Racism is Dead! Racist Elk Statue Burns In Portland, Oregon

by | Jul 2, 2020 | Entertainment, Headline News | 16 comments

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    Image Credit: Andrew Hall, PortlandBridges.com

    According to the recent media headlines, the way to end racism is to destroy statues. Well, an iconic elk statue has been burned in Portland, Oregon, so does that mean racism is now dead?

    Portland protestors were rightly mocked after setting fire to an elk statue. On Wednesday night, protestors lit fires around the downtown landmark, quickly engulfing the elk in flames. Videos show a small inferno wrapped around the base of the landmark with some graffiti. It looks like “ACAB 1312” was sprayed on the statue that somehow advocates police brutality and racism.

    As reported by RT, it’s unclear why protesters targeted the statue. It was donated by former mayor David P. Thompson back in 1900 to commemorate the elk herds that once populated the region. However, there was plenty of speculation about what the animal had done to deserve being consumed by flames.

    After the mob torched the stature, Twitter users began to mock and theorize that perhaps the animal was a “slave owner” or a “white supremacist.”


    “That elk owned several slaves and was one of the biggest cotton-farm owners around Portland,” joked one Twitter user. Others wondered if perhaps “extinct elk herds” represent the “last bastion of white supremacy” in Oregon. Conservative pundit Ian Miles Cheong jokingly applauded the protesters for finally finding a way to end racism.

    Recently, demonstrators and rioters have targeted statues across the United States as part of the ongoing Black Lives Matters demonstrations, claiming that the landmarks are rooted in oppression.  BLM is funded by major corporations and George Soros. 

    Protesters first toppled Confederate monuments but soon turned their attention to statues of historical figures such as Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson.  Now, the elk seems to have been some kind of racist, but thank goodness BLM was there to torch it to teach the animal a lesson about racism.



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      1. Are you f*in kidding me.

      2. Who is to Blame? Who is Responsible?
        * Mass Media in USSA is controlled by ChiComm CCP directly and their boot licker globalist NWO sympathisers. Why is China CCP allowed access to USA media publications? WHY?
        * Politicians seem to be controlled by AntiAmerican globalist.
        * Seattle-Minneapolis-Atlanta politicians: ALLOWED rioters-looters-business burners to run amuck. Criminal activity allowed by politicians.
        * Police stood by and allowed lawless activities because criminals were cloaked as “protestors”. Criminal activity Allowed by Police.
        * Schools are turning YOUR children into AntiAmerican globalist. Schools at ALL levels are run by leftist-communist-globalist-atheist. Brainwashing and radicalizing children.

        * If rioters disguised as “protestors” come to our city. They will find Pushback. Criminal activity will not be tolerated.
        * If you allow these Politicians-Police-Media to make you cower in fear over a few thugs in masks. You DESERVE what you get.

        “All that is Required for Evil to Prevail, is that Good men do NOTHING.”

        Good men are doing nothing. Thugs are the new “protected” class. THIS IS INTENTIONAL. Damn to hell communist by any name. Genocide. Famine. Death. Tyranny. ALWAYS goes along with communism.

        What is happening NOW in American cities is how/why it starts towards Death Camps for Patriots and Christians.

        I personally believe that USSA law enforcement has been targeting-arresting-eliminating those with Traditional American values for over a decade. Reliable sources have provided documented PROOF.
        This Law Enforcement Facility is MURDERING Americans:
        * * * Harvey County Regional Correctional facility, Located in Newton Kansas. Which is Located 60 miles North of Wichita Kansas. Has been dissappearing Americans for YEARS. Americans are Dissappeared and Murdered there. After being murdered, the prisoners internal organs are then harvested for sale on the blackmarket at a profit. The prisoners ID is given out to foriegn nationals filtered through the facility. The prisoners vehicles, monthly SS/Retirement checks are sent to facility. But the prisoner is DEAD.

        You allow censorship, burning, looters, rioters, historical monument destruction, political correct insanity, silencing of dissent on Tech platforms.

        You have allowed Politicians/Media with “rubber band” science to lock you down like animals, destroy the economy, and prevent you from earning a living.

        Wake up people. Our great nation is being destroyed by Savages-Globalist-Communist-Chicom CCP.
        –Now censor that

      3. Bill Gates biochip “Mark of the Beast” Vaccine that kills billions of people will be the next step towards destroying humanity.

        He stated, “The biggest problem is getting people to take vaccine.”


        What is next? Nuclear war? The insane Politicians seem to be pushing for it. No worries. Politicians will be nicely tucked in DUMB’s. Look up DUMB’s on youtube.

      4. Americans are getting dumber!

      5. At least one statue story had a feel good vibe, when a confederate war hero statue was toppled it crushed one of the protesters. I love a happy ending !

      6. All these knee grows and wiggers need shipped on a leaky boat to Antarctica. We would’ve been so much better off as a nation if we’d picked our own damn cotton.

      7. Time to start permanently blinding these Ass holes with high powered lasers. They can be hit from a mile away and there will be no witnesses. They will never be a threat to society again. Five watt hand held lasers are a little over $200

        • Not the best idea. They will be “injured” and put on Medicaid, or a new “Medicare for all” scam, and those suckers who work for a living and are quiet will support them the rest of their oxygen-wasting lives. Better to use something more tangible, with a better result.

      8. More proof that the subversives [snowflake Antifa & Black Lives (only) Matter] TEMPER TANTRUM CROWD want to destroy our civilization. No rational thought, logic, or analysis has gone into their positions. This is what happens when we allow the DUMBEST-AMONG-US to make important decisions.

        Keep voting Demonrat and bring the Mad-Max world to your hometown.

      9. h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Proslavery
        h ttps://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mudsill_theory

        It can’t be explained to me, why the people in this story were taught to read, write, and have modern responsibilities.

        A property tax — against your home, hearth, and most valuable investment — pays for the teaching and for the nationalized businesses, where we are told that the diversity hires and the brainwashed “earn” their way.

        “In a video produced by Campus Reform, young Americans displayed a complete lack of knowledge about the 4th July holiday, instead bleating about how the country is racist.”

        Two of them were teachers, who out “competed” intelligent people for useful resources.

        h ttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YC4Qg4IUkvY&feature=emb_logo

        How do the people, filming these gags, still call themselves libertarian.

      10. If you haven’t read James Clavell’s, The Children’s Story, I highly recommend it. A 10-15 min read. Explains what you’re seeing today. The results of public school indoctrination. Also presented as a thirty-minute short film for television on Mobil Showcase. https://youtu.be/NRrQQYB6Nd4

      11. People need to be part of the solution and not the problem. Do not do the bidding of your local Globalist handlers in office. Commie shytholes are reaching Apex Stupydity levels with mandates oin face-masks and ‘stay home – save lives’ b.s.. If you’re not already swallowed up in a commie geographic wormhole you need to figure out what you and your neighbors stand for as a community, and demand those in office support sanity. If not, remove them. Don’t let what’s happening in this shythole happen to your area.

      12. Portland, and most of Western Oregon, is a lost cause.
        I left Portland almost 5 years ago, and have never looked back.
        I watched Portland turn inside out and upside down by liberal (Marxist) mayors and city council members.
        Good became Bad, Evil became Good, and Perversity became Diversity there.
        What was once a beautiful, safe, clean city, is now a bastion for entitled homeless drug addicts, entitled ignorant, violent, malcontent, spoiled “kids” (kids in their late 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s) who have never known hardship or had to work a day in their lives, and Marxists masquerading as BLM, Antifa, anarchists, and community activists.

        Never think it can’t happen in your area, because it can and WILL, if good people fail to stand up against these monsters and protect their towns and cities.

      13. June 5, 2020. In another event related to the TEMPER TANTRUM CROWD [snowflake Antifa & Black Lives (only) Matter], Baltimorons have toppled & sunk a statue of Columbus. Baltimore is another Demonrat-run city that has hamstrung its police force, who watched the damage to the Columbus statue.

        Demonrats will bring the Mad Max world to the entire country if GOOD FOLKS do NOT get out there and vote. If you do nothing, you can always tell your kids that you allowed the Mad Max world to happen.

      14. We are witnessing the results of a society overwhelmed by widespread mental illness and rampant drug addiction.

      15. Elk are notorious for enslaving and treating deer as inferior.
        This was a big step in ending “Elk Superiority”.

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