Putin Orders Evacuation Of East Russian Residents To “Safe Zones” In Anticipation Of War With North Korea

by | Aug 31, 2017 | Headline News | 71 comments

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    It seems like there is a new escalation between the United States and North Korea on a daily basis. This week the United States sent  F-15 tactical fighter aircraft to the region and tested bombs along the North Korean border in a show of force, to which Kim Jong Un responded by telling his citizens that a war with America is “imminent.”

    Earlier this week we reported that well known cyclical forecaster Martin Armstrong warned that the window for war will be wide open by mid September, and recent actions in Russia suggest his prediction could well come to pass.

    According to numerous reports, Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered the evacuation of residents living in eastern cities on Russia’s border with North Korea, including 1,500 people in Vladivostok:

    Russian civil defence officials were reportedly ordered to shift residents in the country’s far east to “safe areas” in a extraordinary move amid fears of a worldwide conflict.

    The order to evacuate residents “came from the regional department of the Russian Ministry of Emergencies”, according to pro-Kremlin media outlets.

    Russia shares a 24 mile land border with reclusive North Korea.

    The civil protection department in Vladivostok was instructed to relocate residents living in the border area with North Korea.

    A relocation scheme is being exercised as part of the training,” said a source.

    Russian foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova has warned that the North Korean crisis could morph into an armed confrontation and “lead the world to the brink of a catastrophe”.

    Via: The Daily Star

    Alex Jones Reports:

    “Our President will be forced to respond…”

    No need to panic, however.

    It’s probably nothing.

    Related: Forecaster Martin Armstrong Warns Of War In September: “We Must Be On Guard… Prime Period Where A Confrontation Could Emerge”


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      1. Waiting

        • When A.J. said he psychoanalyzed himself, that actually scared me…

          As for North Korea, perhaps Kim Jong Un is so afraid for his position, that he hopes for a war, in the hopes he might survive, given that his people, so we are told, don’t much care for him. And, he probably banking on the idea that China and Russia will smack the U.S. down.

          Maybe this is part of the nwo play to bring the U.S. down. Lot’s of people want the U.S. gone…

          Hopefully, one of Kim’s generals will have a moment of clarity, and do the right thing.

        • This move by Putin is a natural response designed to move his population out of the way of a massive flight of NK peasants once the shooting starts.

          No one wants millions of refugees, no matter what nation they flee. 🙂

        • It is reportedly JUST A DRILL. NOT a real evacuation.

      2. If a war starts it is a smart move.

        He also could be moving the people out to move troops in.

        If a war starts the N.K. will be running like roaches to get the hell out before we turn it into an ash tray.


        • Sgt: Hahaha fry those damn, gooky, rat bastard roaches, get all of them.

        • This week the United States sent F-15 tactical fighter aircraft to the region and tested bombs along the North Korean border in a show of force, to which Kim Jong Un responded by telling his citizens that a war with America is “imminent.”

          What the F8ck is the US doing this shit for? A bunch of dumbasses provoking NK. Folks our government and Military is run by a bunch of psychopaths.

          • CSS…remember…if they think you are a psycho…they tend to back off.

          • I dunno bud,, im getting pretty sick and tired of this crap, the constant threats etc,,,, i say teach the little fat fucker a lesson he wont live through.

          • Probably worth a try to just ignore DPRK. If USA is actually able to shoot down DPRK missles, do it (outside of DPRK), and don’t say a word. Watch him explain numerous “failures”. It’s more likely he would just stop. Just like USA, Un needs a boogey man to keep the peasantry scared, and convince them they need him to protect them.

          • When a crazy fat kid threatens to nuke your country, you take his word for it.

            How about rooting for your own country for a change?

        • Do not forget whoever attacks you for the first time, it will be an aggressor.

          • RANGER48, and that’s why god made false flag operations.

        • So where are we going to run to when they return the favor?

          • RVN G
            So where are we going to run to when they return the favor?

            I’m not I’m will stand and fight!!!! That is if they don’t Nuke me first.


        • an ash tray is for ashes only.

      3. You know what, I thought President Trump would be different… I still live in hope… God bless White Christian Russia- peace.

      4. Captain Trips man.

        Weaponize SARS or something. Find some way to scapegoat it on contaminated fish or what the hell ever.

        His options at that point:

        1. Die… they’re already starving so this would push his infrastructure beyond the pale…

        2. Go to the UN for relief aid. Said relief aid to come with strings and many many blue helmets attached.

        Bam done.

        Stop thinking so 20th century.

        • I like your reference to “The Stand”. One of the best books I’ve ever read.

        • TheGuy, I am going to watch that mini-series this weekend as I establish BOL #2. Now that would be a re-make I would LOVE to see.

          • I’m still waiting for them to make “Swan Song”. Kind of like “The Stand’s” twin brother by McKinnon. I believe it is the better version. But so similar there had to be a collaboration or plagiarism or something though both authors deny it. If you have never read it, you are really missing something.

      5. kim jong un is crazy. & lets hope HIS nuclear armed missile detonates on the launch pad while he is watching.
        Then bye bye fat boy!

      6. So in the past he does all this crap then gets paid off to stop it, does it again, gets more aid more $, has done this so many times over my lifetime i cant even list them all,,, why the hell should we give them anything when they keep doing this? It needs to end, that prick threatened to blow up my homestate, if I could get in a bomber and blow his ass to hell i would, and im not alone, not a good option but enough is enough, no more appeasement

        • Nailbanger

          This is a bargaining chip for China to use in the trade negotiations, its timing is not coincidental. North Korea behaves at the bequest of China which economically keep them alive. Yes, for decades North Korea shook down the US through the IMF for oil, food and money. That’s ended and now the strategy is being employed to fulfill a different goal.

          Kim Jong Un isn’t crazy, he is calculating. Given his benefactor China (which will no doubt reward him / nation) and position to inflict massive damage to South Korea he is smart. The US can’t fire first with a sufficient degree of success to thwart his reprisal upon South Korea. The US must stand by and listen to his threats. His power is the message.


          1. Have President Trump have a press conference to use as a forum for a statement.

          If North Korea attacks the US or nations under our guardianship we will completely destroy North Korea. We will specifically target those responsible with absolute certainty. I’m accepting no questions and will no longer reply to any future questions regarding this issue as nothing more can be said. My position is unwavering. I have other duties to attend to.

          Thank You

          If asked as the President will be he should point to his ears and say, “I don’t hear you”, “Next question”.

          Repeated threats lose credibility.

          • Kevin2, I’ll know this is REALLY serious when the US says that we will treat any nuclear weapons launched at the US or its allies from NK as if they were originating FROM CHINA.

            That mean we will send return missiles to this dogs master. This is what Kennedy said to Russia during the Cuban Missile Crises.

      7. More hype.

      8. Nailbanger, I’ll bet a dollar to a doughnut that even the Russians and Chinese are tired of porky’s BS even if they don’t admit to it publically. I’d rather see them take Porky to the woodshed than us. We have enough problems right here at home.

        • Brave
          Stay safe my friend. It looks like you are going to get some nasty weather.


          • Sarge, LOL. A little rain never hurt anything. Getting some in GA right now but nothing serious. Too bad I have to head home this weekend. Back to the old grind. [SIGH] Time sure flies when you’re having fun.

      9. The dogs are on the hunt for NORK gold as we speak. The rare earth metals are still up for grabs. Got Russia encircled now and most of China while we attack NK for their aggression. Rothschild pulled up stakes in the US and is building up in China. The biggest sign yet that the outcome has been pre determined, but go ahead, blame Porky if you must but remember all wars are banker wars. The kool aid is extra spicy when the war drums beat.

        • Grandpa:

          I agree with your assessment. I said years ago that China, the sleeping giant, and quasi-Communist, will be a problem as they are growing stronger while we are being destroyed from within and without. And, Banksters are always making the important decisions.


          • On golden Yuan will be the new dawn. The call on the bluffs is soon to be made. While thinking faith and credit will continue the grade. The golden rule will make us their pawn.

      10. Korea, is that the same as Afganistan?


      11. Beijing is almost as close to Poonwang NK, as Vladivostok. Will Beijing also order the evacuation order?

      12. Tell China that you will give South Korea and Japan nukes and leave. Ball is in Un’s court.

        • Jim in Va., the fact that we don’t do that tells me this is really about something else. It’s that “something else” that makes me believe that WWIII is a REAL possibility.

      13. I live in the Pacific Northwest. When will the evac to Houston be ordered? I could use some standing water. All the local wildfires are worrying. Does Brookings still exist? Just wondering.

        The Paunchy Dictator (Kim, not Putin) doesn’t worry me as much as McMaster the traitor. The coup is nearly complete. We need a million patriot march on the White House to free the president of all the scum and villainy. I get Pence! I want to smack that squirrely smile off his traitorous face SOOOO bad!

      14. Another big storm is forming wright in the gulf. Not Erma, I am talking about right in our Texas gulf again. Is this HAARP, or is the Nibiru. I TOLD YOU ALL THAT THIS IS REAL. I am getting some info now because if another storm is coming to Houston, we have a problem. Another massive flood event in Houston again, next week or this week.


        Bob Fletcher audio. Listen to this.


        The smart people on here know that I am on the money.


      15. More than our rhetoric, if China and Russia evacuate their people from close to the border, Kim Jong Un can get extremely nervous. He has no idea what China and Russia have been told. If the South Korean population were ordered south, he would really be worried.

      16. HCKS FACTS

        I warned that I was told about the environmental catastrophes didn’t I. I also said awhile back that the water supply would cut off from our city, they announced that water supplies will be cut of indefinitely and did and article stating this fact not make a header on this site. I told you all about planet X, and that troll, Old Guy just make a comment calling bullshit on me even with all the photos showing what happened in my city, yet he keeps attacking me. I have decided to keep a little quiet for now. The scientist told me to stop posting on this site, that to let them learn, that a lot of preppers will not survive, that people will learn the hard way, did I not tell that he warned me about the environment, and I got attacked by trolls, called all sorts of names, and even after what happened in my city, still bullshit is being called on me. I have news for you trolls, you wont be allowed to go into the DUMBS, the elites will not be allowing you to go under, your screwed because the scientist told me that he was told this. So you all wont survive and are just as screwed as us, you trolls better start prepping asap. My scientist friend listened to Bob Fletcher and told us that Fletcher is 100% on the money. So if you need to know what happens next, listen to this audio. This is a hint, the worst stuff, I wont ever post on here.



        • How did those 100,000 Communist Chinese soldiers escape the Houston flooding?

        • HCKS….I like what you write. I hope you won’t go away for too long cuz i think what you have to say is very important.
          By the way, i am in Western NY state and right now it is pouring out…maybe remnents from Harvey? Who knows. HCKS, don’t go away. I always read what you write and i find it very informative.

      17. Hey Stormy I have been saying for literally years that we need to put a million Patriots on the DC Mall. It’s past time that the politicians know where we stand and we’re done with lies and empty promises.

      18. I guess the question I have is how many South Koreans will die before we can shut the North down? That is the real decision.
        I’m pretty sure the So. Koreans would be happy to get rid of American troops. And the entire world would be happy to have a stable Korea, making TV’s and ships. I have two games I like to play, one is Chess, and one is “Risk”, I wonder which one Putin is playing? I’m sure the Chinese are playing “Go”.

        • USA should pull out completely and let SK deal with it. We can’t want this resolved more than they do. They’ll get their reunification one way or the other.

      19. A war with North Korea would not be good for our all-important “markets.”

        Therefore there will be no war with North Korea. Just impotent blustering and deranged Tweets while Fat Boy thumbs his nose at us.

      20. Interesting …

        Food for thought,Chubby Kim Jong-un orders North Korean soldiers ‘to ready themselves for imminent war forcing them to steal corn’ to reach battle strength

        h ttps://www.thesun.co.uk/news/4364932/chubby-kim-jong-un-orders-north-korean-soldiers-to-ready-themselves-for-imminent-war-forcing-them-to-steal-corn-to-reach-battle-strength/

      21. Nothing is going to happen, just relax. The most insane ones we must watch out for are John McCain and Lindsey (The Limp Wrist) Gramnesty. He will lead the gay brigade.

      22. Just for arguments sake?

        The fraud that I am and the liar that I had become. Then why don’t the trolls try to prove me wrong now. You wait till when October 2017 come around. Next year will literally from what I was told, 2017-2025. Look at the fucking city and photos. LOOK AT IT. Who would take and idiot like me serious, nothing you’ve said has happened.


        See for yourself. Now people have reason to worry. What is HCKS really hiding, how does he talk to and who doses he really know.?

        You have seen the damage from the sky view, :”plan view”. the entire city looks like a post SHTF environment and is a post shtf city. All I see now I military over my fucking head all day. I am in the safe areas of the north side of town and purposely positioned myself on higher ground. When you meet scientist who build free energy devices, and you get to see a car powered by free energy and he knows ? on the inside who works in black ops, that told him that we the people are FUCKING DEAD AND STAND NO CHANCE OF SURVIVAL. Then my scientist buddy told me, don’t worry about the guys on this site, they are already dead. No need to keep trying to prove yourself HCKS, they will learn starting right on this site. They the cabal and the rogue faction aliens will launch the first major attack using the environment destruction to use that to bring out the UN on the people, with 100,000 people homeless, their businesses, work places totally wiped off the fucking map, that’s when you learn. You out on your ass with the clothes on your back to go live a shelter, your job is gone, our house, your car, and you single ladies are totally completely fucked. And how do the stupid blacks feel when red necks in boats are out helping them? How does it feel? while your own black people are out robbing, stealing and pillaging.

        That’s when you learn, because you see in my neck of the woods, the battlefield is even with a read neck militia on every block of my subdivision, and this contingency keeps shitty people under watch incase they slip up. You know I am fucking smart. And now when you think its over, another big mother fucker with 130 mph wind now increasing to wind to over 180 mph is heading to our gulf to finish us off and now the UN soldiers will be deploying in my city, and now I will be literally in a gun battle in my city, when the UN, chi-coms and Russians, jihadist with their MS13 partners, come in with their instructions, two gun shots to head of the men of the household, your wife and daughter will be taken by the chi-coms and Russians to do to them as they see fit, says the Canadian general and the plan for the American people. Good luck with messing with Patriots. One friend told me earlier how looters went into a red neck neighborhood just miles from my office, only to get AR’s and Ak’s and shot guns up in their faces as they hauled ass from the area running and screaming according to my friend. Now you UN want to come to this state. One red neck from east Texas told me that he collects knives and plans to do some scalping when he captures and enemy soldier, domestic or foreign.


        • HCKS: “Rogue faction aliens”, “Planet X”, “Is this HAARP, or is the Nibiru. I TOLD YOU ALL THAT THIS IS REAL.”

          HCKS, you need to get back on your meds asap, Ya freakin’ cuckoo.

          • I believe HAARP had something to do with the Harvey hurricane and the chemtrails…………

        • Well, if it gets that close…make those bayonets with a long butcher knife on the end of a shotgun even using duct tape if you have nothing else. I for one believe that this hurricane Harvey was engineered on purpose. Hurricanes do not stay and “hover” over a spot. If this is true, then more will come, and yes they want the people dead. I don’t know about Nibiru, but i truely believe this storm was MANmade!!

      23. North Korea will talk big, make the usual threats, then settle down and do nothing to back it up.

        The same as it has been doing for the last 30 or so years.

        Why would we expect anything different from them now?

      24. The Norks have the US over a barrel, the minute we do anything Seoul will get nuked or become target practice for about 3000 artillery pieces. We know it and so do they.

      25. Any reference on the official Putin’s order?!

        SHTF just got FAKE NEWS AWARD!

      26. TPTB need a war for profit. Do not play their game. Take out KJU with a precision strike.

      27. Hurricane Irma is a Cat.3 and it looks like it will go up the east coast of Florida in about 4 days, according to Putin. Hey, I had to segway into this somehow. It turned a bit north last night.

        • Segue? Inner city of Chicago high school education.

      28. Like watching the 3 stooges.

      29. Notice the Russians take care of their people and prepare for conflcit. When was the last time anyone in a major Western city was shown where the air raid shelters are or had an air raid drill?

        They don’t do it because it would quickly become like the SuperDome during Hurricane Katrina. Filled with urban scum raping and molesting the other civilians.

      30. Again people , this is to distract you from the fleecing we the people are facing from our own government
        While you watch and pay attention to this
        And give it the attention the elite want
        They are behind us all ,pulling the rug out from under us

        Sure I’m not saying this war or conflict with NK isn’t real but it’s being used and fabricated to make cover for the moves this government is making here against us all

        Mark my words , you’ll find this to be true when the smoke and fog of war are over

        They won’t let this opportunity go to waste , trust me
        It’s all they have
        The Russian bullshit played out and failed
        This won’t

      31. The US Pacific fleet is defenseless against the Russian hypersonic missiles. It is rumored that the Russians told Exceptionalstan that if it starts a war around Korea, their entire fleet will be at the bottom of the Pacific before the first half hour is up. I think that is true. North Korea can destroy the Seoul metro area entirely with conventional artillery from their side of the DMZ in a couple of hours. The US military knows this. Would set quite an impressive example for the bitter fruits of being an Exceptionalstani vassal state. First World to stone age in two hours. If the USA tries a land invasion of North Korea, the casualties will be in the serious five figures within two weeks. The bright side of this is that the CIA can send its Afghani heroin back to the USA in tens of thousands of body bags now that Erdogan appears to have cut off the CIA’s Incerlik heroin pipeline. We wouldn’t want to interfere with all those addicts in Vermont and their Jonz. While NK has no significant air force. they have advanced SAM, and the current US military cannot fight without air superiority. The only reason the USA would start a war is basically the Samson option. Destroy the planet and hide out in their DUMBs until its “safe” to come out. As Peter Sellers suggested as Dr. Strangelove, have 10 beautiful, fertile woman for each oligarch to start the human race again. Of course like Strangelove they are insane and demonically possessed. Our “leadership” is puke.

      32. the other day on TV “news”, a north Korean guy said they are waiting for their leader to give the order to pull the trigger”…or something like that.

        The journalist asked the guy why they want war. And the guy responded that they didn’t want war but the US is a bully, they are a bully and they need to stop being a bully. He said something about how the N Koreans are not going to be bullied by the US>

      33. The guy (Kim Yung Un)is so UGLY– that is the problem!! He knows he looks like sh… so he wants to take the world down with him because he knows he doesn’t “fit in”.

        It doesn’t matter that he is in a position of power… he still feels like sh… because he is so damn ugly@!! ()the same thing occurred with Hitler! He knew he was a damn fruitcake and could do nothing about it– even his parents said he was.. so he tried to kill every group of people he could think of!

      34. If the US nukes NK, we’ll screw ourselves. The PNW is already getting radiation from Fukashima. Bombs in NK would create an atmosphere fallout that will get into the Jet stream. Humanity needs to become extinct. We are the worst thing to happen to this planet.

      35. My suggestion: Use one of our Lasers to knock his satellites out of the sky. Just like when he shot the rocket over Japan, and said “What you gonna do?”, we knock out his supposed emp-ready satellites, and then, “What’s he gonna do?” NOTHING!

      36. Just relax, everyone. Everything is going to be just fine. As usual absolutely nothing is going to happen. I guess you haven’t understood that there is no difference between cinema and media. No difference at all. You arent just being lied to, you are actually watching a never-ending movie.

      37. What is wrong with NK having a nuke or two. Is does not necessarily follow that Kim is like the American leaders on a hell bent need to invade other countries – now does it. Talk about projection.

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