Professor Who Predicted Trump Win Says He’ll Be Impeached By 2018: “The President’s Own Party Will Turn On Him”

by | Apr 14, 2017 | Headline News | 63 comments

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    Though most left-wing voters assumed Donald Trump had no hope of winning the Presidency, one anti-Trumping professor put politics aside when making his assessment and accurately predicted he would defeat Hillary Clinton.

    Now Professor Allan Lichtman, author of the book The Case For Impeachment, says that the President will soon be taken to task, not by Democrats who won’t have a chance for a majority in Congress until after the 2018 election, but by members of his own Party.

    Via Politico:

    Allan Lichtman, a professor at American University, reached meme-status last fall for predicting long before anyone else that Trump would win, using a formula based on the popularity of the party in control of the White House that accurately predicted the eight previous presidential elections. Now Lichtman wants everyone to pay attention to the rest of what came through his crystal ball — that Trump will now be impeached.

    The people who paid attention only to the professor’s first prediction include the commander in chief, whom Lichtman says reached out to him during the transition.

    “Taking time out of preparing to become the world’s most powerful leader, he wrote me a personal note, saying ‘Professor — Congrats — good call,’” Lichtman writes in “The Case for Impeachment,” an advance copy of which was shared with POLITICO.

    “What Trump overlooked, however, was my ‘next big prediction’: that, after winning the presidency, he would be impeached.”

    Via Raw Story:

    Politico spoke to Allan Lichtman about his new book, The Case for Impeachment, and why Lichtman believes that the president’s own party will turn on him, enabling Congress to remove him from the White House.

    Leaders and supporters of the “NeverTrump” movement, which attempted to prevent Trump’s ascension to the Presidency by any means necessary, haven’t given up. They may be hiding in the shadows, but they are actively working against the Trump administration, as evidenced by the fact that they are doing everything they can to take out Trump’s Lieutenants.

    Though we’ve seen actions taken by the President in recent weeks that suggest he may be starting to lean towards the status quo by doing the bidding of the shadowy Deep State operating behind the scenes of global economic, financial and political affairs, it is not yet clear if Trump will fully embrace the old guard.

    Democrats have already called for Trump’s impeachment and even those who were willing to giving him a chance to change the direction of the country are now suggesting some of his actions are impeachable offenses.

    Only time will tell, but one thing appears to be fairly certain, nothing has really changed under President Trump up to this point.


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      1. I don’t trust “Professors” any longer.

        • Agreed.

        • What about the professor on Gillgans Island? He certainly was able to fix that wayward NASA satellite.

          Just sayin’

          But yeah, predictions are a dime a dozen.. or as Yogi Berra famously said, “It’s tough to make predictions – especially about the future.”

        • They used to teach. Today most are simply slick propagandists.

        • Not gonna happen, but its a great way to sell books. 🙁

        • I don’t trust that dumb professor anymore. After all, his prediction of Trump’s win was just a coin toss, 50:50 chance of winning. It doesn’t take brains for that kind of prediction. I predicted from day 1 on June 15, 2015, that Trump would win the presidency. Big deal! From another professor.

        • These”professors” are responsible for turning every student possible into a radical, left-wing idiot!! These professors deserve a thick, tight rope around said neck of theirs…

      2. Pull Jared Kushner’s nose out of national policy matters, send him and Ivanka back to New York, and you might get the old Trump back.

        In the long run, it doesn’t really matter who is in the White House; but Trump certainly has changed his tune at lightning speed. Something isn’t right.

        • Trump just appointed Roger Severino to head OCR, a defender of religious liberty and critic of special rights and privileges for sexual perverts that allow them to force others to support their position.

          I don’t have a problem with that and absolutely do think it makes a difference that Trump is in the White House instead of either Romney or Hillary (whom I suspect would be appointing someone quiet different than Severino).

        • TRUMP CANNOT run the country without the elite professionals in the status quo to manage our affairs; the economy in particular.

          He is smart enough to know that he must compromise to get things done. Otherwise, the RINOS and LIBERALS would oppose him at every turn creating complete CHAOS; just like they tried to do from the get go.

          It’s only been a few months now and he has made great progress. Imagine what America will look like four years, eight years from now, as he CONSOLIDATES his power.

          America will be great again!!! 🙂

          • Consolidating power?

            when is that a good thing?

            the intellect is scary.

            just like the fascists who took over both parties and the education system within which you so clearly gobbled every reverse psychology program.

            none more so hopelessly enslaved than those who think they are free..

          • If the gop pulls down President TRUMP, it will be final proof that there is a CABAL of pols + bureaucrats that need to be

      3. Trump is the 1st president since the 1950s that has the balls to do something about
        north korea. hope he gets it done for good. we need a problem solver not a quick fix

        • “H”

          • Sarge, Trump will have to break the neocons’ grip on him and get all of the traitors out of the WH before I start believing in him again. I can live with a few surgical strikes on NK as long as they choose the right targets and even take out porky, but I DON’T want WW3.

        • Hopefully he saved a MOAB for NK and Kim Jong sucks.

          • I’m hoping he talked China into doing something about it.

            That would be a double win for us.

        • Why is north korea attacking the USA or something i should know about and what about the false flag chemical attack on Syria because if thats putting america first then it’s a good job that traitor trump is not putting it last.

          p.s I hope Kim gives the USA a good old kicking, one thats over due.

          • You’re either trolling or you’re a moron.

            Which is it?

          • Mr. Smith, North Korea isn’t attacking the USA. Not yet, anyway. But in case you’re not aware, cockroach and his father have been threatening to for quite a while.
            The mouse that roared again.

            But your p.s. is interesting.
            Do you mean we, the populace of the USA, need a good old kicking or those that rule over us?
            By the way, they rule over you, too.

        • Halberd is in serious need of getting his name on a brain transplant list, because the one he has that prompted him to make this unbelievably stupid, irresponsible and reckless statement has just experienced a major malfunction.

          “If Washington decides to carry out a unilateral military action against Pyongyang, the attack could lead to a nuclear disaster affecting the entire Korean Peninsula, Director of the Center of South Korean Studies at the Institute of Far Eastern Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences Alexander Zhebin told Sputnik.
          “Approximately 30 nuclear power plants are operational in South Korea. Several of them could be destroyed even if conventional bombs and shells are used. This could lead to five-six Chernobyl-type disasters on a relatively small area of 99 square kilometers that could instantly turn into a place unsuitable for life,” he explained.
          This is a multi-catastrophe in the making, if President Trump goes ahead with military attacks against North Korea.”

          Let me ask halberd a simple question. Have you ever heard of something called the ‘jet stream’??? Better yet, is your clearly dismal IQ so low on the charts that you believe that Trump can bomb the shit out of North Korea – whether with nukes or with conventional bombs – it really makes no difference – and the resulting release of deadly radiation and radioactive chemicals into the atmosphere – are going to somehow be magically confined to only the geographic boundaries of North Korea and only kill North Koreans and be totally harmless to the REST OF ENTIRE FREAKING WORLD’s populations?

          Jeezus H. F’ing Christ. These mentally insane, war mongering, blood thirsty psychos are not going to be happy until they render the entire G-D planet Earth unsuitable for human, animal, or plant habitation.

          • Its South Korea’s own damn fault for having 30 operational nuke plants within artillery or missile range. They let the problem fester for too long without taking care of it. Pacifism
            in the face of brutality will get you nowhere. Now they have a real fucking problem. The
            problem is not going away, and yes, something will be done about this. Get this thru your
            thick skull- we are living in the end times and there are no easy solutions to the worlds
            problems. If South Korea truly cared about its safety, it would have taken care of this problem on its own several years ago. Sadly, its most likely too late for a peaceful solution.
            The United States and South Korea watched and did nothing to stop a paranoid regime
            from acquiring nuclear weapons. Now we have the consequences to deal with. Turning a
            blind eye to a problem does not make the problem go away. The American public became
            apathetic to the national debt along with our shyster politicians, which is why we now have
            over 200 trillion in unfunded liabilities to deal with. China gave the NK’s the technology and
            everything else needed for a nuke problem. They should have suffered the consequences
            for that decades ago. Instead, the WTO gave them most favored trade nation status and
            now we seek their assistance for the problem they ( China ) created in the first place.
            See how it works. No sane human being wants war. When Iran and North Korea have
            long-range ICBM’s that can hit any target inside the US, then we will have some serious
            fucking problems. That is why those 2 nations will not be allowed to have them. Conflict
            in the last days will be inevitable. Armageddon is at our door. This is the age we live in.

          • IF the US used “nuclear weapons” and that is a big IF, then we would use neutron bombs and the radiation would dissipate in a matter of days.

            All major nuclear powers now have neutron bombs for just this reason. NKorea does not have neutron bomb technology. Soon they will not have any nuclear weapons. 🙂

      4. It’s really getting ridiculous. I’m not talking about the professor’s prediction, but about the impeachment of Trump. Barry Hussein Obama broke the law concerning the constitution too many times to have enough space to list here, but yet people are talking and have been talking about impeaching President Trump. Listen, the POTUS, must still put a real scare into everyone on capitol hill, for this to be continued. I don’t think any past POTUS has been this bombarded with such discrimination before. I really don’t know what the GOP want from Trump. It must be the whole damn kit n caboodle in Washington DC that are out to get Trump. This could only mean they’re all backing the NWO, and maybe fighting over who will be KING. This kickin Trump has been going since his election. Trump could win his support back if he would quit listening to Jered Kushner and the other know nothings. The smartest thing Trump can do right now is bring Steve Bannon back to power, also confer with Rand Paul. Trump’s got to get back to focusing on his original agenda.

        • Waiting, damn right that’s what Trump needs to do if he wants MY support back. The word I get is that both Steve Bannon AND Kellyanne Conway may be kicked to the curb. Those are the only 2 GOOD people in the WH that I can see. If they’re both put out, then all bets will be off.

          • Braveheart… that Bannon is a real piece of work. The local Times ran an article exposing his shifty shenanigans. He claimed he was living in Florida while living in California. No neighbor ever saw him at his supposed residence in Florida.

            • Aljamo, if that article is from an MSM source, then it’s bogus. Everyone and their momma in the MSM has been running false articles about Bannon since day one. The MSM is the real piece of work.

      5. 2018 shoot we will be at war by then, and no president has ever left office in the middle of a war.

        Or we all just might not be here anyway……….

      6. If they try to impeach the Pres. then for sure there is only one party ion Washington.

        He must be doing a good job or the NWO wouldn’t be trying to get him out of office.


      7. I don’t agree with this Professors conclusion.
        I do, however, agree that Trump won’t make it to the next election.
        The Maggotry has placed Trump where he is for a reason. They need him there to accomplish a certain goal or even numerous goals. Once that’s done they won’t need him in the position they have placed him in, anymore.
        I’m going to make a prediction of my own.
        I predict Trump will fake die in a fake assassination for a fake false flag.
        My reasons for believing this are numerous.
        If the Maggotry really want to get WWIII rolling along and get a hefty portion of the American people behind it, they will need a really big event to happen. Something powerful. Something beyond shock and awe. Something absolutely mind stunning.
        This really big event would also have to polarize the country, so that half the people will be screaming for war blood, while the other half will be against the war blood screaming.
        You can’t get the polarization effect if, say, the Maggotry nuked an American city and blamed it on Kim Jong Fatface.
        But you can get it if you pretend to kill the President. Or, pretend kill the fake President. Whichever way you want to look at Trump, Real or fake.
        Anywho, fake killing Trump would be the perfect catalyst.
        Now the script writers could go two ways with this.
        They could blame it on some Muslim terrorist ISIS fighters who snuck into the country thanks to some libtard Federal Judges that Trump could have shut up with a wink of his eye if he was really in charge. Or, the script writers could blame it on some #BlackLivesMatter pansy or Mexican militant in order to get the race war started.
        I think the first scenario most likely. Especially since they could work the race war scenario into the WWIII scenario without to much trouble, even if they have to manufacture some or most of it.
        We haven’t had a successful Presidential assassination since 1963 and it seems to me we are due for another one fairly soon. Which is why we keep seeing news about the complete ineptness of the Secret Service. Predictive programming.
        (I say 1963 with the proviso that I’m fairly certain that assassination was fake as well. I have no conclusive evidence that President Kennedy was killed in Dealey Plaza in 1963.)
        The stock market will be timed to crash with the news of the fake assassination and that debt paper we call the dollar will go super inflationary. Or super deflationary. Whichever.
        Trump will be allowed to retire some place with lots of golf courses and a bunch of cute girls he can crotch grab while most of his rich friends in the Maggotry will be making money from war profits and the suffering of the peasantry.
        Most of the entire world becomes a third world shithole and it’s all done without firing a single nuke.
        Remember, they want to own the planet.
        Not destroy the thing they wish to possess.

        • A fake assassination of Trump will not work because Trump likes the “lime light ” too much. He couldn’t stay hidden away. Now nuking an American city could get wars started all over the place, but then again you would be destroying everything. I’m sure the elite assholes will think of something though. Patriots be ready.

        • Interesting hypothesis. But, don’t underestimate the parasite’s potential to destroy the planet, in their mind, if they can’t have it, neither can anyone else…

      8. Impeachment is not going to happen. Period.

        The Democrats, loony Professors, and RINO’s are out of their minds in this regard. Tell ’em they’re loonies when you hear it from them.

      9. Impeachment is not going to happen. Period.

        The Democrats, loony Professors, and RINO’s are out of their minds in this regard. Tell ’em they’re loonies when you hear it from them.

        • So far, he hasn’t done anything that would be legitimate grounds for impeachment.

          And even if the House did impeach him, the Senate wouldn’t remove him, the same as happened with the Clinton impeachment (and there were legitimate grounds for Clinton’s impeachment).

          Impeachment for anything other than some totally outrageous violation of his Oath of Office or an equally outrageous personal crime would start a civil war that no one in Congress has the slightest chance of ending up on top of, and they know it.

      10. Smokey, I don’t normally pay attention to any ‘professors’ myself. However, unless Trump breaks the deep state’s grip on him and goes to war against them, then I don’t see any reason for me to believe in him anymore. I won’t even care if he’s impeached. It’s still possible for DC to eventually declare war against we the people and I’ve been prepping for that for over 2 decades. My plans won’t change regardless.

      11. Trump is the only Republican I’ve ever voted for.

        And if the Republicans turn against him, as they seem to be gleefully doing, he will be the last.

        The Republicans are showing themselves as a globalist fake opposition party to anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear, but I’m betting the majority of America is both blind and deaf in these last days of ours.

        If he is removed, there will be no option left but war for those who have been patiently putting up with not only no representation but open hostility in and from government for so long, simply awaiting our chance to finally have at least some say so in it.

      12. Why would the deep state minions want to impeach Trump?

        It looks to me that he’s starting to fall in line with them. Look at the people who are surrounding him now. NWO-deep state-toadies one and all. His son-in-law is in bed with Soros. You’ve got even the Democrats like Pelosi and Chucky Schumer praising him for his attack on Syria as well as McCain and Lindsey Graham.

        Looks to me like just more of the same.

        We got lied to again.

        I’m done with ’em. F–k all of them.

      13. Too many Americans who wish America harm so that Trump can be discredited. I went eight years not liking Obama but all that time, I wished only the best for America. These liberals cannot even go a few months. Truly sad!

      14. More speculation

      15. For whatever its worth I think I figured it out. When somebody runs as candidate for
        president, they tell you their beliefs and how they think about topics. When they get
        in the oval office they then find out what a real mess the world really is. They find out
        what they really can and can’t do. They don’t fully understand everything until they
        actually get in there and take a good look around. Its really not doublespeak. They don’t
        have the big picture until they sit in that seat. Thats when reality hits them and they find
        out the real shot callers are everybody from McCain to Yellen. Trump said all the right
        things to get elected. I didnt like some of his tactics but he did what he had to do. The
        deep state gets to every president. Lots of deal making never gets published.

        • President Trump meant what he said when he was campaigning. He is a true American. He wants America to be prosperous. Problem is the deep state is so big and so entrenched in the affairs of the whole world that no one man cn possibly conquer it alone . It will take citizens backing and supporting the President and they will also have to remove the swamp vermin in their own neighborhoods.

        • “The first obligation of a politician is to get elected.” ~ John F. Kennedy

          If you don’t get elected, you cannot do anything big as can the POTUS–the most powerful person in the world. Trump will do it.

      16. And I stopped working in the garden for this sillyness man do I need a hunting trip vacation!

        • Me too.

      17. He will get impeached because he lost his base, the ones who would start civil war if that happened, he should have arrested members of congress as soon as he was elected, should have garrisoned CA, and called out the zionist occupied government. Seized the federal reserve. It all could have been done in the beginning but he was a shill from the beginning. He now sounds like an Alzheimer patient.
        He showed he was jew puppet and lost his base its that simple. He needs to another 180 if he wants to stay in power.

      18. if he is impeached I am willing to take some sort of measures in response to that. I dont know specifically what, but a lot of voters wont be happy.

      19. Trump moves quickly and decisively, for better or worse. I don’t think he will get us into a long drawn out affair like say Vietnam. I received letters regularly. There were two or three that stood out. At one point, this fella was only allowed one bullet. Wtf. Is that how to win? And when we fought the Germans by coming in at Sicily and winding our way all the way through Europe to get to Germany. Insane. But the money made by the war machine isn’t interested in getting it over with. There is no money made if it ends quickly. Sure we landed on D-Day on the shores of France at the end. Russia was the victor in Germany before the Americans arrived to divide the spoils between Russia, America, and England.

        If Trump was Fighting, he would have gone straight for Germany, he wouldn’t pussyfoot thru Europe. He won’t drag out conflicts. He’ll fight and win.

        That is better for America. We will suffer less loss of life. I am basically a pacifist. I don’t like war. I think it is stupid. Sometimes taking shit off aggressors is better than fighting. Look at what happened to Hitler. He went into Poland to save the Germans being persecuted and killed. In the long run it would have been better if he just let them die. He could have gone on a radio talk show tour of America gaining support and possibly preventing Russian aggression with worldwide attention to the plight of both Germans and Russians.

        Well Trump has proven he is not afraid to back up his rhetoric with action. Let’s hope he knows what the hell he is doing.


      20. time will tell how Trump does.

      21. Your German prince (Trump) tricked you and you just won’t let go. Who cares if he acts quickly if the results are disastrous. Epic fail.

        • I believe he is of Scottish ancestry. German prince? Really? Goodbye already.

          • Fred Trump was German. Google it. Are you really that stupid? Really? Do you use your head before you write, ever? Goodbye.

      22. @ tc: Very interesting.

        DJT has lost his way and may have been MK-U’d??
        Hillary may have been prevented from election by the Money Changers as they are Patriarchal, after all. DJT supported his daughter being chew’d up. Money Changers like that and with being form NY and money’d up they supported him. So did russia apparently.

        DJT knew that Americans were ANGRY and Capitalized! Chewy or out of American Patriotism??? Results indicate Chewish.

        The DC and WS chews sent American business to C-china who then built a military who also funded NK’s with all the US dollars. Now all of the sudden we are supposed to believe that NK is out of Communist China’s control??? NOT!

        Why naval armada? Why not airstrike with stealth, fighters, a-10’s? Yesterday was a prime-op!

        US has advanced inside the old European dmz and continues down russia’s ole western front into the N ME.
        Meanwhile the Bear is to our due north and hold their west in check.

        Both the dragon and the bear are in the America’s, in numerous places, in small forces for what, parties???

        I call false flag on the NK Kim!! He is being used as bait for the switch.

        So far discussions here have money on strategic domestics from imports as the catalyst.

        *Busted kreepers lurking on the property yesterday. A he/she duo sizing things up. Called #1 son (his house) he parked off sight and went dark. Kept the big dogs out as back up, they like the cool air!
        Keep an eye on your stuff folks – KREEPERS!

      23. Trumps Party? Trump don’t have any Party. The republican party never backed him. Its the pissed off deplorables from the fly over states that elected him. And they voted for him not because he was so good. He was elected because every one else was so bad. We all knew there hasn’t been-is not now- or ever will be any viable political or ballot box solution. I wear my red Make America Great Again hat everywhere. So far no negative comments. If anyone ever says anything I have a three word reply planned. Best President Ever. No matter what they say that’s my Reply. Im enjoying the havoc loose cannon Trump is causing.

      24. I think as things stand President Trump will not be Impeached. However He will only get one term. Bobby Kennedy’s son is running for governor of Ill. He will be elected. He will be the democratic candidate for president in 2020. He will easily beat President Trump by a landslide. Heck hellery with all her baggage gave him a good run. A squeaky clean Kennedy will be a shoo in.

      25. Only those alive that fateful day in November know what it feels like to have the soul ripped from your country. That was the day the music died. Auto electing a Kennedy may be a desperate grab to hopefully return to previous ways but if Trump cannot do it no one can. And the IT is a deep state of affairs. They grabbed our necks in Camelot. Now they squeeze.

      26. Trump would actually need to commit a crime to be impeached, a simple vote of no confidence (an opinion) does not meet the constitutional requirement. A fifteen year old tape of Trump talking trash on a TV set is not and was not ever a crime. It was simply morally reprehensible.

        Obama and Hillary have both committed major felonies, yet they were just swept away. If false charges are used to take down Trump, there will be a lot of angry citizens. It is becoming increasingly apparent the US had gone much further down the globalist rabbit hole than any of us could have imagined.

        • More than just a crime, a serious one equivalent to Treason or Bribery.

          At least that is what the Constitution requires, not that anyone pays much attention to that old document any more.

      27. Trump will occupy the white House up until he creates too much of a problem for TPTB. He has some social wiggle room but little on foreign affairs.

      28. While the Never Trumpers are members of the GOP, I don’t believe any of the so-called “leaders” have the balls to impeach him.

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