Raw Footage Of Shoot Out: Cops Gunned Down In Baton Rouge: At Least Three Confirmed Dead: Multiple Gunmen

by | Jul 17, 2016 | Headline News | 288 comments

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    Earlier this year an elite special forces insider warned of serious civil unrest this summer. It appears those predictions were quite prescient.

    The war on the streets of America continues.

    UPDATE: Police say three officers have been killed. One gunman has been killed but police say a second gunman has barricaded himself into a building. Police are looking for a third suspect.


    Witnesses reported seeing a sus[icious man with an “assault rifle” walking down a Baton Rouge, Louisiana street when they called police. As officers approached the individual he reportedly opened fire, killing at least three and injuring up to 7 others.

    The gunman has reportedly been killed by police, though the area remains an active scene as more information becomes available.

    Raw Footage of the shooting – multiple gunshots in rapid succession can be heard near the end of the video:

    Another angle:

    Live Stream:


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      1. The targets will soon change from random cops to random white civilians.

        Black Lives Matter think that regular white people don’t have the balls to fight back.

        • I fear you might be right. The police are there to serve the public and when they get knocked down, there is nothing left between us and these assassins. Just as with militant Islam, they seem to believe white people are too soft and lazy to do anything to defend themselves.

          • Any non white and some white skinned dark sympathizers are enemy combatants now

            • Captain Crunch…… Well said. Now Go And Fuck Yourself Idiot.

              • LOl….yea agree with u 100%…time to think beyond the old story lines.

              • can’t you say in a LITTLE nicer way, that this isn’t a RACE war, anonymouse?….not all blacks are like that, i have many friends that are fine upstanding citizens, so quit calling this a race war.

                • certain ones WANT this to become a total race war, there ARE good decent people who are of any color, color IS NOT what makes up bad or good people i know of just as many white trash that would kill you in a second for a dollar. i am afraid this will escalate until IT is a race war and we all will be drug into it! no matter what your thoughts or your color is!!

                  • Unfortunately this is just heating up. Honestly I do not know who the next president will be, but regardless, this isn’t gonna stop anytime soon. How’s that diplomacy workin out Barry? All according to plan? Stay quiet Be smart

                    • if we get a president that will LISTEN to the PEOPLE that are getting killed for no cause(a FEW ARE…not ALL), and start prosecuting them when it’s dead OBVIOUS they are guilty….THEN we will have peace again….it’s called RULE OF LAW, and it’s ESSENTIAL to the survival of our nation….it’s being torn apart for REASONS…..it might ALSO help to put repeat offenders to death, or at LEAST for life.

                  • Apache54

                    My neighborhood is a mix of everyone.

                    Does present the problem of identifying who are the Good Guys.

                    • 17 July 2016 Sunday

                      When out in public.
                      Black People and people in general, have been unusually civil and polite here in Dallas Texas. Seem to be making extra effort at civility.
                      Seems as if most black people want to distance themselves from the violence.
                      Many people just trying to work and get by best they can. They Don’t want problems.
                      I’m surrounded by mostly working class Black, Mexican, some whites.
                      No problems. Probably less than usual.

                      Maybe that is because blacks know that many many people are armed. People here also know how to shoot. Texans are fools for firearms. ATF stats say more gun shops/sellers in Dallas Texas than all of USA. Everyone is very heavily armed.

                      Funny thing is. I don’t have guns. None. If I need a gun then I will take wife/kids and move. You win fire fights by staying out of them. If gun is needed. time to move. I know this really pisses off you arm chair commando wanna be types. You guys want trouble. and will likely find it. Big ego’s, many toys, Fewer skills, many are overweight and out of shape. My fighting time was when young and in shape, i was hot, tired and hungry most of the time. Fat boys just don’t make it humping 100 lb packs plus weapon load out. Tough to hear. just how it is Rambo’s.

                      I won’t be there if I need a gun. Have 99 ways to escape chaos.
                      “A wise man sees trouble and avoids it. A fool steps in it.”

                      Was out Sunday morning. Lot’s of Police activity.
                      Police were buzzing around. Saw multiple groups in a gaggle. Were out of their jurisdiction.

                      Arrived back to the Castle, and found out about latest barbarians gone wild in Louisiana lunacy.

                      Looks like Obama is working hard to get his martial law in order to REMAIN in occupied office?
                      Chaos is part of subversives strategy. Obama and his kind are Subversive/Against America, and out to Destroy the American people and way of life.
                      It is Intentional Chaos and part of Obama’s NWO UN commies plan.
                      I believe most of recent events Orchestrated. Theatre of chaos and violence, designed to induce fear. They want to justify lock down.

                      I also believe Obama is really mentally unstable. Obama and his politicians trying to get America NUKED. Obama/Hillary are extremely DANGEROUS to American Civilization.

                  • Well, I’m white and most of my friends are black, so it might present a problem… or not. Here where I live (east coast, the south), EVREYONE hangs out together– black, white, white, black… no one pays any attention… we are just all poor people trying to survive the shit coming down on us by the mafia elite. other day, talked to a young, white guy who is an anarchist, talking about the need for guns to fight against tyrannical government. Before that talked to a black veteran who is calling for Revolution. And other day, talked to this little black guy who was politely trying to explain to me that not all black people are lazy, no good, etc. (I said, “Of course not! I know that!!”)… just people trying to survive!!

                • It is storming pretty hard down here. 3 of our LEOS will not be returning to their homes and families and more critically wounded. For what it is worth, the thin blue line is what separates our civilization from anarchy and total chaos. We cannot allow ourselves to fall into the trap of hating the cops or hating all people of color. Our decisions under these circumstances will leave a legacy for our children and their children for generations to come. We were planning to go to BR to celebrate my daughter’s 16th birthday this afternoon. Please pray for all of us here in Louisiana. The purge may be starting.

                  Louisiana Eagle in mourning

                  • Dont be ridiculous. The Cops have nothing to do with stability or safety. In fact the places with the worst safety are the places with the most cops. The safest places are the places where the people rule. Not elected officials.

                    • Your chicken is in front of your egg, the most cops are put where the most crime is, not the other way around.

                      You’re telling us the sun comes up because it’s daylight.

                    • You can apply the same argument to race. Places that are all white need very few cops. Places that a re heavy black have a very high police presence, like Detroit, Chicago, Washing DC and so on.

                    • Ed,

                      My brother made the observation that there always seemed to be a policeman in the middle of a traffic jam. Was it cause or effect? Do the traffic police cause the traffic jam or do they help resolve the congestion?

                      Pray for our LEOs. We all need them.
                      Louisiana Eagle


                    • Ed says:
                      Comment ID: 3588236
                      July 17, 2016 at 4:15 pm
                      Dont be ridiculous. The Cops have nothing to do with stability or safety. In fact the places with the worst safety are the places with the most cops.

                      And the most negroes.

                    • Keep in mind that the narrative that we are being fed may only be partially true or not true at all.

                  • Yes the enforsers of the new world order will not make it to church. We will miss them. Anarchy and total chaos. Order out of chaos is there moto. Who will come to confiscate your guns like they did in Katrina ? You are the enemy. Pledge your allegence to the establishment. They will save us . They are obamas boys . Weather you like it or not. Obeying orders. From the commander in chief. You stupid b word. But they don’t want to . They just want to put in their twenty and pick up their pension. Who is the scum of the earth?

                    • Lone Wolverine,

                      The LEOs are still on our side. A line is being drawn separating the NWO Globalists from those patriots who still uphold and cherish the American Dream. The time to take up arms against the NWO hopefully will never come. I believe, we the people of America are beginning to wake up to the scheming activities of the NWO order and their minions.

                      It is time to elect a new Commander in Chief. Engage your employees!

                      Louisiana Eagle in mourning

                    • I’ve noticed one thing– when you hear about cops killing citizens, its usually a bunch of cops ganging up on one innocent, un-armed civilian and tazering him to death, shooting dozens of bullets in him or choking him to death.

                      And when you hear about lone gunman killing cops, its usually one black guy killing and/or injuring dozens of cops… sort of makes you wonder!!

                      What does this say? It says cops are cowards, who have dozens of them ganging up together to kill one innocent, unarmed person… and usually they have on bullet proof vests, etc.

                      And it also says that those black guys tend to be pretty darn good with the gun if they can kill/injure dozens of armed, professional cops!!

                  • Well, here’s the bursting of your bubble! That “thin blue line” you speak of so romantically in your hypnotized sheeple dream state, is composed of Road Pirates/Road Agents!! They extort time, wealth and property from us every day that they go out on their rounds! It’s their JOB to steal from us whatever they can!! Don’t you see that yet? Prove me wrong, if you can! And when they don’t get their way with being able to rip us off at gun point, they shoot us without just cause! Last year, the Road Pirates/Road Agents stole more from people via the bogus Civil Asset Forfeiture laws than ALL other crimes against people combined!! Oh, you didn’t know that? Well now you do!
                    These Road Pirates/Road Agents are having some street justice served up on them and they don’t like it one tiny bit! Too bad! They should have got out of the thievery business when the getting was good!
                    PLEASE explain to this poor old dummy how these Road Pirates/Road Agents can operate under color of law and get away with it, unless the legal system has their back on that?? They ARE the feeder mechanism for the purely criminal legal system with all of its actors! Now they are caught up in the meat grinder and want it shut off!

                    • HTD,

                      If this country has turned against you to the extent you say then I would think there would be much better places for you to go to and posess. You seem extremely unhappy. We have all run into situations where we may have been treated unfairly by the LEOs but what would you do to replace them if you could. Lawlessness is not the answer. Do you want to live as an outlaw or become an outlaw nation? Have you lived or travelled in such places where you do not have any legal rights or legal recourse?

                      Beware of what you wish for! We all want change that favors us but without a system of rules and laws and the means to enforce them any change would most likely not favor you.

                      We live in one of the greatest countries in the world. Sure, there are problems, but let’s not throw out the baby with the bathwater.

                      Just like those people you elect, the men in blue should be working for you. Engage your employees!

                      We live in a land/country of opportunity, but, the globalist want to break down the walls that protect you, you must not allow that to happen. You have something the whole world would like to have, work to save it for the generations to come.

                      It is time to make America great again! Enjoy the ride, have some pride in who you are! You are an American! A fellow citizen! I don’t believe the United States of America is just pie in the sky. Can we make it better? Is it worth the effort? If not, you will just have to live with it or find another place to escape. The last time I looked around the options were not that good! Engage your employees this election year.

                      Louisiana Eagle in mourning

                    • HTD,

                      Interesting, the bubbles we all live in! Your bubble is definitely different from mine! I am hopeful for America. I see an awakening across the social and economic spectrum. I am a prisoner of hope. This is definitely not the time to abandon ship or bail out of the system. It is a time to fight for your convictions and stay true to the Founder’s dreams.

                      Louisiana Eagle in Mourning. A new dawn has broken over Louisiana!

                • There was a lot of decent christian German people in Germany during ww2 but it was still a war.

                • Your “friends” will choose their own tribe over you. Pretend otherwise at your own peril.

                • They are 15 % now how will it be for your grand children when they are 90 % ? You think you are right like so many in history. But what if you are wrong. Your grand children will curse your name. For being a nieve idiot when you could see what happened in Rhodesia and South Africa. . Look up black on white crime . They are raping old ladies. You are the domestic enemy. Subverting our lives . And you will be butchered.

                • Three officers killed in Baton Rouge, one white, one Black, one looks to me to be Hispanic or at least mixed.

                  So much for racism being the motive!

                  Know your local police and backup the honest ones. Call out the crooks.

                  Yes, I once got a cop demoted from sergeant to traffic patrolman. Wish I could have made him a civilian. It can be done. Civilians can make a difference.

              • Ahhhhh, Captain Crunchy-poo, did Anonymous hurt your Feels? It’s a RACEWAR dumbass and “Any non white and some white skinned dark sympathizers are enemy combatants now.” You go ahead and HUGGY-WUGGY on that SJW white faqqet with the Cool-Aid color hair picketing with his buddies for B.L.M. I hope it doesn’t take you getting Stabbed in the back tp learn where your loyalty should lie. Your Skin is your uniform in this current WAR. As for Me and Anonymous – will keep with the proven members of our tribe.

            • Oversimplify much? While I would agree that in this racially charged climate that blacks you do not know should be viewed more carefully, I do not think that most of them want a race war or are willing to murder whites simply for being white. Recognize the potential for hate but don’t give in to the hate yourself. Just be ready to defend yourself if necessary.

              • I work construction with these guys . You can’t trust what they say. They will butcher you if they get the chance . And your kids are dog food.they are not like us . They love their children . But not yours . Is that so hard for you highly educated people to understand.

              • Winston, the only thing stopping most blacks from savagery is fear of consequences. Most of them would happily kill you if they thought there would be no price to pay. Plenty of whites would as well, but blacks have spent their whole lives hearing that whites are responsible for any problem they even think they have.

            • Correct Captain, they are color coded for a reason.

          • The police are there to serve the public??? Wrong Wrong. Maybe at sometime in the distant past? The police once where to serve and protect the public. Now they mostly are paid enforcers of bad laws and revenue generators for the government. When it comes to your protection and well being YOYO you are on your own. When seconds count the police at best are minutes away.

            • Old Guy, couldn’t agree more, especially about being YOYO. I’m back at the BOL for all this week. Been target practicing this morning. Looks like I came back here just in time.

            • they show up to write the report…..the NEXT DAY, fairly often around here….so when seconds COUNT, a cop is only DAYS away. can there be any more debate on whether we are bankrupt, fiscally AND morally, in a-mur-ca?

              • Butt you are a optimistic big ray of sunshine at present ? like me your probably a born curmudgeon. a good mood is a when your not quite as pissed off as you normally are LOL

                • Me exactly, to a “T”eed-off. Well-said.


                • i don’t see much GOOD news, …..but i see a LOT of things WRONG in ameruhcuh. even 20 years ago i could never have forseen what a corrupt country we would become.

              • Our cops in a special unit just for our “Seniors and vulnerable adults” community actually tell us “not to bother them with our issues.” This is a special police unit supposedly to take care of senior abuse issues, but they “don’t” want to be bothered by us. Even with evidence of and witnesses to abuse, assaults, etc., they, along with the county ADA for senior abuse, and with the mayor’s full knowledge and disregard, refuse to do a damn thing. I was assaulted in my home by the handyman of the complex – – in front of a state-employee witness, and the response was that he “could continue to come into my apartment” but “only with someone from the office accompanying him” – – and they gave him/let him keep a full set of master keys. Now he is “accidentally” walking in on women in the shower, while they are sleeping, etc. We now block our doors so we can keep him out – – to our own detriment, as if there was an emergency they would have to take the door off to get to us – – if they could do so in time. The office of HUD, Housing advocacy, other such “nonprofits,” Ramsey County Commissioners, Saint Paul Mayor, Senior abuse division of the Ramsey County Attorney’s Office, and the Governor of MN, Mark Dayton, have all been told of this but seem not to give a damn either. No protections for us. It is very scary living in this senior’s building – – and most of us have no place else to go and no money to get there. Then every so often they send out notices of their self-congratulatory “celebrate and protect Senior’s and stop abuse of them” BS. It’s like a slap in the face and a long drawn-out raspberry. F–k them all in “ice-floe” Saint Paul, MN!

                • They will be treated how they treat others..Don’t call the cops for help or you may end up in jail or shot dead ..They exist to make money by writing tickets thats it…They can care less about you or your safety..

                • Sorry to read about what you are going through. Curious though, they guy who assault you in your apartment, he white isn’t he?

            • It has already been clarified by SCOTUS that the police are NOT responsible to protect you. So you might want to take that thin blue line and use it to hold your britches up and make sure your mags are topped off.

            • Old guy why don’t go down to your local PD and sign up .Sounds like you can show those cops how to be a real cop

            • you are so right about revenue generators…If you call them for help you may end up dead..serve and protect my ass..

          • BullShit, Frank. The police are NOT there to ‘serve the public’. They are there to serve and protect the criminal ruling elites who have hijacked the USA and who have been working overtime to resurrect the former USSR right here on American soil.

            Get this truth through your naive and gullible HEAD, White man. The cops are NOT our allies or our friends. We can sit and cheer the cases when a few skin-headed White kwaps step over the line and put some illegal and savage whupping on some deserving inner city bred black criminal scumbag, but do NOT fool yourself into believing that giving a kwap a pass for that is going to not translate into the same kind of savage, illegal violence being inflicted upon your fellow White men or women. Once these evil, mentally insane psychopaths get the idea in their heads that this kind of behavior won’t result in them being arrested, charged, tried, convicted and sent to jail and have their pension taken from them – NO race of humans will be safe from these savage and vicious sonsabitches.

            • Tucker. You lack common sense, you generalize, and you are a hate filled ass. Characterizing cops as savages? Have you been outside in the last 20 years? Go take a look at reality. If the savages are out savaging, you should be able to film them at will. Please keep us posted and in the mean time, let go of the hate.

          • Nothing left between us and these assassins . Serve the public? Are you gay? We need to get rid of these gov. Leaches so we can get rid of the scum . The cops protect the scum from us. We would just shoot them the cops put them in crime school to lift weights . And learn how to beat the system . What do cops do draw white outlines of you. We know what to shoot . Exposed underware . Tattoos. Flat brim . Boom box owners. Foreign flag holders. 99 % of brown people. Why do you think they have a special color . .? Target designation ? Soon it will be to late. We will lose the numbers advantage. Then we will only have fem men and stupid women . And then we go out . Isn’t it obvious? This must be quick and dirty. Or we will become a third world shit hole.

          • When they get to the southwestern US, they’ll discover how much fun playing “Cowboys and Negroes” isn’t…

          • You see the Zionist Chaos Makers are in their Last Throws before they are Thrown out of America when Trump Takes Office and cleans out the Barn, so they want to create as much chaos in their final year with their Shoe shine Boy Obummer at the helm directing the chaos. NAACP, Black Lives Matter, was all founded and created by the Jew Zionists to create hate, conflict, division and chaos here in the States.

            America is awake to this and I can’t wait for open season to begin, no daily bag limit on parasites.


            • Who:

              That about sums it up.

        • The usa is going to be in a wicked recession within the next 12 months.

          your know those loser blm’s will get some loser off his rocker enough to target whites and go on record and then whitey is going to sit home and it’s whitey that’s keeping the economy afloat by going out and spending.

          the holiday season might delay it from starting this year but next jnauary, I expect sales for retail, travel and restaurants to fall thru the floor.

          • it already HAPPENED!…my buddy that runs a big landfill here in so cal tells me he’s running HALF the normal volume of trash through right now……just like 2008, quote, unquote….if you aint gettin’ trash IN, it’s because they aint BUYIN’ anything.


              • i’m not brilliant, but i DO have a keeeene sense of the obvious.

        • Yes they will and they will find out otherwise.

          • I’ve done a little figuring and I believe at least 10 million white folks will actually fight when it comes to it. Those 10 million more likely than not have hundreds of rounds for each weapon they have. That conservatively puts us with billions of rounds to start not counting what we will take from our enemies. We do have brothers in the military waiting to do their part. More or less this is what we have to work with to start.

            • 10 Million? Dang brother you got faith as big as a peach seed(which is a lot larger than a mustard seed).

              • I’m very hopeful. If people will not fight we are screwed.

                • People with kids are worthless. They will submit to anything to save there kids write them off. Especially single mothers. We should get rid of them first thing. Quick and dirty . Not prolonged agony. Do or die.war to end all war. Again. Will it never end.?

                  • Your words are pretty harsh. Do you truly mean that? Who are the “we” (rhetorical question there) you speak of that are to get rid of them? You just don’t seem like someone I would want to be associated with when SHTF. Not because I’m a black man, but because you seem like someone who will stab someone in the back to save yourself.

                  • Lone wolverine:

                    In a WORL, you would be dead the minute you made that suggestion.
                    Take a bath in Epsom salt and relax.

        • Anonymous
          cops do not protect citizens, they are the enforcement arm of tptb. They are meant to scare people into submission and keep people from protecting themselves from disruption from immigrants and criminals.
          Most of our generation grew up watching sitcoms in to 50s. Pure bull even then.
          You endless referring to the good old days is mostly fantasy from tv-landia.
          The reason blacks are shooting cops is thatthey have reached the point of no return of police brutality combined with the sharp end of the stick as far as economy.
          This isn’t a race war, it is a war against tptb… which tptb will turn into your race war if they can convince you and a few blacks to buy in.
          Make no mistake, blacks are lower on the totem pole and suffer more than whites from the police brutality and money theft. They will rise first.
          Join tptb to put them down and you will have no allies.
          Am I going to join the black community? Nope. Will I support police brutality and theft against all of us? Nope. Black folks are the advance lines agains tptb and their thug force. They are merely returning sniper fire. A lot of them served in the military. They are dying on the front lines of tptb’s War Against Humanity.

          • Rebecca ….Great post.

          • Rebecca has told it like it is. Its at present the thin blue line versus the tribal instince. In both groups the bad actions of some are defended by the remander. They didnt do nothing wrong is their justification. LEOS and Pavement Apes are both DINDU,s. We had a DINDU- Pavement Ape – LEO lead the procession breaking the law and impeding traffic on I40 in Memphis LOL

            • Old Guy and Rebecca, spot on. BTW, Old Guy, it was our POLICE CHIEF who was in that picture walking arm-in-arm with those protestors. One of my inside sources told me they were ORDERED TO STAND DOWN when the apes arrived on the bridge.

          • Rebecca

            So what about the horrendous crime blacks perpetrate on whites. The “Knock Out Game” is only for Black fun.

            Also they JOINED the military and were not DRAFTED.

          • Well…it didn’t take long for the cop-haters to come out of the woodwork.

            I guess you all think think the slaughter of three more police officers is a good thing.

            You are morons.

            What you are advocating is nothing more than anarchy. Be careful what you wish for. Because when you get it, you’ll probably be found in a fetal position sucking your thumb and crying for someone to save you.

            • No-one here should totally defend or blame the niggers or the cops, many of us have been screwed over by both but we should insist on both improve their relations with each other and the rest of us.

              • Many here have been screwed over by cops? Really? I’ve been alive a long time and never contacted by a cop other than a ticket. I have heard stories all my life about cops picking on people. Seems like they are busy enough without making up crap. Seems like if we heard the real story, police likely had a reason to contact you.

            • Nope the slaughter of three more police isn’t any more importiant than the slaughter of three civilian citizens. Anarchy is what the Leos and goverment themselves have been doing. They are not willing to follow the counstition. On a daily basis they violate citizens Rights, Civil forfeiture is just strong arm robbery. Using the police & courts to create revenue is not justified. And I didnt come out of the wood work. Ive been here describing LEOs as Revenue generating Parasites for along time.

          • You better stop telling the truth Rebecca

          • I concur, Rebecca. Have long seen black people as canaries in the coalmine. the problem is,too many of them seem to have a herd mentality, and will do what race baiters like Al Shitstain direct them to do,and think as they are encouraged to think.

        • Anonymous, Black CRIMINAL Lives Matter is in for some NASTY surprises.

        • When the negro matter idiots start getting their loved ones wiped out of existence, they will suddenly realize what their ape brains cannot currently process. That they have fucked up.

        • I don’t write very much on here however I read the comments all the time.If the American people don’t wise up and get out of your easy chair and stand up for our right we’re in deep trouble.We cannot let this crap keep going like this.

          • No doubt. I’m mad as hell but I still do remember who the real enemy is. However, if the divide and conquer works we will be forced to fight or just die. Bad all the way around.

        • Little do they know that we have known that the ptb have been pushing things in this direction. We are waiting and prepared.
          Be safe all. I appreciate the info by mez, Sgt dale, braveheart, Kentucky mom and all of you. Ive been on this site for a few years now and rarely comment other the to say thx for the prepping advice. I just wanted to get a chance to say that in the event obozo declares martial law and I don’t get to hear from you all in awhile. I’m sure if we follow the advice given we will all meet one day once things have been settled and the dust clears. Until then I’m going to just watch, read your posts, and prepare

          • Wow stuck in moderation for over 2 hours just so I can thank the posters for advice. Glad I don’t comment often.

          • God bless

        • good i hope they think that way

        • I fear you are right, white civilians will likely be next. I think it will be something like the beltway snipers, mobile and picking random folks.

        • They dont know me that well.

      2. So this is backed by the Obama , his administration and Soros, this is their fault and their way to call in martial laws and stop election

        There are the BLM and BP who wants to kill all cops and kill Whites.. This is Crimes Against Humanity

      3. Unfortunately, we were warned over and over again by ISIS and BLM they would do this. The better question is why are the police – after being uparmed to such an extent – are still being caught on the hop on this stuff?

        It is clear there is an organized conspiracy afoot: it is well past time doors need to be bust down and those doing this dragged off to internment camps for long-term questioning. If the police can’t do it, the military certainly can.

        • “organized conspiracy afoot”

          Yes there is.

          Do you think its remotely possible that TPTB want the ability to, “dragged off to internment camps for long-term questioning”, anyone they want citing ostensible justification?

          Order from chaos.

          • Why are we not seeing all those wonderful toys that LEO’s possess…oh that’s right…they’re only for CONSTITUTIONALIST, VETERANS, MILITIA GROUPS, BITTER CLINGERS, NRA SUPPORTERS, PATRIOTS AND ANY OTHER OPPOSING SUPPORTERS OF AMERICA!

            Live Free or Die…like a mojo rising!

            • I am going wear this moderation/censorship badge with pride! Every time I post and it goes to the PC propaganda officers for approval..I am gonna call it out!

              Live Free or Die…1st Amendment Right?…really?

            • “T”1776
              You don’t see them because the DOJ took a lot of them away, and they Want us to scare the BLM crowd. I will bet you will see them again and maybe some more and better equipment. I hope it make these turd shit themselves.

      4. War is here now , right now , even in our small towns. I’m armed and prepared.

        Hey Acid Etch , I’m an eagle scout too. Earned mine way back when I was 14 years old. Badass eagle scout project too. I built 12 eagle nests on top of phone poles out in Browns Park UT ( butch cassidy and the Sundance kid ). They all 12 have nesting pairs in them 18 years later

        Final point , thank you all for posting up here. If the internet goes down its been real

        • i tip my hat to you captain!

        • Excellent point Capt.

          There will be a day when the internet goes dark for preppers. It is a moment you must recognize, ndon’t be a sucker for the honey pots. Everyone here knows what this means, that is the day you may need a hole to hide in.

          If you haven’t already printed it out what you need, that was still available, you’ll never see it again after that day.

      5. Traffic stops for Blacks will become extremely dangerous.

        This is going to feed upon itself.

        Thank You Mr. President.

        Pull back the cops and let the cities burn till the populace takes care of it.

        How is that Hope and Change doing for ya? Can’t wait for the conventions to start.

        • IMO, cops are already pulling back.

          In Houston, we have cops that typically sit on a stretch of freeway I drive to work and every day the are pulling over speeders in speed traps. I haven’t seen one cop in this stretch since the Dallas cop murders.

          just a matter of time people the thugs figure that out.

          • Yes Speed trap. Now the predator speed cop is the prey. They never know if the speeder is in a stolen vehicle and wants to be pulled over just so they can kill that LEO. I will advise if your one of those parasite enforcers wearing a badge. The Gravy Train is over. Quit that vocation. Go get a producing job where your employer doesn’t robb the makers to pay you. The Prestige and respect for law enforcement is gone. Face the Reality most folks just plain don’t like you. And for the most part they have good reason.

            • Old Guy
              I was only matter of time before the thugs got payback. Why do cops need to sit at the side of the road? To take money. They are not investigating crimes against citizens.
              They need to backup and decide if they want continue to be thugs. Civil Asset Forfeiture is unconstitutional… theft. Dogging people for endless fines for bs rules that aren’t even laws, just revenue sources. Executing citizens is not due process.
              White folks think they are immune…. hahaha

              • Rebecca I drove semi for over 40 years. And the DOT always was finding some little thing like a side marker light not working to write a ticket and generate revenue. And they got more numerious and the fines heftier as the years went by. I paid $75 for side a marker light not working. Paid $225 for not enough reflective tape. I didn’t have reflective tape on the brackets that held the mud flaps on the tractor. New law I didnt know about. I wasn’t a speeder My truck liked to run at 58 MPH. It wasa13speed. I ran 58 MPH in 12th gear which Is direct. It got about 7 MPG average that way. I could write a book about all the bad experiences ive had with LEOS.

                • Old Guy Cry me a river you loser bastard. I hope your on the front line now that the shit is hitting the fan. Black lives matter started this shit. Will finish it and it isn’t gonna end well for those fucktards.

                  • it’s important to remember WHY blacks are starting to stand up. they DO have a legitimate gripe about SOME of them being killed for no, or little, reason. it’s to bad they can’t get it together and get SOME of these “bad cops” dealt with. unfortunately, they tend to stick up even for the criminals that may DESERVE getting shot up. i’ve seen a LOT……A LOT, of police corruption/brutality on youtube…there’s plenty of PROOF out there of some bad cops, yet their bosses(and fellow officers) will stick up for them and lie for them to keep them out of prison….if there was GOOD cops, there wouldn’t BE any bad cops….i got a very good friend who’s a cop, but no way of knowing if he’s lied for other cops to save them….BOTH sides have their legitimate complaints…

                    • “if there was GOOD cops, there wouldn’t BE any bad cops….i got a very good friend who’s a cop, but no way of knowing if he’s lied for other cops to save them…. BOTH sides have their legitimate complaints…”

                      This is a thought-provoking statement. What most bothers and unnerves me is the SCOTUS ruling that cops could lie to suspects to con them into something the cops wanted from them. If they can “legally” lie to citizens, then why is it “illegal” for citizens to lie to them? Where’s the “Bill of RIGHTS” balance there? And, I still think a cop who cannot solve something without lying isn’t much of a cop or investigator. This whole culture is unnerving – – and not what I was taught when growing up. I am at my wits end trying to make sense of all this. I remember the EXACT point where my country took a nosedive that the Founding Fathers would have defined as treason and started proceedings against. All I want to do is grab all my loved ones and HIDE… As a citizen, I feel outnumbered by crooked civil service workers, elected or not… and all living well on my tax dollars as they draft more and more rules for/against us while they live in ultimate comfort and do not want their rule to be applied to them or they do not want to be held responsible for their own nefarious acts. What a mess… And my grandchildren are inheriting this?!?!

                    • great post, j’marinde!

                    • These shootings stem from fear and training issues. There is no difference in this day and age to a black or a white hoodlum acting stupid with police. Either one could and do at times get shot. Dont do stupid $h!t

                    • Butt:
                      Just make it mandatory that an officer automatically gets a desk job with a slight reduction in pay after any time an officer kills, regardless of circumstances.

                      Bet it would cut down on the number of officers killing civilians. If your life is in jeopardy, you can protect yourself but you’ll pay a price. Actually might be better for cops. But some will kill just to get out of being on the street. And it would cause some Officers to hesitate and get killed themselves. It’s just a thought.

                    • sorry, Bfrom A
                      i can’t go for that….when i see dead obvious on video of a cop shooting a citizen that doesn’t deserve it….i want them prosecuted and imprisoned….i’m not talking about “justifiable” stuff….i’m talking about , for example when the cop went rogue in pasadena where the 2 cops shot up a blue pickup, because it LOOKED like the rogue cop’s truck…..THOSE guys need to be in prison….did they even lose their jobs? most OFTEN they don’t…

                  • Hey Mike, look everybody has it coming to them. Nobody is immune. Its gonna end up quite a fandango and it’ll be “knuckle and skull, batter them down and if you stay down you’ll get stomped”. Hope you’ve got a good blade cause it’ll probably be close in where you smell the other person’s breath.

                  • Well I live in the heart of KKK country. 50 miles from the headquarters of the KKK. I don’t think any pavement Apes will venture here? The bad white folks here come home to find a can of gas and matches on their front porch. If the don’t heed they get fired. Even our Leos toe the line.

                    • Old Guy, hope you didn’t mind me stepping in and ripping that Mike character a new asshole. It still pisses me off anytime someone comes on here and runs down the good people here. On location, I doubt if any ‘minorities’ come into north GA. Nothing for them in the southern Appalachians. They would definitely be ‘out of place’.

                  • Mike, what’s your beef? Old Guy is no loser. He’s someone who’s just trying to survive what’s coming just like the rest of us. If any evildoers try to make his home ‘the front line’, I don’t doubt he’ll be right there to do what’s necessary. I’ll do the same if any evildoers come to my BOL and my kinfolks’ homes nearby. The evildoers won’t go home alive.

                    • Brave
                      None of you will survive! That’s because you are uninformed.
                      Your real ennemy is NOT the government. Your ennemy is lack of understanding of what’s going on.
                      I understood back in 2010 and left.
                      I will repeat it again.
                      Asia is safe.
                      However, I know that you’ll ignore this and will stay hoping that you’ll make it through but what you don’t know is that even if you survive, you’ll still have to evacuate after the calamities.

                  • Mike –

                    Find out who started the “black lives movement” … and you’ll realize who the true enemy is. Those undesirables and mudsharks in the crowd ‘po’tessin are just pawns.

                  • MIKE
                    You are correct. Another cry baby blaming his incompetence on everyone else.

                    He got a ticket for not having his truck up to speed. Now that is LEO’s fault.

                  • Mike why do you call. Old Guy a loser bastard? Unless you are a total gov. Taker . Get a real job and do or make something . We don’t need your white out lines . We can defend ourselves better then you can. You take our rights of self defense. So you can charge us for it . Get a real job . We can wipe out the rats in minites. Go away. We don’t need you . You are gov. Takers. Extortion. Protection racket.

              • “R”
                You are douchebag!!!!
                Cops got payback. Those cops had nothing to do with the killing of the guy in N.O. This under investigation.

                Payback. What a Beoch. Idiots like you make me sick.


            • damn rite, old guy!

            • Old guy,
              Stolen cars is an obsolete crime!

              There are cameras everywhere. The moment a car is reported stolen these cameras read plates check the data base and report the car. Between digital ignition systems and highway cameras, car theft has dropped 90%.

              The terrorist in France and these shooters in Tx and La all had clean driving records. They weren’t in the Tea Party, and they weren’t wanted by Obama!

      6. Hey Menzoberranzan – I take it that you know a lot about the city of your screen name. You know how certain families are taken out and how it has to be done , down to the last in the bloodline. Failure is not an option for the aggressor. Failure leads to a fate far worse than death.

        • Yes it does. I bet alot of that kind of drama goes on between these ‘ruling elite families’ that we don’t know about. I hope someone has the capability to hunt the head and chop it off.

          • The power structure between this fantasyland and our reality is eerily similar. We live in a country of spiders and many other evil things. They are invisible to the sheeple to a large degree though.

      7. Obama and the CPUSA / Democrat (and Rinopublican) leadership are inciting these shootings. It is their perfect propaganda tool to effect “common sense gun control” which as more accurately termed citizen disarmament.

        “Never let a good crisis go to waste.”

        Your representatives are guilty of malfeasance.

      8. IMO, the usa and world has past the point where things will get better before getting really bad and i mean periods where you dont want to venture out of your house except to go to work and back if you live in a large city bad.

        In the past 6 weeks:
        1. Brexit
        2. Orlando massacre
        3. Istanbul airport massacre

        In the past week:
        1.Dallas cop killing
        2.Nice FRance
        3. Trukey coup attempt
        4. New Orleans cop killing

        Not to go all “Glenn Beck”, but where does any rational person see the USA and world trending into a better direction or reversing the trend of decline and chaos it is currently on this year ? I see no where.

        IMO, it won’t spiral out of control overnight; but if you live in a big city; i could definitely see being pulled from your car and beaten up by a gang if youre driving in the wrong part of town at night. In Houston we already have a stupid councilman who has proposed that white cops not patrol black neighborhoods(Houston is not zoned OR SEGRAGATED; so this is impossible). where does this get better ? no where.

        Cops are going to shrink from the scene to keep themselves safe and thugs and muslims will figure this out eventually and crime is going to increase at levels, especially in big cities; like it is now in the worse parts of chicago and detroit.

        (i gotta give the POS credit, he did; he transformed the country into a 3rd world mess in less than 8 years).

        • You covered most of what I’ve been thinking. Most Americans are so preoccupied they have no idea anything bad could happen. I see some really hard times coming to this land.
          I have never wanted to be wrong about anything as much as I do this.

          • “I have never wanted to be wrong about anything as much as I do this.”

            Me too.

            I was hoping the usa would make a turn, like it did in the Charleston shooting; and Dallas was the time to do it. BLM leadership should’ve dissolved itself and started over as something else that would not accepted any violence; instead one its leaders goes to the white house days after being arrested after dallas.

            Obama and BLM and whoever else want things to get worse, well now they got it; just a shame what the usa is now.

            • Who was asking for no violence during the revolutionary war ? The bimbos and the British ? Violence is what this country was born with . 7 years of war with the bimbos and the British. You stupid c words are what got us into this with your love the third world stupidity . Rich spoiled brat stupid bimbos with nothing else to do but change. And look at the change . After the change you bimbos will be culled. French Revolution time . Let them eat cake bimbo. We will see. And all you guys that try to defend your treasonous bimbo will get what she gets . And we don’t care about yours. Hope and change big time.

              • Lone Wolverine:
                The French Revolution was started by the Rothschilds. They are the very same family sponsoring the likes of George Soros who paid BLM.

                Marie Antoinette was innocent. She made no such statement.

            • The BLM is a Brownshirt revolutionary movement, protected by the President himself.

              Nothing good will come of this chaos.

        • lena, Great post! I agree…and that’s because Obama, our 2nd gay president, is a third world mess himself.

          I know people who attended Columbia University during the time he was (supposedly) matriculating / enrolled there in the early 80’s and they said not one person on the campus who was there during the time he was there ever saw him. Not one person. Not even once. No one ever saw his unique memorable face. They said that out of 700 Poli-Sci and Pre-Law students no one knows him yet he claims that he attended and graduated…. and with Honors.

          Someone authored a book about this yrs ago, but I do not remember the author’s name or book title and I think the book is out of print or possibly even banned. The author said he’s the biggest fraud in the history of the U.S.
          No one seems to know who he is or where he came from.

          I think he was politically planted, not elected.

          And, imo he’s an imposter, and one who did away with the series of EFFECTIVE Psychological Tests that all police officers are required to pass before receiving their gun and badge so that he could create a militant police force. And he succeeded = Novus Ordo Seclorum

        • Who sees the world getting better? The feeble minded. Any other way of thinking would be too much for their psyche too handle. A rabid vs a feeble minded. The outcome is self-explanatory. A rabid vs a survivalist. Game on.

      9. This is getting down right spooky. Militant blacks are targeting police and any white people in range while cops, rightfully frightened, who just want to go home alive, are therefore apt to shoot more quickly. Just to kick it up a notch the Republican convention starts tomorrow with black panthers wanting to protest armed.

        • Yes and the head LEO for the city has asked Kasich to suspend the law for open carry for the police’s safety. Kasich replied that he did not have the authority to do so and will NOT. Mr. Potato Head (what he looked like) Police Chief basically said that people didn’t need to open carry during the Convention even though there is a gun-free zone around the area where all this takes place. That police chief can go frig himself. If he’s too scared to do his job he should turn his badge in and continue to hide under his momma’s petticoat.

          • Police may need the militia to protect the convention, because Obama has given another stand down order dor the DNC convention.

      10. Who increased their supply buying after Dallas besides me ?

        Doubled my stored water, going to double it again this week.

        I’d say its 50/50 that things could go from bad to horrible before first day of fall, September 22nd.

        • Well I did buy more weapons and ammo!

      11. Call off the convention.

        Trump can accept the nomination in a small televised and safe location.

        Why jeopardize the safety of so many and give Otraitor an excuse to put in Marshall Law.

        UN police force won’t be as bad as our Police, they’ll be a million times worse.

        • B from CA.

          No capitulation! We do NOT call off the convention. What are we a bunch of Pussies. Screw the U.N.

          Go sit in the corner B from CA. You will be safer there.

        • The UN police force? the UN cant even take care of Goat molesting camel Jockeys. The plan is working. they want us to have a race war. they want to paint pavement apes, goat molesters, and cracker honkeys with the same brush. The will call everyone terrorist. And let the numbers be reduced. Possibly the wide distribution of Goat molesters is to divide then up into smaller groups. And let them aid the Pavement apes in killing off the cracker honkeys? Its a trap divide and conquer. We need to cut off the head of the snake. The NWO is the real enemy. I strongly urge everyone wait be patient. When they turn off the common citizens electric power. And hole up in places like Mt Weather. We will have the advantage & a one time opportunity to never let them emerge from their toombs. Please give my ranting assessment some thought. My grandchildren and others of their generation,s future depends on us.

          • Wow OG…I’m surprised you didn’t get censored by Mac for all those key trigger words…or maybe I’m not welcomed to express my rights!

            • Mac don’t censor. Ive been put in moderation but never censored.

              • People have to be world class A-holes to get sensored here. Mac is awesome! He lets many test the edges. If you are 90% stupid and 10% smart he will let our post through just for the 10%!

                There are key words that get you moderated, but standing in the corner once in a while is well worth it, assuming you have something worthwhile to say, or at least a quality link.

                Please avoid using foul language on week ends.
                It gets you moderated, and Mac deserves a day off from our silly shenanigans.

                And now I need to report, I was a witness to a heart breaking situation. I was picking up a Pizza tonight, and the man in front of me trying to get his pizza home hot, for his starving wife, and 9 children, well he dropped it, and it broke! Oh the agony, the shear terror he must have felt. I mean it had extra tomato, mushrooms, extra cheese, and black olives on it…….. Forgive me I was tearing up then and there…….. But to my amazement a pizza maker from the Italian restaurant, came to the rescue. Incredible as it seems, he repaired that broken Pizza with…… Tomato paste. There were children cheering, and women wailing. It was an incredible momentous moment……….. It brought a tear to my eye! Perhaps you can’t appreciate the emotion, the elation, the shear incredible moment in the history of the worlds, but to grasp that tomato paste was the food grade equivelent of duct tape, well it made this man just cry for all the poor souls that ever, broke a pizza!

                Good night from a hidden bunker, somewhere in the badlands of the North East.






              ACID ETCH

              LOL @ the last one … that isn’t true!

              I’m sure there is more … but those are the ones I’ve personally have noticed.

          • Agree: the UN is pretty inept and corrupt. Where they do bad things, that is ALWAYS because the Americans tell them to do it. The Americans have the UN wired up the whazoo and know everything they do. When the UN goes too far, they get pulled in by the Americans and sent to court. Sometimes they even help them with their weightlifting needs.;

            There is no way the UN could take over the US; they wouldn’t want it with all the problems.

          • The UN property owned by Rockefeller, an agent of Rothschilds who own most of Isreal. If there is a head of the snake, Rothschilds are it.

            Why wait until the utilities are turned off. They will be secure in remote locations, perhaps the space station. In any case, I wouldn’t think of advocating anything illegal. I’m Not a complete idiot. The element of surprise would be the only way of a successful war or action against the PTB, but I am not going to do it. I’m a milk toast keyboard warrior. I’m Also pretty good at strategy.

            • When they on purpose turn off the electric power to the common citizen. illegal no longer will exist. Like the wild west the law will be your very own moral compass. And whatever ability you have to back it up. Kinda like yea though I walk through the valley of death. I fear no evil because im the Meanest baddest muther in the valley. Im not a large human. however ive got the disposition of a honey badger.

          • Old Guy, damn straight about the UN boys. They get their asses kicked in third world countries all the time. They won’t stand a chance here in the US.

        • Green Tips….

      12. Looks like the war has started.

        • Asshat

          The Anti-Gun crowd is frothing at the mouth.

        • Nah Asshat, this is only small probes. We still have a ways to go. Wait till O’insane ratchets up the anti gun BS.

      13. “Protect and Serve” has even been removed from the sides of police cruisers….at least in the area and surrounding areas where I live. And that isn’t anything new. I noticed that about 9-10 yrs ago, which was also when I noticed there was a reason for that–they were no longer protecting us and serving the public, they are serving their masters. Instead of telling us, they sent the message subliminally.

        I get that there are good cops and bad cops, and that not every/all cops are bad, as every single profession has it’s share of good and bad, competent and incompetent… every profession, occupation and industry has it’s share of screwed up employees/staff and management.

        But I would say LE is going downhill faster than any other occupation and as the good ones are retiring they are being replaced with cops with an ‘Us VERSUS Them’ screwed up in the head Militant mentality.

        • now now, jules….leave ALL the GOOD cops in america alone….BOTH of ’em!

          • Haha buttcrack, Butt really, (pun intended) unless you know all of them you can’t truthfully claim ALL of them are bad. As I’ve stated I agree most are disordered, dysfunctional, corrupt pos, and should be behind bars or institutionalized and medicated, not given the enormous power to abuse that they have, but sorry not ALL of them. I don’t believe all of them are bad and can’t make that claim unless I know all of them which thankfully I don’t.

            We only hear about the corrupt ones, we don’t hear about the ones, albeit a small percentage, certainly not the majority, who are honest, a dying breed, soon to be replaced by the corrupt ones so that corrupt is all we have left. But I don’t think we’re quite there yet.

            Going forward I think the good ones left are going to leave the police force as they will be relentlessly bullied out by the corrupt ones–it’s already happening.

            I also think that the new recruits will have to be as dishonest and disordered as the day is long in order to be handed a badge and a gun. I think that in about 2-3 yrs that’s all we will have left–corrupt LE, no goods ones. Not one. But although that’s where we are definitely headed, I don’t believe it’s currently a fact.

            That said, Trump’s statement “Cops are the most mistreated people in the country”…. I think it’s the other way around–THEY mistreat law abiding people. That patently absurd statement was scary to me because it made me realize he’s out of touch, oblivious to the reality.

            But he wouldn’t know about the truth because he doesn’t get pulled over. He helicopters around, and also has a fleet of personal chauffeurs, (and private jets too) and if he were to be pulled over on the rare occasions he drives himself around, all he would hear is “Oh, Mr Trump, sorry, didn’t know it was you, have a nice day.”

          • Kinda like when I stated during the severe drought. ive doubled my cow herd. All the sale barn loafers stared at me. I said my milk cow had a calf !

        • “Protect & Serve” has been replaced with …

          “Robbing & Shooting”

          Any ethical cop working in today’s world … needs to be getting into a different line of work and leave this hideous life behind.

      14. The time will come when white supremacist groups will start killing black people. That’s what Obama wants. An excuse to declare martial law. He might get that with what’s coming to the Republican National Convention.

        • people better start praying for nothing to happen at the gop convention.

          I do not even want to think about the results if something happens there.

          • No we all know it will happen . Let’s get it over with . Or should we leave it to our grand children? Leave them our mess. We need to finish this now. To the bone. Ounce and for all. Only the enemy wants more time. We get weaker they get stronger . You all can see that. No more waiting and hopeing . It’s getting worse every day. Praying for nothing to happen? F u bimbos . You have been wrong all along with your multicultural let’s love the canibals horseshit. Time to get rid of the canibals. Beat you plow shares into swords. Sell your clothes to buy a sword. And every prisoner you take will come back in years to kill your grand children. To the bone. To the bone.

        • There is a good chance to remove this bastard and everyone who supports him if unconstitutional martial law is declared. Continuity of their government does not trump We the People.

          • yes, there IS the chance that martial law would be a GOOD thing, a chance to do some HOUSE-cleaning!

            • Would certainly define who is on what side,
              Make em work for it and pay a steep price, this is serious shit, the next stage after disarmament will be genocide

            • They are sorrily mistaken if they think they can just ‘suspend’ our Constitution. Not to mention our God given rights.

              • It brings to mind what the ‘law; did to that old woman and others in the video of people being disarmed after hurricane katrina. Shoot these motherfuckers in the head before they get to your door to kick it in. That’s what rifles are for.

              • As of right now … We have no Constitution … We have no “god” given rights … these are currently illusions … that have not been publicly pulled from us.

                We are only on borrowed time … until they (government) decide to pull it from us. What will people do when that happens? Something tells me … not a damn thing … they will all go back … stroking their cocks and finger banging each other until the sun shines in the morning … than grab a drink and a smoke … and repeat the day over again … hoping/praying/ and being optimistic that the next day will be better than the last!

                • You are entitled to your opinion even though it is wrong.

                  • I don’t see what is wrong with my post … especially what I described is exactly what is taking place this very moment. All the evidence has been thrown into our faces … they … the politicians are above the law … they are completely gone rouge against the laws of this land that you and I are expected to follow.

                    They don’t follow the Constitution … they make up, and fabricate Laws (executive orders/Dictatorial Powers) for their bogus agendas. They have been working “outside” of the Constitution … instead of working within them.

                    If I’m wrong about my assessment on Government behavior … than I suppose I’m wrong … but that is not what I am seeing.

                    • Apparently no one is guilty. They let Hillary skate. So why should the rest of us be held accountable? If I am ever on a jury again no matter what Im voting not guilty.

            • Martial Law would not be good for anybody … if we the people need to clean House as you put it … we don’t need Marital Law to do so … we should be doing now … not later … on their terms … FK the Dumb Shit ‘Bro!

      15. Christopher Jon Bjerknes – The Cult That Rules The World

        • This and other CJ Bjerkness videos on YouTube are very interesting. Gives you a deeper look into the workings of TPTB and who they Be.

      16. They knew the instigators were coming south and were warned.

      17. Wake up white people

      18. World going to hell quick!Stock up and gear up.

      19. What are the chances we will make it to the election?

        • 60 %

          • . 50-50

      20. When the time comes ill not play the battle him of the republic or Dixie. Nope my branck of the red neck cracker clan will march to We will Rock You & We are the champions. For a big helping of racist laughs visit The Daily Stormer.

        • “We Will Rock You”was a song about gay liberation–google it.

      21. I wonder if part of the problem is cops with military training. Ex soldiers from Iraq and afganistan who are nevous nellies that think they are in Iraq pulling over possible Isis. Maybe banning all ex military from civilian police jobs. Would stop this nervous coward he moved his hand stuff. You start screaming orders at someone and they get confused. Talk to them calmly . Or find another job . If your so scared of being injured or killed.

        • Lone Wolverine

          Now we have ex military executing police. Where will Obama’s civilian police force come from? Sounds familiar.

          Another problem is gang members receiving training by joining the military and then going back to the gang to train the gang members in tactics. They don’t always finish their term of duty.

          • Maybe you are right anon. Maybe there is no solution. Civil war? Revolutionary war? Ethnic cleansing? Race war? Genocide? Apartide? Separation of states? Mass deportations? If their brown gun them down? Will it get better . Or worse? I say when the numbers change we are dead . It’s all about numbers . And we all know it.

        • Police have a preference for ex-military. Problem is they aren’t deprogrammed from the military rules of engagement. Thus too many civilians are killed.

          These aren’t the streets of Falugia!

          And these aren’t the Droids Emperor Obama was looking for!

      22. Do you think the price of Ammo went up?

        • 22Lr on sale at dick’s today….and NO LIMIT!….git yer ass DOWN THERE!

      23. If black lives matter (and they do – ALL lives matter), the perhaps black FATHERS ought to value their black children enough to stay around.

        Oh wait. Placing the blame where it belongs – the destruction of the family by the left – would be bridge too far.

      24. The president is going to speak on the news channels at 4:30 EST.

        The President should STFU. Maybe he can bring a member of the New Black Panther Party or the Islamic Brotherhood to stand beside him during his speech.

        He started this shit.

        • Its all leading up to a massive disarmament push, mark my words, tptb want us disarmed and they need the cops on board, how better than to deepen the divide

          • I do believe you are right.

        • As much as I despise the president,
          he didn’t start this shit. Democrats
          started this shit. They perpetuate
          the myths, that keep them in power
          over an ignorant and increasingly
          dependent part of our society.
          This is not a race issue, it is
          a political issue. If Democrats
          had far less power, we’d have a much
          greater, freer and richer society for all

          • Wait till our local bureaucrats start tripping iver themselves trying to appease the potus by forcing through more restrictions on us

          • True, he did not start it, but, he is the head of the Democratic Party as well as President of the US, therefore fully responsible for what happens, in both roles.

            Elections have consequences.

            Vote Democrats out of office. Any office, no matter what. Marginalize them and keep them from any position of authority or public trust.

            • If “OUR” Votes Mattered – I highly doubt … none of this Shit … going on Now … would be happening … at Home & Abroad!

              • Our votes did matter. Millions stayed home in 2012 and did not vote.

                • The dead carried the vote in 2012!

          • “As much as I despise the president,
            he didn’t start this shit.”

            Correct you are … but … he hasn’t attempted to prevent none of this chaos either … he just stokes the fire and inflames it some more. Just some half-breed … 50/50 … Heinz 57 Muslim p.o.s taking his orders …

          • Obama is front and center, the man trying to disarm America. Putin is more honest.

      25. Remember the old rule shoot first ask questions later.

        • That’s what Cops do in the year 2016 … don’t be a Cop!

          Besides … that is a shitty rule … shouldn’t follow bad advice from a story teller.

      26. Terrible times. I’m glad I live in the sticks. My late mother always said,” you’ll be glad to be living up these hollers one day”. She was right. May not be the fanciest place but I’m safer here. You all stay safe and keep your guard off.

        • Ted , I’m with you , I would rather take the chance of being killed by a bear or mountain lion rather than being killed by ghetto rats. Ghetto rats are far more dangerous.

      27. Up not off

      28. There was a huge ticketing operation near Kingwood in the Houston area that was so outrageous it got shut down/reformed a few years ago. In some communities, all it is is legalized graft. I went to court once for an expired sticker ticket and the judge gave me a discount. This kind of constant aggravation is not a dynamic that endears one’s heart to the officers. Tell you what though, when I see an idiot flying past me at 85-90 mph slicing through lanes when I’m carrying grandkids in car seats, I couldn’t wish anything but the state cops and a fine on his dumb ass. Men are usually the speeders… woman usually pull the wacky maneuvers seen routinely in slower traffic and parking lots, like running into people in stop and go traffic.

      29. The President is going to be delayed. He is still working on his speech according to Fox News.

        Better get it right the first time Mr. President, you MF.

        • LMAO.

      30. The world, with the internet, has woken up and realized that white people are the real minority in the world. And they basically see this as an opportunity to run wild and loot the shop before the lights go out. Of course, the Muslims see some poontang taking is on the cards and are availing themselves of it: notice how they made a b-line to Northern Europe to get their hands on the best quality stuff. Blondes are the top prize to them. It has been so long since whites have acted as a group, the non-whites are getting cocky. They smell weakness and are making their moves.

        What to do? It is possible for this to end peacefully but it means white people developing self-identity and consciousness just as black people do. Black women always talk about how they would rather be on welfare and single than marry a white guy with a job.

        It means founding friendly societies to channel loans to whites to start businesses, just as Asians do. It means living and marrying white just as blacks marry black, jews only marry jews. It means only buying white products and supporting white trade routes. In time, whites will prosper again and see a growing population to match the blacks and Asians. It means restoring white nations; there are still white nations out there so forming trade and solidarity relationships with them will help. White Lives Matter (WLM) too…

      31. Where is Hillary? Peanut Head Al Sharpton. We need protection you don’t, Charlie Rangel and Rainbow Man, Jessie Jackson.

        Not a damn word.

      32. I think it’s about time some of the scum who are tweeting support for the killing of police officers are named and shamed on TV.

      33. the “PLANET OF THE APES” was a documentary film.

        “never relax around blacks.”

      34. Good Speech by the President.

        He should now practice what he preaches.

        But I doubt it.

        • Certainly is a change from his speeches last week. Then, he was giving one speech to the BLM folks, and another speech to the police. Total hypocrisy and double dealing.

          I’m not so sure it’s too late, he had beaucoup opportunities in the last couple of years to dampen the rhetoric down and all he did was enable more of it, either personally or through more than cabinet department.

          Now his cat is out of the bag and he wants to cram it back inside before the election in November.

          • Smokey
            Maybe the reason Obama’s toning down the rhetoric is that his narrative might just cost him big bucks. People really need to step up this type of social engineering. If a persons actions will cost them big bucks, they will tone things down.

            Larry Klayman Suing Obama For Endangering His Life As A White Man
            ht tp://www.rightwingwatch.org/content/larry-klayman-suing-obama-endangering-his-life-white-man

            • Good point, but I think there are plenty of rich libs that will pay his way after 2016.

        • Pathological Liars are very much Convincing to others – Why 90% of Americans are Fk’n Retarded … If I dropped a ‘deuce onto somebody’s Ice Cream Sundae … and told them it was “sprinkles” … they would believe me … cuz they would not bother to investigate the unknown huge object for themselves … Drool~~~~~~

          Believable? … Maybe not 30 years ago … but today … very much so – Yes!!!

      35. It is going to continue until it explodes into a mass casualty situation. People are being played and do not see it.

      36. I am just so angry about this crap.

        All these avengers who say they are for the down trodden are now silent and as the President has done now by his speech will try to distanced themselves from future assaults upon the police. The POTUS has now warned that the nation can descend into chaos while he has planted the seed of disorder himself.

        Wonder where he got, “An attack on one of us, is an attack on all of us”

        Not his words but words edited into his speech from the police officer before him.

        Sorry for the rant, Mac. Thanks

      37. When are the tweets of those scum who condoned these attacks going to be shown so they can be outed as the scum they are.

      38. Until ANY politicians are targeted, this is fabrication…

      39. My plan:

        Sit back, evaluate thought, try to connect the dots.
        Hold my anger as it gets in the way of critical thinking.
        Not walk in blindly like the NWO wants me to.
        Demarcate my line in the sand, yep, still the same.
        Re-evaluate preps from top to bottom, fill in any holes.
        Lay lower than low, stay silent but firm in my resiliency.
        Evaluate all movement and need to be where for what.
        Use my common sense and wait……react if trouble finds me.
        As much as it is in my ability, defend truth, justice and rightousness.

      40. The trouble with the LEOS is they never put the rights of the citizens in the forefront. and them the criminals who where caught are given a slap on the wrist and a fine. Being a bully and generating revenue where the priorities. Don’t think for a minute that in the absence of Leos the criminals will be worse. Knowing for certian that no LEOS will help a return to vigilantie justice will quickly happen. And I just heard a rumor of a hostage situation at a burger king??

      41. I just seen that I just lost 3 more of my BROTHERS and 1 is FIGHTING for his life.

        Please folks keep their families in your Prayers!

        I’m typing this with a heavy heart. I’m afraid it is going to get worse before it gets better.

        Please folks get all you can to take care of yourself. I fear the time is coming very soon that you will have too.

        Just look at the averages. little over a week ago we lost 5 of my brothers. Today we lost 3 of my brothers. The back guys lost 2. So if these odds keep coming we will loose 4 cops to every 1 bad guy. There isn’t enough of us cops at this rate of loose.

        For me when I go back to work I’m carrying my AR Pistol I don’t give a damn what the public thinks. I’m going home at the end of my shift.

        Again Pray for the families.


        • If you where smart you would trash can that badge and find some other way to provide for your family. How is it that the only way your able to take care of you and yours is by being a parasite revenue generator and enforcer for the ruling elite? Every time you write a ticket your are attracting bad KARMA to you and yours. Quit get out of Illinois before its too late. You gotta know when to fold them. know when its time to walk away. And deep down you know its now time to run.

          • OG
            This is what TPTB/BLM wants. For us to run and hide.
            Two words for the TPTB and BLM. FUCK YOU! I don’t run I fight.


            • Sgt Dale is correct … if all the cops in America said “fuck it” and turned in their badges and quit … then what is America left with?

              Military personal patrolling – Good or Bad … I’d rather have Cops on the street than a Military patrolling across America.

              • well, fortunately, it’s not one or the other of your choices….there’s a THIRD choice…..FIRE all the BAD cops before they are overrun by irate citizens, and put a few in prison, so that the new hires KNOW they won’t get away with their nefarious behavior any more….cameras catch lying cops all the time….send ’em to prison, we already GOT laws preventing crimes under “color of authority”….USE ‘EM!

              • Let the Cops take two weeks off. No Cars on the road. Answer no calls. No security anywhere. Also let the Firemen and Medics do the same. Nothing!
                Hell that is what we all are prepping for. The Military would be extremely strapped and might only protect the major core of the city. Also they would not want to become targets. Maybe come around and pick up the dead bodies once in awhile.

                But if the cops did take a pass. Who would you call then? Yo mama.

                • That would suit me just fine. If the cops firemen and medics where gone forever. they are parasites they produce nothing. The prevent almost nothing. The Leos where I moved from Pocahontas Randolph county Ar are the drug dealers. The prosecuter mailed someone a poison copperhead snake. got caught by the feds andshowedup in federal court high on cocaine. if the parasite copsleft that place there would be fewer criminals. now the place has a chicken processing plant and thousands of stinking grower houses.

                  • Old Guy

                    That explains it. You lived in the Clinton state.

              • I personaly got no problem with the POPO, i definitely was wrong whenever i had a run in.

              • if the leos where gone What is america left with? fewer parasite revenue generators. Leo want,s more crime. It behooves them to have a good supply of lawbreakers. If they cant write enough tickets they pass more laws and ordinaces to keep the revenue flowing. They only protect and serve the corrupt courts judges & lawyers. They couldn’t hold down a job where the employer must make a profit from their labor. Its already YoYo. You are on your own.

            • No what they want is to promote race war & ethnic cleansing. They want to paint everyone with second admendment tools as law breaking terrorist. Its a divide and conquer plan. They want to ensure continuation of government. the want to reduce the population. They don’t want any rebellion against them. You are being duped and used for cannon fodder. Just the same as the BLM are. They are playing the troops and now the LEOs for a sucker.

          • Old Guy, you are a quitter and a loser. Stay home and wait for someone to come and get you.

            • Smokey your the type that since you don’t like the message and cant refute with facts you try and attack the messenger. I answer you with a childhood taunt. Im rubber and you are glue everything untrue you say about me just bounces off me and sticks to you.

              • Your only message is one of whining senility and now childish taunts.

          • Srgt is there for us. There are many like him.

            Remember the BLM Obama promoted scum in Baton Rouge killed a black, a Hispanic and a White officer. He wasn’t predudice, he’d kill anyone!

            There was no message here, the fool was just another cop killer criminal.

        • You won’t like this and is tough to hear. The truth often hurts and is unpleasant.

          You and your brothers:
          -Bully people. Are rude and threatening. Unprofessional. Self entitled pricks.
          -Extort money out of hard working people for minor and petty trumped up nonsense
          -Target people of color and lower economic “marginally making it” peoples of all color
          -Beat people up and act like punks. Show No respect.
          -Make up. lie, falsify charges, lock up innocent people

          Your “brothers” chose to fly with crows. When you fly with crows and the farmer sees you. He assumes you are eating his crops. So he defends his crop by destroying you.
          Even though yourself and maybe your “brothers” were good crows NOT eating farmer Browns corn. Because your brothers chose to fly with crows by wearing that uniform. Unfortunately they and their families have paid the price. The price is steep and sad.

          I don’t associate with criminals. I don’t rob, steal, beat, bully.
          I don’t do drugs. Don’t associate with anyone who does. Not allowed in my life.
          I do not associate with nut jobs. At least knowingly. Except some disabled ptsd vets who are good Americans. Many have lost use of legs and limbs due to war.
          I don’t frequent or go to bars- trouble spots such as prostitute areas. I avoid.
          I am at home before 10 PM and especially weekends.
          Because of those CHOICES. I have few problems. No one targets me.
          Not thugs. Only sometimes do the Police screw with me. Usually over petty and made up bullshit to extort money out of me. But I’m mostly left alone because of choices.

          We all make choices. Thugs and Police made choices. Live by the sword die by the sword.

          My Father taught me to Not fly with crows. I mostly listened. My brothers did not.
          They are now dead because of their choices. I too have lost brothers. Good men.

          An AR pistol will not keep you safe. But maybe by showing respect, making friends being nice to locals. Maybe they will save your ass one day. Warn you of ambush. Or join up with you in a fire fight against bad types? Friends are good to watch your back.

          But I’m sure all this is over your head. Police don’t understand cause and effect.
          What goes around comes around. All about choices.

          • Ralph good post

        • Sarg:
          I don’t hold Police in contempt as many do. I’m grateful that people put their life on the line to enforce the law. Sure I resent the overwhelming number of laws and the dudes and gals that use or rather misuse their position.

          I mourn the death of these officers with you, as I am sure, many other Americans do as well.
          God speed.

          • laws aren’t made for the “little people”, if you don’t believe in enforcing laws against dirty cops(and there’s a LOT of them, because we SEE them on video tape OFTEN), then you aren’t for the rule of law.

          • Without the cops stoping us we could wipe out these rats in minutes. They serve themselves.

      42. Surprise Surprise Surprise,,,
        Guess what the shooter was!

        • Surprise he was a nation of Islam follower?
          Surprise he is a Marine?(no longer active duty).
          Surprise he is Amish?
          As much as I hate cops, that is not the way to
          go, there are some ethical and professional police.
          You don’t want to kill them(unless they are
          trying to confiscate your guns).
          As an aside for purely educational purposes:
          I’m surprised that these nut cases can’t
          figure out a better way to kill more cops.
          They have to gather in big groups somewhere.
          That guy in Nice, France killed a lot of people,
          because nobody perceived the threat quick enough.
          He was moving at 60 feet per second. If he had had
          a bomb in the truck it would have really made a show.

        • Im gona guess a hispanic/Asian Hindu who was a flaming transgender from Norway

          • Or some black guy from Missouri

            • Yup,
              These dummies better get over theirchip on their shoulder, if they dont like gettin beat dont do stupid shit. Now they think they all bad killin cops. They better be careful, the cops aint taken the gloves off yet, when they do its gonna get messy.

              • Yea like they took off the gloves in Fergison? Or during the riots in the 1960,s It was the National guard who took care of the riots in the 60,s

      43. Here is a thought.

        If TPTB invokes continuity of government, when they are in their underground hidey hole, someone should weld the doors shut, pile dirt over the doors and any vents that can be found, and solve our problems in one fell swoop.

        You know there has to be multiple locations, but there are also likely hundreds of workers that know where each of them are located.

        Will things rise to the point that they run and hide? I don’t know. I am keeping my eyes open and my mind aware of everything around me. If things head downhill any more than it appears to have done to date, we are ready.

        There seems to be too many people that are trying to push things over the edge of a cliff. Without considering the consequences or having any real goal in mind, but fostering chaos just for the heck of it.

        • Ive got deep well drilling experience. I worked on a drilling platform in the North Sea for Alantic Ritchfield for 6 months. I was thinking just drill a hole and fill it with gas ,fuel explosives? maybe just fill it with water. They will turn off the common folks electric and hole up. That a one time opportunity to get all the varmits in that den.

      44. Old guy. Shut up cock smoker. The cops I know are quality folks . A lot are former military. Have you ever participated in safeguarding our country or ever sacrificed anything. Bitter old fool. I’m proud as hell hell to yes protect and serve with my brothers and sisters in uniform . So there . Choke on that . Idiot.

        • “A lot are former military.”

          Bingo, right there is a huge part of the problem we have with kwaps acting like savage animals and treating the public who’s taxes cover their paychecks as if they are foreign enemies. You can’t take a guy right out of the military who’s spent two or three tours overseas in a combat zone and who’s been getting away with treating third worlders like garbage – and then put this soldier into a kwap suit and unleash him on the American public and expect him to not behave the same way.

          There needs to be a law that stipulates that no former US military man or woman who’s served in a combat unit can be eligible to be hired as a police officer – until at least 10 years has passed since their last military combat assignment. And, even after those 10 years have passed – any combat veteran needs to be carefully tested and psychologically evaluated to determine if they have any signs of psychopathy – either suppressed or otherwise, BEFORE they are given a job as a kwap.

          It is a fairly well understood fact that a lot of guys who spend inordinate amounts of time in combat and who actually volunteer for repeated assignments that are combat related – have crossed a psychological line and that these guys become addicts – they crave the adrenaline rush that comes from constantly being in a dangerous, life threatening situation. In a lot of these cases, this addiction is as powerful as a heroin addiction – and when that addiction includes a fondness for inflicting extreme and brutal physical violence upon whomever is perceived to be ‘the enemy’ – you’ve got a perfect description of what is causing this massive and nation-wide epidemic of out of control, savage and sadistic psychopaths with badges terrorizing the public.

          So, 10 years should be the minimum amount of waiting time that is mandated for any law enforcement agency to hire a former US military man or woman who’s served in a combat unit and seen actual combat. As I said, you cannot scoop up a combat soldier from a battlefield and put them in a kwap suit and then expect them behave according to proper law enforcement guidelines.

          • Well Tucker that’s quite a assessment. And it seems logical and answers quite a few questions. Of course its not poltically correct to make any negative statements about the UN cannon fodder who thought they where defending Americas freedom. But I think you are correct.

        • Oh boy im skeeret. You really told me off and like the child you are called me bad names. Why don’t you try and refute the post with facts. Something must have touched a nerve. All you can do is try and lamblast the poster with personal attacks. Do you lose your cool like that when dealing with the public? My self ive got a thick skin and can look myself in the mirror. Im not aparasite who earns his living by trampling on other folks rights and being a revenue agent enforcer for the powers that be.

          • You’re an idiot, Old Guy. A stupid, senile, old fool who swallowed some lies he was told about law enforcement.

            You don’t like personal attacks? Then quit your stupid tirades about all cops being suckers, bullies, and thugs.

            All your posts are doing is proving yourself to be a bitter loser with a keyboard.

            Do yourself a favor and shut up.

            • Wow You really got a bee in your bonnet. gosh if a old senile fool gets you this upset. I really worry for those you are supposed to be policing. Sgt dale doesn’t lose his cool? But you my friend certainly aint no Sgt Dale. Maybe you need to smoke some pot and chill out. Or see a head doctor and getsome meds?

      45. Well did anyone watch the video? I think I have read all the comments so far and
        no one mentions the automatic gun fire heard. It was definitely automatic fire and not
        a rapid semi-auto firing. It would even been good auto firing if someone was using a bump fire.
        so, either the shooter was armed with an automatic, which starts at $20,000 and goes up,
        or buy chance, he ran into some law enforcement that returned fire with an automatic rifle.
        I would bet the shooter was financed by outside sources or basically provided with an automatic
        rifle rather than the small chance that the attacked office had an automatic on him. Listen to the
        video and tell me what you think.

        • In five minutes with a file I can turn a Chinese SKS into full automatic. And they dont cost $20,000.

          • Old Guy

            Doing that to a SKS is dangerous and can damage the weapon. What you have is a Slam Fire weapon and not an auto. Still you can be prosecuted by the Feds for an unregistered full auto weapon or at least illegal modification of a gun.

            Just to let you know.

            • Yes I know. ive never done it. however how to videos are available. My handguns are wheel guns & long guns are pump shotguns and bolt action rifles.

      46. Tomorrow, tomorrow I love ya tomorrow
        You’re only a day away …


      47. SGD Dale Im gonna do a bit of speculation as to why you want to stay on the job. You want to keep that pension? Forget it Ill is broke a race to the bottom with calif. Paying IOU,s to lottery winners. You got on the tail end of the pension Ponzi scheme. You will not draw enough of that pension for spit. And those fallen leos are not your brothers. They are not kin to you. That’s a brainwashed politically correct false core concept. The Dindus also call each other brothers? I drove Truck,s and operated heavy equiptment and lots of others did the same job. That doesn’t make us brothers. Wake up quit being a complacient sheeple. Your up against very poor odds.

      48. OG
        #1 Wrong Spanky I’ve been getting my pension for 10 years. I work part time now.
        #2 My pension is a Municipal Pension it is not tide into the State. So wrong again.
        #3 Like Marines, We are Brother and Sisters.

        You can drive all the trucks and heavy equipment you want. You don’t put you safety every day in some one else hands and they put their safety in your hands.
        Until you walk a mile in my Boots don’t think you know what it is to be a Cop for 30 years.

        Against poor odds. You are correct. But I’m a fight not a runner. I don’t care about the odds I’ve been up against them before.

        • On another note.
          Thanks for being here and bringing your perspective to the prepping world. Most Leo’s would not have the brass to cross that blue line.

          I see you take a lot of heat, that you don’t deserve.

          I can only say thank you, for your honest perspective in these troubled times.

          • PTPO
            Thanks I’m only doing what I believe is RIGHT.

        • Sgt-

          Semper Fi

      49. Baton Rouge Shooter Gavin Eugene Long Was Nation Of Islam Member, Railed Against ‘Crackers’ On YouTube Channel [VIDEO]

        Why am i not surprised,,,

        Shure as shit some dummies will say its the whites fault,

        Screw your PC bullshit, time to play cowboys n niggers

      50. Shooter was nation of islam and a racist little pos
        Look on Drudge
        My post got sent to moderation

        • I replied to your “surprise, surprise, surprise” post as did others. Do you have another post that hasn’t shown up yet?

        • Even though there isnt any justification. Simply to give credit where credit is due. They had to take their gun from their cold dead hands. and the gave better than they got. True believers in their cause? Maybe they feel they don’t have anything to lose? If I was black maybe I would commit sucicide by cop also?

      51. Let those who want to live fight and those who do not want to fight in this world of eternal struggle do not deserve to live.

      52. How about telling every cop they are fired. And letting the 2 nd amendment rule . And seeing how many criminals are left 48 hours later? We could shoot them all and save a ton of prison expenses. The security racket depends on making you defenseless. Other wise we don’t need them. Wake the f up.

        • I just love the instances where cops say, “Well, just let us walk off the job and see how long you last.”

          Well, gang of blue, just go home then! But, they won’t. 1 week later the 2A guys would clean this shit up and the cops would be OUT OF A FUCKING JOB!

          They’re cleanup anyway. The only crime the cops solve are for the TV cameras. The only safety they provide is… OK, I started into that sentence and couldn’t finish.

          This little “race war” is an attempt by TPTB to make you believe that we need “Our good guys in blue”.

          We’re not fighting blacks or police. We are fighting cognitive dissonance and TPTB know that if CD wins, they win.

      53. I’m tired of hearing about the poor blacks and da racisim, we is be equal, I know a good black……I’m tired of having 25 % of my pay check stolen to support EBT, Section 8, Head Start Programs, WIC, AFDC, phony SSI disability…….If BLM wants to get down lets go,culling the nonworking moocher scum would do the nation a world of good. For every Law Enforcement Officer shot, 10 ghetto howler monkeys should be shot, until these ghetto primates get the message.


        I’ve been saying it all along. This is a war against police brutality and government overreach. TPTB desperately want to to be a race war but it is not. Simply put, the blacks just happen to be the tip of the spear, so to speak, when it comes to trigger happy policy enforcers.

        TPTB desperately want to convert this into a “Blacks Are Terrorists” but I submit to you that existence BLM, in and of itself, is a False Flag. No way that would exist without help from above. …and I do not mean from The Creator.

        In the end, the people that will take your guns, beat you to death, imprison you unjustly, murder you and steal all that you own will be wearing blue uniforms and have a tin badge. The good ones? Well, they exist but in order for them to get paid they have to follow orders. You do know where those orders come from, right? FROM THE TOP. Get a fucking clue. I’ll say it just like I said for the BS burning in Ferguson in the past, “There are no good guys in this fight.”

        Identify the sides. Police. Racist Blacks. Any that think the police are the good guys have never been through asset forfeiture or been exposed to police brutality and complained. The reason blacks are hitting this hard is because the police hit them hard, deserving or not. How this bleeds over into “kill all white people” has roots in TPTB desperately wanting your Cognitive Dissonance to kick in to keep you from realizing this is a war against you that has been raging for a long time. ..not from the blacks but from the cops. But, your CD keeps you from seeing it and will force you to side with the cops every damn time.

        Wake up! There are more than just two side of this. Divide and conquer requires there to be just two sides. When you have 3 or more sides it messes the whole works up. TPTB always provide the good guys and the bad guys. They are doing their propagandists best to make sure the good guys look like the cops and the bad guys look like the blacks.

        I know you’ll avoid commenting on this because you won’t be able to wrap your head around it. CD is powerful but, work through it. With just a little clear thinking you can see whats up here. Don’t let CD control our allegiances.

        • Oh, and remember: a really smart guy said…



          With that, I say, GAFC – Get A Fucking Clue. Fight your Cognitive Dissonance. Once you win the battle its like taking the blindfold off. At first the light is so bright you can’t stand it. But, then, shortly, things come into focus.

          • Net Ranger

            Sometimes you have to go with what you have. How many would understand what you said? If you stood up on a soapbox in public and expressed those thoughts. You would immediately be called a nut.

            • Yep. Again, Cognitive Dissonance. They refuse to see what is right in front of them. I intend to BEAT THEM WITH IT until they realize it. No more soft pedddling. No more nice (true definition of “nice” is “dumb”) speech.

              It is what it is. If someone doesn’t like it, they’re going to have to call me a nut. You know, like the “nuts” that said TWA 800 was downed by a missle.

              The world is SO FUCKING STUPID. It is no wonder they are enslaved.

        • There are a bunch of people who don’t understand the meaning of liberty. They are blinded by “statism”.

          Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are just words that they don’t actually believe in. If .gov says it is so, well then, they will obey even as the boot of tyranny dressed in blue costumes stomps their neck.

          The LEOs are just as overcome with CD as everyone else. Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness mean nothing to them. Bow to authority or feel the wrath. They live in their own little bubble and are reinforced every day by the .gov, courts, and MSM calling them “heroes”.

          • The pursuit of happiness. Just the pursuit your not guaranteed happiness. Just unfettered pursuit. The LEOs acting on behalf of oppressive govt commonly fetter that pursuit.

          • Exactly!

            Excellent explanation. Two bubbles of tyranny bumping up against each other.

            Which one will burst first and be overcome by the other?

        • yes I agree the black lives matter is being egged on and funded by folks who have a agenda. Their unterior motives should be apparent to anyone who has half a brain. You can only police ,brutelize and tax a people to a certain point. That point has been reached my many of all races. I myself reached that point with a semi truck. every time I turned around some parasite eienty was attempting to get money from me. they all felt somehow that I wasnt paying my fair share. So one day I simply quit and sold that truck. Obamas $4 fuel was the last straw. they have drove the lions share of owner operators and small companys from the road . Big companys and indebeted contract drivers that pay a bribe to not even stop at the weigh station. The consumer loses because of no competeieve freight rates. When you place anyone ( no matter what race)in a situation where they feel they have nothing to lose. Then that person will lash out. How long and how bad this current situation will last is unknown. However it will not be resolved by the current actions the Leos are using. There are too many dissillisoned citizens and too few cops. It will not be solved by force. It will as the country regresses increase in magnitude and occurance.

          • I only know a few truckers. I get the SAME STORY from them. The industry wants everyone to get paid a starting wage and everyone wants a piece everything you make.

            In all situations, it appears, nobody wants to change. They just want to identify that the others are in the wrong and they need to change. In reality, both sides of this conflict are wrong, but, if they admit it their position will be compromised and so they won’t.

            Public security has failed. The police break the laws far more often than the citizens. Frankly, I’m far more worried about getting shot or robbed by the cops than I am by a murderer or burglar. In my area, its known that when I leave the house I am armed and when I return, I am armed and that I will not tolerate and fuckery when it comes to the safety of my family or my home.

            …but, LEOs know where the cracks in the system are and they know what to say and do to compromise a citizen’s safety and how to get the state to support their position. They’ve seen blacks as the least able to speak for themselves and they’ve milked that line even more. Now, the blacks feel they are in the nothing to lose class, as you explain above. It will last until one side gives up or it explodes and the rest of the country realizes that police brutality and authoritarian overreach has to stop.

            • Its only logical to be armed when you leave & return home. If your not armed and you return home and some no goodisin your home. they have all your weapons and you got nothing!

      55. The cowards here need to shut the fuck up (STFU)

        Police in the USA are being allowed to execute both blacks and whites so the problem is not the blacks it’s the police state and credit to the blacks for at least having the balls to stand up to the police and do something about it.

        Yes i know they [blacks] are all criminals, doing some weed but white collar crime that steels money from people for bankers is killing lots of people who cannot afford medical care and have to eat GMO food because it’s all they can afford.

        The bankers want you to all turn on eachother and half those that got killed by the police got what was coming to them but what about the other half and what do you think mr pig policeman will do when they con’t have blacks to push around.

        Yes people you need to wake the fuck up and stop being played

      56. Today is the “Holy Grail” for politcal protesting.

        “Get your motor running”.


      57. Lot of Crazy Posts.

        Chill out and watch this on YouTube.

        Brother Nathaniel Kapner
        Nathanial 2016
        A Military Coup in America?

        This is some real Hope and Change ☺️

      58. All right on Obamas Martial Law Plan schedule .. and so many idiots playing right into it

        its only going to get worse , I dont see where he’s going to let up .. he is blinded by TPAB to do their bidding,,and it dont matter he wont be living in the 3rd world shit hole he creates

        this is about killing as many as us as they can , any way they can .. it gets the numbers of what they like to call us useless eaters off their payroll , and the loss of revenue from our deaths is outweighed by their vision anyways , as they are so dam wealthy and becoming more wealthy as this war unfolds

        this will also bring down the unemployment numbers so they can brag about that too .. as each person dies its one less to count one less on EBT, one less on the food stocks etc

        GGS says there is a population they want to hit.. and if they work it right and we play along like good little sheeple , they will get their wish .. to date,, none of these people are going after the right source , so we are losing and TPAB are winning..so until that mind set changes we are doing their bidding

        • Good post I agree

      59. Pick one:

        A) Until the African American community collectively focuses on their own racism, education and stability in the home (2 parents), nothing will improve, certainly blaming claw enforement officers and white people won’t help.

        B) Until the Law Enforcement community collectively focuses on their authority overreach, individual rights violations of We The People and curing the corruption within their departments, nothing will improve, certainly blaming blacks and BLM won’t help.

      60. BLM has given many white people a much needed wake up call. It’s been a great help to the Trump campaign. If the actions of a few black paid instigators and a few duped black pawns fails to result in violence, expect a false flag by some Zionists posing as white Patriots.

        What’s knew with Monsatan. That’s their real name. They were the biggest slavers in Louisiana. That’s how they got so rich. They are poisoning the food of the entire world. After the die off, they plan to restore healthy plants throughout the world with their nonGMO seeds.

        The problem besides the genocide is that it is impossible to get every seed of every plant. Some will get missed. This plan is so dangerous on so many levels.

        • The DARK act just passed. Call your congressman or/and the White House. Obama has the power to Veto this act.

          All this commotion could be an attempt to conceal what is happening. Get loud. Act up. Come together to stop Monsanto.

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