Putin is Less of a Communist than Jimmy Carter or Bill Clinton

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    Perhaps you may have heard of Vladimir Putin’s latest offer that was just last week.  The Washington Post reports that Putin offering the citizens of Russia free land if they will move to Russia’s far East.  Here is a quote from Russian news:

    “All citizens will be entitled to apply for up to hectare of land in the Kamchatka, Primorye, Khabarovsk, Amur, Magadan and Sakhalin regions, the republic of Sakha, or the Jewish and Chukotka autonomous districts.”

    Moscow Times

    The bill was signed into law by Putin that grants each citizen a hectare of land (equivalent to about 2.5 acres) and to enjoy a period of five years in which they will pay no property taxes on the land.  If the land is being put to use in that time, then the deed will be issued to the owners.  Part of the reason it is done is to offset the Chinese populations encroaching in the far East of Russia just across the border.

    Now, let’s turn to Carter.  Basically, Putin is giving his citizens a chance to follow after a “pioneer spirit” that formed the American Wild West.  And Carter?  Well, he happened to be the one to repeal the Homestead Act, where people could stake a claim for land.  Yes, the current neofeudalism/ “Soylent Green” fundamental transformation of the U.S. into an oligarch and politician-controlled state had a deep rooting when Carter removed the vehicle for Americans to continue to expand and stake out land for their own.

    The miner placer claim was the last one to be shown the door.  A miner placer claim was where each individual was entitled to stake out land, and mine it for a certain period of time.  The miner had to live on the land, and report their findings to the BLM (Bureau of Land Management).  The placer claim was registered with the BLM, and after a certain amount of time, the miner would be entitled to buy the land from the government at approximately $5.00 per acre.

    Clinton finished that one off after 1994, and now you can still live on the land and mine for gold, precious metals, etc., but all miner placer claims now revert to the BLM and are not able to be bought.  Great, huh?  An Agenda-21-gun salute to that great policy!  The Federal Government is not buying land for any other reason than to keep it out of the hands of U.S. citizens.  The Federal Government will prosecute you for anything you do on Federal Land.

    This is not to say that Putin is a knight in shining armor, and in the end, the government of any nation can take away anything that any citizen may have at any time, and there isn’t anything that can be done to stop them.  Eminent domain finished off private property…because all that needs to be done is bus in a whole boatload of illegal aliens and foreign “refugees” to create population demographics.  Then it will shortly follow that the “needy” population will justify government actions such as confiscation of property “for the public good.”

    The Executive Order for the Resources Preparedness is another gem that Obama signed that enables the Feds to take anything…. food, water, transportation, land…anything that can be used in defense of the sacred Homeland, ad infinitum, ad nauseum

    So Putin displays more of an understanding of free enterprise and the desire of individuals to succeed parlaying into success for the country than he’s given credit for.  Sounds very similar to capitalism.  The capitalism in the U.S. is a BS capitalism that is based only on consumer spending and disposable income.  In addition, the federal and state governments are doing everything in their power to shrink the amount of arable land available to the citizens of the United States.

    There we have it, folks!  The covered wagons of Cossacks drawn by reindeer heading into the sunrise!  “Eastward, ho!” will be their cry.  Give me your kholkhozniks, your siloviki yearning to strike it rich!  It is almost guaranteed that illegal aliens and Islamic refugees will not be able to claim land, in the manner that they surely would in the U.S…. multiple times.  In the U.S., it is the government looking to utilize the covered wagons, and stake a claim on our homes.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at SHTFplan.com or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to www.SHTFplan.com.

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      1. I have to agree 100% on this one

        • Instead of a cookie for being 1st to post can i have a beer after 12 noon

          • It’s always after 12 noon somewhere.

          • Have two, my treat.

            Same shit, new day.


        • Godsoldier,
          I agree also! I have been in and out of placer mining for gold for many years and have seen the government taking our rights away more and more, Clinton also killed several communities when he revoked government contracts for timber ( Sitka Alaska ) for one and (coal in Utah) he also privately then opened his own coal company and started importing coal from over seas to replace what he closed and of course at ten times the cost!! corruption has and is running rampant in the DC crowd and has and is killing this country!

          • Truly? And there really are people out there who WANT to see Hillary, (which means HIS ass too, which was impeached no less), BACK IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

            Matters such as these should clearly prohibit her from even THINKING about running for office. JeeeezzzzzzLouise!

        • i would vote for putin before clinton and i donot like commies

          • Communism died with the Soviet Union. Russia is a federation with a constitution that looks a whole lot like ours…only ours has some piss stains on it lately…

      2. I have to agree with GS on both of his posts except make mine a Leininkugels 🙂

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        Gave the grandson the 4oz $100 bill.
        His eyes fell out!

      4. What is really disheartening is the fact that there are so many in our country today who view everything as a collective, i personally dont feel i owe anyone anything to make their life better, go and work for it, but since so many are penalizing us for working hard i am just not going to work hard anymore,, real simple.

        • Amen i realized that about 4 yr ago now i dont have a care in the world excluding the ongoing dog crap issue

        • Kulafarmer, BRAVO! I don’t owe any mofo any f#$%ing thing either. People are supposed to go out and do for themselves, not freeload from anyone else. I’m doing the same as you. I’m tired of my tax dollars going to the govt.’s cronies, foreigners, free shit army, etc. Time for the ‘reset’.

        • I quit a little more than 11 years ago. I haven’t missed the work a single day. The job was a fading memory a couple of days after I quit.

      5. He may be less, but he is still a Commie!

        You can put lip stick on a pig. It is still a pig.

        • Sarge, oh so true. I’m still undecided about Putin after the flak I caught on that last Putin thread, but I do know for sure about Clinton and Carter, Clinton by far being the worse of the two.

        • Yep, this article as well as the last one that Jerry the Johnson wrote about Russia seems to have been very sympathetic towards communist Russia. I think the Johnson is a fraud, just read between the lines and as of late, he’s blatantly open about his support for pro communist countries that hate America. A few months ago, he penned N.Korea fear porn saying that they would bomb the US any day now….still waitin for that. The truths gonna come out and when it does you who bash me for this opinion will see what that piece of shit loser narcissistic sociopath is all about.

        • Well said, Sgt!

          Putin was an enforcer for the communist party. Nobody got to be a KGB officer without being a committed ideologue and very few of them ever went on to see the error of their ways. Of those who did, they did not proceed to surround themselves with ex KGB the way Putin has. They openly renounced communism and did all they could to warn us about the dangers it would pose after the “collapse” of the USSR.

          The other key point here is that communism is not as fixed in its manifestations as we in the West have been led to believe. It’s actually very adaptable, even open to granting ostensible freedoms, promoting morality, etc., as long as its long term strategic aims are being worked towards. Russia has previous of using tactical retreats to suck the enemy in – just ask Napoleon and Hitler.

          One last thing. Some of the defector literature warned of efforts to synthesise a counter revolution in the West that would be secretly controlled by Moscow. I see the current love-fest for Putin emanating from many conservatives as fitting in with that aim to manipulate the right in the West in the buildup to the endgame the defectors warned of: WW3.

          Of course, all of the above is crazy nonsense if you take everyone and everything at face value. But if you dig a little and read the likes of Alexander Dugin (Putin’s political theorist), you’ll see Putin is a very dangerous, smooth operator.

          • Jay in UK, excellent post. I have my own suspicions about Putin. I know more about CUBA’S Communists than anyone else’s, with my late wife having been a refugee from there and losing part of her family to Castro’s butchers. NOBODY can ever convince me that THEY have changed. They’re still doing the same things today that they always did in Cuba. Wash, rinse, repeat. Although some things have changed in Russia since the Soviet era, there are still a lot of people there who are nostalgic for the Soviet era and even for Joseph Stalin. Now if those 2 items are not red flags, you tell me what is. But not all Russians support Putin and they don’t want to see a return to the nightmares of the Soviet era.

          • Putin was NOT an enforcer for the communist party. He was an incidental in the KGB for a short period of time, but you’re right – Putin IS a very dangerous person for warmongers and globalist elites. That old ‘cold war’ mentality’ got old and out-dated a long time ago. I suggest you update your software to something in this decade.

      6. After the Nixon debacle who only became president because RFK was killed in another inside job and then the compromised Ford finish up, he who was elevated as the establishments JFK Warren commission coverup appointee, having never been elected. Then came Carter the so called Christian, smiling from ear to ear to quiet citizen distrust in the government, another fakeout. Reagan who the GOP followers seem to worship was up next as the figurehead as Poppy Bush actually called the shots. Read my lips worked his treason better behind the scenes and gave way to Slick Willy, then Shrub the morons ignorance elevated the mayhem. Obama the Kenyan liar cemented the tyranny and now… worse every cycle.

      7. Putin is much less of a Communist than most of our upper-echelon bureaucrats who mess in our daily lives. At least he recognizes the value of the open market, without which Russia would still be Nowheresville.

        Eminent domain was okay before SCOTUS changed “Public use” to “Public benefit” during the 1950s and reinforced by Kelo. “Use” meant highways, pipelines, railroads and power lines in fairly straight lines, rather than having many right angles due to “I won’t sell!” landowners. The change allowed today’s rip-off of homeowners and rural landowners.

        • Locally the city and county of Honolulu has used emminent domaine to force sales of land along the route of the new rail line, they are already hundreds of millions over budget and the feds are witholding billions of dollars of promised funds on technicalities, as in they have nofinancial plan.
          I hope it bankrupts them, the state is already looking at taking over the project, that will fly like a lead baloon when they try to explain to a landowner on the big island like Rellik why his property taxes need to include a new state fee to cover misc transportation expenses that the outer islands dont use

        • Putin is ‘totally” Ex-KGB ….and don’t anyone forget it. He’s got more “commie” in his left finger than all of our Politicians combined …because, for one, he’s got balls.

          Not one of our politicians has show that they have the same, (except Obummer’s wife).

      8. Putin is still a totalitarian. He’s also a crook.


        Corruption by Russian President Vladimir Putin and his administration in Moscow has produced tens of billions of dollars worth of illicit funds for the Russian leader and his top aides, according to U.S. officials.

        Putin is estimated to have amassed a fortune worth at least an estimated $28 billion through kickbacks from projects like construction at the Sochi Winter Olympic games, holdings in Russian real estate and energy conglomerates, and kickbacks from deals with associates going back to the late 1990s.

        • Make no mistake, communism is communism, these politicians are ALLLLLL the same, dont matter where they are from, corruption is the norm for this bunch of turds who want to rule us all.
          IMHO, media (in general) is trying to manipulate the people into taking what these forkers are selling, some writers maybe not and some inadvertantly, but putin is no saint, hes right on up there with the rest of these political pricks

      9. Clinton was also the one who significantly raised the estate tax. This is in line with Marx, of course, who believed that there should be no right of inheritance and that all wealth should revert to the state after death.

        • Yep work your ass off for your kids then they take half the only way around is give them cash or sell them your assets before you die for a dollar

          • Put it in a trust so they dont own it but are trustees

          • Then if you have them bury you with that dollar you can then say you took it all with you hahaha

          • God solider. You must either be really wealthy or naive. You do realize the federal estate tax applies to 2 out of 1000 estates. Do you realize over 5 million dollars is exempt and 10 million is exempt from a couple? Do you realize the average of the 2/1000 estates that are subject to taxes pay less than 1/6 the of the estate amount?
            You have been snuckered by the rich. They like you buying the fact you think your estate is going to be taxed.

      10. test

      11. Off Topic:

        Just noticed that !Yahoo has posted an “official article” calling for The San Andreas Fault to send California into “The Big One” …and that “it is imminent.” Not sometime over the next 30 years, but indeed imminent.

        And now, back to our regularly scheduled bantering….

      12. Becoming Communist is hell for people because all opposition to totalitarianism must be squashed, usually by murder and intimidation. However, once established people adjust and live their lives. When communism is later abandoned as it was in Russia, again there is trouble. The vulture type predator businessmen and other organized criminals have more room to practice their illicit endeavors. Which is why Russia has out of control Russian Jew Organized crime. They are the best educated, having a culture that highly prized education, and whether biologically prone or simply culturally supported, are born killers. This phenomenon has been studied and the brains of murderers are different than the normal brain regardless of intelligence.
        In any case Russians in post Communist Russia still live under the powerful influence of now liberated Organized Criminal murderers just like the people one hundred years ago.

      13. It should be understood that Organized Crime is primarily a Jewish phenomenon. Although the owners of Hollywood and the publishers and newspapers have falsely given the impression that it is an Italian problem, this is false. Italians represent a much smaller number and a much less violent predisposition. The ability of Jews to deflect responsibility and to form public opinion speaks volumes as to their power. Call it anti-Semetic or call it just a matter of fact, it is true whether you believe it or not and I don’t think it is anti-Semetic to report the facts as they are. After all, law abiding Italians have unfairly born the stigma of the Mafia for a long time. And with very little crying about how unfairly they have been portrayed by the Jews who totally run Hollywood. And who brag about it, too.

      14. Please stop this naive portraying of Putin as some kind of good guy. Look at his policy against his peaceful neighbors. He is supporting and introducing his own version of Russian supremacy upon another nations. Moreover, hos own people – majority live a livestyle below of what you can imagine.

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