Proceed With Extreme Caution: “There Are So Many Black Swans Flying Around That One May Smash Into The Other… And We’re Off To The Races”

by | Apr 19, 2018 | Headline News | 57 comments

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    Financial analysts and even government economists are now warning of potential doomsday scenarios in financial markets.

    The writing is on the wall and as Daniel Ameduri notes in a Future Money Trends interview with David Morgan of and First Mining Gold Chairman Keith Neuemeyer, it seems like there are a thousand needles pointing at a bubble that’s ready to pop on a number of different levels. The key takeaway for investors who hold assets in stocks is that they should proceed with extreme caution because two key factors, according to David Morgan, signal serious problems ahead:

    There are two main factors… one is the debt markets… bonds are starting to weaken… the 35-year bull market in bonds has turned to the downside… interest rates are key…

    The stock market as well… I think the top is in… You’re going to see lower equity prices overall…

    There are so many black swans flying around one may smash into the other one and all of a sudden we’re off to the races…

    Full interview:

    As David Morgan notes, gold (and silver) are “negatively correlated with the overal equity market,” suggesting that any major downside shift in stocks or bonds could lead to an equally powerful move in the opposite direction that benefits precious metals.

    The key, as Keith Neumeyer highlights, will be the big money sitting on the sidelines:

    The institutions are completely out of this market… they are still stubbornly on the sidelines watching this market break out… they tend to be late to the party… The big money is the generalists… the big pension funds… and that money is still on the sidelines… and this market is still being supported by retail investors and until the institutions come in we won’t see a huge change…

    As we witnessed in early 2016 when stock markets saw their biggest New Year’s drop in history, gold and silver explode to the upside during times of panic selling and uncertainty.

    The same will hold true the next time around and the large institutions Neumeyer speaks of will very quickly enter the sector, a move that will likely lead to exploding precious metals prices on both the physical assets, as well as the companies that pull them out of the ground.

    For more market analysis and interviews like the one you just watched visit Future Money Trends.

    Keith Neumeyer is the CEO of First Majestic Silver and Chairman of First Mining Gold

    David Morgan is the Founder of


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      1. Damn blacks causing problems again.

        • Yep. And illegal mexicans, muslim garbage, fags, and many other godless heathens infesting our country.

          • The only good thing black is a black rifle 😉

            • Governor of NY talking today about him being undocumented and daring officials to deport him. I’d love to see someone up there knock him in the head and dump his dumb ass in mexico.

              • New York State is a sh*t hole state.

                The economy has been going downhill for the last 50-years. Just as the worthless piece of crap Governor Andrew Cuomo. He’s always shooting is mouth off about how it took a long time for the state to turn into a socialist run Democratic Banana Republic, and how it’s going to take a long time to bring it back.

                The state is toast. It ain’t never coming back.

                • It’s a shame. I still have family upstate. ?





              • I thought you left the mainland to live on an island full of blacks. No?

                • No, Acid went to Puerto Rico to live with brown socialists.

              • Asking one to speak up is one thing, but those speaking out are not going to get a platform big enough to make much difference. What really is a larger issue is the fact every remaining white majority nation or society in the world is undergoing volunteer suicide, the birth rate is magnitudes below just the replacement level, even here in the US. When someone makes a point of that fact fake demographers say that’s wrong, but they don’t make any distinction of the native and non-native peoples and include the birth rates of non-native immigrants also calling them Swedes or Germans or Danes, or Americans or whatever. They are letting in people who hate Christian ideals and European culture, most have actually stated they are not there to assimilate but to conquer, not on the battlefield, but with the womb, while the state is subsidizing their own cultural extinction.
                I read that by 2100 there will be less than 20 million traditional Germans, even the Turks in Germany will outnumber them. By 2040 Arabic will likely be required to be learned throughout what will be called Europe then. The threshold to change this has all but disappeared because the native Germans and Europeans in general have been completely pacified. The only remaining real hope of saving Christian cultures lies with the US, Russia, and a few small Eastern European nations, but also with rapidly declining native populations.
                Europeans have generally been successfully propagandized and/or pacified, they are also weak, they won’t even act in their own behalf to save or perpetuate their own heritage, culture, or traditions. The fault lies a great deal with Europeans themselves, they are philosophically and morally confused; just in the last 100 years they have had two incredibly destructive world wars that practically destroyed their continent and destroyed the traditional European psyche. They embraced nazism, communism, socialism, atheistic philosophies, and other isms. One of the lasting effects of all these isms played out is that they no longer want to have children, another is patriotism is seen as highly racist, patriarchal, and misogynistic.
                Their current political leaders are working to ensure European identity is ultimately extirpated.

              • historically it belongs to native americans

            • Genius, my Mossberg 590A1 is black. Doesn’t that count also? LOL.

              • Black Guns Matter!

                • Black Holes Matter


                  • Holes In Blacks Matter.

            • Black Guns Lives Matter.

              Dicks Sporting Goods should be charged with Gun Genocide.

              Boycott all Anti-American businesses. Respecting the US Constitution and Gun Rights is the foundation of our Nation. Disrespect it and you get a massive Boycott. Boycott Starbucks also. Fascist Traitors.




        • “The institutions are completely out of this market… they are still stubbornly on the sidelines watching this market break out… they tend to be late to the party… The big money is the generalists… the big pension funds… and that money is still on the sidelines… and this market is still being supported by retail investors and until the institutions come in we won’t see a huge change…”

          That pretty much sums it up as I mentioned last week: the smart money is out of the markets. (Yeah, its in the archives). Retail customers will get scalped ….. as usual because pigs at the tough are fattened up for slaughter.

          The more things change the more they remain the same. 🙂


          Black Swan


      2. “Buy lots n lots of gold and silver!”

        …says the gold and silver merchant… ?

        • Good comment.
          I’ve been saying basically the same thing for years
          here and elsewhere.

        • Glad I bought gold and silver stocks. I’m up over 60%.

          • I’m up 350% since I aquired the majority of my stash at 4-5 bux an oz. 😀

            • I just recently started parking a little extra cash in silver again. I think under 20 bux is a good deal for buying. When it goes over 20 I will just sit back and watch. The ads here that sell it have some cool coins, I don’t care if it cost a little more than the cheap rounds, I get them cause I like them. Mini morgan’s are my new fav 🙂

            • Years ago at a local farmers market / flea market a guy was selling Morgan & Peace Silver Dollars for $5 / each. It was above silver value but I like the coins anyway. The overtime was plentiful, had money to spare so every weekend I bought some. I gave quite a few away when friends had children. People would go “Oooh and Ahhh” getting them. I like old stuff, including people.

              • Ha ha, yep, at one time I had over 1000 morgan dollars. I love them! I too have given some away to people from other countries that I work with from time to time. Given some in trade for services etc. Culls were cheap and BU 21’s were too. I had a complete date/mint set. I love old coins like old large cents and 3 cent silver etc. Ahhh the memories of when I was a collector lol 😛

                • Now that you got me thinking about it I have a few handy 🙂

                  A 1769 Catherine the great 5 kopeks!
                  A 1763 mexican 1 reale
                  A 1731 Denga copper
                  A silver Dirhem from 750-900 ad.
                  A widows mite (crude coin) from 76-103 BC.
                  A 1776 8 pence (piece of 8)
                  A 1837 large cent
                  A 1857 one dollar gold piece

                  Gotta love the old stuff! 😀

                  • 8 reales? Not 8 pence. All in spanish shit but you know the dollar size with the 2 pillars and shield on the obverse.

            • Genius, I’m way up on ‘copper and lead’ to protect everything else I have.

              • Me too, more than enough to fight a war….

                • after ALL THE OTHER sh t yer gonna need, you better buy gold/silver. MOST people aint got NEARLY enough money to cover even the basics….me?….i’m a luckysumbich!

          • Paper stocks is an IOU. HAVE YOU NOT LEARNED BY NOW ON THIS SITE. IF YOU CANT HOLD IT IN YOUR HAND YOU DONT OWN IT. PAPER STOCKS IS A PONZI SHAM. REHYPOTHICATED RE LEASED OUT 100 Times over. 99 of you paper holders will get screwed. The 1 out of 100 person slips out the back door amd you get an IOU STOCK CERTIFICATE.

            I sold all my Junk Silver stash at $42 back in 2011-12. 10 Times Profit. Genius lost 10 Times or 1000% by not selling back then.

            Basic fundimentals. Buy Low- Sell Sell.

            Im now im deep into it again at $17.47. About break even. Silver should be at about $26-$28. But its all paper manipulated.

      3. a guy peddling metals is calling for a correction/crash; i’m shocked !

        although, if this is his first call; at least he’s right unlike the previous metal sellers; as recessions historically happen once the fed starts raising rates and the fed is definite for one more and likely will get two in.

        recession starting shortly thereafter.

        • lena,
          Recession , h3ll, I pray for a depression.
          I’d be really happy if my property were
          suddenly worthless and I would pay no
          property taxes.I don’t care how much my
          home is worth. I have a pot to pee in
          free and clear
          (I actually have 5 bathrooms with toilets).
          Inflation is what scares me.
          Get out of the city. Prepare to
          become an enemy of the state.

          • relik, I wouldn’t count on your taxes going down even in a depression. The last depression people lost their land etc. because they couldn’t pay the taxes and as designed, the pukes at the top scarfed it up at fire sale prices. One of the biggest transfers of wealth in history of the US. A few years ago the value of my property went down BUT MY TAXES WENT UP! Don’t get me started on property tax grrrrr….

            • Property taxes were the main reason I did not move back to WA state.
              I could have bought 40 acres with revenue timber and a really nice house and shop on a river with access to the Columbia river, but the property taxes were astronomical.
              So I stay stuck in Hawaii.
              Pity me(sarcasm)

              • Ya you could be a lot worse off lol. Insane taxation has to blow up in the states faces eventually. There are only so many nutlickers with money to support all this high priced land. When I was a kid in Idaho I remember going to lakes and fishing and it was great, now the shoreline is nothing but assholes cabins as far as you can see…

                • I never went fishing in Idaho, but I killed a lot of Rock Chucks there.

                  • Ya we had a lot of them but didn’t shoot them much. Mostly hunted for food. Pheasants, geese, ducks, doves, deer, and did a lot of fishing. Life was good there 40 years ago but not so much now, Kalifornians have communized it, built ther fookin cabins everywhere, taken up all the public land and it has become a police state…

              • rellik, agree on the property taxes.
                That’s one of the main reasons we bailed out on the idea of retirement in Oregon.
                Land there years ago was priced right (sort of) but that tax rate would always go up, to infinity.
                No sales tax in Oregon, but they make up for it nicely.
                I pay $45. a year here on 5 acres. Not bad.

        • Lena: It’s really hard to call “when” but the fact that the big money is out of the market and the markets are supported by retail investors is the typical, historical marker for a blood bath as the sheep are sheared once again. 🙂

      4. Holy. Fucking. Shit. Are y’all following the Q Anon posts?
        Antonin Scalia most likely whacked to make room for Loretta Lynch if Killary was elected.
        Tarmac meeting. Lynch was promised supreme court spot in exchange for Clinton not
        prosecuted for her litany of crimes. Plus, there is a video of Clinton and Human Abedin
        doing something sick with a young girl. If all of this gets outed soon enough, Democrats
        have absolutely no hope of winning the midterm elections. I think Lynch was part of the
        plan to abolish the 2nd Amendment. Last time the Supreme Court ruled on this, it was a
        5-4 vote in favor of. If Lynch was nominated, say goodbye to the 2nd Amendment. The
        higher up patriots in our military are saying they would have moved against Clinton if she
        was elected. Her regime would not have stood.

          • I went to that link and read through the article.
            Disturbing is an understatement.

            • I read that article and am deeply troubled. What should we do, practically, to protect ourselves?

        • Clinton is still whining about losing and cannot understand why.

      5. Just once I’d like to read some guy promoting “buy lead”. In all seriousness, the last lead smelter closed about 5 years ago from what I heard. Too, I think there’s only about 15 mines left. Not sure how many actively mining though. Most of the lead for ammunition, batteries and other purposes (flashing….) is derived from recycled lead. Seems to me it is a scarce resource.

        • Just mine it from old batteries. Tire weights, backdrops from shooting ranges, tap water in Flynt MI. I still like silver best. Laser-Cast makes silver alloy boolits for reloading (I like them). You can just shoot the vampires through the heart and dispatch them too! 😀

          • Genius, I said this before but when I used split shot in 12 ga. reloads (without the crimping wings on it- just round ones) they deformed into slag.
            Hardened lead, like stated on the bad of shot…or anything in a pinch, nails, flechettes, ball bearings taken from a bar stool…:)

            • “bag”..oops

        • Heartless, I still buy lead AND copper whether they’re promoted or not. Need them to protect everything else I have.

      6. We are living in an era of no consequences. Black Swans. White Swans. Purple Swans. Red Swans. Means nothing. That’s the old consequences.

      7. Typical fear mongering, good God, knock it off already! Enough of this fear porn.

      8. radiofreesouthafrica………kom

        _ black swan


      9. Nunes, Gowdy And Goodlatte Go Nuclear After Comey Memos Released
        “Facing an imminent Congressional subpoena, the Department of Justice finally turned over James Comey’s now-infamous memos Thursday night – which were promptly leaked and published by AP.

        We already know that Comey’s leak to the press was illegal – as the FBI’s chief FOIA officer, David Hardy, gave a sworn declaration to Judicial Watch in which he says that all seven of Comey’s memos were classified at the time they were written, and they remain classified.

        Perhaps most disturbing is that James Comey’s memos do not make a compelling case for obstruction whatsoever – which Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein (who Comey said “I didn’t have confidence” in), used to launch the special counsel investigation headed by former FBI Director Robert Mueller.

        In response to the Comey memos, Congressional Committee chairs Devin Nunes (R-CA), Bob Goodlatte (R-VA) and Trey Gowdy (R-SC) fired off a scathing rebuke, in which they made it abundantly clear that the Mueller investigation is a farce based on yet another example of the FBI using a flimsy document to launch a politically motivated investigation.”

        “These memos are significant for both what is in them and what is not…”

        ht tps://

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