Professor Explains Why We Can’t Preemptively Strike North Korea: “North Would Turn South Korea Into A Desert”

by | Aug 30, 2017 | Headline News | 65 comments

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    Following North Korea’s recent missile test, which ominously flew over Japan, the specter of war with the hotheaded nation was raised once again. As time goes on, it seems less and less likely that the Kim regime will back down from its nuclear program. All forms of diplomacy and appeasement have failed, and not even threats of war from the US seem to have an effect on the regime.

    There’s a very good reason for that. North Korea knows something that the United States, the most powerful nation on the planet, would absolutely hate to admit. Our country is is no position to engage in a preemptive strike on north Korea, because any attack would result in unimaginable devastation. The days when Americans would tolerate massive war casualties over a short period of time are long gone, and North Korea knows it. There simply isn’t anything we can offer or threaten that will stop their nuclear program.

    And that’s understandable once you know how much destruction North Korea could really bring about if the Kim regime ever decided to let its military loose on South Korea.

    If the current situation in East Asia is not resolved, a number of countries “will be living under a threat of a nuclear volcano erupting,” Russian diplomat and an expert in Asian studies, professor Georgy Toloraya told

    Everyone understands perfectly well that for North Korea, if it initiates an aggressive strike, a military conflict will mean a complete and immediate destruction, because no one can deny the US military might,” Toloraya said.

    “However, for the US, attempts to solve this problem militarily also bring on a retaliatory strike by North Korea that would turn South Korea into a desert,” he warned, saying the North doesn’t even need nuclear weapons for that.

    While Pyongyang’s artillery is able to reach Seoul, the entire territory of South Korea will also “be no good for life,” as Pyongyang’s missiles – even without nuclear warheads – might hit nuclear facilities in the South, he explained. He said there are some 30 such sites close to North Korea’s border.

    Obviously, the destruction of nuclear facilities could have more of an impact than any other attack, by causing widespread radiation leaks. If anything, it could be more devastating than dropping a nuclear weapon, since the radioactive materials in these facilities often have a significantly longer half-life than what we see in atomic bombs.

    It’s threats like that which make it clear that no military option is capable of reigning in North Korea. That’s a sentiment that former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon expressed earlier this month.

    Contrary to Trump’s threat of fire and fury, Bannon said: “There’s no military solution [to North Korea’s nuclear threats], forget it. Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons, I don’t know what you’re talking about, there’s no military solution here, they got us.”

    And let’s not forget that North Korea has one of the largest chemical weapon stockpiles in the world, and is suspected of maintaining a bio-weapons program since the 1960’s. Given those possibilities, Bannon’s belief that North Korea could kill ten million people may be a gross understatement, and that doesn’t even consider the chances that war with North Korea could trigger another world war.

    It’s time to accept the truth. We can bargain with the Kim regime, appease it, threaten it, and lay down sanctions on it, but nothing will actually stop that government from continuing its nuclear program without causing mass casualties. The only thing we can do is try to keep a lid on that country until their citizens rebel, or until the Chinese decide that they’ve had enough with their ally.


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      1. is this the same “professor” from Gilligan’s island?

        • Just more leftist BS! By delivering an unbelievably huge totally smashing blow NK wouldn’t be able to respond period. The problem is that Japan is so militarily weak as to be a no show. The NK issues aren’t something that just popped up and Japan has ignored this threat as has S. Korea. Instead, these two countries have hidden behind Americas might which has been weakened by 8 years of gutting by the Obama cult.

      2. geeze, pu55y?

      3. Let Russia and China deal with Porky. We have enough on our plate right here at home.

        • economic sanctioning of “N/K AND china seem to be the only peaceful way….but even THAT might end up with wars….we DO need wars, y’all know….gotta have a excuse to default on all this debt that CANNOT be paid back. prep like a muhfuguh!

          • All this babble talk about NK is just what I’ve been saying all along. Fake News, a big waste of time.

        • If the epic hurricane comes to the island in all likelihood I will have to bug in due to price gouging of plane tickets out of here.

          If I live I’m sure I will have some valuable prepping tips for you.

          IF you live in a 100 year floodplane you should be up on stilts with all electrical wiring raised as well. Why do they keep building shit and tearing it down? Just build shit right the first time.

        • “However, for the US, attempts to solve this problem militarily also bring on a retaliatory strike by North Korea that would turn South Korea into a desert,” he warned, saying the North doesn’t even need nuclear weapons for that.”


          A Pre-emptive Military Strike is the ONLY way to solve the problem and all parties to the problem know it.The sooner the better for the USA, SK, and Japan. The Russians and Chinese do not want REGIME CHANGE in NK. They want Kim to get stronger and be a bigger threat to Allied Powers.

          I have described here in DETAIL how a massive, stealth, FIRST STRIKE by the USA could go down and eliminate the problem with a minimum amount of damage to SK and Japan; but it needs to happen SOON !!! 🙁

      4. We could. We should. The ire of the world will be upon us when we do.
        Then Russia and China preemptively strike us. We can’t win a war on two fronts with less than 300 naval vessels and an army of less than 450,000.
        This nation is no longer blessed by G-d. We do not deserve to be blessed.

      5. Don’t forget to mention the NK sleeper agents inside our country, waiting for the signal to unleash their biological agents on our population, cyber attacks, EMP’s, suitcase nukes, targeted assassinations, etc…..
        We’ve kicked the can down the road with NK for too long, and now the bar tab is due. The article completely underestimates the horrors & casualties of war with the PRNK. It would be “apocalyptic”,.!!!!

      6. Ok,,
        This is all fine n dandyand understandable,
        What i dont understand is why we dont have several intercept batteries positioned that swat anything that leaves their airspace out of the sky?

        • because our 5hit does not work prolly?

        • BECAUSE… are you ready… anywhere else, that would be an act of war.

          Also note, to some of the other NON-THINKING commenters… N.Korea IS NOT going to nuke Amurika. Or Japan. Or S. Korea. Or Guam. NK isn’t going to nuke anyone. It knows full well, that if it did, NK would be wiped off the face of the planet.

          Seriously, it is amusing watching some of you NEO-CONNED dumb-downed Amurikans fall for all this Globalist/Babelist/Deep State hype.

          He’s crazy! Crazy we tell you! He’ll nuke Amurika… just because… because… because… he’s CRAZY!

          Like a Fox.

          • Have no fear. Arizona Senator John McShitstain will be back in the Senate in a few days.
            That means WAR, Curtis.

        • The weapons that N. Korea would use to annihilate S. Korea are not just missiles that can be shot down, it’s all of the artillery that are aimed at S. Korea. Artillery can’t be shot down before it hits a target, and they have a lot of it. Also, they are located in caves and other hidden places in the mountains of N. Korea where our military would have a really hard time taking them all out.

          • artillery rounds can be intercepted, the jews do it.
            On the scale with which DPRK would fire, good luck getting that many, or even a sizeable percentage of them.

      7. I mean, whats it take? An 8 man team to keep one of those things manned 24/7/365?
        So we place 4 of them in SK and a couple in Japan, and just shoot their crap down before it goes far enough to even be of concern

        • Or is the lack of THAAD type systems an acknowlegement of their ineffectiveness? A failure would be more than a little embarrassing.
          USA and SK are now paying the price for kicking the can down the road for decades.

      8. Would the “professor” prefer that North Korea turn the United States into a desert?

        Diplomacy doesn’t work with Kim.

        Neither do sanctions.

        Imho it is time for a pre-emptive strike.

        • Don’t panic Captain Mainwaring 😉

        • Absolutely right and this professor is full of it. A preemptive strike by the USA and S. Korea would leave N. Korea with nothing to strike back with.

      9. Also, don’t forget that this “professor” hails from Russia. Russia is an ally of North Korea. Seems reasonable that his commentary would be written accordingly.

        • have you been living under a rock? the msm has proven that donald trump is the love child of putin and rosy odonald.

      10. if s. korea cant defend itself from n. korea then perhaps s. korea doesnt need to be a country. its high time that these “friction” zones in the world are just simply let loose and resolved the way they have been for a thousand years.

      11. Then lets turn it all into a parking lot. Get our people out first of course.

      12. Why now?

        North Korea is not suicidal. They know that if war breaks out what the outcome will be. For years NK shook down the US through the IMF for money, food, oil. The US conceded and the threat went away until the US was busy elsewhere and the same extortion racket reemerged.

        Negotiations with China over trade, worth possibly a trillion or more are what is driving this now. China can end this entire situation with its trade with NK. china has something the US wants. China has negotiating leverage. China wants this stirred up sufficiently to have Trump concede some issues. Let China get what it wants and like magic this will all disappear…………until it can be resurrected again.

      13. Oregon Law for gun confiscation based on hearsay complaint.

        This should make home invasion a piece of cake.



        • Aimed at veterans, with the excuse that they want to reduce Veteran suicide. Bunk. They want to reduce veteran gun ownership. The last thing a corrupt government wants is armed, smart citizens.


          • BCA: So true. The last thing a corrupt bunch of tyrants wants is armed, former warriors. We all know the ultimate goal of the “Crown” is to remove ALL guns from all of us Americans…

        • B from CA…it won’t be long until the police can bust in and search your dwelling without a warrant, who am I kidding as they do that already. Anyway it is now legal in the Washington DC areas MD and VA. Watch it spread, the Attorney General is a threat to Americans hanging by a thread freedoms.

      14. Well I guess I just don’t understand. I thought if we strike them, which includes their leadership, their military, and any and all weapons they have, they would have nothing to shoot at S. Korea. Or very little.

        Wipe them out. For the survivors, make sure they know that when they rebuild, if they threaten again, they will be wiped out again.

        And yes, we could do it without using nukes.

        • Its not that easy. You can’t do it all fast enough without a reply. The poor mans WMD, bio and chemical would cause horrific casualties in South Korea. NK has thousands of artillery pieces dug in within range of Seoul. No one digs in like a gook as the French seen at Dien Bien Phu in 1954 and the US seen at Khe Sanh in 1968. These were dug in under the noses of their enemies, imagine what NK did in the last 6 decades? You’ll get them but not before Seoul is leveled.

          US power is not omnipotent.

          Regardless this is nothing more than a grandiose strategy over trade. NK is embarrassing Trump and he has no good options. China is creating the path of least resistance for him, conceded issues at the trade negotiations and your NK problem goes away. Thank the SOBs that fed “The Dragon” making them what they are today.

          • KheSanh stated January 21st. The US turned the area around the base into the moon and they still received heavy artillery fire from the NVA.

            Over 100,000 tons of bombs were dropped until mid-April by aircraft of the Air Force, US Navy and Marines onto the area surrounding Khe Sanh. This was roughly 1,300 tons of bombs dropped daily–five tons for every one of the 20,000 NVA soldiers initially estimated to have been committed to the fighting at Khe Sanh. In addition, 158,000 large-caliber shells were fired on the hills surrounding the base.This expenditure of aerial munitions dwarfs the amount of munitions fired by artillery, which totals eight shells per NVA soldier believed to have been on the battlefield.

            As I said, its not that easy.

        • Amazing. What planet do you people reside on?

          You sound like that dumb-ass ex-Penta-con idiot claiming “WE” could take out NK’s 20,000 artillery pieces aimed at SK, hidden deep in the mountains and hills North of the DMZ, in just a matter of hours with our Air Force.

          Imagine 500,000 arty shells flying over your head in just one hour. Not to mention thousands of rockets, and conventional missiles.

          Gee! Maybe if we just send in… ohhhh… SEAL TEAM 6!

          • Yeah. Send in Seal Team 6 and some of the Action Jackson cyber commandos on this site.

          • Good point. The NKs did a display of their firepower a few months ago. It is just wild to watch: they had a line of artillary going along the beach for what looked like a mile or more. They then fired simultaneously at a target on the other side of the bay. Just that coordination capability alone (something not a single Dune Coon country or African country could pull off) shows the NKs are in a different league.

            Anyone who has ever tried to fight alongside Muslims or Africans knows what that is like. Many do not live to tell the tale because something stupid happens like somebody has a big fail when firing a morter and blows everyone up.

            But Asians, Asians are a different story. There is an element of the South Koreans sounding like Comical Ali, boasting they could take the regime out with a plane or two. Or the Americans showing a film where they could just sneak in and fly out in a helicopter and take the regime out. That’s also a fairy tale. Let’s be clear: the Rangers take casualties when trying to encounter Somalis; you know, khat-chewing skinnies. For sure any mission going deep into NK would have to be totally stealth and have no screw ups. They would also being going dark when they go to the ground and having to figure things out on the hop. That usually doesn’t go too well.

            The best option is to trade with them, get over there and go for drinks with the Korean honeys and enjoy a fruitful collaboration.

      15. Trump and Japan and the ROK will bluster and blow smoke, but everyone involved, including Fat Boy in Pyongyang, knows that any military response would rile “the markets” – and The Markets are all-important these days. So Kim Jong-Un will continue with his provocations, knowing full well we can’t and won’t do a thing to stop him. Because that would negatively impact “shareholder value.” And nothing matters more than keeping the Fed’s Ponzi markets and asset bubbles propped up.

      16. “Until somebody solves the part of the equation that shows me that ten million people in Seoul don’t die in the first 30 minutes from conventional weapons”

        What rot!

        They could not even kill that many in London and Berlin and even in Tokyo in WW2.

        NK artillery, be it rocket propelled or not cannot kill that many. They simply do not have enough rounds to do it! Most of their heavy stuff is 8″ and most of Seoul is well out of range of any 8″ shell! Some rocket propelled stuff can make that range, but the warheads are not nearly big enough to kill ONE million let alone 10 million!

        Going nuclear, especially a FIRST strike, would invite retaliatio anyway and then game over!

        Yet another SHTF bullshit post.

      17. Tell Kim you will give nukes to ROK and Japan or let them develop nukes themselves and see what happens. China will rein in Porky quick and some settlement will happen. Russia might prod him along too.

        • Everybody knows that becoming a neuclear power is merely an assembly operation for Japan.

      18. When I was in the Army and went to Korea the first day we were told “if the north wants to Seoul will be leveled in 15 minutes and the rwst of the country in 45-60 minutes.” That was 23 years ago. I have to belive they have improved there weapons by now and that time fram may be less.

      19. Tbe real reason for stoking the NK fires is that it gives the defense contractors more money for the only ‘safe’ answer – the new weapons system called Ship-board High-altitude Intercept and Targeting system or also known simply by the acronym formed from its letters.

      20. How about the US just butt out and let Korea reunite as a single nation like Vietnam did. That makes the most logical sense to me. The US always sticking their noses where they don’t belong. All the trillions wasted on war while America and Americans need that money for domestic tranquility. Yeah, forget that, this giant sucking sound of all the gains to the top is going dandy.

        • Let SK deal with it. They haven’t done squat over the last 60 years.

      21. Thought: Evacuate the entire South Korean border, including Seoul in an orderly manner, regardless if it takes weeks or months. Let POS know when this is completed he’s done and his country is done. Asphalt as far as the eye can see…

      22. Nk turning sk into a desert is rediculous thinking. That will not happen cus the us and sk would overwhelm nk in an offensive attack first. If sk didn’t want to to follow us command then us could tell them your on your own. It’s not that complicated really. Sk will live under threat of nuclear war if they won’t do anything. You know what needs to be done yes there will be losses and it is unfortunate but this guy needs to be stopped before the whole world has to live under threat. Trump needs to lead and make the hard decision what other answer is there more failed diplomacy till this guy can hit targets worldwide with hydrogen bombs. I’d rather lose people but put nk into the stone age.

      23. aljamo

        “How about the US just butt out and let Korea reunite as a single nation like Vietnam did.”

        Unfortunately far too long has passed for that to be politically possible. The massive economic interests in South Korea have significant implications. Lets face it, while its sold as freedom and democracy its all about money and resources.

        We can go back to June 25th 1950. Somehow the US became the worldwide guardian of an economic system. It was sold to the public with religious fervor. The Preamble of the Constitution says, “…secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity..”. To ourselves, not to Wall Streets global ambitions but to ourselves. No one put this better than USMC Major General and Two Time Recipient of the Medal Of Honor Smedley Butler:

        The trouble with America is that when the dollar only earns 6 percent over here, then it gets restless and goes overseas to get 100 percent. Then the flag follows the dollar and the soldiers follow the flag.

        • Yes. Smedley Butler. We got the memo already.

      24. Nice to see some rational analysis of the NK situation here rather than clickbait hysterical articles…

        Bannon is correct: there is no military solution to North Korea.

        People who say diplomacy can’t work are wrong. It worked in the 1990’s until the US reneged on the Agreed Framework. Kim is no more insane than his father or grandfather was.

        The reality is the North hasn’t attacked anyone – other than a few border incidents – in sixty four years. And they won’t – unless they’re attacked first.

        Study the history and you’ll see that most of the blame for the current situation resides with the US and South Korea.

        The risk is all on Trump – not Kim. He wants a “poll bounce” by starting a war with someone, anyone.

        • RSHACK: I do NOT think Trump wants s war with anyone and everyone, that is silly talk. We all know that something has to be done with North Korea, either we bomb them or have to give in and continue the trend of being extorted – about the only 2 options. And as has been said, I don’t think South Korea wants to be shelled and then need MILLIONS of body bags. So, what do we do here guys . . .

        • Make a Preferred Status Trade Deal with them. The NKs are very tech-savvy and do excellent movies, graphic design etc. They could be the next Singapore or Taiwan.

          Why on earth is America wasting literally trillions on Afghanis or other Muslims (who will never repay that investment because, let’s face it, they are losers and follow a backward loser faith system) when an investment of a 100 billion dollars would be a game-changer in North Korea? Trump could even put a casino in one of the big towers there and target the Chinese market. Korean food is really good, the women are HOT, the country is a green paradise. Make Dennis Rodman the new ambassador or special envoy who can lead the American investments.

      25. N.K. Might just do the wrong thing at the right time and we hit them so hard that little Kim’s Great grandmother feels. Kim won’t have time to respond it will just be over. Just that fast!!!!!!!

      26. Remember what China did when we fought Viet Nam? They provided support for the N. Viet Nam to allow it to carry out a war with the U.S. for many years. So, while China says it won’t get involved in the Korean situation, don’t bet on China not doing the same thing again, and carrying out a long war again. Also, Russia is hinting on helping N. Korea out as well. I don’t think the U.S. is going to want to do this for all of those years again.

        • Always remember Linebacker 1 and Linebacker 2. These B-52 mass air raids on North Vietnam came to an abrupt end when the Russians changed the game and gave the North Vietnamese the means to shoot down B-52s. The Russians rocked that lobster as B-52s came down out of the sky and air crews ended up becoming prisoners. Don’t think that can’t happen again.

          “Motion in the ocean
          His air hose broke
          Lots of trouble
          Lots of bubble
          He was in a jam
          S’in a giant clam”

        • JH: Those stinking chinks and gooks are very sneaky. China is having a major field day that we are in this situation with N.K. Deep down China hates us, there is no doubt about that but they know they have to deal with us in various ways. China has helped the Gay FAT boy with a lot of this nuclear and military equipment. If the US has to bomb NK, China will definitely send arms and supplies to NK…All those damn Asians are rat bastard$

      27. Define “pre-emptively strike”.

        … you think so conventionally, don’t you.

        It would be a shame if they were to contract a massive pandemic that forced them to come hat in hand to the UN…

        … crying shame.

        WOULDN’T IT.


        … not that you haven’t been screwing around with concepts like this since 1960… oh! Of… course not what am I thinking.

        How do you get it more perfect? They already self-quarantine… by national design…

      28. North Korea is a race-based, ethno supremacy regime. What does that mean? That means they are hardcore. They will do ANYTHING to preserve their race in a conflict. Look at how the Nazis fought WWII. They ran death camps, they nearly had nuclear ICBMs, they carried out weird science and tortured the fuck out of people.

        They are not “Dune Coons” looking to get a visa to the US and end up on welfare in the suburbs of Chicago. They are smart, they can make things, they can plan. They have also been preparing for this war since the 1950s. They have checkmated the shit out of this game.

        • Franky: Very true, they are certainly not the sand-ape type wanting to come to the US and to sit around the rest of their lives and get a CHECK like so many of the swell blacks in this going down the drain of a country…What a flipping cluster all the way around guys.

      29. No good solution to this problem. We sowed the seeds of this crisis years ago by letting them develop the damn nukes and now we are reaping the results. Kim doesn’t need ICBMS all he has to do is smuggle a nuke on a freighter and detonate in say the Oakland Habor, don’t tell me it couldn’t be done, it could easily. One nuke goes off on US soil and our economy crashes,the dollar tanks and American life as we know it is over. We have lived with the threat of nuclear war from Russia for generations, we will have to live with NK having the bOMB because they DO. The time for stopping 5his is long over, unless we are willing to risk everything. How many of you think the average American would stand for that. Our leaders know this and will do nothing IMO. ONLY way a war starts now is with a miscalculation or mistake by one of the parties involved, same as it always has been with the Russians

      30. “While Pyongyang’s artillery is able to reach Seoul, the entire territory of South Korea will also “be no good for life,” as Pyongyang’s missiles – even without nuclear warheads – might hit nuclear facilities in the South, he explained. He said there are some 30 such sites close to North Korea’s border.

        Obviously, the destruction of nuclear facilities could have more of an impact than any other attack, by causing widespread radiation leaks. If anything, it could be more devastating than dropping a nuclear weapon, since the radioactive materials in these facilities often have a significantly longer half-life than what we see in atomic bombs.”

        Remember what I have been telling you about the evil, blood thirsty, rat-faced dual citizen, conniving jewish neocons here in the USA and their psychopaths (like Netanyahu) over in Israel and their pathological, over-the-top, maniacal obsession to con the US into starting a war with Iran? These crazy sonsabitches and their jewish & shabez goy allies in our mainstream media have been screaming that Iran is one month away from building a nuke for as far back as the Reagan and Bush administrations and two seconds after they get that nuke, they are going to fire it at Israel and roast all of the jews and commit a REAL holocaust instead of the Steven Spielberg Hollywood manufactured one, that doesn’t stand up very well to close scrutiny, so the jews have to get laws passed that criminalize any additional research into the tales the jews have been spinning ever since the 1970s.

        Anyway, this professor inadvertently exposes the lies that the jews have been blowing out their butts about Iran having a nuke or being one month away from getting one. Iran does not need a NUKE to shaft Israel up their butt.

        All Iran has to do is fire their perfectly legal, perfectly authorized under International law, conventional missiles and hit either the Dimona nuclear power facility in Israel – or target the locations inside Israel where they have their illegal and unauthorized, stolen nuclear weapons stockpiles that the Israelis refuse to allow the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty watchdog organization to routinely inspect.

        So, Israel and their neocon lying scumbags here in the USA LIE and claim that Iran has, or will have, nuclear weapons – because they think that lie would sell better to the masses of ignorant American couch potatoes and be more likely to snooker them into agreeing to go to war against Iran,

        But, if the neocons and Israel were honest and tried to demand that the US go to war with Iran so as to destroy their perfectly legal defensive conventional missiles – missiles which every nation is permitted to have for their own protection – the American public would not be likely to support a war that the Israelis are too chickenshit to fight themselves.

        Anyone living near a nuclear power facility needs to understand that they are living next to a potentially deadly nuclear bomb, based on the logic provided by this professor.

      31. Western protectorates are probably money pits. In theory, they would have stationed defenses, in places, which we can live without.

        If it comes down to people in executive authority being humanitarian, in actions, and not words, they don’t really care about SK.

      32. Hi all,

        Who is threatening who first? Who killed the most people on this planet after WWII? Americans…

      33. The choice in my opinion is pretty simple, the Korean Peninsula can be turned into a desert now, or the Continental US will become one later.

        Waiting can buy us a couple of more years, however at the rate that their nuclear WMD program is progressing now America could be on it’s knees much sooner than one may realize.

        A Red dawn scenario is inevitable by doing nothing about this looming threat now. I’m also of the believe that the NK leader is a well groomed puppet for the NWO Luciferian Cabal.

        Their goals cannot be achieved without first bringing chaos and the Mahdi (anti-christ)coming on the world stage posing as the saviour of us all.

        Time to repent and get right with our Creator the only True option on the table for mankind was given to us by our heavenly Father.

        Thank God for The Word Of God which warns us about the perpetual lies of the enemy and the final outcome well defined.

      34. This article implies the elite have a conscience, which, of course, they do not!

      35. The ONLY reason the west had done nothing about the NORKs is because of China. Yes….Seoul and parts of the South would take a fair bit of damage….but it would not be destroyed. As long as China makes it obvious that any action against the NORKs would get them
        involved then such action has not been worth it. Well
        that paradigm has changed. Now that Kim Jong Unsane is or soon will have actual nuke warheads on missiles capable of hitting something in the US things have changed….and the Chinese KNOW THIS. Thus they have stated that if the NORKs start something they will not get involved. Trump needs to make it CRYSTAL CLEAR to the Chinese……either THEY step in and depose Unsane or WE destroy the whole country. And if they get involved it’s on….when push comes to shove the Chinese KNOW they are no match for our military yet. So we need to USE that advantage while it exists. Because if we keep hemming and hawing about it eventually the nutjob in Pyongyang WILL launch a few warheads and could easily get lucky and either take out an American city or three or deliver an EMP strike which would be a massive TEOTWAWKI event. The time for negotiating is over. Either we take the NORKs out before they get what they are seeking or we suffer even BIGGER losses when they do. You cannot reason with insanity. And Kim Jong Unsane is INSANE.

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