Principal Removes Student Carrying Sign Saying ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People’

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Headline News | 89 comments

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    Everyone is becoming aware of the fact that there is no longer any freedom of speech on any public school campus in the United States. But supporting freedom and liberty and advocating for less government intrusion in our lives is met with hostility and often worse, as one student carrying a pro-gun sign found out.

    On Wednesday, a student at a high school in Minnesota joined his classmates who were participating in the National School Walkout and was singled out and removed by his principal for holding a sign that said, “Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People,” reported The Daily Wire.

    Most of the altercation was captured on video, and posted to Facebook, although it isn’t seen what happens both before and after the principal approaches the singled out student. Kenny MacDonald, a student at New Prague High School in New Prague, Minnesota posted the short video, saying:

    Kids at our school today walked out, in honor of the 17 students killed in Florida. Students held signs that said, “Arm our teachers” they had two signs. A student walked out without saying a word peacefully put up his sign which said “guns don’t kill people, people kill people” he was escorted off the property by our principal and threatened to be put into a police car. This violates the first amendment and makes me sick that they can do whatever they want. Please make this go viral. Location: New Prague High school, Minnesota.

    Again, it bears mentioning that the short video does not show the student acting up or causing a scene, only the principal removing him. What happened before the filming began is entirely speculative.

    The goal was to make sure this video goes viral, letting it be known that there are many out there who want not only gun rights destroyed in favor of a more powerful government (because that’s never ended badly before ever, right?) while also stripping your right to free speech away.  Liberty and freedom shouldn’t be taboo. No matter how hard anyone in the government, the media, or leftists try to spin it, freedom is not extreme.  Controlling others is extreme.



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      1. Yes, there could be more to this story. Such as what happened before the video started. Still, it seems like freedom of speech is under assault everywhere these days. Did you hear about the teacher in Sacramento (Rocklin, CA HS I think it was) who has been put on administrative leave? Her crime- discussing the walkout with her students and asking if ALL viewpoints (including anti-abortion views) would be deserving of the same protest action.
        From what I’ve read, she wasn’t promoting any particular view, just trying to get the students to think critically. Unfortunately, that’s not allowed in the Peoples Republik Of Kalifornia.

        • SmokinOkie, good to see you back. That was one student who is awake, aware, and rejects the ‘party line’ put out by the libturds. Had I been that student and that principal touched me, the principal would’ve been going to the hospital.

          • If you want to shut the students down, the gun owners need to start there own march/agenda/online to all of the people in power and the news media and the internet. If you check the statistics more of our youth are killed by kids ages 16 thru 21 in car accidents ( THAT THEY CAUSED ). You could take it to 25 if you really wanted to hear the screams. Anyways, NO DRIVER LICENSES until age 22. Then at age 22 you can get a restricted license and practice until age 23 when you can receive your operators license. Then we can also make it RETRO ACTIVE. So if you already have a license you have 15 days to turn it in or become a criminal.

            The way we ( America ) are going, they might as well make it a law that you are not an adult until 21 or 25. Stay in COMMIE SCHOOL and live at home. No military because you are not an adult. No rated R movies because you are not an adult. No drinking, tobacco products, not legal to have sex, don’t pay taxes, etc, etc, etc. Use your imagination.

            There are enough gun owners out their to scream at the top of their lungs and get the movement going. A lot more than there are students. Don’t laugh. Some genius get off of the stick, post it and let us start screaming or just sit back and shut the F up. I tell this to people in the real world all of the time. Take a page out of their rule book and start playing. If we don’t, some here are going to get there wish, sooner rather than later.

            Good luck to us all. Start laying it in faster and deeper than ever before. Ammo is on the shelves again and if you have not been buying all you can, IT WILL NOT BE LONG BEFORE THE SHELVES ARE EMPTY FOR GOOD.

            When the day comes let me die in a pile of empty brass.

            • Guns don’t kill people. Liberals on pharmaceuticals kill people. Ban liberals and pharmaceuticals.

          • keyboard commando again.

          • Ohio Student Suspended for Refusing to Leave Classroom During Gun Control Walkout

            ht tps://

            • Hospital Infections Kill more people than anything. Cigarettes kill more people. Car accidents, heart attacks, the US FDA KILLS LOTS OF PEOPLE.

              BTW/ Bullets kill people. Guns rarely kill anybody unless you club them over the head with a gun. Guns rarely kill anything.

          • That principal wouldn’t have done that if she was a Libertarian.

          • Most of this Anti-gun sham is funded by the 3ew George Soros. Why is this slimeball parasite still alive and not a dead rotting corpse? Whoever knows where this chump lives? Take him out. This Rat pure evil.

            • Upstate NY, Katonah to be specific …. since I’m on the west coast you guys over “ there “ are responsible for “ it “.

        • There was a period when antiabortionists started shooting and killing abortion doctors. It got serious. I read articles by liberal proponents bemoaning the fact that doctors were afraid. Several States had no abortions because the fear of citizen vigilantism was very intense.

          At the time I was unsure what to think about legalizing abortion. But, I was convinced that if this vigilante justice continued, legal abortion would be a thing of the past.

          As we know, a few murders of abortionists and abortion clinics did not stop the liberal feminists (Communists). They pushed forward and since the law Rowe vs Wade passed, millions of lives have ended by abortion, something the proabortioists claimed would not happen.

          If you recall, legal abortion was sold as a way to prevent unnecessary death. Legal abortion was supposed to prevent women from dying from botched back room procedures. The public was reassured that the legalization of abortion would not increase the number and frequency of abortions. This little fact is virtually unknown to women of childbearing age today who have been raised on Communist propaganda normalizing what was once a shameful and rare act perpetrated in secret.

          Of course the liberal feminists do not want a discussion. They know that the real agenda is to kill as many children as they can, and to do it with or without the consent of parents, grandparents, or anyone else.

          To tell you just how diabolical the abortionists really are consider this, in Iceland a white Country in Europe, Down Syndrome is almost completely cured by abortion. In order to insure that abortion is not used to prevent disease, the Commies pushed to make it legal to abort only when the baby is healthy.

          If the baby is not going to be a thriving self sufficient human being, any sane person would question whether it is wise to have it. That is the only time abortions were allowed back when people still had their common sense. But abortionists are perverse. Their motives are destructive. They were never just trying to prevent deaths from back ally procedures. They were and are trying to wipe out white Christians.

          That blacks are getting a high percent of abortions does not concern abortionists. Their main target is the white people. They could care less about blacks because there are so many of them. They will have plenty of slaves once the whites are wiped out.!

          No one is allowed to think about both sides of any topic, especially one that is clearly part of the agenda for white genocide. No one is allowed to think.


          • BCA: You are absolutely right that they want WHITE CHRISTIANS gone. Our holidays gone. Our values gone. Our morals gone. Our traditions gone. The damn historical statues gone! The WHITE man made civilization, civil for Christ sakes! I seemed to have missed any calling for say a MLK statue to come down – sure is odd. Please wake the hell up folks, we are virtually under attack 24/7/365.

            • Actually, they wanted blacks gone.

            • The 3ews want to disarm Americans so they can fully enslave us with little resistance. Hitler was 100% correct. The KKK was correct about these parasites. Its the 3ews plot of Nation destroying, culture destroying to turn entire countries into sh!tholes and welfare states they can control with little citizen resistance. The enemy has been on our shores for decades dismantlung our Constitution and liberty. Death to our evil enemies. Take them all out. Eratication of evil is our only option. Wake up America to the truth.

          • Abortion is good. Abort as many crack babies as you can. What? You want to pay for these unwanted useless eaters from crib to adult and then some? Then pay for their food and housing too when they sit in prison. People have more unwanted babies so the can jack up their welfare payments. Thw more useless eaters they produce the more they make off taxpayers. They need their tubes tied. Cut welfare off beyond 2 kids. So there is no incentive to have more than 2 kids. The whole system is set up for failure..

            Who the F@ck has to ask a grand parent for permission or consent to have an abortion? Get real. None of their business. Its the Mothers decision.

            I always ask these control freaks who are against abortion how many of these crack babies have you adopted? None. They just like to preach and lecture morality. Then do nothing about it. Abortion is a good thing. More the better.

        • Honestly…it doesn’t really matter. Him “acting out” is freedom of speech protected as well. To them, “acting out” is telling the principal to fuck off, which is totally legal. It’s protected under the guise of protest.

          Being rude, being a shit head, or “acting out” is not illegal and it doesn’t matter your attitude as long as you are not the one creating the disturbance. A disturbance also cannot just be the sign or the message. You have to actually be doing something to make it so the government is physically unable to do its job normally with your actions actively preventing it. Their feelings, their fear, or anything like that means NOTHING when the lawsuits are filed.

        • What happened before or after is irrelevant. The kid was “escorted off school property.”

          The school doesn’t own anything, the taxpayers do and certainly not the billionaire agitators organizing and paying for these gun confiscation events.

          Because it better be billionaires because I didn’t authorize this event, and I’m (wait for it) a taxpayer.

          I don’t care if the kid took a dump in the principal’s mouth prior to making him or her recite the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. The kid was escorted off school property for refusing. What are the other students doing? Complying? Tough f*cking shit for the fascist pig-faced school system.

          And what are these high school students doing demonstrating. They are too young to vote. They are wards of the state. They have no rights. Only illegals and undocumented aliens have rights in this country.

      2. Our freedoms are slowly eroding.
        But it does not matter the cleansing is coming.
        2/3s of the population will be gone.
        Then back to the 1800s maybe the renaissance.
        No electronics what will you do? what will you do.

        • Survive and thrive.

        • My rights don’t end where your feelings begin

          • Joekr, welcome and agreed. For example, my right to self-defense continues even if someone is against it. It doesn’t matter how anyone else looks at it.

            • Gun control is goy control!

          • Joekr: SO damn true my brother, damn good point!!

        • WITSunshine, I’ll work as hard as I can to improve my lot in life and for those I care about. Not really much different than I do now. I own and know how to use hand-tools. I’ve worked in virtually every construction trade at one time or another. I have been a career engineer, electronics tech, IT, teacher and Lord knows how many other professions over my lifetime. I’ve farmed fair, ranched about the same. I’ll build, rebuild, re-invent if I need to. Life will for so many be harder; but, the joy of having that sore back at the end of the day will remain the same in the sure knowledge that I gave the day my best. And God help the S.O.B. that ever tries to take my freedom, possessions, life or to harm any person I love.

          • Absolutely, my wife asked me if there is anything I own that I haven’t messed with in some way, I couldn’t think of anything. Improvisation and sop engineering is King. My eldest son said if the world ended tomorrow dad would have the lights back on in a week.

        • “No electronics what will you do? what will you do.”

          I made my living doing things with electronics,
          repairing, designing, and programming them.
          I would miss my computers, I have 4 or so.
          Libraries, I guess
          I’d go back there, although my personal
          library is fairly extensive.

      3. What’s next? What about elementary school students who point their fingers at each other and say “bang, bang” as though they had a gun? Shouldn’t they be forced to spread-eagle against the wall so they can be frisked and arrested? Playing “cowboys and indians” and “cops and robbers” are probably banned along with school prayer.

        • Brian, that’s all the more reason for people to get their kids out of public schools. They don’t teach anything useful.

          • Braveheart; Political Correctness is primarily responsible for the mess we have in our schools..Kids are spoon fed PC by teachers starting as early as kindergarten and the students are being brainwashed..Teachers that refuse to shove PC down the students throats are replaced by those that will..Look back to when and where it all began and you’ll see PC written all over it..

          • DB: You are also correct. In public schools is where all of this God awful liberal, puke poison is engrained in these poor little kid’s minds!! The Communists have won, they set out to do all of this garbage back in the 1960’s and their success is about 99% – it is amazing, read up on it a lil bit…it blows my mind honestly. Europe will be finished within the next 20 years or so and the U.S. will be as well if we do NOT put a stop to the spread of this cancer.

        • If you have been here for awhile, that has already happened. The 6 year old was arrested for pointing his finger and saying bang you are dead. Another student at his grilled cheese to look like a gun and picked it up and got in deep crap.

          The answer to what’s next is the cleansing.

          • Fishandmud, I trust you mean the cleansing of our enemies?

            • Brave : You know it

          • Concerned C: People that send kids to gov. schools are morons. Europe is already finished and under sharia law. No hope for them because they are too stupid to know history or stand up for their country, heritage.

      4. Smells like a lawsuit. Can the school system there afford one?

        • They can afford whatever the total net worth of the taxpayers in the district happens to be.

          • Anonymous: Ding, ding, winner, winner chicken dinner! You are correct my friend. they really don’t care either, as it is NOT their $$, it is OUR god damned money. Folks, Gov’t has failed us period. and many in local, state, federal gov’t are going along with and promotion all of this ultra liberal, left-wing Trash! If you go against the grain, they will attempt to pull all kinds of shit on you.

      5. Well !

        The old saying is true.

        The true does hurt and it hurt here so bad they had to take it down.


      6. “I want the Truth.”

        “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        Principle is a “A” HOLE. Just another frigging LIBTARD!!!

        I’m PROUD OF THAT KID FOR SPEAKING THE TRUTH. That they can’t handle.


        • Sarge, agreed. Had that principal touched me someone would’ve gone to the hospital.

          • And you to jail.

            If you actually walked the way you talk, that’s where you’d be.

            But you aren’t so you don’t, like any provocateur you just goad others to do what will get them in trouble and leave them out of it.

            • Actually as soon as that principal touched TDB that is assault and he could lay his ass out, self defense.

        • Sgt: They should take that no good, son of a bitching commie principal and HANG his ass and do society and those kids a very solid!!

      7. “Demonically possessed people kill people”, which is exactly what we are seeing now on a mass scale in conquered New Babylon America-ALL PLANNED OF COURSE by you know who(Globalist psychopaths), using you know what(vaccines, psychotropic Big Pharma Brave New World Horror, demonic music, violent video games, broken homes-that one was easy for them, GMO/Endocrine disrupting Chemical laden Fake Food horror, Satanists everywhere worshiping death and destruction, abortion sacrificing to Molloch on a massive scale, and the list goes on and on and on in New Babylon America).

        The demon possessed mass murderers tell all about why they did it and what possessed them….and the American cowards just laugh it off and get drunk as they always do in our already dumbed down conquered collapsing Police State…….humor is always the last refuge of the American coward, but it is very very boring and you will not be able to use it much longer American cowards, as the GENOCIDAL MASS MURDERERS KNOWN AS MONSANTO, CIA, “DEEP STATE” and ALL the others are brought before Citizen Tribunals.

        Better get covered by our Lord and savior Jesus Christ because Tribunals=Tribulation. You were born at a special time brothers and sisters in Christ, and sorry-there will be no pre-trib rapture for just does not work that way and you know it. You just do not get to dance, party, get drunk, stare at the Internet, hide out on the golf course, ride around on your motorized toys pretending your “free”, scream like deranged possessed lunatics at violent sporting events, and engage in all the other mindless New Babylon America cowardly distractions, while your criminal treasonous United States CORPORATION Government controlled by psychopaths carries out mass murder on a scale not seen in the history of the world, and destroys the HEALTH, FREEDOMS, AND FUTIRE of your children……their crimes are LEGION, and you know it, and if you are NOT speaking out against them and actively opposing their LEGION of crimes…YOU ARE WITH LUCIFER, it is that simple and you know that also…….Lord help your soul to understand the TRUTH!!!

      8. I’m glad I’m not a kid in any public school nowadays. I would end up in fights with every libturd and his cat. I’d end up getting homeschooled, which we would be the best option anyway. I couldn’t tolerate the antiwhite, antifreedom, anti-American policies they have.

        • Deplorable,
          I fought with Liberals, non-stop.
          I was ejected from Kindergartens
          and a few school districts.
          How many people do you know that
          are kicked out of an entire school
          district? I was ejected from three.
          I’m not a bully.
          My mom worked and really was not well
          educated, so home schooling was out.
          What I did learn is how to fight
          everyone, even if they have the

          • Rellik, LMAO! When I was in kindergarten, my ass was made as red as an old Soviet flag. I was never a bully either but was definitely on the receiving end of bullying. The bullies were on the receiving end of my fists and even feet in some cases. Those were the days, LOL!

            • My butt was lite up if I didn’t fight back. If I lost it was only warmed up. The rules were don’t start it, defend your sister and yourself to the end, and be the one to finish it. Make them never want to F with you and yours again.

            • Deplorable,
              Nobody will probably read this,
              But the principal beat me in front of the entire
              class because I took down a bully and his
              older sister. This was Third grade.
              I will fight.

          • Relik: We need more people like you. Defend yourself, stand up for what is right and stand up for yourself and not run and cry and act a lil bitch like the way they want kids/people to act now…you know, run to the “safe space room”, give me a flipping god damned break with that noise.

        • anti-freedom is built into government “schools” as financing and attendance is mandated at gunpoint.

          Little Rock 1957, the essence of these “schools” is laid bare

      9. Those kids are white. Only white kids are hammered down like that.

        If I knew back in the day just how bad these schools are, I would never have sent my kids to school at all. A good babysitter would be a better move.

        Most kids learn 95% of what they know just by playing with friends and living with their family.
        School is counter productive.

        “It ain’t what you don’t know… it’s what you know that ain’t so.”

        Guns don’t kill people, teenagers on psychotropic drugs kill people.

        Maybe the picture should have been of a bottle of pills.

        Guns are illegal to take on school grounds. Maybe the teacher thought that includes a picture of a gun. That picture scared me. It reminded me of something horrible, Ruby Ridge. We better disarm the FBI. Guns remind me of Waco. We better disarm the FBI. Guns remind me of cops. We better disarm the cops. Guns make me very uncomfortable. We better disarm the military.

        Now I feel safe.

        Oh shit, there’s a bunch of niggers busting my door down. I better shoot the Phukers.
        What was I saying?


      10. Censored.

        • I don’t believe the kid did anything other than hold the sign up. He was very cooperative when escorted away. Looked like he even asked where the principal wanted him to go. They will continue to tramp on our freedoms until we have none.

      11. That Principal was trying to provoke the student into retaliating by placing his hands on the student..More than likely the Principal was TOLD to do what he did and there were cameras close by hoping to film the student attacking the Principal..And all of this would have been twisted around to support the anti-gun agenda..Kudos to the student for not letting his emotions get the better of him and not taking the bait..

      12. can someone publish the name, address, email, phone number, car make model and tag number of the principle ?

      13. ‘We welcome new ideas.
        Just keep them to yourselves.’

        (New Education Policy)

      14. Our education system needs to get back to actually TEACHING students and eliminate all the PC garbage..Look back to when this madness began and you’ll see PC rearing its ugly head..

      15. Milan Labe! Mother F___ckers!

      16. Molan…dam spell check…free speech violation.

      17. Hate to say it, but the kid needs to contact the ACLU lawyers. He has just as much right to have a sign as any other student had. If the pussies at the ACLU won’t fight it hire a private attorney and Sue the school district.

      18. the kid that posted the video is a tiger, Iknow him. my son goes to this school. nothing happened before, he calmly walked out and lifted his sign. also the words ‘we mourn together’were on the sign as well. the area is a farming comunity, all the kids literally drove combines and tractors on the last day of school with giant trump pence banners on the back. last night when the video was at 4k i had my son tex him that i would be avaliable if he needs dad stuff or an attorney. i will update the group as that advances. also he wants to go wild hog hunting ive never done that before, but mabey you guys have an idea

      19. Waiting for someone to have the guts to say, “I’m not putting my sign down. Arrest me. And prepare to have me sue your ass off.”

        And some point, there will have to be a Lexington-Concord moment or we will be enslaved.

      20. Stop putting your children in indoctrination schools that teach them nothing but an agenda to be communist!!!!! HOME SCHOOL.

      21. It’s there teachings placed upon your children is that what you want in the long run??? Start to care about your children keep them HOME!!!!!! End there indoctrination system of ZOMBIE Children.

      22. My nephew’s 13 yr old son heard that another student was spouting off about bringing a gun to school & shooting it up. He went to talk to the other kid, and now both of them are locked up in a juvie facility. Unfortunately, my relative was guilty of a lack of common sense – even the school officer said he was a good kid, never in trouble & makes good grades – AND DID NOT SAY HE WANTED TO SHOOT UP THE SCHOOL! He just talked to the boy who did! The worst part is that because the judge decided to have a mental health assessment done, the boys have to stay locked up for 10 business days, which ends up being a total of about 18 days!!!!! WTF!!! The parents didn’t even get to speak during the “Hearing”!

      23. You send and allow your children to go to the commies … what do you expect!!!!!!!????? You will have a commie child! Get real and wake up. Take your rights and your children’s rights back and control those rights by NOT allowing any one to teach your child BS! Teach at home!!!!

      24. And save your children from being exposed to Left commie shootings they love to have in their commie schools!!! Want to keep your children from being shot keep them out of the Gun Free shoot them up commie zones.

      25. did everyone forget Kent State U in Ohio? Ohio national guard fired on students, killing 4

      26. Poor kids have been brainwashed by government indoctrination camps.
        Also known as public schools. God loves stupid people too.

      27. duped principal is a stooge of the gabby gifford agenda

      28. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people with guns because it is a lot easier to kill a lot of people quickly than having to get close to them before you can kill them with a knife, much slower.

        Stupid people should not have guns!!!!!!!!!

        • Yep, liberals should not have guns. Being liberal proves their mental deficiency.

      29. My God, they are really trying to literally destroy this god damned country! I am so beyond sick and tired of this garbage. Basically you either comply and agree with the Lefts “narrative” of things or they chase you away, beat you or have you locked up? Folks, please tell me others see what is happening and that we have a very serious problem in this country. There is utterly NO Freedoms left in the Unites States unless you are “down with the cause” and spew out the toxic waste rhetoric that comes out of their Left-wing holes. The Left screams for inclusion and acceptance – as long as it is Liberal speak that is, otherwise, forget it, they will try to attack you, etc, etc.

      30. Right on little Brother! Tell the libtard morons to move to austrailia with their buddy datt mammon… Spread the truth far and wide… we have the Constitution on our side!

      31. Another example of a socialist school policy. Perhaps removing the ability of this official’s “rights” for a week [a time out session] would be in order to see how this so-called adult would like the same treatment.

      32. I recently started doing something that you may be interested in. When I buy a weapon I look around the store for other persons buying a gun and ask if they are a member of the NRA. If the answer is no, I tell them I will buy a one year membership for them when they purchase a gun. (I’m on SSI so I can only do this 1-3 times a year, but I think it helps.) What would be nice would be for the NRA to make it easier for me by giving me a discount deal of $30 a year per new membership as a “BUDDY SPONSOR”. But getting hold of any one at the NRA to suggest this idea is like trying to find a human being to talk to at the Social Security office.

      33. I read a recent well researched article about the 2nd Amendment and private gun ownership in America. The article states there is at least 300 million firearms owned by American citizens but likely several million more than that, with at least 3 trillion ( yes-with a T) rounds of ammunition.
        TPTB would like to take away the firearms but there is this little matter call the 2nd Amendment in the Bill of Rights in our Constitution that completely stymies any effort to take them. Gun control is not about public safety, or crime, or any manufactured reason; it’s about gov’t not wanting citizens to have a counterbalance to gov’t power. Tyranny is impossible when citizens are armed. Gov’t wants power concentrated in itself, they want the citizens to be nothing more than managed resources for the state, to exist only for purposes of the state. The 2nd Amendment ensures the rights stated in the other Amendments continues to exist. WE ARE NOT SUBJECTS, WE ARE CITIZENS! Gun ownership is an inalienable right. Gov’t can grant privileges, but can also take them away; it does not give us our rights, nor can they, therefore they cannot take them away. The difference between a right and a privilege is a right endows a citizen with power against the state, a privilege is merely an qualified entitlement. Even the Constitution does not give us our rights, it states our rights and safeguards them. We are endowed with our rights by virture of being born. If people don’t like our rights they can go live in another country, stop trying to deprive me of my liberties. The most fundamental reason why gov’t should exist is to safeguard our rights.
        It would not end well for officialdom if they tried to make a large scale concerted effort to confiscate our firearms or undermine the 2nd Amendment. Suffice it to say it would end exceedingly worse than they could anticipate.

      34. There is no such thing as gun control guns are inanimate tools if the politicians said we need more people control. how many corpses would be dangling from trees and poles?
        There is only one gun law and it ends with SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.
        anything else was null and void before the ink dried.
        Article VI is plain as day.

      35. The three R’s are reading, ‘riting’, ‘rithmetic’. Of course, you have to misspell two words to make that work. This principal made it worse by turning ‘riting’ into “rioting”. Any school official who encouraged the walkout in any school in this country should learn how to spell “unemployed”.


      37. Yep, just like the argument about cars kill people and knives kill people dumb argument from dumb Americans

      38. I will never put kids in public schools, whether they are too innocent or too intelligent.

        But, a fof has reported that they are now tormented, by gate-rapist types, single file.

        Its not indie-enough, to demand that your prison guards be armed, which is the same, exact outcome that leftists want. That is a framed debate, in case you were slow.

        • Guns dont kill people. Just the bullets can kill people. Unless you hit someone with the gun over the head and kill them. Guns are harmless. Hammers kill more people than guns.

          I just want to know when it is open season to start shooting useless eaters and liberals and kosher parasites?

      39. ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, People Kill People’

        NO !

        ‘Guns Don’t Kill People, Criminals Kill People’

      40. HOME SCHOOL

      41. Public schools today are way different than back in the 50’s and 60’s.

        Home school is the only solution or private school. With the Internet you can learn most anything. You need to fix your car or an appliance, im sure there is a youtube how to video out there. Self taught, street smarts and ambition is how you get ahead.

        • They were socialist monopolies then.

          They are socialist monopolies now.

          Designed for enslavement.

          Whatever “goodness” existed then was to elicit support from the sheeple.

          “Why Johnny can’t Read”- published in 1955. . .

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