Prepping: Unconventional Uses For Toothpaste After The SHTF (or Before)

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    We all use toothpaste.  Most of us have some in our home right now.  But there are some odd ways you can use toothpaste after the SHTF, or before if you so desire!

    Obviously, most of us are still going to brush our teeth with our toothpaste even after the SHTF, but there are some unconventional ways to use the stuff that some may not have thought of.  Multi-purpose preps are the best, and if you’ve got some toothpaste in your hygiene kit in a bug out bag or stashed away at home, knowing other uses could come in handy.

    Most of us are away of toothpaste’s cleaning properties, so I’ve intentionally left that out of the list below.

    1. Remove Skunk Smell From Your Dog

    A quick and easy home remedy for the dog that just won’t leave skunks alone (I have one of these) is to use toothpaste. Tomato juice is said to work well, but if you don’t enjoy drinking the stuff, you probably don’t keep any on hand. Banking soda and peroxide also work, but it takes a good amount and in an emergency, you may not have quite enough.  But toothpaste can work. Mix 1/4 cup of toothpaste in 1 quart of warm water. Mix well and apply to your dog’s coat, working it into his fur. Let the mixture sit 5 minutes, then rinse. Your dog should be minty fresh afterward.

    2. Remove Foul Smells From Your Hands

    While toothpaste won’t take the foul smells out of everything, it will help remove the stench from your hands. Just squirt some on and run it in kind of like you would soap and rinse.  Your hands should smell much better.

    3. Soothe Sunburns and other Burns

    Burns aren’t easy to deal with but some non-gel toothpaste can bring some relief. Apply some toothpaste to the burn area after plunging the affected part underwater. The toothpaste will help cool the burned area and bring some relief until you can treat it further.

    4. Reduce Itching

    Skin irritations like bug bites can be treated with toothpaste to reduce the itching. If you just have a pesky itch that won’t go away or you touched a plant that is irritating your skin, try applying a dab of toothpaste to help soothe the skin. Lather on some toothpaste to reduce the irritation and sting of poison ivy.

    5. Pest Control

    Toothpaste’s makeup can contain tiny calcium spikes that can deter insects from crawling around gardens and vegetable gardens. Toothpaste can also repel ants inside your home. You can always just dab some in the corners of your home, but another option is to dilute the toothpaste in water and use it to fill a spray bottle, then spray the solution at points of entry and infected areas.

    Those are 5 unconventional ways that toothpaste can come in handy both during an emergency situation or before. Don’t forget, toothpaste can be a cleaner too if you need it to be!  If you have an unconventional way you use toothpaste, feel free to share it in the comments!


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      1. Use it to paste holes in targets. Works well. Use it to clean small parts. Use it to brush yer tooth….

        • Are you saying to use it to plug the holes in body parts to make them more presentable to others the might trespass?


      2. If you’re down in your spider hole and been eatin nuthin but beans with bean sauce.. you can put a little dab in each nostril so that when gas happens… you ain’t a gaggin..

      3. Use to plug your pie hole and other areas so the liberals cannot get into your body with their trans probes!

      4. I guess everyone knows you can plug a small hole left by a nail removed from your wall.

        I would not brush my teeth with paste that wasn’t safe to eat.

        Weston A. Price, dentist, wrote a book about tooth decay and poor health from modern diets. He describes the diets of primitive people with excellent teeth who never brush their teeth.

        Research “The Weston A. Price Foundation” for more information.



        • I have built the soil, and I pig out. I have grown tall, my teeth feel clean, and I have never had a cavity.

          • I had to replace a section of subfloor because of a leak and water damage. Upon cutting the flooring up I discovered the subfloor is fookin particle board! What kind of an asswipe uses particle board? God Damm, I can’t beleve it! Replaced it with plywood but man you have to be a complete imbicile moron to use particle board for anything!!!

      5. We are usually thinking of insects that wreck a picnic. People catch parasitic and disease-spreading nits when hiking in box canyons and through underbrush, riding in urban buses, and renting low-morale housing. Do you think you’re sturdy? Walk through a homeless camp, or some of the worse flea markets. (Clean up your diet, and there will be smells of sick stomachs.) A few dollar stores smell like lice shampoo, and there is a musty powder.

        “Toothpaste’s makeup can contain tiny calcium spikes that can deter insects from crawling around gardens and vegetable gardens.”

        (I acknowledge that there are worse agrochems to be touching in your living space.) The artificial sweetener and fluoride are possibly deadly to insect life, which should be an easy thing to test. I also question whether the polish is so fine and cutting as talcum or chalk particles. I think of holes, where naughty bugs get into a wall or pantry.

        “try applying a dab of toothpaste to help soothe the skin”
        I feel that it’s *drying, astringent action might be useful, in wet situations, small flesh wounds, weeping insect bites, and ulcerations; worse poisons have been applied, topically, historically, as an antibiotic. (Is this some organic stuff with foodsafe oils and baking soda? That might be emollient.)

        It might be used as a polish for optics or glasses, if you need them. I will not typically risk a Mickey-Mouse fix, unless it’s headed for the trash, anyway, Then, there is no chance for loss.

        Electrical connections and switches can typically withstand a cautious cleaning, or a few. But, the plating will eventually return to nature.

        • I have seen one traffic accident, where first responders put sand on whichever spilled fluids, and cleaned up the sand, probably averting fires on the road surface as well as synthetics in the water table.

          In another site, the fluids were apparently from a person or an animal. They remained and stank.

          Will absorbent, scented, germicidal toothpaste remove a stain?

          Bedding, a jacket, or work clothes might be priceless, in a strict survival situation, and you could get sick if they are gross.

      6. Toothpaste also polishes surfaces. Be very careful to avoid mixing it in engine oil as it might just over-polish some bearings.

        • Toothpaste is just the thing for polishing headlight lenses. It will help an old pickup pass inspection.

          • Good to know. Might try it with a mototool polisher. No inspections here but I like good lights.

      7. Toothpaste can help reduce fogging in scuba mask. Spread a thin film throughout the inside of the mask, then rinse it out. Avoid the mint toothpaste:)
        Should also work for other types of eyewear that can fog up (safety goggles, gas mask, etc.)

      8. If you can’t light it on fire, I’m not concerned with it. A great article on Survival Fire Starting check this out:

        What You Didn’t Know About Starting A Fire

        h ttps://

        • Smoke grenades would be handy if you are trying to evade someone. Also bottle rockits (with extended fuse) would be a great distractor. Tripwire activated alarms etc,

      9. Do you not see the silliness that silliness evokes?

      10. Ever get grease on your clothes after working on or near a vehicle? Likely most stain removers will not get it out. If you use toothpaste and a toothbrush on the stain after you get it on the garment and before you wash it, it usually works to get it off. It’s great for nasty axle grease, only if the grease is fresh on there. Nothing like it. Doesn’t matter what kind, pepsodent, crest, whatever..

        Scrub with toothpaste, daub with wet paper towells, repeat until grease is gone.

      11. Dear Bernard, {SHTF Plan Comment I.D. 400 9223},
        Would you please be so very kind as to re-post your
        toothpaste-as-a-fog-fighter on various masks?
        Using as much info as possible? This could help
        a lot of people stay a little safer on the job if they’re
        working in high heat / humidity situations.
        Thank you very much.

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