RAW FOOTAGE FROM MUNICH: Video Shows Gunman Open Fire On Unsuspecting Shoppers

by | Jul 22, 2016 | Headline News | 155 comments

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    Another week… another terrorist attack in Europe.

    It is literally becoming a weekly event throughout the region.

    Up until last year, this was never an issue.

    Can anyone guess what has changed?

    The footage below shows the gunman (police report there may be more than one) standing outside of a McDonald’s restaurant. Shoppers are walking by going about their business when the man draws his weapon and opens fire.

    WARNING: Contains scenes some viewers may find disturbing.


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    Video: The Moment Truck Slams Into Crowd In Nice, France

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      1. Enter islamic savages

        • Islamic savages sent there, here and everywhere else by the scum ‘elite’

          • And Angela Merkel is on vacation.

            Let’s see if she comes home and takes responsibility for this.

            She should, ya know.

            • Where’s Hitler when you need him dammit?




                • Acid Etch, Let us not mince words, here.
                  We are MEN of truth. Lies do not become us.

                  Germany LOST the war to free itself of usury slavery because the (((chosen))) people who ran (and currently run) the United States and Britain were able to persuade the goyim to engage in a Fratricidal conflict to save International Jewry and their countrymen then running Communist Russia.

                  If you search history, you will discover that “Judea Declares War on Germany” in 1933 – years before the first shots were fired. Yet, which Judized Countrymen rose to action? Why, the stampeded cattle controlled by Hebrew minions, Roosevelt and Churchill, of course.

                  If Hitler had defeated Bolshevik Russian and Britain, then the United State-sponsored century of BANKSTER oppression through usury would have come crashing down in 1943-44. So, YES – I am a Hitler apologist and Holyhoax revisionist, but the does NOT diminish the Truth.

                  History has been kind to the Jews, because they have have overseen its writing.

                • AS USUAL.. More BS from Acid Butt Itch.

                  Well, he is right about the first line– Hitler wasn’t “dog shit”, although he was very similar to dog poop.. (worthless, stinking, no good, “chou” as the Chinese say).

                  No, Hitler didn’t “rise up Germany” out of the ashes. He only talked about it. In reality, he destroyed the country– it was bombed to smitherines because of his despicable actions toward the Jews.

                  No, the Germans would NOT have won if it hadn’t been for America. RUSSIA defeated the Germans until there was only a few platoons left. It was the RUSSIANS who beat the shit out of the Germans, not the Americans. You’re still immersed in the Matrix (lies by the US Mafia). Go read Paul Craig Roberts essays on his website and wake up!

              • You NEVER need Hitler. However, you just might need a Trump, Nigel Farage, Marine LePen, or any one of a number of politicians on the side of reason when it comes to immigration from the Islamic world.

                • Didn’t the Germans (WWI) and the Nazis (WW II) have a close relationship with the Ottomans and their heirs?

                  • Very close ties to them. Most still think Hitler a hero

                    • vocalpatriot, I wouldn’t necessarily say the “Death” of the Jews was French Policy – although it may have been the sentiment of many of the populace. Certainly the French were anxious for the removal of the Jewish menace which had plagued France with Usury, pornography, and other ices (much like they are still doing today in France, Britain, and the United States).

                      Funny how they have their OWN country – protected by WALLS to keep the surrounding Arab peoples out of Israel, yet progressive Jewish organizations in the US are the biggest proponents of saying TRUMP’S wall won’t work to keep the Illegals out of America.

                • Actually Hitler aligned himself with Islamists, Hitler actually had a few all Muslim military units, who were particularly brutal.

                  That’s the reason the Ottoman Empire was busted up, because they fought for the Nazis against the Allies.

                  • the ottoman empire was history before the nazi scourge gripped the world in conflict. however, the people did love the nazi movement because they all were jealous and hated Gods chosen people.

                    • vocalpatriot, You are correct Sir. And what Right Minded people would not love the National Socialist movement? Although, no one I know is Jealous of god’s so-called pets. Jesus hated them and called Judea (Jews) “of their Father, the Devil” and “a brood of Vipers.” I’d rather trust HIS words then validate your assessment.

                  • The German Muslim Brigade was small, and consisted mainly of Bosnians from Yugoslavia.

                    The Ottoman Empire was broken up in WWI, not WWII. Turkey was a neutral in WWII, they did not fight for any side, Allies or Axis. They played both sides against each other to get money, goods, arms, and machinery, but stayed on the fence.

                  • Everyone is a history expert . But the history written buy who? The group that owns the media? Here’s some history before the group. Read what George Washington said about the Jewish people.

          • Ever notice how it is always 100% of the time refered to as “right wing terrorism”, but never left wing or islamic terrorism.

        • Do not forget to disarm the population first!

        • This is what you get for letting savages into your country. Merkel is a TRAITOR and so is OBUMMER. Hang’em high!

          • AMEN TO THAT, you notice allot of people are still afraid to stand up and say ( remove the scumbags from office) until they have had enough violence affect them they probably won’t stand up, just a bunch of woosies!!

            • Amen

              • Where is MUNCH? I had to ask you know. They will be trying to munch on your rights that much I do know. Gonna get even more interesting soon.

                • In Germany the city is known as Munchen, with the umlaut over the u. (Can’t get my keyboard to make the umlaut, sorry).

              • Where is MUNCH? I had to ask you know. They will be trying to munch on your rights that much I do know. Gonna get even more interesting soon.

                • Germany and this looks like a copy of the last attack .one in France and one in Fla USA Carbon copies .. But l make sure, but almost the same MO

                  • HMMM, Munch Germany, thats a new one lol.

                    • Genius, I know damn well I’ll MUNCH on any scum who comes to my BOL. I’m well-stocked on ketchup, bbq sauce, salt, pepper, etc. LOL!

                    • Munch a bunch of Fritos. Hahahahaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

                    • Are the people there called Munchkins???
                      Did they invent Munchos???

                      I looked at the ad on the side for the mountaintop retreat, wow 1 million. Others for 500k to 255K I could build a retreat waaayyyy better than those and in a hidden place not on some road with a name and address for half those prices. Just sayin, much better for much less. I’m sure they are all on record with permits and such also.

            • “..all experience hath shewn, that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable, than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed.”

              declaration of independance.
              so, you see, it is temperance..(unchecked) that allows evil to gain a foothold.
              only vigilance plus understanding of and adherence to, rule of law, which will keep us safe…
              NOT reliance on government.

            • Apache54

              Ordinary American People are afraid.
              They know that government in USSA “Changed” Amerikka ruled by Tyrant King Obummer. TREASONOUS Criminals in charge of USSA government.
              Andrew Brietbart–Murdered
              Michael Hastings–Murdered
              Hillary Rotten Clinton–Free Pass for TREASON, National Security Breach, Bengahzi

              USSA meanwhile engages in genocide:
              Drone strikes murdering entire innocent families to get ONE “suspect”.
              No trial. No due process. Just death from above for being suspect. AND any innocent people around him murdered. Women and children MURDERED by USSA drone. Innocents that have NOTHING to DO with Anything.

              In Amerikka USSA:
              Secret Prisons. Torture. Abuse. No trial. Just snatched, grabbed, thrown in a hole.
              Harvey County Correctional Facility -Newton Kansas MURDERING Americans for Profit. Human organ Harvesting. And Filtering in foriegners for “Who knows what purpose?” Building an Army to kill Americans? Drug transporters?
              Chicago also has secret prison for Americans. No phone call. No bail. No Lawyer.
              No trial. They just snatch and grab. The Disappear American Citizens.

              Check out this story. Your Government at work:

              TSA heros keeping you safe:

              Police Heros protecting and serving:



              Government Blanket surveillance on EVERYONE.
              Not just “suspects”.
              ALL cell phone. ALL web searches. Every post you put up on a web site. Cable TV box monitoring your conversations at home.

              Point is that ordinary people are afraid to speak up.
              “chilling effect”

              That is why more people don’t call for”
              IMPEACH–Arrest–Demand Accountability for the actions of ALL public servants.

              And demand Accountability for Savages. Foriegn and Domestic. No matter skin tone or religion. Call a savage a savage. ACCOUNTABILITY.

              Accountability. All Lives MATTER

        • Mac, You spelled Munich wrong in your headline. lol


          • Oh Shoot ! I totally missed that… the elusive “i”



        • STILL THINK I AM A “RACIST”???????????




          • You, Sir are no Racist. Instead, I would denote ou as a breath of Truth and Fresh Air! Would you accept the moniker of “Racial Realist”?? You would be welcome amongst that community as a like-minded compatriot.

            Please Don’t flee to any of the locations you’ve mentioned! We will need you here to help awaken those Whites who will believe in Racial Equality right up to the point of seeing a loved one’s throat slit by a new americanized Muslims or an angry RACIST B.L.M. Renegade (B.L.M. does NOT stand for Bureau of Land Management).






          • Acid,

            Thats right! No connection. Funny how that comes out right away. But, do you think the refugee situation didn’t influence him? Do you think that the new members of the mosque talking shit about Germany had nothing to do with it?

            I think the influx of radical ideologies are making these “peaceful muzlims” realize that they’ve been lazy and slackards. You see, there is no such thing as a peaceful muzlim. If you think such a thing, you need to search YouTube for the following words:

            why we are afraid bill warner

            40 minutes later you’ll be understanding the bullshit surrounding “peaceful muzlims”. Of course they are peaceful. A crook is honest until he thinks he can get away with it. I’ve known people that were completely honest as long as you were watching them but as soon as they thought they could get away with something: BAM! they’re cracking your safe or stealing your silverware.

            muslims are the same. If they think they can make headway, they’ll try it. If they know they can’t, they won’t.

            PURGE THEM! PURGE THEM NOW! islam is not compatible with a constitutional republic or any type of law based system other than sharia. islam is a military/political ideology using religious ferver to spread its lies, death, violence and torture. Any politician that allows them into this country is a traitor. You do know what the prescribed punishment for treason, is, right?

        • A couple questions: To whom is this video attributed? Also, I find it odd that a video camera just happened to be pointing in almost the precise location where the nutjob started his nutjobbery, even before he started. Odd.

          • I figured out he was popping off inside the mall – which is why the video was already rolling – and stepped outside. Shoppers ran outside, into his field of aim.

            Around here, he wouldn’t have made it outside. But still wondering who took the video. Thanks!

      2. Call it what it is: Muslim Terrorism.
        Islam is NOT a religion of peace, it is a satanic death cult.
        Not PC but TRUE!
        If YOU are not a Muslim, they consider you an infidel and they think it is OK to rape and kill you.

        Keep a Pork sandwich for any Muslims that come calling and don’t forget to dip your bullets in pigs blood. They hate that!

        • islam is a military/political ideology masquerading as a religion or using religion to spread its filth. Our time of reckoning is coming. These dangerous bastards will be tearing our cities apart once the free shit train runs out of coal.

          Be ready to do what you need to do.

          Here is the latest, best evidence of whats gonna happen:


          • Netranger, “military/political ideology masquerading as a religion or using religion to spread its filth”… not dissimilar to the papists of the Dark Ages…

      3. Why was the video so bad ? any way this does NOT look right to me

        • If youve ever been in close proximity to a shooting you would know why.

        • 1. This is impossible as no one is allowed to have a gun in Germany
          2. Do a lot of random people film random people outside McDonalds?

          • If hundreds of thousands of PEOPLE can be smuggled into Germany, the United States, and elsewhere, why is it so hard for people to understand that WEAPONS can be smuggled into just about any country on the planet?

            And maybe the guy caught somebody’s attention with whatever he was doing and they started to film him. People are walking off canyons and running into police cars because of selfies and Pokemon. People are filming everything nowadays…their cameras/phones never leave their hands!!!

          • I can take you further. I use Linux which has hundreds of free software programs that can do whatever you want, or you can take something that is close and just tweak the code to get what you are seeking to do. Anyway….

            You can zoom in and still keep pixelation to a minimum, and at no “power” of zoom do I see the tell-tale “blast” coming out of the muzzle of the barrel. Or at least, certainly nothing is seen at the time just before or at the sound of gunfire. The entire time nothing ever leaves the barrels that I can see, which is only up to 1280HD …so there’s room for improvement someday.

            I did this for the same reason as Southpaw points out. What in hell was anyone just doing in a “nothing” place such as that and as if on cue pulls a weapons and randomly fires. It’s too ‘pat’! He’s such a trained warrior that he misses at least two people that would be about impossible to miss if he had any experience with a handgun at all, and you can tell from the way he holds it that he can surely hit anything he would want to …so he allowed those people to get away.

            Trouble is, I can’t come up with a decent “why?” For an Islamic “event”, it is also kinda “wimpy” imho. Perhaps a lone wolf.

          • Oh on the subject of Random Filing….

            5 dancing Mossad Jews were sent over from Israel to film the Airplane crashes into the NY Twin Towers on 9-11.

            Coincidence? These Parasites knew and did not warn America. And we still fund these Cockroaches $6 Billion annually in welfare BS, with our Tax payer money.


            • I meant to say Random Filming. At least Mac gets to go in and spell correct. SHTF Happens.


      4. From the liberals can’t you feel the love. Nothing but MT pages with their lies & chaos.

      5. Isn’t Germany a gun free zone ?

        Nuff said?

        • We all know the purpose of gun control is people control. From just a mathematical standpoint with two world wars fought in Europe how many military guns are hid here and there? There has to be MP40s, handguns, grenades and the like in number.

          This carnage occurs less than 24hours after Trump’s acceptance speech adding another incident to the far too many already list. Democrats embrace increased refugees because Liberal Democrats only talk to Liberal Democrats thus reinforcing illogical stupidity.

        • That Open Borders Policy letting in Muslims works great eh?


      6. Guess they can’t make it a Islamic free zone with no ability to do so

        Over here in the West we ain’t played Cowboys and Giat Fuckers yet
        And no we ain’t disarming
        Feel lucky ?

        • A cowboy
          A Indian
          and a goatfucker
          walk in a bar…………………..

      7. *Goat

        • Another Saul Alinsky moment… bottom rises up, the middle screams DO SOMETHING, SAVE US, AND the top happily complies…with crushing force…Totalitarian regimes for everyone… Without a gun. THEY are toast…

          • “We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis and the nations will accept the New World Order.” David Rockefeller

            “In short, the ‘house of world order’ will have to be built from the bottom up rather than from the top down. It will look like a great ‘booming, buzzing confusion,’ but an end run around national sovereignty, eroding it piece by piece, will accomplish much more than the old-fashioned frontal assault.”
            —Richard N. Gardner, former deputy assistant Secretary of State and member of the Trilateral Commission writing for the Council on Foreign Relation

            “We are grateful to the Washington Post, The New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost forty years. It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years. But, the world is now more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a world government. The supranational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and world bankers is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”
            —David Rockefeller, Baden-Baden, Germany 1991

        • EOTS, my family and I won’t get disarmed either. I’ve been receiving ‘continuing education’ at the BOL all week and will be here for another week. Cowboys and sandapes will get here soon enough the way things are shaping up.

      8. I would be surprised if the shooter is taken alive.

      9. COOL VIDEO!!! titled, “Russian Trump, Zhirinovsky blasts NATO”

      10. USA and Canada best take head of what we in Europe are up against… Fight against the scumbag turd invaders before they gain the whip hand over you. God bless.


        • My Russian is pretty rusty. It would help if there was a translation of this video. Can you provide one?

      12. Europe needs to rise up against the aliens who have infiltrated their institutions in order to rain terror and genocide. Only an enemy invites people who want to kill. Europe needs a Revolution. Return Europe to Nationalistic pride in the cultures of native peoples of Europe.

        The German people get off your knees. German Pride.

        European Americans support the Native German people.

        • B from CA: I have several times tried to post up documented proof with Links to actual Transcripted meeting minuets as spoken by the Real persons behind all of this sudden mass invasion into europe by crazed violent muslims.

          And every time my reply info gets totally disapeared or deleted!…That Link I have for proof etc names Two entities involved and quotes every single word as spoken at a special meeting held in israel by both groups.

          One is reps of the german adenhauer foundation org. and the other group is a bunch of israeli and european jewry.

          The very words as spoken and documented via the transcript of meeting speakers stated, back in May of 2013 when meeting was held, stated that this invasion was Pre Planned far in advance and is intended as a form of Punishment of white euro peoples for being at Fault for allowing the “chozen people” to get harmed and killed during the WWII and holohoax events etc! They also stated they blame american whites also for “waiting too long to enter into WWII”!

          This was stated plainly by several key note speakers at that meeting as documented in trascripts of it and avail online.

          One top speaker from germany adenhauer foundation also wrote a book on anti-white hate, of his own and fellow travelers. His book is mentioned when he reads an excerpted paragraph from it about Their combined plans to “mongrelize european white folks via forced integrations and even if necessary, laws to force only mixed marriages to be allowed, so to cause an end to 100% pure whites once enough whiteys make mixed race babies and finally die off. Then no real pure whites shall remain alive and their end game plans will be counted as done.

          Yet for some odd reason, besides that EVERY reply I submit here at shtf always goes into deep moderations usually for 24 to 48 hrs, it gets even worse yet! Every time I submit This actual copy pasted trascripted meeting info as spoken and include the proof link to back it up as valid documented fact…That simply disapears totally into vast thin air!

          Somebody here or elsehweres is very worried of this info being widley posted up I rekon eh?

          I first saw this info and link at an article at incogmans site. He lifted it from another pro whitey website and posted it up at his own site.

          So all the chatter and talk about how syria war and desire to war on iran etc being Only about “Gas pipe lines etc”…is Bunk. oh yes gas pipe lines is a reality also probably…but the True Real reasons for both these mid east wars and massive influx of muslim arabs into europe and america too has much More to do with the…

          Plans for a Greater Yisreal land grabs, and as stated in transcripts of 2013 meeting to punish and destroy white folk via a “soft genocide” end of race plans, for white’s allowed the WWII hoax events to happen to “chozen people”.

          Their entire NWO end game plans, in their warped minds, Must include tribal posession of ALL Lands as spoken of in bible OT books. That Is real main reason for these never ending wars to kill off as many as possible, then cause rest still alive to invade euro and usa white nations. A sort of a “TwoFer” if you will. Those meeting trascripts as well as other pior documented various articles within Two of israel’s major daily newspapers, Harrettz paper and Jeruselem Post paper discuss it all plainly as, their ultimate desire to own every inch of that mid east lands. And only thing in their way yet is aprox 500-Million arabs and muslims, and also several millions of orthodox christians in each nation too.

          I never yet seen any mention though of a desire to flood white countries with any of them christians, as its always Only muslims they speak or write of flooding into euro and usa whitey lands. They have abject total pure Hatred for white race B/CA…Thats a documented Fact oft repeated in those many artilcles, though always said in a disguised way of stateing it. To punish Current global white race for events of 1930-40’s era is a huge Hint I’d say!

          This smacks of, same type, ongoing Blame todays usa whiteys for slavery events that happend way before any todays usa whites was even born yet!…I guess when that group thrives on a bloodlust thirst that even satan cannot quench for them, any excuse will serve their phony reasonings eh? And all told that israel held meeting consisted of at least 40 or more of europes and israels Top heads and honchos. Probably an equal mix of jewish and shabozz goys attended it. The Link contained a video of meeting too if I recall correct.

          I just makes zero rhyme nor reason that some of my replys similar to that one get finally posted up here yet that one and a few others always disapear or get deleted eh?

          Maybe if I remain here another 4-5 yrs I will get released from moderation Limbo like most folks here and be able to post replies in timely fashion one day.

          • Them Guys… your moderation is because you are talking about near taboo subjects, or in other words, all encompassing infiltration of free speech from the controllers of the most high.

            • Aljamo: Yes you are correct Brother. We that Dare to speak freely and write about the greatest ever taboo issue get all types problems and hassles etc.

              This situation is akin to OT biblical prophets faced in their days. Litterally every one killed except for jeramiah, were thrown out of comunity, lost jobs or lands owned etc..All ended up being Murdered by “self-chozen-people” that they were sent to, to warn in advance of woe to come unless huge changes were made asap.

              Todays situation is very akin to That old ancient era events.

              But todays main proboem/reasons are PC stiffleing of free speech, and abject total brainwashed mind controls that very few souls are even aware of happened to them.

              Then when we try to alert or teach such deluded souls we get blamed or accused of some ubfounded and typical alinsky tactics of calling us vile names to stiffle us.

              That never works though! which fuels them deluded souls into worse hatred of truth yet!

              I will credit them types on one thing…That being, as long as the issues or events are something Other than that huge Taboo issue?…Then all is okay swell and we can freely teach or tell most anything we wish to discuss.

              Most folks here and elsewheres blame crooked polititions, and some include tv news personal too…I too blame both entities…However there exists One more major trouble maker group in america that I feel need be very big time blamed.

              That group is the vast majority of usa pastors. For most has fallen for their scofield bibles versions of events and future events etc, and the entire version of kjv has been royally messed with by one of the rothschilds own grandsons becomeing the main orig publisher and Funder guy of former drunken gambler and wife and kids rejector mr. cyrus scofield. Mainly he was a huge Failure at all he tried. Then he met a real rothschild bankster jew and by 1903 america was infiltrated and infested by his bible version. Which was Changed at least three or four times by 1967, when last changes I am aware of were done to gain support for that six day war of jewrys in israel back in 1967 aka uss liberty events happend then also if you recall it?

              But bottom line is that we in america would never be seeing a full one Third or more of mostly white folk so supportive and defending unquestionally of israel and jewry and all their “Taboo” events/issues if not for scofields apostasy and his too many usa pastor fellow travelers in it mostly for the Loot!

              Anybody can fast prove all I wrote here by simply going out in any public forum, and then try to speak or question others about various taboo issues or events…For example ask a question like “Gee what if they mis counted and it was never close to “six Million” deaths”? Watch that Fur fly Aljamo!

              You can trash or degrade and dis most all other groups or races bar none…Just never try to aproach that huge taboo tribe issues or else buster!

              MSM+usa-pastors, becuase who and what else could it be that so messed up so many whitey minds in usa eh?

              98% lies+2% sub-truths= They Believe it all!

              And maintain abject Hatred of all truth tellers like we few. I can also credit them on One more thing to be more than Fair here…They also talk a good game of also being truth seekers and lovers of truth…But thats all just talk as whenever they get exposed to real solid facts based truth on WWII events and the big taboo/Hoax events etc…Thats where their so called love of truth falls apart like a 1980 Yugo vehicle glued with cheep glue at most parts sections!

              Just wait till one day soon they will be forced to awaken and Fast eh..Then they will search in Vain for a truth teller with actual knowledge of their tribal tormentors and wish for real answers as to why did that taboo tribe they so worshipped and defended turn against them so fast and hard? By that time zero truth tellers shall be concered with the delusional fools. Now! Today! is Wakey Wakey day Aljamo…Each day is one Less thay have for stalling the inevitable wake up calls.

            • Moderation is a personal thing on this personal blog personally owned by the moderator. It’s the moderator’s blog.

              Now, if you want to talk that stuff ThemGuys, go to any corner of any street in America and you have the right to your free speech. From sea to shinning sea.

              But step into the private world, someones blog or home, and start talkin’ it up, you get moderated.

              Sometimes right out the door. So don’t let it hit you in the butt on your way out.

          • Them Guys:

            What free speech???

            The Internet is pretty good but still controlled.

            Sometimes I am surprised by what does get allowed. Things may improve but it’s an uphill battle.

            Maybe try to release small pieces of the puzzle. Don’t use key words. I like learning these truths. Can’t get some stuff. Get blocked but keep trying and some gets thru.

            • B from CA: My Reply to Aljamo is still in moderations, close to 24 hrs almost. This reply to You also shall go direct to moderations. as does EVERY reply no matter What I write period.

              I can do a “Test’ of systems reply and it too goes deep moderatiions and is a crap shoot to which replies ever get posted or simply Vanish…..I think Mac has at least One other moderator person and one of them, Mac or that other person is whom totally deletes my replies most times while other person usually finally posts it up.

              As to the resident bapDuh bible expert grandee? What else can be expected from a lifetime of being propagandized by typical usa preachermen like shes been?

              if theyd ever trash scofield versions and zio talmudic Re writes of it so many times since 1903, and actually research just what and whom was cyrus scofield prior to his get rich fast venture into publishing his very Own version of the org KJV of bible, then perhaps folks like grandee would also awaken fully eh?

              Personally I think they all need to convert to talmudic religion since they represent that far more so than they do as so called christians.

              None ever seems to post up a valid answer to My questions of “How in the world can one individual Mind state they believe Christs sacrafice did it for all and all time and it was Finished at the cross etc….THEN..That same warped mind at same time frame can also believe it to be a good idea to send Loot$$$ Cash to various usa pastors like hagee et al whom Then send “Some” of that donated Cash to…Rabbis in israel so to do a 3rd temple rebuild, when those pastors fully inform said donors that main reason for 3rd temple is so jewish rabbis can Resume Animal sacrafices and burnt offerings again!”?

              So which is it eh? Christ Was it? or the only real method to rid worlds sins is to resume animal sacrafices and only via that kosherized method? Both cannot co-exist in one same mind at same time as truth in Any sane folk correct?

              Yet so far zero good answers as to just why or how such folks so falls for such scams and falsehoods?

              I rekon they also fully agree with and approve of the rabbinical reasoning that god mandated jewry to do what rabbis calls it “Tikun Olehm” which in english means…A Mandate for rabbis to Repair the World and do so Via said renewed animal sacrafices to rid world of every Goyim gentile sin…I also rekon zero need to rid world of any jewish sins eh? For that agenda them same rabbis do their “Twirl a Live Chicken” over their head while chanting some form kabala yiddish wordings, which causes rabbis and jewrys sins to Enter or Transfer into live twirled chicken, then they Smash said chicken against solid cement or stone Walls to Kill chicken and hence put to end every rabbis and jewrys in general sins to Death along with death of chicken! Yutube has a few good videos of this rabbi practice! its a real Hoot to watch too!

              Now I aint knocking that if its what they choose to do B/CA…I just question How in world can ANY professing real christian person ever think it ok or agree with such forms of repentance, when they always claim Christs cross did it and ended it for all time etc?

              Maybe most such christians are actually more Liberal dem type than they dare to admit to Us or themselves eh?…not much else explains such contrasting ideas in same mind at same time frame as both being correct and true right?

              Cog Dissonence I think its called?…I just usually call it cyrus scofield apostasy by stuborn fools.

              • Them Guys:

                These crazy people want to build an alter to make animal sacrifice.

                Our children according to their twisted logic are animals. What does that tell me. It tells me they want to be able to make child sacrifice something glorious. They won’t have to sneak around or worry about being punished.

                I didn’t believe that child sacrifice was real. Then I read all the documented cases by the Catholic Church leading to the children being made saints. I happen to know that the Church doesn’t make Saints willy nilly. A lot of documentation is required.

          • Them Guys:

            This subject (the influx of displaced Muslims into Europe and USA) is taking place in present time. It is perhaps the single most important topic. Please keep posting and reposting about it. Break the information into small easily understood paragraphs. Spread the info in different postings. Keep doing it.


        • There is no fight in that dog. The US is not much better. We have plenty of gun owners yet few armed citizens. Maybe that is improving now?

      13. I’ll bet Big old polyester, Moo Moo pants suit Hillary is pissed off that the Munich Shootings have stolen her spotlight in the news.

        • Moo Moo pants needs to change her britches.

      14. Look in the mirror at America when it is a gun free nation. Never ever go anywhere without being armed, even at home and never ever give up your guns!!! America this coming quickly.

        • Infidel-2… tptb have to be the only ones having guns because the lies of 9-11 will be protected at all costs in their NWO view.

      15. Does anyone else hear the videographer calmly say “he needs more practice’ or something like that? This really bothers me.

        • nygrump

          You have to be kidding? That is the translation?

        • No, he’s speaking German, hard for me to get it without seeing the speaker’s face, but it sounds like ‘Es ist Krank’ and some other words, ‘It’s sick’, something like that.

          ‘He needs more practice’ is ‘Er braucht mehr Ubung’, or ‘Erfarung’, definitely not what was said.

          The final words are ‘We’d better get out of here’.

          The timeline of the event began inside the mall, then moved to the McDonald’s. That may explain why someone was there with a phone camera pointed at the scene, from behind cover.

      16. The religion of eternal peace and let everyone no doubt.

      17. “Up until last year, this was never an issue.
        Can anyone guess what has changed?”

        They started serving bacon-topped burgers @ Mickey D’s in Munich?

        Sounds like a good reason to go all ISIS.

        • Well, that’s all the reason some of these slimeballs seem to need !

          Remember the ‘Draw Mohammed’ cartoon contest in Texas, when two of them showed up with AK-47s? That’s fishing with the right bait, eh?

          There’s a video on YouTube, showing Muslims in Europe firebombing and trashing Christmas tree displays in public.

          • At least they do xmass tree displays while totally ignoring and never destroying any Minorah judaic displays eh. Maybe the usa muslims have not yet notied that huge 95 foot Tall yearly Minorah that Replaced traditional Christ-manger scene xmass displays formerly allowed to stand on whitehouse lawn?…Plus being First Cousins with jewry, maybe muslims like those displays better?

            Them minorah kikes even has the nerve to have a jew fed judge claim that that minorah 95 ft tall travesty display is NOT a religious symbol like a christ manger scene is!

            So acording to that kike judge decision, that tall minoarah is not in violation of the “seperation cluse”!

            What total BS eh?..What Other object or display of jewry is More of a religious symbol than that minoarah?!!

            Then some of them has the arogance to complain when, since its Not any religious symbol as Their own stated of, when folks like me Re name it as the Devils Pitch Fork display!

            Well it Does resemble a pitch fork and if no such religous symbol?…Why do they get so faom at mouth crazed when it is stated as such?

            Are any others here beginning to See the huge nonsence and swindle scams always perpetrated by that tribes members?….Once whites and christians are gone, they likley will re write all of usa american history books to claim america was founded Only by jews and only on Talmudic law principals! oy Vey! bunch of kommie Reds for sure eh.


        1= YES
        2= NO
        3= Martial law will be imposed before the election
        4= Your thoughts


        Will there be a debate on September 26, 2016?

        • So very many people have all stated that they “just feel that there will be something like a major-earth-shaking event, such as “the big one” in California followed immediately by an attack.

          I’ve no idea what they are basing their “feelings” on except “gut feelings or instinct.” Yet, there are many saying the very same. Even the major news outlets have referenced and noted that many Americans “have a feeling” there is a big change of some kind coming, and not one of them have said they are “okay with the feeling”.

          Food for thought…

          • –> ht tp://powerlisting.wikia.com/wiki/Mass_Consciousness

            • Part two of the equation –> ht tp://zazenlife.com/2013/10/12/rise-power-control-mass-consciousness/

        • 3

        • 3

          • #4

            I think it’s all just a big dog and pony show to keep non thinking people occupied with B.S. They already selected the prez a long time ago. G. Carlin said it best… “Voting gives you the illusion you have a choice, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE”.

            • Vote. Or don’t vote. “What difference does it make”?

              • They say our votes don’t count anyways..

        • 2

          Hillary will avoid a confrontation with Donald Trump at all costs. He will cut her down like a lawn mower, and she knows it. She knows that her campaign will be all but dead after 5 minutes on the floor with him, even if he throttles is back. But, she’ll have a certain number of “brick wall” supporters who think all the murder and the fraud and the lies and the treason is just made up by the “Vast Right Wing Conspiracy”. The VRWC does exist. Its called “The Truth” and she’s screwed.

          Martial Law before the election? Possible if the ignorance of BLM keeps growing.

      19. Total False Flag!!!

      20. The guy filming said ‘he wie krank ist denn der’ (how sick is he?) and then lauf which means go away. Do you really believe the story of all these lonely wolfes suddenly getting out?? Why are ALL these lonely wolfes killed and never brought to trial? If you want to understand what’s happening you have to understand ‘divide and conquer’.
        Why were all these alledged terrorists not even religious or they converted in a matter of weeks or days? Do you really believe all this crap? No matter what you think of muslims you are sitting in the same boat. No matter what you are thinking of too many refugees that is just theater for the plebs. Of course there are problems and they know you are getting angy because of all that political correcteness you are not allowed to speak. In the end the West created all the refugees by bombing the hell out of ME countries. Those on the top are just watching – the more they divide us the more they win. Have you ever thought that it is possible to mind control weak people (patsies)?

        • ::::?

      21. You know the U.S. is going to get hit hard either in late summer, or early fall, don’t you?

      22. The chances are good that it will happen.

        That will be the Mohammed Ali/Joe Frazier fight of politics.

        Held at Holfstra U. Hempstead N.Y. which is on Long Island.

        The “Get On, on Long Island”. You heard it first.

        • Who is Frazier?
          Who is Ali?
          As you see it

          • tallon1776

            Wow. Who is who in the political arena.

            Trump is more like Ali. Float like a Butterfly and sting like a bee. Flamboyant.
            Hillary more silent but can take a punch and go the full twelve rounds.

            Shall we be looking for a knockout punch?

            To point out that these two great figures of boxing
            had more skin in the game than any politician will ever have. Politicians might be better leaders if they had to get in the ring with their opponents to defend their political positions. After a few rounds they may not want to stay as long as they do around the Halls of Congress.

            • Hillary is like Frazier. Left that out by mistake.

          • Frazier and Ali was a real fight, politics is all a bullshit show.

            • Genius

              Oh I do agree.

              How many people will tune in to watch the debate is the question.

              To see Hillary give Trump her famous “Death Star” stare and Trump with that odd smile and a nod of his head.

              Even The Powers That Be, want to see this go down.

              Oh the ratings!

      23. Now all we need is the Cop come along and save a women and her child

      24. Raw munch. Any way the savages are targeting children because they know it will leave deep scars for generations. Fucking cowards are gonna let children be murdered and still be in denial. How hard is it to go after an evil ideology. They know what Islamic churches are preaching murder. I don’t believe nothing can be done. Fuckin scared leaders.

      25. As of this time,Germans are saying ONE shooter,and may be RIGHT-WING attack. I never heard such BULLSHIT in my life.And I’m getting up in years.

        • Germans were saying it was a Muslim, but the media was saying it could be Neo-Nazi.

          It was an Iranian immigrant, now called German-Iranian by our media. They just can’t tell us the truth. The correct term is Muslim, that is appropriate. The national origin doesn’t matter. He could have been born in Hamburg, then the media could call him a ‘home-grown terrorist’, but he’d still be a Muslim and they will bend over backwards to soft-pedal that. Musn’t upset Angela Merkel’s apfelkarren, you know.

          • No different in them. same ideology Called insanity.
            They need to stay away from squirrels

          • I stand corrected, not a recent Iranian immigrant, but born in Germany to Iranian immigrants.

            New information is coming in about radical ties and beliefs, of course, not reported in mainstream media.

      26. Can someone put todays video of the Presidents comments to the press on this thread. Might add to the subject matter.


      27. 3

      28. Hey Merkel you pig sucking cow how’s all those sand fleas working out for you now or do you have a stable of boys at your beck and call, you must for you are so ugly that someone would need to be highly sedated and a bag on your head to sneak up to you. Guess you and the rest of the emasculated german people could care less that your own are being killed like this every week and you don’t give a shit, you are no different that the pig sucking crotch licking hitlery and her bitch huma. Life means nothing as long as you be in charge. Perhaps someday you will find out personally the terror that you put your people through and they don’t have armed security.

      29. The McDonald’s in Munch. Munich, maybe. The same place the Olympians were killed in 1972? Palestinians killing Israeli atheletes? Is there a theme here?

      30. In the 90’s, while living in the White House, Bill would jog around the block.
        Many mornings he would pass a prostitute, who would yell out “50 bucks”.
        Bill would yell back “5 bucks”.
        One day Hill went too.
        As they jogged past the prostitute, she yells out “See what 5 bucks gets ya”….

        • Eppe, LOL! Good one.

        • ?

      31. What’s changed? Islam, the religion of (human) pieces, that’s what

      32. Once again.
        Multiple shooters.
        Then only one.
        How many times am I supposed to believe this nonsense?
        Where is the Orlando shooters wife?

        • She may be there? do not know .

      33. I learn things sometimes,

        Just a quick message to you muslim, head choppers, fuck your god allah..fuck him…allah is lucifer and this is a fact, just don’t try that type of shit in the Katy a Texas area. A military reponse will teach you jihadist fucks a lesson or two. You are are pussified cowards that like it pull shit like that in unarmed countries that don’t have a second amendment, and then you jihadist fucks that are in Houston. Since a very large population of muslims live here, be careful and do not get too ambitious because this is not Munich.. this is Texas.. a Texas has commonality, a lot of the Muslims that I have met like it here and so not want you piece of shit jihadist with your crap starting shit in our city.. they are not supporting you scum..even your own kind has turned against your ass..

        One muslim rocket driver explained to me, since I had to toe My car a while back and was concerned when a muslim..showed up to toe my car and I was concerned that I may have to hurt him badly if he did something wrong, and he told me that the jihadist has destroyed their image in Houston, since they do not support what these jihadist assholes are doing , that lately it’s is hurting business, making white people freak out when they see him thinking that because he is muslim that it’s not safe to let him help them or toe the car, and getting scared to be in the toe truck with him, that people are being negative toward them.. so not all muslims are bad people, the good ones are experiencing discrimination and this is just a fact, but the ones that are being brought in. These are the ones that are bad.. But then again. I say fuck em all.


        • Is right Hix, FUCK ‘EM ALL… This is a power struggle, Us or Them. The New Age Crusade is afoot.

        • Did you suggest that he go on a jihad against the ones who are making his life miserable, his fellow Muslims?

          I haven’t seen that happen yet .

          It seems these “peaceful” Muslims are all aquiver and afraid of everyone except the ones doing all the damage, who happen to belong to their group.

      34. Muslims are afforded special protection under UK law. When you kick their ass it’s considered a hate crime which carries a sentence magnified threefold… Well worth it though – Islamic scum.

      35. Who got shot? and who was The shooter? possibly a pissed of german getting even with unwanted immigrants? In Sweden the citizens are beginning to fight back. A secret society is dispensing viglantie justice on those scum bag immigrants that the EU forced on them.

        • May be someone the government brain washed

      36. I would not vacation anywhere that has developed a substantial Muslim population, and that includes parts of Europe. The reasons include actual attacks and threats but also the security measures and hassles that inevitably arise from this. In short, life is too short to waste being hassled because of what Muslims have done, will do. Stay away from these places and let them economically die.

        • Stay far away and they will lose billions on tourism . Then those invaders have to start robbing the rich to get their foods.. Not just the invaders, may be all people will have to rob the rich homes.

          • As one Tweeter said, Germany killed and expelled Jews who won Nobel prizes, invented things and started and ran pioneering companies that hired millions. Several decades later, they invited in millions of people from the Middle East and Africa who are dumb as rocks, have won no prizes for intelligence and have created no businesses more sophisticated than a kebab shop.

            Somebody needs to start a business tracking where Islamic money goes and who is funding the terrorism. And then publish it so money can go to better places that support real European people and cultures, not despots in the Middle East.

      37. This attack like all of the others is the New World Order establishment’s continuing response to Trump’s assertion that he will be the law and order candidate. Not on their watch and long as it doesn’t include them comrade.

      38. Coincidence theory? An article at veteranstoday.com yesterday titled: Breaking! Same Israeli Photo-Propagandist Pre-Positioned in Nice and Now Munich. It makes sense to me, the comments also.

      39. Not defending Islam, but they watch YouTubes of drone strikes by the US with the same horror we watch footage of these mass shootings.

        Obama’s policy of a long constant low level ineffectual fight against Muslim jihadists has served nothing more than to create a concensus among Muslims that Islamic terrorism is justified, or at least the right of Muslims under Sharia Law. Every poll of Muslims in the US and EU show a significant majority of Muslims support violent Jihad. When Islamic apologists appear on Western liberal main stream media to condemn these terror attacks, it is nothing more than propaganda to appease the West. There is no such condemnation in the Muslim media.

        This is the direct and real result of Obama’s linability to grasp Islam and basic human behavior. Obama’s legacy if millions of angry Muslims and tens of thousands of committed fighters.

        • Yes, they do but it is not the people doing this.. it is Obama and the Muslim brotherhood in the USA government and UN.. So it is some of their own people killing their own..

        • Yes they do, and just How many poster folks here at SHTF can Honestly say that they have actually Researched the many websites with facts based and video proof evidence of just how Badly Palestinians are and have been treated by their aparthide masters the israeli jews?

          Yes I am well aware that Most folks here can quote verbatim everything ever stated by Fox tv jewish tv news anchors and talker heads at fox tv daily…

          But How many here have actually Tried even to read or view Anything on this issue besides a daily dose of fox tv kosherized koolaide news on it all?

          I’d wager barely any here have…Based on how so many Parrot the exact wordings they repeatedly hear on fox and cnn too sometimes.

          For some odd reasoning it is just far too dificult for most here to believe there really are good, and even many christian, palestinians let alone believe that YES they are being terribly treated and every human right they should have is and has been violated worse than anybody else has in modern history bar none.

          And Please do not spew that fox parroted crapola nonsense about “pallies fire rockets into israel!” stuff.

          Go watch a few videos Pat robertsons TV minisrty show has ammased on such “rockets fired at israel lands”.

          First issue you see is them so called rockets are no more than oversized Bottle rockets!

          Size of aprox 3 feet long, made from old car fender metal parts crudly shaped like a rocket, kinda sorta, filled with gun powder from ammo cases opened to get powder from, and they fly a grand total of about 300 feet in an arc with zero controls as to where they land etc. And they do NOT explode at landing!

          And except for a couple RARE incidences so far, barley a small few people ever got harmed or killed unless by a direct hit when rockets runs out of powder like bottle rocket does and arcs down to land.

          Most usually land in middle or street and cause no greater dammages than a tiny pot hole a couple inches deep if that bad…..That is about the Only defense measures those palestinians have against the rabid force of IDF that YOUR Taxes Arms….Just What would YOU do if faced with such massive ongoing 70 years Oppressions eh?

          Ever consider it may also piss off muslims that cause terror attacks like in germany etc?..What would YOU do if Your family and home got Bulldozed by a CAT D-10 simply due to You have palestinian dna? it aint just usa miliarty interventions in mid east folks!…Its also USA taxes Funds Israel and all this oppression under the guize of “oh them jews is self chozens and cant do zero wrongs even when they do do wrong!” how asinine idiot stupid are some folks? Too stupid I rekon so go back to Pass-GO, and watch More jewdeofox tv for daily jewdeo babble updates in how sad and innocents israel and jewry always are right?…Pastor says so too so That seals the deal folks! Yeah cause pastors hopping for a free Jet Plane like Hagee and Fallwell got for abject closed eye defense all issues jewry.

          I is totally a huge disgusting embarasment that america has so many deuded white souls within her borders aint it.

          Now watch videos of heavy armed IDF soldiers enticeing palestinians small children aged 4-6 yrs old into middle of street Via idf tosses candy bars in street, wait for a kid or a few small kids to attempt a fast run to grab candy bars, then Shoots kids in Stomach since that causes greatest Pain and screams..Which in turn forces scared Parents and adults into area to attempt a rescue of shot screaming children, then IDF Mass murders em all!

          Then per usual and typical FOX TV alert breaker news alerts! Folks this just In IDF forced to kill a bunch of vile palestinian terror suspects that theartened israeli jews with deadly Candy bars! and a few small kids even threw small Stones or rocks at IDF forces since only jews has firearms there!

          WHEN are all of the Hypocrites, and you Knows whom you are! Going to play Fair and research Legit factual based cliams by Palestinians of the abject human rights abuse They so suffer daily since 1948?!!

          If the vile oppressors were anybody other than jews?…Oh yes you all would then be glad to research the other sides versions and proofs correct?..But jewry always must get free pass no matter what correct? Come on already admit it…Everyones equal 100% but in Your eyes jewry is More equal due to dna at birth right?…Even though your very Own bibles new testements books DIS prove such claims repeatedly and explain how wrong that attitude of any type special self chozens status is.

          I see very small differences between typical Lib dem alinsky kommies and most so called right wing or repub types period…Main difference is which topic they choose to defend or support…And neither group is able to admit this is so!

          No wonder so many here still believe votes will fix it.

      40. Clearly a false flag operation paid for by preppers, so they could scare themselves.

      41. I watched a couple of David Duke videos on youtube. Wow! This is an educated well reasoned smart guy. He hit the nail on the head explaining how the majority of this nation’s citizens being of European descent is under heavy attack by legal and illegal immigration. He stated how when he was 21 the white population was near 90% in America, but in the not too distant future, he said 15 years, will be the minority. I guess it was stolen away from the real native Americans, so this occuring stealth away from white people will be the second theft of these lands that we know of. He hasn’t endorsed Trump yet, but spoke of him as an awakening in America. I wasn’t all that familiar with Duke, yet I did know he criticized the zionists, No wonder when his name is mentioned the ms media send out the attack dogs. I think they have convinced the majority of Americans that somehow Duke is a racist and must be ignored. What a con job that propaganda has proven to be in reality.

        • Dr David Duke is brilliant …. The Dr. in his title of course being a jab at the honorary doctorate degrees assigned to people like Dr Martin Luther King.
          I too was lead to believe that he was nothing more than some corn pone racist…
          People should really take the time to read his views on separatism.
          He can go off on tangents at times but I still find his core philosophies to be credible.

          • Duke has opened up an interesting debate and he does it with facts and reason. He basically asks the following question: is race mixing and multiculturalism the price we have to pay to have a prosperous, modern society? And the answer he and others have found is this: no, you can have a racially and ethnically homogeneous society and also be prosperous and advanced; equally, you can have great diversity – heterogeneity – and be poor and riven with crime and violence. With increasing robotics and automation and artificial intelligence, no society needs to open itself up to ignorant people to pack out their economies to get ‘growth’. That’s a 19th century mentality.

            There are many examples in the world today – Japan, South Korea, Israel, Iceland – where homogeneity works. All these countries are very prosperous, are very smart and advanced, have low levels of crime and violence, and have the most beautiful women in the world.

            What Duke is saying is this: would not black and white people be happier and more prosperous if they lived separate lives? If they had secure nations that protected their lives and just had to interact through trade alone?

            And, interestingly, this is not an outrageous proposition: it is how most of the world already operates. Chinese people are not forced to have sex with blacks and then have them bused into their schools; they do not have to live in fear that they will be mugged or murdered by them. Same goes for the Vietnamese, Laotians, North Koreans, Hong Kongers, Singaporeans etc. It is only white people who are subjected to this humiliation and threat.

            Looked at this way, Duke is the rational man in a world gone mad. The insane ones are those who try to force unnatural couplings on people. A picture is worth a thousand words. Take a look at pictures of Japanese women and teens and compare that with the same in South Korea, Iceland, etc. and then inner city USA. That says it all…

            • Well hell while we’re on the subject.
              Also labeled a white supremacist and racist for her views on separatism .
              : Dr. Virginia Abernethy
              American academic. She is professor emerita of psychiatry and anthropology at Vanderbilt UniversitySchool of Medicine. She has a Ph.D. From Harvard.. MBA from Vanderbilt … Member of American Association for the Advancement of Science . Renowned Author Science Academics and literature

              And the Same people would have you believe she is some corn pone racist…

          • Duke has suffered at the hands of media just as Trump has. They say stuff over and over and over and eventually the public just accepts it as truth. Duke is not a racist. He’s a separatist. There is a different.

            The people that claim to be anti-racist are actually ultra-racist.

            Are race quotas for hiring racist?

            Are race quotas for TV casting racist?

            Are race quotes for college admission racist?

            VERY MUCH SO! But the people who think them up really don’t care. The change the language so that “racist” means you are not willing to give a special class of people special rights and privs. Why? Well, look at how all that special treatment has affected American blacks? Its been VERY bad for them. Essentially, it has destroyed them. Of course, this would be the reason for it in the first place. After all, its always been headed up by the Democrats. You know, the slave owners? The KKK creators?

            If you think it sounds fishy, it is. While claiming to help the black man, they have destroyed him. There is a tremendous dichotomy when it comes to TV. While movies prop up black people and celebrate them news and reality TV make them look like a bunch of stupid morons. Within the news, at the same time they are showing them act like idiots, they’re praising them as if they are saints.

            If you don’t see how we’re being played, you must not be paying attention.

            They are doing the same thing with the muslims. At one point they are great but at another they scare you with their terrorism.

            Media and the impressions you get from media and government (not sure why I make the distinction anymore) are nearly all false. They lie when they don’t like the truth and tell the truth when it fits their agenda.

          • Hoosier: Dr. David Duke Is proper title since Duke has a PHD in History. I just wonder How can he run for us senate as I assume he still lives in New Zealand? Thats at least what was said of his place of residence a couple years ago. Maybe he moved back to usa eh?

            I Hope Duke runs even if he don’t get elected just so we can get treated to viewing EVERY jewdeo TV news shows talker heads go total bonkers, while they constantly Foam at Mouth like they have severe case of rabbies and all try to out do each other in David Duking- Duke Via vile name calling etc!

            Todays usa white folk, most anyways, are primed and Ready to not trust MSM TV news any longer and fully refute or reject whatever slanderous vile nefarious name calls TV shows conjure up this time around eh. More fun than a barrel of hobammy monkeys!

      42. What few people realize is that every single muslim terrorist event is a false flag.

        Class B: The people want to do it but have no way to fund or organize. They have help, known or unknown, to get them the ability to do such things.

        So, certainly the desire and the barbaric behavior is there, but the ability to get it done is now. Both the terrorists and the victims are being taken for a ride.

        Why? Well, the help they get gives not a shit about them. They’ll throw the muzzies under the bus just like they are the rest of the world. But, with their brutality and their viciousness, they are valuable tools to use to incite fear and scare the world. Essentially, the entire world is operating under a state of emergency. This gives governments the power of fear over the people and they can routinely violate your rights without much backlash. Make no mistake about it: government loves terrorism as it shows when they create it (ISIS) and fund it (money to Israel and Saudis).

        The muslims are too stupid and too backward to get anything done. They’ve killed more of each other than they have anyone else, well, up until the US Government started funding them and helping them.

        You might say I’m crazy, but then, you might want to go poking around a bit before you do. You may find I’m not so crazy.

      43. Net Ranger: Spot on Brother! no crazy in your posting! “If” my reply just a bit above this one here finally gets Out of moderations??!! please Read it as I wrote of the abject terroristic aparthide and its devestating effects on palestinains in israel.

        Too Many folks, especially white americans, have become so brainwashed with daily dozes of FOX Tv and Hollywood propaganda that states direct opposite of what You said and what My other reply deals with.

        Not very many are willing to go out on that limb and declare this as a primarily jewdeo and zio run opps here in usa and abroad in euro zones. Every source You named as Perps of the lies and brainwashing job are jewish sourced. Thats main reason so many remain deluded and afraid to deal with the big “Taboo” subject of the self chozens.

        I did a test run kinda once. I copied an article David Duke wrote in its entirety, but LEFT Off Dukes name as writer of it!

        Then I took it and handed it to as many family and friends as I could within a few days time…

        Everyone read it as I asked them to do on the spot. Then I asked them all “so what do ya think about this guys attitude and stated facts etc eh?”

        EVERY single person told me stuff like “Wow that guys Brilliant!” and “Man he sure hits it outta the ballpark with reality and facts truth eh!”

        Untill…I said “oh by the way that guy writer is David Duke”!

        Almost every one as soon as I named duke as writer of it threw it down to street or down on kitchen tabel or house floor as if it was radio active poison!

        Then they called me a vile racist and antisemite and a hate monger for daring to so trick them!

        That little experiment proved to me beyond all doubts that those folks suffer from a long lifetime of jewdeo propaganda, as taught thru tv news and hollywood WWII movies etc and now believe whatever tv or politicos tells them is reality period.

        When I would try to tell them idiots how swell they first loved dukes article and how factual truthfull it was etc they’d hear no more such talk…All they had in their small minds was I and duke are vile racists and we should be avoided like some plague so those folks to do not soon get called antisemites or racists too!

        There is very Little hope left for any real usa fix Ranger…it is just the way it is is all and too late to change so many deluded fools minds it seems eh.

      44. The moral of the story: “Stay away from McDonald’s restaurants, if the food won’t kill you the terrorists will.

      45. It was my favorite form of mass shooting: Muslim on Muslim. It was an inter-Muslim feud: Shia Iranian got bullied by Sunni Muslim Turks and Albanians.

        As for McDonald’s, that stuff isn’t food, but on the plus side, they feed it to the lowest of the low so they get poisoned with faux food. Why would anyone eat that food in Germany where they have amazing organic food available all over the place?

      46. Reports said the kid was being treated for mental health issues. From that I read: being treated with psychotropic drugs. In every single mass shooting case the shooter is under psychiatric care and on meds. I and many others believe that it is the drugs causing the erratic behavior that causes the killings. Or perhaps coming off the drugs quickly. People have always been crazy but only recently, since around the 90s (when the drugs really started to be dispensed), have people started shooting everyone up. Same is true for those occasional cases of mothers or nannies who drown or butcher the kids and eat them. On meds in every single case, or as the media likes to code it: “was being treated for mental health issues.”

        • Schlomo:

          I concur.

      47. See. The Coming Days. Esoteric truth. And remember what barbera Lerner specter said.

      48. 90% of cases of mass violence these days involves the following groups:

        1) Muslims, either as a ‘kill the infidals’ thing or an inter-Muslim sectarian shia/sunni thing.
        2) Mental health: somebody on psy meds who goes over the edge.
        3) Blacks: most urban murders involve blacks. The numbers show this as a fact.

        So, what to do? Clearly, these three groups need special attention. The most obvious is to deploy the latest technology – biosensors – to monitor these population groups and to act when they try and do something. Bio-chipping these groups would enable real-time monitoring and a bio-disruptor could be deployed if an act of violence is due to happen. For example, a black youth registers as experiencing a cognitive journey to an act of violence. The bio chip then starts to disrupt the brain signals, preventing them from firing a weapon, while it also contacts law enforcement to send an officer to disarm the individual.

        It is far past time to start chipping high risk groups.

        • I suppose you’re in favor of periodic drug tests for gov’t benefit recipients too? I wish people would think through these things. Government is not your friend, and will always seek to place greater oppression on the most talented, intelligent, productive people in society, after they have subjugated other people groups. Peace.

      49. Those drugs are added to with a huge portion of whatever their shrink doctor converses with them about. Usually its youth aged perps so by come coincidence we public folk aint privy to it as its always “Sealed info”. Even once perp is dead it remains sealed forever unlike an adults med files once dead.

        on other hand here in usa…Majority so far of school shooters since klintons assualt weapon ban era, how convienent eh, not only were most shot kids Whites and christians, see columbine for proofs, but at least one and probably Both columbine shooter guys were trained from birth via talmudic religious beliefs and acordding to talmud “Even the Best of gentile goyim Should be Killed!”

        With that and added heavy lifetime doses of “you are always an innocent victim and all others are vicious evil Nazis out to pounce upon one like you” and the stage has been set, for many such teen kids and youth to go off kilter and actually begin to shoot and kill off even best of goyim gentiles, such as whiteys and christians.

        Check the records for total proof of this.

        Even that shooter guy that shot gabby giffords was tribe like her. However it took every tv news about Four Days time of 24/7 rants and raves of what an evil white sepperatist, evil nazi hate monger skin head who wishs to kill six million more etc…Before MSM Tv realized they goofed! and how can he be such an evil skin head nazi with so much Hair and also being jewish like gabby?

        Thats precice Moment every tv news dropped stroy as if a hot potato!

        Some website prepared a long listng of every such school and a few non school shootings that happened since klinton weapon ban era…results showed something like just Over 75%+ were Not goyim gentiles but were actually talmudic inspired aka tribe members.

        Whats taught since birth can also greatly affect a young persons developing mind no? Sure worked swell on shooters minds it seems.”Even the Best of gentile goyim should be Killed”…Its in the talmud look it up if you doubt it.

      50. Them Guys:

        Gabby was most likely shot by accident. The actual target was assassinated for a reason. It was a hit. Not random. Media focused on Gabby taking the spotlight off the real target. She may have been sacrificed for that purpose. Or if conspiracy and she was in on it; Was she shot at all? I think she was. But it wouldn’t shock me if she, or other victims, turn out to be fake.

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