Prepping: Why You Should Have A Tarp & How To Make A Tarp Shelter

by | Apr 11, 2020 | Headline News | 15 comments

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    Tarps are very useful survival tools and a lot of preppers suggest you have at least one in your supplies. Tarps can be used to collect rainwater and build shelters making them extremely valuable to preppers.

    In this article, we’ll focus on the shelter aspect of a tarp. When it comes to surviving a prolonged wilderness related disaster, one of your primary concerns is going to be finding or building a shelter. After finding a source of water, making a shelter should be next. That’s why preppers often carry some sort of shelter equipment in their vehicle survival kits or as a part of their bug-out bags. Should something go wrong, having the ability to quickly set up a shelter can mean the difference between life and death!

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    Most tents, even the smallest ones, are bulky and take some time to set up.  A tarp, on the other hand, can be fashioned into a shelter fairly quickly. With little more than a bit of paracord and a tarp, you can quickly set up an improvised shelter that will keep you warm and dry.

    *For all of those beginner preppers: paracord is an essential. It’s probably one of the first things you should consider buying and adding to your supplies.  Right up there with food storage and water collection, having paracord is one of the most important survival items you can purchase.

    Off Grid Survival put together a great image showing the different types of shelters you can easily make using a tarp and some paracord. Practicing these is probably the best way to learn to put these shelters up, as you probably won’t be able to get to this image if you’re in a SHTF situation.

    It also won’t hurt to be able to make several of these quickly and know which ones will work the best for your area. If you take these hiking or hunting it would be beneficial to be able to make the shelters that will be the best for the location you plan to be at. Practice makes perfect, so again, practice, practice, practice.  Go in the woods and see if you can figure out how to put up a shelter. Practice in your backyard.

    Do what you need to do to learn this skill.  It’s often not one too many consider and with all the new preppers out there, we wanted to make it clear that knowing this could be a life-saving skill.


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        Wouldn’t a plandemic be a great cover to kill off dissadents, patriots, Christians, anyone opposed to the Globalist Tyrannical Techno Beast System? Chicom CCP or Amerikkan gov likes offing people. Look how Asange has been treated. His crime? Speaking the truth. Informing the public. Journalism.

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        • Unfortunately True. Snowden is a true Patriot!

        • the 5G angle is a smokescreen.

          This is vaccine fallout. Planned or unplanned, the severity of this virus is directly related to the flu vaccine.

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      2. bungee cords.
        must have bungee cords for tarp use.
        paracord. Very useful for tarp use.
        combo of bungee and paracord works very well.
        Strip tarp tight, paracord provides give, tight prevents noise and water/snow pooling.

        I like bright. high visibility paracord.
        Your tactical tommy camo lines will give you a faceplant, crcked skull, broken neck. Highly experienced at busting ass and face, tripping over lines.

        Reinforce eyelet areas on your tarp with quality duct tape Before they tear out.

      3. have a gi shelter half tent. bought is back in the late 80s when i was a scout. paid $20 for both halves the poles and the stakes. heavy od green canvas. gotta pull it out and wax it with old school beeswax waterproofer. 16oz beeswax 8oz turpentine 8oz linseed oil melt wax in double boiler then add turpentine and linseed oil. do it outside on a camp stove careful its flammable. when it solidifies it will be a nice yellow paste. rub paste on canvas bags tents whatever and heat with a heat gun so it seeps into all the seams and everywhere. water will roll off the canvas. you can use it on leather furniture whatever you want to protect. anyway the gi shelter half for me will be set up on the back of the truck over the bed it has no floor so it works great. looks cool too. can take it off the truck and use it as regular tent and can seperate the halfs and have two leantos. ive heated rocks in the fire and buried them under the dirt inside the tent and was very warm had to leave the flap open cus it was too warm. backpackers dont like canvas because its heavy to lug kinda. it is bombproof and tough. it can handle heavy snow that a flimsy tent would collapse under. they used to be dirt cheap now like everything they are expensive. canvas is the way to go imo.

      4. I think that a tree fort would be safer, that way, people can be ambushed before attacking, because if you are relying on being protected by a tarp, sorry, but you are pretty easy prey for predators.

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      6. Built a trap bushcraft camp the other day lol. Working on some outside survival skills just in case.

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        I can not speak further on this matter…read…and HEED.


      9. trump should tell everyone they are going back to work. i would if i was him. we are americans not americunts. live with the threat it will pass. this would show true leadership. hes gonna take heat for what ever he does. the economic hardship deaths will be worst than the virus deaths. people need to stop being scared of the unknown. you dont know what is gonna happen so why stop living.

      10. I was hiking in the forest about month ago, and was impressed by an abandoned campsite. Whoever they were had made an A-frame style shelter, secured with rocks and pine needles at the bottom of the tarp to keep wind and moisture out.It was in a group of trees, brown side of tarp out with cut branch’s tied here and there for camouflage. About 3′ of pine needles were inside on the ground to insulate it. The only improvement I could think of was if a hammock was hanging inside, it would have been a warm and perfect shelter.

      11. Every homeowner should have tarps for temporary roof repair. If you get roof or shingle damage after a storm, you need to cover that hole to keep water from destroying your interior drywall and ceilings till you can get a roofer or do yourself. After major storm a few years ago, it was over 6 weeks till we could get quality company to fix the roof, tarps saved our home, turning a small hole into just an inconvenience, instead of a major expense, and giant reconstruction. Also insurance companies wont cover water damages after the initial damage if no attempts made to try and cover damage from following rain.

      12. Don’t tell everybody or all the tarps will sell out, just like the toilet paper

      13. Don’t tell everybody or all the tarps will sell out just like the toilet paper.

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