Ransomware Is Tip Of The Iceberg: “You Could See 90% Of Americans Die As A Result Of A Prolonged Power Outage Because The Grid Gets Hacked”

by | May 15, 2017 | Headline News | 94 comments

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    The Ransomware that began spreading across the globe on Friday is still going with more computers reportedly being affected today by new variants of the virus.

    What we’ve learned is that the attack hasn’t just taken down personal computers, but core government and business networks affecting everything from health care systems and transportation in Europe, to ATM withdrawals in China.

    It’s massive, to be sure. But in the grand scheme of things, up to this point, it has been a fairly minor inconvenience.

    But as Joe Joseph warns in his latest news report at The Daily Sheeple, this is just the tip of the iceberg, because now that we’ve seen how quickly such an attack can spread, it’s only a matter of time before rogue groups or state-sponsored players make a direct attempt at taking down core systems that keep millions of people in America alive. As we’ve previously noted, U.S. cyber command has warned that power grids, physical infrastructure and commerce systems will be a major target of future cyber attacks, and the latest Ransomware attack utilizing NSA-created exploits proves just how serious the damage could be:

    Experts are saying this is just the tip of the iceberg… what the NSA has done and the damage they have caused as the result of coming up with these exploits in the first place is criminal… but it’s beyond criminal… in our society we have become so dependent on technology.. our computers… our cell phone…

    We’ve become so hooked on it that if something happens and it looks like it can very easily happen… where some of these hacks are exploited… we could see an instantaneous change in the way that we live… to the point where you could see upwards of 80% or 90% of the population just in the United States dying as a result of a prolonged power outage because the grid gets hacked…

    (Watch full report at Youtube)

    Joseph’s figure of a 90% die off in the event of a grid failure is based on the work of EMP researcher Dr. Peter Pry, who recently testified before a Congressional panel on the dangers of “grid down” scenarios resulting from electro-magnetic pulse attack. Though Pry’s research is primarily based on the threat of a nuclear device being detonated a couple hundred miles above the central United States taking out the entirety of the domestic power grid, the end result of a grid-down scenario, whether initiated by a cyber attack or something else, is very much the same.

    Without the grid, all life in America would come to a standstill. Gas station pumps wouldn’t work, which means trucks couldn’t deliver food to grocery stores. And even if your local store still had food on the shelves, cash registers and bank payment verification systems would be unavailable, making hard currency like gold and silver the only means of transacting. As we’ve seen in China over the weekend, ATM’s would likely be inaccessible. So, too, would be your access to clean water, as most utility plants are tied to the power grid.

    In short, within about 72 hours, there would be pandemonium in the streets, as highlighted by The Prepper’s Blueprint author Tess Pennington in her article The Anatomy of a Breakdown:

    3-5 days following a disaster is the bewitching hour. During this short amount of time, the population slowly becomes a powder keg full of angry, desperate citizens. A good example is the chaos that ensued in New Orleans following the absence of action from the local government or a timely effective federal response in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. In such troubled times, people were forced to fend for themselves and their families, by any means necessary. This timeline of Hurricane Katrina effectively illustrates “the breakdown,” and within three days, the citizens of New Orleans descended into anarchy, looting and murder.

    If the crisis extends for any more than about a week, you can expect full-out war on the streets of America as people race to acquire the last remaining resources.

    Within one year, predicts Peter Pry, nine out of ten Americans would be dead because of starvation or violence.

    It may sound incredible, but if you consider the reality of our dependence on technology, a multi-week or multi-month hiccup in the system will be enough to bring the entire thing crashing down.

    Even the Department of Homeland Security recently warned about the potential for devastating cyber attacks, going so far as to recommend that families need to prepare at least two weeks of food and emergency supplies because the federal government may be overwhelmed and unable to provide assistance.


    A Step-By-Step Guide To Prepare For The Collapse Of Our Power Grid

    Cyber Attacks Will Target Physical Infrastructure, Commerce, Transportation Systems

    Grid Down: ‘Within One Year 9 Out of 10 Americans Would Be Dead’

    Just In Time: When the Trucks Stop, America Will Stop (With Immediate and Catastrophic Consequences)

    Infrastructure Cyber Attack: “We Don’t Know How Many Other Utilities Are Compromised”

    Intelligence Insider: How To Protect Your Assets From Critical Infrastructure Failure: “Power Grid, Banking System, Cyber Financial Warfare”


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      1. Most fires ? start small ?

        • This is probably just a lil baby tester, teaser of sorts…
          cut 0ff the power, the ATM’s and the savage’s EBT cards and then things will ‘get down’. Finally live targets ahhhh and have those magazines loaded/charged and ready to rock n roll.

          • If it does go down go down and the ATM and EBY cards stop it will look like the purge!

            So just going over my stuff Unless I’m out numbered 3 to one I have a very good chance of making it through.

            I will hang on to the dog because he will be better suited for a warning system, just might bite some ones ass. Now cats on the other hand. Cat-A-Bob YUM!!!


            • Here is one big reason I’m certain you won’t make it. You flaunt your possessions too much. Because of it I’m sure you wont last very long when tshtf.

              • BM
                What you call flaunting I call letting people know what they might need to survive.

                I thought about what you wrote. I have found that 85% of what I own is for survival. 5% is for my job, 5% is for basic living, and 5% is just because I want it.

                Something you might not know, because you are new to the sight. I’m a country boy that know how to hunt, run a trout line, plant a garden, stay warm and dry in the winter, just to name a few things. I also have military knowledge father was drill instructor in the Army. Well trained by the FBI in many things (5 different things).

                Not only that if I die I die, I’m not afraid because I have made and keep trying to have everything right with the LORD. And when He calls I’m gone. Just that simple.


                • Right on, Sgt Dale.

                  I quit coming here a lot because of the trolls and the obvious inciters who want us to fight each other for race or religious reasons. There will be plenty of fighting in the future I am afraid, but I for one won’t be hand led by some fool behind an internet keyboard. Use your training, do your thing and you will be fine.

                  Keep your powder dry,

        • I guess we better have our grid down shit together then.

          • I am of the 10% that will survive since I am 100% off the Grid for my Power and all other Utilities.

            How many times I have said in the past that the US Government has been on the Wrong side of History since WW1 Well here you go.

            US Pursues Everything but the Right Things
            Written by Stephen Lendman Date: 05-15-2017 Subject: United States
            US Pursues Everything but the Right Things

            by Stephen Lendman

            Churchill was wrong once saying “(y)ou can always count on Americans to do the right thing – after they’ve tried everything else.”

            In modern times especially, it’s consistently and recklessly on the wrong side of vital issues – notably on war and peace and responsible diplomatic relations with all countries.

            Its rage for unchallenged dominance is humanity’s greatest threat. Eventual nuclear war seems virtually certain if its recklessness isn’t halted – no simple task given neocon-infested Washington, trigger-happy for new conquests, permanently at war, peace and stability considered sissy and unpatriotic.

            Hostility toward Russia shows no signs of ebbing, just the opposite. Phony accusations of US election meddling and witch-hunt investigations going nowhere persist.

            At a news conference during his Washington visit last week, Sergey Lavrov was peppered with questions on nonexistent Russian US election hacking.

            “There is not a single fact (or) compelling evidence” proving it, he stressed, adding:

            It must be “humiliating for the American people to realize that the Russian Federation is controlling the situation in the United States.”

            Explaining bilateral US/Russia relations “are not in the best condition” needs no elaboration, given their deplorable state.

            Sunday on NBC’s Meet the Press, Rex Tillerson lied, saying Russian “interference in (America’s) election is…well documented. It’s pretty well understood, the nature of that interference here and elsewhere.”

            “(T)hese are not new tactics on the part of the Russian government directed not only at us but at others.”

            “I have seen the intelligence reports…I don’t think there’s any question that the Russians were playing around in our electoral processes.”

            Not a shred of evidence suggests Russian interference in America’s election or any others. Loads of indisputable evidence proves longstanding US interference in numerous foreign elections, along with dubious domestic practices, assuring one of its two duopoly right wings always remains in power, independents shut out.

            Following North Korea’s latest ballistic missile test, US UN envoy Nikki Haley, Sunday on ABC’s This Week, said “(h)aving a missile test is not the way to sit down with (Trump) because he’s absolutely not going to do it.”

            “Until (Kim Jong-un) meets our conditions, we’re not sitting down with him.” Washington will “continue to tighten the screws…And we’re going to continue, whether it’s sanctions…anything that we have to do.”

            Russia disputed fabricated US claims about the missile splashdown occurring dangerously close to its border. It was 500 km away, moving in the opposite direction, posing no threat to any country.

            Yet Washington and Tokyo called for an emergency Security Council meeting, scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, no doubt to discuss imposing tough new sanctions.

            Russia and China won’t tolerate any SC action risking war on the Korean peninsula. Pyongyang claimed it tested a more advanced type intermediate-range ballistic missile, capable of carrying “a large-size heavy nuclear warhead.”

            According to rocket expert John Schilling, the weekend test showed a “level of performance never before seen from a North Korean missile.”

            “It appears to have not only demonstrated an intermediate-range ballistic missile that might enable them to reliably strike the US base at Guam, but more importantly, may represent a substantial advance to developing an intercontinental ballistic missile.”

            Instead of responsible outreach to North Korea and other independent countries, Washington’s approach is hardline and confrontational.

            Deploying THAAD missiles in South Korea threatening Russia, China and Pyongyang, along with its so-called Asia-Pacific Stability Initiative (APSI), involving additional billions of dollars in regional military buildup, assures increased friction and less constructive cooperation.

            China’s Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation seeks greater regional integration, an initiative intending over $1 trillion in investment longterm.

            The chairman of China’s largest construction machinery manufacturer XCMG said “One Belt, One Road makes our internationalization strategy like a tiger with wings added.”

            It’s unclear to what extent Washington will participate in the initiative, given Beijing in charge of running it, hopeful for new lucrative avenues of trade, stressing exports over imports.

            According to former American Chamber of Commerce in China head James Zimmerman, “(i)t’s a nonstarter if” this is what “it’s all about…”

            China, Russia and other regional countries seek increased industrialization. America pursues dominance, stressing militarism over cooperative relations with all nations, a prescription for confrontation over peace and stability.

            Instead of responsibly getting along with other nations, it wants control over them, recklessness over sound policy.

            Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at [email protected].

            And it all because of Israeli Influence. Zionist Frikkin shills destroying America through bad foreign Policy. Wake the hell up America kick the parasites out of the country once and for all.

          • Menzo, I spent Sat. cleaning and oiling my weapons before making the trip back home. Also reloaded my mags so I’m ready.

        • 90%? One can only hope?

        • IN 1800






          • Hear! Hear! Well said sir!

          • women issues. I’d say it is a personal problem.

        • https://www.infowars.com/germany-confiscating-homes-to-use-for-migrants/


          IN HAMBURG




          • not with out a fight …”come and take them Persian”




          THIS IS NOT A JOKE

          • Eisen, and how many kids are you going to have and raise?
            Thought so.

            • Every post I write usually goes straight to print.
              EXCEPT WHEN I USE “EISEN’.

              • What’s the takeaway message here, Mac?

              • Stfu blow-hard

        • Then there is the ‘big bang’ of an EMP…


      2. Oh good grief. It’s not the NSA’s fault that this happened. SOMEONE would have discovered these exploits as they have in the past. Just because the NSA did (supposedly) it’s no big deal. Blame whoever it is that made all these exploits PUBLIC. THOSE PEOPLE are the ones to blame for this attack. All this is, is embarrassing for the NSA.

        • NSA is just another unconstitutional group of insiders

        • Not their fault? Unconstitutional powers gone rogue not just within our borders but now globally. The embarrassed one should be you. NSA owns the consequences, you will be able to judge your level of freedom when the NSA uses the Constitution for protection.

      3. Most people will die from “Bad Water” in a grid down situation. My understanding is that filtering and then boiling the water is the safest approach.

        With respect to boiling water you are probably going to need a large pot and a way to heat it. Consequently, a got a industrial size pot at Costco and plan to use:

        1. GAS ONE NEW Portable Propane 200,000-BTU High-Pressure Single-Burner Outdoor Camp Stove with Adjustable Legs and CSA Listed 0-20PSI High Pressure Regulator at Amazon

        2. A good “Rocket Stove” for when my propane runs out.

        The people that I have spoke to seem to indicate that the only way to be safe with untreated water is to filter it AND boil it.

        • I plan on giving this a try: The “4 Block” Rocket Stove! – DIY Rocket Stove – (Concrete/Cinder Block Rocket Stove) – Simple DIY. It seems simple and very cost effective. Check it out!


          • Will that work in a pouring rain? That is when you need it.

            • I made rocket stoves from some of my empty Freon(30lb) jugs. The best thing to use due to the heavy gauge metal is an outdated 20lb propane tank. Use vermiculite to fill around the pipe inside the tank and leave the handles on top for your skillet or pot to set on above the flame.

            • Ghandi dumber than a cement block. Of course it works in heavy rains when you put it under a tarp shelter you moron. I guess that never crossed your 2 brain cells to figure that out eh? Ghandi can also burn all of his paper IOU fiat Dollars since they won’t be worth much either coming up. Got Gold and Silver? Ghandi doesn’t LMFAO!!

          • Ever seen what happens to a block when ya get it really hot????

            Good Luck

            • if they’re wet, won’t they explode?

              • Worked in a steel mill when younger. Using a blow torch to cut rebar on concrete is a bad idea. POP!!! You’ll put your eye out!

          • You can make that cement Block stove for about $5. Cement blocks are about $1.25 ea.

            I already have a few blocks all set up sorta like that using alcohol burners and a Grill, necessity is the mother of invention. Get your Blocks, sand and sand bags ASAP before the collapse.

          • Justice:

            That’s a good idea for cooking. Those blocks can be used like a washboard for cleaning clothes. Then of course under a round table top or as a book shelf. Very nice to have around.


            • “You can make that cement Block stove for about $5. Cement blocks are about $1.25 ea.

              I already have a few blocks all set up sorta like that using alcohol burners and a Grill, necessity is the mother of invention. Get your Blocks, sand and sand bags ASAP before the collapse.”

              Why not just use a BBQ grill? They come in a lot of diff sizes. I have some large ones, ant intermediate size & a coupla small ones.

              Plus they are easier to move around. Blocks work if that all ya have.


      4. if you’re not storing food, water, metals, cash and lead now; you have no one to blame but yourself.

        you now know for sure the entire system can be taken down.

        • We rely on computers for literally EVERYTHING folks – think long and hard about that for a moment and yes, people will go crazy and riot and act like idiots. Think Ferguson and Baltimore and all of the black savage apes & she-boons x 100 type of situation….think about that one and no, no 911 will be there for your ass either. Better have some food, water, guns and ammo at the very least or your ass is toast!

        • do you know (((who))) is pulling the strings that will lead to these results?

      5. And this is why I have a house out in the sticks with a grid tied solar system with battery back up, it’s own well, septic and drain field. We generate enough juice to completely run the house, keep the batteries charged and pump the remainder back into the grid. Our electric co-op pays us now. Grid goes down, no problem. Still have clean running water for all our needs, lights, power for the refrigerator and freezers, ect. My advice? Prepare well and don’t stop just because a republican is in office. In fact, a stronger sense of urgency is probably a safer bet considering all the unrest in the streets of modern America.

        • How big is your array?
          What kind of batteries?

          • Calculate How Much Solar Power You Need here:

            ht tp://www.freecleansolar.com/Solar-Calculator-s/4097.htm

            • Here is another website below for smaller electrical usage calculators to know how much solar panel wattage you will need. Like for a Camper Van Bug out Vehicle or BOL camp. It always pays to over size your solar system for ramp up in usage or added appliances. Your typical cell phone charger uses about 4 watts. Electric Coffee pot= 800 Watts. Throw the elect coffee pot in the trash and just boil your own water using propane in a tea kettle and pout over the grinds in a strainer.

              ht tps://www.renogy.com/calculators

            • Thanks!
              I’m a software engineer, but I was also employed for ten years as an electronics engineer( because I know a lot about electronics, I’m even published). I can easily design solar systems. Mine will be a ~10 kW non grid connected. I was interested in the experience of others. It is one thing to sit at your desk, crunch numbers, and another thing to get real world experience. Most Solar guys are no better than used car dealers, so I tend to not trust them.
              As it turns out the batteries are the most expensive and difficult part of a system. I’m not a battery guy. So I asked.
              The more real life battery stories I can get the better.

              • Rellik, I use deep cycle marine batteries that I purchased at Costco for approximately $100.00 a piece. Plus they have great prices on solar panels. I set up a small 2 panel system that hooks up to 3 deep cycle batteries. Primarily to get real world experience in Solar Power Systems.

                Instead of using one solar system I plan on deploying 3. Each set up to accomplish a separate function. One large system was to complex and expensive for me and I like having backups.

              • Take a look at the link I posted in my last reply. The battery bank is the most expensive component in an off grid system, by a long shot. I’ve had my system up for two years and so far, it has functioned flawlessly.

      6. If this was possible, it would have been done long ago.

        • Terrytoon: Global scum plan: is kill off 90% of population, but if they could via cyberattack (grid down) they would have done so by now. Many slacked off on prepping, using up supplies (not replacing) after Trump got in. I really don’t think it matters who the president is, if they really could pull this off. Since Kissinger and Soros (really old farts) are headed for the cemetery any day, they may be pushing this agenda via NSA/CIA full speed. Like the comment above, this is being tested for the final take down. Read some articles on pop. die off only several years away.

      7. Fear porn rot like this is such utter nonsense it makes people that know better wonder if the first amendment is worth it! This article is a collection of crap and half facts that have ZERO possibility of actually happening! Get your salt shakers out and treat the article accordingly!

        • Zero possibility…

          Except countless reports, cyber attack simulations, DHS statements and continuity of government planning suggest otherwise.

          • No doubt. The power grid is a fraigle thing on a good day. A bunch of folks live in denial and will wake up way too late.

          • Well it is a Weak link between an energy report that said if there was a massive Grid down for several years due to an EMP event, that there would be a 90% population die off. But completely taking the entire grid down is virtually impossible. The US grid system is set up on 5 separate array grids. Its a play on linking some info to another, bringing fear to make you click the link to buy long term food storage. The longer this drags out, the more hype and exaggerated these articles become, and they need to sell fear to get add clicks. Then one author quotes another fear author and they lend their fears to build a case. Go to other websites and they will quote the same fear monger here. Lets all get real here. This is like Tabloid fear Hype. Just keep prepping and you will be find. 1-2 years of Canned food you normally eat daily, buy some traps for wild game, some fishing poles, and lures. happy Camping. These same authors said the world was going to end in 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 You get the drift.

            • Yellah,
              Maybe we never will see an grid down EMP, but damn, we were just a few thousand votes from Hillary turning America into Venezualia. What’s the difference?

          • its all contained…CONTAINED!!!!! Mac, CONTAINED!!!!! like the radiation at fuck-you-shima

            pay no attention to the three-eyed fish

            the government has it all under control

            • haHaHAHAHAHAHAHA best post one the board !!!

        • obviously, you have never lived thru a hurricane; basic necc. never last long and no one prepares for them.

          if they blow out the power worldwide, it’ll be chaos within 48 hours if everything isn’t restored.

      8. Who cares how it happens…The Georgia Guidestones have proved themselves to be an idea well ahead of its time.

        EVERYBODY fears that culling but every day the snoflakes and criminals and mental rejects that are destroying society demonstrate why they are THE idea that needs to happen. I know people don’t want to imagine the horror of it, but mankind will never find redemption and strength again to carry on as long as the immense volume of population continues to be useless parasites on people who work and actually do something for the human race and guarantees its future. Eventually the guidestones principles will make sense to even the most horrified, but it is an undeniable ugly truth we can no longer run away from.

        • Neal Jensen, when something makes so much sense, eventually it will happen.

          We have all seen the reports that Robotics and AI are on the verge of making large swaths of us unemployed. I am sure that the 1% will want to share their wealth with the other 99%. Or better yet, they will wait around for us to become so desperate that we rise up and take it.

          I KNOW that they realize what a wonderful world it would be if there were less than say 1 billion people around. Plenty of resources to go around. Above all, I know what happens to obsolete things and I feel like a buggy whip.

      9. Poor people tend to be poor because of poor choices. Each of us makes hundreds of small choices every hour of every day. By changing just a few choices, we can make substantial improvements in outcome.

        Reserve some grocery expenditures of unhealthy prepackaged foods. Here are some foods that I recommend buying. Dried vegtable soup mix. Dried beans, Bob’s Red Mill has eleven bean mix. Purchase buckwheat pancake mix or regular pancake mix. Buy powdered milk, potato flakes, honey, real maple syrup, eggs(rub with oil to keep fresh longer), real fruit preserves made with real organic sugar, bulk organic sugar, canned organic fruit, vegtables, fish, meat, poultry. Buy organic nut butters. Buy real butter from grass fed cows and freeze. Buy real fruit juice. Save fruit juice for emergencies. Mix juice with sparkling water or regular filtered water. Keep fifty gallons of filtered water per person plus water filters and water catchment system, well, or river, lake, or stream near by or on your own property.

        __ buy powdered dairy cheese, butter, milk, dried eggs for emergencies.


        • B from CA says, I did a test run recently eating just White Rice, since I have stored up a lot of that. This is what I found:

          1. Plain white rice sucks!
          2. The minimum spices required to make it palatable were; salt, pepper and garlic salt.
          3. Butter makes a world of difference.
          4. Canned Chicken (Kirkland Brand at Costco) makes life worth living. Alternately, Cheddar Cheese make white rice a meal.

          • B from CA, thanks for the heads up on Bob’s Red Mill eleven bean mix. I see where they have 25lbs bags and free shipping on orders over $50.00. I love bean soup!

            • Justice:

              Bob’s Red Mill sells Organic & Glutin Free Oats. They are also a great investment. Monterey Bay Spice Company sells dried blueberries. This combo of oatmeal with blueberries works great. Also pick up bulk spices including Cinnimon, & at Christmas time only stock up on Pumpkin Spice. It, goes great with oatmeal. I like to stock up on foods that can go together. If I’m unable to shop, I can always fall back on them.


              • B from CA: I have stored up a lot of oatmeal in buckets. When I ran a test on eating oatmeal I discovered that I love it with dried blueberries and brown sugar (regular sugar is okay).

                I recently discovered that Auguson Farms and Emergency Essentials have brown sugar in #10 cans. It was on sale for under $5.00 per can and has a 30 year shelf life. Also, brown sugar will last indefinitely frozen in quality freezer bags. Plus, I put freezer bag fulls in my vegetable crispers in my refrigerators. I am 4 months into the experiment and the brown sugar is still soft and delicious (internet sources indicate that it will last for years this way).

                I heard that dehydrated blueberries still need to be frozen (I have limited freezer space). Blueberries in #10 cans are very expensive, too expensive for me. I ordered 4 pound bags on Amazon and they were great. Plus, I just discovered at Walmart Blueberries, Cherries, and Apple slices in cans for pies. They work great in oatmeal.

              • B from CA, How do you store your spices to extend the shelf life? I have put off stocking up on spices because of shelf life concerns.

                I guess the best way to store them in in Food Saver vacuum bags. Or I saw that Food Saver now has storage canisters. Any help appreciated.

                • Justice:

                  Spices do not go bad. They begin to lose some intensity after a year or two. I have used old spices, just stored in their original bottle that were still good after many years. I just keep mine in a cool dry closet.

                  Monterey Spice Company sells jars, both regular clear glass and dark blue glass that keeps out the light. You can buy one gallon jars or smaller. There is no reason why you couldn’t vacuum seal small amounts, then put the bags into the large jar. That way you remove just enough to fill your kitchen sized spice jar.

                  I go through spice pretty fast so it’s not a problem. I give spices as gifts with cheese and wine. So many people are broke. And nobody doesn’t eat. People are so funny. It is amazing how many people are surprised that certain spices exist and that they can make their food taste so much better.

                  Sorry, I couldn’t be more helpful. Maybe someone else knows.


                  • FYI – Hungarian PAPRIKA is one of those spices that loses its flavor after only 6 months. 8 months max. Most spices last years or at least a year and a half. But that’s not true for paprika which is great on fish, chicken and spicy dishes. It just loses it flavor after 6 months and when it does it’s useless.

                • I freeze my garden grown spices, they keep really well. I wash and trim off the leaves, bag them and freeze them. After freezing just crush them in the bag instead of chopping or grinding. Every year, I try to learn to grow another spice or two for the rack.

                  I know its no problem to blanch spices with steam, dry them, and keep them in jars like store bought, but my fresh frozen really keeps the “right out of the garden flavor”. Right now I’m finishing up what I grew last summer, this years crop is growing like crazy.

                  Start with parsley, basil, oregano, sage & rosemary. It only takes a couple plants of each type to produce more than a family can use.

                • According to witnesses of Garabandal, Spain, the entire ordeal, from THE GREAT WARNING to THE GREAT MIRACLE, will last less than ONE (1) year.
                  Plan accordingly.

          • That’s why I have 6 months of MREs, they’re actually reasonable.
            You guys that stored your own rice and beans are going to be out hunting cats and dogs for anything different.

            • Lena, MRE’s really! Yuk! I tried one, once. I’m sure some are better than others but…

              Have you done a test run just eating your survival preps. I learned so much when I did a test run.

              I recently read that the Military, out in the field, only rely on MRE’s for one meal a day. If anyone knows if that’s true, please weigh in.

              • When I was in the ARMY, 1990-1996, we generally ate only 1 MRE per day whilst in the field and at most other times had a hot breakfast or supper. When we were on base, no MREs, just 3 squares/day. My understanding is that most MRE have appx. 3500 calories and so that should be ample energy for a day, even under moderate working conditions.

              • When I was in, early 80’s. I always heard that to many C rations and later the Early MRE’s that if you eat to much of that you will get seriously dangerously constipated. Most do not realize that you can not live on just MRE’s. Just what I heard. But I do remember a few times eating to much of that on extended field time and oh my. Bring extra food for sure. lol

            • Mountain house aint that bad at all. You just need to boil a cup of water. Its very pleasant in the woods actually.

              But raw MREs out of the can are fucking sickning.

              • Eisen, spot on about Mountain House. I’ve got a lot of that stockpiled. MREs suck!

            • Lena:

              I stock up on canned meat chicken, beef, salmon, tuna, etc. from Costco and other stores. MREs have their place, as does canned beans with bacon bits and canned ravioli in meat sauce.

              I stock up dried spaghetti and various dried macaroni plus sauce in jars. You can’t have too much food. But you can have too little space. When I’m preparing to move, I stop collecting and consume what I have. I can always find someone who will be glad to take my preps. Then, of course, there is always the food bank. I donate from time to time.


        • B; Will try the 11 bean mix soup. I like black beans on salads and southern peas with collards.

      10. You just Wait tell NIBIRU fill’s the sky then You’ll Have A real shit Storm on Your Hands ALOL

      11. Well,if this has been a “test” then we had all better put our heads down and finish (or get a good start) on laying in the supplies we need. I usually feel very upbeat but will tell you my “spidy” sense has kicked in. I have learned that I dare not ignore this God given “instinct”. Folks, please, stop buying crap and lay in water, food, over the counter medicines like pain relievers, vitamins, bandages, and what ever your choice of defensive weapons. Remember, the scriptures tell up that destruction comes in “one hour”. I think we can all see that the grid down situation is indeed possible. Pray, stack, and keep your eyes and ears open.

      12. Its Soros and company. They let it out to create panic etc…
        Or the Chinese/NK.

        Could have been US Military entered incorrect commands to take out NK missiles. OOPSIE

        I don’t buy the narrative. No other narratives have been on target for some time.
        Can’t wait for the narrative excuse.

      13. Those on airplanes, or in hospitals, hospice, and nursing homes and others like outpatient dialysis patients would be immediate casualties, but even if we include those over 85 and everyone living in communities with populations of 2,500 or greater the rate would still only be about 82%. Since there exists no historical data on EMP deaths, we can debate indefinitely what the death toll might be.  We can only say for sure that the 90% rate attributed to the original congressional hearing is not supported by the actual testimony. 

      14. This is such a beautiful story Mac, please tell it again….the looks on their dumbed down faces when the New Babylonians discover what their psychopath controlled genocidal New Babylon Police State hell on earth was planned for a long long long time ago by Luciferian psychopaths far far away….absolutely priceless history to witness!!!

      15. Whopdy do same old everyone’s going to die bs
        Hurry up and order your canned water and buckets of freeze dried gruel before everyone dies and you starve to death nonsense

      16. Mres bro
        Have you ever eaten mres for an extended period of time
        My guess is no! Good luck with that
        I would take the rice and beans over mres any day

        • You people are morons. As if you are only given one choice of food to eat. All MRE’s or Plain rice. I have a few cases of MRE’s left. When I bugged out to my property damn happy to eat an MRE cause the cooking facilities were not set up yet. Worked out great. Aye thwm for a month cold. My BOB is stuffed with Mt House cause its light and plentyful. Here at camp I have lots of regular canned food with 2 year exp dates. Works out great. Also have mylar sealed bags with 02 absorbers for the long yerm sealed in gammo lid 5gal buckets for the long haul dry black beans and rice in those. All of these food types have their place and purpose. And wait till you are so hungry you would eat the ahole out of a soldiers ass who ate MRE’s for a month strait if you had to. You may eat a neighbors dog or kid if you were hungry and despirate enough. So STFU about MRE’s. I personally can’t stamd SPAM. ITS NOT EVEN FOOD. Pink cellulite with mystery parts. Im guessing. Some peps love it.

      17. Despite elaborate and redundant preparations, any SHTF will leave me stunned. My paternal grandfather was struck by lightning when he was a young boy. He never allowed his farm to be be hooked up to electricity or telephones. He survived so I guess others can do it well. If I needed a BOL, I couldn’t think of a better location (unfortunately it is gone). It even had a small vein of coal. He also had four mules which would prove admirable bugout vehicles. If he were still alive and had the farm, he would probably not know that SHTF had occurred!

      18. Let’s see if they can catch those behind the attack.

      19. Once said “If God does not punish America for its sins, he would have to apologize to all that lived in Sodom & Gomorrah”……The turning away from biblical principals, and the immorality thereof have removed Gods blessings and protections of this once great land. Expect horrors that will surpass 9-11 and Katrina soon.!!!!

      20. 90% of Americans would die in one year? What % of Americans do you think could be classified as the domestic enemy? I’d say 40 %. So what do you do with them .Deportation revocation of citizenship? Sounds like a 7 month EMP scenario would be perfect? For the Cristian’s without extra oil to burn the Tares , the door will be shut, and he will not know you. For he will rule with an iron rod, and his robe will be red with blood. Rev. 19:15. The next messiah will do more then just whip some money changers.

      21. Technology and Electricity has made humans weak and has made them nearly 1000% DEPENDENT on something that can be permanently shut off in less than a second..How freaking stupid is that? 100% human STUPID to ignore the danger.

        How did we get here? Human nature to be lazy and complacent and allowed their true survival skills be forgotten and neglected because of the ease of life using all this new fangled technology in the past 30 years…Man made himself DEPENDENT on machines and electricity, and now when it is controlled by the Elite and could be ended instantly by psychotic “LEADERS” who threaten it for their own PERSONAL CONTROL of others…ENSLAVEMENT of others…..or by a fluke of mother nature, mankind will die an ignoble suffering death as a species because WE DID IT TO OURSELVES!!!

        • ..Likewise, I have been saying it forever on the boards, YOU ARE NOT FREE IF YOU ARE AT THE MERCY OF THOSE WHO CONTROL TECHNOLOGY THROUGH THE ELECTRIC GRIDS!!!

          You are slaves through your technology and laziness to the psychotic “leaders” who leverage and control all media transmitted through electronic means, by relying on human laziness and DEPENDENCE on technology and all electrically dependent machines and industries. The key to your liberation and freedom is eliminating the means OF THE LEITE TO CONTROL you through technology, modern communications systems to deliver their control meassages, and reliance on 100% of electrical dependent machines and the industries that create fuel for those machines not directly dependent on electricity. Its not hard to see the the Achilles heel of our CONTROLLERS is the electric grids that power all their means of control.

      22. it was just a sliver, I hardly even felt it. Next day it was puffed up with pus and red. I had no antibiotics, no Epsom salt, no tweezers, but I was healthy and strong, it’ll work its way out. The third day my hand had angry looking red streaks and I didn’t feel so good. I wish I’d gotten around to having that Tetanus booster shot, but there was never enough time before. My wife tried soaking it in some hot water with a little of our precious salt. There were red streaks going up my arm. I am very worried and slightly confused, how will I or my wife be able to cut my hand off if we have to. By the fourth day I was comatose, and I died on the fifth day. It was only a sliver. My wife couldn’t wield the shovel in the snow to bury me. I hope she survives.

      23. Ima noob novice white collar prepper with few skills (since 2005 but awakened in 1999) and even I know cinder or concrete blocks will explode (worst case) crumble (best case) if used as a rocket stove. So sick of idiots dumber than the village idiot putting stupid shit out there that’s gonna get people killed or maimed…..can just imagine someone getting that supper on the heated blocks and a rain shower comes…..kaboom go the weasel when that cold water hits those hot blocks (If not under a tarp). If under a tarp maybe just maybe only you get put into pieces while sparing your family outside the tarp……morons. Just dig a u shaped tunnel in the ground. Duh rocket stove…..and hides well afterwards. And I am the noob jeez.

      24. I have almost three decades in power generation retiring as a supervisor of a 60MW power plant. Obviously breakers can be controlled on the distribution end to shut down equipment but protective interlocks are hard wired. Destroying equipment is virtually impossible by hacking. EMP, solar flare and the like is a different matter.

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