Pressure Cooker: “This Place is On the Edge of Chaos”

by | Jul 13, 2013 | Headline News | 399 comments


Since his seminal publication of The International Man in the 1970’s Doug Casey has been an advocate for liberty, personal responsibility and disconnecting oneself from the system at large. He has traveled the world and visited over 150 countries. He’s successfully navigated economic and financial cycles for four decades. And he knows a thing or two about what it looks like when there’s “blood in the streets.”

With governments all over the globe taking unprecedented measures to centralize economies and militarize control, there will soon come a time when the streets of the world’s most developed nations will plunge into complete disarray and social disorder. Once it happens, it’ll be too late for those who failed to see it coming.

Now is the time to prepare yourself, position your assets, and diversify your interests if you have the means to do so.

If you’re in a financial position you must, I emphasize must, get assets outside the U.S., and ideally have a crib outside the U.S., because this place is on the edge of chaos.

It seems like a perfect storm.

Financially speaking it’s a disaster. Economically speaking we’re on the edge of disaster. Socially speaking it’s a pressure cooker. Militarily speaking they’re fomenting wars all over looking for a disaster.

You’ve got to look elsewhere, where you’re not considered the property of some government.

If you’re a U.S. citizen you’re considered property. You’re a milk cow. And if they need a beef cow, you’ll become a beef cow.

Doug Casey with Future Money Trends

Watch Doug Casey as he candidly discusses the dangers we face in America, safe havens around the world, what he expects from financial markets, where gold is headed next, and his thoughts on how to protect yourself from the coming chaos.


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    1. hillbilly SC

      Y’all enjoy the weekend. 🙂

      hillbilly SC

      • Be informed

        Zimmerman is free and to a major victory for ALL OF those that have to defend themselves ever in the future. Justice served. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

        • JayJay

          Amen and Hallelujah!!

          ‘May love be the light that guides us through the darkness’

          • OutWest

            Piers Morgan says, WTF!!!

            • yourmotherwaswrong

              Well, now that a jury of his peers has found George Zimmerman not guilty of murdering Trayvon Martin, you can bet your Federal Government will step in and charge George Zimmerman with a violation of Trayvon Martins civil rights.

              OBTW… It would appear that the “Race Hustlers” and the “Race Baiters” (on both sides) failed in their calls for violence.

              And that’s why the FEDS will now step in. They were counting on a mass, violent reaction. A reaction that never occured.

              Time for Plan B.

              • marylander

                Yes and we suppose another BS event…Where are the good people in our government…are there any left? Does any sanity, and decency exist? I dumped my TV 22 years ago…for the same reason others today should likewise…They will tell bare face lies after lies, until the people believe their crap…not enough time for such evil

                • John Freeman

                  I gave up my TV several years a go and have never missed it. When it got to 50% of the time is commercials I lost all interest, not to mention main stream media became utterly boring – I want the truth or it’s a waste of time.

                • PA farmer

                  Marylander, I droped my cable 3yrs ago its bs and didnt want the bill, got a cell phone with internet one bill, and schooled myself on how to use it,best move I’ve ever made. I’ve been reading ever since, and I am 100% more Educated for it, and how the Media works,even fox tthat I use to watch dosnt tell you but an1/8 of whats ging on out there. I can never say it enough to everybody on shtf, thank you for the Free Education on here (suckers I would payed for it) lol, Politics,Religion,Finances,and life in General.

                • BimBam

                  Yeah, I gave up TV 13 years ago. I quit when I timed commercials running 10 MINUTES!!!

                  No way I said, I can’t stand waiting this long. Also, it seems they were running a commercial every 7 minutes.

            • marylander

              Who cares about Piers Morgan…just another communist…Call it what is is…He is no defender of liberty

              • DRD5508

                marylander, Piers Morgan is just like Alan Combs. Niether hear what conservatives and constitutionalist say.
                yourmother, you’re right, they didn’t get what they wanted with the trial. So they’ll (msm) feed us more garabage about Kate Middleton’s due date.
                As for Martin’s ‘civil rights’; what about Zimmerman’s?
                And what definition of civil rights will they use?

              • troll killer

                Red leader

                Reid cant do shit that Jack Mormon piece of shit has no power out side of DC. and he is nothing but a fag mormon asshole who better watch out as he has more dirty laundry then most politicians.

                he is senile and thinks taxes are voluntary and also makes and breaks so many promises it isn’t funny.

                he has whored himself out to the Latinos for so long he most likely shits refried beans.

                he is just another two faced lying a hole looking to get his ugly face in the news.

                him and pelosi take turns sucking OVOMITS ass every day.

                and one day soon there both going to be out of work

                troll killer

                • roger

                  why don’t you tell us how you really feel?

        • Mclovin

          Holy SHEET not guilty! Glad I have only had one Jack and Coke. I’m taking no chances tonight. I got my Area of Operation held down for the night in the Dallas area. Any available intel will be greatly appreciated. Mclovin Standing By.

          • braveheart

            Howdy, Mclovin. Jack and Coke was my drink back when I used to “partake in the spirits”, but I don’t dare touch it now. I’m just happy as hell for Zimmerman, but I’m on razor’s edge for what could happen next. braveheart

            • mclovin

              Braveheart I have a feeling we would make one helluva destructive combat team lol

            • Triggerman

              You be careful Braveheart….social media is rife with violent comments tonight.

          • Shootit

            Just asked the Mrs. about the location and condition of her paper weight. She responded by asking which one? I love her.

          • BigFrigginB

            Good to know I’m not the only eyes open person in the dfw

        • Piper Michael

          Amen BI…
          Now lets see what reaction we have.
          I’m watching a black guy in front of the court house screaming and I think, talking about ‘White man’s justice…

          This ‘creepy ass cracker’ says, Halleluya…

          • SmokinOkie

            Well, there goes the thread for this article…

            Halleluya and Amen, Piper.
            I was starting to get depressed after reading the article. (something about economic collapse, pressure cookers and moving to Zimbowinga with your gold?)
            Now, I’m feeling better. Getting my mojo back. Heck, I think it’s time for old okie to Get His Groove On! Gonna put on my dancin’ boots and hit the wild nightlife scene in Mountain Home, ID.
            Look Out boys and girls, we fixin’ to SMOKE THIS TOWN…Okie Style!!!

            • Ugly

              You mean you couldn’t make it to Glenns Ferry?

            • Piper Michael

              Have fun Smokin!
              I think I’m gonna celebrate too…
              By going to bed early… I’m worn out from sitting on the edge of my seat seeing the right to defend myself go down the drain…

              But now it appears these folks aren’t going to quit… they’re going after the Stand your ground law ABUSE..
              These people are too stupid to be allowed to breed.

              • barterman

                Thats the problem .They do breed!

          • Piper Michael

            IT appears the Trouble is beginning?
            Sad, whoda thunk it?
            Now the blacks and the media are calling for the Feds to go after G Zimmerman? Oooo nasty, that is beyond unconscionable, it is evil in its own right. This would be a declaration of war, a Causus Belli, by the Collective Hive mind, and what we stand against.

            That will mean that the government has taken sides, and the media is still fanning the flames of rasiss (racist in english).
            If the Fedgov goes after GZ, that will be the end. The Causus Belli. Your right to self defense will then become a sacrifice on the altar of PC. I thought this whole incident was not about race? Looks like I was wrong. The Gangsta Thugs will now get to play their favorite game; The Knockout Game. And the media, the cops and the Feds, will just sit by and ignore it?(Like they have been doing.)

            I pray this is all forgotten by next week, but if the government takes sides in a civil rights charge, then it could become a Turning Point, and, then they will become;

            The Friend of my enemy, is my enemy.

            • slingshot

              Piper Michael.

              You are right that this is not the end. Besides the Knock Out Game, more Black on White crime will come in forms of home invasion, strong arm robberies, purse snatching and others. It’s their right now, to have revenge on Whitey. The so called Civil Rights Leaders will insist on more protests until every White person lives in fear for anything done to protect themselves.
              The News Media is no doubt waiting for a similar incident to increase ratings of their station.
              The Blacks have succeeded in transferring their violence, from within their inner cities to the whole country and they do not have to do anymore. They have polarized and induced fear without rioting. How long will it be before you will put your weapons back in your safe? Not anytime soon for sure.
              There is only one way out of this. Until I see the repudiation of the Gangster Attitude in the Black Community, there will be a Race War.

          • Oldfart

            Gotta wonder who’ll be the first to markey a Tee-shirt with some form of “Creepy ass cracker” on it. I’d buy one!

        • yental

          @BI, I did not know until NOW. This may very well be among the final nails in “Obimbo’s coffin”. My faith in REAL AMERICAN’S has received a MUCH NEEDED booster shot. I will welcome tomorrow with a much renewed sense of JUSTICE and FAITH in what remains of OUR COUNTRY. F-N FANTASTIC!

          • yental

            I almost forgot…”NEW” BLACK KITTY PARTY, bring it on!!!!!!!

            • Piper Michael

              “HERE kitty kitty…Bring it HERE… PLEASE?”
              (This could be considered deficit reduction, the old fashioned way… How? By reducing the food stamp population…)

              • John Q. Public

                Despicable. Your bloodlust reveals how your gnosticism has nothing to do with Jesus Christ.

                • Piper Michael

                  And you have no sense of humor…
                  Typical anal retentive ‘CHRISTIAN’ idiot.
                  I have no blood thirst my stupid friend. Your Churches are the ones who have a history of blood LUST.
                  I, on the other hand, will not stand passively by, while my government gets in on the act, the president takes sides, and the country burns.
                  You will sit and pray?

                  I am more Christian than you? Isn’t that what you dividers and denominationalists do? You wield the sword of division. I know when it is time to sell my coat, and buy a sword. The sword is already bought, the coat is already sold, why don’t you go to the head of the hoard and preach peace?
                  So they can cut your throat lastly.
                  You have given up your common sense to the Church of MYSTERY and false altruism(The Collective Hive mind).

          • Red Leader


            Standby for a few. BHO and Holder may prosecute him in the federal system.

        • Paranoid

          I was just at the Huffington POST their headline is Not Guilty* *But not innocent. Scum reporting

          • SD Mule

            He is not innocent, he was a willing participant. All of you who were claiming the “fix was in”, were dead wrong!! The real question was, “Why are they making this such a big issue? People are killed every day in America, why the hype on this case?” Things are never as they seem. What have they slipped past you while you were wasting energy debating this silly little case??!!?? It seems most people are easily distracted from issues which will overwhelm them in the not too distant future.

            • hammerhead

              ITS TRUE , this case should never have made it to the national press , just a local issue .
              this sort of thing happens daily in chitown .
              this is a product of a president racebaiting , simple as that.
              i for one will be glad when the press gets over their “outrage” over what they believe to be an “unjust” verdict and move on to the next set of promotional stories and government propaganda.

              • DRD5508

                SD and hammer, you both get a thumbs up. Basically, this case actually ended too soon for tptb. They only wish to fan the flames of hate and fear. The judge should be taken off the bench. I just wish my American brothers, that are black, would get other blacks to stop supporting NAACP.

            • Facebook Page

              Possibility a submarine used to destroy targets in Syria. This type has never been tested in live action it has now.

            • Paranoid

              Oh I see innocent till peoven guilty is notpart of your culture, OK Kiss of

              • SD Mule

                Innocent of what? Did he not shoot the black kid?? Did he not make a conscious choice to be a part of this? He may not be guilty, but he is certainly not innocent.

                • DRD5508

                  SD is right ‘not innocent’ BUT he was JUSTIFIED.

            • sharonsj

              Speaking of distractions, while the media covered the Zimmerman trial all day long for weeks, Republicans in Congress are making moves to steal more private property by creating a federal real estate registry that supercedes all other laws. The bottom line: if your property is listed in that registry, and you have a beef with the mortgage holder, you will never be able to win the argument. You, the stupid taxpayer, will lose again.

          • JayJay

            Who still reads Huffington Post?? 🙁

            • durango kidd

              JayJay: I like to know what the NWO is propagandizing everyday. It helps me understand reality.

        • possee

          Well let’s just see what the pink panthers do now..


          Since trevor could have OB’S son..maybe he’ll react and say the jury acted “stupidly”..

          Let’s hope Zimmerman has serious protection..

          Yes Be Informed..a victory for all of us in self defense!


          • John W.

            Expect that possibly as soon as Monday Zimmerman will be starting his way through the Federal system on a civil right charge. If GHWBush did that to the Rodney King cops when they were acquitted expect much worse from Obama and holder.

            • Be informed

              I am hoping that such an attempt at the federal end of civil rights charges would be way too obviously total racist and too risky politicially. Bush is white against white cops, BO and holder are not white and such an asinine move would really start a race war. BO has too much manure hitting his face right now with NSA and Snowden alone and Russia flipping the bird in his face. Bengazi, IRS, the AP scandals, and fast and furious would make the problems grow that much worse plunging Zimmerman into a fed court that would likely lose just like today. More EGG on BO’s face is not something BO wants. The common theme of all politicians now is just wait, it will go away soon enough.

              Let’s hope the George Zimmerman can now live in peace and no longer be F’ed with, because he did nothing wrong in any sane universe. Government lost tonight trying to start to take away people’s right to defend themselves like in england. That is something to be thankful for.

              • Slick One

                George Zimmerman should be an inspiration to us all!:)

                • Hedge

                  Msnbc has been in full poop throwing chimp mode all day, complete with accompanying ear splitting shrieks. I emailed them a suggestion, they should have a 24 hour marathon of ” Good Times” as a way to ease the racial tensions.

                • yourmotherwaswrong

                  Slick One says:

                  “George Zimmerman should be an inspiration to us all!:)”

                  WTF are you talking about?… inspiration to/for whom?

                  Please expand on that comment a bit more, Sick One… I mean “Slick One.”

                  And you people wonder why America is circling the bowl!

                  The culture is rotten!!

                • pissinwiththewind

                  I wouldn’t want to ever look at the likes of Zimmerman as an inspiration.

                  First of all; I’m glad he wasn’t charged with murder.

                  Secondly; i think he (Zimmer), was a cop wannabe and carried a gun around with too much pussy-fied ego.

                  It’s not a black,brown, or white thing to me. It’s all about protecting one’s self from anyone that has an attitude against me because of my color,or religion, etc.

                  Would I have handled the situation different? Maybe. If I could have got a good punch to the punks face as he was on top of me, and turned the tables; I would have beat the shit out of him and then went home. If, I was having my head pounded into the concrete and was unable to get the assailant off me and feared for my life, I would have tried to shoot the attacker through the gut. If my bullet killed him, then; I’d say it was his time to die.

                  Anyways, the deal is done and only God has the last word as to who is guilty or not.

                  Only God, Trayvon, and Zimmer, knows exactly what happened and He will sort it out when Zimmer meets Him on the other side.

                  The “Black Agenda” didn’t start with this tragic killing and it won’t end with it either.

                  Peace to Preppers

                • egg

                  Not so much. To get that title he would have dealt w Tre hand to hand but GZ did what he had too. I believe was self defence. This is the correct verdict from what i can c…

            • Slick One

              Mr. Zimmerman should not face any Federal charges, however he should be awarded the Nobel prize for peace.
              How many lives will be saved now because some young ghetto thug primate looking to attack a human understands that it might be his last act on earth?

              • yourmotherwaswrong

                Slick One says:

                “Mr. Zimmerman should not face any Federal charges.”

                But he will Slick! Compliments of the State.

                “ghetto thug primate.” ???

                Isn’t that synonymous with a “Low IQ Knuckle Dragging Cracker?”

                A little help here Slick…

                I fail to see the difference between Black and White trash. Isn’t trash, trash? Or does trash come in colors?

                A little help here Slick!

              • JayJay

                take it a step further–whose life may have been saved by eliminating the black youth before he killed??

        • Slick One

          This verdict of not guilty will provide many a spunk young brothas with food for thought. If I attack that man I might be trayvoned.

          • ncjoe

            The food for thought of these young brothas is just as likely to be, “We better not give the cracka a chance! Let’s just ambush them and take their stuff.” So, while you are walking around stroking your phallic symbol in your pants, the last thing that goes through your mind is a bullet entering the occipital lobe of your brain. I hope that happens to you. Would serve two purposes. One, get your obviously intellectually deficient genes out of the gene pool. Two, get the brothas who committed the gene eradication of the street.

            • yourmotherwaswrong


              Ignorant, and vociferous posters on this site are an illustration of a rotting America.

              They don’t see it, because they are righteous.

              They claim to “be awake”, and yet the are easily manipulated by false paradigms.

              Left/Right… Black/White… Muslim/Christian… etc.

              On this site, they believe government to be evil, but only Obamas government. Give them a NeoCon War Criminal, and they’ll cheer all the way to Nuremberg.

              It’s actually quite sick.

              • Anonymous

                But yet you keep returning, rather curious wouldn’t you say?

          • gwynmarilyn

            All this verdict has show is that if you want to get rid someone, go FL and look beat up and then shoot that person. That can be FL next vacation advertisement.

        • ncjoe

          You know, idiots like you scream about government intrusion into people’s lives. What Zimmerman did was attempt to intrude into the life of a young man who was just walking down the sidewalk. All reports indicate that was the ONLY thing Martin was observed doing when confronted by Zimmerman, walking down the sidewalk. Something he had every right to do unmolested by anyone. Now, two points to consider intellectually, which will be difficult for your obvious small brain to do, but indulge me. One, if Zimmerman had been a police officer, would you have the same reaction? All indications are you would not since this site contains frequent references to the U.S. being a police state and overbearing actions of the police; two points which further validate my hypothesis as to the diminutive sixe of your brain. Two, what if you were just walking down the sidewalk, minding your own business, and you were approached by someone of another color questioning you about your reasons for being on that sidewalk. I dare, your response would less than civil. But, again, your microscopic brain in incapable of handling any sort of rational thought process but you are controlled by your emigdila, aka your reptilian brain which makes your statements so full of shit.

          • Hedge

            Hey joe, you forgot to add ” Oh, the humanities!” lol……..

          • hillbilly SC


            If it looks, walks, and quacks like a duck…
            It might just be a DUCK.

            Just saying…

            Y’all play nice now.

            hillbilly SC

          • Theguy

            My response would be less than civil.

            It would not include curb stomping the person questioning me however.

            Grow a brain.

            Once he started pavement punching Zimmerman… guess what? It’s on him at that point.

          • nosuchuser

            You forgot the key fact to keep in mind in this site. The person in question was black so its all good. The police can only be guilty of violating your constitutional rights, excessive force, etc if the its against a white person.

            Minorities, apparently, need to know their place and stay in it…

          • Ramadiron

            It is funny how all of this has blown up about the Zman being a hate crime. The only racist shit I heard was from Trevon. I say one less racist is a good start.

        • LibPrep

          @ Be informed,

          There is a clear distinction from defending yourself and racial profiling and subsequently stalking this kid thinking he was up to no good(which turned out to be wrong)

          I usually like all of your posts due to you thinking outside of the box and having a wealth of knowledge. However, i’m somewhat disappointed that you have this line of thinking. (Unless i was completely wrong about you)

          If you take color out of this equation i think this was a terrible tragedy that could have been avoided. I don’t know what kind of precedence has been set in which someone could stalk someone, a fight ensues, and the one being stalked is killed (when defending himself), even when told not to follow by the police.

          However, since color is a factor, i guess the black kid deserved to die?

          Let’s put the shoe on the other foot: What if you were Trayvon. When Zimmerman stalked and confronted you, how would this have played out? if you were able to beat Zimmerman’s a$$ and he killed you, would that be justice as you so eloquently put it?

          Please don’t take this as an attack at you or anyone else. Just would like a level headed discussion as to how you would feel about this if you were in Trayvon’s shoes.

      • Mclovin

        with all these riot rumors I think I’m about to take an armed foot patrol around the neighborhood to see if anyone looks suspicious. KIDDING!!! Too soon???

      • jim

        It’s like the government is trying to start race riots so they can justify bringing in the military.

    2. mclovin

      Yawn… Another financial story? I’m busy loading weapons and other preps for the Zimmerman riot. Best riot weapon and caliber ideas anyone?

      • admin

        Saiga 12 semi-autmoatic shotgun would be something i’d want by my side in a riot…definitely with the 20 barrel drum… you’re probably gonna need a street sweeper,and the 12 should do the job! (and an AR15 or 10 as backup wouldn’t hurt)….

        The Casey interview above is definitely worth watchng… it covers the (coming) crisis with a broad brush rather than just the financial implications… he’s an extremely insightful individual, especially in this particular interview.

        • mclovin

          Thanks Mac, i’m just busting your chops about the Casey story. I’m so bored with the idiocracy coverage of Zimmerman I’m tempted to say screw being riot defense ready and break out the whiskey!

          • admin

            LOL — gonna bust into the SHTF whiskey reserves, eh? 🙂

        • clint hospo

          mac, I own one and your better off with something thats more controlable. a shotgun with 8 rounds is good or better is a ar-15 with 30plus rounds. one shot to the chest with a .223 and they are going to have a bad day and more control and ligheter to handle. some of them jamb and you dont want that to happen. I had a 20 round drum for mine. it sometimes would shoot all of them and sometimes It wouldnt. i might not know the finaical side of things and helped many of you where to find all ammo at after the sandy hook shooting and people gave me shit for it when i helped many of you. a lot of people thought we would of been collapsed by now and we didnt and I knew we wouldnt be. I think things are going to get bad this fall.
          any gun questions please ask me, I will be honest with you and guns are like cars, they are all decent but some do a better job or our faster and you can control much better in stressful times.

          • braveheart

            Howdy, Clint. Glad to see you back here. I’m happy for Zimmerman and wish him the best, but he really needs to go into hiding now more than ever. needs to get out of FL NOW! I did maintenance on all my weapons 3 nights ago and now I’m carrying one with me everywhere until things settle down. S could HTF anytime now. Clint, I have a gun question for you. I’m considering buying a shotgun, although I already own 2 rifles and 3 pistols. Would that be advisable? I don’t want to spend money unnecessarily if I can avoid it. I’m usually VERY SELECTIVE when it comes to spending money on preps and especially in the self-defense dept. Any advice is welcome. braveheart

            • Man on the inside

              Remington 870 pump, Mosberg 500 pump, Winchester defender 1200 or 1300 pump. Simple, cheap to buy (just got a defender a few days ago for 250.00), properly maintained they will last forever. 12 gauge.

              • Man on the inside

                Or an M1a2 abrams battle tank if you got the cash…. LOL

            • TurtleMama

              If you don’t mind a TX girl answering your question before Mr. Clint sees it, I personally would recommend a reliable 12-gauge shotgun for your personal arsenal. Reason being, it’s a versatile gun (hunting a wide range of critters as well as defensive applications) and a decent one won’t necessarily set you back a lot financially. In addition, with recent ammo shortages, you tend to be able to find shotgun shells on the shelves a little more reliably than you can find handgun or rifle ammo.

              A 12-gauge with shot, buckshot and slugs is a good thing to have. 🙂

              • clint hospo

                Not at all, I respect everyones views unless they are just so stupid I cant help myself. And your answer was correct and pefectly said.

            • clint hospo

              Good question braveheart. Glad to be back here took some time off from the news. 1. you could spend the money on the gun and spend 300-1000 to a grand on a shotgun. I think they are the best for home defense has a big spread you know this. But if your a good shot and fast, your guns would be just fine. Most thugs are not as good a shots as us and panic when confronted by a gun in their face. save your money, plus you have to start buying money for the shells. Shells are cheap but can add up. buckshot are about a dollar a shot on average. Even #4 to #8 birdhsot at walmart is 25 shots for 7 bucks. Birdshot close up will kill someone within 40 to 50 yards.
              I would only buy one if you really want or crave one. Give yourself some time and think about if you have the extra money for a pump or semi auto lets say used for 350 bucks plus shells. Or if a collapse happens and people are dying in a martial law fallout there will be lots of shotguns around. Many home have them and you could probably find one if chaos goes around. But none of us knows whats going to happen in this country. I’d say if you dont have the money see if you could trade someone or something for a shotgun. IF your patient you can always find deals. It seems when people rush out and buy one, a few days later or even a week you will see a way better deal that someone had that you could of got. OR be patient to a great deal you can’t pass on happens. Thats what I would do. But keep your money, your gonna need it for things or other preps such as food or anything really. I know I’m all over the board I love shotguns but get what you feel comfortable with. Or most of all Id say trade someething you may not need for someone that has one for trade or sale. What guns do you have my friend??

              • braveheart

                Howdy again, Clint. I’m just now catching your response to my question. I was thinking along the same lines as the response you gave. Another factor I have to consider is that I’ve never handled a shotgun before. All my gun experience is with rifles and pistols. I currently have a .30 M1 Carbine, a .40 pistol, a Ruger 10/22, and 2 .22 pistols. I do have high-capacity magazines for both of my rifles and good supply of ammo for everything I have. I understand that a lot of people swear by the 12-gauge. I just hate to buy one and then have the recoil of it dislocate my shoulder when I shoot it for the first time. braveheart

                • afteryou

                  Thing is you don’t want to be trading rounds with anyone. A day at a paint ball field will put your head right. Difference is real rounds go thru walls and cars.

                  Best use of a gun is the bang. They then know they better get gone or go slow and use real cover. Time for you to get away. That’s right, run like hell.

                  Or stay and defend your Wall Mart shit.

                  Cornered, defending the family, you don’t want to need your last round.

              • Ever ready NY

                40-50 yards is not close. That’s 120-150 feet. Birdshot will not kill at that range. Get your facts right before informing the public.

                • clint hospo

                  It depends on the gun and we are talking MAX. If you hit someone in the face or even the neck with birdshot at 40 yards which is enough to rupture a carotid artery in someone, that is going to kill them. I’m not going to get into a pissy match with someone who I have no idea what you know. I have shot hundreds of thousands of rounds and about every gun on this planet. So yes it does have the potential to kill someone. I would say my facts are right and you need to think about what you write before you say something your not sure of. Have a good day.

            • Shootit

              A couple questions for you. What is it’s purpose? Hunting upland game, waterfowl, small game, deer? Is it self defense, or just an investment? If you look at just one purpose you may have that covered by what you currently own, but if you are looking for flexibility a shotgun is tops. If I could only have one gun it would be the shotgun. Change it’s purpose by changing ammo.

              The only problem I have with my shotgun is trying to hide it in my pocket.

              • clint hospo

                TO some idiots on this site. I was not a seal in the Navy I was SWCC. I owned a barrett .50 cal with a Nightforce NSX 5.5-22-56 scope which for the gun was 7400 bucks and the scope was 1700 bucks. I have owned countless number of shotguns. Currently sold the barrett and have the savage BA LE 110 .338 laupa with that scope on it. I just bought a FN SCAR 16 with a Aim Point Pro for 400 bucks on it. It’s not sighted in yet. My favorite pistol is my HK usp 9mm. I shoot very accurate with it. And I don’t know everything. I know a lot and would not say I’m a gun expert but close. Guns are what you like and how you shoot with it and how comfortable you are with it.
                But everybody on here is going to have their opinion. I’m 40 years old and own quite a few guns. I do not hunt anymore with them. I strictly do target practice. MY benelli m2 shotgun with a tube exteneder in my most favorite shotgun of all time. As with shotguns birdshot at 40 yard does have the abiltiy to kill someone. IS it likely? Not a high chance but will do some damage but it can for some idiots who dont know anything. Here is a like to a shotgun blast with birdshot at close up. from you tube.


                Just like scopes you dont have to buy a expensive scope for your gun if you got it dialed in and shoot well with it. As you get further out every single thing comes into play at distances over 500 yards. My laupa doesn’t have any drop at 300 yards. The laupa acutally goes up out of the barrel and out past 100 yards.

                As for sighting in your scope you can look down your barrel and use your scope to align it to a certain point to get it on paper. Its called the poor mans bore sight. Then you can zero you scope in. You can always learn something new about guns. IF someone tells you they know everything about guns, I guarantee you can always learn something new. YOu learn tips from so many different people all the time or a new caliber. There are hundreds if not thousands of calibers out there if you took all the bullets from around the world. Much to learn and get good with what you got and keep it. buy a little ammo here and there and learn to reload. I reload my .223 .45 .338 those are the dies that I have. I can’t reload 5.7×28 for my ps90. That is tricky since it has a laquor coating or sealant around the shell. Still learning this round.

                • Shootit

                  I hope you did not take that from me. Even though I have multiple guns I use a couple/6 very well. Shotguns, Rifles, and Handguns. The rest are toys or investments. You need one gun that you shoot very well and be done with it.

                • Facebook Page

                  90 GOOD

            • troll killer


              i second the info below
              rem 870 check gun stores for Law enforcement sales a lot of police and state patrol got rid of there 870s a while back and the best thing is there Magnum barrels and 3 inch chambers.

              i got one a while back for $350 from a Florida PD auction thru my local gun store ( he bought 27)
              he cerakoted some and parkerized the rest. and on some he replaced the furniture now there almost $500.00.

              Damn good guns a bit marked up from sitting in racks in cars but still good.

              Mossberg makes the 500 cruiser already with pistol grips and Heat shields.

              Saigas are nice ( I have one ) BUT ! there picky unless you get them converted to accept High brass shells the conversion was about $100.00 2 years ago.
              mine is still unfired with 2 drum mags and 5 large stick mags and 4 small mags.

              Troll Killer

          • Night breaker

            Clint ,
            I recently purchased a S&W m27 6-1/2 barrel classic in 357 for a Personal Defense Sidearm , M1A is my primary weapon , what do you think of this as a primary side arm to get you to your rifle in a shtf situation ? , m1911 sights are a problem for me to aim with ( aging eyes arms are not long enough to focus on the front sight) what is the minimum rule for ammo stock pile with a defensive handgun?

            Semper Fi 8541

            • Daisy Duke

              Night Breaker, Try the new Trijicon HD night sights on a Glock or other pistol. They are great for aging eyes. If you stick with the old school revolver, have plenty of HKS speed loaders in your pocket or pouch.

              • clint hospo

                Those night sights are great like daisy said. Or go with a holographic sight such as a trijicon or a EOtech mounted to the top of that ,357 That might let you see the target faster and without trying to align the sights up. That way you just put the dot on the target and pull. I practice shooting all the time with just the front sight and the target slightly blurry. With a pistol I have always been an expert and very strong. With a rifle Im ok not a expert. A expert in the military for the ribbon but not for competition at a tournament. With my .338 it makes it eazy to hit what you want. it’s expensive to shoot about 5 bucks a shot and you can reload it for about 99 cents a shot. It takes about 93-98 grains of retumbo. Id have to look again for sure but its a good amount of powder.

            • Nick

              Dad has a 1911 with a laser grip, with his aging eyes he could hit a bag of skittles at a good distance

              • clint hospo

                you got a good father. take care of him.

            • clint hospo

              Night breaker, how you doing brother, that’s a great round but pricy to stockpile. Even .45 acp is getting expensive. I bought a lot of winchester .45acp at walmart 100 round white box for 34 dollars for 100 rounds or .34 cents a shot. Saw same ammo at gander mountain and were selling them for 68 bucks for a hundred. .68 cents a shot. Your M1A is one accurate gun! I dont own one but you don’t get more accurate than that weapon. You got a .308 correct? I would try to have at least 2,000 rounds for that 308 but dont go crazy, none of us know how bad things will get when it does or if people bond together to keep things controlled and kill all the thugs. as for 357 thats a expensive bullet but will give someone a bad day. nasty holes they make. Really you have problems with the 1911? Depending on which 1911 model you have your going to have a few more shots possibly with the 1911. But if I were you, Id use which one I could bring on target quicker and feel more confortalbe with. YOu will never get a jamb with that revolver. At least have a 1000 rounds I would say for the 357 and a few thousand for the m1a but its what you can afford and what you think you might need.
              I imagine 2-3 people comming into my home at once and going to use my benelli m2 shotgun with buckshot staggered with a slug with 3 buckshot included in the shells and my ps90 for backup in a close area with hallways in my home. I can hold 5 rounds and with the eotech sight I can hit incredible accuracy with it with NO Recoil!!! ps90 has none. I sighted it in at 50 yards with 12 gauge shoutgun shells on a piece of wood, plinking the empty shotgun shells with the ps90 quickly and fast. But you know as I do its truely what you fast and comfortable with. You have some nice weapons there sir. Love to talk to you sometime about more things.

              • Night breaker

                Thanks Clint ,
                Got about 1500 308 for the M1A before things went crazy on the prices, I shoot in high power competition at my local club and I try to keep some on hand , its ,getting rather expensive. The model 27 is great! I managed to get american eagle 38 special (about 35.00 for 50 rds) for it , I keep the .357 rounds for defensive purposes. . I seem to do better with the sights on the S&W and can get them on target fast. Better with a rifle than a pistol but I am working on it,
                I really prefer the old school , proven firearms that have stood the test of time. I learned to shoot many years ago with a revolver and feel comfortable shooting them. in NJ its a pain to purchase firearms so you try to get the best you can afford , been doing this for a few years . Yes and i do use speed loaders .
                As far as the problem with the 1911 I wear Tri-focal glasses now,(did not need glasses till i stated working with autocad on a computer for a few years) and have trouble seeing the front sights with out using a rear peep sight , it’s not much of a problem with rifles do to the longer sight radius,
                But with a pistol I have to have a thicker and taller front sight . A low profile front sight tends to merge with the target and I cannot see it due to contrast effects it just blurres out , it does not help have a colt 1911 in stainless LOL!
                Hopefully when all this craziness settles down I can spend more time at the range.

                Stay safe , be prepared and keep them in the x-ring

                Semper Fi 8541

            • nosuchuser

              My sidearm is a colt 1911. The 1911 is over 102 years old and still in active service. Mr. Browning defiantly got it right in that only reason that it was retied from main-line forces was due to a treaty obligation. the only thing I could ask for is SA/DA with a decocking lever. While I’m good thumbing down the hammer and thumbing the hammer back with my thumb, its not for all shooters. Fore example, I bought my mom a Beretta .40 cal because of those features.

              Its proven effective and reliable in all conditions.

              As for the sights, I have found that when doing ‘combat’ shooting at ranges less than 15m, I don’t use them. The only thing to remember is that the 1911 is a little ‘nose heavy’ and the natural point of aim is a little low. My hold position is a little higher than I would use with other sidearms. In short, with a little practice, I never had any problem hitting center of mass just using my arm at ranges up to 15m.

              Finally, its .45 ACP (proven to founder horses in acceptance trials). Doesn’t matter where you hit them, they’re done. I use 230 grain hydro-shocks. The FBI did a study on sidearm calibers, ammunition type, and chances on ‘1-shot stop’ (ie hit to center of mass). Their conclusions where: 1) bullet diameter is the primary determinate of effectiveness and 2) .45 ACP hydro-shock has a 97% chance of a ‘1-shot stop’. Please note, these statistics where collected from real world shootings. Also, .45 ACP ball was about 35% chance of ‘1-shot stop’.

              Final answer: good enough for me.

              • Red Leader

                The weakest link for the 1911 pistol is the captive extractor. They will break if you practice even a few type 3 malfunction drills. I retired my custom 1911’s to the gunsafe. I don’t have the heart to part with them, and I will no longer trust my life to them.

                I was part of the 1911 cult, a true believer.. I have upgraded to Glocks and never looked back. The out of the box Glock is far superior to any custom 1911. No bushing tool needed, no gunsmith needed to tune the extractor. Every part of the Glock can be replaced with a Glock tool that is really just a small punch. The 1911 was designed to have a 30,000 round life span. I could buy three Glock’s for the price of one custom 1911.

                There was a Glock 17 rental gun at a Los Angeles gun club that was retired and put in the Glock museum after it had 1 million rounds through it with just a few small springs being replaced.

                The 1911 is a good gun but the Glock is a great gun and light yeras ahead in reliability, simplicity, capacity and technology. I have seen hundreds of thousands of rounds through Glocks and never seen a extractor or a slide stop that needed replacing. I cannot say the same for the 1911.

                Retired LE Rangemaster RL

                • Indy Colts

                  Just as long as you don’t mind brass being flung back at your head; glock is a perfect option. Mine just got replaced by glock after going to Syrmna twice for ejection issues. Seems most people have this issue and have to spead $$ on additional parts to solve. M&P is just as dependable without the brass to face issue. Glock customer service is terrible and they never want to address the issue. Glock has changed a lot since the Gaston divorce. They are cheaping out the guns and they are not even close to the perfection they advertise.

                • Daisy Duke

                  My Glocks work fine. I own 7. I have never been hit in the head with brass nor have I seen it on other Glocks. Of course if you are on the firing line to the right of any semi auto pistol, you may get hit with brass.

                  Get to the range early and always take the far left position.

                • Indy Colts


                  Its a known issue with new glocks and the dipped extractor. Glock started using MIM parts and messed up the whole pistol. The older glocks didn’t suffer with the BTF issue. Just type glock ejection and you’ll see its a widespread issue. Hopefully my new one will function properly.

                  Oh yea, and they say now you can only use 124 grain ammo because 115 isn’t strong enough to eject. What a bunch of crap.

                • Daisy Duke

                  Good info Indy. All my Glocks are over 7 years old. I just replaced the night sights on all of them. Trijicon HDs on the big ones, Trijicon Novaks on the G27 and G23.

                • nosuchuser

                  I am willing to defer to your experience in this matter. I will say the following: 1) Unfortunately, I don’t send enough rounds through this gun to hit the 30K round lifespan is this life or the next, 2) I have never had a type-3 malfunction, 3) I know the 1911 very well and can operate it my sleep, and 4) I have never personally had one fail me .. ever.

                  The most common malfunction I have seen is with the ‘race guns’ tuned for match shooting. The gunsmiths who ‘tune’ those guns tend to shave the sear pin down to the point where the develop a tendency to go full-auto. While I have never seen this in person, lots of stories heard on the firing line about this. One year at the all Navy rifle/pistol match I saw an M21, that a seal brought, go full-auto during a rapid fire course of fire. Turns out he ‘adjusted’ the sear-pin way,way down and the rifle wasn’t even close to match specs. I understand that the basic principle is the same.

          • Daisy Duke

            The problem with shotguns is that you make the assumption the the altercation you will be involved in, will be of short duration with one or two bad guys at close range. Unlike on TV the bad gugs don’t stand out in the open after the first shot is fired.

            Once you expend the 7 or 8 rounds in your shotgun, you must reload or transition to your handgun. In the time it takes to load one shotgun round into your shotgun, you could load one 30 magazine into your AR-15 or AK-47.

            • nosuchuser

              Assuming that we’re not talking about an infantry assault on your position, what do you really think the threat is?

              Our first line of defense is a Mossberg 500 (same riot gun we were issued on the ship) with 5 rounds in the tube. Round 1 is a bean bag, the rest are 00 Buck.

              If someone breaks into the house they get the bean bag first. That will put anyone down on the floor while being unlikely to kill them. The benefit to this is I can pull the trigger sooner because the consequences are less severe. If there is more than 1 attacker, assuming they don’t run at the first shot, they get the buck shot.

              What do I honestly expect to happen should I ever need to break the shotgun out? They’re leaving when I chamber the 1st round. Should that fail, the others will run when I fire the first (bean bag) round. Bonus: The sheriff has someone to interrogate about his ‘friends’.

              The home defense plan is that I go out with the shotgun to ‘discourage’ the threat. The wife barricades the bedroom door and gets the 1911 (which she’s quite good with) out of the nightstand while calling the sheriff.

              • Daisy Duke

                You are right. That is exactly how it always works out…..on Television. Try looking at the real world.

                Do you think in a collapse situation that it will be one man assaults or organized gangs? How quickly is their learning curve after they lose a few of their own? Do you think they might run a stolen car through your house? Use a diversion and throw a bottle of gasoline with a lit rag on your roof? Use prepatory fire on your position with their AK’s prior to and during an assault?

                I hope it all works out for you.

                • Anonymous

                  So you are assuming an infantry assault on your position. Were in the US do these occur? Molotov cocktails, suppressive fire and an organized multi-element assault force, really?

                  1st, if you find your self in the position of having to hold a position against this kind of force you are clearly in the wrong position. 2nd, the chances of an actual, total, collapse that end the rule of law are so close to zero that it doesn’t even warrant consideration. 3rd, the Korean shop owners were able to defend their shops during the Rodney King riots with whatever weapons they had on hand and only fired a handful of shots if any. Those riots are the worst case scenario for planning purposes.

                  Any group of looters/rioters look for easy targets and a minimum of force is actual required to deter them.

                • Daisy Duke

                  I always prepare for the worst and hope for the best.

                  The objective is not to have a fair fight, but win the fight. Having a weapon superior to what the bad guy(s) have gives you an edge. Accurate semi automatic fire at a range that exceeds that of pistols and shotguns is a strong deterent.

                  Keep in mind how many gang members joined the military, recieved the best training in the world, and in many cases, combat experience, then returned home to their gangs and trained their bros.

                • nosuchuser

                  In response to Daisy Duke below:

                  I also prepare for the worst and hope for the best, but you must make an educated guess at the what the likely worst case is. Planning to counter every possible threat that your imagination can conjure up is a sure path to madness.

                  When it comes to weapons the most important thing is to know how to use your weapon effectively and to have sufficient muscle memory built up with it so you can use it automatically when needed. Because when the lead starts flying higher brain functions, ie thinking about what you’re doing, goes right out the window. Combat is all muscle memory and ‘lizard’ brain.

                  My choices in weapons and tactics are constrained by the following facts:
                  1) Unless it is a full-on mad-max scenario, which is extremely unlikely, I cannot engage at the maximum effective range of my battle rifles because I cannot identify a legitimate threat until they are very close. IFF (identify friend or foe) range in a civilian environment is defiantly less than 15m. 2) We live in the exurbs and the neighbors aren’t close but I still cannot use a battle riffle due to over-penetration concerns. 3) At close range (see point 1) a shotgun is the most intimidating weapon available. 4) Of all of the horrors involved in WW1 the ONLY thing the Germans threw a fit about was our use of the Winchester pump shotgun, 5) I will not need to repel a determined, coordinated, infantry assault of my home, and 6) I fire the bean-bag round, who ever is breaking into my house is going to leave. This is absolutely guaranteed. Every day of every week.

                  Be cautious of the doom-porn. If you buy into it the next thing you’ll know you’ll be living in the bunker and shooting at every rustle of a leaf. I’ve been over-seas and seen the real shit, this isn’t and won’t be anytime soon, real shit.

              • REB

                …dead men tell no tales…break in my place and you aint gittin any beans shot at you …just bullets! Dont be letting any survivors talk to the sheriff or anyone else!

            • slingshot

              Nobody has any 75 or 100 round drums for AK 47-SKS or a 90 rd. for Mini 14.

        • Mississippi Mud Duck

          Absolutley “OUT FUCKING STANDING” brotha Mac !

        • JustMe

          Sure would be nice to have one of those, I read they are going to reclassified as Destructive Devices, some time ago, sorry, no link.

          As for “having a crib” outside the US, that is both unrealistic, and outright cowardly, to leave behind the country that has given everyone so much. There is only one proper course of action, it is not tucking tail and running away, and we all know what it is.

          As for the Zimmerman case, I am still not getting how Blacks think Zimmerman is White, he is a Latino, who happens to not have a Latino last name. It will be interesting to see what is done to Zimmerman now, as he will likely face double jepordy, which is un-Constitutional.

          Is this the thing that the “dhs-insider” made reference to, which is supposed to start the chaos? If that is the case, it’s been nice posting with you all…

          • Shootit

            I got one ordered. The gun is cheap the magazines are expensive. You can end up with more in magazines then you have in the gun.

        • John Q. Public

          Benelli M2 Tactical (with an extra hunting barrel and choke system)—the very fastest shotgun action, more reliable than even a pump gun, wide choice of tactical accessories (e.g., weapon lights, tactical bolt handle, tactical bolt release, etc.):

          I wonder why the comment censor rejected the benelliusa weblink.

        • Y'all Beware!

          Looks like a fun way to trim my hedges.

          Y’all Beware! Thanks Mac.

      • OutWest

        It’s close……very close
        We can smell it— like a storm moving in

      • Tom

        Sickle cell.

        • clint hospo

          damn right going to be sickle cell blood everywhere once they start to attack dumb asses. They will its just a matter of time before the dumb asses do something stupid to innocent people. I dont know why they have the hate in their hearts. I guess if their parents or I should say their mother keeps telling them whites are the enemy growing up they start to believe it when they are always in trouble and whites are not. Zimmerman was more hispanic than white.

      • swampratt

        Maybe if we get the war started it will fall apart
        Im tired of waiting

      • PO'd Patriot

        Venerable 870 Remmy for in house and close work. A SBR in 556 (10.5-12.5 barrel length). I’ll be using a shotty for close work and my .308 REPR in 16 inch upper as well as the AKs. I’ll be on the perimeter. The rest of the family will be inside. I’ve already got weapons spread out along with ammo that I can get to on the short run.

      • livid american

        IMO I’m gonna have to go with an ar15. 5.56 is designed to wound. High capacity mag ,quick reloading. A shotgun, loaded with buckshot, would be a great fallback if you’re overrun. Pistol too.

      • Sam Smith

        .45’s on your side, AK’s in your arms! Lock and Load! We are also ready for the riots. Bring it on!

        • wildman

          Slow and steady, squeeze, work bolt then let em have another!!!!

      • Paranoid

        Claymores and hand grenades

    3. BJinME

      I watched the clip 3 times, wow! Great ready for the STHTF.

    4. yental

      Really NO NEW INFORMATION, simply another confirmation of what is already known, predicted, and sure to come.

      Frankly, I can’t afford “another crib” outside of Amerika. And even if I could, I’m staying/fighting by choice, ethics and morality.

      THIS LAND IS MY LAND, now, and until “I am once again a part of it”.

      • Rodster

        I’m not leaving either. I’m sticking around to see the criminals who are destroying this country, put in jail where they belong. 😈

        • Paranoid

          I hope we both live so long, or to two hundred, whichever comes first.

        • John W.

          If you mean Mclame, Lady Lindsey and some others it won’t happen. they are the elite and they can shit on the rest of us with no worries.

          • Rodster

            Eventually the whole world will go Egypt on it’s leaders. You are seeing that trend more and more where the people are realizing they are being made to be pawns by the Elite.

      • REB

        Ya, leaving is not even a remote option…wouldn’t go anyway…this is my native soil…my familys roots goo back many generations and running away just isn’t my style…off topic but I just got in after a long day..we got 900 bales of good timothy put up today…its been a good day! 🙂

        • braveheart

          Howdy, REB, and I’m with you all the way. I’m Southern-born and Southern-bred and I ain’t going nowhere either. I did maintenance on my .30 M1Carbine, Springfield XD .40, and all 3 of my .22s 3 nights ago. I normally sleep with a loaded pistol at my bedside every night, but for the time being I’m adding a loaded rifle to that also. Something’s going to happen soon; I can feel it. I’m even carrying everywhere I go now. I ain’t getting caught with my britches down. braveheart

          • clint hospo

            the .30 is a great round! thats a good accurate gun! your xd40 is a excellent pistol. they never jamb. well built. A lot of people overlook the quality of the springfields. they take a lot of pride in their guns. and no im not a spokeperson for them. The damn news is saying how can someone kill a 17 year old boy. If he really jumped zimmerman and zimmerman didnt start calling him names, and now martin is a model for the country? what a joke. this damn news is nuts and again leaning to martin. My god news your so corrupt. things are going to get out of hand soon.

            • hammerhead

              CLINT -i am watching the news as well today .
              and , YUP! , the MSM is in complete “outrage” over the verdict.
              they must have gotten a memo from the white house to incite riots .

          • lower40


            love my 30 carbine , pristine 1944 inland arms ,keep it by my head board with a flannel over it, went to wally mart tonight after midnight put my 9mm in my pocket and threw my north american arms 22 mag in my watch pocket for luck ,im about 125 miles south of verdict but thats still to close

            • braveheart

              Lower40, I was in Miami 1975-1982, so I know what you mean. My M1 is the one of the old Universal models. They went out of business back in 1983. They were located in Hialeah and I lived in Coral Gables at the time. I bought it from a collector at a gun show last year for just $400. The rear sight was missing from it. when I went to the range with it, it was kind of unnerving to shoot a rifle without a rear sight on it. Anyway, the rifle still shoots like a champ and I had no problems with it, plus the recoil isn’t bad either. I found a scope mount for it recently, but I’ll have to take it to a gunsmith for installation, something about the way the receiver was originally designed. you’ve got a collector’s item. There’s a gun show coming to my city July 27-28. I may just look for an extra M1. braveheart

              • Facebook Page

                BH. I was the starting in 71.

              • lower40


                the price’s have got stupid on them ,i bought mine in alabama at a pawn shop $600 out the door,i went back up there last year and they were getting $900-1200 for them all though the high side ones were winchester ,wouldnt want to be in miami these days ,im accually over by the big swamp (everglades)

                • braveheart

                  Lower40, I’ve been out of FL since 82. And yeah, I’ve seen the price increases on the M1s in my area, also. Gun show in my area on the 27th and 28th. I’ll be looking for some more mags and ammo, maybe even an extra M1. Still a lot cheaper than the ARs. try to find one of those for $900-$1200 these days. If you do, it’s a miracle.

          • Smokey

            Too bad the prices of M1 Carbines have gone blue sky, it’s one of the best home defense long guns you can find. Short, light, good power, large magazine, and easy to handle by smaller folks and ladies.

            • braveheart

              Amen, Smokey. The 2 things I like best are you can get 30-round mags for them and the recoil is mild. The .30 carbine round with a 110gr bullet will ruin someone’s day. braveheart

              • Facebook Page

                Try to obtain the skills to make a 2 when the true SHIF . Many in Montana find for weak hand for what ever reason it is the best crowd control device made.

                • lower40

                  ive seen the parts for the 2’s on ebay they just use coy words ,got to know the slang and you can find everything from the disconecter to the selector switch,there is a place in jersey i think that where they are ,Sarco int. ive seen M2 lower recievers on there web sight

              • nosuchuser

                You may want to reconsider your opinion. The .30 carbine was infamous if Korea for not being able to penetrate the winter clothing of the north Korean & Chinese troops. The story was they would get hit, drop, get up and dust themselves off. The M1 Garand, obviously, didn’t have this problem…

                If I was looking for a rifle in the style of the M1 Carbine I would get a mini14.

          • REB

            Amen! 🙂 Be safe!

    5. Kulafarmer

      Mossberg 590A1

      • OutWest

        Kula— the way things are going
        M-79 grenade launcher

        • Kulafarmer

          I wish! That could be good for removing stubborn rocks too!

      • Gonetoolong

        Got the 9 rd myself (590). Works nicely. #4 loads can be had for 68 bucks/250. Economical and reasonable grunt.

        • Facebook Page

          Look for #4 tactical bit more $ but increase by ten the effectiveness.

          • Facebook Page

            There is no Love for the PAGE tonight.

    6. Bruce

      Can anyone find and own weapons in Argentina?

    7. Greg

      I don’t see leaving the country as a solution unless its for environmental diseaster.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Greg neither do I. I listened to this blase’ jackass for about 10 minutes and like to have those 10 minutes of my life back.

    8. Gassius Clay

      It is no different anywhere else. Better stay put where you have friends and family, and can effectively communicate. The Doug Casey’s of the world believe that if there is a currency collapse, all of a sudden vendors will start accepting gold as payment. That is absolutely laughable. Ask that guy from the Balkan war who shared his story. Bartering will occur, but not with gold: It’s as inedible as an I-Pad. This country needs to return to God, now.

      • Paranoid

        And you can barter with GOD? WOW! Trade you three Hail Marys for a box of 22 ammo? Even that well known revolutionary J Christ said: “Give unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s.” Well you must get fron Ceaser that which he has also. God does not provide food and blankets. ask the Morman carters that froze to death 50 miles from me. There are lots of sites for prayer; go there and pray. I’m trying to figure out survival, when I need to talk to God, I don’t need advise from you.(Unless you have a more direct way?).

        • Gods Creation

          “””Even that well known revolutionary J Christ said: “Give unto Ceaser that which is Ceaser’s.”””

          It always amazes me when the ignorant use that quote as a way to suggest that Jesus was condoning government theft or suggesting that one is obligated to pay “Ceaser” ANYTHING.

          Jesus knew that nothing belonged to Ceaser, and everything belonged to God. He was merely stating that fact in a way that would not compromise His health at the time.

          Paranoid, when you feel it is time to talk to God, it will be too late for your survival. You will have found your direct way, but it will only be to inform you that He does not know you and send you on your way.

          You misunderstand your true purpose on this earth, and deny the source of your very existence. That is sad, but increasingly common among satans sheep.

          You are, by Gods grace, allowed to believe as you wish. Continue prepping to live in the shadow of evil. I’ll take the light of God.

          • Shootit

            Anything over 7% was considered usury/slavery. Based on God’s take we are all slaves to Caesar. Most places sales tax alone is 7%.

            • Paranoid

              True, but the Church wanted 10% of everything, and 20% of everything you stole from the Indians. I’ll take moral guidance from any church when hell freezes over. If I can not do better than they have, I should go to hell. And I don’t even molest little boys or enslave girls.

              • Shootit

                Church(Religion) and the Word of God(Bible) are two different things. Religion is man made and have little use for it. I look to the Bible to guide my relationship with Jesus Christ. God has always met my needs and am grateful.

          • Jeff

            I do not see this as an either vs. or agruement.
            My plan is as follows
            1) Prepare as if I will live in the shadow of evil.
            -And the worst case situation may just happen to me.
            2) But…use my time on earth to do as much good as I can
            to others, as a practical showing of my faith.
            3) Strive to mature and gain more wisdom in my faith.

            I am in my God’s hands, my only concern is to live my life in such a manner, that even my enemies will have to admit that I feared (proper respect) God and kept His commandments. And my Lord will say unto me; “Son, well done. Welcome home.”

          • REB

            As I recall Jesus asked them to bring him a coin…when they did he asked “whos image and superscription is this?” and they answered “cesars”(sp?) he then told them…give(render) to cesar the things that are cesars and the things that are Gods to God….now we know in another verse God said everything was his…so looking again at cesars things…it seems to me that the image and superscription were all that belonged to cesar…the coin(metal) was Gods…cesars owned all the fluff and imagry… it puts who owns what in perspective for me at least.

        • al

          I believe the original translation was those that belong to ceaser give to ceaser /those that belong to God ,give to God . The original intent was that if you belonged to God ,there was NOTHING to give to ceaser.

          • lower40

            i dont think that he ment that everything was ceasars ,but the conversation was about taxes ,and Jesus said who’s face was on the coin ,and the answer was ceaser ,at that time he said then give onto ceaser what belongs to ceaser ,im not saying im right but in MHO i think he was saying get out of the corupt system ,leave them to the corupt which they created

      • clint hospo

        gassius I know what you mean is god. Good and believing in family and doing the right things. I do think gold will be bartered from people that have it and want bigger barter items. barter will be the deal and people will try and steal from others. its not going to be nice, you know what I mean that guy from HS who got rich but only cared about money and he has nothing but his trophy wife who is stupid and follows him around since she cant do anything. He will try and get stupid with someone doing a barter and try to get tough and someone isnt going to accept his offer and he will try to get ammo from someone who may look weaker or dirty or sickening and he tries to grab it or man handle him but little does the prick know he has the smart wife who is hiding inside the house with the 30-30 and shoots the prick dead in the head for trying a fast one. She is smart and has done hard work and isnt stupid. I see so many of these idiots who think they ar king shit. In a collapse they are the ones to be gone first only to the gang bangers who shoot sideways. try it sometime. its not that accurate. I had to try it once one nobody was around because I didnt want to look like that retard.

        • sixpack

          That shooting sideways shit looks about as retarded as wearing your pants down around your ass…and unless you’re peering into a scope, your ball cap should be on straight too. Just my 2 cents.

          • Them Guys

            Ghetto rats wear hat sideways because they know not if they are comming or going.

      • Mountain Trekker

        We may be on a fast track to hell, but this is still the free’st and greatest country on earth. So think what you will, but as for me and my family we ain’t goin no where! Trekker Out.

        • lower40

          Yep , you wont see me climbing on a boat for cuba ,or haiti ,or going over a fence to get into mexico ,”my only regret is that have but one life to give for my country”

        • Paranoid

          With a bit of luck I hope to go to the hangings, Be nice if you and I and Brave could have a picnic and watch

          • braveheart

            I would be only too happy to go see the banksters and politicians be hanged, picnic or no picnic.

        • Eisenkreuz

          Fuck Amerikkka. I only care which country is the freeest. I could shit on the Amerikkkan flag.

          • braveheart

            Eisen, we’re all just as angry as you are over what TPTB have done to our country, but don’t give up on it. This is your country too. I’m not giving up on America. Despite everything that’s happened, I believe it’s worth saving. I may not live long enough to see it do a 180, but I’ll die doing everything in my power to make that happen. NOBODY is chasing me from my native soil. Don’t let anyone chase you out of it either. there’s really no place to go, anyway. Who do we have for foreign enemies? TAKE YOUR PICK. A WHOLE WORLD FULL OF THEM WAITING FOR THE CHANCE TO DESTROY US. IT’S THE WORLD’S WET DREAM TO ELIMINATE US FROM THE FACE OF THIS EARTH ONCE AND FOR ALL. If I have anything to do with it, that won’t happen. braveheart

            • Eisenkreuz

              Memphis has been overrun with gorrilas.

    9. CrabbeNebulae

      LAR-8 AR10

    10. Wolf359

      Remington 870, shoulder slung fully loaded bandolier, .45 holstered at the leg. Night vision monacle viewing the property line and a fully loaded AR against the wall with a NV scope.

      • clint hospo

        yes exactly, good setup.

      • PO'd Patriot

        Primo! Don’t forget a good blade as well.

        • Ohio

          Busse Combat and kin are my “drug of choice”. made in Wauseon, Ohio. bad a$$

    11. Sneed

      This is the same Doug Casey who denies any manipulation in the precious metals markets. Apply that fact as you will but it is a fact.

    12. sixpack

      I guess the thing I got from the video, is to throw off my govt programming and think for myself in all things. The way I perceive other countries, the ideas about economy here and whatever future we have, has long been programmed in us, and if we can break the habit of following somebody else’s perceptions of the world around us, we can make the our own decisions.

      True freedom is being able to think for yourself and act accordingly.

      • SD Mule


        One of the BEST posts I have ever seen on this site. Truly, words to LIVE by!!!

    13. VRF

      Like you would be able to leave , or truly own some place to live in another country
      If our money won’t be any good here it sure as hell won’t be any good elsewhere
      Lock and load , I can carry four seperate arms , the problem is being able to carry enough ammo

      • Paranoid

        Buy your guns from Browning or Colt. You won’t need four, carry the extra weight in ammo. AND FORGET THE GREAT FIGHT IDEA. If everyone shoots 5 people we are down to 10 million in this country, way below support values. If you are in some spot where you have to hold off hundreds of ravening hordes 1. use foo gas 2–MOVE.

        • Facebook Page

          If you are where 100 will come you should not be there and let them kill each other. Then during the rebuild we all will deal with the few stronghold that survive of the slime.

      • JayJay


        • Bubbas List

          There’s a guy on the last thread does long haul donkey totin.

          • Man on the inside

            After multiple bong hits……

    14. Nam Marine

      I bled for this Republic during the TET offensive in 1968
      Vietnam. NO ONE will chase me out of my own Country !
      SEMPER FI !

      • durango kidd

        Anyone who thinks an American would be better treated in Argentina if the SHTF, is trying to sell you some property to which you will never be able to get access. America belongs to US. Infiltrate the GOP through the Tea Party and kick the Commies out of power.

        If you must have an offshore retreat, Panama is the place.

        • Facebook Page

          Dk I am trying to get a photo to you Thor mac taken north of black canyon and east of 17. My under stand there are many of these being install. Or maybe Mac could you post it to see if any teck guys could explain. In the north you can enclose these I am told.

          • durango kidd

            FBP: What is it exactly that is installed? Cameras? That would not be new. I’ll look for a photo.

            • Facebook Page

              MAC has it to forward. You will understand. I hope it is harmless. But it does seem that fence are popping up out in the desert for no reason a lot lately.

              • durango kidd

                FBP: There is a large FEMA installation sw of Buckeye towards Gila Bend near a State prison on the hwy that connects I-10 to I-8; also South of Coolidge a Federal Prison complex; and there is a teen detention center North of Phoenix. That area could be used for additional prison complexes.

                The thing about having a prison in the desert, is that the inmates are less likely to desire to escape into the heat when their cells are air conditioned.

                Dozens of ILLEGALS make that case every year. 🙂

                • Facebook Page

                  These I are much more north. You will understand the area when you see the vegetation in the pic.. Hopefully Mac will get it to you tomorrow.

                  I think they are just repeaters but I don’t understand why they are so close to fresh fences. You see when you get it,

                  And I see no power source but the pics are limited.

                • durango kidd

                  FBP: You can send anything you want to:

                  [email protected]

        • Infidels-r-us

          DK, I would be a little careful about moving to Panama. I decided to check them out for a retreat and flew down there for a 2 week visit. The capitol, Panama City is full of American hating veterans of the battles against the U.S. invasion in 1989? You sense this hatred anywhere you are not spending money. Now the Northwest section of the country is populated with expats from many countries and is ok if you stay there. But, I promise you will be continually reminded by the older people what our country did. I believe that choice of country has been poisoned by our political elite. Just my 2 cents.

          • durango kidd

            IRS: I appreciate your two cents based upon your experience. I have never felt any danger there but I don’t mingle much or hit the street bars. I like it because they use the dollar and many people speak English. It is a International hub for business, much like Singapore or Hong Kong, and much cheaper to boot.

            You could always pretend to be a Canadian from Toronto when abroad and I have used that ruse before. 🙂

      • Piper Michael

        Amen bro.
        Tet was nasty… glad you made it home.
        I made it back to The World on the freedom bird, and if necessary, will go down fighting…. again.
        Those who think us old vets are simply blowing smoke, and are nothing more than keyboard commandos, better understand that we will not start anything without a Causus Belli, but we will finish it.

        I call your Semper Fi, and raise you an FTA…

        • Facebook Page

          Be read y to teach and remember there are many young vets that are coming out that need time to gain wisdom from their tours. As you know that takes time.

      • TurtleMama

        Thank you for your service to our great nation.

      • Vicky

        Thank you for your service. My husband spent eight of his ten years in the Navy in Viet Nam. He started out with Bay of Pigs. I have lots of faith in our military, currently serving or retired.

        • braveheart

          Vicky, my wife was from Cuba and one of her brothers took part in the Bay of Pigs. He was one of the lucky ones who got evacuated. He never would open up to me about his experiences there. I can understand it. My wife lost half of her family to Castro’s butchers. braveheart

    15. clint hospo

      if people would get smart and realize they are being controlled and this should never happen. nobody should be a slave to the system and like us now if we dont pay our taxes or file for not even working we are in big trouble and they have things like license plates designed or your credit that one mistake they got you for lots of money. We all should let them know how much we can take. enough of the bs and lies. I cant believe people are not getting together in larger numbers and telling these fuckers they cant do this to us. why are people not getting mad?

      • Ugly

        People are not mad and going out in big numbers because:

        …People are in denial
        …People don’t care
        …People worry about their pensions only
        …People don’t care about the wars going on
        …People think America is very rich
        …People don’t think the dollar will ever collapse
        …People get help from the Govt.
        …Peoples rely on the Govt for jobs, food, health, etc.
        …People have apathy, but no empathy

        When Democrats and Republicans rely heavily on the Govt hand-outs, then all People care about is the ‘What is in it for me’….

        How many Patriots does America really have?

        • slingshot

          Very Few.

        • Leonard M. Urban

          I thought people weren’t getting mad because they’ve been too busy watching “Dancing with the Stars”…

        • Man on the inside

          5-15 million…

        • clint hospo

          Ugly your right and I know this but it just drives me nuts. we have so many different groups of people, it used to be us against the system and now its us against black, whites, illegals, etc. We will be fighting each other while they continue to control us. I hope sooner than later we all bond and let the system know we will not be apart of this.

      • leeholsen

        i can believe no one in any numbers is doing anything to stop it the world over.

        as long as govts take an inch at a time, most people will just put up with it.

        the govts bet on apathy and ignorance of the masses to use them as they see fit are have won big for years and years, maybe decades.

        not sure what happens to cause people to realize what a number the govts have done to them; but i’d say its still a year off easily.

    16. Gonetoolong

      Zimmerman will be sacrificed to keep a lid on things until the 2014 elections. Appeal coming after manslaughter conviction. Ri-fucking-diculous. I hate to watch Fox news calling it 50/50 either way and giving credence to the absurd thought that this was not self defense but instead Zimmerman may have overreacted to having his head bashed into the concrete. I can’t watch this shit any longer.
      By the way, OSB plywood is currently $8/sheet at Lowes. I picked up 12 sheets today just to have on hand. Recently this stuff has been $14/sheet. A low of about 6/sheet a year ago.

      • Gonetoolong

        Haven’t felt so good about being wrong in a long time. Zimmerman not guilty. Stand your ground.

        • Piper Michael

          Good for you..
          This is still America, until it ain’t.
          Will it change tomorrow? Will we know it if it does? Will the media cover it when it burns down? Will those black panthers now in front of the court house, carry out their threats? Will this soap opera continue, or are we done? Are we all sick of George Zimmerman? Will poor George ever be able to go out in public again? sigh, the trial is over, all they wanted was an arrest and a trial… what else will they demand now?
          Tick tock.
          Tick tock.
          Tick tock.

      • Piper Michael

        Who’s wearing tinfoil now?
        The jury system works as well as the voting system.
        Government goes to those WHO SHOW UP. If you don’t like the two party primary system and the nominees ‘they’ put forward, that is the point of failure… fix it!

        ‘They’, bought off all the jurors eh?
        Looks like you were simply wrong.
        Now, lets see what happens when the tinfoil covers the black mind, and they turn into seething masses of madness.
        Or not.

        • 0311

          Well said. All that tinfoil hat shit is comical.

    17. Cowdoc

      This is good information for those who have enough resources to live abroad, but most of us on this site don’t fit in the category. The majority of us are going to stay here and fight here and probably die here in the fight, but we won’t be intimidated and rounded up like a bunch of cows and sent to slaughter. Those bastards who own the federal reserve have robbed us of 98% of our wealth by dollar devaluation and now they want us dead unless we will serve them as slaves. When some contrived crisis comes and the SHTF we will have to fight the unprepared masses for our pocessions first and then we will have to fight the organized armies of the rich and powerful for our right to exist. The army will stand back and let the starving masses die of disease and hunger and fights with us for food and then they will step in to restore order. This will happen in about 4 weeks time, and the ones of us left won’t be in much shape to fight another fight. We must fight though and not look on these military people as our saviors. I don’t know who will win, but I think it will be one hell of a dirty fight on both sides.

      • clint hospo

        thats a very interesting side of it. it makes sense and I could see this happen. unless there is enough of us to grow our own food and depending when this does happen and the weather at the time. your right and I hope that doesnt happen. time is against us.

    18. two2wisper

      Well this don’t have nothing to do with the article but I got a saw mill a while back and been using it a lot. It really can be a cool tool to prep with . Making my own lumber is cheap since all I need is gas and a tree snag. I made tables , privacy fencing ,ties for supports , flooring, and all the wood is free for the most part. Plenty of decaying bark and saw dust for composting when it is OK to do so. There are plenty of web sites that tell you the drying procedures. I Made a drying kiln for less than 200.oo . Collecting enough maple to do a board and batten barn now. Whatever you can think of out of wood you can do yourself and save tons of cash for other stuff you cant make or grow. Hope You all well.

    19. flabbergasted

      This is OUR country. I say we KEEP it!

      • Central TX Mom

        Makes me want to carry hairspray. She comes over like that and I start doing my hair, her problem if she gets in the spray. Then I could light up a cigarette and see if she backs off then.
        I used to have a Ford E-350 Super Duty handicap van. Got 9 miles to the gallon but it got my son to his doctor appointments. (wheelchair bound with ventilator & O2 cylinder to transport) If she’d approached me while I was in that with him, I willingly would have taken an assault charge to get her out of the parking space I was occupying and THREATENING MY CHILDREN with the arm flailing and vulgar language in front of the children. Used to live in Memphis & it is against the law to use that language in front of kids there, or was before we left (may 2012).

    20. Grog

      Ugly and slingshot, we’ll find out soon enough.

    21. PenCRNA

      Off topic. My husband just told me Zimmerman not guilty!

      • PO'd Patriot

        My wife just confirmed it for me from Fox news. Well lets see what the hamsters will do.

        • JayJay

          I don’t have tv now and haven’t missed it–but this one time, I’d like to watch this go down. 😉

      • PenCRNA

        Just curious thinking….maybe someone else posted this thought already. Could this be why Obummer requested 15,000 Russian troops in July for a crisis?

    22. Merree

      Zimmerman not guilty. Time to lie low and watch what happens.

      • Anonymous

        Hell no , celebrate justice has been done …………

        • Slick One

          Justice was done when Zimmerman pulled the trigger!

        • Hedge

          I will celebrate with a large ice tea and a bag of skittles! Obama now saying ” If I had a son, he’d smell like Trayvon”.

          • Them Guys

            Polk salad Annie, the Gators got your Granny, But Zimmie got Trayvon!

    23. SmokinOkie

      And they call the thang rodeo-wo-oh…

      Mac, you sure know how to put a damper on a Saturday night. I was all revved up to go sing karaoke at the truck stop… now, I’m plumb out of the mood. (and that’s a shame, because I knock ’em dead with ‘The Dance’)

      • yental

        I would pay “real money” to witness that show!

        • Them Guys

          SmokiOkie: Learn that song, Black Betty.

          Oh black betty wham-a-lam, oh black betty wham-a-lam.

          Black betty had a Chile..Damn Thang Ran wild Woha black betty wham a lam.(cant recal rest of words Okie)

          Recall it? was a cool song 30 yrs ago era, very appropriate eulage(sp?) song for Lil’Trayvonboy

          • braveheart

            Them Guys, I remember that song but not the group that recorded it. yeah, that song would fit Trayvon and the rest of the homies to a T.

            • Them Guys

              Braveheart: I think of that songs words of Black betty had a Chile damn Thang Ran Wild! Every time I see another wild beastly looking african mug on tv news.

              Like last nite FOX tv had some african shemale from NAACP, promoting DOJ to go after zimmer for civil rights violatons of trayvon! They are trying to cause it to be the normal, whites can expect every time a whiteys kills a ape african savage in self defense. Won’t matter if ok and legit. You still get busted for rights violations just cause the asshole was Black and You aint.

              That NAACP bitch! Man oh Man! She was entirely Bald except for Very Top middle of her head. Up top of her head it looked as if she took Piles of FUR off of a Dog with Mange! Then tried to dye it Blonde, but it ended up more like a mixture of Yellowed-Brown-with a slight light Orange tint!

              Then looks as f she took that mixed colores Mange Fur piles, and Stacked piles on top of each layer untill it was aprox 8+Inches Tall on very head top with rest of head Bald!! Only thing missing was, a Chikin Bone in her Nose!

              Now thats a Perfect example of a Mangy wild savage beastly african “Chile-Gone WILD”!!

              I am telling you, do not take light that the OT bible has verses describing several tribes that later in history were RE named Africa, whos Prior ancestors Had Sex with Animals acording to the bible. Of which God tells the 12 israel tribes to Never copy and if any israelities do, the others should Stone the animal sex fucker to death and also Kill that animal so “No Issue” issues Forth from that “Union” of sex with animals.

              Analize it: “Issue” means OFF spring, which of course means Children Born to! Born to What? I will Tell you what! Kids Born to a Human having Sex with Animals!

              The bible does Not specify “apes or chimps etc” Does say a few Other type cattle type animals if I recall it right. BUT…#1- 3000-4000 yrs ago, certain non israel tribes(pagan/heathens) Had sex With Animals.

              #2- Those certain named tribes/Nations(cant recall exact nations names) Later are called nation of AFRICA!

              #3- Of all combined Nations-Races-Humans-worldwide, Only One group Stands out as Obviously so damn close in Appearence AND Actions/ways/culture etc as almost an Exact Copy of Real Apes/Chimps/Baboons etc.

              That: #4-although the bible verses do Not mention any type “monky family of apes chimps etc” it sure is VERY Difficult to not imagaine that Just “maybe” that nation who Later became africa Did screw apes or chimps or baboons and Unlike Israelites the africans did NOT kill off the person OR animals haveing forbidded beast sex!

              #5: If such did actually occure, and If, even a single individual “Baby” was allowed to be Born which was in fact 1/2 human And 1/2 some type chimp/ape etc…

              Then #6: IF from Noahs 3 sons you Now today can have 7 Billion folks in world. Gee how many “Potential” Half-breed human-african-chimp/ape/baboon type Off springs are possible to Today exist worldwide? 1-2 Billion perhaps?

              Disclaimer: I am NOT saying I or any others should believe that is what happened. I am Only suggesting it seems there Must be a damn good reason humans+animal sex Was made mention in the bible. Especially the verses that God Warms israel tribes to Never have animal sex, and “if” an israelite Is caught doing so…Both that person And the actual anmimal MUST be put to Death so NO “Issue”(babys) issue Forth(be born) from that forbidden abomination Union(sex with animal is called a “union”).

              And after My own Personal observations for My 60+ yrs on the planet so far, it to me is rather an intersting, Phenomonon of sorts, that I have found NO other group or Race of folks who so much,Look And ACT more like REAL animal chimps/apes/baboons…Other than of course that race called African Blacks.

              Coincidence? You decide for Your self. I am still undecided, but Very close and daily getting closer the More I observe that race of “people”(?). Their actions is what gives Them the Most lack for doubt, not my observations Of Their Race and actions.

              ps Used to live in Detroit, it has a wonderfull world class ZOO…Went there Many times, and, Often sat on bench Across from Great ape and various Other monkys exibit all lined next to each type monkey cages.

              From my Zoo visit-Observations of apes and chimps etc…Well it just More so Confirms my Prior observations.

              Those with Eyes to See…yep and I used My eyes to see alright! So far most what I Seen nearly fully Afirms what this post reply says. But I did Not cause it to be so…I just Noticed it thru Observations of what some folks call the absolute most worthless and useless Race ever created. Which happens to look and ACT More like real monkeys than monkeys do! A True Conundrum, wrapped in an enigma, eh.

    24. slingshot

      It’s Show Time.

    25. Be informed

      @ Merree. Hope you stay safe, I live in an area with about 1/2 of 1% blacks that could care less about this. I think the blacks will riot on a minimum level this time, just a hunch. Hopefully I am right.

      • Merree

        I’m safe. I own a rental property in an area that is not so good but I don’t expect riots around there. All the guys there care about is where their dope is coming from. I checked on my parents and they have food and security measures in place. My dad’s been a sort of prepper for at least forty years- before it became cool. Let’s hope there are no riots. I’m glad I don’t have to travel to Chicago any time soon. Sounds like you’re in good shape too. If things get bad I hope the regulars check in and let us know how they’re doing.

      • braveheart

        Howdy, BI. I’m in the middle of Memphis, the belly of the beast, so to speak. I’m about as safe as I can expect to be. My weapons are all oiled, magazines loaded, and ready to go. I’m hoping cooler heads will prevail, but I am prepared for the worst. braveheart

        • Man on the inside

          Braveheart.. I moved from memphis 5 years ago… I will pray for you… Lived thier almost 2 decades. When they tore down the Mall of Memphis (mall of murder).. I knew then it was time to go. Stay out of orange mound and down town…. but get some interstate BBQ to celebate… By the way has buck and bass moved into the pyromid yet…

          • braveheart

            Man on the inside, a few years back, Walmart tried to buy the land where Mall of Memphis used to be, but that plan fell through; the land is still vacant. I’m only 2 miles from Orange Mound and 3 miles from downtown; always avoid them. Bass Pro Shops is supposedly opening up in the Pyramid in the fall. I go to the one at Shelby Crossing on occasion for certain items. I’ve finally got a BOL in north GA to go to whenever TSHTF; already moved half of my supplies to it. braveheart

          • braveheart

            PS, forgot to add the Neely family just recently closed down all of their BBQ places here, including Interstate. it was truly some of the best BBQ anywhere. Hate to see them go. BBQ is something i’ll really miss after TSHTF.

        • Vicky

          Wow! I always pictured you in Texas. My husband turned down a transfer to Memphis four years ago. We visited there and were both uneasy with it. Not that where we are is all that great, but the closest “larger town” to us which might go into riot mode is twenty minutes away by car and has more glamorous areas to loot before they get to us. I’d be happier if we were back home in Oklahoma. Stay safe!

          • braveheart

            Howdy, Vicky. I’ve got a few relatives in East Texas. Great state with great people. Only 2 things that keep me out of there are the humidity and the drought. Oklahoma is also a great state with great people. Don’t know where you’re located, but there’s still plenty of places better than where I’m at. I only hope I can bugout to north GA in time when things start heating up.

    26. slingshot

      Watch the West Coast for news.

    27. Piper Michael

      The way I understand the firearms laws concerning ‘automatic’ weapons… a crank operated gatling gun is NOT classified as an automatic weapon…
      I’m going to work on a 6 barrel .22 gatling…
      (cheap ammo, good for crowd control.)

      • Paranoid

        Buy a “Shotgun News” they have plans for one.

        • Piper Michael

          COOL… I will search that out. Is it paper or online?

          • Paranoid

            Magazine. WalMart usually has them. Little Co has an ad for either the gun or plans.

      • braveheart

        Howdy, PM. Did you say a .22 Gatling? I own a few .22s myself. That sounds really interesting. braveheart

      • Hammerun

        .22 ammo? Cheap? Whens the last time you bought any? .22 used to be cheap, not no more. Most places I have seen any for sale it was $20 a box of 50 rounds. A Federal pack of 550, $90 bucks.

        • Gopher

          Keep a eye out in the mom and pop shops. I just bought bricks of 500 for $30. tax included. I’m in REAL good shape.

          • Man on the inside

            Yep… 500 for 39.95 plus tax…. I bought 4……

        • Shootit

          Cabela’s had 50 round boxes of .22 this past week for $5.99 limit 2 per customer.

        • Paranoid

          Sportsmans Warehouse sells Remington 525 Bricks for $21.99, $23.09 with tax. I’ve got 3,000 plus rds from them in the last 3-4 months. Only store I know of that’s not stiffing the public, will continue to buy from them. You have to be quick. or it’s gone.

      • Facebook Page

        As long as it is human powered. Add a screwgun and it is a machines gun.

        These can be order online in 22lr. And. 30 cal. They are kits you supply the guns.

        Once tuned they work OK. And they are american made. And cheap.

      • Kulafarmer

        There is a kit that uses 2 10/22s
        Kind of a cool kit
        http:// m.sportsmansguide. com/Product.aspx?a=862723&tab=1

        Remove the spaces

        • Facebook Page

          or 2 m1 30 cals

    28. JayJay

      Will someone PLEASE make a video of Florida riots and the shootings of the Panthers??
      I’m sure they are there in their fatigues and camo with their AKs ready and waiting. 😉

      • SmokinOkie

        7 million hits on youtube, first 24 hrs, whataya bet?

    29. buzzfix

      Serves the low lives right! Keep George Zimmerman in prayer he needs support and protection.

    30. High Noon

      Zimmerman walks. At this time in my life, “LIFE IS GOOD” I’m sick of this racial shit.

      • Slick One

        If I had my way, Mr.Z would be given a pension for life out of public funds, and the keys to the city!

    31. High Noon

      I guess Zimmerman was not a “JEW”. I would rather live with 1000,000 Jewish people than one “NINA O”

      • Ted Kennedy

        Now that is funny…

    32. Piper Michael

      Now there will be sanctions against the Fl DA!
      For withholding evidence, evidence of Trayvon being a thug, with stolen jewelry, pot, and a gun… the IT guy that was fired, was the dude who gave it to the defense…
      So that Bitch DA, fired him on false charges?
      Wooo Hooo…
      Time to clean house in FL my brothers and sisters… Oh wait… time to clean house of democrats… everywhere.
      Then clean out the republicans…
      and then outlaw parties.
      then end the Fed…
      better stop while I’m ahead…
      (Zimmerman verdict gave me a case of the big head, actually started thinking we could fix this country… sigh… maybe I just need a beer and a bed.)

    33. Slick One

      Let me quote the First Negress,” Now I’m proud of America!”

      • Slim

        That’s because she get’s to ride our af1.

    34. Be informed

      @ braveheart. I surely hope that the blacks in Memphis will just realize that Americans have won tonight, including blacks. The government lost tonight, trying to disarm all of us, make us afraid to protect ourselves against an attacker. I knew someone from Memphis fpr years and this person was pretty cool. Maybe the folks in Tennessee will see the New Madrid fault much more of a threat than there fellow neighbors. Still have 11 days left in the next major earthquake cycle by the way.

      Some news I came about is that Russia is mobilizing 160,000 troops after Israel hit the Latakia naval base on July 5 and took out SOME anti-ship missiles. Israel always seems to attack during that 10 day window with the new moon right in the middle. This month’s new moon was July 8. Russia is also bringing in 130 long-range aircraft and 70 ships. Next month’s new moon is August 6, that makes Israel’s new attack from August 1-11. That is unless Russia says F U to all of this. God, we are all on the tightrope of mega SHTF in some many ways.

      • braveheart

        BI, there are plenty of GOOD black people in this city and where I work at. All they really care about is day-to-day survival just like the rest of us, but unfortunately, we do have our share of troublemakers here as well. If the NMF were to go tomorrow, EVERYONE would forget about the Zimmerman case and everything else in a heartbeat and focus on survival, that is, the ones who aren’t killed by the earthquake. BTW, any word on Copperhead? If I remember correctly, he had a relative with a USGS crew doing some monitoring somewhere in the NMSZ, I think it was in IL. braveheart

        • braveheart

          BI, I noticed ncjoker has returned, but I’m ignoring him per your previous advice. braveheart

          • Facebook Page

            You just gave him a heads up. So he knows you missed him

      • Night breaker

        August 6? Very ominous date.

        Semper Fi 8541

        • Watchman

          @NB: 1945 Aug 6 United States Drops Atomic Bomb on Hiroshima
          “My God, what have we done?” —Robert Lewis, Commander of the ‘Enola Gay’

          Keep the FAITH

    35. Ted Kennedy

      Phuck N double a cp.

    36. JEW.S.A.



      • JEW.S.A.

        Everyone Knows that the Federal Reserve Banks Are PRIVATE … Except the American People

        The country’s most powerful “agency” – the Federal Reserve – is actually no more federal than Federal Express.

        The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in 1928:

        Instrumentalities like the national banks or the federal reserve banks, in which there are private interests, are not departments of the government. They are private corporations in which the government has an interest.

        The long-time Chairman of the House Banking and Currency Committee (Charles McFadden) said on June 10, 1932:

        Some people think that the Federal Reserve Banks are United States Government institutions. They are private monopolies ….

        The Fed itself admitted (via Bloomberg):

        While the Fed’s Washington-based Board of Governors is a federal agency subject to the Freedom of Information Act and other government rules, the New York Fed and other regional banks maintain they are separate institutions, owned by their member banks, and not subject to federal restrictions.

          • JEW.S.A.

            The senior counsel for the Federal Reserve confirmed in a court hearing in the Bloomberg lawsuit that the Federal Reserve Banks are “independent corporations”, which are “not agencies”, are “privately held”, and have “private boards of directors”.

            And Federal Reserve law enforcement officers agree.

            Postscript: The Bank of International Settlements (BIS) – which is the “Central Banks’ Central Bank” – is, in turn, owned by the Fed and other central banks:

            The BIS is a closed organization owned by the 55 central banks. The heads of these central banks travel to the Basel headquarters once every two months, and the General Meeting, the BIS’s supreme executive body, takes place once a year.

            So the private banks own the Fed (and other central banks), and the central banks own BIS.

            • JEW.S.A.

              BIS = The Bank for International Settlements (BIS) is an international organization which fosters international monetary and financial cooperation and serves as a bank for central banks .

              ONE illuminati BANK THAT RULES OVER ALL OTHER illuminatti fiat currency BANKS and COUNTRIES by fiat currency DEBT !




              NinaO ;0p

              • JEW.S.A.

                The Secret World of Gold (Full Documentary)

                there is no more gold in the banks

                Claire and I saw this documentary on the history channel tonight, and it is remarkable in that the corporate media is now openly talking about the fact that the gold bullion stored at the New York Fed and other Central Banks is most likely no longer there, leading to a crisis in which these central banks cannot replace the gold they did not actually own but “rented” out! This documentary openly talks about how investors who think they own gold actually do not, and how they were fraudulently charged vault rental fees to tore gold that did not actually exist!


                • SD Mule

                  Nina O,
                  The history channel is a corporate owned entity (A&E Networks), therefore, anything they air would have to be sanctioned by those above them. So I would ask, why are they putting out that information?? They also put out a lot of 2012- End of the World propaganda. The lack of gold in the vaults is probably true, but what do they gain by putting that information out to the masses? Nothing is ever as it seems! Always enjoy your posts, even though it upsets the programmed masses on this site!!

                  • lastmanstanding

                    If one is up on real history, most of the history channel bs can be shot full of holes.

                    They throw out a few truths that are usually missed by all and shape it to their needs.

                    Like the one “The men that changed America”

                    My favorite part of that one is when jpm jr. wants to stay in America to fuck around with Edison and monopolize/control the power (electricity) thing…and old man morgan says, “I want you to accompany me on this trip to England. We need to remember where our loyalties lie…”

                    and there’s you sign…

                • JEW.S.A.

                  @SDMULE … RESPECT .

                  according to 6 sources i know of zog amerika jew.s.a. HAS NO MORE physical GOLD , THE CLINTONS SLICK WILLY AND LUCIFER HILARY with the help of FREEMASON BILDERBOYBUGGER LARRY (lawrence) SUMMERS looted the last of it in the 90’s AND GAVE IT TO THE central BANKS AND USED IT FOR BLACK MONEY budget PROJECTS FOR THE ILLUMINATI NWO GLOBALISTS ONE WORLD BANK AND GOVERNMENT PROJECTS .

                  america really is dead broke a dead beat nation it has no more gold ITS ALL GONE STOLEN BY OUR OWN FREEMASON ZIONIST PROSTITUTE WHORES TRAITOR PUPPET PREZ’S .

                  their plan now is to force every one into a energy backed electronic fiat currency the one world global bank / government will control and distribute .

                  but the BRICS are fighting it by developing their own basket of real physical p.m.’s gold silver backed currencies .




                  i’m going with option number #2 THE BRICS as they are now entering their golden growth development years for the next 75 years and zog nato zog amerika is definitely stagnating and dying projected to continue till 2050 .


                  UN AGENDA 21 GLOBAL EUGENICS POPULATION CONTROL a poor weak population can’t fight back .

                  so keep stacking pm’s and stay liquid .

                  NinaO ;0p

                • JEW.S.A.

                  @SDMULE … RESPECT .

                  according to 6 sources i know of zog amerika jew.s.a. HAS NO MORE physical GOLD , THE CLINTONS SLICK WILLY AND LUCIFER HILARY with the help of FREEMASON BILDERBOYBUGGER LARRY (lawrence) SUMMERS looted the last of it in the 90′s AND GAVE IT TO THE central BANKS AND USED IT FOR BLACK MONEY budget PROJECTS FOR THE ILLUMINATI NWO GLOBALISTS ONE WORLD BANK AND GOVERNMENT PROJECTS .

                  america really is dead broke a dead beat nation it has no more gold ITS ALL GONE STOLEN BY OUR OWN FREEMASON ZIONIST PROSTITUTE WHORES TRAITOR PUPPET PREZ’S .

                  their plan now is to force every one into a energy backed electronic fiat currency the one world global bank / government will control and distribute .

                  but the BRICS are fighting it by developing their own basket of real physical p.m.’s gold silver backed currencies .




                  i’m going with option number #2 THE BRICS as they are now entering their golden growth development years for the next 75 years and zog nato zog amerika is definitely stagnating and dying projected to continue till 2050 .


                  UN AGENDA 21 GLOBAL EUGENICS POPULATION CONTROL a poor weak population can’t fight back .

                  so keep stacking pm’s and stay liquid .

                  NinaO ;0p

                • JEW.S.A.


                  WE ARE JUST …

                  ‘GOING TO KILL THE DOLLAR’



        • John Q. Public

          Key facts for the prosecutions at Nuremberg 2.

          • Anonymous

            SF Fed admits a private corporation, pay dividends!!!

            David Haynie: “I had a really quick question, the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco specifically, is that formed as a private corporation itself?”

            David Lang: “Ah yes it is actually. yes our state chartered banks, banks under a charter share that and we pay a dividend on those shares.”

            • JEW.S.A .

              ‘Sorry, you’re screwed.’

              you’ve got to get out of the financial system!

              Nothing is safe!

              all property rights in the United States are gone. Up in smoke.

              ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A. HAS GONE TOTALLY SOVIET KGB GANGSTER , we’re through the looking glass … you own nothing … THE STATE OWNS EVERYTHING !




      • agent provocateur

        your a perfect example of what chem trails can do to the brain!

    37. nunurfuckinbiznes


      “surprise readyness inspection in russia involving 160k troops 1000 tanks 100+ aircraft and pacific fleet.”

      can anyone confirm or disprove this rumor with credible sources?

      • Watchman

        After a conversation with Obama, Putin launched the most ambitious since 1991 military exercises in the Far East
        Saturday, 13 July 2013 11:22
        According to the press service of the Russian Defense Ministry, on the orders of Vladimir Putin, was launched the most extensive in the post-Soviet history, since 1991, the military exercise in Russia-in exercises involving troops of the Central and Eastern military districts, the Pacific Fleet, The Long and Military Transport Aviation Russia. More than 80,000 members of the Armed Forces of Russia, 130 long-range aircraft, military transport, fighter, bomber and the Army Air Corps, as well as 70 ships of the Navy involved in the sudden checking readiness of the Russian armed forces.

        Keep the FAITH

      • Them Guys

        Watch it on RT News, showing behind scenes look at russias military readiness exersizes etc.

        If it were anything to worry about I doubt RT be allowed to Broadcast it to the entire world. Its Normal for nations militarys to practice to be ready etc.

    38. Watchman

      Washington’s push against Egyptian, Israeli go-it-alone military steps. US marines deployed off Suez, Sinai

      DEBKAfile Exclusive Report Jul 14, 2013, 12:51 PM (IDT)

      The Obama administration is exhibiting strong disapproval of Israel’s independent military action against Syria and of the Egyptian army’s steps against the Muslim Brotherhood. debkafile: Washington is also put out by the campaign the Egyptian army has launched, with Israel’s active support, to root out the Islamist Salafist and Hamas terror blighting Sinai. US warships and marines are deployed off Egypt’s Red sea coast to warn the Egyptian generals not to go too far and also, if necessary, secure Suez Canal shipping and intervene in Sinai.

      Keep the FAITH

    39. Watchman

      Report: Israel Struck in Syria from the Sea

      An Israeli submarine attacked an arms depot in Latakia last week, according to intelligence sources.

      Keep the FAITH

      • Anonymous

        They know where to buy good D/E boats.

    40. ncjoe

      You people really are stupid. the only thing the Zimmerman did was give license to Rambo wannabees to harass people who doing nothing more than walking down the sidewalk minding their own business. I hope soon you are walking down a sidewalk and one of these gun addicted morons approaches you in a less than civil manner questioning your right to walk down a sidewalk unmolested. I can your screams now. Idiots.

      • slingshot


        What may I ask will exclude that from happening to you.

      • Anonymous

        You’re on the wrong site for being stupid.

      • two2wisper

        I can your screams now ? Are you illiterate ncjoe?

    41. Hank

      Now Mr Obama, you should openly and publicly apologize to Mr Zimmerman for your racially motivated “If I had a Son” Comment.. That is If Mr Obama was any man of character .. Im waiting.

      And now let the law suits begin ..ABC, Yahoo, Black Panthers, et all..anyone or any entity the convicted him before he had his day in court , should be sued out of existence ..

      and if anyone touches this man, We the people should stand up for him, and show a wall of support.

      • slingshot

        Maybe Obama should invite, Mr. Zimmerman over to the White House for a beer to smooth things over.

    42. slingshot

      Good Morning SHTF.

      No incidents last night and the sun come up as scheduled. Does not mean we are out of the woods yet. Things can still happen. Have we learned anything from this tragic event. One family lost a son however terrible he was, and the other was facing life in prison. Have the youth learned that there could be deadly consequences for their actions. Will the adults inflame young minds to cause more division, death and destruction. Those with Conceal Weapons Permits will be the focal point. There will be more cases involved with CCW in the news.
      I do not have a carry permit. I do not believe I have to pay for something that I Feel is My Right to do.
      We as gun owners have passed through one crossroad only to reach another. First one being the trial and now to deal with its aftermath. I hope cooler heads prevail.
      We shall see.

    43. VRF

      This entire case merely shows exactly how dysfunctional our so called justice system actually is.
      From the beginning the police did not want to charge Zimmerman with anything because this was so clearly a case of self-defense. He was only charged through political pressure which isn’t the rule of law but the rule of man.
      One of the reasons we had our first revolution was because of the rule of man, not law.
      While this case came out properly, what happens with the next? or the one after that?

    44. Anonymous

      The Wildebeest (African Americans that have never been to Africa) are forming up at the salt lick (CNN) to promote more hate because they didn’t get what they want from THE jury and their rigged case.

    45. Ever ready NY

      I hope everyone walks the walk because there’s a lot of talk on here. Not trying to put down anyone but everytime I’m on here there’s a pattern of the same people posting, as if they’re waiting by the computer for new articles to come out. One word: cardio. Do enough of it?

    46. Archivist

      I take it we’re not getting up a busload of us to visit Argentina and check out properties any time soon.

    47. Barn Cat

      Being outside the US isn’t going to help. The collapse will be international. There’s a one world government coming and there won’t be any place to hide from the global police state.

    48. Be informed

      I see that ncjo(k)e(r) is trolling around again, as usual offering nothing and contributing nothing. I suggest to everyone to leave the troll alone, don’t encourage anyone that only takes and is a liability to the site. I fear for many innocents when ncjoker finally cracks, loads up his rifles, and acts on all of his hatred.

      • clint hospo

        I agree, he has some issues and hatred towards people and peoples thoughts.

      • OutWest

        Be informed

        The trolls are like floating turds in a toilet,
        they spin like hell and keep coming up for more.
        A waste of a good flush. Fug um.

        • yental

          I’m starting to “like” the trolls. THEY provide “the brilliant light of day” with “the pitch black dark of night” readily available comparison.

          TROLLS are in reality THEIR OWN WORST ENEMY…especially on “sites” like this one, where the “old timers and long time advocates” know and expose the “shit from shinola” as soon as it hits.

          • braveheart

            Ah, yes, trolls, the breakfast of champions. Or lunch. Or supper. Or even a snack.

    49. lonelonmum

      I’m not in the US.

      To an outsider the whole Zimmerman MSM frenzy seems frankly bizarre.

      1. It’s obvious he’s NOT of white caucasian Anglo-Saxon heritage just by looking at his photo. So why the imagined Black v.white race war? Why not black v. Hispanic & leave the white European descendants out of it? I’m genuinely confused as if you are gonna have a race war then surely it should be between the races actually involved in causing the original offence?

      2. Sad though it sounds, young black men get shot dead every day in the US and have done since long before the civil war era. Every death has been a tragedy for that child’s mother. Why the massive fuss about this one?

      3. When are “we the people” gonna learn? Divide an conquer, no matter how clumsily and dishonestly executed is a strategy that just never fails.

      4. Follow the money – someone is profiting from this circus.

      The whole planet is being raped and pillaged by a small global elite, whole nations are either bankrupt or hungry or both and yet these silly diversions keep working. The US is not immune, as evidenced by Detroit, the rise of the tent cities and the lengthening of the food stamp queues. It’s hitting us all, one neighborhood at a time.

      Prepping is just a way of attempting to survive to the other side, but we won’t all make it. The fate of the original signatories of the declaration of independence shows us all the potential individual cost of freedom for those who will follow us. None of us is immune to what’s ahead, we are all just minnows trying to survive the leap over the waterfall.

      Hints and tips are needed here for getting settled in a new rural community as we are due to escape from the big city shortly. How does a city gal like me avoid alienating the locals? I’m under no illusions that when SHTF being seen as an “outsider” in a new, small community will be seen as a risk and I’m hoping you can give me some tips on speedy assimilation to mitigate that risk.

      • Gopher

        If you have any time to spare, volunteer!

        1 Find a school and go read to the kids. You’ll be surprised at how many adults will know who you are from their kids.

        2 Find a church that you can be a part of. Visit shut ins who can’t make it to services anymore or provide transport for one. Can ya sing? Join the choir.

        Depending on the size of the community there may be lots or only a few opportunities, but if you are visable, friendly, and willing to help, you’ll have new friends and fit in before you know it.

      • dollarstodonuts

        Most likely, since o stuck his nose in, this was supposed to be further proof in the pudding that guns need to be banned, especially if there were the “predicted” riots that didn’t happen. Thank God the sheeple went to sleep during this long and drawn out media circus. I swear, the whole world stood still, cause I sure didn’t hear any world news, had to go to the UK and other alternatve news to find out what the heck was happening.

    50. Gregory Godwin

      To the black panthers: bring your black ass on, it’s far past the time to get this ball rolling. Beware the Anglos make war better than any of the races. BEWARE, DON’T BITE OFF MORE THAN YOU CAN CHEW!!!

    51. VRF

      wouldn’t it be funny if the government was passing no more free rides under the cloak of this Zimmerman race debacle… hahah that would be poetic justice?

      it would be hilarious that while the blacks are looking at this Zimmerman race deal, the government pulled their free ride tickets

      • VRF

        I mean you know how the Gov always likes to do a fake out right? watch this hand as we fuck you with this other one..

      • braveheart

        VRF, if they cut off the “entitlement gravytrain”, that will bring riots faster than the Zimmerman verdict. I’ve noticed they’re not in any hurry to start the riots over Zimmerman. Calm before the storm? I think we could get blindsided all of a sudden. Get armed and batten down the hatches. braveheart

        • VRF

          Good point, but without the Gravytrain its hard to fight on an empty stomach and no gas for the escalade

        • possee


          Just how are things in your neck of the woods?

          It’s been a few days since the verdict and all is relatively quiet across the fronts..

          almost too quiet

          after all the predictions of retaliatory violence and bloodshed..

          The riots were almost immediate after the Rodney King verdict,but somehow nothing has come to pass on the scales predicted and threatened..

          Perhaps it was all a ruse?


          • Them Guys

            Possee: I think instead of Riots, it will just be More of same as usual last 2 yrs. IE: Savages will keep doing Mass Chimp outs against Unsuspecting Whiteys all over america. They been doing that alomost 2 yrs now.

            MSM has barely reported 1%, if that, of it all.

            For some of the Best Chimp outs Updated Info and full size color photos, sometimes even videos, check out…

            www dot incogman dot net website. Hes usually the first to report every chimp out when its against whites. Even chimp outs in south africa where whites are systematically being Exterminated, but still rather slowly. South Africas black savages claim they are waiting for nelson Mandela to die off, then plan to finish killing every single last white man-woman-child untill all of africa is 100% blacks Only.

            Just like the savages did in 1804 hati. Exterminate All whites-Loot-Destroy all whites built-Burn entire place to ground….THEN spend next 200 yrs crying and whineing of how sad and bad blacks has it in Hati! And of Course continue to Blame all whiteys for savage african stupidity and total brutal Ignorance.

            Some folks has claimed that african race is The Most Worthless, Useless race ever created. Their savage wild actions for the last 10,000 yrs has Proven it difficult to offer any debate nor arguement against that assumption.

    52. LT

      Doug Casey is always talking about Argentina, but I have to wonder, has he never heard of the “Argentine Dirty War” and the “disaparacedos”?

      In 1976 a different government took over Argentina and “disappeared” anyone who was even in an address book of anyone who was suspected of being critical of the government. An estimated 30,000 people got a 4:00 in the morning knock at the door and disappeared, many of them dropped into the sea by plane.

      People always say that things like that don’t happen anymore. They said that in Germany too before the concentration camps became common knowledge.

      It’s as if people think that since then, everyone has become more moral, not less, and politicians are more honest, not less, and the world is more stable, not less. It CAN happen again and it WILL. Last time – Argentina, this time…looks like it may be the U.S.

      • Eisenkreuz


        • Anonymous3

          Eisen, “govern”ments are those people who want to tell everyone else what to do; yes, evil by nature. Concentrating power instead of letting the power remain in the hands of the people leads to corruption; evil. When one person rules over another, they begin to abuse that person for their own benefit: government. The two-party system of the USA consists of about 75% level pullers. These people should not be allowed to vote. Remove the level-pull and immediately the USA corrupt government would clean up. Of course the two parties would never allow this as they are the system of corruption (domination, “governing”).

      • Eisenkreuz


    53. OutWest

      Be informed

      My dog has gone squirrelly tonight. I’ve never seen
      her go this bonkers.
      Any news on imminent earth quake activity?
      It’s got me a little anxious to say the least.

    54. anonymous6.8

      This is a bit off-topic. Things haven’t gone totally to hell when there are still
      peace officers like Officer Acosta.

      Prince George’s County, Maryland police officer Ariel Acosta was on a traffic stop 3 days ago.

      He heard a call that a child was not breathing. The boy had entangled himself in window blind cords and was turning blue.

      When he arrived Officer Acosta immediately began to do chest compressions. The grandmother asked what she could do to help. She began rescue breathing.

      The child began to cough and started breathing on his own. The boy was hospitalized for observation and is expected to be fine.

      Compare this with the typical news about robo cop law enforcement.

      There are still some good police out there. With their help we have a fighting chance to restore our Republic.

      +100 ^^^ to Officer Ariel Acosta

    55. Be informed

      @ OutWest. Your dog is going nuts? It has been proven that animals go bonkers before big earthquakes. Can you tell us what fault you are closest to? I have seen a dead lull today in much activity at all. This means, usually, that something is in the last stages before breaking. Are there any other unusual animal behavior? Ground dwelling insects I would pay close attention to, such as worms, ants, beatles, etc. I would also look for birds going nuts. Many times before earthquake in california I noticed the pigeons acting bizarre. Pigeons and other dove families are very sensitive to the magnetic field of the planet changing. The last 5.0+ anywhere on the planet was 36 hours ago in Argentina. Your dog maybe sensing something in the immediate area or even a distant fault that is going to release a great or mega quake. It would be interesting to see how close you are to some of these faults. If it is not too personal, maybe you could let us know your general locale.

      • dollarstodonuts

        I too noticed that the earth was quite still today.

      • Be informed

        @ OutWest. One further question about your dog before assuming she is picking up some future earthquake. Could she have eaten something, like some chocolate or something the hyped her up? If there are no other explanations to her acting this way, your dog is probably sensing something. I am thinking that one day I am going to be looking at the earthquake map and see a giant box or circle on the other sites around california or the cascadia fault region. I now live away from the major faults and I don’t miss the earthquakes, you never know just how large they are going to be and especially how long they are going to move the ground.

        • OutWest

          Be informed— thanks so much for responding

          I reside in Wyoming but am visiting my folks in Northern
          Michigan at the moment.
          I was at the college in Ann Arbor a couple years ago
          when the New Madrid decided to give us a bit of a shake
          Being a country boy, I am very attuned to the wildlife
          as an indicator of weather and season and don’t doubt
          their instincts for a moment.
          My collie was going in circles sniffing the ground and
          air, crossing the yards, looking for something that
          wasn’t there, very agitated and very untypical.
          I told my dearest who was as concerned as myself about
          it that I’m taking the matter straight to our resident
          earth quake expert to see what you had to say.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Sorry BI that 5.0+ you saw 36 hours ago in Argentina was not caused by any plate tectonics. That was just many of the SHTFplan commenters heading out before the verdict on the Zimmerman case came down. Trekker Out.

    56. Kulafarmer

      So now the federal government is going after GZ even though he has been aquitted by a jury of his peers,
      These fuckers better think long and hard about that cause their going to have a lot more than a bunch of angry liberal hoods threatening white folks,

      • dollarstodonuts

        yeah, with the NAACP yapping at their heels. Hello, looks like pretty much no one cares. Did you notice that the parents of Martin weren’t squabbling at all during this ordeal? Maybe they weren’t at all surprised at the nature of his demise…

        • Be informed

          @ kulafarmer and dollarstodonuts. You really have to feel for someone like Zimmerman that is really getting rounded up by the feds bypassing the 5th Amendment and saying up yours to double jeopardy. This could happen to any of us and shows just how much respect the federal government has for the Constitution and real freedom. It would still be a true pie in the face of BO and his whole party for the 2014 elections to have to deal with another trial, absolutely dealing with race burning away. Lose this debacle and BO could lose the senate AND whom BO decides on for the next supreme court appointee. BO is already facing much of his own potential legal problems to worry about Zimmerman being tried again by the feds. Let’s at least hope so for Zimmerman and all of us still desiring the foundations of the Constitution.

          • braveheart

            Good morning, Be Informed. If I were Zimmerman, I would go back into hiding, get re-armed, and resist any and all attempts by the feds or anyone else to take me. he’s already been through the ordeal once and the jury has spoken. everyone needs to just put the whole affair behind them and move on. F#$% the NAACP, DOJ, NBPP, and everyone else who wants Zimmerman’s head. The man did what he had no other choice but to do and the jury said he was justified. I feel sorry for those jurors; now they’ll have targets on their backs. If I had a son, he would look like George Zimmerman. If I had a daughter, she would look like any of the jurors who acquitted Zimmerman. braveheart

      • Jimb

        So were these black Jews, white Jews in black makeup or did the Jews use their super mind control on the black youths to force them to do this??? Please elaborate.
        I am sorry, elaborate means to explain in detail.

        • Anonymous

          WELCOME TO


          WHAT’S YOUR DREAM ?


    57. Kulafarmer

      Some people are just crap.

    58. JEW.S.A.

      A Under Cover White Police Officer ‘MOB RIOT AGITATOR’ joins in Race Riots by throwing a trash can through a store front glass window FOR THE PRESS TO PHOTOGRAPH …

      can we say STUPID undercover BLUE PIGGY AGENT PROVOCATEUR boys and girls

      he’s still wearing part of his police uniform AND HE’S WHITE … ummm wtf ???

      NinaO ;0p

      • JEW.S.A.


        i’d also like to remind you All the CIA / FBI / NSA / DHS now have agents working in place assigned permanent jobs as ZOG AMERIKA JEW.S.A. ‘NEWS PROPAGANDA SPECIAL AGENTS’ AT ALL MAJOR METRO CITY POLICE DEPARTMENTS AND NEWS STATIONS .

        just like the ISRAELI JEW MOSSAD does in ISRAEHELL and any where else it can get its JEW VAMPIRIC CLAWS INTO ‘to control’ the dumbed down fluoridated drugged t.v. brainwashed local citizen population by news information manipulation .

        NinaO ;0p

    59. VRF

      Braveheart, there was a reason it was an all white woman Jury..

      Men, if you are infact a man..protect the women, all women, They all have a huge target on their back now, even bigger then before.

    60. possee

      Well it’s been a few days since the verdict was handed down ..

      and no riots/civil unrest/martial law as so many predicted( or wished for)on many alt sites..

      everyone was Rodney King-ing the reaction..well..all’s quiet on the western front folks..

      meanwhile Benghazi,IRS,NSA,Snowden,DOJ.are all forgotten to the back pages collecting dust..

      and stock market reaches 100 year highs
      God, how everything is so manipulated..

      job well done once again..


      • VRF

        Just as they have planned..

        they try to make the masses look else where while they dirty up the nation.

        and the issue of riots and killing of us whiteys aint over yet, don’t let down your guard , it will go slow, that’s the plan.

        they will milk this race divide for all they can, to continue the curtain on their game

    61. KY Mom

      It’s official now…

      U.S. repeals propaganda ban, spreads GOVERNMENT-MADE NEWS to Americans…

      Drudge Report

      • possee

        Just read that article..KYMom..

        It appears that all the media has been performing this all along..

        So now the feds call it “official”?

        I don’t know whether this is another version of Twilight Zone or One flew over the cuckoos nest that we are living in…probably both and then some..


    62. VRF

      with Hollywood uniting against Zimmerman, maybe all those that support Hollywood with our dollars should teach them a lesson on who’s buttering their bread, ’cause I know dam sure the gang bangers no matter of what color are not paying to see their crap!

      And Neither am I, I wont pay to see their racist, violent , sexist junk..Let alone sit in a movie theater and have it ruined by some loud mouths, and my TV is for watching home movies old westerns, and weather.

      Hollywood should wake up to see whats happened after Jim Carey opened his big mouth and insulted the ones paying him to act like an ass, and all the other so called Hollywood activists..just STFU and do your dam job, No your not more important than us, and no your opinion don’t mean shit..go back to work living under your rock, and self absorbed life.

    63. possee


      Who gives a flying one about these overpaid assholes?
      What right minded individual would pay to watch their trash in the first place?..probably the same ones who worship the current political farce of fools and contribute to their campaigns..

      We are surrounded by a ship of fools..mindless lemmings being lead to their inevitable slaughter soon..

      We here have more important issues at hand!

      Great rant..kudos..


      • VRF

        With you all the way Possee, if they are going to speak out like this, It should show up on their income statement

        • Gonetoolong

          My list of viewable movies is shrinking daily. Oh well. More time to do important things anyway.

    64. VRF

      Perhaps cutting off the government tit to those who threaten violence would be a good idea about now. Would hate to see welfare used to finance the murder of any one

      • Be informed

        @ VRF. Hollyweird has done more destruction to the fairness and moral fiber of the world than most anything place. Everyday the San Andreas builds more energy locked into it. Everytime the plates move somewhere else, more tension is accumulated on the San Andreas. Rock has a breaking point and must give way. LA and San Francisco are truly the new Sodom and Gomorrah as by no coincidence the San Andreas runs under both cities and if like many in the scientific community have found out, the whole fault can break from south to north, jumping the creep zone south of San Francisco.

        These two cities have added so much misery to this world, and the top Sodomy location in the world is San Francisco. Hollyweird has added so much evil to the entire planet. A near 9 with the entire fault breaking for 6-7 minutesand then setting off the thrust faults would be close to annihilation for the hellholes.

        Hollyweird scum are so rotten, and are the biggest liability to the country is morality that there is. There are two major thrust faults that run right under those idiot’s homes and the studios. It will happen, and the longer the wait the more catastrophic t will be WHEN it hits.

    65. Be informed

      @ OutWest. Northern Michigan and your dog is upset and agitated about something. Could be she is just upset about a certain new smell, new sounds, or something else. Sometimes when a dog visits a new home they might think that you are abandoning them for a new owner. It can be anything that worries a dog. Earthquake is possible.

      From what I have seen there has been no indications of any precursor activity directed at the New Madrid on the Mid Atlantic Ridge. The closest thing to anything affecting the New Madrid was on the North Mid Atlantic Ridge north of Iceland, and that one seems to focus energy directed from Indonesia. The other 2 plate boundary quakes were on the Mid Indian Ridge and southeast of Easter Island. These indicate from the past major earthquakes following within 15 days in the following areas:

      Indonesia many time, just like the third one shows
      New Guinea several times
      Taiwan twice
      Japan twice
      Santa Cruz and Solman Islands several times
      Fiji twice

      For three different spots these earthquakes showed fairly specific future targets, as the precursor quakes up to a week ago show the same areas affected. Pattern developing.

      If your dog continues to act this way, and nothing like some strange sound like those cicadas insects that are suppose to be coming out of their hibernation in many spots in the country this year or something different to her, then it could mean she is sensing something. The New Madrid and many other faults in that area really reverberate because the underlying rock mass is so dense. If you spend more time with your dog and she continues to be “squirrely”, something is wrong.

      • OutWest

        Be informed

        Thank you so much BI. I rest easier now.

        You are a Gentleman and a Scholar, Sir.

    66. braveheart

      VRF, cutting off that government tit will bring riots so fast everybody will forget about Zimmerman.

      • VRF

        I know 😉

        • VRF

          crazy like a fox,, huh?

    67. slingshot

      I am looking at the pictures of the protestors for Trayvon Martin. Lots of White People in the crowds.
      Makes you wonder what can happen if a few decide to favor Shabazz and Franakhan’s callings.

      • sheptical citizen

        Slingshot those are not white people. They are Wiggers. Their folks never brought them up to believe in the counstition,Bill of Rights and to live in a moral manner and work for what you want. They simply dont know what it means to be white.

    68. slingshot

      Another issue is the mixed marriages. How will an angry mob react when raiding a neighborhood. Should the couple take turns hiding?

    69. possee

      oh where, oh where, are those angry black panthers?

      oh where or where can they be?

      With their AK’s all racked .kill whitey their answer.

      Oh where, oh where can they be?

      • Kevin2

        It was pure ghetto bravado that is used in the culture of the street for intimidation. At its lowest form its preceded with grown men saying, “I’ll woop your ass”. They don’t know any better because in their world this is not only acceptable but required.

    70. Anonymous


      The United States Supreme Court ruled in John Bad Elk vs United States that citizens have a right to resist unlawful violation of their civil rights by law enforcement, up to and including lethal force.


      • Eisenkreuz

        The supreme court never made any such ruling. You speak of an old wives tale.

      • Luther

        “When a person, being without fault, is in a place where he has a right to be, is violently assaulted, he may, without retreating, repel by force, and if, in the reasonable exercise of his right of self defense, his assailant is killed, he is justified.” Runyan v. State, 57 Ind. 80; Miller v. State, 74 Ind. 1.

        “These principles apply as well to an officer attempting to make an arrest, who abuses his authority and transcends the bounds thereof by the use of unnecessary force and violence, as they do to a private individual who unlawfully uses such force and violence.” Jones v. State, 26 Tex. App. I; Beaverts v. State, 4 Tex. App. 1 75; Skidmore v. State, 43 Tex. 93, 903.

        “An illegal arrest is an assault and battery. The person so attempted to be restrained of his liberty has the same right to use force in defending himself as he would in repelling any other assault and battery.” (State v. Robinson, 145 ME. 77, 72 ATL. 260).

        Each person has the right to resist an unlawful arrest. In such a case, the person attempting the arrest stands in the position of a wrongdoer and may be resisted by the use of force, as in self- defense.” (State v. Mobley, 240 N.C. 476, 83 S.E. 2d 100).

        “One may come to the aid of another being unlawfully arrested, just as he may where one is being assaulted, molested, raped or kidnapped. Thus it is not an offense to liberate one from the unlawful custody of an officer, even though he may have submitted to such custody, without resistance.” (Adams v. State, 121 Ga. 16, 48 S.E. 910).

        And on the issue of actually killing an arresting officer in self defense:

        “Citizens may resist unlawful arrest to the point of taking an arresting officer’s life if necessary.” Plummer v. State, 136 Ind. 306. This premise was upheld by the Supreme Court of the United States in the case: John Bad Elk v. U.S., 177 U.S. 529

    71. Be informed

      Just had a large earthquake in the South Sandwich Islands of 7.3. The precursor earthquakes somewhat indicated this, but the South Sandwich Islands are actually one of the locations for future mjor earthquakes. The last time this area had an earthquake of this size was back on October 22, 1983 and six days later central Idaho was hit with a 7.1 very near Borah Peak and north of the town of Mackay. Back in 2008 a 6.6 hit an area of the South Sandwich Islands about 50 miles from today’s quake of 7.3. This lead to major quakes in eastern Indonesia and the northern Black Sea region.

      This quake of 7.3 is more directed towards the Pacific Northwest, namely the Cascadia fault. There is just like in 1983 danger to Idaho, Utah, Montana, and western Wyoming for the next 15 days, until July 30. Also the South Sandwich Islands area puts tremendous pressure on the Nazca plate and all of western South America all the way to northern Mexico. To have a 7.3 hit a precursor region is intense, happens sometimes, and usually it leads to something quite big somewhere else.

      • sheptical citizen

        Earthquakes and volcanic activity definitely are increasing in both frequency & magnitude. Im of the opinion there is a good chance of a mega clatyclismic event in the USA in the near future. Those who prepped will be glad they did. If i was near the coast or any of those vocanos &faults I would move. Im probably too close to the new madrid. but I am in the Ozarks and live on the rock at about 1000 ft elevation. Ill just hope for the best and prepare for the worst.

    72. Anonymous3

      This is OT but I’d like to see some write-up of the ongoing epidemics.
      1. autism.
      2. obesity/diabetes
      3. infertility
      While a lot of focus has been given to TPTB who are attempting to financially destroy working Americans, maybe a big miss about pandemic and epidemic exists. E.g. if the infertility article from a few days is correct, another generation of GMO could cause DRASTIC population drops. I.e. don’t buy house or land as most will be unoccupied in 20 years. Talk about a sea change. I know in my neighborhood infertility is a big problem among the 25-35 year old women. Not sure if its statistically significant or just something to be expected. Maybe infertility is due to the American obesity problem but all but one of the persons I know with the problem are not obese.

    73. VRF

      way too many people out of work with way too much bullshit time on their hands to bitch about a verdict that is right and just..

      and if it scares a certain group of thugs to think about how they act out, than I say great , its about time.

      If fear delivers respect, then Im all for it

      • Watchman

        @BI: PE buddy still says the southern CRIB. is very ripe.
        I look to the Cascadia to go. Then who knows what that will do. USGS still looking hard in the WVSZ for the NMF to go active soon. Maybe the Cascadia will push on the NMF, I don’t know, but something somewhere BIG is about to explode. Trouble still deepens in the Mid East to.

        Keep the FAITH

    74. Archivist

      I don’t think anyone in my town keeps up with the news. There’s been no reaction at all to the verdict. I went to the grocery store this morning to pick up a couple of things. When I got to the checkout line, the black girl at the register said “How’re you doin’, baby?” like everything was perfectly normal.

      • Anonymous3

        Yeah, we went somewhere to a vacation spot and I asked the guy with a fam what he thought about GMO’s. His answer “GM whats?” His wife did say she heard there are too much preservatives in foods. Well, I asked him about outlawing guns and he said anyone wants his they can come take it. 🙂

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