Raw Video Shows Dozens Of People Looting A Dollar Store As Flooding Cuts Wilmington Off From The Rest Of North Carolina

by | Sep 18, 2018 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    This report was originally published by Michael Snyder at The Economic Collapse

    A major emergency brings out the best in some people, but in others it brings out the absolute worst. Shocking images of “dozens of people” ransacking a Family Dollar store in Wilmington, North Carolina have stunned the nation. This happened in broad daylight, and many of the looters didn’t even seem to care that a television news crew was filming them. Sadly, this always seems to happen whenever a major disaster takes place. Our established social order is so vulnerable, and so many people out there will gladly take advantage of others if they believe that there is an opportunity to get away with it. If this is how people will behave during a storm, how will they act once things start getting really bad in this country?

    At this hour, Florence continues to dump massive amounts of rain on the Mid-Atlantic region, and now the death toll is up to 18. It is being reported that more than 640,000 people are without power, and the National Hurricane Center says that more “catastrophic flooding” is coming as Florence remains stationary over the Carolinas.

    Major roads all over North Carolina and South Carolina have been flooded, and some parts of Interstate 95 have had to be shut down.

    The flooding is already so bad that the city of Wilmington has been completely cut off from the rest of North Carolina, and that is where the Family Dollar store was looted. One reporter was able to capture raw footage of the looting in progress, and you can see that video on YouTube right here.

    This is one of the most disturbing things that I have seen in a long time.

    How can people behave like that?

    According to one news report, many of the looters were carrying things back to a public housing project right across the street…

    Footage from local news station WECT shows dozens of people carrying any items they could get their hands on out of the store and back to a public housing community called Houston Moore.

    While there were no members of law enforcement on the scene due to management’s request, police enacted a curfew for the area from 5pm Saturday to 6am Sunday.

    They also said many of the alleged looters could be identified in WECT’s video. They encouraged locals to report anyone they recognized in the footage.

    If it was just one or two people doing the looting, that would be one thing.

    But for “dozens of people” to be looting a store in broad daylight is a very frightening indication as to where we are at as a society.

    The storm just arrived a couple days ago, so none of these people were hurting for food or water. They were just immensely greedy, and they decided to loot the store because they thought they could get away with it.

    According to one reporter, “you could just see people everywhere”

    WECT reporter Chelsea Donovan, who went to the scene with another journalist to film the looting, said: ‘When we came over the hill on Greenfield Street, you could just see people everywhere.’

    In her news coverage Donovan gestures into the store’s front entrance as she says: ‘You can see here inside just a complete mess, people taking duffel bags and trash bags, now noticing we’re here [and] running away from the camera.’

    And of course this was not the only instance of criminal activity in the region.

    Over in Brunswick County, at least 4 crooks were arrested

    Dashaun Smith, 25, and Brandon Bellamy, 30, are both charged with possession of burglary tools and break and or enter at Tommy’s Mini Mart in Leland. They are each being held under a $20,000 bond.

    Devin Harris, 21, and Justice Harris, 18, are both charged with break or enter a motor vehicle. They are being held under a $5,000 bond each.

    We have raised an entire generation that has no moral foundation, and when things take a turn for the worse in this country we are going to see chaos like this all over America.

    It doesn’t matter how many laws you have if people don’t follow them. To a very large degree, any free society is heavily dependent on the fact that most people will regulate themselves, and that is one of the reasons why the social decay that we see all around us is so deeply alarming.

    Ultimately, we will probably see even more looting before this storm is over, because it is being reported that “the worst flooding is yet to come”

    Florence’s merciless deluge has already killed 18, trapped hundreds and made parts of North and South Carolina impassable — and authorities say the worst flooding is yet to come.

    The tropical depression will keep dumping rain over parts of North Carolina for the next few days, with numerous rivers expected to crest at major flood stage.

    Flooding already is so bad in North Carolina that the state transportation department is telling people not to travel in the state. Numerous highways, including sections of I-95 and I-40, are closed, and road flooding has virtually cut off the coastal city of Wilmington.

    Previously, I have discussed the fact that it is being projected that this storm could potentially dump 10 trillion gallons of water on North Carolina.  The flooding is already “catastrophic”, and you can view some really good before and after photos right here.

    The National Hurricane Center says that up to 40 inches of rain will likely fall on southeastern North Carolina and the northeastern tip of South Carolina. Even though Florence turned out to be not quite as powerful as the experts were anticipating, this is still an extremely, extremely damaging storm.

    At times like this, it is so important for communities to come together and support one another.

    Unfortunately, some have decided that this is the perfect time for a crime spree, and as an American I am deeply ashamed by what I am seeing.


    About the author: Michael Snyder is a nationally syndicated writer, media personality and political activist. He is publisher of The Most Important News and the author of four books including The Beginning Of The End and Living A Life That Really Matters.

    GetPreparedNow-MichaelSnyderBarbaraFixMichael T. Snyder is a graduate of the University of Florida law school and he worked as an attorney in the heart of Washington D.C. for a number of years.Today, Michael is best known for his work as the publisher of The Economic Collapse Blog and The American Dream

    If you want to know what is coming and what you can do to prepare, read his latest book [amazon text=Get Prepared Now!: Why A Great Crisis Is Coming & How You Can Survive It&asin=150522599X].


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      1. “But for “dozens of people” to be looting a store in broad daylight is a very frightening indication as to where we are at as a society.”

        No, it is only a continuing commentary of Black “society”.
        There is nothing new here. It is how the savages have always behaved.

        The lesson for White people is to live somewhere else.

        • Looting a Dollar Store is LUNACY !!!

          Let’s see, grab the candy bars, toothpaste, plastic knives, forks & spoons; soap ? Check. Earbuds ? Check. Crackers ? Check. Oh yeah, don’t forget the TOILET PAPER !!! Check.

          How easy is it going to be to ID that big, dumb, dude??? LMFAO !!! 🙂

          • Nigs just showing their true color.

        • I don’t think we should allow ourselves to be driven away by stupid negros. We just need to shoot and kill the whole bunch that act this way as it may promote behavior modification in the rest of them. They can fucking leave.

          • YUP! And put their photos up for everyone to see.

          • Menzo, they wouldn’t dare come around any of my relatives’ properties if they want to live.

          • There are powerful eye witness accounts from neighbors and even former gang members that someone or group has been dropping off boxes of guns ammo and magazines behind HQ for numerous large city drug gangs.

            There are YouTube accounts, as well as some news articles, none of course from the mainstream media.

            These drug gangs are literally being armed and groomed by the deep state to become the deep states brown shirts.

            The monstrous murder rate in our largest, all democrat controlled cities is no coincidence. It is planned.

            Biggest problem for the deep state is all these Homies want to do is kill each other. Their turf consists of a tribal area defined in city blocks. It’s tribal life in tribal territories.

            They lack the gray matter to go national, so Obama opened the borders and brought in MS-13 in mass. They not only think national, but international. They would have been the perfect enforcers for the progressive movement. MS-13 was even used to kill Seth Rich, but of course the participating MS-13 members were found dead not far away. Can’t let them talk.

            Had Hillary won, MS-13 would have controlled every street corner where drugs are sold in the US, with the CIA, DOJ and FBI protecting them. The murder rate would have skyrocketed until all of America cried out for total gun control, perhaps even the elimination of the second.

            We so dodged a bullet when Hillary lost. God Bless Millitary Inteligence. I’m having suspicions (no evidence, just a gut feeling) that US Millitary intelligence may have un-hacked millions of electronic voting machines the DNC thought they controlled.

            We are living in the most amazing days.

            Trump has signed an executive order to declassify all FBI and DOJ emails associated with the Trump Russia investigation, and Carter Page FISA warrants. This date coincides with the Red Carpet Emmy’s and the expiration of the DOJ #3’s tenure. On this day, POWER at the DOJ reverts back to Jeff Session.

            Months of Trump putting Session’s down in tweets to the point where the MSM were all on Session’s side will be tested when the media discover Session’s was just being protected, by POTUS attacking him. It’s an incredible play by Trump. The MSM never saw it coming.

            Word is Democrats just figured it all out, a day late. They actually went to Trump and said if he would reverse his declassification and release of these documents, they would have this woman who claimed Kavenaugh assaulted her recant, and insure his appointment. The signal is Trump said no deal.

            We are living the most amazing spy novel in history, but it’s all very, very, scary real, and people are dying.

          • All blacks. No shock there.

        • Quote..”you didn’t build that”….Obama encourages this behavior.

        • Wrong about white people living somewhere else. The lesson is to eradicate ghetto thugs anywhere they refuse to be civilized. This country was colonized and settled by whites and the blacks want to take it over for themselves. it’s in their genes. For thousands of years African tribes constantly raided other tribes to steal and take anything they wanted from others. It’s a life style that has been embedded into their genes after so many generations of repetition.

        • “We have raised an entire generation that has no moral foundation.”

          No, its just the entire Black Population that commits 75% of the crimes, but only makes up 17% of the US population. Its not a generational thing, but a racial thing. Get your facts strait M Snyder.

          • TSB, Snyder needs to dead that DOJ study. As usual he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. And I doubt if he’s ever been a victim of crime either.

          • Actually the numbers are worse, because most crimes are committed by African American males that make up less than 8% of the population.

            I’d love to repost my spew on lead poisoning in America, but no one reads it.

            Bottom line 80% of lead poisoning occurs in the areas where 75% of all murders are committed. Blacks are victims. Lead poisoning Drain Bramage hits (did that spelling error on purpose) the centers of the brain that handle impulse control. Please look at lead poisoning since lead was removed from gasoline, overlay that with federal crime statistics.

            Crime and Murder dropped everywhere in America except in the city slums all pained with lead paint for a hundred years.

            Most amazing info scrap. Lead paint was banned everywhere in the US, except for schools. Surprised? Turns out that NY City Public School City regulations specified that a lead based paint must be used in all schools and public housing. This regulation stood until the late 1980’s it was foundational and was followed by nearly every school system and public housing in the US.

            Mitigation for lead paint in the US per the EPA assumes it is mainly gloss trim paint on door and window frames is likely effected. Landlords are instructed to paint over lead paint with basicly spar varnish, let it dry and paint over the top. Never is the lead paint contaminated wood required to be removed. Five to seven years later the paint peels and a new generation of brain damaged criminals is born again.

            Absolutely yes, there is a direct correlation to lead poisoning and violent crime. You don’t have to be black to get lead poisoning in a US slum.

            • I thought you meant lead poisoning from bullet wounds. . .

        • Stuart, agreed. Nothing unusual in those pictures. The DOJ statistics verify that blacks are responsible for more crime in this country than any other group of people.

        • Imagine that! Hordes of blacks looting in taking advantage of a crisis situation. It’s dah white boys fault G, they be racist and shit. Cops be targeting back us fo no reason cuz. Imma get mine coz im always on my hustle. Worthless welfare trash.

      2. “as an American I am deeply ashamed by what I am seeing.”

        That sentiment is a huge part of why we find ourselves in this place as a society. Snyder has absolutely nothing to be ashamed of. He has done nothing. He should feel revulsion.

        These things didn’t happen when law enforcement had their thumb on the black population. Then Whites became “ashamed” and let the negro run wild. This is the result.

        The situation will not improve until White people stop feeling ashamed and start feeling mad.

        • Stuart, this is what we get for allowing that black civil rights crap to come about.

        • negroes were not liberated by Whites- it was and is wholly subversion by the chooze.

          White will was overridden by (((those))) with unlimited fake money. California’s Proposition 187 [deny benefits to illegal mexicans] was overturned by a female chewish [federal] judge. . .

          • In Little Rock, 1957, we see White free will again subverted by federal bayonets:


            [notice the young lady and the soldier look like their about to crack up]

            • they’re [contraction of they are]

      3. Clearly these community-minded people are assisting the store by saving the merchandise from the damaging flood water.

      4. Its all about the Negros!

      5. Instead of a curfew…….which would have done nothing to prevent this….an order should be issued to shoot looters on sight.

        • agreed, and the chooze are the basic looters…

      6. Yeah because you can be shot dead by cops for stealing that cheap foreign made garbage brought in by government who moved your jobs to less than a dollar an hour wage pay in third world shitholes. Justice done the American way. Work your asses to the bone and be happy living in that dilapidated shack. That or be caged and forced to work for 25 cents an hour or less.

        • your daily “I’m an idiot” post right on time.

          • I thought he was on point. You sound like the asshole.

          • i 2nd blinkys comment

      7. Mostly black skinned low lifes and a few white skinned wiggers in the mix. Its nothing new or unexpected.

        • Gotta have the wiggers to supervise……sheesh.

      8. Praetors are supposed to have a monopoly on the use of force. As such, good Samaritans have been shot.

        If you’re efficient and strong, the shop keeper will shove anything not nailed down — even an entire display — into your arms, and try to get you out of there, in a hurry.

        They assume that you’re a protection racket, or not better than Michael Brown, or a mutual combatant, on their premises. It scares them, to be helped.

        Do-gooders need to make peace with that, or let it happen.

        • How Inside Edition Helped Catch These ‘Smash and Grab’ Thieves

          The gps tag is now a Walmart pegboard item, or online. Occasionally, worth less than $10.

          Anderson Cooper said (paraphrased), why shouldn’t people be dealing with this, if police are so overwhelmed.

          I think, in a situation like Duterte’s Philippines, conservatives form gang-like cliques and could conceivably clash with eachother.

          The reason why generically WASP people were able to be overrun to this point, is we were already in open competition.

          • (Can’t walk and chew gum.)

            Tucker Carlson (funny faces) show mentioned this version of Inside Edition.

      9. In the late 50’s, a classmate of mine, (one of our darker brethren), showed me a .22 Derringer style pistol, and 7 or 8 rounds of ammo he had with it, during recess. This was in the First Grade. Interrogated by the nuns, I gave him up, as they threatened me with unknown horrors if I didn’t. At seven years old, I didn’t even know why he did something wrong, or why it was wrong. But one thing the reader needs to know, and retain. The blacks will chimp out at the drop of a hat, and especially when they have the numbers on the scene. You have a better chance against a great white than the blacks when the drum beats are loud in their brains. If you encounter lots of them congregating in the street, take yourself elsewhere. Stealing things comes in second to Get Whitey.

        • Unless you have your sporting rifle with you with plenty of loaded magazines and are proficient in it’s use.

          • Menzo, I always keep my M1 Carbine with 30-round mags loaded and on standby. Same goes for my Mossberg 590A1. You just never know.

        • For sure the mindset of the poor, black community has deteriorated over time in my view. I grew up on the edge of the ghetto. My grade school was 60% black. We were all poor. We played together, fought together, engaged in sports together. No problem.

          In August, 1968 while I was hitchhiking across America, I walked through the black ghettos of East St Louis MO, Kansas City, and Oakland CA on East 14th Street; the heart of the Black Panthers and the Black Power Movement. I never thought twice about it. No problem even though there were many black guys outside on the steps.

          Fast forward 30 years later, my truck was in the shop and I walked down to the bank to draw out some cash at Metro Center Mall; relatively new at that time and in a mixed, but good part of NW Phoenix.

          I was going to cut across a parking lot but saw three black teens about a block away, so I decided to forgo that transit and headed north up the street because I had three hundred dollars in my pocket. When I got about a block north, I heard footsteps running up behind me. I whirled around to confront the attacker, one of the black teens, and said “What’s up brother?” He didn’t reply but waited for his friends to catch up.

          As I sized up the situation I knew that I could dispatch two of the three rather quickly, but that still small voice told me that the third guy, a little larger and more imposing than the other two, had a knife in his pocket.

          I slipped my right hand into my jacket pocket as if I had a gun, and backed away, crossing the street again. Believing I had a gun they retreated in the direction that they had come, their tails between their legs.

          People who refuse to play the game, and who are prepared to defend themselves, do not become knockout victims. 🙂

      10. These people are robbing a convenience store which hopefully won’t reopen after the disaster. Hope these people have to commute a long distance to get groceries. Compare them to the people that use their political influence to make a profit from manipulating the system. Which is worse? At least, these damned looters are more open about it than that set of damned looters!

      11. What do you mean the school supplies weren’t touched?

      12. But, but, but…. they be entitled to all that stuff, right? Dey dindu nuttin wrong. Just the man keeping them down. My God, when are we just going to stop this insanity and go back to the Judge Roy Bean days?

      13. I believe wholly in the sanctity of life. However, after watching people brazenly smash and steal in broad daylight,I am willing to “shoot to kill” in order to restore not law and order,but civilization. This is ridiculous, Anderson Cooper would be the first person to scream ‘vigilantes’ if his advice were yaken to let yhe people handle it.

        • Best time would be now while the water is deep and the gators are around. One or two might get hung up on the lip of a culvert but the tug of the current might free’em up.

      14. There are white people being sent to prison for no good reason while blacks go free.

        During the demonstration protesting the removal of an historical statue, demonstrators were attacked violently.

        One black man turned on a flame thrower. A white man shot his rifle into the ground as a warning preventing the flamethrower from inflicting injury or death onto white demonstrators. For this act of heroism, the white man received and currently is serving a sentence of four years in prison. The black flamethrower was not sent to prison.

        The judge is a criminal who most likely received a bribe from George Soros. There are petty criminals who loot dollar stores, and major criminals who steal Countries. America is being looted.

        How do we get this poor innocent white man, and hero, out of prison??


        • If you ever pull a gun out to use and shoot it. You shoot to stop a threat not to scare it. If you feel that much of a threat you shoot to stop. Only an idiot fires a warning shot. Cops don’t fire warning shots, get the idea?

      15. The Brunswick Nuclear Facility in North Carolina has undergone a “hot shutdown”.

      16. “While there were no members of law enforcement on the scene due to management’s request,”

        The game goes like this. The insurance company compensates the store for the loss. Premiums rise. Prices at the store rise to cover the increased premiums. The locals complain about higher prices that are specific to these areas being racist. The store makes good raising prices everywhere.

        Some MBA thinks this stuff up and gets a bonus.

        • K2,
          Are you a consultant to the Democrat party?
          You have one of their tactics pretty well

      17. A box of 00 buck and a few dead n gers would have solved that problem.

        • That would be a good start.

      18. Jas, uh, I hope you have a LOT more than one box of 00 buck stockpiled. You’ll most likely be dealing with more than just a few troublemakers. I’ve got ammo cans full of 00 buck and other 12-gauge ‘goodies’.

        • Nope just shoot the fattest two in the butt or gut and their screaming will make the remainder flee in fear.

      19. What should concern you are subsets within populations locally. The primary sociopaths and psychopaths that get arrested are between 18-23 years of age. This group gets arrested frequently…but that doesn’t mean all within entire ethnic groups are bad. However a shocking amount of crimes are committed by some ethnic groups way out of proportion to their percentage in a community.

        The following numbers from the study are so high, they hardly seem believable.

        “The study’s key findings include:
        By age 18, 30 percent of black males, 26 percent of Hispanic males and 22 percent of white males have been arrested.
        By age 23, 49 percent of black males, 44 percent of Hispanic males and 38 percent of white males have been arrested.
        While the prevalence of arrest increased for females from age 18 to 23, the variation between races was slight. At age 18, arrest rates were 12 percent for white females and 11.8 percent and 11.9 percent for Hispanic and black females, respectively. By age 23, arrest rates were 20 percent for white females and 18 percent and 16 percent for Hispanic and black females, respectively.”

        Now you would have to study the data and it probably has a small sample size and from the inner city. What you can’t do is expect that the same would happen in your tiny town.

        Under total collapse conditions in the urban areas you would likely would have mass chaos and a horde of people fleeing to the surroundings suburbs. That does not bode well for those folks who will be fightig for their lives…if they armed and until they run out of ammunition.

      20. Me too

      21. This is a preview of what rich neighborhoods will encounter when SHTF..

        Ephesians 6:13-17: “Therefore put on the full armor of God, so that when the day of evil comes, you may be able to stand your ground, and after you have done everything, to stand. Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist, with the breastplate of righteousness in place, and with your feet fitted with the readiness that comes from the gospel of peace. In addition to all this, take up the shield of faith, with which you can extinguish all the flaming arrows of the evil one. Take the helmet of salvation and the sword of the Spirit, which is the word of God.”

      23. At least the looters in Florida had class and looted Nike store. Dollar store? Who would risk their life to protect that stuff?

        • Can’t get asswipe at a Nike store, unless you are using cash register rolls. More than likely this was the closest store to the geto and they probably get robbed on a regular basis.

      24. This is just a dress rehearsal for what will happen when the real SHTF. This is what it will be like in every city in America. When there are no more resources in the stores these folks will come to your home. There is only one way this can play out, us or them, everyone best prepare themselves mentally for what is to come. It IS coming, there is no stopping it.

      25. I can’t believe that WHITE people would disguise themselves as BLACKS in order to loot stores. It just goes to show how low WHITE people will stoop to commit crimes.

        • The same low IQ white people that degrade themselves by engaging in rap and hip-hop nigga trash.

      26. Begin the PURGE!!!

      27. There was a problem way back in the 1800,s with a race of people who robbed looted and killed and saw nothing wrong with their actions. The it was the consensus the only good redskin was a dead redskin. And after those folks where subdued and exterminated the USA was better off. The making Producing white folks made the USA number one. Now that same kinda thing is occurring but with a twist. Now it seems that they are promoting war upon the White skin. And the only good white skin is a dead one. When the fact is once the Productive whites are gone the USA will become much worse. Read the Woodpile Report guys essay titled Frankly My Dear that was in last Tuesdays edition. He is spot on correct.

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