Proof Gold Prices Are Manipulated: Plot to “Negate Long-Term Hoarding By U.S. Citizens”

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    This article was written by Clint Siegner and originally published at Money Metals Exchange.

    Editor’s Comment: For years, those close to gold and silver investing have understood the ongoing suppression. Having competing currencies and alternate stores of value invades upon the hegemony of the fiat currency system. With the set up of a futures market, the bankers could have it all – limit the physical holdings in gold, and collect money of the suckers in the bubble. Trading on 90%+ non-existent commodities, the financial markets did what they have done with other assets – make it difficult for outsiders to store value and get ahead.

    In the long run, however, the fiat currency system is doomed to collapse, and those who are prepared will always have back-ups, fail-safes and other alternatives to turn to. With hard evidence of manipulation, perhaps prosecutions and regulation reforms could even peg gold back near reality sometime in the foreseeable future. What is today trading at $1191 may really be worth $3,000, $4,000 or $5,000 grand. The question is: who controls reality?

    Gold Prices Are Being Hacked

    by Clint Siegner

    Major U.S. and international banks cheat their customers and rig markets. Revelations have been piling up since the 2008 financial crisis. Hundreds of billions have been paid in fines, penalties, and settlements. The fraud, price manipulation, lying, and theft – once considered conspiracy theories – are now incontrovertible conspiracy facts.

    This reality is dawning now in the precious metals industry. GATA, the Gold Anti-Trust Action Committee, labored for years making the case for price manipulation in the markets. They, and others, made a powerful argument complete with price charts and trading patterns that simply could not be explained in free and fair markets.

    But their argument was universally disregarded by regulators and largely ignored by major players inside the industry. Gold and silver miners, refiners, and users never took meaningful action to combat price rigging, even as price volatility wreaked havoc in their business. GATA lacked enough “smoking gun” evidence, and most people simply assumed their claims couldn’t be true.

    The recent settlement deal in which Deutsche Bank handed over 350,000 pages of internal documents and more than 70 voice recordings is changing that. Attorney’s behind class action suits against a handful of major banks say the trove of information is “smoking gun” evidence of a widespread and systemic campaign to cheat customers and rig markets.

    It is one thing to look at trading data and surmise that someone is trying to manipulate prices. It’s another to see chat logs where traders laugh about actually manipulating prices and sticking it to unwitting market participants:

    June 8, 2011

    UBS [Trader A]: and if u have stops…

    UBS [Trader A]: oh boy

    Deutsche Bank [Trader B]: HAHA

    Deutsche Bank [Trader B]: who ya gonna call!

    Deutsche Bank [Trader B]: STOP BUSTERS

    Deutsche Bank [Trader B]: deh deh deh deh dehdehdeh deh deh deh deh dehdehdeh

    Deutsche Bank [Trader B]: haha16

    The chat above, and a host of others like it, demonstrate what GATA has been saying for almost 20 years. The metals markets are a playground for unscrupulous bankers, and price discovery is completely dishonest.

    It looks more and more like these phony markets are working just as officials in our government hoped. Here is an excerpt from a memo sent from London to the U.S. Treasury Department in 1974, compliments of Wikileaks:


    The “expectations” were spot on. The futures markets have been plagued by extraordinary volatility, paper trading is hundreds of times bigger than physical trading, and ownership of bullion today is a tiny fraction of what it once was.

    A conspiracy theorist might say our government has an interest in undermining gold as money, in favor of the fiat dollar.

    Officials view the futures markets as an essential tool for achieving those ends.

    Price volatility, concentrated short selling, and pain for metals investors serves to discourage ownership so regulatory agencies like the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) turn a blind eye.

    After all the CFTC spent five years investigating price rigging in silver and failed to prosecute a single case. One wonders how they managed to miss what appears to be overwhelming evidence of systemic cheating, and if the trove of documents and voice recordings now available will be grounds enough to reopen an investigation.

    The civil courts, not the regulators, appear to be metals investors best shot at recovery of some of what has been stolen from them in these rigged markets, and for moving toward free and honest price discovery. The Deutsche Bank settlement and the evidence it produced is changing the game.

    Last week, Keith Neumeyer of First Majestic Silver, one of the largest primary silver producers in the world, announced he hopes to join in the class action. He is also working to recruit other big players in the industry. Mr. Neumeyer will be our guest on the Money Metals podcast to discuss these issues Friday. Stay tuned.


    Clint Siegner is a Director at Money Metals Exchange, the national precious metals company named 2015 “Dealer of the Year” in the United States by an independent global ratings group. A graduate of Linfield College in Oregon, Siegner puts his experience in business management along with his passion for personal liberty, limited government, and honest money into the development of Money Metals’ brand and reach. This includes writing extensively on the bullion markets and their intersection with policy and world affairs.

    This article was written by Clint Siegner and originally published at Money Metals Exchange.


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      1. Still Gold will shine!

        Louisiana Eagle

        • I’ve said this many times on here: A conspiracy theorist might say “our government has an interest in undermining gold as money, in favor of the fiat dollar.” Or to prop up the dollar.

          Rigged? You bet. The Government is in on this scam too to crush foreign markets and currencies, who have a lot of Gold like China and Russia, and why no hedge fund Mgrs. or Bankers go to jail. Its all rigged.

          No doubt the Metal Miners have been taking a Big Hit over all of this Manipulation. And also creates job losses and instability.

          There should be no more than 2 to 1 margin on all commodities. The same thing is done in the Oil Markets, where just $1 in paper oil contracts controls $100 in oil futures to artificially jack up the prices at the pump, even when there is a huge glut in supply. These thieves need to be put in prison.

          When the Music stops, the man with the Gold in his hand will be rich, and all the other 99 paper ETF holders will be killing each other.

          The Best Play is Physical in your hand, and all the rules could change Day 1 when Trump takes office and his Atty Gen, appoints a thousand Special Prosecutors could to go after these creepy manipulators.

          Both Gold and Silver will slingshot up to the moon. Sure $3K, $4K, $5K Gold is very possible. Silver could also be $128 to $180 an Oz.

          • The more they huff and puff, the lower the price, the better I likes it.
            Can’t lift my ‘coin collection’…
            I have it on good authority, that it will come in handy, and it will be, not may be.

            But, if somebody screws up my social security, after paying them bastards for almost 40 years… somebodies gonna need killin’ …

            • Piper,

              You didn’t pay into social security. No one has. Social security is a tax (Fica). What we paid was a tax, nothing more. The Fica taxes deducted from your check goes to pay a retiree now, not in the future. No one paid into a trust fund or a security with their name on it. I have to remind people of this farce and ponzi scheme because thats what it is. Don’t rely on it.

          • Eisenkreutz Acid. I hear ya, so what can you or I do about it? We are not blind, but all we can do is control our world in our area. Ever try to write your congressman? lol Half the time you are lucky to even get a response form letter back saying, “Thank you for your opinion” basically. I will nominate you for Sec of State.. I will write Trump a letter and see what happens. I don’t have a lot of pull, but…. We are not stupid or blind, you are just yelling at the choir here. We hear ya and agree, and yes I am a late tail end baby boomer. So how is that my fault?

            • Zeus, etc: Politicians are low life scum of the earth, never had real jobs. They are bought off/bribed. You can’t even trust the ones that claim they are against Muslims coming here. Even Sessions said he was against it, now he says he’s not against it. These bastards never had to work for a living but leech off tax payers, and seem not to care about their offspring’s future, or heritage, under Islamic control. To keep up:, and, these invasions must stop now or mass genocide ahead. We will never vote again if Trump doesn’t stop this madness of Muslim immigration and mosque building. We hadn’t voted since Reagan and only did recently to keep the satanic witch out.

        • Manipulation like this: As soon as the New York NYMEX opens up, they hammer it down for thrills with paper shorting.

          These paper Bastards need to be sitting in prison.


      2. Ultimately, you, the owner of gold will control reality. The system that is trying to manufacture value out of paper surely is going to collapse like a house of cards one of these days. Gold has, does, and always will hold its value.

        Louisiana Eagle

        • Gold has no value with me.
          10,000 rounds of 7.62X39
          and a type 56 carbine has value.
          20,000 rounds of .22 LR and a 10/22
          has value.
          5,000 rounds of 9mm and a Sigsauer
          has value
          I don’t have any of those yet.

          Until you get those you should pass
          on the gold.

          • relik,… is that all for practice or are you a bad shot? lol J/K… The standard carry load is only about 180 rounds. I stocked up on all of that back in 2010 and 2011 before it went batshit crazy in price. Make sure you have plenty of sealed Ammo cans to preserve it. It will last 50 years or more if properly stored.

            Also have about 30 magazines per battle rifle, and always keep half of them full and ready to deploy at a moments notice. Then annually empty the one half and fill up the other half to keep them loaded and ready to deploy. rotate them in and out annually. I’m also a fan of stripper clips for fast loading.

          • Honestly i would rather put the money into my house, there have been downturns in the past and there will be downturns in the future, i want to re do my kitchen and main bath and expand my deck, get a shed built for parking my truck and tractor under and get a rotary spader for cultivating,,, doom and gloom porn is getting ridiculous, i prep for mother nature, and just in case, but the reality is we will most likely never use our guns other than sport shooting at the range or hunting, and will get more enjoyment living in the now with an eye on the activity around us,
            Not sure where your zip is but mine is sweet and a spot folks only dream of living in, i will count my blessings and give thanks for them and live a full and comfy life regardless of what the idiots in DC or wallstreet or Honolulu do, lifes short, breathe and enjoy, smell the pikake bud,,,

            • do the remodel without the permits. If they can’t see it then won’t know to come after you, unless you tell them by getting a building permit.

              • “If they can’t see it then won’t know to come after you, unless you tell them by getting a building permit.”

                Maricopa County Assessors Office in Arizona (and others around the nation) use commercially available aerial photography and Temp Help to confirm physical changes to properties. If your changes are INSIDE you are ok.

                Anything outside is at risk of detection and if detected you could be forced to remove the change. Just saying. 🙂

                • They do that here too but would have to fine almost everybody who lives in a rural or semi rural area,,, when you go for a permit is when they wack you,,,
                  I plan on just taking everything down and building a bunch of tiny homes on wheels with the materials if i ever have to,,, give em away,,,,

              • ??

                • Its in the move. Overnight Wed, these Metals pushed to newer highs. They retreated some by this AM, but they are on an upward trend. At this gold price $1207, the Silver to Gold ratio, Silver could drop t 47 to 1 or up to $25.68 in price, well within its trading range history.

                  Wed Nt Highs
                  Gold $1207
                  Silver $17.06

                  Silver to Gold Price Ratio Trading History Chart. Look at the 20 year Chart –

                  Buying PM’s is not an all or nothing. It is all part of your Financial Prepping Plan for extended survival. Without PM’s, you may be trading your tools or food preps for Gasoline. I’d rather trade a silver round for a tank of gas later on, than 6 months of rice for a tank of gas. Unless you enjoy walking 15 miles into town to pick up your mail. And carry that 40 Lb sack of rice on your back to barter and carrying back 10 gallons of gas. Take a step back and look at the big picture.

                  • Ahh…ya lost your premise at ‘pick up your mail’.

                    If mail and the other govt services are running that means things are semi-‘normal’ and we won’t be trading in PM’s.

                    Oh well.

                    • For off the Grid OPSEC, I have all my mail and packaged delivered to a PO box. Why spill your guts and SOPSEC with a Mail box at your driveway entrance? Just saying. If total SHTF, I could care less about getting mail. lol The Government will probably be reading it anyway. They photo all mail front and back right now of each and every envelope. FYI.. All that info is fed into the Fusion Centers as well.

                    • And i wont be walking anywhere to trade anything,

              • JS- NB – Build your entire homestead off the grid. With no permits. The more remote off main roads with good overhead tree cover the better from spying permitting eyes. Plus it keeps your taxes cheaper than improved land.

                I need a water well dug here at my BOL. I want a 110 Ft well for the really good water, but that is at least $4K and will probably need a permit, so I am going to attempt to hand dig my own well say about 20 Ft with a hand pitcher pump. I know I can hit water here in just about 4-5 ft, Not the greatest, but this hand well will be the initial well, and later on be the back up well, for livestock etc. I will have to bucket it and filter it, but should be good enough to drink. Been using bottled water so far, but that is not a long term solution. We do the best we can on the budget. I’ve been watching some Ytube Vids to accomplishing this. Also going to get a book called. “Waterhole – A guide to digging your own well.”

            • Insurance claim will depend on proper paperwork and permit. Claims Adjustor loves DIY. It’s a game and they make the rules.

          • rellik,

            For what you could buy with that little one ounce of gold, you may not be able to carry that 7.62X39, plus 500 rounds. Another ounce could pay for your 20,000 rounds of . 22 LR hollow point or 5,000 rounds of 9 mm. A third ounce of that yellow stuff could buy a very nice Sigsauer 9 mm and maybe 2 10/22s. You would need a pick up truck to carry all of that if you had to bugout where as you could have your little 2 year old carry those three coins without any distress while you pack all the other essentials for survival as you are hoofing it out with the baby on your neck! I would hang on to one or two of those weapons with 200 rounds next to me at all times. Be sure to make every shot count!

            Just saying,

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Those 3 little coins would pay for all the granite slabs, travertine tiles and enough maple to replace every piece of cabinetry in my house and then some plus all new hardware and still have money to buy a tenderloin and few bottles of martinellis

              • Nailbanger and relik have got to be sh*tting me. One is saying ignorance is bliss, keep up with the jones’s, and polish your mud hut though it will immediately depreciate in value similar to buying a new car right off the lot. The other is saying he needs more ammo than the local police department but must of forgotten he only has two hands. The trolls and shills are out in full force.

                Once you get food, ammo, and medicine, start stacking up some shiny metals.

                • Hmm, yea, you trolls are definitely out in force everywhere,

              • NB,

                I agree with you. The point I was making was that those coins do hold value and they are portable. Now, in your case, it sounds like you have the best of all worlds and I too would cherish and enjoy what you have. Life is awfully short.

                Who would’ve thought Eppe the Elder would be taken from our forum. He seemed to enjoy life and we certainly enjoyed his posts. I have lost some patients this past year whom I considered friends. Many of my patients live from day to day but it is still a shock when they pass away. Life is short! It is best when shared with friends and family and anchored in a strong belief in the divine. Enjoy! Be Happy! Don’t Worry!

                Lousiana Eagle

                • ??

                • You mean the fake, all on the grid prepper before prepping was called prepping? lol

              • So when that Volcano Blows up at Mt Haleakala, how are you going to evacuate and stuff all those granite slabs, travertine tiles and enough maple to replace every piece of cabinetry in my house and then some plus all new hardware and still have money to buy a tenderloin and few bottles of martinellis; all in your BOB and escape?

                • Will never happen, and if it does there wont be anywhere to run, not going to live life worrying about shit that maybe, might, possibly, perhaps , somehow happen someday maybe,

            • People that boast about hording firearms and surviving SHTF by the point of a gun will be the first ones killed.

              Remember, the other people have guns too.

              • right john and they will be waiting for the dumb asses to stick their heads out the door or pull back a curtain, most dont have the brains, mental attitude, or training to survive in a shtf situation

          • Rellik, damn good points. I have a lot invested in ‘brass and lead’ myself. Those are MY ‘precious metals’.

      3. Forget paper gold, When the price dips buy and hold the real thing. An ounce of Gold will always be an ounce of Gold no matter what the fiat currencies do. Same for silver.

        • Paper gold is just that, paper. Unless it is in your hand, you don’t own shit.

      4. Ah gold…..,let the gold rain down!Hell,let there be golden showers of prosperity,good enuff for Trump,good enough for me!

        • I was SHOCKED to see democrats pushing fake news about Trump.

          Well, my shock would be considered fake too.

      5. Comments are gall by off the cliff on this site ….I LOST a bundle of money because of sites like this and 8 years of my life and based on the number of comments lately …I.e. 45 as opposed to the hundreds 6 months ago tells me others are waking up to the lies propagated upon us by the doom group

        • I agree, Rich, I too am tired of all the “buy gold! buy gold!” articles. Gold is a scam. You always pay more than it’s worth when you buy it, and get less than its worth when you sell it. And right now it is overpriced anyway.

          So many people fantasize about walking around with pockets full of gold/silver coins when the SHTF, bartering and buying food, gas, medicine, etc with them. That’s all a daydream, it will never happen.

          And the bit for owning gold for wealth preservation is a crock too. Who’s wealth preservation? You own gold, they will just take it. So why would you want to preserve their wealth at your expense.

          • Rich99 and Black Mo. Seems you failed to understand the concept of Buy Low Sell High. If you got suckered in buying High, you need to wait the 7 year cycle to break even again. Just saying. It is said 10% of your wealth goes to PM’s. All in, on just one investment type is a waiting game or trap. Hold on, and you may be way back up by Mid to end of 2017. Patience.

        • The old rule,
          Everything in moderation,
          Seems quite wise

          • Everything? Then moderation also in moderation.

            Extremism is good.

      6. I believe a gold necklace and gold or platinum wedding rings are good investments. Down the road, if we are hit with hyper inflation, people will still want to marry. In fact, I predict a resurgence of traditional values, larger white Christian families, and more marriages, especially marriage at the age of 18 to 25. People are burnt out and fed up with corruption, degeneracy, and perversion.

        Invest in gold, silver, platinum. Buy coins, rings, necklaces, and small items like a solid gold brooch, or a silver spoon.

        Of course, first make sure you have toilet paper and toothpaste.

        Some food items to store are Chlorella and cilantro for nutrition and to cleanse the body of Mercury which is in fish, dental fillings, and some vaccines.

        I got rid of all my old dental “silver” (actually 25%Mercury)fillings; and replaced them with gold. That was the best gold investment of my life.


        • B,

          I recently had to spend a little over 2 ounces of gold (not literally) to get a root canal and a crown. I was miserable for over a month before I got the root canal. I don’t think any of that gold went into the repair of the tooth either!

          Louisiana Eagle

          • Shit, I wish a root canal and crown was only two ounces of gold. I paid $3000 for my last one.

            • JS,

              I believe you are right and mine was about the same between the orthodontist and the dentist. I was rounding down in my calculations for the gold but should have rounded up. Value is relative and depends a lot on the need, the circumstances, and in the eye of the beholder (the man who finds the pearl of great price). I have a crack in the root so it may still give me problems but we hope for the best and tried to save the tooth.

              Louisiana Eagle

        • Gotta get you onea them big gold grilles like the dindos wear

        • B,what is it that in theory will cleanse the mercury out of ya?

      7. Imagine having to pay taxes or a large medical bill in a partial shtf situation where bank withdrawals and transfers were capped, or in the case of an EMP. Although I am sure some leeway would be exercised at first, eventually creditors are going to come after collateral. Vehicles, domiciles, furniture, jewelry… look what happened to the Guidice family after they flaunted their wealth on Bravo a few years ago.
        So few people are invested in bullion. It is not the kind of thing you flaunt if you have a modicum of intelligence. If you have it, and you hide it- it is very hard to prove you have it. OPSEC is key here again. Anyway, it would be nice to have in a pinch.

      8. The real hoarders are the ones that call gold an old relic. Just an attempt to disparage others from owning it.

      9. Hoarding means getting a supply of a certain commondity that is needed for a certain purpose. The supply is of a size that you control the commodity as to who can buy it and the price at which it can be bought. Without control like this, you are not hoarding. Having a large supply of a needed commodity is not hoarding without control over price and who gets to buy. People misuse the word “hoard”. When any government declares that anyone having over a certain amount of a commodity (food for 30 days), makes you a hoarder, they are full of crap. When you have no intention of selling, it is not hoarding. In a SHTF situation, they’ll ignore this.

      10. Just make sure you can protect your gold. Can’t eat it if you get hungry. I put my assets into food,water ,ammo,medical and weapons and no bills. Gold comes in last,even behind silver for me.

        • That is what poor people say when they don’t have money to buy gold and silver.

          People buy gold and silver to preserve their wealth through the SHTF.

          When the crisis is over you trade in your gold and silver for the newly issued currency and you continue to be wealthy.

          • Yeah, gold is a little pricey for me. I’ve been concentrating on lead.

      11. I’ll bet Ben “Six Million More” Garrison knows who manipulates these metal prices

      12. Silver is kept artificially low, but if your beans, bullets, and bandages aren’t stocked up it is foolish to stack metal. Silver in my opinion will be a bigger bang for your buck, gold is too hard to find a place to get your full value in barter, and how would you make change? Tangible goods and skills backed by experience maybe a better investmemt, everyday society does not collapse ia another day to sharpen our skill set and our hatchet.

      13. Its all rigged, we need a revolution of integrity. That would take discipline and therein lies the problem.

      14. Metals values are based on a dollar amount. If the dollar collapses what will be the value of gold or silver. Will it be worth what it was worth just before collapse or will it be worth face value of the coin itself 1dollar I stay away from metals there is too much speculation. If you approach me with a gold bar and want food for it. I’m gonna laugh at you. Stick to your needs leave the investing to the scumbags. While they try to buy preppers with silver and gold you can send them away hungry with a muzzle in their back if need be.

      15. No Gold. Just silver, and LAND!

        Have all the guns and ammo I need. Have Food and medical, water and other things.

        Will I get more YEP!
        Silver, Gun, AMMO, Food, Medical, and so on and so forth.

        Get what you can now before it is too late!!!


      16. As long as the powers that shouldn’t be keep driving the price of precious metals down, even as inflation drives up the cost to mine them, it creates a great buying opportunity for anyone with an eye to the longer term.

        Warning, stick with physical PM’s. I like platinum, palladium, and silver best. They are industrial consumables. Their industrial uses mean the government can’t control them like they will try to control gold that is bought just to hoard.

        If they do start a big war, these three metals will be in high demand, since the green movement and Obama have destroyed the US mining and smelting industries. The US must import these metals, and if wars cuts us off from supply prices will truely explode.

        • To benefit on that trade in a war situation you would need to be properly set up. In a war situation, the government would just confiscate precious metals it needs. The people who profit from war are the defence contractors. So, set up as a defence contractor and start making something the military uses. It doesn’t have to be sophisticated to start: it could be toilet paper, tooth brushes, paper clips etc. It doesn’t matter. What matters is to be an approved and respected contractor with a brand and a track record selling to the Pentagon. Once you have that in place, when the war starts you will be in the golden circle of trusted contractors. At that point, you could provide pretty well anything: just let the military tell you what they need, and you then sub-contract those who could provide it. It could be anything – a new rifle, tanks, rocket launchers etc. – just be the conduit to supply the material.

          Focusing on what traders are doing will get you nowhere. They have captured the upper levels of the financial system and do this in cahoots with the Federal Reserve. That rigs the game. What you have to do is to profit within that paradigm. Human beings are human beings. They can still be driven this way and that and in the process you collect a fee as this happens.

      17. I keep reading posts saying that gold is only for jewelry or hoarding and isn’t a industrial metal like silver or platinum. To that I say open up a computer and look at the many boards like graphic or mother…all those gold looking filaments covering them are…GOLD!

        Also every diabetic uses a test strip a few times a day that again has…GOLD contacts not silver not platinum but gold.

        Just the two examples i just gave uses up thousands of ounces of gold each and every year…and most of that gold goes straight to landfills. To be mined by some future entrepreneur.

        GOLD is used and used up in industry right along with the other metals.

        • GlacialHills,
          You are right about gold being an industrial metal, the difference is it is well recycled. A large portion of the gold in products is recovered.

          Silver currently isn’t worth recycling, and the high use of platinum and palladium in catalyst beds makes it near impossible to recover. Recovery requires a chemical based smelting process which Obama’s EPA won’t allow to operate in the US.

      18. Got this story back in 2013.
        When gold topped $1,900, Washington put out the story that gold was a bubble. The presstitute media fell in line with Washington’s propaganda. “Gold looking a bit bubbly” declared CNN Money on August 23, 2011.
        The Federal Reserve used its dependent “banks too big to fail” to short the precious metals markets. By selling naked shorts in the paper bullion market against the rising demand for physical possession, the Federal Reserve was able to drive the price of gold down to $1,750 and keep it more or less capped there until recently, when a concerted effort on April 2-3, 2013, drove gold down to $1,557 and silver, which had approached $50 per ounce in 2011, down to $27.
        The Federal Reserve began its April Fool’s assault on gold by sending the word to brokerage houses, which quickly went out to clients, that hedge funds and other large investors were going to unload their gold positions and that clients should get out of the precious metal market prior to these sales. As this inside information was the government’s own strategy, individuals cannot be prosecuted for acting on it. By this operation, the Federal Reserve, a totally corrupt entity, was able to combine individual flight with institutional flight. Bullion prices took a big hit, and bullishness departed from the gold and silver markets. The flow of dollars into bullion, which threatened to become a torrent, was stopped.
        And…now that the bullion market is tied to the stock market (paper gold), GOLD reserves are now manipulated right along with the stock market. When the market goes up, gold goes up. When the market goes down, gold goes down. Historically, this has always been the OPPOSITE–when the dollar market went down, gold went UP.

      19. The responses here are interesting. Some of my comments are not posting-guess I am in limbo ’cause I don’t enter an email… anyway

        Even if I did not believe in a crash of some sort, I would still think owning a certain amount of silver and gold to be a good idea. I have 5 grandchildren who could start a vocational or college education with what I have. Kind of a nice gift to get from your Nana, right?

        Several years ago, we treated our young people (kids, fiancee, friends)to a ski trip in Co. It was a driving trip from Texas and we often stopped to eat along the way. Unless it was fast food, the bill usually exceeded $200 per meal, which we would catch with our monthly paid off credit card. Towards the end of the trip, I realized that they (the kids) really were not conceptualizing the cost of the trip. They were taking it for granted… not in a bad way, but just the way you do when you are not thinking about what things cost- in child mode, so to speak. So, I told my husband that I was going to pay for our last “nice” meal on the road with cash… it ended up being $500 handed to the waiter in bills from my hand. The kids sat there in stunned silence. But, in reality, that meal was just incrementally more expensive than others we’d had throughout the week. They just couldn’t “see” it so they did not associate their good time with sacrifice on our part. I wasn’t trying to garner their praise or gratitude. I just wanted to impress upon them the uniqueness and the appreciation of their experience that week. And it worked.

        I think that we, the folks in today’s USA, are living in a fool’s paradise for the most part in terms of the financial situation. Like those kids, as long as we have food and entertainment, we don’t think about the national debt, bank bail in or bans on cash. Heck, I would be surprised if 1 in 20 people understood what the term, helicopter money, meant. But, there’s a bill to pay somewhere- of that I am sure. And whatever we don’t hold in our hands when the repo man comes knocking is going to be subject to forfeiture.

        • Sad reality is that we really have 0 say in stuff like the national debt etc,,, when was the last time anyone truly felt represented?????

      20. The rich [you know, the ones with all the power in the universe] stand to lose their purchasing power should this endless monetary expansion continue, as the rich stand to lose the most if hyperinflation occurs. The rich don’t want to have their billions become worth three cents on the dollar. Keep that in mind as to what will occur next, it is plain as day what comes next, and it is not total breakdown. Enjoy your debt bondage.

        • IOW, think severe tightening!! THE severe depression comes as the rich remove the excess money by crashing the world markets [those retail bagholders that bought the fucking dip will lose as they will keep buying trying to catch the falling knife… to S&P 300], thus billionaires with ready cash can buy the planet for three cents on the dollar, then they can start the supercycle all over again.

      21. I never felt better than today having PMS as insurance. 2017 is going to go bad,real bad.

      22. EMP ALERT


        Sarge, your were asking me about where it was coming from? I am not sure for certain, but I have learned to trust John Moore’s reporting. John has legitimate insider sources like my scientist friend.

        Planet X./Nibiru is real. Sarge listen this video Below with John Moore to see what he was told by and insurance agent, who knew of ex military hiding out in mountainous areas of the country, because of Planet X. I quit talking about it on shtf because I am tired of being ridiculed. So the scientist told me to stop warning people on the site, to let it rip and let them get caught off guard, that they will learn the hard way. Most preppers will be glad that they listened to this John Moore video. I can tell you this much, he is 100% on the money. The bible said that men’s hearts will fail them from signs in the sky. What did the prophets mean by that. I know, because I was told, and this is why I have been on here warning over and over again, and I am getting laughed at. How serious am I? I am closing on land in less than 2 months, and already found my personal BOL location, finally. I was not convinced that the people I know and trust will help me in SHTF, so I am Building my own survival shelter. Construction begins with my friends BOL, This one friend of mine is trust worthy, since he just closed on his land. What’s next? And we are behind on schedule. Then I have to close on my land. I will be helping him clear the land, and building a big ass sand bag house with solar, water tank, etc. Yes HCKS knows how to landscape and do construction and is a farmer and knows how to grow his own food, and do it successfully because I am currently doing it now. The freeze just killed off all my crops in my back yard, but I planted 100’s more kale.



      23. Why should we need “proof” of that which has been common knowledge and widespread practice for decades on decades?

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