President Obama Says “Enough’s Enough” When It Comes to Gaming the Currency System

by | Nov 14, 2011 | Headline News | 69 comments

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    You may be excited to hear that President Obama has had enough with all of the central bank currency manipulation.

    “Changes are difficult for them politically, I get it,” Obama said at a news conference…

    But the United States and other countries, I think understandably, feel that enough’s enough.”

    Source: SF Gate

    Of course, he’s not talking about the US Dollar or Federal Reserve monetary intervention. The problem is not with a collapsing financial, economic and monetary system here in the U.S. – it’s those red commies in China!

    Now, don’t get us wrong – we’ve got no love for the red commies. But, before we can lecture other countries on their monetary policy a wee bit of self reflection may be in order. Mr. Obama continues:

    Using some of his toughest language yet against China, Obama, a day after face-to-face talks with President Hu Jintao, demanded that China stop “gaming” the international system and create a level playing field for US and other foreign businesses.

    “We’re going to continue to be firm that China operate by the same rules as everyone else.”

    Obama insisted that China allow its currency to rise faster in value, saying it was being kept artificially low and was hurting American companies and jobs. He said China, which often presents itself as a developing country, is now “grown up” and should act that way in global economic affairs.

    Source: Times of India

    And which rules, pray tell, is Mr. Obama referring to here? The rules governing free-market ideals of personal responsibility and allowing an enterprise to succeed or fail on its own merit? Or, are we talking about the rules of centrally planned oligarchies that are designed to enrich the few by existing outside of the rule of law and at the expense of the voiceless tax payer who has to cover their losses with their labor, savings and, as is often the case, their lives?

    On the heels of a crumbling banking sector in late 2008, Congress and President Bush implemented emergency measures to save the too-big-too-fail institutions that threatened to usher in an era of tanks on the streets of America. President Obama happily continued the policies and further expanded the trillions of dollars required to stabilize the US financial system. Furthermore, he, Congress and their fellow business partners in the private sector initiated a host of stimulus, bailouts and cash infusions that have been estimated to have cost the US taxpayer upwards of $20 Trillion.

    President Obama points the finger at China, claiming that they need to act like grown ups, while at the same time acting like an irrational and immature child with respect to monetary and financial policy. A responsible grown-up that has spent any time working in the private sector understands that when debts get piled on too high, you cannot take on more debt to cover your expenses; all this does is extended the timeline and increase severity of the inevitable collapse once your inability to further extend credit is realized. Only a child would believe that they can not only maintain their current expenditures, but triple them, without any meaningful increase in revenue. Only the imagination of a child living in a fantasy world could create the idea that we can just print money and lend it to ourselves – and then expect everything to be OK.

    More insight on the matter from the President:

    “There’s no magic formula. There are no magic beans that you can toss in the ground and suddenly a bunch of money grows on trees.”

    Source ABC News

    The problem with Mr. Obama’s rhetoric, of course, is that his policies are wholly dependent on the money growing tree construct, and for the time being they have figured out how to temporarily increase the tree’s yield through monetary manipulation –  ahem, intervention.

    Mr. Obama telling China that “enough’s enough” is quite ironic, considering that we are engaging in widespread monetary, financial and economic machinations that make China’s currency activities look like child’s play.

    The President’s vapid accusations are propaganda at best and pure ignorance at worst. We dread the day that China finally says and acts on the rhetoric of “enough’s enough.”

    When that happens, look out below, because at that point it will become crystal clear that there is no money tree and that our political and economic systems have been managed by individuals operating from the emotional and intellectual aptitude of eight year olds.


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      1. This idiot is going to get us all nuked. The border States regulation from atf is now in Nebraska! I saw the forms last night even with a place for our pictures to buy anything over .22 Cal, has a removable magazine, or is semi auto. How much more are we going to endure before someone snaps. Good luck all and god bless us all. We’re going to need it soon.

        • The “magic negroe” needs to go……..YESTERDAY! And if any other “race representative” was doing what this jackass is, I would equally apply MAGIC caucasin, asian, mexican, redneck, NeoCon, libertarian, theologian, etc.

      2. Magic peas. Hope & change?

        • Everything has constructed and has been done to replace PSEUDO-Capitalism (NOT crony capitalism) around the world. The last piece will be America.

          The ruling class has orchestrated unemployment, so the poor, the unemployed and the victims of an unjust system (Pseudo-Capitalism) happily to fight for and accept a new system (communism or socialist nationalism). This is the kind of scheme has historically been used in Europe and Asia during since the 18th and that’s what start many revolutions around the world. Those who created the chaos in the first place hijacked most of these revolutions.

          Bankers made up the word “CRONY” capitalism, and stupid people use it.

          Capitalism is a thing and not human.
          It can not think or act like an human.
          Pseudo-capitalism is a better description.

          Capitalism or any system can not avoid corruption.

      3. Mr. Pres. and his cohorts, want to piss off China, it is part of his devine plan. This dictator can not wait for the U.S. to collapse and start his reign as leader of the new world. He also said recently that we americans were lazy. Come on little sheople, run my tread mill a little faster and maybe… I’ll give you a few more entitlements. Just stay in line and be good little sheople. As for the lone wolfs, they need to be exterminated for the good of the sheople. The best way to accomplish that? Turn the sheople against the lone wolfs. This plan is already in the works. Trust no one and watch your back.

        • Excellent.

      4. One could say that he is being factual in that money does not grow on trees or come from magic beans. Who has need for magic beans when they have a printing press and a compliant lackey to keep it running? Of course anytime that assclown opens his mouth in public one must consider his target audience and his characterization of the issue is geared towards a dumbed-down public school educated populace.
        When one looks at what he is doing to the economy and this country and tries to find a rational explanation for why he seems unable to do anything which might lead to prosperity and freedom eventually one must examine the assumptions their line of inquiry is based upon. There are no contradictions; examine your premises and you will find one of them is wrong.

      5. Obama is an idiot who wants to destroy America. I literally glaze over when he speaks.

        You can essentially take what he says or wants to do, reverse it and then you have something that is good for America, our freedom and our wallets.

        Plus he’s a crook. Solyndra, Small Pox Vaccines. Oh, and he had the nerve to call American’s lazy the other day. Hey, it’s HIS government who has made them lazy!!

        • I agree. Every time I change a channel and see his mugg on TV, I immediately change the channel. I don’t care what he has to say. It’s all a lie and we (or at least most of us) know if his mouth is moving, he’s lying. The only thing I want to hear out of him is I QUIT!!!

          • Yeah, you have to know that if he said, “I quit” it would end up being a lie too.

        • They are all crooks!!!!It is about money!We can not come back from this debt,Bush,Obama,whoever,does not matter!!It is toooooo late!Go ahead and blame China,wait until they stop giving us money!!

        • He reminds me of the old saying, “Do as I say, not as I do.”

          He might talk a “good speech.” Meanwhile, his cronies are working at full speed doing all they can to disregard our Constitution and weaken and destroy our country and economy.

        • Obimbo is the largest POX on this country in my lifetime. And that is saying alot considering the “silver-tongued-assholes” that have preceded HIM!

          Perhaps the ONLY difference is what has become TOTAL TRANSPARENCY in Obimbo’s agenda. At least “his” predecessors attempted to “hide” THE LIE!

          He has ASSUMED the throne whether YOU like it or not. And that applies to the IMPOTENT CRIMEGRESS as will.

          • Oh, don’t take away their name. It truly IS “congress”, which, as we all know, is the opposite of PROgress.

      6. “A responsible grown-up that has spent any time working in the private sector understands that when debts get piled on too high, you cannot take on more debt to cover your expenses; all this does is extended the timeline and increase severity of the inevitable collapse once your inability to further extend credit is realized.”

        Any person who has lived out from under mommy and daddy’s wing knows that once out-go becomes greater than income something needs to change or they will be living in a van down by the river in short order.

        The BS and “look over here” ploys are tiresome. We should clean out our own closets and sweep off our own back porch before we bitch about the state of our neighbors yard.

      7. I am not by any means a financial wizard but, what is Tim Geitners money presses doing to our dollars? Maybe, devaluing them? Is not the King and chief and his minion playing the same game? I think the Chinese are just outwitting this knothead and he don’t like it and they are not folding over to his bullshit rhetoric or is that hyperbole?

        • It is downright hilarious that the ChiComs have figured out how to beat us at our devaluation game and Prince Barack is throwing a temper tantrum because there is nothing he can do about it! By pegging their yuan to our dollar, every attempt to spur exports by lowering the dollar’s value only results in Chinese goods being even cheaper here. The ironic thing is that by going back on sound money (backing by precious metals for those who are economically challenged) would force them to unpeg their currency or be priced out of markets everywhere else in the world because of an extremely overvalued yuan.

          • Moon: Did you see the Decoded episode on the History Channel this week that investigated if there is gold in Fort Knox? Although the question is not definitely resolved, it leaves you with the impression they have squandered away the gold in their effort to manipulate the market. In other words, if stupid, reckless, irresponsible policies devalue the currency and gold reveals the incompetent actions, TPTB can dump gold, dropping the price, and in the process make it look like they are doing a good job. If Fort Knox is empty we no longer have the luxury of going back on sound money backed by something real. Hey, it was a nice thought you had and I wish they could do it.

            • Going back on the gold standard would not be as difficult as you assume. It would be as simple as declaring that public debts such as taxes could be paid in gold or silver at the daily spot price. Precious metals are already being used under the table in private transactions. Payment of government debts in precious metals could also be simplified by allowing the use of metal ETF accounts from reputable companies that have been audited and certified to have physical possession of the precious metals they purport to trade.

              The issue of the government and Fort Knox and it’s gold or lack thereof is really irrelevant to how one could go back onto the gold standard. If the government is truly out of gold then a good way to get it back would be by allowing its use in transactions with the government. If it were deemed a priority then a discount could even be given for payment in precious metal as opposed to payment in fiat.

            • Prepper—I just know this—I read that the inspection of Ft.Knox was allowed…ONE room..and the inspection was over…I wonder how much that inspector was paid to SAY there was gold in that ONE room.

        • Obummers’ biggest problem with the Chinese is that they still do not understand that he IS the anointed one. They are not being properly respectful to him in his true role. Besides that, they have the audacity to think that he should be kissing their asses, not the other way around.

      8. I hate commies.

        • The only good commie…..

          • I hate commies…

          • They stink both ways…

          • hey Mac, even though im athiest, that ole slogan seems to be one of the sanest things out there today.. kill a commie for christ! or a bunch if your 4×4 looses control while doing 60 straight towards an occupy pigstye. hey that last part rhymed!

          • Good one Mac….I’d rather be friends with a water moccasin, than a communist.

          • yeah mac, one problem, an awful lot of zionist , marxist, communist crap gets spewed here… it is honestly astonishing how bad socirty has become…. they consider this to be normal… when in fact they are already living in their worst nightmare… communism! we are already there… sadly imo

      9. You scared me Mac! For a second after reading that headline I was afraid Obama was actually going to do something for this country…..

        Go easy man. I’m still on my first cup of coffee.

        • LOL! I wrote this while having my first cup of coffee… I thought it’d be fun to get everyone’s hopes up with the headline and then pull the rug out from under you. It just amazes me the kind of stuff coming out of the President’s mouth… The thing is, while most of our readers here understand the implications of said U.S. economic and financial policy, most Americans really do have their hopes up and they have bought in completely to the notion that Congress, the President and our appointed officials have a plan to get us out of this. They, too, will have the rug pulled out from under them, but the consequences are going to be mind boggling.

          • You sly dog you!

          • Tricky! Tricky! I had visions of him staring down The Bernank and saying, “STOP! Enough sanctioned counterfeiting is enough sanctioned counterfeiting!!!”

            Yep! I fell right into your trap. Here I thought maybe, just maybe, if Barack could tell one truth and be reasonable I might think about voting for him.

            HA! Just kidding.


      10. Once one gets into the “club” (politics), they all seem to be in it for themselves. It must be very addicting. The insider trading must take up most of their time or they have their own insider brokers.

      11. “Speaking stern to China” The Commie and chief wants us all to be ruled like China. It’s all a ploy…… Every time this guy speaks I want to Vomit!

      12. Is it winning in a different war? no bullets or bombs?..

      13. This is a “MUST WATCH” for all “Veterans”!

        Man facing 105 years in prison for shooting at would-be thief.
        David Sturdivant has lost his liberty, a kidney, his home, his business and all his belongings.

        Talk about “Trigger Happy Cops!” and they only hit em’ with a richocet ;0p psszzzt someone needs some range time!

        Time for all Veterans to just “Use Crossbows” when defending your property! Their kinda like a Fart “Silent , but Deadly!”

        An dump the body in the hollow out back!

        Calling the Cops will just get ya KILLED!

        Gun Owning Veterans Beware!

        Might ; is Not always Right! In the Eye’s of the Law!

        • I practice rapid fire shots everyday with a recurve bow. Shooting at human shaped targets with kill zones properly marked. I practice moving around the house(when no one is home) I like the bow,I can take out an intruder and put him in the ground and never wake anyone. I pray that I will never have to do that.

          • crossbows are a must have for anyone not willing to put the time into getting proficient with a “traditional” bow

          • If you want to go through the paper work you can get a suppressor for your AR or pistol for around $700.00 and an additional $250.00 for the federal stamp. Or….. you can make your own and take the risk of being caught with it. I’m not saying a bow doesn’t have its place for “doing the Dew” silently. Even better is a suppressor for a .22 calibre rifle or Ruger MKII (bull barrel) and using subsonic aquila ammo.

          • what is your bow of choice for a recurve?

            • You can get an old Bear for under $200 on ebay or really cheap on Craigslist if you get lucky. I wouldn’t recommend anything bigger than 45 lb unless you are really strong as there is no letdown like a compound thus if you aren’t good enough to do TRUE instinctive/reflexive shooting, and you need to hold it drawn for any length of time, a high draw weight can make you wildly inaccurate if you are not snap shooting (due to shake)

              I agree with PO’d that a suppressor is your best for stealthy dispensing of justice (although it is expensive for licensing), but every arsenal should have at least one bow.

              re suppressor. If you don’t want to go thru the hassle of getting licensed for one, best is to just know how to make one, there are videos on you tube (although it won’t be as good as a “professional” one unless you have machining equipment) for when times get bad that way you don’t risk having an illegal one laying around but you can quickly manufacture one when there is no law to incarcerate you over it.

            • @joker… ;0) thanks for the input truly appreciated, will do on the recurve under 45 pnd addition to warbag and practice, as for the silencer ;0) already have designs picked out and other things in works to supress giving away cover and concealment from shooting platform. Pretty amazing what one can find on youtube! Thanx…

        • the lawn mower thief torched the house to cover up the fact… he and his fellow local druggy scum robbed it after the cops took the vet to the hospital.

        • Another classic example of what”Real cops TV” will “encourage” the “fascist’s in blue” to do.”Take the deal!Take the deal”.It gives the cops a free pass for their incompetent and dangerous behavior.Just like what happened to the “west Memphis three”.And we ALL know what Arkansas justice amounts to.MEANWHILE,the crooks get a free hand to ruin the man’s life completely.Where were the Keystone Coppers then all this went down?Getting free dough-nuts for two hours of their eight? This is truly a snapshot of the New America.We have finally reached the moment in time that places us into the savage years of a declining Empire.CHANGE is coming though,hope it arrives soonest.
          Best to All

      14. Apparently he never read The Art of War…

      15. bondage brings faith,faith brings courage, courage brings freedom, freedom brings abundance, abundance brings complacency, complacency brings apahty, apathy brings dependency, dependency brings bondage! any one care to guess where America is? It is not republican vs. democrat, liberal vs. conservative! It is about is it constitutional or not. We have a group of people on both sides of the aisle who refuse ro obey the constitution!

      16. Listen to what he says. Then assume he means to do the opposite.

        In this case he’s making noises about a REAL foreign exchange problem that has existed since China started to become an export powerhouse. Yes, they DO suppress the value of their currency to enhance their destruction of American (and European) industrial capacity. Will little o actually do anything about it? Nope. His handlers make money cooperating with China, to the detriment of the USA. And tankerloads of campaign funding direct from China have been poured into Dem coffers since Clinton, and probably before.

      17. China will pay us back with an EMP…..then the 30 million American’s left can feed the extra billion Chinese

      18. All China has to do is Dump all it’s purchased American Debt Treasuries on the market and “BOOM”! Better than a Nuke or a EMP Pulse! China has America by the “Cojones” and anyone who reads the financials knows it! This is just empty rhetoric filler as they kick the can further down the road, so they can prepare further for NWO 1 one bank global government Control and global eugenics!

      19. they already have it in position….the name of satellite possibly carrying EMP is Phobos Grunt

        Mr.CometWatch on YouTube covers it

      20. We borrow money from China, to then turn right around and give them aid, instead of robbing Peter to pay Paul, we’re robbing Peter to pay Peter

      21. It really starts with the oath of office for each of them.

      22. There’s no magic formula. There are no magic beans that you can toss in the ground and suddenly a bunch of money grows on trees.”

        Holy Crap! It’s worse than I thought

      23. Obama has no real power….he is just a political puppet for the finacial 1%….im not saying he aint an idiot…he is…. but its the goldman sachs that are running this country and china knows this…..YOUR POLITICIANS HAVE ALL BEEN BOUGHT OUT.

        (Matrix)Morpheus to Neo “Welcome to the real world”

      24. Fuck this SOB and the Sasquatch wife of his he rode in on…if anyone seriously believes a thing that comes out of this assholes piehole at this point, they need some professional help.

      25. AM I the only one who thinks?:

        1. we could boycott chinese goods
        2. close all american owned factories in china
        3. ‘game’ our monetary system like they do (if they ‘cheat’, we cheat). then its not cheating per se.
        4. put every company who offshored jobs out of business
        5. tax the he– out of every corp that has profited from off- shoring the MILLIONS of jobs
        6. REPEAL ALL NAFTA!!!
        7. Politicians exempted themselves from INSIDER TRADING laws..

        let me repeat number 7!!!!!

        Politicians see NO CONFLICT OF INTEREST in investing in companies, then signing bills, which give money to those same companies!!!!..IT IS EMBEZZLEMENT!!

        • I’ll just tackle one. Your #4. A software company (very small) I am familiar with had a choice to let 11 software engineers go at a cost of $1.7m a year and contract to an Indian software company for $300k a year. The owners thought – no way – can’t do that to the engineers.

          3 years later they are bankrupt. Seems a competitor hired some firm in India and started producing a competing software package and the companies American engineers could not keep up. My friend is now bankrupt. His wealth lost, his 11 engineers out of work, and his 19 sales people and 4 support staff are also fired. In hind site he wished he’d outsourced and he’d still be making money, he’d still have sales people, and he’d still have support staff… he has nothing.

          • the end result is america still ends up a 3rd world country with a service and war economy only, with even that farmed out to india and china… and the america dream , becomes the american nightmare!

          • you completely missed the point..too much flouride?

            the whole point is NOONE should offshore the jobs!!

            you are not that short-sighted are you?

          • And most here don’t understand why companies move offshore to foreign countries..
            How inviting; no unions, no paid benefits, no paid healthcare from hell, no 3 inch books of regulations, no maternity leave, no sick days and abused absences..

            We’re not really smart to NOT get it.

      26. Well .I thought what a way to give it to us.Tell them inflate there dollar.Which in turn mean’s we pay more for item’s used here. Really well played ,well played indeed.

      27. What’s amazing to me is that most of you believe BO is actually in charge. He is merely a puppet, nothing more, nothing less. TPTB are the ones who are truly in charge. While we do not agree on what BO stands for, realize that he’s doing as told. He is NOT the one calling the shots.

        • Obviously he hasn’t had an original thought his entire pathetic life, but he believes in what he was taught, he knows the ends that he, his peers, and mentors have envisioned, and he most certainly makes some decisions in the interests of the whole feral pack of them.

          His mind is controlled by a lifetime of “brainwashing”, so he doesn’t have to be given direction for every decision he makes as he already thinks as they do. He is “programmed” to do what he does and to take the advice of radicals.
          There is no red phone from “The Star Chamber” telling him what to do next. He obviously is going along with a strategy he most certainly was not intelligent enough to design, and is given instruction at some level on many issues, but “TPTB” is much more complicated than a few people pulling all the strings. It is a large group of collectivists and current/would be tyrants (of which he is one), all working together, sometimes knowingly, sometimes coincidentally, because they all believe in one basic premise, collectivism is better than individualism, and YOU will come to agree with them for a few extra scraps, or you will be their enemy.

          Some of “TPTB” only use collectivism to achieve control and power (majority of the ones at the top) , others truly believe in it as a societal utopia (useful idiots, obama) and everything in between, but they all have the same basic end game in mind, a totally controlled society where everyone shares equally (in the misery), except themselves of course,because they are the enlightened ones who have brought you the utopia.

        • I’ve never given this ‘nothing’ credit for anything he’s done, whether it ruined this nation or not; he has strings; the PTB are controlling those.
          Just as the last several presidents for decades.

          When the people of this nation understand that, they’ll stop tv news, and all those petitions, emails, letters, phone calls to congress too.

          • there is always a ying for every yang…no matter how many want one situation to happen, there is always others who don’t, while the majority in charge don’t give a shit and they have much power to make things happen, there is still “hope”, and its only those who don’t give up who will fix things… obviously have given up under the auspices of being smarter than those who still haven’t….and will probably even take credit when/if things do get turned around even if that means starting over in a broken apart America…good luck with your genius

      28. I vote for term limits, fixed taxes and every politician has to SELL all their own beLongings and run the country off of THAT money. If the country fails they are broke as well, if it makes a profit they make money.
        It would sure end entitlements and bloated government fast!

      29. This man cares nothing for the country. He cares nothing about the economy. He cares nothing about the loss of jobs. He cares nothing about anything except the implementation of his own rigid ideology and empty schoolastic brand of socialism.

        He is the destroyer of nations, economies, jobs and lives.

        Whatever he says, think the exact opposite and you’ll be close to understanding his real objective and purpose.

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