Presidential Hopeful Kamala Harris Wants To Change Federal Gun Laws “By Presidential Fiat”

by | Jun 7, 2019 | Headline News | 62 comments

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    A California Democrat and presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris is vowing to change the federal guns law by “presidential fiat” if Congress won’t trample all over your rights. The authoritarian senator claims she could impose “near-universal background checks” and close the “boyfriend loophole” without new legislation.

    If Congress does not change the law, in other words, Harris will, although that is not part of the president’s constitutional job description, according to report by Reason It should be abundantly clear by now that Democrats and even some Republicans are coming for your basic human right to self-defense. Don’t believe any politician who says they aren’t coming for your guns. They are.

    The California senator’s campaign website promises that “if Congress fails to send comprehensive gun safety legislation to Harris’ desk within her first 100 days as president—including universal background checks, an assault weapons ban, and the repeal of the NRA’s corporate gun manufacturer and dealer immunity bill—she will take executive action to keep our kids and communities safe.” Harris does not claim that as president she could unilaterally ban “assault weapons” or repeal the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act. But she does claim she could change the law in two other significant ways. –Reason

    Harris is under the impression that the president can “mandate near-universal background checks by requiring anyone who sells five or more guns per year to run a background check on all gun sales.” Since federally licensed dealers are the only ones currently legally required to run background checks, such a rule would require dramatically expanding that category.

    But that’s incredibly unnecessary considering private gun sellers have embarrassed Democrats in the past by going above and beyond the federal government in most case when comes to the buying of guns and who they will sell to.


    The problem for Harris, however, is that federal law defines a gun dealer as someone who is “engaged in the business of selling firearms,” which in turn is defined as a “devot[ing] time, attention, and labor to dealing in firearms as a regular course of trade or business with the principal objective of livelihood and profit through the repetitive purchase and resale of firearms.” The statutory definition explicitly excludes “a person who makes occasional sales, exchanges, or purchases of firearms for the enhancement of a personal collection or for a hobby, or who sells all or part of his personal collection of firearms.” Under Kamala’s plan, which she discussed on CNN, a hobbyist or collector who sold more than four guns in a single year would be required to obtain a federal license and conduct background checks, which is plainly inconsistent with current law. And as president, Harris cannot change the law.

    As for the “boyfriend loophole” Harris complains about? The tyrant plans to “close the ‘boyfriend loophole’ to prevent dating partners convicted of domestic violence from purchasing guns.” Under current law, people convicted of misdemeanors involving “domestic violence” are barred from possessing firearms. But crimes against dating partners count as “domestic violence” only if the perpetrator has lived with the victim or produced a child with him or her. The House version of the bill reauthorizing the Violence Against Women Act would eliminate those requirements. Harris seems to think she can accomplish the same thing without new congressional action. Congress has defined “misdemeanor crime of domestic violence,” and only Congress can change the definition.

    Basically, what all democrats are saying anymore, is that if they can’t talk a handful of congresspeople into destroying your basic human rights, she’ll make sure to she takes care of it.



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      1. robert paulson

        is it to early to impeach her ?

        • john stiner

          I don’t know how that woman holds her head up in public after being Willie Brown’s fuuk doll and sleeping her way into political power.


          • Heartless

            One look at those wattles on her neck and thought “damn Willie Brown was one hung MF”.

            • The Deplorable Renegade

              Heartless, Brown must have been desperate. Must’ve caught something, LOL.

              • TharSheBlows

                Just saw this comment over at the Daily Bell. Nailed it. Funny how they have freedom of speech over at this site by this comment below will be sent into moderation approval of the ZOG Filters of speech. Never criticize the Beast eh?

                ht tps://

                Comment by sybarite123 • a day ago
                The U.S. is ZOG country. The Zionist Jews and Jewish International Bankers own the U.S. Government, the Congress(both Houses), the President at least from FDR to Trump, exception made of JFK and President Nixon. And they own the Media(TV, Radio & Newspapers), the Porn Industry, The Music Industry, Hollywood to mention a few inroads the Talmudic Jews have made to influence our society. It’s called Cultural Marxism! And we fight Israel’s wars that are costly in money and blood. “If we don’t break the Jewish stranglehold on America, this country is going down the drain.” (Evangelist Billy Graham to President Nixon in a private conversation in 1973. This conversation was made public and can be heard on You Tube.)
                IMO it is much too late to save America. “We will squeeze all we can out of America, then it will crumble and be blown away in the wind.” (Netanyahu, 2002).
                “Israel has 300 nukes and Iran is the problem?” (Pat Buchanan). Mark Steyn’s book “America Alone” followed by a second book, “After America”. Enough Said!

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            JS, she has neither a conscience nor a soul. Pure evil and will have to be opposed.

          • jakartaman

            This slut can kiss my arse
            My guns are for people like her when the SHTF

        • repr sleepr

          By Fiat???? didn’t they quit making those little cars?

        • Anonymous

          Comments already censored on THIS web site. No real time communication allowed. No conversation.

          The comment “apps” used on these sites are censorship tools.

          There is about to be pushback on you censorship narcisist.
          We the people simply will not give you our business.

          We have also found more useful use of our time.
          Gardening-Reloading Ammo-Range Time-Getting into top physical condition.
          Avoiding your censored web sites and Tel-Lie-Vision media brainwash propaganda. (Cancelled my cable, so did my family and friends. Bought gold, silver, ammo, with those funds. Thank you Starbucks and NFL knee takers. All that money used to be in your cash drawers.)

          Media, WebSites, entertainment’s real “job”:
          1. Distract
          2. Dumb Down
          3. Disinform

          We are in a Psychological war for our minds and a spiritual war for our souls.

          Before the videos taken down.
          Go to youtube and look up:
          – Alan Watt, “Cutting through the Matrix”
          – Barrie Trower
          – Dana Ashlie

          1. 5g is a surviel, track, trace, target, and KILL weapon of WAR.
          2. AI and AI Robots are More Dangerous than nuclear technology.
          3. GMO franken food, 5g, vaccines, and immigrants with disease are ALL WEAPONS to murder YOU.


          ……………………………………….now censor that control freaks!

        • Clown World

          Could it be called an abortion?

      2. Menzoberranzan

        These fools like her do not yet realize that no amount of protection can prevent someone intent on their demise from accomplishing the goal when they’re willing to sacrifice themselves in the endeavor..

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          Menzo, the time is way past due for the balloon to go up. Think “Night Of The Long Knives”. These scum need to be purged.

          • Menzoberranzan

            Every single one of them.

          • Montana Guy

            TDR, yes we appear to be getting close. But in reality when chaos hit we will be focused on our loved ones, not what’s happening Commies land. You KNOW what these scum bags will soon be eating.

      3. Cal

        Kamala Harris would then be committing *Treason/**Terrorism against the American people. The powers/authority used by those who serve within our governments – state and federal – are found in writing within the US Constitution and state Constitutions. She would also be committing multiple felonies and Perjury(s).

        No PERSON who serves within our government has any authority beyond that which was delegated to the branch or named office within a branch of federal and state governments.

        As ratified by the States and authenticated by Thomas Jefferson, then-Secretary of State: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed”. (end quoted passages from Constitution and Bill of Rights)

        U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 9 – Limits on Congress – “No Bill of Attainder or ex post facto Law shall be passed”, plus
        U.S. Constitution, Article 1, Sec. 10 – Powers Prohibited of States – “No State shall…make any…ex post facto law…”.
        Definition: Ex post facto – “Every law that makes an action done before the passing of the law, and which was innocent when done, criminal” [Calder v Bull (3 US 386 [1798].
        If it is legally owned today, they can’t legally take it after passing a ban.

        Sedition is legally defined as ”the criminal act of revolting against an established authority, usually in the form of treason or defamation of a government.” In other words, if you are conspiring or plotting to overthrow by violent force, harm in any way, or more specifically, kill any authority figure in government, you have committed sedition. Sedition not only covers a person’s actions but also any words or writings in print that may incite, encourage or promote the overthrowing of a government; it’s seditious libel. (Dr. Vieira)

        She would be committing some major crimes against the American people, against our constitutional republic. Is she sure this is the correct country for her to trying to get into our government? I hear many people today who believe that those found guilty of the crimes mentioned here should be hung by the neck until dead, then left up for a day as an example for others who wish to destroy our nation from within (domestic enemies/traitors).

        Section 802 (Title 18), “domestic terrorism” is defined as involving “acts dangerous to human life that are a violation of the criminal laws of the United States or of any State;” which “appear to be intended–to intimidate or coerce a civilian population; (or) to influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion”. It is important for all who run/wish to be in any position within our government understand exactly what our government is, a CONSTITUTIONAL REPUBLIC where the exact powers of each position/office are in writing for all to know.

        • Navy Vet

          So, she’s going to be Obozo light bypassing the Constitution with her pen and her phone?!!?

          Quite the platform the Dem’;s have for 2020:
          – Confiscate all guns, further allow the killing of babies up until and after birth, completely open borders, free health care and welfare for illegal aliens, amnesty for illegal aliens going back to 1976 and forward to infinity, free college for everyone, higher taxes and not just on rich people, and free shit, free shit, free shit for all.

          I actually hope, in a perverse way, that one of these dopey Dems wins with this platform in 2020. They have no idea the shit storm that will be unleashed if they do win.

          • The Deplorable Renegade

            Navy Vet, it’s still possible the dems will try something between now and Nov. 2020. And they WILL have hell unleashed on them.

      4. Bert

        Kamala Harris looks like a Guatemalan welfare cheat.

        [sarc] To win she ought to promise all the money and free everything to all unemployable American land-whale women, all minorities and all illegals, and blame the white working men for all the injustices since the big bang.

        • repr sleepr

          Or just another rodent running on a wheel in her cage.

      5. The Deplorable Renegade

        Bert, the only way that mixed-race bitch ever got anywhere was affirmative action. She will never know how to stand on her own 2 feet. I for one will stand against her.

      6. Kevin2

        Assuming there are two sides the left and right, either cheers when “their” president shows strength with “Executive Orders”. Neither side truly believe in Constitutional restraints when it’s being bent in their favor. As the saying goes, “Beware what you ask for because you might get it”.

        • Montana Guy

          K2, you are bravely touching the 3rd rail. Failure to understand that Republicans are an enemy of liberty is to have missed the whole lesson of America’s slide into tyranny.
          Bill Buppert is correct in asking, ‘Have Republicans ever allowed you to vote for liberty, zero-aggression or zero-theft?’ The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession.

          • Son of patriot

            Amen. I’ve been pushing secession for over 10 years and it’s never made more sense. We are outnumbered nationally and they know it. We have to separate from the devils.

      7. Honeypot

        Detroit is were murder is an everyday affair.

        If I was President I would declare Martial Law in Detroit and clean it up even if I had to lock up half the inhabitants.

        That would actually lower the statistics on gun violence.

        These legislators don’t care about gun violence. They want to please the deep State critters whom want to neuter the American citizens.


        • Kevin2

          ” Martial Law in Detroit”
          I rest my case.

        • navy Vet

          Detroit got nothing on Chicongo or Baltimore, the very definition of failed Democrat rule for the last 50 years.

        • Anonymous


          It’s no secret what caused Detroit to go from “Motor City USA” to a poverty,drug,crime riddled sh*thole..
          Same thing happened in Gary,Cleveland,Pittsburgh,Baltimore,Camden,etc..

        • Anonymous

          Detroit. Detroit imported to Texas.
          Dallas put a Black, Female, from Detroit, in charge of Dallas Police Dept.
          – – Result: 40 murders in May.
          Highest murder rate in recent history.

          – – Gun fights at carwash,
          – – Running gunfights in broad daylight.
          – – 13 year old boy at 7pm murdered, going to store for snacks.

          This is result of the Detroit import to Texas.
          They jail working class white people for traffic tickets.
          They allow black thugs to run amuck and murder.
          This is Dallas PD at work.
          This is what happens when black female Detroit Police chief is allowed to destroy the community. They are afraid of offending and profiling black thugs with guns commiting murders.

          Police officer was put up on charges after a black thug, with gun in thugs vehicle/extended magazine, tried to drive off with cop in window. They charged cop for shooting armed thug driving off.

          This is Detroit black female as Police chief results.
          Of course she will never be fired. Only skin color matters. Only fact that she is female matters.

          Incompatence is only firing offence IF you are white christian straight male.

          Welcome to new Amerikka. Like your change?

          I’m leaving the new Amerikka. Vote with my money and ass. I’m leaving. Where are the sane people?

          censor this too. truth not allowed by you tech tyrant monopoly.

          P I S S on YouTube google farcebook censor tyrant monopoly

      8. Anonymous

        Since good ol Kameltoe is a lawyer, perhaps she should be disbarred because she can’t/won’t interpret the Constitution and Bill of Rights as they are written. How can someone like this be allowed to practice law?

      9. Clown World

        This Kamala would save you the all the countless steps of having a failed govt business, a fake shelter-in-place drill, taking notes on what the crisis actor was carrying and saying, giving fiats against one make, model, and demographic at a time.

        For busywork, I guess they’ll have to police micro-aggressions.

      10. Seminole Wind

        The D’s are losing some of the “Black Vote”, so I expect a Female African American will be on their ticket. This Chick has already proven that she will do anything/anybody to gain political power so she needs to be watched . Kamala=Civil War.

        • The Deplorable Renegade

          Seminole Wind, ANY of the dems/libturds=civil war.

        • rellik

          Harris is not African-American, she is Jamaican and Asian Indian.
          She can self-identify all she wants, but it is not true.
          I expect Biden to select her as a running mate. If the world is as screwed up as I think it is, Democrats will elect Biden. After he is in office, his health will “deteriorate” and he will resign leaving Harris as the President.
          Democrats are just crazy enough to try it.

          • Nailbanger

            Not getting any younger
            My giveashit is all gone,
            Might as well get it over with eh,,,,

        • Kevin2

          Seminole Wind

          I’ve worked along side black guys for almost three decades and I have seen their attitude change when in a group. The militancy / anti white comes out. Voting booths are private. I imagine black UAW workers seeing Trumps attempts to throttle back foreign imports thus keeping their jobs will, “be signifying” with “da brothers” outside the voting booth. Inside I see many voting their wallet. Once outside the game face reappears.

        • Anonymous

          That stupid whore will never win

      11. Clown World

        A military grade helo was swooping down, on all the yards in my neighborhood, for the last hour, saying instructions from the loud speaker. If you see someone 5’5″- 5’9″, weighing 150lbs, call 9-11. See something, say something, right? Noone has come out of their houses or knows what it’s saying — a completely banal description that fits almost anybody.

        Senile, magical negro lady from the neighborhood of million dollar houses with purple sweater and tan nightgown. Was that insensitive?

        Punishment will be collective, because of the rank inability to profile. Windows rattle, speakers shout, hounds bay, and Boomers blissfully oblivious. How does this not make you think to put on your shoes, or something. ffs

        If they do one of those made-for-tv productions, in your town, going door-to-door, none of your pppinko collaborator neighbors will even consider it memorable in the next news cycle.

        The attention span of the general public, it’s recollection of past history, is no better than our escapee, here.

        “Sometimes dissociative fugue cannot be diagnosed until people abruptly return to their pre-fugue identity and are distressed to find themselves in unfamiliar circumstances, sometimes with awareness of “lost time”.

        Most of your families have it.

        Then, the new normal.

      12. Bildew

        Come now, Jesus! This train wreck is overflowing with idiots. 2020 will be a year of total devastation if one of these blithering idiots gets voted in. in my 63 years, I’ve seen a lot, and this blows my mind. Blessings, everyone!

      13. Anonymous


        “Making the Black Plague a thing again”. Who can’t get behind that?

      14. Jim in Va.

        Dream big Kamala,you haven’t a chance in hell of getting nominated….

        • Clown World

          Meanwhile, in South Africa, or California, somewhere…

      15. bb in GA

        It really irritates me when the ‘domestic violence misdemeanor’ discussion takes place in print as just an accepted deal.

        Nobody should ever lose ANY of their Constitutional Rights based on a misdemeanor (with the exception of actual fines and incarceration associated with a conviction)

        I’m not even good with the automatic and permanent loss of Constitutional Rights upon conviction of a felony.

        These are God given Rights and perhaps in certain special repeated offenses could require restrictions…maybe.

        If you have served your time and paid your fines, you’re done. The Prison Industrial Complex is the root of some of this…

        I am saddened and dismayed no one has challenged or successfully overturned these stupid misdemeanor based gun-grabbing laws.


        • Cal

          “Nobody should ever lose ANY of their Constitutional Rights based on a misdemeanor (with the exception of actual fines and incarceration associated with a conviction) ”

          The US Constitution does NOT GIVE us our Rights. It requires those that serve within our governments to DEFEND them. We have those rights naturally and inherited.

          • bb in GA

            Comprehensive reading skills are important…

            Two sentences beyond your quote of me –

            “These are God given Rights and perhaps in certain special repeated offenses could require restrictions…maybe.”


            • Clown World


              God has given the right to bear arms, and free speech, and and self-ownership, even to these people who you can’t agree with…

              On the basis of their upright stance, opposable thumbs, red blood, and feely feelings, you have determined that they are capable of free will, goal setting, abstract thought, objectivity…

      16. Stuart

        Consider, if you will, that what Willie Brown’s Ho proposed is exactly what Mr. Trump DID with bump stocks and what he says he is considering doing with suppressors. This is especially troubling now that the precedent has been established that “accessories” are not protected by the 2nd amendment.

        • crash and burn

          You are spot on Stuart. We the people need to be well informed as the politicians(Democrats and Republicans) try and take our rights away


          True that. The Mango Emperor is a bull-in-the-china-shop when it comes to our Second Amendment rights. Did not he publicly state something to the effect that: “…we’ll take them now and worry about due process later”?
          We have had a 3+ year interlude. The Deep State has tried mightily to influence the firearms issue with False Flags at the Las Vegas concert, the high school in Florida, assorted churches, synagogues, and mosques and other locations. These incidents are straws in the wind. If you have not been paying attention, you should have been. It is late but not too late. Plan accordingly.

      17. crash and burn

        As a hard core conservative be careful because our own “Republican president has already banned the bump stock and is considering a banning suppressors, large capacity mags” I didn’t like obama but 8 years he never touched the gun laws even after sandy hook. The swamp just keeps getting deeper.
        Also Kavanaugh, Trumps pick upheld the bump stock ban.

      18. Nailbanger

        Good luck with that.
        Even if one in 10 does not comply that is still more than every single LEO fed/state/local combined,,,
        Whats the rate of fatality?
        From my cold dead hands

      19. Anonymous

        Washington Retards can’t find 99% of Illegal Immigrants entering the US annually. How in the F_K will they find 300Million Plus firearms??? Blah, Ha, Ha…

      20. Capt Barty

        At least the dictators are outing themselves.

        We have to think all this through very carefully. I believe President Trump is going to have a hard time in the next election. Those who say “Awww, it’ll be a landslide….” are fooling themselves and doing the movement to return America to its owners a disservice. Remember how certain the Hillary camp were.

        If it turns bad, we have to make a lot of decisions.

      21. James Hanley

        There is NO WAY anyone who even talks this way should be in any government position. It’s a clear violation of the Oath of Office and should be grounds to have the bimbo thrown out of office!

      22. Him

        Worth repeating. War is when your government tells you who the enemy is. Revolution is when you figure it out yourself.

      23. awed bawl

        Revolution is when you change from saying “our” government
        to the government

        • Him

          Didn’t say “our”. Said “your”. Could have said “the”.

      24. Anonymous

        I think Trump will win in 2020. But after that TRUMP will pass massive gun control bills including Federal “Red flag” laws.

      25. Son of patriot

        I’ve got my eye on another AR, either a Springfield Saint Victor, a free float, midlength direct impingement 556, or a Patriot Constable, carbine length 556.

        Buy up AR parts kits, bros, ARs need their spare parts. Extractors, bolt kits, charging handles, springs, pins, firing pins.

        They’re coming…

      26. Anonymous

        I’m waiting for the first Dem candidate to actually say it; “When I am president, I will execute all conservatives.” Why try to hide this?

      27. Simmon

        The biggest question is why are politicians so afraid of citizens with guns ?

      28. Capt Barty

        Probably because of what they are planning. No one believes they actually think laws ranging from background checks to outright gun confiscation will solve any crime. Criminals, by definition, etc. (no need to preach to the choir). The politicians are laying the groundwork for either invasion or internal takeover by some force (doesn’t matter if the name is UN, or Democrat Socialism). Then, since they will have contributed to the new order, they expect (important word) to be part of the hierarchy. That’s the dangerous part.

        It’s all been done before. The most dangerous elements will be your local police or parts of the military, whose commanders think they will “be somebody.” If you want real trouble. take a small man and make him think he’s part of something BIG. No, it’s not police bashing, just history.

        Ask anyone of, say, Central European ancestry you know. Maybe their parents/grandparents told them what happened when the countries were invaded and occupied. Probably happened the same elsewhere, but I’m only citing what I know, from people I was able to speak to. All the “authorities” capitulated to the “new bosses” and most joined them. The worst is, the locals knew about the land and people, and were quite useful (idiots), which is why the invaders/occupiers cultivate them. Of course, as with even older stories, once the top was done with the fools, they were discarded (if lucky). Sure, they had their faces rubbed in it, but the damage was done.

        Nothing new under the sun. And, our politicians are more venal than many others.

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