Preservation: The Day is Fast Approaching When Joe Sixpack Will Not Be Able to Afford a Sixpack

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    The following article has been generously contributed for your reading pleasure by Johnny Silver Bear. For excellent resources covering a range of topics that include Economic War, Precious Metals, and Financial Survival, visit Johnny’s web site The Silver Bear Cafe.


    (Silver Bear Cafe Editor’s Note: I recently received an email from a reader who voiced the same concerns that I expect most of our readership shares, about their retirement savings and how to best secure their assets and deal with the demise of empire. You folks are fortunate in that you have awakened and realized that there was something very, very rotten going on. There is still time to do something. In an attempt to answer her questions, I found my self slipping in to one of my rants. I decided to post it for you all to enjoy. – JSB)

    Dear Johnny,

    As a dear friend of mine referred me a few months back to your web site, I am still pretty green as to understanding what all is going on. I would not refer myself as a sheeple but at times it is difficult for me to follow some of the articles. I am learning though.

    The reason I am writing to you is more on a personal note than anything regarding silver and hoping that you can help me. This past December I moved my retirement funds out of the G Fund, TSP. Smart move but now in various diversified accounts for example I Shares Silver, Gold Silver Mines and even McCormick Spices to name a few. In December my gut reaction was to pull it all and to invest in silver currency. My investor guy talked me out of it due to the 10% penalty along with 20% taxes. I haven’t “lost” any money to date other than the devaluation of the dollar. (still a loss in that sense but not like losing it all)

    I have been sick over the state of the economy and my gut reaction is that I made a big mistake. After reading the latest article regarding the amount of silver basically left, I have not been able to sleep well. I do not know if I am on target in thinking that I still should pull my all my retirement funds but my gut is telling me it is now. Normalcy mode tells me that I am jumping the gun but every time I step out of the box it has been a good move. I know I will hear some junk from the investor guy that I should not put all my eggs in one basket but again my gut is telling me that it will not get better.

    So my biggest concern after much thought is making sure my mortgage payment is made if the SHTF. Being that my husband and I are retired there is no guarantee even that check will be there…for him being a state employee and me a federal employee. I have prepared myself with food, etc and now at a crossroads regarding the silver.

    I do realize that you do not have a crystal ball to look into to say what exactly going to happen but guess I am looking for reassurance that I see things as they truly are. Any help would be greatly appreciated for I do have a call into the investor.

    Thanks for all you do for it is greatly appreciated!


    Dear June,

    As you might imagine, I receive many emails daily and I am, due to time constraints, unable to answer most of them, but your email struck a chord with me because we recently dealt with my wife’s IRA.

    But before I get to the retirement account option, I will address your other questions. First, you are absolutely right about the dollar devaluation. The U.S. Dollar has lost more than 60% of it purchasing power since 2002. The value of silver has not increased. The value of the dollar has tanked. Most people do not understand the insidious nature of inflation. It is not a natural occurrence. It is a contrived means of theft. It was originally implemented by goldsmiths who invented the fractional reserve system. Please follow this link to a video that might help you understand the methods of their madness:

    To further illustrate my contention that we are being screwed by the Government and the Federal reserve, please consider, on July 23rd, 1965 L.B.J. unconstitutionally signed the Coinage Act of 1965 and prevaricated that it would legally supersede the original Coinage Act of 1792. He did not have the constitutional authority to mess with the value of U.S. coinage. He was just one more criminal politician, in a long line of criminal politicians, trying to rewrite the U.S. Constitution for his own personal gain. His contention, that he had the power to do so, was ludicrous. In fact, the penalty, prescribed in the original coinage act for doing so, was/is death. But the dumbed down sheeple didn’t seem to mind, so he got away with it. Johnson was a slimeball criminal. Ah, but I digress.

    A dime, minted in 1964 was comprised of 90% silver. Today, a pre 1965 dime will purchase a gallon of gasoline. Today, gasoline is cheaper than it was in 1964. The reason we can’t buy gasoline for 10¢ with Federal Reserve notes is because we have been robbed by the Federal Reserve (owned by American and European Banking families) and a complicit government. Pretty much everything is cheaper now than it was in 1964. Advances in technology, manufacturing and distribution would have/should have provided a greatly enhanced standard of living for all Americans. That is if we hadn’t been ripped off by the powers that be. This is the main reason that the middle class is shrinking. Until we abolish the Federal Reserve and prosecute the criminals, the future of the United States will remain in great peril.

    The dollar still has a ways to go before the people realize it is worthless. Silver represents a store of value that can not be altered by the criminal banksters or politicians. So, to sum up the first point. I believe that, even if you take a 10% penalty and pay 20% taxes (that’s probably about as much as you would have paid in taxes on the income originally) you will be ahead of the game if the dollar loses another 10%. I think silver will surpass $100 an ounce within the near future.

    Silver, however, is more volatile (price wise) than gold. I believe there is quite a bit more potential for the price of silver to rise than there is for gold. Naturally then, the factor of risk is greater holding silver than it is for holding gold. Silver, however, is rarer than gold. Not very many people are aware of this fact. Most of the world’s above ground stockpile of silver has been used up by industrial applications and weaponry. the traditional silver to gold ratio (for last 5000 years, prior to the federal government illegally fixing the price) has been 16-to-1. At gold’s current price of around $1542.00, the price of silver should be at least $96.00. If there was no manipulation by criminal banksters, the Silver Users Association, the Crimex (Comex) the FED, or the government, I would expect the price of gold to be closer to $10,000.00 per ounce which would mean silver could reach a value in excess of $625.00 an ounce. Investing in precious metals is the best security that I am aware of.

    And now we arrive at yet another option, which is to leave your savings in an IRA. It is now possible to move funds that are currently in a self directed IRA into an account that mirrors gold and/or silver in their appreciation (or depreciation) against the dollar. Although this is one of the most prudent things you can do with a IRA, it is my least favorite option because I am afraid that the government might be intending to seize the retirement accounts of all Americans and force them into U.S. Treasuries (or something like that). The Federal Reserve is currently buying the bulk of each Treasury Issuance which is, beyond a doubt, hyperinflationary. So many criminals, so little time…

    For years I have complained that my wife’s 401K was subject to criminal constraints in that she could only go long on the issues she was involved with. Her company mandated (all companies mandate by law) that she could only invest, and go long, in XYZ mutual funds. At the time, I believed were they were bad investments. In a free market you have to have the option to bet against an issue as well as betting for it. Taking away the option to short an issue provides for nothing more than a rigged game. But all the sheeple seem to go along with it. Everybody’s 401K has the same restrictions. Nobody balks. It’s much easier remain ignorant of the realities of investing than to gain the understanding that they are being fleeced.

    I personally have lost all faith in the system, as well as the hope that the worthless sheeple might wake up, and, as a result, I spend most of my time trying to provide evidence of the crimes of the Darkside, and to present the remedies and solutions that I have come across, in my research, that might help my readers deal with the current, abysmal, state of affairs. When I started “the Bear” I was actually (naïvely) trying to pose solutions to the “big picture” problem. Solutions that might have “righted the ship”. That was ten years ago. About three years ago I realized the system was irrevocably broken and beyond repair and that all I could do was help those that had finally awakened from their sheeple slumber to prepare for the collapse. It is like a slow motion train wreck.

    The day is fast approaching when Joe Sixpack will not be able to afford a sixpack on Friday and, when that day comes, and I expect it to happen this year, the country will slip into a chaotic haze. Joe will not have a clue as to what happened, why it happened, who caused it or who is to blame. At that point we will have riots in the streets, clueless idiots with no plan. These folks will be mad at everyone who has something, anything…

    So prepare yourself. Own physical bullion. Hold it yourself. If you’re concerned, bury it in the backyard. Don’t tell anyone that you have it. Don’t pay more than a 3% premium to buy it or sell it. You can, eventually divest your self of everything you own and convert it to bullion. At that point you will be a pauper, and eligible for medicare and medicaid. Leave a map to where it is hidden for your kids or whomever. This will eliminate any probate.

    By the way, I am not a licensed financial planner. The message I am trying to convey comes as the result of ten years of intense study and good old common sense. In spite of what I have stated in this piece, please take everything I say with a grain of salt.

    June, we appreciate your readership and wish you the best.


    Kenny Parsons aka Johnny Silver Bear
    Chief cook and bottle washer,
    The Silver Bear Cafe.

    Kenneth Parsons, aka Johnny Silver Bear, is an IT professional in Texas and the President of Silver Bear Communications, Inc. Mr. Parsons has been involved in the advertising and promotion industry for over twenty-five years. He is the editor of the Silver Bear Cafe and, as such, is responsible for shaping the content of “The Bear”. Mr. Parsons has served as CEO for Fiberscape Communications, Inc., a web site development / hosting and streaming multi-media company in Richardson, Texas since 1997. He is a Jeffersonian and a passionate supporter of the U.S. Constitution. He is also an outspoken advocate of gold money and equal tax rates. You can contact Mr. Parsons with questions or comments via email at [email protected]


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      1. I retired on 9/30. I pulled my entire savings out of TSP. Yes, I would have been better off waiting until this January for tax advantages, but hindsight is 20/20. I have gone heavily into preparations including beans, bullets, bandaids, and precious metals. I consider these are investments that are tangible, I hold them in my hand, they cannot be destroyed electronically, the are diversified, I am not putting all of my eggs into one basket. MOST IMPORTANT: my G fund has not been stolen by Timmy to fund the government. I am a CS retiree, Treasury is not now making their contributions to the retirement system. If it folds because the debt ceiling is not raised I’ll do fine because I relied on my ingenuity and not the guvment. Hang in there!

        • I believe you did the starboard thing.

      2. Jim’s Mailbox
        June 16, 2011, at 11:42 am
        by Jim Sinclair in the category Jim’s Mailbox | Print This Post | Email This Post
        Dear Monty,

        QE1, QE2, TARP and all similar programs were “infinitely successful.” They prevented a depression worse than any in history. When QE stops, if they ever do stop, you will get to see how successful they were as the world economy unwinds in months and gold unfortunately goes to $12,500.


        • I dont suppose anybody has thought what you gonna buy with your gold and silver if ive got shelter food and fresh water am i gonna sell this for bars of gold, me thinks
          fools gold or a fool and his gold. if looters come to your home the last thing on there minds will be bars of gold i think everybody needs reality check bigtime!!!

          • That’s exactly right: it’s going to be about FOOD.

            None of my food will be for sale for any (OK just about any) amount of silver or gold. It will be for my family.

      3. Even myself , I am struggling with this issue with preparing.

        I am doing food, some gas, some silver and ect…, just dont know how far to go with this.

        Also keeping back small amount of change and one dollar bills.

        Keeping my ears and eyes wide open.

        Good luck everybody.

        • EAGLEDOVE:

          Your doing just fine just don’t stop doing it. Don’t let it stress you out…change gears do something else productive if you have to but, stay positive!

          The best advice that I could give is think long term, at least for the time being.

          Good luck on your preps…:)

          • Thank you for the uplifting comment. 🙂

            • Eagledove, all this dwelling on prepping can be a real drag(depressing). Don’t forget to do some fun things if you have a family. You still have to live. Don’t let it consume you or all your time. Pace yourself.

        • Hey EAGLEDOVE, its better to have something and not need it, then to need it and not have it. This it what I tell myself every time I place a big order for something. I at least feel better about it anyway. I’m stressed out with all this too. Mainly because preparations are expensive and it negatively affected my relationship as well. I have 2 years of food just for me, my biggest concern is that my family and friends will need my help( which is cool) but then I’m back to square one again because they didn’t listen!!!. Just keep preppin!

          • MikeG: No one is responsible for relatives or friends incl. you, only your immediate family. I’d keep my preps. low key, telling no one. A friends husband passed away last mo. Both were preppers; now the wife has to get rid of stuff and move back into town and go to work; she gave most the stuff to grown children. When your by yourself, it doesn’t make sense to be bogged down with alot of preps. Again, adults are responsible to prep. for their families, not the whole county.

        • I don’t get it—heck, going to sam’s and getting more rice actually makes my day!!! What’s stressing about insurance from starving??

      4. I love pulling out my silver stash every now and then so I can see and touch real money. I don’t have a huge amount but I have enough to rely on for a while after the inevitable dollar collapse. I consider silver part of my diversified survival investment portfoloio. I don’t put all of my funds just into silver. I put so much each month into food and survival gear as well as some in silver too. I’m dollar cost averaging on all of my survival investments. Each month I’m putting a set amount into each catagory.

        I’m a fan of silver… but I’m not a silver bug… I do believe there are other investments one should dump their worthless FRN’s into. Another advantage to owning physical silver is as the article stated… no probate issues to deal with so the government can steal from it!!…:)

        • whats silver taste like these days. is this a new food substitute!

      5. Maybe, maybe not.

        It’s a damned good idea to prepare as much as possible, though.

        My new job allows full telecommuting, and as soon as I can get settled in there and close enough time-wise to safely break the current lease, I fully intend to rent a small place in a small town, at least 20-30 miles away from the nearest hint of suburbia.

        I figure it’ll take a year or two before it really begins to hit the fan, which is less than I originally surmised, but long enough to get what I need done, done. Hopefully things will hold out long enough to actually buy a nice patch of land with a small house on it, but I need to start implementing some stages early, starting with being as far away from the masses and the resulting food riots as possible.

        Mac, I do disagree that the mobs will immediately launch into raiding their neighbors. I think that, at least in my neck of the woods, they’ll first yell at the government a lot, then if/when that doesn’t help, they’ll start raiding businesses. After all, it’s more easily to justify stealing from a business, than it is to steal from some fellow schmoe who actually needs the things being stolen. That kind of theft will come later, when bellies become empty enough and desperation begins to set in.

      6. Do I believe economic collpapse is likely yes, but i am no where near liquidating my IRA for it now. QE 3 will keep us in worthless printed dough for at least another 18 months…..Obama will be blamed for the depression he leaves us in, but he’s delusional enough to keep kicking the can down the road till he gets da boot….

      7. When I go into a mom n’ pop diner and see the silver-haired folks having their ritual Sunday breakfast with coffee, it makes me wonder how they could have possibly prepared for retirement.

        Let’s say someone retired in 1985 or 1990 from a lifelong career at a good company. At that time, their breakfast probably cost them $1.75 for eggs, toast, and coffee. Now they are lucky to get out of there for under $6. How in the world do you plan for that?

        It makes me sad whenever I see these folks, knowing they have no means of adapting to these price increases.

        • It depends, but I remember many folks retiring in Arkansas who had lived in California all their lives. They did it by selling their house there (originally paid something like $20k, sold for $600k), moving to AR (or some other low-cost area), buying a house locally for cheap (call it $100k), and sinking the rest into various investments to retire off of.

        • If they retired in 85 then their dot coms made them millions in retirement fund. Most of the silver I bought was ’91 to ’95 and is soros hadn’t shorted it I could have retired.

          • Many lost money on gold, silver after the y2k hysteria ended. This is why I refuse to invest in silver, gold again. It is unreliable and as the Bible says, it will be cast down as worthless. Best to buy extra ammo, etc.

            • How did they (you) lose money on gold and silver?

            • My Grandpa used to say…”It’s better to let people think you’re dumb then open your mouth and remove all doubt.”

            • Right place, right time. If you’re on time, you’re late prepping. You’re confusing ammo investing with gold/silver insurance.

            • Give us the time that it will become worthless. Okie just likes it because it’s shiny.

      8. Don’t under estimate. Many of them knew before we did. I talk to many of “them”. Strike up a short conversation and look them in the eye when you toss out a neutral statement….

      9. Hi, I have been reading this site for a few months and keep up with the events in Greece and what happened in
        Argentina a few years back. I have had a lot of conversations with friends on this issue. One is stocking up as if we will return to a medaeval level of existence and barter. Another like me agrees to stock up
        for 3 months so that if the government doesn’t get it together in 3 months then its mad max time anyways. My other friend says why worry he has money and life is good. So far life is good. There have been lots of signs and talk of the gloom and doom. So what do you guys think is THE event where the SHTF in the US. Thanks, Mike

        • Mike, the best info is found in the archives on this site and other prep sites. Lots of reading to be done, because there is no one, right answer about THE EVENT. There are many possibilities for the trigger, just as there are lots of ideas for the timeline.

          Your best bet? Enjoy life & live every day to the fullest. At the same time, prep like there’s no tomorrow. As posted by others here, it can get overwhelming and sressful. It isn’t easy to always keep things balanced and in perspective. But as long as you are staying aware, prepping at every opportunity, and enjoying every day where TS HASN’T HTF, you will be doing better than 98% of the people in this country!

      10. I cleared out my retirement accounts. I have invested in a small home(solid concrete), solar water heater panels, food (for more than myself), working on small array of panels to power laptop, a couple of lights and a small frig.
        I am curious, how do you make change for a 1-oz maple leaf when your only buying a 20lb bag of rice (assuming the SHTF and cash has no value)?

        • That’s easy! Trade it for 43 oz of silver right now or buy some silver while they are giving it away Ziggy.

        • Good question! You need more than just 1 oz gold coins. You need some 1 oz silver coins (1/40th or so the cost of gold). You also need some pre-1965 silver dimes and quarters.

          • That’s what I’ve done. I have mixed lot’s of pre-65′ dimes, quarters & half dollar coins… as well as 1 oz bullion bars mixed with 1/10th & 1/20th oz coins. At the time I’m writing this (6-17-11 12:25 a.m. central time) a pre-65′ dime is worth $2.55… quarters are $6.38 and half dollars are $12.76 That’s at todays manipulated suppressed paper prices…;)

        • Best stock up on some pre 64 US coins for the loaf of bread and tank of gas….

        • Buy silver, and if you don’t want to go pre ’64 dimes and quarters. has 1/2, 1/4 and 1/10 ounce silver pieces now. I have tried out a number of sites and like them.

        • to solve the problem of buying with silver, keep a cold chizel and hammer handy to cut the silver Eagles or maple leafs, don’t use a hack saw, grains of silver are lost, instead of buying things with a piece of eight, you buy with a piece of silver.
          right now if an Eagle was cut in half, you could buy 50 pounds of rice from me

        • this is why you need silver change in dimes,quarters and half dollars.
          Some only buy 100oz bars and have a bigger problem making change.
          A dime,quarter,etc… will be worth so much and all will know ea value.

      11. Great article; Glad to see in writting what a few of us in the southwest have been advising others concerning the 401K and IRAs.
        Johnny Silver Bear, your common sense and ten year cram course has actually made you an expert. When I was taking Economic classes during the late 70s, at college, the Economic professors were presenting investments(retirement investing) more as salesmen than teachers of the subject. Always presenting the Stock Market and housing as the only navigator of our financial future. They never advised students about PM investing. When questioned on this, they’d say it isn’t practical. When I told them ‘Figures don’t lie, but liars figure’, I went from an A student to a B student.
        So Johnny, as long as the average salesman/finacial expert can only see one side of the coin, you are an expert.

        • I’m with you DRD5508. Only one of my grad classes went from an alfa to a charlie. I learned very quick why some teachers teach.

          • Anon, what’s ironic is we didn’t know at the time that we were ahead of our time. Yet time has vindicated our preception of the early economic teaching. You’re right about why some teachers teach, they can’t apply their theories.

      12. sorry wrong site, Mac..shoot that to the curb.

        • Thanks VRF for the site, got 8 barrels to set up, with an additional three that are food grade. The site looked like it had some good designs.

          • Im working on my second set up, the ones that will get feed into in the winter time during a melt, inside my pole barn.
            I water shed a roof for garden water that is probably 1200SF

            the other system will be larger probably 3X that

        • I plan to purchase some rain barrels before the month is out – maybe even next week. But I feel kinda like Noah – we haven’t had rain in so long, it’s kinda strange purchasing BARRELS to catch something that hasn’t happened since last Sept!! But we have a chance for isolated t’storms next week. Guess any water we might catch is more than we have today!!! And it’s supposed to hit 110F tomorrow and Sat. It’s about the worst I have ever seen it here.

      13. Speculate in silver, invest in gold, and hoard your lead because they won’t be making any more of it after the Changes.

        And buy a metal detector. You’ll grow to love the sound of the “beep”! 🙂

      14. Take the hit and get out now. I took about a 30% haircut but the gains in silver are about 400%. The house is already on fire, why wait until it burns to the ground to try and get out.

      15. “I personally have lost all faith in the system, as well as the hope that the worthless sheeple might wake up, ”

        I feel the exact same way. As must as more and more people are starting to “wake” up, we are still a minority. Not only that, we fight amongst ourselves far too often. The truther movement has nothing to do with truth anymore, the system has done an amazing job dividing and allowing us to conquer ourselves.

        I’d like us to work together but it’s not going to happen. We’re mainly on our own.

      16. Igy

        You said:

        “I am curious, how do you make change for a 1-oz maple leaf when your only buying a 20lb bag of rice (assuming the SHTF and cash has no value)?”

        Read “Surviving In Argentina” regarding your gold question. Gold chains @ 14k were currency and were just cut link by link. The average merchant made no distinction between 24k and 14k because 14k became the standard. 24k Coins were officially traded at a government price far less then their street value.

        Storing food is fine but if it can’t be eventually replaced then you run out. Medical care becomes another issue. Antibiotics and over the counter medications are fine unless you have a serious condition.

        My personal belief is that civilization will continue although the standard of living will significantly decline. Therefore I have investments in food, oil, gold and natural gas and own two homes. I was fortunate to keep a good industrial job for 30 years but it has taken a health toll. If the investments go to zero we’re in the stone age and damn few will survive and furthermore it will not be a pretty place for those that do. Think of Amish working conditions coupled with extreme violence.

        T says

        You stated:

        “Good question! You need more than just 1 oz gold coins. You need some 1 oz silver coins (1/40th or so the cost of gold). You also need some pre-1965 silver dimes and quarters.”

        What people need is to keep very quiet about what they have. The book Surviving In Argentina gave terrific advice about that. Those “in the know” had two safes in case of robbery with one very well hidden. If you have gold, silver, diamonds or anything else of value word will get out as you buy and others cannot. The “Walk Softly And Carry A Big Stick” will be the order of the day.

      17. On Time and on Target!
        Great Blog!!!!

      18. Regarding health issues?? I broke 3 toes on a foot—any medical miracles??
        My family doctor–it will heal..
        My nurse practitioner–it will heal.
        My orthopaedic doc–it will heal.
        I wear a boot sometimes. 5th week…sort of on my own.
        Hmmmmmmm…it will heal!!!

      19. I sold out of my Gold 401k(Dec. of ’08) I took the gold before the gov’t took it. They are out of money and they will now take anything in anyway they can. The 10% I paid was cheap and I’m very glad I did. If I’d would have waited and did it now it would have been more because the value of gold has gone up compared to FRN.

      20. I think we’ve all been at this crossroad and struggled with this. I’m no different than June seven years ago and my spouse three years ago.

        Don’t listen to any dickhead advisor…

        Paper is worthless whether its stocks, 401-k’s, IRA’s, etc. Get Physical. 35% Gold 65% Silver with all investments after stockpiling food, water and prepping items first! Only then will you sleep at night! or I do anyway!

      21. “Someone with credibility suggested to me yesterday that a panic liquidation in all assets is in the cards in the minds of the Wall Street banks and the monied class. When you cannot win the game, you kick over the card table and turn out the lights.” – Jesse’s Café Américain Silver Bear Cafe

      22. ’bout to pull the trigger on some silver bars (for the kids) and a huge purchase of more dry-storage foods…..if this party is going to start it had better begin soon…my wife’s at her wits end with my preps and overbearing concern about WTSHTF here in Sugar Land Texas….

        The golfclub-swinging, R.I.N.O. white-collar chumps, their spoiled twitter-brats and their pill-popping gym-slut wives….as well as all of the oil & gas, high-demand and low respect foreigners living here are going to lose their cookies when it all goes down.

        • “The golfclub-swinging, R.I.N.O. white-collar chumps, their spoiled twitter-brats and their pill-popping gym-slut wives…” I just spewed coffee all over my keyboard but I won’t hold it against you, that was HILARIOUS!

      23. In the event of a collapse on the order predicted by many there seems to be a disconnect with reality. Having gold and silver is fine assuming there is something to buy. If everyone is not being paid in some useful currency then no one works. That loaf of bread that cost $3 now and with inflation cost $300 is not even there because no one baked it or transported it. That loaf of bread might cost an ounce of gold if it is rare enough.

        I think the often repeated phrase about real estate will be the order of the day, “location, location, location”. If there is a farm near by you will eat and barter often beyond mere gold and silver become the new currency; “I have a portable generator and I’ll trade it for that steer” may be far more valuable then an ounce of gold. According to the book about surviving the economic collapse in Argentina necessities skyrocketed in value while things like nice homes stagnated. No one had the money for a nice home because if the inflated prices for necessities. In the end gold in Argentina could be eventually traded for the USD that was the reserve currency of the world that can buy “things”. If the USD collapses it takes out everything in it’s wake. That becomes a much different environment.

        • You must have a narrow view of the world Kevin. If you seen a gold coin on the ground, would you pick it up? Some say I have a small view. Is it different this time?

          • i think you have the narrow view rocket man if paper currency won’t buy food why would gold. you have to toil in the fields to make that.

      24. see ‘how many calories can u buy for $1 one ?”
        cozy shed in mid west U .s can use only 2 chords
        wood to heat. . .
        y run, cant h i d e? see web. store Pb. + brasss
        (in jackets cent.or r i m?) guard dogs, gin,
        L ( 0 ) C K.”

      25. I too (against the advice of my wife) cashed in my IRA which was in bond funds. I took a 50% loss, but bought silver at $16.43. Now it’s $35, and the silver is in my possession where it’s much more difficult (not impossible) for the gov’t to get its hands on.

      26. Davidus Romanus

        You have as best as possible secured your assets. Now secure it.

        Remember the statement, “Loose lips sink ships”.

        Keeping it out of government hands is easy. Being able to use it and guard it as an individual is very difficult. Tell no one and spread it around in several places. If your forced to turn over your wealth (and remember in this environment your on your own) to criminals at least they did not get it all. Frightened people can be quite nasty. Criminally inclined frightened people are frightening.

      27. Buy silver and gold and keep buying it. Money in the bank is shrinking in value.
        Geithner is raiding federal pensions now. Many states and municipalities are insolvent and already looking into filing bankruptcy, which means pension grabs.
        If you have a 401K or pension fund, raid it… beat them to it, even if it means you are taking out a “loan”. Buy metals. That’s the only way you’ll preserve capital so you can keep your household humming along after SHTF.

      28. Swarm Of 35 Hooligans Rob Las Vegas Convenience Store!

        LAS VEGAS – Caught on camera, a mob of young folks bombarded the Town Stop comfort shop on Sunset Street and Pecos Road and stole in merchandise. “It became a feeding frenzy,” said Town Cease operator Jon Athey. “They were in the retailer for a few minutes and 30 seconds… It is a quite frightening issue.” Athey says the crowd darted in and snatched several items from the store. “Beer to jerky to candy bars to soda, whatever hit their fancy… potato chips,” he said. Athey says this tactic is known as a “swarm”. After 42 decades in the comfort keep company, Athey says this crime stands out. “This is the biggest a single I’ve actually witnessed,” he explained. If you walk into a convenience shop, you anticipate every single transfer to be recorded on camera. Surveillance cameras in every single path, nonetheless, didn’t stop this crew. “Now, you happen to be seeing droves swarming in the front doors – correct right here – as quick as they can arrive in,” Athey mentioned as he watched the surveillance video clip. “You can see them milling all around by the beer doorways. Now, you might be going to see them commence deciding on products they’re putting in their coat pockets. They are placing it down their pants.” The crowd commenced strolling out without having to pay, only to return. “Here it is, two minutes into the deal. They are all coming back for seconds,” Athey stated. Seconds later, they grabbed more beer and the clerk’s cell telephone. They then rushed back again out the doorway. “We ended up blessed no one was harm,” Athey explained. Athey states the clerk followed his training. He hopes …

        Thursday, June 2nd, 2011general
        TAGS: Convenience, Hooligans, Store, Swarm, Vegas

      29. Nigras Rob in Vegas, Pimp and Ho in Vegas, Sells Drugs in Vegas and Stays in Vegas

      30. Thank you for the rare quality that is common sense . Expressed here . I live in the midwest and am amazed at how few people have their eyes open, and how many look at me like I am nuts when I try to share the raelity of this world with them. Thank you for SHTF as I have felt alone in this battle

      31. Amazing the range of intelegence portrayed in the above comments, and in some, very distinctly the bloody lack of it!

        Any idiot who still has a mortguage and does not have 100% of what is needed, in cash, to pay it off at any time THEY want to is about to recieve anally. And after all the warning they have had, for being so damned stupid, deserve any and everything they get.

        It’s time to pay the piper……Suckah

      32. Whatever it is you get to prepare for yourself, keep your big mouth shut. Tell no one of what you are doing except perhaps those of like mind. If someone tells you “I don’t need to prepare, I’ll just come over to your house,” tell them “Don’t come over without an invitation, and you don’t have one.” If they expect to partake of your preparations, let them know quickly they better be prepared to carry their share of the load.

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