RAW VIDEOS: Rebels Shoot Russian Pilots As They Parachute; Chant “Allahu Akbar” Over Dead Bodies

by | Nov 24, 2015 | Headline News | 282 comments

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    Though details remain murky, a Russian jet has been shot down and both pilots have reportedly been killed. According to Turkish officials, the jet crossed into their airspace and was warned numerous times before being shot-down. Russia says that the jet was over Syrian airspace.

    What is clear is that both pilots ejected after their plane was hit. The following video shows rebel forces, presumably from the CIA funded Free Syrian Army, shooting at the pilots as they parachuted back to earth. It appears that both were killed on their descent.

    Once on the ground, a second video shows rebels around the body of one of the Russian pilots chanting “Allahu Akbar” – or “God Is Great.”

    Video: Free Syrian Army forces shoot at parachuting Russian pilots:

    (Video via Zero Hedge)

    Video: Rebels chant “Allahu Akbar” over dead Russian pilot’s body:

    (Video via Infowars)

    Last week Chuck Norris warned that World War III started when ISIS-linked terrorists killed over a hundred people in Paris, France.

    Today, amid much confusion as to who is on what side and why, NATO-aligned Turkey shot down a Russia military jet over what appears to be contested airspace, as both sides claim they were in the right.

    The only question now is how Russia will respond. A direct military action against Turkey is out of the question for one simple reason: an attack on one is an attack on all, according to the NATO charter.

    Karl Denninger of The Market Ticker explains:

    Putin is*****ed off, but there’s really nothing he can do about it.  Turkey is a NATO member, so any sort of military retaliation is off-the-board dangerous for him in that regard, and thus unlikely.

    Further, it does appear that the plane not only violated Turkish airspace but ignored warnings to leave.

    As with most acts when there’s a war on, the truth is one of the first casualties.  But it makes no sense for Turkey to fire on a plane over Syrian airspace, so at face value this looks like an incursion (whether intentional or not) and, if you fly a military aircraft over someone’s airspace after being warned not to, and Turkey has made clear that this is unacceptable to them, you get the consequences up the ‘chute.

    This will be an interesting diplomatic kerfluffle but I doubt it amounts to anything in terms of military or strategic importance.

    Stay tuned.

    Russia has two options. Either they strike back at Turkey and risk a confrontation with NATO allies. Or, as Denninger notes, they back off for now. The most likely outcome is the latter, but we can fully expect that Vladimir Putin will ramp up military engagements against Syrian rebels, including the Free Syrian Army going forward.

    These are indeed the opening salvos of the next great war, but it may be months or years before the powder keg is finally detonated and all hell breaks loose.


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      1. Typical behavior from the islamic savages and the us government scum.

        • Obola built this.

          • Russian SU-24 shot down by TuAF F-16
            – Was the Russian Sukhoi SU-24M equipped with integral chaff/flare dispensers that would help the aircraft to dodge air interdiction missiles?
            – Was the Russian SU-24M escorted by air superiority fighters such as the SU-27 or SU-30, that would help the fighter bomber to fulfill its mission and get the needed protection against potential interceptors coming from Turkey?

            APP-50 – Chaff/Flare Dispensing System
            The APP-50 passive jamming automatic units (decoy dispensers) are designed to protect aircraft from engagement in flight by airborne missile systems and air defence missile/artillery systems by dispensing radar/IR interference rounds. The dispensers are installed onboard aircraft, and can be controlled manually (from the control panel) or automatically. The APP-50 dispensers can be delivered in two variants: APP-50P for autonomous operation; APP-50A for integration into onboard electronic support systems. The dispenser can launch rounds (up to three types) in continuous, salvo, combined and emergency modes. Launch time intervals, number of salvos and number of rounds in one salvo (from 1 to 4) are set by operator or by the electronic support system.

            The APP-50 export delivery set includes: chaff/flare dispenser; operational documentation; single and group sets of spare parts, tools and accessories; test equipment; repair and maintenance equipment. Specific delivery set is customer-defined.


            Russia APP-50A
            Platform: SU-24M (12 barrel)
            International Electronic Countermeasures Handbook – 2004 Edition
            Page 92

            SU-24M firing flares (APP-50A)

          • Nobama.
            YUP he built them and so in essence Obama has KILLED everyone that was KILLED by ISIS and that means HE needs to be hung for treason!! and while we are at it, we need to remove all the scum from Washington and put in GOOD, DECENT, MORAL, US citizens!!

            • Obola DID build it, but it takes a “village” to implement TREASON on such a vast scale. Can you say, “District of Criminals” ???

              OWTFH !!! 🙂

              BTW Mac, one more night and a wake up for the best damn internet video entertainment ever. I can almost smell the popcorn !!!

              • DK,

                Are we getting a little thirsty for blood? We will soon witness some Russian blood sport at the expense of the allah hubakers. Hollande will be in Moscow next Monday and will likely get an earful from Putin.

                Louisiana Eagle

                • I noticed Mr. Denniger left out some inconvenient truths, and as usual, no fact checking here.

                  Turkey’s own documents submitted to the UN, before the pilot’s bodies were even cold, say that the Russian planes crossed into their space FOR 17 SECONDS BEFORE IT WAS SHOT DOWN. It also claims they warned the pilots 10 TIMES BEFORE THEY FIRED ON THEM. You do the math.

                  Try saying at normal speed “YOU ARE IN TURKISH AIRSPACE, LEAVE NOW OR WE SHOOT.” It takes about 20 seconds (with 1 sec pause between) to say it 4 times. Not 17. So even if it is true they warned them 10 times, or even 5, it took longer to warn them, than they were in Turkish airspace for. I imagine it was more like *fire*, THEN repeat 10 times as the planes lost altitude. I just hate being lied to.

                  Be that as it may. Nobody wants to talk about the fact that Russia had a signed understanding with the U.S. coalition that was intended to prevent this kind of thing. Turkey is part of the U.S. coalition. The mistake Russia made was in trusting a U.S. ally to do the right thing.

                  I said a few days ago that the west was not going to stand down against Assad. The west will not stop supporting terrorists and, if we keep giving this govt a pass, IT WILL BE MORE OF US BEING MURDERED IN OUR OWN STREETS BY U.S.-LED TERRORISTS.

                  In short, Karl should stick to what he’s better at: fearmongering with insider bankster information.

                  Y’all might want to look around for better information than this crap.

                  • Paul Craig Roberts provides good analysis:


                    Roberts notes that Turkey would not be likely to risk a confrontation with Russia unless the White House had signed off on the shoot down. I smell a deliberate attempt by our mostly jewish neo-cons – who hate Putin – to try to engineer another World War between two White nations, so they can kill off another 100 or so million White Europeans.

                    If I were Putin, I’d find out which politician in Turkey authorized the shoot down – and assign a team of ‘attitude adjustment counselors’ to reach out and ‘touch’ these individuals.

                    • Tucker, I agree someone in turkey needs to have an ‘accident’.

                  • Six,

                    Thanks for your comments. It looks like one of the pilots was rescued by their search and evacuation units. That was when their helicopter got shot down and one of their marines got killed. There is big potential for escalation. Both sides have skin in the game now against the various insurgent factions. Turkey was trying to protect their assets on the ground on the other side of the border. Russia’s base of operations is not too far either. It is difficult to say who are the Cowboys and who are the Commanches in this fight. The waters are so muddied and sooner or later something like this was bound to happen. It remains to be seen how good the Russians are at ‘precision targetting’. This may result in even more migrants to the West or further chaos on the ground and around the world. I suspect there can be no orderly transition and all parties are engaged. The show begins!

                  • Sixpack, Denninger might be related to Dave Hodges or even Alex Thomas.

              • DK,
                can you remember in anytime in the last 40 years or longer that our government HAS DONE ANYTHING for the good of this country? HELL NO!!!all they have done is screw the citizens and try to line there own personal pockets. we need new leaders and if we don’t we are DOOMED. period!

                • Apache54

                  New Leaders? The are no New Leaders. There will be no new leaders until a few of them get their ass kicked. They all promise, young and old, to do things and make things right. BULLSHIT! The fuckers want to get in office to further their own shit, the money and perks. They know they will be protected by an arm force and laws up the ass. They are NOT AFRAID of what the public will do to them. Until we can impress on their minds that their shit does stink, it will continue as usual.

                • The new leaders will all be the same as the past and current leaders. Corruption and greed is in their blood. Time to drain them of their blood. Otherwise there will be no change for the good of the non-elite.

                  • Nobama:

                    The blood of the elites is their MONEY. Their blood
                    is GREEN.$$$$$&$$$

                    If you want to drain the power of the elites, take back
                    control of finance/banking(criminals in white shirts).

                    The media depends on an audience to exist. Simply
                    exercise your right to abstain. If you don’t like it, don’t

                    Without money and media, government for the people
                    shall be born again.

                    • Amen to ALL of you guys comments!! NOW, lets get it done!

        • Maybe the turks had relatives on flight KAL 007 or flight MH17.

      2. To assume the Russians will “stay quiet” on this is sheer folly. No, they will nail Turkey hard. This IS World War III and it has already started a long time ago, during the “Arab Spring” that was fomented by the Obama Administration, they own this from the beginning.

        • Putin will have Turkey for Thanksgiving, roasted his way.

          • LOL Nobama, Put that Turkey in the microwave 🙂

          • LOL Nobama, Put that Turkey in the microwave 🙂

          • Turkey is not a pushover. They have their ambitions and a history of centuries of boots on the ground in the region with some serious legitimate claims. The Turkish military establishment is not to be trifled with either and may see this as an opportunity to make their own political moves having been suppressed by Erdogan’s ruling faction for so long. There are so many undercurrents in the whole situation that anyone of them could drag a player down. It will be hard for anyone to remain above the fray and maintain an upper hand. What is the role of Israel? Sooner or later they will be implicated as well. I can not see Russia playng along with West.

        • NATO is not as a rock solid as the official narrative would have us all believe. Hence Russia, going back to the Cold War, always predicated its plans for dealing with small NATO nations on that premise. This is why today the Baltic states are in a panic because they know NATO will hang them out to dry if push comes to shove and Russia moves in to reoccupy. This view of Russian contempt for NATO is cemented by declassified British materials in a book called “the Secret State” by Peter Hennessey. In short, Britain assumed Russia did not take the mutual defence commitments of the NATO members seriously, at least not in regard to the lesser NATO members.

          That said, the only ultra solid military alliance in the West (as far as I am aware) is the UK-US mutual defence treaty which is much stronger and more comprehensive than the NATO arrangements. It’s like we have to go down together if necessary and in the interim, we collaborate on almost everything.

          • Jay the USA has stationed small detachments of American troops in the Baltic states to deter Russian aggression and is willing to sacrifice these troops to unite the Europeans under NATO.

            The Scandinavian countries are integrating their military’s and would likely join the fray through Finland, or counter assault the Baltic’s by sea.

            Yes, the Russians could wipe out these American troop detachments (5,000) in a NY minute but that would trigger a US response with NATO as the managing entity under Article V. NATO has prepped for such an event.

            Germany and Poland would mobilize, bolstered by assured US involvement. Even if the Russians by-passed Ukraine, attacking only in the North, it is likely that Poland and Germany could halt the Russian armored invasion somewhere on the plains of Poland, if the conflict were limited to conventional forces.

            Poland is well armed today with a strong air force, as is Germany, and has a militia of a million men who practice to support their army, like a national guard. These militia are VOLUNTEERS and train at their own expense; not unlike 100 million American gun owners, many millions of whom are ex-military well versed in war.

            It is likely that Russians would not just occupy the Baltic States in a first strike against NATO, but would use tactical nukes, according to their war plans, and strike along the entire front, engaging Ukraine and seeking to push into Europe through the Balkans, where they still have sympathizers.

            This conflict would escalate rather quickly with Pershing missiles in Germany in the response. But even the Russians know that a nuclear war is not winnable,by anyone, and conventionally, they just do not stack up against NATO and a European population that is almost four times the size of the Russian population. Notable in an extended engagement.

            And France? Paris will be burning and France’s small army will have its hands full of Jihadists.

            To add insult to injury, Turkey today also has a modern military in support of NATO and a very large army. Russia could not win a conventional war with NATO. Period.

            That said, I would not want to live in the Baltic’s, Balkans, Poland, or Ukraine where the bulk of this conflict would take place. 🙁

          • Same sill narrative repeated…the Russians want to invade the Baltics….why? I doubt if the Russians care except if ethnic Russians are systematically being murdered in these countries. Other then that I can see no reason other than NATO bullcrap and there is a lot of that.

            • The Russians have to go through the Baltic’s, the Balkan’s, Ukraine, and Poland to get to the heart of Europe. The lowland plains along the northern border are the easiest route against the smallest foe, for 14,000 Russian tanks if they are all working. 🙁

          • Which Europeans are going to go to war over Turkey? Turkey is turning hard-core islamic savage and should be kicked out of NATO.

            For years, Turkey has been trying to get into the EU so the jihadis would have less trouble getting into Europe. With the EU now opening the gates (and soon European women’s and girls’ legs) widely, Turkey no longer desires EU membership. The job is done.

          • “NATO will hang them out to dry IF push comes to shove and Russia moves in to reoccupy”


            Russia has done absolutely nothing to suggest they wish to ‘occupy’ anyone’s territory—HOWEVER, the U.S. has destroyed and occupied a half dozen defenseless countries in this area of the world…not counting it’s 1200 military bases sprinkled all over the world,, and it’s plans for even more.

            I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: “Paid trolls always REVERSE the facts to the EXACT opposite of reality and DEFLECT the blame for everything…Always. Don’t let the trolls manipulate you.”

            • Is there a way of stopping uninformed people like sixpack from commenting? I mean, if one has something to say based on knowledge of the subject, that is fine, but this person simply lacks such knowledge.

              He seemingly knows zero about: Eurasianism, “De-Atlanticisation of Europe”, Russian defector literature, the Lithuanian government’s recent guidebook sent to its citizens advising them how to treat a Russian invasion, and several other relevant subjects. A decent primer might be J R Nyquist’s blog…

              • Jay in UK, WHOA THERE! 1. Sixpack is a female, NOT a male. 2. She is much more informed than you and knows damned well what she’s talking about. 3. She is of Russian descent so she knows more about the mindset and character of Russians. 4. NO, THERE’S NO WAY SHE’S GOING TO STOP COMMENTING AND I SUPPORT HER. 5. YOU CAN GO F#$% YOURSELF, YOU LIMEY BASTARD.

              • Jay in UK, first go and kiss your queen’s ass and then suck on Charles’s 2 centimeter dick before commenting on American patriots such as sixpack.

              • Gay Jay in UK, go back to watching BBC you liberal troll. Sixpack has respectfully earned a permanent chair on this site so back off.

            • Sixpack, spot on. We all know that trolls are notorious liars.

      3. Months or years? Here we go again. Get ready for another long wait.

        • Gone,I am more then willing to have a long wait before WW3,in fact,willing to wait many lifetimes!

          • I am also good for a long wait.

      4. Like I stated earlier, this could be the start of WW3, we are not in control of what goes on in this earth, we can only react to the consecunces.(spelling…)

        No fear, eyes open…

        • I really wish all could take a chill pill.
          Or maybe a laffer and smile pill.

          I know, just dreaming again…

          Yall behave and be well, take time to tell all you care for “Luv u all”…

          • Russia just declared that they have order their military to shoot and destroy and known threats to them. The shits getting real. The Neocons in Washington must be masterbating at the thought of a hot war with Russia and if they keep this up that’s exactly what they are going to get.

            • Perhaps all Zionist occupied lands will soon be freed, including the Zionist colonies on the Thames, Potomac, and Hudson Rivers.

              • I’m not Religious, but … wouldn’t that be a Blessing!

                • Wait until ISIS/US Rebels sink the Flagship of the Russian Fleet in a suicide attack, or their one aircraft carrier ….. We ain’t seen nothing yet.

                  Then things will get really jiggy!!! 🙁

                  • Who needs aircraft carriers, when they can shoot the same missiles from ships sitting in the Caspian and Mediterranean seas, and still hit terrorist encampments dead on, from a couple of thousand miles away? Don’t make me laugh so hard — I spit coffee on my keyboard…

              • I get so tired of hearing that ‘Zionist’ garbage I could puke; turn it off and say something that makes good sense. We need more legitimate information and discussion, not name calling, trash talk, and other non-sense.

                Blessings on us, and may we share helpful, informative, and uplifting information without the vitriol I see on so many of these comments.

                Blessings on each of us, may we be a blessing to others rather than tearing things down and destroying others.God in heaven help us.

                Son of Liberty

                • You are blind in one eye and cannot see out of the other eye, Son.

                  Zionism’s prime directive is “tearing things down and destroying others.”

                  See “Jewish Terrorism & Genocide—A Partial Listing” and “Who is human? Who is not?” on my website: Judaism101.proboards dot com

            • The Russians have their limits just like anyone else. Those sandniggers shooting at 2 helpless pilots while they’re parachuting to the ground is a violation of Hague and Geneva Conventions. I don’t care who’s at fault. The Turks didn’t have to shoot down that plane. They’re the ones along with Saudi and Qatar sending aid to the rebels who are no less savage than ISIS. The Turks are going to be biting off more than they can chew with Russia. the Turks will pay a price for this, just don’t know what form it will take.

              • “shooting at 2 helpless pilots while they’re parachuting to the ground is a violation of Hague and Geneva Conventions”

                AMEN Brave!

            • I think all are nuts. It won’t be their children and grandchildren who die.

              • Correct! It will be the young stupid kids that volunteer for the military without looking into anything first. And the psycopaths that join to attain control over others and kill people “legally”. If you let your kids join the zionist army and be cannon fodder then you deserve to die with them ….

                • Purposely destroy our economy so the unemployed youth have no choice but to join the military to eat.? The ones that want to get out To what food stamps No wonder the suicide rate is so high.

            • And the Russians will kick butt, simply because we tell our guys in the air, on the land, and sea to follow a massive list of rules of engagement. ZERO civilian casualties, warn ahead of the strike, apologize for any and all boo boos to “non-combatants etc. The Russians will simply flatten any and all, and keep going. Thats the winning attitude. Sanitized engagements are a load of crap. War sucks and you win at all costs. Its why Ukraine and several other places are now Russian controlled. The American politicians have lost several wars in the last few decades with this crap. Its why I left the service.

        • OK!! We get it allahu is really Akbar…..but for God’s sake why do you goat f**kers have to say it over and over again!!

          At least we finally have some video to back up questionable plane crashes. I find it funny somehow Russia has become the bad guys. Why would we not just let Russia stay over there and do the heavy lifting for us. Why not let them spend their lives and treasure fighting “isis”. Anybody with half a brain knows the answer to that question. Because our primary objective is to overthrow Assad and “isis” is little more than our proxy, funded, organized, armed, and very well marketed by the evil lying pricks that run the U.S. or the M.I.C. or TPTB or whatever you want to call them. I just call them evil lying bastards, the whole lot of em

          • And I’ll say this too…

            My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones of these fallen Russia pilots, I can only imagine how they must feel having to watch their loved ones laying bloodied and dead surrounded by a bunch of laughing screaming goat f**ckers (THAT WE SUPPORT!!)

            But get used to it people…that’ll be our boys over there dying for LIES soon. And half you ignorant people will stand waving your flags chanting USA!! USA!!

            GET THE HELL OUT OF SYRIA!!!

              • Speaking of bullshit, Why in the hell would Turkey shoot down planes barely over the border (if true) of some one they are friends with? They get a lot of nat gas from russia and almost sided with them. I would be willing to bet WE shot those planes down just to stir the pot. Makes no sense at all for turkey to do it. Can you say false flag?

                • Another bullshit thing I thought of. If israhell wanted to take shit from syria the smart thing to do would be to bomm the shit out of them, make them refugees, take all the pissed off fighting age men and get them out of the country so they won’t be a problem (relocate them) then when they are not there (no longer a threat) you have a lot less pissed off men to deal with when you take over. Makes perfect sense to me.

            • RH, our boys have already been and still are dying in Afghan and Iraq for lies, like BIG OIL, for one.

            • My heart is with you HR. A life is a life. I don’t care what country you’re from, my American heart breaks for what goes down these days. The local news is disturbing enough but the World News is just heart wrenching.
              May we all remember to tell all of our loved one’s how much we love them, care about them and wish them all the best that life has to offer.
              God Bless All!

              • Amen tish.
                As you have posted before, I see orbs.
                Weird to see, then photo digitally.

                Keep a record of your dreams.

                Ihave had many, and a few became real life.

                Make one wonder…

              • Tishie, spot on. I have the same sentiments concerning the Russians. Our own govt. created al-Qaeda and Islamic state. They’re both being harbored and supported by the damn turks. I hope Putin wipes the sandniggers off the face of the earth.

            • ❤❤❤❤❤

          • If the world was right, we would be supporting Russia to the hilt. They are responding to what was done to their people. Don’t forget: the horrific things Muslim terrorists have done to Russians: murdering school children, blowing up passengers on trains and planes etc.

            As some wit said once, “All my life I thought the US was Luke Skywalker: always there fighting for what’s right, helping anyone in the world who wants freedom, democracy, to make a buck and better themselves. And then one day, I just looked at what life was really like in the US, how our government behaves, how treats its soldiers and others, and I realized I was living on the Death Star, the US president is Darth Vader and we were the bad guys.”

            • The Russians have not forgotten who killed 61 million Russian Christians… and it wasn’t Muslims. The tribe likes to boast how much smarter they are than Gentiles, but they aren’t smart enough to learn: “For they shall sow wind, and reap a whirlwind, there is no standing stalk in it, the bud shall yield no meal; and if it should yield, strangers shall eat it.” Osee (Hosea) 8:7

              • site the history for us please ” who killed 61 million Russian Christians”

                I seem to recall the soviet government did this to their own people.

                • grandee, stop smoking what you are smoking or read more.

                • Grandee:

                  The soviet government you site in your comment was overthrown in 1918 by a group of Bolshevik Jews. That is when the killing began.

                • The Bolshevik communists. Carl Marx . Real name was Mordicia Levy the son of a Jewish rabia. Trotskys real name was Bronstien. Stalins real last name translated means son of Jew. Get the picture?

                • Grandee – you believe it was the result of the Soviet Government, because this is what you were told or learned from the indoctrination centers called Schools.

                  There is plenty of historical information on the Web that confirms it was the direct result from the Bolshevik Jews.

                  In reality, communism = Jewish.

                  Even Jeff Rense covered this chapter for his Christian followers to know and understand what happened during this Revolutionary Time in History.

                  Kind of a long read – but a good place to start to learn the truth.

                  ht tp://www.rense.com/general86/realholo.htm

                  • Jewish Bolshevism also known as Judeo-Bolshevism is an antisemitic canard (a false story inciting antisemitism) which alleges that the Jews were at the origin of the Russian Revolution and held the primary power among Bolsheviks.

                    Similarly, the Jewish Communism theory implies that Jews have been dominating the Communist movements in the world. They are part of the ZOG conspiracy theory, which asserts that Jews control world politics.[1] The expressions have been used as a catchword for the assertion that Communism is a Jewish conspiracy.

                    The expression was the title of a pamphlet, The Jewish Bolshevism, and became current after the 1917 October Revolution in Russia, featuring prominently in the propaganda of the anti-communist “White” forces during the Russian Civil War.

                    The conflation of Jews and revolution emerged in the atmosphere of destruction of Russia during World War I. Many Russian Jews had actually volunteered to serve the Tsar in the war, and in 1914 there were at least 400,000 Jews serving in the Russian army. By the end of 1915, some five million Polish Jews of the Russian Empire had become subjects of Imperial Germany, the consequence of the Russian defeats.[7] When the revolutions of 1917 crippled Russia’s war effort, conspiracy theories grew up – even far from Berlin and Petrograd, many Britons for example, ascribed the Russian Revolution to an ‘apparent conjunction of Bolsheviks, Germans and Jews.’ [8] And in fact the Wilhelmstrasse had looked at the possibilities of a public embrace of Zionism.[9] A recent history of the intended use of world religions in World War I, concluded that “neither Max Bodenheimer’s committee of German Zionists, nor the Zionist Executive, nor any kind of organized international Jewish network had much of anything to do with either the February or October Revolution.”[10]

                    The worldwide spread of the concept in the 1920s is associated with the publication and circulation of The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

                    History of the Jews in Russia
                    ht tps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/History_of_the_Jews_in_Russia

                    • my above comment is in moderation

                      more truth

                    • Your above comment is anti-factual, so is stereotypically Jewish.

                      Though “Jews” were only 1 or 2% of the Russian population, over 30% of the general party membership and over 90% of Communist command and control were Jewish—60 million died in the USSR; if you blame Rabbi Hess and Marx for Mao, add another 75 million dead.

                      “Jews” created (Rabbi Moses Hess and his disciple Marx), financed (Rosenwald, Kuhn, Loeb, Schiff, et al.),
                      propagandized (Ehrenburg, Mikhoels, Khaldei, et al.)
                      exported (Kun, Eisner, Zimanas, Rozanski, Pijade, Rakosi, Olszewsi, et al.), and mostly ran Communism (Lenin, Trotsky, Zinoviev, Sverdlov, Litvinov, Andropov, et al.),
                      their secret police (Beria, Yagoda, Bronstein, Yurovsky, Pauker, Slutsky, Gay, Speigelglas, Babel, Zederbaum, et al.),
                      and gulags (the Kaganovich family, Berman, Frenkel, Firin, Rappoport, Kogan, Zhuk, et al.).

                      Sources are linked at my website (including dozens of quotes from “Jews” boasting that Communism was theirs and the recent English translation of Solzhenitsyn’s monumental Two Hundred Years Together.

                • Who were the “Soviets”, Grandee? Who were the active plotters and fomenters in the revolution? Who were Stalin and Lenin, really? Read some books, it won’t kill you…

                  • Actually reading Bloodlands (Timothy Snyder). A fairly well documented piece of work. Only up to page 153 @ moment.

                    Have yet to see anything resembling you folks above statements.

                    As usual–no one wants to site their source.

                    And since you all brought the subject up, you get to site first.
                    That is, if you want to be credible.

                    Heinrich Karl Marx (Moses Mordecai Marx Levy, 1818-83) was born of wealthy parents. When he was six, his family converted to Christianity.

                    Largely non-religious, Heinrich was a man of the Enlightenment.

                    Young Karl was baptised into the Lutheran Church in August 1824.

                    This Jeff Rense: an American radio talk-show host and conspiracy theorist. His show, Jeff Rense Program, was formerly broadcast via satellite radio and remains available online.

                    The Anti-Defamation League and The Southern Poverty Law Center have determined that Rense promotes anti-semitic views

                    Stalin–Because of his later involvement with Marxian communism; some have speculated on Stalin having Jewish ancestry. In the 1930s, some in the Ukrainian diaspora[1] claimed that Jughashvili was Georgian for “son of a Jew”. However, the name means roughly “son of steel”, which makes sense that he chose Stalin (Russian for “steel”) as a nickname. The Georgian word for Jew is not Jugha but Ebraeli or Uriya.[1] The claim that Stalin was Jewish is therefore false.

                    OK– read enough for now. I’ll check back later.

                    • Grandee, do you REALLY believe that ADL and SPLC are good sources of information? You’ve been seriously misled if you believe them.

                    • Marx was a disciple of Rabbi Moses Hess. Marx was a descendent of long line of rabbis and he affectionately called Rabbi Hess “my Communist rabbi.” Rabbi Hess was quite clear that he had developed Communism to destroy Christianity and Christendom. Marx continued the work of his rabbi. While some insist that Marx was a satanist (based on a single poem), such claims fail to recognize the overt occult roots of Kabbalistic Judaism.

                      Michael Hoffman’s Judaism Discovered has an entire chapter detailing Rabbi Hess’ role in founding Judeo-Communism.

                      And, Grandee, please learn the differences between the homonyms “site” and “cite.”

                    • Ok Brsveheart1776, there is this :

                      Jeff Rense, owner of the Rense Radio Network, hosts radio programs by well known racists and anti-Semites, including former Klansmen Don Black and David Duke. But Rense is not just the CEO of a hate radio empire, but a fellow ideological traveler and a self-professed friend of many extremists. He frequently hosts anti-Semites and Holocaust deniers on his own radio show, often endorsing their opinions.


                      Smooth and articulate, without anger or accent, talk show host Jeff Rense, 69, serves a six-hour smorgasbord of Jewish conspiracies, government-sponsored space alien abduction reports and an odd mix of New Age insights to tens of thousands of Internet insomniacs every weekday night.


                      Jeff Rense’s Seventh Ex-Wife Speaks Out: “Jeff Rense on air is the sweetest, smartest, gentlest man around. But the real Jeff Rense is a monster.


                      Jeff Rense is an Ashland, Oregon-based Internet and satellite radio host who maintains a virulently anti-Semitic Web site, Rense.com. Many of the posts on Rense.com link to some of the most virulent anti-Jewish writings on the Internet.

                      On its front page, Rense.com often features anti-Semitic images by the conspiratorial artist David Dees, including some that explicitly deny the Holocaust.

                      Yep, I really need to read more about this guy. NOT.

                    • site–as site you get your info from

                      you know: .com .gov a web site

                      site your info comes from

                  • my comment to you all is being moderated.


                    Perhaps I speak the truth.

                    We’ll see if it makes it through.

                    • Well, still in moderation.

                      Long weekend

            • Frank Thoughts

              The US has done good for many but also hurt many too. South Korea is a shining example of good. Central America and US support for its dictators, that have death squads trained by the CIA, that kill Catholic Priests who call for some reasonable relief from poverty was (is) disgraceful.

              The power elite that actually run the show are not immoral but rather amoral.

              • “The power elite that actually run the show are not immoral but rather amoral.”

                Sorry, but I don’t see much of a difference in the results. Wrong is wrong, regardless of whether you knew it was wrong and did it anyway, or just didn’t give a damn if it was wrong and did it anyway.

            • We all grew up believing that. About 40 years ago we became the Dark Force and all in our government contribute to the Dark Plan.

          • Not only goats, but Camels too. On convoy one day and lo and behold there was this guy on the side of the road, in front of Allah and everyone, giving it to a camel. The last vehicle in the convoy pulls over and I found out later they stopped him from F**king the camel. Sick!!!

            • That is called a ‘trysexual’.

              That is when one screws anything…

              Sad state the world is in…

            • 72 virgin camels.

            • F**in a camel is the least of our trouble. They should have shot him and moved on. Don’t waste time on little stuff that is a symptom of the filth at the top.

              • ❤ ❤

              • According to the Koran, they must now stone the camel…

          • They keep repeating allahu Akbar because they’re trying to convince THEMSELVES. At one time the Islamic civilization was much more developed than western civilization. Islamic culture seems to have come to a screeching halt around the time of the so-called prophet muhammud.

      5. This is like drone hunting in your own back yard. It’s never out of season. Only illegal laws are.

        • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

      6. I cannot recall another time where there has been so many dangers on so many fronts that are accelerating towards SHTF at such a quick pace.

        Stack up, get back up, and above all, get ready to sack up..

        • Silver Lodge

          On Google News it was stated that Canada will take 100,000 Syrian refugees in 2016.

          Think about the impact.

          USA and Canada are about to be over run.

          The thing that pisses me off is what these refugees bring into both our countries and I would add those who come into the USA by the southern boarder. I should not have to be thinking about these potential problems and danger. Those in power allowing this migration should be protecting its people. But they do not for whatever reason. I will not have any pity when they rape and kill family or do hideous crime. Placing more strain on our Justice System.
          The short sighted goals of the Goodie Two Shoes will bring much pain.

          When you encompass everything going on in the world.

          “The Days of the Prosperous and Freedom Loving Nations of the World, are surely Numbered.”

          • slingshot

            its all about 2 things

            one VOTES
            the left and the liberals ( including the self loathing idiots ) worry about votes they “help ” people with the idea that later these so called helpless idiots will vote D in all elections

            and second its about feeling superior
            i have seen it a thousand times so called Liberals HAVE to think they are better
            its what rules most of their thoughts

            IF i help this person i am better then everyone else Etc

            one flaw that most liberals have is they love to brag it seems that most cant cross the street with out posting some Look at me type comment or bragging to all their friends about all the good they did today

            its like the old saying that if you have to brag you must be in serious doo doo

            skittle shittin unicorn

            • SSU

              Here is another problem that pisses me off.

              When you ask for an explanation they answer that they can not divulge the information due to “National Security” Now I’m telling you This “National Security” is going to get us to WW3. It is not about National Security. The Dumb Bastards did something wrong. Later on they are caught in their lies but never are the “T’s ” Crossed and the “I’s “Dotted. Always leave doubt.
              I would rather have the Politicians get into a Boxing Ring with me. I would ask the questions and if they answered, National Security. Well you know.
              I’m tied of it all. I’m about done with it all.

              Is it a crime on Seniors, If an Old Guy Beats up an Old Guy?

              • its all about the so called National security BS

                in reality its all lies to keep us in the dark

                and it doesn’t matter what your talking about its all hush hush..

                i think its way past time to start the revolution and we start hanging some of these a hole politicians

      7. All of this is getting way way out of hand; its downright dangerous for the entire world.

        Oh, Turkey gets about half its Natural Gas from Russia. If Russia cuts the supply the entire dynamics change as the US/UK now claim that Natural Gas is being used as a weapon. That justifies the efforts against Assad and the root cause of a Natural Gas pipeline.

        Its dare, double dare, check, checkmate and boom. Multi billionaires in control of trillions are 7th grade school yard bullies.

      8. Sad thing is, we will never know the truth. The west and Russia are both going to protect their interests…and the propaganda will continue from both sides. US says they are fighting ISIS, and Russia. Is targeting rebels.
        Russia says they are destroying ISIS while the USA tries to take out Assad

        • The entire problem is that the west thinks that every fucking thing that goes on on this planet, is “their interest.” We have no business kicking up sand in the middle east — THE NWO ELITES DO. They will be the ones who profit, not us and not our stupid govt and certainly not the countries and their people that we destroy in the process.

          “…and the propaganda will continue from both sides…

          That’s EXACTLY how they brainwash people to legitimize murder and hegemony. You know, it just might be that NOT EVERYBODY IS A LIAR – maybe it’s just the NWO elites who run this mess. As long as they can keep everyone doubting everything and everyone, THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT.

          Don’t buy that crap.

      9. I suspect Putin will go Judo on Turkey. He will not directly attack Turkey or threaten them. Instead, his vengeance shall be of the silent but deadly variety: like a bad fart.

        The Putin response: the rising mist of flatulence

        1) Area bomb the hell out of the rebel territory that did this. Maybe even roll something nice out such as napalm. “Gonna cook me some Muzzies tonight!!”

        2) Arm the Kurds with the best money can buy to take down Turkish fighter aircraft on their own time

        3) The cyber war: leak a ton of crap online that shows how much the US and Turkey are running the world’s worst Islamist terrorists. Some tasty intercepts laced into the world’s media. Embarrass a few politicians.

        4) Dig out those embarrassing tapes of Obama and co.

        5) Targeted assassinations and other mystery deaths

        • The Russian Thermobaric missiles beat napalm, and he’s already using them. All he has to do now is point them at the proper targets.

          • How about a couple of those tsunami making torpedoes the Russians ‘accidentally’ revealed they had. Why nuke or slow cook Turkey, when they could wipe out the entire coastal region of Turkey with a man made tsunami??

          • Assad needs to stop hiding under the table and act like Syria’s leader. I think he is trying not to antagonize the U.S. for fear of them stepping up the assassination plot against him, but he should take steps to cover his butt and stand up for his country anyway.

            They will try to assassinate him no matter what he does, so it’s better to go out like a leader than a hunted rabbit.

            He is allowing the U.S. to step all over him and his country, and HE needs to stop that – He needs to resist.

            IMO, Assad should:

            1. Petition the UN for official recognition of the sovereignty of his country, even if for no other reason that to say he tried to do it their way, and to document the issue AS THE RIGHTFUL LEADER OF SYRIA. The rightful leader would not just sit back and take this, they would fight back on behalf of their country and people.

            2. Openly designate the sovereign airspace of Syria a no-fly zone for everyone except Russia/allies and Syrian forces, granting Russia and it’s Allies the authority to defend themselves and Syrians in Syrian space. WE ALL KNOW THE U.S. BELIEVES THE LAW DOESN’T APPLY TO THEM, but it might make other countries sit up and take notice.

            3. Expel U.S. forces from his country. Give them a X day deadline to get themselves and their personnel / equipment out of Syrian territory. Anything on Syrian soil will be claimed as Syrian govt property. Notify everyone that the bombs will start flying and Syria will not be responsible if a bomb happens to land in anyone’s lap who has been told to leave the country.

            4. Officially declare ALL forces fighting against his govt as terrorists. Period. The U.S. is not the only govt that has the authority to designate who is a terrorist, and it’s ONLY THE SYRIAN GOVT who has the authority to decide who is/is not a terrorist in Syria, as long as Syria is still a sovereign nation.

            Assad needs to stand up and ACT LIKE A LEADER, in order for anyone else in the world to see him as a leader. JMO.

            • six

              Assad needs to acquire some u.s. made missiles and blow a few of our planes out of the sky (hopefully without the loss of American life) and then claim that it was “isis” terrorists who did it using missiles that were supplied to the “moderate rebels”. He should use the same lies and BS ,our gov’t uses, against them. And then maybe most of us would wake up and see the absurdity of the whole damn thing.

        • Sound alternatives, Frank.

          Search “Sultan” and “Erdogan” and you find that Erdogan has his own aspirations for a European caliphate.

        • FT, I suspect something similar will take place. The turks deserve everything they get. they’re animals.

        • I like #2, arm the Kurds, besides we’ll get to see how good Russian weapons are in real use.
          I like #4 although, Obama is the best weapon the world has against America. Destruction from within. I hate Democrats and today I would stand aside while they die.
          #5 is good, I’d go for the leaders.


            Eppe, bcod, me and whoever else wants to celebrate a real holiday we came up with… SHTFPlan day! The dates (biannual) are 10-8 (the day this site was founded) and 4-15 (6 months apart and an FU to the irs). A thank you for Mac giving us this site and free speech. Don’t celebrate mainstream holidays that are just lies and bullshit! Have a real holiday with truth and meaning 🙂 Anyone else on board with us?

            • As usual I’m confused.

              • Just say yes lol 🙂

            • I am! Happy anniversary!

              • Thats 4 now 🙂

                • genius

                  i am thinking your screen name is wrong

                  it should be moron

                  go peddle your nazi crap on some other web site

                  • Care to explain that statement?

            • Sign ‘Ol Burt up for some SHTF Holiday love. I’d like to shove the Consumer Holiday Season up the PTB’s ass…

              Boycotting all consumerism this year. Like someone said on the last thread: “I’m not buying something just because some fat fooker in a red suit told me to!”

          • So you loved Bush when he opened the floodgates to Muslims??? You listen to Fox too much… you will shoot whomever the KochMachine and Rupert Murdoch tell you to.

      10. I don’t know how long the terrorist ISIS charade can stand up to the reality of geo-political energy control and distribution. Every day that it continues shows me that the body politic is dumber and more gullible than I previous thought. That bar is low and is continuing to be lowered. God forbid that there is an incident that cuts off all regularly scheduled programming on Thanksgiving and “The Big Game” is not on TV. I know lots of people, that virtually regardless of that bad news, their greatest disappointment would be not seeing the big game. OBTW, these people actually vote.

        • Kevin2 – I had to laugh at what you wrote, but at the same time is was an honest, truthful post.

          It seems it don’t matter who says “we arm, train, and fund ISIS” … nobody seems to want to accept what they are hearing.

          Obama has said it
          Hillary has said it
          Biden has said it … the list of others continues…

          Yep, as you said … “these people actually vote”

          I used to think most Americans are naive, gullible, and or simply living a life of denial.
          Now I see it as “most Americans are just plain fucking dumb”

          We have more than just a Politician problem in this country. we also have a severe mental problem with the vast majority of it’s inhabitants too.

          The indoctrination that has been implemented onto the mass’s is a total complete success.

          • “We have more than just a Politician problem in this country. we also have a severe mental problem with the vast majority of it’s inhabitants too.”

            Its a symbiotic relationship as the former depends upon the latter. As long as “We The People”, have the modern incarnations of, “Food and Circus”, they’re content

            I don’t think they’re inherently stupid but rather self absorbed.

            • Self Absorbed – yes indeed and very much correct. Black Friday will be another fine example of fools exposing themselves for what they truly are.

              • FTW, Black Friday is the biggest circus I’ve ever seen anywhere.

                • BH, it always amazes me how low the Walmartians will go on Black Friday morning, stampeding over each other just to get that $199 flatscreen TV. It shows the meaning of Thanksgiving, giving thanks for all that they have, is artificial and totally meaningless.

                  • Nobama, you’re getting me started on a pet peeve of mine. They don’t appreciate anything in life, don’t care about anything, don’t have respect for themselves let alone anyone else, they’ll fight each other over things you and I would consider totally stupid, they have the sorriest attitudes and biggest chips on their shoulders of anyone you ever saw in your whole life. In case anyone was wondering, yes I’m talking about black people, white people, Hispanics, Asians, etc. Look at any video on you tube in the Black Friday category and see for yourself. I’ll even say ‘walmartians’ as you call them are artificial and totally meaningless. It’s called BLACK Friday for a number of reasons. There; my politically incorrect rant is over.

                    • Braveheart – your Politically Incorrect Rant as you put it, was absolutely beautiful, full of truth and honesty. It was just a delight to read.

                      Thanks for sharing ツ

                      Black Friday is like Election Day – I stay home and observe the circus show that unfolds in front of me on my T.V.

                    • Braveheart1776 and FTW


                    • braveheart 1776

                      spot on but you leave out a couple important facts

                      all this pushing and shoving to get some cheap TV is also because the black Friday people are the most stupid people on the planet
                      for some of us Thursday and following holidays are about celebrating whats good and right
                      Family Home hearth etc and while that might seem a bit old fashioned ( and it is ) its how it should be

                      But the bread and circus crowds feel its far more important to tear down the old values in the U S A and bring us down to third world status
                      PUSH and shove for a cheap ass made in china TV that will end up in the trash 6 months later
                      and this is exactly what the Hillary Clinton’s want
                      total dependence on the Govt and in debt to your eyeballs

                      or Buy your kids the latest greatest video system for $ 400.00 plus so that they can trade it to a game buy back store ( or their friends ) for $ 20.00 in store credit

                      NO ONE values anything any more its all cheap consumer goods that are putting us more and more in debt
                      and helping to distract us from the real picture

                      how close we really are from total collapse
                      and your spot on about the black ass holes they complain about what they DON’T have but when you look at the life of a typical black welfare queen they are rich by the standards of most other third world places like India

                    • RATED ★★★★★

            • K2, I think a LOT of them really are inherently stupid. Vaccines and flouride and gmo crap nutritionally starved bodies and brains. A lot of the overbreeders if you pay attention are stupid people to start with. Exactly like the documentary “Idiocracy”. Almost every single person I know that is a certified idiot has a bunch of kids. Im talking an IQ of under 90. Most of the people I know that are very smart (at least 120 IQ) have very few kids. It is a true demographic which is right in front of your eyes! Imbiciles are the fastest breeding group and always have been. Don’t say it isn’t true because the proof is all around you…

              • Genius

                I agree with you regarding the high number of low IQ types. They’re not the majority but they’re one hell of a significant voting block.

                I tend to interact with those that have the capacity to know having the cognitive ability to reason but just fail to do so. They just don’t care. As long as their little world functions thats all that matters. The greater the entertainment opportunities the greater the diversion. Technology has also surprisingly closed their world to trival pursuits. Everyones personal social life, including your own is the focus while personal gratification has become the very reason for existence.

                I have yet to meet a true sports enthusiast that was otherwise reasonably well informed.

                • Right you are K2, nobody wants to think anymore or question shit. I guess it is easier to drag you knuckles on the ground than use them to scratch your head. Like I say “If you can’t tell your surrounded by idiots, your probably one of them!”

                  • Genius

                    Three classes of Idiots

                    Fucking Idiot.
                    Real Fucking Idiot.


                    • Ha ha ha, levels of idiots! #4 complete fuckin idiot lol. Speaking of idiots, whatever happened to Old Coach? I miss his pathetic attempts at refuting me. Any how what do you think of making our own holiday for shtfplan? No gift required just a good reason to party and say thanks 🙂

                    • Genius.

                      Don’t care much for any Holiday. My enthusiasm must of got up and left.

                    • I know what you mean. It wears on a person with the years. Commercial crap and bullshit gets old after a while. Anyway “cheers!” (takin a sip) 🙂

                    • Idiot
                      Real Fucking Idiot, and
                      Aspires to be a Real Fucking Idiot someday…

                    • Or…
                      Three classes of Liberals

                      Fucking Liberal.
                      Real Fucking Liberal.

                      “Idiot” and “Liberal” are interchangeable.

      11. Vlad, USE NUKES. USE NUKES. USE NUKES. Make these zionist controlled puppets glow in the dark.

        • As much as I’d enjoy seeing some neo-cons turned into walking glow-sticks, I’d prefer not to poison the rest of the planet in the process…ship ’em to the moon AND THEN NUKE ‘EM!

      12. Actually, Russia can do a lot. There could be some unfortunate accident involving their planes and where their missiles go. They could send their special forces in to wreak havoc along the border. They could drop some bombs on Turkey. They could sit off the Turkish coast and shoot down 10 of their planes. Obama would get shrill and ultimately do nothing. NATO would have high level meetings and decide to do nothing.

        • Barn Cat

          “They could drop some bombs on Turkey.”

          Turkey is a NATO member and the US is obligated by treaty to come to their defense. This just elevated the fight from high school to the pros.

          Putin is shrewd. He moves like a chess player, calculated. In the end, “War is politics by other means” and their political goal is to keep Assad in power. A direct attack in response is politically counterproductive. Maintaining the focused destruction of ISIS and its field allies is the bright thing to do.

          I suspect that Russian jets on ground attack missions will now have CAP escorts. Russia might be, “forced” to move a base into the heartland of Syria with the ostensible reason of needing it to have Search & Rescue forces timely available for pilot retrieval and of course offering their services to the US & France. If that base is attacked by ISIS that going to require the addition of more boots on the ground to ostensibly “protect” these assets.

          Ostensible, ostensible, ostensible……..its all ostensible.

          • To clear things up – NATO is a corrupt entity and just an enforcer for the International Banking Cartels. The fact that Turkey has been harboring and supporting the likes of ISIS.

            Puts Turkey in direct violation of NATO LAWS.
            Yes, I know … it seems to be in this time period of the world that word LAW means absolutely nothing anymore. It appears rogue nations can do what they please, but people like you and I can not.

            • FTW

              I agree. The problem is Turkey has the blessing of the US.

            • I definitely see Russia’s points in this dispute. I’ve never been a fan of the Turks. There is a Kurdish minority there who have been struggling against Turkish terror, oppression, and discrimination since 1984. There are other Kurds in Syria, Iraq, and Iran. They just want to have their own country where they can have their own culture. Same thing we want. It’s possible Putin might start giving “aid” to the Kurds in Turkey. That’s one way to get back at the Turks.

            • Turkey was already in violation of some international laws with the way they treat the Kurdish minority within their borders. How about if Russia were to start training and arming the Kurdish resistance? Turks have always been barbaric. They don’t have a leg to stand on.

              • Braveheart – that may be what is going on as I type this out. If the US & Allies are going to support ISIS, Russia may as well support the Kurd’s. They certainly could use an ally on the ground at this moment.

                • Its interesting that groups like the Kurds get no support until someone needs them. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”.

                  • Kevin2, I would even support the Kurds as a matter of principle. I see them as underdogs and Turks as oppressors. Don’t forget the million-plus Armenians who died at the hands of the turks in WW1 and before that all of the Ottoman Empire’s attacks in Europe. The Crusade was really about repelling the Muslim invasions of Europe, NOT what the communist brainwashing centers called colleges would have you believe.

                    • Braveheart1776

                      “as a matter of principle”

                      People have principals, governments don’t. This behavioral anomaly reinforces my belief that people, regardless of political system, don’t control their governments. Its just more blatant in some political systems than others.

                    • Dr. Albert M. Gessman, writing in the Winter 1969 number of the conservative Jewish
                      journal, “Issues.” After contrasting critically almost nine pages of glaring differences
                      between Judaism and Christianity to the disadvantage of the latter, and after reviewing
                      the back-grounds of both religions, he concludes that, “A Judeo-Christian heritage or
                      tradition in the proper sense of that hyphenated word does not exist; it has no foundation
                      in historical fact.” There is Edom [Esau is called Edom in Genesis 36:8. And Edom is in
                      ‘Modern Jewry’ Jewish Encyclopedia, 1925 edition, Vol. 5, p. 41.

                      Proof they Admit to really being EDOMITEs Of Esau eh!

                      God said Esau I hated! so much for self chozensness eh.

                    • Braveheart1776

                      The Kurds for the US are like the Viet Minn in then Indochina. Once WWII started they were our friend helping us fight the Japanese. Their only request was please don’t allow the French to return. We promised them that we would not allow that to happen giving them our word; they actually believed us. Foolish them.

                      Its like what my father said about employers. When they need you your name is Bill Smith. When they don’t your number is 742213.

                      Principals? The only guiding unwavering principal of TPTB is greed.

        • Not completely accurate. NATO would meet and vote on either condemning or STRONGLY condemning them…aaaaand do nothing else…

      13. On a brighter note, I just got a half dozen “AR Stoner” 5.56 magazines from Midway. They used to be made of aluminum, now they are black oxide on Stainless Steel. Thus far they are working great, and look solid.

        I also snagged a 1000 rounds of 5.56.

        I ❤️ Stacking.

        • It makes me happy looking at my many thousands of rounds too.

          • Every time the News or Obama annoy me, a little light shopping/prepping does wonders as therapy. A thousand rounds of green tips helps. I’m also looking at Hornady TAP rounds, a lot more pricey, but I think a few hundred rounds would be a valuable addition, thoughts?

            Anybody out there buy any Augason Farms freeze dried fruit. It’s convenient and a good price for me. Any feedback? Just the fruit not other products.

            • ptpo, think about larger caliber long range things. Maybe a .300 win mag and a 20X scope with 1/10 milrad adjustments. You will need long range and high power as much as short range low power imo. Plus a .300 win mag will plow through a lot of shit, is very accurate, has a great variety of bullets, and will kill any large game no questions asked.

              • I also have a 308 bolt action with a decent scope on it. Where I live there are few areas that offer open distances that would ever exceed the useful range of a 308.

                A longer reach is a wonderful tactical advantage. Many US soldiers have taken AK’s off dead insurgents and carried them. The AK longer reach and more deadly round leaves them disappointed with the 5.56, but the ammo also weighs 30% more. And the 308 runs 30% heavier than the AK. It’s all a balancing act.

                I have looked longingly at the Win 300 and the 338 Lapua, very expensive rifles and ammo.

                • ptpo, thats correct they are pretty pricey. I was thinking about having a tool that would punch through armor. A lot of ft. lbs. of energy in a .300 esp. with solid projectiles.

                  • The 300 or 338 Lapua would be a great addition, they can bust through heavy cover as well as stop a vehicle.

                    There was a Mad Max rerun on, I couldn’t help but think how easy it would be to pull the bad guys teeth by just stopping their vehicles with a 338. They would be little threat against someone with a great sniper rifle when they are on foot, and a long way off.

              • The farther out you shoot it the farther you have to hike to get your prize.

            • I stumbled upon them and just ordered my first #10 can. I’ll try to remember to report back after it gets here.

      14. Now we’ll get to see what Putin’s actually made of with all bluff and blunder aside.

        He lets Turkey get away with this and he’s just another weakling blowhard that isn’t to be either feared or respected.

        So Putin: Lets see what you’ll do. Either nuke someone or slink off with your tail between your legs.

        • Anon, Putin is neither a coward or stupid. He knows exactly what hes up against and is playing chess. Nuke someone? Are you a fuckin idiot? Nevermind that question it’s obvious that you are. Why don’t you go join the military and show him a thing or two? All balls and no brains? Ha ha ha, go back to mammas boobie till your mind develops.

          • Name calling , and perversion. Who’s the idiot? The new 6112 bombs dial a nuke. Change everything . There’s no blast no radiation. Just depopulation. Like sticking your head in a microwave oven. The zombie bomb. Welcome to the new world.

        • There also might be other alternatives that are beyond your apparently limited comprehension too.

          • Napoleon and hitler fought the Russians . Didn’t work out well for them. Our soldiers have been fighting for 15 years . Much of it the most mentally taxing house to house with booby traps everywhere . Look at the suicide rates. If we enter a major conflict now . .?

      15. “Putin is*****ed off, but there’s really nothing he can do about it. Turkey is a NATO member, so any sort of military retaliation is off-the-board dangerous for him in that regard, and thus unlikely.”

        True and a fair enough statement that puts Putin in somewhat of a squeeze…but … By now, Putin is very much aware of NATO/Western Allies tactics and instigating Russia into doing battle to strum us up into a WW3.

        Putin/Russia has been on borrowed time … he has to know that he’ll need to make a move or it’s counter parts may just attempt to take that opportunity away from him.

        He may not retaliate on this, but I wouldn’t bet against it either. I know that if he allows this to slide by, as in the Commercial Plane being downed. There will be more of this kind of activity going on if he plans on sitting back and does nothing about it.

        • Putin always acts with patience and a plan. He might go quiet for a bit, but then punch back just at the right moment (during the COP21?). Be sure, we will all be looking one way and Putin will make shit happen elsewhere.

          The Turks have been dirtbags on this and are hiding within NATO as a fig leaf. Like some dude sleeping on your couch and then schtumping your sister when you aren’t looking.

          I imagine Russia will go onto a different posture as a result of today. They now know how people want to play it: shooting at downed pilots (against Geneva) and Turkey taking pot shots. This means area bombing, this means pulling out the nasty weapons, means moving forward into Syria with ground support.

          I would not rule out or underestimate Russia. And when it comes to brains to donuts, I rate Russia over Turkey, a corrupt, Orientalist s-hole currently on the path to becoming an Islamist caliphate.

          • FT, I have to agree. The turks are biting off more than they can chew.

      16. Now… how do you tell the CIA funded Free Syrian Army guys from the CIA funded ISIS guys? Special uniform insignia? Special handshakes and code words? lol.

        To the democratically elected Syrian government, they are ALL terrorists.


        Here’s some circular logic to think on…

        Terrorism is fuelled by the cars you drive that kill more people than terrorism ever will.

        “Support your military” if only to be able to drive that 4×4 for a few more years. As one of the bosses said “The American way of life is not negotiable.”

        • JRS

          “Now… how do you tell the CIA funded Free Syrian Army guys from the CIA funded ISIS guys? Special uniform insignia? Special handshakes and code words? lol.”

          Its the secret decoder ring in the air dropped Cracker Jack Box.

      17. “an attack on one is an attack on all, according to the NATO charter.”

        Sure, if Russia hits Turkey, O’loser in the oval office is going to do anything about it. Turkey shouldn’t hold their breath waiting for our help.

        Besides, ISIS is contained, everyone sing, Kumbaya.

      18. This whole thing is pissing me off! I know who is training these “Free Syrian Army” pukes. They are just doing their job, but we shouldn’t be training any of them goat F**kers. What a freaking joke. Now they have killed Russians, who are not our enemy, yet. I can understand Turkey shooting the planes down, if they really did incur into Turkey. Our foreign policy to “Regime Change” is arrogant and fraught with numerous dangers. (It took me a while to come to this conclusion. Admittedly after having helped get Saddam.)

        • Azrael, I’m not convinced the Russian plane ever strayed into Turkish airspace. The situation could have been handled differently. Turks are Muslim so not a good source of information.

          • The Turks for months now have been claiming a “buffer zone”.
            Meaning: Turkey has expanded it’s borders 5 miles into Syria.

            From what I have gathered, the plane was 6.2 miles in this unlawful buffer zone or it was actually in Syria. The only thing I have a concern with this is … what was the directional flight pattern of this Russian plane?

            It would also be interesting to know what was said on the flight coms … but I’m pretty certain we will not be given that information – if there is any at all to be given out.

          • Well, the first report did come from Istanbul reporters…

        • USA violates airspace all the time, and for way more than 17 seconds. The Russian planes were less than 2 miles into Turkish airspace. At jet plane speeds, how long did it take to go 2 miles over an imaginary line in the air?

      19. Back in the 70’s, me an the crew were comeing off the test range in Nevada after a hard day’s work keeping America free from communist oppression…

        In the distance we spied dirt flying out of a culvert…Being the ever curious nature lover that I was I had the driver pull over, and went to investigate.

        I could see what looked like an animal about the size of a medium dog, but could not identify what it was. I looked around for a stick with which to prod it in the hopes that it would come out and thereby be identified…Finding an old marker, I proceeded with my plan…

        Big mistake…After the first prod, I heard the most Godawful sound I have ever encountered…

        The plan worked??? the creature came out of the culvert. It was a badger…A pissed off badger…It was going to eat me…

        The rest of the guys took refuge in the truck and locked the doors to prevent the badger from getting them, or as I suspect, to offer me up as a sacrifice…

        So there I was running towards the back of the truck screaming like a little girl with the badger hot on my ass.

        I leaped into the back of the truck a wailed for the guy’s to depart with much haste, as the badger was trying to get in and have it’s way with me…

        The truck finally sped off leaving the pissed of badger in the distance…

        New rule:

        Never ever poke a badger in the ass with a stick!!!

        This rule applies to the currant state of affairs!

        • Yep, nasty critters. I had a coon hound get a hold of one and it liked to ate him alive.

          • Bullets work on badgers just like anything else.

            • Better idea,save your ammo and let the badger be!

              • Warchild, that’s only if a badger attacks me. If not, it gets to live.

                • Well,you don’t poke em with a stick like Nobody probably OK,hell,give em a few Goldfish and you’ll have a badger friend for life!

                  • Heck if we have a new revolution we can spray paint BADGERS instead of wolverines 🙂 I agree, don’t kill animals for the hell of it.

            • Braveheart…I figured that my story kinda indicated I was a GI…Then as now we were not trusted to carry guns on base, especially the site I worked at…Besides, I deserved the wrath of badger! I did after all, interrupt his lunch.

              On a side note, a few years later we were out hunting and a badger started heading towards us at a dead run…I freaked, and chambered a round. When it got about 50 yards from us it spotted us and turned off…I then had to tell the story about my badgerphobia.

              Seriously though, I think the Turkies just poked the badger!!!

              • Nobody, the turks just poked the RUSSIAN BEAR. Bears are nothing to play with.

      20. This has been a big concern for me for awhile now. Putin keeps pushing the envelope in these areas, seeing just how far he can go. Things could escalate very easily and we would then get drawn in to support our allies. We are probably as close to war today as we ever were during the cold war. These are really stressed time for all of us. Just keep prepping for the worse.

        • “This has been a big concern for me for awhile now. Putin keeps pushing the envelope in these areas, seeing just how far he can go.”

          From the sound of your remark – it appears you have been watching too much MSM and it has rotted your brain to the core.

          “Things could escalate very easily and we would then get drawn in to support our allies.”

          Support our Allies? … what allies … oh, do you mean those that have been supporting Terrorism … those allies?

          Those people in Turkey that shot down the Russian Bomber are waving ISIS FLAGS!!!!
          Even if the plane was off course and in Turkeys airspace is no reason to shoot down a plane that has been killing ISIS fighters.

          It is clear that Turkey supports Terrorism.
          NATO Alliance or not … Russia should Nuke ‘Em!
          It would be one less undesirable culture to deal with in this world.

          • ★★★

        • JAS

          Turkey is buying ISIS oil. At a minimum Turkey is therefore a state supporter of terrorism. No other conclusion is plausible.

          • K2 WE are buying terrist oil too! AND we fund terrists and create them and are in and of ourselves terrists. Pot calling the kettle black…

            • Nope. Just playing it as it lays. It’s not an “either/or” situation.

      21. This is whats going on in the world, while christians prepare to practice pagan idolatrous traditions celebrating a false birthday of a false messiah. It is all in black and white if you just read the scriptures.

      22. The Middle east is becoming a Free For All.

        After Chicago Police release video of the Killing of the Black Teen tomorrow and One other Black Father of a killed teen by Police, protesting Black Friday.

        It might become a Free For All right here at home.

        Get Preps and Gear up.

        Are you Ready?

      23. All of this happened because Isreal invaded America,
        while Americans watched football, drank beer, listened to
        to trash music and fell asleep in front of their TV.

        We must wake up. Isreal holds a giant web around
        the world by means of control of money.

        America sends billions of dollars to a country that
        attacks us with impunity. Wake up. Don’t fight for
        Isreal in the Middle East. Kick the ZioLoyalists out
        of our Government, Banks, and stop them from
        bringing in these crazy Arabs who rape and murder.
        Obama takes his orders from the owners of
        Goldman Sachs who got him elected.

        If we don’t, your kids will look like these Russians.

        • B from CA, Well stated. Just be ready to be called every name except the Truth Teller by the known ZOG puppets.

        • Wow BfromCA, that was good. I didn’t know you were aware of the israhell truth. Ever notice ISIS hates israhell but never attacks them? lol

          • Exactly right Genius – ISIS so called mission is to conquer the Middle East and expand out from it … but there is a huge problem with that.

            They don’t attack places like Israel, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, U.A.E, Jordan, Kuwait …etc. All kinds of oil to conquer in these regions, yet they do not take advantage of the situation.

      24. In my mind,this is another BS false flag of sorts.Of course they were not anywhere in Turkey,they would of been skirting the border pretty close.
        Who wants to be that Article 5 of NATO will be enacted?
        Us down here in Aus will also be dragged into another US qaugmire,all because of oil & debt

      25. You must all remember, Turkey has turned more hard-line islamic since Eragon became the PM. The parliament is now majority controlled by Islamists. There are even Christian and Jewish tourists being harassed in Istanbul by gangs of fundamentalist Muslims. Turkey is on the verge of an Islamic revolution, much like Iran. Putin is very much aware of this, and may see the opportunity to completely dominate the region. He understands that Obama is weak at best, and unlikely to retaliate should there be a russian incursion or even all out invasion of Turkey. A miscalculation by this incompetent administration could light the fuse of World War 3. And in a world filled with weapons of mass destruction (nuclear, biological, chemical, etcc.) the real enemy is War itself.!!!!

        • Erdogan is a western puppet. WE instigated the regime change that led to his selection.

      26. Lock and load…Wojo going down town!

      27. “Allahu Akbar” must mean WE LOVE THE DEVIL GOD!

        Evil mutants!

      28. looks like islamic countries dont know the word tolerance or peace!

        • Be on the lookout for suspected terrists ASOOK MA DEEK, and iSHEET MU PANTS, also IFOOK MA CAMEEL, and ILOOVE SUM GOATTS.

          • You forgot Sucma Kock.

      29. Nice to know that the Syrian rebels we’ve been funding will commit atrocities, isn’t it? Shooting pilots in parachutes is a war crime. They’re not paratroopers, they’re out of combat and become prisoners once on the ground.

        • Correct you are Smokey, and the US Government is responsible for this atrocity. It is the US Governments responsibility because they have funded and armed this group of tyrants.

          I doubt there will be an investigation – I foresee NATO looking away in a far distance as if nothing happened.

      30. A Thanksgiving Lesson

        “Did you know that our Pilgrim forefathers tried communism when they first landed at Plymouth Rock? …
        The colonists struggled desperately for two more years.

        When spring arrived in April 1623, virtually all of their provisions were gone. Unless that year’s harvest improved, they feared few would survive the next winter.

        The Pilgrim leaders decided on a bold course. The colony would abandon its communal approach and permit each person to work for his own benefit, not for the common good…

        Once they replaced communal efforts with individual responsibility the differences were dramatic—and life-saving.

        Men went into the fields earlier and stayed later. In many cases, their wives and even their children (some barely past the toddler stage) worked right alongside them. More acres were planted, more trees were felled, more houses were built, and more game was slaughtered because of one simple change: People were allowed to keep the fruits of their own labors.

        The Pilgrims arrived deeply in debt to the London merchants who sponsored them. They worked for more than 20 years, as individuals and as a community, to pay off the crushing burden. In 1627, they borrowed money to pay off the Merchants Adventurers.

        By 1645, they had paid off the entire debt to the company which had advanced them the sums to pay off the Merchants.”

        Full article is at the link below.


      31. Dear Mr. Putin:

        I am shocked at the murder of these two fine pilots who were serving humanity fighting against these Islamic terrorists.

        First, I do not believe that your pilots crossed into Turkish airspace–and even if they did, there is no reason to use lethal force against them. Your pilots are trained well and know their mission as well as the borders of the countries they operate in.

        If they were “inside” Turkish territory, why then are there Syrian Islamic Jihadists present when they parachuted down? If so, it proves that Turkey is conducting active aggressive sovereignty violations against it’s neighbor Syria. It proves that they are supplying the Islamic Jihadists.

        Mr. Putin, It is my hope that you put a quick end to this Syrian insurgency–the world would welcome it should you air drop several divisions of airborne troops along the Turkish/Syrian border to stop the flow of men and supplies south.

        I also hope that you choose to drop tactical nuclear or thermobaric weapons upon the bases of these Islamic Jihadist rebels to punish them for the barbaric acts of shooting your fine pilots while still in their parachutes.

        I also suggest that you turn off the natural gas tap that leads into Turkey–and demand that all further deliveries be paid for in gold, in advance–if at all. I hope that you will also close the borders between your country and Turkey, I hope also that you will expel all Turkish diplomats and citizens from Russia.

        Do not let these heinous acts go unpunished.

        • Shinmen Takezo … 1000 Amen to your post. Tactical nukes should and must be used in Tel Aviv (the mother of all corruption on earth), Ryad and Mecca (the mother of all barbarians on earth who btw are the closest friends of the ZOG in the USA), kill all of the ISIS or any god damned named the al CIA is given to them including their kids and woe man so they don’t reproduce.

          If the ZOG in Europe and USA take any offensive actions to protect the so called NATO army of zionist banksters then use ICBM against their capital without hesitation.

          While I know such scenario would be unlikely and truly the last resort but at least I had a sweet dream of the final solution.

        • Beautiful words! The pilots are heroes and were making sure we do not see more airliners blown up.

      32. Off topic, but important>?? Why didn’t anyone ever explain her statement??

        Wasserman Schultz replied: “We actually have not required in this law that you carry health insurance. Let me explain what we did: What we did is that, just like when you’re treated, that we categorize you differently in terms of your tax return when you’re married versus single, just like we categorize you differently when you are a homeowner versus someone who doesn’t own a home, just like we categorize you differently when you have children versus not having children — what we are doing is you will be in a different tax status if you carry insurance versus not carrying health insurance. So you can feel free to choose not to carry health insurance. That’s just going to be reflected in the tax category that you’re in on your tax return. But there is no requirement in this law that you must carry health insurance.“

        ht tp://www.dcclothesline.com/2014/01/09/federal-law-says-can-opt-obamacare-can-penalized/

        Yep—remove the space to read the link.

      33. The Quran is a pack of lies
        Mohammed was a pedophile/sex addict
        Allah is Satan

      34. There’s nothing new under the sun dontcha know.

        Getcha selves really ready for the BIG BOYS fight.


      35. Russia should align with Iran & China to take out Scotland (where England stores their nukes), France, England. Iran to take out Israel and Turkey. Frees up Russia to hit other NATO member countries. IMHO. If we are going to party, let’s party!!

      36. Was Wasserman Schultz talking about his tribe or all Americans? lol.

      37. The people of the US should find the email address for Putin and Assad and write them to thank them for protecting Christians and fighting terrorism. They need to know many millions of Americans appreciate their efforts and believe they are doing the right thing and that many of us don’t agree with our official insanity.

        • Well said Fred –

          I would have to hope that other world leaders don’t see a nation of people as a complete threat to them. As the threat comes directly from a small minority of powerful people that rule ‘said’ nation.

      38. The IRONY is this.

        Back during the Cuban Missile Crisis, It was Russia’s decision whether or not to start WW III.

        Fast forward 50 plus years, It’s Russia’s decision again. I truly hope the world today is as lucky as it was back then.

        • Russia was pissing in our sandbox in 1962. We’re now pissing in theirs in both the Ukraine and Syria.

          We came within one vote made by a Soviet Lt Commander aboard a submarine from the use of a nuclear torpedo on a US Aircraft Carrier. One man, one vote; the most important vote in history occurred aboard a communist warship. How ironic is that? Whoever said voting was useless was wrong on this account.

          We have learned absolutely nothing in five decades as the strategy is,apply force; if that doesn’t work apply more.

      39. Is this the same NATO, ally of Turkey, that has been lying through its teeth for a year and a half about destabilizing Ukraine and trying to make it look like Russia is the aggressor?

        In a conflict of credibility, I believe Russia before i believe Turkey or any part of NATO.

        Russia takes no backseat to the West in the proxy conflict. Not to mention other assets Russia has, the Spetsnaz are perfect for whatever payback Putin decides on. Is there a dam that provides the water to metropolitan Istanbul? Is there an electrical grid upon which “the people who matter”–the Turkish upper %%–depend? Those assets or their human equivalent better watch their six.

        As reported, I don’t believe “the story” for a New York minute.

        • “Is this the same NATO, ally of Turkey, that has been lying through its teeth for a year and a half about destabilizing Ukraine and trying to make it look like Russia is the aggressor?”

          ANSWER: [YES]

          – though your question is rhetorical, I felt the need to answer it ツ


      40. ALAS BABYLON

      41. I have a math problem here to figure out.

        Question. “How long does it take a jet flying at 500 MPH to cover 2 miles of Turkish airspace”.

        Answer 14.4 seconds.

        • ’17 Seconds’: No One’s Buying Turkey’s Version of Su-24 Story

          ht tp://sputniknews.com/military/20151125/1030699146/questioning-turkey-airspace-story.html

        • Yup, not enough time to acquire, identify, target, challenge, authorize engagement, and engage, if things are on the up-and-up. A lot of engagement protocols seem to have been either completed well before the aircraft was a legitimate target, or there were none in place and some trigger-happy Turkish colonel did what he felt like.

      42. “Putin is pissed, but there is nothing he can do!” That is the damn dumbest statement to ever arrive in comments section. Putin has over 10,000 nuclear weapons, a military that is itching for a fight with anybody to prove they are not the Russia of old. You got camel jockeys, using our weapons to not only shoot down Russia’s aircraft, but then kill the pilots while still in their chutes. Putin is going to retaliate for this, and NATO be damned. If he doesn’t, his credibility and the resolve of the entire Russian Federation is on the line. You are right about one thing, Putin is pissed, and he will not let this ride out the normal diplomatic spin talk. He is going to do something spectacular and Obama is going to piss in his pants…if Michelle gives him permission.

        • If it goes hot, then we may see the following (and shirk in shame):

          1) US/UK forces battling Russians in Turkey/Syria in support of extreme Islam. Basically, we are being played by moneyed interests in Islam to do the raw fighting and dying. This would be ugly. While NATO has access to the latest and greatest, ensuring some easy ‘wins’ with the Russians, the Russians have the ability to hit back in a myriad ways that will hurt (large numbers of NATO casualties). Politically, it will feel as if we won the battle and lost the war.

          2) Ukraine would light up big time if something goes hot in Turkey. The Ukrainians (with Canadian assistance) would see an opportunity to go after Russia and would try and take back land.

          3) Russia has an established and well-rehearsed plan to snatch back the Baltics and grab Arctic. This would probably go live to open a third front, draining energy, manpower etc. from NATO’s other two fronts.

          None of this would end well for any of the parties. Just as NATO is working to destabilize Russia and spark a people’s revolt, they will try and do the same to Europe and the US.

          • @Frank Thoughts: Very good observation of what might happen. But there is one given, not a variable by any means, that people need to take into consideration, and that is the unfeigned ability absolute of the Russian people to shoulder any burden, go any distance, absorb the greatest of casualties, and material destruction without ever complaining or taking their eye off the ball. I am very concerned that we coddled, wimpy Americans and Europeans have busted open a hornets nest in the midst of a nudist colony, and there is no where to run.

      43. This is literally ww3 in the making.
        The rat bastards are tying to start ww3 and international conflict.. this is not good.. Ed Dames is not lying it’s going in that direction.



      44. This is literally ww3 in the making.
        The rat bastards are tying to start ww3 and international conflict.. this is not good.. Ed Dames is not lying it’s going in that direction.

        I hear by clear Menzo from Agency ass clownry. Welcome to the board Menzo..your phucked up comment landed you a spot..



        Agency ass clown super moderator.

        • absolutely. they are starting ww3 on purpose in order to tank and destroy the USA, that is what the bankster obama administration is doing it is all being done by design and the vast majority of americans are too fucking stupid to understand or even believe what is happening

          wait till the nwo dc gangsters start drafting americans into their war to get fighting age males out of the usa while deliberately bringing the enemy here by calling them refugees. just wait till the obama nwo administration starts arming the syrian refugees to go out and create chaos in the streets of america while passing gun control laws and attempting to take americans god given rights away from them and passing laws such as the ndaa and patriot act in order to keep us safe.

          problem – reaction – solution

          order out of chaos

          it all = treason

          • WWIII will tank the USA just like we tanked the Soviet Union with the cold war. It iscalled bbankruptcy and we are bankrupt. No nation can keep up endless militaryeexpenditures like we have been doing for 2 decades. Politicians blame the people for poverty caused by the war machine, and want you to continue to send our children as a blood sacrifice. War against the Muslim Jihad? Bush flooded our country with Muslims and Obama wants to do the same. Out of the ashes will come the NWO..

          • WWIII will tank the USA just like we tanked the Soviet Union with the cold war. It iscalled bbankruptcy and we are bankrupt. No nation can keep up endless militaryeexpenditures like we have been doing for 2 decades. Politicians blame the people for poverty caused by the war machine, and want you to continue to send our children as a blood sacrifice. War against the Muslim Jihad? Bush flooded our country with Muslims and Obama wants to do the same. Out of the ashes will come the NWO..

      45. Russia is there to prop up their interests in Syria. Anyone who thinks Russia is heroic is kidding themselves. Russia just opened up trade with Iran for enriched uranium. They are supplying Iran with an air defense system as well. Iran is much more dangerous than isis. Russia has been bombing the $%^& out of the Syrian rebels, that may be why they shot the pilots on the way down….

        That being said, Turkey made a very bad decision here. It will just strengthen Putin’s ambitions in the region.

        • Well why shouldn’t russia sell shit to iran? Who the fuck elected us to be the world police? Russia is heroic in a sense for taking out our troops (isis) since we don’t kill our own. Why don’t you sign back up and go help isis?

          • Genius- you think like a libersl- are you a llberal? If you believe like the socialists- move to Russia, you could bunk with Snoden.

            • I am anything but a liberal or socialist. But your reply sounds exactly like a neocon response. Please explain why we need to stick our nose in everyones business. And spread so called democracy at gunpoint…

              • And while your at it please point out any post I have ever made that shows me as a liberal or socialist. Waiting……..

              • Genius-

                Typical closet liberal. America is at fault for all of the evil in the world. Bet you don’t like Isreal much either.

                The difference in the way we think about this is, you see all of the mistakes we have made. I see the heart of what this country was intended to be, in all of our flaws we are still the best thing going for freedom.

                If you don’t believe that why are you still here? “Defect” to Russia. Please

                • “Insert polite comment here” 🙂

                • Uhhh are you going to show what I have ever said to make me a liberal? I guess not you will just skirt the question like all liberals do lol.

        • USMC1982

          Your correct in the above. Putin is certainly no saint but the US has been peeing in his sandbox with both the Ukraine and Syria. The US has also funded, aided and armed terrorists in Libya and Iraq that are being used in Syria. Its highly probable that if we weren’t overthrowing sovereign governments at the bequest of globalist bankers terrorism would be significantly reduced.

          ISIS isn’t a danger as it would disappear if it was deprived of arms and funds.

          Nuclear weapons give a nation respect. Pakistan is dealt with a lot differently than Syria is.

        • USMC 1982, sure is nice to see one voice of sanity among all these “Love Putin, Hate America Comments” Sometimes you just have to bite your tongue and let them rant. Many on this site knows Putin is playing chess, but they’re just as taken in by him as the Liberals are by Obama. America has many faults that need to be corrected, but it’s still the Greatest Country on Earth! Trekker Out. Freedom Ain’t Free!

          • Shocks me every time I see idolization of Putin. Then again, I am shocked at the assertion that liberals deify Obama. First off, placing other human beings on a pedestal is childlike… hoping someone is in charge and knows more than everyone else. I see no evidence that liberals think so highly of Obama, he is a tool of the banksters. Obviously so. Liberals are so sick of Obama’s sellout to the banking elite they are yearning after Bernie Sanders… who is too pragmatic to be a Socialist… so calls himself a Democratic Socialist. Putin? I think he wants Russia to be a world power like it was… but that bankrupted Russia last time, just like being a world power is bankrupting the US now. Putin seems a bit more sane than Russia’s typical strongman, but no one to admire.

            I guess I am prejudiced against “leaders” because I worked around them in a lowly capacity. They all seemed psychopaths to me. My heroes are people like my mom, one of the first women to get a man’s job and who did well at the work and stood fast in the face of years of sexual harrassment. My heroes are people like my dad who studied hard after us kids were born and became a ship captain. He passed trignometry! With a little help from his daughter. Both of whom took us hunting fishing camping and to Alaska. Adventurers the both of them. Real people who took care of their families. World Leaders? A stench in the nostrils of God.

      46. I see that the “Putin Poodles” are out tonight. Must be a full moon.

        It always amazes me that the Libertarian Left loves a guy who said, “The greatest tragedy in history was the fall of the Soviet Union”.

        Watch out fur dem Putin Poodles! (You know who you are)

        • Them Hogs

          When the USSR fell the entire world was open for former US business to relocate into. The term was outsourcing as global business no longer feared nationalization. I remember US manufacturing that has since went to the third world.

          The US is supporting ISIS terrorists and that is not in dispute. Iraq and Libya didn’t have AQ there pre US intervention. They’re now terrorist havens.

          You have to read a bit more.

          • I don’t think he reads at all, just gets his info from tv and rush limbaugh.

        • Soon the “Putin Poodles” will be on Hog hunting along with anyone who uses the Hog name to show their real piggy side.

        • Them Hogs:

          That kind of comment shows the weakness of your
          position: Do you know that Russia
          has thousands of criminal gangs that came into being
          when the Soviet Union collapsed. That the hardship
          increased for many.
          The Bolshevic Revolution was the takeover by the
          Communists who were foreign and not Russian.
          The Communists are Jewish Talmudic antiChrist tyrants.
          They believe like these fundamentalist Muslams,
          that killing nonJews is sanctioned by God. You can’t
          argue with insanity.
          The Communists killed tens of millions of Christian
          Russians. They make Hitler look like a choirboy.

          Read the book by David Duke PHD in History
          “The Secret Behind Communism”
          He served two terms in The House of Representatives

          In his twenties he was in the klan and rose to the top
          His detractors never let it go as that is all they have.
          David Duke is a true American. His books are flawlessly
          researched. You don’t know what you don’t know.

          • Duke was a one term Louisiana State Representative.

        • Putins real last name is Putzman. . Not a joke look it up.

      47. Keep stockpiling everything. Including fuel. The world continues to grow darker.

        • If I stocked anymore I would have to buy a warehouse 😛

          • Genius:

            Go for it. some locations in the industrial area
            Build your own living quarters. Did you see

            • BfromCA and ptpo, There are no warehouses where I will be. If shit gets bad Im out of here asap. We have a place away from here with several backroads that will get us there. That is where the bulk of things are. Plan B if you will. Also have planC which is portable and working on plan D. The storage buildings I have now are overfull. I am planning on spreading it out even more. I have been prepping for 18 years and let me tell you, you accumulate a LOT of stuff! And you learn a lot from mistakes. It is a shitload of work esp. when I was by myself. I just hope things hold out long enough for us to get the plan D finished. Use local materials to build and no path to it. Hike in with a chainsaw and a bucket and cement and water and tools (not in 1 trip lol) Small off grid solar setup and on govt. land camoflauged with cellar. I’m not paranoid, they really are after me 🙂

          • Have you reinforced your home. Security is paramount. Good locks heavy doors. Make sure everything looks like Joe averages house. I like security/hurricane film on my windows. Have you removed decorative trees and replaced them with nut and fruit trees?

            The method of destruction of most homes in a Hurricane or tornado is the doors blow in and the house inflates and the roof and walls blow out. Solid doors could mean your house stands while the neighbors doesn’t even without hurricane clips.

            When I was young and loved fast cars, the concept of a sleeper impressed me. It never impressed the police or the nut jobs, that was the point. I think a home should be a sleeper. It’s your first line.

            A preppers home shouldn’t attract attention. Neither should a prepper. I fear my reputation in my neighborhood is already bigger than I prefer. I am the one they call when a safe or piano needs lifting, or any disaster befalls them.

            I have counseled all who will listen, to learn, be ready. I have a dozen neighbors now planting long term reliable nut and fruit trees. I even have immigrant neighbors from India prepping. I must say, these people understand more than most Americans, they have been victimized by Islam in a more personal way than Americans for centuries.

            As a prepoer I suggest keeping a low profile, there will be a day when you must become a leader. Until then stack, even if it’s just knowledge. Do you have a library? It needs to be EMP proof.

            • PTPO.

              I am ready for WAR.

            • Prep-

              All good advice.

              My Grandparents who lived through the great depression were “preppers” we didnt call it that back then. They had a good sized garden, canned food, made apple butter, ice cream, maple syrup, had a root cellar and a smokehouse. Grandpa told us once that after the depression a lot of people moved in closer to the cities, became less self reliant. He thought that next time a depression hits that a lot of people would be scavaging through the suburbs and countryside and t will be a dangerous time. He said this back in the 1970’s.

              My point is this, our Grandparents saw this coming. After loving through the depression he had a lot of the same thoughts that you shared in your post.

              P.S. I think what is coming is going to be worse than the great depression.

              • The biggest difference between one and the great depression is that many people owned their home. Most homes were small and easier to heat. Gardens were close to universal and people knew how to preserve food. Families lived closer together, corporations had not start the insistence that you had to move every few years to get ahead. People are now dependent on corporate controlled food, everything. Good news, there are now 42 million homes with gardens today, the biggest increases among poor and millenials. It looks bad, but a lot of people are preparing as best they can. As we get more independent, the better off we are.

      48. Now that the USSR is gone, replaced by a European Russia, and the Islamic world is at war with everyone else, it’s a good time to take a good hard look at the need for Turkey as a NATO ally. I’d rather see Russia join, we can work together on this thing if we get past the Cold War paradigm.

        • We will never join forces with russia as they are pro christian and pro morals where we are not. We only ally with criminal dictators and subhuman pieces of shit. Haven’t you noticed that?

        • The Cold War was a con. It was a rouse so that
          Occupied America could arm Isreal. They got us
          coming and going.

        • Its not politics that keep Russia out but rather geo economics.

          Russia is well aware of the control over the US by Multi National Banks. Putin has enough problems with his own oligarchs attempting to do what has been achieved in the US.

      49. Debt-laden Turkey and the entire Eurozone are putting us at war because their economies are collapsing under debt that can never be repaid. Russian jets passing by do not pose any threat at all to Turkey, all they needed to do was scramble their own jets to ward them off. Shooting two jets down is uncalled for and an insane over reaction.

      50. Are you all ready to dance?

        • EOTS

          What type of Music is the Band Playing?

          • Symphony of Distruction

            • EOTS

              Head Bangers and MOSH Pits. The entertainment of the future.

      51. Shooting ejected pilots while they’re still descending under canopy. That’s as bad as machine gunning sailors in the water or shooting someone displaying a white truce flag.
        I hope Putin drops white phos and napalm across the whole area. Right after he carpet bombs the entire length of that valley and surrounding hills.
        Time to zippo the whole village! Russian style!!

      52. with “friends” like Turkey,who in the hell needs enemies?

        Struggling to Starve ISIS of Oil Revenue, U.S. Seeks Assistance From Turkey


        ISIS makes its money off of oil
        oil that is knowingly being bought and sold in Turkey
        Erdogan knows this and has done nothing to stop it
        there is even some evidence that he has profited off of it himself to the tune of at least a billion dollars

      53. Well, I awoke to 20 inches of snow, 20 degrees below zero and as I stoked the wood furnace I noticed that from horizon to horizon, there wasn’t a Muslim or a climate changer to be seen.

        • Snow sucks, God help us if an EOTWAWKI event hits early or mid winter.

          Just finished stacking a cord of wood today.

          There have been numerous arc storms in the US where 12 or more inches of rain fall.

          If this were to happen in winter it translates to ten to twelve feet of snow. And we all know it can happen.

        • You should thank God for Al Gore…He didn’t let global warming sneak up on you…lol

        These savages Muslimes do this all the time. When 911 happened they cheered, When 265 marines where killed in Lebanon, they cheered, So on and So on. When was the last time you saw Christians, or even Americans, Russian or Europeans cheer when there was death or destruction in a Muslim country. No we send aid or try to help in many ways.

        How many time do we have to get BIT before we learn. I hate to feel this way but here goes. Let them all suffer and die and let God sort it out. That is what they would and will do to us!

        YOU all have the best Thanksgiving possible. And to remember to EAT TOO MUCH. It is you God Given Right!!


      55. Just nuke Turkey, Israel, London, Saudi Arabia and save that biggest baddest bunker buster bomb for Washington DC when all the politicians are in town. None of them are worthy of the US peoples support.

      56. According to Rick Wiles on True news, Putin is getting ready to cut off the head of the snake. That would be the U.S. and NATO. The chances of us seeing Christmas this year are starting to look pretty bleak. Take care everyone. Stay safe and watch your backs. Obullshit is bringing in thousands of Syrian moose limbs.

        • Toolmaker, if what you said about cut off the the head of the snakes then every day would be a Merry Christmas.

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