Prepping Tips: How To Prepare Your Dog (Or Cat) For Survival

by | May 2, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 34 comments

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    Your dog is most likely not going to be forgotten when the SHTF, so why not have a contingency plan for him? Your beloved pet might be able to help you get through a catastrophe, as long as you make plans in advance.

    The most important factor to consider is water.  If you have a well, you only need to have a method to get water from it in the event there is a power grid failure or malfunction. If you store your water, make sure you store extra for your four-legged friend. Dogs are often fine drinking water from a stream or a creek, and may not need as much as you think if a water source is readily available, but it is something to keep in mind.

    Dog food will probably not be readily available if the country or globe is plunged into a primitive survivalist environment.  So obviously, the basics of food and water should be dealt with first. You should stockpile canned dog food and kibble if you find it on sale.  Oftentimes dollar stores a great place to find bulk, hugely discounted dog food.  It won’t be premium quality food, by any stretch of the imagination, but it will keep your dog alive when society is crumbling around you.

    Thankfully, it’s relatively easy to store kibble for your dog or cat. Try to find a food-safe grain storage bin to keep out the rodents and save about a one year supply.  This is handy for those who may want better quality dog food.  Saving it in advance is the way to go!

    But there’s one suggestion that I have found personally helpful.  If you hunt and know how to kill your own food, you’ll have a leg up when the SHTF.  Instead of tossing out that chewy hock (the bottom part of the elk or deer’s leg) save the meat and boil it.  Dogs love this and as it approaches one year of being in the freezer during normal times, (it won’t keep forever) toss it in some boiling water with a little salt. Doing this is a simple way to help keep your dog fed and eliminate waste after a hunt.  Any other part of the animal that is not fit for human consumption, such as some of the organs (dogs particularly like the liver), could be saved and prepared in a similar manner for your dog (or cat, to each their own.)

    The Happy Prepper also suggests making your dog its own bug-out bag!  Not only could that be a fun project, but it could help your furry friend and yourself if you wake up to a disaster.


    Try not to overload your dog with too many items, but things like paracord would be excellent additions to a doggie bug out bag.

    The Happy Prepper also suggests taking the time to train your dog for survival now, before there’s a SHTF situation.

    It’s time to teach your dog some tricks, and these skills will help both you and your pet survive. Skills for the prepper dog

    • Barking: There are two skills to teach your dog in regards to barking. First, you’ll need to teach your dog to bark on command (to discourage intruders). You’ll also need to STOP your dog from barking on command (to hide from intruders). Both are important skills for dogs — even the little ones. It will also help your dog to think.
    • Defense. Dogs will have an instinctual need help you when you are in trouble, but you’ll need to stay in control with a command to have your dog back off. Learn an attack command. Usually, this is a voice command followed by a pointing signal, so the dog knows who to attack.

    • Hunting: As dogs are domesticated animals, they may have “forgotten” the skill of hunting. When the bullets, beans, and kibble runs out, your dog will have to help fend for himself. Here’s how to train your dog to hunt.

    • Kennel Training: Kennel training your dog will keep him comfortable and safe. Also, it’s best to keep your dog off the bed to avoid fleas. That’s important to remember in times of pandemic. Want to avoid the plague? Then keep pets off your bed to minimize contact with fleas, which may be carriers! “Don’t allow dogs or cats that roam free in endemic areas to sleep on your bed,” the CDC advises.

    • Stay: One of the most basic things you can teach your dog is to “stay.”

    • Search and rescue: Admittedly, search and rescue is a highly specialized training, but if your dog has the skills, all the better. Lassie was the ideal dog for search and rescue.

    This is by no means a complete guide for your pet’s survival, but it could get you started if you have a dog you’d like to help get through a catastrophic situation. If you have any more suggestions, please leave them in the comments so others who may find them useful can take your ideas into account!

    Special thanks to The Happy Prepper.


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      1. Invent a bullshit story that panics the simpleminded morons into clicking the links.

        Yet another infromercial, click on my links so I get a commission from amazon.

        Oh the shit you’ll never ever need.

        The only collapse you obese people will get is when the flooring in your house gives way.

        • 2 amazon links. chill the fuck out.

          • There’s a bunch of people that will be preparing their pets for supper if they don’t have their shit together.

            • Since the family pet is comparable to a loved one, the person who eats it is comparable to a cannibal, with comparable excuses.

              • Bullshit.
                “Since the family pet is comparable to a loved one…”
                LOL no. Not even remotely. The Dogfathers and catmommys who have so-called “furbabies” are disfunctional idiots.
                Eating a dog isnt event remotely as stigmatizing (or unhealthy) as eating a human being.
                Other differences- I’ve never taken my kids to the woods and put them down with a rifle. I’ve never been at risk of having children’s services called by leaving my kids unsupervised, outside in a kennel while I go to work all day.
                Seriously, get some perspective.

                If it all went completely sideways and it came down to eating one of the named animals at my place, or watching my kids starve, thats a simple call to make.

            • Menzo… Reading the title, I too thought this was going to be an article about pickling your pooch for long term storage. 🙂

              Sorry you keep getting trolled by a Clown.

        • Don’t you have anything better to do than troll websites?? If you truly believe the people that frequent this website are gullible fools, then stay off the website and be smug in your conviction that you know the future better than they do. However, if the SHTF for real, don’t come running to the better-prepared to save you.

        • Just a curious question Bert. Do you have a dog? not a confrontation just a question…Paz

        • The whole “SHTF Phenomenon” is nothing more than a HOBBY that primarily consists of retirees that are bored and seeking excitement..

      2. I keep 40lbs. of cat food and 100 lbs. of dogfood stashed for our kids. Also a stash of herbal remedies (colloidial silver, activated charcoal, pineapple juice, hairball remedy, various herbs) all of which have come in handy to cure ailments in our pets. Our doggie gets his rattlesnake vaccine every year too. I can feed them small game and share our human preps.

      3. Just eat the fucking dog

      4. Try this again…disappeared in the ether last thread.

        Here’s a tip. If you want to find out how to do just about anything when the lights go out go to the website called Survivor Library. It is the best aggregate of this kind of info I have ever seen. You can download the PDFs or buy a stick or CD with all the information on it.

      5. Read the title and immediately thought of the book
        “To Serve Man”……. “IT’S A COOKBOOK!”

        “How To Prepare Your Dog (Or Cat)”


        • Yohan,
          Like minds think alike!
          I thought it was going to be a tongue-in cheek cookbook article.
          Full disclosure;
          I have 5 dogs that free roam my fenced property.
          They act as “doorbells”, kill rats, pigs, and Mongoose.

          • My dog is great. I can tell what’s happening on the property by the sound of the bark and type. Best friend, yup… she’s at my feet as I type this.

      6. There is an issue with people, who cannot stand the sight of a cross, lemonade stands, green lawns, bbq’d red meat, and fireworks.

        There are real life agitators, like in Fight Club and Umbrella Academy, who lynch themselves and call the police on you.

        They cannot tolerate anything happy, sporty, and animated, like a dog in public. The prettier and better behaved you and the dog are, the worse the trolls. They will try to hurt your dog, take it from you, or make it the subject of a fake lawsuit.

      7. Hurting my dog is an immediate beatdown/death sentence period!

        • Some masochistic provocateur just got an erection, while reading your warning.

      8. (I need to get another dog, mine died a coupla years ago and I miss having one an awful lot) But…. I told my cat the other day that if the SHsTF, he’s my emergency food …. he told me “boss, I was thinking the same thing”. He really had a lot to say about wearing a backpack…. kind of muttered something about ‘where the sun doesn’t shine’ or something.

      9. When selecting a dog it is helpful to know shit from shinola, one breed from another. Don’t pick out a dog on impulse if you can help it. Find a good book about various breeds, which are good for what. Some breeds can find a lost child one hundred miles away just by the scent. If you lose a child in a SHTF-crisis, I imagine that would be your best friend’s opportunity to repay you for taking such good care of him.

        My dog had cavities. Then I realized that although I had him on a diet of wild meat, he still ate fruit off the trees.

        In training a dog remember who is in charge, you, or the dog. Dogs without discipline will wear you out. They are more trouble than they’re worth. But a properly trained dog is a blessing to his master. If you can’t do it on your own get help. Talk with a veterinarian and take classes with your dog if you really want him to perform.

        Some people have a talent with animals that comes naturally, others need to constantly make a concerted effort to maintain their pets. The more experienced you become with pets before a crisis, the better you and your pets will survive.

        Once I was the victim of a home invasion. Actually it was a backyard and garage invasion. My normally barking best friend stood guard at the back door silently. Those buggers would have been in a world of hurt. My dog wasn’t playing. I didn’t call the police. No need. Even a gentle doggie will turn into a fierce warrior when his master’s life is threatened. If you don’t already have a dog or two for companionship and protection, I highly suggest that you consider getting one. They say having a pet lowers your blood pressure and extends your lifespan. No doubt.


        • Yep, I love my dog…more than my wife. Just kidding honey. He also has a great sense of smell. He can smell any bitch in heat for 100 miles.

      10. This may sound silly, but does a dog need a gas mask, air filter? I saw pictures of WWI & WWII battlefield dogs with gas masks.

      11. With some Velcro and silicon glue and a police trade in vest ,made one for my dog.

      12. Cut jugular and hang from feet till blood runs out. Then take knife cut gut cavity open cut around the asshole remove all guts carefull not to puncture intestines. put him on a grill with an apple in his mouth the fur will burn off and the skin will be crunchy.

      13. And train the cats, too. They can be very helpful in other ways than our canine friends.

        * ht tps://
        * ht tps://
        * ht tps://
        * ht tps://

        Well, lion trainers can get them to do a lot of tricks and they are big cats. And all the various movies with cats had to learn their tricks, too.

        Some cats are quite protective and guard their space ferociously. I had one cat who was so protective that she even considered the car her property when we traveled. If she growled, I looked to see what was going on. She was always right.

        • Yahooie I’ve seen cats like that, very territorial about they’re houses almost like an attack cat lol. I have a cat to, he’s 19 years old and my best buddy. His claim to fame is if there’s a spider around the house he’ll come get you, meow frantically, and lead you right to the spider. Then look at you sort of alarmed, like aren’t you going to do something about it ?

      14. Three primary books for dog training:
        Dog Training for Dummies (old way, still ok)
        Clicker Training for Dogs
        Trident K-9 Warriors (about SEAL dogs, not how to)
        Also, a dog learns hand signals more quickly than verbal. Get a book about Tactical Hand Signals and teach them to your dog during clicker training.
        Watch documentary: “Always Faithful” about Marine MWD dog training. Watch, learn !

      15. I still love my cats. They keep me balanced after a difficult day at work. Where I go,they go,all 6 of them.

      16. A five gallon plastic bucket of dry kitty food with a resealable lid preserved with eight oxygen absorbers about an inch to an inch and a half square and a cotton bag about the size of your fist filled with silica gel with the opening secured by the drawstrings and a small cable tie as well will keep the dry kitty food edible for ten years. Total cost about ten dollars for the bucket /absorbers/silica and about sixteen dollars for the dry kitty food (about twenty pounds worth).So for about twenty six dollars, you have a months supply of dry food for your kitty that should be good for ten years.

      17. When my wife got a dog I suggested that we name him ‘Preps’. Your results might vary.

      18. I like cats. You have to admire any species that plays by pretending to stalk and kill something.

      19. since 2008 this place is so fucked up… now u got banner for last financial event and articles about meteorites… and using your dog as carry… you are so fucked up and desperate about the tasteless and shallow life you all experience here that your only way to generate money is by telling litteral shit.

        in very hard long term event/situation, you do not have pets, they have been eaten.

        you all so lame.

      20. The plains Indians had lots of dogs. And in times of plenty the dogs ate the scraps from the buffalo and other animals they hunted. in times of lean the Indians ate the dogs first then the horses then each other. History tend’s to repete itself. If you have a dog or cat don’t let it roam free and trespass on other folks land. Be a responsible pet owner and keep your pets on your own property.

      21. Prep your pet – buy it a pet survival back pack, fill with treats and mount laser cannons.

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