Putin Warns Of “Hot War” And Nuclear Holocaust: “I Don’t Think Anyone Would Survive”

by | Jun 9, 2017 | Headline News | 145 comments

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    With tensions among the world’s super powers mounting in places like Ukraine, Syria, North Korea and  most recently Qatar and Iran, it may only be a matter of time before someone pushes the red button.

    When they do, all bets are off, and as we’ve learned from the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand in June of 1914, once the trigger is pulled there’s no going back and hundreds of millions of lives, perhaps billions, will hang in the balance.

    Considering that Russia is closely allied with Syrian President Assad, has a direct interest in maintaining control of Ukraine’s former Crimea region, and its ties to Iran, ignoring the possibility of a global war in coming years could be a devastating oversight.

    We are, in fact, at war right now. But just as was the case from the 1960’s through the end of the 1980’s, it is a “cold war.” There have been no direct troop engagements that we know of between the Russians and the United States. But look to cyber space and it should be clear that there is a battle taking place on a daily basis. Moreover, as we’ve previously reported, nuclear war may well be on the horizon, because the confrontations taking place on the geo-political stage are no longer just talk.

    Action has already been taken by both sides:

    Putin and the Russian people believe the U.S.’s actions are going to lead to a nuclear conflict initiated by the United States.  The leadership of the U.S. is made up of politicians who began their careers as Marxist-Socialists.  Traitors now have their fingers on the triggers of the nuclear warheads, aided by “yes-men” of the general staffs who will not remember their oaths to the Constitution of the United States and the American people.  They will ignore that these charges take precedence above any orders given by a petty, dope-smoking, Marxist community organizer of dubious citizenship who was “emplaced” into office to destroy the country.

    Instead of statesmen and diplomats, we now have self-interested, politically-motivated belligerents backing Russia and other nations into corners and pushing them toward war.  How long the war of words will be continued is unknown; however, when the missiles begin to fly you can be certain of something.  You can rest assured that the men who spoke those words will be in bunkers and other safe places and out of harm’s way…paid for by the American taxpayer.

    Full Report: Nuclear War Is On The Horizon: “This Is Not Just Talk… Action Has Been Taken”

    Indeed, those who push the buttons will likely be in bunkers well before the missiles hit their targets. That’ll likely be the case on both sides.

    For the rest of us?

    Vladimir Putin has made clear how it will play out:

    The Putin Interviews between the Russian leader and the Oscar-winning director, which will be screened on Showtime, were shot between summer 2015 and February this year and give an extraordinary insight into one of the most powerful men in the world.

    Stone asked Putin whether the US would be ‘dominant’ in the event of a ‘hot war’ between the two nuclear powers.

    ‘I don’t think anyone would survive such a conflict,’ Putin said.

    Earlier this year the hacking collective Anonymous issued a frightening warning about World War III, highlighting the fact that while we are all busy enjoying the good times, elite Deep State insiders are planning for what comes next:

    All the signs of a looming war on the Korean Peninsula are surfacing… we’re watching as each country moves strategic pieces into place… but unlike past world wars… although there will be ground troops the battle is likely to be fierce, brutal and quick.

    It will also be globally devastating on the environmental and economic levels.

    This is a real war with real global consequences… With three super powers drawn into the mix… Other nations will be coerced into choosing sides.

    The citizen will be the last to know…


    And because the citizen will be the last to know, now may be a good time to review your nuclear war preparedness strategies and stock up on survival essentials that should include FDA approved anti-radiation pills and NBC rated tactical gas masks.

    The elite will have plenty to go around in their bunkers, but you can be 100% assured that none of the supplies they’ve been stockpiling for the last decade will ever make their way to the general population.

    Prepare accordingly.


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      1. Can’t put the genie back in the bottle. Tell that to Kim Jong High Noon.

      2. £uck Putin, I’m surviving

      3. On the idle hill of summer
        Sleepy with the flow of streams.
        Far I hear the steady drummer
        Drumming like a noise in dreams.





          BANK ON IT


          • You forgot to put the link to the klu klux klan.

            • Good Point Stiner, The KKK was Correct. Look at the Sh!t-hole America is today with the masses of lazy welfare queens, spitting out generation after generation of more welfare useless eaters. Its been a down slide perpetual race to the bottom since the 1960’s.

              Lyndon B Johnson Quote: “I’ll have those n*ggers voting Democrat for two-hundred years” when passing the Great Society legislation.

              • Most of the welfare recipients are white.

          • Eisen you are right. I have often heard whites say they are for other races but I have never heard a Mexican, BlackMoe, or brownie say they love the whites

          • Meanwhile, the religion of human pieces does its own variation of on the theme… Do you remember the Paris terrorist attack that took place a month before the Manchester bombing? How about the Stockholm truck attack two weeks before that? The Saint Petersburg bombing four days prior? The Westminster Bridge attack in London in March? The machete attack at the Louvre in February? What about the horrible Christmas Market attack in Berlin? The assaults at Ohio State University; Hamburg, Germany; and Normandy, France? I think people still remember the truck attack that killed nearly 80 people in Nice last year.

        • Yes, A Shropshire Lad 35: On the idle hill of summer By A. E. Housman.

          Here is another fine poem that arouses strong emotions because of its beauty and tranquility.

          There was a young man from Belgrave,
          Who found a dead whore in a cave.
          It must have taken pluck,
          to have a cold f*ck;
          But think of the money he saved!

          • Wow, we must be married to the same woman?

          • JS, you ain’t right.

          • There was a man from California
            Who wanted to screw antifa
            To get off his rocks
            He screwed Moldy locks
            But had to wait in line a millenia

            • Moldylocks!? Barf!!!!

        • “The leadership of the U.S. is made up of politicians who began their careers as Marxist-Socialists. ”

          LMFAO !!! 🙂 No.

          Obola is out of power and Clinton is still licking her wounds and looking for more excuses while the DNC and Party Faithful are demanding that “she move on”….. and out of politics to allow a fresh face to emerge from the snowstorm … er, snowdrift.

          TRUMP is not a madman. Neither is he a Marxist. Its his finger on the button. Get real. 🙂

          • Yup DK they got their backs against the ropes for now but we got a few rounds to go before we kick their asses.

        • Smart and informed people know full well Russia is not threat to the USA Period.

          The US and its Hijacked foreign policy by the Gews, Neocons and MICM. Military industrial Complex Mafia are promoting this, and through the media with false narratives and fake intel. Its the informed people that need to keep posting the truth and calling out these liars and thieves for who they are and what they are.

          In James Comey’s testimony to congress he said the NY Time was Fake news. lol We as Americans need to demand the NY Times loose their business licenses and broadcast licenses. And fine them for lying. Fine them right out of business. There should be no profit in lying. That’s fraud and ill gotten gains.

      4. Population control.

        __there is a better way:

        Take away aid to the third world.

        Remove all white people from Africa, and the third world. Bring the whites here.

        The population will reduce naturally in Africa and the third world.

        In America sterilize all carriers of genetic disease, retards, imbeciles, severely crazy, bad criminals.

        __ less people and a better crop

        __ or just Nuke Um, it’s your choice


        • I fully believe there will be a nuclear war in my lifetime. Full holocaust, probably not. But a regional war, defiantly.

          I believe this enough that I purchased enough Potassium Iodide to supply my family.

          • Ba, I have had that stuff for years, old news.
            Even have a pound of crystal iodide to make my own.. it takes seconds to a minute.
            In that pound there are “thousands” of doses not a measly bottle of 60 or package of 14 pills.

            AND I tried it to make sure I’m not allergic to any of it.

          • What if India and Pakistan go at it? That one is a real concern no one ever talks about

        • Yeah, right……great ideas there B (Pffffttt!!!!)
          And, you know…..let’s do it right…..do it this way.
          Bring all “the whites” back to America on Black Friday and put them all in a Walmart with $100 bucks each.
          That ought to sort out the depopulation of the complete f*cking imbeciles, retards and severely crazies that you crave.
          Grow up son.
          We are all human. Skin colour means nothing.
          Comments like yours don’t help to solve problems or advance anything forward (except for “your team” which appears to be a theme for many.)

          • B of CA is correct and Duke is dumb. Funny how 75% of the Crime in America is caused by only 17% of the population which has that dark colored skin of the sub-human factor. Skin color means everything Duke e’ BOY! You been buying the lefties Kool-Aid for to long? WAKE UP!!

            • Crack,
              I’m awake…..fully awake.
              Unlike you though, I am not CAUGHT UP in the bullshit left v right paradigm that you are.
              I left that futile argument long, long ago.
              But you hang in there……keep that hatred going for those you see as opposite your perfect logic.
              I’m sure that’s your road to where your karma will take you, like all of us, in the end.
              Hatred only brings hatred……..humans have known that, experienced that, yet done f*ck all about it for millennia.
              Not holding my breath for you to fix it either……..keep hating, if that’s what is truly inside you.

              • How can you have a handle of “nuke em duke” and not nuke em?

                • PSTY……
                  As I have said many times at this site, I don’t wish ANYONE to be nuked.
                  My handle of “Nuke em Duke” is a simple assessment of the fate that will ultimately befall the United States.
                  A nation cannot go on for decades killing, lying, financially deceiving and plotting against her fellow nations and not expect to be smashed apart.
                  It’s just karma.
                  I feel sorry for many of the intelligent people at this site who will lose their lives simply because of the bastardry of the people in charge over there.
                  No offence………but karma is karma is karma is karma.

              • It has nothing to do with hatred….only facts. You dance around what he wrote with your cry-baby emotional vomit yet chose to ignore the obvious!

                • See this is their new mantra, When you post facts or call out their crimes, they call you anti-Semite or hateful. Since when has posting of facts and the truth been hateful? I see it as educating the Naïve, Gullible and those in denial. You can either accept the facts and move on, or remain ignorant and hateful of the facts.

                  • The bottom of this page says racism is not allowed.

                    I think that posts are are NOT racist should be disallowed.

              • Duke e Boy- You say – I left that futile argument long, long ago.

                Of course you did, and why you are friggin clueless. I used FBI and Dept of Justice Statistics that are in Black and White Statistical Crime Facts. If you want to be color blind, deaf and dumb go ahead. Your ignorance will get ya killed or robbed.

                Only thing I hate is Liars and Thieves which is pretty much those criminals I describe above that are committing all the crime and murders in the US. These cockroaches have destroyed our Country’s security and civility. Go ahead Ignore the facts. I choose to post them. You need to do some soul searching and fact finding. Your ignorance shows. Yeah go watch some Black Friday Videos for starters and all the baboons looting via flash mob style. Or how about this Baboon?

                Original Obamaphone Lady:

                • speaking of dishonesty, you CAN’T show that video of obamaphone lady without showing THIS video of “reformed” obamaphone lady.


              • GREAT RESPONSE, NUKE EM

              • Hey Duke e Boy, Here is more Hypocrisy from your Lefty Friends. Oh they claim they are the Party of Inclusion. lol

                Gay Trump supporters denied entry into Charlotte Pride Parade
                06-09-2017 • ht tp://www.fox5ny.com, By: Caroline Fountain
                “I’m very proud of my country, proud of my president, and was once proud of my community,” said Brian Talbert, who said he’s proud to be gay and proud to be a Trump supporter.

                His truck has a Trump-Pence bumper sticker and ‘Not a liberal’ sign on the back window.

                “I’m very proud of my vote. I don’t regret my vote. I will vote for Donald Trump again. I’m proud of my president. I don’t think I should be vilified because I’m proud of a U.S. president as an American.”

                **Lefty’s are such POS friggin Hypocrites.
                Link: ht tp://www.fox5ny.com/news/259656209-story

              • Duke,
                Your nieve, stupid, a liberal troll or all 3. Congrats you win the obozo award for cuck of the year. Are you a tranny too? Or an ape? Probably both like moocheel Obozo. Well your lost and not worth educating. Just hope u meet a street n I gg er u so support in a dark alley while he is looking for his next crack scrore.

                • Son of an Imbecile……
                  OK, I’ll bight.
                  First of all, you embarrass yourself with your lack of spelling ability.
                  Obviously you are uneducated as well as being a complete asswipe.
                  You hate “nigg*rs”?
                  Let’s have a little inspection of history then.
                  It was asswipes like you, who think their skin colour makes them superior to others, that first abducted black people over in Africa, threw them in chains, and brought them to your shithole to keep them as slaves…….NO ARGUMENT.
                  So……if you have a problem with Nigg*rs, I say, phuck you boy…..slurp up your karma and know your place in the world…….you are a bigoted kunt, nothing more.
                  You and those that support your views are what bring America down to the lowest of the low.
                  Hopefully Trump will bring in mandatory IQ tests soon, and with those like you who score less than 20 can be used as manual labour in some salt mine in Liberia.
                  Do you know where Liberia is, you ignorant, asswipe phuck?

                • Son of Liberty???
                  More like son of a racist, asswipe PHUCKING BIGOT more like it!!
                  I am neither “left” or ” right”, although I do wish your President Trump well, and believe him to be your current best hope…….small chance that it is given the way in which your nation has raped our planet over the past 50 years.
                  You’re about to be SMASHED son……and, as far as karma goes in the Universe, you deserve a smashing. Like a BIG BLACK COCK up your arse, reemed in good and hard.
                  That said, most Americans are good people, on the side of Humanity.
                  Not you.
                  You are just a Kunt.
                  Know your place and shut up.
                  Give your parents that much respect at least.

                  • oh sweetness….a little butt-hurt today are we?

                  • Nit wit,
                    Obviously your as uneducated as your ni gg er friends or you are one yourself. Talk about history. Let’s start with present. Crime rate black on black, black on white the vast majority are groids like you. Your too uneducated to understand the intentional misspelling of ni gg er as I did that to avoid being censored. Polish off that tbcu degree of yours if your not using it for toilet paper (which is all those are worth) and pick up an APA guideline. Oh that’s right your an ignorant ni gg er – it is a book used for proper grammar. Which you of course are too stupid to understand but the rest of us get that I’m schooling you “boy”.

                    • Imbecile……
                      Your woeful spelling has nothing to do with how you wrote “n i gg er”.
                      You wrote “Your nieve………”
                      Bang, bang……two phuck ups right there!!!
                      But Son of an Imbecile, as well as being a racist bigot, shows himself as up as an uneducated buffoon on the exact same day!
                      It’s “You’re naive…….”
                      Not intelligent enough to pick it up is The Black Hater, are you?
                      By the way……my skin is as white as the driven snow.
                      Like I said……do yourself a favour and know your place in this world.
                      You are on the LOWEST POSSIBLE RUNG OF HUMAN EVOLUTION…..a racist, bigoted dumb kunt.
                      Run along now and shoot something.
                      The rest of us have meaningful work to do.

                  • I think calling nuk em or aka (cuckold) atranny like Michelle must have hit home. lol

                  • See I was correct. A few words to lure in the cuck “nukem” or as the rest of us call him “cuckold”. Lol. Keep sucking that co c k lib tard who can’t spell nieve and hopes the rest of us believe him when he can’t sp e ll lol like the ni gg er cuck he is. You just been ” owned ” “boy” go pick us some Cotton bit ch.

            • B from CA is right except I don’t want whites back either except I would like to screw moldy locks once. I am into stupid white hooker midgets.

        • Hey Cali. Watch a mark dice video And tell me why 99 % of Cali’s don’t need to be exterminated?

        • I vote nuke’m


        I heard there are several states in the US where you don’t have to have a permit, a background check, etc. to legally own a gun… the only permit needed is the US Constitution. Does anyone know anything about this? (I’ve never committed a crime, have no “record” but I hate red tape with a passion!!)

        • A troll.

          Most states you don’t have to. he knows this as well as I do.

        • You have the Internet, go to the NRA ILA Your States Firearms Laws, its a wealth of info. Google “Constitutional Carry”. There was some executive order from Obama, not sure of its status under Trump, that required some kind of background check on private sales. I’m not familiar with the specifics, exemptions or its current enforceability. Most states in the south and west have no such requirement at the state level. If you download a 4473 Form you will see the questions that bar one from legal possession.

          • If you ask permission then don’t be surprised if the answer is “no”?

        • If you have to ask, then you are living in the wrong state.

          In Texas, where i live, you don’t have to anything to buy a gun in a private sale, but if you buy from a dealer you will have to do the Federal yellow sheet. And show your driver’s license.

          Concealed or open carry in Texas requires a permit.

          • Same, same in Arizona EXCEPT you do not need a permit to carry; concealed or not. An armed society is a polite society. 🙂

          • Yes, but I think it only applies to federally approved small arms under the 1968 gun control act. Charlton Heston made sure You have to have federal permission for anything good. Now you can only own a cheesy AR15 or shit Ruger. Anything like laser cannons, microwave or big boomers over 50 cal are not available. Only tax collectors have the good stuff. So “ALL” arms are illegally regulated. Just thought I would mention that to idiots that think we are free. Heck if you go to moose limb nations they have RPGs in the closet but they are brave.

        • There’s a gun show in rock springs wy. On the 26 th. Private sales from non FFL holders are legal. No background check. Fly in for the weekend and mail it home ?

          • Illegal to mail.

          • Fly in for weekend, rent a car to get home. Waiting

      6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=44lSLpWBSvc

        4-5 DIFFERENT options on the table for the Elites to get rid of us. Listen video on this link. From what we are hearing, 90% of us will be dead in less than 2 years. This is why I am leaving Houston and hope to get out on time. The majority of the guys Like Paul Martin, Hodges, and Paul Preston and other sources don’t think that Trump will be able to stop any of this. It’s now Bankers versus citizens. I know this is doing down, because I talked to a source 2 years ago that told me in person, that this is going to go down no matter who is president. I cant put his name on here because everyone in government in my state would know who he is his. Let me brace myself for a massive troll attack.


        • HCKS Don’t relax once you get past the Houston city limits. That entire state is overpopulated. Everywhere you go in Texas, people everywhere. Try the Ozarks. Or the
          Flint Hills of Kansas. Or the Sandhills of Nebraska. Or the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.
          Too damn hot down there. Too much population. Too many damn military nuke targets.
          In my humble opinion, Cali-Texas-Florida way too populated. Same goes for most states
          east of the Mississippi.

        • OF COURSE TRUMP WON’T BE ABLE TO STOP any of it, Houston. They are in the process of throwing him out of office!!! Look at all the headline news on aol.com and in your local newspapers– they are going to kick him out. My question, when they do “legally” go after him and throw him out, what will the citizens do? Revolution or submit? IT IS HAPPENEING!!!
          they are going to have him removed from office!!!!

        • of course, its all BS charges against Trump– we all know that. but when has that ever stopped the 1%? They are getting more and more brazen all the time.

        • Sure there are Hcksy Boy, And when are the Chi-coms going to rush the Mexican Border and invade Houston? We are still waiting on that prediction you claimed. Oh the Bankers are gonna get you now eh? What they foreclosing on your tin tent shack?

        • Revelation Chapter 18. Babylon is fallen, is fallen. ( double emphasis ) Think. Really think.

      7. There are approximately 1750 nuclear warheads each in the ready to go status in Russia and the US. If 10% got through it would push the world back and alter the balance of power thereafter from the northern hemisphere (primarily targets) to the far less destroyed southern hemisphere. The loss of manufacturing, infrastructure, knowledgeable technically educated/skilled people, civility and the rise of disease (think it will just be nuclear and not a bio follow up) would be the greatest catastrophe in human history.

        • Unlike WWII where the US was untouched and had the industrial might to rebuild Western Europe and Japan no such structure would be there. Even the USSR had time to move entire industries east preventing their destruction. WWIII would be largely over with in hours with some submarine attacks thereafter. The destruction wouldn’t be miles away from vital talent and machinery but rather directly on top of it. It would be the decapitation of civilization.

          • I have been watching lots of videos on WW 1 since this is the 100 anniversary.

            It is shocking to see the total disregard for human life. The military threw away the lives of soldiers by the hundred of thousands for truly nothing.

            • The Battle of The Somme was the greatest example of military waste. The British / French had 620K causalities (dead and wounded). The Generals, trained on the last wars tactics which are dictated by the technological advancement in weaponry threw human waves against water cooled machine guns and rapid fire artillery. As they lost men the thought was, “We failed because we did not use enough manpower”. Fifty years prior at the end of the civil war it looked like WWI as even the firepower of the day made going underground a necessity.

              Second rate generals, “by the book”, incapable of vision, rise to leadership in peacetime. They fight wars with the previous wars tactics.

              • It’s all about exterminating the only race that can’t be enslaved?

              • Russian lost 20 Million people in WW2. You don’t see them whining and begging for money, playing the victim card and opening Holafraud Museums like friggin teething spineless crybabies do ya?

                • Tap the breaks. I had family tortures and killed in those camps. Denying they existed doesn’t mean they didn’t exist, didn’t mean people didn’t die.

                  • It’s easy to lie Kynase . Like your father Satan. John 8:44 Rev.2:9 , 3:9

                • An American Super Hero BATMAN Just Died. Adam West 88 also known as the 1960’s Character Batman died. What we need to day is more BATMAN Crime Fighters Cleaning up America from the Scum. Crack Sum Sculls BATMAN. BAMMMM!!!


                    • Crack:

                      What do you get when a German marries a Swedish ?? Answer: Julie Nuemar 5′ 11″ lady with an IQ of 160 (straight up genius) who looks better at 83 than mortal women a half century younger.

                      Her hobby is gardening. Her philosophy of beauty can be summed up in a word, but here’s a story she likes to tell by Edger Allen Poe. The story tells of the ugly face nature gave to the wife of a man. She was ugly as sin, but dressed exquisitely. He loved her for something beautiful of a deeper more profound nature.

                      She is someone to emulate in many respects. She teaches beauty from the inside out. Born in 1933 and still active, she has a website. Besides movies, TV, writing, Stage, Ballet; she invented pantyhose, holds the patent and owns the business.

                      The idea that beauty equals dumb is erroneous. The more intelligent people are, the more likely they will be successful and then attract beautiful mates. This means that future offspring are more likely to possess both beauty and brains. Julie Neumar exemplifies this phenomenon.

                      My favorite line is when she tells another woman to give up her man because she, Julie Nuemar, is “younger, prettier, and more intelligent”.


                  • Right0n ! Some Ruckelshaus/Richardson UnDoucahables, FEARLE$$ of Queen HELL’$ Clintonally IN$ANE DEMazon Whack0Molls !!

                  • Grow up.

                • That is what is scary. Russia lost 15% of it’s entire population in WWII.

                  They don’t care if they loose a LOT of people in war.

                  • Its called true grit and courage what the Russians had, opposed to the spineless warmongers who are afraid to put their own boots on a battlefield and usually hire or con some other Country proxy army to do their dirty work for them. You know (((who))) I am talking about.

                    • I don’t think it was true grit.

                      It was a war of attrition. attrition of people.

                      The only thing Russia had was people, a lot of people. Russia sent waves and waves of people to their death and to overwhelm the Germans to buy time to get their war machine up and running.

                    • German atrocities inflicted upon Russian civilians by the NAZI’s put a lot of spirit which fueled the sacrifice of their soldiers. Getting shot by your own forces for retreating tends to motivate one too.

                    • An example is the remains of a church in Belarus, now a war shrine, where the NAZI’s put the civilians in, they weren’t Jewish and set it on fire. They shot anyone fleeing, men, women, children. That will piss you off.

                  • John,
                    If we lost every major city in America, I would consider that a win.
                    A lot fewer Democrats, who are my real enemy and biggest threat to my health, safety, and welfare.

                    • Your mad

                    • correct, but mad…

                  • “They don’t care if they loose a LOT of people in war.”

                    Quite to the contrary, they do care, a lot. WWII, “The Great Patriotic War”, left a scar on their collective psychology. They’re veterans of it are revered. Its the US, controlled by corporate globalists that don’t care about casualties, ours, there’s or anybody’s. Their ambitions are the driver of this madness not Russia.

                    OBTW, 80% of the USSR males born in 1923 were killed in WWII.

                    • Their veterans not They’re veterans

                    • What I am saying is that Russia does not care it if costs them 30, 40 50% of their population in a war with a global power.

                      The USA freaks out if they loose 30 or 40 soldiers.

                    • What I’m saying is they do care. They are not the aggressors here. The US is attempting to cut their main source of income. Its the US, under control of the globalists, that don’t care.

                • My father, a white man from Oklahoma and a WWII veteran, a member of the “Hell on Wheels” unit aka 2nd Armored Division, actually saw first hand one of these concentration camps. Also 168 USA POW aviators were imprisoned at Buchenwald for a time and witnessed the atrocities taking place there. So CSS please don’t refer to it as “holafraud”. It did happen to Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah’s Witnesses, the mentally and physically disabled, ethnic Poles, Ukrainians, other Slavs, Soviet POWS and Soviet citizens, Communist, Free Masons, and many others. All people should respect human life no matter if we disagree with their ethnicity, religion, or way of life. However this does not mean you can let people like Muslims force their beliefs and laws on others. According to the Koran all non believers will convert or be killed. This ideology brings us back to Hitler’s type of genocide with a different twist. People never learn and history does repeat itself. Waiting

                  • Waiting

                    Agree. My Uncle 4th ID landed at Utah, he liberated a couple of camps. another friends father, Army unit unknown did the same and Mr L, with scars on his back was a Polish teen that put corpses in the oven to stay alive.

                    NAZIs killed Jews first and a Slavs, homos, handicapped, dissidents in masse too, women, children, old, young.

            • War serves the purpose of the elites, they find it entertaining.

              • We’ll see how entertaining they find it when the war is aimed at them and there’s no way out. Waiting

        • K2: My sources told me last year that Russia has 300 warheads targeting the USA. The others, presumably, are targeting China; which would require more warheads to erase 1.2 billion Chinese. Although, one well placed warhead into the Three Gorges Dam would flood most of populated China.

          If you think about it, 300 warheads are all that is needed to turn the US into a cinder. The other 1450 would be overkill. The reverse for the USA vs Russia is also true. 🙁

          • DK

            While that number seems plausible “your sources” certainly do not. Its doubtful that the US intelligence community knows with a high degree of certainty the number of nuclear weapons Russia has targeted against the US. One can infer, at best a guess, at worst a WAG. A bio attack followup with a significant quantity of medical resources destroyed is not just possible, nor probable but likely.

            Civilization was we know it would cease to exist, the aftermath, both physical and political are an unknown.


            • I don’t know if a bio attack is needed after a large war. Water, sewer and electricity might not be working to well, sanitary conditions we all enjoy would go away, and cholera, dysentery, ect. would spread fast. I think most cities and suburbs would die off quick and as they spread out would carry disease with them.

              • Its not that its needed but rather that they have the capability. They would save it for what? WWIII is “schools out”, you have it, you use it.

      8. Yeah well man ‘kind’ never learned The Lesson: Do not do to another what you would not want done unto your own self.

        Even the elites in their bunkers will not live. Well, for a few years but there will be no habitable surface on the planet to come back to. Over quite a few million years all of this will have subsided under the Earth’s crust and come out cleaned of any relics of what will be our past civilization.

        We all know we have visitors here yet we apparently do not notice how they themselves DO NOT DO UNTO OTHERS what they would not want done to their selfs. No inter-galactic travelers would ever be of such an inclination. All so inclined to live by the sword die by the sword.

        People say God destroyed this city or that city but of course noone is ever left to proclaim, ‘He’ll take your whole damn beautiful planet out if it takes that to have a decent Universe void of such disrespect for living beings as we are becoming.

        We are sunlight entered into form thanks to the Earth.

        • The new golden rule is “it is always someone elses fault.”

          • WW3 is all about destruction of the western “advanced” countries.
            Russia and China will (supposedly) not be affected.
            See DEAGEL.COM population forecast chart for year 2025.

            • Russia and China are advanced

              • A good Article to read:

                TGIF: Let’s All Calm Down about Russia
                By Sheldon Richman – June 9, 2017

                I can understand why the ruling elite, broadly conceived to include the intel bureaucracy and military-industrial complex, has an interest in positing Russia as our enemy. The reasons are obvious enough. What I can’t understand is why common Americans would fall for it. They have everything to lose and nothing gain from swallowing this line.

                After all, the stakes are extremely high. The United States and Russia have thousands of nuclear warheads pointed at each other, and their forces are in close proximity in Syria. Yet major bipartisan elements of the U.S. government, including the intelligence bureaucracy, persist in aggravating tensions. The public is led to believe that the reason for the problems is the Russian attempt to interfere in the presidential election on behalf of Donald Trump. But that remains an allegation for which no evidence has been produced. It also doesn’t pass the smell test.

                Not coincidentally, Trump made cooperation with Russia a campaign theme. Such cooperation, of course, would be costly for civilian and military bureaucrats and government contractors. Yet even if Trump has corrupt business motives for favoring detente, it is still a good idea for the American people and the world.

                So, are we witnessing what is being called a “soft coup” against the Trump administration? The thought is not so outlandish. Nor would it be the first time the intelligence bureaucracy has tried to interfere with East-West detente.

                ABD HERE IS A PROFOUND STATEMENT: At the beginning of the end of the Soviet Union, a spokesman for Mikhail Gorbachev told some reporters from the West, “We have done the cruelest thing to you that we could possibly have done. We have deprived you of an enemy.”

                That insight explains a lot of what has happened ever since the Warsaw Pact dissolved in 1989 and the Soviet Union closed shop in 1991.

                ht tps://www.libertarianinstitute.org/foreign-policy/tgif-calm-down-about-russia/

            • If everybody believes what Deagel says on its site, why bother prepping.
              Leave now. Pack at the airport. Hunkering down to become charcoal is not a plan.

        • WWIII would be the actual ‘War to end all wars’.

          The wars get bigger and the ends to war get bigger till it is over. Threats from civilizations that dream of taking their wars to the stars are 100% contained.

          It’s baked in Creation.

          Each individual has free will but NOT the soul, or lack there of, of the collective soul. Hence history has no free will.

          Will people update their overriding 2000 year old prejudices embodied in group behavior?

          I’m staying tuned! Who knows?

            • Damn dirty apes.

            • Why wasn’t it called planet of the radioactive apes?

      9. This is a serious in-depth 3 Part Series on How to Survive a Nuclear Bomb | Tin Hat Ranch Channel. This is a MUST WATCH for any prepper concerned about nuclear survival.

        This is Part One:


        • this guy dresses like he is in the Army, but clearly he is not. This takes away credibility of what he is saying.

          • John, I agree you have to separate the man from the message. But from an informational perspective he has one of the best prepper channels on YouTube.

            He clowns around a lot and he used to wear sun glasses so you couldn’t see him reading the narration (also I think he’s a little self-conscience about his eyes).

            Also, I used to play war all the time growing up and I think some of us still play war now. As I get older I find myself reverting back to childhood and that’s okay because it was a happier time.

        • I remember the Gews Attack on the USS Liberty 60 years ago. Oh but that story gets buried. Why do we give $38 Billion to a Rat Pack that hates us and wants to destroy us.

          • Good question!…..Waiting

          • Crack Sum Skulls:

            Fifty years ago – June 8, 1967

            Thanks Cracker !! ?


            • Thanks for the correction. 50 Yrs. Should still be fresh in plenty of minds of the American people today, who the real enemy is.

          • They have a strong lobby in Washington. DUH.

      10. Technology has redefined war. Real war, total war, once a drawn out campaign, in essence a chess game of strategy, maneuver, planning of logistics has become one swift destructive unmanned attack. Its orchestrators were at one time largely shielded from its violent consequences as negotiations often spared them. Now they are the primary target and are among the most likely to die. This truism holds the most promise in total wars prevention as the leaders are as vulnerable, actually far more so, than front line infantry. What has been called war post WWII is in reality nothing more than civil police actions and criminal robberies, granted on large scale, with low destruction weaponry. The challenge, at one time was victory; now its prevention.

        • So? I hope I live through it so I can breed with only the prettiest girls and repopulate my neighborhood

      11. If we are lucky. Putin will give us the window of opertunity to save our race? Unless it’s all a lie?

        • Yep Putin is fighting for the White Guys and Christians, honesty and fairness. Our hijacked foreign policy is pulling for the welfare state, poverty, bankruptcy, greed, communism, socialism, dilution of the white race, destruction of white cultures, the failed Petro dollar, fraud, blackmail, genocide, displacement of populations and (((zionism))). Pretty pathetic eh?

          • Oh and add facsism and pedophilia to what our hijacked foreign policy represents. Im sure I left out a few more traits.

      12. Why does everyone think a nuke attack will be the first strike. Look political tensions and conventional battles have to happen first. Any nations that have the nuke bomb know if they push that button they willl be return vaporized. The bomb is a political tool to get a better seat at the table. There is the possibility a mad man will use it of course. For me I’m most worried about bio weapons unleashing a fatal sickness on us. Who could be blamed for a sickness plague spreading around killing people like Ebola. Chemical weapons are always a manufactured product easy to distinguish. But bio is scary shit. Health dept will get involved and force vaccine on you.

      13. Who will suffer the most? Traitors. We will win in the end as written. And the Tares will burn. So be it. See them. All around. Help them at your peril. Help evil.Condone evil. Go along to get along .And the smoke from your torture will rise for eternity.

      14. Getting a hair cut saw a deputy sheriff covered with tattoos and a fag haircut ex marine ? If you think there are not ex marine traitors. Good luck?Ounce a traitor always a traitor? He looked like a canibal. Draw the line? Wear? We have been infiltrated at the highest level? Look in their eyes . Can you not see? A hard road? Tats are cool?Time to pick and choose? So sorry? Desecrat your eternal soul? One way or another? Worship a graven image? Why?The great delusions of the end times?

      15. The Tares will burn. Weather it’s your good loving friend or not. Soddom and Gomorrah. Try to save them and see what happens?And if not ? See our future? They are parading in the streets? What’s next?lowering the age of consent? They will stop at nothing. And we will pay. As written. To bad . Do we diserve it ? Sacrificing our children to be nice? Pick a side . And live for eternity with your pick?

      16. Jesus whipped the money changers. O he was so evil? How could one human being whip another? Wake up and smell he coffee? It’s time? Are you too blind to see?Jesus was not a fag. He knew who to whip .Do we?

        • Jesus whipped the money changers, then Jesus was whipped and crucified so…who won? That’s right the banksters won.

      17. Acts 16:31
        So they said, “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ, and you will be saved, you and your household.”

      18. I believe as Putin, I don’t believe anyone could survive a nuclear war. Look at a map of the USA and see where all our nuclear power plants are located. Then look at the maps of other countries and see where their nuclear power plants are located. Then imagine nuclear warheads flying back and forth from one country to another. All the nuclear power plants would melt down, contributing even more radiation to the environment right along with the nuclear warheads. There would be so many fires and smoke from the nuclear warheads and nuclear melt downs you could not breath outside if you managed to survive the blasts. A bunker could not save you. And if you were lucky ? to have survived thus far, it would only be for a week to a month. Then you would die a horrible agonizing death. Watch some of the documentaries on Chernobyl, and then imagine this on a global scale. They, and you can decide on who you want they to be, are not telling you the truth about Fukushima right now, and how much radiation is contaminating the air and ocean. A nuclear war would mean total destruction of our world and mankind. And anyone who believes you can have a limited nuclear war is a fool. Anyone who believes you can have a nuclear war is a fool. The destruction would be complete. This is probably why the Bible says in the last days if God did not intervene their would be no life left. There as an excellent documentary on PBS on Chernobyl. ……………Waiting

        • Yep, just waiting for the airborne plutonium from the Handford leak to settle. No need to feel smug as the winds blow it towards the great American redoubt in Idaho. It blows for us all. The real surprise of Fukushima still resides aloft in the rusting hulk of the leaking storage pools. If one goes off they all will. The pools at each Fukushima reactor are reported to have contained the following amounts of spent MOX fuel:
          • Reactor No. 1: 50 tons of nuclear fuel
          • Reactor No. 2: 81 tons
          • Reactor No. 3: 88 tons
          • Reactor No. 4: 135 tons
          • Reactor No. 5: 142 tons
          • Reactor No. 6: 151 tons
          • Also, a separate ground-level fuel pool contains 1,097 tons of fuel; and some 70 tons of nuclear materials are kept on the grounds in dry storage plus millions of gallons of radiated water. 1814 tons of the hottest stuff we have made just waiting for the next earthquake. I agree, the truth is we don’t need to fear the radiation from nuclear bombs.

      19. I suppose if you need to keep the billion dollar war material orders rolling in, the neocon US and Europe and the War Industrial CONplex must keep the Russian and Chinese booogerman story alive on the front page, and keep one billion people scared to death of a nuclear war. Someone is towing the line for the Neocons. 60+ years of this “Duck and Cover” bullshit!!

        • Burt, I used to think “Duck and Cover” was laughable and absurd, but then I realized that they were trying to protect kids from glass shards blown-out from the blast wave. So it was reasonable to use a desk for protection from flying debris.

          • I’m impressed. But don’t gloss over the fact that this whole WWIII and hate Russia and hate China is just one way the neocon US and Europe and the War Industrial CONplex must keep people paranoid and frightened. Also, thousand of internet parasites with their fakenews websites and YouRube channels are making good coin off fears of collapse and WWIII. Bottom line: collapse and WWIII ain’t gonna happen.

          • I miss those good old fashioned duck and cover drills. When I told my kids to not look at the flash and duck and cover and wait several minutes before cumming out. they told me to £uck off idiot.

      20. Markets were interesting today. Despite tons of cash flowing in from Qatar and similar wealthy war threatened countries, the US markets went up little to none.

        That kind of resistance to big buying is historical. The crash is close.

        • UH-huh.

      21. How can anyone take this article seriously after reading this sentence: “The leadership of the U.S. is made up of politicians who began their careers as Marxist-Socialists.”

        Grab a brain and stop spouting nonsense. Obviously, I stopped reading after this.

      22. Putin has said that there will be NO more wars fought on Russian soil, so clueless Americans better get their head out of their nether regions and pay attention to what our corrupt, sold-out USG is doing.

        • I agree, but i would expect the USA to have the same stance. No wars on American soil.

          The problem is that Russia thinks Ukraine is Russian soil and Georgia and all the other independent countries.

          So we can let the new Hitler rule the world or do something.

      23. Some things haven’t changed in 2017 years. To the banker life is like a mobius strip. The left and right sides never meet by design, there is just the paper. All modern wars are banker wars, Napoleon was the beta test. Eject the moneychangers or become ejecta yourself. An old Russian proverb.

      24. Some good news is that China has stopped buying N. Korea’s coal to put pressure on them. This in no longer your father’s Chicoms swarming over the boarder in 1954! One story at http://www.economist.com/news/china/21717370-theres-message-america-too-furious-north-korea-china-stops-buying-its-coal

        In other news, this one is truly evil. Ontario, under lesbian premier (same as a governor) Kathleen Wynne, approval rating ~ 13-15%, which Forum Research, called it “the lowest value we have ever recorded for a sitting premier” – see CBC at http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/kathleen-wynne-polling-ontario-approval-rating-1.3932298 ) just passed Bill 89, the so-called “Supporting Children, Youth and Families Act, 2017,” which was approved on June 1 by a vote of 63 to 23. The Minister of Children and Youth Services, Michael Coteau, who introduced the bill, said earlier this year that a parent’s failure to recognize and support a child’s gender self-identification is a form of child abuse, and a child in these circumstances should be removed from the situation and placed into protection. Yes, the gay Nazis and their homosexuality uber alles is now coming for your kids if you don’t meet their criteria.

        Exaggeration? Per Breitbart at http://www.breitbart.com/big-government/2017/06/06/new-ontario-law-enables-govt-to-seize-children-from-parents-opposing-gender-transition/ In April of this year, a Christian couple filed a lawsuit against Hamilton Children’s Aid Society after two foster children were removed from their care because they refused tell the children that the Easter bunny is real.

        “We have a no-lying policy,” said Derek Baars, one of the foster parents, as the motivation for disobeying a child support worker who ordered him and his wife to tell the two girls in their care, aged 3 and 4, that the Easter bunny is real. “We explained to the agency that we are not prepared to tell the children a lie. If the children asked, we would not lie to them, but we wouldn’t bring it up ourselves,” Baars said.

        Great. So the kids are now back in the foster care warehouse, minus two loving parents. You want H8TE? Here it is… from the gays.

      25. If any of you IDIOTS really thinks there will be a nuclear war then I feel sorry only for your nativity …..the planet would be destroyed for ALL for 100 years …..wake the fuck up !!

      26. If Puerto Rico votes for statehood on Sunday this country will NEVER see another
        Republican president. Adds another Democrap senator and likely 2 Democrap house
        representatives. Millions more Democrap votes in future presidential elections. Then they
        have to add another star on the flag.

        • Also more people on food stamps.

      27. It was said in the context of not wanting to engage. He wasn’t making a threat, per se.

        Although, Putin’s response and yours still holds the technology in a superstitious regard.

        The whole premise is propaganda.

      28. The greatest battle in the history of the world was fought at Kursk in Russia during WWII it was the Verdun of the war. Millions of men took part tens of thousands of guns over 10,000 tanks. Russia lost one aircraft a minute the first day. A giant meat grinder and most people know nothing of WWII in Russia. hillary seems to think that such war would be like Vietnam on the news but thats all. A war with Russia even conventional would be the end of all with hundreds of millions dead and vast areas totally destroyed. Wake up

        • The Russian people have always had a split psychology regarding their nation. Even if they dislike their government and leader such as Stalin they love, “Mother Russia”. The information that I find, any accuracy is debatable as the US and Russia are both propaganda central, shows that Putin is relatively popular with Russian citizens. Regardless Russians are patriotic as years of reverence for the veterans of, “The Great Patriotic War” resonate through them.

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