Racial Animus: Blacks in Chicago Turn on Obama: “Worst President Ever Elected”

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Headline News | 297 comments

Do you LOVE America?


    When your own voter base turns on you and lambastes you as “the worst President ever elected,”, it probably means you’ve made a significant miscalculation in the political landscape.

    Is this, as Eric Holder recently called it, the manifestation of African Americans’ “racial animus” ?

    Barack Obama is, after all, half white, so these people protesting in the middle of Chicago must be doing so for racial reasons.

    “Mr. President, we’re asking for you,” one woman said. “You’re spending billions of dollars in Texas, but we’ve a problem here in Chicago. We will not stand by this here, and keep letting this senseless killing and shooting happen in our community.”

    Another resident said, “Today, if you look at the time that we were brought here as slaves 400 years ago, we got the same results today.”

    One man called for Mr. Obama to step down if he continued to shun the city’s problems.

    “For the president to set aside all of these funds for immigrants and [have] forsaken the African-American community, I think that’s a disgrace,” the man told the blog Rebel Pundit. “He will go down as the worst president ever elected. Bill Clinton was the African-American president.”

    Washington Times

    This is the video you won’t find on most ‘progressive’ web sites because it will blow the race-card narrative out of the water. As it turn out, it’s not just a bunch of white people out there criticizing President Barack Obama.

    It should be clear that some issues transcend political lines and this is one of them:

    Is criticizing Barack Obama really an issue of racial animus?

    Or, is it possible that all Americans, regardless of race, are fed up with policies that continue to destroy our way of life?

    Millions of jobs have been lost, yet the flood gates on the southern border have been opened, driving hundreds of thousands of more people into a job market that has been hammered for nearly a decade.

    Moreover, as residents of Detroit are unable to pay their water bills, rather than focusing taxpayer dollars to help poverty-stricken Americans, the democrat-leaning US Congress wants to dedicate $3.7 billion to immigration reform that will do absolutely nothing to actually secure the border.

    In Chicago, where the landscape is starting to mirror that of the drug cartel controlled city streets of Mexico, residents are fed up with a total lack of law enforcement. And what does the administration do? They let known gang members from criminal organization like MS-13 come freely into the United States. That should do wonders for the national murder and violent crime rates in coming months and years.

    The policies of this administration and the stand-down orders given to Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents along our southern border beg the question: What the hell is really going on here?



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      1. Eric Holder needs to investigate. These people are obviously racially motivated, saying these kinds of mean-spirited things about a half white President.

        • Yep…”that’s profiling …and profiling is bad”- Ron White.

          • He may half white, but he has a cold black heart.

            • ….may ‘be’ half white….

              • Black and White and RED all over.

                • US, Ovomit is definitely as red as an old Soviet flag.

                  • Hey Mac:

                    Ditch the tabloid stuff and get back to real issues!

                    The Fed, the economy, and the growing police state are more important than “Racial Animus!”

                  • YMWW: “Racial Animus” is a valid topic because that label has been applied to dissenters by this Rogue Administration to “whitewash” opposition to the New World Order Agenda, push by the PTB and your heroes, the Gangster Banksters.

                    Pun intended. 🙂

                • Don’t forget how much arabian he’s got in him….

                  I suspect it’s more than we were lead to believe…

                  • 50 white
                    44 arab
                    6 black

                • What took you so long. I guess when you had to compete with the goats crossing the border,for the crumbs from Long Shanks table you black bastards got your “come uppance”

            • That must be why he won the peace prize, you tinfoil hat wearing dope. You paranoid hicks don’t make enough money to be against the Democrats.

              Hillary will win by a larger margin in 2016 than that rotten brained , alzheimers idiot reagan did in 1984.

          • 3 out of 4 Blacks prefer to shoot Blacks, since 75% of all shootings are black on black. Mr Obama, if you want to cut down on Gun Violence, instead of Banning Guns, Try Banning Blacks.

        • Still 90%+ of black people think BO is the second coming.

          If black people want others to stop seeing skin color, they should stop first at making race the ONLY and MOST important aspect of all issues. The way I look at it is stupidity and “zombism” knows no border of skin color. A dumb sh#$ can be black, white, brown, yellow, red, purple, or whatever shade.

          The elitists want desperately for others to focus on race instead of the main problem, the elitists. The more attention that can be taken away from the way the government and other so called leaders are screwing ALL of us, that includes people, animals, plant life, and the whole planet, the more these POS’s can get away with.

          If the 99% of the people that don’t prepare woke up and discovered whom the real enemies were, AND decided that the country, the world needed to be governed by the people, the world would not be ready to do some wholesale dying. One can only dream about the masses pulling their heads from the cement and sand.

          • Obama has no prejudice, he hates everyone equally.
            An equal opportunity destroyer of all humankind.

            • “I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will execute the Constitution of the United States.”

              • With extreme prejudice and torture beforehand.

              • “I, Barack Hussein Obama, do solemnly swear that I will eradicate the Constitution of the United States.”

              • You right wingers don’t even understand the constitution. Stop saying someone is destroying it.

          • “Government is not the solution to our problems. Government is the problem.” Ronald Reagan “The problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people’s money.” Margaret Thatcher

            • Very true statements by two real Leaders….the world has not been the same with their demise….now we have welfare rats running the show….

              • Reagan was a dirtbag he is the one that signed the FIRST amnesty for illegals as well as signing the hughes amendment of 1986 that cut off all new production of full autos for WE THE PEOPLE hence the only full auto a person can own is 1986 or older which is why the price of a full auto is out of the range of your average person

                • Fallout…..
                  Compared to today, Reagan was and is a Saint….

                  • No president after JFK was or ever will be worthy

                • And they said they would secure the border so that never happened again,same thing is now being said let’s have immigration reform then we will seal the border. I call bullshit!!!

          • We need this from the black community. We need them to bring race into it, and they need to scream loudly.

            So far, whites have been called “racist”. This outs that idea as a blatant lie. The Latino population that is here legally, who worked hard for what they have, should be uniting and opposing this. Make no mistake, there are many legal Latino citizens who don’t like this invasion either. Then the Asians should stand up.

            We need ALL citizens to stand up and unite against o-racist. This will only point the finger back at the real racist. If all races unite, it will completely blow the “race card” out of the picture. That will be a win for all citizens.

            For once, they are playing the “race card” on a true racist, and we should happily support that.


            • Sixpack, I agree wholeheartedly. My beloved wife came here legally from Cuba in 1967 and played by all of the rules. If she were still alive she would also be against this. Plus, she already knew English, having come from an educated family, so that did give her some advantage when she first came here. It is encouraging to se the BOY in the WH lose some support in his own original power base, but it remains to be seen how far this will go.

              • Exactly. You notice they’re angry that they may have to share the free stuff.

                • We need to stand in line with our EBT cards and speak in Russian….

                • I don’t give a damn what their motivation is, as long as their zeroed in on the right target…

              • Thanks Braveheart. I second to that. Time will come to that BOY…he will go down soon.

                • Dmitry, you’re welcome. His time is coming, one way or another.

            • At least some of the blacks are waking up. The white libtards I know still have Obama/Biden stickers on their cars and are damned narcissistic to even admit they MIGHT have been wrong.

              • I get so mad when I see those Obama bumper stickers out here. I resist and don’t blow a gasket since its their right but they are all in a blue mini-van out here thats about 15 years old. Go figure. I had a bumper sticker on my government car that i only drive and don’t have any bosses to see it, it says it big letters Piss off a liberal buy a GUN!!! I get white guys that look like liberals with those gay looking glasses out here in NY just blow bright red and I have it right below the government plate for them to see

              • And the racists white corporations don’t have you tea party bigots interest. Ya’ll doing their dirty work and they will walk over you like they doing the working poor.

            • Your argument is a winner there sixpack, perfectly put… bravo!!

            • I don’t really much give a rat’s ass if the blacks do or don’t agree. They had their fuckin’ chance for many years but were too lazy to realize it. And yeah, for all you white trash that voted for Obama to get what you think you deserve, you can die too. No Quarter! ‘Cept for the children.

              • Oh, and further fucking more, there’s plenty of white folks on my plate I’d sooner ‘DO’ just to keep it balanced for their transgressions (voting for the progressives). Hell, I’d do them first! Yeah, this has struck a nerve with me.

                • Trust is earned. I trust more Hispanics on the farms working than the Honkey Liberals spouting their shit. A farm worker you can shake hands and have a meal with. The White Honkey Liberal is what is controlling this….

                  • Keep the race issue (honkey… Really?) out of it, and your position is perfectly accurate.

            • As a Tax Payer, collecting “No” Government Benefit Entitlement Free Bees, I am sick and tired of paying for all the Massive Groups of Lazy Freeloaders sucking off my hard work ethics. All my work profit goes to Taxes. And there is very little left for me, at the end of the month. What we need is a Huge Healthy Tax Revolt.

              • That day will come soon. I am starting by working less. I will shop much, much less at the Big Chain Stores and at Big Chain restaurants….

                Let’s be fair. In my family an ex brother in law along with his new fat wife are on assistance. They whine all the time. Always just crap. The two together bring in about $3500 without working, this does not include housing assistance. They are Honkeys. I don’t even want to be around them. I don’t hate them or dislike them, just don’t like their whiny lifestyle and attitudes. I could go on with several more of my family members….

                They get jealous of me. They think I get money the easy way even though I have 3 jobs. Many times they buy nothing for their kids and they come to our place. It is fine, but it is the mentality of expectation from the parents that frustrates me….I get tired of their liberal crap.

                I am changing. Changing in a good way. That is I am simplifying my lifestyle and just enjoying stuff more. My tax base will go down because I will simply earn less….

              • I hang my head in shame to admit this but my mother has an EBT Card. We have had issues with her on this point when she has stayed with us and we refuse to let her use it to get groceries. We made it clear that if she stays with us, she cannot have the damn EBT Card. But she is sneaky and uses it. I hate to say it but in two weeks she is on her own. We will pay for all food, utilities, and rent but she has to give it up. She doesn’t want to because it is a security blanket.I am horrified beyond reason that she is doing this after we have explained over and over. So now, she will have to figure out how to pay rent, utilities, car insurance all because she won’t give up a card for a few hundred dollars a month.
                Let me also add another point…she went thru a nasty divorce wherein she was raped financially. Left destitute. I realize that it is rare for a woman to get the short end of the stick in a divorce, but she did. It was astounding. She lost everything she worked her entire life for. She is still devastated and afraid because of it but cannot seem to learn from the mistakes she has made….marrying a man of low morals and then staying with him for more than twenty years. I am sure the judge never even considered that a 60 year old woman was not going back to school to be educated in a field more appropriate for her age and that she would end up on the gooberment dole. On HIS dime. How stupid! Now we all get to suffer because she was left penniless being as her ex had an better attorney who was buddies with the judge. We kids all stepped in to provide for her financially but she has made it very difficult to help her.

                She has had a string of ‘boyfriends’ in her quest for love. The currant one cannot seem to hold a job, visit his minor children, or pay child support. He was on welfare and all the perks when they meet. Yet, she loves his company and is ridiculous in her pursuit of the relationship.

                I hang my head in shame.

                • Anon 1970 – why haven’t you run Mama’s loser boyfriend outta town? I’m the Mum to a 9 year old and there is no way on God’s green earth my boy would tolerate any man coming round & treating me with anything less than 100% respect.

                  Relationships go both ways – no way would I ever sling my Mum on the street. If she’s stayed in your home your OPSEC is blown anyways so you might as well just do what’s right and hang the consequences.


              Yeah, but it’s pretty damned funny when she blames ALL of it on yo daddy! 😉

          • I agree with your assessment there, BI.

            I made a statement to the little woman when it was decided that Odrama was elected; ” 90% of the blacks and Hispanics, along with 50% of the whites voted for this “pawn” without even caring about his record,background, or basically any verifications; just because of his skin color.

            It was their ideology that America is still the land of opportunity and freedom for equal rights. It was more of a false sense of security that got people to vote with their hearts and eyes, and not their minds.

            How well has that worked out?

            They will do the same thing over Billery or another woman (if she is liberal enough) bidding for the White House.

            We know they are pawns for TPTB; both sides of the party.

            The candidates for almost all senate and congress, plus the presidency is like two cans of soda pop.

            One can is labeled PepsiCola and one is labeled CocaCola.
            After the fizz is gone, one tastes a little less shitty than the other, but they basically came from the same ingredients.

            That is our political landscape. A bunch of shitty politicians trying to get richer off the backs of working people. The odramas learned from the masters, the Clintons.

            • “90% of the blacks and Hispanics, along with 50% of the whites voted for this “pawn” without even caring about his record,background, or basically any verifications; just because of his skin color.”

              Yes, they did… and that is just as racist as refusing to vote for him because of his skin color. In spite of how obvious that is, however, they refuse to see it for what it is.

              If minorities would just let it go, racism would die of its own internal destructiveness. Hell, I don’t even know anyone who gives a damn about race anymore. Most people “get it” that it is what is in a person’s mind and heart that matters and not what they look like.

          • No, he’s not half white. he is half jew and half white, there is a huge difference that most don’t understand.

            • Yeah, most people would label it as a “mixed mutt”. Pretty much good for nothing but a round.

            • Mark,
              You are a fu-king moron. Obama half Jew? Then so are you numb nuts. Maybe you have not noticed but Obama hates Israel and loves Muslims of which he is one.

            • Obama is Half Muslim and Half Jew, which explains why he is always fighting with himself, to do any thing good for the USA.

          • BI, you are right but the mud people are one of the tools the elite use against us. Other tools are the feminists, queers, animal rights, global warming, and many more. Death by a thousand cuts.

            • So what are you trying to say/convey here?

          • You can find some good videos on the community food gardens and urban farms in the Detroit area on YouTube. There is some good coming out of this mess.

        • Way to wake up this late in the game dumb-asses in Chicago.

        • If he were to investigate he might inadvertently discover that the BATF was importing guns and drugs into Chicago ghettos in order to implicate gun stores located in neighboring states. And that the law enforcement lobby was secretly supporting those measures in order to secure more funding and personnel.

          Now I have no actual proof of any of this, I just made it up, yet the fact remains that there are certain entrenched interests that benefit greatly from this chaos and killing. After all, one should never let a crisis go to waste. And maybe, just maybe, those who are the unwitting pawns of those entrenched interests might wake up to these facts and do something about it.

        • I guess they want more gun control….cause whether they know it or not….thats the way it will be viewed and thats what they’ll get.

          They want quality of life and less scum around…….try having less babies you can’t take care of and aren’t around enough to take care of and teach….letting the streets do it for you. Get right with God and demand things back. Ignore unconstitutional laws and carry a gun anyway and start shooting the vermin…..take your city back yourself, don’t rely on the govt to do it at any level.

          Oh and cops are a large part of the problem (vermin).

        • Residents of Detroit are only “unable” to pay their water bills because they preferred to buy a new set of rims for the pimp-mobile.

          OF COURSE the bills didn’t get paid! The Detroit water authority did nothing to enforce collections for many, many years. Witness that something like 70% of those who had their water turned off have magically come up with the money, according to my too-sanguine friends who still live nearby. ( I keep telling them to GTHOD, but they’d rather keep on diggin’ hip-hop and eatin’ dem ribs. )

      2. The spooks are pissed because the mojados are cutting into their piece of the pie.

        • King,

          Blacks and Hispanics are not natural allies.

          Some of them are upset because Obama is upsetting the racial balance — more Hispanics means fewer blacks as a % of the population.

          It is a small trickle now who are willing to go against the Messiah, but once the word gets out that some blacks are objecting, the trickle may turn into a flood.

          For over a hundred years black people were Republicans. Then a racist senator from Texas got to be president and set up his Great Society. He famously said, “We will have those N*&** voting for us for 200 years. After a half century, there are some responsible black people who have turned into Republicans — Justice Clarence Thomas, Mayor Mia Love, Dr. Ben Carson, Senator Scott, and many more. Let us see whether black people want real freedom, not handouts.

          • According to an article on Drudge, Obama awarded asylum to over 30,000 Central American “refugees.” Up ten times from 2008. All of those people will be here permanently.

            The black population of the US is supposedly around 38 million. It won’t take long for the black (and white) proportion to be diluted if this trend continues. In another 5 years those granted asylum every year could exceed 300,000. Because most of them are Catholics, they tend to have more children, too.

            • and most of them are not afraid of work, and usually uphold their neighborhoods ( this has been what Ive seen around me)

              there is no such thing as unemployment in Mexico or south america .. you dont work you starve ..no social safety nets , so most of them might even start their own businesses and out shine the blacks .. and not really all of them will need assistance also unlike and proving its unnecessary to give it to the black man

              dont mis-undertand im not happy with the influx of any group of people ,, but it could be worse, they could be just like the ones we have sucking us dry and racist and just coming for the EBT and free shit ..But I dont think its any where close to the magnitude of the black race ..”ol brownie is going to show ‘ol blacky how lazy they been and blacky dont want that

              • I work in Othello and the gangs from the south work the dairy farms are killing each other over jobs. MS13 and many others are prevalent here. They don’t fvk with whitey, but they kill the shit out of each other, and then flee back into LA or someplace. Being they are all untraceable without proper id, many are never apprehended.

                • There are few things to do in Othello, and it is all related to agriculture….you must work at the research station….othello is a nice area, better than Sunnyside. I have bought asparagus at that stand in Royal City. Ate there too….

              • VRF, I can testify at least to refugees from Cuba willing to work. I know from my years in Miami. I was married into a Cuban family, worked with them, etc. They are one of the few groups that come in legally and play by all of the rules. They won’t touch any of the freeloader programs. But the Haitians, now that’s a different story. When they come here, they go straight onto the freeloader programs. You can’t get them to get off their dead asses for anything. My wife and I have both had trouble with them. The Cubans cannot stand them so there is no love lost between the 2 groups. I used to see fights taking place between the 2 groups all of the time and those things still happen to this day. My wife was killed by a Haitian drunk driver, but h got his not too long after we buried her. there is only one group of people I really hate and that is Haitians. Sorry, but I never had a positive experience with any of them; never saw anything good about them. I was more disturbed by them practicing voodoo than about them being lazy and shiftless. OK, come on red thumbs, but I stand by my statements regardless. I think of my baby and hurt over that loss every day, all because of a POS monkey from Haiti. OK, call me racist, I don’t give a f#$%. I speak from personal experience.

                • Lots of those Darkie Caribbean Infiltrators Carry HIV.

                • Very True braveheart, Ive seen it too in Miami

                  those proud enough to work at their goals and dreams make it work and care to .. there’s pride
                  something another race just doesnt have

                • A friend lived and raised his family partially in Africa and said much of what you are saying about Haitians. He would go on about how lazy and murderous and lying they were. He actually BELIEVED their brains are smaller. It would get really uncomfortable in larger groups when he would get on the subject.

                  I always felt awkward because, well, being Puerto Rican, I have some African roots. I am not at all offended. My family are all hard workers and I have no doubt my great-great grandad, who I have seen photos of, was as well.

                  • Stop it Anon 1970 – I too have had to crack up laughing when an African straight off the boat sees how bone idle some in the West have gotten.

            • And blacks tend to have more abortions as well. Our Fearless Leader doesn’t want young black girls like his daughters to be “punished” with a pregnancy for dabbling in pre-marital sex, but if I was a baby I wouldn’t want to be “punished” by being born to a young black girl. The dysfunction in that community is beyond shameful, and that almost all of it is due to elite policies hiding behind well-intentioned federal programs and policies is criminal. It is truly good that they have public schools to keep them from using their brains to see who the real culprits are. I couldn’t do a better job of destroying an entire race of people if I was Heinrich Himmler or the Grand Dragon of the KKK.

              • I don’t know a whole lot about Himmler but I suspect, like many so called villians, he wasn’t as bad as he has been made out to be.
                One thing I know, the Klan. in all it’s history, hasn’t killed a miniscule fraction of the blacks that the blacks kill each year just in Chicago alone let alone the rest of the country.

                • Himmler was the head of the Gestapo, responsible for implementing the Final Solution to the Jewish Problem. One should thank their deity of choice that his counterpart, the bull dyke running the DHS, does not have a fraction of the competence and energy that Himmler brought to the administration of the Gestapo.

              • I would like to be a mouse in room to hear what they are saying right now in these KKK Meetings. That’s another faction that I’m sure is more than outraged and ready to defend America from the Invaders. The KKK should change their name, like Blackwater does every other year when they get bad press. Marketing and positive self promotion is everything these days.

                • They are probably saying “vote for more liberals and conservatives!” They seem to be a pretty good job killing off blacks through abortion and the war on drugs without the help of the KKK.

              • Or Margaret Sanger, that bitch.

              • Is this Blacks in America only? Amongst the Brits and West/North Africans I’ve met abortion is totally taboo. Serious question.

                • A woman named Margaret Sanger went into the ghettos of turn of the century American cities. She said she was seeking better conditions for women and families because having a baby every year was too hard on a womans’ body and the family could not financially support that many kids. But she targeted darker skinned or Catholic ghetto areas. If the people were from Italy, Greece, Africa etc. that was a target of hers. Her public cry for birth control for the health of mom and family was in direct opposition to her private letters and speeches where she made it clear that WASP (white, anglo saxon, protestant) was the only group of people she considered to be human. All nonWASP peoples were to be stopped from reproduction.
                  The women in these neighborhoods were taught about birth control when it was illegal to talk about it let alone teach or practice it. She urged these women that if they loved their families, they must limit their births. Their lives would be better with fewer kids and they could have more things. It was a form of advertisement/ brainwashing. And it worked. Children were no longer seen as a blessing but rather a burden to be dealt with. And that attitude persists today. She has been successful beyond her wildest dreams. Based on abortion numbers alone there should be 3x as many blacks in this nation as there are now. And that is just from abortion. That does not account for birth control.
                  Margaret Sanger preached hope and change long before Obama did. And their message has the same roots and the same result: evil and death.

          • Love this post!

            1,000,000,000 green thumbs from me

            • to Daisy K

              Comment ID: 3182434

              • to VRF

                What do you mean, “Comment ID”?

                • Under your moniker is the comment ID number, what he was referring to…

                  I also agree!!!!

                  And don’t forget senator KKKK Byrd (D)….

                  • yes, and thank you Jerrytbg

          • Half of all Black Males are either “In Prison,” “been in prison” or “on Probation” right now. Ever hear of the word accountability of ones self? This may be the Uncivil Civil War, Blacks against Hispanics. Let Er’ Rip!!

        • king krazy, their share of the pie will get reduced with all of these foreigners being allowed in and the pie won’t be getting any bigger. All of those programs will dry up eventually and when they do, TSWHTF. Bank on it.

        • Kind of funny when the Blacks got nobody else to blame but another Black Guy. Finally accountability!!! lol

        • EXACTLY!!!

          I only gots me one piece of dat pi last month an I wants me smo.

          • Lady on the news just now says she came here from Guatemala because she was only getting one meal per day.

            She weighs about 300 pounds, so it must be a BIG meal.

            • She probably ate her kids. That doesn’t count as a meal.

              • Ha! Their equivalent of a Micky D’s ‘family meal’.

                • 🙂 Does it come with fries?

                  • OFF TOPIC

                    All Three Matthew Bracken “The Enemies” Trilogy for free on Kindle.

                    Excellent Books!!!

                  • Wrong, I already have all 3 in paperback I ordered through Amazon last winter. Yes, I had a lot of trouble putting them down. Very plausible scenarios outlined in them. I highly recommend them to anyone.

                  • “FLIES”. There, fixed it for ya.

                • If the Government Stopped all EBT Food Stamp Programs, food prices would drop to half price of what they are today. Supply and Demand. Look who ends up with all the food stamp money= Corporate USA. Food Stamps is another Corporate Welfare Program just like the Prisons System that Depends on Full Occupancy for maximized Profit.

      3. Their and my reason why obama is the worst president ever is most likely light years apart. Obama hasn’t delivered to them what they thought he would and for me, Obama has delivered exactly what I thought he would.

        • Rick
          He promised us the hole in the donut
          and that’s just what we got.

        • .02

          what Jessie Jackson actually said was
          ” i would like to cut his nuts off for talking down to the people ” Jessie just like Odrama is great at adopting his Ghetto persona at the drop of a hat
          notice how Odrama talks one way to white crowds and totally Black to Black crowds.

          after all that job is reserved for Jessie and his Bull shit followers
          he is the only one who think he can lead the Ghetto blacks out of the of the fringe city area slums and into the inner city ghettos so they can be kept in tight close knit areas.
          makes it easier for Jessie to lead them around by the rings in there noses he has placed there. over the years

          The rev jessie has made it his career to go to troubled cities and basically blackmail and business into supporting him and his quote Rainbow Coalition !!
          Rainbow my ass he only lets whites in if they basically can kiss his fat Black ass enough or there so F*&$#ng brainwashed into actually thinking there black them selves

          look at footage of him you NEVER see too many whites around him so much for being inclusive.

          he has for the last 40 plus years told generation after generation about how down trodden they are and how the white man is to blame

          Not them
          not there unwillingness to educate them selves
          there Bullshit unwillingness to run out the criminal element from there neighborhoods ( but when its your own kids doing all the stealing why run out your meal ticket )

          there constant baby making
          over population rates

          look at any inner city area and you will see nothing but ignorance sloth greed etc

          look at what Jessie Jackson has been telling the Blacks for 40 plus years about they don’t need to be educated by the WHITE MAN its the white man that holds you back its whitey that keeps you in the crap apartments and in the dirt and filth

          In the years after the civil war the Black man WAS given a fair chance to better him self

          and Yes i know the jim crow laws were unfair BUT no one held the hand of the average black man he worked or he lived with folks that would help him ( or her )
          a lot worked there own farms and until the Great experiment and FDR and johnson and there Bullshit welfare crap
          Most black families were mostly self sufficient stable etc
          it was the garbage of the late 50s and the early 60s that started the whole idea of No father in the house so the women could get welfare

          and now we have thousands of women thinking the only way to be is unmarried pregnant and have two or three kids and a big check.
          you see it at the store on the first of each month and the middle of the month too.

          what this whole thing is the Black inner city Rats are scared that there cheese is going to run out there starting to panic and if it doesn’t get fixed ( in there minds ) you WILL SEE RIOTING !!!!
          if they think he is giving way to much to the border problem then Look out

          Chicago could go up in flames

          and one final thing is that Jessie Jackson is ( or was ) pissed because he helped get out the vote for Odrama and was never promised any kind of cushy cabinet job or as Odrama’s right hand man
          he saw him self as the White house Minister with a nice office next to Odramas and use of air force one any time for watermelon and BBQ ribs

          skittle shittin unicorn

          • SSU, I agree about Jackson, but he’s not original with his BS. All he did was take a page or 2 from the NAACP’s manual. THEY are the first ones to start all that BS back during segregation AT THE INSTRUCTIONS OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. Google “the founding of the NAACP”. Very interesting that W.E.B. Dubois was the ONLY BLACK CO-FOUNDER of that organization. There were five other co-founders who were WHITE MALES AND EACH ONE WAS AN ELITIST AND A HIGH-RANKING MEMBER OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY. The NAACP didn’t get its first BLACK chairman until 1975 and they were founded in 1908. It took that many years for the Democratic National Committee to make sure they could finally trust the blacks [LOSERS] to run the organization on their own. sure, they get private donations on occasion, but most of their money comes straight from the Democratic National Committee, otherwise they couldn’t pay their bills. To this day, they still have white people on their national board of directors in New York City. The NAACP’s real job is to make sure that black people get a substandard education and are dumbed down, kept dependent on working people’s tax money aka government programs; i.e. TO KEEP BLACK PEOPLE ON THE US GOVERNMENT PLANTATION, FEED THEM FALSE INFORMATION ABOUT WHITEY TRYING TO DO THEM IN, ETC.; MAKE SURE THEY VOTE DEMOCRAT, ETC. AD NAUSEUM. Stop and think, everyone; why is it after more than 50 years of integration do a lot of black people still get taught to hate white people? Why is there still trouble between black and white today when things should’ve been improving all of this time? Why can black and white not come together on all of the issues that affect everyone? the answer is simple: BECAUSE OF THE DEMOCRATIC PARTY AND THEIR ‘UNCLE TOMS’ IN THE NAACP. IT IS NOT IN THEIR BEST INTEREST FOR BLACK AND WHITE TO COME TOGETHER, OVERCOME THE PAST DIFFERENCES, AND CONFRONT THE REAL SOURCES OF OUR PROBLEMS HEAD-ON. That’s all those people in the NAACP are is a bunch of losers and some of them have minds so far gone not even affirmative action could help them. Let their ‘benefits’ get cut off and they become history.

            • WHY braveheart ?

              Because if the Blacks figured it out they would HANG every single Dem ( and a few repukes )

              plain and simple its all about keeping them on the Govt plantation and under there thumb

              while you might get a few smart ones the rest are so F*&%ing stupid that they never get a clue and are doomed to repeat there own failed history

              skittle shittin unicorn

          • Jess Jackson is an obedient puppet who has been richly rewarded. paid rent a mobs come to listen to him speak to give the illusion of popularity.

            Truth tellers/those who go off message get jfk’d by paid assassins every single time.

      4. What happened to all that hope and change?? Like my parents used to say,be careful what you wish for cause you just might get it.

      5. Good! I’m glad they told it like it is!! (I would have emphasized the point, however, about not even being able to afford water!!)

      6. America is being destroyed. Obama is making sure that America is too far gone to be fixed even if the next Ronald Reagan got elected. Mexicans vote Democratic at least 70% of the time. America will be bankrupted by the flood of illegals who get more in benefits than they pay in taxes. The border is completely open to whatever enemies of the US want to get here. Expect Iranians and other middle eastern peoples to come here along with Mexicans.

        There’s the danger that Obama is working with Iran through his chief of staff, Valerie Jarrett, who has dual US-Iranian citizenship, to stage terrorist attacks as an excuse to declare martial law.

        There’s no doubt that Obama is working to destroy America once and for all. Once the dollar dies and most Americans starve to death, we’ll become a bankrupt country of perhaps 15 million – 30 million people. Even if genuine threats to America arise, we’ll be helpless to deal with them.

        • The southern border is completely open.

          “Approximately 70 percent of the border patrol agents have been reassigned for administrative duties including processing of aliens, transporting aliens, and, yeah, leaving a porous border in the country.”


          “The border patrol is trying to play catch up and we’re having a lot of diseases coming in and some we haven’t seen in decades and we are worried they’ll spread throughout the United States especially if they are being released and have the disease.”

          • WHERE IS THE NATIONAL GUARD ???????

            IS THIS NOT A STATE OF EMERGENCY ??????????????????

          • The drug warehouses up in Illinois and east to NYC are gonna be bursting at the seams. No interdiction at all. Watch for big discount offerings on meth, crack, and horse.

        • @ Barn Cat
          I tend to agree with you. Let in enough gangbangers who face off with the “Brothers” over tuff and watch the bullets fly.

          The when our murder rates climb like those in Central America, the Sheeple will cry for Gun Control, maybe even martial law.

          It’s win/win for the Commies, lose/lose for us!

          • Beer Gut, its lose/lose for us ONLY IF WE FOLLOW WHATEVER ANY GOVT. OFFICAL SAYS. IF YOU VOLUNTARILY GIVE UP YOUR GUNS, YOU SIGN YOUR OWN DEATH WARRANT. I’m not giving up squat. I’ll be standing up and fighting. You follow orders from any govt. official at your own peril.

        • Barn Cat,

          Have a little faith. “…behind every blade of grass.” is even more fitting for today!

          It is estimated that around 1/3rd of Americans are armed. the bad thing in all this for The Powers That Were is that the 15 to 30 million that are left will be the hard core God and Guns clingers. …and if you think those God ‘n’ Gun clingers are mad now, how mad will they be when they see a lot of their friends and family die off? Watch the 90% of whats left chop the head off that snake and stomp it into greasy goo.

          You think a genuine threat will want to come in here and take that on? The remnant of your 15 to 30 million will be the hard core of us that won’t take any BS about anything. Anything labeled as an enemy will get a big hole put in it, heck, probably several, or captured and used.

          The future is getting brighter, not dimmer. As soon as we get rid of the illegal alien president, we’ll start to see an improvement.

          • It doesn’t matter if 33% of the people are armed if only 3% are preppers.

        • @Barn Cat:

          Do you vote?

          • @yourmotherwaswrong:

            Do you believe voting could possibly fix the mess we are in, especially considering it was voting that got us here in the first place?

            From the Lord Of War: “Bullets change governments far surer than votes.”

            • “Voting” has been an impotent exercise in FUTILITY for many years now. FIRST: The pseudo “different choices” have become IDENTICAL.

              SECOND: With the now widespread utilization of “electronic vote counting”, YOUR VOTE DOESN’T COUNT. I have been repeating these FACTS FOR YEARS. Your “newest leader” is SELECTED…NOT ELECTED!!!!!

              Perhaps now more of the “sheeple” are starting to “GET IT”!

              VOTING is a “feel good”, you still have a CHOICE ILLUSION. In terms of CHANGE or ADVANCEMENT…who are you kidding!!!!

              • Louis Faracon said that about the who is in the W. HOUSE now

                check out youtube when he ask Kaddaki to step down.

          • Of course. I had to vote for Romney even though he was Obama-lite.

            • Did someone hold a gun to your head and force you to VOTE?

              NO, YOU apparently still believe WHO YOU VOTE FOR MATTERS. It only “matters” to you. The actual outcome was determined before YOU ever wasted your time!

              This would almost qualify as “amusing” if it were not FACT!

              The “lessor of two EVILS” IS NOT A CHOICE! IT IS A DELUSION!

            • Call me crazy but I left it blank. The lesser of two evils isn’t an option in this regards. I don’t believe my vote made an difference because it is all rigged but I did fill out the stupid ballot.

              I’m not sure what I will do next election, it is pointless. But I might fill it out more because as a Christian I know God works through my obedience and so I ought to vote for what is right and trust the rest to Him.

          • I’m voting all Republican. I don’t care what folks say when they say they are the same. I have lived 8 years under Dems and want no more….if Dems maintain Senate, then spread cheeks and kiss them goodbye….

            • And somewhere in da’ hood there is a welfare queen sayin she gonna be votin’ for da democrats because they be givin’ her free stuff.

              And her vote counts every bit as much as yours does. Probably more so since she is probably registered in several counties.

              If I was the type who believed there was anything to be gained by voting, I would be voting for whomever will bring the system down the fastest, since it clearly stands no chance of being fixed through the ballot box and we stand a better chance of bringing about a world we would want our children and grandchildren to live in through timely use of the cartridge box.

      7. Yep..its the Race thing again..How over used boring and ineffective

        sure its what they want (TPAB) its the only way they can have their race war for the distraction of all the elites have and will be doing to this country unless stopped..quit paying any attention to this shit its a distraction

        im not saying totally ignore it, because sooner or later someone or something is going to set off this powder keg of racism into some kind of war or conflict ( if it isnt already slowly ramping up)

        but I feel the Loser in chief and all his minions want this race card distraction in the worse way..and than the establishment pulls the rug (EBT etc) out from under those who thought had their backs .. than its going to be on, and its whiety that will get blamed <– as usual

        • Oh yeah, TPTB do want this race card as a distraction, but they don’t want it pointed AT THEMSELVES. They want US to keep pointing it at EACH OTHER. This new issue coming from our black population doesn’t do that. The chickens are coming home to roost.

        • Yes, too many of us here pride ourselves on being beyond the race BS while we get all excited about wiping out the muslims; turning their countries to glass, or the joos, both the garden variety Israeli or the “ashkenazi” of the global puppet-master blend.

          Us here, who are supposedly enlightened, should be looking after our own business and avoid even shouting from the sidelines for others to do violence to those who have never personally harmed us. Once someone initiates the use of force then the gloves can come off but we shouldn’t be slapping ourselves on the backs about how tolerant we are while we encourage our government to do violence to others on our behalf.

          • I admit to being a racist. I prefer my own kind. I prefer white rednecks over white Yankees. I have a counstitional right to be racist if I desire. In fact the KKK could run a candidate for president. Wait! They did Remember George Wallace? A group of racist black panthers & Christian hating muslums ran a racist anti american community organizer mulatto for president and he won! Twice! Im pretty certain that good or bad, right or wrong, my fault your fault politicans fault? the USA will become embroiled in race war & ethnic cleansing. The only question is who will prevail?

            • If a race war does happen then it is about guaranteed the USA will break up into separate countries. Might not be a bad thing as smaller countries typically have more freedom.

              • If so, then I want all Liberals living on one side….Get the Fuck Out of Dodge and leave the real Peace-Makers alone!!!!

            • OG, I think you already know who’ll prevail.

            • I’m right there with you Old Guy, It’s natural to want to be around your own kind, marry your own kind, not be murdered or raped by the colored races who are by nature violent and tribal. It’s also biblical, remember God cursed Israel (True Israel not the imposters the so called preachers call Israel) for marrying and having mixed race children. He demanded they get rid of their “strange wives and children”. They sent them away and God blessed them for doing so.
              We never learn…but He is comming back and all will be made good. He instructs us to occupy till he returns, I think our people are about ready to start occupying.

              by Rudyard Kipling

              It was not part of their blood,
              It came to them very late,
              With long arrears to make good,
              When the Saxon began to hate.

              They were not easily moved,
              They were icy — willing to wait
              Till every count should be proved,
              Ere the Saxon began to hate.

              Their voices were even and low.
              Their eyes were level and straight.
              There was neither sign nor show
              When the Saxon began to hate.

              It was not preached to the crowd.
              It was not taught by the state.
              No man spoke it aloud
              When the Saxon began to hate.

              It was not suddently bred.
              It will not swiftly abate.
              Through the chilled years ahead,
              When Time shall count from the date
              That the Saxon began to hate.

              • I enjoy Kipling. That is a little frightening. Thumbs up though.

                • 100+ thumbs up for referencing Kipling. Alas, far too many whites do not know who he was or could recite one of his verses.

                  Since the theme tonight is the decline of the white race, here is another one of his masterpieces for your reading pleasure…

                  Arithmetic on the Frontier

                  A great and glorious thing it is
                  To learn, for seven years or so,
                  The Lord knows what of that and this,
                  Ere reckoned fit to face the foe —
                  The flying bullet down the Pass,
                  That whistles clear: “All flesh is grass.”

                  Three hundred pounds per annum spent
                  On making brain and body meeter
                  For all the murderous intent
                  Comprised in “villanous saltpetre!”
                  And after — ask the Yusufzaies
                  What comes of all our ‘ologies.

                  A scrimmage in a Border Station —
                  A canter down some dark defile —
                  Two thousand pounds of education
                  Drops to a ten-rupee jezail —
                  The Crammer’s boast, the Squadron’s pride,
                  Shot like a rabbit in a ride!

                  No proposition Euclid wrote,
                  No formulae the text-books know,
                  Will turn the bullet from your coat,
                  Or ward the tulwar’s downward blow
                  Strike hard who cares — shoot straight who can —
                  The odds are on the cheaper man.

                  One sword-knot stolen from the camp
                  Will pay for all the school expenses
                  Of any Kurrum Valley scamp
                  Who knows no word of moods and tenses,
                  But, being blessed with perfect sight,
                  Picks off our messmates left and right.

                  With home-bred hordes the hillsides teem,
                  The troopships bring us one by one,
                  At vast expense of time and steam,
                  To slay Afridis where they run.
                  The “captives of our bow and spear”
                  Are cheap, alas! as we are dear.

              • Hate is a fire that consumes the one who hates and leaves untouched the hated. It is self destruction. And if you are a Christian it is the same as violating the commandment: thou shalt not commit murder.

          • Mistress, I think you missed my point. THE RACE CARD ISN’T WORKING AS PLANNED ANYMORE! The premiere NWO method of keeping people divided and subdued is FAILING.

            If they can’t cut through our numbers like English sheepdogs, they’re SCREWED! They will have to resort back to fearmongering, and scaring a united populace is much harder to do.

            They’ve been using two main methods of keeping us all in-fighting:

            1. The Fear Card

            They have been less than successful at making us fear the Russians, Syrians, Iranians, etc… People just aren’t buying into the warmongering anymore. We’re not lined up on the lawn watching the bombs burst in the distance, like the Israelis are cheering the bombing of Palestine.

            Once the govt started calling U.S. citizens “terrorists”, the “T” word has lost much of it’s shock and awe value. Oops.

            2. The Race Card

            Without the Race card, they’re done. All they’ll have left is the homosexual card and the sexism card. Those are much less effective these days.

            That’s why I personally think this is great news and I hope it takes off like a bat-outta-hell.

      8. Dark Days
        Are coming
        Mark my word
        And SOON

        • You know it.

        • @Tractor – Yes it will be night time is about 4-5 hours.

          As Steve Martin used to say, “A day without sunshine is like… Night!!”

      9. First, to all you black people who voted for Obozo because he was “black”. Well, you were WRONG on that, too. You see, black people, Obozo is NOT black. He wasn’t hiding it either. His mother was very white. Second, let’s elect him because he is gay. WRONG again. Not that he’s not gay, but what difference does that make? No#3. He has a nice simile. And of course, finally because you felt sorry for him? Did you forget where he made his famous “I will run for the President of the United States” remarks? You did, admit it. He was sitting in the living room of the OPENLY HOSTILE, and STILL A TERRORIST, WILLIAM (Bill) AYRES whose only sorry he couldn’t have killed and destroyed more people and buildings…which he indicated on Fox News a few days ago. He and a multitude of others like him are professors at Columbia University, a hotbed of radical America-haters.

        So, you believed Obozo, and you were fooled…TWICE, because you did vote for him twice, right?

        Well, some of you got free phones, EBT cards, and maybe fraudulent disability checks, and social security checks. But, like all folks who just don’t look past their noses, all those “benefits” are just what Obozo bet you would be looking for. And Oboze wants you to keep up that freebe, “the government OWES me stuff” mentality. Why? Because that thought process makes you what got you here and keeps you A SLAVE!

        The only difference now is its 2014 and the whites, Hispanics, and the rest are closely behind you in the “up the creek” line.

        You see, if you told Obozo (with your vote) I don’t want free stuff, I want to BE FREE, then you would have done what millions of your black brethren did–get a job, live within your means, do the right thing, and look ahead.

        So, now its going to be very difficult, if not impossible to get out of the hole Obozo dug for you, but my suggestion is for you to STOP DIGGING. Put the shovel down, and brush your self off, and make a life for you and yours WITHOUT DEPENDING ON ANYONE IN GOVERNMENT! Be truly FREE!

        • Lets get real about Presidential Elections. When you walk in the voting booth and the only thing on your mind is voting against the person who will screw things up worse. We are pretty much screwed. Its all a Fix. And you now full well Hillary wants to be President of the UN, and bring America along with her to the Big Show.

        • The ideology you speak about in “being free” is what all American citizens should strive for; black,white, brown,yellow or olive skinned, etc.

          The problem lies within the up-bringing, or the lack there of, and education.

          Most educated blacks don’t carry around that chip or hatred. They are too busy working and trying to maintain that freedom.

          The problem, is that there are too many dumbasses,and stupid people, black and white and brown. Too many uneducated people. I’m not talking about college educated either. Just old fashioned schooling and up-bringing with a strong influence of true christianity from the Word of God.

          As a famous comedian once said; “You just can’t fix stupid”.

          • pissinwiththewind – 1000 thumbs up!

        • Vote Hillary, and really get things moving!


          Surely the Wife of the “Black Man’s President” can fix it all.

      10. OFF THE SUBJECT, but this is from collapsenet.com:

        Off the World News Desk:

        Op-Ed: The Arctic’s huge store of methane gas: ‘Ticking time-bomb?’

        “Some climate change proponents are saying the huge amounts of methane gas, stored under the Arctic ice is a potential “ticking time bomb.” They claim that we must stop extracting fossil fuels that put more CO2 into our atmosphere or face disaster.

        Methane is only one of a number of gases called greenhouse gases (GHG) that can absorb and emit infrared radiation, or in other words, this means they can trap and absorb heat. The most abundant GHG is water vapor, followed by carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, ozone and CFC’s. By measuring atmospheric infrared radiation, climatologists are able to detect trends in the Earth’s climate.

        Although methane is not the most abundant GHG, it is one of the strongest, being 80-times more potent than carbon dioxide. Methane is actually 21 times more efficient in absorbing infrared radiation than CO2, even though it only hangs around 10 years in the atmosphere. Knowing these well documented facts about methane brings us to the latest predictions and warning.

        Study on methane gas release in Arctic Ocean

        Scientists with the University of Alaska Fairbanks International Arctic Research Center have discovered a rather frightening situation. Arctic methane is leaking out of the ocean seabed at nearly twice the rate than previously thought. The East Siberian Arctic Shelf (ESAS) is releasing 17 million tons of methane into the atmosphere every year…”
        We are in very deep shit here. There is no way to stop this process unless ALL human industrial activity ceases immediately (which isn’t going to happen voluntarily or anytime soon), and even then, it still may be too late as we have crossed the 400 PPM threshold and triggered various positive feedback loops. – Wes

        • Global warming (wait no warming in 17 years according to nasa), I mean Climate change, (oops no changes in the normal climate cycles) is a hoax for political gain. Stop listening to scientists who prosper off of the government to push junk science. Consensus is a political term not a scientific one.

        • Global warming, or whatever they call it today, is not the problem and a complete scam. We are more than likely headed to an Ice Age.

        • Global Warming is a Myth Scam Religion. Did you know a cows digestion process produce methane? And what could be more natural than a cow eating grass and chewing her cud? And yet The idiot sheeple greenies where proposing a 25 dollar per head cow fart tax? The Glowbal warming scam was about redistrubition of the middle class jobs to other places. Al Gores carbon tax was a scam to make him money. We need to increase industy not stop it.

          • Oh I almost forgot these very same folks who are touting the methane disaster? They are the very same folks who where worried about the Ozone. And the same folks who lied about the polar bears. Anthony Watts has a website called Whats up with that. He dispels the lies told by the greenie job killers.

          • LOL!! I can’t afford a fart tax!

            Maybe we could pass a bullshit tax on the libtards?

        • Link on Drudge today –

          “STUDY: People who claim to worry about ‘climate change’ use MORE electricity…”

          Exactly my point. If “Anonymous” truly believed in what he preaches, he’d instantly stop posting useless comments online and save some electricity.

          Hey “Anonymous”, do you own a car? Two? Three? What do they burn – air?
          That computer you’re using right now must run on magic.
          And you wouldn’t have any plastic in your house, would you? That stuff’s killing the planet, you know.

          Until you’re 100% OFF THE GRID yourself, maybe you should stop preaching at the rest of us who don’t believe in your hoax.

          • All the products that allow someone to get off grid were made on grid. …snicker snicker, smirk smirk

            • They say that over the life of the typical solar panel, you don’t get much more electricity produced than it took to manufacture it. In some cases you get less.

        • The earth runs in cycles, High CO2, low O2 and vice versa. Always has and always will. Pendulum swinging. Don’t worry about. There are plenty of other things to fret over that are much more deadly. If you live in Fla and it gets too hot, move to Wisconsin. There are plenty of options for those problems. Staying alive through the manmade socioeconomic collapse, now that’s going to be the kicker.

        • Anon, there is no global warming, but global cooling. You’ve been misled by the green people.

        • You guys calling out the global climate warming bullshit theories are correct. But, its worse than that. Its not even about “climate” or “warming”. The fact is its all about language and word magic. The climate is just a convienient tool to use as an object of fear.

          Global Warming = Global Taxing
          Climate Change = Tax Rate Change (Up!)

          It is so incredibly transparent that its not even a every good scam anymore. The scammers have totally lost and they are desperate.

          • Carbon Foot print= Carbon Tax

            • I suppose you Folks who think Global Warming is a Hoax also think Pollution is a Hoax too? There is hardly a body of water in our Country that the Fish are off the charts in massive doses of Mercury and other pollutants, which is lethal and can cause birth defects and in developing children’s brains. Pregnant woman are advised not to eat certain fish, especially the bottom feeders. Coal fired plants are the biggest polluting culprits, which many are located on rivers. Bodies of water carries a magnetic charge and acts like a magnet attracting much of these air pollutants, and sucks them down into the waterways which the fish consume through the food chain. It is very sad to see much of our clean water destroyed and our fish full of toxins. The Dead Brains who think Pollution or carbon is OK, needs to have their brains examined. Maybe they’ve been eating fish too often. This same air Pollution also causes the massive increase in asthma. These are hard facts nobody can dispute.

        • Global warming is a scam. The earth has been cooling since the 1990s. The government has been involved with falsifying data. That doesn’t count the temperature sensors they put by airport runways to skew the temperature data.

      11. one more way for them to be all up in your shit

        h t t p://finance.yahoo.com/news/facebook-friends-city-pays-officer-022300658.html

        if they can do it to a “teen” they can F with anyone this way

        • still think Face Book is the place to put all your thoughts ideas and shit?

          some adults get it..now
          but most kids are clueless and ripe for their rights to be trampled on ..and oh, they will

          • VRF, I never go to social media for anything. Can’t help but wonder what were people thinking when they got into the facebook crap.

            • I know, glad I never bit that worm

          • Face Book Tax?

          • FBI = Face Book Inc. Anybody on this site posting their mug and personal Info deserves to be exploited.

      12. The ex middle class is stumped. They stay high and drunk in their trailers and tenements, pissed off at what Obama “did”. They can’t see the forest for the graffiti and burned out, trashed cars.

        They can’t afford a two liter of Mountain Dew and a bucket of Popeyes since the inflation hammer hit. They are buying ammo for some sort of “reset” and after that a return to business as usual.

        They can’t seem to understand there will be no “reset”. The easy cheap oil is gone.


        All that will be left is slashing, rooting, suffering and death.

        Rust and depletion never sleep.

        • We can get 600,000 guys together at Sturgis for a Harley rally. What does the average NASCAR crowd run, 100K people? Pro football also draws large groups too.


          We’re all pissed beyond pissed, (except Glen Beck)!!!!

          We all see where this is going.

          Christians, Whites, Blacks, Rednecks, ex-military. Young Libertarians and old Conservatives.

          Don’t run and hide in your “Bug Out” location,


          I’m not writing this to get some crappy thumbs up. I’ve read this blog for years waiting for Kevin, Smoke’n Okie, Braveheart, BI, VRF, Walt, Facebook, Epp, Barn Cat, WWTI, Educated Sinner, Sgt. Dale ……anybody to become a leader.

          • We don’t need a leader. Leaders can be killed or discredited because they are human and have flaws just like the rest of us. And movements have a way of being hijacked by those who are unscrupulous or have a hidden agenda.

            What would be better is an organic, leaderless revolt like the Taliban have in Afghanistan. There is no real leader to target and they are the stronger for it. They have an ideology though; ours should be liberty and nonaggression unless force has been initiated against us. Rational Anarchy, or whatever label you want to call it. Having the liberty to be left alone by wanna-be do-gooders if that is what one desires.

            When the time comes, plenty will step up to the plate to do what needs to be done; we should be doing our part to ensure that their is a coherent philosophy underlying why we will fight, and what will replace the hydra-like monstrosity that government at all levels represents. It would be a tragedy if after much bloodshed and destruction we have only changed one set of masters for another, more brutal set.

            • Your idea reminds me of the ending chapters of Patriots by JWR and how they did NOT want a leader when all the militias and patriots had to unite and go to war against the military

          • I am thinking more of a star chamber.. pool resources and then decide what asshole needs to be whacked.

          • Have another Beer!! lol

          • I dont need to be any ones “Leader”

            ya’ll can do it with out me..
            Im just here to voice my opinions and bitch..lol

            seriously , one person cant do it.. and you know this , so expecting “one of us” to bail this out is ludicrous in thought

            so, why not you? Beer Gut, why not you
            Im waiting for you to take the lead

        • Drink your quart of Old Mr. Boston after you post, not before.

      13. Over 4th of July weekend there was like 60 Shootings, 14 dead. Coom-bi-ya Muther f-er

        Chicago – Gun violence mars July 4th weekend in Chicago

        CHICAGO — At least 14 people were killed and dozens more wounded in Chicago over the holiday weekend, breaking a relative lull in a city that has been fighting a high-profile battle against the scourge of gun violence.

        Chicago has been under scrutiny since 2012, when it was the only city in the nation to record more than 500 homicides. This year, Chicago had 172 homicides through June 30 — nine fewer than the same period last year and 82 fewer than during the first six months of 2012.

        34% of Blacks in Chicago’s Cook County were on Food Stamps in 2009. Probably closer to 50% now 5 yrs later. How’s that Hopey Changey werking for ya?? Everybody in Chicago gots Obama Phone, Obama Phone.

        • WWT, It’s probably the Klans fault.

        • For the record, not one gun in the city of Chicago has ever fired a round all by itself. There is no gun violence, but there are violent people using guns.

          When they twist the language, call them on it. Keep on doing it.

      14. They the “Black Community” say illegal’s entering the US. Well, until they stop thinking that they are afro-Americans, it will never stop. The hatred has just continued, 400 years of BS; NOBODY alive went thru the atrocities that occurred. I am Indian, so do not preach to me. I call it like I see it. Get off welfare, EBT’s, etc., and stand on your own two feet if you feel misused or misguided. Life is a B___h and then you marry one, then divorce one, and then die peacefully. Take you own life in your hands, IF MS-13 is giving you issues, then as a community you give them more. Life will stop, slow for NO ONE…………….

        • You want to see half of America get back to work. Cut off all Food Stamps and Welfare.

      15. OFF TOPIC (slightly)

        Hey you high folks in Denver, there’s a case of the fucking PLAGUE in your town! Wow, take another puff, that’s it. I’d be watching out for the rats, no, not the government kind, but the one’s with fur, because that way of dying isn’t in the Top 10 choices of any folks I know.

        Keep allowing those illegals with their pet rats for neighbors….just saying…

      16. Why are these “species” complaining about the actions/inactions of their “species”? After all, being the same species it the only reason these low information “species” voted for him in the first place. So shut your pie holes and suffer the consequences with the rest of us who pay for your food.

      17. Well I bet all those middle class liberal white folk are feeling sort of stupid right about now……….

        Jesus is it just me or does JRS seem upbeat today……and yes JRS there will be a reset…….

        Christine Lagarde head of the IMF said that we need one badly, and apparently 204 countries have signed up for it……….looks like a done deal to me…………might even see it before the end of the month……………..

      18. Amazing, negro’s waking up, too little, too late. Karma be upon you oh exalted negro’s.

      19. “RACE” I vomit large amounts of disgust each time I hear or read that word, more like destroy… crutch… how about americans.

        • Damn “Racist” see, the disgust…

        • The “left” has bastardized that word to now be meaningless. They use it at their political opponents as a nuclear weapon meant to silence them. It’s even now to the point where a liberal, or black can say something racist towards a white and they see no racism…. Guilty white liberals, hell bent on trying to make amends and allow this assault….

          • I have no guilt because I didn’t do anything. It was the Spanish that conquered Aztecs and Mayans and later brought slaves to the Brazil area. The Spanish Inquisition is about to head into phase II….they need to be good Catholics and repent….

          • America’s Great Experiment of Socialism has failed. Time to pull the plug and start over.

            • Industrial electricians call pulling the plug “the North American Hard Reset”. Spread the word.

      20. All the while these small sub group issues go on, the USA is being destroyed from within and the working class is being reduced to nothing.
        The border invasion is going to take us down rapidly. It aint just Central Americans coming in.

        Remember 9/11 is less than 2 months away.

      21. Obviously, the insurgent TEA Party group has infiltrated this unsuspecting Chicago black group. Either that,or they’re clearly a racist group. After all, how can you possibly criticize a black president and not be a racist……? (Sarc off)…..

      22. Fact is, most black Americans are actually just that – “Americans”.
        Obama – well, the jury’s still out on him.

        • Very true. All people who came here and played the game legally are Americans. My last name is Spanish. I am mixed of course, as most Americans are, but surname is Spanish. Those rules are changing today. I guess we have an elite need for a certain group. Why not bring in thousands of poor Romanians? Are they not important?

        • Bill Clinton has to be laughing his Ass off about now, still claiming to to be America’s first and only Black President.

      23. I watched Jon Voight on Huckabee last nite. Voit stated that Obama will start a race war. Now the republicans are not one bit better than the dems. Also it is a true fact the majority of blacks are lazy and most Mexicans will work circles around everyone else. the folks pictured are just mad because their a part of the free shit army. they don’t want to share their freebees and minority status with any other race. now to be honest a large number of white sheeple are also part of the free shit army. I call them wiggers. Bill Clinton never worked & produced a day in his life. His daddy died and he drew a social security check as long as he was in school & college. Then he got elected Arkansas attorney general. then governor his policy was to tax & Spend. The spending was a redistrubition from the Makers to the takers. He raised vehicle licence fees in 1978. and in 1980 Frank White beat him for governor. The Clintons for two years where now longer gorging themselves at the public trough. They where broke & homeless and mooched off friends for two years. They later repaid those friends by stabbing them in the back. in 1982 Clinton by hook crook lies & deciet regained the governors office. and you all know the rest. Bill Clinton is a poster example of a taking parasite wigger who has gorged himself at the public trough. That last guy stating that Clinton was the black president says it all!

        • Old Guy, everything you say about the Clintons is true. On occasion I do here something about some white people being part of that free shit army, but I’ve never seen any proof of it anywhere. I’ve never seen a white woman with an EBT card or the old food stamps anywhere. I’ve only seen blacks, Hispanics, Muslims, etc. with EBT cards. I’ve always been under the impression that white people could not get on any of those programs, but they damned sure expect out tax money to finance them.

          • ‘fraid I have to contradict. There are white women in my country that are on EBT now. The EPA has forced the shutdown of the only major industrial installation here, and 1000 jobs are gone. This in a county with only 15,000 total population, and with a miniscule percentage of non-whites. Being in United Miner Workers territory, it also has voted Democrat from time immemorial. Oh, the irony, it burns!

        • Old guy, I agree about the Clintons, but are you sure that white people can be part of that free shit army? I’ve never seen any white people on any of those programs anywhere. Never saw a white woman with ebt card or even the old food stamps anywhere, but I do know they expect our tax dollars to keep paying for all of it.

          • To Mac and everyone else, I’m sorry about the triple posts. I was having trouble trying to get the first 2 to go through.

          • Go to the Walmart at Pocahontas Ar on the first of the month. you will see about95 % of the EBT card users are white sweat hog women. and they will have crossbred children in tow.and the whole time they will be yakking on their Obama phone. The White wiggers in Memphis shop out of town where you don’t see them. I would guess 30% of the white are part of the free shit army. They are the ones who voted for obammy.

            • I wouldn’t worry about the wiggers and other EBT queens. WTSHTF, they will get what they have coming to them, and they will have to root, hog, or die like the rest of us. I have a real issue with the upper class yuppie DINK crowd; those were the ones who are the Fearless Leaders greatest supporters, and with the education and privilege they received they ought to have known better. But they will also get what they deserve, because when the EBT cards stop working, their fancy six figure incomes will also vanish like farts in the wind, and they are even less prepared for what will happen than the welfare hordes, who after all are used to poverty and violence/petty criminality.

          • I have seen white people on ebt. I used to be a cashier at wallyworld over a year ago here in South Dakota and there are a good amount of folks with ebt cards. I would say the majority of ebt card holders were Native American but that is going to open up a whole new can of worms. Meaning that the area I live in has not done much to break the cycle of dependence for these guys. The way i see it is that there is no motivation for them to do anything else when the locals are only going to give them crap jobs- so why try. Heck, I am a retired educated Veteran and couldn’t get a fair shake so I definitely feel their pain. I also had co-workers who had to be on ebt which was really hard for me to deal with and was one of the reasons I ended up quitting. Apologies for any typos, etc. I am on my iPad and it’s as bad as trying to text……

      24. What do all those school children who sang the, “Obama Song”, think now. Confused?

      25. ***** EBOLA UPDATE *****

        As Ebola stalks West Africa, medics fight mistrust, hostility


        “The MSF treatment center at Gueckedou, 650 kilometers (400 miles) southeast of Conakry, was monitoring only one suspected case. Two weeks ago it had been treating around 25 Ebola patients.

        But this was not, Poncin warned, because the disease was waning, but because he believed “dozens” of suspected cases were hiding out from medical teams in the surrounding forest region.

        “What we are now seeing are villages closing themselves off, not allowing us to enter, sick people hidden in the community. They don’t come and seek healthcare any more,” he said.”

        probably a very safe assumption that EBOLA is MUCH more widespread than official figures show

        • Interesting H.S. is looking for roll players for African missions and this is not church folks…..

          MMMMMMMMMMM??????? WHATS IN THE WIND?????????????

        • Satori, delighted to hear ebola is spreading in Africa,natures revenge for all of the murdered Boers.

          • Slick one – then you are a damn fool! Can you not see what anyone with eyes to see, ears to hear, and a brain to think can see?

            1. This outbreak began in the same area and at the same time as a most “generous” measles vaccination scheme from the NWO. It’s not a virus native to this region of the continent and is not a strain previously encountered in it’s wild state.

            2. The locals who after all have the most up to date information to hand are just implementing the exact same infection control that any of us Westerners with sufficient warning would take given half the chance. OPSEC, isolation & quarantine procedures are being practiced by individual families, villages and communities where ever possible. They are refusing point blank to drink the kool aid on offer.

            3. Given that this particular strain has a 90% fatality rate, and that there are conflicting opinions on transmission methods – if your block was so far uninfected would you welcome a bunch of foreign “experts” to come and patronise you or would you cut down a few trees to bar entrance to your community? Only a total fool would open their gates and call “come on in”.

            4. This is truly a disease where once infected leaves you at the mercy of our Lord most High as to whether you survive. What possible benefit could there be in allowing your loved one to become a human guinea pig in the midst of their final suffering for the benefit of some NWO scientist? A Godly person would wish to ensure that the infection remained within their own walls and would not give the foreign “aid workers” the opportunity to spread such a deadly contagion to their friend or cousin’s town or village.

            It’s a pilot! Instead of abusing those at the front line of the war upon humanity we should be learning all the lessons we can from them as we await our own turn at the monstrous game that is Agenda 21. This virus or a variant of it will eventually arrive on our own shores either by accident, (most likely via a laboratory error) or more likely given the current border situation by deliberate design (via a naive but well meaning medical worker from the infected region).

      26. Ebola outbreak in West Africa now the largest on record


        “There has been “a gross misjudgment across the board in gauging the severity and scale of damage the current Ebola outbreak can unleash,” the aid group Plan International warned earlier this month.

        “There are no cases from outside Africa to date. The threat of it spreading though is very much there,” said Dr. Unni Krishnan, head of disaster preparedness and response for the aid group.”

        “Doctors Without Borders says it fears the number of patients now being treated in Sierra Leone could be “just the tip of the iceberg.” Nearly 40 were reported in a single village in the country’s east.”

      27. How proud the African American community should of our current President.A fine intellectual,sophisticated,well spoken young man that would make a fine president along with HIS QUEEN.They have done to advance the cause of race equality and advancement then any white president could have.I know he will continue show favor of the people that help raise him to power,HOW IS THAT HOPE AND CHANGE WORKING OUT FOR YOU BUD !

      28. ATTENTION PREPPERS IN ARIZONA: at 7 am tomorrow in Oracle,AZ ICE will transplant 60-70 illegal kids at theElementary school. There will be a protest there. I will be there,I would like to see you there,too.

        • South,you paying for me plane tickets and giving me a room to crash in?We just camping out at site let me know,will bring bugout Molle.

        • Most schools need property taxes. Might be time to borrow on home and go into debt. Can’t pay taxes? Well just let them have another home where nothing is earned but services are needed….

      29. who are you more afraid of?
        the government
        terrorists ?

        From 2004: “Army Test in 1950 May Have Changed Microbial Ecology”


        the government has been experimenting on us proles for quite a while now

      30. posted for your consideration

        You Want a Solution? Try Not to Get Hurt When It Collapses, Then Start Over


        “Once the deadwood piles high enough, the random lightning strike ignites a fire so fast-moving and so hot that it cannot be suppressed, and the entire financial system burns to the ground.”

      31. Check out jimstonefreelance dot com for some answers on >how< they are really getting here. They are arriving south of the border by bus. Most likely courtesy of your tax dollars.

        1) To overload the welfare system
        2) To cause a pandemic which will cause the crisis they need to force vaccinations (containing ????).
        3) To bring in gangs, muslim terrorists, etc., to increase violent crimes and possible terrorists attacks.
        4) To cause outrage to hopefully break the camel's back
        5) All the above to give them the overall crisis they need to extend totalitarian methods and to bring in martial law and we know where it goes from there.

        • They are also being flown in to El Paso direct from (Honduras? Guatamala?) according to the local newspaper there. Flown in? Like, man, who paid for the fuel?

          BTW it’s a shorter plane ride back to Central American than it is to San Diego. Go figure.

          And now we have Juan McVain, the top pro-amnesty Republican in the Senate, bloviating that “these kids must be sent back”. Why is his nose not a yard long?

      32. It’s just ashamed that the blacks woke up to late, and just discovered what they voted for.

        Odumbo has deserted them just like he did the rest of Americans, HE HAS THE LATINOS for the voting now.

        The blacks are dying in Chicago because the don’t have the weapons the Mexicans have. Arm the blacks let the take back their city.

        Screw MS13 ship their asses back to Mexico.

        • Waste of time shipping them to Mexico. They’ll be back here in 48 hours.

          I know it would be cheaper to ship them by slow boat to Ascension Island, or Diego Garcia. I just know it.

      33. TOO F…..ING LATE. His supporters are unhappy because they don’t get more free stuff and they feel the reduction is coming. I care less about anyone who voted for him even though the the current Republicans are not much different than the garbage we have in charge of the country. The entire system is corrupt as long as the BANKSTERS and multi national Corps are selecting our Government.

        • Eh,soon enuff tech will come out to beat/confuse the bullets.

        • Not possible as physics proves if the bullet has to change directions then booster rockets or some other kind of propulsion will have to be implemented because of lost momentum. Don’t believe all the hype from those Darpa assholes, they are just funding pigs hoping for the next big government paycheck around worthless product development.

          • Dittos. As described, they are only adjusting trajectory by a few feet at a mile. And how do you control a steering force when the bullet is rotating at 70,000 RPM anyway?

          • Oh, I get it. Clickbait for Gizmodo.com

      34. I think Obammy’s current solution to the various crisis – including the border crisis – says everything ….

        He went on ANOTHER vacation … this time 15 days on Martha’s Vineyard …

        It’s a freaking joke …..

      35. I wonder how long before these people who spoke out will get SWAT raids at 3 am based upon anonymous tips?

        • They won’t waste their time and money on SWAT raids on them. They’ll just ‘turn off’ their cards and laugh. It’s the plantation owners’ way.

      36. If you are the President of united states; you’re father should be the Constitution, and your spouse should be the citizens. Protect and love your spouse, and obey your daddy. Obama behaves like a bastard child. No father to answer to, so he does whatever he wants. He also is a philandering whore-monger who gets it on with anyone without care to his spouse. The citizen-spouse is ignored and spurned for whatever little number he can score. The down-low, backdoor man, has no moral rudder for guidance. Be prepared.

      37. Daisy k. You mentioned that Blacks and Hispanics are not natural allies. you see, Hispanics don’t want to get too involved with Blacks because they are afraid if they had children together, the children would be too lazy to steal.

        • I was wondering when someone would bring that old joke up.

          It used to be true, when most mexicans were thiefs.

          Speaking of mix-breeding; when i was trucking to Los Angeles a few years back, I came to the realization that many of the Hispanic and Asian communities overlap.

          Evidently they have no problem with mix race sex cause I saw a lot of beautiful hispanic looking women with slightly slanted eyes. Some were drop dead gorgeous girls, with the most beautiful skin.

          When i told the little woman I was bringing one back to the east coast with me, she said; “You better bring one that can speak English and doesn’t have a problem with cleaning and working in the garden, and oh yea, shoveling horse shit”!

          End of story.

          • Lots of the native American people have Asian type features. And yes indeed many women of every race are very beautiful. however I would rather have a woman who is pretty on the inside.

            • Asians have squinty eyes, developed over centuries, before they invented sunglasses.

      38. Obullshit is the second coming of Jimmy Carter. This time he is just wore than Jimmy.
        Remember Jimmy Carter is JC.

        I can remember Ike. and Obullshit wouldn’t make a pimple on any of the Prez. before him.

        I didn’t like this turd when he was elected the first time because he promised too damn much to too many people.

        Being a Cop also helped me see that he was lying with every word he spoke.

        I say kick all of his scum out of DC. This includes his cabinet, and the rest of the Commie Turds in the house and senate.

        Was told of a bumper sticker on a pick up that had a picture of Obullshit and said.



        • Jimmy put on his sweater and sat by the firelight looking very presidential. A haughty ass, who felt he was “above” others who elected him and could talk down to them and present his fireside chat as those of a bedtime dream. HE SHOULD BE PULLED FROM HIS HOME, TARRED AND FEATHERED AND RAN THROUGH THE STREETS OF ATLANTA!EVEN AS OLD AS THAT SOB IS! HIS WIFE SHOULD BE TAKEN OUT AND BANISHED TO MEXICO TO LIVE IN POVERTY FOR HER ALLEGIANCE!

          • Carter was a saint compared to Obama.

        • Thx Sgt, That was pretty funny you talking about telling the truth consider you are a Cop. LMFAO
          The facts are: Jimmy Carter was the most honest Pres out there compared to all the rest that followed him. People just didn’t like to hear the truth.

          • Then they DEFINETELY should not listen to your no life ass.

      39. I actually think the president is doing the right thing: the black/white narrative has been a huge burden on the American psyche and is holding the country back from joining the 21st century. Having a population that is more tilted towards Asia and to Latin America, will introduce new blood and vitality into the US. A smaller, proportionally, black American population would unburden the country from the shackles of the slave narrative. A few less white ‘crackers’ would also not be a bad thing.

        I see a dynamic America down the road, with a majority Asian and Hispanic population and forward looking.

        • Your Kool-Aid is spiked with cyanide, me thinks.

          • Populations can stagnate and get into virtuous negative feedback loops. Thus is the slave/master mentality that has scared the American psyche for three centuries. With a new population, that can become history. Bringing in the diversity and energy of Asia and Latin America, America will be renewed for the 21st century.

            • But we will lose something in the process. Many will not know what it is for they never had it.

            • Frank your full of crap. the fact is that if every other race on the planet disappeared overnite. tomorrow the white race would have fewer problems. if all the whites disappeared the other races would have more problems than ever. The main reason the united states became the Titian among all the rest of the world. Is that the white race was in charge. White leaders won out freedom from the English and their paid henchmen. white men defeated the natives and made the west safe for the immigrants to homestead. those homesteaders where mostly white. and they turned this country into the bread basket of the world. Its appaling what the welfare commies have done to all the citizens. all those freebees have done is harm those who received them. America is not the melting pot. It is still the salad bowl we can still identify all the different races. Find one black man who could win at stock car racing.

              • Old Guy, your ignorance and blatant racism are an embarrassment to the rest of us who happen to share your skin color. I don’t imagine someone of your level of ignorance does much reading but should you happen to use a book for something other than a source of paper for your cigarettes you should read Jared Diamond’s “Guns, Germs, and Steel”.

                White European civilization’s success at colonizing most of the planet had far more to do with geology which determined agriculture, mineral wealth, and immunity to communicable diseases, than some inherent racial superiority. The fact that Asian cultures are eating us for lunch economically, now that there is equal access to resources and knowledge, shows that we are not as superior as we like to believe we are.

                And by the way, it is Titan, not Titian.

                • Moon since you cannot refute the facts I presented. and you don’t like my message you resort to the lame thing all liberals try to do. you attack the messenger. Those blacks in Africa never got beyond inventing anything more than a sharpened stick. At least the native americans made stone tools and bows & arrows ect. The Asians do believe in keeping their race pure. that’s something the white race needs to address. Those japs that believed that the emperior was god? we shure showed them a thing or two at with our bombs. We ended WWII pronto! And now those same jap fuck ups. are letting the nuclear meltdown poison their island and the pacific ocean. Really smart?

                  • Old guy, I have to agree with both of your posts. Moon has also had too much of that commie koolaid.

                • And, it’s geography, not geology.

                  Tell us another one about Europeans’ immunity to disease, wasn’t the Guinea Coast called The White Man’s Grave? European mineral wealth? Meaning coal? They colonized the rest of the world for it’s gold, silver, tin, copper, etc., all the coal did for them was run the factories in Europe.

                  Culture is the overriding determintant in destiny, not geography.

                  Jared Diamond is good at popularizing history, but his conclusion that the obvious superiority of Western culture is merely due to it’s location on the planet is not supported by factual analysis and is widely denigrated as relativist claptrap.

                  • @Smokey says,

                    Since you appear to actually have read GG&S then you can appreciate that those other factors are important determinants in the destinies of nations. You arrived at different conclusions than I did; I believe that culture is influenced by geography and resources.

                    One could look at the relative backwardness of Europe at the time of the First Crusade; by comparison the Arabs were far superior in terms of culture and technology. After all, from the Arabs we would get algebra, navigation, and metallurgy. The last was particularly important to future development of the West.

                    Judging our superiority or their backwardness based upon modern examples whereupon we dominate the world through force and intimidation while crowing this proves the superiority of our race and religion, is foolish. Destinies are determined in part by culture it is true, but that culture is determined by geography and available resources. And destinies are also as much historical accidents as inevitable outcomes of cultural and martial superiority. If Genghis Khan had not had the misfortune of dying when he did, his armies about to breach the gates of Vienna might have continued onward to the English Channel, and we would be writing these comments in Mongolian if at all.

                    But I digress, I despise racism based upon nothing but misguided ignorance and poor upbringing.

                  • Arab technology did beat Europe’s for a while, but the Islamic culture could not sustain it beyond the 12th century, it is incapable of it. Western culture was better able to adapt and use technology.

                    All cultures intertwine and share. Cultures that succeed are those that support the individual, rational thought, and the rule of property and law. Our western culture is declining with the suppression of those elements, that much is clear.

                    Those principles are absent from much of the world, then and now.

                    Also, if the Pope had allied with the Mongols in the 13th century instead of refusing the offer, Islam would no longer exist. ‘What if’ scenarios don’t mean much when it comes to making a point.

                  • The Arabs actually invented nothing, except the murderous religion of Islam.

                    Metallurgy we get primary from the Celts and the Germans, with an admixture from India. (The Chinese actually had an iron industry, but it was suppressed by political correctness 1500 years ago. Yup!)

                    Algebra and the so-called Arabic numerals, and the concept of zero also came from India.

                    The alleged brilliance of Arab architecture is mpossible to find in the archaeological record.

                    Navigation? Never heard that one before. What little they may have had was probably cribbed from the Greeks.

                    Try getting into “Mohammed and Charlemagne Revisited”, by Emmet Scott. A recapitulation of the ideas of Henri Pirenne, circa 1920, but ignored and ridiculed until recent archaeology has proven him largely correct.

                    So many so-called historians use only secondary and tertiary source, through which they wander, cherry-picking what they think will sell books. (I refer again to Diamond, but even Gibbon was more of a reader than a researcher.)

                • Jared Diamond’s book is a crock. Read it three times. Second and third time trying to see if I missed something. I didn’t. He didn’t even think up his main theses, which come from William McNeill, except that McNeill harbored no illusions about all races being equally intelligent. Diamond wrote the book to suit the prejudices of Rousseauian liberals, knowing that they would eat it up on toast, and make him a potful of money. As an anthropologist he ranks right up there with Steven King and E.L. James.

              • There you go again Old Man Ignorant as a slug. The White man slaughtered the Indians and stole their land. You been watching too many John Wayne cowboy westerns. Thanks for the laugh though. My white English ancestors sailed and landed in Boston Harbor in 1638, only 20 years after the Pilgrims landed, and well before this land became the USA. Read some history sometime, and understand and how we got here. Not that slanted dumbed down 6th grade public school history class. Made it safe for the white man. sheesh!!

                • Actually the White man and the natives got along pretty well until the French & England started a kind of cold war. both sides enlisted the help of natives to kill the other. scalping was invented by the whites for proof to collect a bounty. White mans diseases & destruction of game habitat forced the natives west. the Sioux where newcomers on the plains. However those who had long been on the plains the apachie commanchie, Arapaho ect.they where born bred &raised to be killers. It was a warrior society. and the osage weren’t anyone to mess with also. Now my ancestors left Europe for land. they homesteaded land in the west. they fed their familys and created a surplus on 160 acres. Its simply the Indians fault for being on our land before we got here. Its come full circle Now the land owning making producing white & black middle class is at the same place that the natives where at in the late 1800,s. We have a government that no longer needs or wants us. Our land is desired by a flood of strange invaders. Oh and get this my wife is a large percentage native American. her female native ancestors creek & Cherokee where taken or ran away from the forced march on the trail of tears when it traveled through the Ozarks. they married men who had settled on land grants received for their service in the war of 1812. The war with the natives was unavoidable. The coming race war & ethnic cleansing is also unavoidable. And Im not really certain of the outcome. I worry for my grandchildren. And that is the difference. These folks who would send their children here to a unknown fate. And those baby daddys who breed several women and don’t take care of their offspringect. all they care about is themselves. those in government who willingly rack up debt that will burden the futures productive. they don’t worry about anyones grandchildren. they are selfish parasites. Too many parasite takers and too few producing makers is not sustainable. And world wide that is the case. and the parasite takers are predominately a race other than white. Its possible the white race will become extinct. If that happens the whole planet will be turned into places like the middle east, mexico, south America ect. Without whites the whole planet will become a homoginious third world planet. imagine every country being like Haiti.

                  • Scalping was NOT invented by the whites. Archaeological studies proved years ago, without a shadow of doubt, that the North American aboriginals were scalping each other wholesale hundreds of years before any whites got here.

                    “War Before Civilization” – Lawrence H. Keeley, Oxford University Press, copyright 1992.

                    Jeeez, do I have to do ALL the reading for this forum?

            • FT, you’re hopelessly addicted to that commie koolaid. I don’t want a NEW America. I want the OLD America back and I think everyone else here wants that too. That’s what I’ll be fighting for.

      40. Sad but true… These folks think BHO is one of their own, and he isn’t. He grew up in Hawaii and Indonesia, and if they haven’t figured out yet he HATES ALL AMERICANS, all hope is lost for them.

      41. Some folks finally figuring out obama policies a disaster,really?!Just now?!Think a moment,are you sure it isn’t bushs fault?!As for worst potus ever,well,lincoln&fdr come to mind.He may be potus during the final ponzi crash brought to us by both parties along with apathetic voters.Ike warned the country about the mic,folks didn’t act.

      42. Ok, I got down past all of the responses at this point to say this, “we are not guaranteed a damn thing here on this planet”. What you make, is only good to those who are close by you. If you touch others by your words others may be affected in a positive or negative light. Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess……I don’t know what else to say.

      43. Obama is a punk. He takes his orders, just like 98% of our national politicians from the CFR/Bildibergers/TLC. The primary goal is to destroy national sovereignty globally but primarily here in the US.

        • As I keep repeating – the Zaphod Beeblebrox pResident. Placed on the throne not to wield power, but to draw attention away from it. Like Zaphod, he is supremely good at his job.

      44. Come on Is It True, quit holding back and tell us what you really feel, quit beating around the bush. That’s the problem, nobody says what they really think anymore! 🙂

      45. Its off topic. A groundhog has dug under the fence and has been eating the leaves from my sweet potatoes. I found his burro entrance. I set a large conibar body grip trap. its likely we will be eating ground hog. Maby we could build human size body grip traps and bait them with watermelon- tacos and shiney bling?

        • Old Guy,

          The squirrels are eating my tomatoes. Not even starting to get ripe, but here are the squirrels, anyway. They get worse every year.

          • DaisyK ,
            Throw a few moth balls around the garden perimeter. The squirrels hate them.
            Worked for me a few years ago. If that fails there is always the stew pot.

            Semper Fi 8541

          • @DaisyK

            Since we cannot always be setup with camo and tripod and laser sight, here is a humane choice that works 24/7 and nobody dies. Motion activated jet sprinkler heads take aim at pesky squirrels. Best part is your tomatoes get some water!

            h t tp://www.havahart.com/

            Hope this helps.

          • squirrel are very good eating.

          • Seriously?
            dam, Ive never had our squirrels eat anything out of my gardens ..

            here is possibly why, my wife feeds them..;-)

          • Put chicken wire around your Tomato plants. Including the top.

        • Old Guy

          Pour a little gasoline into the hole.
          He and his kin will leave immediately and never return.
          Just be prepared for him to quickly exit some where,
          Usually another hole.
          Take care and good luck.
          Not One More Inch

          • He and his kin will leave immediately and never return? And wherever they leave to they will dig holes and maybe destroy someones elses crops. nope I kill every varmit whenever I get the chance. Im not some touchy feely mamby pamby . I am a killer. I kill when necessary. Im not a sportsman I hunt for the meat.

            • My solution, my BOL being rural, was 45 grains at 2100 fps. First year I got seven. Second year six. Last year just three. Have not seen a one this year, and all the old trails thru the bracken to my garden have grown shut. On holes I can get to I have been using another old farmer’s trick, filling their holes with woodstove ash during the winter. I think the lye that leaches out of it may be the active deterrent.

              A neighbor in Michigan used to slide a hose down the hole as far as it would go, the empty a gallon jug of ammonia. But I don’t think that worked, because I was still sniping ‘chucks for him after several years of that.

        • If you can, capture the groundhog’s burro alive, you will have a very useful beast of burden.

          • Or you can make chorizo, which in Mexico is mainly donkey and goat meat.

        • Conibar 330’s with fried chicken bones as bait, works good for the breeding stray cats in the hood, that was killing all the song birds for entertainment. Thus the phrase. “Curiosity Killed the Cat.” bwhahahahaaa

      46. NO, it’s 0 and his banana Holder’s black animus; straight from the Company sleeper cell, 0 is Poppy Bush’s Al CAPOne mob boss!

      47. Oh yea ? Well, they elected him; I sure as hell didn’t.

      48. Chicago got what they voted for.

      49. The man did not have the resume to become president. He was not experienced in foreign affairs, did not have enough time in the senate, and he does not understand the constitution. He has no regard for the will of the people because he uses presidential powers to get his way. Let’s not blame his failure on color. He was not qualified to be POTUS.

        • Let’s not confuse ourselves. The qualifications for the Presidency are clearly spelled out in the Constitution, and Obama met all of them, barring the issue of his foreign birth fraud.

          Obama is not capable of acting as a president should, that is clear.

          • Lets face the real reality.

            “Presidents aren’t elected they’re selected”.
            Franklin Delano Roosevelt

            GW Bush was home schooled; this guy was groomed.

      50. Its that good old statement from Abe Lincoln again about fooling people. Left or Right “The Establishment” sets the direction of policy which may appear populist in presentation but is always globalist in outcome. These policy’s always raise the developing world at the expense of the developed world. In order to maintain the illusion of self government the candidates take political positions usually in the social domestic area far away from their rival. The two forces gather the masses into the fray venting their opposition to the “other guy” (or soon to be girl). In the end regardless who is elected the globalist agenda moves forward.

        Food and Circus is only a piece of the control scheme. Making the masses believe that they actually control their destiny is another. Look out for trouble when the people figure out that they control nothing. This is a crack in that fortress wall.

        • Regardless of the above 90+% of the black community will vote for a fellow black for President if the opportunity presents itself regardless who they are.

          Justified or not the perception within the black community is that they have been slighted and bypassed. I have heard this statement several times in more or less these words, “The white MF ers have all the good jobs”. Its my observation that black racism against whites is largely fueled by jealousy. Much of white racism against blacks is actually fear.

      51. Cant remember when any president wasnt a bum. Cant some older people remind everyone on here that every president starts out as a great guy and ends up being ‘the bad guy’?????
        Even easier to blame this puppet,hes black!
        Hot damn ‘merikans! Y’all wake the ‘ell up! Sick en’ tired of shitty Obomba hate threads,gimme some intel on when shits gonna hit the fan,lets do somethin productive!
        SHEEEESH MAN!!!

      52. The problems in Chicago and Detroit, plus most of the so called great cities where blacks reside revolve around massive unemployment. This administration has no intention of spending none existing resources on job programs, instead they are encouraging mass illegal emigration to bring in a work force that is willing to take three dollars an hour for wages. The plan is to reduce and equalize this country to a third world status. What does this mean for you? It means that the
        S is HTF, in real time, and you’re already standing knee deep in it. Unfortunately this is only a prelude before a complete implosion of the economy. Zombie time. Can’t work, can’t eat, gotta steal. Told you so, but you didn’t read the writing on the wall, a while ago you were too busy blowing off firecrackers, spending your money on stupidity. Pretty soon your peanut butter and crackers are going to run out, and in about three days you will slowly but surely morf into a zombie. Who you gonna blame? You voted these sociopaths in and they robbed you blind. You should have been a prepper. Now when you reach into your pocket you will find your scrotum, not much of a weapon to protect your family. Sorry ain’t the word. OK, and when the dollar collapses what do you think will happen in the good old USA. Let’s be ruthlessly brief, TS will HTF, you will be up the river without a paddle. Your money will be about as worthless, and the beer and peanut butter in your refrigd will last only a few days. Like most Americans you will morf into a zombie, driven by hunger and thirst because you had your better half stuck up your lower half for the last ten years. So read up for free, get a copy of Yankee Anti-Zombie Survival Manual from AMAZON, 101 rules to save you and your family from disaster. Wanna live? Learn to read. Survive!

      53. A little long & older, but something to think about…
        Dear Mr. Ex President Clinton,

        I recently saw a bumper sticker that said, ‘Thank me, I voted for Clinton-Gore.’ So, I sat down and reflected on that, and I am sending my ‘Thank you’ for what you have done, specifically:

        1. Thank you for introducing us to Jennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky, Dolly Kyle Browning, Kathleen Willey, and Juanita Broderick. Did I leave anyone out?

        2. Thank you for teaching my 8 year old about oral sex. I had really planned to wait until he was a little older to discuss it with him, but now he knows more about it than I did as a senior in college.

        3. Thank you for showing us that sexual harassment in the work place (especially the White House) and on the job is OK, and all you have to know is what the meaning of ‘it’ is. It really is great to know that certain sexual acts are not sex, and one person may have sex while the other one does NOT have sex.

        4. Thank you for reintroducing the concept of impeachment to a new generation and demonstrating that the ridiculous plot of the movie ‘Wag the Dog’ could be plausible after all.

        5. Thanks for making Jimmy Carter look competent, Gerald Ford look graceful, Richard Nixon look honest, Lyndon Johnson look truthful, and John Kennedy look moral.

        6. Thank you for the 73 House and Senate witnesses who have pled the 5th Amendment and 17 witnesses who have fled the country to avoid testifying about Democratic campaign fund raising.

        7. Thank you, for the 19 charges, 8 convictions, and 4 imprisonment’s from the Whitewater ‘mess’ and the 55 criminal charges and 32 criminal convictions (so far) in the other ‘Clinton’ scandals.

        8. Thanks also for reducing our military by half, ‘gutting’ much of our foreign policy, and flying all over the world on ‘vacations’ carefully disguised as necessary trips.

        9 Thank you, also, for ‘finding’ millions of dollars (I really didn’t need it in the first place, and I can’t think of a more deserving group of recipients for my hard-earned tax dollars) for all of your globe-trotting. I understand you, the family and your cronies have logged in more time aboard Air Force One than any other administration.

        10. Now that you’ve left the White House, thanks for the 140 pardons of convicted felons and indicted felons-in-exile, many of which were covering for you in the White Water Scandal. We will love to have them rejoin society. (Not to mention the scores you pardoned while Governor of Arkansas)

        11. Thanks also for removing the White House silverware. I’m sure that Laura Bush didn’t like the pattern anyway. Also, enjoy the housewarming gifts you’ve received from your ‘friends.’

        12. Thanks to you and your staff in the West Wing of the White House for vandalizing and destroying government property on the way out. I also appreciate removing all of that excess weight (China,

        silverware, linen, towels, ash trays, soap, pens, magnetic compass, flight manuals, etc.) out of Air Force 1.

        The weight savings means burning less fuel, thus less tax dollars spent on jet fuel.

        Thank you!

        13. Please ensure that Hillary enjoys the $8 million dollar advance for her ‘tell-all’ book and you, Bill, the $10 million advance for your memoirs. Who says crime doesn’t pay!

        14. The last and most important point – thank you for forcing Israel to let Mohammed Atta go free.

        Terrorist pilot Mohammed Atta blew up a bus in Israel in 1986. The Israelis captured, tried and imprisoned him. As part of the Oslo agreement with the Palestinians in 1993, Israel had to agree to release so-called ‘political prisoners’. However, the Israelis would not release any with blood on their hands. The American President at the time, Bill Clinton, and his Secretary of State, Warren Christopher, ‘insisted’ that all prisoners be released. Thus Mohammed Atta was freed and eventually thanked the US by flying an airplane into Tower One of the World Trade Center. This was reported by many of the American TV networks at the time that the terrorists were first identified. It was censored in the US from all later reports. Why shouldn’t Americans know the real truth?

        What a guy!!

        If you agree that the American public must be made aware of these facts, pass this on. God bless America and THANK YOU (once again) for spending my taxes so wisely and frugally.


        A US Citizen

        PS. Please pass along a special thank you to Al Gore for ‘inventing’ the Internet, without which I would not be able to send this wonderful, factual e-mail.

        AND THE REST OF THE STORY Hillary Rodham Clinton, as a New York State Senator, now comes under the ‘Congressional Retirement and Staffing Plan,’ which means that even if she never gets reelected, she STILL receives her Congressional salary until she dies. (Would it not be nice if all Americans were pension eligible after only 4 years?)

        If Bill outlives her, he then inherits HER salary until HE dies. He is already getting his Presidential salary until he dies. If Hillary outlives Bill, she also gets HIS salary until she dies. Guess who pays for that? WE DO!

        It’s common knowledge that in order for her to establish NY residency, they purchased a million dollar-plus house in upscale Chappaqua, New York. Makes sense. They are entitled to Secret Service protection for

        life. Still makes sense.

        Here is where it becomes interesting. Their mortgage payments hover at around $10,000 per month. BUT, an extra residence HAD to be built within the acreage to house the Secret Service agents.

        The Clintons charge the Federal government $10,000 monthly rent for the use of that extra residence, which is just about equal to their mortgage payment. This means that we, the taxpayers, are paying the Clinton’s salary, mortgage, transportation, safety and security, as well as the salaries for their 12 man staff — and, this is all perfectly legal!

        When she runs for President, will you vote for her?

        How many people can YOU send this to?

        WAKE UP AMERICA………………

      54. Blacks always demand to be at the apex of the welfare state, and they will throw themselves on the floor in a tantrum if there’s any chance that another ethnic group might get a piece of “their” pie. Hence the “animus” against the new policy of throwing the black voters under the bus in the haste to corral the Mexican/Central American voters.

        Poor Mexicans and Central Americans, (don’t call them Latinos!), are the new tool of the elites, Democrat or Republican. They are a much more docile population than blacks, having been under the vicious rule of Adalusian conquerors for centuries.(There is still no significant middle class south of the Rio Grande. Just a ruling class of mostly Spanish blood, and a laboring class of at best mestizo blood.)

        Interesting to recall that Andalusia was the first Iberian region to be conquered by Islam, and the last to be freed. Today the bloody taint of Islam has worn off, but in the 15th and 16th centuries when Spain was running riot in the Americas it was still a fresh and vibrant tradition, that permanently dyed the social and political structures.

        • Race is not the issue, the ‘software’ of the mind is what matters. And if the software of the mind is full of slavery bugs, dependence, narrowed, then a population will not thrive economically and intellectually.

          You can do this experiment anywhere in the world: take a person and expose them to a lively environment of discourse, minus the negative feedback loop of welfare and dependency, and they will thrive. Throw them into the negative feedback loop of welfare dependency (think of the UK and parts of Europe) and they will mimic that social failure.

          The president is correct to dilute the negative feedback loop in the population in order to create a more prosperous future for America. Hard-working and high achieving Asians and hard-working Hispanics will drive future prosperity. ‘Welfare Queens’ will not drive future prosperity, no matter how much money you throw at them. Their software is too rotten and full of bugs and needing a re-write. The only way to deal with the issue is to overwhelm the ‘Queens’ until they are a very marginal and isolated social sub-group.

          • Frank your skin might be white. However like bill Clinton your a reincarnated black person in a white body. either that or you don’t know the meaning of what it is to be white. I owe it to my race and my heirs to be a producing making person. I owe it to my heirs to try and fight and right the wrongs the parasite takers & ignorant sheeple are doing to this country.

          • If race were not the issue, then we should have equal percentages of all races on welfare because we’re all living in the same society. But we don’t have anywhere near equal percentages. According to Pew Research, even though there are more white than black people in the US, in 2012 only 15% of the adults who had ever received food stamps were white, whereas 31% of the recipients were black, and 22% were Hispanic.

            As of the 2010 census, white was 72%, black was 12%, and Hispanic was 16% of the total population. How is adding more Hispanic supposed to dilute the welfare population based on these figures? Based on these figures, only adding more white people would tend to dilute the numbers on welfare.

            I’m not racist. I’m just stating facts.

            • Quoting welfare stats does not tell the whole story and you know it. Firstly, African Americans were brought to the US as slaves, not as free men. That was a disadvantage from the start. They were also subject to severe discrimination in every facet of life until the 1960s, not to mention basically evil eugenics experiments which are well documented. Ask any economist and they will tell you much of the wealth in society is hereditary: as in passed on from generation to generation. If a community is frozen out of that form of wealth creation for a very long time, then they will be at a disadvantage.

              I have seen with my own eyes what can happen when a person is allowed to get on in life without the burden of discrimination and a negative culture. You should open your eyes and travel some more and meet people of all races in different circumstances and see that we are capable of anything, but are often prisoners of circumstances.

              • I can see why some African-Americans of the past might be disadvantaged, but most of today’s Afr/Am young adults have been pampered, nurtured and supported by this “racist” society. It’s their choice to behave like degenerate animals.

          • There is no welfare in central Africa. Why are they not thriving?

            • Look up brain size and frontal lobe development by race in any medical web site. There is you answer. The Boers in South Africa farmed land there for hundreds of years providing food and had enough of a surplus to export as well. One the ANC took over killed the Boers, and Mugabe took over and killed the Boers and redistrubited their farms to the negroes…..now dey be asking da UN for food cause dey be starvin!

      55. Quite right It Is True, then when the rioting is happening have some B52’s loaded with napalm bombs, and puff the magic dragons brought in to supress the ghetto rioters. As a side benefit of such actions welfare, EBT, and disability check rolls could be purged most efficently. A win win situation. 🙂

      56. These people are clueless as to the real shit storm that is headed their way. To quote one of the great icons of that culture, “I pity the fool…”

      57. Blacks were making complaints, such as these, within days of BO’s first elctoral victory, because he couldn’t socialize the country fast enough.

        Before this border crisis had been contrived, conservatives were making fun of low-information voters, who thought “The One” would pay for their mortgage and car.

      58. Translation of bullish*t to English:

        “You should be giving that money to US!”

      59. Born and raised on the western edge of ‘Crook County’ IL in the ’50s, my neighbors were – compared to today’s ‘Whitehouse’, Attorney General and Federal agency CABAL trash – tough, straightforward ‘businessmen’ with whom the cities, courts, businesses and most everyone could work.

        Accardo, Ricca, Giancana – would have given GoBomb’em the ‘Joe Batters’ party invitation…

      60. Bill clinton was the black president? Bwahahaha.
        Because he lied, cheated and stole? Oh, well that makes sense now. BO hasn’t cheated on MO that we know of. Goooo culture

      61. Putting the blame for Chicago woes are the doing of Jesse Jackson because President Obama has nothing to do with him. Let’s something straight and accurate, Bill Clinton was NOT THE 1ST BLACK PRESIDENT! These folks are speaking out of anger. Neither Dem nor Republicans has the interest of black folks PERIOD!!!! Stop foaming at the mouth and get busy working out your own economic salvation. Don’t give bigot white folks the opportunity to continue to keep black folks discourage. Blacks have all the marketing tools to advance. Stop catering to bigot white folks. Stop catering to Jesse Jackson! Again, Bill Clinton is not a God and never had black voters best interest. Get busy black folks and work your future. Elizabeth Warren 2016, YES!!!!

        • Has anyone ever seen a photo of Clinton’s parents?

      62. Foolish to express anger describing Bill Clinton, “the 1st black president”. Not so and please stop saying it. Jesse Jackson been in Chicago as long as President Obama. He don’t nothing to create positive atmosphere for black children. You’re better than this Chicago, stop foaming at the mouth with anger and rise to the occasion to fix your communities. It obvious wealthy folks in Chicago has no interest investing in black youth. Anger against undocumented immigrations, yes, but to blame President Obama for black woes, WRONG! Democrats and Republicans don’t have black folks best interest. Rise up and fix your economic future.

      63. Maybe this is why he just bought a home in Hawaii. Maybe he’ll really become a Hawaii resident after all.

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