Privacy Violation: Google Publishes Location Data During “Lockdown”

by | Apr 5, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 19 comments

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    In what can only be described as a major basic human rights violation, Google has published the location data fo those who they say are violating the lockdown orders handed down by governments. “Community Mobility Reports” show where we’re going amid the lockdown, according to Google.

    This pandemic has come at a great cost to all of humanity.  Rights and liberty have gone and in place of them, a false sense of security. This is evident in Google’s new reports. Google has unveiled the COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports in an effort to help public health officials understand how people are moving about in response to the coronavirus pandemic. The reports show location data from folks who have agreed to share their location history with Google in order to show places that are following instructions to shelter in place — or not.

    “As global communities respond to the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an increasing emphasis on public health strategies, like social distancing measures, to slow the rate of transmission,” wrote Google Geo SVP Jen Fitzpatrick according to Engadget. “In Google Maps, we use aggregated, anonymized data showing how busy certain types of places are—helping identify when a local business tends to be the most crowded. We have heard from public health officials that this same type of aggregated, anonymized data could be helpful as they make critical decisions to combat COVID-19.”

    These reports are designed to “shame” and force Americans to fall victim to the propaganda.

    Here in France, as shown in the top image, there has been a massive decline in movement to most categories — up to 88 percent — with a 56 percent drop in workplace travel and an 18 percent increase in people staying at home. That’s down to a government-mandated lockdown (confinement) that prohibits any unnecessary travel, with penalties ranging from fines up to 1,500 euros and even prison time for extreme recidivists.

    In California, which has implemented some of the strictest confinement rules in the US, we see a drop of just 50 percent in retail and recreation zones. Those rules are still essentially self-enforced, however, which could explain why France has started flattening its infection curve, while the US curve is a rocket ship traveling straight up. –Engadget

    NPR Station Is CENSORING Donald Trump as MSM Pushes Totalitarian Propaganda

    Google has also said its also collaborating with epidemiologists to create an updated dataset of anonymized aggregated data, “to better understand and forecast the pandemic,” the company said.  Which basically means we should all prepare for more slavery and an enhanced Orwellian state.

    Prepare for social unrest as people figure out they were duped into giving up their livelihood in the face of this pandemic.  While it’s still a good idea to not spread this virus around, preparing for a pandemic now is a waste of time.  Once people figure out that a $1200 stimulus check will never be able to replace their life’s work, things could get really ugly. This is a recipe for massive rioting and social unrest on a scale never before seen that will make this pandemic look like child’s play.

    The government is ushering in a totalitarian and Orwellian state the likes of which will eliminate human rights and dignity for the foreseeable future.  The worst part is that people are allowing it in the name of “safety.”


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      1. We the Sheeple.

        Many people I know who consider themselves “veddy educated” and oh-so-very-wise still don’t get it. When I hear them spouting off as fonts of wisdom I cringe. The are clueless. Sometimes I venture to speak up but am attacked. Lately I am noticing more fear and am thinking some realize that they got it wrong but aren’t ready to admit to it just yet.

        My feelings range from exasperation to disgust to pity. A lot of these same people will also be the biggest a-holes when things really start to fall apart. They’ll go from useful idiots to dangerous and desperate thugs.

        It looks like it is SHTF time. Prepping is fine and well for your physical needs. Your spiritual needs are WAY more important. Get your heart right with God and the availability of Christ in you, the hope of glory.

      2. City and utilities vehicles are given fake makework to do. You walk a dog, in the early evening, which is allowed, here. They shine lights on you and cut off driveways, aggressively. The same, low-flying aircraft fly back and forth, on the same path, some days. I assume that I am being seen, on my mundane chore, while following the 6ft rule and not looting anybody.

        Gates is pushing for a digital certificate, in which a ‘matrix’ of nanoparticles leaves some indelible mark. I will not accept forcible vaccination, and especially no mark in the right hand or forehead.

      3. WOW, really? Who wudda thunk?

      4. Entities are buying up all necessary supplies and blaming shortages on hoarding customers. The psychopath elite’s goal is survival over you.

      5. Quite possibly the only place I can post this without being banned or censored.
        But could all the conspiracy stuff we were posting in 2012 -to present been what they were preparing for….?
        Jade Helm, 100k body bags, videos showing National Guard setting up what looked like prisons, people posting what was supposed to be classified army doctrines… etc…?
        Pigs are pigs they aren’t your friend they will kill you in this.
        They enforce this social distance even if you don’t like it and if you resist bam your dead…
        These Social distancing crap orders are man-made they aren’t what scripture says to do. You better read and pray Now!!
        What choices you make now could very well be that your immortal soul may depend on it.
        Just because it seems like the right thing to do and follow what the govt says doesn’t mean God wants you to.
        I see people even on all these sites say “it’s common sense wash hands social distance it saves lives etc…” “Do as the govt says stay home etc…” but where’s the faith?
        Pray never ceasing that you are found worthy to not have these judgments fall upon you may be what you should be doing and when you’re out don’t do what they say but do as you always would without this. It takes more faith to live normally than it does to follow man…
        I fear this medical martial law more than I fear the virus.

      6. What can you expect from THEM?! They are treating us all the way that they treat the Palestinians. Follow the money! You know who was behind the Wall Street fraud and where the money wound up, as well as the fascist control! It is time to call a spade a spade. Kosher Nostra! Too fucking bad if you’re feelings are hurt!

        • First 9/11, then the seven wars that followed, and now this Event 201 brought to you by the Jews, proven by their own statements and the money trail! Give me one good reason not to be anti-Semetic! They control the tech sector, financial sector, and the media that is responsible! How can they expect not to be blamed and hated?! Are they out of their fucking minds?!

      7. They’ve taken “location data” from the hoards of people congregating at the local food banks.

      8. The answer is obvious.

        Do like we all used to do: leave the phone at home.

        People never used to have a 24 hour a day communication device with them when I was younger. The phone was in your home, attached to the wall or on a desk or other horizontal surface.

        If you don’t want to be spied on, don’t take their spy tool everywhere you go.

        • CM — Yes, it should be just that easy; but people are rapidly devolving into the pathetically dependent weaklings portrayed in the old SF classic, “The Machine Stops”.

          It’s particularly evident in the young, who have never known a world without pocket-size computers and constant connectivity. They are content to be utterly addicted; and (like most addicts) would completely unravel if they were forced to go without.

          • Kids born after the 80’s only know a world of electronic devices and instant connectivity.
            It’s not their fault, they are a product of their environment.
            If my generation “boomers” would’ve had all the electronic devices and instant connectivity that Millenial youth have always had,we would’ve been just as dependent and addicted to the electronic devices and instant connectivity.

      9. Post made Monday, 6 April, 07:20

        Is this what is really going on with this ChiCom Plandemic?
        * Look up “Event 201”.
        * Look up “Defender Europe 2020”
        * Watch this video title on YouTube:
        “Video Removed & BBC inferred I lied. My 2 cents”.

        Look up Dana Ashlie banned video on Brighteon
        Webmaster here might consider researching and writing article?
        5G 60Ghz millimeter waves/Hemoglobin/Oxygen absorbtion. The effect of 5g.

        I also found channel called WorldStarHipHop that allows uncensored video. (worldstar was spoken of by Navy Seal that I respect and would fight beside any day.) Before you dismiss because of preconcieved ideas. No I’m not a fan of HipHop rap or that “culture”.

        But like you, I’m a Fan of EVERYTHING in the “Bill of Rights.”
        Many good men and women have sworn an oath to: “defend the United States of America against all enemies foriegn or domestic.”
        Freedom of speech. Freedom from censorship. The right to assemble peacefully. The 2nd. Freedom of the press.
        Anyone pretending to be in authority that stomps on these rights should be “called” on their poor choice. Held Accountable.

        All that said. If I must go to WorldStarHipHop to find uncensored information, that allows me to protect my family. And also to learn more about a potential enemy that may Riot-Loot-Burn-Murder. Then that website will be on the daily view list.

        Don’t tolerate censorship.
        Don’t tolerate Tech Monopoly Bully Tyrants like Google.
        YouTube is banning information about 5G and about vaccines.

        • Good One Mike. WorldStarHipHop is nuts, it’s the last place you can still see all the organic fight videos and such. Truly wild.

          Lots of Brighteon links floating around lately. Working as intended but Brighteon needs better search criteria. We can’t search by channel, by time, or by length. Those need installed.

          The Dana Ashlie channel is awesome, she was worried about YTB censorship and launched on Brighteon as well. Suggested watch.

          If you posted that from a mobile device, you’re doing it wrong. Ha!

          Privacy Badger is a good tool when using this website. This site has 5 different data tracker associations and Privacy Badger lets you turn them all off and the site is still reasonably functional. Dang WordPress…. What are you going to do though, not host? Privacy Badger, new recommendation, along with UBlock and ad block plus with no special pass through permissions granted. Then use about;config, and turn off prefetch…. Then use a regedit hack to turn off prefetch and bing associations with win10 power search. Then your internal queries only return internal results. Pro tips, you are welcome.

      10. Shit…this is an easy problem to solve. Most on this board should know the solution already.

        Just slip yer phone under yer tin foil hat when you leave home.

      11. So if you don’t want to be tracked, don’t take your phone and such with you,

        It’s your choice to be tracked or not.

        It’s that simple.

        • Or alternatively, if you have a cell phone in the first place, you’re part of the problem not the solution.

          • It is imperative to have available coms to those that care about you. Believe this? Don’t believe this? Your choice. But this is what has been happening for YEARS.

            If you live in Major city, have you noticed all the vehicles with paper tags? Here is the Why:

            License Plate Recognition in Police cruisers:
            Many Police dept. are using license plate recognition cameras-computer-software to automatically scan EVERY tag that their path crosses. If a person has a “prior” even from a decade ago, then the cops TARGET that vehicle. Even if driver does nothing wrong. It is a “pre-crime” targeting of innocent people.
            Primarily black people have figured this out in my area. That is why they keep paper tags and change vehicle frequently.

            Important reason for you to have cell phone:
            Patriots are also being TARGETED with this software. Gun owners in some jurisdictions are being targeted. Gun friendly out of state license plate will get you targetd by police in Commiefornia.

            In Kansas: Also in Chicago:
            You are driving along doing nothing wrong. Then the red N blues lights. You are pulled over. You are arrested on a pretext of a warrant. Once in custody at the jail. You are NOT allowed a Phone call. You are NOT allowed Lawyer. You are Not allowed Bail. No one knows where you are. You have been dissappeared.

            Some Places Like Harvey County Correctional Facility located in Newton Kansas. Have been doing a variation of this for YEARS. The prisoners are dissappeared. Sedated by what the jailers put in the food and drink. Then the sedated prisoners are removed from cell, taken in back. There the prisoners Vital Organs are removed. Those organs are sold on the black market for a Very High Profit. The prisoners corpse is disposed of in the animal control incinerateors nearby.

            They take your vital organs for PROFIT. Then they confiscate your assets, credit cards, bankj accounts. They cover up your death and have your retirement, social security check, etc. sent-routed, as though you are alive. But those assets are routed to THEM. Not to your family. This has been happening for many YEARS. That is how they dissappear you.

            Some police-jailers-judges in Newton Kansas are in on this.

            I do not know if this is going on nationwide or just at Harvey County Correctional Facility in Newton Kansas, located 60 miles north of Wichita Kansas .

            THAT IS WHY YOU ALWAYS MUST have a cell phone available to you. NEVER allow any Police to take you into custody until you make call to family-friends-lawyer. YOU MUST make Call immediately when you are pulled over by Police. Get that call out to your family FIRST thing. Your Location, where the officers oath of office/dept.

            If you don’t get call out. Then if in Harvey County Kansas and likely other places. No one will EVER hear from you again. You must understand that it is the Industrial Murder of Americans for Profit that has been going on.

            Believe. Don’t believe. Your choice. Your life.
            I have Lawyer-Bail Bond-My former chiefs numbers, on speed dial on my cellphone. I have two phones on me at all times, setup same. They are turned off until needed.
            If I am pulled over by Police I call those numbers BEFORE I will roll my window down. I also refuse to hang up when they order me to. I want loved ones to ALWAYS know where I am if ANY interaction with ANY “official”.

            You can listen to what I say. Or you can allow yourself to be disappeared by Law Enforcement. Your choice.

            Good luck to you.

      12. Was my comment bad I don’t see it…
        I make one small retraction from it though…
        This is more likely satan doing this crap for if it was the judgement it would be poured out without mixture, the has lots of mixture…
        But it could still be a test though…
        Where does it say to social distance in scripture?
        Where did Jesus wear a mask? OR stay home because a governor said so???? Nowhere that’s where.
        He healed he preached he touched a lepper one of the most contagions of the old world…
        Also, the I words used in the Executive orders in these stay at home orders, all fulfill the 2nd Thessalonians statements I believe. The I statements make them god or they are saying they are just by saying I do this or I do that…

      13. Don’t have one would have been a better solution to begin with… but smash the stupid thing…

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