Proof: Secret Barometric Bomb Technologies, Nuclear Technologies, Used To Bring WTC Towers Down

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    This report was originally published by Shepard Ambellas at


    Although it’s now public knowledge that former Florida Sen. Bob Graham told the Tampa Bay Times that the secret 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report are poised to be released within the next few months, one can only question what the White House’s new and urgent motive for their release is.

    One thing comes to mind, right off the bat, and that is the fact that strong evidence exists suggesting that up to three thermonuclear devices were detonated at the World Trade Center site on 9/11, hence the nickname “Ground Zero.”

    groundzeroBefore It’s News

    I mean, what better way than to dupe the people yet once again by slowly conditioning them, over an extended period of time, to accept the fact that criminal factions of their very own government orchestrated the Pearl Harbor-like attack onto skyscrapers, buildings, in an American city.

    That’s right, when the not so secret 28 pages are actually released, in a few months, they will likely show Saudi involvement and government foreknowledge, like we already knew.

    So tell us something we didn’t know; like the fact that a Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Department of Energy, study found high trace levelsof tritium inside the WTC complex after the attack. Not only were abnormal levels of tritium found inside the WTC complex, in the basement of “WTC 6” and the “storm sewer,” but they were also found in the water.

    wtc-tritium-readingsStudy of Traces of Tritium at the World Trade Center (Oct. 2002)/U.S. Department of Energy

    “Tritium is an important component in nuclear weapons. It is used to enhance the efficiency and yield of fission bombs and the fission stages of hydrogen bombs in a process known as “boosting” as well as in external neutron initiators for such weapons,” according Wikipedia; meaning that the only way it would be present in high trace levels is if a nuclear device (or three) detonated within proximity. Additionally it’s important to note that tritium is “extremely rare on Earth” and again — should not be found in at levels reported to be ’55 times higher than normal.’

    And just to be clear, I am not saying that micro nukes were solely responsible for bringing down the towers — and IMO were likely only used at the base of Towers 1 and 2 and possible the base of building 7 and were strategically placed 50 feet below street level, somewhere in the basements of the buildings or subway access tunnels. This would also explain numerous eyewitness reports of “large” explosions in the basement or “lobby” of the towers.

    It has also been proven that nano-termite was used and was present in dust samples, less than 2 microns in diameter, that were taken from the WTC site after the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks as pointed out early on by Richard Gage of the grassroots organization Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth.

    Moreover there are also signs that advanced barometric bomb technology, which uses triggering devices derived from the U.S. Nuclear Weapons Program, was also deployed in the attack — technology which incorporates gaseous elements in a “yellowish, brownish combustible mixture” and uses Aluminum Silicate Red Oxide and other ingredients” that would have surrounded and permeated the air around key structural columns on all floors before being triggered by a “specific high-voltage pattern” which the element combination is responsive to.

    One bomb specialist, who wanted to remain anonymous for obvious reasons, can been seen in the proceeding video, testifying to the existence of such technology and said:

    “[The high-voltage pattern] produces sort of a stairway pattern in the molecular structure of the cloud. Part of that pattern is a hydro-dynamic power generator, energy source, permeating the cloud which is then energized with another energy source and then is detonated. This causes the cloud itself to explode in such a fashion that if the cloud is circulating around the pillar — then it crushes the pillar from all sides and turns that pillar literally to dust and leaves only the rebar behind. So if you’ve got this cloud permeating all the way around the first floor, wherever it is, anything within its path gets crushed, imploded, to dust instantaneously. And when that happens of course there is nothing left to hold up the upper floors above, so bang, they come down like a pancake.”

    This also explains why an eyewitness by the name of Kenneth Summers, who was in the lobby of tower 2 at the time, actually saw such a gas-like substance mixing with the air just a “tenth of a second” before the witness was blown back out the lobby doors. Kenneth Summers told NBC what he saw just before being eject from the lobby by a massive explosion and stated:

    “All of a sudden it seems like the whole lobby, the door I was in, filled up with a yellowish, brownish, combustible mixture. It didn’t really smell any different, but was so quick to happen, it was like a tenth of a second.”

    Summers testimony starts at 5:08 into the following video:

    Look, all I know is the actual impact from the alleged passenger planes did not cause the collapse of the WTC’s towers 1 and 2 that stood proud above the New York skyline, nor did the jet fuel fires or random fires burning throughout the buildings. In fact we can clearly see that this was not the case, because the tops of the buildings actually started to collapse first, dustifying themselves in mid-air as reported by Dr. Judy Wood who conducted an independent investigation.

    Micro-nukes exist and have for a long time

    According to Wikipedia:

    The Special Atomic Demolition Munition (SADM) was a family of man-portable nuclear weapons fielded by the US military in the 1960s, but never used in actual combat. The US Army planned to use the weapons in Europe in the event of a Soviet invasion. US Army Engineers would use the weapon to irradiate, destroy, and deny key routes of communication through limited terrain such as the Fulda Gap. Troops were trained to parachute into Soviet occupied western Europe with the SADM and destroy power plants, bridges, and dams.

    The project, which involved a small nuclear weapon, was designed to allow one person to parachute from any type of aircraft carrying the weapon package and place it in a harbor or other strategic location that could be accessed from the sea. Another parachutist without a weapon package would follow the first to provide support as needed.

    The two-person team would place the weapon package in the target location, set the timer, and swim out into the ocean where they would be retrieved by a submarine or a high-speed surface water craft.

    In the 1950s and 1960s, the United States developed several different types of lightweight nuclear devices. The main one was the W54, a cylinder 40 by 60 cm (about 16 by 24 inches) that weighed 68 kg (150 lbs). It was fired by a mechanical timer and had a variable yield equivalent to between 10 tons and 1 kiloton of TNT. The W54 nuclear device was used in the Davy Crockett Weapon System.

    Now do I have your undivided attention?

    On 9/11 there is no doubt that multiple bombs were detonated inside the WTC complex — this fact can not be disputed and is clearly documented in hundreds of videos and backed up by many eyewitness testimonies, including highly credible first responders and firefighters. In fact, seismic readings from that day indicate that at least 3 large man-made explosions, possibly nuclear by signature, took place underground inside the WTC complex. Could these be the actual blasts that took out the cores of buildings 1, 2 and 7? Is this what the U.S. government has been hiding all along?

    Interestingly, previous tests have been conducted by factions of the U.S. government in which they used micro-nukes to demolish rather large buildings and the results were astonishing to say the least, almost a perfect mirror of the collapse of buildings 1, 2, and 7 that took place in Sept. of 2001.

    The use of micro-nukes in the WTC complex on 9/11 – the smoking gun

    It’s safe to say that high energy releases have a distinct look.

    Dr. Ed Ward has documented what he believes is the use of micro-nukes on the World Trade Center complex attack that took place in September of 2001.

    One of the smoking guns in this case is that over 5.3 billion pounds of steel was instantly turned into 2 billion pounds of dust, but that’s not all — massive steel beams were bent like pretzels as the towers collapsed.

    One video shows the penthouse on building 7 being demolished on the roof just before the building comes down. This proves that a top-down demolition process was being utilized, otherwise the buildings might have just twisted and naturally would have just fell over themselves. But perhaps the most startling revelation that nuclear devices were used is the fact that vehicles that were found up to a half mile away from the WTC looked incinerated — not to mention the tens of thousands of tiny body parts that were found on the rooftops of neighboring buildings which is not indicative at all of a gravitational collapse.

    The fact that many of the first responders are now dead, if not very sick, does not sound like the byproduct of a falling building, but rather sounds more like they got a massive dose of deadly radiation. Most of the responders have died of blood cancer and Thyroid cancer, consistent with heavy radiation exposure.

    Other red flags include:

    • Cars not hit by falling debris yet totally destroyed far away from the towers
    • Molten metal was seen in and around the debris of the WTC for months, indicative of nuclear fission.
    • There is also the fact that the debris field was substantially low for the magnitude of buildings that were destroyed, thus signifying that most of the debris was incinerated upon the demo blast.
    • Massive craters under the WTC complex were formed, likely from the detonation of micro-nukes, as the rock was even melted smooth. Later after the site was fairly cleaned up and the craters were excavated, the city of New York Port Authority continued to wash down the cavities with hoses daily for years as traces of Tritium were found, signifying that radiation was present.

    Additionally the fact that the WTC buildings were pulverized into a fine dust cannot be ignored. This is a tell-tale sign of a high energy release typical of a nuclear explosion. Eyewitness accounts and personal testimony indicate that people were thrown an entire city block from what was described as a warm wind just as the towers begin to collapse.

    There were also multiple reports of “hanging skin” or “melted skin” on victims around ground zero. This was a common occurrence in the Hiroshima blast. Major hot spots were also reported in and around the debris and were prevalent for up to six months after the attacks. This type activity, seen with the hot spots, is commonly referred to as “China Syndrome”, where nuclear material will continue to undergo fission for a period of time, generating massive heat plumes.

    To no surprise, videos obtained via Freedom of Information ACT (FOIA) requests, captured on and after Sept. 11, 2001 near the WTC site, have had sections, clips, of the video and audio removed, especially during the beginning of the collapse of the towers. However, the explosions can be heard on many independent videos, now floating around the web and can all be accounted for.

    Related: CIA insider says something was brought in to the buildings before attacks and also stated that the attacks “were imminent” and that she had foreknowledge of what she was told would be a “thermonuclear strike […] on the World Trade Center.”

    Related: WTC South Tower powered down for 36 hours just days before attack, security deactivated on floors 50 and up, many suspicious workers seen coming and going during blackout

    Related: 9/11: Declassify the 28 pages now!

    Not to mention the hijackers, some of which have still been proven to be alive, were recruited by the CIA, as can be seen in the following video:

    The truth is out there.

    Intellihub is currently involved in a full-scale investigation into the events of 9/11.

    Shepard Ambellas is a journalist, filmmaker, film producer, radio talk show host and the founder and editor-in-chief of Intellihub News & Politics. Established in 2013, is ranked in the upper 1% traffic tier on the World Wide Web. Read more from Shep’s World.

    Image: slagheap/Flickr


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      1. Send this article to BI. He never could explain how Building 7 collapsed without being hit. The thing about BI is that he is man enough to admit being wrong about the planes. Wonder what happened to his friend (I forgot his name) that moved off grid in AK. He was a astrophysicist.

        • I watched the entire thing on tv. even video taped it. There were no nukes… The things just plain cooked off. The planes hold about 7000 gallons of fuel which sloshed down a few floors and ignited. Air was drawn up thru the building from the heat at the top and instant cupola furnace. Melted and oxidized everything.

          • Ridiculous, Kerosene cannot melt steel, If it could all jet engines would melt as would all kerosene lamps. If you admit the truth your government check will probably continue coming.

            • Jet engines are made of titanium which can withstand the heat.

            • Jet engines arent made out of steel.
              They burn fuel and COLD, compressed air.
              The max temp of kerosene in air is about 1500F. That is calculated with a starting point of about 70’F
              Now inside of the building it was not 70F. Just ask all the people who had to jump while their whiskers were smoldering.
              That Temperature is added to the heat of combustion. SO you could easily get 2000F. But that is not what caused the majority of the heat. That is just what got it started.
              Now I know you are going to tell me that the wood and paper cant burn hot enough…. Good luck with that.

              • In a jet engine, the intake air IS cold….often very cold at higher altitudes. But the intake is series of compressor blades, and by the time that air hits the combustion chamber to mix with fuel, it is 200-300 degrees F.

              • Ed is clearly a shill. These people are paid to continue the lie. Anyone who spends this much time with bad information is easily recognizable if you’ve seen action before. Same with.Winston Smith.

            • If there were nuclear devices wouldn’t there be other radioactive isotopes in the area?

            • Lloyd,

              Back maybe 3000 years ago the Chinese invented the updraft kiln which allowed them to use wood fires to produce porcelain pottery fired to nearly 2400F. Later they introduced the downdraft which carried burning fuel through their smaller kilns allowing for even higher temperatures. I’ve fired to 2450F using propane. Fuel oil (or kerosene) nets a similar temperature. Don’t believe me. Go ask your local petro-fuel firing potter. He/She is an expert on kiln construction and firing.
              What was the biggest updraft fuel burning situation ever? The twin towers and thousands of gallons of spilled fuel, wood and plastic furnishings etc etc.
              I hope this lends something to the discussion.

          • @ Ed. Wrong. that 7000 gallons (about a tanker truck full) would have burned off. There are dozens of major sky scaper fire video’s, which NONE have collapsed. There is not one video of a sky scraper ever collapsing, even by a earthquake, unless it was through demolition. How do you account for building 7 collapsing? Building 7 just fell down on its own….out of shear pity for the other two? Too many demolition experts disagree with you.

            • I actually am a qualified expert.
              Were you ever in those buildings? I was many times. I even did a post collapse report. They were absolutely packed with fuel. Everything from all the wood paneling to forests of paper and documents. The kerosene just got it burning. From there it was all over. By the way. Kerosene is used a lot for melting metals.
              The aircraft hitting the building breached the elevator/stair shaft. This brought the air in. You can watch the intensity increase as time goes by. People in the bottom floors talked of explosions. Many of those explosions were caused from the negative pressure in the bottom of the building sucking in the windows. The buildings had fatal flaws. One of which was the use of aluminum in the trusses. As the fire got going the iron oxidized, the aluminum melted and fell onto the Iron and ignited. Its called thermite. The buildings were also filled with art. Copper art. Lots of it. Copper also makes a nice thermite when mixed with aluminum at elevated temperatures.
              Both aluminum and steel have a hot shortness of around 900F. Not very hot. When they reach this temp aluminum just turns to oatmeal and steel turns to a limp noodle.
              I can go on and on but whats the point.
              What matters is that as we all know, our own government had a part in it.
              Building 7 waent a safe building to begin with. There are photos that show huge gashes in it from the collapse of the towers and the whole building was supported by a single girder which received the brunt of the impact then sat there and cooked in the hot building material from the collapse until it hot shorted.

              • Ed, please explain how every building collapsed in its own footprint! (impossible with your theory)…

                • Gravity.

                • Lets say you did have a bomb and did explode it inside of the building.
                  First of all just remember that an airliner hit the buildings and except for a slight shudder most people would never have known about it.
                  Lets say you put a bomb on the lower floors somewhere and detonated it. it would expand mostly in the unobstructed way but also push the building. Up and to the side away from the blast.
                  This bomb would have to be big. Remember the slight shudder from the plane.
                  someone would have seen that blast. It would be huge.
                  Remember the oklaholma city bombing? The building didnt collapse. Just took a chunk out of it. Rocked the building.
                  However in this case when the building got hot and started to collapse it would have collapsed to the side (but not a lot) because the damaged side would have failed first. Followed closely by the rest. A sky scraper tipping over is pure hollywood. All the forces acting against it are pulling it straight towards the center of the earth. You would need a huge force pushing it to the side to get it to fall over. The still it would fall straight down as soon as the base fails.
                  Gravity is constant and will accelerate everything straight down at at 32 feet per second squared. Hard to stop.

                  • Ed you seem like a pretty smart guy, but I’m more inclined to listen to the 3,000+ combined years of experience that the Architects and Engineers for 9/11 truth possess. And they say you’re wrong.

                • Genius here is a link to CDI, on their front page they show a building falling inside it’s own foot print. Just like ED says, it was gravity.

                • gravity pulls straight down…

                  • Well first the hypothesis is BS. The buildings didn’t fall on their footprint. They leaned and bent as they ran into solid structure but the weight overcame that resistance and they fell in accordance with the law of gravity and as resistance was overcome – straight down. Don’t be silly like these other knotheads with their fantasy scenarios.

              • BS the building # 7 was built similar to the towers. the main structure was Box Columns.

                • WTC steel did not need to melt. 8 – 9 hundred degrees makes steel soft, meaning it loses most of its strength and can’t hold up the building above.

                  When the building above began to collapse a domino effect occurred. With each floor collapse the impact sheared rivets binding steel in joints all the way to drowned level and below.

                  With so many joints compromised the building just fell in on itself.

                  As for building three, they all shared joint foundations. As many were saved, many were not, including people writing about this story. There’s is nothing strange about democrats kicking the ball swinging in of it.

                  • There was no rivets, its welded structural box columns.

          • Ed: obviously remains in Deep Denials on 9/11 events eh.

            That type hardened Steel was Proved to be UNable to melt or bend etc unless TEMPS reach around 2,800+ degrees F.

            A Few Real scientist and metelurgists(sp?) guys after 9/11 Obtained an EXACT same duplicate 6 FT long piece of same Steel Beam as used to build twin towers years ago.

            it took them Temps of 2800 to 3000+ DEGREES F, to begin to “soften said beam” in order for it to be placed Over Two objects to see if steel beam will as Yet “Bend”?

            Yes it did soften enough to Bend in middle of beam..BUT it Took over 16 hrs direct Heat within typical Steel/Iron Blast Furnace to cause such mild bending effect! 16+ hrs at temps of 3,000 degrees F….Not temps 1000 less like jet fuel burns at Ed…..Difficult to believe your own govnt gone Bad eh?..indeed yes but why keep a sharade of denial delusions as a belief once truth gets outted?

            Jet Fuel aka refined kerosene never can burn at a temp greater than aprox 1,800 degrees F no matter what period.!

            so you are short by 1,000 dgrees F to even begin to soften such steel beams!

            Todays grand total evidence that we was LIED to on the events of 9/11, are so Massive, contains so much proof infos etc etc, that NO one person if he began to Read it all at age of 2nd grade kid when learns to read…

            Could ever live long enough to read even a small few percent of said proofs infos etc!

            I guess its why so many folks still do as Ed does here and simply reject it ALL and cling to now proven Falsehoods as told by usa fed govnt operatives and their croony parrots within EVERY form MSM news infos eh?

            It is simply alot eaiser to Remain in the deluded state of vast Denials rather than finally admit all is not as we were always taught nor told, and “Yes Virginia, even usa fed govnt and tv sometimes, Most times! LIE!!!”

            ED if my Three Chuck Baldwin postings here below do not get deleted?…Try that for truth infos galore that may lead you into some form facts and truths eh.

            • TG, man it’s good to have you back!

            • Almost all structural steels are liquid at 2200F.
              There are many ways to lower that temp like add marble flooring to it. I know they only use linoleum in those law offices and banks so that cant be the case.
              Go around and look for some open structural steel parking structures. You dont find too many anymore due to the risk of a car fire collapsing them. And this is in an open structure. They require almost 3 times the amount of fire restive covering over the steel than buildings do.
              Why do you think that ships at sea catch fire and sink? They are made out of steel, surrounded by water. Yet they still sink.
              Dont give these gov yoyo’s credit that they dont deserve.

              • Ed,

                Iron sharpens iron.

                It’s a verse from the Book of Proverbs in the Bible.

                I appreciate your iron sharpening other iron.

                • Thanks.

              • ED, I’m with you, the steel didn’t melt, the fire from 7000 Gal. of burning jet fuel was hot enough to soften the steel just enough to weaken it. In it’s weaken state it could no longer support the HUGE weight of all the upper floors, and then gravity did the rest.

                You know i have to laugh at all the different story’s i have read over the years about how the trade centers were brought down. First all the “armchair experts” said it was a demo job, but then real experts like the Loizeaux with CDI poked holes in that idea.

                You see the real experts said it would have taken months to prep building such as the trade centers for a demo job, and would have taken 100’s of men to run all the primer cord and demo charges. You see to do a controlled demo job, you first need to weaken the buildings by cutting away all the extra steel, and concrete supports before you blast.

                In order to do that you need to put BIG HOLES in all the walls inside the building, funny thing is, of all the 1000’s of people working in those buildings, not one of them every reported men working at night, cutting, and drilling holes in the walls. Let me guess, the armchair experts will say they took the time to patch all those holes before they went home, and hid all the primer cord under the carpet so the office workers wouldn’t notice. Oh and lets not forget all the dust you make when your cutting holes in the walls, and chipping away at concrete, they would need to clean all that up too. I know, maybe they brought in a maid service each night to clean up after them.

                Next problem with this idea of a demo crew coming in and preping the buildings for demo. With all the men it would take don’t you think by now one of them would leak something or have talked. I know, the armchair experts will say they were all killed by the people behind this, but that leaves the question, what about their family’s, don’t you think they would miss their love one’s, or are you going to say the government killed them too.

                Now let’s move on to this crazy idea that the buildings were brought down by using a small man portable nuke. Look i like a good conspiracy story as well as the next guy, but this idea is just a load of crap. I hate to say it, but the bad guys just caught us with our pants down, they were thinking outside the box that day, i mean really, who in their right mind would think about flying an airplane full of people into a building, and killing yourself in the process!!!

                Well i guess the answer to that question is they were, they were thinking outside the box, and we weren’t, you see, we in the west value life, but they don’t, and that mistake cost us BIG TIME.

                The price we paid that day was the lost of over 3000 lives, and more then that, due to the passing of the patriot act, we all lost freedoms we will never get back.

                I know, i know, many of you will say I’m full of crap and flame me for what i wrote. It’s just in this case, i believe the answer to what happen can best be summed up by Occam’s Razor.

            • The up draft is what increased the heat hollows used by a black Smith. Placing heat on a spot is not the same conditions as the ragging inferno that day. Now about building 7 it’s sub basements were damaged by WTC ruble and many thousands of backup generator fuel got the party going. So it seams that fuel and strong drafts cause stuff to burn and melt any questions about this please study blacksmithing 101.

              • Exactly! This didn’t happen in laboratory conditions, it happened in the real world where other factors came into play. Plus, the structure was compromised and had a lot of weight bearing down on it. Perhaps the heat present would not have been sufficient to make the material bend in a lab, but the additional heat and weight on top of it may have. Either way, it wasn’t a nuke! That’s just absurd. It may have been that some material was there that caused the elevated levels. Also, the US military was dumping nuclear waste off Long Island for decades back when they used to say “the only solution to pollution is dilution!” It may well be that some of it has come home to roost. (Look up the story of the USS Calhoun County- a WWII LST that was used to dump nuclear waste in the Atlantic and was so radioactive that it too had to be sunk at sea.)

                Now this does not mean that I do not think the US Government was not culpable in 911. I think they knew full well what was about to happen and chose to let it happen as a pretext for restricting civil liberties during a perpetual war. As for building 7, I tend to think something was VERY fishy there.

                • Jesus, you must be paid. You were posting the same b.s. on the daily Paul years ago. yes Winston Smith it’s not a handle easily forgotten.

                  • I never even visited that site and only use this handle here, which is where I came up with it for ( I was reading 1984 at the time). As for what I wrote, it is both technically and historically accurate. Nuclear history is one of my hobbies and so I have a fairly good knowledge of the subject. You just don’t want to believe that someone could independently come up with an opinion different from your own. I am certain I am not the only person who came to the same conclusions.

            • So much lack of knowledge and real experience. Petro fuels like kerosene have been used in kilns for decades and have produced pottery ware fired to more than 2360F. At that temperature (it appears as dazzling white inside the kiln) iron nails disintegrate.

              Have any of you naysayers ever watched a blacksmith at work with a coke fire and bellows? It’s not hard to imagine how a little experience can make a fellow skeptical when really silly notions are expressed in a rush to judgement at fact.

              Come on guys, get out there and live a little and really get a rounded education. When you do you will also learn that global warming is political. That’s when you have matriculated and the real learning begins. It’s when you will understand that the WTC thread is a straw man.

          • Ed are you a paid Dis-info agent?

            • I’m not taking any chances

              the copper art in my living room


              and I set the piggy bank out in the front yard
              don’t want all those copper pennies to melt and collapse the house ya know

              • Pennies arent made of copper anymore.
                I have to say, For a bunch of people wanting to survive whatever, You sure need to learn a little chemistry.
                Thermite will really come in handy. A lot of other really handy things are made with Iron, aluminum and copper. Zinc too so perhaps you should keep those pennies.

                • My pennies are all copper. Pre-1982 copper pennies.

                  • NO Sky Scraper similar built buildg ever before collapsed as these three did even after far greater amount of Fire burned out of control for as long as almost 24 hrs before finally died out…Japan had a similar one and if I recall right, it too got slammed hit by a Jet plane in same way…but once fire died out it still atood as a skeleton Framwork…ZERO collapse in own footprint.

                    Then Ed and the other idiot member of, reject all truths if it disagrees with israel clown cult, free slave.

                    Besides massive info proof usa fed govnt and fox/cnn et al LIED on it ALL or at least LIED on 99% of their “official story” on 9/11.

                    There is also TONS and Tons of solid verrified documented proven factual truths which fully Implicate and if ever sent into a Real Honest court of law, totally Convict beyond all shreds of doubt..

                    That various certain “tribe” zio members such as Silverstien the 99 yr Lease holder guy, who ALWAYS went and Never missed a single Day ever yet…Had his Breakfast EVERY morning and Sat at Exact Same table always at Top of towers famous resturant so he could view the world below as it slowly spins in a circle 360 degrees per hour.

                    That fatefull morning silverman was set for a Breakfast meeting with his two kids, adults both that work for him etc..ALL three were set to eat breakfast and if not for a “zio-coincidence” of his wife happens to phone him at very last few moments before they Eat at table…

                    To go to his Chriopractor dr appointment or something like it,,,,That caused silverman to Miss his usual breakfast meeting by a slim margin.

                    Even though once such a meet was set it is very likley he’d make a different apointment so to attand meeting as planned prior…

                    Same silverman SEEN on LIVE TV, BBC station In usa ON usa TV sets Telling reporters “We decided to just PULL IT!”

                    PLUS! I Myself SAW on LIVE TV Fox station when a BBC women reporter said “oh Oh Folks! just IN breaking news! Buildg number SEVEN also JUST FELL DOWN same as other two did!!….BUT!!! I SAW #7 Still Standing sound and solid as can get!…Later that clip got Removed/destroyed after #7 Did fall down but Only After Her Report of, Live it fell down claim 20 minits early!…Hmmmmm…

                    PULL IT!= CODE Talk used in the demolition of large buildings industry! IE: Pull It really means DROP IT Via exploding it first! kinda like as seen on TV demo shows eh.

                    But for all silvermans antics and Fact that he EARNED about $3.7 BILLION from at least Two of his at least FIVE seperate insurance policies after only spent aprox $50-million down payment for a 99 yr lease..

                    Despite silverman had already gone thru a Decade, 10 yrs Fed Court battles untill finally a FED Ct of Appeals level, just one level below us supremes! Judge appointed by either bush#1 of gw bush #2 prior…Finally let silverman win his case which NOW forces at least Two of said many insurance companies to Have to Pay out dammages etc even if a TERRORIST or WAR type event happened!

                    Check YOUR insur policies folks…NONE pays a thin dime for ANY terrorist event actions NOR pays for negro Riot/Loot events…Nor Pay for WAR event dammages.

                    Unless you are Mr silverman that is eh! oh yeah that fed appeals justice was also a tribe zio-member same as silverman…

                    Then one must include the too many Other nefarious persons and reasons that simply aint Kosher and do Not quite add up to honesty or reality and the more its repeated by msm tv news or govnt officials the worse the phony stories gets.

                    Ruddy Gulianie NY Mayor then, was Taken from usual location offices and sent into the Secrect Nuke bomb proofed BUNKER! which was inside buildg number SEVEN on aprox 22nd floor, but then moved Out prior to that collapse event of a third building down even though NOTHING Hit it at all!

                    What Else did that secret mayors and certain approved other officials ENTIRE 22nd floor contain?

                    Most of the TOP secret Papers etc etc which document most everything scam swindle done by guys like silverman and Wall Street banksters and fellow tribe men of equal scam opps…Whatever they were not able to Stash in the two twin tower reserves for documents that could prove deadly if JQP peoples ever found out, or a Case ever made it to a legit fed Court etc…Got stashed in buildg seven inside Bunker room floor.

                    Gee that leaves just ONE other location for Tons, BOAT Loads of acumulated 100 yrs of proof docs and secret papers going back to WWI and cold war etc which somehow Must be gotten RID of finally…But how to make it “look” like an accidnt?…Can’t use or claim it was done by jewish lightening again eh! No no no that claim has worn out its legit status if it ever even had legit stats eh.

                    Oh WAIT! That.. what was it called again? oh yes a Pentagon buildg!! BINGO! that final Other dammageing location of too many documents enough to JAIL or HANG litterally Every fuckin Fed Opperative, appointed officials and Elected Officials and even EVERY usa PREZ since Wilson in 1912 would be found out!

                    And all it took to convince Ed types and free slave fools was for top Key feds, officials and aipac operatives/agents, to simply HIDE most every VIDEO and eye witness testimony of that elusive Huge MISSING PLANE that we were told slammed into Pentagon!

                    Once AGAIN Ed we get a very FIRST ever in all history!

                    First we get 55 Minit fire time burn at 1000 degrees LESS than needed…

                    Then we get first EVER, since Wilbur and Oraville Wright Bros first ever FLIGHT in 1903…WE get a first EVER Commercial sized MILLION LB’s Jet Plane that after slams into pentagon it POOF! leaves NO debries field!

                    NO wings! NO Engines! NO human bodies! Luggage! Wheels and Tiires! and all we left with is a HUGE Missimg Plane, and a huge HOLE in pentagon but also withOUT side hole/slots where wings had to pass thru since none is on lawn eh…

                    Then after 10 yrs we get “ok folks I found a video thought prior Missing!” that shows plane hitting!

                    Well we all saw That fox tv production Farce, and what was that fed usa war etc top official name? GW apointed hm as Top fed Head of Defense etc, cant recall his name now.

                    He says all whats left of plant to hit pentagon was “SEE? SEE right There folks! Yep see tiny TINY sparkeling like aluminum tiny sparkel Pieces on Lawn in front of accidnt scene! Them sparkels is all what Remains of said huge plane! due to it and all it contained simply “Disintigrated” into thin air!”!!

                    WAIT! MY Lawn also has same type “Sparkelies” and My Lawns sparkels are just “Morning DEW” mr scam artists fed official!

                    Then he finished his press report conference with “oh before I forget you shuld be aware before you hear fom other places etc that the Pentagon is also MISSING TRILLIONS $$$$ and for close to a decade we cannot account for Several trillions! which NOW Today has Morphed into at least $8.5 MISSING Trillions us dollars worth of we cant find wehere the cash went folks??!!??.

                    ADD another “coincidence here” That TOP Money manager of entire Pentagon Budget was Dov Zakiem…Dual citizen Zio, Made Member rabbi of ultra-super ultra orthodox talmudic Chabad Lubavitchers group..Zakiem was there entire or almost entire time frame of Mission LOOT pentagon issue…

                    Wow! a tiny minority group that supplies usa with less than 2% of its POP, yet somehow supplies its fed official and tv news officials and 1000 think tankers memberships to the Tune of aprox 90+% POP eh…Especially at deepest swindelist scammist levels of events of 9/11 eh.

                    so indeed why not just believe Their official stories eh?

                    Hope I for one live long enough to see at minimum at least one single such elected or apointed type get leagally HUNG once convicted proper like and all.

                    For Unlike Ed and free slave I am UN able to just go along and believe whatever They tells us to…Because I KNOW when they LIE and now they LIE close to 99% always.

                    Just ADD all combined Shekels from combined 9/11 events, scams after and prior, Insurance payouts etc etc…

                    Its probably enough Shekels to Buy Israel state three times over again!…Or is that Rothschilds state nation? Hard to keep straight once the Tribe is involved in any events or issues eh.,,Just remember top two key comoponents folks…Shekels + Kosherized!

                    • I hate when some asshole like you writes a comment that’s longer that the article. Especially a comment that’s clearly crafted from paranoia and pent up sexual frustration. You’re a stooge and a fool. If you’re girlfriend/ boyfriend or in your case, the dog ain’t givin you any, then go to the nearest street corner, or in your case, the dog pound and get your fill. You’ll be better for it. Till then, go into your bathroom, look in the mirror and slap your ugly fucking face a few times to bring you back to reality.

                • but ED
                  they are copper colored

                  I ain’t takin’ nary a chance !!!

                  and if some there of those old real copper pennies are mixed in ??

                  well good God

                  no tellin’ what might happen !!!

                  • Good Idea. I heard that those copper colored ones have the coating that gives you Gynecomastia. Better get rid of them quick. Unless of course that is your thing.

                    • A little gynecomastia can really come in handy on those lonely, lonely nights…

                • Pennies after 1982 are copper plated on the outside and zinc on the inside. A real whole copper penny a baby can swallow and won’t hurt the stomach, but swallow the zinc one and it burns a hold in the stomach. I read that. Save all yur copper pennies earlier than 1982. The zinc ones are worthless.

              • Everyone better watch out using kerosene heaters! Don’t want a puddle of molten metal below YOUR basement. Since kerosene heaters burn at a hotter temperature (PROVEN by complete combustion, no black smoke as we saw coming from the towers) the towers were burning, you can see this is a big risk.

          • Heads up. This articles disinfo.
            Its the old ‘baffle em with bullshit.’ tactic.
            Regular old thermite would have been sufficient.
            And hey, ho, what do you know, the simplest explanation
            is usually the right one.

            Anyone parroting this article about ‘gaseous liquids’, ‘voltage patterns’ and ‘mini nukes’ (why that phrase, why not ‘compact nuclear devices’?) is going to sound like a nutter. And thats the intention.

            • Yup. Nuclear weapons require a critical mass, below which a detonation is not possible. The smallest the US ever made was I think 1/4 kt (the Davey Crockett as seen in the Little Feller II test). Even something that size would have been overkill for what happened on 911 and likely would have caused a giant explosion outwards rather than a gentle pancaking of one floor onto another.

          • Any story that says that some type of nuclear detonations, were used to bring WTC Towers down is clear and utter bullsh*t. A nuclear event would be impossible to cover up. Just take a scintillator radiation detector to the area today, and take some readings. It is amazing that anyone would run such a crap nuclear story about 911.

            This type of crap story is like some fool saying that the USA did not send humans to the moon. Do you really think that the Russians would not have tracked the missions? Russia never said that we did not go to the moon, just some lunatics (pun intended).

            Here are the (Apollo) Unified S-band (USB) system frequencies
            2101.80208 Apollo S-band – Apollo 15 sub satellite 2101.802083 2282.5
            2101.80208 Apollo S-band – Lunar Module 2101.802083 2282.5
            2101.80208 Apollo S-band – Lunar Rover 2101.802083 2265.5
            2101.80208 Apollo S-band – S-IVB PM 2101.802083 2282.5
            2106.40625 Apollo S-band – Command Module PM 2106.40625 2287.5
            2106.40625 Apollo S-band – Spacecraft Uplink (MHz) Downlink (MHz)
            2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 11 Early ALSEP 2119 2276.5
            2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 12 ALSEP 2119 2278.5
            2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 14 ALSEP 2119 2279.5
            2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 15 ALSEP 2119 2278.0
            2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 16 ALSEP 2119 2276.0
            2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 17 ALSEP 2119 2275.5

            Note to Mac Slavo…
            Why not simply provide a direct (free) link to download this document (CONPLAN 8888), such as???

            This only takes the writer an extra minute or two to add valid links that are FREE to download.

            p.s. It appears comments sent using the Tor browser do not show up.

        • one very important bit of information about the whole thing is that in the basement where the vaults were the TONS of GOLD was missing and the vault doors were OPEN, so there is no WAY to move the amount of gold that was SUPPOSE to be there in a short period of time, either it was removed weeks earlier ( documents show it was) or it had been gone for a long time. anyway you look at that fact tells you this was a KNOWN in advance job and was NOT a terrorist hit!

          • I saw photos not too long after they fell when the recovery crews made it to the vault. It did have lots of nicely stacked racks of gold in it. However the door was open and someone was trying to move it. There was at least one 10 wheel flatbed truck that was crushed with a load of gold and silver on it along with some cars with trunks full of gold. No bodies thou. I always assumed that someone was trying to remove the gold after the attack happened. It took more than 1.5 hours for the towers to fall after they were hit. Most probably it was an attempt by someone to save the gold. Not a theft at that point. However the gold was never found. If it was someone in the know, they would have moved everything long before.

            • Damn Ed, I thought you were a lot smarter than that. I’m very dissapointed (not that you should care lol).

            • Ed, you sound like you really know your stuff. Clear, concise, level headed answers even in the face of ridicule and attack. I’m giving you 2 points for the bitch slap. You earned it. Well played
              Stay quiet Be smart

              • Hell Ed This was the biggest bank robbery in world history, The buildings collapse All 8 to recover the insurance money was Silversteins cut. The 3000 bodies just collateral damage.

          • That’s exactly what I read.

          • Very true. I read about the gold missing wks before. Yep!

        • Heads up. this is disinfo.

        • Mr. Ambellas has obviously not read the ONLY forensic investigation in the public domain concerning the destruction of the World Trade Center complex on 9/11. Why is he participating in the cover-up of what really happened at the WTC on 9/11?

          I read WHERE DID THE TOWERS GO? five years ago and by reading it you know from the EVIDENCE that the Twin Towers turned to dust in mid-air never hitting the ground.

          >Bombs don’t do that.
          >Thermite does not do that.
          >Thermate does not do that.
          >Nano-enhanced thermite does not do that.
          >Nano-thermite does not do that.
          >New-and-improved super-duper mini-micro-nano thermite does not do that.
          >Firecrackers do not do that.
          >Fire does not do that.
          >Nukes do not do that.
          >Megga nukes do not do that.
          >Milli-nukes do not do that.
          >Mini-nukes do not do that.
          >Nano-nukes cannot do that.
          >A wrecking ball cannot do that.
          >A slingshot cannot do that.
          >Missiles cannot do that.

          We know this because we know those things above involve Kinetic Energy and/or Thermal Energy and we know that the “dustification” was done without Kinetic Energy and without Thermal Energy. That is, “dustification” was not done with high heat (Thermal Energy) nor with some form of Kinetic Energy (wrecking ball, projectile, gravity collapse). The building was not cooked to death nor was it beaten to death. So Kinetic Energy Weapons (KEW) did not destroy the buildings nor did Thermal Energy Weapons (TEW) destroy the buildings. But we know that Energy was Directed somehow (and controlled within fairly precise boundaries) to cause the building to turn to dust in mid air. That is, some kind of (cold) Directed Energy that was used as a weapon (cDEW) had to have done this. Energy was directed and manipulated within the material such that it came apart without involving high heat (fire, welding materials such as thermite) and without having something fly through the air and hit it (bullets, missile, bombs, wrecking ball, a giant hammer, or many micro hammers)



          “When fascism came to America, Liberty was wrapped in the flag now carrying a cross.” TP

          • What makes you think that there was no debris there?
            There was a 20 story high pile of steel and concrete all jumbled together. And Yes, A lot of it ended up under building 7.

        • Dave, his name was JOG and last I heard he was still in AK but he is kind of off the grid.

          Anyway, I don’t believe a word of this article. Suppositions and vague theories. Nice try Shepard Ambellas.


          • Thanks for “jogging” my memory…Just On Guy… He was cool, wasn’t he.

            • LOL, still is as far as I know. He hasn’t contacted me in some time. He was posting here some time back under another name.


        • His name was Jog – Just one guy. I miss BI imput all the time. I hope one day he returns.

        • You obviously transported to Trafalmador with the rest of you nitwits…

      2. Is anyone actually stupid enough to still believe the 911 lie? I didn’t believe it when I first saw it, it was obviously a demolition. No mention of the mossad? Or Jeb Bush’s israhelli security company? Good thing the mindless morons went over and murdered all those brown people, that should show them huh….

        • Genius –

          Agreed, and if Saudi Arabia had any involvement(which was in question since day 1)

          Then the Question that everybody should be asking themselves is …

          “Why did Saudi Arabia get excluded from they being carpet bombed and invaded?”

          … and if Osama Bin Laden was an actual Terror Threat … “why wasn’t he on the FBI’s Most Wanted List?”

          ANSWER to Both Questions:

          Typical American Business Practices at other peoples expenses. Don’t matter if it cost a person heavily in the pocket book or if it costs somebody’s own life. The Dirty Business always benefits the so-called upper management.

      3. The same people that think Hildabutt will not be selected. And prepping just means stacking, not practicing/learning skills.

      4. So, all this and nothing about dancing Israelis.

        Some people sure know how to misdirect ones attention. The important thing is not the method of Science or technology but WHO is responsible for the attacks. Mossad agents in the area on 911 may not be suspicious to our government, but it sure makes the rest of us wonder WTF were they doing in NY on 911, and why weren’t they arrested. Then, too, why did Bush put the entire Ben Laden family on a plane out ASAP. Something is fishy and it ain’t foolen nobody.

        • B from CA –

          Good points you made!
          Imagine my (absence of) shock!

        • Uh, B., Miss Philosopher will call you out on the Israeli dancers. When I pointed it out a while back she said it “showed my true colors.” Some people, although intelligent, don’t always have the right information.
          I knew 911 was suspicious on day one, when George Bush, of same named CRIME FAMILY, continued to read to those young children when told of the “attack”.
          His expression told me all I needed to know. He knew it was coming but didn’t want to face it. The nation is under “terrorist attack” and he sits there continuing to read to the kids. Absolute criminal!

      5. I never could get over multiple large structures falling in their own footprints…..

        • Or #7 falling in it’s foot print from a trash can fire or no wingholes or correct engine (s) in pentagon or vids being confiscated or, or , or, or,

      6. Wotta lotta……….

        Warning, you cred is in great danger!


      7. I got a pretty good laugh out of this nonsense. Shepard Ambellas owns and operates a website. That site is funded by advertisers. Advertisers pay by the click. More clicks, more money. Simple as that.

      8. This is absurd! I’m as much a patriot as anybody, but this is not possible. I’ll explain:

        1. A thermonuclear explosion requires the detonation of a fission bomb. It acts as a detonator. Fission bombs can only be so small. The smallest pure fission device comes in at around 0.1 kilotons, which is the blast equivalent of 100 TONS of TNT. When you add tritium or deuterium to the mix, even in minute quantities, the resulting explosion would vaporize everything within a one-mile radius. Obviously, this did not happen. In addition to this, a brilliant flash of light would have blinded people for miles.

        2. Tritium is burned during a thermonuclear explosion. It undergoes COMPLETE burning, i.e., only miniscule traces remain. Tritium is used for other things, not just in nuclear weapons.

        The WTC was likely brought down by conventional explosives.

        • There are other theories too. Conventional explosives wouldnt turn beams to dust. There is a theory about a directed energy weapon being used. Makes sense to a degree. Or a combination of things.

        • Thanks Physicist Patriot for your input. It’s a good contribution.

      9. “That’s right, when the not so secret 28 pages are actually released, in a few months, they will likely show Saudi involvement and government foreknowledge, like we already knew.”

        WE THE PEOPLE – will never see this report!

        If by a miracle chance, this report was to be released to the public, and if it is actually legit. Then there will be a whole lot more than just Saudi Arabia being mentioned in it.

        Insiders and outsiders …
        There is more than one country origin(s) involvement here.

        This Article does not include, but should be:

        All 9/11 Airports Serviced by One Israeli Owned Company

        Odigo Workers Received Warning of 9/11 Attacks

        The Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11

        FEMA was in New York on September 10

        9/11 Security Courtesy of Marvin Bush

        Who Told Giuliani the WTC was going to collapse?


        An Article, such as this – Needs to include ALL Acting Participants involvements … otherwise this turns quickly into a biased report.

        • We may see the 28 pages, but there are probably 28 REPORTS we haven’t even heard of yet.

      10. THREE thermonuclear bombs detonated in the midst of NYC and the power grid went unaffected.

        Proof that EMP is a myth and you don’t need to worry about it.

        • You have to detonate at altitude to achieve EMP. If they were detonated underground it would not have been there to my understanding.

        • No. I think in order for EMP to work it has to be exploded up in the sky.

      11. Full reason for the controlled distruction of those buildings was insurance money
        And the fact that those buildings were out of compliance for habitation , they were full of asbestos and the cost to remediate them out weighed the ability for the owner to get his money back out
        So he had them destroyed and this countries government got paid too , and it gave them the cover to go bomb another country for their resources

        That’s pretty much it in a nutshell
        Oh and for those who ain’t been paying attention
        We been at war here in this country since
        Our government is over run , our military impotent
        And the game is still fucking us all to this very day

      12. Oh , and Ed is full of shit
        All the steel beams in that building were coated with fire proofing materials hence the asbestos problem
        And the outer steel beams were incased in concrete

        I usually don’t argue this act of war on our country
        Because it brings out the attacks and idiots ( usually one in the same)
        So go ahead and believe what you want
        I believe ill hone my skills and my ability to survive this long term war we have been in since this act
        Thinking that this wasn’t the catilyst for all our rights being on trial , needs to wake the fuck up
        Until we the people unite against this oligarchy
        We will be doomed and further subjugated

        • Asbestos was only used on the first building up to the 30 something floor. The rest was all gypsum. Basically Drywall mud sprayed onto the steel. By the 1990’s it was all falling off.
          The outside walls were not encased in steel. They were built up 14″x14″ steel columns welded together with windows in between the columns.
          The only concrete was used in the floors and it was very lightweight concrete.
          Like I said before. Dont give the idiots credit for something they didnt do.

          • I mean not encased in concrete. They were made from steel columns only.

          • None of that matters now , especially if we the people are not going to do anything about it collectively
            Speculating on a blog does nothing

            The fact that this country is in the deep shit we are in and that 95% of the people are just fuckin hunkey dory with it , is the problem at hand now .. And again just like 9/11 no one is collectively doing squat about it
            And that my friend is indisputable

            Living in any belief other than the fact we have been infiltrated from within , will be our own downfall as we are too consumed with what they’ve done , rather than what they are doing to us now .. That not enough of us are standing up and doing much about it

            And before you say what am I doing about it ?
            I’m hoping to make more people aware wtf is going on
            So that I don’t have to fight this alone , because no ONE person is going to fuckin save this country from this shit that’s been and will continue to hit the fan

            Good day sir
            I like the fact that your even thinking
            Maybe I was too harsh on you , time will tell

            • I know the steel making process
              And there isn’t any way those two buildings were turned into a B.O.F.

              The process and the types of properties necessary for that to happen in an open atmosphere is impossible let alone with out the tools needed and the lie of jetA being the fuel
              Is preposterous

              I wait and see if you look up and read what exactly a BOF is

              • The Basic Oxygen Steelmaking process differs from the EAF in that it is autogenous, or self-sufficient in energy. The primary raw materials for the BOP are 70-80% liquid hot metal from the blast furnace and the balance is steel scrap. These are charged into the Basic Oxygen Furnace (BOF) vessel. Oxygen (>99.5% pure) is “blown” into the BOF at supersonic velocities. It oxidizes the carbon and silicon contained in the hot metal liberating great quantities of heat which melts the scrap. There are lesser energy contributions from the oxidation of iron, manganese, and phosphorus. The post combustion of carbon monoxide as it exits the vessel also transmits heat back to the bath.

                The product of the BOS is molten steel with a specified chemical anlaysis at 2900°F-3000°F. From here it may undergo further refining in a secondary refining process or be sent directly to the continuous caster where it is solidified into semifinished shapes: blooms, billets, or slabs.

              • Not a BOF. A Cupolla.
                I actually have one along with 4 5 ton crucible furnaces. I used to make mining hard parts. Perhaps Ill show Genius some day. I think he is a neighbor.
                Believe me. I know A LOT about Metallurgy. Especially the Liquid kind.

                • The fallen Angels/Nephilim, were experts in Metallurgy.

                  They were able to use molten lava to extract various metals and formulate precision weapons. They also passed on that knowledge to their offspring race of gebbor/hybrids/giants.

                  The set aside spirits of those hybrids, which are what most people refer to as alien beings, have shared/traded their technology with gov entities around the world.

                  Yea, it all sounds a little/lot, too far fetched for the average mind to comprehend; however, it will be well observed when the “highly polished bronze” vehicles, spoken of in Ezekiel, come in our skies like squadrons of aircraft.

                  When Satan returns as the Supreme Antichrist, He will not be floating in on a cloud or a magic carpet, as some have explained. It will be in a flying craft, that shines like a gleaming white stead. His 7000 demonic angels will be along, possibly on the main spaceship, or possibly in smaller craft, but they will come.

                  The stage is being set right now, day by day, and the actors are in place. It is no coincidence that Billery has been on the scene for many years doing what they do with the forces of evil along with their mentors…the Bush family. It is no coincidence that Odrama and the Sunni muzzies are in bed together. It is no coincidence that the “last Pope” is doing and saying things nobody ever thought would come from the Vatican, like inter-faithism. It is no coincidence that International Power has been handed to the UN/NWO via the USSAG. It is no coincidence that China can put together a 200 million man army. It is no coincidence that Putin is in a position to make moves on a global scale to take control of nations, using China’s backing and that of Iran/Persia/Assyria.

                  No, there are no coincidences when Yahweh has foretold us all these things would come to pass before that mighty and dreadful Day of the Lord.

                  Whoever was responsible for the 9-11 event is irrelevant now. It was done out of pure evil, and covered up by many,many people. All will have their day in God’s court. That is a given, and not just speculation.

                  So just relax if your soul is secure, and smile with your children and grand children. Enjoy and be thankful for the sunshine and the rain, and try not to complain.

          • @ Ed you seem to forget to add those were the exterior wall construction. 14 inch columns 40 inch on centers…less than 2 feet apart between them. PLUS the interior core columns were 36″x16″ with a wall thickness of 2 inches. ALSO there were 52’x22″ columns 5 inches thick walls also with a interior web with a thickness of 3.5 inches. these were the main structural columns. Design consideration was to withstand 150mph windspeed and a Boing 707 at 600 mph. In 1993 the tower survived a bomb in the basement. The empire state building survived a B25 bomber direct hit. You still have not provided a building that has collapsed from fire. This is my last post on this as it has been gone through years back here. So how did building 7 collapse? Any other World Wide examples?

            • Everyone memory seems to be rusty and all the conspiracy theories have taken root. I suggest that you go back and LOOK at the videos of the Fires. Even building 7 was almost fully engulfed in fire. Building 7 isnt a normal building. It straddled a electrical substation and was effectively a bridge.
              In some videos and photos you can see right thru the building.
              It was here that the hot materials collected and basically cooked the interior of the building until it caught fire.

      13. We will find out all the truth about 25 years after all the Bushs are dead.

      14. Building 7 is the convincing evidence for me.

        Videos show the entire building actually heave upward, then collapse. The only thing that can cause that is explosives planted at the bottom supports. That is what happened to it, and if explosive “pulled” (Silverstein’s slip of the tongue) that building, then they also were planted in the tower bases.

        If a building collapses from burning, it collapses to one side first….watch ANY building burn and you’ll see it. The supports do not weaken evenly….one gives first, and the building falls to that side….like notching a tree. The only way you get a building to fall in it’s own footprint is rip all the supports out at the same time…explosives.

        People can argue about jet fuel until they are blue in the face…..anyone with common sense can see what really took down the buildings.

        • But, but but, it’s gravity lol….

      15. Ed reads like a disinfo agent as someone said, without a doubt to me. The American people no longer believe the official story, none of it makes sense. You would have to be dumb or a liar to parrot the official story. The government investigation was a complete sham, far less spent on it than Clinton’s Lewinsky scandal investigation. The Saudi connection is bogus to cover the real perpetrators, that being the Mossad and Israel, along with Bush-Cheney and that bunch and dual citizen Israeli Americans, the ones walking free today. The vehicles far off were half toasted from the engines to the front doors, the rest left intact and unburned. The truth is as clear as a bell, this 100% evil cabal will never admit the truth and eventually make it a crime to believe the actual truth. Like the USS Cole that was hit by an Israeli cruise missle and blame placed elsewhere. Bolder and more deadly, these attacks will only increase in magnitude. They are obviously not worried about repercussions. They would kill us all before the truth is admitted.

      16. Towers 1 and 2 were absolutely demolished with preset charges – look up a company called Dyno Nobel out of Salt Lake City – As for the nuclear artillery rounds that were reworded in Israel and planted below the towers, these were the W-54 Day Crockett nuclear artillery rounds that were used to shard and powder out the two main targets.

        Building 7 however was a standard drop. No W-54 Davy Crockett’s were used on that building. that was a clean rig and drop.

        Building 7 was CIA headquarters as well as records keeping for Enron, CIA as well as other black ops and the missing 2.3 Trillion Rumsfeld announced was missing from the Pentagon on September 10th 2001.

        Old Navy will bank my soul it went down this way. I’ve seen too much intelligence to understand this was absolutely, an inside op.

        US – Israel – Great Britain – Saudi Arabia = the four horseman.

        Bush, Cheney, the entire cabinet, all corporate leaders, all congress and senate who are directly related to any of these people in this situation must be hunted down and eradicated from this earth.

        How many on here know that there are now 160 dual Israeli citizens with deep ties to Mossad and Netanyahu.

        Knowing what I know now, we are about to be hit again by the same people who did it the first FEW times. WTC 93 was also a now fully confirmed FBI op.

        We are about to be hit with nukes, I suspect at least 20 munitions are missing from Minot AFB and Dyess AFB from the 2013 illegal ordinance transfer.

        Obama, Clinton, the Bushes, all of them are in on it as well as the bankers whop control them. Hunt them down and kill them all.

        • Your intelligence was destroyed by preset charges. Some well hung black dude went off in your mother

      17. I am ashamed to see what was once a logical preparedness website being overtaken by political and conspiracy-laden posts. What is this, infowars?

      18. you folks ascribe far too much confidence in the government to pull this off, and more importantly, keep it secret for this long. competence has ever been a quality the government is known for.

      19. I am sad to see this article. I was actually on the 68th floor of WTC II from 08:00 to 09:03 on 9/11/01. From 09:03 to 09:37 I was exiting the premises.
        I remember a broadcast from the NYC FD chief (on 9/11/01) stating he was not going to send fire fighters into WTC VII because he just lost a large percentage of his force in WTC II collapse and numerous others in the WTC I collapse.
        Unfortunately people need to come to grips with the fact that there are billions of people who wish western culture harm.
        The USA does not control everything. The USA was not around when practicing Catholicism in the world’s oldest Catholic Church leads to a death sentence. The USA was not around when 100 million white slaves were removed from Western Europe to the middle east. The USA was not around on September 11 and 12 1683 when Western Europe (and culture) almost ceased to exist. The USA was not around when the Levant was Jewish and Christian. The USA was not around when Egypt was 95% Catholic. And the list goes on for the last 1,400 years. History has no future, history might not repeat itself but it does rhyme.

      20. Gold theory. . .
        Another country wanted a gold payment, the Government knew of a plot, and tried to steal gold for payment using the plot, and enhancing the plan.
        We did go to combat in the middle east and America is paying for a Rebuild. America has not gained anything.

        • Slash,
          there are military flight manifests showing a number of ( not normal ) flights along with truck movements appear to be taking shipments of something heavy from those vaults for a few weeks prior to the 9-11 event and a close friend of mine who was there for many weeks after, saw and heard many un-explained things. there is NO doubt planes alone took down those buildings and many people knew in advance it was going to happen. whatever the case the point is we have people in control of our government who are doing things that are not for the good of this country and or its people and they are not willing to change their ways so they need to be gone and new good people put in charge.

          • (planes alone did not take down the towers), i don’t like auto correct and sometimes forget to turn it off, sorry!

      21. Nutjobs , There is no reason they needed anything more than a few planes to knock down the buildings. 10,000+ gallons of jet fuel doesnt need anything else.

        • if i take one gallon of gas and poor it on my bar-b-q and light it then the 0.5mm think steel does not melt and thats outdoors with lots of air when the fire is not choked by smoke.

          in your physic’s it would need to melt all three legs of my bar-b-q at just the same time for it to flop to the ground instead of tipping over.

          maybe the trouble is that these “nutjobs” past in science and you didn’t quite make the grade.

          • Close the BBQ lid and leave the dampers open and see what happens. If you have ever watched Firefighters fight a house fire you will notice the first thing they do is cut holes in the building to let the heat out. Heat is cumulative. There is a point where things just ignite.
            Anyone who has a wood stove at home knows this too. Try to start a fire with wet wood. Not so easy. But once the fire gets established you can throw dripping wet wood into it and it will quickly ignite. Believe it or not even the water burns when you get it hot. Look up Water Gas Shift.

      22. America, more specifically North America, as Canada and USA, was mostly inhabited by Caucasians that came from generations of the Ten northern tribes of Israel that escaped captivity from the Assyrians. Those peoples that mostly settled in Western Europe were called Caucasians because of their white complexion and the fact that they had crossed (the main populations) the Caucasus Mtns. to get there, and eventually here in N.America.

        It was no coincidence that Yahweh had set aside this magnificent Continent for His “chosen” peoples. Blessed beyond all comprehension with natural resources.

        But; just as the Israelites have always managed to do, they screwed up again. Taking to worshiping Idols, either made of man, or self. Forsaking their Heavenly Father and becoming defiant by relishing in child sacrifice/abortions and living a sodom and gomorrah lifestyle.

        Yep, a non-repentent, fake christian, peoples are soon going to be removed from all their wealth and worldly pleasures. Brought down to their knees by one way or the other. America has not gained one thing as a society. It will suffer because of their idleness. Their being consumed by worldly goods and matters, while letting evil rule the roost.
        Now those chickens are coming home to roost and it ain’t good.

        People don’t like being told the truth and wish people like me would just go away, but time is of the essence for getting houses in order for things to start hitting the ole spinning blades.

      23. What kind of a coo coo bird would believe this???

      24. I was forced to only quickly skim the article, but I do not think I saw any mention of the real perpetrators of 9-11, the false flag engineering crap hole state of Israel.

        I mean, come on, folks. In every instance of a crime being committed – detectives who arrive to begin the investigation are trained to ask one question: “Who Benefits?” from the commission of this crime? Who benefits from a false flag event that the lying neocons then pounce on and use as an excuse to lie the US into going to war against Iraq and against every other nation in the Middle East that the State of Israel thinks is their enemy?

        Remember the famous PNAC document? Remember the famous ‘Rebuilding America’s Defenses’ white paper? Written by the very same gang of neocon cockroaches who flooded into the Bush-Cheney Administration and in which these evil, conniving, lying, criminal bastards laid out their ‘schemes’ to reshape the Middle East by attacking all of the nations that Israel hated? But, these conniving neocon rats sighed, sadly, the American people would never go along with these plans – without, and I quote, ‘A New Pearl Harbor style of event’ taking place.

        Bingo, along comes September 11, 2001.

        By the way. Does anyone know whether Sheppard Ambellas is a Son of Israel?

      25. Ed,

        Explain why there is no evidence of any plane debris, no luggage content debris, and no body parts at either Shankesville or at the Pentagon.

      26. Ed is most definitely a disinformation agent. No one can at the same time be as knowledgeable about the technical aspects about which he speaks and at the same time ignore critical information that disproves the official government story he so clearly wants you to believe.

        • THere WAS all sorts of debris found from the planes. However most just vaporized on impact.
          Its called kinetic energy release.
          Something has got to give. The heat release alone must have been tremendous. Ive heard estimates in the Giga BTU range but billion is more likely.A 400 ton object moving at 1000 feet per second is gonna release a lot of kinetic energy into whatever it hits. (Look up Kinetic energy weapons) By the way. this is the preferred method to kill Tanks these days. And even the Navy is using rail guns now.

      27. To know what Trump knows and Congress is covering up, search YouTube for the viral 8min “9/11 Shock” video, connect the “Oded Yinon” dots and share it, especially with veterans of the endless Middle East wars and 1st responders across America. The “28 pages” are a desperate attempt at public diversion from the underlying truth.

      28. Sorry but I’m going with over 2,500 architects and engineers ( who have taken a public stand for the truth about 9/11. They have hard evidence about WHAT caused the collapse of the THREE towers. Government told us 1+1=3. This organization is going to hold government’s feet to the fire until the truth is exposed.

      29. And the debate goes on; mean while never waiste a crisis traitors are killing our sons and daughters in bull crap wars and we are having our freedoms usurped at home.

      30. I’m convinced “ed” is working for the government.. Anyone able to track his up?

      31. Tritium sampling but not gamma radiation, huh?

        For thermonuclear bombs to have been used, there MUST be lots and lots of gamma radiation present and since there are no samplings of that shown, I’m going to assume this is a gigantic steaming pile of horse shit from nutter 9-11 troofers.

      32. Any story that says that some type of nuclear detonations, were used to bring WTC Towers down is clear and utter bullshit. A nuclear event would be impossible to cover up. Just take a scintillator radiation detector to the area today, and take some readings. It is amazing that SHTF would run such a crap nuclear story about 911.

        This type of crap story is like some fool saying that the USA did not send humans to the moon. Do you really think that the Russians would not have tracked the missions? Russia never said that we did not go to the moon, just some lunatics (pun intended).

        Here are the (Apollo) Unified S-band (USB) system frequencies
        2101.80208 Apollo S-band – Apollo 15 sub satellite 2101.802083 2282.5
        2101.80208 Apollo S-band – Lunar Module 2101.802083 2282.5
        2101.80208 Apollo S-band – Lunar Rover 2101.802083 2265.5
        2101.80208 Apollo S-band – S-IVB PM 2101.802083 2282.5
        2106.40625 Apollo S-band – Command Module PM 2106.40625 2287.5
        2106.40625 Apollo S-band – Spacecraft Uplink (MHz) Downlink (MHz)
        2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 11 Early ALSEP 2119 2276.5
        2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 12 ALSEP 2119 2278.5
        2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 14 ALSEP 2119 2279.5
        2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 15 ALSEP 2119 2278.0
        2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 16 ALSEP 2119 2276.0
        2119.00000 Apollo S-band – Apollo 17 ALSEP 2119 2275.5

      33. I do not have words that can describe the absolute ridiculous’s of this article. Was the author able to keep a straight face when he was writing this story? I wonder if aliens were involved?

      34. I don’t know quite what was used to bring down the towers but they were taken down from the inside and these new 28 pages will show nothing and is just Isreal trying to point the finger at someone else because too many people know it’s the bankers as usual.

        The jet fule would had burned off in seconds and if air presure was able to rush down several floors to blow out windows because the window was the weak point then each floor would had acted like an air cusion as the building came down at near free fall speed so you cannot have it both ways.

        Far too many laws of physics were broken on 9/11 along with the laws of finance where short bets were made on the airlines and then they tell us that no one could trace the money which is only possible to do if you happen to have control over the international banking system.

      35. A bit off topic… Someone is writing a book tying the Clinton’s to JFK jr’s death. No doubt! It’s kind of obvious people. The investigation was a sham, citing bad flight conditions on that day. The truth was revealed that flight conditions were next to perfect. JFK jr. was going to run for the Senate seat in New York. Hillary made sure that job was hers. The Clinton’s murder list is long and detailed. JFK jr. would have easily won that seat and subsequently been elected president which was revealed as his goal. Add JFK jr. to the Clinton’s murder list.

        • I agree with Aljamo !

      36. It’s hard to believe there are people who still believe and defend the official establishment fairy tale on the events of 9-11. Shocking actually.

        • And then there are those people believe the towers were brought down by thermonuclear bombs. 9-11 troofers, are complete and utter morons. Seriously, you people are loons and imbeciles. THERE’S NO RADIATION, IDIOT!

      37. The shark has officially been jumped….

      38. The experts have spoken and have laid out proof this event was an inside job. The few here who defend the official story will never be convinced otherwise. Conspiracy theory has been revealed as conspiracy fact. The site that reported first that mini nukes were used at the WTC was veteranstoday. Off topic, Hillary was said to have given the final push to kill them all in Waco. The OKC bombing was also an inside job, McVeigh had nothing to do with it, another patsy. The Muslims had nothing to do with the events of 9-11. Israeli’s do look just like Muslims. The truth of 9-11 is so blatent that doubting it raises a big red flag of those who denigrate that truth.

        • Im sure that you know that when you demo a steel frame building, the first thing that you do is take a cutting torch to the steel columns to weaken then. The explosives are only use to ensure that you have enough strength left in the building to keep it from falling on your head. It is hard even with explosives to cut the corners of rectangular tubes and the web to flange joint of wide flange beam. So these portions are cut with a torch or mag drill or both to ensure that the building actually does come down after the detonation. Because who in their right mind will walk back into a building that someone detonated already. Gotta be sure it drops the first time.
          To do this in a occupied building is just about impossible (and improbable)especially without anyone noticing.

      39. Yeah and the supposed greatest military might in the world stood down and allowed this incident to happen. That alone is enough proof to me that this incident was assisted from the top. This event was and is the catalyst for never ending wars and the destruction of our Constitutional rights.

      40. Ed, I”m glad you are on here trying to set the conspiracy believers straight. It is truly amazing the contortions they will dream up to make reality fit their theory, instead of accepting that reality destroys their theories.
        They are right about 1 thing: fire didn’t bring those buildings down. A 30 story building is what brought them down. The planes severed numerous structural supports, and then fire weakened the rest. So when all 30 stories (millions of tons) above the impact suddenly dropped on top of the other 80 stories below the impact, the result was what we all witnessed. The question is not “when have you ever seen fire collapse a building?”, the question is “when have you seen a building survive having a 30 story building dropped on top of it?”
        I hate our evil government as much as the rest of you. But they didn’t do this, 20 evil people and simple physics did.

      41. Jet fuel does not melt steel.
        Jet fuel does not melt steel.


        So they changed the definition by which steel melts to fit a lie.

        And fired tenured professors of physics who dared to contest the lie.

        Shame on them.

        I feel so disgusted by all the lies.

        Aeschylus was right, “In war, truth is the first casualty.”

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Truth never damages a cause that is just.” – Gandhi

        – Gandhi

      42. This micro-nuke tripe has been circulating since 9/11, and is continually fronted by feeble minded people who get one (little) idea stuck in their heads and try to spend the rest of their lives perfecting it, further diverging from reality all the while.

        The circumstances of the buildings’ fall are suspicious and it is unlikely pre-planted demolition charges were not involved (elevator shafts, disconnection of spandrel plates). There was a time when I suspected that these esoteric crap-ideas were being pushed by disinfo agents. After years of it however, I’ve concluded that there are just idiots.

        Sad, really.

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