Putin’s Ukrainian Dilemma: Invade Ukraine Soon or Become the Obama of Eurasia

by | May 28, 2014 | Headline News | 151 comments

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    This article has been generously contributed by John Galt. Follow his John Galt FLA web site for essential news, informative analysis and a truly unique perspective on global happenings. Be sure to check out his widely popular The Day The Dollar Died series available for free online, as well as John’s latest The Year After the Dollar Died.

    OBAMA_v_PUTIN_SISSYvGUNjgflaThe news from the Ukraine tonight continues to defy reality with this Reuters story from May 14th and the events since the election yesterday:

    Ukraine holds talks to end crisis, rebels not invited

    Really? Does anyone involved in the talks sponsored by the SorosECBFedBoE pro-multinationalist corporatist movement would invite a bunch of Russian soldiers to discuss the future of uh, well, Russian people in the Eastern Ukraine? The problem they seek to address is not the crisis in the Ukraine, it’s bankster sponsored government, nor the crisis between the East and West; the problem is whether nationalism or globalism will reign supreme for the next two to four decades. That resolution rests in the hands of a former(?) KGB Colonel who might in fact destroy his own reputation with impotence instead of direct action.

    The numerous scenarios about a Russian invasion of the Eastern Ukraine have been painted on this website and thousands of others and while Russian speaking citizens continue to die, the inaction by Putin either indicates a calculated risk that he can seize the regions he desires with little if any military action or that the resolve of the West is so poor they will eventually give up in the face of economic warfare to be conducted from Moscow.

    I truly believe both parties have miscalculated after the annexation of the Crimea and continue to do so with the instability in the Donbas, Kharkov, Odessa, and throughout the Eastern Ukraine ongoing for well over a month plus at this time. Now the elections are complete and the new President-Elect Poroshenko apparently has no intention of working with Russia in a serious manner as his lip service to talks with Russia is also being met with a renewed and increased military attack on the rebel forces in Donetsk and surrounding areas today. The most critical part of Poroshenko’s statement about the future was highlighted yesterday after his election victory:

    “We will take unhesitating steps to implement the association agreement with the European Union.”

    This association can not be allowed to move forward or Vladimir Putin’s “red lines” will appear to make him into the Obama of Eurasia, a weak and impotent leader unable to deal with conflicts overseas, much less protect Russian speaking or ethnic citizens along his own border.

    The NATO strategy to put a wedge between Kiev and Moscow is well underway with this statement from the Karl Lamers, the head of the delegation of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly in this story via the Russian news service Interfax this morning:

    Poroshenko should become president of all Ukraine – NATO Parliamentary Assembly

    KYIV. May 26 (Interfax) – Karl Lamers, the head of the delegation of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly during the presidential elections conducted in Ukraine on May 25 considers the elections to be successful.

    Lamers also pointed out the role of the Ukrainian administration, which was able to organize the electoral process properly in a very difficult situation.

    The new president of Ukraine will have difficulties, but he should represent all Ukrainians and unite all Ukrainians, regardless of ethnic origin and language, he said.

    While this might sound like the mandatory lip service of Western wishful thinking to recreate the Ukrainian nation in its original form, Lamers overlooks the fact that Poroshenko does not recognize the annexation of the Crimea and will work to expand in increase ties with the EU and NATO if possible. A policy shift of this magnitude is all but daring Putin to occupy the Eastern Ukraine yet he will not move until the new Ukrainian President visits Moscow. After that visit however, Putin’s options will remain quite limited and the outcomes dire for all parties, worst of all for Russia and Putin:

    1. Putin does not act to protect Russian speaking citizens in the East and the Ukrainian military, with Western aid re-asserts control of its borders minus Crimea. This is the worst case scenario and Putin will become an Obama like joke to China, Iran, potential future Middle East allies in Egypt and Libya, and even to NATO’s European partners.

    2. Putin cuts off all economic aid including natural gas, foodstuffs, and other trade with Ukraine but does not invade militarily to secure the East. Once again he looks like an elderly white version of Obama to the world.

    3. Putin intervenes militarily and economic sanctions from the United States limit Putin’s ability to conduct business with Canada and the U.S. but Europe fails to join in the sanctions. The Eastern Ukraine is lost along with the areas on the Black Sea around Odessa including Transnistria, thus securing a sufficient buffer between NATO and the Russian homeland. The Ukrainian government screams for help but the West, especially Europe is powerless to intervene beyond lip service as usual.

    Of all the outcomes, the third one is the most likely as the weather is favorable to conduct limited combat operations, the Ukrainian military wants no part of a direct conflict with the Russians, and the Ukrainian government is bankrupt and unable to sustain combat for any more than a week tops. Logically speaking Vladimir Putin’s time to act is limited and a failure to due so will result in an impotent weakened Russia with little influence outside of its own borders.

    This article has been generously contributed by John Galt. Follow his John Galt FLA web site for essential news, informative analysis and a truly unique perspective on global happenings. Be sure to check out his widely popular The Day The Dollar Died series available for free online, as well as John’s latest The Year After the Dollar Died.

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      1. One way or another, it does not bode well for the rest of the world….

        • Sounds like our ‘world’ leaders….+

          An atheist was seated next to a little girl on an airplane and he turned to her and said, “Do you want to talk? Flights go quicker if you strike up a conversation with your fellow passenger.”
          The little girl, who had just started to read her book, replied to the total stranger, “What would you want to talk about?”
          “Oh, I don’t know,” said the atheist. “How about why there is no GOD, or no Heaven or Hell, or no life after death?” as he smiled smugly.
          “OK,” she said. “Those could be interesting topics but let me ask you a question first.
          A horse, a cow, and a deer all eat the same stuff – grass. Yet a deer excretes little pellets, while a cow turns out a flat patty, but
          a horse produces clumps. Why do you suppose that is?”
          The atheist, visibly surprised by the little girl’s intelligence, thinks about it and says, “Hmmm, I have no idea.”
          To which the little girl replies, “Do you really feel qualified to discuss why there is no GOD, or no Heaven or Hell, or no life after
          death, when you don’t know shit?”
          And then she went back to reading her book.

          • Good one eppe, which pretty much sums
            up the gist of my comment just below.

            • Putin currently HOLDS all the cards. He got what he wanted which is Crimea, the Black Sea Port and his LNG deal with China. He at this point doesn’t need the West including the EU. He decided to do business and move his resources East. That’s why he’s in the process of building 8 Nuke Plants in Iran. You haven’t heard a peep from Washington on that, have you?

              Both Russia and China are looking to kill off the USD as world reserve currency.

              • Putin is NOT BO. What is happening right now is what is called rope a dope. Thge idiotic ukrainian president is doing exactly what Putin wants, cause a reason in the world’s eyes for a Russian invasion. Sacrifice a few for the higher gain. Cold, but calculating. Putin is no fool, he understands what a NATO Ukraine means, 800 miles of border with your enemy right up your ass. This is the sxame area that Napolean and Hitler came into Russia through. Letting NATO have Ukraine is absolute suicide for Russia. It would be extremely costly also to have to station troops on 800 miles of border. No buffer zone = Russia has already lost the war without a shot being fired.

                All one has to do is look how fast Crimea became Russia, and how quickly Russia flattenned Georgia in really a few hours, or how Russia was willing to protect Syria against attack. When it benefits Russia, Putin will follow this course. When Russia and Putin’s future is at stake, LOOK OUT. Russia has not been testing all these nuclear missiles for no reason. The worst strategy anyone going against Putin can employ is thinking that Putin has become a spineless jellyfish backed into the corner sucking his thumb. Putin is pulling everyone into a TRAP, and these countries are falling for it hook, line, and sinker.

                • I find it very interesting how you and other from the Libertarian Left always seem to take Mad Vlad’s side.

                  Do you really think that Putin is concerned about an invasion from NATO? Heck, the Euro’s are barely holding it together. Who’s going to invade Russia, Greece, Italy, Estonia, I think the Germans learned their lesson about invading Russia in 1943, ya think?

                  Old Vlad is trying to whip up support by doing what Hitler did, turn the population against a common “enemy”. In this case the U.S.

                  • Mac

                    Why are you printing article’s about Russian Propaganda?
                    Putin is a modern day Hitler.
                    Obama is a modern day Chamberlain.
                    This author is trying to say what a great guy Putin is and he is full of shit.
                    If he invades then World War III will follow.
                    Frankly I prep with the hope that it will not be required, but WW III is in my book the worst case prepping outcome.


                  • You don’t invade these days, that’s so 1950’s. You use drones, EMP’s and Nukes which is what Putin would have in Ukraine. Once military robots come online, you won’t have any need for human soldiers.

                    That’s the war of the future as well as financial war.

                  • @ Educated Sinner. I can’t stand people that break their word. The U.S. and NATO promised Russia NO eastward movement of NATO. Guess what? Just like the way the banksters broke their word to the American Indian. They moved the Indian off their land, found them a nice reservation. Then when gold, silver or other natural resource was found, the Indian once again was moved. These reservations sucked, they were not prime land for hunting or growing food. The U.S. is completely at fault here. Leave Russia’s borders alone. Just thew same as you better leave the U.S. borders alone. Monroe Doctrine would be used faster than you could say WW3 if China formed a military alliance with Mexico.

                    Let’s talk about this nationalist idealism about the U.S. doing no wrong. Forget about Russia and putin acting like Hitler, this doesn’t matter one way or the other when it comes to how the U.S. treats their citizens. If the U.S. lies and breaks their word to Russia and other countries and tweaks and loopholes the law around to suit its own purpose, this is what the government will do to you, me, Mac, everyone on this site. Wait until these characters completely trash our rights and find out what a true police state is. Can you honestly say that you trust the U.S. government to preserve our liberties?

                    I am not cheerleading Putin, I am saying that the U.S. with its f’en imperialism has pushed Russia into a corner and you don’t do this with some country that can annihilate you in 30 minutes. The U.S. is doing the same thing over in west Pacific with well armed nuclear China, trying to box them in. I am sick and tired of the U.S. meddling in other peoples’ business everywhere. Just look at all the money wasted, tax payer’s money on U.S. bases all over the world. Past empires have done the same thing when their currency has broken apart and their country become decentralizied. Leads to war. Put the blame squarely where it belongs, the U.S. imperialists.

                  • O’Bummer’s New Foreign Policy is an open invitation for Russia. I am not surprised if the written document doesn’t add an R.S.V.P. at the bottom.

                    Just saying. 🙂

                  • “Moderation” jailbreak!

                    I think this is fair, though imperfect, analysis:

                    America’s Partisan War Fantasies

                    What I think is imperfect about Rodina’s analysis is this—Butch as he acts, Putin, like the Kenyan bathhouse boy, is indebted/beholden to the tribal banksters. Unless he “leaves the reservation” as Hitler did, Putin will do what he is told by his Judaic handlers.

                • Howdy, BI, and once again, right on target. Putin will HAVE to invade Ukraine. He has no other choice if he wants to maintain credibility in the eyes of his own people and with his allies. The last thing he needs is to look like a white version of BO. Putin will invade Ukraine and there’s nothing anyone can about it. So BO might as well just back off and leave it the hell alone.

                  • Last Tuesday or wed, an eastern ukraine city of almost one million people has been under attack with many reg citizens killed and maimed. Then in same city tue or wed a School filled with Innocent small kids got artillery shelled with more deaths, of kids this time…

                    Thats what the western ukrain govnt forces are doing. And the main funder and instigator is usa state dept victoria neuland, with off record help likly from her husband robert kagan aka PNAC Honcho, Tribeal Khazar zioboy kommie. Which is also deep in bed with His and Her fellow traveler khazar tribe members of AIPAC zios.

                    oh what a Tangled Web they weave…When First they Practice to DECIEVE!

                    Israel State slogan Motto..”Thru Deception You Shall cause WARS”….Hmmmm…Deception, decive…LIE!

                    Like their Father satan the devil…Lies, lies and More lies…John 8:44

                • @BI…just think about how our “rules of engagement” control how we fight. i was talking to an army vet from the 2 recent wars and he was lamenting how he got bit by a dog over there. i said why didn’t you just SHOOT the sumbich and he reminded me we got all KINDS of rules over there. you can’t even shoot a DOG that attacks you…we better get those rules ironed out before we take on a REAL enemy like russia or china. it sure as HELL won’t be a cakewalk NEXT time around!

                  • BCOD, I’ve heard similar stories from vets I know who have been there. If I’d been one of those vets, I would’ve said F#$% the rules of engagement and shot the f#$%ing dog, any consequences be damned!

                  • We should go into war very cautiously, but if we do, go full bore or not at all. Our men and women in service deserve that, or let the bureaucrats and their children fight. You’ll see “rules of engagement” change then.

                  • Only American dogs can be shot. Puppies included. Just ask the cops.

                  • If the vet was mimicking the sort of jackbooted thug behavior we are seeing out of domestic jackbooted pig kwaps here in America, i.e., busting down people’s doors and then ransacking and terrorizing the men, women, and children at the behest of our evil neo-con jews who lied our nation into those wars, and the family dog decides to try to do his duty to protect his family from this kind of thuggery, then the vet deserved to get bit.

                    I’m sick of this attitude in this nation that American military people who were illegally sent into sovereign nations of other peoples around the world and who are basically nothing more than a hostile, uninvited, unwelcome foreign occupation force have some sort of ordained ‘right’ to kick the shit out of the native peoples in those nations who resist their presence.

                    Were any foreign nation do to the same to the United States, and US citizens resisted them with every means at their disposal, would these same mentally insane ‘cheerleaders’ be demonizing their fellow citizens for putting up resistance?

                    The hypocrisy of these flag waving numbskulls is enough to make me want to puke.

                • The democrat party may as well call themselves the communist party.

                • I agree BI. But I’m getting pretty sick of the constant, hypocritical hatred.

                  We all sit around and belly-ache about how white gun-owning men are being made to feel guilty about oppressive events that we had nothing to do with, like SLAVERY and MASS MURDERS. “It’s UNFAIR” we whine, as everyone tries to blame us for things that happened before most of us were even born…

                  Yet here those same people sit, blaming Putin for Stalin’s reign of terror. Blaming the NEW Russian Federation, for the OLD Soviet Socialist Republic’s doings that happened before these guys time as well.

                  “That resolution rests in the hands of a former(?) KGB Colonel who might in fact destroy his own reputation with impotence instead of direct action.”


                  If Russia DOES ANYTHING to protect itself, we accuse them of “world domination”, YET, if they try not to bomb us into the stone age, we cry about how WEAK Putin is, because they haven’t taken more aggressive actions…YOU CAN’T HAVE IT BOTH WAYS, PEOPLE.

                  There has been little else in discussions about Russia these days, but claims that Russia is really trying to take over the world and dominate us all. Anything Russia does to try to secure it’s borders and protect Russian people, is seen as “invasions”, illegal “annexations” and “imperialist” aggression.

                  We imagine “The Russians” are here living among us, ready to slip out from under our beds and slit our throats in our sleep.

                  Most Americans don’t feel that Russia even has a right to defend itself and it’s people—AT ALL. Now you say Putin is a coward?

                  It really doesn’t matter what Putin does, does it? People will see it a somehow wrong, no matter what.

                  Russia has put up with too much shit from the U.S. govt and their NWO masters…much more than I would have, if I was a Leader, and MY country was in the NWO cross-hairs.

                  You can thumb me down, but you should still at least have the balls to own your hypocrisy.

                  • BI, I should’ve made it clear that that comment wasn’t aimed at YOU. You have been one of the most fair-minded people here….even in the face of the haters. They know who they are.

                • go in after 3 days its an invasion, go in after 3 months and it a liberation.

                  Thanks ot anonymous over at the Saker.

                  Time is definately on Putins side, but not on the Ukie rebels.

              • . Estonia. Lithuania, and Poland have shown though leaked informations an interest to cause disinterest to Russia, russian satalite states and russia’s border states. Not once, not twice. US funds them because… why not, there is still much hatred towards Russia who is used as a scapegoat for the evil of USSR. Not even saying Russia is a great country, I know it’s a fucking shithole that involves itself into foreign conflicts it shouldn’t (just like US).

                Btw, has anyone tried this thing:
                I want to get it before it costs money

                • makes you take some kind of survey. Not happening. Hate those things as one leads to another for fvkin infinity.

              • Yep, while they conduct joint military exercises on the side– in anticipation of further NATO encroachment.

              • @ Rodster –

                The LNG issue that you mention is a major issue here. Much of Europe heats their homes and runs their industry on Russian LNG. If Europe doesn’t BEHAVE, Russia can easily sell their LNG to the Chinese … ALL OF IT!!!! How are those economic sanctions working out for you now Europe???? Once the lights go out and the heating system shuts down and the children start crying?? Europe folds.

                The United States can’t do ANYTHING to take up the ‘slack’ for Europe either. We aren’t able to supply the demand for LNG right here at home. Look at the prices and the limited availability last winter.

                Not to worry boys & girls, the nitwits in offices of political authority, all around the world, are eagerly standing by to make this situation “mo-better” for us all.

                • Europe and the EU are essentially sock puppets of Washington. And that is very important in the Grand Scheme of things which is why Russia, China, Iran, Brazil, Africa have joined hands.

                  The only thing standing in the way of TOTAL US world domination is Russia, China and Iran. Every other part of the world is either a puppet State of the US or is to weak to fight militarily. It’s all part of the “Wolfowitz Doctrine” look it up.

                  Which brings us back to the EU. This is the reason why the EU essentially screwed themselves because they could NOT say NO to the US even though the US screwed over Europe and the EU. The first red flag was the US providing LNG to the EU. That’s laughable as it would take years if not decades for a bankrupt US to pull that off.

            • Yep, that was a good laugh.

              Since we just recently had this “Pukin” discussion; i will relent my usual comments for a little joke that i have told here in the past.

              Grandma was dusting in the bedroom, where her little five year old grandson was playing with his toys. The little boy asked, “Granny, since Grandpa died two years ago, why haven’t you gotten yourself a boyfriend to keep you company?

              Grandma replied, ” sonny, i don’t need a boyfriend to keep me company, cause my little TV set right here is my boyfriend. I watch my sitcoms to make me laugh and my religious programs to help me thru the lonely times. Oh, it’s time for my show.”

              Granny turned on the tv and it was loud and had some static. She began slapping the side of it like that had fixed the static before. With all the noise, she didn’t hear the door bell, but little sonny did, so he ran to answer it. There stood the preacher, and said, “Hey little fellow, where is your Grandmother?”

              Little sonny said, “Ah, she is in the bedroom bangin’ her boyfriend”.

              The preacher fainted.

          • Eppe, You are awesome. Please don’t wait for a relevant article to inject your humor. We love your posts whether they are on topic or not. A little humor is much needed these days.

          • Eppe,

            That was one of the best anecdotes yet. Thanks. Keep them coming. The more I learn the more I realize how little we really know.

          • Eppe, another damned good joke. that atheist sounds like our so-called “leaders”.

        • I believe the author here underestimates the
          analytical mind of the Russian president.

          He’s too crafty for the ploy of going head to
          head with his adversaries by using outdated
          and ineffective strategies.

          Like a bear or big cat that’s being trailed,
          he’ll double back and outflank them with a
          surprise ambush.

          After all, he is a chess player, and a good one.

          • If you don’t mind me asking, how the heck do you know the “mind” of the Russian President?

            Do you two guys hang out together? Maybe do lunch once a week or play on the same softball league?

            • Intellectual recognition.

              • The only valid answer…

                And wouldn’t you love to be a fly on a wall somewhere in Moscow…

        • From Pual Craig Roberts’ website:

          The world has never experienced rogue states comparable to Washington and Israel. Both governments are prepared to murder anyone and everyone. Look at the crisis that Washington has created in Ukraine and the dangers thereof. On May 23, 2014, Russia’s President Putin spoke to the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, a three-day gathering of delegations from 62 countries and CEOs from 146 of the largest Western corporations.

          Putin did not speak of the billions of dollars in trade deals that were being formalized. Instead Putin spoke of the crisis that Washington had brought to Russia, and he criticized Europe for being Washington’s vassals for supporting Washington’s propaganda against Russia and Washington’s interference in vital Russian interests.

          Putin was diplomatic in his language, but the message that powerful economic interests from the US and Europe received is that it will lead to trouble if Washington and European governments continue to ignore Russia’s concerns and continue to act as if they can interfere in Russia’s vital interests as if Russia did not exist.

          The heads of these large corporations will carry this message back to Washington and European capitals. Putin made it clear that the lack of dialogue with Russia could lead to the West making the mistake of putting Ukraine in NATO and establishing missile bases on Russia’s border with Ukraine. Putin has learned that Russia cannot rely on good will from the West, and Putin made it clear, short of issuing a threat, that Western military bases in Ukraine are unacceptable

          • So, Stalinist USSR and Hitler’s Germany are out of the running? What do they feed you trolls, anyway?

        • O’Bummer’s New Foreign Policy is an open invitation for Russia. I am not surprised if the written document doesn’t add an R.S.V.P. at the bottom.

          Just saying. 🙂

        • BS”D
          Discussion with Moishela (with his family)
          A Handicapped child
          1 Iyar 5774 (April 30, ’14)

          “L’Shanah Haba’ah B’Yerushalayim”

          Time is moving on and speeding up. I can’t say that we’re moving at the speed of light, but we’re moving on. It’s like a tank, a large tank that moves slowly but is very deadly and we are moving onwards forwards into the Nevuas of Hashem. Now we can see much more clearly what is on the horizon and if we look closely through our binoculars we can see clearly destruction and death, Shelo Naida.

          We can see clearly how every single prophecy is coming true. On one hand it’s very frightening. On the other hand it gives us hope. It gives us hope that finally, finally we’re coming to the end of this terrible Golus; this most difficult time in all of our history, running from country to country every time the Goyim started killing us, trying to find a place where we could live in peace and worship Hakodosh Boruch Hu in every way without being attacked. We had to move from place to place and we had to reestablish ourselves financially so that we would have bread to give our children, our families. We suffered the fear of going upwards and then falling downwards in our spirituality. All of this will soon be over and it can be seen already with the naked eye, so-to-speak. Maybe we need the help of the binoculars, but we can see it already. We can smell the smoke of war and we can taste it as well.

          We can understand now in our minds how two thirds of the world can be destroyed and we can be so depressed with this thought that we hopefully can forget our extreme Gashmiusdik world and decide finally to do true Teshuva. So I think my fellow Jews that it is time. It is time right now before the real troubles start. It is time to do Teshuva and to learn to depend only on Hakodosh Boruch Hu. Hashem is giving us many incentives for this, and many ways to learn to come so close to Him, so that you will fear nothing but Him. It’s our job to start to learn, how to be true Avdai Hashem and Ovdai Hashem. I hope and I pray that all Am Yisroel, every single one of Am Yisroel, will take my message seriously and stop with all the nonsense that most of you are occupied with. Push it all aside. See it for what it is – emptiness, and come closer to Hashem which is everything, all-encompassing, which is totally spiritual in nature and come close to the only Truth which is so absolutely Divine, so absolutely beautiful and pleasant and wonderful and all-encompassing that you will soon forget the hard grimy materialistic world and be swept up in the beauty and the holiness of the spiritual world of Hakodosh Boruch Hu, Hakol Yachol, the Creator of all existence.

          Can you just imagine looking up and seeing the third Bais Hamikdosh looming above us, inviting us to come and bring Karbonos, finally after so many years? Can you imagine that? It will turn from a dream to reality, but we have to really desire this. We have to really long for it in order that we will also be Zoche to be part of it. L’shana Haba’ah B’yerushalayim, Yerushalayim Habenuyah!

          Sefiras Haomer this year, is part of the countdown. We are going now from slavery to freedom and we are going to see many miracles on the way so between when we began counting until Shavuos there will be many changes in this world, difficult changes. It will be hard to understand maybe for many, but in the end all of the pieces of the puzzle will be put together and we’ll see a clear vision of what Hashem wants from us. We will also be aware of what this distorted world has taken away from us. Everything will be clear, pristine clear, clear as can be. We will have no doubts. We will trust Hashem completely.

          I feel that Lag Baomer this year is going to symbolize the end of a certain way of doing things. I feel that things are going to change drastically after Lag Baomer, in Eretz Yisroel and generally in the world. We are looking for tremendous changes after Lag Baomer, and by Shavuos and after Shavuos, tremendous changes.

          Q: How are these changes different then the last 13 years?
          A: Well in the last 13 years the world has changed completely. It has become a world that once was frivolous and on the surface happy. Everybody running off to Europe or Israel from Brazil to Africa to Thailand and every place in the world. It was a time of Gashmius above and beyond anything we could dream of. Now things have gone down in the Gashmius very much. People are confused because the world has become threatening and dark. People are afraid to fly. People don’t have the money to go on vacations and never mind vacations, people don’t even have money for food. Fear hovers over the world. People are afraid because it has become a harsh and very difficult world and most people are living with a tremendous fear and rightfully so.

      2. He will not invade too much to loose!
        This invasion stuff is all a ploy to get our minds off of the economy.
        But just in case I’m wrong. Keep Prepping!

        • Hey Sgt.,If Putin doesn’t invade, he’ll be considered a European Obama, undecisive, lack of will, unwilling to lead. His ego is the size of obama’s, his pride won’t allow him NOT to. I’m sure we’ll see in the days to come.

          • Conf.
            I hope you are wrong we don’t need another stupid war.

            • @ Sgt. I hope you’re right.

            • I think Sarge is right. It’s becoming quite apparent that trying to invade and subdue Ukraine will become another Afghanistan for them. Couldn’t happen to a nicer gang of totalitarians.

              • If Old coach were usa Prez hed have the usa Kill off everybody jews/israel hates so americans can be the last ones killed off…kinda like that Feed the aligator and maybe he wont eat you till Last eh.

                beware those edomite Imposters who call themselves jews.

                aka synaguge of satan.

              • old coach, are you from the west? If you are, look who’s talking about “totalitarianism”.

                • Sixpack: Hes either a “Conversio jew” or aka Crypto-jew….OR…Another of America’s many “Shabezz Goyim’s”

                  aka Goy gentiles totally Sold out to jews aka Traitors.

          • Just WHO is it that says Putin will look like a weak Obama if he doesn’t take a particular course of action?

            Putin has his own agenda and idea’s on how he will proceed on various topics!

            I still say and believe that what goes on in the Ukraine is non of our business, period!

            There are far bigger issues that we need to address but aren’t.

            • ColdWarRelic, I agree. We need to just forget about the rest of the world and take care of our own people and nation.

        • Putin will invade if he considers it necessary. What does he have to lose? He has all those natural deals with the EU countries. They’re not going to war for Ukraine. Obama continues to both show weakness and to provoke Russia. It should be obvious that Obama is provoking Russia and China to kill the dollar.

          • It wouldn’t surprise me, if oblahblah isn’t trying to provoke Russia, to conceal the fact that the banksters are dropping the hammer on the USA…that way, we can still blame the russians…again.

      3. The Sad part, is that NOBODY is telling us the truth, and if we can all weed between the Propaganda, and demonizing, there is peace, coming from the people and populace. Its the hate war mongers that keep getting into everybody else’s business. The US Needs to Stay out of Ukraine, and every other country. OBAMA F-Uped when he sent the CIA over there to start a Revolutions and Putin Walked in and took the area of Crimea. Putin is playing Chess and Obama is playing Checkers yelling King Me. Then the Military Industrial Complex and Puppet Media stirs up this BS lied about everything to keep their perpetual war marching turning to make Bucko Profits. Its all One Big Scam and the victims are the populace of Ukraine that just want peace and kick all the war mongers out of their country.

      4. We have been fighting proxy wars with Russia off and on for many years. Why would our leaders stop now? Some of these countries are giving us hints to stay out of their affairs. I think they will try to give us something bigger to focus on so we will leave them alone. FWIW

      5. Don’t under estimate this guy,Obama did!

        • Now that’s better than eppe’s jokes. Ocommie thinking and then having any relevance to boot, now that’s funny. Couldn’t stop laughing. Good one JinV.

          • so you hate black commies and love white commies, right dumbass?

            • I don’t believe most Americans would know a “commie” if it crawled out of a history book and slapped them in the face…but it SOUNDS frightening, doesn’t it sheeple?

        • Get it through your thick skill, Jimmy Boy:

          Obama is a fully compliant, totally loyal Communist doing Putin’s bidding and making every decision with the objective of moving America ever closer to a complete takeover of the nation by Communism.

          There is no over- or under-estimation involved.

          I personally think you are a Communist disinformation troll.

      6. Poroshenko is trying to act big while following outside orders. I suggest he look at what’s happened to other nations when outsiders interfere.

        Putin is playing it smart. High approval rating at home will allow him to intervene militarily when the Kiev fascists go much too far, because even his people will be screaming for justice.

      7. Frankly I don’t think that this author knows what the %$#@!*&!!! he’s talking about.

        Today, if you want to really trash somebody, you compare them to Hitler. FYI, Hitler was Time’s Man of the Year once.

        My point is that only God knows Mad Vlad’s heart and intentions.

        On the other hand, we all know that our Barry is a Muslim loving Commie.

        • Articles like these remind me of the arguments I used to hear at the Plough and Stars over whether the Red Sox manager made the right call to remove El Tiante in the sixth inning. Drunken Irishmen who never played baseball in their lives, but by God they’re experts and don’t you forget it.

          And BTW, Obama is not a Muslim loving Commie, he’s a Commie loving Muslim.

          • “Obama is not a Muslim loving Commie, he’s a Commie loving Muslim”

            and the DIFFERENCE is???

      8. Why does Putin have to invade eastern Ukraine? He already annexed the much more strategic and economically vital Crimean Peninsula.

        Putting Russian soldiers into combat against western mercenaries and Neo-Nazi Ukrainian militiamen to conquer the economically depressed eastern half of the Ukraine seems a bit foolish.

        And you people are assuming that Putin gives a damn. All he has to do is move up some mobile nuclear missile launchers and the West will back down.

        But, the Europeans aren’t even backing Obama’s saber rattling. They have too many business ties with the Russian national oil industry to flush it all down the toilet for our inept President’s legacy.

        • Europe is caught right in the middle between monkeyboy and Putin. they have everything to lose if war breaks out. for once, they’re being sensible by refusing to back monkeyboy.

          • Europe are scared that Putin will simply turn off the gas pipeline that keeps a large proportion of the population warm every winter. Due to the economic situation since 2008 most EU nations have now had some outbursts of rioting/civil disorder/unexpected results at election time.

            Put up and shut up – is what the EU will do in the long run. Even Germany has neither the money nor the energy resources nor the control Russian Bear at this time. The EUSSU project is in trouble from Ireland all the way across to Romania right now – even the tamed UK is at risk of breaking up. (The Scots vote on whether to be independent this Autumn and Cornwall has just been declared a country).

            I’m sure we’ll hear lots of hot air from European politicians but there won’t be any action. (With the possible exception of the UK, but as it’s potentially without the hardy Scottish regiments our military that’ll be as much use a chocolate teapot anyway).

            • “as much use a chocolate teapot” — I’m gonna remember that one, thanks.

      9. I think the author is sadly mistaken.

        Rodster is correct. Not ALL world leaders are think or act alike.
        Nor should they…they are all uniquely corrupt in their own little ways.

        Putin was a Colonel in the then KGB (now FSB)
        Obama was and is a ‘community disorganizer’.

        Putin plays chess and says ‘checkmate’!
        Obummer plays checkers and says ‘crown me’!
        (because that what he really wants)

        No freaking comparison there.

        Russia and China continue to buy up and hoard huge amounts of Gold. They are breaking away from the petro dollar one area, one chunk at a time. Putin has the ‘midas touch’…everything he seems to touch turns to gold in one way or another.

        Everything Oblama touches, turns to s**t!

        • Heck, I know, let’s make “Magic Vlad” head of a One World Government, because he’s a Superman!!! (sarcasm)

          • ES,

            What you’re missing here, is a basic understanding of the players the REAL players chose to play their silly east verses west game…

            On our side, sad to say, we have someone who built up his forearms using a staple gun… and his sidekick who shot himself to get a metal, accidentally of course…?

            On the other side they have a hardened killer who breaks boards with his feet… allegedly…

            At this stage all the east players wanted was to control the puddle Crimea sits in. Then, after growing season is over they’ll take eastern Ukraine if they so choose. We will not be able to stop them short of all out nuclear war… which is the true fools game…
            But then again we are talking about fools.

            Has no one read the history of this area…

        • well said sockrat! just 3 scenarios here….hmmmm, i got a feelin’ there’s a whole shitload of DIFFERENT things that COULD happen besides those 3….one things SURE, they are ALL playing with fire and should have their PEOPLE rise up and say “KNOCK THIS SH*T THE F*CK OFF”!…this crap needs to stop NOW! why can’t we all just mind our own damn bizz?…one thing’s SURE…some of these leaders are underestimating some of the other ones!

        • Obama isn’t a fool. He’s a puppet to the globalists. Everything he does is for a reason.

        • Socrates-

          The Bear will attack/move when it suits him…and when everyone least expects such.

          ..and when he does, he’s not stopping at the Polish-Ukrainian border!

          ..he’ll be heading for the Baltic coast and the North Sea/English channel (between the UK & France).

          • “…he’ll be heading for the Baltic coast and the North Sea/English channel (between the UK & France).”

            I’d like to see your evidence of that, please.

        • Community agitator would be more like it.

      10. LOL…John Galt seems to think the whole world operates on the “Biggest Swingin’ Dick” principle. He has swallowed too much Empire propaganda.

        MOST of the rest of the world no longer invades other countries to support their currency or acquire resources. Crimea voted to become a Russian protectorate. Russia got all that Black Sea gas with that referendum… no war needed. The Caspian Sea hydrocarbons are still under the Russian umbrella.

        The Empire is running out of fuel and if war is the only way to get enough, I would say Russia already has the upper hand. Putin doesn’t need to prove anything. He just wants paid for the gas Russia sells to the EU.

        It doesn’t matter who controls the paper…it matters who controls the hydrocarbons.

        • Agree 100% JRS. Putin has already proven he is smarter than Ocommie and his EU pals. They have been doing all they know to entice Putin into a fight and he has taken everything he want’s without one. As you stated he got Crimea’s gas and left the welfare sucking part of the Ukraine to Ocommie and the EU.

          • BS, Putin Ill Duce is not smarter, he simply has more control over his country than the west does so he can move quicker with his goals. That leaves the west as reactionary and looking to be one step behind. Yet when the western oligarchy brings pressure even Putin Ill Duce bends over and takes it and falls in line with his masters wishes.

            • RickInOregon you need wake up, a door stop is smarter than Ocommie. Everything he touches turns to shit. And if you think Putin has more control than the communists in Washington, than you have been asleep for the last 6 years. Don’t believe me, go ahead and say something the hippie/commies don’t like. They will destroy you with their PC bullshit. You’ll be kissing their asses in no time or loss your job, business and money through their persecution.

              • maddog, the good ship lollypop USA is a big ship with a lot of people on the oars all rowing in a different direction. The good ship Putin has one oar master, both sail on the same ocean, if you can’t see that then it’s you that has blinders on and you need to look beyond your tunnel vision and see the peripherals.

        • JRS has it nailed.

          That’s not a criticism of the West, it’s an observation that thought processes and mindsets are very, very different. Not all cultures are distracted by shiny toys, some are focused on the necessities of survival. Control of key resources such as water, energy and food will decide the long term winner in this deadly game. That’s true on a macro and a personal level.

          Putin is also doing interesting things in Siberia as this game in the Ukraine plays out.

          • If the truth looks like criticism, so be it. When people start becoming okay with using semantics to avoid hurting sensitive feelings, that the truth suffers.

            There are many different ways to lie, but only one way to tell the truth.

      11. Comparing Putin to ovomit in this, is like comparing a professional MMA fighter with an XBOX armchair commando.

      12. Again.

        Do you have your Web Gear ready?

        • Sling, absolutely, along with loaded mags, body armour, edged weapons, homemade weapons, food, water, medical supplies, etc.

        • I haven’t researched it yet but I wonder how much of Russia’s LNG supplies comes from shale?

      13. Joke of the Day

        John Kerry telling someone to “man up”

        ha ha ha
        that is hilarious coming from someone who
        is a cross between a snake and a weasel

        JOHN KERRY TAUNTS SNOWDEN: ‘Man Up And Come Back’


        “”If he has a complaint about what’s wrong with American surveillance, come back here and stand in our system of justice and make his case,” Kerry said.”

        our system of “justice” ???

        if you can find it
        have enough $$$ to pay for it

        Mr. Ketchup needs to STFU

        • Snowden would be a dead man in the US. Hopefully he’s smart enough to figure that out.

      14. Off Topic: possee and others concerned about chemtrails…very interesting article. Follow links and read comments…this may actually answer some “why?” questions…



        Mac: crickets????

      15. Putin is a life long student of JUDO, and he is a old school Russian. He is doing exactly what he thinks he should, and nothing will change his mind….

      16. Death of money’: Author Rickards predicts collapse of global monetary system


        “The collapse of the monetary system awaits the world in the near future, says financial expert James Rickards. Russia and China’s desire to rid the US dollar of its global reserve currency status is an early sign of the “increasingly inevitable” crisis.”

        and if you follow Pastor Lindsey Williams
        he is saying there will be a “global reset” by June

        course we have been hearing about a financial collapse for quite some time now

      17. First off the instigator Soro’s needs to be gotten and put in prison until he rots. He’s done this to many times and gets away with it each and every time.

      18. Trying to understand the mind of Putin is fraught with difficulties.
        He is playing on a whole different level to our leaders.
        He’s got Crimea back with relative ease and minimal cost.

      19. Confederate.

        I entered a new arena with low noise. Compound bow, slingshot and 1200FPS air rifle. My arms hurt from a single cock rifle, pulling the bow string and slingshot back. I have found with my chubby fingers it is hard to hold the shot in the slingshot patch and moved to using six sided, 3/8 in. nuts. Much practice is needed on all three.

        • Slingshot, the issue with the compound bow it that it takes precision manufactured shafts to safely shoot, not good for post shtf. The recurve or long bow will shoot something more primitive. I hunt with both and have killed deer, elk and bear with the compound bow and deer and elk with a recurve, both are effective. The compound is louder but is easier to shoot accurately. My recurve is whisper quiet, light to carry and has proven it’s self.

          • Rick In Oregon.

            Yes I have been warned not to go cheap on arrow shafts. They can splinter. I have fellow hunters who bow hunt and they have been trying to get to do it for years. Yes I am also looking for a more primitive bow.

            I could not pass up a Bear, White Tail for $20.

            Thanks for the info.

        • Wow, I’m with you. It’s been a while since I’ve practiced with the CB and air rifle, I know I need to, but there are a lot of other things on the back burner. Thanks for bring them to mind.

      20. I’ve been following this closely– I love Paul Craig Roberts’ remarks on this topic; he’s brilliant. Also, other websites cooberate what he says…

        He says the stupid neocons in Washington will pull the nuclear switch… wouldn’t doubt it- damn idiots!

      21. Your comment is awaiting moderation.

        May 28, 2014 at 6:19 pm

        I’ve been following this closely– I love Paul Craig Roberts’ remarks on this topic; he’s brilliant. Also, other websites cooberate what he says…

        He says the stupid neocons in Washington will pull the nuclear switch… wouldn’t doubt it- damn idiots!

        • Anon — I think you meant to say neocoon?

        • It’s “corroborate”, fool.
          You calling anyone “stupid” is the pot calling the kettle black.
          Read a book once in a while.





      22. Paul Craig Roberts (former Reagan aide) said there are 2 possible outcomes of all this: either WW3 or the destruction of the petro dollar. Its obvious the course Putin decided on… still the other (WW3) is still on the table, as well.

        • Personally, I hope the only thing that is destroyed is the dollar—it could be so much worse.

      23. I’ve never made it a secrete that I’m not enamored with Putin Ill Duce. That son of a bitch stole the only chance the Russian people had for self governance in the history of Russia. I could care less if Putin has his pants pulled down and the whole world is shown his little dick. That bastard deserves no praise from those that seek independence, freedom and self determination.

        When Obama creates an office that has more power than the president, congress, senate, supreme court, constitution and the voice of the people and he occupies it for life, you can thank Putin for setting the example for democratic dictators.

      24. When you have two “bad guys”…obama and putin for this analogy…..who do you want to “win” their “pissin'” match….either way it is not good for anyone….


        • The way I see this all unfolding….they are “playing” their roles ….. this has all been decided already…pay attention to what ELSE is going on…don’t you get it? WE are being played for fools whilst they DO WHAT they have planned all along….why do you think obama has been more wishy-washy than usual? Makes his remarks to putin before the last election make sense, doesn’t it?

          Be Ready ….For I fear they ALL will have THEIR way at our expense…


      25. Let me be clear:

        Putin is GONNA take

        WHAT he wants to take

        WHERE he wants to take it

        WHEN he wants to take it!

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Those who think they know it all upset those of us who do!”

      26. Sgt.Dale: I saw a CSX train going west bound in Southern IL. today and I counted 155 cars with sea type shipping containers on them (no logo) placard with 3 ft. cards DANGER HIGH EXPLOISVES in the middle of all containers. Now I don’t know about you, but to me that’s a lot of BOOM!

        River Rat at the ready!!!

      27. Putin is a reflection of every past dictator as is 0bama from a deceptive progressive angle. We are at a point as a world where sadly it’s just time for a reboot and WWIII is the next natural course.

        What we as a country do once it’s over is important, we must rid America of all Muslims a group that is not compatible with a free normal society, liberal ideas and the people that believe that ideology should be awarded a section of the country to believe live and institute their insane ideologies with the understanding that under no circumstance will we help them, and that any bleed over of their insanity will be considered an act of war and we will destroy them.

        I’m spit balling here but believe I’m on the right track.

        • y99-

          You’ll get no argument from me, per eliminating the radical “Allah-akbar crowd”…but in all fairness and in deference to real Christian sanctity & survival…

          …let’s get rid of the self-chosen tribe too, while we’re at it!!!!

          • From a Biblical stand point that seems unwise, many people appear to believe that the tribe you refer to is some global brain that controls and manages the world population, and yet I see them as a whole as people.

            I’ve fought and killed Muslims gladly because they are savages with an ideology trapped in the 9th century. The fact that people with the sir name of the tribe you speak of have wealth and cause problems is not the same as every individual Muslim wanting to blow themselves up and kill the infidel.

            All things aside we should understand that we are caught in a conflict and struggle for freedom, we can only fight one battle at a time, and so I say fight the enemy as it presents itself. If the “tribe” is truly the enemy of man’s freedom it will reveal itself.

            Fact, reason and logic, not conspiracy theory and Nazi propaganda is the only thing that will convince me otherwise.

            • y99:

              The “tribe” will reveal itself as the overlords of the NWO. Seems they have convinced you that mooslums are to blame for all the worlds ails. Makes them smile Y99, they have fooled one more person.

              For all you Bible believers I suggest you go to biblebelievers dot com and read up on the Kenites; the lineage of Cain, the article title is Esau, Edom, and the Trail of the Serpent.

              I do not believe in the muslim religion any more than you do Y99; however we have been thoroughly brainwashed to believe the muslims are the end all of enemies. The “tribe” is behind the ratcheting up to a fever pitch the mooslem hatred so they can convince American moms and dads to send their kids into the final massacre called WW3.

              Because I believe in the Bible and Revelation I believe the real reset is very near and is out of our control. It will be Jesus Christ returning to save what is left of this planet and His people that the “tribe” has not destroyed in their greed to own it ALL.

              Link after link, article after article is available to you to find out who the true controllers are; and I assure you it ain’t mooslems.

              Rothschilds (jew) quote should set off an alarm for you Y99…..

              “Give me control of the money and I care not who makes the laws”. It ‘aint’ the mooslems who own the feral fed reserve, the IMF, the BIS, Y99. It is the jewish group who you will find in the City of London, who are setting the rules for both Putin and Obama as well as most all other countries of the world. They have snared the entire world into their trap; and are in control of the MSM who are parroting the “its the mooslums” bs.

              When you say muslims are the barbarian of barbarians apparently you have not read up on the history of the carnage the bolshevk jews created in their takeover of Russia. Read about it in Under the Sign of the Scorpion by Juri Lina and then come back and tell me about how awful muslims are.

              Unfortunately the “tribe” has the same scenario set up for Christian American families as soon as they get our guns.

              Think it is muslims behind the legislation coming down from the District of Communists taking away our 2nd amendment rights Y99? Think again. Do a little research and you will find jews, many of them holding dual citizenship in America and Israel. Hardly muslims, Y99.

              Once the jew Zionist tribe have led America in their war against the muslims they will come out from behind the lies they have propogated from the time of their father Cain and they will be glad to let you know who now owns you, your family, your country, and the world.

              It wont be muslims Y99.

          • Hunter –
            Better men than you have tried. Maybe you should read the Bible.

            • Leverage:

              From Hunters posts I know he reads and UNDERSTANDS what is written in the Bible. Apparently you do not have “eyes to see and ears to hear”. It is written that some people have not been given these blessings and will not know the true enemy of Christians even until He returns to earth.

            • Leverage-

              Throughout recorded history, nearly 100 countries/kingdoms and peoples, have managed to successfully expunge/cleanse their land of the “perfidious jew”…and in every case, once freed of said parasite…individual/personal freedoms, scientific innovation and economic prosperity flourished throughout their lands!!!

              ..ever notice, that at the conclusion of the “Inquisition”…which was really directed/aimed at ridding Christianity of its wicked 2-faced jewish converts…aka infiltrating subversives (see 5th column-ites).
              That you had the flowering of Western Civilization, also known as the Renaissance!!??!!

              Conversely, ever notice that the loudest voices calling for the elimination/curtailing of our “rights” (see Bill of Rights) & revocation of the 2nd amendment especially…just so happen to be kosher ones?

              Believe what you will Levi…as for myself and others here…we will think for ourselves and resist the “synagogue of satan” edomites…until the Savior’s return!!!!!!!!!!!!!

              • **addendum to above**

                Leveraging Levi…

                I betcha mega-bucks($$$), your religious denomination affiliate submits “any” updated versions of its/your bible…unto the “Council of Rabbi’s”…for proof reading & corrections…prior to any publishing!

                Which is akin to sanctioning/giving termites the authority to grade the lumber, of the rafters used in your house!!!!!!!!!!!!!

                ‘Tis a little known fact nowadays…but a truism, nonetheless!

                ..goto “Granny’s” recommended site and become educated!

      28. Thought I’d throw this out there, though it is off topic.

        Took my little ones to the beach on Sunday (southern Cali) and for the three hours we were out there I saw 1, yes only 1, seagull. I took some samples of various vegetation, shells, water and used the geiger counter and nothing really out of the ordinary.

        Maybe it’s nothing…maybe there is something to it. Regardless, found it very odd. I’ve never been to the coast on a gorgeous day and NOT seen a crap ton of birds.

        • @kinase….makes you wonder, doesn’t it? I was talking with some friends recently about all the deep sea creatures which are now finding their way to the surface….but why? We are now seeing many species which we have not often seen….what is going on down deep that is bringing them to the surface??

        • I just got back from a second shrimping trip to the Strait of Juan De Fuca from out of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. The shrimp, scallops and oysters were plentiful, there were no shortages of gulls or thieves. I hate camping in developed camp grounds (aka open air motels) and mooring at public docks. It was a halibut fishing weekend and we added a couple to the fish box, no issues with them. It was a minus tide and the shoreline had plenty of people clamming and I heard no complaints.

          Tuna season is almost here, one more month.

      29. if he is going to become the Obama of Eurasia then he needs to go for it, because the last thing he wants to become is another Obama. This will not lead to WWIII, the crap in the mideast can. And will!

      30. @kinase, Does sound weird….usually they are out there in bunches.

        Interestingly (maybe not related and most likely doesn’t mean anything) but this past weekend (S. Cali also, about 15 miles from coast) I saw a stork on a very busy intersection (I had to do a double-take, at first I thought it was a statue). Later in the day (not sure if it was the same bird) I saw one on a Freeway exit about 1 mile away from the first location. In the past, I had maybe seen only one flying over head (in over 30 years of living in the area).

        Bye bye

      31. sigh who writes this stuff?

        Putin is a Alpha Male Leader.

        Obama is a Omega Bitch (ex druggy gay prostitute) Puppet.

        you can’t compare the two in this manner.


      32. Hero kid: Son defends dad in Moscow road rage bout (VIDEO)

        Anything can happen on a Russian road but when a scuffle broke out between two drivers on Wednesday, unexpected help came from a little boy who bravely stood up to protect his dad. A witness video captured the hero kid ending the fight.


      33. I could care less about Putin’s stature in the geo political arena…

        and for that matter..the 2014 Mcbildeburger conference as well..

        Get over it..these mofo’s have been in charge for thousands of years and despite all the wrangling,protesting,outrage, and attempted overthrows via revolution have brought us all exactly where at this point in time?


        “..what difference, at this point, does it make?”


      34. I only support Putin on a few issues, but I find him the only world leader who stands up to Obama and the EU in their quest to take over the world.

      35. FLUSH WITH CASH? VA has more than it can spend amid scandal

        VA expects to have more medical-care funding than it can spend for the fifth year in a row

        “VA expects to carry over $450 million in medical-care funding from fiscal year 2014 to fiscal year 2015. VA received its full requested medical care appropriation of $54.6 billion this fiscal year, which is more than $10 billion more than it received four years ago.
        This is part of an ongoing trend.

        VA carried over $1.449 billion in medical-care funding from fiscal year 2010 to 2011, $1.163 billion from fiscal year 2011 to fiscal year 2012, $637 million from fiscal year 2012 to 2013, and $543 million from fiscal year 2013 to 2014.”

        “The Daily Caller reported that VA spent more than $3.5 million on furniture the night before the government shutdown on the last day of fiscal year 2013 so as not to lose that money in the department’s budget the next fiscal year.”

        Fox News

        • You, as tax payers, should demand more responsibility from this administration.
          A $1500 CPAP is in the closet that is not effective until it is programmed using the data collected BEFORE the machine was issued.
          (A ‘person’ on the phone told me the machines were just sitting in many veteran’s homes not being used—well, I wonder why?? damned idiots!!)
          Stool softener?? EVERY event at VA calls for these and they will be sent by mail if not gotten on dismissal from the hospital/clinic?
          Pain tablets out the ying-yang for anything and everything. Hell, don’t even ask the problem be fixed!!
          I could start a corner for selling ‘dope’.

          A Dr. Tate looked up Gene’s nose after being told there felt like an obstruction causing him difficulty in breathing—know what his response was??
          ‘Yep–something’s up there.’
          Not a thing was done about it and I bet the obstruction is still up there.
          Folks, let the senate call me and I will set them straight on the VA problems.


          This is the FIRST month ever that Gene’s prescriptions by mail were received on time–usually a phone call is required to get them going again; and this is after being without for a few days waiting for the delivery.

      36. There is no controversy between the world powers. They are putting on the show for the masses to rally them together so they pick sides!

        Good grief back in the 90’s a russion socialite new obongo was going to be president. So if she new, you think Vlad new? My point is, they are all in on this thing together!

        End game: WWIII, global reset, NEW WORLD ORDER!

      37. I disagree. I believe that Putin is under no pressure to ‘act’ but is instead, playing Obama and his Administration like a cheap violin. Obama has ‘blinked’ so many times, and not just in this theatre of operations, that world leaders are taking overt risks to establish and bolster further control over their empires in the face of an impotent United States Foreign Policy.

        And now we are sending troops to Africa. Africa! You know, that place with unlimited natural resources, abundant food and water, no disease, no annual WHO campaigns (for every health issue known to man), and so much oil that they haven’t even pulled any out of the ground yet. Yeah, THAT Africa. First, it was to chase down ‘terrorist kidnappers’ and now within days of that ‘alledged’ kidnapping, Al Qaeda is ‘running amok’ in Africa! Riiiiiiiight. Because they are after all those natural resources I mentioned.

        Any other President would have made the alliance between Russia and China their Number One foreign policy issue — the implications and ramifications of that alliance does not bode well AT ALL for the United States, and we have spent countless dollars and human capital driving a generational wedge between them for decades.

        Hope for the best — perhaps in twenty years, Mr. Obama can come off his Hawaiian rock and broker some community relations in the new Russo-China world. Wouldn’t that be a hoot!

      38. Meet Directive 3025.18 Granting Obama Authority To Use Military Force Against Civilians

        “While the “use of armed [unmanned aircraft systems] is not authorized,” The Washington Times uncovering of a 2010 Pentagon directive on military support to civilian authorities details what critics say is a troubling policy that envisions the Obama administration’s potential use of military force against Americans.

        As one defense official proclaimed, “this appears to be the latest step in the administration’s decision to use force within the United States against its citizens.” Meet Directive 3025.18 and all its “quelling civil disturbances” totalitarianism…”


      39. My, but you’re betting an AWFUL LOT on the idea that, in scenario #3, the US just sits back and pisses its pants and does nothing.

        I rather very much doubt it would play that way.

        Are you TRYING to get everyone nuked??

      40. Unfortunately the idiots pushing russians into a corner can’t be stopped. Kerry, Obama and the rest of them will foolishly keep pushing russians until they decide to nuke NATO. Kerry and Obama remind me of two drunken idiots in a bar picking a fight with someone that would mean business and kill someone on the spot. We are powerless to stop these idiots and what they are dragging us into.

      41. Putin already has what he wants, Crimea. The exercise now is to ratchet up fear that he will take the rest of Ukraine so that the world will be so relieved when he doesn’t that it forgets to about Crimea. It also allows the West to claim victory in “saving the rest of Ukraine”.

        The reality is that the goofy effort by the US to overthrow the Ukrainian government and steal it into the EU so that VP Biden’s kids can get rich on oil pipelines is yet another failure alongside Syria, Libya, Egypt, Afghanistan, Iraq.

      42. Wrong all Putin needs to do is to simply turn off the Gas, and see how quickly Ukraine falls on it’s own Sword. Putting Russian Soldiers on the ground in Ukraine would only trigger a real military response from NATO ie. give them all the excuse they need to get physically involved, thankfully Putin did not fall for that so far.

      43. NATO to the rescue? Not hardly. I think Russia will invade the eastern Ukraine DURING the upcoming NATO exercise, just to prove a point. We’ve got 400 nuclear warheads in late seventies technology missiles – both China and Russia have around 10,000 apiece some in brand new tech. The few anti-missiles we have left can’t catch the new Russian ICBMs which they are producing at a rate of three a month with mobile launchers. ALL of our missiles will be shot down long before they reach China or Russia. We have ONE aircraft carrier group currently sailing – of the others, two are being dismantled and two are tore down for long term refit (funding has been cancelled). Almost all of our sub force is docked. obummer has halted production of both the Hellfire and Tomahawk missiles – with nothing to replace them. Does he think drones are going to get the job done against Russia or China? He wanted us a paper tiger – now we are. Our boys and girls are being lead to the slaughter while the pResident gathers the world consensus.


      44. Putin has been noticeably passive since Obama threatened to seize his Geneva stash of X$billion. Where is that Machiavellian leader who did up the Crimea so quickly and neatly? He should have invaded and seized most of the Ukraine right after the Odessa Massacre. It’s beginning to look like Putin cares more about his personal loot than he does about Russia. We’ll soon know: the situation in the eastern Ukraine is deteriorating by the hour.

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