Rapper Threatens To Kill Donald Trump If His “Momma’s Food Stamps” Are Taken Away

by | May 22, 2016 | Headline News | 185 comments

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    This report was originally published at ZeroHedge.com


    Threats by prominent members of the black community against Donald Trump, either directly or indirectly, are nothing new.

    Just under two months ago we reported about the latest social fallout incident from Trump’s rising popularity, when prominent Black Lives Matter activist and rapper Tef Poe tweeted a message for “white people”: if Donald Trump wins the presidency, “niggas” will ‘incite riots everywhere.’

    “Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know,” Poe tweeted. A screenshot of his since deleted tweet was captured below by the Daily Media.


    To be sure, the antagonism among African-Americans toward Trump is well-known by now, and even CLSA’s noted commentator Chris Wood touched upon this in the latest edition of hs “Greed and Fear” newsletter.


    However, a new and perhaps even more bizarre protest, not to mention death threat, against Donald Trump was revealed this weekend when Louisiana rapper Maine Muzik said during a YouTube video recording that he would kill presumptive presidential candidate Donald Trump if his “Mamma’s food stamps are taken away.” To wit:

    I could go to war with whoever the fuck I want to, but I really want to go to war with Donald Trump because Donald Trump trying to take food stamps from my mamma and that’s all the fuck she’s got. As long as the motherfucking government let us keep food stamps… we gonna be good, but the first time this nigga pass a law talking about he taking Louisiana purchase, shit going to get ugly.  I swear to god on every motherfucking chain I got, bitchez gonna go down.

    You gotta understand them (inaudible) love Fruit Loops. They love that shit so if you take that shit nigga it’s coming with the madness and a nigga ain’t gonna play about that.  Y’all take Donald Trump and let him know it’s up over here. We gonna declare war.

    In his tirade he even went on to declare his allegiance to the Islamic State.

    And I ain’t worried about ISIS because they just called me, they want me to fuck with them now… Ya, we got them drums bitch and grenades but I’m scared to throw them.

    According to Vidmax, on the same week Muzik record this threat, he was visited by police for posting a video to his Instagram account where he and his gang showed off a stockpile of weapons.

    Threats aside, the implications from this “heartfelt” video for Trump could be substantial: if indeed the republican candidate wants to shift to a more “centrist” position, all he would have to do is promise he won’t “take momma’s foodstamps” and Trump could quickly find himself not only supported by belligerent Louisiana rappers, but also take a decisive chunk out of Hillary Clinton’s primary ethnic voting group.

    In the meantime, we expect more such videos which explain that for millions in potential voters, all it really boils down to is whether or not the foodstamps are taken away.

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      1. Fo’ shizzle dog…..

        • His momma be needin a job.

          • Tell it, Brothas, SHO NUFF.

            • BLACK RIFLES MATTER!!!
              BLACK RIFLES MATTER!!!
              BLACK RIFLES MATTER!!!
              BLACK RIFLES MATTER!!!

              • How true and I :got’z a few, nigga, ya heard me”

          • Evidently my bruthu not be givin his momma no bread. Like his name is Fred and he be broke!…and shit!


          • Don’t blame Trump… BILL CLINTON PASSED THE LAW TO REDUCE FOOD STAMP BENEFITS WHILE ( HE ) WAS IN OFFICE… Go vote for HilLiary for more of the same. Bill Clinton passed the laws increasing jail time that blacks are complaining about…. Go tell HilLiary about it… She wants him to be part of her Cabinet. Go vote for HilLiary if you want more of the same.

          • You can make fun of that moron appearing in that video but the reality is very simple (and obvious too): 100+ million enraged people in the US (mainly Mexican-Americans, Mexican nationals, African-Americans, European-Americans dependant on government welfare) are pending on any detrimental policy enacted by a Trump presidency just to deliver hell into this country.

            European-Americans (wrongly labeled as “whites”) sympathetic to Trump’s agenda are in reality a minority that does not surpass the 20+ million people, and most of them are ages 45 and above…therefore, their willingness to confront other ethnic groups is zero and they will simply opt to hide in their houses in the event a major social unrest takes place in America.

            In the end, Trump will simply reverse his current rhetoric and everything will be the same (TRUMP ADMINISTRATION = OBAMA ADMINISTRATION ON STEROIDS).

            The Balkanization of America is a de-facto accomplishment by the current administration and will continue under Donald Trump; in the coming years many coastal states will simply secede from this failing union and Trump will gladly foment that.

            The United States of America is a superpower in an irreversible decline, being already replaced by the emergent and indisputable superpower of the 21st Century: PEOPLE’S REPUBLIC OF CHINA.

            • Well this 49 year old isn’t scared if they want to start a war then bring it but trust me they will regret the outcome.

        • If the bad boy “niggas” start killing tax payers won’t they, in effect, take away Momma’s food stamps? No money coming in … no “entitlements” going out. It’s time to teach Momma to fish … or perhaps her Rap Star son could help her out instead o remaining a slave to government hand outs..

        • To that wannabe badass WM; your threat to declare war is what we are counting on. Briiing It!

        • Don’t blame Trump… BILL CLINTON PASSED THE LAW TO REDUCE FOOD STAMP BENEFITS WHILE ( HE ) WAS IN OFFICE… Go vote for HilLiary for more of the same. Bill Clinton passed the laws increasing jail time that blacks are complaining about…. Go tell HilLiary about it… She wants him to be part of her Cabinet. Go vote for HilLiary if you want more of the same.

        • This is funny, but I’m not laughing. “Dear white people” do you think these “niggas” is (sic) serious?

      2. Dear sub human savages, If you start killing us en mass you will suddenly realize that you are stupid and hopelessly outgunned and will be slaughtered til the last damn monkey is dead. Sincerely, white folks that won’t mind killing you.

        • Maybe this self identified “young nigga” should get a visit from the Secret Service.

          • They are too nice,
            They need a visit from some of those mental racist skinheads,,,,

            • Correct me if I am wrong. Is it NOT true that “the story is” that Obama has been “busting his ass” (in every way including Michelle’s big dick), to ensure Racial Divide takes on a whole new meaning. Hatred doesn’t begin to describe what white/black has evolved into in just the course of two years!
              Take Ferguson, Missourah. How long did it take them to start rioting and torching THEIR OWN SHIT?!!? (And others as we all know).

              Point is, THIS shit will be among one of the LEADING CAUSES OF DEATH …as there are more blacks than whites in America (meaning whites ARE THE MINORITY). Minorities most often LOSE. With a POTUS standing 100% against America and her white inhabitants, it gives our King all the more reason to “lay it on thickly” and bury everyone in bullshit, just as has been done from day one …because the bottom line is our annihilation (not theirs, just ours).
              That alone lessens the odds of an EMP being used (they’d first wait to see how much damage a “war of color” would yield and work from there)? Or just keep adding “targets for us” in an effort to overwhelm …which I believe is impossible given the number of weapons we presently are wielding. <—that could be miles "off the mark" or dead-on, depending on what we are first hit with.
              Exodus of all cities by whites would not be allowed (by the 'young niggas') and perhaps "BY ORDER OF POTUS" (we'll find out sooner than we'd like ….perhaps).
              Should matters turn THAT direction, (again, viewing this from a military stance), it is unlikely we'd get one minute of warning (read: none). Just BOOM – "it has started" (but hasn't it already "started" folks)? We've never seen the depth of violence across America such as exists right now …(that we preppers, domestic enemies, are being blamed for).
              Ah, read the articles @
              ht tp: //www.washingtonpost.com/sf/national/2016/05/21/armed-with-guns-and-constitutions-the-patriot-movement-sees-america-under-threat/ (DO notice the 'gap' in http and fix)! …eye-opening and worry-some come to mind as I really do not wish to be given no choice but to enter into yet another frigging war ….yet it surely seems to have already been set into motion, so we'd best get moving EVEN FASTER (no wasted motions or movements). "Wrap up everything you've prepped for, finishing any loose-ends, add whatever you can and keep an ear-to-the-ground no matter how far out in the boonies you may be.

              • Back away from the keyboard…. slowly…..

                Asian and Pacific islander
                Native (incl. Alaska native)
                Hispanic (of any race)

              • Bud, good post, but I have to respectfully disagree about whites being a minority here. Blacks are still a minority here. Census Bureau figures will back me up on that.

                • You are probably right, Braveheart1776, but my concern is cities like the one near me, which are collectivist-owned and predominantly black. Technically, they and the closer outlying areas contain more blm-ers than whites (and I’m talking about the animals, not normal black people; one of whom I know, who is a prepper living in the city) When the shtf, it will be crazy with those proportions.

              • Bud, where did you get the idea that 12% black is a majority?

                • That is just about all that is seen om television.It probably seems like they are a majority.

                • It probably seems like it.That’s just about all the we see on television in proportion to population.Can’t tell if we have black and white or colored television.

          • Never happen–look how Farrakhan and others of his Islamic, black panther and muslim brotherhood ilk call for murder of whites and essentially terrorism against US citizens–and they get away with it. Heck, the mainstream media is ordered to cover it up or remain silent and not report it–the video and audio tapes of his call for terrorism is all over the internet and nothing is done.
            Some ignorant nobody in the New Orleans ghettos isn’t gonna get big brutha to do anything–only if some cracka is disgruntled with our govt–then he is a racist, skinhead, threat to society.

            • Oh, yes, they are hitting on him soon, they had others they took from their homes and Mark Dice took it to the FBI, This joker was reported also. They be wondering where he got all that money, guns and gold jewellery from. The others that FBI went after are in Jail waiting trial and on no bail out Now his momma won’t have to do with out her welfare money and may be have a little peace and get some food for herself.

              • Sweet….glad some of these idiots are getting jailed for legitimate threats against our country and calling for murder of its citizens.
                Threatening to murder someone is not protected by free speech–this kind of thing is what the pol8ice are actually for.

                • Facebook and Twitter leave these people alone. And leave their page up. That is because of the backers… LOL

              • The best way to get on your feet is to get off your ass.

            • I just finished watching the video this mama’s boy made. If he tried anything with me he’d get the dirt nap.

          • The SS was too busy putting snipers and helicopters over the NRA convention in Louisville while I was there this passed weekend. Obviously defending the presumptive candidate from scary white conservatives with guns is far more urgent…..

          • Haven’t you heard, It is perfectly OK to threaten white folks and republicans. As far as I’m concerned let the blacks bring it on, it’s time we got over with this crap.

        • What a moron, how does he expect to be taken seriously when he speaks like an uneducated savage? And good luck buddy, just a load of hot air for publicity sake

        • Folks

          from many sources it once again looks like the Sept Oct time frame could be a TU moment

          Do not be distracted by things that may sway you from your prepping

          I feel we have another 4-5 months to prep before the elections ……be prudent …& stock up while we still can

          All Electronic Assets Wiped Out in Fall Crash


          NOT an endorsement but I feel something will happen before the elections

          just my .02 & worth every penny

          • We have all made similar predictions countless times in the past 5 years. Nothing ever happens on a large scale. This is the big one aunt Esther?

          • I totally agree with you my friend! Stock up on guns, ammo, food and water WORD~!

        • Menzo–

          Don’t sugar coat it, tell us how you really feel.

          • I tried too and got censored.

        • You know those FEMA camps could be put to good use for these subhumans, but more numerous and larger cremation ovens would have to be installed. This negroe should understand humans have had enough of the negroe’s monkeyshines.

        • I will help.

        • Menzo, it would be interesting to see how things would play out if the Secret Service had to shoot one of the thugs from the Black Criminal Lives Matter group.

          • I hope we get to see it.

            • I think they did under cover .. and there may be more to come . I know they have arrested a leader and person for helping the Black lives matter.

              He was offering them a hotel room and funding them and running a whore house out of it also

              George Soros is also funding the rioters. They also pay the Black Panthers to go in there to kick start the rioters ..

              Every time Obama makes a speech, on the rioting, the will use the words stay on course or get in line It is his way of letting them know to start their rioting by robbing and starting fires.

        • If these young nigga’s want to start a war with us white folks then us white folks will clean out the nigga gene pool and get all the one’s on welfare as well because you are sub-human nigga’s.

        • I love it man. I am right by your side. We can kill all them dumb ass nigga monkeys.

        • This poor disaffected black youth thinks he offers a credible threat…that’s cute.

        • Don’t blame Trump… BILL CLINTON PASSED THE LAW TO REDUCE FOOD STAMP BENEFITS WHILE ( HE ) WAS IN OFFICE… Go vote for HilLiary for more of the same. Bill Clinton passed the laws increasing jail time that blacks are complaining about…. Go tell HilLiary about it… She wants him to be part of her Cabinet. Go vote for HilLiary if you want more of the same.

      3. Bring it nigga!

        • AMEN jaxxas ….. BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!

      4. George Soro’s real name is Schwartz.

        So isn’t it illegal to pay people to riot.
        Why doesn’t he get arrested??

        Did Muzic promote himself or is there a music producer in the background.

        I don’t want anyone to go hungry. I don’t think Trump does either. Since when did he threaten to take away food stamps? I listened to several of his speeches, nothing about food stamps.

        So I guess big shot rappers don’t take care of their Mama’s any more. Or is this young Person just riding Trump’s coat tails to launch his non existent career?

      5. Must be a pretty shitty rapper if his Momma’s on food stamps!

        • Same thing I was thinking. It also shows just how easy it is to propagandize ignorant people who live in generational poverty on generational government benefits. To my knowledge, Trump hasn’t said ANYTHING about welfare reform.

          • Yes, he has he wants Americans to come first not feed able body men and women.. And not speaking English is not a good enough reason for them to be getting SSA as a disability

        • I don’t wanna see anyone go hungry either, especially kids. Da gubmint should replace food stamps with MRE’s and give out powdered milk for adults. This free shit army has gotten way too big. Makes me wonder if all those bullets the gubmint bought might be for the FSA when the gubmint’s bidding needs done. “Hey folks, if you wanna eat, you must serve”

          • Even if that is so, they do not have the discipline and training to do the job, nor the intelligence. I bet on us.

          • Send that nigger rapper monkey new “Scratch N’ Sniff” food stamps!

            One side contains a color photo of a med rare rib eye steak! Scratch that photo of steak and SNIFF it good, niggers!….Then…

            If you like how good that steak smells?…Just picture how great a REAL steak will taste once you get a FUCKIN Job and BUY one to Eat!….Place those words on reverse side of stamps to calculate how many savage afrcians are too stpuid to look at back side for final message.

        • Or a pretty shitty son (or both).

          • Tazweiss, he’s no good and so is his momma. his momma is just another freeloader.

            • Jo Momma? Aint Jo mamma in Da Pancack Box?

      6. I don’t see food assistance being taken away from those who qualify anytime soon regardless of who is the next figurehead puppet in chief. I might be wrong, this may be a coming test run to reduce that targeted population.

      7. Obviously, math was not this feral POS’ strong point. If you armed everyone from infant to oldster, there would be about 38 million of them to take on 281 million of us. Even with some white apologists, libtards and coalburner crossovers, we would end the problem in a week, two weeks tops.

        While they’ve been buying their drugs, hooptymobiles and bling, we’ve been buying guns, ammo, food and water. Bring it on, ferals. We’re locked, loaded and ready!

        • I pray that 281,999 million more people are doing the same as yourself, quidam. Excellent viewpoint and deductions (oh so true).

      8. Can’t reason with mindless-controlled apes. If he were to have a legitimate argument without useless expletives every other word then I would have read the whole transcript.

      9. Bring it on nigga….I am so sick of y’all

        • Emily, welcome, and I agree. He sounds like he and his momma both have been on the crackpipe. No hope for them.

      10. ok niggah watevah you say holmes!


        Wanna here the Muzik..let
        me tell you a thing or two.
        Gee you are so bold making threats to Trump like that..

        What a Dumbass stupid phucking dred lock.. it’s weapons stashes like in the hands of felons and that is why we need to prep to deal with scum like that..that fat lip piece of trash must be taking about another state. Let me tell you something dred lock, if any of your allies try that shit in my side of town, you will get you asses shot the phuck up by cops and civilians and ex military veterans.. Things are a little different in my area.. Dred lock like you and you own kind is nothing but talk, stinking up the atmosphere with all that butt air.. I just have to yawn..Ever heard of a Mossberg 590 A1.

        Talking crap about Trump..

        What Trump is doing is putting you useless eaters asses to work so that you can stop living off tax payer phuckers like me and others, as you sit on your ass at our expense.. phuck your mother and her entitled lazy ass.. If you are the result of her, then she is a criminal and produces defective offspring..

        Phuck you and her entitled kind.. We work for a living unlike like the Crack selling felons like yourself, you dred lock piece of shit..fuck you dred lock.


        Anyone can talk shit all they want. When the real threat comes your way. Lets see how bad you really are.

        • HK,agree excepting the weapons in felons hands.I view the constitution as just a re-affirmation of birth rights,including self defense.I though look again and again see nothing about felons not having firearms in the 2nd(nor anyone else for that matter).You start stripping away the constitution and birth rights,you are on a bad road!You are either for rights for all including the 2nd or not.

        • To “kill” is an instinct that goes alongside (and in harmony with) survival.

          And here I was thinking Planet of The Apes was a phucking movie?

        • HCKS, one of your best posts yet. Nothing I can dispute.


      12. Dear anyone,
        You riot near my home and try to damage anything and i will eradicate you like you deserve,
        Dead thugs dont repeat

        • Just like water and electricity, a riot follows the path of least resistance.

        • i like your plan to “reform” them, kula…..but remember,y’all, it aint gonna be just blacks….this aint a race war, it’s a makers against the takers war that’s coming.

          • Thats why i said dear anyone,,,
            We got groups here who are under the impression that everything is theirs and they are waiting for the right time to claim it all,
            Well i have a surprise for them

            • Kula, same here. I have my own surprise for anyone coming to claim anything I have.

            • i know, i know, kula….just trying to keep REASON amongst U.S….i got a couple black friends that will be beside ME when the shootin’ starts. it really ISN’T about a race war, although there will PLENTY blacks against the “makers” in murcuh…..there will be MORE whites, i’ll venture to say…..we just got sooo many dumbshit americans nowadays….why didn’t they pick up their pitchforks and start marching on washington 10 or 20 years ago can’t be known….but it’s COMING!

              • I wouldn’t turn my back on them!

                • when the bell rings, you best not turn yer back on ANYBODY!

          • Hell yeah, I like about everything Kula has to say along with his ‘ideological makeup’ (so to speak). Then again, there are few from The Islands that I have found NOT extremely likable.
            Kula …what did you say killed the sugar-cane industry there?

        • Kula,not true,any thug is useless,hence,dead,they are still useless!

          • True,,,

            • fertilizer?….that’s useful….

              • I’m surprised Nat Turner hasn’t showed up on this thread. this is right up his alley.

                • Braveheart1776

                  Good call on Nat.

      13. Obummer has brought in 700,000 musloids into the U.S.A in the last 5 years. Add to that the 350,000 radical musloids that are in our prisons and you potentially in a few short years have a million man army of armed jihadist with I.S.I.S sympathies roaming about the country. The A.C.L.U will give these terrorist legal cover while they terrorize our homelands. Where is the Arian Brotherhood when we need them most? The Crusades have come to America, It is time to push back or be absorbed into the Caliphate that Europe is experiencing. Montana is getting a
        shipment of Syrian refugees dumped onto Hamilton MT. Complete with section 8 housing at Tax
        payers expense despite loud protest against this by the county supervisors. More federal over reach of course. Keep your powder dry!

        • Phenol:

          All part of the Zionist plan. They want fighting and cross breeding. It is genocide against white Europeans in Europe, in America, in Arica, wherever Europeans live. You will only stop this when you educate yourself. The real enemy is the international Zionist.

          A giant asteroid shower is what we need. Drop one on Isreal. Drop another on the City of London. Hit DC. Take out all their banks and free the world from the grip of these evil people.

          A miracle. That’s what it will take.

          • It seems as though that’s the only logical explanation as to why the forced immigration is happening. Destroy a countrys peace. and turn the population into refugees. Then force them on a place where they are not welcome? Why? and our only hope is some kind of Divine Intervention. That’s why I Hope Nibiru is real.

            • Old Guy, me too. We’ve a 2nd hand 12-inch reflector telescope, and damned if I can find anything out there that isn’t on The Star Charts that I can access (other than ‘rocks’ that are largely unlisted/un-named). We can (sometimes) see Saturn w/rings (half the size of a dime, give or take), but putting your eye to the scope results in infrared-radiation being ‘condensed’ by the lenses and into your eye ..giving an immediate ‘warm feeling’ …followed by blindness …so you must limit “looking” to one or two seconds. So, you are better off just using a good digital cam to “snap shots” then check them out “on screen.”

              Doesn’t mean one won’t come screaming in at phenomenal speed though (and I do not believe we’d be able to detect “slight” gravitational changes from distant objects …even if they were getting closer by the second).

          • B from CA: You just described the joomuda triangle zone!

            Telaviv+DC/NY+City of London= That evil triangle zone…

            Where unlike the bermuda triangle that ships and lives gets lost in…The evil zio joomuda triangle zone consumes SOULS!

        • The spelling is ARYAN, not Arian. Thanks.

      14. Wouldn’t be surprised to learn that this ape has some type of BS affirmative action degree, and student loans in default, of course.

      15. He does not even rap good, but if that was a threat on Obama, Swat would have been on his door steps
        He is one of Obama’s sons , he will always be a Thug.

        • Yes that hybrid chimp will be a thug until someone gives the total waste of skin what he needs a bullet in the back of the head. I truly hope the chimps start a race war that will give us our chance to exterminate the blood sucking parasites!!

      16. Only a negroe feels it is entitled to your hard earned dollars. How about this homey go getses a job, works and help yo mamma!
        I am tired of supporting you and your tribe, and just remember all of the crap humans have had to put up with for the last 50 years from your people. EBT, Section 8 housing,head start programs, Earned Income Credit, WIC, TANF, Medicaid, Medicare,AFDC,Racial Quotas for college,Forced Integration via School busing, Affirmative Action Hiring…….We are tired of footing the bill for you. At least a ecar raw would cull the number fo you useless eaters, bring it on !

        • Zap, welcome, and I agree.

      17. Dear ‘War Machine III,’

        When blacks riot, city blocks burn.
        When whites riot, continents burn.

        Bring it on.


        The white people.

        • Yes how true, can you imagine how easy it would be for the US military to nuke say Detroit with its nearly 100% negroe population? Why the savings in EBT money alone would be worth the effort.

        • Need that on a t-shirt!

        • AC
          Amen Brother

          • Seconded.

      18. Hmmm… let’s see. How many ways is this guy truly stupid? Well, number one, he posts on social media pictures of himself and his terror cell with a large cache of weapons. He then says he is allied with ISIS and proceeds to threaten the life of a Presidential candidate. All of it on the record, for anyone to see. So now, even if he is serious about the threats he is making, they will never see the light of day because he is so stupid that he can’t keep his effing mouth shut. I bet that Homeland Security, if they are in fact trying to do their job, is monitoring this guy day and night and just looking for the right opportunity to take him and his terror cell down. I, for one, am glad he’s a loud mouth moron because otherwise he may well have had some chance to carry out his ill conceived race war.

      19. You see black people don’t make for good debt slaves and are not interestedd in playing the Mr Jones game and kissing the bosses arse each morning just to stay in a job.

        We don’t have the real jobs to go around and all the new jobs are working for the government as brown shirts or pen-pushing little hitlers working in offices so we are now more like Russia was 40 years ago than a democracy.

        Even people that work hard here in the UK cannot afford a house unless they sign contracts to become a long term slave to the system and bankers and thats not worth your youth.

        it’s all been turned into a bit of a rat race and it’s not like the rats or parasites are all having a good time is it now.

      20. Well, since Mac don’t provide a translator for ebonics, I maybe caught half of what my fellow man was trying to say. I believe his inability to make himself clear was due to the humongous set of ‘soup coolers’ that he had difficulties in keeping adjusted.

        • It’s called niggabonics and I don’t understand it either

          • Gogenhouser, welcome and that’s a good one. LOL. He’s just a boy trying to play a man’s game.

      21. Nigs can say anything and whites are silenced. Look we put up with Obummer if trump is elected they will put up with it. Good luck thug nigger trying to kill trump. You will get few if any oppertunitys. The fact is when they cut food stamps they will cull the herd of freeloaders at the same time. They are not stupid they will go after the most dangerous thugs first. All the niggers live in the projects so they can be rounded up easily.

      22. Dear black wannabe rappers,

        Jihad works both ways, just so you know, white people will be waiting for you to “incite riots” which is nothing new for you people by the way so whenever you feel ready, bring it.

      23. Very dangerous thought patterns from many young negroes and some old that they will always threaten to burn down cities and such without any resistance.

        Many are living with that thought. That is a fatal assumption.

      24. I have never been a fan of Trump, but now that I have read what this black idiot said, I think that I might just vote for Trump. Personally, I don’t take to kindly to threats, especially selfish threats that came from this young boy. I have been poor all my 60 plus years, and I never went to food stamps, instead I worked hard to put food on the table, and a roof over the head of my family, maybe that is what momma should have done as well instead of relying on the government to take care of her family. You see what government help has done, it make’s selfish punk boys out of mommas children. This young boy might think about going out to get a real job to help momma out, instead of throwing out vain threats towards whites, or even a President candidate. Can you imagine what the black race would have done if a white guy threaten to kill Obama? Just think about what the Liberal Progressive Democratic Communist media would be saying now?? But, this young boy who speaks foul language because he is not smart enough to speak intelligently in the English Language, he will get away with it, I mean, he’s not threatening Obama, so Obama could careless, he is threatening Trump, and White America, so he will not even get a visit by the Secret Service, or the FBI, no sir, as a matter, our AG Loretta Lynch would not even decide to investigate this idiot, so he will get away with it. That is how racially divide America is under this lousy racist Obama Administration has been since day one. The bad thing about it, White America just allowed it to happen, making white America just as bad as this young punk boy is.

        • He may just get a visit from one of us.

      25. Thanks for the warning.
        These are the ‘people’ that will be coming to YOUR house, for YOUR food.
        Are you ready for that?

      26. Po’d P, I have to laugh, your right.. we could barely understand what the babbling thug was saying much less communicate across to others. I hope he reads shtf. If he can read..


        • HCKS, you’ve added a link to your screen name? http://ctr ?
          What does that mean? Not gonna click on it. Or is this another person/troll using your screen name?

        • There ya go. It is a bonafide fact that MOST ALL blacks, at graduation, cannot read, write nor do addition, subtraction ..etc.

          This is greatly to our advantage …consider it another blessing. Possible they are that way from triple the amount of lead and ‘water-treatment-chemicals galore’? Flint can tell you all about it, and they aren’t any brighter there are they? (They believed The POTUS ….who lies to his own kind)? Now, that’s a pisser for them…

      27. I bet his raps really suck. It goes something like this, “I’m pissed off at white people, but because of my low intelligence, I unable to express a coherent thought.”

      28. Well, my guess is we won’t have to worry about this POS for long – young black men are killing each other at an alarming rate. Let’s hope this thug becomes one of the statistics and saves some working man from having to take out this idiot. This animal is from Baton Rouge and there are enough real men here with weapons to finish anything this thug starts.

      29. Besides for this being a rather sensationalistic, rabble rousing article about an inconsequential fool- this rather underscores the fact that 8 years of hope and change didn’t do much for this guy or his mother.
        The dialogue in muchbof the black community about the election is going to go something like this-
        “Who you gonna vote for? The rich white woman, the old Jewish guy, or the rich white guy?”
        The voter apathy in the lower socioeconomic levels of the black community is going to be overwhelming this year. But, who can blame them? It was their turn to have a carrot dangled out to them by the ptb, only to be duped into thinking a black president would solve all their problems. FWIW, we would have much more to worry about regarding race riots under Hill or Bern… witness Bernie moving aside to let BLM take the podium at one of his rallies. Gutless. Democrats can’t stand to be seen chastising unruly “youths” either. Gotta give them room to “destroy” a little sumtin sumptin.

      30. Bring it on stupid you are nothing but dog shit so as a piece of dog shit you should be care full where the dog shit ya

      31. Ive stated it before If all the black folks disappeared from the planet overnite . The next day whitey would have fewer problems. If the white race disappeared those remaining would have more problems. If you want to see Just what the blacks can accomplish without oppression from Whitey just take a look at Haiti! those Haitians are only good at one thing Producing more Haitians. They did invent one thing called the Haitian Necktie! Having stated this the white land wales who also suck from the government teat are not any better. I call them wiggers. yep without any doubt the USA is a nation in decline. And there is not any viable political or ballot box solution. Actually I think it better that only a few actually prep. Those are the ones most likely to survive. The ones too stupid or lazy to prep their genes will not be in the gene poll any longer. What we actually have done since the days of LBJ,s war on poverty is enable the stupid & lazy to have even more stupider and lazier children. And they had to dumb down the public schools to acomidate them. Crap like no child left behind. Or Hellerys it takes a village nonsense. And we have a populace that a large portion of the populace who are so stupid they actually believe they are highly intelligent?

        • Old Guy, well said for a government agency ass clown troll!

        • Recall Liberia. This nation was designed and inhabited by emancipated slaves after the Civil War. They were offered the chance to return to their native land and this is the country they developed. ‘Nuff said.

          I’m all for equality, but I’m also for seeing as they are and not as you wish to see them.

          There are no thriving African or predominantly black countries in the world operating as first world countries.

          There are no thriving Middle Eastern or predominantly ME inhabited ME countries in the world operating as first world countries.

          Why? I didn’t make reality. I only point it out. I might add that I wish it weren’t so.

          • Good points: by now, there should be at least 2 or 3 black Switzerlands out there: places that are prosperous, clean, and highly modern and efficient. But there isn’t: there isn’t even a black Vietnam let alone a Switzerland.

            Zimbabwe, South Africa, Nigeria… it goes on: all are chaotic, poor, violent, and constantly on the cusp of tribal warfare.

            As for the Middle East, that is just a giant welfare plantation where lazy-ass Muslims live off the proceeds of selling oil and gas while they hire Filipinos to clean their houses and suck their thingys. Those are hard facts.

        • The world was a great place before the “white race” All the problems of the world can be traced to white people and their greed.

          The US attacked Haiti with HAARP to get access codes which the Haitians of all people (as backwards as they are) had. Where else to hide your riches than amongst the poorest? How do you expect a poor country to pay France Billions of dollars for their freedom?

          Old Guy you have a computer. You should do a lot more research before spewing your hate. But then again, your an old duy and maybe that’s all you have. I feel sorry for you.

          • Not me. I think Old Guy is spot on.

            • Jazz: You need massive research of truth!

              Hati? 10% White French ruled it and others were 90% savage blacks…

              Then when the “new” ideals of liberalizim became the Rage of white european nations in late 1700s to early 1800 eras.

              Hatis 10% white french fell for same crap ideals, then agreed to make hatian savage blacks “Equal” by extending the Vote to said blacks.

              Then overwhelming black 90% majority quickly voted out white rulers and voted IN savage blacks to be hatis new ruler class…

              Then as the new majority of hati rulership the same black savages and Voodoo expert canabals etc voted new laws to Okay mass kill off of all hatis 10% white folk..

              That same 10% of white folk that Built up Hati into what globally was called the “jewel of the carribean”…

              Were mass murdered fast, then in typical detroit ground zero fashion, savage hati blacks killed off every white including small kids etc, women, older folks ALL whiteys dead.

              Then in typical fashion black savages savagely wrecked-looted-ruined-then whatever little was still left they Burned it to the ground!

              Then same savage blacks and voodoo canabals did what blacks in africa always do…STARVED and Died off from various indicents and causes as is always the case whenever blacks “Rule” Anything!

              Starve-get killed by fellow black tribes and end up poorest of poor like sub human baboonery in Detroit after 50 yrs black rule!

              at age of 10 yrs old in Detroit I a white guy first heard the phrase “Oh Oh! There goes the neighborhood”!

              Was not certain what that meant? as most adults I asked it of told me I was too young to ask such adult type questions then…But by age of 14 to 15 a few Short yrs later..

              I learned first hand what it means OH OH there goes the neighborhood!

              That was just less than 5 yrs after, at age ten, we got very first negro savages moved into my former all white area of Detriot….and when TV news showed various negro african savages Crying for and Demanding..

              “but Alz wez bees AXIN FO Iz Da Chanze Ta proobs It iz allz we beez AXIN Fo! a Chanze ta proobs dat we colored folk Kin runz detriot as gudt or Betta denz dem whites kinz runs it all…jez gibs uz datz chancz ta proobs it and we kin showz dem white devils we beez as equalz as dey Iz!”…..Well so what happend next you may ask?

              I shall tell you what since I lived and observed it all first hand!

              in slightly under five years tops…Them gimmes dat chanz ta proobs it savages went from overrunning detroit, gained huge majority POP of blacks, voted (same as hati!) and elected Black mayors, city councils majority, Pooooolice dept chief, fire dept chief, head honchos of schools etc etc etc..

              And even after tons of multi HUNDREDS millions Taxpayer white dollars sent to Detroit randomly and Often..They..

              Then LOOTED-RUINED-WRECKED and wait for it!

              BURNED 1/2 of Detriot city down in typical savage african colored folk style.

              Then like Hati prior most every black ended up destitute.

              And they still Blame Us white folk for it all!!

              You is whom needs to self educate on facts pal.

      32. I am a black woman who is a conservative Christian and I don’t agree with what the rapper said and feel that all people who are on welfare should be kicked off and forced to work and that those that work should not have to support them. I also believe in the Constitution and the right to bear arms and we shouldn’t allow Muslims and all those that seek to harm Americans to be allowed in this country. However, to call black people apes, monkeys, etc. is out of line and very racist. You talk about black people as if we’re animals. For your info all blacks don’t have that kind of mentality. You should not direct your anger to black people but to liberalism that has an entitlement mentality. The sins of our nation has called this country to be in the pitiful state that it is in – sins by backs and whites. I don’t believe sin has a color. Wherever ungodliness is there is every kind of evil. When our nation turns back to God then our nation will prosper and until then you will continue to see it decline into a bigger cesspool then it already is. Blacks ain’t the problem sinful men are. That’s both black and white. Get your house in order Jesus is soon to return.

        • CW, welcome and I wholeheartedly agree.

        • I agree. This is why I refuse to use racial slurs in my posts with the possible exception of quoting someone else to make a point. I have known too many decent people who are black to paint with such a broad brush. I see the race issue as a complex one and see the lack of progress many of African descent have made as being down to the poverty culture that those people grow up in. When a person grows up with parents who have low expectations of success due to race, then their children typically mirror their parent’s attitude. The issue then is how to break the cycle of generational poverty and change attitudes. What is sad to me though is that many of these young black kids who wind up in the gangs are not stupid. They have a good mind for business but they choose to use it in a destructive way. It does us no good as a society to have them grow up to be the next generation of criminal underclass. How to change it though, and how to change attitudes in people who have been historically kept down and whose cultural identity is as a permanent underclass is the hard thing. Even when the barriers are removed, many of those people do not know how to take advantage of the opportunities before them because they are still stuck in that cultural mindset or because they lack a good education. I just wish I had the answer to this problem and that we could move forward without all the racial baggage of the past.

        • Cw the fact is a persons soul doesn’t have any color. And I agree there are many good hard working black folks. And a whole lot of fat lazy wigger welfare drawing white folks. Having stated that the black in the USA are about 14% of the population. And they make up 90% of the prison population. And a dissportionate share of the welfare rolls. The brand new mall at Memphis was torn down because the black thugs mugged the customers on the parking lot. And It got to where no white folks or even quality black folks would shop there. The convienece stores in the black sections of little rock had to install a entry with two doors and only allow one customer at a time inside. Because the flash mobs where stealing everything. At the Wisconsin state fair the folks waiting in their cars to enter the paking area where attacked by gangs of young black thugs. the would drag the folks from their cars and beat and robb them. The black folks are their own worst enemy. And it makes me sick and disappointed when I see white people act and dress in the same manner as the black punks. I brought my children up to know what it means to be White. Things like never have sex with anyone you would not marry. Stuff like as you go through life never take unfair advantage or do other folks out of the way. And don’t allow others to do those things to you. Stay out of debt and not be beholden to any other person. You might not like to admit it. But most blacks go tribal in a instant. Even today a Watusi and a Bahutu can meet and they will hate each other and not know why? Its only by the grace of god that I was lucky enough to be born a white man. I do sincerely wish you good luck. You are a anomaly among your race.

        • CW, thanks so much for your comments. You hit the nail on the head. Sin in our country is the problem and our nation must turn back to the Lord Jesus Christ.

      33. This P.A.B. (Punk Ass Bitch) needs to get a job and support his own Mom
        what a loser!

      34. There are many fine black people. They deserve the same respect as everyone else. This rapper deserves a jail cell.

      35. There are many fine black people. They deserve the same respect as anyone else. This rapper deserves a jail cell.

      36. Rap boy, in the words of Tony Soprano, ‘Nobody cares what you think’.

      37. Fist, I am a African American woman. The “rapper” in the video is a pure example of ignorance as are the comments I’ve read here. This one guy does not embody the thoughts, actions, or ideology of all black people in America. It’s very amusing to think that some of the people here would categorize every black person from some unknown idiot. That shows ignorance just as much as the “rappers” ignorance is shown. I won’t judge the comments I’ve read here and apply them to all white people in America. FYI the government and the PTB don’t and won’t care what color you are if SHTF.

        • Ms. Lisa, first you are an American Woman of African Heritage. Let that sink in. African American is one who was born in Africa and came here and became an American citizen by completing the paperwork. Unless you are the latter please don’t try to gain ground by spouting BS.

          • Whatever your definition of what and who I am doesn’t even matter. To you I am black. I’m sorry that all you took from what I said was how I should identify myself. The more important part is that not all people are the same based on race. You choose to ignore that part. So please spare me with your BS.

            • I haven’t seen any here state that “ALL of negroes” are that way…

              And Yes I agree fully it always seems to be that BAD 95+% of savage blacks as well as most all and every NON european white race or ethnic group that makes the Rest of the Good ones look so bad too.

              Perhaps it is time for that “GOOD” blacks bunch to instead of trying to correct Us white folks etc to instead Re-direct efforts at and to Outting and correcting all those many tons of Bad blacks…and mexicans, arabs,muslims, jews etc etc.

              Because Us whites has zero problems in outting the Bad amoung white folks everytime one emerges…Still aint seen such from Other ethnic or raical groups eh.

              Many Guilted-whiteys love to boast of “oh but I know of a Good black guy or neighboor etc” Or “Well I for one am white and work with Two good black guys”

              Well Bravo! and perhaps if they remain at same job another 30 yrs shall discover even Two More “good” black ones eh!

              Yet that sure wont change racial demographics that stats shows and withOUT any doubts that aprox 85% to 90% of ALL catagorized by FBI Violent Crimes stats crimes get comitted BY African Back Males!

              it compares to Liberal Marxists to a degree.

              Yes not all lib marxist riot or kill or screw over others etc…But SO MANY DO! that like blacks in general once it reaches to Vast majority stats of BAD ones within ANY group or race or ethnic group…

              it NO longer is wrong to simply state it as if ot “sounds” like one means all of them…

              Maybe some day a majority Blacks shall finally recognize that they the blacks in usa have become willing Tool’s of whitey genocide and destruction of/for their Bolshevik and Zionist jewish Masters whom Use said blacks as usa Weapon #1 against ALL whites nationwide eh…

              Yeah I agree that too “That’ll Be the Day eh!”

      38. You can bet if this was a White Country singer. That said that If Hitlery gets into office and starts taking away our guns. That he would use his to stop her! HE WOULD BE GETTING A VISIT!!!!!

        With Obullshit in office there are two different standards. One for the Blacks (just don’t do anything) and one for the Whites. (Crucify them!)You see this all the time. Holder, Lynch. Areas like Ferguson, Baltimore. Sgt.

        • Sarge, what are your thoughts, as an LEO, on the formation of an organized Underground? Nothing illegal …but self-sustaining and self-protecting, out of necessity?

          And, I assume you got fixed up on your “charging handle(s)” for your AR’s?

        • Sarge, I have the feeling there’s going to be a lot more “Michael Browns” before it’s all said and done.

      39. A cluster of profanity laces sentences in search of a thought.

        Would some one kindly inform that Rapper, that the reason why his mamma is on food stamps was that his sperm donor bio-daddy was a still a little boy, who was not grown up enough to be a real man. A real man is one, who marries and provides for his family. And, since his mamma was a dumb bitch, who made stupid choices as to whom she spread her legs for.

        Punk, be very, very careful as to what you wish for, cause you just might get it. Nature has this thing called unintended consequences. She can be a real bitch

      40. too bad he’s not threatening to kill o’bama.

        • wrong color

      41. Nobody seems to understand economics anymore. Here ya go in a nutshell:

        1. The government doesn’t “make” money. It prints money. The more money it prints, the less it is worth.

        2. The “handouts” from the “government” are not from a printing press. They are from taxes which are generated by those who are working. Obama didn’t give you a phone. The American taxpayer did. That is why the American taxpayer is mad.

        3. Once you “take over” the country and place your people in charge, you will discover that there is no more money. That’s right. This GREAT land you want so badly? You killed the golden goose (the working men and women) and thought you could get a free ride. Why are you so surprised? Now that you are in charge, just run those printing presses non-stop and see if “more money” fixes your problem.

        4. Historical Example #1: Okinawa wanted the U.S. Navy gone and finally got their wish. After they left, Okinawa noticed their economy was gone too. “Wait, come back.” It took them many years to begin to recover from their short sightedness.

        5. Historical Example #2: Israel vacated land and left behind booming horticultural areas (all intact). The Palestinians came in and destroyed everything, complaining all the while that they were poor and needy, AFTER DESTROYING THE VERY INFRASTRUCTURE THAT WOULD HAVE PROVIDED FOR THEM.

        You can’t fix stupid. You can let them immigrate and take over.

        • I’d like to add a couple more.
          6. The is no such thing as a free lunch. There is a no
          free any thing. What ever you get for “free” some one
          else has to pay for it. After a while the other guy
          stops working because there is no reward for doing so.
          7. Spending more than what you make always ends badly.
          Nations just like people can and do go bankrupt. If
          you want a historical example just look at all the
          former great powers of the past. There are all gone
          due in part of spending themselves out of existence.
          8. You are NOT entitled to a damn thing. If there is
          some thing that you don’t have but want, that is your
          problem and not the other guy to give it to you

      42. I do not normally call people names but a lot of what I’m reading here is pretty stupid and plain racist. Do you honestly think this idiot will rally others (like him or not) to riot? Come on now. You’re not that dumb are you?

        But this article does give you a chance to spew the hate burning inside of you.

        For all of you who can’t wait for the SHTF event so you can kill brown people, you’re going to have a very rude awakening. While you are concentrating on us, the brown people of the US, the government will be going after those who they know to be the real problem. White American gun owners. They’ll be applying plenty of boots to your asses and you know what, you’ll deserver every inch of that steel toe. Why you ask? Because you are to blind with hate and racism to see what’s really going on here. The have nots include you. Dumb ass.

        • NJazz, what you’re reading is the result of affirmative action against whites, among many other things.
          Too many blacks on welfare (remember the Obama phone gal, check youtube) as just the standard way of getting free stuff. Those of us who have worked for 20-30+- years have SUBSIDIZED the lazy ones, both white and black. We are sick of handouts because we are the ones paying for it.
          How many trillions were handed to the black communities thru Johnson’s Great Society? And look at the result.
          Should have used that money to burn in fireplaces for heat> better spent.
          AS for rioting, Ferguson, Detroit, Baltimore… I think you’re in for a rude awakening.
          Your fraud leader has stationed most of the troops overseas. For a reason that will backfire on him spectacularly.

        • NJ, I’m an equal opportunity trigger squeezer. Black, white, red, yellow it really means little to me. Make sure you keep that in your mind if you come to Maryland.

          • …and furthermore I hope the shtf never materializes. I’d rather be fishing on the bank of some river catching enough for supper.

        • Nightlyjazz, no, none of us go around looking for trouble, but none of us will tolerate being attacked by anyone regardless of color. But it is a fact that more black males get locked up for all kinds of crimes than any other group of people in this whole country. The FBI and DOJ have statistics to support what I’m saying and most of the victims are other black people. If you mention this to anyone from the Black Criminal Lives Matter group, they’ll shut you down. they know what’s really happening but still want to blame everything on white people. That shows how bogus they are. I’ve already been victimized by a couple of your homies last year and I won’t be a victim again. If one breaks into my home, he’ll become a “Michael Brown”.

        • Your Durn Right Im Racist. Its a counstitional right to be Racist. Its not illegal to be Racist. Its Ok to prefer your own kind. In Fact the Klu Klux Clan could run a candidate for president! Wait they did! Remember George Wallace? And more Reciently A bunch of Racist white hating black panthers and mooselimbs ran a Mullato for president and he won! Twice! And you calling guys like me Racist I akin the the pot calling the Kettle Black. In fact I bet in only half a much racist as you are.

        • Yup,
          If one is white (which I am)then one is a racist.
          That is Soo… 1990’s, what else you got?

      43. I have long thought that law enforcement protects criminals and thugs from citizens. Folks are required to let officers handle things. Most of you think lawlessness will get out of hand when shtf… I think citizens will shoot criminals and thugs on sight in self defense. Short lived problem IMHO.

        • Yes, they will shoot the thugs and criminals for self protection, that is why we have walls and doors. better not come in uninvited

          • Are you THE DustyFae? Are you from NH? anyway, good to hear you have a brain even if you are not.

        • Sadly What the cops courts and judges have become is revenue producing agencys. It behooves them to have a good supply of lawbreakers. The more crime the better. That allows them to justify their parasite existence. I can honestly state If everyone was like me and my immediate family the Cops , courts, Lawyers and judges would starve to death.

        • This is true: most police and security resources go to protecting them from us, not the other way around. They know the people would go nuts if the police weren’t there protecting them. During the 2011 London riots, the police spent much of the time making public appeals not to do anything and to just let the riots carry on until they burned out. Little problem, after 4 days people started to form neighborhood protection teams and fight back. When that happened, the police stepped in and stopped the riots. That’s a little lesson for yah…

      44. Bring it!

      45. What a sad joke this clown is.

      46. Your mama must be proud of you! Nice langage! Why aren’t you taking care of your mother. She raised you so well.It’s time to give back..

        Arrest this piece of crap for inciting a riot

      47. Rapper Needs To SUPPORT HIS Mama, Don’t You Love Your Mom !!!

      48. sell one of your chains and buy your mother some food. fool

      49. Let the quelling begin…

      50. well, what can I say…many africans just want a free ride, a free obamaphone and just sit around breeding and doing drugs; and or selling them…this colored person is just one of many…further, I would not worry about Trump,..it’s the one who is going to be president, that is if obama leaves…Hilary will most certainly cut back on the freebies, remember, she thinks all americans are “useless eaters.”

      51. yo mama and you need a fucin job lazy ass N

      52. what is the cost of a hunting permit for monkeys and is there a daily bag limit

        • MG they will be $1.00 monkey season will be from Jan 1st to Dec 31st and there is no bag limit. personally Id like to have mine mounted and posed at those three monkeys see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, and adding one more have no fun!

      53. I am racist white man. I’m not gonna bulshit and say I’m not. Sorry however I do know some black folks that are decent people who work hard. I can say most blacks are niggers especially Haitians fucking nasty bastards that think America owes them everything. They do look like apes to me. The women look like men. I’ve seen a few attractive black women but they are far and few Inbetween. I never went there anyway. problem is good black folks don’t call out the niggers on this dumbing of the race. Nigers call good black folks uncle toms. I see these so called uncle toms as more advanced than the rest. I’ve experienced hate from blacks toward me but if I call it racism I’d be a piece of shit that keeps blacks down. In my world respect is earned not given. This giving respect to people who haven’t earned it is a recent phenomenon pushed by liberal agenda. If blacks want respect earn it don’t expect shit for free. Your only down if you wanna make excuses.

      54. If this yardape was any kind of man his momma wouldnt be on food stamps.just another shit talking yardape.

        • He swears on his gold chains, over a sound system, and there are pictures.

          But, desperate for food.

      55. so then why isn’t this turd locked up? very successful rapper that his monkey momma has to be on food stamps

      56. N#ggers can’t do math: any high school teacher can tell you that. Yeah, go riot, start a race war: I dare you. You see, there is just way more white, Asian and Latino people in the US and they are smarter, have more money and access to government and weapon resources far exceeding what a motley crew of agitated braid-dead morons can bring to the fight. They also have access to advanced technologies beyond this moron’s wildest dreams and that sh#t will come out if it has to.

      57. He is just mad because he didn’t get is donkey and acre of land.

      58. Wake_Up_White_People! Well, I think the time has finally come that we just have got to deal with these fucking ape niggers once and for all. They have ruined this country and caused such trouble, destruction, loss of Billions and just made life very annoying and unsafe for so many. They are wild savage coons and in turn need to be treated as such.

        ***My fellow white people: Buy: Guns, Ammo, Food and Water***

      59. When they tried to rob a jewelry store, after the San Bernardino event, I felt there was a cartoonish overresponse. The media portrayed countless cop cars, and a new normal, in which tnb was regarded as terrorism.


        Why does he blame an administration, which emboldens uppity blacks.

        He then promotes the administration, which promises to deport people.

      60. How is War Machine 111 remarks not a terrorist threat and confession to possession of illegal weapons. Where is BATFE ? Where is Home Land Insecurity? Oh that right he is Black so its okay, right Ms. Lynch.
        It would be nice if we could all wake up and remember the first rule of empire is divide and rule. The true Legacy of the Nobel Peace Price Laureate, President Oboma is “hate thy Neighbor”.
        If we ever wake up from this deception we can unify and throw the bums out of office and get some long overdue prosecutions started.
        Trump is no rose but an objective look at the other choices render him the least objectionable. South park nailed it when they said an election it is always a choice between a douche and a turd sandwich.
        Out of 350 million people this years parade of clowns for office is not the best we could do. A Trump vote is a raised middle finger at both parties. For now that what I will have to settle for.

      61. Maybe my niggars should sell them weapons theys gots and go but yo mamma some food

      62. The Apostle Paul said, if a man does not work he shouldn’t eat either.
        Get a Job and do something productive.
        No jobs available, Protest Obama who caused it all.

      63. Why does ‘yo momma’ NEED food stamps?! SELL every M-F’n ‘chain you got’ and TAKE CARE of your mother, you sorry bag of CRAP!

      64. So you ‘peoples’ burn down Chicago, Philly, Camden, DC, LA, Watts, Houston, Detroit….OK….Thanks

      65. “homeboy” is going to have to BACK UP…If he’s from Louisiana, he wouldn’t survive one day of winter in the great state of Maine!

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