist. But instead, the Constitutional Republic the Founders inherited to all true Americans. i doubt though, there will be a hole or crevice left around for world rapine rats to crawl in. Did Megaphone bring you all comrades here, at the same time… Ummm!

          • Hi Jd! could you please send me your email?? [email protected] thanks!!

          • Well said my Brother Marine! SEMPER FI !

            • Hi Nam,

              Hope you and your family are doing well, and that your coming along in your preparations,… the zero hour is almost at hand.

              By all standards of normality, we should have gone into civil war mode already.

              The reason we haven’t, is predominately due to the excellent work the “Enemy Force In Occupations” (aka: the US Fed Gov’t) Ministry Of Propaganda has done in brain washing the masses.

              You have to acknowledge the plain truth,….. that those boys know how to lie to the American people!

              I estimate we could have another few weeks, all the way to several months before the tipping point is reached.

              Thats why DHS, TSA, DOD, FBI, CIA, NSA and the whole cadre of criminal federal agencies know this too, which is why they are scrambling to finish the installing the Police-Terror-Control-Grid!

              When the SHTF:


              2) Take out their ears! – This means shoot out anything that looks like an antenna on those huge F’n antenna towers!

              Yes,.. some of those will be simple cell phone networks,.. but unless you know otherwise, they just have to be ALL taken out.

              3) Your local Sheriff – You better find out where he stands, and is he going to side with the people, or be one of the SOB’s that comes to take your firearms,.. your food,.. your family when ordered to do so?

              4) You better decide before hand what is your “get up and fight” point!

              When the events start to unfold,.. they will most likely escalate quickly, and time to consider what is your personal rubicon will be in short supply. Best to know when you KNOW you will stand and fight BEORE it arrives at your doorstep.

              Good luck my Fellow Marine, My Fellow American,.. My fellow Patriot.

              Let us pray we, and others like us can save this country from tyranny.

              JD – US Marine – Fighting to save America – or what little is left of it.

        • I agree with Rawles on a forced confiscation but what about a voluntary confiscation?

          Scenerio: Socio-economic collapse, people are starving, malnutrition is leading to disease…..if you want food, medicine you must turn in your guns to receive assistance. A hungry man with hungry starving children will do just about anything.

          Just saying, there are more ways to skin a cat, and a voluntary confiscation is surely in the game book.

          • Patrick Henry

            That’s the way to do it but the one problem is the areas the PTB want to control will have indigenous food and energy. That’s why they would desire to control it.

            Cities without wealth creation are nothing but a liability and they will walk away from problems.

          • I have done everything I can to become self reliant so I will not have to make that decision, but if I do then they will get less than 10% of my guns because the majority were purchased second-hand and there is no record that I own them.

            • Until now, that is!!!! 🙁

              People, please be aware that there ARE eyes and ears watching this, and every Patriot site…be careful what you say!!

            • Pastor: Your lack of opsec….is revealing.

          • I understand your point, and I agree, but it wouldn’t work. There are rather a lot of preppers who have more than a few guns, and they tend to have food and medicine stored as well. While everyone who is a registered gun owner is already “on the radar,” radar doesn’t always show how well armed the target is. IMHO the people who are heavily armed share your views of what might be tried on them and are expecting it.

          • P.H. from Australia, by any chance of colluded Destiny?? Scenario: Created-socio-economic-fairy-tale. As long as PEOPLE exist, able, willing and pissed like hell, since they KNOW whoddunnit, and worse, they are armed like no other army in the world, EVER… They won’t ‘beg’ for food to a bunch of mercenary-thugs from the commie ziotic Gov… They will TAKE IT. With a Bang. And so on and so on, until the Epic is fulfilled, and the Beast is cast into Abyss, to fulfill the Prophecy. So Be It.

        • Would they try to disarm the people of the U.S.?

          Or would they use the 1 Million U.N. troops to do the dirty work?

          Would they disguise it as an exercise of some sort at first to get them quietly in place?

          Would the reason for all of this disarmament of the people be so they themselves, the elected servants of the people, would be free to commit genocide against us?

          Would our elected servants sabotage our own power grid to cause this mass chaos so the strong kill each other making the remaining easy prey?

          Isn’t it true that the only way for the N.W.O. to come into power is if all powerful nations are on their knees begging for mercy?

          • SilverFox, I believe they’ll allow the citizens of this country to expend as much of our ammo as possible via fighting the gangs/sheeple and even the drug armies and immigrants. That would make more sense for phase one. Backing away till they suspect a weaking in us. Phase two is our own military with the many fed agencies along side them. After another blood bath, phase three would be UN troops.
            Remember, their ultimate goal is depopulation. With casualties on both sides, there is no clear cut winner except the PTB’s goal of depopulation. They’re aware of the mountain of weapons and ammo within the population. The PTB can’t afford a one time all out war.
            Just my thoughts.

          • SilverFox: NO, the NWO is coming to power without any opposition of any kind. Not even political opposition. Especially NO political opposition. That is their weakness.

            They have created a “template” for Global Government through the UN and they have infiltrated the political systems of all nations; using bribery and legislative corruption to buy the rules, regulations, and laws that they want implemented to bring their One World Government to power.

            They have sold US Free Trade as a Freedom, while it enriches them at OUR expense.

            They have tried to destroy the dollar, transferred the nation’s wealth offshore, and spent the Treasury to the verge of bankruptcy, while enriching themselves at OUR expense with government contracts.

            They have undermined the Sovereignty of the United States by inviting many tens of millions of Latinos into the US.

            These Latinos have a 6th to 8th grade education. They have no loyalty to the US or OUR Constitution. On the contrary their loyalty is towards Mexico and Latin America.

            They have taken OUR jobs and impoverished the middle class.

            The intent by the NWO PTB is to change the demographics of the nation, give these Latinos citizenship and the right to vote; so that they will vote in a REFERENDUM to dissolve the US Constitution and merge the USA into the North American Union with Mexico.

            Once the US Constitution has been dissolved and the NAU established, the NWO will not have to fire a single shot to take over America.

            When OUR legal rights to gun ownership under the US Constitution has been abolished under the NAU, they will disarm US or imprison US for gun ownership.

            To combat this invasion by a fifth column who have infiltrated the nations security, defense, and state departments; Patriots must create a new political structure.

            It must be a new political party to guarantee the rights of Americans under the US Constitution.

            90 million gun owners can empower a 50 state, grassroots Patriot Party targeting Congressional and US Senate seats with a $100 contribution to that party.

            Candidates for office in this new political party would be required to sign a contract supporting the platform of the party which would be consistent with the US Constitution.

            Patriots have the numbers. WE can win. WE can raise enough money to destroy the dual citizen lobbyists, and the NWO two party political system in this country.

            WE can restore the American Constitution as the basis for American law, and WE can punish the traitors who have conspired against the nation.

            Death to traitors. OWTFH Just saying … 🙂

        • RAWLES IS WRONG!

          The American people can EASILY be disarmed. The North American Union is intended to replace the US Constitution in an Agreement under UN auspices.

          When it becomes the Law of the Land. The legal right for Americans to “keep and bear arms” will be toast!

          Then it will be LEGAL for the government to arrest or attack and person or group possessing guns, because then they will be “terrorists”, not Patriots.

          Groups of armed Patriots will be destroyed by 30,000 drones from 10,000 feet. They will never see what hits them.

          RAWLES IS WRONG! Engage.

          • DK,
            I know these two things are off topic,
            but a company you may know about as you are in the industry.
            A mining company with the ticker symbol AMOK
            Do you think there is any chance of this stock going back up to a dollar or more?
            And a marker in the Bible codes to watch for…
            I read the first book written about the Bible codes, (I forget the author)
            One code said that Netinyahoo,(spell check couldn’t help me) would be assassinated
            In office. At the time it was released if I got my timeline right, he was voted out.
            But in Israeli politics, a Prime Minister, can be reelected to office and he is back.
            This code is still in play.

            • Slick: I don’t follow stock prices in general as I do not invest in stocks other than my own.

              With respect to small miners I am only interested in their particular activities; what their geology and drill results are, what processes they are using, what their financial agreements might be with investors, and what vendors they use.

              All of that business intelligence educates me with respect to my own activities.

              I think the assasination that was in the Bible Code was Rabin. And he was assasinated, right?. That’s my only memory of that topic.

          • Oh the drones………lol…….Americans are fools……it is either fight now or never…….that is the bottom line! Just posting on this site will get you a front row seat to the show…..DK…..you give me at least some hope as do others on this site……however we are so few and far inbetween it doesn’t even matter!

            They already won, they have us…..there is only one chance and that is right now, but it won’t happen, so just live your life and don’t even worry about “prepping” because in the end you won’t want to live in a world that is coming!

            Makes me sad to come to a site like this and read this shit….depressing.

            I have tried to warn you folks that the “visitors” from other worlds run this show, but no one can go there….

            Why would we poison our own world? Why would we do the things we do to this planet……if someone wasn’t manipulating the situation to get us to fail….

            The PTB are NOT the rulers, they only think they are….

            So until people can get their heads around the fact that we are being divided and conquered by alien races…they will remain ignorant as to who the enemy is!

            I would bet 99% of you reading this post will make fun of me or mock me…….shit, you are still wondering if there is life “out there” duh! There are MORE STARS than SAND……..lol

            So, ask yourselves, do you think all of these ufo reports are lies? In so maybe you should watch the Disclosure Project videos…..just to make my point….

            THEY are here and they are active…..so, think about it from a interplanetary perspective, not just a continental or even global……if you cannot, then you will not understand what is happening…..

            Some of us know things……but we can’t tell you because you can’t even handle the child stuff!

            So…….if you really want to stop this shit….you will have to bear arms……simple as that, but you already know that don’t you? Not talking to you DK……just in general.

            I could tell you folks things that would blow your minds, but you wouldn’t believe me……so what would be the point?

            As for the agents who watch the postings here Fuk off

            • Oh please, give me a break. I was getting flashbacks about the movie “A few Good Men” I think, as in “The truth? YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”

              Don’t come in here blowing smoke up my a$$, talking about “knowing things, but won’t tell us because we could not handle it”.

              High School Drama queen.

            • thewind: Granted, intelligent Alien life is a statistical certainty. That’s the Drake Equation

              They are obviously here. The number of sightings that cannot be dismissed like the UFO the airport in China which stopped air traffic is relatively common all over the world.

              LSM in the United States report it only when they can’t dent it and then they look to discredit it whenever possible.

              Here’s a link:


          • Your math doesn’t add up. Even if I give you 30K drones. There are 80,000,000+ gun owners and 400,000,000+ guns. After they blow up my neighbor Bubba’s house, I’m gonna go find where they launch them damn drones from and I’m gonna go gut the sorry pig that killed Bubba!!!

            If the rest of the gun owners aren’t cowards then they’ll run out of faggot drone operators before we run out of gun owners and long before we run out of guns.

            FYI, ammo is usually in short supply during a war, not guns. There is usually an abundance of them. Read “Total Resistance” by Major H. Van Dach Swiss Army guide to Guerrilla warfare.

          • It seems that the discussion here is about the “American peole”. That’s sure oversimplification.

            There will be no “American people” when push gets to shove. There will be “Los Angeles people” and “Salinas people” and “Denver People” and “Gunnison people” and “NYC people” and “Canandaigua people”. The big cities will be controlled. The towns will probably hold out. The “final solution ” will be like a patch work of compliance and resistance. The sooner we recognize that the USA is not a union but merely a grouping of different people with different ideas, the sooner we’ll understand what just may happen.

          • WOW! It all started so right, then suddenly this site was swamped with latrine boyzz from Tel Aviv, to “disarm” Americans via their computers?? Losers! None of the ‘facts’ and fictions posted this far are feasible! Keep dreaming momma boyzz! 30,000 drones?? Electronics Made in China? LOL! They will drop by themselves! On your heads, though!

            Your milk bottle will be cut off next year! Get a job, get life, feed yourselves! Or starve, better. Beast to Abyss, and you asked for it for 2000 years! Come n Get’em!

        • No, we will not go quietly. In fact, we aren’t going at all. If anyone needs to go, it will be them.

        • While I tend to agree with most everything Mr. Rawles wrote he misses one important component.

          The NWO plan is to Get NATO/UN troops to disarm the US citizens. Whether you choose to believe it or not it is what is planned & on their agenda. Plenty of facts & proof of that.
          When more people find out the agenda is de-population they will finally awake & understand the evil behind it. Think about it, if they let out the agenda whom would support that ? Only the elitists I can assure you.


          • One more? How many, 1, 2 Mil mercenaries? Five? Who cares. There are Millions of hunters in the whole of USA. Plus family members. 141 Mil, and counting. Only sissies, jokers, and disinfo trolls from Tel Aviv latrines would dare, bother, or try, to disarm, scare, or defeat Americans with their sissy comments, and stolen computers. Beast to Abyss. Deep into a latrine.

      2. Not if the US government uses foreign troops to aid in martial law, namely the UN. They could use “Peacekeeping” troops from Russia, China, the EU…

        • Mjolnir

          Every one of those places will have plenty of trouble of their own.

          • So true, …. If the Blue hats came in, America is finished… You might as well arm up and go for it. Because the Constitution will be trashed . So will your money and property rights.

            • The Constitution has already been trashed. This isn’t the America we, those of us with some miles under our belts, grew up with as children. That America has been mortally wounded and, may never survive from its infection. We have to realize that times are different now. There’s a whole new strata of Insurgents that won’t be leaving anytime soon. And I’m not talking about the induction of “multiculturalism” into our system. I’m talking about a whole new mentality that has been creeping in for the last 20, 30, 40 years through our “various” educational systems, i.e. schools, TV, etc.

              America has changed, for the better or the worse, depending on your level of awareness, and it’s highly unlikely we will return to that unique ‘the land of opportunity’. I think anyone who thinks we will return, is living in a fantasized form of Denial. Go to the cities and see for yourself. For example, if you go to Seattle you’ll experience first hand, the City has been taken over, it will never be what it was before. Maybe we all need to realize that. That the Constitution has been gutted and the majority of the people don’t care. In fact, they don’t even know what the Constitution is, what it means, what it stands for. I think we have to realize that this is the Hope and Change Collective that now runs the show. And the majority prefer that Show.

              Each day more and more elder Americans are dying off. As they die off, a part of a special tradition is lost. A part of what it took to make this country is gone. Maybe this is just the way countries evolve, grow, to reflect the collective of the younger generations. Those who run the show from behind the curtain knew what they were doing. What’s 20, 40, 100 years to them? Their program has seeped in through the cracks over time and now has a horrific hold on the Minds of the younger masses. In a way, on some level, it’s a done deal. To think we’re going to return to the Glory Years is dealing with the problem on the level of the problem, rather than on the level of the Solution. Best now is to learn to adapt to change, but be willing to visibly promote the kind of change you want to adapt to.

              It’s now an uphill battle for us. Don’t give in. Don’t give up, However, don’t make yourself a target. We’re much more effective ALIVE.

            • EA, it appears to be an uphill battle and I agree don’t give in, yet the best motivator for me is to see the finish line. When the LEOs, judges, lawyers and politicans arrested and put on trial for treason. The court and jury will be made up of numerous people that have lost loved ones and property to their acts of treason. And they are held accountable and found guilty under constitutional law.
              Also of note, don’t be surprised if the PTB unleash the prison inmates onto society. That will be a huge number of people to combat.

        • China and Russia would be the only worry.
          Too many guns, too many Vets, too many “Organized Groups” yet, still not enough. Too many are stuck in the Matrix suffering from a HUA (Head Up Ass) Disorder.
          A quick snap kick to their 4th point of contact and a
          SNS (Serious No SHI**ER) about the REAL WORLD !

          Not CBS’ Survivor, The Great Race, Americonned Idle…
          that they need to get their poop in a group and get prepared !

          I won’t be running the Local Convenience Store out of my Space for those who chose not to recognize.

          • The Chinese are building towns and “economic zones” in parts of America. They are also buying up what ever natural resources they can. They will just infiltrate with their soldiers. The government will just tell us they are just regular Chinese families wanting a fresh start in the USA. They are being given special immigration rights.

            It will not matter where you live too many infiltrators have been let in and elected to office.

        • Love the name!!!

        • The use of Foreign troops in the US would be the worst mistake the government ever made, and it’s last one. First, it would tell everyone they have lost the power to run the country without them; and second it would be an army of occupation. The US Army is MY ARMY. I trust it and would make a significant effort to help it; up till it became obvious it was an oppressor. (Which; I trust it won’t be, that of course is why they would want an outside army). Gov gets to where it cannot trust US Army and imports a foreign one, It’s over. The American Public would be in open revolt in hours.

        • Mjolnir,

          I believe what your missing is that while the American citizen may think twice or three times against firing upon an American Soldier or LEO. These same citizens would have not moral issues about firing upon a foreign soldier who is hell bent on enforcing unconstitutional actions. A UN Soldiers estimated time to live on American soil is < 1 hour on mission outside the "Green Zone." Not to mention that the UN supply line will also be under constant attack. I kinda like the taste of Chinese MRE's.

          • Gawd, I hope they are NOT bringing Sushi…

        • The American people will not suffer foreign troops as anything but armed and aggressive foreign invaders. They will be greeted as such.

      3. Martial law will be implemented in some highly visible cities to scare people into submission. Many will submit (at least at first), but a minority will not. While there are more guns than people in the U.S., those guns are not equally dispersed throughout the population and we all will not be equally free to live or die by our own wits.

        • We may be the most heavily armed nation on earth but all that armament that we have is civilian armament. We don’t have a prayer against AIR POWER. With air power they could bomb rebel positions, spy on us, air lift in troops and equipment, take down any civilian aircraft.

          • There are only so many bombs, rockets, gallons of JP-4, etc. An aircraft can only stay up for so long. What happens if the supply lines to the airbase are cut? What if the base is unuseable because it is overrun, sabotaged, or captured? There are only so many bases. Carrier based would last longer but they too need resupply. Air superiority only lasts until nothing can fly.

            • Maybe this is really stupid and asanine…but have you thought of all the heavy equipment and big trucks across this nation??
              Just saying.

            • Guerilla tactics ladies and gents…guerilla tactics. Think IRA, and our Colonial forefathers how they fought, and WON against massive and superior forces. Stealth, commos, a “Brotherhood”, and that can do winning spirit will be our advantage. Not to mention that we will have the power of God on our side, for we are (and will be) the righteous in this war to come!

          • You forget that our military is not a monolithic force, in any conflict there will be elements that side with the people. Even by the gov’s own figures over 90% of the Marines would not fire on the American people, over 60% of the standing army and over 90% of the Army reserves will not fire on the American people.
            Once the military splits you have a “classic” Civil War and the armories are opened, believe air power is easily neutralized with modern surface to air missile systems. Sure they can bomb from on high but close air support is where the real action is. Once the air power is under 10,000′ they are easy pickings.

            Air power only works when the ground forces do not have access to high quality air defenses. The Soviets learned that lesson the hard way once we started arming the locals with Stinger Missiles.

            The “next” fight will be no different.

            • Let me tell you a secret. As a former Commander of a National Guard Armory here in NH, we had a vault that held our rifles and machine guns. A companies worth. But guess what? NO AMMO. We had to go to what used to be Fort Deven’s for that. None of our armories have ammo stored in it except a couple magazines worth of 9mm ammo for the supply sergeant to convoy the rifles to the firing range.

            • No. 90% of the people will fire on the people, and the remaining 10% would be quickly removed.

              They are trained to follow orders, and they will.

            • M Y,

              What do you base your percentage numbers(90% marines, 60% standing army, 90% reserve army)on?

            • I thought I read somewhere that the Roman Army also split in its final chapter. I agree that there are groups within our military that will stand with us. There are also those that will stand with us by feeding intel, sabotage etc.
              The visceral part of me wants revolt, but, I truly dont “feel” its tme yet. Former Army Captain, combat arms, only note that so I dont come across as all talk.
              Ready, willing, waiting.

            • “V” – don’t forget WWII Resistance in countries too numerous to mention….can you also say Chechnya..I bet Vlad Putin can but would like to forget

          • Yes; they could bomb their own tax base into rubble. They could blow up the bridges that support their cities, they could burn the farms that produce their food. Exactly how does that help them? Wide spread destruction of their own property won’t help. Torpedoing the boat you’re on doesn’t help you.

            • Paranoid, the government is acting like lunatics now! The choices they have voted in and implamented show that they are not concerned about the support of the American citizens. In fact, a million or 10 million fewer American citizens might make the rest easier to manage.

            • I am thinking the same thing…. but then again, why have nuke plants all over the world if just one malfunctions (fukashima) and we are all screwed.

          • I can’t see that without taking out crucial officials and their families…then where will they be??
            I’d say that isn’t a wise move on their part.
            Heck, those tiny drones are even killing innocents.

          • The day that the idiots in the District of Criminals declare Martial Law and attempt to use the United States Military against the civilian population of the United States will be the beginning of the end for them. That’s the day that the nincompoops loose their precious ‘safe-haven-status’ as a secure, risk free parking place for other people’s money from abroad. When this happens the ‘beast’ starves for lack of food; money. Then it dies. Martial Law will be their option of last resort.

            • They will be safe and secure in their DUMBS long before any real danger to them.IMHO

          • Don’t underestimate the American freedom fighter. What starts as an advantage for them (TPTB), will be their undoing in the long run. There is one major advantage we have: we aren’t fighting against God, they are! Where they are trying to remove Him from our society, the majority will still give Him thanks.

          • Planes and Whirly Birds don’t fly without pilots !
            As I have previously stated, too many Vets, with too much experience.

            I would believe more the 80% of Active Duty Military would go AWOL, disobey an ILEGAL order given by POTUS or SECDEF, especially UN Generals with Blue Underwear on their head !

            Most LEO’s would say “Fuck That Noise” I’m not going house to house and confiscating weapons !

            There will be a shot(s) heard around the Neighborhood that would spread big time.

            The Sheeple would wake up, hopefully …

            Execute the traitors and rats, they are easy to spot, they Have the O bumper stickers on the back of their Volvos and wind up hybrid cars.

            I have been in some 3rd World toilets, where society has gone amuck, I am no fan of Mucks !

            Mjolnir: I think we visit the same sports site?

            An attempt to take from US citizens by US officials would go totally FUBAR, most would throw down their “Stinking Badges” and align with the people.

            Then it’s US vs. The Blue Underwear.

            I leave with the WARRIORS PRAYER !

            “Gods of war I call you, my sword is by my side.
            I seek a life of honor, free from all false pride.
            I will crack the whip with a bold mighty hail.
            Cover me with death if I should ever fail.
            Glory, majesty, unity.
            Hail, hail, hail.”


          • They had all of those advantages in Viet Nam too. How did that work out for them?

          • Tell that to the mujahideen.

        • Good point here Pastor… Chicago’s Red Zones and the media flurry that came with it comes to mind…

          • If we go down, you bet the rest of the planet is not doing any better. Foriegn troops here, maybe, but the troops will be needed in their own countries.

            As far as technology and weapons, let’s ask the Afganies how they are holding us off, as they did the Russians also.

            • How did they do it? Very simply – with determination and guts. Any guerrilla army that is willing to accept heavy losses will eventually overcome ANY invading army. War is primarily economic and he who spends less and hangs in there will win eventually. History shows this clearly.

      4. God I hope so, but I could think of terrible ways that the government could do this. Offer food for guns is one way. Another really awful totally “EVIL” way of the government getting most everyone’s gun is to send out a plague and sickness and then ONLY offer the “cure” for giving up your firearms. Not impossible, and that it what is so terrifying. This is why those that cherish their firearms and their freedoms to use and own them, MUST also have a good well stocked up supply of food, water, and other supplies so they don’t get into the position of ever having to depend on any government for what they need. Also so they don’t have to expose themselves to any deadly pathogen floating around out there after a disaster.

        • No doubt – they could get very creative, especially if they collapse our entire way of life and leave millions with no choice but to give ’em up or starve.

          • Rule #1

            you never “give them up”

            or..Never give them All up..

            let them think you have..wait it out..than thats when the retaliation starts and the real civil war begins.

            • Don’t presume that if you give them something they will leave you alone…

            • nahh…..study WWII Resistance fighters….and Chechnya I & II

          • I hypothesized in the past that they would mount a Lockdown/Media Blackout scenario & isolate one location at a time – no Media, no Net & use ECM jamming on MW & SW including Cell & Ham frequencies. Then they go in and mop up. It would not be air-tight something could still get out but the “normacy bias” would kick in for the rest of the population and it would not be believed for several days… much too late by then.

          • The guy that stands out and gets the guns won’t live long and when they replace him with one of ours that will be a big mistake. No government can survive long without the support of the people, The Russians gave up when they realized you can tell a person to do anything with a gun except: think. PS. Mike millions of starving people with guns have never decided the way to get food was to give them up, don’t think that’s likely.

            • It took the Bolsheviks about 5 years to disarm all of USSR. Not a long time. (There were no gun control laws in Imperial Russia)

              They took a bit longer to root out “Forest Brothers”, Latvian and Lithuanian guerillas against USSR, during the 1940s but they did get the job done.

              Chernobyl and Gorbachev were the two big whammys which took out the USSR. And it died from within, not from outside or from the people!

              I don’t know the current gun laws of Russia, but I am sure Putin won’t be too happy to see people owning guns.

            • But it has been done in the past with people who have been beat down.

              In the US with the gangs running many sections of the metropolitan areas around the country. Some may be bought off by the government and some might decide to conqure and rule the populace themselves.

              I am in an isolated valley full of rednecks who will defend our valley, our people and the Constitution.

              It might be prudent for many to prep up on more food, water, and protection for those that will need it.

            • Paranoid: I agree with you that giving up arms is not going to feed people. My concern is that there currently is people that are under the impression that crime would be eliminated if guns were banned. How quick would they turn someone in to authorities if given a trinket or treat?
              I have very little faith in most of the populations at this point in my life. I see people as complacent and dependant. They do the easy thing rather than the right thing.

            • “How quick would they turn someone in to authorities if given a trinket or treat?”

              Every population tends to have some individuals of this type. Fortunately, after collecting a couple of those “treats”, they tend to have fatal “accidents”.

          • Why would any exchange of anything for firearms go down any differently than the prior gun exchanges in the urban areas?

            People would give up something they don’t want or need and even do it more than once. How many unregistered fire arms exist? So, give up some throw away registered clunker, if it came to that, and make sure your best weapons are unregistered.

            Better of course, to have food,water, sewerage, a trusted medical clinician who will see to his patients’ survival &/or institute your own quarantine. If they got that desperate, they would have already lost, as it is not possible to control biological weapons once they are released into a large enough population. Too many chances for mutation that could increase or decrease lethality. Most viruses mutate to less lethal forms. Not everyone, even among elites, can tolerate vaccines. That would be some sort of “sow it with salt” final act, IMO. The same with a suicidal destructive barrage of infrastructure and population. That is an act of insanity. How many of their troops would comply in carrying that out? Americans are builders and gratuitous destruction is not in our DNA.

            As for superior armament:in the late 1940s, the Israelis were under embargo and had nothing except desperation, brains and metal working skills. They received shipments of useless, worn-out, poorly made firearms and they not only won their War for Independence against Britain and all of the Arab nations, by the end they had a thriving weapons industry.

            Look around. How many degrees of separation does anyone have from a gunsmith, either professional or amateur, a reloader, a machine shop? I’ll bet it is fewer degrees than anyone thinks. Any metal worker, from black iron to jewelry could be of use in building, maintaining or repairing a gun. How many primers are stockpiled in the US since 2008? How much powder? Every junkyard contains a lot of lead.

            Choose your friends and save your brass.

      5. The government not having unlimited resources would secure those areas that it considered vital. Those areas not vital are nothing more than a drain on the system. Old time rust belt cities devoid of wealth creation would be left to fend on their own. Food and energy producing areas along with transportation networks (and those cities providing such) to and from would get the greatest presence.

        • True. but just how long do you think an occupying force would last out in the country? To control the farms you need a few, lots of places, they last one night. MIA. Put lots in a few places and they control only their own bases. You want Wy cows come and get them, works once maybe. You want Iowa Corn, How you going to pay for it, and how do you get me to plant again? Kill all he farmers, Russia did that in the Ukraine and nearly starved, and they had lots of farmers, we don’t.

          • They don’t need to control the farms. All they have to control are the distribution centers. Without them the farmers can’t sell their crops.

            The people who starved in Ukraine were the farmers themselves. Stalin brought Central Asians to replace them, and even now they are still there.

            • And the farms produced just about nothing.

            • The Korean-Russians who were moved to there by Stalin’s orders might disagree.

            • Not true Kevin. Ukraine has some of the best soil on the planet. It is considered the bread basket of Europe. It’s the lack of good farming equipment and distribution that hurts Ukrainian farmers and the corrupt government and bribes don’t help.

            • AZ Ready

              You made my point.

              Stalin’s policies and a legacy of the USSR’s corruption lowers the output considerably regardless of the quality of the land. The “Bread Basket” of Europe could not even feed itself.

          • Paranoid

            If those occupying forces are providing security and stability while areas without left to fend on their own are hell holes after a period of time they would be welcomed. It’s the “Hearts and Minds” thing.

            At present there are areas in the US that speak exclusively Spanish and for the most part “Americans” are an occupying force to them. Those people could go home to their native land there the police are not foreign but they choose not to.

          • Paranoid

            Remember the ‘Food and Circus”. I know many that would be more upset if the Super Bowl was canceled. Many would say, “Well it’s about time someone helps up for a change”.

            • It was actually called “Bread & Circus”

      6. They could bring in UN troops but they are having enough problems in thier own countries. Besides, I would be far more likely to fire on foreign troops than an American one. As far as I am concerned, they would be invaders and I am defending my homeland. Even if they brought troops from California for instance to East Tennessee and vice versa, it would not make any difference, they are still my fellow Americans. It would be suicide to bring UN troops here.
        Marshal Law probaly would be implemented by controlling the power supply, food distributions, water plants,sewer plants,communication systems etc etc. These systems are what allows for our way of life especially in cities. You don’t need alot of boots on the ground to control these things. A few clicks on a keyboard is all that you need to potentially control alot of people.

        • Yeah those little blue helmets make a good target

          • Most of the American hunters would become snipers and if you want to get a feeling of how many that might be just look it up on your state’s Dept. of Natural Resources or your state’s hunting website where they have the hunting rules & regs. I’ve read somewhere that there’s approx. 1 million US Elk hunters which that seems to me is a low number but most Elk hunters are able to drop an Elk at fairly long ranges. That’s just Elk Hunters. I guess my only problem is…. finding a taxidermist who knows how to mount a UN Soldier… with blue helmet please! lol

            • Gator, very funny (UN Soldier mount)got a good laugh. You don’t mount road kill! Most of them would be killed while in transportation, though they’d be hunting us, we’d turn the tables real fast.

            • Elk hunters would do well in this environment. So would “varmint” hunters! 😉

            • ~Gator-navy (squid)~

              You f*cking “ROCK”….dude!!!!!!!!

              Thumbs UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        • “””As far as I am concerned, they would be invaders and I am defending my homeland.”””

          That is how everyone would feel, yet the Sheep here seem to think Iraq and Afghanistan should feel different towards the US corp. They do not, and nor will any other country the corp invades and occupies.

          So long as there is a US Military funded by the corp, there can be no Republic.

          • You make a great point…I never understood what part of ‘protecting the homeland’ our neo-cons never understood.

      7. Martial Law would be difficult.

        Grid down, conceiveable and has happened wherever hurricanes hit. Time down is key, couple weeks, ah…no prob, couple months, another story. Grid down for other reasons, however unlikely, would be catastrophic.

        Financial troubles…all I have to say about this one is if you are prudent and prepared for whatever, you can survive. If you are a city pup and dependent on your paper for the future, look out, you may not have much of one. Remember the Early 1900’s stock crash? People jumping out of windows? What? If the money is that important, you have screwed yourself before the shtf.

        All that glitters is not Gold and Silver, but I’d rather have that than paper…of course a nice supply of dry goods and a fresh garden along with family is the best!

        Gun confiscation, highly unlikely, too many out there. Many, many people have the same views as much of us. We are not alone…my wife is in the “business” and talks to plenty of people every day who hold the 2nd ammendment like the bible.

        Me, I sold all my firearms and ammo. To someone named Smith or was it Jones…at the last gun show. They cannot confiscate something I got rid of.

        Terry W. Reed

        • Don’t make the mistake of thinking that they are stupid.

          • Anyone who tries to take my liberty and violate my constitution; is stupid. And one of the two of us is dead. I’m 62, and like it says: “Live free or die” I’m not going out and bother anyone, but they come to me and my home is mine. If I die on the door step, so be it. There are only a million of them at most, and Millions of me. Yeah they will get “me” but in the end, they lose

            • They Like to use the fear factor, and its working on some people, but like, paranoid, Iam 62 I will take as many as I can, before they silence,this tired old Marine!

        • “They cannot confiscate something I got rid of.”

          Nor can they confiscate something they never knew you had…

        • “Me, I sold all my firearms and ammo. To someone named Smith or was it Jones…at the last gun show. They cannot confiscate something I got rid of.”

          If they come knocking to confiscate, then you better believe we (gun owners) are in deep shit at that point, which means; THEY will be armed and THEY will be asking for PROOF you SOLD your weapons. A simple “I sold my firearms to someone named Smith” without proof might get you a bullet in your forehead. Think about it, really. Look what happened in the brutal fascist countries where guns were confiscated. Do you really think they’ll say, “Oh, okay, We’ll take your word on that”? Imagine, if you will, the guys who come knocking. These aren’t going to be meek, social workers. These are going to be the nastiest of the nasties. They’re not going to be coming for anything other than you physical guns. They’re going to trash your place and property if they suspect you are guilty, and if they find any weapon, you may be shot on the spot. Even if you give them your guns upfront they may take your life. Or, they may take your guns and send you and your family to the local Gulag. Better believe they’ll have the “technology” in hand to determine if you’re telling the truth or not.

          You might be better off shooting them before they draw on you, then disposing the bodies and then hightailing it before the drones come in for the kill.

          Personally, I don’t think they have the manpower to go door to door. But if they did, one better believe, “This Is No Drill”! In their programmed minds, killing another enemy of the state would be as easy as the last one.

          • As I recall, during Katrina, a lot of fire arms were confiscated at vehicle check points.

            So if you are planning to bug out, have your main armory at your bol, well hidden. And bring protection that will get you to your bol.

          • I hear you. From afar or up close and personal, it doesn’t matter to me.

            No-one will get close enough. I have muscle memory and can put 3 pieces of lead through the same hole at 100yds.
            @ 1/4 mile, 5 of 6 in a 2″x5″ metal plate. I was raised in the wilderness, am a bow hunter, raise my family the same way, they will never find us.

            I hope/pray for the best, prepare for the worst. God help us all!

            Terry Reed

            And I do not know if I’m THAT Terry Reed?

          • My point exactly. If they come knocking the old “I sold my guns” line isnt going very far. They may be jackasses but stupid they are not. I’m just saying I’d rather have a good plan than a good line of shit anyday of the week.

            Get a plan and have a back up plan.

        • if you are that “Terry Reed” I am honored

        • “Remember the Early 1900′s stock crash? People jumping out of windows?”

          I would like to find a documented example of this urban myth. Not that there weren’t plenty of suicides over this and the 1929 stock market crash, but a 10th and up floor window just was not one of the tools actually used.

      8. They will wage a war of propaganda. Everytime some idiot with a gun commits a crime they will have the MSM air it nonstop. Divide and conquer is there goal. This is already taking place. They will continue to do this until the younger generations turn against the ownership of guns.

        Mommas don’t let your babies grow up to be liberals.

        • This……

        • Indiana Jonezin,

          Good point! The liberal indoctrination of the youth in this country starts early and is ongoing through the college years.

          Here is a just a couple I read today in the news…

          Teacher Yells at Student: It’s a Crime to Criticize Obama

          “The indoctrination of our youth” Lou Dobbs

          Direct links below…

        • …ya know, I know alot of 18-26 year olds and I cant think of ONE that hates guns or trust the govt…matbe its just me but I dont think the kids are gonna just roll over for them….

          • I like to think that I have raised my children to believe in the Constitution that our Founding Fathers believed in. However, I also can see that the liberals are fighting everyday to brainwash our youth into thinking that if you own a gun you’re some wacko extremist and a threat to freedom. In reality they are the real threat to true freedom and that is why I believe it is so important for us (each and every parent out there) to make sure that our children are prepared for the propaganda onslaught that they will face and know how to recognize it for what it is-EVIL.

      9. That has been my opinion for a long time. The US military could not handle NYC (much less Baghdad), and no way to manage 50 states. Even with all of the federal civilian resources, they don’t have enough.

        My opinion is that the rumors FEMA internment camps are actually to intern the families of federal employees if things go bad. A police state’s police won’t show up for work if the “mob” can take it out on their families.

        • Like you said they can’t handle Iraq as that was shown. Everyone will be YOYO.

        • I don’t think this rumor is correct.

          As I read or heard somewhere, the barbwire in those camps is facing inwards, which means – it’s for keeping people INSIDE, not for keeping someone from getting in.

        • I would agree with that but would also add that some of those camps could be for those so dependent on government aid that they cannot survive without it, as well as the gangs that thrive in most major US cities. Both groups will become violent and dangerous once the SHTF.

      10. yes, Tery W. Reed….I sold all of my guns and ammo too.
        Ironically, my weapons were sold to Smith.

        • So weird.. that Smith guy seems to be cornering the market…. Or, he is single handedly going to disarm all of America’s citizenry!

          • Mac, you’ve revealed the evil Smith Disarmament Plan! I suspected as much. That guy even bought a couple from me.

            • LOL!


            • Oh, no..that’s only on the west coast and mid west.
              Dh does business with Mr. Brown in these parts.

            • ….I too was approached by this “Mr Smith” but before I made the deal I met a fella named Anderson….Mr Anderson convinced me that Mr Smith was not on the up-n-up and offered me a better price….so this Anderson fella Neo has all my really good guns and I just have an old scattergun for varmits…thats the honest truth that I will tell any good enforcer who comes askin…even got me a reciept,though I admit I cant read it…anyways I fear this Anderson fella might be in a bit of trouble ifn the govt boys come lookin….your Smith maybe too….

            • ~Smokin-Oh~

              Bullshit, dude!

              I only paid you for a gallon of ‘shine & a beat-up banjo!!!!

              Guns???….What guns????

          • I was rowing mine across the lake to sell them to Smith when the boat sank, darn.

      11. You’re also forgetting about the police, US marshals, Sheriffs, FBI, ATF, DHS, ICE, NSA, CIA and any number of far-left hipsters that would be more than willing to assist in martial law. It wouldn’t just be the military and the national guard.

        And most people, I would say 3 out of 4, would comply rather than fight back because they wouldn’t want to be inconvenienced.

        • 95 out of 100 would rather comply. Sheeple.

          • And you think 5% isn’t enough to stop any Gov plan? Not counting the number of good honest cops etc that are on our side and in “Their” organizations. If even a few people in an org don’t want it to work, it doesn’t. Look how well the Gov does when it actually wants to do something now. You think it’s suddenly going to get more efficient when it’s own public is shooting at it. NAH. That’s why it hasn’t done it long ago. It would like to.

            • No, it’s not ‘critical mass’ enough. Reread the history of the US Civil War.

            • Less than a 1/3 of the people pre-1776 were even for what our Founding Fathers were doing. And of that 1/3, no more than 20% fought alongside them. So, the real statistic o that is about 6%. So, yes…if 5% truly fought with all they had within them, it could be done.

          • I already sat down and ran the numbers. The magic number is supposedly 3%. Add up ALL of the armed forces, the local state and federal LE’s. I figure roughly it’ll be 300 to 1. 300 of us to one barney fife. So.. One infantry company to one cop. Pretty good odds in our favor I’d say.

            I did not take in consideration of how many LEs are Oath Keepers and did not add them into the statistics. I would hope they will stand off to the side and not get in the middle. Again, those are rough numbers and just a ball park calculation using figures found on the internet.

            • ” I figure roughly it’ll be 300 to 1. 300 of us to one barney fife.”

              It ain’t the Barney Fifes that worry me. It’s the Smedley Butlers, the John Basilones, the Carlos Hathcocks, and the Dan Dalys. Not that men of that caliber would support the government against the citizens but if they did… Oh, Daddy!

          • 97 out of 100

        • …I shot the sheriff…but I did not shoot the (US Marshal…the Gman the ATFer DHS efer the ICE efer the NSA efer the CIA efer or any of the other efers….but I would if I had too… 🙂

      12. Here’s my synopsis…..JWR is a genius!!

      13. Solor storms,sun farts,monetary collaspe,race shit,carry all the time,heck sittin at red lights or eating out.

      14. All I can speak for is myself

        “they are going to have an impossible time disarming me”, at least without retaliation.

        I may go down fighting for my right…but than again I wouldnt want to live in this country with out that right.

        Its really an easy choice for me


        Si vis pacum para bellum

        and Molan Labe

        also..and I like our original American saying better

        Dont Tread on Me

        • if I could humbly correct you VRF:
          Si vis pacem para bellvm
          alternatively you could say:
          qvi desiderat pacem praeparet bellvm

        • oh and
          Molon Labe or ΜΟΛΩΝ ΛΑΒΕ

          • Ahhh

            “come get some” suits me just fine

            • Works for me… but then so does… It’s time to kick ass and chew bubble gum and we’re all outta gum! 😉

          • thanks ..im typing too fast

      15. A Middle-East war could quickly start martial law in the United States and many other countries because of the lack of oil and energy. An excuse to start martial law in most countries can be the collapse of the infrastructure because of lack of energy to run it. The strategic oil supply the government will tell to the public that it can be used ONLY for the military and other necessary internal needs. Tough luck for an civilian use. Rationing would be the best case scenario and one of the worst would be a start of a police state. I don’t put anything past the governments of the world.

        The upcoming meeting in Bagdad is May 23, and might decide if the war starts in Iran and likely the Middle-East. http://usawatchdog.com/iraq-meeting-will-decide-war/ Israel has attacked other countries within a 5 day window of the new moon in the past, for their pilots having the darkest possible skies. The New Moon was yesterday, so May 25, maybe May 26 would be the latest this month. May 23 is the meeting, so Look at May 24-26, if things go really badly at this meeting, as a possible attack. Look at between about 4-8 PM eastern time to hear of news of an attack if and when it occurs. The next new moon is June 19, so the next window of a possible attack on Iran would be June 14-24.

        • A draft will come first. After they’ve rounded up as many combat-aged kids as possible, it will go a lot easier dealing with the rest. Maybe.

          • During WWII the Japanese conscripted all the young men. When labor shortages became apparently, they imported Koreans.

            There are still millions of people south of the border who will tolerate anything which might come, since ‘anything’ in here is better than whatever they have over there.

        • Any government that is intent on establishing martial law can EASILY manufacture the crisis necessarily to implement it. They do not have to wait for one to come along.

      16. Terry,

        At least you got a return on your weaponry, most on here had terrible accidents involving water to account for their losses.

        Joking aside, the grid can be controlled quite precisely, what if the grid was the control mechanism ? You get power back when all guns are handed in, most people would give up their own granny to get the power back on, neighbours etc would stand no chance of not been ‘outted’

        Obviously some guns would be missed in this scenario, but would enough be missed to make a difference?

        It would not take many armed police/military to control a practically unarmed population.

        Take care

        • Dear lady: Even I would turn in all they guns I could carry, What you don’t understand is like most gun nuts here I’ve got an armful of old junk guns I wouldn’t shoot under almost any conditions. Their highest and best use IS boat anchors. I don’t think most people not in US understand “The Powers that Be” cannot threaten us. If I remember the numbers correctly, and I may not, in 1968 the Government announced a 30 day period when people could register machine guns and other items of that type without penalty, They canceled the registration after like 18 days when they panicked, after 40,000 were registered, They felt most people were waiting till the end and they had already registered more stuff than the gov had

        • Grid-down, Burt, should be a major signal that it is time to disappear WITH your guns. (I know you believe that, as do the other folks here.) I don’t think that will be the first such signal, though. I think we’ll see communications go before that. And rationing before that. And war and a draft before that. But this all assumes no catastrophic and sudden event. If that happens, then the equation changes.

      17. Re: Prepping. I found a large cardboard box of nails that was left on a garage floor. Misc., approx 25-30 pounds of various sizes. Some are rusty, the box shows water stains. I certainly don’t want to throw them away (for want of a nail, etc). Any advice? I’m not going to sort them or individually clean them (no time). I was thinking of dumping them into a plastic tub and fill to cover with what?????????? Suggestions appreciated.

        • Pete, Drop them in a bucket of distilled vinegar. Will look like brand new.

        • Coca Cola
          that’s all it’s good for, oh and for cleaning toilets too

        • How about 15 minutes in a brass tumbler?

      18. If you want to get a good idea about how Martial law would work and the people disarmed without much of a fight, look at Katrina. Even the heavily armed ones complied when the national guard went door to door confiscating weapons. Yeah, maybe they resisted, but they were disarmed. Nobody opened fire on the troops.

        That’s what it’s going to look like. Most will comply, guns or no.

        • And afterwards passed a law making it illegal to take weapons like that several places. I agree, the population is not ready to rise up, no reason they should be. Overall the constitutional process has worked and it’s not done yet. But they aren’t ready to try to enslave us, yet. One goes with the other, yes it will take a while before people say no, but They will say no far before they can finish the job

        • Yes, that’s true, but we learned a lesson from Katrina, didn’t we.

          • Yes we did. Did they?

          • Simple and “to the point”. A Katrina “gun confiscation” will not go unoppossed a second time. This was one city AND an obvious “test case”…imagine 100 cities subjected to this type of “constitutional ass-wiping”. National guard and LEO’S know this activity will not “fly again”.

            The “smart ones” will simply keep walking and reporting “NOTHING FOUND”. The “stupid ones” won’t be reporting anything. And if WE are “smart”, THEY will be confronted long before reaching anyones front door.

            • Gun confiscation is probably a false hope for those who present it as an effective method of citizen control. After all, if the gov has guns of any kind they will be stored somewhere and it will be possible to “liberate” some of them.

            • ~Yental~

              Always remember, brother!

              They are “NOT” coming for your weapons……

              …..They are coming for “YOU”……!!!!!!

              …because, in reality…YOU are the WEAPON!!!!!!

            • I agree that gun confiscation seems far fetched and I really don’t think that they have the manpower to do it. I still have a few in a very damn good hidey hole.

              One for them, 10 for me.

              But I’m keeping ALL the ammo.

              Assume they are coming for your guns that way if they do you will be prepared.

      19. You all got more hope in your fellow American citizen than I do. Remember History!!!!!! One third of the people in the colonies sat out the Revolutionary war. One third were Torries, loyal to the King George and fought for him here. That left one third to fight for independence and we had to have help from (POP shivers) the French. Don’t Bet The Farm On having Your Neighbor Pick Up His/Her Rifle When Lead Starts Flyin’. More people will turn in their firearms than you think when the Feds mandate it. JM2CW, YMMV.

        • I general, I have little use for over 2/3 of the population (Highest and best use, fish bait), so your figures don’t worry me a bit. I figure to rid us of the mess in DC won’t take 10%.

      20. Sadly, if you really want to know how many Americans would stand up to a blatant gun-grabbing, constitution destroying, totalitarian move such as martial law…
        It’ll be the same number who rise up when Granny or her 4 yr old daughter are publicly molested at the airport. The tally of patriots willing to act so far: ZERO
        Don’t mean to be a source of depression or discouragement, but remember, sheep always walk silently into the slaughterhouse. They always have. The only thing they might consider doing on their own is snitching you out to the enforcers if they find out you haven’t fully complied with the latest mandate. (yes, your own family, neighbors, friends, coworkers will narc on you)
        So, while we prep we must be discreet. And when we try to reach out to wake up a sheep, we must be cautious not to reveal to much about our own position.
        My OPSEC is so good, even I don’t know what I’m doing. And I’m not telling me anything, no matter what I ask myself. (besides, I never talk to strangers)

        • Okie,
          If there are packs of “Woverines” out there, you can be dam sure that they are not coming on a site like this and bragging about all the AK’s that they have buried at their retreat. Or how they plan to resist. (Good way to be the first arrested when the SHTF).

          In fact, in my opinion, none of us should be “talking to strangers”, including me.

          • You’re right–they aren’t coming here bragging…but I bet they visit quite often for a guage of the sentiment.
            We here are a pretty darn good consensus..ya think??

          • I do not do drugs but drug investigations last for years with undercover operations.

            You can bet when the PTB decide they want to discover where the arms are, they will be using the electronic information at their fingertips to ID gun owners and users

            And they will start that process years in advance. That is their MO.

            • This is why any purchases of this sort need to be done in cash. While gun purchases require a background check, ammo and range time do not. Therefore, if you buy ammo, buy it in cash. Also, disable any GPS devices and leave your cell phone at home when you go to make the purchases or use the local range. That way, it makes it more difficult for them to get location data on you in their databases and establish patterns. Better yet, have someone else take your phone on a ride during that time in order to leave false electronic trails. I would also avoid cars with telematics systems like OnStar like the plague.

        • “And when we try to reach out to wake up a sheep, we must be cautious not to reveal to much about our own position.”

          I figure that any sheep worth waking up will come to ME. Otherwise, it’s just more mutton.

      21. While I generally agree with the sentiment about private guns, I think the real lynch pin ere is how the US military and local police forces react. They are the ones with all of the training and if they do not comply with orders it will not be done. After all, the government is only really capable of forcing small numbers of people to do their bidding. If the mass of people in charge of following these orders decides not to then there really is nothing Washington can do about it. Just look at the revolutions of the early 1990’s in eastern Europe to see what I mean. For the most part, the militaries and police forces of the communist countries turned on their governments and sided with the people (notable exception: China.) Hopefully this is what would happen. Likewise, I would hope such a scenario would play out in our favor if foreign troops were used against us. After all, the government does not control all of the equipment of our military, soldiers do. If those soldiers refuse to follow orders en masse then they can take control of the direction things go. Let’s just hope that they opt for greater freedom over tyranny.

        • Now, they bring a few dozen Russian or whatever soldiers “for anti-terrorism drills”.

          Today, no one fires at them.

          Tomorrow, they will bring several thousand for a bigger “exercise”.

          No one will fire at them.

          Next day, they will bring thousands, and either no one will fire, or – enforced with the local turncoats – they will wipe out any resistance.

          Then what?..

      22. Of course it is impossible to disarm this population and why bother – the population is going to kill itself off one mass group at a time. They’ll hold the military back and let the populations go through unrest and kill off the weak and then use the military to eradicate the thugs who managed to prevail through the initial onslaught.

        I enjoy shooting, collecting guns, and even training. That said if look at the number of firearms in this country, amount of ammunition, and realize there won’t be a shortage of guns once they start going off and killing it makes little sense to have more than a few high quality weapons – anything else will be laying around all over the place.

      23. My friends,

        The wind has changed. New things will happen and people will take the power along with their lost dignity and pride.

        Don’t let them scare you. Don’t let them divide us.

        We are with you. We will fight by your side.

        Don’t show any fear and don’t surrender your weapons.

        Be safe guys.


        • Good to hear from you my friend. Stay strong, stay safe.

          Your country is Ground Zero for the the complete takeover of every developed country on the planet. I wish more Americans (and Europeans) understood what’s happening and what the implications of this are.

          Take Care Manos.

          • Manos, great you hear from you and that you are alive.

            What will happen in a few weeks when the Greek government runs out of money? Another bail out by the EU or civil war?

            Best to you and your family. Stay safe.


            • Thanks, all of you.

              I feel strong. I am strong.

              The government is collapsing. Rumours speak of a bankruptsy and exit from euro.

              I’ll fight what’s coming.

              I want you to know that we are a proud nation. We are not thieves, or lazy, or whatever.

              Be safe.

            • manos…”lazy” is just the bankers in Germany and Brussels saying that they can no longer bleed any thing more from the Greek people. Hang them all.

          • We have a saying: “Don’t try to teach your grandmother to suck eggs” Kind of says she knows more about it than you do, so don’t be stupid. Ah well’ spelling is no doubt wrong but: “Molon Labe” Good luck

        • We have not ‘met’, yet, I value your posts from a part of the world that I feel/see/hear so many alrming events. Thank-you for your kind words and encouragement. I feel that it means a lot coming from you.

        • You probably are aware of the Greek Guerillas of the 1940s. They were all forcibly suppressed.

          • @ Comenius, YOU are aware that a growing number of people are “awakening” to the FACT that WE THE PEOPLE have the POWER. The FACT that WE THE PEOPLE have ALWAYS had the POWER. Decades of brainwashing have managed to suppress this simple, yet omnipotent TRUTH.

            “DOUBT DEALERS/DOUBT SEEDERS” such as yourself are either unwitting contributors to “keeping the LIE alive”…or worse. Which are you?

            “Resistance is futile, you are only debt slaves”. Open, coordinated resistance is the only solution. Sell your “go back to sleep” rehtoric somewhere else.

            Most here understand that disarming the population has numerous historical examples of preceeding the MURDER OF VAST NUMBERS OF SAID POPULATION. So your point about the “Greek Guerillas of the 1940s” would be….

            • I agree we are far from beaten! When the time comes, and it will, there will be tens of thousands, and more, will answer Freedoms Call, its in our DNA…We are not a Nation of sheep!We have never backed down from a Fight, and we won”t this Time!For all you Naysayers, go curl up in the Fetal Position, and wait for your Cowardly End!

              Semper Fi !

        • hold fast Manos!
          remember, if you get another bailout and another set of austerity, you might as well say Ἂν ἔτι μίαν μάχην νικήσωμεν, ἀπολώλαμεν

      24. They are not foolish, they are calcuated and very smart. The gov. could control the population by turning everyone against each other. Have an amnesty period, then have the sheep turn others in that were holdouts. Gov could stop supply lines into cities until reasonable conpliance was achieved. It would turn the entire population against one another. I would think with limited numbers compared to metro populations they would rather see the citizens tear each other up rather than going house to house with the military.
        I don’t think the goal of martial law would be complete lockdown but control of movement. I also don’t think they would be concerned about 100% success, they would be pleased with 75% and then use spare resources to round up the other.
        I don’t think looking at our population it would take a little more than blocking cable tv and then putting one big screen in a fema camp to get the sheep herded in that direction.

        • “Gov could stop supply lines into cities until reasonable conpliance was achieved. It would turn the entire population against one another.”

          That could certainly happen. Or, doing that could backfire big-time as the citizens rally in support of each other against the tyranny of a government that would pull this kind of BS.

        • An outsiders perspective of the US.

          Divide & conquer = oldest trick in the book.

          US citizens of the Muslim faith have endured mistreatment ever since 9/11. Popular opinion fueled by propaganda makes that OK, (same as it was OK to misstreat Jews in Germany).
          US citizens of Yemeni extraction have been targetted in a cruel way via legislation recently. Popular opinion doesn’t seem to be concerned at all.
          The race baiters are having a friggin’ field day – again even on forums like this noone stands up and says STOP.
          Extreme Xtian sects that want the end of the world to arrive.
          Class warfare is well underway thanks to the likes of the tea party & occupy etc – fed nicely by the job situation.
          Jobs or the lack of them mean more, & more have lost everything so have nothing left to lose & will shortly loose it!

          They won’t need any foreign troops, the recipe is summat like this:-

          1. add a lil more economic pain,
          2. a dash or two “trayvonn” style MSM reporting,
          3. a pinch of legislation targeting another minority or two,
          4. gently heat the class warfare trolls.

          STIR & the US citizenry will turn on each other!

          The ptb will sit back in their sanctuaries, and watch as neighbour turns on neighbour with those guns they are all so proud of owning and have spent their last 50c on.

          They’ll just come out when the shooting stops, mop up any useful survivors such as scientists or strong young men with the promise of a square meal.

      25. Thought I had posted this but the more likely scenario will be voluntary confiscation. Starving men with starving families in need of food, shelter, medicine will do just about anything, including giving up their firearms voluntarily for government assistance.

        • Or you can just shoot the sucker and eat him. Far more food faster.

      26. I feel a need to post this again..it’s just one opinion and another side of the brain thinking…peace..jayjay

        from JOel Skousen….TPTB or the Elite Plan..they will not collapse the dollar, but milk it in a downward slide till war comes; they are looking for a third world war which gives an excuse for two things:
        1) walk away from debt–which is unpayable; blame on the war for destroying all financial centers
        2) try to get all remnants of world together in an attempt to achieve a militarized world govt. to beat China/Russia and rebuild the NWO without national sovereignty and never return each nation’s sovereignty..they will have succeeded in gaining total control of the world.
        Faux news agencies/stations refuse to allow this published or aired…don’t want genie out of the bottle.

        (sounds pretty sane to me)

        • I agree… just one thing. I doubt our debts will ever be forgiven. Only the Gubmints.

          • think Iceland??

      27. Yes, an economic collapse is coming. Yes, it will possible to disarm the entire population. The government could require a search for weapons in order to get any help from the government. Those who refuse will be met with overwhelming force. All you need is one tank to blow up the house and kill everyone inside. And mow everyone down with machine gun fire. Everyone else will fall into line then.

        This is the lesson: it would be impossible to disarm the population unless you’re willing to kill a lot of innocent people or you’re willing to take a lot of casualties.

        • So search my house. I’ve got several guns I cannot find, I know I put them somewhere, I’d pay you to find them. You cannot search millions of houses first. And no I have no intention of atacking your tank. You going to live in it, forever. The Gov MUST get out of the tanks or it cannot function.

        • Consider that not even the Russian military wanted any part of shooting their own citizens. When the Russian government sent an army colonel and his unit to arrest, and shoot if necessary, Boris Yeltsin, the colonel ended up saluting Yeltsin and joining him. Can we really expect less from the American military? Does the phrase, “Oh, hell no!” mean anything?

      28. No martial law could ever withstand guerrilla warfare.

        • Of course it would. Again, you fight the resistance with overwhelming force and brutality.

          • Barn Cat

            The minuet no one works the system collapses and bringing tanks to fight civilians guarantees everything comes to a halt. In relatively short order the Military Industrial Complex has no industrial complex.

            “Again, you fight the resistance with overwhelming force and brutality.”

            Fighting a fly in your home with a sledgehammer gets you a broken home. All that brutality accomplishes in the end is to recruit more people against such brutality. That would initially be dealt with by government increasing the brutality which again recruits more people until government has lost all legitimacy and hence it’s ability to govern. In the end nothing runs, nothing works and any “victor” inherits a North American version of Mogadishu Somalia.

        • Emperor Titus, who conquered Jerusalem, might disagree with you.

        • Go read Che Guevara’s or Mao Tse Tung’s writings on guerrilla warfare. While you may disagree with their politics, they have an infinitely better perspective on the subject than you or I do. Both seem to agree that guerrilla fighters alone cannot win a revolution. History seems to agree with this as well since very few wars have ever been successfully waged against an organized military without an equally organized military to go against it. The exceptions can usually be found in one country: Afghanistan. There’s a reason why they say it’s where empires go to die.

        • ~Mr.G~

          Throughout the rest of the world (verbatim)….local patriots employ “guerrilla warfare”…..

          …..over here (USA)…TPTB are gonna experience something I call……

          …..”PIRANHA WARFARE”…..

          —-(there’s a difference, mind you!!!)—-

          • @Gunsmith, I am making a assumption, but IF “the visual” indicated by your proposal of ”PIRANHA WARFARE” is the one now stuck in my mind…a masterpiece of analogy.

            A lone pirahna can be irritating and even inflict some “painful” damage. A “school of pirahna’s” can render the largest creature walking the earth to a floating raft of skeletal debris in very short order.

            OUTSTANDING observation and suggestion.

          • Very good analogy. Guerrilla warfare doesn’t win head-on confrontation, instead it demoralizes and taxes the enemy to a point of its eventual retreat.

            Sun Tzu has a lot of interesting reading on it in the “Art of War”.

            No wonder the “Art of War” is a must read at West Point..

      29. Does anybody else wonder about those FBI agents that were on the run?

        The one they caught was charged with distributing kiddie porn and the story is simply too ridiculous to be believable. Do you really believe someone with 25 years as a fed under his belt would have the email address “pedodave”???

        What do they know that we SHOULD know?

        • The arrested agent’s previous investigations included United Flight 93 and the OK City bombing; the sources of both are very questionable.

          How long do you give it before he’s killed in prison for being a perv in order to shut him up permanently? There’s more to this than we are seeing on the surface.

          • Oh, you dont say, how convenient. UF93 and OKC..interesting

            and another good point you make on the vetting process..im sure the FBI of all would know if they had a perv in their midst. as if most of them are and should be able to know what one looks like. What an admssion of ineptitude.

            but all of the sudden..well lookie here.

            not to mention the setting up of Michigan militia members in a game of entrapment..turns out the fed was dirtier than the militia..nice gov. taxed game they play on us citizens with our own money eh? theres more to this, i dont think i need to get into as it should be well known already.

            so many people dont have their number..but that number is getting smaller..people are waking up some..there will be many more sacrificial lambs before the stampede, but as the corp starves itself by its own actions, is when we need to grow stonger in our resolution,(more unity) and take back what has been taken from us..and cast out the infiltrators!

          • @ Daisy, what appears “obscure” in reality means YOU earned the “dollar” yourself…rather than having it handed to you. When your own blood/sweat are involved, the meaning becomes personal and more highly valued. Now YOU own it, and respect it rather than relying on anyone else for the opinion/stance you take. That is the “core” of truth that will be, and is needed. Congrats.

        • Yeah I been thinking this too..they know something..

          I had an earlier post about it on another thread, maybe you missed it

          but you dont send 1/2 an army of guys out looking for a guy that left on his own accord unless theres some shit in the works..and you dont keep bringing up the point that he left and has his “service weapon” with him , if they dont plan on using it on him and saying they found him that way,,,.. with a bullet hole in his head ..an aparent suicide..ummhuh..sure..right.

          • I agree totally, VRF – your post is what initially put it on my radar. If you search this up there is an article on Huffington Post about one of the agents. I only just realized there were TWO agents on the run, not just one. I tried to post the link earlier but I keep getting a 404 error.

            No one will EVER convince me that these guys don’t know something that they “shouldn’t”.

            • ~Daisy~

              Seems you & I possess the “same” mirror……on different days!!!

        • And this is what scares me more than an army of insurgents coming to take our guns..
          All they need is paper…that’s right; paper that shows you bought that illegal _______(fill in the blank).
          It’s not exactly new to the corrupt govt to do these things…and don’t even get me started on photoshopping!!!
          We’re so screwed if they begin that kind of war.
          Sheeples believe anything in a photo—example??? Obama’s family, etc.

      30. You all are worried about martial law? We need to change the discourse. And the sooner we do, the better off we will be, collectively. One thing I often perceive among preppers on this site (and elsewhere) is a fear of death and other consequences. We all have to die sometime. The sooner we act, the more we’ll save. The question is, do we let TPTB bring it to us? Or do we reach the “Fuck-It Point” first?


      31. No need to take everybody’s guns…all they have to do is convince everyone that resistance is futile. Having a gun and having the guts to use it are two different things. Some will fight but many won’t.

      32. I believe what he says about the military. I also believe he is the most obvious plant that has ever existed. Honestly, he is ex military intel. I think the deal went something like this….”Mr. Rawles, we will leave you, your land and guns alone and all you have to do is lead us to them.”
        He runs a blog where readers do all the articles and posts and he gives stuff away, does guest phone interviews and hocks poorly written books.
        I expect a flood of thumbs down only because people are too scared to ask a harmless but obvious question. Could he really be planted to find the most armed, the most rebellious and the most likely to cause trouble when the shtf? I mean, while he preaches to keep your preps on the downlow, he posts articles where dorks get on there and list off everything they have down to the last toothpick. You’re telling me that craps not associated with an IP address? That those articles aren’t tracked? Where is the proof that he isn’t working with the gubment? I question everything. I question everyone. And I question motives. If you’re smart, you will too.

        • No, Irish Rebel..you are spot on…but then again, wouldn’t/couldn’t that be true of everyone??
          I’m still cautious; I’m still skeptical; I’m still prepping.

          • Absolutely it could be anyone. He is just seeming to put himself out there alot more this last year. Granted we are inching toward ‘something’ but I have seen him twice on mainstream news. That’s when my spidey senses went off and something didn’t smell right.
            Cautious, skeptical and prepping. You got it. Or as I like to say, the three F’s. Food Family Fortress.
            Good luck to you and yours.

            • you never quit the agency

              you’re just in-between assignments

        • “You’re telling me that craps not associated with an IP address? That those articles aren’t tracked?”

          Use TOR and post and surf anonymously.

      33. OT: Please take your time this week to check your food storage and vermin traps. Lost a large box of pasta and rice to mice this weekend.

      34. It would be crazy for them to try Marshall Law. Lets say they had every government employee, every liberal and everyone who gets free stuff or entitlements in the country on their side. They would have a little better then half of the population on there side. Just what do you think will happen to them when the Hopium and Cheese runs out?

        In my humble opinion they would destroy themselves and all we would have to do is stay out of the way for 6 or 8 weeks. The same scene would play out globally like a cleansing purge.

        To me Governments and Entitlements are cancers of civilization and there is only one way to eradicate it. Cut it out and kill it, whether internally or externally makes no difference.

        If we have a situation or scenario like described above Marshall Law maybe the least of our worries. It could also be an opportunity to hijack the government cheese supply line.

        There are risk and rewards to everything, the government already knows Marshall law won’t work in America. The Elite, Statist and the NWO are just about out of time and their major problem is they didn’t get our guns or economy. Their ideas and their EU prototype is collapsing down on themselves before the got total control. Though they wanted our guns, what they really needed was our healthcare to control our economy.

        We are in a 24/7 Propaganda cycle; nothing is what it seems to be anymore!!! Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum!!

      35. Then Jesus said to his Disciples, “When I sent you without a money bag, knapsack, or shoes, did you lack anything? But now, he who has a money bag, let him bring it, likewise a knapsack and A SWORD. If he has no sword, he should sell his coat to buy a sword”. Luke 22:35-36

        Jesus also said, ” Do you think that I come to bring peace on earth? I did not come to bring peace, but the sword”! Matt 10:34

        • For the last 95 years Marxist governments have taken control of populations, larger and yes, as well armed as ours. 1917-29 Russia, 1930-48 China. Check you history.

          Mao murdered 60-80 million after the Chinese civil war was over with. Castro/Kim still is and Putin is getting ready to do it again. (so is Obama?)

          They will inflate your money, they will increase your taxes until you can’t pay them, they will starve you and your family, they will arrest you. THEY WILL KILL YOU!

          Lenin said, “CIVIL WAR is the natural outcome of class warfare”. Which means that they are EXPECTING a civil war. God help us.

        • I think you should complete that and put it in its proper context. Anyone who loves his father or mother more than me is not worthy of me; (God).

          • I quoted the whole of verse 10:34. The context is Jesus bringing conflict/division to this world, not peace. Remember, Christ spoke in parables as illustration.

            The greek word for sword is very clearly just that, a sword, a weapon.

            Paired with the verse from Luke, which I noticed that you failed to mention, it is clear that scripture does not restrict the owning of weapons, or self defense. (Which was the point I wanted to make) In fact, the passage from Matthew instructs that we should expect conflict both within of families and our world, which very will might include self defense, or defense of another.

            What is more upright Friend, standing by and watching a woman getting raped, while praying for her, or pulling out a hand gun and stopping the act? Christian love comes in many forms.

            • Tushay!!

      36. A lot of talk out here, but on a very good day there will be only 10% of the gun owners that stand up to fight, look at history. At 10% that is a bunch of trouble for someone. Stock up on ammo with out that you have clubs, there is your gun control. Guys think 500 rounds are a gob and bunch, they have never ever been in a fire fight, or shot at. A degree from Nam Republic of H co 75 th. 1st Air Cav 70-71.
        Live Free or Die Standing up for What is Right

      37. NO shot needs to be fired by the NWO. America is being compromised politically to destroy the US Constitution and replace it with an Agreement under UN auspices.

        That Agreement is the North American Union.

        It will be voted into the law of the land by REFERENDUM while the US Constitution is dissolved by giving citizenship to illegals.

        ALL immigration needs to be halted, unless it is the spouse of an American living abroad.

        Illegals must be expelled. OUR sovereignty is at stake.

      38. Ahh,off the press.the Chicoms are granted to bypass Wall St and can direct bid for Treasuies.It nly gets better,were so screwed.Meanwhile,back to the finally of American Idol.

        • Good, Anyone that thinks we are ever going to pay off on that stuff is a fool

          • Were not gonna pay it off,thats why China will get it all,land,rights you name it.

            • tell them the fed is not part of the .gov,sorry take
              it up with them

        • 10mm

          The people getting screwed are the ones buying the US debt getting T Bills that loose purchasing power before the ink is dry (or as the key stroke is hit).

          Think the US standard of living has dropped? It’s far above where it should be in relationship to our real wealth creation.

      39. In the event of a tyrannical government arresting citizens for their political beliefs and associations in masse all an armed population does is forces said government to increase the violence to accomplish their goals. That is where the power lies because tanks and air strikes alienate the fence sitters and most often become a recruitment catalyst for the anti government forces. It was a common VC tactic to fire on Americans / ARVNs from a village knowing full well the US answered with a battery of 105 or 155 shells. Finding few if any true combatants the US would claim all were VC. After our forces left the VC would bring the people from the local area to see what the US did. It’s one very effective sales pitch. We killed six VC and swelled their ranks by a hundred.

        The ability to use massive firepower and the willingness to do so is usually counterproductive in a war involving civilians.

        Beware the UN Soldier with the basket of groceries.

        • There is much to be learned from communist revolutionaries in the area of propaganda should some form of civil war ever break out in this country. Islamic terrorists have learned these lessons well and know how to force the hand of their enemies into taking actions that can then be used against them to swell their ranks.

          • Vo Nguyen Giap at 101 years of age could have headed up a consulting company on how to defeat a superpower on your home turf. Lesson one, read The Art of War by Sun Tzu.

            • Lesson two: “The Prince”, by Machiavelli. Not for the one subject, per se, but for a wholistic view on government and the reasons for tyranny.

          • Winston, which side are you on? Islamic terronists? How about israhellish mossadic terrorists rigging the towers? bombing the USS Liberty? Blackmailing dunce Clinton? Imposing illegal alien Obongo? Assassinating JFK+? It’s SO easy these days to spot a shill, mole, troll, and traitor on the Net, why insist? Low IQ? If you are so sure 141 Mil armed and pissed Americans won’t fight and destroy their enemy, why not ‘try’ and just stop blathering?

        • Quite a few professional military writers have noted the failure governments to win 95% of modern asymmetric wars. Insurgents always win.

          • The South should have gone guerilla from the start and things might be different today.

            • The entire world would have been different without a unified US to fight in WWII. Hitler could have easily exploited racism in the South causing the North too many problems on the home front.

              It would make an interesting book.

      40. People put up with plenty of abuse from government, especially if it comes a little at a time so that we become accustomed to each new abuse before the next one arrives. They divide and conquer us. The politicians have sold out to the political lobbies so we get all sorts of laws that rig the markets in favor of the few at the expense of the many.

        We are sort of like battered women, thinking things will change or that we are powerless to get things to change, and just accept the abuse. But unlike battered women, we don’t have much of a possibly of moving since almost everywhere in the world some government will claim us as their subjects. At one time freedom is why people came to the US, but the US is becoming more and more repressive, hardly recognizable as a free country anymore. What we have is a form of slavery, with big corporations and other special interests getting laws that give them advantage so that wealth is transferred from the average person to them. The spate of repressive laws in recent times suggests that government is aware of the resulting growing dissatisfaction.

        There is some point where people will have no other choice but to revolt, simply because the pain of being plundered and controlled will become intolerable. The realization that this is the only choice we have comes to people at different times. I have heard more than once someone say that they hate what is being done to us, but unless they come for me, I am not going to fight back. Until enough of us are pushed over the brink, we will continue to be sheeple. But one day there will be some event like the happened back in 1775 when the British troops marched to confiscate arms the Massachusetts Militia had stored at Concord, and a handful of armed Patriots met them at Lexington Green. It will cascade as others are emboldened to act themselves in sort of a chain reaction, and we will quickly move to guerrilla warfare until one side or the other prevails. Maybe it will be quick like the end of the USSR when people demonstrated and troops refused to follow orders to fire on them. Maybe it will be long and terrible like when the South declared their independence in 1861 and Lincoln eventually decimated them.

        As far a gun confiscation, I don’t think they are suddenly going to show up at your door with guns drawn and demand your guns and ammo; this should all come to a head within the decade and I don’t think they have time to gradually do it either. More likely they will continue the pattern of restricting buying and selling and maybe make ammo more difficult to get through cost and restrictions. No doubt they are aware of growing anti-government feelings and want us disarmed.

        As far a financial collapse, I think that is probable. The “out of thin air” debt money system is unstable and unsustainable; this is because new money is loaned into circulation by the banks, which at first causes economic boom, but because boom causes prices to increase making the money buy less, and because the loans must eventually be repaid draining money from circulation, economic bust follows. The government and the Federal Reserve Bank have been playing this game since 1913 and it blew up on them once in the 1930’s giving us depression. Since then they have been trying to keep the expansion force of new money being loaned into circulation ahead of the contraction forces of higher prices and debt repayment. They were helped with increasing energy availability, particularly oil, after 1930 that also fueled economic advance. Each recession and recovery has taken us to higher price levels and higher debt levels, with greater difficulty in pushing off into the future the next major collapse. Looks to me like they may not be able to get away with it this time around as the contraction forces are just overwhelming. And to make matters worse, cheap oil is gone; what is left is expensive and this does not help the economy anywhere near as much as cheap oil did.

        There is danger to the electric grid. From what I understand much of it is at the end of design life. As the economy shrinks, there will be less capital available to use to improve the system, much less to maintain it. Plus the federal government keeps squandering our wealth on unnecessary wars, foreign aid, welfare (much more to big business than to those in poverty), and heavily regulating us. Just like a house that is not maintained, eventually it falls. And if we find ourselves forced into revolution to restore freedom, there is a high danger that the grid will be the target of sabotage and attack to deprive government of energy.

        I feel so very bad for young people. We seniors have managed to live most of our lives in favorable times, but none of us control the date of our own birth or the world conditions existing at that time.

      41. dont panic about the cold. even in iowa or minnesota you can not have any heat in a home and inside the house will still be about 35-40 degrees in very cold weather without heat. you can sleep in your coat and hat under the covers and be just fine. not practical for older people but you get the point. water is a key. or you can start a fire on a non windy night in the backyard in 20 degree weather and heat up.

      42. it is not political , it is biblical , luciferian satanic Jesuit black bible directed controlled from the roman catholic Vatican in rome italy

        it is not so important what you believe , it is more important what they believe

        they believe they have a right to kill All of you for the greater good of humanity and the earth , 90% of humanity will be cleansed by the NWO Luciferian Freemason Jesuit Zionists , so their antichrist may be reborn upon earth

        too know what they are going to do too All of you , you must read their texts

        they are going to use a global planned false-flag attack , multiple nuke attacks (fire) on ameriKan soil and biological (water.liquid. disease) weapons , combine this with economic financial crash and complete stoppage of food production and transport … to dominate cleanse sterilize the world of All none luciferians satanists

        your All properly – – – – !!!

        this is what is planned for ameriKa (babylon) , babylon (wash, dc) must fall so that the antichrist may come rule the earth

        a new world will be born from the ashes of old and it will be their luciferian satanist zionist zionic paradise where nature gaia mother earth will be worshiped as the druids did in times past

        all religions will become one

        all governments will become one

        all banks will become one

        all peoples will become one

        or you will be cleansed by the luciferian jesuit soldiers of zion

        this is their nwo u.n. globalist plans for OUR WORLD

        *** they did 9/11 as a practice run , a test , it was all faked , it was cruise missile that hit both towers wtc twin towers , not planes , as well as the pentagon , cruise missile hit all 3 targets , the planes were added digitally , and the buildings were imploded with syntax plastic explosives , just as was bldg 7 , 9/11 was a inside job by your own hi-jacked illuminati cia zionist run government controlled by the illuminati luciferian freemasons of england and the black pope jesuits of the roman catholic vatican

        its not political , its biblical!

        this is real , it is happening , prepare!


        • Gaia
          by Ron Leadbetter
          Gaia or Gaea, known as Earth or Mother Earth (the Greek common noun for “land” is ge or ga). She was an early earth goddess and it is written that Gaia was born from Chaos, the great void of emptiness within the universe, and with her came Eros. She gave birth to Pontus (the Sea) and Uranus (the Sky). This was achieved parthenogenetically (without male intervention). Other versions say that Gaia had as siblings Tartarus (the lowest part of the earth, below Hades itself) and Eros, and without a mate, gave birth to Uranus (Sky), Ourea (Mountains) and Pontus (Sea).


        • You stick your neck out further than usual on this one Nina, even most “die-hard truthers” can’t accept the “no planes conspiracy”. However, having done extensive “slow-frame and still frame” analysis…I conclude, NO PLANES. Some truely impressive “full speed holograms” and or video “photo-shopping” though.

          Gotta disagree with the “cruise missles” on anything other than the Pentagon. NYC, all three towers…pre-positioned “devices”. Those “devices” are the reason many/most first responders are now SICK/DEAD. Also the reason “molten metal” persisted for weeks. There is only one “device” capable of generating the “level of heat”, and it ain’t jet fuel, aka kerosene.

          Onward, through the MAN-MADE fog.

          • apples and oranges @ yental , my video’s shows winged large cruise missile striking both nyc wtc twin towers faster than 600 mph. passenger planes can’t fly that fast.

            i’m merely tryin’ to stir peoples brain juice. so they don’t forget their history.

            • At the end of the day WE live in, simply acknowledging that 9/11 was absolutely an inside job…is the predominat “step” that all AMERICANS must take. This action will insulate MANY from “buying the next one”.

              I think you might find “Scholars for 9-11 truth and justice ‘dot’ org” additionally informative. DR. FETZER’S research is difficult to dismiss or ignore. His research and conclusions have been “showcased” on other sites I still consider reliable.

            • god-does-not-play-dice dot net /9_11 dot html

              Dimi Chakalov is a physicist who disproves the mainstream theory of 9/11 on his site.

              His biggest question is regarding the “evaporation” of all that steel. If you click on the red picture at the top it will take you to your option of a zip file or a pdf.

              Link to follow

      43. I like Rawles, his website, his books, and have always valued his opinion, but in this case, I disagree…why?

        #1. recently the government has started to take children from there schools to undisclosed locations during live terror drills..(I firmly believe that people will give up there rights and freedoms to get their kids back)

        #2. There will be rewards presented to the general pubic to turn in his, or her neighbor.
        There are a lot of sheeple out there that would turn you in for monetary compensation or for food, or to get there kids back as well.

        #3. the government will be using shock and awe tactics, they will declare martial law, when the media announces a super flu goes (airborne) and telling everyone to stay indoors at home, showing everyone media clips of dead bodies everywhere, and bodies being burned, (THE SHEEPLE WILL BEND OVER AND HAND OVER THERE GUNS FOR THAT LITTLE YELLOW PILL) And the USPS will be delivering that pill door to door.

        #4. since only 1% of the public is prepping, were are vastly outnumbered by the sheeple!

      44. WOLVERINES!!!!

      45. rawles is better at writing military manuals , sucks as a story writer author , but i’m still glad to have his books in my collection. hate his constant reference to god in his books.

        and he’s wrong … ameriKa must fall for the nwo globalists plans to succeed.

        the nwo luciferian jesuits globalist freemasons zionist bilderbergers will do what they must to destroy the amerikan people and build their city of zion for their antichrist to reign from

        example’s … branch davidian compound slaughter , ruby ridge massacre , oklahoma city children day care bombing , 9/11 wtc twin towers bldg 7 pentagon , 7 7 london bombing , katrina weaponized hurricane with haarp and fukushima nuke plant implosion and nuke created tidal wave ; ARE ALL planned executed False-Flag Attacks done by our own illuminati luciferian zionist jesuit freemason controlled governments and military!!!

        too ignore history , is too repeat it , this is only the beginning


        • Names of Satan

          The Bible calls Satan by many different names. Each name has a slightly different meaning. The many other names for Satan give a fuller picture of who Satan is and what he does. There are more names for Satan in the Bible than for anyone else except Jesus Christ. http://www.markbeast.com/satan/names-of-satan.htm

      46. I’ve often thought about the fact that when they bring the civil war on, we patriots will not be killing those responsible, only their patsies in the praetorian guard. In reality, there is no real way to get to the leaders, at least until after the smoke clears. Then, they can be hunted down and hung. Not being a very patient person, I worried about this scenario for years. No more. I’ll settle for those who come and let the “judicial” part be handled by those groups who find the head vermin. After all, Nuremburg was anti-climatic compared to the march across Europe to get there. I can live with that.

      47. I have found a willing ear in my local farmer markets and garden clubs… I am a farmer in a smaller Northern Cali town and I can tell you that “everything” comes down to local at the end of the day… food sustainability, militia, county or local town “views” and “actions”… mainsteet does think about all this in small towns and they are armed. We have planted over 500 “fruit tree” through out our small county as part of our edible yards project throught the schools (buy a tree is a fundraiser)… While Preppers have a label they are not standing alone… Our local Walmart sells out of “hunting” ammo every week… just sayin…:-)

      48. American revolution would have failed if the King of France didn’t feel like helping America. And, by bankrupting the country for that, the King eventually lost his head.

        No country in the world will do the same favor to any insurgent against US army. Mao had Soviet help, Ho Chi Minh Chinese.

        • Louis wanted to stick it to England far more then help anyone.

      49. Fluoride toxicity, oops the water treatment plants have malfunctioned and we have accidently poisoned millions of potential terrorists,err, trouble makers,err citizens.
        There is more than one way to get rid of us all…

        • A couple of decades of useful flu shots that have proven so effective that they become mandatory under a national health program. What do you know sometime in the future “the formula” changes and the results…………

      50. The USSR collapsed by it’s own weight and the people in India just decided not to contribute their labor to fuel the British Empire. All civilian small arms do today is to force government forces to use increased violence to support their rule that generally is unacceptable for the majority. Every time a tank crushes a citizen they loose support. The threat from small arms require an increased level of overkill.

        In the end it’s all won or lost with the proverbial “Hearts and Minds”. In the end one must form a government acceptable to the masses. In the end dislodging an illegitimate government is easier then creating a legitimate one from the ashes when there are so many ashes.

      51. Do the math… 7 Billion souls on the planet.
        The elite will be planning some bad pandemics to “Cull the Herd.”

        I still think they will toss much at us at once…. Dollar collapse, pandemic, martial law, hyperinflation, food shortages. Keep in mind….when folks are malnourished they get sick. Better to have this in-house…as there will be a run on these.

        I researched this…these are the best masks you can find. N95 masks.


        • It’s my belief that none of this will happen. The NWO is being systematically defunded and defanged as country after country drops the Federal Reserve Note and starts trading with gold, oil, and alternative currencies. In fact, the NWO is on the ropes and circling the drain. Bankers are “resigning” in droves and mass arrests are taking place all over Europe and the rest of the world… and the mass arrests are coming to the U.S. sooner than most people think.

      52. Mister Rawles and Jack Spirko are two of the most sober minded voices in the prepping community today. Part of the problem prepping has is the image of too many tin hat wearing preppers seeing to many NWO consperices around every bend. When the news came out about the thirty thousand GI’s training for internal security work. The NWO types came out screaming that the NWO was out to get them. With out thinking thirty thousand troops would barley be adequate to keep order on the entire western seaboard. California would need most of them.
        I’m not down playing the threats to our liberties, but there are enough real threats out there with out going half cocked at every Internet rumor.

        Thanks for the article.

        • True… but you can’t really blame the knee-jerkers for freaking out over every headline and every real or imagined threat. They are sheeple as much or more than the average citizen is.

          A lot of people see the federal government as this all powerful force, when in fact, they have no idea just how fragile our federal government really is. Arrest the top few hundred pricks and it’s history.

        • uhhmm…really, so one goon per 1,250 californians might bring that cesspool under control….the anything west of the mississippi river will take a much larger force

      53. Disarm the population ?
        You’re joking right ?
        Now let’s think for a second eh …

        Let’s imagine SHTF, power is down, food is gone, water is out, people are panicking and rioting in the streets as is to be expected.
        What’s going to happen ?

        It’ll be dog eat dog time, everyone will be fighting/killing each other to ensure their own survival.
        A total disregard for human life will be everywhere.

        So… why would the government/police/home guard/whatever intervene ?

        It would be like you trying to control a cage of starving wild animals by getting in the cage with them. ie you’re putting your life at risk in a BIG way and there’s a high risk of you getting killed. Let’s face it – the civilian population outnumber the government goonies by what..a factor of 50 – 100 say ?
        Far better (strategically) to withdraw to a safe distance like those nice big underground military facilities most countries now have, and let the peasants kill each other in their quest for survival, then just come along in 3 months time to clean up the harmless stragglers.

        Would YOU do it differently ? I think not.

        • The harmless stragglers will be the toughest group of government haters ever seen

      54. I think that the arrogance expressed in the view that the gun-owning public can’t be disarmed is astounding. They can indeed be disarmed. What are semi-auto guns when faced with automatic weapons, heavy machine guns, grenades, mortars, RPG’s, armored APC’s, M-1A Abrams and Bradley fighting vehicles, artillary, Javlins, body armor, vx nerve gas, other chemical and biological weapons, and let’s not forget a little something called training and tactics. Will all the military turn on the American public? No. But if the Government offers to feed, clothe, and shelter your family so that they don’t starve or die like the masses, they just might. Think about it.

        • On what planet. In all but 2-3 cases, the insurgents have always won every conflict since 1945, regardless of the military capability of the “government” side.

          Using the USSR as a successful model, the population was already unarmed (Russia could barely provide weapons for its soldiers in WW1), and was broken by WW1, the civil war, man-made famines, mass deportations, and finally the brutal German occupation in WW2. The Soviets had to kill roughly 8% of the population and kept a constant 2% in gulags until the 1970’s in order to crush resistance. In the end they failed.

          Assuming the US government even attempted something like that, the shock would be enough to financially collapse the government, and probably destroy the world economy as well long before they could complete the process.

          • It would have changed if America didn’t supply Stingers to the Mujaheedin.

        • Zone Read

          We’re you on William Westmorland’s MACV staff in 1965?

        • there aren’t enough of “them” to execute it…there are more of “us” and we’re better armed

        • My father was an infantry heavy weapons instructor during WWII. He once commented A Machine gun it just a replacement for a backbone, A hundred men with Springfields (Bolt action 5 shot for you who don’t know) Up against a hundred men who don’t really want to fight, with automatic weapons ; will just be a hundred men with with the Springfields, and a spare machine gun at the end of the day

      55. I was waiting for the inevitable “survival of the fittest being the biggest threat” comment. Thanks.
        Now would anyone like to explain the error in logic to “Paranoid” ?

      56. Read all the comments, took some time. The one item not mentioned is retribution. I may be the nicest guy in town, and ready to turn in my gun. Suddenly my two brothers are killed trying to keep their guns from being confiscated. What would my extended family think of this?

        A confiscation of arms cannot happen overnight, and it won’t be everyone agreeing all at once to do it. There will be trouble, all it takes is a spark to start a fire. The American people now realize gun control is not to protect the citizens, it is to protect the people who want controlthe country.

      57. Certain survival fundamentals are required if the SHTF, but that is not news. Stock up for yourselves for at least 30 days worth. If it goes beyond that and the gov is not already bringing provisions to a neutral location but wants you to come to a fenced facility instead, then roll with the backup plan. If you need food, learn the supply CHAIN. Supermarkets are supplied from large local warehouses, which are stocked from bigger regional warehouses. Learn where they are in your city and region and keep that info to yourselves and maybe a few trusted fearless friends. Have a plan to access those locations if need be. Just remember the gov will also want those goods too so timing will be of the essence and the competition fierce.

        It’s all about intercepting supply lines if you want to weaken the enemy. Study a little war history and consider how easy access to our highway system is.

        Having “hunting” weapons will prove important, just make sure you don’t broadcast it to your neighbors. Someone else who is hungry is who you must be wary of. Forget anyone asking you or me to give up our boom makers, better and easier option is to get the desperate neighbor with the Prius to rat us out. A similar tactic was very effective in Nazi Germany.

        And as far as all these FEMA detention camps go, always be guarded of any undisclosed government activity, especially since it is obvious they are preparing for some event. But don’t forget that the gangs will be aggressive and try and control territories, people and property and LEO and the Guard will have their hands full. There will always be mayhem and groups of punks looking to bust something up.

        Don’t expect those brilliant Departments of Homeland Security and FEMA to do anything well, just consider all the guns they sent south and their impotence in protecting our borders. The last place you will ever want to be is under their incompetent thumbs. So for me and mine, our plan is to hunker down and secure the perimeter.

      58. 9/11 as just a practice run , a test on ameriKan society , it was all faked , it was cruise missile’s that hit both towers wtc twin towers , not planes , as well as the pentagon , a cruise missile hit all 3 targets , the planes were added digitally , and the buildings were imploded with syntax plastic explosives , just as was bldg 7 , 9/11 was a inside job by your own hi-jacked illuminati cia zionist freemason masonic run government controlled by the illuminati luciferian freemasons of england and the black pope jesuits of the roman catholic vatican church of rome italy

        its not political , its biblical!

        this is real , it is happening , prepare!

        “through deceit we will conquer the world” ~israeli jew mossad

        “white is black black is white ,
        good is evil evil is good.”
        ~black pope jesuits order of the roman catholic vatican


        • Your post sounds like the rantings of a schizophrenic. Whatever evidence does not fit your theory is automatically changed to match that which you are trying to prove. While I am not certain about the role of the US government in 9-11, I am certain that it was planes that hit the World Trade Center. Sorry, but there are too many witnesses to that effect to say otherwise.

          • Really?? Find one…give me his phone #, address, family info.
            Good luck!!

            There are too many REAL witnesses that say, there was no plane, just bombs…but this is old news!!

          • @Winston Smith … REALLY??? your an idiot…

            i have un-doctored video of the event from multiple independent sources douche-bag. with photo’s. not to mention tons of supporting video and reports , your an idiot sauvaunt and deserve what is coming. go back to watching fux news your government loves you , is here to help you. you live in a free democratic society. everything will be alright once we finally beat those damn cave dwelling towel head terrorists. drink more flouridated water. gmo’s are good for you. there is no radiated rain.

            ummmmmmmmmm can we say “dumb-ass” boys and girls.

            it’s asholes like you who make me think the luciferian freemason zionist globalists are right , 90% of humanity should be killed off!

            You just can’t fix stupid!!!

            • Wow. You seem to be someone who can’t make an intelligent argument so he/she resorts to name calling and bullying to try and shout down any opposition. I feel no need to respond to someone with an intellect so obviously inferior to my own.

        • You and I seem to be the only two that keep current on this disaster and what really happened..bravo!

          • How did they get 10,000 or so eye witnesses quiet? The film footage was fabricated in real time? The NYPD and NYFD that lost 100s of their fellows looked up, seen missile’s hit the WTC and then go on with the fabricated story.

            Utter nonsense.

            Now I never seen an airliner impact the Pentagon and never seen an aircraft debris from one. No ruts in the ground from wings, no wind impact marks on the building just one hole. That has had me scratching my head.

            • Oops Wing Impact not “wind impact”

        • semtex was used on wtc 1 2 & 7, not syntax…which you could use some work on (go to http://www.dictionary.com for a definition. aircraft flew into wtc a missile hit the pentagon…get your facts straight

      59. Zone Read you are right, but some will fight. One of the best movies out there is Red Dawn, in my thinking watch it and learn. But thats me.

        Live Free

      60. Zone Read you are right, but some will fight. One of the best movies out there is Red Dawn, in my thinking watch it and learn. But thats me.

        Live Free

      61. Stopping NDAA

        “Under sections 1021 and 1022 of the National Defense Authorization Act, the Feds claim THE POWER TO CLASSIFY PEOPLE in such a way THAT THEY NO LONGER HAVE RIGHTS.

        Today, in the spirit of the 19th century Personal-Liberty Laws, States and communities around the country are taking action against NDAA detention powers.”


      62. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VNEEFHk3q_4&feature=g-vrec

        It amazes me that the govt. are letting Obama be president.

        America is completely over. I no longer will fall for the drippy eyed patriotic crap. It’s over folks.

        Screw you Congress for letting all this crap go on.

        • Hey dude in case you don’t know it they are all the SAME, repub or dem one of the same just different idea’s on how to have total power. They all are puppets for the one worlder’s, everthing for them nothing for you!
          live free or die standing up

        • you all trolls live in tel aviv, or some ward in yew yoke? AFTER YOU and your trolls take Americans guns, the last one, then you can make your sissy claim. Why don’t YOU come and get’em, sissyster?

      63. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=endscreen&NR=1&v=X6tvti9um6k


        WASHINGTON – “Harrison J. Bounel,” an alias identified for Barack Obama by debt-collection and skip-trace expert Albert Hendershot, is currently being scrubbed from professional databases, the investigator reports.

        “I believe Obama supporters are trying to eliminate any and all evidence of Obama’s shady past from all public databases,” Hendershot told WND. “It’s the only explanation for why the alias ‘Harrison J. Bounel’ has dropped from sight in database searches on public records done for Obama’s Social Security number and home address in Chicago.”

      64. . . .

      65. Disarming the US population will be virtually impossible. However attempts of disarming specific cities, or at least most of its population, can be accomplished. Upon the declaration of Marshall Law the police will simply go from house to house and pick up every weapon they could find. They will announce serious penalties for the retention of weapons and offer rewards for weapons or turning in people who have weapons. If there is a shortage of food, they will offer food for guns. I suggest most people will comply with the Marshall Law requirements, except those who have decided that our 2nd Amendment is gospel. With the number of weapons in private hands they will never get all of them. Now comes the discussion as to what weapons should a private citizen own? Assault, hunting, sniper? Based on the fact that less than 10% of our population has any military weapons experience, I suggest one uses some common sense. For what purpose will you need this weapon? If you wish to protect your residence, think about a shotgun, a military or policy type riot shotgun. Nothing fancy or exotic, your basic military riot shotgun will do just fine. Next comes your all purpose rifle. You do NOT need a sniper rifle as most of you civilian snipers have no clue how to use it properly. Your average target will be no further away than 200 ft. with the occasional 400 ft. shot. Shots beyond that distance require training and not just rifle range shooting. Here again your all purpose M-16 will do just fine, either open sights or with a scope. If you are trained, perhaps an M-14 rifle with open sights or a scope would also do fine for selected shots, but the weapon is way too heavy for carrying around all day unless you have been trained with the weapon. It is also way too long for concealment. This leaves you to select a handgun. Again, depending on your training, I prefer a cal.45 auto, but that is me. A 9mm auto will do also just fine. Just consider also the availability of ammo. .45, 5.56, 7.62 as well as 9mmm ammo is fairly easy to obtain. Other calibers might be difficult to get ammo for. For hunting purposes the M-14 would also do fine, as I am sure no one will be concerned about the hunting laws in the event of Marshall Law and a food shortage. Avoid all that exotic nonsense about weapons as most people have very little real training with weapons and a high value sniper rifle will be of little use to them without any real sniper training. If you can take down a target from 400-600 ft. consistently you are doing better than most. Shots beyond that range will just get you killed as the opposing force will have night vision devices as well as thermal imaging devices. You get one, maybe 2 shots before you will be discovered and have to move from your hide out. Your M-16 is your all around defensive as well as offensive weapon which does just fine. It is easy to maintain and there is plenty of ammo available for this weapon. As a former Marine I think I know a little about weapons and because of this fact I stay away from all those other exotic weapons. The shotgun is an all-around defensive weapon and most criminals will respect this gun because of the reputation a shotgun has. Ammo is also fairly easy to get for this weapon. For my purposes these are all the weapons I would have for any doomsday scenario. Knowing however something about weapons I recommend highly for those who have no training with weapons to concentrate on other aspects of getting ready. Guns of any type should be your least worry and if there is ever Marshall Law declared, owning and using a weapon places you in a category from which you can’t return or escape. Taking a human life is a very serious act and should never be taken likely. Should you take a human life you can never escape its consequences. Chances are good during Marshall Law that you might get shot yourself should you use your own weapon. Be very sure about what you are doing as you can never return into anonymity once you have taken a human life. Unless you are defending your own life or that of your family, you will become the hunted person. Guns have given us our freedom, but they can also take it away.

      66. All this talk about live free or die sounds real cool, but have you ever thought what can happen to you if you start taking the lives of the opposing force during Marshall Law? You will become a target, a terrorist and they will hunt you down like an animal. During Marshall Law if you take that step over the line and shot someone from the force who is in power you can never again return into anonymity. You will become the hunted. It is therefore very important for you to be sure about what you are doing. Once that shot was fired you can’t turn back the clock. You are committed, 100%. I would therefore be very careful with such slogans like live free or die, because the chances are good that you will die. The opposing force which will have declared Marshall Law is not impotent. They have the best weapons and training there is and a lone sniper or fighter is no challenge for them. They will flush you out and kill you. The only way how to overcome Marshall Law and the opposing force is if most of the population supports you. Without their support you are hunted by all sides. With their support and hopefully some fellow patriots you might stand a chance, but most of your offensive actions will be ambushes, hit and run. For this reason no power will ever be able to take the United States in open warfare. Should there however be Marshall Law declared by our own government you won’t see too many Americans who would support you. We are still a nation of laws, regardless of the emergency and most Americans would not support any open rebellion against our government. We might curse our govt. but we would never support an open rebellion. We had one Civil War and we would never allow our nation to fall into another one. On the other hand, we might have another depression with food shortages or a natural disaster where criminals will try to steal what they can, like the LA riots, in such a situation private citizens will protect themselves and if this means using force to defend one’s family, so be it. But here to, be very careful about the use of deadly force. The emergency will be over one day and you will be required to answer for your deeds. If you acted in accordance with our laws you have nothing to fear, but if you acted like a cowboy you will have to answer for your deeds. So be very sure before you take that final step and use force in the defense of yourself and your family.

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