MSNBC’s Dylan Ratigan Goes Feral Over Banks, Congress and the President

by | Aug 10, 2011 | Headline News | 136 comments


Rants like the one you are about to see are few and far between in mainstream corporate news America. MSNBC host Dylan Ratigan has had enough of the lies, manipulations and deflection of blame.

The following excerpt doesn’t do Ratigan’s emotional outburst justice (video clip below):

Via The Daily Crux and Activist Post

I’m not here to talk about plans to deal with this til’ 2017. I’m saying we’ve got a real problem.

And, I’m tired of republicans and democrats – republicans who want to burn the place to the ground and democrats, with all due respect, who want to offer a plan that gets it through the end of the second term of their Presidency, and then screws me and my kids when it’s over.

…We have to deal with the extraction that is afoot. It is the reason the financial markets are behaving the way they’re behaving. It is a mathematical fact. This not some opinion. This is a mathematical fact.

Tens of trillions of dollars are being extracted from the United States of America. Democrats aren’t doing it. Republicans are not doing it. An entire integrated system – financial system, trading system, taxing system – that was created by both parties over a period of two decades is at work on our entire country right now.

And we’re sitting here arguing about whether we should do the $4 trillion plan that kicks the can down the road for the President for 2017, or burn the place down, both of which are reckless, irresponsible and stupid.

The real fireworks start around 4 minutes 30 seconds:

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    1. Tina

      Poor Dylan….I think he may have to migrate to the Fox network. I do not think that MSNBC will stand for too much more of that….

      Now he know how I feel

      • BJ

        Faux won’t have him either…they are just as corrupt and deceitful, only they pretend to be on the other side

        • Steve

          Wrong, but nice try.

          • rob

            people like you are what keep this whole mess going. fox news IS just the other side of paradigm to keep the numb, numb.there is no left or right. there is only once source for real news and thats the net. anything on tv is a lie or a sprinkle of truth mixed in with lies to keep people in check. time to wake up and see yoru world of left vs right, fox vs cnn is a lie. but many will continue on with this bs because well they cant take the truth. for whatever reason such as trauma(physical, emotional), being taught bs from time born(brainwashed from tv, govt, parents who didnt know jack and such), from the deliberate dumbing down through chemical poisoning in food, air and water, and many other reasons. there is only one way, one truth and one light.

          • A Solution

            Why get so enraged when it’s the Democrats who have all the power, not the Republicans. Dems control the Senate and the White House.

            MSNBC is the one who has been strongly promoting Obama now and even before he was elected. Obama and the Senate can veto/cancel this bill or with an Executive Order.

            Democrats create a Super Congress which does control and manipulates the

            Doesn’t Ratigan know Dems have all the power? If Ratigan and Dems are acting like they are doing it for us, but they are actually doing it for themselves. Why don’t they do something useful instead of ranting and raving, at least they could demand that THE BILL BE ELIMINATED.

        • Jack

          You are 100% correct about Fox. It’s a liberal scam.

          • Ben Dover

            But they have HOTT anchors!!! That makes it all better.

      • c

        It is all part of the OWG plan and Agenda 21: move the money out of the 1st world “for the good of the rest of the planet” but to put into the pockets of those already too rich. Sounds crazy but we have been watching it happen here and in Europe for several years now. It is all being done as “bail-outs” but it is really all just Agenda 21 at work. It is a bit like watching those planes hit the Towers. It is just too surreal to be real but it is.

    2. Wo0t


    3. Jaz

      That was cool…love the fire in his belly. Our system is broken, time to start over.

      • Lohkai

        I still think 500+ recall referendums are needed as soon as possible. He is right. Frankly, anytime a politician accepts any big-dollar funding from any single source, be it a corporation, lobbyist or tycoon, it should be considered acceptance of a bribe. After all, that’s exactly what it is. They should be immediately removed from office to face felony charges.

        • T

          Don’t forget unions and trial lawyers, who are the #1 and #2 largest contributors to the democratic party.

          • Lohkai

            Red or blue, they all take green. When it comes to parties, there’s really just a lurid shade of purple.

        • MadMarkie

          Our Founding Fathers never imagined a political system where Senators and members of the House of Representatives stayed in office for most of their lives.

          We got lazy people; as long as the failures of the system weren’t actually biting us in the ass personally ……. we were more than willing to let the system sort of ‘chug’ along on it’s own.

          How about we do the same things to the politicians that they are doing to us. You want to cut Medicaid and Medicare? Fine, you assholes do without medical insurance just the same way that most of America does. You want to cut the pay of the police and fire fighters? OK, your pay gets cut first. No COLA for Social Security recipients? Okie-dokie, no raise in pay for you either.

          • Ben Dover

            I like how they do it in Honduras. One term and bye-bye. Remember obummer, hellary, et al screaming about the “coup”? The president they snatched and flew out of the country was the one trying to pull off a coup. The rest of their government, to its credit, worked according to their constitution.

            Lesson: In Romania in the late 80s, they left no doubt whether Nickolai Choucesca (probably butchered his name) was going to try to come back. Both he and his wife were summarily executed.

          • c

            Check out the GOOOH movement. The seek to restore the original plan of citizen statesmen who can only serve a limited number of terms and then must return to private life without any big pensions or lifetime seperate medical plans.

    4. Hammerun

      Don’t you just love it when leftist liberals don’t get their way? When nobody will listen to them and do as they say. They are like little children in a school yard. To bad they are ranting on MSNBC and very few people will ever see their emotional tirade. I personally am going to love it when Obamacare is repealed and when they see the monster shit sandwich coming down the pike their way.

    5. Mark

      Who ever thought gold would top $1800 times are going to get tough.

      • Anonymous

        I did. You haven’t seen anything yet.

        • greaseman

          I did too. And you’re right–we haven’t seen anything yet. Silver has a long way to go also.

          • anonymous

            Silverbug reporting in!

            Only thing that could suppress silver is a new partially gold-based world currency. this would appease a lot of gold bugs while keeping the silver-as-an-industrial-metal meme going strong.

            Let’s see how it plays out!

      • Mr. Blutarsky

        Gerald Celente believes they will cap the price of gold soon. He’s also worried about confiscation of our gold like they did a number of years ago.

        • DPS

          Mr. Blutarsky

          I would not put to much faith in what Mr. Celente has to say. Sir if you look back through the archieves on this great site you will find that his stats are not so good.

          Have a great day,

          P.S. the far left articles by category goes back to 08

          • Mr. Blutarsky

            The riots are starting, he was right about gold, he was right about the economy. He’s right a good bit of the time – certainly not 100% or he’d be God.

          • anonymous

            Agreed. Celente’s a good trends guy but his economic understanding is quite weak (he was recommending canadian dollars as a safe haven up until quite recently!) and he’s very very bearish about the world in general.

            Still worth listening to though.

        • greaseman

          The confiscation thing won’t go as well this time. people aren’t that stupid to turn their gold over to the government at some pre-specified price. Common sense says it will go much higher.

          • MadMarkie

            We don’t got no stinking gold or silver here for you to confiscate Mr. government-goober! But we do have lots of lead, brass & lacquer coated steel that you can have. Want some right now?

          • Ben Dover

            The gubmint will try to remove it from circulation as it is used in above-board transactions.

    6. DPS

      Yep watched this a hour ago, his time with msnbc is short.

    7. VRF

      yep..yep..and yep..

      check please

    8. Dr. Prepper sez

      Will I be hired by the super-elite rich micro-monopoly that will hold all the wealth in the world when this money-extraction charade is over?

      or will they hire someone else like me… from the soon-to-be destroyed middle class… to help them take my life’s posessions from me, enslave my beautiful children, and guarantee that all laws, politics, commerce, culture and information serve to make them richer, more powerful, and that they’ll go unchallenged by public opinion for the next millenia??

      Where is God? Where is Jesus?

      • harry

        jesus is out fucking right now, what you should be doing

        • eaglescoutprepper

          haha autocorrect epic fail…. i think you might have meant to type fishing, jesus was a fisherman…

          • Lohkai

            I thought he was a carpenter.

        • Harry Bawls

          Are my nuts scratching your chin.

      • hornman4u

        He’s on His way….and He’s carrying a REALLY big stick.

    9. Patriot One

      Does he still work there after that?

    10. DPS

      time 12:56 Dow -361.45 bet it drops to -475 by close.

      • Griz

        Can you believe it? After yesterday’s 400+ day, last nite all you heard was much better things were getting. Makes you want to puke.

        • DPS


          I don’t even have any stocks but just watching the dow you can almost feel it. (Panic) sell sell sell


    11. Willie Wonka

      RATigan is an imbecile leftist scumbag. He has attacked the Tea Party people more times than I can count…and now he is made about some of the same things? He always just believes the propaganda his company is known for and parrots it ad nauseam. Notice he still accuses the Republicans of the same BS (yeah most of them suck too but they don’t want to burn the place to the ground)

      What this moron fails to see is the government can’t give him what he wants, which is everything. Government IS the problem dylan, and thinking you are going to get competent, selfless people in there to create the centralized utopia you have brainwashed into believing is achievable is NEVER going to happen.

      • PO'dpatriot

        Sounds like he shoved in the clutch and shifted into the passing gear. BTW, all your fucking chocolate is melting

    12. Willie Wonka


    13. Anonymous

      He sounds perfectly normal & unemplyed to me.

      • greaseman

        what all these talking heads are really worried about, is the thought of their opinions becoming totally worthless, and insignificant, in the coming collapse. Who needs a talking head to tell you the economy is collapsing? Who needs a talking head to tell you you’re screwed. I think most people can see the fall coming quickly.

    14. Midnight Rider

      Is this what it looks like when a lefty finally wakes up, realizes what he always believed in was a lie, and now understands? Watch out Dylan, you are sounding like a Tea Party person.

    15. The Daily Economy Report

      Nice rant until he suggested Obama should become a dictator and subvert Congress to get stuff done. I agree that Congress is impotent at this point, but please don’t suggest we become “ruled” by one man…

      • Granite Prepper

        Was thinking exactly the same thing. Let someone talk for a while and you’ll get the truth of their convictions…….does no one recall we threw off the shackles of the last king who tried to rule us???

      • FedUp

        Yeah, I never watch him so im taking comments as they were stated, but in context of his prior reporting he may be putting too much faith in Obama and basically inviting him to be our king and dissolve congress – either that or he is saying that as teleprompter in chief he should be the one to blow the whistle and put them in their places. not quite sure.

        either way what he says is true about the money and wealth being transferred out of the country due to corrupt tax, trade, welfare laws written by bought people who represent the highest bidder instead of the american people.

        recent poll shows that 70% of americans believe their government doesnt “work” for them – that the govt doesn’t care what they think

      • Durango Kidd

        Its called the “Bully Pulpit” by going past Congress directly nto the people.

    16. Excalibur

      In all the fuss and debate and argument and negotiations and compromises and rhetoric and blame and all the other bullshit that’s been emanating from the criminals in Washington, not one word, not one suggestion, not one threat, not one utterance has been made regarding the downsizing of the Federal government. Not one single letter has been issued, not one syllable, about doing away with the money suckers in the bureaucracy, like the Department of Education, which issues edicts to the states about what our kids will be taught (socialism and social justice is good, constitutional republic and real representative government is bad), the Department of Energy, which issues edicts telling our oil companies that nothing will be extracted from our own ground because the EPA says it will kill a tsetse fly of some sort and the State department says it will hurt our relations with the middle eastern OPEC terrorists. Not a word about defunding that unconstitutional travesty known as Obamacare, which alone would save hundreds of billions of dollars, and not a word said, from the lowliest village council and mayor up to the most insidious bureaucracy in the history of the world in DC about eliminating anything that puts a drain on financial resources, like three ongoing wars and threats of additional ones.
      These politicians make me sick. For the first time in my entire life, I actually entertain the horrible thought of being embarrassed and ashamed of calling myself an American. We have an imposter living in our White House, corrupt and self-serving losers sitting in the highest seats of the central government, and a judiciary that has been bought and paid for when it comes to any constitutional issue brought before them. We, as a country, have lost our sense of direction, our courage, and our resolve to be the greatest country in the world because individually, we are more concerned about our personal status, our personal wealth, our personal comfort than we are about the future of our nation and wellbeing, freedom and liberty of our children and grandchildren. If it doesn’t affect me directly, right now, in this place, at this time, and I still have money for a 24 pack of Bud, a box of cereal in the cupboard, and genetically modified meat and vegetables on my table, I don’t want to be bothered.
      The attitude and lack of principle is disgusting. How many of those people are going to be running over to their neighbors when the lights go out and the water stops coming out of the tap because some unionized bureaucrat gets his pension cut by a few bucks, or has to pay an increased amount for his healthcare?
      If we eliminated all of the useless and unconstitutional agencies and departments of the Federal government, right now, and put those useless eaters on the street to find a real job, we would save over a trillion dollars. Eliminate just a few of them, cut off foreign aid to ninety percent of the world, blow up the countries we are currently at war with and then leave without rebuilding what we just blew up, and return to the Constitution of the United States, we would save at a minimum, at least half to three quarters of a trillion dollars. But such actions would cause the career politicians to lose their reelection chances because everyone who is sucking the Federal teat would get mad at them and not vote them back into office to further rule the lives of the 310 million left. Deregulate, cut out the stupid restrictions on everything from what we eat to what we sell to having a “license” just to make a living in this country, and I would be willing to guarantee you would see a rise in capitalism and employment that would knock your socks off.
      Pipe dream, and I know it. Business as usual, and we all know it. Fall back to the current vogue excuse – “It’s Bush’s fault. We inherited this.”

      • Mike

        Yes Nothing more to say. Lets Roll

      • T

        Well said!

      • JJ

        At the VA hospital yesterday, someone said he was put out of drywall business because of workmen’s comp—he couldn’t compete with the drywall crews working illegally without the insurance.

        • Ben Dover

          Not a drywaller, but been there, done that. One of the reasons that most in the home, and to a lesser extent commercial, construction industry now use only subcontractors.

      • greaseman

        Thank you for expressing what many are saying. You speak the truth. But unfortunately, the items you mentioned that would help, will probably never be enacted. The only way things will change now, is through force. And that is coming.
        Asking the government to change something, is like asking a tiger to change it’s stripes–they can’t. Government IS the problem. And they will have to be forcefully removed by whatever means possible. We already have a working framework for stabilazation. it’s called the constitution. This document has been thrown to the side by the NWO goons who are running our country. But they are making a mistake if they think everyone has forgotten how things should be.
        Things are about to get interesting.

        • Excalibur

          greaseman – I know that the government as it exists will do nothing at all to change itself or improve itself. That’s why I summarized everything I ranted about (for which I apologize, I just needed to get it out)with the words “Pipe dream”. Asking the current government – and I don’t mean the immediately current government, I mean the general government as it has existed here for the past half century, at least – to make the necessary changes for the good of the nation is like asking an oil company to support the use of sea water to run the engines currently requiring oil. I know they would never do that because that stuff is what they thrive on and what they use to control their masters. When I say “we”, I speak of “We, the people”, not the self serving bastards who conspire regularly to steal from our cupboards while being fed from the same. And you hit it right when you refer to the working framework for stabilization. That is the entire point. Return to that and all the problems start to dissipate. “We” have to do that, because we certainly can’t rely on the bottom feeders at the one end of the Mall to do it, anymore than we can rely on the useless piece of crap we have polluting our White House to do anything constructive for the people and nation that afforded him the opportunity to get there.

          There’s simply too much to say on this subject, and I’m sorry for going off. I hope everyone will accept my apology.

      • Bill

        Excellent rant. Thank you very much. A+++

      • Plain Old American

        Bravo bravo. A most excellent and comprehensive rant.

        I was thinking while listening to this feela rant that the answer is in front of his nose.

        Article one, section 8.

        No one would buy a politician if the politician was powerless to help you screw everyone else over.

        I have said that if we were to get in a war with Russia or China and all they did was nuke DC we’d have money, savings, jobs and general happiness.

        • Plain Old American


        • Ben Dover

          If the fallout could be contained, we may owe the Chinese or Russians some of that money.

      • stealth

        Wow Ex im impressed! Your rant is bou-coup better then Dylan’s.
        Sadly you’re also right about the those treasonous bastards in congress/senate/presbo they will burn us all down before they release their stanglehold on the US.

    17. millenniumfly

      It’s nice to see a mainstream reporter actually have a brain and use it once in a while.

      • Durango Kidd

        MF: Dylan is the ONLY big time talking head that uses the term gangster bankster. I am surprised that it didn’t explode out of his mouth during the rant.

    18. Chris45

      All I can say is God help us now. We are thoroughly fucked.

      • Excalibur

        Only as far as we allow ourselves to be. Freedom and liberty are as much a state of mind as they are words on paper. What we need to do is understand that every single word that comes out of Washington DC, Congress, and the Executive mansion is a lie. If they’re for it, we should be against it. There’s always a hidden agenda that we are not made aware of. The people of this country should rise up and demand that we return to the Constitution as it was written, along with the Bill of Rights. No agency, no individual department, and no judge should be permitted to make law without it going through the Congress, and no Congress should be comprised of career politicians whose only achievement in life has been how well they have lied to their constituents.

        • Plain Old American

          We should take all executive orders and shove them up the executive’s arse.

          Excalibur is right. We need to live as though the bastards don’t exist. When the SWAT team shows up because we are selling raw milk or someone might have smoked a joint then we just set em up for the next time then shoot every friggin one of them. It wouldn’t take too many of those instances and the IRS wouldn’t be able to hire a starving Russian.

      • Mr. Blutarsky

        I’m afraid you are right.

    19. egore

      Has it dawned on him yet that The Bomster is just as bought as the rest of them?

      • Excalibur

        That would be racist. God forbid.

    20. holmes

      He sounds like a Lunatic, Jesus fucker tea bagger idiot

      • Midnight Rider

        you’re the idiot, ratigan is on your team, he hates the good tea party people as much as your dumb ass. Shows you how messed up you all are, placing labels on people instead of listening to their message. ratigan is mad about the same things as the sane people of this country, he just doesn’t realize it and has a completely antithesis fix for it….TYRANNY!

    21. Ides of Marc

      Baton down the hatches bay-bee! Shit’z is picking up speed swirling, round and round the toilet bowl — Faster n Faster n FASTER it goes — OOoo-EEEE where will the turds will end up? No body knows.

      The FAT LADY is stepping up to the Microphone!

    22. OLDVET

      Way to go DR. How many talking heads have the guts to say, on national TV, whatis common knowledge. Whether or not his bosses approved in immaterial! What he said needed saying! Now even the uninformed may question the process. We all need to step forward and throw the bums out. Something got to give and sooner or later it will…

    23. Beefcake

      People still watch MSNBC?

      • Plain Old American

        Actually I was wondering that myself. Ain’t got none o them thar fancy things. Just an old cell phone that people laugh at and this cheap POS notebook.

    24. Rick Blaine

      Although I do admire his passion, there was at least one point in there when I was thinking “WTF are you talking about?”

      He seemed to be suggesting some sort of national/federal bank…something about people being able to lend straight from the government or something…

      Yeah, I’m sure getting the government MORE entangled with banking/the economy will help things out. It’s working so, so well with the other things – e.g., Fanny and Freddie.

      That being said, I agree with everything else for the most part.

      HOWEVER, I’m not sure he understands that we simply can not afford a lot of promises that have been made…

      • Durango Kidd

        Rick: He was proposing as a solution that offshore capital should be repatriated and used as a bank of reconstruction at 2% interest for small business which has been strangled for loans by the big banks.

        A way to get money back into circulation. There is alot of money out there, but virtually zero velocity.

        • Mike

          I heard that in his talk too. The idea is sound if it unchanged in the process.

          • Durango Kidd

            Mike: At this point how can it hurt? But how much demand is out there? Inventories are up for the 18th month in a row.

            The only thing to spike demand may be spending on preps until it becomes a self fulfilling prophecy. Any public companies in the survival food sector?


      • T

        Rick Blaine,
        Good point about Dylan’s ridiculous idea to let the federal government become loan officer’s making commercial loans at 2%. As a former commercial loan officer I can assure you that the American people do NOT want the federal government making loans. Leave it to the private banks who have been doing that for hundreds of years.

        Once you’re a liberal like Dylan you never stop trying to find a government solution to every problem. We’re bankrupt, so let’s have the government loan out money that we don’t have to businesses at 2%. Or, we’re bankrupt so let’s spend trillions of dollars that we don’t have on new infrastructure, yeah that’s the ticket. Spend, spend, spend! Borrow, borrow, borrow!
        Their solution to all problems is another government program using borrowed money.

        • JJ

          Oh, my God—how many committees would that require???
          OOOhhh, I can hear the gubermint growing already!!!Commercial loans by the federal govt??

    25. DPS


      I think what is most impressive is the number of comments that your site has gotten since Jan,2009. I was going back through looking and found it amazing that some of the best articles did not even have a single comment, any how congrats on your success.


      • admin

        DPS, thank you for the kind words… This web site certainly wouldn’t be as successful as it is without the community contributions.

        I promise you I am working on the comment moderation thing. I know it is driving you and others nuts, myself included. It’s a system automation i still haven’t figured out.. No idea why it keeps dropping your stuff in the queue… You’re one of the most frequent commentors and should be a trusted user by now.



        • Durango Kidd

          He’s subversive!!!

          • DPS

            He’s subversive!!!

            Was this directed to me sir?

          • Durango Kidd

            Just kidding DPS.

          • Lohkai

            Subversive – adj., seeking to subvert (overturn, overthrow or upset), esp. a government.

            That pretty well sums up just about everybody here.

    26. DPS

      Now if you could get this (Your comment is awaiting moderation) fixed it would be great


    27. Durango Kidd

      I caught his rant before I got here on MSNBC. I hope he gets fired. Dyan has lots of money so he doesn’t need the job. He would run for office.

      This is a man WE need on Capitol Hill.

      Everyone should go to his blog on newsvine or use the link an the SHTF landing page and tell him to run for high office. Dylan has knowledge. He knows where the bones are buried and how to dig them up. Better yet, here is the link!

      • admin

        Wouldn’t be surprised if they fire him for some off-the-wall statement he makes… He’d be just as effective with his own alternative news web site/ channel. While I may not agree with everything he says, he is one of the most visible voices for truth out there.

        • Durango Kidd

          The enemy of my enemy is my friend, and Dylan is making enemies on Wall St and in Congress …. very fast.

          He would have my vote if he ran for office. And a real but meager financial contribution.

        • Anonymous

          “he is one of the most visible voices for truth out there.”

          cmon Mac, you are better than that….this guy is just a louder mouth libtard than normal. Listen to him for more than 5 minutes and you will see him for what he is.

        • Lohkai

          I’d never heard of him before this article, but I kind of like him. I like anyone in the public eye who doesn’t sound like somebody is behind them pulling a string.

      • T

        He’s way too in love with big government for me. He’s just another liberal, spouting big government solutions to every ailment.

        • Durango Kidd

          T: I have watched DR for years on Fast Money and Squawk Box etc. He is market oriented. Business oriented.

          • Midnight Rider

            you’re a fool. anyone with half a brain can see right thru this jackass. anyone who watches cnbc or msnbc and agrees with whats said on there 90% of the time has only a quarter of a brain.

          • T

            Durango Kidd,
            I hope I didn’t label the guy incorrectly. The few times I’ve seen him he seems to be all gangbusters for the government to do something big. I say get the government out of the picture and let the free market work its magic.

      • Midnight Rider

        BAWWAWWAWWW “This is a man WE need on Capitol Hill.” more proof of what a moron you truly are DK. No one has to bring one piece of evidence, you willingly hand it out everyday. This one is actually one of the most unbelievable……so right now you are AGAINST the tea party people? ratigan hates them!!!

        I thought some of the other people attacking you in some of the recent posts were laying it on a bit thick, I don’t any longer, you ARE a clueless bipolar snake in the grass.

        • durango kidd

          Midnight Rider: just saw your posts to me thought I would respond. I never suggested that MSNBC or CNBC was a source of anything but the propaganda of the LSM. That doesn’t apply to every financial show, just Cramer and Kudlow as they are an insiders insider.

          Fast Money is a financial show. Squawk Box is financial news with commentary from wall street guys. There is nothing wrong with listening to what they have to say and dissecting it for nuggets of truth that resonate with you. Adults should be able to filter the information from the propaganda.

          I have never heard him say anything against the tea party people. And let me point out there are many “tea party” people out their screaming loudly for free markets and open markets, when in fact all trade is managed and managed to the benefit of the gangster banksters.

          Those fools in the tea party who have swallowed the the euphanisms of the NWO GB’s do themselves a diservice. China places a 255 tariff on all manufactured goods coming into the country, even when their currency is 6 to 1 to the dollar. Where’s the free market people about that?

          • durango kidd

            Thats a 25% tariff.

    28. MMarie

      This is indeed a small crack in the dam of MSM lies. Anyone catch Roseanne Barr’s bullsh*t meter rant as well? There will be more of the rich & famous who will say the truth before we are done.

      Let the REAL criminals be exposed. While the world watches a bunch of low-level looters who are really victims of banksters burn stuff down, our so-called leaders and elite who are the real criminals, thieves, and murderers are still up in the state house.

      • Durango Kidd

        MMarie: You got that right. WE need to quit looking and being distracted by the symptoms and manifestations of the theft, fraud, and TREASON and root out the source.


    29. Man Up

      You Go Dylan!

      …But don’t you think your guess would like to get a word in too? After all, they did honor their commitment to your show.

    30. Hal Muller

      I’ll give Ratigan credit for seeing that things are seriously screwed up and the mainstream media is not honestly addressing the issues. But when it comes to solutions, he’s just flailing like a windmill. Also. Is it just my gut suspicion or does anyone else think he’s been drinking? I’m not talking “Christopher Hitchens three sheets to the wind” drinking, but just a few gulps to get fired up. He is Irish, afterall.

    31. Durango Kidd

      Everyone is opposed to government intervention and normally I would agree, particularly when this Administration has done everything wrong economically since taking office, but, only legislation is going to correct the errors.

      It was legislation that created the S&L debacle in 1987. It was the repeal of Glass-Stegull that led to the banking fiasco, and it was legislation that created the Patriot Act and the bank bailout, then the stimulus, and gave new powers to the FED to loan $16 trillion dollars worldwide.

      The FED was never established to do that.

      Only legislation that repeals these laws, and NAFTA, and the special trade relationship for China will reverse the destruction of the American economy by the gangster banksters.

      Everyone needs to be out on the street with Clark wrangling votes for Ron Paul! Get her done, Clark!

      • T

        Durango Kidd,
        All good points. Yes, some regulation out of Washington is definitely needed.

    32. Kevin2

      What is frightening is the information you read on the non MSM such as this and several others predicted most of this happening. If they were right in their predictions four years ago about today then their current predictions should be taken with more then a grain of salt. All of this has become far too obvious for anyone except the completely bribed not to see. I find the political supporters of both parties laughable; “It’s their fault, It’s their fault”, brainwashed.

    33. High School Grad

      Dylan made some good points. However, it appears that he may be endorsing the so called “SUPER CONGESS” aka “COMMITEE OF 13”. Dylan states the Tea Party wants to burn it down. That is a stupid thing for him to say, and incorrect. The Tea Party simply wants, “The Constitution of the United States of America” restored to its former self. Yes, the Pres needs to address the treachery commited by lawyers, politicians and the banksters, etc. But, the president needs to be impeached himself, so I doubt very seriously the president will address the treachery. Its very plain to see that treason has been committed against ” We the People” my question is—- What government agency is responsible for bringing these people to face justice ????.

      • Durango Kidd

        HSG: The super congress is just a sub committee, people. Its just a label. Sub committes work all the time, are working now, to present legislation to the floor.

        The difference here is that any proposals they submit will be given an “up or down vote” by a simple majority. Not a big deal, and I really don’t expect them to get a single bill passed. I expect that the across the board cuts will kick in after an attempt at legislation fails.

        In the meantime the Retards will try to cut YOUR benefits while keeping THEIRS.

        Cutting “entitlements” is a good idea as long as they are the right entitlements.

        Why should Congress have a better medical or retirement plan than the rest of US and on OUR nickel?

        Why should OUR benefits be cut when hydrocarbons get a $1 trillion dollar subsidy every year and oil is $100 a barrel?

        Why should OUR benefits be cut when ILLEGALS cost the American taxpayer and family $300 billion EVERY YEAR?

        Why should OUR benefits be cut when the State dept is building Mosques all around the world, and nation building after the Department of War has destroyed it?


        It will be just another attempt to gut the American middle class. Revolt!!!

    34. Durango Kidd

      HSG: Congress in the case of the President. The US Attorney General in the case of Congress.

      Don’t run out and buy a rope anytime soon.

    35. PO'dpatriot

      Best fucking rant I heard in a long time. Had it been me I would of stood up and turned the table upside down, kicked everything in sight, smashed everything, until the cops wrestled me to the floor and tazed me. Can’t help it, when I get like that guy did it always ends up physical. Sorry, inhaled too much tear gas working in a prison for ten years prior to opening up my own business.

      • Midnight Rider

        to bad his answer to the problem is bigger government which created the mess in the first place. don’t be fooled, this guy is not on “our” team.

        • durango kidd

          MR: He’s not on “your” team if you support the gangster banksters. He is the ONLY person in MSM pointing a finger at the gangster banksters and their managed trade program for the American economy as the source of OUR financial woes.

          If you do not understand that, you have your head up your ass!

    36. cry wolf

      tick tock tick tock…….guns and ammo!

    37. Stand at Lexington

      What If you lived in a small town, with a corrupt Mayor and corrupt town council and had a corrupt Sheriffs Department backing them up, and had the towns newspaper vilifying their every move, would you sit by as they pocketed hundreds of thousands of the towns money and ran the town into the ground? What if the School Board were scamming the system and was running the school into the ground and stealing all the monies they received from the Govt? What if they were giving kickbacks to the Mayor and his cronies to keep quiet about the school administrator and board?
      What if the one big employer in town with 200 employees was on the take as well and he used his employees jobs as a bargaining chip to keep them quiet?
      Would you bother doing anything about it if it were your town?
      What if the Sheriffs Dept. ran check points in and out of town and disallowed town public town meetings and denied the people the right to voice there concerns?

      On a larger scale it sounds pretty familiar, doesn’t it?

      So, what do WE do?

      • Excalibur

        You been hangin’ around Quartzite AZ Stand?

    38. Copout

      Fired up indeed, go back and look at the other folks behind him in the newsroom, a picture saids a thousand words! MAC did you get the article I sent you?

    39. Tony

      I agree wolf…America is burning…

    40. OKPrepper

      I kept watching the people in the background when they heard him start to rant. I wonder what the fly on the wall heard? Maybe they were singing “Another one bites the dust”. It was a great rant though.

    41. Anonymous

      Au paper margins go up 22% today and physical is still going up after hours. $1804 What a rope a dope. Popcorn anybody?

    42. Mf

      Bravo bravo bravo
      Truth hurts

    43. MARS

      1) A bought president is not going to call out a bought congress.

      2) Circumventing the balance of powers, especially with such an ineffectual president is hardly a good ideal.

      3) Businesses are not having a problem obtaining either credit or cheap credit.

      4) Creating special government entities to make loans has historically caused imbalances and bubbles, i.e. Frannie Mae, Freddy Mac, Ginnie Mae.

      5) Funding these special government entities with repatriated funds implies that businesses will be required to quickly realized greater taxes on foreign operations, hardly helpful for the US equity markets at this time.

      6) We all have known that the ‘Free trade’ agreements were neither free nor fair for decades.

      7) We all know the tax code is convoluted yet beneficial to large cooperations.

      A nice rant, but really, this guy is a fucking idiot.

      • Jules

        dude u are being way too picky!!! he’s a billion times better than Obama. what is OBAMA strategy talk about jobless recoveries, print money and take vacations!! nice one!!! i think the debt downgraders should get the nobel peace price because they cut dowm the #$#@#@#$# money that he can spend on wars!!!!!
        and he’s saying the truth which 99% people on people don’t say…
        “We all have known that the ‘Free trade’ agreements were neither free nor fair for decades.” most people obviously don’t because they did jackSQUAT ABOUT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! let’s just sit back and do nothing as we and our kids generation gets completely screwed!!!

        • Sarah

          Congratulation Jules! You have the lowest comprehension of anyone on this blog. Keep practicing, you may get better.

          • Jules

            great and Mr Know it all critic up there who criticizes the guy and calls him a fucking idiot… really knows what he’s talking thank u!!! Who’s the fucking idiot, the people who know that the gov is completely screwed up and lie and do jacksquat and watch as their family, their kids and those of millions future gets screwed and do nothing! at least Rantigan has the balls to put his job on the line and say the truth unlike 99% people out there in the media/gov etc!

    44. jimbo

      This guy knows exactly what he is talking about and he is talking for 90% of the people. We all know we are being Fuc—-! Someone has to do eventually do something!! Thats his point..To much talk and no action!!!! Too many puppets in congress!!

    45. frakier

      Last time I saw a look like those two women had was the middle of the night; I came around a curve and there stood a deer in the middle of my lane, exact same expression.

    46. LCJ

      Watch the moneymasters on youtube. Great documentary. Guys. This has been planned. Welcome to the NWO. Laugh all you want. But it’s all true. I wish it wasn’t . It is.

    47. SwampRat

      Thats the smartest thing EVER to come out of MSNBC! FINALLY, someone has the BALLS to SPEAK THE TRUTH!

      Dylan, kudos! America needs more people like you. Keep speaking the TRUTH!….. I will pray that you don’t wind up a “loose end” that the Powers That Be want “wrapped up”

    48. The Old Coach

      I haven’t actually heard Ratigan’s rant, just read a transcript. I gather it was pretty spectacular – on par with some of Schickelgruber’s best. But after reading what he said, it seems to me that his solution to the situation is to hire us a dictator. I’m sure Chavez would volunteer, and Dylan would be happy to have him, if Obama for some reason wasn’t available.

      • Jules

        what do u think Obama is and doing? let see starting wars without congress approval, Obamacare, making super congress, let the banks crash everybody while they get special tax loopholes and on and on!
        wake up!!!

    49. Strawman

      Our problems, as a Country, will be much closer to being solved when we the people realize what has been done to us by the PTB in collusion with the media.
      The argument of CNNMSNBCBS vs Fox is perfectly acceptable to the media moguls. They have, and must, set up two opposing sides so as to better distract the people and give them a ‘choice’ in what to believe. We are given two teams and two teams only to choose from. Anyone that falls beyond the ends of that spectrum is considered ‘fringe’ and therefore their opinions are rendered invalid through ridicule, contempt, even illegality in some countries.
      Ridiculing the media for one or another bias is also part of the plan. As long as you are watching one or the other you are marching to the beat of their drum.
      For so many years now, people have wondered how it is that our ship of State continues heading toward the falls. If our current messes don’t illustrate that both political parties are to blame then the brainwashing by the media is complete and we will deserve our fate.

    50. bakerboi

      OK, I agree with the rant, this is totally ridiculous. The cat is out the bag, we are screwed and no one is going to do a damn thing about it becuase all this has been planned since 1913 and now we are at the end game and nothing is going to stop it. Let’s see the last US President to go against this corrupt systems was JKF and you seen what happen to him six months after he gave a speech basically condemning anything done in secrecy. That moment in time is when they had us by the balls for generation becuase no one stood up and did anything. And guess who was in line to be the next president after the shoe-in Lydon Johnson, the worst US President ever Nixon and from there we have had some of the worst thing in human history happen: The start of illegal wars(The Vietnam War) and the removal of the gold standard for US currency (which will pan out to be one of the most significant action in human history). Why do you think we are in the stink now?

    51. People's Rights

      Bravo, it’s a liberal scam.

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