Psychiatrists Are the New Federal Gun Control Agents and Political Thought Police

by | Apr 27, 2014 | Headline News | 269 comments

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    This article has been removed at the request of the author.


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      1. Maybe I better change my handle.

        • Nahh!! They already know I’m a lunatic……

          • Its the thought police again! Free thinkers and those who do for themselves do not fit in with the new plan. Self sufficiency is bad and must be exterminated. You must fall in with the rest of the sheep…..and stand in line for your gov handouts.

            • Psychiatrist are the biggest quacks in the world. Just like any other “person” that requires a license, they can be trained to do anything for a paycheck.

              The desperation to disarm us is showing. They now know they can do it with legislation, so they will try new tricks on smaller groups and hope the results add up to defenseless people.

              They are far outnumbered by those who will never give up their guns and understand why their possession and use is protected in the Law.

              • oops, CAN”T do it with legislation.

                • Hey Dave,
                  Wanna be cellmates at the psycho hospital? (FEMA Camp)

                  • Wilson.

                    Dave’s not here.

                  • Thought police? Shall we be surprised? Just look at all the political correctness that pollutes the freedom of speech of this country. The thought police will become literal if and when these evil bastards start to connect people’s brains to some mainframe. Starts with the ID chip that is expanded chip to EVERYTHING.

                    Okay thought police what do you think of this asswipes? Just like what Walt said in regard to being chipped, you can either leave me alone or you can kill me. So thought police how do you assess someone that WON’T conform to society and WON’T be told what to think? Guess I and practically everyone here is a disruptive influnce to the country. Guess everyone that is not a brain dead conformist that thinks on their very own needs to be doped up?

                    Thought police can sit on a broken broom stick.

                  • Be of good cheer. It is the winners who will write DSM 6.

                    Be among the winners 🙂

                  • Psychiatry has many useful symbols, the names of so-called mental disorders. About 300 appear to designate actual mental states, but upon close inspection, they’re empty of scientific meaning. If you’re a propagandist, you look for symbols that seem to have specific meanings – but don’t. Such symbols snare people and drag them into slave camps of the mind. It hardly matters which label a person gets, as long as it results in a diagnosis and a drug prescription.

                    The FDA is in the deal as well, as shown by drug “safety” approvals, in light of the damage these drugs do.
                    All 300 so-called mental disorders are based on no diagnostic tests. No saliva, no blood, no genes, no brain scans, for any disorder. Medical science, and disease research in particular, rests on the notion that you can make a diagnosis backed up by lab tests. If you can’t produce lab tests, you’re spinning fantasies. There is no lab test for any mental disorder.

                • My network is running 24/7. I have multiple computers doing multiple tasks. One listens to Glen’s radio 24/7. One is locked onto Drudge who auto refreshes the page. One looks at a national radar that updates every couple of minutes. Plus I have a WiFi that is open to multiple devices including my UPS, USPS, FEDEX drivers, and others that happen to know my password. I am on maybe 1 hour a day. We are worse than a library on purpose.

                  • Perhaps you should put that cluster to good use…design a trojan that delivers kiddy-porn to government officials and notifies police…one way to divide and conquer.

              • Exactly–GC; if you can NOT solve your problem, how can a stranger that uses a book solve your problem?
                Quack–quack, quack, quack, here ducky duck.

                Go to GOD with your problem—He’s FREE!! 🙂

                • This has been happening to Vets for a while now without any protest from “we the people”. They go for a check up on a dodgy knee and return home disarmed.

                  Vets are that specific group of individuals with the genuine skills and experience needed to LEAD an armed resistance to the NWO. The very group best placed to train others to boot.

                  I got involved in some of the UK consultations for this as my son has genetic & possibly chernobyl induced neuro issues. ODD used to be seen as the juvenille precursor to an adult diagnosis of sociopathy/pyschopathy. Do note how that particular diagnosis is being downgraded. It’s also interesting to look at the changes to the Autistic and pervasive development disorder diagnoses compared to the previous edition.

                  There is one point the paper pushers have overlooked. When the brown-shirted jack boots kick in your door in the middle of the night, are you gonna care if the gun under your bed is “legal” or not. I don’t recall anyone going round in Syria or Bosnia with a clipboard telling the combatants on the front lines they needed to check their firearms licences. Neither have I ever seen a queue of gangbangers waiting to get their little rubber stamp, when they could be laying abed or out causing mayhem.

                  I predict a massive increase in the purchasing of plastic piping, condoms and shovels over the coming years. The number of boating accidents will also increase exponentially.

                  Lastly, in Rwanda they didn’t use guns – machetes and axes did the job just fine. All over Europe the humble Molotov seems to be used in every riot. In London criminals use the humble kitchen knife. If a raving nutter is set on killing you, his not having a gun to use isn’t gonna make the blindest bit of difference to either his intent or his chances of success.

                  • RockyMountainCornDOTcom and New Ordnance

                    The Voice of Freedom

                    “And how we burned in the camps later, thinking: What would things have been like if every Security operative, when he went out at night to make an arrest, had been uncertain whether he would return alive and had to say good-bye to his family?
                    Or if, during periods of mass arrests, as for example in Leningrad, when they arrested a quarter of the entire city, people had not simply sat there in their lairs, paling with terror at every bang of the downstairs door and at every step on the staircase, but had understood they had nothing left to lose and had boldly set up in the downstairs hall an ambush of half a dozen people with axes, hammers, pokers, or whatever else was at hand?… The Organs would very quickly have suffered a shortage of officers and transport and, notwithstanding all of Stalin’s thirst, the cursed machine would have ground to a halt!
                    If…if…We didn’t love freedom enough. And even more – we had no awareness of the real situation…. We purely and simply deserved everything that happened afterward.”
                    – The Gulag Archipelago, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

                  • Fair enough, keep an extra AR-15 and a full loadout for that next vet, if they claim to be sl, ask for that DD-214. Like they say, most owners own multiple guns, you can’t shoot’em all at once, but save the country, enlist a vet! Buy an AR!

                  • Flash!
                    Slightly Off Topic.

                    Pentagon To Destroy $ 1 Billion in Ammo.

                    Mac. New Topic?

                • In the article it says: “Data about ammunition left over after the meeting disappears from the books, resulting in an unknown amount of good bullets headed to the scrap heap.”

                  What do you want to bet, that “unknown” ammo is not going to any scrap heap—it’s going to Ukraine, to al-CIA-duh in Syria and Libya.


                  • I’m referring to the stripes(dot)com article in New Ordnance’ post above.

              • you MUST be crazy to work with crazies. everyone in medicine/nursing knows this

                • Be Informed, good evening, and once again you are right on target. I have my own questions for the thought police. What is your position on anyone who has critical thinking skills, i.e. knows how to think for themselves and does not accept indoctrination on any subject from any source? What will you do with anyone who won’t conform to any fascist or communist BS? As far as I’m concerned, thought police, shrinks, etc. can go f#$% themselves! {sorry, Mac, this article really has me worked up this time] Want to come after me? Only at your own peril.

                • A worker at Dorothea Dix mental hospital in Raleigh told me over 40 years ago that the only difference between the inmates and the workers was who had the keys.

                  But he was a vicious chess player. He would taunt me saying “You give me that piece gratis?”

              • Yesterday in my town the news was reporting that Democrat Get Out the Vote teams were making their way through many apartment complexes. The news camera showed that in almost every case the person signing up for voter registration was a non-English speaking Hispanic / Latino / Mexican whatever. So the dems plan on these non-citizens voting in the next election, and presumably there is nothing we can do about it. Now this, getting the Psy-Fi’s to turn anyone in that they can and use the very thought of it to dissuade anyone from speaking their mind.

                I predict a world very quickly where anonymous groups, possibly concerned with the unconstitutional actions, will be forming to warn the Hispanics that exercising their non-right to vote just may get them on somebody dead list.

                I also see future world where these Medical Doctors who push Obammy’s tyranny will need to be protected 24×7 by armed security every where they go.

                This is my definition of Ironic…

                • Easy, follow the body guards home, make threats, when they need protection, and get bodyguards, rinse and repeat, everybody cant be protected and the chain has to fall apart somewhere.

              • I agree Psychiatrist are nothing but quacks, I look after a lady who is very ill, went to doctors for years, hospitals for testing and that quack psychiatrist said there was nothing wrong with her mind, she is now skitzo, and because she has been to so many doctors for help, some of which even laughed at her now she wont go to doctors any more, these quacks are useless to society, what society needs is people who are qualified to help people on all levels of their being.

              • In kalifornia, they are using these quacks to take your guns right now…. There is a department in this state that matches up gun registrations with those who seek help and then visit you to take your weapons…..

            • One flew over the cookoos next meets 1984.

              • @ slingshot…… is Dave man…open the door!!!

                • Butch, you and Dave have brought back some memories, thanks!!!!!!

            • Pathologizing the normal behaviors of others is not only a hallmark of tyranny, it is a form of anti-social behavior.

        • I’ve been listening to an old German pop band lately. Guess that means I gotta turn in all my guns now.

              • Thx for the link!

                • You’re very welcome. The vid is long, but informative. This is the kind of truth tptb wants to kill. And it’s about more than money…

                  • AWESOME ..JustMe!!!

                    Kudos and thank you much.

                • Just FYI Mac, it was Dschinghis Khan.

              • JustMe:
                Just watched The Hidden Enemy. Da$% spooky to think that these MONSTERS would do that to the people that would give there lifes to protect them.
                Unbelievable that this sh$% happened to those boys.
                Thanks for the info. God Help Us.
                S.T.S.F.P. N.R N.S. N.REB

              • That’s funny. I don’t remember seeing that video at the army recruiters.

                • Very good article, Mac — a thousand thumbs up to you!

            • “Weapons of war don’t belong on the streets of America” (Unless WE control them)–Obama.

              AR 15s=bad MRAPS=good

              Isn’t there something in the Bible about near the end times how bad will be called good, and good, bad?

              • (Isa 5:20 NIV) Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.

                • Who else appreciates the sad irony that it is Barn Cat who cites Isaias 5:20 ?

                  Important followup verse:

                  Woe to you that are wise in your own eyes, and prudent in your own conceits.

                  Isaias 5:21

                  • It is ISAIAH….put your glasses on and perhaps also read Isaiah 5:18 thru 21…btw the key word in 21 is “own”…figure that one out

              • That will be one of the signs that his return for his bride(the church)is near. Things will also be as in the times of Noe(Noah)just before the flood. There is misconception about what the “end” means. It is not the end of earth, nor the end of humans living on earth. After the 7 year tribulation Christ will bind Satan and rule on earth for 1000 years.

                • Too bad none of us will be around to see it…

            • The flip side of Nena’s 45 has the song in English, “99 Red Balloons.”

        • Too late, if you’re on this website you’re already on the list.

          Me too.

          • They’ve got the penthouse suites at Camp FEMA reserved just for us 🙂

            • Do those have Internet?


              • String and two tin cans.

                • I do hope they serve continental breakfasts—I love those jelly-filled donuts…

            • Also,psycho-wards in the basement.

              Right out of the old Soviet playbook.
              They are really getting blatant as we head into the finale.
              Deja-vu already?
              We must really have their panties in a twist.

              Registration – Confiscation – Extermination. No, not for us this time around. we turn the tables.

              They get the Penthouse and the basement at Nuremberg II.

              • The earth that God created and those that understand her will repel these bastards once and for all.

                All of those who have had a great ideas and developed earth-friendly tech that has been bought up for pennies on the dollar (by satan’s minions and hidden from us) will finally have their day in the sun.

                Spell check wants me to capitalize satan…that is how fucked up our society is.

                I ordered a big bag of corn today brother.

                “don’t go down without one helluva fight” lms

                • ALL-RIGHHHHHT!
                  The Auxilliary rises!

                  • P.S.
                    It will ship Monday.

                  • I love Montana…I support Montana and its good people. Now you are one.

                    I know who the bad people are.

                    I’ll be in touch thru your site…great job with your efforts to grow better food.

                • LMS, the time quickly approaches where we will take the battle to them 4th Gen warefare style.

                  Corn Dodgers

                  2 cups cornmeal
                  1/2 teaspoon salt
                  2 cups boiling water
                  Bacon Grease for frying

              • New ordnance, all they’ll get from me if I meet them face-to-face will be a bullet to each head. Just get it done and over with.

            • MAC:
              I have a question.
              Do they take corpse to the penthouse?
              That is the only way I be there!:-)
              S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • List? What list? You say I am on a list. Is that the 10 degree list to the left? Or is that the right when I drink beer. Has to be the grocery list but I have not been invited to dinner by a cannibal lately.

            Oh No! I’m on the Shit List.

            • Make a list, check it twice, know who has been naughty and who has been nice …. in YOUR neck of the woods.

              Patriots and Liberty Lovers can play the “List” game too.

              Speaking of lists…. McLame and Hillary are going to Sedona to plan the next steps for the New World Order and clear their Chakras.

              Too bad they can’t eliminate their karma without US. 🙂

        • Basically, Hitler is back and he resides in Washington, D.C.

          Since TPTB insist that black is white and white is black, then they (TPTB) need their guns taken away– they are truly sick Psychopaths!!!!

          • QUESTION: Was Obama a good person and just became awful after moving to the White House, or was he always awful and we just didn’t know it?

            • Well, as you’ll notice,
              he doesn’t stand too
              close to Mac’s fan, if
              you catch the metaphor.

            • He was evil then too. His parents were communist revolutionaries. His mentors were terrorists. And he’s a puppet for the global elite.

              • Naturally, you forgot one Barn Cat…

                His handlers/controllers hail from the self-chosen tribe!

              • And a pos..

              • Actually, as much as I hate to say it people like Saul Alinsky may not be so great idealogically, but political playbook wise, its been said he’s the opposite to Niccolo Machiavelli’s ‘The Prince’ his playbook is based on what to do when you’re the commoner that wants to be prince. Looks like it worked well for Obama.

        • Fuck the shrinks, fuck the pigs, fuck them all. I’ll have my justice through the barrel of my weapons.

          • OK, for sure you’re now on THE LIST.

          • FuckingPissed,

            Please let me know when they get to your house as I am sure you just moved up a few places ahead of me on the list. Thanks in advance for the warning.

            • Just follow the trail of blood.

          • FP, I’m right there with you.

        • Psychiatry and tyranny are always in bed together. Psychiatry is made for tyranny because no psychological “disorders” can be diagnosed clinically. Everything is subjective to Dr Quack’s opinion. Not a shred of proof is needed. Resistance to or any questioning of their “treatment” is considered proof that the diagnosis is correct. Psychiatry has a long history of bizarre, sadistic “treatments”. A “mental health evaluation” always yields the desired diagnosis. Psychiatrists are the only doctors (these evil sadists truly believe they are actually doctors) who insist upon treating people against their will. Psychiatric drugs have been responsible for an enormous amount of human suffering. a few years ago, some even wanted to bring back Thalidomide as an antidepressant. Do a search for images of thalidomide babies, but not right after you have eaten.

          • As an aside, psychiatrists still have

            the highest suicide rate in the country.

            Can you say: ‘One flew over the cuckoo’s nest’.

            • Defiant, are you serious about that? VERY interesting. I never knew that about shrinks.

          • Bob, spot on analysis. Psychiatry is not a legitimate science. It’s nothing but garbage. No shrink will ever get to see me.

        • I am oppositionally defiant when it comes to tyranny. I don’t consider it to be a disorder.

          “I would remind you that extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice! And let me remind you also that moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue!” –Barry Goldwater–

        • They, maybe Obama might or may decree any law they can dream up but implementing it will be an story.

        • Pediatrician are doing their part through the children. Just check out the questionnaires they use for patient histories.

        • Relax, when they come for one reason, they come for all. They say we are all have 3 felonies going at a time, what’s a few more?

        • Yeah, When your Doctor, out of the Blue asks you, “if you have Guns at your Home??” Just look at him, and with a Strain Face, Laugh and say, “Hell Ya, I have 3 Tanks, 45 Bazookas, 3 Surface to Air Missiles, 4 Drones, 20 Grenade launchers and a Battle Ship tied off the back dock. Then tell him if he can get past the 2 Pit Bulls and electrified Barbed wire the Guns are hidden behind the Sandbags in the fox hole next to your cases of MRE’s.

          • That outta do it.

        • Psychiatrists have become the new priest class.

          This is my opinion but we need to find ways to stay away from the new priest class and out of Obumacare.

          I don’t know how it will happen but I heard a man talking about how he got a bad cut taken care of by a neighbor and he used the phrase “Garage Medicine”

      2. “Psychiatrists Are the New Federal Gun Control Agents and Political Thought Police”

        Actually they are just another cog in the wheel of the beast. Along with the ALL of the 3 letter agencies, and the gov. in general.

        The sooner people wake up to the fact that they currently live in an ‘occupied’ country or area, the better. You are NOT living under true freedom, only the guise of it.

        -KNOW your neighbors
        -KNOW where they work
        -KNOW what they do.

        This is WAR and knowing your enemy and how they function is the first step to achieving victory. Hey 3 letter agencies… big middle finger ‘salute’ to you!

        • “know your enemy”

          Well, this business of “Psychiatry” (control and manipulation of the human MIND) has been in the “works”, i.e. “their” plan for a long, long time. Who are the founders of psychology, the heavy hitters, i.e. which tribe members represent the majority founders in this field? What 2% of the US population OWNS the Banks, MSM, Hollywood, Politicians, Education (Common Core), Universities, etc., etc.? Who runs the AMA, BIG PHARMA? What group is obsessed with control and manipulation

          IT’s ALL tied together; the Zionists have an airtight plan. They are miles ahead of us. Have been for a long time.

          • Sure, but they can’t make anything actually work. Every time they pull one of these bullshit false flags it wakes up another formerly unconscious pocket!

          • EA and Socrates, shrinks are just as vulnerable to bullets as anyone else.

      3. I don’t trust anyone with a PH.D. They live in their ivory towers, living off federal grants, trying to re-engineer people’s lives when they can’t even run their own lives.

        They have a new psychotic name for every human emotion and stamp everyone as ‘dangerous’.

        • Ohio River, I’m with you. I’ve said this many times and it bears repeating. NOTHING THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT DOES HAS ANY LEGITIMATE BASIS TO IT WHATSOEVER. THIS NEW SCHEME IS NO MORE LEGITIMATE THAN ANYTHING ELSE THEY’RE DOING. The diagnostic and statistical manual they speak of is nothing more than propaganda, just like the DHS guidelines of who they consider to be a domestic terrorist; nothing legitimate about either one. Any shrink who thinks he or she can label me as anything in particular and come to me with bad intentions toward me, just bring it on. always remember this: government has never produced one acre of food or one barrel of oil or anything else. what govt. does is take away from people who produce something and gives away to people who don’t produce anything. Govt. ruins everything it touches. A govt. employee couldn’t open a box of cereal without screwing that up. I’ve never recognized psychiatry as a legitimate science or anything of that nature, so I totally reject anything any shrink says. Or any govt. official for that matter.

          • Hi Braveheart:

            Once more I encourage everyone to go to nomorefakenews dot com. Rappaport is one of the true soldiers in this fight.

            No sponsors, so he can tell it like it is.

            • Watch it, braveheart

              They will be wanting to put
              Bertha on psychotropic drugs.

              • Hi, POG and Defiant. Someday I might just get to see what 00 buckshot does to a shrink.

            • Rappaports article dated today 4/28 is about James Holmes and the “batman” shooting and the psyciatric evaluation of Holmes. nomorefakenews dot com

          • The highest rate of suicide among all professional fields are those in psychiatry. And, they are trying to run our lives?

        • They’re also “experts” at raising children when they have no real world experience. My wife’s niece was a liberal college professor who taught the liberal drivel known as “child development” and found out everything she taught was wrong after she had her own child.

          • There was an old saying, that “the cobbler’s children go without shoes”. By the same token, psychiatrists kids are all either clinically depressed, or are sociopaths. Been there, seen that, burned the t-shirt.

        • O.R.
          Please don’t put all PHD’s in the same box. It is like putting all LEO’s in the same box. There are good and bad in every group.

          • Good evening, Sarge, but I’ve never met a PHD I liked.

            • Four phases of Psychiatry
              1- Tell the patient you are going to find out what is wrong with Him (Her).
              2- Ask the patient what is wrong.
              3- Repeat back what the patient expressed.
              4- Collect compensation
              — Miss Dee Dee

      4. Yeah I’m done commenting and its time to sterilize my computer….been nice knowing all of you.

        • Digital permanence… The matrix already has you…

          • Actually I have lived for years off of the grace of others…my name is not real, I have no income, I own nothing, there is nothing in my name…I have the Matrix

            • I’m not who I thought I was, but I am who I think I am, before I end up who I might become…I am me—I think…

        • I don’t think they’ll have to… Once the diagnosis hits the Obamacare network it’ll be cross-referenced with the national gun registry…. and wah-lah.

          • viola, i think you meant, oh great one?…OOPS, did i ask that out loud?

            • voila – who’s viola

              • thanks phantom…what a bonehead move on MY part!…ah well, at least i can blame it on the french!

                • Yeah, the french should learn to spell “wah-lah”, huh Mac?

              • i guess my freudian slip was showing??…isn’t viola that chick on “bad girls” that didn’t get her welfare check?

        • well, mine did. I said “Oh god, no. there will NEVER be any guns in my house”

      5. Don’t worry. Time will pass and the American people are waking up and soon the commie will be out of office.

        Then they will build statues and name buildings after him in his honor.

        But what he really did for America is wake us up and…




      6. Had some friends each pick up their first AR last week. Getting them on board.


        • Chilton:
          Our group just went up 3 families in the last 2 month.
          They are all close friends to my son and have seen the light.
          They have all bought about 6 months of long term storable food, Plus Ak’s and Ar’s and enough ammo for them.
          I have been working with 2 families to teach them how to use them. The other fanily ex-military. He is working with them also.
          They are putting meds and water purifaction supples away and some more goodies.
          We have worked out a route for them to get to my place when the SHTF.
          I think the awakening is starting, but I’m afraid it is to late to stop the sh$% from hitting the fan.
          Just keep perparing and pray you never have to use it.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • Good work brother.

            I think for people like us who are fairly well prepared our best preps we can make now is to continue to build those relationships with others and get them up to speed.

            • Amen Bros.,

              Train on.
              Run ’em through the square range and out into the field.
              Got a feeling our numbers are going to increase real soon.

              Newbies really need a good mentor, better if not a family member – try to get them through a few Appleseeds so they are not a menace to themselves, then look to see who can handle more.

              “…continue to build relationships…get them up to speed.”

              Takes a lot of patience with OPSEC filter in place. Got to keep trying. It eventually pays off.
              Tempus Fugit!

          • NR, nobody can stop TS from HTF now, but it’s good to see more people waking up and prepping. All I can advise is continue the prepping. Get everything you can while there’s still time.

          • Northern Reb

            Now that’s some good news…!

            Should shtf we have our contingency plan..have enough supplies here for the entire extended family ..and our oldest is well versed in defense/ems/survival/weaponry scenarios as a former squad leader with the USMC..

            As far as psychiatric issues, Mass. does a sweep on any existing or prior psychotropic issues before issuing a firearms license…it is now, and has been, prudent not to discuss anything whatsoever with our pcp..ever!

            Hell, nearly 1 in 4 citizens are now prescribed on some type of anti depressant according to the latest stats..just a quick glance of our neighborhood proves that’s akin to the Valley of the Dolls..


            • Before you may/can purchase a firearm in Washington State from a dealer you will have a psychiatric Illness background investigation done by the State.

      7. We are in deep poop

        • EPPE:
          Yes, but that stuff will make you grow!:-)
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      8. A wise old man told me long ago:

        “There are basically only two types of people in the world:

        The first type only wants to be left alone,
        and the second type has to tell (and force) everyone else what to do.


        This includes all LEO’s and anyone working in the judiciary.

        • Ace.

          Closet Yankee’s

        • ACE
          I gave you a thumbs up.
          But Please don’t put all of us LEO’s in the same box.
          This is wrong. This like saying all baseball take drugs. Yes there are some that do, but more of them DO NOT.

          • Sorry should say: Baseball Players

          • You should be all in the same box. You might not participate in the crimes the LEO’s commit, but you turn a blind eye to it and let it continue. Which in my book, makes you just as guilty.

          • Sarge-


            Some Leos are assholes for sure, large metro-city cops seem to fit that category especially, here in the South.

            ..but for the most part, the small town cops & the county mounties are just regular guys w/ a tough job!

            • Just III% will do it!!! Muster in 1 Min.

              Now it the time for all good men to come to the aid of their country.

            • Hunter:
              You are right. There are major A holes in the LEO’s. I have found if you are an animal on this earth you have one, but you don’t have to be one!!! That is how I try to each my newbee cops.

          • Dale
            its guilt by association , I’m sure you understand this, because its a tactic you Boys in Blue use all the time.
            If you don’t want to be associated with them, then be big enough to be your own man..or full on denounce the LEO’s stand and become a proud citizen patriot, without a bunch of illegal acting thugs to back you up, or least you get painted with that brush too

            we’ve had this talk before, you remember?

      9. At this point i dont give a crap what these tyrants say or do,
        NONE of it is for our benefit,
        ALL of their machinations are to remove our rights and our freedom.
        The days of faith in our government are gone.
        MOLON LABE

        • Move over, you got yourself some company. I about seen all I need to see and heard all I care to hear. Time to lay them down. These sonsabitches are full of themselves.

          • 10-4

            • Kulafarmer and PO’d Patriot, braveheart wants some of the action, too.

      10. Psychiatry is a joke. It’s the only part of the medical community that invents its own diseases. Got a bad temper? No, it’s just “intermittent explosive disorder”. Me, I suffer from “work aversion syndrome”. It can’t be cured. It can only be treated by long expensive paid vacations. The first rule for creating any disease name is that it MUST be described in 3 words. The APA loves TLA’s, that is, three letter acronyms. It would all be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous. They can stick some label on people and use it to take away their kids, guns, property, jobs, or freedom.

        What’s the future? Being a Christian or some other political undesirable will someday be categorized as a mental illness.

        • BARN CAT:
          Well I’m crazier than a bed bug then.
          Because I’m both a Christian and a Indepentent Contitutionalist.
          May my disorder spread like an epidemic.
          It just might get you killed but you want get sick.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

          • wish I had spell check I miss spelled “Independent Constitutionist” DUH..

        • Barncat, that’s one of the best descriptions of psychiatry I’ve ever heard.

      11. Recall: The psychiatrists are the ones who changed the DSM to allow all manner of freaky behavior to become ‘normalized’. They can just as easily use it to ‘pathologize’ behavior or habits/interests they deem unsuitable to the LibScum agenda.

        The Soviet/Commies used their psychiatrists to persecute their enemies of the stat too.

        And we all know where Obama and Co. get their ideas from..

        • “I’ll have a little flexibility after the election”.
          Yeeeee OOowwwwwwwww!

          • “Come at me Bro!”

      12. C.G. Jung, Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology stressed the importance of individual rights in a person’s relation to the state and society. He saw that the state was treated as “a quasi-animate personality from whom everything is expected” but that this personality was “only camouflage for those individuals who know how to manipulate it”, and referred to the state as a form of slavery. He also thought that the state “swallowed up [people’s] religious forces”, and therefore that the state had “taken the place of God”—making it comparable to a religion in which “state slavery is a form of worship”. Jung observed that “stage acts of [the] state” are comparable to religious displays: “Brass bands, flags, banners, parades and monster demonstrations are no different in principle from ecclesiastical processions, cannonades and fire to scare off demons”. From Jung’s perspective, this replacement of God with the state in a mass society led to the dislocation of the religious drive and resulted in the same fanaticism of the church-states of the Dark Ages—wherein the more the state is ‘worshipped’, the more freedom and morality are suppressed; this ultimately leaves the individual psychically undeveloped with extreme feelings of marginalization.

        • I don’t believe in monster, but I recognize evil when I see it, there are different kinds of evil in the world just as there are different kinds of weapons. My weapons do not define me, but the cause for which I may use them will.

          The State in this case can only be seen as overreaching and evil because they can only be seen as a threatening force, whether that force is used to strip us of our rights and property, or used to tell us what and how to think.

          Forced order is what they want, and TPTB have been pushing and prodding us for a long time. I’m always amazed at how patient the American people have been over the last many years, but things like this are designed so that we start the battle, the problem is that when it starts it will be small and it will give them the advantage of painting us as criminals.

          I know who and what I am, I will continue to assess the battlefield and hope that enough people see the shackles they’re being handed and this war for the souls of man can be averted, if not…

          D.H. Lawrence
          “The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted.”

          • Lawrence’s ashes are on the lower of slope of Lobo Peak in northern New Mexico. Long ago, I knew people that knew him. One of them said that “Lawrence saw the light but chose the darkness”.

            As to the American soul – Lawrence might have seen one aspect of it. But again, he might have been looking in a mirror.

            The disappearing farmers and ranchers of the American West have a certain stoic equanimity due to a life outdoors grappling with the elemental forces of nature imo.

            As to the “killer” part, we know what happened in the South Pacific at Peleliu and Okinawa, et al when that instinct was fully awakened.

            We will see how much of that is left when it plays out here. Although we may be slow to arouse, it may be a good thing.

            It’s instructive to hear MVB’s story of what happens when you poke a wolverine with a stick over at sipseystreetirregularsDOTblogspotDOTcom if you can find it on the site. I think it might have been told again in his speech at the Bundy ranch.

            • NEW

              I believe we all at some point in our lives must address the darkness (shadow) part of understanding evil begins with self-reflection, it would not surprise me that Lawrence was controlled by his ego (shadow) he was also fixated on nature and by those laws he may have seen things very black and white.

              As to our slow to response to the overreach of TPTB I see it as an advantage, we have befuddled the progressives thus far by just holding our ground, this is why they continue to push.

              • You know what happens when you push too hard?

                Your leaning inward throws you off balance and you fall on your face…happens every time.

        • Y99, you say this C.G. Jung was a shrink and made those statements? This guy hit a whole box of nails right on their heads. He’s also a Swiss; another big thing in his favor. The Swiss are the only people in Europe with any sense.

        • J.J.
          I worked for a Chief that was a lot like Dave (GOD BLESS HIM).
          You can count on me to do what I can to stop any officer that would try to take you guns away from you.

          • …and one we’ll hold you to.

            • Sixpack
              For Gods sake please do!!!!

      13. When I go to have my ob/gyn exam, I am required to fill out a questionnaire. Next time I am ripping it up and will not submit it at all.
        One question is – ‘Do you wear a seatbelt?’
        Another question is – ‘Do you own a gun?’
        I respond, ‘Yes’ to the first question.
        And, I respond, ‘No,’ to the ‘Do You Own A Gun?’ question. Its a lie on my part, they have no need to know what I own.
        When I asked the nurse about the seatbelt question,
        she responded, ‘To see if you exhibit reckless behavior.’
        When I asked the nurse about the gun question, she gave me a lame, ambiguous reply and left the room.

        • 300:
          When I get that type of question I reply with:
          I envoke my 4th and 5th ammendment right granted to me in the Constitution in large letters.
          Then I hand it back and walk out the door.
          You see they are NOT getting any of my money and that hurts there bottom line.
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • 300
          Went to a new doctor a couple years ago (3) they had some of the same questions on it.

          I responded by saying YES STUPID I’m a COP, and if I get any more stupid question I’m not going to answer them. The nurse brought the form back to me and said I need to redo it because I was being rude on it.

          I told her if you didn’t have so many stupid questions on it that you have no RIGHT to ask I wouldn’t have had to answer them that way.

          She got Pissed off and told me to redo it. I told her YOU ARE FIRED tore up the form, and walked out.

          Before I got to my truck three other walked and and said to me that I was the catalyst to give them the nerve to tear up their forms up, and walk out.


          • Sarge, lately I’ve had to go to an orthopedic doctor about a pinched nerve in my left leg. I haven’t had a questionnaire like that yet, but if I get one, I’ve already decided how to handle it. I’ll decide what info they can have about me.

            • R.B.
              You have to remember that I live in the,
              USSR of Illinois.
              Braveheart we found something in Tenn. Working on it.

            • Funny, our doctor asks my wife and kids if there are guns in the home, but never asks me. The latest question they ask everyone is “Do you feel safe in your home?”

          • I would have loved to see that!

            • 006
              It was cool, but some of these folks where in bad shape with their legs. I hope, because I don’t know if they found another doctor to work on them.
              Watch your 6

          • fuckin A Sgt.

            Folks, you must seek a way to find yourselves medical care away from the current system. You most-likely know many different people in the medical field. The folks in medicine know wtf is going on.

            Doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, chiropractors, the gamut of various therapists…ALL HAVE SERIOUS SKILLS THAT CAN HELP YOU AND SAVE A LIFE…ALL OF THEM!

            They have a household to run and who knows what they need to run it…talk to them, negotiate with them, they may need something that you have.

            Let me keep it simple…You have NO other choice.

            All the shit at big pharma originated from the earth. They just put it in a delivery system and shoved it up your ass.

            Think outside the box people. DO NOT let them win.

            “don’t go down without one helluva fight”

            • Why do you think I’m workin up the chain to hopefully being an NP? The necessary skills to treat and diagnose illnesses as well educate the prevention portion aint a bad prepping skill to have. Anyways, hopefully of thats the case; maybe I’ll encounter that fellow prepper that needs to stock up kn antibiotics. If questions get asked, ‘Oh that Doxycyline was for a year long trip to S. America :P’

              • 209
                Please don’t let it go to your head, because when you become a NP. when the SHTF you will be a god. People will look at you to give life. Just remember you can’t, I went down this road with a 6 year old little girl when the father ran out of his house with her little dead body in his hand and yelling at me save her Dale. This is was the hardest day of my police career.
                I believe you are a very good person, and will be able to handle it. I don’t know if you believe in God? All I know that he has carried me a long way.

          • yep, no law saying you have to incriminate yourself , fuck their forms

            • Fuck their forms even if there is a law saying you have to incriminate yourself…

              • VRF Sixpack:
                Make out the forms, BUT when it comes to these F#%^ing questions. Write on it not your F$%^ing business!
                If they get stupid with you. Tell then you work for me. I’m paying of a service, and if you don’t like it you can get fired. Tell them loud enough for everyone in the office to hear what are saying. So they might just learn how is the boss here. WE ARE DAMN IT!!!!

                • I draw a thick line thru any questions on any forms I dont feel is any of their dam buiz. ANY Form

                  than and only than if asked why i drew the when I tell them its None of their dam business

                  it helps a bit with opsec..and it also helps if the DR or what ever asks questions

                  glad I dont have these issues..I stand shoulder to shoulder with my Dr. at the range.. we both love our .45’s

        • Anon 300, the only time I wear my seat belt, is when I’m hanging out of my truck door shooting my gun. Don’t want to fall out in the road. Trekker Out.

        • 300, I just put N/A on those…”not applicable”

      14. Obama and most of the house and senate members for putting people in harms way for their own gain should have all guns removed and stripped from them, if they refuse them we all in unisense remove them by any means. We can play the game too assholes. Common sense is gone so that means you are not stupid you just can’t stop having ultimate power and greed. You are the problem with this community people.

      15. Dang,dropped all mine in the lake….deep too!

      16. What Congress needs is a “Bar Room Fight”.

        If you have ever experience one where Shit does Fly Around the Room, you will never forget it. The sounds are
        something else and to watch women get into a fist fight. Glad I was not the target.

        • Slingshot:
          Can I go to congress. There are several there that I would just love to KICK THIER A^$!!!! If you want to do I’ll drive.

          • SGT Dale.

            I have driven the 495 beltway 40 years ago and the people were driving crazy then. I think it was the Alexandria exchange where I was almost done in. I would have made a good race car driver as I managed to avoid cars crossing many lanes of traffic with no signals to change lanes.

            • Slingshot, I encounter morons like that almost every day here in Memphis and this is just on regular city streets.

              • Too many idiots, not enough space!

        • Nothing more fun than watching a chick fight, especially when mini skirts are in.

      17. “oppositional defiant disorder” or ODD…

        In my day, that would be the 1960s, ODD was called something else–


        I guess I was ODD. 🙂 Don’t ya just love it?

        • I’m oppositional to the fed gov. and defiant of the fed gov. and have been all my life and yes, I do love it.

      18. Last time I bought some silver walking liberty coins at a local Sears coin shop they asked for ID. I paid with cash, jeez I was’nt buying guns or ammo, wtf, is this tracking for future confiscation perhaps? I’m sure I am on their rabble rouser list also, having openly slammed the crooks for over 40 years. When are they going to come for me? I have much to do to get ready for the inevitable.

        • ALJAMO:
          In Illinois if you buy more than (I think) $1000 a month of silver the coil seller has to document it for the Fed’s
          I don’t know why, but it is one of those new illegal rules.
          I was told that if you stay under that amount??? that there is no record of my purchase.
          And NO!!! you don’t have to show ID. to purchase silver.
          If I were you I would find some place else to purchase silver.
          A mom and pop coin store that buy’s and sells coins.
          Good luck Stay safe. Keep prepping.
          S.T.S.FP. N.R. N.S. N.REB

      19. I’M CRAZY!!!! About Freedom and the Constitution!

        • Sierra Dave:
          Looks like we both are Crazy!!! And DA$% proud of it!!!
          S.T.S.F.P. N.R. N.S. N.REB

        • me too….and about the red words in the King James version of the Bible attributed to Jesus. So true, just and beautiful they make me cry a little every time I read them (and I’m on antidepressants for PTSD.)

          • Those “Red words” were meant to reach you heart! Responding to them shows that you have one! : )

      20. Fork Doctors. They only care about money, not about people, and their interest to “diagnose” you with what’s most profitable. OsamboCare has made this so much worse.

        Any quacks who go along with this? That’s proof of it. Most of ’em will so long as they get paid.

        • As a physician, I am really saddened to see comments like this.

          Most doctors that I know got into the field because they wanted to help people. Many get corrupted by the system but not everyone.

          That said, I have essentially left clinical practice because the current system is a mess and makes it nearly impossible to practice caring, patient centered medical care.

          In my experience, psychiatrists and psychologists, along with social workers, are some of the most messed up of the group. Most of them that I have known have come from highly dysfunctional families and they go into the field to work through their own pathology. They try to define what is normal and what is not and they rigidly guard these boundaries. In many cases, I think they are terrified that allowing any tolerance of differences will lead to a collapse of their fragile personal boundaries.

          There are still many of us physicians and even some psychiatrists who struggle against these problems.

          • Merree,

            I tell the residents and the fellows that there seems to be an attraction to the specialty that will finally ail you. I have seen so many specialists who develop the disease they specialize in. To prevent becoming like some of the patients they take care of, I encourage them to develop other interests and hobbies. It is easy to get caught up with the pain, suffering, and problems you see every day, day in and day out. It is hard not to be influenced by them and to leave them at the hospital.

            I agree that most doctors do really care for their patients and are concerned for their welfare. The economics of healthcare is not driven by the doctors although they play an essential role. Expectations, healthcare provision costs, legal issues and associated costs, duplication of tests and procedures, and inflation are all linked to the spiraling costs.

            Not all doctors and specialties are asked to report on guns and seatbelt use.

          • Merree, good evening. many of us simply do not see anything legitimate about psychiatry or psychology. I’ve seen myself what ‘shrinks’ have done to people and know there is definitely something wrong with the ‘shrinks’. And don’t get me started about social workers. I appreciate your insight on those groups. I’m glad to know there are still some medical professionals out there.

      21. Bring it on ObaMao! It is time for a big Constitution Revitalization party!!

        In other words “REVOLUTION”!

        • more like “Restoration”

          • sending satan back to hell…smoldering.

            • And full of holes!!!

      22. Didn’t the old USSR use to put refuseniks in mental institutions? Its a lot easier to get a quack shrink and a judge to commit some one than to have to deal with a messy and expensive trial. That reminds me of the time I had to do a psych eval as part of a job application. About three or four cards into the ink blot test, I gave up and told the psychologist that they all looked like pussies to me. I got the job.

        • The term used by the Soviets was “political schizophrenia”.

          It is very alarming how much the Obammy Regime copies the USSR.

          VERY alarming.

        • In old communist Russia dissenters were considered mentally ill. Treatment was convulsive electroshock therapy, with insulin shock and heavy doses of a drug reserpine,(sp). Of those given such treatment 28% became vegative, the rest were easliy infulenced by and receptive to suggestion, thus making them easily programable for whatever propaganda cure the party believed they needed. It is a shame however that such methods cannot be used at this time on career welfare moochers, who have never worked a day in their worthless lives. Making said moochers develop a work ethic by such methods would be worth the trouble.

          • It’s sad those methods can’t be used on POLITICIANS…oh wait, maybe it’s been done already.

      23. This is a no brainer.

        Never go to a Psychiatrist. If you have mental problems go to a psychologist. A psychiatrist will do nothing but throw pills at you. And that is when the Feds get you. (but the make Pot legal????).

        A Psychologist can’t prescribe meds. Never tell them you want to hurt yourself or any one else.

        I went down this track when I found out my ex-wife was messing around. Thank God and Greyhound she is GONE!!!!

        The Feds sound like the crazy guy who said “I’m not CRAZY everyone else is”


      24. I want to be on a list too. Here goes, I think Obama is a domestic terrorist as well as his AG Eric Holder. They should be hung from an old Oak tree until dead. There I said it. Add me to your freakin list. Molon LABE you blanket blanks. Ready as I can be in Frederick, MD

      25. When you go see the Doctor:

        What? Do I own a gun? Do I need one?
        For what purpose? You think I need a gun? Do you Doctor, own one?

        • time to change one that owns and packs

          I see mine(Dr.) at the sportsmans club regularly..i score his card, and am the range officer when he comes in, we shop at the same stores

          thats why hes MY doctor

          he wont ask the gun question mostly because he knows the answer, and because he agrees its none of his business, if one feels they dont need to disclose

          I do, how ever get the point of your post, I just feel people need to be a bit more choosy with whom they value their health choices with, and if my doctor felt and made it known to me that they didnt care for my gun ownership, than he would no longer be my Dr.

      26. According to them I’m crazier than a loon!!!!!!!!
        Let see.
        I’m a Christian!
        I’m a White Male!
        I’m Happily Married!
        I’m a father!
        I’m a Cop!
        I believe in the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights!
        I’m a Libertarian!
        I’m a Prepper!
        I’m a Gun owner!
        I’m a PATRIOT!
        If they try to take any of these away from you or I they will see just how CRAZY this Patriot is.
        BOOOWAAAHHAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I’m as crazy as a loon just ask the feds they will tell you I am.

        • Sgt. Dale, I’m right there with you, except for not being married and not being a cop, I think that’s close enough.

          • close enough for govt work.

      27. I was crazy once.
        I heard voices in my head.
        But then I looked at the pretty lights.
        Crazy is as crazy does.
        I like the pretty lights.
        Doctor told me to get a job, stay busy.
        The voices want me to get in to politics, and be a Democrat.
        No brains are needed to be a democrat in the current administration. You just have to obey Obama with out using your brain.
        Do you like the pretty lights?

        • You’re just jelous because the voices talk to me.

          • Christian
            When I first read this I LMAO.
            Then I was thinking about it.
            I don’t her voices but what I do hear is myself reading the Bible, and those words come back to me.
            So Yes I jealous of you if God is speaking to you. I know that you were not talking about that, but wouldn’t it be GREAT!!!!!

      28. Sgt. Dale; You think your Crazy? Here is the latest from yesterday @the B Ranch.It was reported to Stewart Rhodes that Eric Holder authorized Drone strikes against the Bundy Ranch.Now this is either some more damn dis information to make “The Patriots” look Crazy and racist?Or would be the straw that broke the camels back! Will see? but the oath keepers are standing their ground!!
        I’ll put up a link but don’t know how long it will take??
        NOMI & CATT

        • Thinker:
          Darn it you started me thinking.
          Here goes. TPTB wants to start a Civil war or WW111.
          What is a Patriot going to do? If we are attacked by the Feds we will fight against them, but if we are attacked by Russia or China. We will join the Feds to fight them off.
          Can we say FRIENDLY FIRE? Just think. (did I say that ?)

          • SGt.D;Its all a form divide and conquer and mass genocide,and use the sheep as the tools to usher in the NWO.Then they will have the remaining 500,000 slaves to do their work for the “Elite”. I am still waiting for the “unforeseen events” thats going to hit them right between their eyes,and mess up their plans!! And that we should have started “when I wore a” younger mans clothes”. I hope its not too late!!

        • Thinker.
          Should the Bundy ranch come under drone attack, that would constitute a military use of force against citizens of the United States.

          There will be no turning back.

          You can be next.

          • If the Bundy ranch is attacked by a drone, all bets are off.

          • SS; I maybe next! But like most of us here we just want to be free!! To enjoy our lives as we see fit and for our families.There is no turning back. To what ? This evil that is controlling every bit of society is an infection we must be rid of, once and for all! to have the peace we were given by God! For some one that said “If your a christian this is as close to hell as your ever going to see,and if not, its as close to Heaven as your ever going to see!! And i can attest to that! So if something happens? You carry the torch! I am off to a better place!!!!
            NOMI so CATT !

            • Thinker.

              Interesting comment on whether you are a Christian or not. My comment was not directed at you. Only to say it would set in motion actions that the government can not stop until it is Dethroned. A Drone attack which was suppose to scare by show of force, may infuriate many to take up arms.

              Every day we come more under the gun.

              • SS;Seems to me that here as well as in the Ukraine ( and other countries in upheaval) thats it all about about propaganda, psy-ops,and lies,by the WH controlled media to incite a reaction to justify their action and takeover.And all are alike. Dirty Harry is trying to get as much as he can before the ball drops.Follow the money! I adjust trying to figure out if these bankers being Suicided is more mind control or propaganda.But the evil bancksters and there minions will stop at nothing to attain their goals they have control of every aspect of our lives right now,if we don’t withdraw our participation! The 97% are in the Bondage phase of this collapse!!

                NOMI & CATT

      29. I don’t give a damn what you think you know, what you think you feel or what you think you believe, the only thing that counts is what you do, period.

      30. “I was born a warrior; if warriors speak to me I will answer. Since none are present, I am honor bound to keep silent. I am to be executed. I like it well; for I shall die before my heart is soft, before I have spoken anything unworthy of myself.” – Cannonchet, a Narragansett warrior at his execution by Captain Benjamin Church in 1675

      31. The USSR used corrupted psychological diagnoses as a political weapon to incarcerate millions of Russians in the Gulags.

        Seeing as the Obama regime, it’s handlers and the people (idiots) who follow him are willing to shit-can anything that stands in the way of their utopian goal….I wouldn’t be surprised in a wholesale corruption of the American mental health system (not just the VA with its abuse of PTSD diagnoses to disarm veterans) will occur in short order.

        Don’t these liberals, commies, democrats, Marxists, dreamers, freeloaders, academics, holly-weird pundits and political appointees realize how close they are to the average American taxpayer just saying FUCK IT and completely ignoring the rule of law?

        They’re like a child standing under a suspended waterbed mattress full of acid….jabbing it with a stick.

        • Thats ok, anybody can buy 80% lowers and anyone can buy uppers,,,
          Why stop with anything short of a full auto trigger group

        • River-Rat, I’ve got a lot of bullets with commies’ names on them.

      32. The lunatic is in the hall
        The lunatics are in my hall
        The paper holds their folded faces to the floor
        And every day the paper boy brings more

        Yeah who are the real loons !!

      33. Off current topic, but relevant:
        Be Aware, Be Well, Be Ready

        The Tytler Cycle Revisited
        by John Eberhard

        In 2003 I became very interested in a theory developed by Scottish historian Alexander Tytler, and wrote an article on it at the time, which ironically enough is now getting a lot of attention due to being linked to from Wikipedia.

        Tytler’s theory set forth a cycle that every democracy goes through, which goes like this. Tytler said the cycle starts out with a society in bondage. Then it goes in this sequence:

        Spiritual Faith
        Then starting over with Bondage

        Tytler organized these items in a circle:

        I was fascinated with this because to me it seemed to explain what we are going through as a country right now, where people are more interested in how they can somehow soak the system to get their free ride, than building anything. Clearly we are on the left side of this cycle, somewhere in the selfishness, complacency, apathy or dependence side.

        Recently I found an article entitled “An American Tragedy” dated 12/16/08 by James Quinn, a financial writer and senior director of strategic planning for a major university. Most of the article is about disgraced investment guru Bernie Madoff, but a good chunk of it concerns the Tytler cycle and exactly where Quinn thinks we are in the cycle. Here’s what Quinn has to say:

        “The following quote attributed to Scottish history professor Alexander Tyler in 1787, seems to portray an accurate reflection of what has occurred during our 200+ years of existence as a democracy.

        “A democracy is always temporary in nature; it simply cannot exist as a permanent form of government. A democracy will continue to exist up until the time that voters discover that they can vote themselves generous gifts from the public treasury. From that moment on, the majority always votes for the candidates who promise the most benefits from the public treasury, with the result that every democracy will finally collapse due to loose fiscal policy, which is always followed by a dictatorship.”
        “The average age of the world’s greatest civilizations from the beginning of history, has been about 200 years. During those 200 years, these nations always progressed through the following sequence:

        •From bondage to spiritual faith;
        •From spiritual faith to great courage;
        •From courage to liberty;
        •From liberty to abundance;
        •From abundance to complacency;
        •From complacency to apathy;
        •From apathy to dependence;
        •From dependence back into bondage

        “These words were written two years before George Washington became our first President. There is so much truth in these words it makes me shudder, especially since we are clearly in stage 7. An honest appraisal of our country’s downward spiral is necessary to begin the process of redemption. We have continually voted ourselves increased benefits, dependent upon the printing presses of the Federal Reserve to sustain our country’s ponzi scheme. We have pawned our future and the bill will eventually come due.

        “The GreatAmericanRepublic

        “My assessment of the chronological sequence our democracy has progressed through, follows.

        “From bondage to spiritual faith (1760 to 1769)
        •King George III becomes King of England
        •Currency Act, Sugar Act, Stamp Act, Quartering Act, Townshend Act passed by Parliament
        •Sons of Liberty formed by John Adams, Samuel Adams, Paul Revere, John Hancock, Patrick Henry, among others.

        “From spiritual faith to great courage (1770 to 1783)
        •Boston massacre
        •Samuel Adams organizes the Committees of Correspondence
        •Parliament passes the Tea Act
        •Boston Tea Party
        •The First Continental Congress
        •Battle of Bunker Hill
        •Thomas Paine publishes Common Sense
        •Revolutionary War rages for six years
        •British surrender at Yorktown
        •Treaty of Paris ends Revolutionary War

        “From courage to liberty (1784 to 1865)
        •Constitutional Convention
        •Constitution ratified by 13 states
        •George Washington elected President
        •Bill of Rights passed
        •Fugitive Slave Act passed
        •Louisiana Purchase
        •Robert Fulton invents steamboat
        •War of 1812
        •Monroe Doctrine
        •President Andrew Jackson battles bankers which leads to the Panic of 1837
        •U.S. Mexican War
        •California gold rush
        •Compromise of 1850
        •Dred Scott Decision
        •Abraham Lincoln elected President
        •Confederate states secede from the Union
        •Emancipation Proclamation
        •Civil War rages for four years
        •Union is restored
        •13th Amendment abolishes slavery

        “From liberty to abundance (1866 to 1969)
        •Civil Rights Act of 1866
        •First Trans-Continental Railroad
        •Alexander Graham Bell invents the telephone
        •Industrial Revolution
        •General Electric founded
        •Spanish American War
        •U.S. Steel founded
        •Airplane invented
        •Automobile invented
        •Federal Reserve created
        •World War I
        •Great Depression
        •New Deal programs implemented by FDR
        •Golden Gate Bridge completed
        •World War II
        •Atomic bomb used to end war with Japan
        •Marshall Plan rebuilds Europe & Japan
        •US emerges from the war as the only great economic power
        •Cold War
        •Korean War
        •Interstate highway system built
        •Civil Rights Movement
        •John F. Kennedy assassinated
        •Vietnam War
        •Great Society programs implemented
        •Civil Rights Act of 1964
        •Martin Luther King assassinated
        •Neil Armstrong walks on the moon

        “From abundance to complacency (1970 to 1989)
        •Roe vs Wade
        •President Nixon resigns in disgrace
        •Oil embargo
        •Ronald Reagan elected President
        •Military buildup and tax cuts
        •Fall of the Soviet Union

        “From complacency to apathy (1990 to 2000)
        •Gulf War
        •Bill Clinton elected President
        •Stock market boom
        •Gridlock between Congress & President leads to budget surpluses
        •President Clinton acquitted in impeachment trial

        “From apathy to dependence (2001 to 2007)
        •George W. Bush elected President
        •Nasdaq stock bubble bursts
        •9/11 attack
        •Alan Greenspan lowers rates to 1%
        •Invasion of Afghanistan
        •Department of Homeland security created
        •Invasion of Iraq
        •Hurricane Katrina
        •Home prices double
        •Financial derivatives grow to over $100 trillion

        “From dependence back into bondage (2008 to ????)
        •Housing prices collapse
        •Financial firms collapse
        •Government and Federal Reserve intervene to prop up the worldwide financial system
        •Government bailouts of financial firms and auto manufacturers
        •Federal Reserve & U.S. Treasury commit over $8 trillion of taxpayer funds
        •Barrack Obama elected President
        •Immediate borrowing & stimulus packages exceeding $1 trillion are discussed
        •Federal Reserve lowers rates to below 1%”


        I tend to believe the above is pretty accurate, because we can see right now that the US government under Obama-Reid-Pelosi is making an unprecedented power grab, by increasing spending dramatically, and increasing their socialistic hold over American life. The current Democratic Party leadership is the most radically leftist/socialist we have ever had. One of their recent actions was to basically repeal the welfare reform which was enacted in the 1990s, and which was so successful too. Obama’s new budget document blatantly outlines his goals to punish high producers because they have broken the rules, which is as Marxist a plan as I have ever seen.

        The question I have had for some time is whether this will continue through the entire cycle of Bondage, Spiritual Faith, Courage, Liberty, Abundance, Selfishness, Complacency, Apathy, Dependence, then starting over with Bondage; or whether concerned and knowledgeable individuals can somehow halt the decline and keep us from going into a new period of bondage?

        Clearly we see the American public being apathetic and willing to allow the US government to take over more and more of our lives, and thus becoming more and more dependent.

        And yet, at the same time, I see outrage and a building frustration by a large segment of the population, with protest events (the recent spate of Tea Party events), petitions, and a plethora of columns in the conservative press, decrying the power grab. Will it be enough? Can we prevent a new period of bondage?

        See Part 1 Article

        See Part 3 Article

        See Part 4 Article

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      34. Looks like Russia is ready to attack Ukraine:

        If I was Putin I would be trying to minimize Russians fatalities, plus make it over with as fast as possible. Russia has superior night vision equipment. The Moon is dark on Tuesday night. This would be the best time to launch an attack, tomorrow, Tuesday night, or Wednesday night. I would do it of course near midnight. They are 8 hours ahead Eastern Time. So everyone should hear news of Russia engaging the Ukraines at between 4-6 PM Eastern Time, 3-5 Central Time, 2-4 Mountain Time, and 1-3 Pacific Time on one of these days IF Putin decides to invade part of Ukraine.

        Granted an invasion of Ukraine is not an Israeli attack on Iran, which is also at the right time of darkness of the sky. It is still very news worthy, IF it happens. Watch these approximate times as these are the best times for the highest Russian advantage.

        • Wouldn’t that be funny if they both, independently, used the cover of dark to attack.

        • If it “Walks like a DUCK,”and “Quacks like a Duck” Its a Psych Doc.


        No Fail (and no weigh) Soap Recipe
        2 cans (3 lb) veggie shortening
        1 can (12 0z) lye
        2 cups water
        Mix lye and water in enamel pan, OUTSIDE, set aside to cool. Melt shortening, set aside to cool. When both are hot to the touch (on the outside of the pan) pour lye into shortening. Stir until consistency of mashed potatoes. Pour into prepared mold and let set 24 hours, covered. Uncover, poke it and see if it’s firm. If it is, turn it out on newspapers and cut it into bars. Put them someplace safe and let cure for 2-3 weeks, minimum. If its not firm, cover and let sit for another 24 hours, then turn out and cut. Use butter tubs or glass cakes pans as molds.

        • “set aside to cool. Melt shortening, set aside to cool. When both are hot to the touch” —please explain. How will the shortening reheat and lye and water reheat? Do we set them in the sun?

      36. I read that picture at the top again,,
        Fuck you obamma you stupid fucking tyrant

      37. Trying to do the same thing expecting different results is the definition of insanity. Just because the avenue has changed, does not change the destination.

      38. I love the government,the irs and those hard working public servants who do a thankless job at said agency.I would never own one of those awful guns which could be used to target innocent U.N. troops,BLM officers,IRS agents or others not specified.No way,never.

      39. anyone that goes to a shrink, needs to have their head examined

        and who says that the shrinks aint crazy?..huh?

      40. I detest this lying criminal bastard government. Jeb vs Hillary next. What a damn joke! How dumb is America? 9-11 and arabs, give me a fucking break! Free speech zones? Kiss my ass, you pieces of shit Obamas, Bushes, Cheneys. Clintons, dual citizen jew mass murderers and banker assholes. You can all rot in hell for all of eternity.

      41. store
        another 25 pounds Of Rice
        another 20 pounds of flour
        another 5 pounds of sugar

        planted more beans,lettuce,tomatoes, peppers


        keep it up cops, soon enough many of these “biker gangs” are going to join arms to hold off your Blue line and make it thinner

        these bikers may have their own little wars going on..but if they get sick enough of the cops , they could band together against them.

        if these groups ever banded together , the cops wouldnt have a chance

        • VRF:
          You really don’t want that to happen. Once they start killing Cops. The Military will take over. Or the Cops wont wait for them to get close and will take out any one on a Bike. I know a lot of Cops ride. We are called the Blue Knights.
          This is a no win problem!!!! God I pray that this doesn’t happen.

          • Oh i solidly agree Dale, It was just a warning , in history when two factions of lawlessness(gangs) are pushed they tend to join forces.

            right now most of the “heat” on bikers are cops..the infighting and patch wars are mostly a thing of the past..they may band together to stay viable ..they will not fold up and go away, thats not going to happen..these people are a brotherhood of family, they will look out for each other , and if they feel threatened by an outside force, they will take action and not wait for it to come to them

            I got a pretty good feel for how they think, and how they view out side threats, security in numbers. we patriots could take a lesson or two from them..

            • VRF
              What I have all ways thought was that the Street Gangs in Shitcago would get together and over throw the Government their.
              I have been looking around and what I have been seeing is Black gangs are getting closer, Hispanic gangs are getting closer the Asian gangs are doing the same.
              What we might see is these group going into all out war with each other.
              You are right the Bikers will do the same.
              You know WTSHTF they will. Keep you powder dry my friend

              • exactly!

                Powder is always dry …

      43. Ok, time for a test!

        Everybody who wanted to have sex with their mothers raise your hand?

        Just as I thought, another ridiculous ‘well you believed it!’-lie.

        Lies, lies and more lies!

        The rapists! Got your number!

      44. Change the definition, they change the narrative. Change the narrative, they direct the agenda.


        • Dirk? Is that you?

      45. On CNBC this AM, the talking heads “mentioned” that the Chinese Central Bank was going to lower the percentage of US currency in the Chinese reserves. The Chinese have about 1 trillion USD. That makes up about 40% of the Chinese reserves according to CNBC. The Chinese say they are going to lower the percentage down to 20% of reserves. $500 billion coming out of the reserves? Where is it going? How will that affect your money? They talked as if they were discussing the weather or sports.

      46. Following the death of my wife from cancer I decieded to go to counseling rather than take anti depressants. During the intake interview the counselor asked if I was a Veteran, if I had been in combat and if I owned a gun. When I asked why, she said I may have PTSD. I told her that I was there because my wife had died and that serving my country was not a problem, if I had seen combat I sure as hell wasn’t going to talk about it and that the second amendment allowed any American Citizen to own a gun and politely excused myself. Needless to say I didn’t go back.
        OPSEC was and always has been our number 1 priority. What I learned from this is to keep my mouth shut, smile and don’t present myself as a target.

        • Booger:
          You are better man than I.
          I would have not politely excused myself. I’m tired of being polite to people that would try and take away my RIGHTS!

          • Thank you, but no Sir I am not better than anyone. I am just a God fearing America loving, believe in the Bible and the Constitution kind of guy. I swore an oath to defend the Constitution from enemies both foreign and domestic up to and including the laying down of my life if need be. It hurts me to see where this great country is headed. Nice to see others feel the same way. We will get this country turned around.

      47. ***OFF TOPIC***

        but important none the less…

        Report: Pentagon to destroy $1B in ammunition

        WASHINGTON — The Pentagon plans to destroy more than $1 billion worth of ammunition although some of those bullets and missiles could still be used by troops, according to the Pentagon and congressional sources.

        It’s impossible to know what portion of the arsenal slated for destruction — valued at $1.2 billion by the Pentagon — remains viable because the Defense Department’s inventory systems can’t share data effectively, according to a Government Accountability Office report obtained by USA TODAY.

        The result: potential waste of unknown value.

        “There is a huge opportunity to save millions, if not billions of dollars if the (Pentagon) can make some common-sense improvements to how it manages ammunition,” said Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., and chairman of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. “Despite years of effort, the Army, Navy and Air Force still don’t have an efficient process for doing something as basic as sharing excess bullets. This Government Accountability Office (GAO) report clearly shows that our military’s antiquated systems lead to millions of dollars in wasteful ammunition purchases.”

        The Army and Pentagon, in a statement, acknowledged “the need to automate the process” and will make it a priority in future budgets. In all, the Pentagon manages a stockpile of conventional ammunition worth $70 billion

        • We can help them out with that ammunition inventory problem. They can bring a few truckloads to my house. I can always build another storage building.

          • ARCH:
            I’m next in line I’ll get rid of the living room furniture and put it in there. I’ll just tell the wife the dog ate the furniture.

            • stack it like chairs and a

              a few stacked up make a nice coffee table I hear 😉

        • We all know all that “unknown” ordnance will be covertly shipped over to support the Ukraine coup, by way of Afghanistan—just as soon as they figure out how to get what they already have in Afghanistan out.

          …probably some to Syrian and Libyan al-CIA-duh as well.

          They do think we’re all stupid.

          • OOps, double post—sorry.

      48. Psychiatry is nothing more than a well thought out hypothesis. The one hypothesis that is closest to being proven is pathalogical liars. We have many pathalogical liars in the White House, justice department , NSA etc these are the people who should be taken away for treatment and observation, not patriotic Americans who are guilty of loving their country

      49. It has also been reported that the Government, to increase the Shortages of Ammunition Supply to the public, that they instructed the Military to destroy all spent brass and sell it as scrap metal, instead of selling it off for reloads or resale to the public.

      50. FOOLS!

        so they took the pill too?

        anyone here need a wake up call on the viability of the NRA to stand firm on our RIGHTS?

        The National Rifle Association’s annual meeting is this weekend and it’s a galaxy of pro-gun stars!

        Sarah Palin!

        Glenn Beck!

        Newt Gringrich!

        Ollie North!

        Oh, and no guns.

        Yes, in this celebration of all things that go bang, each of these NRA-sanctioned speakers will be offering their address before a crowd of disarmed gun enthusiasts.

        make the stupid stop!

      51. DUH I told you when Obama signed those 23 Executive orders last year that this was the end result people all said no well BS here it is FK people!

      52. Turn in your guns this week and get a one-month supply of Seroquel Free! You’re obviously paranoid if you have a gun. Who are you going to shoot?

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