Prices Still Soaring: Here’s What’s Most Expensive & What To Stock Up On

by | Oct 14, 2021 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    People are paying quite a bit more for their food and other necessities this year.  The prices are continuing to soar as year over year prices jump by 5.4%.  We are all paying more than that though.

    The mainstream media and our rulers continue to blame inflation on the COVID-19 scamdemic. However, the real problem with inflation is that too much fiat currency is chasing too few goods.  The supply shortage isn’t helping. There’s a finite law in economics called “supply and demand” and it seems like everyone, especially those still cemented in the left vs. right paradigm lie, continue to fail to understand it.

    While economists have insisted for months that inflation is temporary, prices have continued ticking up. Everyday Americans are left feeling the sting in their bank account today: Wages grew just 4.6% in September compared to a year prior, far below the 5.4% year-over-year price increase.

    Even the most basic understanding of economics can tell us that there is nothing temporary about this type of inflation.  Massive amounts of currency were injected into the monetary system at a time when things were getting harder to produce and get into stores. But the ruling class and their puppets in the media think we are stupid.

    So what can be done about it? We should be stockpiling what we can. Nothing is happening by accident, so we need to prepare:


    Take stock of your local store.  Notice what is difficult to get in and make that a priority. If canning supplies are few and far between, make that a focus. If you notice that the meat shelves are sparse, grab some extra when you can afford to and freeze it or store it another way. If the canned goods shelves are looking bare, get a few extras every time you are there. Water, water storage, and vegetables to can and/or freeze are not bad to have either.

    We really only have two options. Play the game and lose, or understand the game is rigged and prepare to not play. The rulers don’t like it when we don’t play.



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      1. “However, the real problem with inflation is that too much fiat currency is chasing too few goods.”

        The end result of “borrowing” money by the government and spending it into the economy.

        The only way this can be corrected is a corresponding and equal increase in production, to keep the money to goods ratio the same, or taking it -the increased money- back out of the economy by increasing interest rates and taxation to pay off the borrowed money and retire it from use.

        Think about that the next time you complain about both inflation and taxation, you have to accept the latter to do anything about the former.

      2. Canning supplies are expensive in the stores if you can even find them. We bought a hundred flats over ebay last week. We have tried these last year to be sure they worked before buying them in bulk this year. Another way to go is to buy Tattler reusable lids and seals. We have some of these we tried about ten years ago and they are still sealed. We also bought 10 dozen more with extra rubber seals to put back. We save used flats if they are still good. You can boil them for ten minutes and the rubber seal will be restored and useable again. We have tried this and it works. Jars can be had from yard and estate sales or flea markets. We have about 500 of all sizes.

        Will be rendering some more tallow next week from the beef hearts we get for the dog. We use a crockpot with a liner and slow cook all day. We then pour it into jelly jars with a wick and a lid and there you go, you have dual use candles. You can use them for light, or if times really get tough, you can use the tallow to fry your shoe leather up to eat (boil first). Ha Ha. Seriously, tallow keeps forever if rendered clean and it is as good as lard for cooking. It is better for you than canola or corn oil.

        • JRS, Damm man, that’s a lot of moonshine!

      3. More vaccine mandates are coming for those who recieve new PPP grant money from the feds. Contractors, businesses, first responders, and all services will force the vaccine if your company recieves it.

        There will be an unemployment crisis, shools, daycare, food crisis, economic crisis, so stock up now, and prepare to leave your job or get killed by the shot.

      4. I read two articles with same message–propane and natural gas will increase 50% and electricity bills will increase 6%.
        I use electricity–lucky me!!

        • Not so fast…. electricity needs nat gas and coal too. Nuke power will be expensive also. Imma top off the big propane tank and fill the empty gas cans. Oil is going through the roof! Hardly anyone is selling firewood this year either. Wood pellets are selling fast and have gone up. I’m thinking about selling my Dodge ram 1500 I bought for cheap and fixed up because it gets really shitty gas mileage and I can use the gutless 6 cyl. 4runner to tow with if I have too. My side-gig selling solar stuff doesn’t do so well in winter but it looks like it is still doing ok. People are starting to finally do some prep work around here. Solar equipment will be top dollar soon. The supply of cheap panels is drying up fast! I hate to spend the $$ on what I consider expensive solar but it’s that or nothing. It’s money in reserve. Getting to where I don’t want to hold a lot of cash but buy investment grade items.

      5. I have food for years stored. Only one thing I have found to have increased a lot and only one thing not on shelf.
        Price of sweet pickles I use for tuna and chicken and ham salad have gone crazy to $2.10 but I don’t know when that happened since I had a shelf of pickles that lasted a long, long time.
        The missing item is turkey from lunch meat section–it has been vacant for a long time-weeks– and I use it for my salads. I miss that.

        ???Canning supplies–I had quart jars w. lids/rings($9) and boxes of lids($3) on CL..not one call.

      6. 5.4 % LOL, Try 40 to 50% which is a closer number that is what my receipts from the same groceries that I purchased 2 years ago to now show! Gasoline $1.75 to now 3.39 a gallon. LOL YUP , that is not 5.4% either, Just more lies from the feds.

      7. I have been volunteering at a food pantry for the past year and a half. I had access to the free food that was donated to us by Walmart, Costco, Safeway etc. So, my cupboards are totally full. The only things I need to buy are milk and eggs and maybe a few other things. I’m not affected by these high food prices. Also, I work in the oilsands camps and we get free food and lodging there. Life is good.

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