Prepping Beyond Your Bug Out Bag – 3 Practical Tips

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    This guide has been provided by J.D. Phillips of Download his free guide: How to Build the Ultimate Disaster Kit.


    As you likely know, a bug out bag is extremely handy in an emergency. However, if you think that a single backpack with a few tools and a couple of food cans is all you need to survive in a SHTF scenario, I’m sorry to say but you’re either REALLY lazy or simply lying to yourself!

    A bug out bag is a great start but it is not the be all and end all of prepping for survival. Consider this: carrying a backpack is tiring, especially in extreme weather. Most folks will be okay for the first couple of miles but things get really tiring after that. Also, sleeping outside is easier said than done.

    You’ll be troubled by things such as:

    • rain
    • snow
    • wind
    • harsh sunshine
    • bugs
    • mosquitoes
    • inhospitable surfaces
    • wild animals
    • snakes
    • and more…

    The list is quite long frankly. Even sleeping on the floor of your bathroom can be more comfortable than sleeping/camping outside (though I know some will disagree with that statement)! So – if you’re really serious about protecting yourself and your family, you should definitely begin prepping beyond your bug out bag. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

    1) A bug out automobile:

    An RV is a great choice – it has ample space to store lots of supplies and can carry your entire family (plus the dog) in decent comfort. Even though they’re not particularly fast, RVs have powerful engines and decent ground clearance, which means that they can go over rough surfaces and cross streams and other obstacles. Sleeping in an RV is much better than sleeping under a tree, in a cave or even in a tent.

    Now I know what you’re thinking; This survival thing seems to be pretty damn expensive!

    Well, it’s all about priorities really. Believe it or not, You can buy an old RV for a couple thousand dollars sometimes. No, it’s not going to be pretty – but just make sure that it is mechanically sound and you can fix and customize the interior yourself.

    It’s a cool, useful investment of time and money. It gives the kids something productive to do. It sure as hell beats wasting your life looking aimlessly at some screen. Most RVs have a propane tank and stove – this does away with the need of lighting fires for cooking. They also have a washroom so you don’t have to be exposed to the elements. You can easily store half a year’s worth of food in the form of grains, beans, cans, dehydrated foods etc. With an RV, you have the luxury of storing extra clothes and bedding. Put these in lightweight plastic containers to protect them from rodents. The containers might also come in handy to collect rainwater.

    Check craigslist and your local classifieds, you’ll be surprised what goodies you can find if you just take the time to look.

    Don’t wait for an emergency to make a getaway in your RV. Use it regularly to take trips to various destinations and practice survival skills such as lighting a fire, tying various knots, fishing etc. If an RV seems too big, too cumbersome or too expensive, consider getting a van or simply customizing your pickup truck.

    By the way, keep the fuel tank full and store a couple of cans of extra fuel in your bug out automobile.

    2) A bug out destination:

    You may buy a small plot of land in a remote area – do some smart research. Rural land is much cheaper than urban properties (depending on the location, you can buy 1 or 2 acres by spending just a couple hundred bucks extra every month).

    We live in such a virtual economy that we have forgotten that land is the ultimate resource for practically everything!

    If you own land, you can build a house, grow your own food, raise animals and harvest rainwater. You don’t need to build a luxurious mansion. A simple hunting shack style home will do. Check out the laws in your state to find out more about the cost of building, licenses, taxes etc.

    If you install a solar power system at your home, you will truly be able to go ‘off the grid’. Here are a few quick things to practice:

    • Practice growing a few veggies on your land – it is a truly rewarding experience.
    • Visit your bug out destination a couple of times a month.
    • Stock it with supplies; chalk out various routes from your home to this destination.

    Preparing for an emergency is not something you accomplish in an evening by ordering stuff on amazon. It is a lifestyle – enjoy it and encourage your family to participate.

    3) Learn to use a firearm:

    The constitution gives you the right to carry firearms and use them for your protection – exercise this right responsibly. Learn to shoot – it is a highly essential skill in an SHTF situation. It will enable you to hunt for food and defend yourself, your family and your property against thieves, burglars, and terrorists. A handgun and a rifle are good starting points for beginners. You can later move on to shotguns and more serious weapons if you feel the need to. Owning a firearm is not enough; you also need to educate yourself on the gun laws pertaining to your location. This will help you to stay out of legal trouble.

    If you have to evacuate, make sure that you are carrying all important documents such as ID, vehicle papers, property papers, passports and most importantly – CASH! Always keep your eyes and ears open. Stay alert and one step ahead of the common public! Be decisive and think forward.

    About the Author: J.D. Phillips Runs and lives with his family in Southern California. You can also follow him on FaceBook and download his Guide How to Build the Ultimate Disaster Kit free of charge by visiting his website.


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      1. News Release – Whyte House
        30 Jan., 2016
        Josh Disearnest

        In keeping with the Democrat policy of passing laws when everybody is on vacation, Barack Hussein Obama took time out today from his busy golf schedule to issue executive decree #8,989,768 that, in addition to the gay Nazi sturm trooper laws just mandated, whether this violates your conscience or not, all companies will now be required, based on the Islamic lunar calendar, to forbid people wishing “Happy New Year” to one another, as this date is based on the Gregorian calendar, and might be offensive to Muslims, who this year have already celebrated the New Year on Oct. 3rd (which is also offensive, as Nigerians used Oct. 4th).

        In keeping with the $250k NYC fine against people who mis-gender people (what? Are we supposed to lift up Bruce Jenner’s skirt or something to check?? where everyone is now mandated to use zhe/hir or whatever other preferred pronoun they wish – reports are that “maladjusted” and “nutbar” are not accepted just yet – see ), next year there will be a fine in NYC for anyone celebrating New Year’s Day based on the Gregorian calendar.

        Yes, of course this is a joke. But so was all the gay insanity, campus snowflake safe places, and Obama putting the national debt at $20 trillion just a few scant years ago. Give this one another year or two…

        • I bought an older 35 foot motorhome as a “bug out vehicle” for the “bug out location”. It’s in very good mechanical condition for $4k. Previously owned by mechanics who had to sell for health reasons.

          The oak cabinets are awesome! And there is a ton of extra storage for tools, materials, and supplies. If you have cash, know the market, and have some negotiation skills you can find a great deal. The cabinets alone are worth more than 4 grand.

          It currently holds 500 lbs of rice, 100 lbs of flour, 100 lbs of white sugar, 50 lbs of brown sugar, and a couple thousand pounds of canned, dehydrated, and freeze dried food. It has a frig, stove, microwave and two freezers.

          My 7×12 foot, dual axel trailer carries 5,000 lbs. It is also my power wagon, providing solar power on the go … wherever I go.

          Generators are heavy. Fuel is heavy. And in a real SHTF situation; fuel, (either gasoline or propane) will likely become scarce and expensive. Better to invest in a solar power system of some kind that can generate some electricity to run ELECTRIC tools and kitchen gadgets for cooking and preserving food.

          I know how to shoot. When to shoot. And who to shoot, if necessary. 🙂

          • Thumbs up DK 🙂

        • … Allahu Akbar Baby..!

        • While on the subject of prepping and knowing that there is always a lot of good info on this site from other preppers when a person ask for it, and I’m sure this question has been asked many times in the past, but here goes. Please only reply if you have first hand knowledge,I would like to know which brand of long term food has the most reasonable price and is of good quality when it comes to variety and taste. I would like to buy some for a 30 day supply for the long term storage and maybe some for a shorter term to take on hunting trips. For long term storage I will probably buy the more reasonably priced (not junk) food, since it may or maynot be used. Any help appreciated. Trekker Out.

          • Mountain Trekker
            i am not an expert but i try all the different items i buy
            i dont buy everything from the same place because, frankly; some food is better from one company compared to another companies product.With that being said you need to consider package size,is it for just you or a family? I find that i get great quality from LEGACY brand products.I dont know if you would consider their items to pricey but you get what you pay for.I also have MOUNTAIN HOUSE brand scrambled eggs and bacon verrry tasty.There are many places to peruse what they have but to get you started you may want to try THE READY STORE, WISE or PREPARE WISE(which is my legacy connection) There is so much more that needs to be considered and so much more info that it would take a book to go into it here.I hope i have been of help to you and i am sure with the knowledgeable people here that you will get the information you need to help you get what you are looking for,good luck.

          • Thrive Life – it not only meets your requirements, but can easily be rotated into your regular pantry and menu. Email me at bildew@gmail

          • LDS food storage 25 year life.
            Call make an appointment they love cash too

          • MT, I’m not at home right now so I can’t check my stuff. But I was listening to a radio show the other day and the speaker claimed that most of the rice in the freeze dried food comes from China and it’s probably got industrial contaminants. China is notorious for this. For short term living on freeze dried food, I’m not sure if much health damage would occur. We probably eat a lot of contaminants in our food supply right now. A large amount of our fruits and veggies come from Central and South America. Supplement freeze dried stuff with canned goods and regular dry food and fresh local fish.

            • Never mind China…. I have read that rice grown in the USA is doused with more pesticides than any other food crop in the country.

              Instead of relying on canned foods with unknown ingredients, I simply buy staples. At the local supermarket, a 2-lb bag of organically grown rice is $3. Organic beans are a bit more expensive, but you still get a lot of food value for the money.

              This same store recently marked down a bunch of food because it was near its sell-by date; included was a lot of organic food (which I rarely see marked down). I was fortunate enough to discover the carts full of discounted food right after they went out on the floor; I bought a large amount of the organic stuff — 1.6-lb sacks of organic flour for $1…. quarts of organic molasses for $4…. half-pound jars of organic ghee (clarified butter) for $3. All of these will be just fine for months to come, stored in a cool dry basement.

              Who knows if those expensive canned ‘survival foods’ will REALLY be edible in 25 years? I prefer to stock food that I know is good quality, keep buying more as I rotate my stocks and use them up; and to develop skills such as dehydrating vegetables, pressure-canning meat, etc. Trust in yourself — not some faceless corporation.

          • Can’t go wrong w/ Mountain House in my opinion. Yeah, they’re all a bit speedy, but how much will that can of FD Turkey Tetrazini be worth after SHTF? Riches beyond measure, I’m sure (in whatever medium is passing for currency at that point). I keep this attitude in all my preps. Could I spend the extra time to get a 10% break on that brick of .22? Probably. However, one .22 round after the balloon goes up will be worth its weight in gold….thus it doesn’t bother me too much.

            God Bless


            • Trekker, I’ve been very happy with Emergency Essentials stuff over the years. Much of it is in #10 cans which seems to work well, size wise (depending on how many mouths you’ll be feeding vs. 5 gallon bins…you might check into them.)

          • I would ask the Author, Are you personally living in an RV right now????? If not, you are just another delusional armchair prepper speculating with a keyboard, giving ignorant advice, with no hands on experience Vs. Reality. If you think life will be great parking on some desert floor and everything in life is Free, guess again. You will be shot, robbed and left for the vultures to much on.

            Go to Ytube and see what reality is like, from real people living on the streets in a Van and see all the stress they have going on in their lives everyday.

            Type in “Life, living in a Van” Vs. “Off the grid homesteads.”

          • Mountain Trekker – my experience is from needing to eat a bunch of stuff because of expiration dates (like MREs), and the need to toss some stuff where the cans bulged (they had baking powder but you can’t risk it). I am working through a bunch of cans of dehydrated foods, which I am liking less than freeze dried foods for longer term. The other thing I get concerned with are the spices and cooking techniques that may not be available if the SHTF. So with these concerns I am rotating toward Mountain House cans because the ‘meal’ is complete, it only needs water, and it should last 25 years without me having to give it any thought. I have a 60 day supply of cans, along with about a 2 week supply of Mountain House pouches which I keep for bug out bags and eat during camping and hunting. These last 7 years but I eat anything over 4 years old. The pouches are light enough to bug out. If I make it past 60 days, I have #10 cans of rice, beans, lentils, flour, pats, sugar, etc. some of these are LDS, but I have Emergency Essentials, Auguson, and others. A big thing to add to this is dry milk. I prefer #10 cans because they are totally sealed and are a useable size. Sure, you can save money buying a 50 pound bag of rice and your own buckets – but I like steel protecting my food. The other thing I add to my stash are cans of tomatoes and other veggies, along with spices, oils, baking powder, etc. These are things I use regularly, and most have about a two year expiration date so those have to be rotated.

        • The author sound like a lazy, out of shape, fat slob with no coping skills or desire to survive. Those people like that will need a gun, to just shoot themselves to tale them out of their misery. You are better off staying home and dying hugging your participation attendence trophys. Go move to a BOL offgrid now, so you wont have to play the whining refugee role when SHTF. Thought for sure the Author was going to blame Russia for their own ineptness and lack of skills to survive. Some just don’t have the will to cross the finish line. They live in denial of reality. Where are you going to park your RV 24-7-365 days a year for free? Unless you buy your own BOL land and park it there. Land will have to be paid for in 100% cash or owner financed. Because you’re not getting a mortgage for vacant land. The author seems like their current plan is no plan yet. Or a piss poor plan.

          • They have vast temperature swings from cold to extremely hot. The construction will also not allow you to live in them 24/7 for long periods. They ware out and things just tend to brake. Mice and Fly’s will drive you nuts. From a long time motor home owner.


        • We use terms like “Sheit” or “Shim”.

      2. One new American is added to the entitlement numbers every 13 seconds [a]. One person is added to the US population every 17 seconds, factoring in births, invasion and deaths [b]. In other words, at the rate were going, someday the number of people drawing entitlements will out number the population. Like the number of voters that voted for Obama in black ghettos. Sources: B=US Census Data 2016

        • Bert, a fecked up shitiation ain’t it?

      3. RVs are great. I had one and stayed in it for a short time with my son. Homeless people thought we were like the elite, and told us so. We found a great place to park for free. We were security for a business who had had some after hour break ins. You have a toilet and that has to be flushed out. My son took the RV to a designated location designed for that purpose.

        One of my friends adopted a kid. First they had to put a wall around their several acre property, to keep out bob cats, mountain lions. They were pushed out of shape by this expensive, and they thought, unnecessary, expense. It proved to be , however, a terrific investment. The property value increased more than the cost of the wall. The security was a fantastic peace of mind for them. Whereas before, they never knew for sure who or what was lurching ready to pounce.

        So, if I bought a Bugout property, I would make sure I could build a big, tall wall around it. If the property was enormous, I would build it just around a small section where I’ld put my RV, tent, or house. The outer perimeter of many acres, I’ld put up stakes and possibly barb wire.


        • What kind of a wall keeps out mountain lions without an electric wire at the top? I have domestic cats and if they want to climb, they climb.

          Cool idea of being a watchman for rent. I met retired people that manage campgrounds for free lot rent. They don’t work in the classic sense but just see to it that things get done. Figure thats worth $1500 month with electric.

          • Kevin 2:

            I’ve never seen their house or the wall around it. I imagine it has some special features like razor sharp wire at the top, which as you mentioned may be electrified as well.

            Happy New Year

          • K2: I had a friend that did that in Colorado two summers ago about 70 miles West from Denver, working for a company out of Kalifornia.

            He liked it but the company wanted him on site 24/7 while paying him for less than 40 hrs a week at minimum wage, so he took a job in a nearby town. If you and your wife are both retired and on SS (and well armed) it’s a great way to save some cash during the summer months.

            That’s what he said, but there was no way to know if he left the site. It was basically unimproved with only toilets, no electricity or phone: which is ok if you have a fully functioning RV and satellite dish. 🙂

        • Walls are wonderful to keep things in or out – BUT! you can’t see what’s on the other side. I have a fairly large property, and enclosed an acre or so this summer to keep the coyotes away from my wife’s new pup. I hate the thing enough that I put low light cameras on all the corners.
          So be aware you may just be creating nice large dead spots in your security plan.

      4. Keep an eye out if things look bad run down to the RV shop and buy a brand new state f the art motor home, let them come find you..

      5. I respectfully disagree that RVs have powerful engines and good ground clearance. I’ve owned several that were under powered and had almost no ground clearance because of the holding tanks and long wheel bases.

      6. I think that bugging out should be the last option. In some cases, depends on where you living at it could be the first choice. But most of us would be better where we are.

        This article describes a perfect world for you. The whole world is going to hell around you, you are growing a garden on your little acre somewhere.

        However, if the earth changes occur as some believe, there will be a mass migration of humans. Where to? Only time will tell.

        Everyone will be touched in someway.

      7. RV’s are a great bug out item but don’t put all you eggs in one basket. Have redundant capabilities, RV to car to bicycle and finally on foot. I don’t really agree with the land purchase because none of us knows where it will be safe, its just a matter of time before your found. Invest in the tools to cut a hole in he wilderness and just sqawt on public lands or abandon land. It is important however scout out at lease 10 locations within a 500 mile radius or link with outer like minded people and I do mean alike, same race, religion, beliefs and interest because this isn’t going to be a fun camping trip.

        • Electric bicycles are breaking $1200 (qty 1) from China. I’m looking for a fat tire, 29″, with alloy wheels (not spokes) and a good design.

          A recent development is a local builder of an electric mini-cycle with a range of about 50 miles before recharge, for the same price. I will probably purchase this instead.

          Good way to get around in a small town BOL and it will fit and sit rather nicely on the back of my MH/RV. 🙂

          • Durango we’ve been around so long that if you’re like me we’ve already seen some failures in parts of our plans. Vehicles, bikes, boots and equipment were worn out. Other stuff was poor quality and even some of the food we bought taste like shit.

            As for the electric bike a friend of mine bought a electric bike, high dollar $1699 but couldn’t get more than 30 miles and he wasn’t a big guy. I tried it with my bike trailer and didn’t make it 4 miles to the grocery store. Later this year I might just buy the KLR 650 the design hasn’t change much over the years so there are lots of accessories and spare part out there. Kind of the Glock of true dual sport motorcycles.

            Stay safe my friend.

      8. Regarding rule three.

        Leading – Rule of Thumb for Moving Targets From John McFee
        First estimate your distance to the enemy.
        100………..You can see their face.
        200………..You can’t see their face.
        300………..You can’t see their hands.
        400………..You can’t see their head
        500………..You can’t see light between their legs.

        Look for hands, if you can’t see their hands you need to do serious ballistic math to hit your target. The following rules are for targets less than 300 yards and will let you get off fast accurate shots.

        For less than a 150 yards, lead the shot by the front edge of the center of mass.

        For a target 150 to 300 yards, lead by the furthest their hands move in the direction they are moving. If walking the hands move less, if running the hands move more.

        • You sound like you need a new pair of glasses, if you can’t see.

          • For over 300 yards I’d love to have a “ATN X-Sight II 5-20 Smart Riflescope w/1080p Video, GPS, Image Stabilization, Range Finder, Shooting Solution.

            It sees in the dark and the daylight unlike thermal scopes. It can be fed bullet specs, wind speed and direction plus barometric pressure and temp. Its internal GPS will let if figure heading, slope etc and automatically adjust the aim point as fast as you can point it.

        • Excellent info!

          I’ve done it so much and for so long shooting game that I’ve just developed a feel for it under 400. I’ve never shot at a man. Hope I never have to, however, under present conditions I am beginning to wonder if I will get out of this life being able to claim that.

          It seems we surf ever close to disaster with the morons in charge. I’ll be so glad when these muzzie bastards are gone.

          If you think that is a harsh statement, think of all of them that will go to heaven, according to their cult? Remember: it doesn’t matter how they kill the infidels only that they do. Read the following. A guy I know posted it on FakeBook.

          WHAT’S AN INFIDEL?
          The author, Rick Mathes, is a well-known leader in prison ministry. The man who walks with God always gets to his destination. If you have a pulse you have a purpose.
          The Muslim religion is the fastest growing religion per capita in the United States, especially in the minority races.

          Last month I attended my annual training session that’s required for maintaining my state prison security clearance. During the training session there was a presentation by three speakers representing the Roman Catholic, Protestant and Muslim faiths, who each explained their beliefs.

          I was particularly interested in what the Islamic Imam had to say. The Muslim gave a great presentation of the basics of Islam, complete with a video.

          After the presentations, time was provided for questions and answers. When it was my turn, I directed my question to the Muslim and asked: ‘Please, correct me if I’m wrong, but I understand that most Imams and clerics of Islam have declared a holy jihad [Holy war] against the infidels of the world and, that by killing an infidel, (which is a command to all Muslims) they are assured of a place in heaven. If that’s the case, can you give me the definition of an infidel?’

          There was no disagreement with my statements and, without hesitation, he replied, ‘Non-believers!’

          I responded, ‘so, let me make sure I have this straight. All followers of Allah have been commanded to kill everyone who is not of your faith so they can have a place in heaven. Is that correct?’

          The expression on his face changed from one of authority and command to that of a little boy who had just been caught with his hand in the cookie jar.’ He sheepishly replied, ‘Yes.’

          I then stated, ‘Well, sir, I have a real problem trying to imagine The Pope commanding all Catholics to kill those of your faith or Dr. Stanley ordering all Protestants to do the same in order to guarantee them a place in heaven!’

          The Muslim was speechless.

          I continued, ‘I also have a problem with being your friend when you and your brother clerics are telling your followers to kill me! Let me ask you a question: Would you rather have your Allah, who tells you to kill me in order for you to go to heaven, or my Jesus who tells me to love you because I am going to heaven and He wants you to be there with me?’

          You could have heard a pin drop. Needless to say, the organizers of the ‘Diversification’ training seminar were not happy with my way of dealing with the Islamic Imam, and exposing the truth about the Muslims’ beliefs.

          In twenty years there will be enough Muslim voters in the U.S. to elect the President. I think everyone in the U.S. should be required to read this, but with the ACLU, there is no way this will be widely publicized, unless each of us sends it on! This is your chance to make a difference.

          SEND THIS ON!

          • Islam, the religion of pieces. HUMAN pieces, that is

          • HOW TRUE NET
            I am glad I will be gone by then and will not have to see it.

            Just think though if myself or you are captured alive we will not be in prison for long we will be killed.

            That means fight harder take as many of them with you.
            Make them pay.

            But what if you are a ATHEIST ??????????

          • You’re full of shit………more zio fearmongering…..yawn.

          • Well done !!! 🙂

        • Or you range them with that handy dandy range finder

          • The rules are best up to 300 yards and work well for iron sights or scopes. 300 yards is prime AR-15 territory.

            The point is to enable you a shortcut, so you can get “the shot that counts” off first and eliminate the threat.

            • sounded very reasonable to me, thanks, plan.

              • BCoD,
                I got the dope from a video from a guy named John McFhee. His nick name is the Sheriff of Bagdad.

                He was never in Baghdad? He was army special forces in Afghanistan. Google his name for the video on how he got his name, it’s a hoot.

      9. Number 3 above is wrong, the constitution does NOT GIVE you the right to a firearm!!! That right is a god given right, not something given by the government. The bill of rights, not the constitution, protects your rights to a firearm. Remember this, ANYTHING given by our government, can be taken away by the government ANYTIME they want. God given rights can not.

      10. MT: we’ve tried a few different brands,usually get the free sample to try. I found Patriot Supply to be the least expensive,AND have great taste. IMHO. Good luck.

      11. NetRanger, wish I could’ve been a fly on the wall when you were asking those questions. That was Excellent!!

      12. I loved NetRanger’s remarks. Eschatology is the prophesied “end-of-times” associated with a given religion. Islam’s is terrible for non-Muslims (epecially Jews). Even “moderate” Muslims, who take Islam seriously, believe in it but they may disagree as to when the end-times are. If the plan is to “shelter in place or in an RV”, think about the ability of your walls to stop a military-grade bullet fired from close up to those walls. Houses built in the last twenty-five years with vinyl siding just won’t do the job.

      13. If you don’t have a large family and you don’t have lots of cash, try a medium size cargo van instead of an RV. Chevy/GMC 1500 series or the discontinued Ford F-150 series. Another benefit of the cargo van is that you can add “hillbilly armor” to the inside. Enough to stop hand gun and buck shot projectiles. What do you folks think?

        • HIM
          Like your Idea. Vans for the most part don’t leak. I have yet found a motor home with any mileage on it that doesn’t leak. If they don’t leak now they will leak later.

          Just remember that they Van will be used to get out of the elements.

          As far as the armor goes good idea. You might want to try using old Kevlar on the inside. Insulation and it will slow down or stop a slug or Pellets. It also doesn’t broadcast what it is.


          • If you are going to live on the lamb or the street, consider just a Large extended Van that can be parked in a regular parking spot. Hard to hide a big RV that gets 5 to 8 miles to the gallon on the streets unless you want to live in a Wallmart Parking lot. And if you stay at any campground in an RV, you may be paying $30-$45 a day. Some resorts offer monthly rates. Look any good RV like a 37 to 40 Footer, will run you at least $85,000 that will keep on depreciating. They only loan money on RV’s that are like 7 years old or less. So if you plan in living in an RV for a few years, buy one that is 3-4 years old, so when you go to sell it a few years later, other people can still get a loan on it within the 7 year time frame. Pay close attention to resell value.

            For $85,000 I would rather go spend $10 to $20K for 3 to 5 acres remote area and throw a few out buildings on them and turn them into a Tiny House, and add solar, then you are not on the street, always looking over you shoulder, to get robbed or kicked out of someone’s parking lot. They you just drive aimlessly around wasting gas. RV’s are good if you have a lot of money and plenty of retirement incoming in. Otherwise, not a good idea.

            Yes you can work deals out with Camping Resort’s Owners to be the maintenance guy, repairman, or clean up trash in the grounds in trade for a free camping spot for a week or month. Talked with many people who do that. But nothing is guaranteed long-term, and you are playing refugee on the lamb with no place to go.

            I spent a few years looking into RV’s and found it just did not work for what I wanted to do after adding up the cost, tires, gas, maintenance, parking storage, camp ground costs, etc. Instead I paid cash for my few acres of wooded land on fresh water, and everything here is paid for, off the grid, solar and little to no bills or overhead.

            I don’t think the author of this article considered all the aspects or negatives of RV’n

            • Zeus: You are right. There are negatives to large MH/RV’s and folks should educate themselves first. Mine is parked on private land so I don’t see that expense. But there are also ways to mitigate the costs.

              Many full time MH/RV ers are self contained units and these individuals are “Boondockers” camping outside of town in the West on government land, and moving every 14 days to comply with BLM regulations.

              In a SHTF Scenario authorities will have their hands full with the inner cities and “Boondockers” will not get a second look. If you are married or have a partner and two vehicles (with a toy trailer), you can move a lot of grub n gear.

              Passes on Forest Service lands can be purchased to reduce overnight camping (with services) to $5 per day (which still adds up). Personally, I like to camp in the summer on government land outside of a town with a Planet Fitness franchise. In my favorite locations that is just a few miles apart.

              If you are a member of say, Camping World you can discharge you waste for free at their locations. Fortunately, I have several strategically located in Arizona and New Mexico.

              As I have mentioned in other comments, gasoline and propane will be scarce or expensive in SHTF; thus a solar unit to generate power for heat and electricity. There will be no substitute for power when preppers don’t have any fuel, unless they have added solar. 🙂

              • DK – Glad you agree with my finally. lol

        • I bought a used 1998 cargo van by ford. spent a few hundred for limited slip differential. well worth the money. insulted it and put a bed in. lots of storage and decent ground clearence. 19 m.p.g. a cargo van is the way to go. get a 4×4 if u can but gas mileage will suffer.

      14. If we are at the point where i have to run from my home im done, bugging out isnt part of my plan

        • Nail, even temporarily? I will gladly bug out with wife and dogs to nearby heavy forest and wait something out. Yes, the home you may come back to will be trashed but can be rebuilt.
          Keep your options open is my plan. We’ll have warning enough if it hits.


      16. I am 68 and live alone. To get me to leave my home and go live in a tent in a National Forest or Park, the situation would have to be pure hell. If I were tired enough, I would fall asleep but I would have to be exhausted. It is too easy to kill someone in their sleep and take everything.

      17. i have teen sons, and i found the boy scouts of america was a GREAT way to revisit camping/survival/wilderness skills. it has been a ton of fun, has taught my family how to “survive”, and now we have many friends who are like-minded…if you don’t have kids, you can still volunteer your time.
        on the subject of food, i’m eating real canned food, not dried…the stuff i ALREADY eat. it’s got moisture in it already, and it keeps for several years. i just scored skippy peanut butter for 99cents, so i bought 5 cases…i wont have to heat it to eat it, and it’s good for you. and there’s a TON of calories in one jar.

        • BOD: I have a mix of canned, dehydrated, and freeze dried with the intent to mix in the canned food with the others to improve the quality and taste. 🙂

      18. Just saw an interesting episode on Mythbusters where they tested out bed-liner (the stuff they spray on truck beds to keep them from rusting out).

        They ran three sets of tests.

        One to see if it would stop the bite of an attack dog. It did.
        Two to see if it would keep an auto from caving in with a crash. It didn’t.

        But the third test was the most interesting. They coated a plywood and a cinder block wall with it and put a dummy on one side and an explosive on the other. The bed-liner held up to both explosions.

        Might be worth testing it for having a small trailer lined on the inside (and outside?) with it for protection from attacks.

        Just a thought.

        Natural News also carries some emergency food supplies that are supposed to be healthier than most of the stuff people buy. Haven’t tried it myself. They won’t ship to AK. I don’t care. I can buy my own beans, flour, etc. and put them in containers by myself. ;>)

      19. I bought a small parcel of land in the Catskill Mountains. I put in a well, septic system and electric. The well is wired for an electric pump, but also has a hand pump installed. All I have to do is call up the electric company to turn on the electric. I also have two solar powered systems. I put a 31 foot camper on the property, and build a 10′ by 12′ shed with a wood stove. I’ve also planted fruit trees and berry bushes. Because they don’t tax utilities and campers my total taxes are $160.

      20. The bug-out bag assumes that you are going to go somewhere more secure and safer. Most of us are going to have to shelter in place. We are going to have to deal with a community of desperate people. The question is “what roles(if any) are we going to play in that community?”. Fortifying your house is a given. You are going to put up razor wire, caltrops, alarms, etc. are a given. Putting two by fours to brace your doors and attaching razor wire to the outside of your doors are probably a given. Food and first aid supplies are what you want to keep hidden. People issues are going to be bigger for us. Bugging out is the absolute last resort. If you have the means to build a well-defended bug out location probably far-off, you need to get to it before the local people do. You could find your bunker occupied by well-armed people if you don’t get there before they do. It is not as secret as you think it is.

      21. I will relate to my Buggin out experience. After selling my house and moving into a 12′ Utility trailer for a few months camping on my land. I spent a lot of time clearing the land, to see what I had. I burned a lot of calories, and many times I would just open up MRE’s and eat them without even heating them up. I would also open up canned food as it is already cooked, just add some Olive Oil and Vinegar on some string beans. You will appreciate all food in this first few months not having to even cook it. On the move you will be burning 2000 to 3000 calories a day. I lost my Guy Gut first time in years, and you will find your pants will not fit, so keep you skinny clothes handy, and have several good belts to keep your pants up. After a few months of clearing I finally had a spot to place a few outbuildings sheds, which I made one of them 12 x 24 into a mini house complete with lofts, fixed up really nice for about $15K total, and added another $5K for solar power to keep a fridge going 24/7 and lights etc. The other building 12 x 16 for a tool shed and preps storage, and I have about $5K into that.

        Those with no bug out property yet, Just try this. Take your Bug out bag out into your back yard and live out of it for a week, with out any other support. You will quickly see you have basically nothing, and will immediately gain your humility. Live there in that spot for a week and catch rain water and filter it for bathing, drinking and cooking. In your tent or hammock, you will deal with the bugs and mosquitos. You will need a fine mesh to keep the bugs out of your sleeping quarters at your door entry. Make sure you pack at least 2 Bug repellent sprays in your BOB. This is a Dry run test in a controlled situation before SHTF. You will quickly learn all the mistakes in practice and it may make you totally consider another plan.

        I do NOT want to be a refugee in SHTF, and why I decided after bugging out or camping, to just get out of the city and buy my own secure property in the country, with many assets like fresh water lake and canal. Last property on a dead end dirt private road. Out in the boonies. Hard to get to, with nobody passing by. That is security, privacy and loaded with nature and game.

        Have you tested all your gear? What works and what is just heavy useless glitter. Ounces add up to Lbs. Maybe consider a Bicycle and a Bike Trailer to haul your 75 Lb BOB. You can camp pretty stealthy off trails or highways in the woods, and you can cover a lot of mileage on bike. Make sure you have several Camo tarps to hide your position and keep you dry. Pay attention to your noise and light you emit. Use several head lamps with a red light. Practice your current Bug out plan. You will quickly learn all the failures. Practice makes perfect for prolonged survival. Get a mini solar charger for cell phone and batteries for your lights.

        Also consider all your preps you have at your house now. Are you willing to abandon 95% of all of that to Bug Out to survive? If not you better consider finding your own property BOL now and move and get it set up prior to SHTF. Failing to plan is a plan to fail.

      22. uhhh, the 2nd amendment does NOT give me the “right to carry a firearm” it states my right to bear arms SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED, which means we all have the right as Americans and the gov’t can’t take away the right that is already in place.

      23. Great post! Right now my focus is reloading my own ammo. After all, if things go down, ammo is going to be hard to find. Someone who can turn used brass into more rounds is going to be ahead of the game!

        Not to mention that its really fun to think about coming up new loads for target shooting.

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