President Of Philippines Declares Martial Law After ISIS Group Captures City: “If You Fight Us, You Will Die”

by | May 24, 2017 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    Yesterday, as the drama surrounding the Manchester bombing was still unfolding, the media largely neglected a bombshell story going on in the Philippines. An ISIS affiliated terror organization called the “Maute Group,” attacked the predominantly Muslim city of Marawi.

    Government forces had been fighting these militants in the countryside for months before they occupied the city. The Armed Forces of the Philippines released this message yesterday, in regards to the attack:

    The militants quickly occupied the main buildings in the city and established roadblocks. They managed to take over a hospital, and kicked out patients and employees before raising the ISIS flag above the building. They also apparently took over the police station, and released over a hundred inmates from the local jail.

    At least 21 people have died in the fighting between the militants and government forces, and a number of civilians have been abducted. Thousands of residents have fled the city, creating severe gridlock. President Duterte has since declared martial law in the region, and has warned that he may expand it to the rest of the country.

    He declared martial rule for 60 days in the entire Mindanao region — home to 22 million people — and vowed to be “harsh.”

    “If I think that you should die, you will die,” he said. “If you fight us, you will die. If there is open defiance, you will die. And if it means many people dying, so be it.”

    But he said he would not allow abuses and that law-abiding citizens had nothing to fear.

    Duterte said a local police chief was stopped at a militant checkpoint and beheaded, and added that he may declare martial law nationwide if he believes the group has taken a foothold.

    Marawi Bishop Edwin de la Pena said the militants forced their way into the Marawi Cathedral and seized a Catholic priest, 10 worshipers and three church workers.

    Though the priest and the parishioners haven’t been recovered, government forces have managed to take back several key buildings. It’s believed that over 500 militants were responsible for the attack, many of whom remain in the city. The army is still struggling to root them out.


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      1. This is almost as bad as Detroit

      2. In amerika you have to fight for your life from drug dealers then you have to try to keep the cops from taking your life too.

      3. Surely this is trumps fault?

        • Gandhi, sorry not the best sarcasm I ever heard.

      4. Go get ’em, Duterte. Show them they can’t come in and take over.

        • That’s how government can get us cheering for them: just get their “ISIS” agents to do their terrorizing of us for them and then, we’ll be singing the national anthems and waving the flags and screaming “off with their heads” against whoever government says we should go after (even if it’s ourselves for defending against them or, just for no reason other than we’re the masses who they intend to herd and corral!)–just like we did with Cheney-Bush’s allowance of 9/11 to happen.

          • Excatly… keep youveye on the BOL…not the fake news or fake Politians….

          • you are an idiot.

      5. If they are wearing black and an isis logo, take ’em out!

        • Babycatcher, if they come to you with any bad intentions toward you, ELIMINATE THEM, PERIOD. Or they will surely eliminate you and your loved ones. I don’t care who they are, what they wear, or what they believe. Just take them out of this world, period!

        • Head Cop in a corrupt country prolly deserved it.

      6. Coming soon to a town near you!

      7. Isn’t it funny how ISIS has now spread to every corner of the Globe. Boy, that NWO Open Borders Immigration of brown people policy is sure working like clock work.

        Trump was spot on about the Trojan Horse effect of Mass immigration with no thorough back ground checks. Funny how ISIS has not penetrated Israel and creating chaos there…. hmmmmmm.. Coincidence? I think not.

        • Time to spread the blessings of islam around, to most of the world…

          • It used to be that if you wanted to see the world you joined the US Navy but now I think isis goes more places.

      8. The Philippines were getting cozy with China. ISIS gains strength there. No connection.

        • Ah, round eye. Good point. I will report this development to President Dutarte.

      9. This is what happens when you call Obama a ‘son of a bitch’. He gets his Muslim Brotherhood bros to ‘bang yo ass’.

        Some of the hottest women in the world live in the Philippines. It would be beyond tragic if they came under the black cloak of Satan’s faith.

        Sadly, while people slept during the Obama years, the infiltration went global. Only now people are waking up and realising pretty well everyone where they work is now called Abdullah, or Mohammad or Rashid etc. – even the IT guys at the Congressional offices. It wasn’t that in the past 8 years Muslim men suddently started busting Mensa IQ tests or getting awesome work ethics. They just got hired because that was the order.

        • Franks Thoughts = Some of the hottest women in the world live in the Philippines.

          Hey Frank. Let me fill you in on that. Most of those Hot women you get excited about are Trannys’. Always check for the bulging crotch area first. Ha.. That’s your first clue as a dead giveaway. The next clue is the squeaky man voice.

      10. Trump is Brilliant. You know Trump is over in the Middle East and Europe right now, He visited Saudi Arabia, then he went to Israel. While he was in Israel this Bonkers headline came out that Trump was considering DemoRAT Jew Traitor Joe Lieberman (AIPAC Representative) as the new FBI Director to replace the Fired Comey to head the FBI. Trump floated this Jo Lieberman BS rumor while in Israel. Now that Trump is no longer in Israel and now in Rome Italy, this new Headline comes out today.

        Joe Lieberman “No Longer Being Considered” For FBI Director: Report
        05-24-2017 •
        Just days after it was reported that the frontrunner to replace James Comey as head of the FBI was career democrat Joe Lieberman, it now appears that Trump has gotten cold feet about installing a career democrat as head of an agency that has become rather “sensitive” for the White House in recent weeks, and according to CNN the team tasked by Trump with finding a new director for the FBI “is resetting its search” with Reuters reporting that according to CNN, Joe Lieberman is “no longer being considered for FBI director.”

        Trump Played Israel like a fiddle, thinking they were some how going to get another Zionist to head the FBI. LMFAO kiss my ASS Netanyhu you fool. lol

        Trump is F-n Brilliant. When I first heard this J Lieberman Rumor, I was like WTF is Trump up to now? And was patient to let this BS rumor run its course. Good Job Trumpster!!

        • Yellow:

          Joe Lieberman? Yikes !!!

          With this black dude, the pissed off whites won’t do a rebellion either. I think that’s the reason. Trump knows that whites are ready to fight, but too smart to move with so many brothers in the military, police, and now FBI. But the FBI is only the investigator. Nothing happens without the Justice Department.

          Whites will fight and win LEGALLY.


          • It really don’t look like it. I’m worried when Trump come home the Drums will start before his foot got US soil.

      11. Philippine citizens are mostly unarmed….only by special permit can you own a firearm. No way to defend themselves from the monsters of Mindanao (Abu Sayyaf). Been there many times, and as of the last 20 yrs, I’ve steered clear of that region. A kidnapped American is a prized possession. The past administrations was unable to do anything about them for fear of international condemnation for human rights abuses. The new President does not give a rats ass about what the world thinks, or the perverts in Brussels. He’s been going after drug dealers w/ hit squads…and now he’s going to go into the south and kick ass. Maybe he can run for President here in the states. We need the same thing to happen here.!!

        • We could use some of those red light districts and pleasure zones.

      12. A global “crisis” will need to be solved by a global “solution”.

      13. All the poor souls in the Phillipines who thought life couldn’t get worse, have found out that it can!

      14. Duterte did tell the US to go to hell. Kick their influence out, that’s smart I like it. He’s probably not long for this world though.

      15. Watch the movie. The Real Glory. With Gary Cooper . It’s free on line. It’s about us fighting the Moro Muslems in the Phillipines. Gary Cooper wants to wrap them in pig skin before they bury them . Must see.

      16. These people have orders to stay inside or Bugout if they can. I wonder what is in their Bugout Bags.

        See, shit does hit the fan.

        Are you ready for summer ???


        • Better not be dependent on big industry gunpowder, or anything else of theirs.

        • Exactly my thoughts. Why hasn’t anyone brought up the fact that it only took 500 heavily armed insurgents to take over a fucking city!!!!!????? Yes, the citizens are unarmed but here is what scares me.
          1. That could totally happen anywhere in the U.S. Any city
          2. maybe 5 groups of 100 in multiple cities
          3. 500 or five groups of 100 storm 1 or five nuclear power plants….

          Arms yourselfs and stay vigilant

      17. Let’s see who he turns to for help.

      18. So busy killing his own people due to drugs, now he loses the country for all. Foolish little man with a control issue.

      19. Nov 20, 2015 The One Thing You Need to Know About ISIS *America* please wake up!

      20. Good ole martial law, don’t you love it.


      21. I recall from history that when the communists took over in China they lined up all the drug addicts and made them kneel and put a bullet in their heads. That was how they solved their drug problem.

      22. Why hasn’t anyone brought up the fact that it only took 500 heavily armed insurgents to take over a fucking city!!!!!????? Yes, the citizens are unarmed but here is what scares me.
        1. That could totally happen anywhere in the U.S. Any city
        2. maybe 5 groups of 100 in multiple cities
        3. 500 or five groups of 100 storm 1 or five nuclear power plants….

        Arms yourselfs and stay vigilant

      23. James:

        China settled its drug problem by killing the peddlers and importers, the English.

        That was the end of the Opium War.


      24. Killing ISIS militants sounds good in theory but based on his drug war, Duterte won’t hesitate to kill his own citizens in the process. I wish him luck exterminating ISIS but only time will tell if he can deal with the terrorist group without murdering more innocent Filipino citizens in the process.

      25. If you ever lived in Hawaii. Getting rid of phillipinos isn’t all bad?

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