Propaganda Failure: Ruling Class Upset At MSM “Why Would ANYONE Get The Jab After This?

by | Feb 23, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    The ruling class and other power-hungry psychopaths are really upset with a mainstream media propaganda outlet. The Associated Press is now being criticized for not brainwashing the masses adequately.

    The AP is under fire for publishing an article telling Americans that life won’t go back to normal even after they’ve been fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Power-hungry control freaks are now upset that the message discourages vaccination amongst the slaves.

    In the AP article from Saturday, which has since been republished by a number of news outlets including NBC New York, medical writer Lauran Neergaard bluntly told readers not to “expect to shed your mask and get back to normal activities right away” after being “fully vaccinated against the coronavirus.”

    This isn’t exactly a secret, though. The tyrants have been telling us (for those with eyes to see and ears to hear) that this vaccine doesn’t work, won’t prevent you from getting covid and won’t return your life back to what most would consider “normal.”

    They Want You Muzzled Permanently: Wear Your Mask Even If You Get The Vaccine

    Tyrants: “Prepare To Wear Masks & Socially Distance Even After Getting COVID-19 Vaccine”

    Actually, common sense would dictate that people should stay as far away from this vaccine as humanely possible. The statistics are in, and they have never favored getting this injection unless you are the brainwashed slave it’s geared towards.

    People from all over the world have long been assured that mass vaccination would bring an end to restrictions. But nearly one year on from the start of the Covid-19 pandemic it has been claimed that life might not return to normal for at least several years – if ever. –RT

    Anyone paying attention should already know that this vaccine was never meant to return life to normal.  The goal is compliance and obedience from the slave class to the ruling class.  This vaccine is the beginning of the test for control and manipulation and to see how many are dupped and brainwashed enough to willingly take it. This is the ushering-in of the Great Reset and The New World Order.

    The biggest concern for the ruling class is those who won’t take the vaccine, or “vaccine hesitancy.”

    Vaccine hesitancy has become a growing concern for medical tyrants and the masters, who all support mass programs of Covid-19 vaccination regardless of party. A Pew Research report from December showed that 39 percent of Americans – over 100 million people – were opposed to receiving the vaccine.



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      1. As I have said in several post on this site.
        ” this pandemic and 100% vaccine strategy is pure Genius”
        – The old and sick can be killed off quickly saving billions
        – The young will take longer – if nothing else reduce the population through sterilization.
        – They will kill us with our own tax dollars
        – The sheeple will line up willingly for the right to get the jab.

        The herd mentality is being tested.and working rather well
        The Government and the media have curtailed my and other’s first amendment.
        They are in the process of trying to curtail my and your Second amendment rights.
        This is where it will start to get real UGLY.
        Thank you genius founders!!

        • Agree: the cost savings from killing off half a million plus old and sick people is extraordinary. It far outweighs the costs to make the vaccine.

          I suspect they will let this run until they have 2 million plus taken out by the virus.

          In the meantime, enjoy the NASA show and play the cryptos.

      2. As you correctly mentioned,
        every rational person should stay as far away as possible from this “vaccine”.The very fact that they get upset and go after anyone who tells or publishes the truth should raise alarm bells for anyone about what all this is really all about! I am happy that there are still a few outlets like that are still working on our behalf and let us know what’s really going on.Everyone needs to be on alert because as the hesitancy to this so called “vaccine” continues to grow,
        the ruling class will only come up with more fabricated numbers/stats/b.s. to get people to take it. I just hope
        that no matter what they do to convince us – DO NOT TAKE THAT CONCOCTION!!

      3. This all makes you wonder how many sheep already took the(whatever it is)
        believing that it would lead to the path to freedom? As we know by now,with the evil
        bastards behind this ,,any path or road they offer you
        will always “circle back”
        (as Jen would say) to their
        advantage. They will just
        continue dangling the carrot in front of you and moving the goalposts to fit their evil agendas!!! They plan on continuing this shit forever or until a majority of the sheep are dead.????

      4. We are being mislead and bullied. Since the beginning of time.

        • @Marcy,you are correct!!!!

      5. A One-Stop Corona-Hoax Information Shop:
        If you believe in the pandemic and the CV-19 vaccines, right away, I know some important things about you: I KNOW where 100% of your information comes from. I KNOW you believe the ‘science is settled’. I KNOW you have not seriously investigated these claims, and I KNOW you believe these people when they try to convince you they have done the research for you because I KNOW you believe it is too hard to do yourself and requires a medical degree. I KNOW you think this is true, that it is too hard to understand and I KNOW you think you need somebody to reassure you and spell it out for you like you are a child. I KNOW you think that person can only be trusted if they have a medical degree, and because I don’t, I KNOW you think I am unqualified to advise you. You can lie to me all day long… BUT I KNOW ALL THESE THINGS ARE TRUE OF YOU. And I can prove it, any time any people like this challenge me.

        I will admit some of this research can be a bit challenging to comprehend at first. It took me quite a while to understand what I was reading, but I put in the effort, and now I understand what you don’t. And I am here to tell you that none of this science is beyond your abilities. After all, every one of these doctors had to begin somewhere, just like me, just like you.
        I want you to stop being lazy and get educated yourself.


      6. Out of need for justice, they should have vaccinated black people first. BLM should have received the vaccine and then put-upon Muslims after.

        If old white people die from the ‘Rona, who cares?

        This needs to be a black person’s vaccine. They fought for it; they deserve to get it.

      7. The Eloi don’t want to know the truth. And if you try to tell them, they look at you like you tossed a turd in the punchbowl.

      8. I don’t think that alt media has caught up with predictive programming, yet.

        One of the alternatives to life on Earth, as we know it, was to become algos, living in a virtual reality.

        Nanites were intended, in part, to create detailed ‘internet of things’, a data trail, or mental image of our present civilization.

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