Racial Violence Likely In South Africa: ‘We Will Take The Land BY FORCE’

by | Aug 30, 2018 | Headline News | 83 comments

The new legislation allowing the South African government to seize the land of white farmers without compensation, is currently on hold pending review.  However, should the law pass, the country will most likely be flung into racial violence as supporters and those in opposition to the law are split – down racial lines.

It certainly seems like the South African government wants a violent and bloody race war.  The law which would allow the government to take white farmers land by force and redistribute it to the black population was proposed by the ruling African National Congress (ANC) as early as 2015 and supported by President Cyril Ramaphosa according to RT.  More than twenty years after abolishing apartheid (strict racial segregation) the government and those willing to steal the land from others view it as “racial” justice. That is likely to fan the flames of a violent race war.

The proposed land reform has pitted radical groups among black South Africans ready to take land by force against white farmers who are ready to protect their property with an equal amount of force“We will take the land by force, Peter Seolela, a member of the Economic Freedom Fighters party, told London-based television channel ITV. “We will not be embarrassed by this. It is our land and we want it now.”

But the white farmers have already paid for the land and many have titles in their hands, meaning it doesn’t actually belong to others just because they want it and based solely on skin color (that’s pretty much the definition of racism). This land is bought and paid for. I have the title deeds that go back four generations,” said Bernadette Hall, whose husband was reportedly murdered by armed raiders six years ago, according to RT.  “I lost my husband and now they want to take my farm,” Hall told the media. “I’ve put my blood and my sweat and everything into this. They might as well slit my throat and have done with it.”

But some aren’t willing to just give up. Some white farmers have taken to learning self-defense from Israeli Defense Forces in order to combat the threats and violence against them.

The self-defense system is called Krav Maga, which was developed for the Israel Defense Forces. Abolnik has now brought it to South Africa to help with those who are suffering racial oppression under an authoritarian government. It’s open to everyone and anyone who wants a specially designed system for farmers. We train them to deal with a variety of different attacks, Abolnik told South Africa’s News24 TV channel. We teach them hand-to-hand combat, bush warfare, semi-bush warfare, urban warfare and how to collect information.” The program costs about R20 000 per person (about $1,500) for an intensive two-week course. SHTFPlan

Earlier this week, the ANC said the land reform bill had been withdrawn by the Portfolio Committee on Public Works pending further study. But the racist authoritarian tyrants ruling over the country reiterated the government’s commitment to pursue the controversial land theft program.

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    1. JAW

      If I were a S. African white farmer, I would be armed to the teeth, and have a sign in front sayin “Trespassers will be SHOT on sight. Survivors will be SHOT again.” They MUST kill anyone that tries to take their land…..the same way I would kill anyone that comes on my property to take what is not rightfully theirs. The message must be clear!!!!

      • JustMe

        I spoke with an Afrikaner a few years ago, who was very much in denial. I asked why he and others were even still there, why they had not left, as their future was obvious. He said there would be no problems and everyone would get along fine.

        White people are pretty hard headed. They refuse to see what is happening before their eyes. South Africa’s present is the former U.S.A.’s future…

    2. Lineman

      Haha….Krav Maga….Those farmers better learn to fight 556 and 308 MAGA!!!!!

      • Infidel

        Black Deaths Matter.

    3. Menzoberranzan

      Even if the blacks actually take the land, which I doubt they will get it easily, in 10 years they’ll be crying to the world for help because they are starving to death because they are too ignorant to farm the land properly.

      • john stiner

        That is exactly what happened in Zimbabwe. The government seized the farmers land then nobody was growing crops and they starved. Hyperinflation followed.

        • Menzoberranzan

          I hope the white folks get out and find happiness and the stupid blacks starve themselves.

          • TharSheBlows

            Give a N*gger a house, he destroys it within months. You can take the bunny out of the jungle, but you cant take the Jungle out of the bunny. Yes I predict mass starvation in S Africa within 5 years, and the White population provided it all for them. And the whites colonized it and owed that land for 5-6 centuries.

            BTW? Russia is stepping up big time and giving refuge to White S African Farmers to farm land in Russia. Putin is Brilliant.

            • Kevin2

              They’re being given the land. Like a housing project here verses buying your own home it will be “easy come, easy go”. Its a given that South Africa will fall apart. Russia is keeping out the trash and bringing in the hard working industrious. Thats a winning formula.

            • The Deplorable Renegade

              TSB, spot on. Every part of my hometown they took over after forced integration started is already a ghetto. I grew up in what used to be one of the best sections of Memphis under segregation and now it’s the exact opposite.

              • Kevin2

                Something just crossed my mind; why? I realize this from a “peoples perspective” of give me what you have. This has but its been done before and the results will be the same. Some powerful forces desire this resulting kayos. South Africa has an abundance of mineral wealth. If it has no cohesive, organized, stable, functional government TPTB can exploit it more readily. This is the game plan being done at the northern end of Africa in Libya. These “revolutions” aren’t grassroots. There are forces funding them.

                ‘Nothing in politics just happens”. “If it happens it was meant to happen that way”.
                President Franklin Delano Roosevelt

                • The Deplorable Renegade

                  Kevin2, I think you’re right on the money about SA. I’ll bet it’s good ole’ George Soros financing it. Could it be the same about Trump’s election victory in 2016? Just what if Soros and/or other globalists were behind that move? I refer back to the famous quote from FDR you gave and will just leave it right there.

                  • Kevin2

                    Because were fed so much BS on the front end I look at events from a rearward view. These two questions are from the perspective.

                    1. What will be the end result.

                    2. Who benefits from #1

                    Someone (a group) is obviously benefiting from the destruction of nations with the resulting kayos because it keeps repeating. Its not accidental, its intentional.

              • anonymous5

                Same thing happened in Compton California.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            Menzo, give it time and that will happen.

        • Genius

          Let em’ starve. Who cares. And DO NOT send money to the feed the kids BS scams either! You can take the nagger out of the jungle but you can’t take the jungle out of the nagger…. Starving should curb the population, good riddance I say!

          • jaxx

            I supported a boy in Ethiopia through Compassion Intl for maybe 10 years. Then, when he was 19 and it seemed very well educated for a boy living in the African Bush, I got a call from Compassion saying that he had been climbing an avocado tree to help feed his family and fell and broke his neck.

            He was black as the Ace of Spades…and yet he was smart, responsible, obviously a loving son/brother…and never asked for nor received anything from anyone (except Compassion and me, but he didn’t ask for us either).

            My daughter is also black, and neither asks nor received anything from anyone outside our immediate family.

            Would be nice if you guys could target your insults a bit more narrowly than “blacks”. What you are really talking about is South African culture. Which I agree seems to suck as badly among the blacks as it ever did among the whites.

            • Traitor Hator

              Jax, what 99% of blacks are 80 IQ , 2% of American population are young black males and commit 50% of all murders. And you want us to pick and choose? OK 99% get deported, but no one wants them , And 2% get shot on sight. So 99% plus 2% equals? The military believes that anyone with an IQ below 83 is worthless . Do you understand our situation? We tried education, and we are done paying to put them in prison . So what’s your solution?

            • Z

              Please tell me that you do not believe that story about the young man climbing an avocado tree and falling and breaking his neck. There is another organization – Christian Children’s Fund – that one of my family members sponsored for ten years as well and then, at age 19, the boy had moved away and was nowhere to be found and would they like to sponsor another child? I’m sure they asked you the same thing after giving the “bad news”.

              I discovered what these charities are about and how they fake profiles of children, saying they die at age 18 or 19 or they’ve moved away so that sponsors who have been donating for years can demand answers and will feel so sad that they right away sign up for another child. You were “had” my friend. No two ways about it.

              It may be the South African “culture” to slaughter the farmers but the fact is that the people doing the raping and the torture and the government who wants to steal the land are BLACK. Every last one. It is what it is.

        • boyo

          Russia accepting 15k white farmers and some looking to Australia for refuge.

          A self inflicted War of Attrition.

          Never Interfere With an Enemy While He’s in the Process of Destroying Himself.

          • TharSheBlows

            America needs to Void out Blacks voting rights and Make America Great Again. Just talked with a chick who moved way from LA and said the Homeless population went up big time in the last year out there in Cali. Its the Commies ruling and bankrupting the state into oblivion.

      • The Deplorable Renegade

        Menzo, agreed except for the timing. In less than 2 years they’ll be crying for help because they’re too lazy to farm the land at all. Let em’ starve.

        • Menzoberranzan

          It was only an arbitrary number my friend. One of the few places in Africa that actually prospered due to white know how will once again return to it’s natural state. A shithole.

          • Paranoid

            NO, No, No: We must keep out Black brothers happy, strong, and doing well. (At least until we get the rest of the Gold, Platinum, Diamonds, Copper, and Chrome dug and shipped.)

      • repr sleepr

        Menz, you forgot “Lazy, shiftless and lack initiative”. Just like we got here.

    4. john stiner

      There is a reason Africa is a shithole and always will be.

      • Infidel

        Any place inhabited by blacks is and always will be a shithole.

    5. JRS

      They’ll burn them out. Much the same as the zombie hordes will do here when they want what you got.

      Rule of law. Hahaha. That’s something that’s made up by the strongest gang. Deeds don’t mean shit when the strongest gang isn’t your gang.

      Look at all the treaties made by the US .gov that were written in disappearing ink. THEY made the rules because they were the king of the hill.

    6. lena

      This is coming your way if you are young enough and white in the usa.

      the democrats are firmly in the white man is/was bad camp from here on out and if you think they will not go along with whites being voted out or simply taken their money and property when they have the numbers; you are wrong.

      the craphole that south America is today will be Europe and the usa tomorrow, western civilization is a dead man walking.

      • Menzoberranzan

        My children will know where my arsenal that I left them is located and they’re in the process now of learning combat tactics. No courts,a will or BS such as this for the weapons. I hope 80 million more white patriots will do the same and no one will be taking shit from them.

    7. aljamo

      John Stiner…Yeah, the US’s shithole they think. More people to kill like everywhere else they show up uninvited to Make America Greater. All is well that doesn’t end well, the new American motto for savages and nincompoops.

    8. Jakartaman

      Please someone tell me where blacks are in charge and things are good??
      Blacks are not made for civilization.
      This fact has and is proven everyday and everywhere they live.
      Of Course there are many blacks that are hardworking and brilliant.
      However, the vast majority are still jungle ferral.

    9. Chilly McGwillis

      The court system in Sud Africa decided that 300,000 gun owners turn in all guns.
      Can you say GENOCIDE? If you are white in S.A., you better leave or stand your ground.
      Expect this to be huge news in the next few days.

    10. Brian

      When anything happens in this country that remotely seems to be racist, the main stream media and liberal community sound off about it (endlessly). The silence is deafening;you can hear crickets chirping. Liberals don’t think they’re racist?

    11. Frank Thoughts

      It is clear they want race war and that is what they will get. History and current experience shows how blacks fights and whites fight. Blacks favour gang raids. Man on man, they run. So they always fight in groups. Whites fight with technology, science and strategy. They can be outnumbered when they are on an individual farm but push them hard enough, and they come back with industrial level war. Think the world wars.

      Blacks will regret what they start. Asians will side with whites for one. And Asians are smart. The Chinese will tire of apes boning their petite women and will just remove them from the land after they have taken it from the whites.

    12. Traitor Hator

      I believe anyone who thinks that the same won’t happen here , when either the blacks ,Hispanics,Muslims get a majority , or Asians, Are either race traitors , stupid , or the domestic enemy. White people are 8% of this planets population . We are the endangered species. We need the special protections. Adopt a negro ? Whites are the ones that need help repopulating. Unless the domestic enemy , are the children of Satan.

    13. Mein Kampf, Der Jude

      Some white farmers have taken to learning self-defense from Israeli Defense Forces in order to combat the threats and violence against them.

      Is this some kind of a joke? The IDF does not care if these people die or not. What are they teaching them, how to hide, duck, and cover from a threat? Maybe teach them how to hit the panic button that has a direct line to Washington D.C., hoping they won’t get the Benghazi treatment?

      Well, I suppose in a way the IDF does care. This survival course cost about 1,500 shekels. This is the IDF’s priority here, and nothing else.

      • The Deplorable Renegade

        MKDJ, I don’t even want to be around anyone from that disgusting tribe. I’ve learned all I need to know about fighting from the vets in my family and I didn’t have to pay a dime. The tribe ALWAYS has dollar signs in their eyes. This is one “goyim” who won’t give them anything.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          I’ve been moderated again. How nice! [SARCASM]

    14. Traitor Hator

      You ex American contractors made a ton , give a Boer security company a deal. Maybe land for services. Or just for fun.

    15. rellik

      White South Africans know what kind of culture they are dealing with. They should have gotten out at first signs of that culture getting power. If you think you are going to have to surrender, a strategic withdrawal is a much better option.
      Same applies to whites living in Democrat cities in America. strategic withdrawal. Cash out and run!

    16. B from CA

      The Israeli’s are teaching farmers self defense. What irony! The end of apartheid was the result of 3ews propaganda and 3ew politics. Apartheid meant separation, literally, apart.

      3ews in South Africa sing side by side blacks singing “Kill the boar (white farmer), Kill the white man”. Watch the video on South Africa if you don’t believe it.


      • Dogman

        It’s Boer you moron.

        • Traitor Hator

          Dogman who’s the moron. Can’t wait to meet your family? Party time. Side with the third world . And see what happens. Can’t wait for the fun?

          • Hogman

            Traitor, you’re such a bore (pun intended). Just another old man trying to be an internet tough guy.

        • Traitor Hator

          I wish you brave name callers would show us how really brave you are and print your home address. So we can talk?

          • Hogman

            You go first, tough guy!

            • Traitor Hator

              I did not call anyone a moron. You started the tough guy name calling , if you can’t see that there’s no point in arguing with you. And what makes you think I’m an old man?or is that just more tough guy name calling?? And spell checking does this frequently ,doesn’t everyone know that? You were out of line, insulting people because of a misspelled word , can’t you see that?

            • Traitor Hator

              And you misspelled your own name as Dogman But that’s OK?

            • Traitor Hator

              O Hogman trying out a new dog man, a black mouth cur , did I spell cur right? No hard feelings.I don’t think much of most Cali’s either.

    17. Traitor Hator

      I read the average combat distance in Rhodesia was 40 yards. Sounds like a shotgun to me. Blacks are very hard to see at night, ever see a red head on a full moon? Problem is they cause a diversion, and attack the security members homes , to stop them from grouping. I read one wife ,when her men were out chasing the murderers.Six attacked her house . And were found the next mourning with 22lr. Pistol holes in their foreheads. The only gun she knew how to shoot. Also check this battle? Called Pungwe it’s where a bunch of communists in uniform were piled up very high.

    18. bb in GA

      Not much to say about violence, other than it is guaranteed to come to the minority White population of SA.

      At 8% of the population, the only real option, if the White SA farmers want to stay, is the Samson Option.

      ”Let me die with the Philistines.’ Then he pushed with all his might, and the temple fell on the lords and all the people in it. So in his death he killed more than he had killed in his life.” – Judges 16:30


      • Nailbanger

        Paraquat/Gramoxone Is still readily available in SA
        When mixed into water at lowest lethat doses to most large animals it is undetectable by smell, taste or sight, the same dose readily causes seisures, vomiting and death in humans and most primates and small animals.
        Tordon is also readily available, when applied by broadcast at as little as 2.5x the suggested rate it will prevent germination and any growth for an extrnded period of time, basicly will render any ground useless if you apply enough,
        Matches and gasoline are also readily available,
        If your going to die for your color of skin and posessions, make sure its worth it. You cant take your land or money with you but you can definitely take more than a few humans with you straight to hell. I say give em exactly what they want

    19. Bill

      Whites are only 8 to 9 % of the population in South Africa, the farmers are only a fraction of that. There are vast tracts of land and unpopulated regions that are suitable for agricultural development. There is plenty of land to go around for everyone who wants to farm. But for some reason, rather than developing new farms and ranches, the gov’t wants to only confiscate the current farms owned by whites. This reveals what the real agenda is. Like Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia-that once was so fertile and productive it exported food, it was even called the breadbasket of Africa) they will strip the lands from the white farmers, farms will go fallow, and mass hunger will soon occur. The new gov’t of SA is trying to establish a communist state, like all communist states they place ideology above reality and its consequences.
      The gov’t, though they want to confiscate the farmland, also wants to prevent the farmers from emigrating to other countries. These farmers are fantastically talented and skilled. When they settled what is now SA it was little more developed than the Stone Age, and created a world class economy. Unfortunately, they did create an apartheid state. The countries of Russia, Georgia, and Australia and a few others have stated they could allow the farmers to emigrate there, those nations were immediately labeled racist. The US and Canada, with vast amounts of land, officially have not offered the SA farmers a new homeland to continue farming. How stupid! Its interesting that Zambia, formerly Northern Rhodesia, who at one time removed their white farmers, and went on to also wreck their country, welcomed many of Zimbabwe’s former white farmers to move there and start up large farms again.
      Zimbabwe was formerly Rhodesia; the colonials built schools, hospitals, public infrastructure like power plants, roads, a railway, and extremely productive farms. When the nation became independent everything went down hill. The agricultural system, the economy, infrastructure, and gov’t quickly deteriorated to non-functioning. The new independent gov’t was nothing more than a despot looter with his own personal army pillaging anything of value. After several decades of ruin, they finally have a new “president”, and are now inviting farmers and various professionals back into their country.
      SA is also currently in the midst of an extended drought. This is causing rationing of water in some cities. I have read on-line comments from people who live there lamenting the utter incompetence and corruption, and political repression at all levels of gov’t in SA.

    20. Mr West

      Ruling urges some 300 000 white gun owners to turn in their guns. But no one is complying… Lawlessness, just lawlessness…

    21. Him

      White South Africans cannot move. At least most of them can’t. The Communist government has imposed monetary restrictions. They can’t take their money out of the country. The so called Western countries are refusing to accept the Whites as refugees. Where are you going to take your family with only the clothes on your back? Would you leave your homeland? The Boers have been there since the 1600’s. Most of the blacks migrated into South Africa after the Boers. If a full blown genocide takes place there, then you better start shooting for your own survival here, because we’re next.

      • rellik

        Sell the land.
        Buy a really, really nice Local sailboat
        There are several.
        Fill it up with stores and gold.
        Take a vacation one way to Australia.
        Sell the boat when you get there.
        I could think of a few other
        ways to get out.

        • Him

          Could be a problem with availability. There are millions of White South Africans. Not enough boats. And some of the worst seas in the world. Even if they wanted to get on a plane and leave, the numbers are a problem. Also, the government there is in on the farmer murders. There are pictures of African men in uniforms with cell phone jammers. Keeps the victims from getting help. The extent of the crisis is not fully appreciated in the West. By design.

          • rellik

            Kind of like here. If you weren’t able or smart enough to get to a safe spot you are in a bad way. Not too hard to steal a boat, if there isn’t a boat watch nobody will miss it for awhile.
            You are right the roaring 50’s South is some challenging sailing. I could do it, but I’m not sure a farmer could.
            My point is, get the PHAQUE out!

            • Him

              I knew a guy that was hired to fight Cuban troops in Angola back in the 1970’s. That’s exactly how they got out. They stole a boat and went south.

        • B from CA


          “Sell the farm”. Hahaha

          Who the hell is buying? The Chinese and Indians are cheapskates who would not give them enough to buy a boat let alone fill it with gold. The blacks? They want it for free.

          Chances are the Chinese and Indians are going to buy it from the blacks at pennies an acre. Those blacks are retarded, literally. As the South African whites say, they are like children.

          But, if it was me. I’ld have dropped everything and left a long time ago. Material possessions, even land, is not important if you are dead.

          Certainly, those who could, did do what you suggest.

          The rest are helpless, poor, and without hope.
          Or thinking a few guns and some beef jerky will save them.

          I heard that in every case, those white farmers who were murdered were set up by their own black employees. The clue to being betrayed: employee gets chummy with the guard dogs. And of course, starts acting odd, avoidance, eyes averted. The attacks were all planned in advance. The location of guns and the diagram of the house and property provided by an employee.


          • Frank Thoughts

            I agree: the first waves of smart South Africans left a long time ago. Relatives in my family were killed by their staff there; that put a stop to my family’s plans to join them in SA.

            What will unfold will be pure tragedy. The blacks see the whites as in need of mass slaughter to get what they are ‘owed’ and to get revenge. The remaining whites will effectively be enslaved, and as for those beautiful blonde women, use your imagination as to what is in store for them.

            This is a diplomatic emergency and requires a diplomatic solution. The one Russia has put forward makes the most sense. Move the white community to Russia as homesteaders.

            I agree the Chinese and the Indians are the ones who are moving in on this. They know the blacks can’t run things and so will need them to do it. The Chinese and Indians will get everything for pennies on the dollar. Rather than try and stand your ground with beans and bullets, it makes more sense to move to Russia, Israel, England, Netherlands and re-group there. What 20 years and then get revenge on black South Africa in the most satisfying way possible.

      • Buzz

        They should transfer their accounts into cryptos then. They could move and access the cryptos after they move.

    22. yeahright

      typical ignorant crap spewn by white Americans, its sad how utterly uninformed you lot are about the world. there is no white genocide taking place in SA. how dare you criticize black South Africans whilst your own country continues to discriminate against blacks and other minorities on a daily basis for fun. how much death and destruction has the USA brought to mostly black/brown skinned people over just the past year?

      • Infidel

        “how much death and destruction has the USA brought to mostly black/brown skinned people over just the past year?”

        Not nearly enough. Enough will be when all non-whites are eradicate permanently.

      • repr sleepr

        @ yeahright…..You can’t even keep your hands to yourself amongst your own kind and you talk that dumb shit? Pastor Manning was right. The Black man does not understand the world.

        • Frank Thoughts

          Agree: just as the biggest abuser of Muslim women is Muslim men, so it is with blacks. The least respectful of black lives is other blacks; the least respectful of black women is black men. Black men are the least interested in forming functioning families and staying with one woman.

          Yet, yet, blacks mostly publicly scream for white people to ‘respect’ them, to stop ‘killing’ them, etc. Yet, the vast majority of black deaths are in the hands of black people. And this is the case EVERYWHERE on this planet. It doesn’t matter if the population is majority black, or that blacks are a minority. The one thing that stays consistent is the violence and death.

          Ask anyone in law enforcement and they will tell you the least amount of sexual assault and harassment is between white or Asian men and black women. There is next to zero interest of white men in the lives of black women. They do not lust after them nor do they want to marry them or date them.

    23. Mal Reynolds

      South Africa helped Israel develop nuclear weapons in the early 70s. I’m sure the old, white, South African officers kept in touch with their IDF counterparts over the years and asked for ‘help’. Just a hunch. But there’s a long, weird, connection between the old SA regime and Israel.

      Hope the Boers have been stockpiling ammo. Krav Maga doesn’t reach out to 300 yards. But .308 sure does…


      (Sorry if this is a double post. SHTF hates Tor).

      • Beaumont

        (Malfunctions if you block tracking.)

        Mandela reportedly hated Jews, the ANC says Jews are helping Boers, and you can see gun training, etc, on Youtube.

        As all liberal, social interests eventually discover,
        the savages see no difference between the lefties or any other white people.

    24. Nailbanger

      Buncha stupid baboons, let em have it and watch them starve,

    25. Brian

      Agricultural areas of South Africa are having serious drought problems. Capetown, for one, is having a serious water shortage. To lose your experienced farmers at this time is catastrophic. To be honest, I’m not sure that even they would be able to cope. You’re going to see food shortages very quickly. Other countries won’t be able to help because the shortages will be global.

    26. bob

      Salt the land or return it to the swamps it used to be, destroy all equipment and infrastructure that has been put in and get out with what you can. I recommend also stop paying property taxes, if they are taking it anyways why pay them on top of it. It’s a hell of a waste of generations of work but why let thieves get the benefits of the farmers hard work

    27. Brian

      Man’s inhumanity to man is an old story. Liberals in this country seem to accept the right of land redistribution. They’re as racist as they accuse conservatives of being.

    28. anonymous5

      If the white farmers are going to lose their land, they should not go out without inflicting pain on those who are stealing it.

      If they want the land, make them pay for it……in blood.

      They should start by taking out the leaders who are advocating the theft.

    29. Moses Strongbear

      obviously civil war is coming in SA Numbers will count as i doubt the White farmers have enough ammo for a long war. Britain has given the wink to wiping out the whites in SA just as long as it is legal they say. The govt in SA knows it is coming and wants all firearms turned in to them Those who do not are in violation of the law and can be attacked on that basis They will be in violation of the law and no one can complain if they are wiped out on that basis. Just sit back and do nothing like usual Its all about the land and the closed diamond and gold mines. The wealth of midas is up for grabs and what do a few white people matter in contrast to that unlimited wealth

    30. Traitor Hator

      Someone made a comment about the ((( owned ))) diamond mines not being confiscated. And we wonder who’s behind all this? Revalation 2:9. 3:9 John 8:44?

    31. Bunker Bob

      If you can’t keep your land, what can you keep? This practice is horrible.. I could only imagine the reaction if this was proposed had Hillary won…

    32. realwhitesouthafrican

      ignorant, uninformed, racist, clueless bastards

    33. Traitor Hator

      Hey , check out the photographs of the tortured white South African farmers. Expecialy the woman tied to a bed sliced up real bad , and with a crusifix hammered down her throat, and the little burnt infant, and the what’s left of a woman on a autopsy table , who had almost all , all! It’s like the chanon cristenson. Christopher Newsom torture? No one put together ,that they both had Christ in their names. And the ((( news. ))) didn’t mention the blacks were the cousins of the children of Satan? The great delusions of the end Times? We see over and over what these people do when they take over a neighborhood,city or country. What’s the definition of insanity?

    34. Traitor Hator

      Reading the comment section of the South African times ,and others, talk about low IQ savages. Statistics say black Africans have a average IQ of 70? Black Americans 80? The military says anyone with an IQ less then 83 is worthless.whites average 100. So that means what percentage of blacks worldwide can’t be trained to do the simplest military tasks?What can possibly be done with these people?we tried to be nice with welfare and food stamps. And they shit on us.And who built the highways factories farms . The people with the shovels or the people with the brains. We have too many shovelers. And the arrogant ignorant ungrateful low IQ fools think they can maintain the power,water electricity . We’re did the cars ,refrigerators and everything else come from . You 80 IQ and less?We spoiled our little children with lots of toys,And now they want to kick us out of our running water ,electricity ,toilets,Windows, TV,refrigerator,house and force us to go live in the mud hut we saved them from. What other solution? We can’t make enough prisons, can we make enough bullets? These people and their arrogance of ignorance, Are a unneeded danger to western civilization, seems eventually we will have to separate,or exterminate?

    35. Traitor Hator

      Another thing! If we don’t come up with a genetically selective bio weapon fast, the 8% white population of this planet, will be exterminated? What’s the definition of insanity?

    36. Maranatha

      Ask yourselves why do leftists HATE white people? The flower of Civilization exists mostly due to the various ethnic groups in Europe who fled to America.

      Practically everywhere else is CORRUPT.

      I happily will debate it. Leftists destroy nations by imploding working systems.

      Go anywhere. Asia, the Middle East, Russia, South America, and Africa. These places are unliveable. I wouldn’t live there by choice.

      And Europe is practically unliveable due to leftists.

    37. Traitor Hator

      And another thing! If you see the photographs of the butchered young white women, and still call yourself an African American, without marching in the streets protesting this , even the dam Muslims aren’t this bad. Get ready for the people of the world to declare war on Africans for what they are doing , and denying! Some blacks might get wrongly shot and abused in most countries, But these photographs show what an 80 IQ is all about. Do you hear one black protesting the worse torture of women and children imaginable. Where’s Oprah, Ben Carson, Jesse, Sharpton,Colin Powell, and the rest of you evil garbage ? Slaves still get food,clothes shoes shelter, Slaves just didn’t have the freedom to quit. And slaves were called black gold , for their 10,000 dollar adjusted price tag. If you buy anything for ten grand are you going to abuse it? The children of Satan know the truth and how to lie expertly. Unimaginably torturing women and children because your ancestors weren’t allowed to quit there jobs? You blacks should be thankful that you are not ruled by Africans . Because the other tribe would torture murder your family in the same way. Low IQ people can’t be reasoned with, can’t be bargained with, don’t feel pity or remorse, and absolutely will not stop till we are dead. Terminators? Anyway this low IQ stuff is getting worse every day? Seems only the low IQ types can not see this? Everyday we are getting more outnumbered by savage idiots. And we are just nice fools, until the Saxon starts to hate. Let’s not wait until it’s too late.

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