Putin: In a Nuclear Holocaust “We Will Be Martyrs, They Will Drop Dead”

by | Oct 23, 2018 | Headline News | 26 comments

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    This report was originally published by Robert Wheeler at The Organic Prepper

    Ever since the Euromaidan color revolution in Ukraine, the threat of a thermonuclear confrontation between Russia and the United States has been steadily growing. With the United States and NATO forces having pushed their proxy fighters literally to the border with Russia, the world’s second superpower finally became directly involved in Syria, saving the country from the impending defeat by the Gulf Cooperation Council, NATO, Israel, and American terrorists being funded, trained, and armed for the purpose of destroying the secular government of Syria.

    This provided two war fronts where American and Russian soldiers could potentially engage in a direct military clash with one another that itself could potentially escalate to a nuclear war if taken to its logical conclusion.

    While Western media promoted each act of war on the part of the West as a valiant fight for freedom and every Russian response as aggression, alt media, MSM, and social media were all nonetheless alight with the stark reality that WW3 could very well have broken out at any minute if the Americans pushed too far or if the Russians failed to respond with their typically cool heads.

    MSM, of course, took every chance it could to portray the Russians as aggressive, bent on world domination and the domination of American elections and, thus, if a world war did take place, America would be on the right side of history, even if the earth was uninhabitable.

    Recently, however, there have been more rumblings of WW3, with warnings from Russia and concerns from American servicemen and women who are worried that the US is rushing headlong into a world-ending confrontation. Oddly enough, those concerns and worries have not been receiving as much attention in the world press as they have in the past.

    Putin’s Comments

    Exhibit A is the comments made by Russian President Vladimir Putin during a session of the Valdai Club, a Russian think tank in Sochi.

    During the course of the meeting, Putin said “Any aggressor should know that retribution will be inevitable and he will be destroyed. And since we will be the victims of his aggression, we will be going to heaven as martyrs. They will simply drop dead, won’t even have time to repent.”

    “Are we ready, am I ready to use the weapons at our disposal, including weapons of mass destruction, to protect our interests? I remind you what I said earlier. I said that in our concept of the use of nuclear weapons, there is no preemptive strike,” he added.

    “For those who know, I don’t need to say what it is. For those who don’t, I will say it again. This means that we are ready and we will use nuclear weapons only when we are sure that someone, a potential aggressor, attacks Russia, our territory,” said Putin.

    “And when we are sure, and this all happens within a few seconds, that there is an ongoing attack on Russia, only after that we strike back. This is the response, because they [missiles] fly at us, and then something will fly back, towards aggression,” he added. “The aggressor must be aware that retaliation is inevitable, that they will be destroyed. And we, the victims of aggression, as martyrs, will go to heaven, while they will just die, because they will not even have time to repent,” Putin said.

    Currently, the Russian nuclear doctrine allows for using nuclear weapons only if Russia’s existence is at stake. While most people may take that statement to mean “only if there is a nuclear strike launched against Russia,” the truth is that Russia reserves to use such weapons in a conventional conflict as well, so long as Russia’s existence as a nation state is in danger.

    The American nuclear doctrine also reserves to use nuclear weapons in response to a non-nuclear attack. More concerning, however, is that the US also reserves the right to use nukes in the event of an attack on its allies. Still, the US has been vague on just what would trigger such a response, with some believing that a powerful cyberattack might trigger a nuclear response from either country.

    The US’ latest nuclear posture review says that Washington may use nuclear weapons in response to a non-nuclear attack on itself or its allies. It remains vague about the exact circumstances that may trigger such an action. This gave rise to speculation that even a cyberattack may permit a nuclear response. Meanwhile, a call for the creation of small-yield submarine-launched missiles and nuclear-capable sea-launched cruise missiles have only added to concerns that the US is stocking up for some kind of large-scale conflict.

    Interestingly enough, despite Putin’s comments being made over the past week, America’s nuclear policy was updated as far back as February, 2018.

    It should be noted that Valdai was founded in 2004 and conference attendees are generally some of the most powerful figures in Russia including most important government officials. It has been described as the “highest-profile Russian equivalent of Davos.”  In other words, any comments made publicly at Valdai were comments made with the purpose of having them disseminated in the world press. That being said, only Russian-based outlets reported on Putin’s statement. For an MSM that is normally so ensconced in anti-Russian hysteria to ignore a statement of the Russian President that could be so easily warped and manipulated to sound as if he is threatening America with nuclear war, such silence is incredibly odd.

    US Soldiers Fear A Coming War

    Ever since the Ukrainian issue required a Russian response and a subsequent response in Syria, the United States and Russia have been continually coming closer and closer to direct military confrontation. This much is plain for all to see, particularly anyone watching the mainstream corporate news where an anti-Russian psychosis has gripped the major news channels. Mainstream media consistently tells Americans that Russia has hacked its elections, put Trump in power, is trying to destroy the American food supply through promoting non-GMO food (yes, really), killing the American people by telling them not to vaccinate (again, unfortunately, this is a real claim), and disrupting American “energy independence” through opposition to fracking as well as bombing nothing but babies, puppies, hospitals, and unicorns in Syria and Ukraine. All these nonsensical claims are repeated on the airwaves 24/7.

    Incessant propaganda is drudged up against other countries as well – North Korea, Venezuela, and Iran – but the real prize is Russia. This much has been written about by people like Zbigniew Brzezinski in his book The Grand Chessboard.

    This is perhaps why so many American service personnel feel that war is on the horizon. And not just a “normal” war, a big one.

    In an article recently published by Military Times entitled, “US troops increasingly fear that a major war with Russia or China is just around the corner,” Leo Shane III writes,

    Nearly half of all current military troops believe the United States will be drawn into a major war soon, a jarring rise in anxiety among service members worried about global instability in general and Russia and China in particular, according to a new Military Times poll of active-duty troops.

    About 46 percent of troops who responded to the anonymous survey of currently serving Military Times readers said they believe the U.S. will be drawn into a new war within the next year. That’s a jarring increase from only about 5 percent who said the same thing in a similar poll conducted in September 2017.

    When asked about specific countries, troops said Russia and China were among their top concerns. The poll showed a big increase in the number of troops who identify those two countries as significant or major threats: About 71 percent of troops said Russia was a significant threat, up 18 points from last year’s survey. And 69 percent of troops said China poses a significant threat, up 24 points from last year.

    It’s not just low-level service personnel who see a big war coming either. Last year, Marine Corps Commandant Gen. Robert Neller told Marines he believed there is a “big-ass fight” ahead.

    “I hope I’m wrong, but there’s a war coming,” Neller told Marines in Norway.

    For all our sakes’ we should hope he’s wrong too.

    About the Author

    Robert Wheeler has an extensive background in the world of geopolitics, international relations, NGOs, and color revolutions. He has spent years analyzing the world of state-sponsored terror, social movements, and international chess games that affect the lives of everyday citizens. 

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      1. People miss the most obvious message he conveys. You attack us, we will retaliate to END the conflict. We will get our pound of flesh, bet on it. That is Putin’s message.

        • There are two things that a fear the most. One is nuclear war.

          • Yep, that would be the end all for sure.

      2. Putin is such a piece of s**t…..

        How so many imbeciles idolize him is sickening.

        There is no heaven and no hell.

        If there were, he would have been in hell years ago.


        • Comment from a dull person.

        • Neither P. Putin nor P. Trump are interested in a war! The only ones who would like to engage in war are Great Britain and the Democrats because it means money to them. I should include the Bush Family here along with those who worked with and for them.

      3. He’s saying don’t fuck with Russia.

        • Yet the knuckledraggers continue to sign up for the NWO military. Following orders to their own demise. 0 critical thinking, 0 questions asked, it’s just easier to have someone else do your thinking especially if it’s wrapped in a flag. DIE FOR THE LIE should be the motto.

      4. He’s also saying Russia has weapons the United States cannot defend against.
        Sorry flag-wavers, they have the edge now. Pains me to say it.

        • With Trump starting to withdraw from the nuclear treaty, they probably won’t hold that edge for long if they actually hold it now (which I doubt).

      5. The US pursuing the Wolfowitz doctrine post USSR collapse, that in effect says the the US will (for the globalist financiers) dominate and control the entire world certainly is a recipe for wars small and potentially huge. They, the globalist financiers, reap the rewards, you suffer the pain in both blood and treasure. Its greedy madness on steroids.

      6. Hard to read between the lines .
        The religious reference could mean he believes ww3 might begin in the middle east.
        Then again he might be trying to gain support from the evangelicals here in the usa .
        Interesting times are ahead .


        Hey troll fake poster Kevin2, how you doing guy. Fuck you. Mexico fed all 40,000 and the 10,000 more form other latin countries population, with food and water inside of Mexico, on the journey, and without tons of food and water, they could not have walked that far, because I am highly trained athlete and in shape and can handle that terrain, with lots of food and water, and they have a lot of drive and energy for fat, out of shape untrained stupid people. 350,000 chi-com soldiers are the US, and most of them have taken over the Sierra Madres are of California, and in Mexico.

        Liar, liar lair.

        You Kevin2 are a fraud, has always been a fraud, and now I will expose you. You have made a total complete ass of your self, and one border patrol agent that posted on here recently talked about a chic-com attack in 2009 that took place in Arizona, and backed up everything that I have been posting for the last 3 years.

        You are piece of garbage and are a lying sack of shit, and I could care less if I am banned from this site because I have proven you 100% agency ass clown, troll.

        From what I know, is that the National guard is being beta tested to see if they can fire on the people and if they don’t Texas will be occupied with over 50,000 and more coming. Over 100 terrorist and MS13 gang bangers have been arrested and Trump talked about this impending fact of life recently.

        So Kevin2, shut you fucking mouth and quit coming on here spreading lies and bullshit. You are scum. Not one of us Patriots, not a prepper and your just a piss ass agency fusion center employee. How dare you insult my intelligence. I talk to people who are very extremely credible sources, and we will be invaded, and chi-coms are the the US, with Russian, and Iranian terrorist and Hizbollah types, with Turks, other muslim factions and while this is going on that muslim bitch sensor it publically telling muslims to storm the white house.

        Now look at what happened and now Revolutionary war my commense in the next 3 weeks, with attacks from chi-coms, Russians and other Muslim nationals right here in the US, and from the Canadian border and the southern border and with the left wing antifa allies joining forces with these rogue faction militaries.


        Will the 11/06/18 elections get rigged or cancelled. I guess we will just have to wait and see now don’t we?

        • Start playing the Twilight Zone theme song.

        • HCKS: My brother. I trust and believe what you have been saying. I have seen you on here for a good while – I found this sight maybe 3 or so years ago. You were gone for a good while, I remember that as well. Get in touch with me, let’s email about a few things man.


      8. When the US government and the media are controlled by the same entity the decline in overall freedom will continue. Those responsible for 9-11 and the extent of the details of the crime are known by everybody who can see clearly and who will venture out of their fantasy safe zone of denial. The never ending war of terror in service to our elite owners is the result with a media blackout of all truth. The people wait for further truth when the truth is the major enemy of a captured government and existing media. A rock and a hard place.

        • Truth is the first casualty of war.

      9. You’re wrong Putin. I can’t even tell you how wrong you are.

        You keep thinking of things in terms of simple ‘splosions.

        Radioactive cobalt would do wonders for your food producing farmland. Capishe home boy?

        • While as the same time you die…the IQ here is pretty low.

      10. Mussolini (and those who walk and quack like him) are attributed to have said, every anarchist is a baffled dictator.

        Conversely, every dictator is a successful anarchist. Imagine that someone has made the same threat, yet not as an authority figure. Why do you have such a religious respect for this mere mortal, who also just so happens to be speaking against you, and this place where you keep your belongings.

        I learn where basic things come from, and invent ideas to make more of what is good in life. I actually want to live — high on the hog.

        On the other hand, these cult leaders have an emotional need, to share their deathwish with others. Jim Jones and Toh Applegate weren’t seen as martyrs.

        It doesn’t hurt my feelings, if Moscow and Tobolsk are, etymologically, the Meshech and Tubal of Ezekiel 39, and Putin is birdfood, the likes of whom are in many prisons, I am sure.

      11. Putin has a better sense of what the USA is secretly doing than the typical American. He seems to be more of a “reactor” than a provoker. These threats are being made because he feels threatened. One thing is clear and that there is more going on than we know about.

      12. Wake me when it’s over…..I’m going back to bed.

      13. Slim Whitman got it right. yaaaahooooooooo woooooooooohoooooooo yaahoooooooooooooo!!!!

      14. Before the USA can catch up to Russia and its weapons, why not learn how to make your own rocket engines dear leaders!!
        It’s pathetic that we buy our rocket engines from Russia! Are we gonna buy bombs from them too??

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